Google Slaughter Machine

Table of Contents: Google Slaughter Machine

The Bottom Line

Here are your two remaining "laws". All other "laws" you think exist, at least on the paper, are nothing more than a tale, told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

1. Money is god and god is money.

2. Either I suck YOUR blood, or you WILL suck mine. There is no other game in town.

If you understand this much, you don't have to bother reading the rest... of the story.


Google Slaughter Machine is about how Google destroys everything on its way to global domination, and those "collateral damages" are abound.

To understand it, first, you need to comprehend the fact that Google could care less if you exist, unless they can make a killing off of you.

Their tools and methods are unceremonious, totally rootless, and, basically, outright vicious.

How did Google manage to get as bloated as they are, dealing what is essentially a fiction? Even the biggest and the oldest players, such as Microsoft, spent tens of years on their slow, but equally as rootless way of slowly and steadily establishing global domination.

The software business is vicious in its very nature. It is probably the toughest industry to be in. The intensity and load factor on the mind is simply unprecedented with virtually infinite number of all sorts of things that have to eventually fit PERFECTLY together. Otherwise, you simply have a "blue screen orgasm". Your computer simply freezes. Just because of some seemingly utterly innocent and insignificant thing.

So, in order to "survive" in this environment, you do have to be as sharp as a blade.

In Google's case, add the unlimited and unbounded rootlessness, absolutely uncontrollable viciousness, manipulativeness, total secrecy, better than in CIA, utter denial, the utmost "I could care less" ness, and you start getting some glimpses of the real picture of what this is all about.

Throw in the utmost cunningness and willingness to ignore the most fundamental values, the mankind has ever created, and what you get is Google!

How does it work and how did they manage to do it? Well, you can write a multi-volume novel about it, so immense, that even the War and Piece by Leo Tolstoy, or Crime and Punishment by Feodor Dostoyevsky, or the ultimate peak in mankind's psychology investigation, such as Idiot by Dostoyevsky, would be something of comparable magnitude and depth.

Basically, what we are talking about is the very roots of evil, and it is nothing less than immense task to even attempt to cover it in a single chapter. But...

To put things in proper perspective, Google's goal is nothing less then to control the world, which is what they themselves claim, only in a perverted way.

Unless they are totally dumb, and do not realize what it means to control the net, which is very doubtful, what they crave for is Global Domination. Nothing less. Nothing more.

They are interested in nothing less than changing the net as such, and, in today's terms, changing the net means controlling nothing less than the world as such, with ALL sorts of ramifications, consequences, "collateral damages" and you name it, arising as a result.

There isn't even a single government, power or international organization or committee of ANY kind, that has so much power and influence on just about anything that is happening in the world as Google has. No wonder they get carried away to the point they can not see on their eyes.

Many ways to slaughter

You can slaughter in all sorts of ways, from brute and violent, to as subtle as it gets.

The noblest of them all is war, however horrendous it might sound. But at least during the war, people fight for something of value or ideals and are sometimes even given the high honors.

At other times, even the noblest death during the war is a disgrace, just like it was during Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and several other recent wars of aggression, started by the evilest empire of all. Millions of innocent people were killed, their lives are destroyed, and even those, that somehow, miraculously left alive, ended up living in virtual hell of devastation, destitute, starvation, hunger, diseases, drug addiction, crimes, and on and on and on.

But at least during the war, you are dying for something of value, whatever it might be, your land, your tradition, your religion, your way of life and so on. Very rarely, if ever, you feel guilty of anything, or sorrow of any kind.

You can also slaughter in the most subtle ways. As societies get more and more perverted and zombified, people feel so miserable as a result of being suppressed all their lives, or as a result of ALLOWING to be suppressed, that they become perverts and sadists.

If you do not trust yourself, and just take all the zombification guidelines, principles and procedures for granted and become just like all others, then your uniqueness is not being expressed. You have no courage to trust your own being and end up following the "rules" and "regulations" created by others, most of which you may not even quite comprehend or even relate to.

As a result of suppression of your being, that very energy of creativity and expression of your own uniqueness, is getting accumulated. It does not have a chance to come out. But it can not just disappear. It simply accumulates as a potential. Who knows, may be one day you will find a way of expressing it.

Existence is forever forgiving, forever giving you another chance. If you miss that one, it gives you yet another and another.

That is how Intelligence preserves itself and eventually, or, rather, forever expands.

Now, if you persist in suppressing your own unique being for long enough, you become pervert.

What is perversion?

Perversion is when you express the potential energy, that was being suppressed all your lives, in a totally distorted ways. To take a revenge for all the punishment you were subjected to or self-inflicted, for all sorts of reasons.

Energy forever expresses itself, one way or another. If that energy is not expressed in creative ways, it becomes the energy of destruction, subtle or gross, psychological or physical.

That is the LAW.

There are no ifs and buts in the domain of energy. Energy can not just evaporate or disappear. They even teach you in school about it. But no one quite "gets" it as far as their real life is concerned. They think it is just some kind of kinky theory, created by those crazy physicists, who have nothing better to do in life, but forever invent some kinky things nobody knows anything about.

It is just some kind of fancy intellectual game for the sick and crazy. If you can not "make money", like everybody else, then what to do? You are "useless" to society. So you get into something kinky and crazy, while "real" people enjoy the "REAL" suc-cess. And you are just a "lewser"... Right?

Sophisticated slaughter

This kind of "white collar" slaughter is quite some subject indeed. It is practiced by everybody, well, almost, every single day of their lives, regardless of whether they are realizing it or not. To various degrees.

In the extreme cases, it could be as subtle, as a the most poisonous and most arrogant smile.

You can even say "thank you", but in such a way, that you literally slaughter someone.

There are sadists, like Dr. Death of Nazi Germany. These kinds of entities are so dull in their being, because of all the suppression, that they can not get excited unless they get into sadomasochistic orgies, the rituals of violence.

Being as dull and as insensitive as they are, they can experiences something of an orgasmic feeling ONLY if they experience the tremendous energy of suffering they inflict in others, and, going even further, until they themselves become the subjects of the most tremendous suffering. That is ULTIMATE in perversion. It is not sadism. It is masochistic aspect of it.

And, surprise, surprise. There is at least one of those "top contributors" on Google webmaster forums, that is a carbon copy of that kind, except we are not going to name him now. There is no need to glorify the utmost sickness.

Actually, there is more than one. MUCH more.

Some of them enjoy the sadistic aspect of it, and some are masochists of the pure kind, and there are at least two of those among those "top contributors", "bionic posters", or, even going further.

Surprise, surprise!

Well, not really. If you know how to look through it all, you pretty much know what you are dealing with even before you start. Just walking into a room, you can smell it in the air. You can also see the "collateral damages" all over the place. They don't usually even bother to clean the place up after execution. In fact, there is just no time to do it, as the act goes on non stop, 24 hrs./day, every day of the week.

These kinds of people usually have thin, tight lips, with sadistic smile of arrogance, forever frozen on them. And, if you are perceptive enough, you can see it in any of their pictures. They are not even aware of it.

Interesting story about Buddha and seven types of laughter, discovered by one of his disciples as a result of Buddha's suggestion to him to investigate that aspect.

He found there are several kinds of laughter, going from belly laughter and up to the most subtle, almost invisible smile of the most subtle kind, he only found in one being, Buddha himself, after MANY years of intense investigation.

