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Question: Sites disappeared from SERPs for "Top search queries"

Table of Contents: Sites disappeared from SERPs


This thread was created after discovering that the article page views,
all of a sudden, just disappeared from SERPS.

There were lots of queries in the top 10 positions in SERPS before this
drastic change. But, if you repeat the same search queries, you will not
find any of those queries on ANY of the SERPS. Not in top 10 position,
not in top 20, not in top 50. They were simply gone.
Where did they go?

This happens to align with publication of a critical article
about Google and its search engine and subsequent views of it by Google,
from their world headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA.
As a result, literally withing one day, the page views, resulting from the
Google searches, simply disappeared.
Finally, as in all related threads, dealing with unprecedented problems
with Google, this thread was simply destroyed, like all others.

Level 1

Manual slaughter

Most of "Top search queries" from webmaster pages no longer show up
if the same query is repeated right now.

I have noticed there are no page views with referrals from Google search
engine for more than a week, which is simply impossible considering the
usual traffic on these sites. It all stopped suddenly and unexpectedly.
There was no changes to any of the sites in question recently.

I tested many of "Top search queries" to see if the same query would
produce the references to these sites on SERPs, and, surprise, surprise.

Vast majority of the same queries, most of which show up in top 10 positions,
no longer show up on SERPs at all, if the same query is repeated again.
Not that some of them simply moved to a lower position on SERPs.
They simply evaporated.

Here is some examples of "Top search queries" pages.
If you perform most of queries from these page, you won't find any references
on any of SERPs.








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2 people say this answers the question:

You are not serious are you?


You are not serious are you?

As serious as it gets.

I think ppl have spent so much time looking at your site(s)

Well, what I DID see is the sadistic orgies, insults and utter incompetence.

that now you are just taking the p***

You are clearly always right so maybe you should figure this one out - you are not going to pay any attention to what is written by others anyway.

Do you think this answers the question?
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Level 1

Stop hijacking threads with your totally off-topic offensive remarks

Stop hijacking threads with your totally off-topic offensive remarks.
Simple as that.
Level 3

Dr. Mengele style

More drivel from this guy.

Well, it is a known fact that people like you are so dull,
they are not getting an ogasm unless they stick pins under someone's nails.

Do you think this answers the question?
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Level 1

Fear thee Google

Well, this Google behaviour looks even more and more interesting as things progress.

As mentioned on this thread, which, among other things, features quite a
harassment and insults orgy and persistent attempt to hijack the thread
by all these "Bionic Posters" from unknown planet:

and I quote:

"Well, more exiting news:

"One innocent article addressing these issues was published here:

"After it has been viewed by some Google employee from their world headquarters
in Mountain View, CA, USA, it was deleted from

"This is all easily provable."

that utterly innocent article was deleted 3 times from
They even created special filters to make sure no references to
"Message From Google" article could be posted anywhere on
It was strange to see such an innocent article being deleted within minutes
just because it was mentioning some of this Google magic.

And, tada! Revelation!

within the last 24 hours, and again, after Google viewed the following article two times:

on 20 July 16:42 GMT Google, Canton, Michigan, United States
20 July 18:17 GMT Google, Mountain View, California, United States

another article was deleted within less than an hour after google viewed it.
But this time, it was pulled from nothing less than from the Google Finance
page with a chart for Google stock price. And ALL that article was talking about,
is a relatively positive outlook for Google. Except it also has a comment
about the "Google Message"...

Impressive performance indeed.

Apparently, Google DOES work when they need something to happen in a hurry.

Someone said something of "fear Google" type of thing on the original thread,
that was deleted for some strange reason, (see "Google Index Drops Like a Rock thread",,
and I asked "why should one frear Google, is it some kind of mafia?"

Anyone wonders why would everyone fear Google so much?

Question: Does Google manipulate the search results, yes or no?
Level 1
Well, the second week in a row, there has been no article views resulting from google searches.
Normally, there are hundreds of page views per day that are the result of doing google searches,
and then BOOM!

After viewing the "Message From Google" article (see ),
on 8 July, 2009 at 22:52 GMT from Google, Mountain View, California, United States,
within 24 hrs, all page views resulting from google search engine rapidly stopped,
all at once.

And it continues to this very moment.

From what I know, Google search engine does not work like this.
For the sites of this size, between 30,000 and 70,000 articles, it takes MONTHS
for the page views to completely stop even in the most radical case when Google
drops some site from the index entirely.

