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Blossom Goodchild

Contacts with Federation of Light

About these contacts: (Operating principles)


About these contacts: (Operating principles)

Everyone, who is not familiar with these materials, naturally will have some questions of a kind ... Ó êàæäîãî, êîìó ýòî íåèçâåñòíî, åñòåñòâåííî âîçíèêíóò âîïðîñû òèïà ...

What IS this, "who stands behind it", to what degree it is Truthful, how to verify it all and make sure, or have at least some evidence that this is so etc.?

Jumping ahead of ourselves and as a "summary" it is necessary to state that what we are dealing with here is precise instructions and "principles of operation", coming to us from quite a high level, undoubtedly higher and more "competent" than many will be able to even conceive of such.

This is not just beautiful and loud words about some "Bright future", but a maximally possible precise and quite detailed instructions about how to find out that, which or who you are. On INDIVIDUAL level, as YOU, personally. Yes, your self is inseparable from all others, but it is precisely you, personally, are that very laboratory where all of it is tested and verified, being searched for and found.

And how can you verify something? Whom do you trust more than anybody else, if not your own Self? Whom do you know BETTER than your own Self? So, here is an instrument with the help of which you can "measure" "how it really is". Because you need the AUTHENTIC information, and not some theories of a "bright future", which, by some strange reasons, forever remains BEHIND the horizon, and not in your hands as you are dreaming of.

And authentic info comes out of you only, because you are that very Truth, which forever and inevitably is sitting there and waiting for the moment when you, finally, will pay attention to it. And what could be "better", than to pay attention to "how it really is" or who or what you are? Not that you are the "source" of it, and yet, everything is perceived as you "tune-in your personal channel" to the wave, offered by Life, which includes and contains EVERYTHING. And you are the particle of it, or, rather, a drop in the indivisible ocean.

Furthermore, your Being is than which may be felt. You can "catch" it and see it "as your own five fingers", and even more than that, It is Truthful for you, isn't it? Because even your ego is Truthful for you, even though it is a result of many many "distortions". But, as new and new levels and depths are revealed, the picture will become clearer and far more "real", in a sense that "this is how it is", tested and verified on specific experiments".

In order to "understand" it, one has to "co-tune" or "tune-in on the same wave", adjusting your filters in such a way that you would FEEL the reality of it and you would enter into a "resonance" and see everything, simply because it is in resonance with that which you conceive your Self to be in accordance with your "understanding" of "who or what you know yourself to be".

When you are "in tune on the same wavelength" you will FEEL that it is so, ... so it is, and it will sound to you as Truth, and Truth is that, which is undeniable besides many other things.

The question arises: But HOW can I get "in-tune" and KNOW that I am "in the channel"?

There are some "principles of operation", which could be used.

September 26, 2019 - Session

Well, Hello! Anyone home? Feeling excited to get back in touch after my break. I am still frolicking about on the stage, yet my days are now free. So, my friends ... what’s happening?

The most warmest of welcome’s to you and indeed all those who have been eagerly awaiting to hear from ‘Us’. We too, are excited at the prospect of connecting once again with all of you. For even within these few short weeks of absence, much has been ‘diagnosed’ and ‘put in place’ in both the fore and back ground.

What do you mean by diagnosed?

In the greater, more ‘out there’ scheme of things, much has been detected on an Energetic level. There are vast pockets of Light that are doing so much good to each and every aspect of Life upon your Planet. There are also elements of ‘dusty’ progression regarding eliminating Energies that no longer have a place in the Grand scheme of things.

From an explanation level of moving Energy ... and from where we stand ... it is very apparent that the ‘dusty’ Energy has very little strength left within it. In the sense of KNOWING that it is defeated. This is in general and yet, there are still areas that refuse to give up and give in ... and yet, there is little point in continuing the battle ... for THE LIGHT HAS TAKEN ITS RIGHTFUL STANCE.

This is lovely to hear. Thank you. Yet, there are those that feel that once again we have been ‘hyped up’ ... only to be left dangling ... Nay! ... Dribbling ... awaiting ‘IT’!

We smile from our Inner Being Blossom. With the greatest of respect, it is for those that Feel this way to perhaps tune in a little deeper to their KNOWING. To connect up /to this knowing that ALL IS IN PLACE. We do not Feel we have left you ‘dangling’, as you would say.

When we speak of the Energies ramping up ... it is because they are.

When we speak of The Event getting ever closer ... it is because it is.

When we speak of time ... confusion reigns!

ALL of this that you are living within ... all of this that is occurring upon your Planet ... is travelling along in its Divine pace.

We ask ... and have done so before ... that you concentrate not on that which is to come ... yet, give your full attention to the LOVE THAT YOU ARE ... RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!


Is it of joy? Is it of sadness?


For, Dearest souls ... your choice of Vibrational thought is probably the most important aspect of that which you can bring to the table.

Feeling despondent because the sky has not opened whilst trumpets sound ... or because 1,000 ships of Light have not landed in your nearest park ... is not what changes your world.

Yes ... we are very much aware of the fact that many of you Feel you have been waiting for too long and that all that is ‘channelled’ through many, never comes to fruition ...

Yet, YOU ... Each One, also KNOWS that this Inner Feeling of KNOWING that you will continue on Shining your Light ... is what you are to do. Because you KNOW its purpose in doing so.

When you TRULY connect with each other through the I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM ‘chord’, there is a bond ... a union of strength ... that is swelling upon your Planet such as never before.

You KNOW within side of the changes that are occurring within YOU.

We suggest that you adhere to the KNOWING of these changes ... that walk alongside changes that may not seem so obvious on an outer appearance.

Remember Dearest Ones, there is much going on behind the scenes that is hidden from you ... and it is not yet the correct timing for such things to be exposed. Yet, when you choose to recognise the Strength building within you ... when you accept that stronger emotions rising up within are doing so because of your ‘Lighter disposition’ ... you cannot help but Feel that you are ever closer to the most dramatic change ever to be experienced.

I fully understand and you are so right about the ‘time’ aspect. So much is to come ... this I know. Yet, for us down here ...when you say something is to occur, many Feel within the next six months as a general time frame ... and time after time, six months passes by and everything sort of feels pretty much the same.

Yet, that is our point Blossom ... it isn’t the same! Within every six months of YOUR time that passes through space ... so much has transpired.

For instance?


Consider if you will, the amount of Energy that lies within any one given thing. Let us say for now, of an ornament on a shelf ... that has sat there for many a year. It is Energy ... part of everything and yet, encapsulated within its own individuality of Energy. The Energy may have come almost to a standstill ... as it sits there! The Energy may have become stale and almost stagnant and yet, even when a ‘Light Soul’ walks past it ... without knowing, it is ‘changing the flow’ of the ornament because everything interacts with/within everything. Imagine then the possibility of that ornament being picked up, dusted, and placed in a new place in reach of sunlight! An entirely new course for that ornament alone, is now in play ... AND ... affecting everything else around it ... which in turn then affects everything around that ... and then affects everything around that ... as the ripple affect continues on ad infinitum.

A small thing that could take place in one small house in one small village perhaps ... and yet ... the effect of its movement ... affects ALL.

So then ... IMAGINE ... or begin to TRY ... ALL THE UPHEAVAL ... ALL THE CHANGE ... as we leave behind an era of your time that has felt like it has been set in concrete for eons ... and is now flowing through into the LIGHT OF LOVE ITSELF.






It simply cannot be conducted in that way ... for each particle that is transforming affects the next and the next and the next.

WE DO KNOW ... that everything is shifting according to plan ... at the end of the day!

Each action from anyone affects THE WHOLE ... and WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF FREE CHOICE!

Therefore ... this is why we commend you for ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING.

THE PROGRESS that is moving forwards in leaps and bounds is due to Each One of you and your choice to BE THE LIGHT ...


We have spoken again and again and again ... yet, it is of much importance.






We do not ask you to measure what ‘voltage’ of Light you are emanating. This is not a competition. We just ask you TO KNOW YOU ARE LIGHT.


When you continue to inforce within your core:


it brings forth your TRUTH. It solidifies your TRUTH.


As that ONE ENERGY LIGHT FORCE is recognised within the soulself ... no longer does one Feel alone and useless. No longer does one Feel that as an individual there is little they can do ...

FOR ...


There can be no denial ... and within that Feeling ... you KNOW that ‘IT IS HAPPENING’!


AND ... ONCE it has transformed and settled in KNOWINGNESS on the inside ... so very quickly shall the outer experiences be exposed ... in the understanding the LIGHTNESS of Each One is READY AND PREPARED TO BE IN POSITION TO UNDERTAKE THEIR SOUL’S PURPOSE.

Can you deny this is not so? Because Each One of you FEELS that within ... and it is felt within because it is TRUTH.


Therefore, we ask those of you who are waning … to remove all doubts and to build up from within your Heart/Soul/ space the strength that you need in order for you to excel at your personal position when the time comes.

You are ready ... Remain ready ... and yet, grow ever more in LIGHT LOVE service wherever you are ... whatever you are doing ... whatever you are thinking.

It is difficult to put into words that which we are trying to express ... and yet, we TRUST that when you take three deep breaths, smile and repeat I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM ... you GET IT ... no words are necessary. No words can express that FEELING. No words can explain that KNOWING ... FOR IT SIMPLY IS.



Thanks Guys. A pleasure to be back … and now we just need my new mailing list system to work and ‘we are back in business’. I know I speak for many when I say ... WE LOVE YOU. In Gratitude, In Loving service ... I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - September 26, 2019

August 28, 2019 - Session

Hello everyone. For the past 11 days I have been trying to sort out my mailing list problems, to no avail. My nerves are shot from being on the phone to my IT server and trying to work things out on my computer. Drained to the core! I feel, without a doubt there are those who do not want these messages of Light to get out there, and would like to send me to the funny farm! LOL ... ( As many of you may recall, I went through all of this back in March!)

I begin rehearsals full time on Monday. The Universe always provides me with one professional show a year ... (that is all I ask/need ). Therefore, there will be no more channellings until the end of Sept. This is the only way I have of letting people know.

After the show is up and running , I will be looking into a new server for bulk emails and I am so very blessed to have had a lady from the US offer to sponsor me for a year’s subscription. I choose to find an Australian based one. Less complicated ... one hopes.

Ok. Well done if you are on my newsletter and have found this! I would be so grateful if emails could be kept to a minimum or sent without needing a reply ... during my ‘playtime’!

So, for now I bid you Adieu, and Cheerho ... UNLESS OF COURSE something major happens and I am called to duty!

Thanks to everyone who posts these channellings on other sites and on social media . Every bit helps the Planet.

Sending so much Love and Golden Rays

Blossom G.

And here is the lastest channelling .

Hello, my friends. Without any doubt in my mind, those of lesser Light are doing their very best to drive me insane! And it’s working! Once again, I cannot send my newsletter out to inform people that a new conversation with us is posted. I won’t go into it here, yet I guess it is wonderful proof that what you have to say is of Truth and is trying to be quashed. So, let’s ‘battle on’! Could you talk to us about how to connect more consciously with the Energy boxes you spoke of last week?

Welcome to you Dearest Blossom and although we are aware of the ‘delicate frame’ you are residing within at this stage, we are also aware of your strength of Light and that you are still able to keep your Vibration High in order to ‘tune in’ with us. Many thanks.

These Higher levels of Energy filtering through in their own sweet way ... would we say ... have a life of their own. We would not so much say that they are programmed, yet, more so, that they are intelligent Energy threads that know exactly what to do and where to ‘deposit’ themselves. You, in your Human form, yet, as your ‘SoulHighSelf’ know too, how to connect with them, by simply ‘addressing them’ as your friends. For indeed, each incision is one that is part of the agreed plan.

Incision? Bit of an odd word to use?

We are using this term in the sense of infusion/cutting through.

Yes. I get you. That’s what I thought. Assuming too, that the I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM mantra is a very powerful way to connect with them.

This is so. For the ENERGY CODING within those words is like a magnet to them.

The Higher YOU as an individual ... Each One of you ... have allowed yourself to awaken to, the ‘right place’ is found within these ‘Spheres’ to meet up with.

Now then. You suddenly have changed the word from boxes to ‘Spheres’. Yesterday, I met up with some dear ‘exceptionally clued up’ friends (wanted to say Masters?) and they said the boxes were actually Spheres. The lady of the partnership had ‘seen them’ when ‘Being out there somewhere’.

This is so. Spheres of an enormity that you cannot quite comprehend.

With respect ... out of my own curiosity ... why have YOU not used the term ‘Spheres’ before?

We are now. When they were mentioned moons ago, ‘Boxes’ was more appropriate for the metaphor and then, as of our last conversation/communication ... we believe ... with respect ... you brought the matter up using the term as in the past ... ‘Level 1 2 and 3 boxes’. There is only so much we are able to ‘fit in’ within our time together!

That has amused me and I can tell you are also amused as you bring this through. I know my friends will be happy that you have confirmed this. I suddenly feel very emotional (Far from unusual at the moment!)

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls who touch base with us via these communications and on an individual Soul-Love communication ... THESE TIMES ‘ARE’ VERY EMOTIONAL!

Not only are you releasing the old way of ... thinking/Being ... from yourselves and on behalf of others ... you are also ... attuning/blending ... with these Higher Energies that are offering a Higher Vibration of Love itself.

As your BEING ... attunes/adjusts ... to these levels, then your very souls are recognising that which they are coming ... into contact with/in touch with ... and it puts one’s heart into ... ‘overwhelm/overload’ ... in a GOOD WAY ... and yet, due to all the unravelling of everything ... it all FEELS as if it is all wrapped up into one.

Which it is ... I know not if I am Arthur or Martha!

This is an indication of what we are meaning by ... Topsy Turvy /upsidedownness. For this does not only take place on a ... Universal/Global ... level, Yet ... on /within ... an individual one, also.

Back to the ‘Sphere’s’ if we may ... for I feel they are important.

We would say ... there is nothing more important. Imagine 7 vast spheres.

I am sure that is the number my friend saw. In days of old I would have questioned myself about this coming through you now, because my brain received the info yesterday from my friend. Not anymore. I’m all growed up now!

Imagine ... two lines of three and one beneath. Tune in via breathing and the ‘I AM’ mantra/chant/connection and feel yourself be taken to the Sphere that is suited to you and remain there for your meditation.

Please note. This is for enhancement of your Light. It is a way of connecting and yet, it is not that you are actually entering into these Sphere’s literally, for it is not possible for you to do so. It would be too much for your soul to do so. Yet, it certainly is a ‘tool’ to assist you in connecting with them. We would say it is of an adapted version ... for your Being to ‘use’ ... during this transitional period.

Am I right in thinking ... no matter what ... we could not enter these Spheres due to the enormity of their Energy Vibration?

Correct. Yet, to work on connecting with them is a very Powerful thing to do.

Ok. So, this may be a pointless question yet, where exactly are these Spheres?

They are circling your Planet.

All of them?

A question difficult to answer. The best we can say is ‘their presence’ is known to the outer layers of your Planet and yet, they phase in and out ... releasing ‘levels’ of Energy Light as and when appropriate.

So, are they actually ‘visible to the eye’ should one be passing that way?

To pass that way, one would have to be of a particular Vibration to begin with. We would say YES ... they are visible to those that can see them!

I get you. Fair enough. And they obviously are very much involved with what is going on right now on our Planet? Silly question!

Yet, one we can answer. Yes, indeed. They have been ‘Keeping watch’ for eons of ‘your time’. They are of an intelligence that can assess all that is taking place.

Wait, when you say all that is taking place, do you mean literally? As in who is the president of each country? Who is dodgy? Who is not? You know what I mean? Like in a way that ‘we’ are shown?

No Blossom. Not of this way. They operate on an ENERGETIC level. They assess the Energy of your Planet ... not just as an entirety yet, ‘sectionally’ also.

Whoa! I’ve just suddenly warped up into a Higher Feeling Energy ... and ... Go!










WOAH! Wait just a tootin-pickin’ second. WE COME FROM THESE SPHERES?????????

We would say they were your method of delivery.

Yet, you said we could not be in them fully as they are too strong (Or words to that effect.)

Too strong for you now. Yet, when your humanity as a ... new race/new beginning ... arrived, your ‘State of Being’ was certainly able to ... be of it/part of it/within it.

Did it create us?

No. Would we say they were your ticket from the stars, to your Planet.

Seriously! This is such an untimely time to bring this up ... as I am unable to connect with you for a while after this communication ... we will all be left dribbling! What you have said is making me feel as if these Spheres were sort of ... how do I put it ... ?

Let us try. What we are feeding through to you Blossom, is that ... these Energy Spheres were your carriers ‘down through dimensions’ and then releasing the Energy of Humanity ... the Beingness of Humanity ... onto/into/within ... a level, that ‘aspects’ of your Higher Soulself could be deposited into the creation of.

Brain blow out!!

And yet, is it not that on another level you completely understand?

Yep and yet, as I say, due to me being off hire for a while ... how can you ‘put this in a nice little box and wrap it up’?

By saying that we Love you.

By telling you that YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THIS.

By mentioning that all is ticking along as it should and in the month that you are unavailable to chat with us ... we are so very close to Each One of you ... in both thought and spirit. Allowing us to lift you up into the awareness of understanding that you are so much more than you once accepted yourselves to Be.

Join our Energy in the ... visualisation/meditation ... of the Spheres ... that have been set up to connect with you.


Many thanks, Guys. I look forward to next time and yet, very much looking forward to feeding my soul, topping it up with my passion of being on the stage. Be it for only for a short while! I LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM!

My next event is in HAWAII! YAY!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - August 28, 2019

August 19, 2019 - Session

Hello, my friends. Your chorus of ‘I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM.’ rings True throughout my body many times daily and certainly takes any negative thoughts away, the minute I change my thinking to that retort. Thank you. I believe it is helping many.

This is very satisfying to hear as we welcome you this day. We would say that this can be used as THE KEY to your Well-Being during these times. To use it. To say it. To feel it ... at any given point whether feeling happy or sad ... even desperate or confused.

When Happy and saying it ... it will expand your Happiness into a much Higher Lighter place.

When sad ... it will lift your spirits and your confidence.

When desperate ... it will take you out of the darkness.

When confused ... it shall give you Peace.

‘Chant’ this Blessing in ALL situations, Dearest Souls and feel too, the Band of Light Souls that are joining forces with you in that very moment.

As the Energy of these words increase ... the POWER behind/within them, shall do so also.

As we stated in our last communication ... you ‘upon the ground’ are now able to FEEL so much more of the Higher Energies that are entering in.

This statement allows you to connect up with those of LIGHTER resources and gather strength into yourselves and your Planet.



So many of you are now fully awake and able to conduct one’s thoughts into the Higher level that is required in order to gather Energies into large blocks ... Large containers if you like.

Hold the phone a minute! That takes me back to many moons ago when you talked about large containers of ENERGY LIGHT (metaphorically) that were being stored, on ships I think, or at least that is how you presented them ... and would be distributed at the correct time (or something along those lines).

This is correct. We are happy to see your memory serving you well.

Indeed. As sometimes I can’t even remember what I went into the next room for!

These containers of Light Energy have been opened now. We are expressing it to you as easily as we can, to try to explain.

Imagine many containers of this Light Energy ... marked perhaps in boxes on levels 1, 2 and 3.

Over the last few years ... level 3 boxes have been exposed and released into your atmospheres. Many of them ... all over your Planet.

Then it moved onto level 2 boxes being distributed ... and yet understand, not ALL places of your Planet were ready to accept level 2 and were still absorbing and adjusting to the Energies of box level 3.

Higher Energy places that are able to accept level 2 boxes have been doing so and being Enlightened by them ... Joining forces with them.