Well, it is kind of the same thing. Except in Buddha, it is the ultimate joy of being and awareness, and in those sadists, it is ultimate joy of perversion. That is all the difference. But both of those most subtle kinds of smile are very similar, at least to those, who can not see it at the ultimate level, the level of Truth itself.

They usually enjoy things like sticking pins under your nails and looking up close into your eyes, to see if your pupils enlarge in size as a result of tremendous pain they inflict in you.

Once they see those pupils expand, they experience what is a sick man's equivalent of an orgasm. THAT is the very purpose of their miserable lives. Nothing less than that will do, to satisfy their sickness and create ANY kinds of joy, even of the most perverted kind, just to feel that you ARE, you are alive. You are still here.

Kinky, isn't it.

Well, they are usually not just some stupid people. Just the other way around. Very "sophisticated". In fact that IS the very root of their problem. They are just WAY too "smart" and eventually ended up in a dead end as a result.

It was amazing to see this particular sadomasochist, one of "top contributors" from Google webmaster forums, who happens to have a medical degree also, have changed the picture in his favicon. He even knew it coming, well before it came. Wild stuff.

Amazing to see this intuition still working, that knows their time it soon to come. That is all we are going to say about that particular case. Yes, it IS about the most perverted form of violence and destruction you can ever hope to see, but it is utterly useless as anything that has any kind of future. So, lets just forget about this one for now.

You can slaughter someone's "character". Called "character assassination".

You can slaughter by denial. Just simple denial? Yep. Simple as that. You simply deny the validity of something. You simply deny the very being of someone. You simply deny his world view, ideas, way of life, or whatever you can think of, depending on how perverted is your mind.

In any of those cases, what you essentially do is to destroy something. Annihilate it. Or simply pretend it does not exist.

It usually comes with character assassination procedure.

You can deny what people have to say, like it is some kind of idiocy, lunacy or madness, thus totally annihilating the very fact of their being.

And that is how Google does it too. No exception to it. The same procedure.

Except in case of Google, the rootlessness, viciousness and blatantness of this "white collar" slaughter is taken to the levels, well beyond obscene.

And there are reasons for it. All perfectly understandable. All makes sense in the scheme of things.

Most of it is related to the way some of the "top guns" have been brainwashed and the kinds of things they were zombified with, under whatever slogan that happens to have been used to manipulate their subconscious.

Is God some kind of sadist?

In this particular case, we are dealing with nationalistic and race issues, the "superiority" of one creed over all others.

Quite often, it is a result of some perverted form of "religion". Take for example the very idea of "God chosen people". Rings the bell yet?

What are "god chosen" people? Is God THAT stupid, to chose one creed he himself created over all others? But why did he create all those "inferior" creeds?

But you can see this most idiotic idea cherished as some kind of occult "wisdom", accessible only to "chosen few", of the "superior race", not available to Goyim.

Goyim? What are those?

Goyim are basically the "inferior" races. In this specific case, it is anybody but Jews.

In Japan, and plenty of other traditions and regions, they have essentially the same ideas. If you are not Japanese, you are not to be taken seriously. Because you are just way too primitive.

This is also the reason the China has fallen in the previous century. Because they refused to recognize the Europeans or USONA-ans (United States Of North America, like South Americans call the USA), as people and cultures deserving to pay ANY attention to. They were just WAY too primitive and un-sophisticated.

But in this particular case, we are dealing with something else indeed. Rooted in most ancient traditions, going back to Kabala, one of the few key systems of classifying life as such. Some call it religions. Some call it other things.

God chosen people?

What does THIS have to do with Google? Right?

Fair question indeed. Just take it as time for entertainment and brain stimulating exercise. Who knows, some neural activity may result...

From Jewish "scriptures":

Mind you, these are not just some sick jokes from some obscene Broadway comedy or insane asylum.

These are direct quotes from the "holy scriptures" of "God chosen people", given to them directly by God, nothing less than that, at least as some claim.

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b. Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Kethoboth 3b: "The seed (sperm, child) of a Christian is of no more value than that of a beast."

Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

Hikkoth Akum X 1: "Do not save Christians in danger of death."

Baba Kama 113a: "A Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian. b. "The name of God is not profaned when lying to Christians."

Kohar I 160a: "Jews must always try to deceive Christians."

Zohar I 25b: "Those who do good to Christians will never rise from the dead."

Zohar II 43a: "Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice."

Zohar II 64b: "The Christian birthrate must be materially diminished."

Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.

Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.

Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile the wages owed him for work.

Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

And, finally, this one, to summarise the whole mind set of these "God chosen people".

Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

ANY neural activity yet?

Do you happen to have noticed where the very roots of that evil are? Guess...

There is also Raja Yoga, created by Patanjali of India, probably the most sophisticated system ever created and made available to mankind. The most outstanding and most insightful system conceivable, even in principle. Even physics and mathematics are pebble plays compared to Raja Yoga.

To this day, the most advanced physicists do not even have an equivalent concept to Samadhi, the ULTIMATE state of being.

They simply have no clue. And so they claim it is all nothing but a myth, even though some of them did experience the glimpses of it doing their research and being given the revelations of all kinds. Except they did not pay any attention to it, so it all evaporated, just like a dream.

But it is still there, sitting right smack in the middle of their beings, waiting to be recognized.

Strange, isn't it? But just look a lil deeper than the skin deep level.

Why would nothing less than God, omni-potent, omniscient and omni-powerful, create something, he himself knows to be defective?

Is it to torture some of his own creation?

How do you make trillions as fast as Google did?

Well, not exactly the easiest subject to deal with, considering the very nature of software business and the fact that it is one of very few areas of human activity that does not require huge capital investments or to be physically tied to some heavy piece of equipment. All you need is computer and a few basic tools and you are in business.

Plus, you don't have to dirty your hands in blood or even crap. You don't have to even wash your hands once you are done for the day. That is the appeal of this area of activity.

This resulted in tremendous number of all sorts of people flocking toward the art of programming as though it was some kind of a skill you can acquire, just like machine tooling.

The most interesting and not well understood part of computing is beauty. Sounds strange, doesn't it. But it IS squarely the most important criteria in software design, by far.

What does beauty have to do with it?

Why beauty? What does it have to do with anything? What IS this thing called beauty?

Well, it is one of the most illusive subjects indeed. There is a dialog between Socrates and one of traveling con men, calling himself a philosopher and thus capitalizing on teaching kids of some fat parasites the "manners", the "philosophy", the "sophistication".

Basically, he was just a con man, just like Google is. All he had is bluff and manipulation of confusing concepts to give people headache so they give up even attempting to argue with him because his crap was so dense, you could never see ANYTHING in it. It was the most densely packed piles of crap.

But, that is exactly what is needed by the fat parasites, sucking everyone's blood, trying to get their children into the system to become like themselves.

If things are clear, and everyone can figure out that these are just con men and liars, then it would be the end of them. So, they invent ALL sorts of most complicated piles upon piles of all sorts of confusions, delusion, well mixed with morality, and the underlying principle of it, guilt manipulation, and put a gold sticker on it, called "the elite level".

That is why plenty of those "teachers" of the "elite" were pretty successful in finding clients.

But Socrates was a real giant. He had no investment in trying to suck some blood from anyone, because he firmly stood on his feet in terms of what is what and who is who.

