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by Gregory Klimov

The inside story of the Soviet Administration in Germany



Gregory Klimov's Library:

translated from the German by H. N. Stevens
introduced by Edward Crankshaw
and Ernst Reuter
Burgomaster of Berlin

Praeger - New York
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Published in the United States of America in 1953
by Frederick A. Praeger Inc., Publishers
105 West 40 th Street, New York 18, N.Y.

All rights reserved
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 53-8030
Manufactured in the United States of America


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About author

Gregory Petrovich Klimov

Russian writer, member of the Writers' Union of Russia. Author of the bestseller "Terror Machine", published in 12 languages ​​in the "Reader's Digest" sold more than 17 million copies. Three films based on this book were made in England, Germany and the United States in the years 1953-1954 German film "WEG OHNE UMKEHR", was awarded at the International Film Festival in Berlin in 1954, the title of "the best German film of the year." English "THE ROAD OF NO RETURN" and the American "NO WAY BACK" movies for a long time did not descend from screens all over the world.

The author of the books:

Grigory Klimov, born September 26, 1918 in the city of Novocherkassk, Russia, in the family a doctor. In 1941 graduated with honors from the Novocherkassk Industrial Institute, and entered the Military-Diplomatic Academy in Moscow.

In 1945 he graduated from the Academy and was assigned to work in Berlin, as the engineer-in-chief of the Soviet military administration.

In 1947 he was ordered to go back to the Stalin's Moscow. After much deliberation, he fled to West Germany.

In 1949-1950 worked at the CIA's highly classified subject "COLLAPSE OF THE COMMUNIST SYSTEM BY MEANS OF A SPECIAL TYPE PEOPLE. PEOPLE WITH THE POWER COMPLEX (Complex of latent homosexuality of Lenin)." The code name - Harvard Project. In 1951-55 he was the chairman of the Central Association of the Post-war Emigrants From The Soviet Union [ЦОПЭ] (TSOPE) and chief editor of the magazine "Freedom" and "Anti-Communist" (the latter in German).

In 1958-59 worked as a consultant at the Cornell Project in New York, where he was also engaged in all sorts of cunning psychological studies related to the Hungarian uprising of 1956.

The results of 50 years of work on this subject are reflected in the seven books. The last three are the abstracts of the series of lectures for the entire top of the command officers of the KGB, on the eve of perestroika.

All the books were published by Sovetskaya Kuban [СОВЕТСКАЯ КУБАНЬ] - Krasnodar, RUSSIA. Total circulation has exceeded one million.

For orders, please contact a representative of the publishing house Sovetskaya Kuban. Mironov Vladimir Leonidovich by e-mail klimov_gregory@yahoo.com

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