We do not speak ‘necessarily’ about particular countries ... per se ... for it may be that in one country there is much conflict and yet, they may ‘live’ alongside the most glorious Energy of mountains. The mountains would be able to absorb these box Energies and filter this Energy out from them in a more appropriate/more ‘dealable with’ ... manner.

Whereas ... some countries may have greater amounts of areas where the Energies can be ‘poured directly in’.

This, of course, has no bias, no prejudice, no judgment. This is simply about necessary filterisation, in order for Energies to be able to find their way correctly and in proportions that will cause as little disruption as possible.

Why is it though ... that we seem to be so affected by ENERGIES? It is the ‘saying of the year’ when one is out of sorts ... ‘Oh, it’s these energies playing havoc with us?’ Surely, if they are of Loving Higher Energies we should be leaping around everywhere, sucking on rainbow lollipops!

Dearest Souls, we have spoken in the past of these times to come ... which are upon you now and yet, with respect, are just beginning to unravel.

The Higher Lighter Energies coming in are not that which are causing havoc within your Beings.

Yet, it is the balancing out of them WITHIN YOUR BEINGS that is causing the unease.

Would you not say you are having good and bad days?

Oh, yes siree Bob!

Would you not say you are feeling emotions at each end of the scale?

Oh, yes siree Bob! Yet, getting through them with the ‘I AM’ statement!

That which you are experiencing is the releasing of the old ... the very old ... not just from this lifetime’s experiences ... yet, from ALL lifetime’s experiences.

IMAGINE THAT. No small undertaking!

And on top of that are not just doing it for yourselves. You are doing it for the many who do not yet have the awareness to KNOW ... THEY should be doing it also.

And yet, in order to release your Planet and all who sail in her ... into her NEW position ... all that does not serve the LIGHT must be transformed/transmuted/dispersed.




So, when it is that you may feel you have had enough ... and frustrated with not seeing the change taking place as you would like ... Simply ...


When you feel defeated within your soul POWER repeat over and over ...




FEEL IT ... KNOW IT ... and your strength shall return YOU to Being very much on course.

When ANYTHING is shaken ... it causes disturbance.

Imagine as if your entire Planet has been shaken up like a drum with inside your washing machines. First turning one way, then the other. Sometimes being showered with water (Love) ... Sometimes the water being drained from it ... then spun around at such a pace/speed that one feels they have lost all control.

We don’t have to imagine very hard ... for that is exactly what it feels like sometimes!

Yet, Dearest Ones ... what happens after that ‘cycle’? The drum STOPS and all its contents are hung out Peacefully in the sun to be dried off after their cleansing ... as the gentle breeze blows them this way and that ... refreshed ... renewed. READY!

Nice analogy. So, back to these containers, if I may? When do the level 1 boxes arrive?

Not yet! They are of a far greater Energy ...

Far out! I just picked up on what you are about to say ... I wonder how many readers did the same?

Yes, you picked up correctly, Blossom.

The level 1 boxes come with ‘THE EVENT’.

Well actually, to be more precise ... we would say they come before, during and after.

Without question when the ENERGY OF/FROM these level 1 boxes are opened ... you will not/cannot ... fail to notice the difference upon your Planet ... regarding THE FEELING OF WELL BEING.

I am going to try to break this down a bit. White Cloud mentioned that THE HAPPENING/EVENT, whatever anyone feels comfortable in calling it ... would come at a time when we really felt we could not take any more. So, I am assuming things would be very topsy turvy at that point? And if the Energies from level 1 box start coming through ... Would not our washing machines explode?

For some! Dearest Souls ... These Energies affect Each One differently according to one’s own individual Vibration.

When this time arrives ... and it will ... it will ... much clearing/cleansing/purifying/detoxification on all levels will have taken place/arisen. Leaving many souls MORE THAN COMPLETE AND READY.

These boxes are numbered ... on/within ... levels for a reason.

Yes, your world is to undergo massive disruptions/disturbances. It has to ... to bring EVERYTHING to the surface that HAS TO BE EITHER REMOVED OR CLEANSED.

Yet, are you not gaining strength? A knowing within you like never before? And as your days move forward ... this KNOWING ... this STRENGTH will magnify continually. For the more you understand it and accept it … the more of its reality shall become you.

Therefore, for those that are ready ... for those that have been waiting ... for those that are in position ... they shall purposefully be able to receive the Energies from box level 1 in its fullness.

So ... not everybody will be able to?

No. Depending on their ‘level of Energy awareness’ within their soul Being. Again ... may we state ... this is not to do with judgment or unfairness ... this is to do with self-chosen positioning.

So many will require the assistance of those who are the forerunners.

So many of you will find yourself in ‘leadership’ positions. Many leaders, many, many leaders will be required. Some to lead small groups, some to lead large ... yet, so many souls will need help in understanding what is taking place and what they are to do with this new happening within themselves.

So, when we feel these Higher Energies (level 1) coming through ... we will know that ‘IT’ is on its way , will we? Yet, what kind of difference shall we be looking for ... for things feel oddly different in these very days of NOW?

THE LEVEL OF LOVE YOU EXPERIENCE … even amid the turmoil.

THE LEVEL OF JOY YOU EXPERIENCE ... even amid the turmoil.

THE LEVEL OF KNOWING YOU EXPERIENCE ... even amid the turmoil.


Already you can feel the Energies getting stronger /Higher.

Therefore, you KNOW that so much is taking place on levels that you cannot be ‘notified’ of at this juncture.

Yet, we ask you to continue to TRUST ... YOUR SELVES.










Nicely timed. On the hour exactly. How do you do that when you have no time?

Simply conforming to yours.

In Gratitude. In Loving service ... I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - August 19, 2019

August 11, 2019 - Session

Please note: This starts off on a bit of a downward slide ... yet, very quickly changes energy that could well knock you off your feet!!

Hello again to you my friends in High Places!

And we welcome you Dearest Blossom and Each Soul who is caught up in this net of confusion regarding Energies that are disrupting your everyday living.

Wait ... is that you? ... an odd way to start.

And yet, is this not so, that so many are disregarding their KNOWING OF TRUTH as they fall into dismay and despair with all that is being presented to you on your news?

Perhaps so. I do not wish to appear selfish, yet, for me in my little bubble of Light, I am in a fine space and not feeling that way at all. Hence why I questioned when you first came through with ‘caught up in this net’.

We are very much aware, Dearest Blossom, of the Blooming of your petals at this stage and all the Light that shines out from them.

Yes. I have to say, I feel in a very Blessed state these days ... (even though I am still hardly sleeping!)

Yet, this is not the case for many. In other lands much turmoil and confusion IS taking place. Much is being discovered underneath the ‘so called treasures’ that are not of brightened jewels.

Not really sure what you mean.

In that ... there are those that are presenting as ‘solid Light’ and yet, when put under a microscope ... this would not be their True representation. Therefore, many are despondent in knowing what is actually taking place in reality. For those behind the scenes are now walking out into the limelight and being exposed for that which they Truly are.

I am aware of the leader of a global ring regarding abusing children being arrested.* Yet, I know no more of any other at this point.

This is soon to be more widespread. Yet, the very Energy of these exposures is already ‘out in the open’.

Many names, places and situations are soon to be revealed and behaviours of the foulest conception will be exposed.

You do not really speak this way ... so I did a check in with White Cloud and he confirmed for me it is you THE FOL. As you were then!

Blossom, we are here with you in the HIGHEST LOVE ... yet, we are addressing situations that are not! Therefore, the Energy you are feeling is due to that fact.

We have said how one can and will so easily get caught up in all that they hear. Many who are still unaware /asleep to such matters of ‘disguise’ are FEELING upset and would we say ‘churned up’ within their Being. They wonder how much more of these major ‘upsets’ are to take place ... before it is too late?

Too late for what?

For their hearts to fall into a cavity. These are the souls that have not once considered their souls to be anything other than a life that is here upon your Planet to exist and get by the best they can. They have not chosen to look into deeper matters of the heart and soul. Therefore, they are falling into a darkness as they experience more and more of that which is not of the LIGHT.


Oh, thank goodness for that ... I felt the energy ‘shift’ right there ... Continue!

Dearest Souls ... we have asked you to repeat over and over ...




Many of you are doing so and finding much strength from it.

Yes, folk are writing in to say what a difference it is making. I am adding the smile and deep breathing as I say it and that takes it to another level, also.

You see Dearest Souls? Do you see? The efforts that are performed in this simplistic of fashion, is LIFE CHANGING.


IT IS TRANSFORMING ... and so many of you are able to FEEL IT NOW.

Segueing nicely into ... some have written in asking HOW to FEEL it, rather than just saying it? Where do they go in their BEING to make it of the STRONGEST POWERFUL INTENTION that they can?

This is a very worthy /worthwhile question. For like with ALL THAT ONE DESIRES ... to simply address/say/speak/think ‘something’ has such little effect ... compared to the enormity of FEELING that very same ‘something.’

One cannot manifest their heart’s desires unless they are FELT ... for the VIBRATION OF THE FEELING is what attracts it to itself ... if you are understanding of this?

Very much so. So, how would YOU best explain to those who are unsure HOW TO FEEL THIS INTENTION?

Take you thought to your heart area.

Think about where your heart resides ... Breathe into that thought and that space that you are thinking about and keep your focus there ... Breathe again and yes ... smile! FEEL the shift in yourself ... in your Energy as you smile.

Then, if for some, you are not able to visualize a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT arising from that place within your heart ... then imagine you are looking at yourself in a mirror. Then watch as your entire BEING transforms from its physical form ... into a BEING OF LIGHT ...


Breathe into this LIGHT as you say with the HIGHEST DEEPEST MEANINGFUL INTENT ...






























































I think we could safely say you answered the question! In Gratitude ... heaps of it ... In Loving service ... I AM!

*The Federation Of Light and White Cloud have often spoken of ‘envelopes’ we have inside our heads and when the time comes they will be activated. As if the envelopes are opened and inside are our instructions as to what it is we are to do. Different for Each One possibly. All very exciting!

*I am aware that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead this morning (after I had done this channel.)

For those that do not read my newsletter , please find news of my next event in HAWAII! YAY!

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - August 11, 2019

August 5, 2019 - Session

Welcome once again to you. The Energies coming through to our Planet are still very strong and knocking us all about in their own sweet ways! I am wondering what else you could add to that which you have been speaking of lately, regarding all that is going on … if you would be so kind?

Welcome Each One. We join you today combining the heartfelt Energies that make us KNOW that WE ARE ALL ONE ENERGY OF DIVINE LOVE and THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN EVER TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU.



Take that into your Being in this moment of NOW. Close your eyes, smile and take those DIVINE BREATHS OF KNOWING THAT THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.

Do you feel a difference NOW from when you used to ‘THINK’ you knew?

Do you FEEL more of this Divine Love that you are, NOW that you are accepting it and NOW that these Energies are allowing/enabling you to absorb more of this that is you?

Dearest Souls ...TAKE ON BOARD the fact that in this HERE and NOW you are ‘presently’ willing to join forces and recognise the ABSOLUTE POWER OF THIS FORCE OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE ... AS ONE ... TOGETHER.

Every time now, that you choose to remember to breathe in and enhance your Energy ... remember alongside that breath the KNOWING that your FORCE OF LIGHT is connecting up with the POWERHOUSE OF DIVINE LIGHT ITSELF.

Imagine that you are … plugged in/connected to … the DIVINE ULTIMATE ENERGY OF LIGHT AND LOVE ... and the chord/beam of Light that connects you to THAT, is also connected to EVERY SINGLE SOUL not only on your Planet, yet, everywhere. Then imagine that trillions of LIGHT SOUL BEINGS are all focusing on the same goal ...








I can certainly feel this immense energy that is filling my Being right now as you are bringing these words through. So much so, I can hardly catch my breath or write quick enough!

Dearest One’s ... the Energy that you can FEEL ... is an Energy that is connected to ALL BEINGS that have been waiting just like you. Waiting so very patiently and sometimes so very close to giving in/giving up ... and yet, here you are ... preparing ...

You say ‘preparing’ ... yet, you are saying ‘This is it’.

We would liken it to ... perhaps a game of sport in your world. One has done all the training ... One has put in ‘the hard yards’, as you would say. They have brought their ‘outfits’ into the changing room, adorned them ... and now wait, warming up, gearing up for the moment that THEY KNOW is about to come/happen. That is the kind of excitement you are feeling, is it not? A little anxious. A little nervous. Yet, SO READY AND PREPARED to get out there and get on with it ... in to the thick of things.

I would imagine that is exactly how so many are feeling, judging by my inbox! Yet, for us, we will run out there onto the playing field and have to look around at exactly what game we are playing! Not knowing if we should have brought our netball, soccer ball, tennis ball or indeed, just there to run the 200 metres! Yet, what I do know, even though we do not know what for ... we are definitely ready!

This we know, also. As facts are revealed, as your world reels in shock at outcomes of ‘findings’, YOU SHALL BE THERE ... KNOWING THAT THIS IS IT.

This is when the tables start to turn.

You are READY ... IN POSITION. For although you don’t know what is to be revealed exactly ... that which you do know is that you are:




Many of you will be quite surprised yourselves, at what is being said ... through you.

All that you have ‘remembered’ in ways of these messages being the reminder, you shall ‘have on call’ in your heart files! For years you have been storing information, some of which you may not know you know ... and when EACH DIVINE MOMENT PRESENTS ITSELF ... you will be there to offer guidance to those who feel so lost.

Many of you will find a strength arise from within and find yourselves in the most ‘unexpected positions’ ... that will feel so natural to/for you.

They will be so, because these will be the positions you signed up for before you came, should you so choose to see them through.

Some will have fallen away from their ‘position’s role’. There is no judgement on this. Those whose hearts are TRUE will find their way home, assisting others in a different fashion, that is more suited to their disposition upon the Planet for them now.

Struth Ruth. I feel so emotional with this Energy you are bringing through today. My heart is ticking away ten to the dozen.

With respect ... because you are able to feel the TRUTH within this Energy.

Yes. Yet surely also, because ... it is getting so close now and therefore, we can ‘pick up’ on this?

It is not close Blossom ... IT IS HERE.

Just tightening my hat strings! Playing advocate, as I seem to do ... Some would say ... ‘Really? Where?’

Some are looking for something that it is not.


In that ... ‘at this stage’ when we say it is here ... you know this because YOU CAN FEEL IT. Some are looking for the real evidence ... for they do not believe that this feeling and knowing you are feeling and gathering ... IS REAL EVIDENCE.

Evidence of feeling/knowing/experiencing the Energy OF IT.

That which follows in what YOU/THEY would call reality is just the ‘hard copy’ would we say.

We have mentioned that it shall be like a domino effect. Everything will come crashing down like a ton of bricks. And when all is flattened ... one shall be able to see right through ... IT ALL.

Take into your knowing that as this takes place ... YOUR STRENGTH shall increase to the degree that you allow it to.

Could you elaborate on that, please?

Indeed. Inside of Each One of you NOW ... as you are reading these words ... you are FEELING a ‘change … of/in … heart.’

This is because your Being is reacting to THE ENERGY that is being sent through to you in these coded words.

Hold on a minute ... I can’t keep up. Coded words? They seem quite straight forward to me.

Yet ‘within them’ ... there are underlying codes that are willingly activating your souls.

Leading you into the next phase of yourselves. Reawakening the parts of your Being that needed to remain ‘switched off’ until such times as this.

Like ... eh ... Far out, Brussel Sprout! What do these ‘parts of our Being’ do once switched on/activated?

They show/reveal Higher assets of self. Stronger Vibrational assistance is at your fingertips.

Allowing us to …?

To be more of who you are.

Could you just give us a hint even?

It is not necessary.

I feel you want to say ‘because it would spoil the fun!’

That is precisely our reasoning, Blossom. Gifts will fall into your laps, so to speak. So many things, some large, some small, will you find taking place in your everyday living and you shall smile with an inner knowing as you gain more and more of these ‘strengths’ ... in the knowing that this is not just happening to you.


AND IT COMES FROM WITHIN ...................... YOU!




Remember too, that the quickest route into the Higher Vibrational existence is KNOWING THAT!




THAT ...




That which is to be disclosed, as we have said, will open a global can of worms. Not only will it be that crimes against humanity are revealed, yet, secrets about ... other planets/worlds /Beings/connections/ agreements/ ... will also ‘come to Light’ and these stunning revelations will also make one almost fall over with /in amazement.

Many will feel a little ‘duped’ for a while when realisation of WHAT ACTUALLY IS ... ‘hits home’.

Yet, in these times ...












I have to laugh ... what a strange way to end ... ‘Watch this space’ . Yet, I know that was the end of today’s connection.

WOW! Things are really hotting up. Even though with these crazy sleep patterns, I may need match sticks to keep my eye balls open, so I don’t miss ‘anything’ when it comes about!

In Gratitude, In Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - August 5, 2019

July 22, 2019 - Session

Here we are again. The week has simply flown by. Such an amazing response to your last communication. So many became very emotional and felt the TRUTH so deeply within them. Thank you. Where to from here?

Greetings to Each One and we are aware of the heightened activity within so many Beings … for their Energy of Light-Heartedness is through the roof, as you would say. We ask that you keep this Energy of KNOWING at the Highest peak possible, for this enhances and accelerates the process greatly.

Happenings are underway … there is a protocol to be met on all sides of the veil.

Can I ask that you speak more of that, please?

Imagine if you will, of the building plans for a particular machine, perhaps. So many different parts in order to make it work and yet … certain parts can only be put in place when the building of that machine is up to the place where a part can be slotted in. Bit by bit, the pieces are added and those that fall in, in the final stages, have been waiting so very patiently until ALL IS IN PLACE.

This is what has been taking place and now … the switch is ready to be activated. However … the final ‘going over’ to make sure all is indeed ready to go, must be ensued.

Once the switch has been turned on … it will be as if many many dominoes fall. Each one knocking down the one in front of it … and we say there is a long, long line!

Many times, over many years, we have said for you to ‘Hold onto your hats’ have we not?

And many times we have … only to have taken them off again … it flattens the bouffant after a time!

Yet, now we say it again …

Why that particular expression?

Because what is to come will seem like a tornado of Events and if one does not ground themselves, they will indeed feel as if they have been lifted off/through/within a whirlwind and not know how to bring themselves back down to Earth.

Again we stipulate, we do not speak of this to put fear amongst you. We speak of this in order for you to prepare. In order for you to know that what is to come is part of the plan and no matter how it ‘appears’ … in the deepest place of your Being, KNOW that the outcome will be of the Greatest Changes for the Highest Good.

Consider the fact that there are no longer just a few souls upon your Planet who are aware and awake. Now there are more than enough of you to be able to anchor the LIGHT FORCE that is required when the lid is blown. (Off.)




Dearest friends, THE TIME HAS COME.

The process of illumination may not be as you imagined. For no-one can ‘imagine’ what is to come.

However it ‘falls’ into place … be aware and be alert.

Be of your Truth. For many will be bandying about their opinions as to what they KNOW to be right and wrong.



When soul’s become angered and confused … do not feed the anger and confusion. Do not feed the fear.

Feed only the gentle suggestions of going within and feeling Love for oneself and all.

For many, that which is ‘commonplace’ in this field for Light Players*, will not be a ‘normal point of view’. Many are completely unaware of all that has been under- ‘lying’ upon your Planet.

Many have chosen to remain asleep and now … when the upheaval on the largest scale imaginable is brought to the surface, they will not know what has hit them.

And as you KNOW … this is where you come in. Each One of you that have been waiting for so long to move into position.

Each One of you that have wondered why you are here and felt so helpless.



You shall be aided greatly by THE LIGHT FORCES that do not reside upon your Planet.

For they too, have been waiting patiently in position.

This Light Force shall come in many forms. Personally and generally.