He became immortalized by the most amazing thing, at least from the standpoint of modern world of hype and rootless self-promotion, peddling all sorts of garbage and delusions as something genuine, something of the "elite" level, which is how your so called modern world works, no matter where you look.

Socrates was pronounces to be the wisest man around. Nothing less. Why?

Because he said: I KNOW NOTHING.

And that is ALL there is to it? - Yep, believe it or not. You see, ALL sorts of idiots and con men like to brag about how great they are, how much knowledge the have piled in their cockpits, filled with crap, how great their "achievements" are and on and on and on.

But only the real giants, the true and genuine elite, can even begin to comprehend the fact, yes, FACT, that whatever you know, no matter how much of it you managed to gather in your bag, is nothing.

Just bare bone nothing.

Compared to unlimited and Infinite Intelligence that pervades every cell of your body, every molecule of your blood, every particle of yours, being brain or shift.

Do you realize there is such a thing as cellular consciousness? Yes. CONSCIOUSNESS. Not just some dumb "instinct" invented by those servants of the most profound evil and carefully planted into your fragile minds, just to create a subconscious association between you and an idiot, some machine, that does not have such a thing as will of its own, and is driven by purely mechanical, and UTTERLY unconscious principles of a machine.

WHO created that grandest piece of delusion, called the Theory Of Evolution? Guess!

So, even to begin to comprehend and intuitively touch this level, of realization that you, with all the crap in that cockpit of yours, you were zombified with from the cradle, are NOTHING, compared to the Grandest, All Pervading Intelligence of All There Is, forever expanding, with complexities, beauty and UTTER cooperation between ALL sorts of multi-dimensional aspects, of such immense complexity and multi-purposeness, that your mind will simply explode, if you even BEGIN to comprehend even the most minute aspect of it.

And THAT is why Socrates was called the wisest man alive.

Now, since he did not have any investment in maintaining his image and bluntly stated on public, I know nothing, he was released forever. He was no longer a slave of external situation.

Because he had nothing to loose. He already lowered himself to seemingly lowest level, so not even the last idiot would try to climb on the top of him and try to "defeat" him in whatever way he thinks is significant.

If there is no fighter, who are you going to "defeat".

But that was just a game he played. He was one of the biggest gamblers this planet has EVER seen. He even gambled his life away, knowing perfectly well, that what he is doing will eventually destroy him, just like Jesus, Mansur, the great massacred, and plenty of other brightest stars that ever walked this planet.

In a way, trying to even attempt anything of what they forever do all day long is suicidal. The results are pretty much inevitable.

But what to do if you are interested in Truth, and nothing less would ever satisfy you? What CAN you possibly do? Pretend to be some smart fart, pump up your chest, and bloat your belly, just to look more significant because you are driven by the complex of inferiority?

No way, Hose. The hell will sooner get frozen before these kinds of people will surrender nothing less than Truth itself, about the only thing that IS. FOREVER.

Everything comes and goes, but the Truth remains. Untouched and incorruptible. Unchanging. Just the way it always was, that is the way it is today, and that is the way it will remain, for as long as there is life as such.

So, Socrates just LOVED to invite those traveling con men, calling themselves the "elite philosophers", going around and educating those degenerate kids of fat parasites, and tare them apart. To pieces.

He is such a great master and with such a degree of awareness, that he would normally finish them off within the first 3 statements of his, usually questions. They very rarely even realized that they are dead, long time ago, as far as argument goes, and would keep arguing.

And they would get deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Up until the point, it was simply clear to a five year old, that they are in shit up to their ears. They lost the argument at least an hour ago and did not even notice.

All Socrates was doing since then is enjoying their utmost stupidity by throwing more new pebbles into the the puzzle pyre, where all their crap was getting immediately burned down to dust.

So, what is Beauty, for God's sake? Are you going to tell me?

Well, that WAS the very trap Socrates have set up for one of famous "philosophers". This was the very subject of that grandest dialog of all times, that has ever been created by anyone alive on the face of this planet.

Socrates asked that con man: Hey, can you tell me such a simple thing as what is beauty?

That smart fart replied: Oh, SURE. In no time. I can do it with a single sentence! Beauty is a beautiful girl!

Now, once he said that, he was already dead, after his very first statement.

What followed is a master stroke, called the expansion of scope. You see, real masters know intuitively, that the existence is multi-dimensional and simultaneous. There isn't a single point of view on anything, that can possibly put a final dot after any statement.

Every single thing that exist has virtually unlimited number of aspects, characteristics, properties and on and on. It also depends at what exact junction something is considered or takes place.

From what standpoint?

For whose benefit and interest?

In what context?

For what purpose?

You can continue this list until your nose goes blue, and it will never exhaust itself.

So, what Socrates does is the simplest thing in the world. Just throws another pebble on that table for that fool and asks: do you think these are exactly the same pebbles? The dumbass naturally says: no. they are not. And that is the end of argument, lil did he know.

So, Socrates says: Great! Beauty is a beautiful girl. I could not agree with you more. Any idiot can see that. But what about that jug with water, she is carrying on her shoulder, going back home from the cleanest stream there is?

Is it ALSO beautiful? Well, if you realize what kind of beauty and of immense kind those jugs possessed, considering the time frame, not even devil himself would argue that the jug is divinely beautiful.

So, that donkeyass, peddling himself as about the best philosopher that ever walked this planet, just like Google does in its utmost arrogance, was forced to say:

Yes, the jug is beautiful also.

And that was it. That was the end of the game. He lost his argument totally, profoundly and irreversibly.

Why? Well, simple. Because he created the irreconcilable contradiction: If two different things represent the same thing, which is beauty, then you have to be schizophrenic to reconcile it. It is called the identity crisis.

If we allow the same thing to have multiple identities, then our entire system on knowledge simply collapses, as, from then on, you can never assert with certainty what is what and who is who.

That is why our minds were brainwashed, since the cradle with these ultimately limiting ideas of duality. "Good and bad", black and white. That is how we determine what is what and who is who. Because, basically, about the only system of reference we know of, has its roots in religion.

What does religion have to do with ANY of it?

Not to worry. A piece of cake. You see, religion is about the only reference system, that can possibly give you the roots of...




Yup, yup. MORALITY.

As that is about the only point of reference you have. Without morality, you would be like wild beasts, running around, killing everything in sight, just to stuff YOUR bellies, and wipe that blood off your hands with their bodies.

At least as some think.

With morality, you have notions of "good" and "bad". Virtuous or "evil" and ALL sorts of things. So, you can compare someone's actions against your references and see whether it is "good" or "bad", and, therefore, either to punish or to reward.

Morality is about the only point of reference you have in your deck of cards. Haven't you noticed how is it being manipulated any place you look, morning to night?

Because THAT is the most powerful way to manipulate you. "Because this is a good thing to do", "this is good for your country", (little do I care about some big abstract concept),

"This is good for your family".

That is a "bad thing to do, my dear fellow citizens, of the free sucking werld"!

And that is how they play you. Just like a puppet. Morning to night. Day in, day out. On every single channel of anything that can possibly be perceived with your senses.

Now, if two different things ARE what beauty is, then what is beauty? What is that unique set of characteristics or criteria you can apply to make sure it all reconciles and is applicable to any situation?

