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Table of Contents: Google: Relentless Destruction

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This example deals with sudden and unexpected drop in Google index. Here is the original post by someone, who experienced a sudden and rapid drop in Google index.
The original thread can be found at:

Here is the original post that started this thread.

Level 1
I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES, in fact:
"I have studied the Help Center, read the FAQs and searched for similar questions."

My site's URL is:
Description (no recent major changes)

We were ranked in top 10 on numerous searches, top 30 on dozens, and now (10/19/2009) we've dropped below 100 on almost everything.  Nothing changed.  Sitemap is valid.   Site is being crawled. We are a legitimate business that recently launched.  There seems to be no explanation.  What happened and how do we fix it???

Thank you for any help you can provide.

What followed is a series of usual "suggestions", that are basically nothing more than a guessing game, since none of the individuals, proposing it, really know what they are talking about. Again, whatever Google is interested in describing, it already does in various places, and whatever Google does not wish to be known, you can talk about all day long, little does it mean anything, even remotely resembling the reality of any kind.

They will be throwing all sorts of concoctions at a poor guy, basically deceiving him, as none of them know for fact that what they do suggest to him has any validity whatsoever. Since Google does not explictitly publish any of what they are talking about, there is really no way to know what is happening in reality.

The way this scenario usually develops is something along these lines:
These so called top contributors start throwing some random ideas at some webmaster, and there are handful of those. Google could easily publish them to end all this grand farce.

If webmaster starts feeling guilty and starts argreeing with their suggestions, that is pretty much the whole game. He just accepts whatever they say and goes away, hopelessly trying to modify his site and wait for several months until the results start showing up in various signs.

If it does not seem to work, he will come back in few months and the whole thing starts from the top. Pure elegance of a scheme.

Level 1
2:28 AM

That message was simply destroyed within minutes. Sounds strange.
What seems to be the problem with it? Giving a reference to already existing discussion about the same exact issue is some kind of a problem?

WHAT kind of problem it could POSSIBLY be beyond the fact that this poor webmaster will simply be able to see a real life example of what is going to happen to him in the days and weeks to come, if he decides to persist in figuring out what are the EXACT issues, related to his problem?

The whole thing simply looked unreal. The next thing that happens is this post shows up:

Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
2:30 AM
Please do not Spam the group.
Please do not Hijack other posters Topics.
Your post has been reported and a spam removal request made.

Not only they deleted a perfectly valid post, but to add insult to an injuty, they even had guts to post THAT kind of something. The jdelgado post simply dissapears, and what appears instead is the ugly and totally perverted concoction.

Not clear what happened to the minds of those, who happen to see it. These kinds of question marks can bend your imagination in a hurry.

Interesting to note is that this "Absolute Tyrant", as he himself calls himself, is doing these very things, he accusing others of doing, all day long, hijacking threads, and in the most blatant and perverted ways, harassing people, engaging in defamation and slander, whenever he pleases, and that is all fine and kosher with Google.

Within minutes, the whole thing became not only unreal, but simply bizarre.

Not only the whole thing became unreal and bizarre. It was simply insane. LITERALLY. In all its bluntness, arrogance, perversion, deceit and you name it.

So, it was a time for reminder indeed. The following two posts were made just to see how far these noble servants would be willing to go. Here are those two posts.

Level 1
2:40 AM

If anyone would talk about hijacking threads, it would not be you.


This one is probably one of your best "contributions" here, on Google webmaster forums.

Now, if you continue to delete replies, that will get you where do you think?

Level 1
2:41 AM
I mean this one, called Da Masterpiece

The links above refer to the direct quotes by Autocrat on one of threads, related to the same kind of issues, discussed on this thread.

What follows THEN, you might think? Well, the exact copy of the post Autocrat, as follows:

Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
2:51 AM
Please do not Spam the group.
Please do not Hijack other posters Topics.
Your posts have been reported and a spam removal requests made.