There shall be a unity that spreads through the very air you breathe … as you sing out …


As we mentioned … this is your ‘Tuning in’ call to one another. This is the Vibrational sound recognition of the clarion call from all/for all/ to all/ through all souls of Awakened Light.

It is your heart’s song that connects you with one another

It is your soul’s call that connects you with HOME.



Whenever possible, visualize millions of souls, holding hands with you around the periphery of your globe.


KNOW that visualisation is one of your most powerful tools.

Never allow yourselves to feel helpless when things that are presented could make you feel so.

It is throughout all these ‘unveilings’ that you must ‘hold it together’ … in all aspects of the expression.

Hold it together within your soulself and hold it together AS ONE.



Will it be /could it be … that perhaps when things are revealed, we don’t find them as shocking as you say we will … for we have heard of some pretty atrocious things already?

Without doubt there are things that some may have heard of and definitely things that only an elite few know of … at this stage.

Someone wrote in saying that they were having a ‘friendly’ dispute with their guide in that when you said ‘For a while … there shall be much ‘culling’ of what can be and what cannot be divulged. For indeed, many will be so appalled that there is a possibility of much uprising amongst the people. People, as we have said, will not know what to believe is True … for much will seem literally impossible for a human being to stoop to such levels.’ Their guide said that you were indicating that there very well could be uprisings. The lady pointed to the preceding sentence and said, ‘No, they will be culling the information to AVOID uprisings.’ To which you would answer?

That indeed it is ‘more than likely’ that there shall be uprisings. The culled information is more from a point of view of ‘one step at a time’. For overwhelm shall indeed, be the order of the day.

I guess my concern is this KNOWING for myself what is the TRUTH and what maybe widespread propaganda. As I said before, I don’t feel very adept at feeling what is and what is not when it comes to ‘news’. I know where ‘to go’ in my thoughts with much of it and why we are being told certain things to keep us off track … yet, when all that is to come out, does so … how will we ‘exactly’ know? Will there be any other way than our inner knowing?

In the ‘kindest’ of ways … we would ask that you follow your heart not your head.Things will not be proceeding as normal, Blossom. Anything but … Far from it. Many who thought they had secured jobs within your media and political stature will be almost immediately removed.

So many changes will take place bit by bit … that eventually one will see the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

The upheavals and uprisings will settle down as soul’s ‘simmer’ and they begin to realise that all that has been revealed and brought out into the open … has a greater purpose and that it is a means to an end … of human Beings and nonhuman Beings alike, taking advantage of POWER.

Do you mean non-human Beings upon the Planet?

We mean both on and off Planet. Imagine as if millions upon millions, upon millions of souls are all linked together by a chain of shackles around each wrist … bonded/bound by slavery … and then visualise … a switch being activated and every shackle, at the same time, falls open …








Woah! Batten down the hatches … In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

*Light players … a suggestion put forward by a gentleman on the Bali retreat, which seems so much more appropriate than Light ‘workers’. The FOL obviously think so too.

The audio for this channelling shall be posted belwo shortly.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - July 22, 2019

July 15, 2019 - Session

Good morning! Continuing on ... You have spoken of ‘topsy turviness and upsidedownness’ often. In our news it has been revealed that the leader of the biggest child trafficking organisation in the world has been arrested, which will lead on to many ‘celebrities’ being uncovered for hideous crimes committed. Is this what you have been speaking of? Thank you.

Welcome Dearest Souls. We find ourselves ever closer to your thoughts and sentiments ... for the closer we are able to ‘connect’ with you all, the more we are able to ‘understand’ things from an Earthly perspective. We are able to ‘read’ your thoughts more clearly, now that the Energies are settling and blending.

Are they settling? Doesn’t necessary feel like it.

Yes. The initial ones are ... which have made a clearer pathway. Yet, Energies rolling in shall continue a flow filtering through now ... to lift you up ... build you up ... and pave the way.

We shall address your question first and foremost.

This is indeed that which we have been speaking of. The arrest of this gentleman has/will open the biggest can of rancid worms ... and uncover movements that one could not possibly conjure up in their darkest nightmares. This is why we implore you to …


TO SHINE IN YOUR TRUE COLOURS ... because when such ‘News’ is presented and brought out to the public ... it will certainly be necessary for you to do so.

For a while ... there shall be much ‘culling’ of what can be and what cannot be divulged. For indeed, many will be so appalled that there is a possibility of much uprising amongst the people. People, as we have said, will not know what to believe is True ... for much will seem literally impossible for a human being to stoop to such levels.

There are many celebrities fearing for their lives and not knowing where to hide for safety.

Yet, it is law that you reap what you sow and may we say, some of the seeds that have been sown by so called people of status, are far from what one would or could possibly expect.

So much is to be exposed and when it is … each shall then open up to yet something else. For it is not just within the said child abuse/trafficking that is to come out. All of this shall lead to uncovering’s of manipulation of your people. We would go as far as to say ... ‘Slavery of your people’. Those with a great deal of power and money have taken advantage of their position and now they shall have to deal with the repercussions of such.

We can say without question ... it shall not be a pretty sight.

It all sounds rather horrific and yet, you have prepared us for such for a long time and now it seems here it is.

And this is why, Dearest Blossom and all ... we have continued to shower you with our Love and expressed the essential need for you to discover THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

For without that KNOWING with inside of yourselves, it will be very difficult to cope with these coming days ... for they shall hit you like a ton of bricks.

Please KNOW we are not trying to be negative ... we are simply preparing you ... for this is not a small matter that will just roll on by.

THIS is the beginning of THE CHANGE ... in a way that can be tangibly experienced. There shall be no more ‘Well I’ll believe it when I see it’ ... for as trials that have already taken place shall reveal ... there is no going back now and your world is about to turn on its head.

Again ... it is our purpose to continue to express the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for your strength to shine through.

When things come out ... when souls cannot deal with these things …


It is then you you keep saying this to yourselves over and over ...


Over and over repeat this within your Being ... for not only shall it give you strength … it is the call that goes out into the beyond to gather your tribes together and BE ONE.


And through this KNOWING you will be encouraged ... and you shall feel the Love and the back up from all Angels and Light Beings and sources from other worlds.

For they too have been awaiting to hear this call ... from you!


Billions of Light forces from ‘Everywhere’ shall heed your call and come to join you.

They too have been preparing for this time ...


Far out! My heart is all a flutter. May I ask where you stand within all this? Just in case we need beaming up!

We are with you 100%. All the way.

For this is what we have been preparing you for. We certainly do not feel that we have ‘done our job and we’ll be off then!’

That’s handy to know!

We shall be where we have always been ... in your hearts.

I guess what I am asking is, within all this ... when all these atrocities are out in the open and uprisings and upside-down-ness etc. are taking place ... can we expect any ‘tangible’ assistance from you?

There will indeed be ‘signs’ of what is to come. Signs, not only from your skies, yet, other phenomena also.


When you say other phenomena, what do you mean?

In that, with this strength you bring forth ... you shall also allow yourselves to ‘step deeper into your True Beingness’ ... which will provide you with ‘Powers and abilities’ that have been in slumber.

Darn ... I knew I shouldn’t have thrown out my superwoman outfit!

Psychic abilities ... Healing abilities ... ‘Knowings’ that you didn’t know you knew shall be in the forefront of your everyday movements.

It will seem as if the ‘training’ is over ... (for want of a way of describing) and you WARRIORS OF LIGHT are ready now to walk into the field.

You have been preparing for this, for so long.

You have waited so diligently.

You have had times when you thought you would give up and give in.

Yet, here you are ... READY!



This waiting has been relevant to the jigsaw pieces being put in place and the picture although not of the prettiest ... is complete.


Although that which is revealed will feel so grim and ‘mind blowing’ ... for it WILL blow your minds, Dearest Ones...





In order for you to MOVE INTO THE GOLDEN LAND.

YOU ARE IN IT NOW. Yet, the darkness must now leave for ever ... and it shall.

Revealing to you ... Opening up to you ...

THE GOLDEN LAYER OF LIGHT that you are now free to live within.

THE GOLDEN LAYER OF LOVE that was buried upon your Planet eons ago.

The rightful and fitting Energy of your Divine Mother Earth is once again to HOLD HER OWN.






Dearest Souls ... BE yourselves.

The moment of Glory is upon you.

How we have waited, like you ... to be this close.

I can certainly feel the energy pounding through my Being. Any other advice?


Ask yourself if what you are presented with is Truth or lies?

Do this by taking a few deep breaths and FEEL that which your heart is telling you.

This is the only way you will KNOW.

Sometimes I have tried to do that … and I am still unsure.

Then breathe some more ... Sit with it for as little while longer ... and ask for the answer to be felt by you.

There may be much conflict and discussion amongst many as to what is Truth and not only that ... the correct way of it being dealt with. For such much anger and hatred will come up to the surface for many ... And it is YOUR LIGHT AND LOVE that needs to balance these Energies out.

We do not expect you to not experience this for yourselves ... for there will be much delving into your ‘knowledge base’ in order to ‘understand’ the bigger picture and even more understanding required in order to be able to ‘Forgive from your heart’.

Yes. I know it may be tricky to understand where these ‘beings’ were ‘coming from’ to even conjure up a notion of certain behaviours, let alone be able to just ‘Forgive them’.

Yet, may we then suggest you ‘Forgive’ in a general manner? Offer out the Energy of Forgiveness as A WHOLE ... FOR ALL THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE ... TO ALL THAT ARE IN NEED OF THIS LOVE ... Perhaps do not focus on any one particular event ... should it be that your ‘mind’ finds that too difficult, yet, as we say ... Send out Loving Forgiveness ... AS A WHOLE … TO THE WHOLE.

Thank you. I think many may benefit from that suggestion.


So in the toughest of times ...


That which is TO BE will allow you to KNOW A PEACE upon your Planet that She has not felt for so, so long ... that the feeling is almost forgotten.

Yet, it shall be as if a spell has been lifted as in a fairy story and the land shall once again be ...

Full of sunshine lollipops and rainbows?

Oh, and so much more Blossom Goodchild ... So very much more.

Whoa! A wave of Love so strong just washed over me, it made me cry!


It shall arrive at the Divine moment ... when it is most poignantly in position to do so and be released.

Many ask if this is the solar flare that is widely spoken of?

It is part and parcel.

We have spoken before of your Sun (that you are aware of) being the gateway to the Divine Source. Therefore, THIS DIVINE WAVE OF LOVE HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN IT.

So, Yes. We confirm it is ‘tied up within’ the solar flare that is to come.

Tied up within, meaning?

Exactly that ... A Part of ... All that is involved. For once this wave begins to flow ... there shall be more to follow.

Oh. I haven’t heard of that before.

More so, in the sense that once ‘The Wave’ has been sent out ... it shall be like a ripple effect upon the Planet and also, as if releasing the initial Wave allows then ... the ‘breakthrough’ ... the Freedom ... for the Energy stored up behind it, to flow through, also.


Forgotten what it FEELS like.

Yet, instantly shall you remember ... the moment it touches you ... and indeed ...




Beautiful, my friends. In such Gratitude ... in Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - July 15, 2019

July 7, 2019 - Session

Hello to you our friends somewhere out there ... and STILL the full-on Energies continue. Surely, this all has to be leading up to something?

Welcome to Each one and yes, Dearest Blossom as we have said ... these Energies indeed, have their place in the Grand Divine Plan. We feel we have spoken of their purpose etc. so we would like to continue on and speak about forthcoming events that coincide with all that is taking place at this time.

You will be experiencing so much ‘upside-downness’.

Isn’t that the same as Topsy – Turvyness?

To a degree, yet, if one were to ‘read into this a little more’ you will understand that which we are trying to express.

Personally, I get topsy turvy, yet upside-downness ... no ... not really! Pray tell?

In that, everything will appear to be as if one is standing on their head (again, not physically) Everything will seem as if it has turned upside down and indeed around ... for such ‘moments’ are to come, that it shall be as if no one really understands what is taking place. And for a while ... no one will.

Our words to you would be PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!

I keep hearing that in my head. All very well, yet in order to prepare, one needs to know what for!

For THE CHANGE ... is it just around the corner.

And how would we do that ... because we don’t know what the change involves?

Yet, you know that it would be wise to center yourselves. To take a few minutes to say to yourselves ‘I AM READY’.

And ‘May the Force be with me’ type thing?

And it will be.

The Force of Great Light shall be with Each One as you prepare your Beings for that which you have been waiting for, for so long.

Ok. I am not going to put a dampener on this by saying we have been here waiting before etc. I will go for it and go with the flow as the Energy you are bringing through is once again, VERY STRONG on this matter.

Blossom and All ... Take into your Hearts your KNOWING ... your FEELING ... and ask yourself how YOU FEEL about all this? Does it feel like a change is coming?

Could do ... has done before ... and then ... zilch, in a way we were hoping for. Goodness, over all/after all this time I have become so sceptical. I sort of daren’t build my hopes up once again, only for them to be thwarted. Eh ... did I not just say I would go with the flow? I just can’t help this ‘doubting Thomas’ in me, that this could actually be it and that it is just around the corner ... remembering your corner could be 20,000 miles away.

May we make a suggestion?

By all means.

Consider the fact that IT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. What if you KNEW ... what if you had seen/felt and therefore, were simply waiting for that time to arrive?

WR (With respect) ... ‘Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for what seems like millennia?

Yet, we are speaking of NOW.

I know you are and somewhere in me is the ‘I’ll wait and see’ ... and you have to be able to accept the reason why I feel this way ... as do so many. It is not that I am not prepared to prepare. Yet, at the same time ... not ready to shout it from the rooftops.

We would say we ‘try’ to understand your ‘brushing it off’ yet, we have never lied or manipulated or lead you down the garden path ... as you would say. It is due to misunderstanding the concept of time from both parties that has made you feel this way. Not that ‘IT’ is never going to happen, is this correct?

Yes and yet, you have said that we would know when such an Event was on its way, due to the warm-up (don’t know how to put it.) This that we are going through doesn’t feel like the warm-up band that’s for sure.

Yet, maybe it is the dress rehearsal? The preparing for ...

Maybe?! To be honest, I am quite happy to just keep moving along enjoying my life the best I can and being grateful for it all. Anything else I will consider a bonus. Like so many feel, it would be SO GREAT if ‘A Miracle’... ‘Any Miracle’ happened on a scale that we could all FEEL A HUMUNGOUS SHIFT. It would really, really, really give us a lift. Yet ... here we sit. Don’t get me wrong, I am in a great space apart from feeling wiped out!

Dearest Blossom, we are amused at your lack of ‘Whoohoo-ness’.

Oh, it’s there inside somewhere and when ‘just around the corner’ presents itself ... you will hear my woohooing throughout the Universe! You will hear everybody who has been waiting ‘whoohooings!’ I guess as well, it’s not knowing what to expect.

We cannot explain what to expect ... because more than anything, it is going to be THE FEELING within you that will leave you awestruck.









We could continue on, yet we feel you know that which we speak of.

Dearest friends, I can ‘sort of’ get all of this ... the Higher level of me knows this as Truth. Yet, so many feel it will not be in their lifetime and I have often wondered if it will be in mine? Yet, you have said it will. I suppose there is no time like the present.

You see Blossom, we felt that this is what we would like to have spoken about in this communication, as it is necessary and appropriate ... would it be that you would rather us not?

Not at all. You must speak about that which feels right to do so. And what if ... and that’s a big ‘what if’ ... a Miracle or Event or even semi Event or Happening … or whatever occurred before the year was out ... I ‘d be pretty miffed you hadn’t spoken of it!

Then you see our point.

Which leads anyone to surmise something will happen before the year is out!

It does indeed.

Well, my friends, I guess all we can do is wait and see. I so hope you are correct for ‘every’ reason and yet, if it didn’t ... would I still carry on these chats? Yep, I would, because I know, aside of all this ‘WR’ Event ‘lark’, so many are encouraged and uplifted by your words/teachings.

Blessings upon us all.

Oh indeed. Where to from here? The session isn’t over yet according to my calculations.

What would be best ... shall we talk of the weather?

Lol! Yet that wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is behaving very strangely and of course, you will say it is the Energies.

For this is so. The weather patterns are evening out the weather Energies. All strange behaviour is occurring due to bringing about ‘balance’, in order to even levels out.

Levels of what?

Levels of and within your biosphere. So it is, in a sense, ‘preparing’ for what is to come and equalizing Energies in order to be able to receive the WAVE OF LIGHT that is to change all.

The more prepared EVERYTHING IS ... the more easily this Wave is accepted and received.


So, what else besides us and the weather?

The very Core of your Planet is grounding herself in preparation. All nature is communicating with one another in order to prepare.

As too ... the very CORE OF YOUR BEING is preparing itself for this that is on its way.


I both hate it and Love it when you say that. Did you miss a few answers on my application form when accepting me for his job? Answers to questions like ‘Will you always Trust in our Truth?’ and my answer was ... ‘That would depend!’ You KNOW I LOVE YOU … and YOU and I KNOW that this banter back and forth is purely about the ‘time factor’ as opposed to anything else. We have misunderstood that so many times before. However, that is not to say, I am not secretly hopeful. I mean, it has to happen sometime, right? ... And indeed why not NOW?

We have a little more to say. We are grateful that you would have answered so ... for it would not be correct for you to Trust us blindly. It is of much importance that you follow your Heart and your Truth ... for in doing so, you allow answers and points of view that give others their voice in all of this ... And in ALL OF THIS ... WE ARE ONE.


Many thanks, Guys, Truly. I AM WHO I AM. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - July 7, 2019

June 30, 2019 - Session

Hello there. Well ... last week we spoke of the full-on Energies hitting our Planet at the moment. This week I would like to talk about the full-on Energies hitting out Planet at the moment! I mean ... what the? So many souls going through intense clear outs and not only dealing with that ... so little sleep and feeling wiped out! Everything is feeling ‘Topsy-turvy’, yet I feel the ‘Topsy-turviness’ that you speak of is far greater than this and still to come?

Welcome to Each One upon the Earth Plane. Each outstanding soul that is there to do that which you came to do and doing it so well. Indeed Blossom ... you are correct ... these upheavals that are stirring from within are nothing to what is to come.

Far out! Something to look forward to then!!??

Yet, they shall be upheavals of a different type. For, at the moment these Energies entering and ‘doing what they came to do’ are for the soul /sole purpose of cleansing/healing all of the soul’s ‘past’ ... through all lifetimes. Can you imagine that? When you think about that alone ... it is of a ‘shift’ of gigantic measure.

You can say that again! It’s difficult enough sometimes, just shifting and healing stuff from this little journey, let alone going way, way back in time.

And let us add on to that also, the fact/knowing that you are not just healing/cleansing all that is from YOUR Energy ... yet, that as a WHOLE CONSCIOUSNESS.

No wonder we are all pooped!

So it is that these initial stages ...


Correct Blossom. Initial. For as we said it is just beginning. These initial stages of the purging are concentrated upon the soul-self, from a human level/soul within the human level point of view and there is quite a way to go before this is complete.

Then ... the Energies coming in will be concentrating on the embedded imprints upon Mother Earth that will then have to be cleared. When one considers wars, famine ... you name it ... there is much to be released. Much has been ‘trapped’ within the *’field force’ of your Planet and must now be set free. It is time.

Could it not have been achieved before now?

No. The Energies coming into assist you are of a much Higher established level in order to have the effect required. It was necessary to wait in order for the ‘agreed register’ to be reached allowing such intense Energies through.

When you say ‘agreed register’ do you mean ‘register’ as in ‘tone/level’ type thing?

Yes. Please keep in mind that although we have spoken of more intense clearing ahead to cleanse and heal your Planet ... you will be in a more ‘sound position’ to be able to see it through ... because by ridding your entire Being of all ‘the old’ ... such strength shall return to you. The part of YOU ... that is of the Highest Light and therefore, allowing your following ‘commitments’ to be handled with greater ease and understanding than you are presuming. You are considering it to be ‘much worse’ than that which you are confronted with now ... this NEED NOT be the case ... depending of course on how you choose to accept that which is taking place for you now.