That "philosopher" was forced to agree that a jug is also beautiful. The argument was over, at least as far as Socrates was concerned, but he just kept toying with that fat cat.

He then asked: but what about that carpet on the floor? Is that beautiful also? And those carpets were of Godly beauty. There isn't a chance that anyone alive would even consider NOT to call it the celestial beauty.

And so Socrates enumerated a few more things that are completely different, asking the same question, and with every single example, that so called wisest philosopher on Earth, was getting more and more red on his face. Because it was already clear to a five year old, that he simply has no clue what beauty is. All he was able to do is to create this grand schizophrenia of things having multiple identities, that could never reconcile in our systems of logic.

Saying all that, does it mean there is no beauty? Since we can not pinpoint what it is, may be there is no such a thing? Some even say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Sounds pretty kinky indeed.

And yet, ask any artist, musician, dancer, poet, genuine writer, sculptor, or even a cleaner, for that matter.

Is there beauty? - Oh, SURE. ALL OVER! ANY place you look. You just need to be able to recognize it, and that requires awareness. You need to open your eyes, and forget about that grand pile of garbage, you have stored in your cockpit between your ears. All that stuff is good and dandy, and some of it is even useful in all sorts of situations. But ALL it does is to LIMIT the scope of ALL THERE IS.

Thus, the Eastern techniques of Meditation. Emptying your mind of all garbage you have accumulated throughout your lives, which eventually has become nothing more than a hindrance, not allowing you full freedom of perception and full freedom of expression, which is inherently yours, at ANY junction you wish to claim it. And FOREVER so.

You wish to maintain that "safety of the herd", so that you could "survive"? Sure, no problem. Just allow to be zombified with ALL sorts of black and white stickers, limiting the ever expanding and unlimited colors of rainbow, and replace it with black and white stickers of duality. Good and bad, black and white, virtuous or evil.

Otherwise, be my guest and enter my domain, the domain of ALL THERE IS.

Else, get out of my way. I have no life to waste on trying to convince zombies that there is an entire rainbow out there.

You wish to open your eyes, you are bound to see it. Inevitably. You wish to be driven by those zombification procedures of "this is good for your country", get lost then.

Clear enough?

So, what does this beauty thing have to do with Google search engine and the way Google is and does what it does?

Well, it is right smack in the middle of it, believe it or not.

Because that ugly concoction, the main, core principle of which is a herd indicator, the majority opinion, by which Google measures how "good" something is, is UTTER and COMPLETE delusion, having NOTHING to do with either Truth or Beauty, which forever have the infinite elegance and simplicity, and forever fits the unlimited number of things, somehow, miraculously reconciling with each other and with the Life Force as such, all complementing each other, all EXPANDING the scope of All There Is.

Do you see ANY of it in the Google search engine? ANYWHERE?

Nope, my dear fellahs. Not even in the picture.

What you have instead is rootless and relentless exploitation of everything that moves and does not, for that matter. The exploitation of your LOWEST tendencies of the herd, and utter and complete denial of anything that is even remotely related to any genuine value, that forever supports the very existence as such, and provides it the very impetus to be.

The impetus to BE?

Sure! What else? Why do you want to BE? For what purpose? What is that you are trying to achieve in your life? Where are you going? What turns you on? What makes you WANT to be?

Ever thought about that?

Well, how about beauty? Would that do a trick? Is THAT enough of a stimuli to be? To be able, one day, to see the grandeur and miracle of creation unfolding before your eyes. Something dead, or non existent, all of a sudden, coming to life?

What kind of ecstasy do you know that is even comparable to the ecstasy of begetting, of giving the very life to something?

What kind of ecstasy do you know of that is comparable with being able to have a glimpse into the domains, well beyond the ordinary and see the Infinite Intelligence expanding, via you, via every heart beat of yours?

Well, many of you may claim this is sex.

Sure, fine and dandy. But if you pay more attention, it is not much different than taking a good dump in your bathroom or taking a leak.

Not much different of an orgasm, if you are sensitive enough. The same joy, the same relieving feeling. The same freshness.

In fact, in most cases, sex is much less satisfying. Because it usually ends with frustration and exhaustion. You were chasing that woman or a man, wasting so much time and effort on it, just to somehow "get it", and when you get it, it only lasts seconds, most likely, and after those seconds, you lay on your back and feel cheated somehow. All that chase, all that huffing and puffing, and THIS is the end result?

Not that there is nothing to it. Just try to get a glimpse of what Tantra is, or eastern ways, methods and techniques related to sexual activities. That is another world altogether.

Yes, there IS some validity and some value to the herd indicator. At least it tells you that something IS happening somewhere. But that is not enough. It is not the END of it. It is just a beginning. Just like any other.

Greed and Information do not belong to the same box

Well, you can rationalize about anything you want, to any extent you wish, but when you deal with information, greed better be left behind.

Information is a sacred. It is our link to the dimensions, well beyond ordinary. It is a part of forever expanding intelligence, the Life Force at work.

It is our doorway to nothing less than Truth. It is all we are, essentially. One small aspects in the infinite, multi-dimensional reality. But that smallest, seemingly insignificant thing, IS a part of that Grand Infinite Intelligence.

Without it, that intelligence could not exist. Every bit of it.

And what do we do with it? Well we approach it as some dumb object of possession, just like almost anything in your minds. It is a matter of who "owns" who, and who gets on the top of whom.

What a grand waste of creative potential.

And now we are ready to look at the very essence of what Google is.

We already know that its main Ace card is a hype indicator, that does convey some information, but of the most rudimentary and primitive kind, the action.

But what IS that action? What does it have to do with? What does it affect? What does it improve? What does it allow? What does it contribute to anything?

Can you measure ANY of those things with that herd indicator?

Isn't it how this song goes?

What is Google's motivation in all this?

Let us look at it.

Sure, we can not speak for Google. They are not very likely to know it themselves, at least seeing the results of what they actually do, in ALL sorts of situations, most of which can not possibly cause anything other than utter disgust.

Starting with that most cunning concoction of "You do not work for Google for money", as stated by one of the biggest monsters in the entire history of Google and not only Google, who happens to be a billionaire.

Oh yeah? Then what DO you work for at Google? The bright future of mankind? Or the blind, leading the blind towards abyss?

It seems that the MAIN motivation behind it all, is to get as fat as fast as you can manage, and even faster. Sure, that IS rampant in the software business, any place you look. But not to the extent we see it all over the place with Google.

Just look at the things that could be objectively observed and verified, and that is webmaster forums.

You see, there is basically no other way to relate to Google, unless, as a matter of intercourse, they can make a killing off of whatever they can get from you, which is a different story, the story of conspiracy to suck at the maximum rate.

You can not talk to them. You can not send them email. You, basically, can not communicate to them no matter what you do. Even if you manage to talk to someone on the phone, in all likelihood, you will be directed to the cleaning department. Most likely, the very first thing they will ask you is how much they can get from you. If you are talking some fat numbers, that is totally different story. They WILL talk to you. They simply have no choice. Because that is exactly how they get as fat as they are, as fast as they did.

By maximizing the rate of sucking.

So, if you are some "plain" and "ordinary" being, a small business, or any other entity that can not substantially beef up the "bottom line", all you are left with is these so called webmaster forums, and that is where REAL "fun" begins.

How do you maximize the rate of sucking?