What kind of Google magic is THIS one?
Level 1
Btw, we are talking about disappearing page views for following sites:

There are large sites, between 30,000 and 70,000 articles each.
All been up for up to a year. All in tip top shape. Validated under the strictest
HTML standards, HTML 4.01 Strict. Not using a single trick of any kind to
artificially improve anything. Some of the cleanest and most informative sites
on the net, regularly viewed by the top software players in the world, containing
probably the best collection of specific articles on very specific issues, organized
better than even Google can do. In fact, similar articles in Google version, look
like a huge garbage dump compared to Programmer's Golmine collections.

And then, boom, 3 of these sites are not even crawled by Google during more than
two months. Index dropped by hundreds, if not thousands of times, totally out of the blue.
Page views suddenly stopped for no reason at all, while not a single thing was changed
on these sites. SERPs show the most wild variations on a number of pages conceivable.
Threads related to these sites get deleted from Google webmaster forums. Some of them
get resurrected again, without even anyone asking for it, and on, and on and on.

What a performance!
Phil Payne
Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
2 people say this answers the question:
> And then, boom, 3 of these sites are not even crawled by Google during more than two months. Index dropped by hundreds, if not thousands of times, totally out of the blue.

It looks to me like a simple site quality issue. Not every site is good enough to have all its pages indexed.

Interesting concoction. Site quality?
What do you mean by "quality"?
The amount of marketing spam on your pages? Well that one is zero.
You mean the ease with which on can see the information itself? Well, that one is the best there is.
You mean the correspondance of article to the subject of your search? Well, that one beats Google hands down.
I wonder what kind of "quality" are we talking about here.

Do you think this answers the question?
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Level 1

One of many ways to kill a site: stop crawling it

These sites are not crawled AT ALL. These same sites were crawled before at an average
rate of about 1000 pages/day.

These sites are:

Furthermore, site was dropped from index for unknown reason.
Request for reconsideration was submitted and canned response received, almost two months
ago. To this day, site does not appear to be indexed and crawl rate, if it is even crawled, is
less than a couple of pages/day last time I looked at it.

And that site is one of the oldest sites that used to be indexed to about 30,000 pages at one
time if I recall correctly.

The request for reconsideration was sent over a month ago for all other sites that were stopped
from being crawled, even though there is nothing to "reconsider" to begin with.

Simple as that.
Level 1
Mistake in the last post. We are talking about
Level 1
As to the quality issue, these are the best quality sites I know of,
including Google, Microsoft and all others, and I know them all.
In terms of quality, from any angle you can look at it, they are just day and night
compared to sites that appear in top 5 positions on SERPs.

Furthermore, hundreds of search terms appear in top 10 positions.

On the top of it, all these sites are generated in exactly the same way with exactly
the same tools, mechanisms and procedures.

Simple as that.
Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
2 posts
Do you think this answers the question?
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Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
1 person says this answers the question:

Another way to kill a site: filter it out

Post 1 : This could possibly be because the sites are now getting Filtered,

You were told in your Previous Topic that Google Does NOT like Duplication.

This is called a duplicate content delusion.
Now, Google explicitly states that duplicate content does not represent
a problem in MAJORITY of cases as Google can determine which copy it is interested
in including in the index.

Secondly, all the sites can not simply disappear from SERPS accordint to this delusion.
Only the "duplicates" could.

It was explatined to you that running multiple domains wit hteh same files was likely to cause problems.

Under what authority do you make such proclamations?
WHO are you to "explaint" just about anything of substance, related to Google?

It was explained to you that there was a good chacne that if Google sees the sme content on multiple URLs, that it will pick 1 URL and ignore others.
It was explained to you that if a "weaker" one was shown, that it may rank much lower and impact on traffic.

This is NOT a penalty.
This is just how Google seems to handle Duplicated Content.

How do you know?
How do you know it happens as a result of so called duplicate content?
Did you consult Google?

If nothing works concoct some sin

Further - if this is due to DMCAs, Spams due to copyright infringement etc. - the nit may be a Penalty.
The chances of this are next to nothing though - as Gogole seldomly takes direct action against thieving/stealing/scraping sites.


May be next time you will listen when people tell you things!

Do you think this answers the question?
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Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
2 people say this answers the question:

Insult by boycot fabrication

Post 2 : As you are not going to listen in this topic either...

True. I only listen to competent people, who know what they are talking about.

   ========================== Boycotted ==========================

       Due to the OP's complete inability to accept anything other than their own view,
       this entire topic/subject should be closed.