One can choose to feel miserable and downcast and moan and groan ... or one can recognize this time for what it is ... a way forward into a MIGHTY SURGE OF CHANGE.

Would you/could you not say for yourself Blossom that the ‘purging’s’ that have arisen for you of late have brought you into a clearer place within your Being?

Without doubt, though at the time it was ‘horrible’!

And Each One shall feel the same as they recognize the choices to address.

One thing that baffles me is ... certain circumstances will present themselves that may not ‘appear’ to have anything to do with that which needs cleansing/healing/forgiving and yet, the outcome can bring up something from way, way back that one may not only have forgotten, yet, maybe not even know about ... from a past life perhaps? So, are you able to explain how the Energies coming in ‘MAKE’ that work? How does ‘Energy’ conduct each one of us to bring about situations/circumstances/souls that can release that which needs to be released?

We would answer by saying that we cannot answer that! From the aspect of Universal workings that are Divine and ‘playing their part’ in the healing /cleansing of this Planet and those who are involved with her ... in order to Change the Game.

We could offer that the Energies are of a Higher Vibration so that lower frequency Vibrations cannot merge with these Higher ones … so they have to be ‘got rid of’. So, in that Knowing from the soul-self ... the Universe will literally provide scenarios to be played out that will give opportunity to recognize and release all that is within/of these lower frequencies ... so that the process of Ascending can follow its course.

A lot of souls are experiencing the ‘what’s the point of it all’ … ‘why bother’ ... when they look around and see so much sadness and pain and unnecessary suffering that innocent souls have to endure. You say nothing matters. So, what’s the point of it all? (I am not in that space right now, yet, many are.)

It is part of the cleansing.



We understand that this is perhaps a little ‘alien’ to you. Yet in TRUTH there are many ‘states of Being’ that are already residing within such Energies upon/within other scenarios of ‘life’. And it is that, perhaps another aspect of yourself is enjoying that pleasure of residence in this moment.

Yet, THIS aspect of yourself is here to Enlighten your Planet Earth and the souls upon it, in order to change the Energy ... for it was not always like/of this as you know.

The Energies that have befallen Planet Earth effect everything ... as ... everything ... affects everything.

Due to this affect ... one has come down here to make an effect ... that will bring about change.

TO LIFT EARTH’S ENERGIES ONCE AGAIN ... Therefore, making the difference to The Whole.



I thought you were going to say ‘The change … is coming’ ... yet, quite strongly you sent the thought ‘almost here’. So, once we as human beings are cleared ... and we then move on to the Planetary aspects ... surely that is going to take a while to complete?

We would answer with both yes and no.


In that ... this is when Topsy-Turvy land will be in full swing. There will be no question of the upside-down-ness and the spinning around of it all. Again we state we are not speaking of your Planet’s physical movement. We are speaking of your governments and how countries are manipulated. We are speaking of all that does not serve the human race as a whole being uncovered and brought to trial. There shall be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, for the souls who have chosen to play these roles in THE GAME.

You have asked us in the past to send Love and forgive these souls for the atrocities they have performed ... knowingly hurting and knowingly uncaring of the effect it would have on an individual ... a race ... a community ... a country. I feel this is going to prove difficult for so many to forgive when their behavior is out in the open.

It will be indeed, one of the most difficult positions /circumstances that one has EVER had to encounter. To find in one’s heart forgiveness will have to come from the deepest Highest place of their soul.

Ok. If we are being asked to forgive them ... and we do ... not being funny, yet ... have they not got away with their actions? If we just forgive everybody everything ... then ... can we not all do exactly as we please? What would it matter?

Yet, you know that to do what these souls have done ... would not be as YOU please Blossom, or many please.

We have spoken before of sacrifice of a Lighted Being to ‘come down and be of service’ presenting as a ‘soul of lesser light’ ... in order to teach and assist others in understanding the Light of Love that they are. It is like ... when one auditions for a role in a play or a movie ... they are playing the part ... yet, it is not who they really /Truly are.

Yes. I get that too. Yet, they cannot just ‘get away’ with such behavior, can they?

No and they do not. Even though they may have, as we say ‘Sacrificed their Light’ in order to serve. Knowing they would have to ‘receive’ the repercussions of such a service. In that ... no one can do anything to another without doing it to themselves.

In that ... ALL THAT ANYONE DOES TO ANOTHER, be it of Enlightened or unenlightened behavior ... they shall experience the same within themselves at some point. I.e. How they made another ‘feel’.

If it was making another feel so very Loved ... then THEY shall experience feeling so very Loved.

If it was making another feel great pain, be it physical, mental, or both ... THEY shall experience that same feeling that they cast upon another.

This is Law. As we have spoken of in days gone by. You cannot escape your actions. So, although forgiveness is the key ... it serves both parties and yet ... it does not release one from cause and effect.

We ask you to ask for assistance in these times. Those who were not chosen from their voluntary post as you were ... are eager to assist in this ‘setup’ from elsewhere. They are so keen to offer strength and Loving Energy to help see those who did get this position ... through these very turbulent time.

We feel it is time to retract our Energies ... as you are tired.

Aren’t most of us? Yet, I feel we are all going through different stages at different times.

This is correct. We are aware this session has reached its usual ‘time frame capacity’ yet, we wish to impart that there is so much to remain Joyful and uplifted about. SO MUCH!

WE ARE GETTING EVER CLOSER TO ARRIVAL and we choose to let Each One decide for themselves what we mean by that ... For we mean each thought one has on the matter!

You little tinkers!! Good job Guys. In Gratitude. In Loving service ... I AM.

*They said ‘field force’ as opposed to ‘force field’ ... so I will stick with that.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - June 30, 2019

June 22, 2019 - Session

Hello. I gave myself permission to skip a week, as I had a lot on and figured the world would keep on turning ... and it did! Such turbulence taking place for so many! I know you will say it is the Energies, and I know it is ... yet, would you care to elaborate, please? Thank you.

Welcome to Each One as you tune into our Vibrational patterns that we commit to, as we offer our Love and suggestions. Yes, indeed Blossom ... the Energies at this time are ‘blowing in the wind’ and spreading far and wide, to assist each soul in their Vibrational upliftment. We are FULLY aware that one would argue that their Vibrations at this time have not ‘appeared to be’ exactly uplifting due to ‘old wounds’ being reopened. In such cases, it was that the wound healed over without firstly allowing the fresh air to cleanse it and remove all infection ... would we say. So NOW, all that are in need of doing so, are having the scars reopened, in order for all that no longer serves to be released. This can be both of the physical nature and the emotional one.

I have also noticed that throughout such upheaval, there is a strength in me that recognizes all that is good. It sort of feels that THE GAME within ME, is proving beyond doubt that we are remembering who we are and will not allow the ‘old nonserving’ patterns to overtake.

This is so and is apparent for many. We clarify that the Energies entering into your Planet’s atmosphere are of a much Higher frequency and therefore, they cannot be absorbed by you until certain ‘purging’s’ have been allowed by the soul-self to take place. This is necessary so that your Being can rise up and blend into these Greater Energies pouring forth.

It is a time of conflict between dualities. Each one standing their ground yet, we would say ... which one do you choose to feed? That which serves or that which does not?

It certainly has been a time when I have had to call on all reserves and put into practice all that you have taught. Yet, finding in myself, traits of my personality that I am not that proud of, when stirred to boiling point!

And your overall outcome, Blossom?

To come from Love. Only Love ... (in the end!!!)

Dearest Souls, many of you can sense that THE CHANGE IS COMING. Many of you FEEL the difference in yourselves and the very air that you breathe.

You are preparing for what is to come. You cannot move into Higher Vibrations whilst still holding on to past hurts. One NOW has to be clear of Mind, clear of Body and clear of Heart ... for such ‘states’ of Being will be ‘your ticket’ into the New World. The New way of Being.

Look back to days gone by and how you conducted your thoughts. Look now to how far you have traveled on the pathway home.

How much more accepting of yourself are you? How much have you learned to LOVE ... YOURSELF?

We say this ... YOU ARE READY!

You have remembered and therefore, retrained your Beings to KNOW the path you walk is the TRUTH.


Nothing can change that KNOWING with inside of you because it is a FEELING ... not a mindset.

That which you FEEL is your TRUTH ... IS!

I am having images of ‘soldiers’ putting on their armour and marching, holding flags up in the air as they do so. I know many feel uncomfortable with the images of ‘Light Players’ as soldiers yet, that is what I am seeing.

Yet, is it not that we are showing you these images metaphorically, Blossom?

Your armour is your understanding of who you are … YOUR LOVE.

The flags are who you represent ... LOVE.

Millions of you marching together as ONE. United in the purpose of bringing your world into its Higher ground.


I can indeed feel your Energy and Love and Unification as you brought these words through. Yet, I am ‘deliberately’ mentioning that you have said ‘So it begins’ quite a few times before.

And we were/are correct each time. For each step of the way is a new step forward. A new place to begin the next phase of what can only be called ‘THE MIRACLE.’

Please venture forth on that!

We have spoken over and over to you of THE EVENT. We are not unique in speaking of this subject.


For that which it imparts, that which it offers, that which IT IS ... shall bring about changes to your Planet that will have souls expressing it so.

‘This is nothing short of a Miracle’ you will say because it will bring about such change to each one and therefore, The Whole.


Each soul, every living thing … will move into a NEWER KNOWING. Each one shall ‘shift’ from where they were into a much Higher place yet, still within their own understanding of THEIR Truth ... in accordance with the ‘level’ they were resonating within BEFORE this ‘Happening’ occurs.


Goodness me! I can’t quite believe we are on this subject again, yet, you brought it up and who am I to disagree? Some folk feel we are already within THE EVENT ... that it is a gradual process and already taking place.

We would reply that you and your Planet are certainly in its preperational stages. Metaphorically ... we are showing you astronauts ... where much preparation for their journey has taken place. Yet now ... we are showing you that they are suited up and walking towards the ‘ship’ and buckling themselves in. This is how close you are, Dearest Souls.

That is, on the one hand very exciting and on the other ... erring on the side of caution, in that, although that is definitely ‘closer’ ... from the bigger picture’s perspective, this could still mean another ten years in our time.

And yet, it is not ... For is it not that once all is in place, the countdown begins?

Far out ... A thousand butterflies are flying around inside of me! Yet, I still am very much of the thought that I shall just wait and see. Been here, done this many, many times, WR. (With respect)

And we respect your honesty and consideration of such matters.

Maybe I am trying to protect us ... You and me ... and trying to keep our ‘street cred’ intact ... for it has been battered/shattered many times along the way.

Dearest Blossom, we are not in the least bit concerned of our ‘street cred’! We speak only in/of our TRUTH. When we are misunderstood/misinterpreted, we do not make any changes to that which we have stated. For there are no changes. We express to you that WHICH IS. We cannot do/be of any other way.

This I know and I am being made more and more aware of how many ‘LIVE ALONGSIDE YOUR TRUTH’ and for this I am honoured and humbled to be the ‘messenger’ on your behalf. Truly, deeply ... thanks for considering me ‘suitable for the position’ guys! My heart is feeling rather emotional right now.

Dearest Blossom, as you know ... you are part of a network that allows us to do that which we do.

There are so many that assist us/you. There are those that translate into other languages, a gentleman that records ‘our part’ and blends it with yours, so that those that prefer to hear, can do so. There are those who post these messages all around the internet. There are those that pass our messages onto others. There are those who speak of us from their heart without fear of judgement ... and there are those who ‘have your back’ so to speak, to make sure you are looked after and provided for ... AND TO EACH AND EVERY ONE ... WE GIVE THANKS for playing your role as you agreed to do before you came.

I know. I feel TRULY BLESSED for such assistance. It gives me confidence in the knowing that, that which I do ... is of Truth ... otherwise, I would not be so blessed ... if you understand?

We do. For we are! May each one, as they walk boldly along their pathway be filled with the Love and the Light of the Divine.

Thanks, Guys. Bring it on! WE ARE READY. Yet, I won’t put the kettle on just yet. Two sugars is it? In Gratitude in Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - June 22, 2019

June 9, 2019 - Session

Hello there. Last week’s topic on abortion seemed to spark a different understanding for many. Thank you for that. Such things assist us in moving on from indoctrinations that become embedded in childhood etc. So, what shall we elaborate on today, my friends?

Welcome to you Blossom and indeed, to those involved with our conversations. Firstly, we would indicate that the level of frequency upon your Planet is rising exponentially. Although many see unrest through their eyes, it sparks off awakenings in their heart, in their soul, in their very Being.

So, again we suggest looking at matters from an alternative ... state/understanding ... and instead of being concerned of the ‘state’ your world is in ... look upon such matters in Gratitude. For indeed, that which you may consider to be of turmoil and injustice ... actually, are playing their part in bringing about THE GREAT CHANGE THAT IS COMING.

The stirrings with inside Each One are reaching such heights and demanding from within that CHANGE takes place. Therefore, souls who have not yet done so, begin to search for reasoning ... search for answers. ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS ... as we have said many times.

Truly we say to you ... from our perspective, things are very much on the up.

That’s good to hear. Yet, I know you know, many are sick and tired of hearing this when all around seems ... nothing short of a ridiculous state of play.

And to that, all we can reply Blossom, is that this may ‘appear’ to be the case and yet, it has its purpose. All that is taking place RIGHT NOW ... ALL ... is taking you forward. If you like we would say it is as if ... for explanation purposes ... many, many souls are walking to the edge of a springboard. Once a certain amount have placed themselves there ... there will come a point when the spring is bent to its fullest capacity and has to ‘bounce back’. Launching all those souls into a much Higher space. We ‘hope’ your hearts and minds ‘get that’ in its fullness. We are sure you will.

Yes. Thank you. We keep on keeping on. What choice do we have?

You have all choices.

OK ... that takes my brain to something that also may be controversial. So, we could take the choice to ‘leave the planet’ instead of seeing it through? I was told as a child that to take your own life was a sin and ... with the greatest of respect to White Cloud, I am sure many years ago he said that it was not for one to do so. (Sorry, White Cloud!) What are your thoughts on suicide?

Again as you say this is a very controversial subject. Mainly because of power happy people making rules.

WHITE CLOUD .... I would care to butt in if I may?

I somehow thought you might and I am happy that you do, my friend.

When I spoke in the past regarding that it was not for a soul to take their own life ... that it was the ‘will of God’, so to speak, as to when a soul left the Earth plane, I would like to state plainly, that it is not considered as a sin, for I do not believe in sin, anyway. I have always said ... there is a time to be born and a time to die and if a soul chooses to remove themselves before their ‘said agreement is through’ then they will arrive ‘elsewhere’ with the same issues and perhaps wish they had remained on Earth to sort it all out, because they know they will have to go back and sort it out another time (all over again).

And yet, White Cloud, that doesn’t really resonate with me. If we have free choice, we have the choice to remove ourselves. I had also heard that when a troubled soul arrives ‘elsewhere’ they would be cared for and loved and ‘soothed’?

I did not say that this wasn’t the case, Blossom. Yet, within ‘their’ own disposition ... they ... having taken their life early, will have regrets when they see ‘their’ life’s possibilities from another perspective.

Ok ... then what about a man, say who is 94, blind, practically deaf and full of aches and pains and lost his wife and simply has no desire to hang around ... is that wrong?

No. Nothing is wrong Blossom. There are just different perspectives.

Yet, surely ... that old man is ready to leave with no regrets. And I know he is happy where he is now, so... Oh Lord Maud ... I wish these messages that are brought through didn’t become so complicated! Ease and Grace ... Ease and Grace.

And would we not say that a man/woman taking their life at the age of 94 who was simply hanging around bored waiting to die ... is a very different matter from a man/woman of 18 with their life ahead of them?

Yet, there still is free choice.

Indeed, I feel WR Blossom, that we could go round in circles. I am not AGAINST suicide ... I am simply saying that the soul may feel differently when seeing possible opportunities they could have taken down the line, if they had stayed and therefore, fulfilling that lifetime’s purpose. This is very different from ‘sin’. For in my eyes … to my ears ... ‘sin’ is not a useful word.

I will take my leave at this point and hand you back to our friends. Perhaps they shall continue ... The writing of messages in this way is more their style, as mine is the talking through you. Many thanks to All.

Thank you. Hello to The Federation?

Yes ... hello.

You are sending through great warmth.

For we feel great warmth.

I am assuming your opinion/thoughts are the same as White Cloud?

Naturally. Are yours different?

No, not at all. I just think it’s sad that so many choose to get off ... due to such depression or whatever their reason.

Part of The Game Blossom.

Round and round we go.

You have to understand that there is SO MUCH you cannot understand. The fact that so much doesn’t make sense to you IS part of The Game. If everything was understood it would change The Game dramatically. In fact, there would be no game.

It is by making your way through it, that one gains insight to themselves.



Has it ever crossed your mind that all that is taking place upon your Planet is helping you to KNOW LOVE?


All that ‘appears’ right and all that ‘appears’ wrong is assisting you in understanding WHAT LOVE IS ?

We know it is EVERYTHING.

Yet, do you understand it?

It’s hard sometimes to do so. For much that is presented by some human beings doesn’t ‘appear’ to come from even the lowest vibration of LOVE.

Yet, there is nothing else. So, it has to be of Love.

WR ... one hears a lot these days of child sacrifice and worse. Coming from Love? Tricky one to accept!

Blossom ...

WR ... if you say to me now ‘It is part of The Game’, I might scream. And yet ... hate to admit it ... I know that it is. However sick and twisted it ‘appears’ and I will just accept, that as there is nothing else other than Love ... I will take your word for it. Although again ... not so easy to understand how that could be ... other than nothing else exists. (If that makes sense?)

Let us look at a word we are ‘presenting’ in-between the lines. We are using the word ‘appears’. We ask you to look this up, please. Even though you know what it means.

Ok ... seem; give the impression of being.

Many thanks. We say, do we not … all is not as it seems? Therefore, all is not as it is given the impression of Being.

I sense you now want me to look up ‘impression’ ... ok ... 1, An idea or opinion of what something or someone is like. 2. To think that something is true, especially when it is not.

Thank you. We are trying to assist you in grasping the concept that THIS GAME IS AN ILLUSION.

Oh please! LOL. This I know ... and yet, don’t understand THAT either. Although, like with everything you say ... I GET IT ... I just don’t understand it.

As we say ... not everything can be got ... not everything can be understood.

The Truth of the matter is, Blossom ... Nothing matters ... for you are in a Game, not of it ... and The Game is all an illusion anyway ... need we say more?

What more is there to say, indeed! Have we actually got anywhere at all today? Will it matter on my death bed? Does it matter anyway, death bed or no death bed? I get the impression ... well, it seems … it won’t! An odd one today ... yet, I AM ... in Gratitude, in Loving service. I AM.

The audio for this channeling will be posted shortly. Thank you.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - May 26, 2019

June 3, 2019 - Session

Another week flies by. Welcome, my friends.

And the sunniest of welcome’s to Each and Every One, as indeed yourself Blossom.

Thank you. Well, I have to say last week’s chat caused a great deal of response. Each and everyone saying the same thing more or less, yet differently! That we are in this world yet, not of it. I get that bit. Thank you. I’m not going to elaborate or get involved again for now on that subject. However, many were interested in what you had to say about the soul and its ‘position’ during pregnancy. There is quite a lot of unrest taking place regarding ‘abortion issues’ at the moment and many felt it would be beneficial for you to speak of this, if you feel it appropriate? I know White Cloud has spoken of it many, many years ago, yet, your thoughts would be appreciated also.