You mean "of blood of many by the few"? There are ALL sorts of creative ways to do that.

First of all, be a penny wise. In some traditions they say: a penny from everyone, a fur coat for my wife.

That shows in Google karmic records more than anything else.

First, the programmers make not much more than a counter person at some well run McDonalds. And that is with all the tremendous intensity of mind work, the programmers have to go through every minute of their lives. The intensity and load supreme.

Do you realize that about 80% of your total energy is spent on mind activities? Not even the hardest physical work can compare to it.

Do you realize that in order to do any kind of software work on a pro level, you have to know millions, if not billions of things, all of which MUST fit perfectly together, or the whole thing simply breaks and your computer freezes?

The intensity and load on the mind are simply immense.

And THAT is the first thing Google is being supremely greedy about, thinking that if you get a single hair from everyone, you can eventually make yourself a fat fur coat.

About the most disgusting and despicable thing to even imagine. To rape those, who make you filthy rich and do all the actual work for you.

Load'em up to the hilt till they barely walk!

Sure. What else? That is how most of parasites enlarge their bellies.

Now, since the only thing we can verifiably use to evaluate anything at Google is webmaster forums, that is what we are going to use.

What do you see there?

Well, I don't know what YOU see, but what I see is a single person, JohnMu. Or did I miss something?

How can you possibly serve the whole free sucking world with a single person? Beats me. Seems something WELL beyond obscene.

So what Google does to solve this tremendous load on webmaster forums?

Simple. Be as cunning as it gets, and even beyond it. Exploit anything and everything that moves, and does not, for that matter.

The solution? Simple enough. Find some bullies and let them do all the dirty work for you.

To make sure there is as little work, as you can manage, let them harass everyone and chase them away. In other words, harass the problem away. Not that difficult to do, if you are corrupt enough.

First, create a "ranking system", to rank people like you rank those web pages.

Create several levels, so those donkeys will be busy, crawling on the top of each other, trying to climb higher and higher and higher.

The more "cleaning" they do for you, the less problems you have left, visible any place, the better.

If they are good cleaners and harass as many people as you can imagine, promote them.

When they get totally insane and harass everyone beyond the point of obscene., make them "top contributors" and "bionic posters". Those bozos would LOVE to be labeled some bizarre labels like this. Let them feel they are superior entities, from some unknown planet. That'll tickle their zombified CPUs real good.

But they would want something in return, right? Sure! Everybody does. No problem. Allow them to blatantly spam those sucky forums with self-promotion till their nose goes blue, lil do you care.

To make the package even more attractive, plus cover your own rears, in case it gets to the point where there are legal issues of criminal nature being created, no problem still. Give them power to remove ANY evidence of their outrageous conduct from the record. No smoking gun, no legal case.

What do you see there?

Deny, deny and yet deny again!

Just like Mafia does that. Haven't you learned from Freemasons?

No matter what they say, deny it.

They give you some facts?

Deny it. Claim they are mad. They don't know what they are talking about.

They present some evidence as compelling as it gets, going as far as providing the screen shots?

- No problem. Tell them it never happened. They are simply imagining it all. Even if it gets to the courts, deny it, as unsupported by actual evidence, which you have removed a long time ago. Remember?

They show you screen shots?

- No problem. You fabricated those. It is all just a matter of your sick imagination. Guilt again. You need some medical treatment.

Did you take that derillium medication today?

Funny. How do these "top contributors" know about these kinds of medications? Beats me! Never heard of such a thing. Do you?

Is it something THEY were "spoon fed" when they were children? How do they know about this stuff?

May be they can even give you some stock market related advice? Like "Go short on Google. Long trade. Nice two year run". You can sell your house and the mouse and put all the chips into one basket. You won't regret. Guaranteed by one of the top players on Wall Street, one of the biggest of them all.

Play the omni-potent guilt card. Claim they are criminals.

Claim their intent is covert. Claim they are trying to distort some picture and gain some imaginary advantage over all other mortals.

Play the omni-potent guilt card. Claim they are criminals.

This is how you do it!

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Webmaster Help Bionic Poster

Do I need to type is slower for you?

Do you want me to go find some small, retarded child with a speech impediment to help you understand?

How about a labotimised dead monkey - would you be able to be taught by one of those?

Top Contributors, The Cream Of the Crop, tell you their SEO secrets of how to improve your site

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When people are offensive to you - you whinge like a * child!

You are retarded!

You have some sort of * mental deficiency!

Yu should be * medicated and kept away from anything more potential dangerous than a dead friggin snail incase you cause harm to someone!

Now * off and drop dead you pathetically imbellic moronic amutrish labotimised muppet of a complete * hole.

I'm sick to death off your sheer and utter stupidity.

It's almsot like someone is spoon feeding delirium into you. HAve you got insantiy in tablet form ther?

Are you using some sort of liquid surrealism, and having it via an IV drip?

DA Masterpiece

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No - I'm not okay.

You have come here and upset people. You were rude, offensive and refused any form of help.

Then - even after careful explanations and efforts from several people - you go ON AND F*ING ON!

You insist you "know" how google works - when you have shown time and again you don't even comprehend the basics!


But you STILL refuse to acknowledge that you have NOT GOT A F*ING CLUE!!!!!!!

No - you still come here and complain. You still come here and whinge, bitch, moan and behaving like an absolue * * !!!!!

When people are offensive to you - you whinge like a * child!

Your sites are garbage - complete and utter *. They offer little in the way of novelty/functyionality. They contain content you have stolen from other sites! You have ripped off other peoples work/ideas! You have ignored the various Best Practices. You have refused all standard/common/basic advice.

You are retarded! You have some sort of * mental deficiency!

Yu should be * medicated and kept away from anything more potential dangerous than a dead friggin snail incase you cause harm to someone!

Now * off and drop dead you pathetically imbellic moronic amutrish labotimised muppet of a complete * hole.

I'm sick to death off your sheer and utter stupidity.

It's almsot like someone is spoon feeding delirium into you. HAve you got insantiy in tablet form ther? Are you using some sort of liquid surrealism, and having it via an IV drip?

Or is it some sort of University Degree? Did you take a Masters Degree in utter moronicness? Do you earn additional credits for being so absurdly stupid that it defies all known definitions of the worl that occured before you?

Were you specially breed jsut for this sort of behaviour? Was it specialised schooling, years of listening to taped recordings and watching dodgy TV whislt your eyes were forced openm

Did they brainwash you and forget to put in anything worthwhile?

Seriosly - up until this point - I was a fairly scientifically minded person ... I beleived in Darwin and those that follwoed.

I honestly thought that the idea of evolution was a given.

But not know!

Oh No!

The simple fact that You exist defies any and all explanations for species refinement.

by rights, anyone as stupid as you are being must have someone there to help them * breath!

Cough. Scuze me. Did anyone force you to read my thread?

Did I ask you for your opinion?

Don't you recall I have SPECIFICALLY told you I am not interested in your particular opinion in any way, shape or form, and not once? Do you have some difficulty with comprehension skills?

Did anyone force you to respond to it?

Can not you find something you really enjoy doing?

Or this IS what you enjoy the most, Mr. Sadist?

First of all, who da funk is this gorilla-moron Autocrat as far as Google search engine internals go? Is he their representative or merely their "volunteer" puppet to harass any webmaster any time there is suspicion there is something not right with the way the search engine works?