But this thing is quickly becoming an insane asylum. Because these perverts keep removing the jdelgado posts. But keep leaving these concoctions in. So, if you are still not insane, and read this thread, it might bend your perceptive system in some unexpected ways. Yep, that IS the reality of this humongous farce system, called Google webmaster forums.

What is interesting to observe here, is that his "reports" were acted upon within seconds by Google. But, when he was reported himself, and numerous times, and for things, that are orders of magnitude more significant, the Google response was? Well, abscent. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch!

Effective system you might say. Indeed it is. To conceive anything beyond this ugliest and most blatant system of opression, even Stalin and Adolph Hitler whould have a hard time.

But with Google? Hey, piece o cake! We can do this all day long, any day of the week, even at 5 a.m., need be.

Ok, fine. But here is the reminder for you, just as posted at that exact junction:

Level 1
2:59 AM
Well, you can not remove The Truth.

Not possible. No matter what you do.
The more you do it, the deeper you get, including those that stand behind you
in this relentless campaign of you know what, don't you?

=== Quote begin ===

Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster

When people are offensive to you - you whinge like a * child!


You are retarded!
You have some sort of * mental deficiency!
Yu should be * medicated and kept away from anything more
potential dangerous than a dead friggin snail incase you
cause harm to someone!

Now * off and drop dead you pathetically imbellic moronic
amutrish labotimised muppet of a complete * hole.

I'm sick to death off your sheer and utter stupidity.

It's almsot like someone is spoon feeding delirium into you.
HAve you got insantiy in tablet form ther?
Are you using some sort of liquid surrealism,
and having it via an IV drip?

Or is it some sort of University Degree?
Did you take a Masters Degree in utter moronicness?
Do you earn additional credits for being so absurdly
stupid that it defies all known definitions of the worl
that occured before you?

Were you specially breed jsut for this sort of behaviour?
Was it specialised schooling, years of listening to taped
recordings and watching dodgy TV whislt your eyes were forced openm

Did they brainwash you and forget to put in anything worthwhile?

=== Quote end ===

Any bets on what is going to happen next? Minimum bet is $300 mills.

The thing is that this is an EXACT quote by Autocrat. Exact wording, down to the last dot and comma.

So, what happens next do you think? Well, just running a lil bit ahead of the game, what happens is Google AUTHORISED representatives start destroying EVIDENCE, just like they did in MANY cases, hoping against all hope, that by sheer size of Google, you can destroy any and all evidence ANYWHERE on the net, just because everyone is so frightened of the consequences if they do NOT destroy ANY "undesirable" information related to ALL sorts of issues with Google, starting with the most unprecedented errors in their search engine and SERPS, and going up to deliberate and relentelss destruction of ANYTHING, literally, that does not align with their not so noble agenda.

Level 1
3:04 AM
I said this one really addresses the issues discussed on this thread:

Well, it DOES actually. Unless you read that chapter of the Book of Google, you will not be able to understand what Google actually is, at the very core of it.

And the next thing that happened on that thread is? Any bets?

Well, what happens is Dr. Mengele plugs in with his "assistance" to you know whom, hopefully.

Level 4
3:08 AM
ugh...when this dude stuck to his own thread, he was easy to ignore. I just reported him too. Polluting other threads with his lunatic rants is annoying.

How profound, Dr. Mengele! How subtle! How perverse! BRA-A-VO!

Top Contributor
Webmaster Help Bionic Poster
3:12 AM
Thanks for chipping in :D
Just remember - ignore him.
Do not interact.
Do not intercept.
Just report and walk away - Let Google deal with him.

Mind you, by now, EVERY SINGLE post by jdelgado was removed. What remained is their blabber. If someone would look at this whole thing without knowing the nasty details and the background of it all, they might think they just entered an insane asylum.

Would be interesting to see what we will end up at the end, as "an OFFICIAL version" of you know what, hopefully.