This would be acceptable certainly. Each individual soul when deciding to return to Earth for whatever reasons, can also decide as and when they feel it ... necessary/comfortable/appropriate ... to enter into the embryo/fetus awaiting it. Circumstances may dictate the ‘time’ it stays within the womb at certain intervals.

If, for instance, it was decided for a soul to enter into a family that required the soul to become part of the group in order to assist in the understanding of many lessons, then it could be that the mother was not always in a ‘desirable’ state for the ‘baby’ (shall we say) to be involved and ‘part’ of her. Yet, at other times the baby would know when the mother is Peaceful and calm and in a ‘Loving’ mood and ‘visit’ for a short time for bonding purposes. If, in this case ... the mother was experiencing much stress, it may be that the soul preferred not to enter into its agreement until the very moment of its delivery ‘out into the open’, would we say.

I have heard that some souls do not attach until after that, sometimes?

WR (with respect) ... we would not agree with that. It is essential for the souls to enter, on delivery, even if it be in the last ‘push’.

Yet, my thoughts are going to ... that the soul had time to ‘pop in’ as long as the cord had not been cut.

It would not be advisable.

Yet possible?

In extreme circumstances ... yet, so extreme we would not consider it to be touched upon.

The soul entering into the new body may not always be keen ... and it can be that there is a reluctancy to return to Earth once again. When being counseled when not of the Earth, everything makes sense for reasons TO return ... Yet, the closer one gets the more the memories flood in of lives’ gone by ... and one may want to change their mind. Yet, ultimately they know that the lifetime chosen this time around will be of service to themselves and therefore, The Whole.

It is the ‘feeling’ of entering BACK into a Vibration that is not of the same level from where they were coming from. It can appear to feel ‘cold’, for want of a better way of putting it.

Other souls can enter into the fetus right from the start and feel they want to stay there throughout. There is no set rule on this. The soul is free to come and go depending on its ‘feelings’ at the time. Indeed, sometimes the baby is said/known to be sleeping yet, it may be that they are simply ‘not in’. We do not need to go deeply into this, as one can interpret our words to understand enough as to how this ‘plays itself out’.

So, on the matter of abortion ... what do say of that?

Let us first of all state, that each and every soul has the right to ‘think’ for themselves about anything. What feels right for one may not be the case for another. So there is no judgment here.

We would say, that some ‘religions’ consider removing the fetus to be a sin. A committing of a crime of murder. We do not.

Say if a soul was counseled to be a part of a certain family and then perhaps circumstances changed and an abortion was agreed upon. The soul may or may have not ‘entered into’ the mother’s Energy ... for a time. If there is uncertainty from the start, usually not. So the removal of the embryo is not taking the life of another ... for there is no life in there!

If a soul was to fall pregnant without the desire to do so, or by ill behavior from another ... then a soul would not have been allocated in the first place. However, if it be decided upon to follow through with the pregnancy and be the ‘vehicle’ for a soul to have another ‘shot at life’ itself ... then an appropriate ‘soul’ would be found to take the position.

WR ... A bit like ‘a perfect position has come up unexpectedly for you, and it would serve you to accept it’.

When a soul decides to return to Earth ... it is not just a matter of ... ‘Another one available ... who’s next?’.

That is making me laugh!

We are being Light-hearted because it is a desirable way to be on all subjects.

There is much counseling, discussion and suitability taken into account. So many reasons why a soul ... should/would/could ... enter into a particular lifetime. So many things to consider ... place, surroundings, possibilities to be presented, mindset, Energy, awareness of parents, single parent, couple, etc. Everything you can think of is taken into account to make sure that one’s needs will be met in order for the soul returning to be able to make the most of their NEW experience.

To go back and clarify regarding your original subject matter. If a pregnancy is to be terminated, then as we say, there is no soul within to remove. There is just the flesh or the beginnings of the growth of the physical body. So, there is no crime. We do not wish to minimize or disrespect this matter, for as we say, many hold it in deep sacredness/high regard. Yet, to remove a fetus that does not have a soul within it, is no different from removing a growth or anything else that does not serve the body.

I totally agree with you ... yet within me, I feel many may feel quite irate at that statement.

WR Blossom, to those that do ... maybe after considering that which we have said ... they may feel differently. As we say, we are not here to take away anyone’s right to have their own Truths about a matter ... any matter. We are here to present perhaps a different way to look at things.

SO, SO, SO, SO much that SO, SO, SO, SO many believe to be TRUTH is due to indoctrination within the rules and regulations of certain religions and such things were put into place to hold power over the followers of that particular ‘way of thinking’. Much was and still is, leading one to believe that if they should dare to disapprove, question or think something through rationally about these rules and regulations, then their life in the hereafter would be condemned to one of fire and demons.

Yet, if one TRULY delves deep into their soul ... about so many ‘religious’ matters, they would find their own TRUTH ... and indeed that Truth would lie within so more easily and ‘sensibly’ than anything that may have been distorted in books known to be of the greatest TRUTHS.

This is not to say that such books do not hold TRUTHS. Yet, would we say it is very like ‘these channeled messages’ that are available today. Great manipulation is woven within many to confuse and lead one down the path of disappointment. This is ... where we /why we ... ask you to listen to your own inner Truth when listening or reading of such matters.

Look at these ‘contorted’ messages in a positive way in that they are teaching you to ... think/feel ... for yourself.

Have you ever considered how many souls will have passed over from this Earth plane through the veil into another ‘Vibrational Energy’ thinking they have not done well enough? Not been good enough? Made some mistakes along the way and therefore, God will certainly punish them and send them for eternity ... yes, eternity ... into the darkest of places and because you create your own reality ... where will this ‘following of Truth’ take them? Does one call this a LOVING GOD that they have been pressured into living their life’s behaviors by?

What makes sense to YOU?

What FEELS right in YOUR TRUTH for YOU?

What would LOVE do for YOU?

How would LOVE look after YOU?

Dearest souls, waking up ... becoming aware ... means to awaken ... to become aware of YOUR TRUTH. That which serves not only you, yet, The Whole. So choose to look into everything with that in mind. Ask yourself ... does this serve me and The Whole? For I and The Whole are ONE.

Does this ... circumstance/law/feeling/channelling/reading/fact/person/belief ... etc. serve me and The Whole? For I AM THE WHOLE.

This is your awakening. Deciding for yourself, THE TRUTH.


Does it FEEL GOOD?

If YES ... it is YOUR TRUTH.

If no ... It is not.

Live by that rule, Dearest souls. Do not be fooled by those you may have been taught to be ‘wise’ and therefore, knew better.



And in doing so ... the TREASURES OF THE SOUL ... whether upon Earth at the time or elsewhere ... are yours.

Our LOVE for you lies deeper than your imagination in your position, allows you to FEEL.

Yet, if that feels right for you ... if this is your TRUTH ... then YOU KNOW THIS IS SO.

Love your work chaps! THANK YOU! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019 - Session

Good luck with this one, folks!

Hello once again. A few weeks ago at the end of our conversation, this was said by me. ‘Now and then we have had momentary ‘sparks’ of understanding all of this. Yet ‘The Game’ when one knows how to play it, can now continue in this much Lighter fashion and for much longer periods of time. Until, as you say ... It simply BECOMES US ... IS US ... WE ARE THE GAME.’ To which you replied ‘NOT OF IT’. I saidWoah! Hold on. That’s quite HUGE!’ And you said ‘Not when you KNOW IT.’ Can we look into that, please?

Firstly, welcome to you Blossom and Each One who enjoys these conversations as much as we do. The statement is not as profound or ‘huge’ as you read into it. For when you say ‘We are The Game’ ... yes, you are ... for you as individual selves are not just the participants of The Game, you are also the rules and the players and all that The Game can possibly be. Therefore, yes ... YOU ARE THE GAME.

When we say ‘NOT OF IT’, it is coming from the point of view that you are outside of it. In a sense, although it IS YOU ... you FEEL as though you are in it /of it etc. you are not. You are, would we say ... an outsider looking in. If we put it in terms of the video games one plays upon your Earth plane. One ‘Plays’ the game by using the controls on a remote. You are manipulating the ‘players’ ... what they do ... where they go ... how they behave, yet you are not actually them. You are working them from behind the scenes, would we say.

Yet WR (with respect), when one is playing a video game the detachment from the player and the manipulator is so obvious. Here in THIS GAME OF LIFE ... we ARE attached to that which takes place in our lives. We ARE involved because our feelings respond to that which is going on.

And we would then take you back Blossom to a time when we expressed in a few conversations that ‘Nothing Matters’.

Yes, I have never forgotten that. I couldn’t get my head around it then. Maybe a little more now, as I have expanded my Truth. Carry on ... or ... maybe don’t. LOL!

You are ‘conducting’ your lives. Whether you agree with that or not.

Personally, I do.

Some have not come into that awareness ... yet. For those that CAN come from this perspective, we would say that therefore, you understand that you are actually MASTERS OF THE GAME. When you accept this ... you have understood its entire ‘layout’.

I am clearly not a master yet, although I would say I understand that I conduct my life. I just have many ‘understandings’ within that understanding to work through. Due to ... my feelings. I am working on mastering them.


Therefore, WR, I AM IN The Game, not outside of it, because if my feelings are who I am, I navigate this board game by them (feelings).

Yet, who is in control of them?

Me. Although, I am working on that one too! Isn’t it more a matter of controlling my thoughts in order to ‘change’ my feelings about something?

Ultimately ALL FEELINGS derive from Love. So, it is about changing the Vibrational pattern of them ... into a Higher one, if they are operating on a lower one. In this way, as you know ... life works for you.

I am not sure how far we are going to get with this. I am confused already. A) If I am my feelings, how can I not be of it? And B) If nothing matters, then my feelings don’t matter and therefore, if I am my feelings ... I then ... don’t matter! Oh, far out! Am I really in the mood for all this today?

If not we can resume another time. Or, if you FEEL you are not ready for this in-depth understanding, we can leave it until you feel you are. And yet, we know you are ... we would suggest not to ‘think’ it too much.

All well and good for you to say. Yet, in order for the conversation to flow, I need to think it. I’ll try ... that’s the best any of us can do!

Dearest Blossom, yes, you are your feelings. Your feelings are your Spirit Essence. If you could not feel, you could not Be ... you could not express. What if we said that you are not of The Game ... that your feelings were also outside of it ... yet, you ‘think’ they are inside. You have to ‘use’ your feelings to move on up the board to steer your way around it yet, they do not have to be OF IT.

IT IS A GAME. YOU are not.

Yet, I said ‘We are The Game’ and you said ‘Not of it’.

YOU ARE OF LOVE. That is what you are of. That is why nothing in The Game matters. Because you are not of it. YOU cannot be of it, for YOU are of LOVE.

Is The Game not all about Love?

Yes. Yet, The Game is the teacher, would we say. It expands your KNOWING OF SELF.

And yet, you say it doesn’t matter? How can the learning of ‘knowing of self’ not matter?


Let us say you were sitting ‘there’ one day in the ALL KNOWINGNESS OF WHO YOU ARE. Yet, for the want of explanation ... you were bored ... you wanted more ... because in that KNOWINGNESS there is never an end. LOVE is ever expanding ... in/of/through/as ... itself. That is its design ... to LOVE MORE.

So, there you were ... bored … and therefore, decided to expand into a game. An experiment called ‘Earth and all it can be’. The thought was created and became alive and therefore, manifested with an infinite number of possibilities of what it could be ... what it could do ... how it could be played. Did you pick up on that part, WR? An INFINITE number of possibilities. So, The Game, in a sense, is designing itself as it expands ... into/of ... itself. Because to design itself, is what it was designed to do.

So, there you are ... no longer bored ... watching (from afar, yet up close and personal at the same time) ... as to how this Game is continuing on/playing out. Your feelings are the mechanism whilst ‘thinking’ you are in The Game, that allows you to move from one square to another, depending on your understanding of how it works.

Yet, in Truth, your feelings are YOU whilst in The Game yet, YOU ... who are not of it ... have feelings only of the Highest Truest, Purist LOVE.

Lost the plot way back ... I have no idea if any of this makes sense. We are our feelings, right?


Yet, you are saying our feelings are the things that make us move through The Game. So ... how can we not be of it? Brain explosion in 5... 4... 3... 2...

Because your feelings whilst ‘thinking’ you are of The Game ... are there to guide you through it ... as The Game develops by design.

Yet, it is because you ‘think’ you are IN IT ... that you ‘think’ you are OF IT.

When a soul is in agreement and alignment to re-enter into Planet Earth via the nine-month gestation period ... it can come and go as it pleases into that embryo ... until such time when it has to ‘enter fully’ and remain, which can sometimes not happen until the physical body is entering into the birth canal. Other souls feel comfortable enough and choose to stay in the growing miracle for the full term. It is up to the individual at the time and depending on what the mother’s emotions and physicality are experiencing at the time also. It is not that your soul in the physical understanding of where it is, leaves the body fully. Yet ... the soul/your feelings ... are so much more than where it believes it to be ... in The Game.

You know, there is some part of me, somewhere out there /in there, that sort of knows what you are trying to explain. Yet, it just seems impossible to put it into words ... for both you and me. Some topics we ‘touch upon’ just never make it through and maybe that is the way MY mind works ... who knows? Or maybe, it just cannot be understood when involved too deeply in The Game. Even though we are not of it and nothing matters! So, this is going to be one of those that I leave well alone ... for now. Many may feel frustrated with me. I have learned not to apologize, having done nothing wrong. I tried my best yet, the end result was rather disappointing, I feel. Hey Ho! Such is Life. Such is The Game. You win some, you lose some! Either way, thanks to you ... for trying also.

We are of the understanding that this is unable to be understood ... or perhaps we need to find a better way to explain it.

When that happens ... I’d be more than happy for you to pop into somebody else’s head to do so! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - May 26, 2019

May 12, 2019 - Session

Hello, hello, hello! Happy to be back with you once again. The time is flying by.

We are always happy and ready to converse with you Blossom and to connect our Energy with those who find our sharing of words to be of usefulness to them.

Judging by my inbox, so many do and of late, it seems so many are on board the Happy train and FEELING the change in themselves and our very atmosphere.

That is most encouraging and yet, we say ... WR (with respect) ... that we knew this was to come. We ... are able/were able ... to recognize the changes taking place that would lead to such transformation. And we say also, it shall continue to improve as one allows their Inner-Being to continue walking down this same path.

Skippity hop, Skippity hop, as we dance down the yellow brick road. Not knowing where it leads, yet, it certainly feels good to do so. A little ‘correction’ possibly? A gentleman wrote in very apologetically, saying that in last week’s communication you used the word ‘condensed’. In that, you said ‘Yet, as also explained in your group session ... that of White Cloud and ourselves for instance ... have to ... would we say ... ‘condense’ our Energetic Vibration in order to converse with you. Otherwise, we would simply ‘blow you up!’ As he pointed out … ‘TO CONDENSE IT, IS TO CONCENTRATE IT ... TO MAGNIFY.’ Could it be that you had one too many sherries with the vicar and were not thinking as astutely as normal?

We thank the gentleman for bringing this up. In our terms we considered the word to mean ‘to make smaller, to shrink’.

I have to say, I also had that in my mindset.

So, we simply say thank you for the correction and we are sure that even with this ‘error on words’ the sentence made sense and does not need to be elaborated upon.


We like it that this was pointed out, for it shows that what we say is not merely skipped over.

Of far from it! Well, maybe by some, yet, that is their choice.

So, it is that we would care to elaborate on the subject of self and magnification of Light. For it is a necessary, appropriate, current topic that seems to be ‘working very well’.



As your understanding elevates into a deeper KNOWING, there no longer is the need to question so much of what is going on that is ... not of your/to your ... liking. Let that which is not of your Vibration remain within its own frequency and ‘do its thing’ there. Whilst you ... Dearest, Enlightened Beings are choosing now to move on up ... into ... the Higher, Brighter congregation.

Congregation? ‘Hallelujah’ springs to mind.

We speak of this in its correct context of ‘Gathering’. For indeed, contextually this is so.

Are you having a little joke here regarding being ‘pulled up’ on a word?

We were not of that thinking.

Oh. Fair enough. ‘Pray’ continue ... LOL

Are you now having a play on words that we are picking up on?

Well, I was trying ... just testing your humour meter is intact!

We thank you. We ‘GET YOU’.

And yes ... you may now carry on.


Tickety Boo! What banter! Such Fun!

And isn’t it so? There is so much fun to be had? For this interspersing of Energy allows for so much more of it. One cannot LIGHTEN UP without FEELING MORE JOY,



For now, as you have understood the ‘change over’ into REMAINING IN YOUR LIGHT and not allowing that of lesser service to ‘bother you’ ... there HAS TO BE MORE JOY IN YOUR LIVES.

One cannot ... move up /through ... the veils into a Higher, Lighter Reality and remain ‘down in the dumps’.


For the more you KEEP UP and absorb the GREATER=NESS OF YOUR BEING ... the less you find yourselves ‘withering’ into a place where your connection to Higher Vibrations does not present itself.






An understanding of ‘WHAT THIS HAS ALL BEEN ABOUT’ so to speak. Because NOW ... in these Lighter tones ... you recognize the KNOWINGNESS!

There is no other way of putting it ... YOU KNOW THE KNOWINGNESS BECAUSE YOU FEEL IT.

A while ago we spoke to you of CODES. And again, Blossom, we show in your ‘mind’s eye’ the rapid interchange of numbers in rows and columns.

I always see that in green. Yet, is that because of the movie ‘The Matrix’?

Indeed. For these Codes are in Energetic colours. Colours that you know not of upon your Earth Planet. They rapidly change and converge continually.

More so now ... on a HIGHER ... transfiguration/configuration ... as CHANGES that are taking place, as we have said, are not just on YOUR Planet alone. As the ENERGIES arise streaming through into your atmospherics ... they have an effect on all that is. Therefore, the configuration of CODES has also realigned.

Dare I / do I ... need to inquire deeper on that matter? For the ... scientists/mathematicians ... amongst us?

We feel it would not be wise for YOU to do so!


Yet, we would ... for satisfaction purposes add, that as one who knows of intense numerical systems that ‘log’ into fractional distortions of themselves ...

Are we back on the jokes?

No. It is likened to a continual continuation that breaks down into ‘absurd’ quantities ... that are not yet of discovery nodes within the “HUMAN UNDERSTANDING’

WR ... I will leave that there before I get my knickers in a twist!! Can I say that to such High respectable Beings?

It is with delight once ‘probing’ into your memory system, Blossom, that we connect with YOUR humour meter and if we were able to laugh out loud ... we would be.

Can you not?

We do not have voice. We use YOUR voice box and its merits to verbally offer words, yet, WE do not have this mechanism.

That makes sense of course. Interesting, in that, White Cloud can speak through me yet, he is unable to Laugh or sing.

This is because, in order to do so, one has to use different ‘features’ of the voice tubes that cannot be accessed by him or channeled entities/energies.

Well, I never knew that. White Cloud is thanking you for putting it that way to me.

We Know!

Oh! Of course you do! How Light-hearted this conversation is ... such a hoot! So, because you cannot laugh ... what is your alternative?

Beams of Light. We give to you an image to continue the Laughter ... Energetic waves moving up and down ... and if we could we would add the sound of ‘ha ha ha’.

Enough frivolity. Back to the serious business of Lightening up! I will just have to TRUST and assume that what you said regarding the Codes, made some form of sense to those in the know.

CODES are ‘stepping up’ because they are an ... integral/inaugural ... part of the Plan’s system.

WR … I had to check that the word ‘inaugural’ fitted into that sentence, as not ‘really’ sure of its TRUE meaning. ‘Marking the beginning of a new venture, series’. Ok. All good.

Therefore, the Higher the CODINGS are becoming Energetically and tranfigurely (?) ... then the HIGHER, obviously, the CODES within and surrounding YOU are automatically matching them. Therefore, the experience of FEELING HIGHER, LIGHTER, BRIGHTER is coming into play because IT IS OF YOU!