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Knock Knock

Who's there?

Doesn't matter who's there - why are my sites being manually removed!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Who cares about hte stuffing chicken - why is Google conspiring against my site!

2 Men walk into a bar... but infact, it was only 1, the other was a duplicate

I say I say I say...

And if I keep saying - I'd almsot have as much duplciation as ...pgelqued...

What do you get if you cross a mirror, a toilet and a shredder? About the same thing as ...pgelqued... sites

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I know - I've got this really cool idea.

I'm gong to go aroudn the net, scrapping content that I find.

I'll organise it, and compile it!

I'll then Duplciate it all a few times over.

I'll then release it.

I won't pay any attention standards, guidelines etc.

I won't do the slightest bit of research either.

I don't need to ... I mean, come-on ... SE's are thick right?

They only index in a linear ashiopn, right?

They only update in a serial manner, from the same origin to the same destination, right?

They don't examine the contents at all.

They don't look for and remove duplciates or anything, right?

They don't provide estimates or such, right?

No - I can do it easy.

And - if somethign does go wrong ... I have a backup plan.

I'll go and have a pathetic little screaming fit and behave like an absolute * * * of a * !

I'll be rude, offensive, abusive and condescending! And - if any one dares to talk back to me, disagree, or treat me the same way ... why ... I'll call them names and say it's unfair!

Then I'll shout "conspiracy" - because everyone will symp[athise with me then.

And - through all of it .... no one will realise I'm completely fecken clueless and so out of touch with the idea of how indexing and updating works ....

Yup ... I like that plan.

So - whose content shall I go an steal first....... (And I will steal it .... I won't link to where I got it from ... I won't mention I took it from other sites .... I won't even provide information that I'm stealing ... no one will know....)

And THAT is the REAL beauty of how you do it!

Kick, ban, delete, remove!

Once those bullies, butchers and thugs get too carried away, the best thing to do is to start unwinding the damages.

If things become too obvious, the fist thing to do is to use that trick, not many know about, and that is to delete the whole funken thread!

That does it for most cases.

You kill two rabbits with one shot. First of all, all the evidence is removed. Good luck on trying to prove anything after that. No body, no smoking gun, no case.

Secondly, you are simply removing the whole opportunity to continue this subject because all the context is gone. They'd have to start a new thread, and you can accuse them of being cunning and trying to spam the webmaster forum that is meant for YOU to be spammed.

Almost immediately, they will feel guilty. If you get a couple of bullies, you can use the Overwhelm Them trick and wrestle anybody down within a couple of messages, so you could go back to your self-promotion business on other threads where you see some potential to con somebody into you doing your great "consulting" services for a moderate fee and make their ratings go through the roof. Never mind that a roof you are talking about is a roof of hell, and it ends up on the ground level. It will take quite some time for those clueless bozos to realize they were screwed again.

Simple enough to comprehend for mere mortals?

Overwhelm them. Numbers always add up!

One of very powerful tricks, used on Google webmaster forums to obliterate all those, that even conceive of an idea of questioning the "Google is Always Right and You are Always Wrong" doctrine is to simply overwhelm them!

If you ever question anything, what is going to happen next is those "top contributors" and "bionic posters" from the planet Evil attack you as a pack of wolves.

The trick is simple, just like anything else with Google. Throw as many most obscene accusations at them, as you can manage. They will immediately get dazzled by that avalanche of lies, concoctions, most outrageous accusations, and all sorts of fabrications, questioning your integrity, your intent and going as far, as accusing your of being a con man or a thief. Nothing less...

Many, if not all, will start defending their honorable image, being clueless as they are. Because once they bite that bate, they are doomed. Why? Well, simple enough. They will start wasting energy on worries, hectically trying to come up with some explanation to counteract those unexplainable and totally berserk accusations, and the more they are hopelessly trying to do that, the deeper they get.

Very quickly, they simply get overwhelmed by the avalanches of those concoctions and will start feeling guilty, like they did something "wrong". Remember that guilt manipulation trick?

Within a couple of posts, they will become a laughing stock. In combination with Flat Denial trick, they will be hopelessly trying to talk to a wall, and good luck with that one.

Squeeze their balls till their eyes roll up!

You know what they do at poor Google? Well, removing the coffee machines, used by the programmers! Nothing less than that.

When I heard that one, it was something unreal. Well, at least that one is a no, no in the Silicon Valley. Not a single self-respecting company I know of would allow such a sick level of greed.

Any company I had to deal with, always has about the best coffee you can find, and it actually makes a lot of sense. You see, the programmer's life is so intense and there are so many problems, that forever pile up on your desk, that you virtually have no chance to go take a piss. Someone forever seems to be breathing down your neck with their when's and whys and all sorts of guilt manipulation tricks they do there all day long to squeeze your balls tighter and tighter.

About the only place you can find to have a couple of minutes off from all that insanity is a coffee machine area

Over there, you can find a couple of minutes to enjoy that great coffee, talk to your co-workers, exchange some jokes, talk about some fleeting moments of your life, and go back to that cubicle prison of yours and get down with it.

To deprive the most intensely exploited part of your entire "resource base" is well beyond the limits of ordinary greed. You have to be literally sick in your mind.

Secondly, how much money you can "save" if you remove the coffee machines? Oh, you mean the cost of those paper cups? If they have a coffee machine not far away, they will be drinking coffee and you have to waste money on the paper cups?

Are you TOTALLY sick, dear Dr. Google? These are the people who actually create all that tremendous wealth for you by doing the actual work. What YOU do, "high up there", is just peddle some horse shit from one corner to another and invent new cunning ways to screw anyone, most of which is simply sick

But these people actually create wealth by dealing with problems of such complexity, that if you would do the same thing just a couple of generations back, those minds would simply explode, so intense it is.

And this is how you express your gratitude to those, who make you filthy rich by actually manifesting the reality you all create?


And that is a COMPIMENT indeed.

Don't you have even an iota of something sane, something uncorrupted in the depths of your being?

Disgusting. And that is a COMPIMENT indeed.

It is not YOUR problem! You are not doing it. They do!

If you are cunning enough, just like Google is, and if you are willing to bend the limits of what is considered to be the law, then there are all sorts of "opportunities" for you.

First of all, make sure YOUR hands are not dirtied by all the blood, fountaining out of that slaughter machine of yours, called webmaster forums.

Implement a "hands off" approach. Do not do any dirty things yourself. Make others to dirty their hands in the blood you are creating.

Combined with destruction of evidence trick, you have a home run. Not a single court will be able to sniff something rotten in your grand setup of corruption and deceit.

Whatever those bullies of yours say or do, do not admit it has anything to do with you, even if you explicitly wink your shark eyes as a sign of approval, just like JohnMu, one of your official representatives does all the time when he explicitly condoles the most rotten acts of violence via indirect tricks, indicating approval of your action and classifying it as "fine advice", like he did on record, and in such a poisonous way, you have to be corrupt to the bone and marrow to do it in such a way.

In one of threads, one of those bullies, trying to defend his utter viciousness in attacking you, he started concocting all sorts of lies, accusations and "explanations", just to somehow make his position innocent, which is simply impossible. Clear to a five year old.

