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AntiMatrix Navigator


What is Navigator?

Navigator is used to navigate web based information. It is a regular HTML fie and can be opened in any web browser. It has a hierarchical structure of links that point to versions web pages or the links, names and IDs within them.

With Navigator you have your own hard linked navigation facility that corresponds to your interest on the issues in different categories, subjects, topics or whatever.

Navigator can be used locally, ie on your own computer, or can be installed on a server for the purpose of navigation. Since it is not related to web page bookmarks, you can just copy that file to the flash stick and put it in your pocket and go to any place in the world. Once there, you can just open your Navigator in the web browser and it will have everything you are interested available right then and there regardless what they have on their browser. The same thing can be done in any net public net access place.

It is useful also for the site updates. You can have a zip file with new versions and they don't even have to be located in the same place or override the old version. You can just edit your navigator file and point a specific link to that version.

Currently available Navigators