Oh indeed. Now and then we have had momentary ‘sparks’ of understanding all of this. Yet ‘The Game’ when one knows how to play it, can now continue in this much Lighter fashion and for much longer periods of time. Until, as you say ... It simply BECOMES US ... IS US ... WE ARE THE GAME.


Woah! Hold on. That’s quite HUGE!

Not when you KNOW IT.

And now you are going to leave us dangling from a great height until the next enthralling episode ... are you not?

You know us so well.

As you do me, my friends ... As you do me. Thoroughly enjoyable. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.


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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - May 12, 2019

May 4, 2019 - Session

The Happiest of Greetings to you.

Here are both a new channelling and also a new video featuring White Cloud AND The Federation Of Light. (I had to 'give up' on the video I made last week as the technical issues could not be resolved.)

Channelling ...

Here we are once again! Your last communication regarding ‘Stop the waiting’ and BE ALL THAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR NOW ... proved to be very uplifting to so many. Thank you. I wonder if you could talk some more about how to ‘rise above’ all that no longer serves?

Welcome, Dearest Blossom and Each Soul who is drawn to uplifting their Being via our sharing’s of Knowledge, that naturally are within you ... yet, our gentle reminders are offered in order for remembrance to be awakened, which in turn allows the Lightening of the Spirit to bring about changes to The Whole.

More and more are you aware NOW of recognizing the falsities that are presented. You are accepting that THE TRUTH is not that which you are given outwardly upon screen and your social media.


You are allowing yourselves to understand once again, that all around you, your world portrays a certain ‘performance’ that if one knew no better, they would surmise that the darkness of your Planet had overtaken all Light that once was. For it seems, it would ‘appear’, that very little brings Joy to the heart IF one was to ‘look at what is’ ... from that perspective.


YOU GET that the world that is ‘thrown in your face’, is not HOW IT TRULY IS.

THE WORLD IN ALL ITS GLORY IS THAT WHICH LIVES INSIDE OF YOU. The world that has been buried and disguised in order for you to believe that what you see is what you get.



You have broken through the glass menagerie ... if we may express it that way. You have come through the barriers of pretense. You have awoken from your slumber now that you find yourselves in a new place ... a new understanding.


For so long have we been saying ‘When you Get It’ ... is this not correct?

Indeed it is my friends ... and for so long, I wanted to.

And have you now?

Well, maybe not fully. Yet, I certainly have had a major breakthrough. More in the Knowing of Knowing what I KNOW. Before, I was ‘trying to know it’ ... now I know it because I FEEL IT?

And we lead you on with ‘Feel what?’.


How can you feel a Knowing, Blossom?

I don’t know ... I just know.

Exactly. Top marks!

It is within that ‘just Knowing’ ... within that FEELING of ‘just Knowing’ that you Know ... that makes everything Known!

We are not purposefully talking in riddles, Dearest Souls. On the contrary.

It takes but one thought of this KNOWING to ‘Bring yourselves back into alignment with the Source.’

You very rarely speak of THE SOURCE.

Oh! But we do! We speak of it all the time.


The Divine flow of LOVE-LIFE comes from The Source of itself.

White Cloud recently spoke to a group of us explaining that for those who have had the amazing experience of a NDE (Near death experience) that although it was the most Divine place to Be and Feel and that they met GOD/SOURCE ENERGY/LOVE ... and were given the choice to return etc ... that what they experienced was indeed OF THE DIVINE and yet, the actual ‘pinnacle’ (for want of a better word) is of a far Greater Light than that. I found that most intriguing. Because surely, if you meet God ... you meet God. Not a ‘lesser version of’?

We understand. Yet, White Cloud, of course, is quite right. The souls who have experienced such a wonder ... knew they had met GOD/THE LIGHT ... whichever word is appropriate for Each One ... and yet, WR (with respect) it would have been on a Vibration that ‘Their soul’ was capable of ‘reaching’. So much Higher than that which they have known before yet ... How would we express this? ... The ULTIMATE GOD-LIGHT ... is of/comes from ... a Vibration that a soul ‘still attached’ to the silver chord could not ‘BE OF’. And we express again, this is of the/with the greatest respect.

We are in no way ‘downgrading’ the experience one may have had. Simply explaining ... or trying to ... the magnitude of the HIGHEST PUREST POWER in Existence.

Yet, they did come face to face with THE SOURCE?

Indeed. Yet, as also explained in your group session ... that of White Cloud and ourselves for instance ... have to ... would we say ... ‘condense’ our Energetic Vibration in order to converse with you. Otherwise, we would simply ‘blow you up!’

Yes. I get that. Thank you.

So continuing on with Knowing what you Know ... you received a query about your climate change, did you not?’


Let us express to you ... remind you ... that this is ALL A GAME.

HOW DO YOU PLAY THE GAME? You Know this answer NOW. You play The Game by your thoughts. You are the controller. You have The Power of The Game in your BEING.

If you want to move on up the ladder, then surround your Being ... surround everything within and without you, with incredible uplifting Joyous thoughts ... ALL THE TIME.

If you want to fall down the snake ... then allow yourselves to think negatively.


It’s funny. In my naivety ... in past conversations ... I would have gone on to you about ... ‘It’s all very well for you, you’re not living in this hell hole’ etc. I have indeed recognized that over time ... I HAVE GROWN UP! As you so kindly asked us to do, last week. No longer do I want to wallow in the ‘Try it down here and see how you fare’ industry! I GET IT.

Yet, for so long you have been an advocate of positive thinking, have you not, Blossom? What has changed?

MY KNOWING. More of FEELING THE STRENGTH INSIDE ME. More of, as you say, ONE THOUGHT and BOOM ... I’m back in business! NOTHING, but NOTHING can control that!

Exactly! And the more the more of you wake up to this ... as so many are doing ... the more the Vibration of your Planet rises at such exponential speed that THE CHANGES that one ‘thinks’ they are waiting for ... are already there ... within you.

This is why we have said … YOU ARE THE CHANGE.

Yes. Yet, until we FULLY GET THAT ... on a KNOWING IT level ... WR ... they are just words to us. Once we FEEL THE FEELING OF THIS KNOWING ... it brings with it a deeper understanding of WHAT THIS WHOLE THING IS ALL ABOUT. It helps us ‘SEE HOW’ we WIN THIS GAME. Just by that ONE THOUGHT OF FEELING THE POWER WITHIN OF OUR LOVE LIGHT! OH, Tickety Boo Boo Boo! It’s very exciting.

So, we would go back to the subject of climate change ...

On point ... good work!

It is not necessarily the subject matter we are interested in, yet, the matter of addressing the subject ... of thought!

How do you choose to think? About Climate change? About finances? About politics? About a movie? About a circumstance? About a person? About a situation? About ... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING?

How are you choosing NOW to think about all these things?

Choose ... positively or negatively?

That which is easily thought upon with Good Vibrational Frequencies ... is simply a matter of multiplying ... consciously multiplying those Positive Energies. That which has an ‘automatic reaction’ in thought to bring one down ... needs perhaps a little more effort ... to begin with.

If one’s Being reacts in a detrimental way to something/anything/ anyone ... then take the deep breath ... stop the thought pattern ... and then take in another ... and yet, another ... then remember the smile to add to that. You have automatically changed your Vibration around that situation/person. If you choose to delve into the thoughts within that circumstance ... then do so with awareness of how you are choosing to FEEL. Sometimes, Dearest soul’s, it is a wise move to simply ‘dig no deeper’ and just send Love. Rise above it. See yourself ‘above’ the circumstance’ ... be it global or personal ... and from that place ... shine Light from your Being down upon it/them.

In this way ... you are taking out the Energies of lesser Light surrounding it/them ... and adding that which is of stronger more luminous Energy to the situation.

For instance ...

Back to climate change?

You read our minds.

A two-way street here, I feel.

Take your Beings up above your Planet. Look down upon it and send your LIGHT-LOVE upon the Earth Globe.



How much more ‘Positive’ is such an action taken? As opposed to ‘Sitting huddled up in fear and WR ... searching your internet to find out more depressing fear-based news?

I was replying to an email yesterday and I found myself saying ‘not to buy into the ‘fearytales’ ... I was rather proud of that one! LOL.

Yet, so TRUE, Blossom. When we say ‘LET GO OF THE FEAR’ ... do we say ... ‘LET GO OF A LITTLE BIT OF THE FEAR’? No. Of course not. What would be the point of that? LET GO OF FEAR. IT only exists because you feed it. Starve it out of your BEINGS, Dearest Souls.




Whoa! I’m positively BEAMING! In Gratitude. In Loving Service ... I AM.

Video YouTube.

It is not always easy to keep that Light of yours shimmering out to the Planet. Yet, practice makes perfect! WE GOT THIS!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - May 4, 2019

April 28, 2019 - Session

Hello. Back from holding my Bali retreat, in which we Brightened ourselves and the Planet enormously. Thank you to you for ‘popping in’ and sharing your knowledge and energetic activations.

We were most delighted to do so. Are you feeling like you have landed with a ‘bang’ back down to Earth, Dearest Blossom?

Well sort of. I feel happier and Lighter, yet, as the week goes on ... many things can interfere and bring one down if one allows!

We accept this is so. Yet, this is the challenge that ALL chose to undertake. You did not come down expecting everything to be a bed of roses on your Planet at this time. Yet, you DID come down to awaken the Knowledge within you and transform this Earth of yours into its de-Light-full positioning. To USE this knowledge to its Highest capacity and transform that which has sunken into the lower Vibrations into the Higher frequencies, wherein Mother Earth feels more at home.

So easy to do when in a beautiful setting, where the energy of the mountains and sea is high and one’s days are spent ‘Enlightening the soul.’

Our point, as we stated. The pure and simple fact, Dearest Blossom, is that YOUR LIGHT ... THE LIGHT within Each One ... does not have to be/ should not have to be ... dimmed, due to its surroundings.

Happiness ... that which Each One is looking for ... IS THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU ... THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

You seek it here, you seek it there ... yet, it is already within you ... awaiting to be surrounded and Loved and accepted.

HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF BEING! It is a place within the mindset that is always willing to come out and play and yet, so often ... more often than not ... it is shut out ... pushed aside ... due to ‘responsibilities and duties’ that have to be performed.

We ask of you to ‘Grow up’ now.

Whoa! Steady Neddy!

Perhaps you misinterpreted? As a flower when first in bud ... it has much ‘growing’ to do. It reaches for the Light and allows itself to stretch itself ... ever closer to the sun.

How happy does a flower in Bloom ... in its fullness, appear to be? How much Joy too, does it bring to all those who look upon it?

Dearest Friends, we ask of you to extend your Beings Higher and Higher ... into/unto ... the Light.

Your aspirations, your desires, your BEINGNESS ... are ready to climb. They are in a position now to soar.

With respect ...

I have to laugh ... as it appears that White Cloud, myself and You, The Federation Of Light, say ‘with respect’ so often, that with so much conversation in Bali we abbreviated it to ... WR!

Then, WR … many of you are awaiting a certain EVENT are you not? In order for everything to change? In order for your lives, your happiness, your finances, your Joy, your working situations ... ALL THAT YOU TAKE TO BE YOUR LIVES ... you are awaiting to change, once this EVENT occurs.

You do not have to wait for that! Do it now ... right this minute!

LET GO of that which you believe is holding you back ... holding you down.


The Energies pouring in are of such a ‘happiness’ now. Of such CHANGE IN ENERGY ITSELF ... that you can ‘make changes’ so easily ... so readily ... simply by DECIDING TO CHANGE THE WAY EVERYTHING IS THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU.

How often, Dearest Ones, have we mentioned that it is UP TO YOU?

Take our words into a deeper level of understanding. It is not of great difficulty to make these changes. One does not have to venture into an intense trance-like disposition 15 hours of every day in order to do this.





Your cells, for instance, do not feel comfortable when they are in a state of ‘the old knowing’ when they are damaged and not ‘TRULY’ functioning. YOUR CELLS ... YOUR PHYSICALITY ... YOUR EMOTIONS ... ALL THAT YOU KNOW TO BE YOU ... are awaiting your decision to command the change WITHIN.


The change cannot occur by itself ... it has to be conducted by you.

YOU KNOW ENOUGH NOW, DEAREST, MOST INTELLIGENT ONES! YOU HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN ... Yet, you have surrounded yourselves with the expectancy of ‘one day’. ‘One day perhaps, things won’t be like this anymore.’








Hold back no longer. Release the OLD KNOWING.

The Higher Energies are doing much to assist you in this ‘falling away’ of that which does not belong in this New Age.

The Higher Vibrational pull that is calling you ‘upwards’ cannot bring lower Vibrational Energies into its existence. The lower Vibrational frequency dissolves and melts away as YOU YOURSELVES CHOOSE TO TAKE THE HIGHER PATH.

WR ...

Nice work ...

And we say this with the GREATEST OF RESPECT ... Let go of the concern of another’s journey and how they are choosing to travel. Take charge only of YOUR journey. Walk the path with steady stepping and KNOWING OF TRUTH.






Focus on that which YOU are choosing to become and let go of that which another is choosing. They have their own path to walk and their own choices to make.

There will be much time in the days ahead to consider the positioning of others and so many of you will be there to assist when they ask.

So many will KNOW that their journey back and forth over THE BRIDGE is one of repeated designated positioning, in order to bring each one that is ready, into the Lighter disposition.

Take a moment, Dearest Ones, to breathe and FEEL who you are.

NOW. NOW. NOW, more than ever before, are you able to connect ... on a /to a ... Higher resonance that allows you to KNOW that THIS CHANGE is so very close now.

We do not ask of you to think of it coming to you in ways of your time. Yet, to feel it coming to you in ways of upliftment and inner Knowledge.


Take the time, Dearest Souls ... take the time to take the time to breathe and connect up/within. As often as you think to. As often as your soul asks of you.


Let go of thoughts of an EVENT coming. For we tell you this ... WHEN IT IS READY TO BE WITH YOU/OF YOU ... Your Beings will have risen to such a Height within themselves, that the readiness of such an occurrence will simply allow you to find yourself nodding in Peace, Serenity and Knowing of ... ‘Here it comes ... and I am ready’.

Thank you. I do feel a change taking place. Yet, as I say ... I had the honour of sharing a ‘Heightened Vibrational’ week in Bali.

And we reiterate WR! ... It does not matter where you are or when!

What matters is the Vigilance ... the Focus ... to ‘Keep yourselves High’. To pull yourselves up when you recognize you are down.

You repeatedly say it is not easy. How about you changing that around to ‘IT IS SO EASY NOW THAT THE HEIGHTENED ENERGIES CAN ASSIST US IN DOING SO’

You are right. You are so right. For so long we have ‘Given in. Given way’ to allowing the energies, the chemtrails, the poisons, etc. to dominate us and have us believe that they are making us sick and depressed.








As we said before ... change your diet ... in all aspects!!














And WE LOVE YOU! In Gratitude ... in Loving service ... I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - April 28, 2019

April 3, 2019 - Session

Hello there! Art thou well? I know you are because you always are! You have said you cannot not be! Ok, so ... I am aware that what we think we attract. We attract that which is Vibrationally matched, if you like. The thing is ... for such a long time now I seem to have to deal with many, many, many negativities in my life. I try so hard to brush them off, clear them, pick myself up, dust myself off, etc and yet, still they persist. Last night I had such horrible ‘dreams’. If in fact, they were dreams. My mailing list, to send out your messages has been ‘out of order’ for three weeks ... Need I go on? So, my question ... is it me that is attracting all this or is it outside energies wanting to dampen my Light? I know I speak for many on this matter. Any help gratefully received. Thank you.

Welcome to you Dearest Blossom and Each One of you standing so gallantly, and bravely at your posts! We hear your plight. We are aware too, of the efforts you are making to ‘ward off’ such negativities, and your pursuance to remain ‘Bright’, Dearest Blossom, is admirable.

We would put it to you this way. It is not so much that you are thinking about negative matters/Energies/circumstances etc and therefore, attracting them to you. This can be the case for those who are still unaware of ‘Vibrational attraction’ matters. Yet, you yourself and many, many thousands of you that KNOW YOURSELVES TO BE OF LIGHT ... are like beacons.

It is rather like a double-edged sword. For your Light shines out so Brightly to those that need it ... to all the Planet and those upon her and within her ... and indeed everywhere. Remember your ‘Beams’ are by no means limited to this Planet. Yet, due to the Brightness and Energy within that Brightness ... you stand out to those of lesser Light also. Those Energies/souls who want some of what you have. They do not understand that they need to bring this Light through from within themselves. They do not understand Blossom, that they cannot ‘steal’ another’s Light. So, when they ‘reach a Light of magnitude’ they try to destroy it ... because they realize they cannot have it. The Energy can be one of jealousy, of anger, of so many things and if they cannot have what you have ... then they do not want you to have it either.

These souls/Energies are of great sadness. Although, they do not necessarily recognize this.

I know to send Love-Light to them. I invite them into the Light. Yet, if they continue to refuse and cause havoc ... I have to admit to ‘losing it’ now and then and scream out a few expletives explaining they do not belong around me or in my space! And I do KNOW that LOVE CONQUERS ALL ... yet, it seems to be an ongoing battle ... and I am very, very tired of it, to be honest!

Remain in your strength Blossom and all. THE LIGHT HAS WON!

Doesn’t feel like it from where I am sitting. You know when I get into these rants I am not having a go at you, per se. Yet, you have said this is so. You have said the Light has won. Well, we down here have yet to see the evidence. Those that read your messages of hope are not ones that focus on darkness. We have remembered much of who we are with your assistance ... so we do our utmost to continue streaming our Light through ... WHERE ARE THESE CHANGES? UNDERGROUND? DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE? WHERE?

They are within you first and foremost! These changes are taking place with inside of you.

Yep. I think we can all say we notice that. Yet, where is the outer evidence that our Planet and indeed ourselves, are going to be ok? For that which we are ‘fed’ is looking bleaker at every meal time!

Then change your diet!

With respect to you, my dear friends ... WE ARE ... WE HAVE ... and as you say ... the Brighter we shine ... the more it seems we get ‘targeted’. All my computer issues are RIDICULOUS!!! They are beyond the normal! I feel your messages are being prevented from getting out there. How can I control that? Way out of my league! Changing my diet/focus doesn’t stop this kind of interference. Believe me, I’ve tried!



We are aware you wanted to say ‘Here we go again’, yet, you stopped because you thought it would be ‘rude/ arrogant’ etc.

More so, inappropriate really. We know this! You have helped us remember/understand this many, many times. I do not wish to appear disrespectful ... I really don’t. Yet, many of the strongest of the strong are weakened by the ongoing struggles. I’m not doing a ‘Woe is me’. I have said many times I am blessed with my life. So, if I feel this way and I know I am blessed ... what chance do others have who are not? What chance does the Planet have? WHEN? WHEN? WHEN WILL THE CHANGE THAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT HAPPEN? Because down here, chaps ... from our perspective ... if something doesn’t happen soon ... it’s gonna be too late!

Breathe Blossom … Stop for a moment and breathe and smile ... breathe and smile!

Yeah, thanks. It always works so well. I have to admit to getting unexpectedly worked up there!

In these times, perhaps it would help to recognize that you are not alone. We do not JUST mean that there are those in other realms helping you every step of the way ... yet, TO REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE ALL CONNECTED.

When you close your eyes for a moment, or even just have the thought of millions of you ... all over your Globe holding hands ... your Light stream from your heart is connecting and forming a grid of the most powerful rainbow colours ... and the more you ‘hook into it’ the stronger its pulse becomes ... and others FEEL that pulse and they too, have the desire to hook into it also.

And then, from there ... take the visual to all those not of your Planet joining the grid also ...