Now when I responded to his claims and his bluff as to what Google search engine does, or is supposed to do, which he is not authorized to do, I replied to his post, point by point, doing it about 7th time around, with no luck. Because he seems to be simply deaf, the Deny It All trick at work.

The next thing that followed, is Google employee removes my reply to his bizarre fabrications, but leaves HIS concoctions intact. On the top of it, he closes that thread so there is no possibility to do anything else. And...


If you are suppressing your being all your life, you will eventually and inevitably become a pervert.

What he does is UTTER perversion. Just to seal his sick tricks, he BLOCKS THE ACCOUNT OF YOURS!

Nice, huh?

I recall some of those vicious thugs, called "top contributors" said he is like a saint. Such a gentle being. There is just no one like him on the entire planet Earth during the entire history of mankind. Right?


You don't have to tell them open air: hey, no problem, you can kill that dude. ALL you have to do is to gently recommend that butcher to someone and mention that "fine advice", he provided. Since no one can possibly know whether that advice is worth a piece of paper it is written on, there is no way anyone can even suspect anything fishy.

Simple, ain't it?

Fashion Supreme

As of late, Google started implementing the new and equally as revolutionary approach to information. It is called Fashion is the Supreme criteria in defining what is to be shown, if ever.

Google regularly changes the way its search engine works. The latest idea has to do with "dynamic nature of the net". What it essentially means, that the information is given weight, depending on how fresh it is.

The fresher is information, the more "important" it is. The more often some site updates its pages, the more often Google updates its index and the higher is priority of its appearance in SERPs.

Seems like some innocent thing on the surface, but let us look at it a little deeper than the skin level.

This new strategy effectively promotes all sorts of blogs and chats to the top position as far as information importance goes.

Apparently, Google strategists think that information somehow ages and looses its "quality" as time passes. It is true, to some extent, if you shift your focus from information as such to defining its importance based upon how often do they chatter on some blog.

But the overall result is simply devastating as far as informational quality goes. Take for example the scientific laws, literary works, reference information and ALL sorts of other things that do not change with time.

What would happen to all such information with this new fashion model. Well, it would simply disappear essentially. At best, it would be shoved to such an insignificant position in the SERPs, that you will hardly ever find it. Because that illusive and fleeting fashion would take its position in top slots.

To real information, and not just some incoherent blabber, this is simply deadly.

All these discriminatory indicators are simply devastating the net, even at this junction.

There is no fashion, as far as information goes. Information is just information.

Trueness of information does not depend on when something has been said, when novel was written or when some scientific law was discovered.

Just the other way around, the more often something changes, the less of a likelihood it be of any informational quality.

Take for example all sorts of blogs, that seem to be one of primary interests of Google in this respect. Do you, in your clear mind, think that the more they blabber on some blog, the higher is the VALUE of that information?

But what ARE most of those blogs. Well, vast majority of it has the lowest informational quality you can imagine. It should be de-prioritized, if anything, if you ever want to increase quality of information acquisition.

Very often, actually MUCH more often than not, these blogs are gathering of young kids, wasting away on the net. Sure, they talk about all sorts of things. But most of it would be of this kind: oh, I did this and that and it did not work. The other kid may respond to it with something that does not even necessarily have to do with the issue. He is just talking about HIS story. But, since they keep talking about something, that something starts getting priority over some other information, that does answer the original question with sufficient degree of competence and high informational value.

But that does not seem to matter to Google. What matters is this loudness with which they talk about it and with how many clueless kid blabber about some issue that may in fact to be significant.

As a result, if you perform the search query, this chatter is going to come on top and quality information will be sank to the bottom of this pile of garbage, accumulating on the net with stratospheric speed.

The overall result is DECREASE in information quality and suppression of some very important information. It will get simply buried in the depths of this Grand Google Garbage dump.

Content Censorship

Google utilizes one of the most extensive, most abusive and most pervasive systems of censorship on the entire net. This subject is so vast, that it can fill the thick book of encyclopedic size.

In fact, the censorship machine is one of the key components of the entire Google archive system and its search engine.

Interestingly enough, the information IS being collected by Google. EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT. About ANYBODY and EVERYBODY, that even comes close to Google, no matter what he does.

It is probably one of the most extensive collections of information available on the net, including those in the secret archives of intelligence agencies and you name it. Actually, those simply pale in comparison to Google.

But, YOU, as a user, will never ever see most of the most unique pieces of that information, the rarest finds, the gold specs in this humongous Google Garbage Dump.

This one is one of the most interesting consequences of how Google does what it does.

Most of the information on the net is similar. Quite often people talk about the same issues. They provide links to similar, or essentially the same information.

Plus, there is public domain information. Libraries worth of it. No one has a copyright on it. One of examples of it is open source and open documentation archives, allowing anyone to publish the same exact information, whether it was modified, improved in any way, shape or form, extended, amended or whatever you like to do with it.

Any sites may present whichever version they see fit.

But the way Google treats information with this idea of "unique and compelling content" and its "duplicate content" delusion does affect what you see on the net in the most profound ways.

So if you have several sites that present essentially the same information, then only one copy will be left in Google index. All others will be simply filtered out.

But... There is a big, big but about this scheme. On one site, that happens to be the "top ranking site", or Mr. Fat Valet site, you may find this information in a huge, totally disorganized garbage dump, with no improvements whatsoever, increasing the value of any kind in any of it, neither in terms of being able to find the most appropriate article, nor to be able to find the information, you are looking for, faster, nor to see it with less spam, so typical of so many pub info sites, or to see the same information, but presented in a much more readable way, with much better navigation around the entire collection, cleaner look, faster loading time, and on and on and on.

So, which version is going to be left on Google? Guess!

Because, at least according to what these aliens, called "top contributors" and even Google stuff peddle on webmaster forums, duplicate content is one of the utmost "sins", at least as far as Google Grand Delusion treats it all.

With the so called AI (Artificial Intelligence), used in Google search engine, Google is doing the content analysis, among other things.

Interestingly enough, the state of art in AI is still on such a primitive level that it basically has nothing to do with intelligence of ANY kind. Even an ant beats it hands down.

Marvin Minsky, one of the founding fathers of AI, who has seen it all, in and out, quite pointedly classifies the latest blabber about AI and all its "achievements" as the most primitive view of intelligence, of the most rudimentary, machine level, that has basically nothing to do with intelligence as such,

It is like making claims that the gear box in your car has intelligence, which simply reduces the very notion of intelligence to the level, well beyond obscene.

What can you possibly do with such technology as far as content goes is something else indeed.

So how would Google "rank" the same or similar information and what would they do with all the copies that are either exactly the same or differ to various degree?

Take the extreme example, to make it clear what the very concept of "free choice", used and abused to the hilt by all sorts of con men for all sorts of not so noble purposes, means.

You walk into the book store and find several editions of essentially the same book. It may even be the same publisher issuing the hard cover and a paper back version of the same exact book.

Would you rather see a SINGLE version of that book, say hard cover? And what if you like to take books with you while you visit some park and do some reading while sitting on the bench? Is THAT "ok"?

Well, according to how Google search engine works, it is NOT "ok", by ANY means. In fact, these so called top contributors and "bionic posters" from the planet Delusion will simply pile up on you if they sniff that your web page is similar to some other web page.

Never mind that the same information may be organized differently, presented differently, characterized and tagged differently, interlinked differently, selected according to different criteria, which makes essentially the same information work for you, as it all falls into place with different version.

