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AntiMatrix News

If you have any issues, ideas or especially if you found some problem on the AntiMatrix site, send an email to the address shown on the AntiMatrix main page.

If you have some outstanding information that is significant enough to add to the main material on the site, send an email. But do not expect that it will be added if we do not find anything of such a significance that it really adds to the substance or KEY issues.


  • AntiMatrix site is now (as of October 18, 2013) on the "List of nationalist books and journals online", on the Metapedia site, close to the top of the page on the "Collection of online books" list under title "NWO Book Collection". It is also present in some individual book listings and various pages on that site.

    List of nationalist books and journals online

    Actually, there are some significant books on their lists, certainly worth looking at.
  • An error has been found in the Oleg Platonov's version of "100 Laws of Shulchan Aruch", which is a very important document, may we say, one of the KEY documents. That error incorrectly add the name of the law from Shulchan Aruch to the version of Justus. The same happens will all other laws and comments that appear in the boxes. All the text and laws are correct except of the reference labels. This error will be fixed in the future versions but meanwhile, use a different version, which is better anyway as it contains the in-depth and unbiased analysis of Dr. Jakob Ecker, via following link:

    Jewish Mirror - 100 Laws of Shulchan Aruch