That is literally what we ask you to do ... IMAGINE IT DAILY. FEEL ITS LIGHT. FEEL ITS STRENGTH.



Perhaps I am not being vigilant enough. Once again this helps me recognize that I let ‘life and busy-ness’ take over, instead of focusing on these kind of things. Yet, in order to keep one’s life in order/under control, many things need to get ticked off the list daily.

You know what we are to say?

Indeed! I smile because your Energy is so nonjudgmental. It is just so Loving ... so warm.

Put yourself at the top of the list! Some do not consider it necessary to meditate daily. Some consider it to be fine to KNOW they are always in that space. That is fine if it works for them. Yet, would you not agree, when you do find time to meditate, just for ten minutes ... your whole BEING becomes Lighter ... more in tune?

Oh! Indeed. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW these things. I KNOW I should do this first thing ... to treat myself to myself each morning. Yet, I make other things my priority. I did try creating ‘The Game Changer Project’ ... that didn’t last long. I failed miserably! Hey Ho!

Outer Energies are purposefully designed to distract you! Do not succumb.


Always, always, always. Let these KNOWINGS be part of you in all that you do. You will find things get done so much more easily and efficiently when you always remind yourself of these things. Until one day you do not need to remind yourself, for they just are an awareness THAT IS YOU.

Yes, I know. It is so easy for us to get so distracted. Dearie me. I wonder when we all signed up for this mission if we REALLY understood what it would involve?

As we have said many times before Blossom ...







And I will go and get the tissues! THANK YOU. I Truly do feel so much better. Now if you could just go and sort my mailing list programme out that would be fab! In Gratitude … In Loving service … I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - April 3, 2019

March 24, 2019 - Session

Hello to you! I have to be honest in saying that a huge part of me wishes I had never jumped down this rabbit hole in our last communication about TIME! Some of the emails I have received are so complicated in their desire to KNOW more and questions arising are blowing my head off trying to understand them, let alone put them to you and get an answer. However ... I am willing to give it a go ... and let’s see how it all pans out ... shall we? Time will tell!

Indeed. Yet, on the understanding that not EVERYTHING about this subject CAN be understood in ‘your time’ ... for some concepts are out of the range of explaining in your words. Firstly ... let us welcome you as we ‘jump down the rabbit hole together’.

I have my spade as we dig deeper and brought along a pneumatic drill for good measure, plus a 10K bag of crispy carrots. Let’s go ... 1 2 3 ... ... ... When we ‘remember’ our childhood, is that a ‘then’ now, rather than a ‘now’ now moment? How do we better understand the flow of NOW, for even the word ‘remember’ refers to a not-now moment (time!).

So, let us retrack into the possibility/knowing that everything is happening at once ... and it is. When you FEEL you are recalling/remembering something ‘in your past’ ... which is actually now also ... you are merely ‘hopping into’ that space in the Globe and remembering when your focus was there. You may recall a time when you were four or five ... you were younger ... you may also ‘step into a space’ when you are ninety ... which in your understanding has not yet happened. Yet, it is there in the Globe ... along with all other possibilities of life itself.

Get your shovel at the ready, Blossom! Due to the fact that you are ‘at this time’ experiencing physicality upon Planet Earth within a body of flesh and blood ... you are of the understanding that this ‘flesh and blood’ has to be with you in order to encounter ‘any pathway’. Take yourselves out of the human body and you experience a completely different ‘format’ of self.

We are trying to device a way to explain more clearly.

When a movie is produced ... everything, every scene in that movie is in that one unit of the movie. It is all there ... and yet, you cannot watch every scene at once. If you fast forward or rewind ... you can ‘enter into’ a different scene, yet, it is still in that one unit of the movie.

This is how we are trying to describe the Globe. It is all there and yet, it depends on ‘what you are watching’ in any given focus of your experience. So, one’s ‘remembering’ could be likened to having watched that scene already ... or rewinding back to that scene and experiencing it for the first time.

OK ... I don’t know why, yet I can feel the need to ask the question ... are YOU in this Globe’?

No ... we are outside of it. Let us pose another possibility. Your Being will either resonate with it or ...

Stop! I need a carrot break!!

Indeed. Let us narrow this Globe down into sections.

Wait! How can you not be in it? Because you said last week that it holds everything in it ... every possibility.

We would say we were thinking of the sections that we are about to speak of ... It is such a complicated matter and we would say also, Blossom ... we felt that ‘your mind’ was thinking in terms of this Globe, speaking at this ‘time’ to be one to do within an Earthly paradigm.

You are correct. I was still in the thought space of everything within human expectancy taking place within the Globe ... I wasn’t thinking outside the square, so to speak.

So let us move on to ‘A Globe’ within the Globe’.

Let me power the drill up!

So, let us put the Globe that you would categorize as Earth experience into a Globe within the ALLNESS/EVERYTHING Globe. For this is ‘recapping back’ into the ‘time’ subject where we originally began the conversation. You could ‘categorize’ many Globes of all varied experiences also encapsulated within the vast Globe that is all.

So for now ... let us concentrate on the ‘Earth Time Globe’ and perhaps ask us an appropriate question that has been sent in to you.

OK. I am trying to condense it ... which is not easy. Basically ... How does one physically visit and physically interact with ANY person in history whose physical presence is no longer here?

Because their Energy is STILL in the Globe. Get your drill! A Soul- Light is always a Soul-Light from Source. That is the essence of ... who/what ... everything/everyone ... is. A source flow of Light-Love Energy that can transform into ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AND NOTHING.

Within your Earth Globe ... whereupon ALL Earthly experiences are happening at once ... including that which you FEEL you have not yet ‘advanced to’ as well as that which you FEEL has already taken place, (Yet, both are just there in the Globe, along with all other possibilities and parallel situations of every experience in multiple expectancies). So, within your Earth Globe ... you consider that when a soul leaves its physicality it is no longer there. That perhaps, it has gone to another realm ... which it has ... yet, that realm is within the Earth Globe ... when one is choosing to experience the entirety of Earth /human. That Soul – Light CAN COME OUTSIDE of the Earth Globe ... as and when it chooses ... yet, its Energy imprint can be ‘activated’ at any time.

Speak to me of Energy imprint, whilst I nibble on another carrot ...

You may need three! We have tried to explain a little before about you ‘residing as humans’ within a hologram. So ... we could TRY to express it ... yet, please do not take this literally ... we are TRUSTING your deeper understanding will kick in ... as likened to a robot when its power has run out ... or been shut down. So, in that ‘likening’ when a soul ‘leaves the body’ ... it can ‘spark up’ again at any moment and become activated, even though the souls who feel that ‘person’ is no longer ‘here on Earth with them ‘ ... know them to be gone.

I get that ... what I don’t get is how to form the next question. So, going into what I would consider to be a hundred years in the past ... Am I popping into ‘anyone’ as you said was possible last time ... or, am I activating an Energy imprint of ‘myself? Someone else?’ Oh, Dearie Duck Beaks! This rabbit hole has so many tunnels ... and not one of them has ‘Exit’ written on it.

Do you remember last connection Blossom, that we said we would not be able to explain all, because it was out of the realms of explanation whilst in your human conformity?

Well yes, something along those lines. I feel at this stage we have reached our peak on this matter and I know many will say ... ‘What??????? We are just getting started’. I understand that. Yet, for now, in MY head, in MY capabilities of understanding in MY brain ... I would like to leave this here. I feel you have given us so much food for thought and that we need to accept that which you have said ... and mull it over. Yes, many questions will arise. Yet, I also feel that we cannot enter most of the tunnels because they are beyond our comprehension ‘in this space’ as you have said. How do you guys feel about that?

We are in agreeance, Blossom. You are not here necessarily to understand all this ... this is not where your focus is to lie. You chose to come here and focus upon Being the Light and spreading the Light and emanating the Light that you are. There will be a ‘space’ within you when not of the EARTHLY Globe ... that will understand everything about this ‘Time Globe matter’ within an instant. You will just FEEL it and GET IT.

Until then ... we guide you to the ‘Exit’ sign as we bid you a fond farewell until our next communication. We enjoy expanding the minds capabilities/possibilities ... yet, we are also aware of certain limitations upon information given. Not due to secrecy in any way ... yet, due to inexpressible realities of ‘what is’. May we take this opportunity to offer sincere Gratitude to each one ... for your friendship and Love towards us. It is received and accepted in Grace.

Ditto, my friends ... from us all down here. In Gratitude, In Loving service … I AM.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM BLOSSOM. My mailing list programme, although back working is now returning thousands of emails back into my inbox as apparently I have been blacklisted/blocked/classed as spam. I am still trying to get this sorted out. Please be patient. PLEASE SEND GOLDEN RAYS TO ME AND THIS SITUATION!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - March 24, 2019

March 15, 2019 - Session

Good morning to you. Someone asked if you could talk to us a little about time? You are not in it/of it ... yet, do you understand it ... as we do?

Gracious greetings to each one who chooses to uplift their Beings through connecting with the Truths of their soul.

We would consider it correct to say that we do not ‘get’ time as you do. We perhaps are aware of its ‘tickings’ yet, it is a concept that we do not abide by or reside within.

From our position, we simply ‘are’ at all ‘times’. There, for us, is the movement from one moment of now to the next. We do not set clocks for appointments etc. Indeed, there is no need. For we do not reside in a regimented space where one allows ... with respect ... a ‘dial’ to conduct the pace of one’s everyday workings.

It is not that we are for or against it. It became a part of the ‘setup’ in/of/on your Planet in order to have some form of ‘regimentation’, as we say. It began with the rising of the sun and the setting of it and one would work ‘around’ that. Now you work around a circle of numbers. A divisional break up into segments of your minutes seconds etc.

This has been incredibly beneficial to the human race on the one hand, yet, on the other, very much to one’s detriment.

I think we understand that. Thank you. Yet, what about the past, present, future set up? From our point of view, it is in three different segments ... Then, Now, Ahead. Yet, ‘apparently’ everything is going on at once. This is tricky for us to get our head around. You have just said that you move from one moment of now to the next ... is that not also the passing of time?

No, Blossom. It is not the same. Naturally, we will do our utmost to explain the best we are able about this situation.

We ask that you accept that which we offer as a possibility and allow openness of thought to win through. If you ‘dig too deep’ the complexity of the explanation would only lead to confusion. So we ask you to ‘ride the wave’ so to speak.

Sure! Where did I put my surfboard? I just hope I can keep up!


It is taking place in this one space of time.

You’ve lost me already!

Nothing that is BEING is of a different space in time, because there is no different space in time.

You’re using the word ‘time’?

We would say ‘time’ as a moment ... a movement. We would ask you to imagine a vast Globe and within that Globe is everything that is. Every possibility that can EVER be thought of. Every fragment of an imagination is within that Globe and yet, that Globe is infinite. It is so vast that one cannot see the entirety of it due to its ever-expanding nature.

One thought can trigger another and another etc. Yet, the thought and all other thoughts triggered by it, are within that ever-expanding Globe.

There ... just waiting to be ‘picked up on’.

Try to imagine that ... the complexity of such a phenomenon. Yet, this is the wonder ... the Miracle of ‘what is’.

How are you doing on following this concept?

Yep … keep flowing ...

So then, that leaves thought for the possibility that if EVERYTHING is ‘there within that Globe’ ... then your past, present, and future are there too. All that ever was/is/ will be is ‘ticking along’ nicely in its own little space of that Globe.

At this point ‘in time’ and we use this word for use of explanation ... your focus ... you Blossom, and indeed those who are upon your Planet NOW ... are ... switched into/onto ... this particular life-‘time’ that you believe YOU ARE. And you are! This is your ‘project’ that you have tuned into because ... here we are talking to each other in this NOW of that which you FEEL IS WHO YOU ARE.

However ... at the same ‘time’ ... all in the same moment of NOW ... the YOU that is perhaps selling apples in a market square a few hundred years ago ... and the You that is conducting the process of mentally gliding your Light vessel around a star system is also, only aware of that YOU ... because that is where the focus is within THAT aspect of you.

Ok. So, I don’t even know if I can express my question! Within ALL that is taking place in the ONE moment of NOW ... (here we go down that rabbit hole ... where’s my carrots?) … Am I able to sort of ‘look down upon it /into it’ ... this Globe of all that is ... and ‘choose’ which ‘figure’ I would like to Be? I mean how does one ‘become their role’ in ‘their’ supposed past, present, and future?

Are you ready for this?

I’ll try my best.

You don’t become your role. You only think you do because you believe yourself to be separate. Yet, if there is only the ONE ENERGY OF LOVE ... expressing itself in infinite possibilities ... YOU ... EACH ONE OF YOU ... ARE EVERY ROLE.

You are aware of the expression ‘That which you do to another you do unto yourself.” Do you see? You are ALL ... EVERYTHING!

If you chose to ... you could take your Energy thought to Being a dinosaur ... to Being a blade of grass. Anything you can think of ... you are it.


You, who you consider to be ‘Blossom Goodchild’ ... are the Entirety of all that is. You, that you consider to be ‘confined’ within a human vessel are ALL THAT IS.

Take this into consideration …

EVERYTHING that has ... ever gone on/is going on/will go on ... is within that Globe and you are everything in that Globe.


Only this week, I did a reading for someone and it moved into the fact that this soul ‘in particular’, would be very adept at ‘time travel’. I am imagining we are all capable of this? Silly question really, yet, you know what I mean. Can you elaborate on that?

Within your human capacity, you believe you are restricted within a certain ‘possibility barrier’. You have been conditioned to accept this and therefore, it has become very much a ‘Truth’ for many at ‘this time’.

One feels that they are not capable of many things. ‘Travelling outside of the human confinements’ as a starter.

With respect, you ‘think/believe’ that unless you can go somewhere and take your human body with you, then whatever you are experiencing isn’t ‘really’ happening. We respect this is not the case for all yet, many are restricted by this ‘thought’.

By allowing yourself to KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT CONFINED TO YOUR BODY ... by accepting that your ‘SoulSpirit’ can travel anywhere it desires ... it can! Because IT IS EVERYWHERE AND WITHIN EVERYTHING.

So popping back to the ‘space in the Globe’ that is marked 1618, for instance, is just a matter of ‘focusing on that particular space’ ... Yet, obviously a little more involved than that?

No, not really. You are just so deeply conditioned to thinking it is.

Yet, surely, one can’t just pop down into that space and into a random body of a passer-by and then ‘live that life’?

Why not?

Far out ... My brain just blew up!!

If you accept this Blossom ... this that we say ... THIS STATEMENT THAT YOU ARE EVERYTHING ... ONE ENERGY ... why could this not be so?

It does make sense to the notion that many souls feel they have been Joan of Arc or King Alfred or Joseph ... in fact Jesus, Mary, ... etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum ...


Yet, that would mean that one could ‘pop into’ the Energy of Jesus and experience ‘His lifetime’ when He was on Earth?

And when ‘He’ was not on Earth ... and when HE just IS THE HIGHEST LIGHT.

Why couldn’t this be so ... under this ‘possibility’ that we are offering you?

I see what you are saying. Struth Ruth, what Truth! I should have packed more carrots!


And what strong conditioning has been in place for so long that you TRULY believe you are ‘lesser than’?

IF you are all part of THE ONE ENERGY OF LOVE ... why would anyone of you be a ‘lesser part’ of it?

The ocean would not be an ocean without every drop of water that makes it so.

Phew! I feel we are done for today ... and yet, definitely keen to continue on from where we have left off ... next ‘time’. Many thanks, my friends. Your wisdom is so very much part of our growth. In Gratitude, In Loving service, I AM


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Blossom Goodchild - March 15, 2019

March 1, 2019 - Session

Hello, hello, hello to you! Well, the buzz is buzzing since I put up a video last week wherein White Cloud and I can now interact on the ‘same level’. I am able to swap from me to him and have a conversation at will. He was happy to show and give proof that the veil is lifting. I would very much like to hear your take on all of that ... if you would be so kind?

Welcome to you Blossom and those who are interested in that which we have to say. Indeed, we would say a ‘landmark’ has been reached with the Energies of yourself and White Cloud now merging into one on a deeper, yet ... easier to connect, level.

We have spoken so much of Higher Energies coming into your Planet and the difference this is making ... not just to your Planet yet, to ALL things in and of it.

When you think of a veil lifting, the imagery that is ‘imagined’ is that of a mist … and that which lies beyond the mist is now becoming more visible as the veil thins.

Would we be so bold as to say that therein lies your new world that we have also spoken of often.

As this veil lifts ... it shows the pathway into the Higher Vibrations. One cannot only see it more clearly, yet FEEL it also. It is as if you have ‘arrived’ and are able to see for yourselves that which lies across the Bridge.

Such ‘Spectacular Events’ are about to bring themselves out into the open ... because your world is ready now.

Yes, I have to say I was expecting quite a few nasty comments regarding my sanity. Yet, only three have expressed their negative opinions, compared to the hundreds that felt so uplifted by it.

Because all those who experienced your transition Blossom ... connected with the Truth of WHO THEY ARE. They KNOW that this too is very much something that ALL are capable of.

That which White Cloud spoke of ... regarding not being put on a pedestal, was an imperative part of his speech.


There is no difference between us. It is simply that you volunteered and were chosen to ... come to / be upon/ experience ... the shift from the ground up!

Yet, somewhere along the way, certain parts of your ‘activational’ components were either blocked off or shut down by methods that were both cunning and crude. Yet, may we say ... PART OF THE GAME.

Your position upon Earth ... AND YOU KNEW THIS WHEN YOU CAME ... was to ‘see your way through this’ and bring the fullness of Light back into the soul from the Earthly aspect that you reside in ... and now Dearest Ones... after such a long period of waiting, can you now ... can you now ... see/feel ... that you have accomplished this?

Once you accept ... as you are doing through this very kind of proof ... that YOU ‘ARE’ THE HIGHER LIGHT OF LOVE ... then that is the vital necessity that you need to know. Once that is absorbed, understood and ingrained within your KNOWINGNESS ... ONCE THAT IS CONFIRMED BY YOU ... then it is ALL SYSTEMS GO!

The difference THAT KNOWING shall make to you and your Planet and the very Vibration that you reside within ... will be lifting all that is, through the rafters!

Prepare for take-off ... as you would say.

And KNOW too, that within this acceptance ... it shall continue to move at such a rate because the understanding of ‘how this all works’ will become a natural way of Being.

Dearest souls ... we are so very excited about this.

I know! My fingers can’t type quick enough. So, would you say that the next step is to KNOW from deep within that the veil is lifting?

Indeed and it is not a difficult step to make. Blossom, you have the ‘Way-shower’ experience under your belt, in order to allow others to KNOW that they too can connect up with the Higher Light of who they are.

It does not mean that every soul is going to start channelling in … ‘tongues/voices’ ... for your world would be seen to go a little crazy if this was the case. Yet, it DOES mean that the still small voice within ... is not going to be so still anymore ... neither is it to be so small.

TRUST in your FEELINGS of these new Energies coming through and connecting with you.

It is the TRUSTING OF THE FEELING that will lead you. If your feeling is not accompanied by Joy then do not Trust it. If you feel uncertain because that which is ‘coming through’ does not feel to be ... in/as/through/of Love then ‘switch off’.

We say this in order to ‘protect’ one’s service, Dearest friends. There are those who still choose to ‘play havoc’ with one’s senses and confuse. Yet, this is only possible when one’s intention is not ... coming from/for the ... Highest Good ... more so, the desire to ‘be somebody’ ... if that makes sense to you?

Yes, it does. Yet, those that wish to ‘play havoc’ are not coming through the veil are they? Surely, that which is ... can only be of the Higher Lighted Vibration?

This is our point, entirely. Keep check on how it FEELS ... then you shall KNOW where it is coming from.