Well, at THIS point, the whole thing was simply ridiculous. It was not even laughable. It was simply pathetic. To go to SUCH an extent in the MOST blatant and deliberate destruction, and of the hardest evidence there is, you must simply be a criminal. Nothing less than that.

The final stroke

Level 1
3:47 AM
My sites happened to be in top ten for about 80 searches per sites.
In a single day, all page views disappeared and in a couple of weeks
there was not a single top 20 query left on webmaster pages.


You can review this thread here to see what the issues were:

Yes, they will be telling you ALL sorts of hairy tales. Lil any of it signifies anything in reality.

Well, what was left at that point? Simple. Put the MOST "on topic" information conceivable and see what happens. Beyond that, there is nothing much that could be done, except of going in circles and trying to prove something, that is clear by now, even to a five year old.

Any bets of what is going to happen next? Guess!

What happens next is called "Google is going out of sync", just as they always do, at least according to historical record of all sorts of events.

What Google does is to remove every single post by jdelgado, while, at the same time, leaving all these pety concuctions intact. Can you imagine reading this thread at THAT junction?

You thought you have seen it all on all sorts of blogs, filled to the brim with delusions? Well, think again! And remember this: this is not just some bizarre blog. This is nothing less than Google. Do not get surprised with ANYTHING you see around Google webmaster forums. Even insane asylum residents look like giants of thought compared to what you can find at Google.

What do you think is the most rational thing that could have happened at this point on that thread?

Google is caught with their pants down

Finally! The Google "cleaners" came around and did their usual work, just like Mafia "cleaners" do, and that is:
Remove EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, that even remotely has anything to do with what has actually taken place on these noble webmaster forums.

And so they did.
Now, if you look at this thread right now, you won't see even a trace of all that bloodbath. Nice, eh?

And THAT is how Google "works" in reality, substantiated with the hardest evidence there is, EVERY SINLGLE snapshot of the whole orgy, down to the last dot and comma.

You see, when you deal with the evilest of all evil, like Google, make sure you have your facts in squicky clean condition.

Question: what do you think you read on Google webmaster forums?
Answer: the most censored and sanitized version of what is actually heppening to millions of webmasters worldwide.

Censored so bad, that even Stalin and Hitler would feel jealous, if they even suspected you can go to THIS extent. But hey, the times changed, and now Google controls the world, starting with the world of information and ending with whatever you can imagine in your wildest dreams, and WELL beyond that.

Prase the Lord, sinners!
On your knees, mortals!
Google is here to pronounce the verdict for the mankind!

Revenation finally

Well, looks like this particular webmaster is not as dumb, as they expected. Even though he does not know what is the story behind it all, because no one, but Google knows it, he still was able to sniff out something fishy in this snakepit, called Google webmaster forums, created exclusively to delude everyone and make Google look like perfect something, with spotless reputation, unheard of in the entire history of mankind.

Level 1
All - Some interesting articles that related to all of this:


At this point, to be honest, it seems less like there is a problem with us than there is with Google itself.   It's one thing to be secretive and careful with your algorythm, and to protect yourself from spammers and other bad actors.  It's another to offer a product to the market, to dominate that market, and to foist responsibility for customer service off on your customers.   Is it seriously that hard to offer suggestions to customers like "your site may have a few problems like.." without revealing anything proprietary (beyond the crawler / html notes in Webmaster).  Perhaps this is the behavior one should expect from an abusive monopoly rather than a good market competitor?  Just a thought.  I wonder if there's a sandbox penalty for that too.

That aside, thank you to everyone so far for their comments.  We'll keep updating this as we get new information and when, if ever, there's a resolution.

All versions of this thread

For all those, curious to the exact details of what has happened, you can review every single version of this thread, down to the last dot and comma, via following links:

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Chip society has been announced

Well, this one is not really a joke.
It is probably one of the saddest days in the entire history of mankind.
What took place within the last few days, is effectively and announcement
of a "Chip Society", acording to Nicholas Rockefeller and his agenda.

Since this subject is just too vast to fit it in here as a comment,
refer to

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