What compels you to even bother about this thread?
If it is of no interest to you, can not you find better things to do in your life?
How many times you were told I am not interested in listening to your paricular opinion,
the opinion of the clueless fool, driven by the complex of inferiority,
and trying to pose as some kind of ultimate authority on what Google is or does?

Secondly, the preverts of your kind are not known to keep their word.
Whatever they blabber is a result of wind blowing between their ears. Nothing more.
I can pretty much guarantee you that you are going to be dumping more and more garbage here.

Do you think this answers the question?
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Level 1

Official position of Google on duplicate content

According to direct statements of Google on the issue of duplication.

From "Official news on crawling and indexing sites for Google index":

"To conclude, I'd like to point out that in the majority of cases, having duplicate content
does not have negative effects on your site's presence in the Google index."

Duplicate content can not possibly explain the kind of behaviour observed with ALL these
unexplainable and simply stratospheric jumps in google index, SERPs, and disappearance
of PG sites from SERPs, and utter absence of page views resulting from Google searches,
under ANY conditions in a normally functioning systems.
Level 1
Furthermore, NONE of "volunteers" or "Top Contributors" have the necessary authority
to make proclamation as to what Google does or does not and how Google search engine

Whatever Google is willing to release in terms of describing how it all works, it already does.
Beyond that, any and all statements by non Google authorised staff are no more than rumours.

Considering the fact that most of these "volunteers" and "Top Contributors" vitally depend on
users being "wrong", so that they could provide their "SEO" services to them for a moderate fee,
there inherently exist a conflict of interest.

The webmaster forums are constantly spammed with these totally unauthoritive statements,
many of which do not impact the search results in any way shape of form, just in hope to
collect some business.

Simple as that.

Secondly, these people were asked to stop hijacking threads with their totally inappropriate
and off topic statements that do not answer a SINGLE point addressed.

Yes, this IS your typical style to fabricate all sorts of lies, such as Copyright issues in this
particular case, while no such issues exist, and you were told about it in more than one case.
But you keep perpetuating the same lies again and again and again, hoping against all hope,
that via some magic, these lies will eventually become truth.

And all your attempts are futile, just like pointed out in the following article:
Level 4
Oh man -
you mean I can actually charge for my advice here?
I've missed out on that, is it possible to charge back fees to anyone?
Tasseomancy SEO techniques - guarenteed to get you number 1 placings in Google
Do you think this answers the question?
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Phil Payne
Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
"Considering the fact that most of these "volunteers" and "Top Contributors" vitally depend on
users being "wrong", so that they could provide their "SEO" services to them for a moderate fee,
there inherently exist a conflict of interest."

Find one poster on this forum, in its history, or in the previous groups, whom I or any other Bionic or Top Contributor has ever charged one single penny.

How could I?
If your advice is any good, they would not be hanging out here.
And if your advice was just one of your regular guilt manipulation orgies,
you would simply remove it, just as you yourself admitted in doing to these very threads.

Secondly, you do not look exactly like someone, who would be interested,
even in his wildest dreams, of helping anyone with anything without having some kind of interest in it.
What is your interest in all this "free service"?

(Substitute the lowest legal tender in your geography.)

Just one out of all the thousands in th elast four years or so.  You're talking utter bollocks once again.  Well, why break the habit of a lifetime?
Do you think this answers the question?
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Level 1
I do not know what is your trip on these forums, money, fame or power.
But you behaviour and your actions, such as deleting perfectly valid threads,
as you yourself admitted, show in no uncertain terms that you are not here
to "save the mankind from evil" indeed. Far from it.

Your very first statement on the original thread was an ugly concoction and accusation
of theft.

Here it is:

Phil Payne
Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster


It's possible "selected from very large archives" is a euphemism for "stolen from the Library of Congress".

End of quote.

And you were asked:


Phil Payne, why is this idea of "stolen from the Library of Congress"
is the first thing that entered your mind?

Are you a thief?

End of quote.

Simple as that.

Than this, regarding you, personally, deleting a perfectly valid thread for utterly erroneous reasons:


[Phil Payne] But it was me, [who deleted this thread] because valuable volunteer time
was being taken up to no useful purpose. And my fingers are itching again."

End of quote.

And you were told: "If this volunteer time is so valuable, then how come Google does not pay a penny for it?

Secondly, what DO you consider to be "useful purpose", especially in the light of your
latest statement that neither you, or any of "bionic" posters charged a penny. How do
you know? Did they actually tell you?

And here is that thread, you have deleted:

Basically, every single statement of yours, to date, on any of relevant threads
is either a lie or some concoction, trying to create something "evil" out of utterly
innocent issues.