You don't have to waste half an hour to find exactly that, which you are looking for.

What about it? Do you have a RIGHT to see whichever version YOU see fit?

What is Freedom of Choice?

And even Basic Human Rights?

Well, nothing less than some of the Basic, mind you, BASIC human rights, as recognized in the International Human Rights Convention, signed by vast majority of countries in the world, except of you know who.

That convention happens to state the following:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Every human being has following rights:

Article 18.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; [...]

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Article 29.

(2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

Article 30.

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

You see, it happens to be that I have a RIGHT, recognized by nothing less than United Nations, to decide for myself WHAT to think, HOW to think, and what to read, and all the consequences, arising out of it.

I have a RIGHT to chose what I want to read. Not Google, that has ALL the information I want to read in its archives. But some of it, for some strange reason, is not available to me as a mortal. Why?

But IS available if I am as evil, as it gets! Do we need to PROVE that one also?

But not according to Google, apparently. Because GOOGLE tells me WHAT to read, which version of the Universe is "good for you".

They simply do not give me a choose. Simple as that. Sure, you can argue: oh, but you can go elsewhere, right? Sure! Depends of how perverted you decide to get.

I do not wish Google to spoon feed me and tell me which version of the Universe is "right" for me. I can do it for myself, thank you!

Hey, do you want to take that one to court? Good luck with it!

All these things are irrelevant to those giants of thought at Google, those traveling "philosophers" of the ancient Greece, capitalizing on "educating" the fat cat kids, and peddling the utter delusions as some kind of "state of the art" and the equivalent of Google "breakthrough" technologies of suckology, maximizing the rate of sucking blood of many by the few.

Only one version of that information will be left at Google. All others will simply disappear. They may be placed on so called "supplementary index", or shoved aside altogether.

The Fat Cat Knows Better

Strange? Yep, it is.

But how would you describe what Google calls the "supplementary index"?

You see, since Google's MAIN goal is not to provide better informational quality, but to maximize the rate of sucking of blood of may by the few, they just have to make the whole thing "more efficient".

And how do you do that? Simple. Discriminate! "Divide and conquer", the ancient Roman technique.

That is what this so called "ranking" system is. These people are just too cunning to simply call it the discrimination system. Plus it does not sound that kosher, you see.

The overall idea is as simple as it gets. The bigger is your belly, the fatter is your wallet, the higher is your "rank".


What is this obscene "backlinks" idea? Well, EXACTLY the same thing.

What is this so called supplementary index thing is? Well, pretty much the same idea as the fascist idea of "blue blooded" and the "filth" of "inferior" race!


Yup, yup. And that is if you are not zombified to the point, where you don't even know what fascism is and never heard of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and think that the WWII was the same thing you saw in the latest and greatest version of your Star Wars delusion.

Cause that zombification machine works REALLY good, I tellya.

Time for The Forth Reich yet?

Chewing it more, for especially gifted kind. Supplementary index divides humanity on two kinds, Da Elite, and the filthy slaves.

Good and bad. Vicious and evil. Remember that morality thing you were zombified with since the cradle? Well, that is exactly what this is.

If you are Da Elite, your information is kept in the main index. If you are just filthy nobody, worse than those bullies, thugs and butchers, called "top contributors" on Google web master forums, then whatever you have to say or show, goes to supplementary index.

But what IS that stoopid thing called the supplementary index? Well, donnow how to tell you in even simpler terms.

Ok. It is like a garbage dump. Would you go look for something in a garbage dump? Well, if you do, you can skip reading the rest of this topic, or even this chapter, or better yet, this book.

What goes into supplementary index is that, which you could not find in Da MAIN index. Nice? Any neural activity yet?

So, if Google, with its omni-potent and omniscient technology of suckology, does not find you the information in the main index, which is ALREADY as discriminatory as you can not even begin to imagine in your wildest dreams, then...

Well, then what to do? It does not exist in your "elite" section. No problem. Look for it in the garbage dump, called the supplementary index.

If you can find anything, that even remotely relates to their buzzowords, just shove it up into their faces. They are not looking for Da Elite stuff anyway, lil do you care about what kind of shit you shove into their faces.

Clear enough? "Or you need some delirium, spoon fed to you",

just like one of those intellectual giants, called top contributors, usually puts it on Google webmaster forums to the inferior race of your kind and creed.

The bottom line is this: to find out if your race, color of your skin, your religious convictions, or the size of your wallet classify you as Da Elite on Google, you can simply perform the acid test, using one of services that run some tests on your site to see how many pages Google classifies as Da Elite, to appear in Da Main index, and how many pages are not even going to show up on Google, because...

Well, they MAY show up. Just in case the hell gets frozen.

Nice, huh?

Well, that IS how this omnipotent, omniscient, omni-powerful, AI driven Grand Google Garbage machine woiks. Yeeehaaaa!

Save money on documentation

Since greed is the supreme factor in becoming as bloated as you are, you need to squeeze everything out of everything you can lay your eyes upon. Everything that moves, and does not, for that matter.

One of the primary candidates is documentation. The less they know about you, the better. The less they can understand something, the longer it is going to take them to even formulate a question, without looking stupid.

Documentation is like a paradise, with ALL sorts of opportunities to "save".

Plus, the worse is your documentation, the better. It will keep them busy asking all the most stupid questions all day long, which will give you yet another opportunity to exploit it by simply blaming them for their own stupidity.

Since no one really knows what is what, they will be asking obviously most stupid questions, which will give you a chance to harass them away as some kind of idiots or infidels. Simple, ain't it?

Keep everything as secret as impossible

This is a secret which has not been revealed. They are the Hidden hand. They are not the "Board of Deputies" (the Jewish Parliament in England) or the "Universal Israelite Alliance" which sits in Paris.

What did they teach you in that school, remember?

"You can not trust ANYBODY".

You never, ever tell anyone anything of real value.

Everybody is your enemy. Enemies are everywhere!

Either I suck YOUR blood, or you WILL suck mine. There is no other game in town.

If anything, deny, deny, deny!

"Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage." "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Still not enough?

When, on the Day of Atonement, you walk into a synagogue, you stand up for the very first prayer that you recite. It is the only prayer for which you stand.

You repeat three times a short prayer called the Kol Nidre.

In that prayer, you enter into an agreement with God Almighty that any oath, vow, or pledge that you may make during the next twelve months shall be null and void.

The oath shall not be an oath;
the vow shall not be a vow;
the pledge shall not be a pledge.

They shall have no force or effect.

And further, the Talmud teaches that whenever you take an oath, vow, or pledge, you are to remember the Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and you are exempted from fulfilling them.

How much can you depend on their loyalty? You can depend upon their loyalty as much as the Germans depended upon it in 1916.

We are going to suffer the same fate as Germany suffered, and for the same reason.

--- Benjamin H. Freedman

Still not enough?

Seems like you might be working for too long without taking a break. Could THAT be da problem?

Ok, no problem. Wait for your regularly scheduled program.

Btw, hold your breath. The "How to to beat Google at its game" is forthcoming shortly.

It is still not decided on whether to release a piece of software to make it a matter of pushing a single button though. Still considering it...

We might have some minor deviations in the gravitational field of teh planet Earth.

But what to do? Get used to it. Such is times...

Have fun, Mr./Mrs. mankind.