And plenty of you, "top contributors" wasted plenty of your time, trying to find
ANY kind of dirt on any of these sites, and, considering your experience level,
you probably WOULD find something more deserving that this single concoction
related to "duplicate content", even though you were told several times that there
is absolutely nothing wrong with that "duplicate content". Every single chapter has
a single copy of articles, guaranteed, and, if that article also addresses some other
issue, it WILL be included in a different chapter also, and it is guaranteed to be on
topic for that chapter also. There isn't a SINGLE trick used on these sites that is
meant to improve the ratings, or ranks or affect anything. If there were any, you
would find it by now.

Simple as that.
Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster

If no monkey logic works, just threaten them

Okay - this is your FINAL WARNING

On your knees, mortals. "The Absolute Sadist" speaks.

regarding making false allegations of those here making financial gain through this community.

Impressive indeed.
So, YOU can make the MOST outrageous and utterly obscene accusations,
sucked out directly from your finger. Is that rights?
And, being the "SEO", as most of you claim,
what could be the benefit to YOU here then?

The people that come here and contribute do so of their own violitian.

Speak for yourself. Ever heard?

They are under no obligation to come here - nor is there any reparation given.
They provide their knowledge, experience and skills for free.

You mean sadist like you and that other rooten guilt manipulator?
Or Dr. Mengele?

There is a policy of "non-business" posting ... the group prohibits people fishing for work.

Which they happen to do here all day long nevertheless?

Further - the vast majority of folk here are ethically/morally agreed - we do not target those posting here for gain.


Any further accusations from you insulting the groups integrety shall be reported, and the topic shall be put-up for removal.

Seig Hail!
And Google even allows the power hungry sickos of your kind to do these kinds of things here?

On your knees mortals!

Am I clear!

If you have an issue - that is your problem.
It is NOT out fault that you refuse to acknowledge anything anyone has explained to you.
Even when a Google Employee has posted - you can be seen to argue/disagree with the info provided.
That is your choice.
But you limit yourself in Topics, and you behave yourself.

Anything other will resutl in multiple requests for the Topic to be removed.

We have had enough.
Do you understand?

Sure. Clear as a bell.
But, who is "we"?
Secondly, enough of what? Of your own uttely incompetent delusions?
Tell you a secret, just don't tell anybody, I do too.
MORE than enough of this arrogant garbage of the lowest grade,
pronounced and dicated by the sickest megalomaniacs you can even hope to find.

If you continue to be rude/abusive/offensive - if you continue to disregard information and keep on about hte same issues, there wil lbe multiple requests to get you barred.
Do you understand?

Well, this man is simply sick in his head. LITERALLY.
No self-respecting business entity, I know of, would allow THESE kinds of sickos around.

Do you think this answers the question?
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Level 1

You are totally off topic and are hijacking this thread

Quote: If you are too damn stupid to accept all of that ... Am I Clear?
-- Autocrat, one of "Top Contributors" on Google webmaster forums.

Pretty "positive user experience for everyone", I'd say.


Btw, you are totally off-topic, haven't you noticed?
On that top of it, you are hijacking a tread.
Not nice, mr. Autocrat.
After all, this is not a wrestling arena.


Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
12:06 AM

And I mean really sick

No - you are Not clear.

I am on topic

You have to be UTTERLY sick to call even threats "on topic".
WHICH "topic" does he think is is on?

- yet again your are being obtuse and rude.
It is nolonger to be tolerated.

This is simply bizarre.
Just reminding these sickos they are totally off topic and are
bluntly hijacking the thread is interpreted as being "obtuse and rude"

Looks like no one less than Google itself is as sick as it gets,
to allow such a degree of arrogance, harassment, abuse, insults, fabrications and you name it.

Further behaviour of such a manenr is to be Reported and acted on.
You have been told.

The normal response for this kind of stuff is usually:
Get lost, donkey ass.

Do you think this answers the question?
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Level 1
4:07 AM

Final stroke: Just delete the entire thread so no one could see this orgy

The topic of this thread is "Sites disappeared from SERPs for "Top search queries".

A simple reminder of the very subject of this thread was enough to delete
the whole thread.

And THAT is how this monstrocity, called Google webmaster forums works in reality.

Were these sickos and fabricators of lowest grade crap even placed on notice?
Were they banned, as they should have been, and YEARS ago?
Ask Dr. Google. See what he tells you about how much he cares about those webmasters,
having a hard time, being destroyed left and right.

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