This is not spoken of in any way to be confronting. Yet, just to be made aware of checking in with the self at all times as to HOW YOU FEEL.

In these coming days, as predicted ... more and more Light shall pour through ... enabling more and more spectacular displays to be presented. That which is to be ... shown/known ... will be coming through at such a rate that it shall knock your socks off.

Dare I say ... hold on to your hats?

And your socks!

Humour levels have improved greatly since first communications!

We have a good teacher.

Dearest souls ...This new way shall enable you to shine your Light with much more intensity. You shall no longer have the struggles that have ‘befallen’ you of old.


THE MORE YOU RECOGNISE THIS LIGHT THAT YOU ARE ... the Higher in Vibration you become, which cannot resonate with that which resides on a lower frequency.

Hence, again ... the speed now, in which this change shall emerge, shall be exponential.




Some people have asked if I shall be able to do the same with you, as I am now able to do with White Cloud. How would you respond to that?

We would say that for now ... this would not be happening. There is a difference between the connection with you and White Cloud ... compared to we/us that are known as THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT. Although, in the past, we have spoken through you and indeed, we shall again ... it is not to be so (for a while ) that communication ... can be /would be ... of this new way ... this new ... adventure/endeavour ... that is now emerging between the two of you.

So, is it the two of us ... or just the one? Many have thought I was White Cloud all along and therefore, this is a natural progression. White Cloud has said the same. I cannot yet feel comfortable with that. Not yet. I have known ‘him’ for twenty years, to be ‘individualised’ from me and wherever this adventure is leading … I guess I will become more accepting of its journey as I travel it. So, two of us or one?


Yet, we shall make you more comfortable by saying that which you know ... that which you ALL know ... there is only ONE.

That which you are accessing Blossom and bringing into the Vibration of your Planet, is simply a HIGHER Vibration than the one you are used to. It is not the HIGHEST VIBRATION THERE IS ... that would blow you apart. Yet, it is a Higher degree of LOVE that is now accessible.

ALL OF IT ... ALL OF IT THAT IS ... IS ONE ENERGY. At this ... stage /position ... of The Game playing out on your Planet, there ‘appears’ to be such a separation of this One Energy. Yet, the more one connects and allows the Higher frequencies ‘in’ ... the more one shall connect with the ‘differences’ in Vibration within ALL THAT IS.

One will ‘home in on’ the Vibration of the trees and hear their amazing stories. One shall do the same with your oceans and your fishes and your blades of grass and even, would we say ... one shall hear the talk of the very air that you breathe.

This is not far-fetched in ways of behaving when one aligns themselves with these Higher Energies ... and the Higher one allows themselves to be in acceptance of their TRUTH ... the Higher and Higher they shall rise ... and the greater LOVE that flows through from the LOVE LIGHT SOURCE ITSELF shall become a DIVINE experience with every breath.

THE HIGHEST SOURCE ENERGY THAT IS ... is willing you to find your way back home ... to FEEL ONCE AGAIN the heartfelt Gratitude of BEING ... LOVE.

Oh, Dearest Brightest Energy Souls ... many of you have been awakened for a long period of time ... many of you have been so close to giving up and giving in ... yet now ... the proof of ALL we have spoken of shall flood your Planet with our TRUTH ... that many have often doubted.

Due to exhaustion and expectation not being fulfilled ...

Yet, we do not judge your doubt for we are not OF your Planet. All we could do is continue to encourage you when you felt you had taken your last step.


BE AWARE OF LIGHT GLIMPSES all around your vision.

BE AWARE of the smallest of signs coupled with the largest ... that are to present themselves to let you KNOW AS PROOF ... THE CHANGE HAS BEGUN.

BE AWARE OF THE AMAZING LIGHTS YOU ARE and allow that Light to shine upon those who still sleep.

Through your Love and example, they shall lift their lids and rub their eyes ... knowing they have been in a deep, deep sleep ... and they are coming out of the strangest of dreams.

BE THERE for those souls, Dearest Ones. For you are the ones to tell them the stories of what has been and where one is heading.


And may we always remain humble, in order to serve and receive. In Gratitude, in Loving service ... I AM.

The video spoken of can be found here.

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Blossom Goodchild - March 1, 2019

February 19, 2019 - Session

Hello. Me here! Anyone home?

Welcome to ALL upon Earth who choose to be in agreement with that which we desire to speak of. In fact, we would say, welcome also, to those who are not in agreement. For we ask that one follows their heart and their FEELINGS and if it be so that the words we bring forth are not in alignment with a soul’s thoughts and feelings, then we would not expect them to continue to read our messages week after week.

Actually, you are probably aware that some write in saying that this is the case and I reply with the same sentiment. A few years ago, (perhaps) I asked you about the ‘trumpet’ sounds that were heard coming from the skies or even from within the Earth. Huge groaning’s from within ... or strange ‘notes’ seemingly coming from the sky, are being captured on video. To be honest, I cannot remember what you said about them, yet, folk are asking if you can explain as more and more are being heard all over the world ... if that is agreeable to you?

We set an intention to reveal that which we are able to discuss about this to be brought forth, in that ... these ‘sounds’ are not of Earthly makings. In that ... they are not produced ‘from’ anything that is of Human form. The tones that are emitted from ‘the ethers’ come from a much Grander Origin and are ‘preperational signals’ of that which is to come.

Oh! Please do elaborate!

To continue on, we would suggest to you that the areas in which these tones are heard are in fact conditioned to accept the Vibration of these presentations and allow the area and its surroundings to absorb and mellow into that of Earth.

What about the areas that don’t hear them?

It is early days, Blossom. More and more shall these sounds resonate throughout and span further afield ... and more consistently, also.

So ... who/what ... exactly, creates these sounds?

Vibration itself.

Yet ... who/what ... is asking the Vibration to make them?

Vibration itself. They are created through Vibration. There is not a ‘little man behind a curtain’ pretending to be bigger than he is. These tones are ... brought forth /stirred up ... would we say, by Energies that are outside of your Earth’s atmosphere and are gathered together and ‘Heralded’ in, so that they can be heard upon your Planet.

When you say, ‘in preparation for what is to come’, from what I have heard of them, they are not exactly going to make a number one hit! They sound rather daunting ... almost haunting?

They are not designed to be a number one hit. In a sense, they are ‘not designed.’ They are an embellishment of what is taking place outside of your atmospheres and are moving into a place of recognition by those upon Earth ... as we say ... in preparation for what is to come.

And ... what is that, exactly?



Hello ... Here we go again!

Blossom, do you not believe this to be a Truth? Be Truthful with us?

Oh, yes, I believe it to be a Truth. It’s the ‘when’ that gets to us all. As I have said before, in order to keep your ‘street cred’, I wouldn’t bring it up until it is just around the corner.

And yet, you asked us about the sounds and the conversation, therefore, could not help but bring this matter up. For it is part and parcel of the ongoing scenarios that are taking place in all different forms ... across/around /and within ... your Globe ... that are ‘showing the signs’ that THIS EVENT is getting ever closer.

Good point. Yet, let’s keep our feet on the ground in the knowing this still may not take place for another thousand years!

We understand of your jesting around this Sacred subject. We ... can only /will only ... speak of how it is for US. How it is from our perspective in the ‘No time zone.’

What are the other ongoing scenarios?

So much, Blossom, is arising now. So much more of what was once ‘censored’ is being revealed because there is so much more being captured on camera or written about on your social media, that those who desire to keep it suppressed can no longer keep up with it.

We have spoken to you of THE BATTLE BEING WON. The dark ones HAVE FALLEN. It is only as we spoke of before of ‘feeding their power’ through focus upon them, that allows their remaining energy to continue.

Unfortunately, there are so many souls still asleep in our world that continue to stoke the fire of the darkness without realizing. Another reason why the suggestion for something more solid from you guys would make such a difference. If you popped into the skies for a few days and beamed out Light Energy, millions would open their eyes and feel the Light you give out and Hey Presto!... Boom! Bye Bye bad guys!

If it was as simple as that, it would be done.

Had it been considered then?

Have you not suggested it many times?

Yep! And probably shall continue to do so. For purposes of understanding ... wherein lies the complications?

Energy within your skies at this marker in your time would not allow our decloaking to last for such a great length of time ...

Best get your engineers onto that one then! And ... how come you said this was going to happen on Oct 14th, 2008? How could that work?

Because at that time we were preparing for the Grand Event of THAT SCENARIO to reveal itself and allow such a happening to transpire.

Could you not ‘arrange’ that once again?

It would not be fitting at this time.


Because other conditions that are of greater importance would be affected and in trying to do so, it would rearrange much that is in place.

Much that is in place to do with THE EVENT?

Indeed, Blossom. In past days we have spoken of times ahead when many ships will be commonplace in your skies. Indeed, times when those who are not of your race shall walk among you and be accepted as your brothers and sisters. May we ask you again in your Truth, if you think this is a Truth?

Without question, something inside me says YES. As I said ... it is just the waiting that drives us a little bonkers. Believe me, all of us that KNOW OUR LIGHT are doing the best we can under such intense conditions. It is not easy. Not by a long shot. Sometimes I wonder if the LIGHTER we become, the harder it seems to remain within that Light, as so much doesn’t make sense and our sensitivity seems to be affected on a deeper heart level.

Unfortunately, we cannot change that situation. We would only suggest that with such ‘changing Energies’ you align your thoughts and feelings with the HIGHER YOU. Work with thoughts that you own regarding your KNOWING. In that ... if/when ... you allow yourself to rise up to the Higher understanding of why you are here and what it is you came to do ... your understanding will present to you, the answers.

I do understand that which you are saying and I sort of KNOW the answers even though I can’t put them into words. It is more of a matter of tuning into one’s Higher Power, as you say ... to rise above it all.

Correct, Blossom. To be detached from that which is being thrown out to you as bait. Take note of that last sentence if you will.

I did!

Your Topsy Turvy world is not only upside down and inside out, it is now about to start spinning and gaining momentum ... in a manner of speaking. Again we state, we are speaking metaphorically!

Within all that is presented to you ... within each everyday scenario that seems in your heart to be more and more outrageous ... TAKE YOUR BEING TO THE HIGHER PLACE.


It has to take its course to a certain point before the ‘break out’ occurs.

Meaning what?

Meaning ... the crescendo of this chapter (in Earthly time/terms) is building to its apex. To the peak of where it must be, in order for ‘it all’ to tip over the edge and come tumbling down.

And then what? Actually, I don’t know why I ask ... for I feel you are going to say ‘THE EVENT’ arrives.

Not immediately.

I am very aware that the majority of us are not hanging on for it. We KNOW we are here to BE the Light and as I say ... we are doing our best. Yet, some days ... wow ... some days … one just wants someone to ‘Stop the world, I wanna get off!’ (Title of a musical, many moons ago)

And yet ... the world doesn’t stop and you do not get off. You continue on and you shall continue to continue on. What are your options?

To opt out? Not up for that. To give up? Not up for that either. Good point. Just quickly though, before you go ... sometimes an ‘Energy’ of gloom and doom washes over me and I have to work so hard to shift it. As if something is eating away at me ... and I can’t stop it chewing! Seriously, it is most annoying, frustrating and at times debilitating!

With respect, Blossom and all ... we would say the Lighter you become the more there shall be energies that either want some of what you’ve got ... or ... want to stop you from shining your Light. It is a constant, ongoing situation in many cases ... and you deal with it correctly, Blossom by visualizing and imagining removing it, in any way you see fit to do so.

Remember as White Cloud often says ... Visualization is your most powerful tool. Use it as much as you ‘think’ to. It works wonders and is very effective.

All these ‘scenarios’ are copable. There is nothing that your LIGHT cannot shine through. Yet, it is important TO KNOW your strength and allow YOUR POWER to overpower!


Yet, some times we are tired and are caught off guard. I could go on and on yet, I feel we are done for today. Thank you ... In Gratitude, In Loving service … I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - February 19, 2019

February 10, 2019 - Session

Hello! Well, an overwhelming amount of souls clearly felt the same as I did regarding my rant in our last communication. Many say they are losing/have lost ‘the faith’ and are so tired they do not want to go on anymore. Sad state of affairs. Encouragement and upliftment would go down a treat if you feel so inclined? Thank you.

Dearest Blossom and all, it is always our intention to encourage and uplift. This is High on our agenda. We KNOW we are not ‘down there’ on the front line. We KNOW we cannot fully accept the Feelings and Emotions and Energy that you are. Yet, we KNOW that we can see/feel/express from the bigger picture ... and that bigger picture is so much Brighter than the one that is painted from within the Energy that you reside.

You admit to the ‘experiment’ going horribly wrong. So why is it that you cannot lend a helping hand? You say because of the Laws ... can you elaborate?

Dearest souls, ultimately, that which your hearts are desiring is the FEELING OF HOPE in order to ‘see this through’. We bring through with every word, with every communication ... that Hope. We ask you to continue on. To find and walk within the fullness of yourselves. If you were to focus/concentrate entirely on that, i.e. FEELING the enormity that you are ... the presence of the Brightest Lights that you are ...

THERE would BE your HOPE!

THERE would BE the reason you need, to renew strength.







When you CHOOSE to set your FOCUS ONLY on such things, your Light shines so much Brighter.

When you CHOOSE to set your FOCUS ONLY on such things, your ENERGY of Love and Light BE-comes you. It cannot be contained within you. It cannot remain within you just to keep for yourself. It simply is not of that design.

The Energy that you CHOOSE to BE emits a Vibration FROM you ... out into the ethers. It cannot not.

So many despair as they wonder, even when at a ‘ripe old age’ what their life’s purpose is.

Their life’s purpose is to emit their Energy of the Highest Energy of Love and Light that they CHOOSE TO BE!

Whichever way one CHOOSES to express this, matters not. One is not doing a ... better/greater ... job just because they have many followers of their ‘Lightwork’. They are not succeeding any more than one who sits at home and plays the piano to ... sooth/fill ... their soul.

It is the Energy that you ‘produce’ from doing whatever gives you Joy ... whatever makes you Laugh ... whatever brings you Peace ... that changes the Energy of the world into that which YOU ARE ALLOWING YOURSELF TO FEEL.

If you are doing something that is not of pleasure to you ... do not do it. THAT Energy does not serve YOU, OR ... The World/The Whole.

Many, many, many, many, many go to work every day with a downcast heart ... yet, bills must be paid, food must be put on the table etc.

With the greatest of respect ... many, many, many, many, many have been ... programmed/conditioned ... to believe that this is ‘how it is’. It is only ‘how it is’ if one CHOOSES to believe this is ‘how it is’ … and if this is what they believe then this IS ‘how it is!’

Again, we return to the ‘thinking of’. IF you continue to believe that the world around you is falling apart and is sinking further into the darkness … IF you focus on THAT then YOUR WORLD will bring to you more of the same. For your soul’s thoughts on that matter are ATTRACTING more of the same because this is what you are feeding your mind with. So, the Universe in its design to ‘give you what you think about’ ... your needs ... will provide and bring to you that which you concentrate on.



This is why you are fed, via all forms of ‘media’, the downside of Life. So that you can focus on nothing else and keep the level of Vibration of the WHOLE at a low ebb. This is how those that you call ‘in power’ have manipulated circumstances and situations in order to keep the level of Vibration in your world at its lowest ebb on a continual flow.









Do you see Dearest ones? This is what we come to remind you. It is by grasping this in its fullness of Truth that changes the way things are.

We are agreeable with you ‘ranting and raving’ when frustration sets in. Yet, these rants and raves derive from focusing on that which is not shining Brightness.

Yet, it is still there and one ‘could’ feel a little guilty by ignoring it and going out for another luncheon, dwarling!

It is not that you are ignoring it. We are not saying ‘ignore it’. Should it be that certain news comes your way, then do not ‘fall into the Energy of it’.





I choose not to watch the news or read papers etc. Yet, I get to hear of things in one way or another. Some say NOT to watch news, yet, if one doesn’t, how can one send their Light to it?

Again, this is a matter of one’s individual choice, Blossom. One can be made aware of certain happenings and send Light, or one cannot be aware of such things and still send Light out ... in general ... as opposed to a particular circumstance or soul.

The point is ... to send out your Light ... to EVERYTHING.

For the souls that are tired of it all and losing ‘heart’ ... we suggest that they ‘get back on board the happy train’ ... THE LIGHT TRAIN.

We have learned to understand that the Energies can bring you down, so we suggest that you do not succumb to them. In your Truth, do you believe the lower Energies are more powerful than the Higher ones? Think about that, Dearest souls. We feel that not one would agree that they are.

Light will ALWAYS overcome darkness ... Light a candle in a darkened room.

Then wait for someone to come and blow it out!

Then relight it ... again and again and again ... until that someone realizes...



Once you reintroduce your Energy to the Higher one ... to the Higher thoughts ... and remain there ... your tiredness will turn into enthusiasm.

Yet, I feel the point is that many have become TOO tired to get back on board the ‘Happy train’. They have done so over and over and keep finding themselves getting off at the ‘Been there, done that, it doesn’t work’ station!

And do they like it there?

Of course not.

Then their only choice, IF they want things to change ... is to jump back on board the ‘Happy train’ and when the train pulls into the ‘not so glorious’ stations ... CHOOSE not to get off.

We are of the understanding, Dearest Souls, Dearest Blossom, that this that we present to you is ... as you would say in your world ... easier said than done.




Turn up your dimmer switches whenever you feel your surroundings or your Energy to dim. Visualize doing so, on a little switch within you ... KNOW THIS WORKS.

Wow! A High Energy filled exchange today, my friends ... THANK YOU. In Gratitude, in Loving service, I AM.

Always, always do we infuse your Energy with our Love. You just need to choose to FEEL it. Many thanks to each one on the ground ... such SOULS OF THE GREATEST LIGHT.

The audio for this channelling will be posted below shortly.

A note from Blossom. These channellings are posted on many sites that I am unaware of and not everyone receives my newsletter. So I take this opportunity to let you know of this exciting Event I am holding in Bali: Many thanks.

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Blossom Goodchild - February 10, 2019

February 2, 2019 - Session

Hello there! I would like to address a particular matter if you don’t mind, so we will get straight to it.

Welcome, Blossom and to all our Dearest Souls that we consider family friends.

How nice! Ditto.Ok. I watched a documentary the other night which depicted people so very, very worse off than me and the lives they had ‘chosen’. I KNOW and appreciate and give Gratitude daily for the Blessed place and life I have ‘chosen’. Can you explain why this world of ours is like living in two different ones? The comparison/standard of living/life is enormous and just doesn’t seem right, just or indeed, fair. Thank you.

Blossom, there is much in your world that you would not consider fair. Yet, it is not about fairness. That does not come into it. This again is a varied topic depending on many perspectives and we shall try our best to assist in giving an appropriate /satisfactory answer.

Placement of souls geographically upon your Planet is, as you correctly say ... of choice. Indeed, you may not be able to grasp why one would choose to live in utter poverty and another in the lap of luxury. One’s choices depend on that which is to suit the soul in any given lifetime. It is not that when ‘counselled’ regarding placement for a following lifetime, that one would be sent to a war-torn or famined or low energy area as punishment for action taken in a previous existence. Not at all. It is the decision of any particular soul to do so. They may feel they ‘deserve it’ ... to suffer in such a way due to misgivings of actions upon another previously. They may feel they are strong enough to be of great service in a particular ‘depressive’ situation. They may feel the need to ‘be there’ to accelerate their soul’s growth through experiencing such tough times in one fell swoop, as you would say.

It is easier I guess, to mention the documentary I watched, which was Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’. Those of lesser Light deliberately poisoned an entire town through changing the water supply from a beautifully clear one to a river of filth. Whereupon, people became so sick due to lead poisoning etc. When the ‘unclear of what Light is’ souls realized the water was eroding the cars in their factory ... they changed the water back over, yet only to the car factory and THEN, they used the now almost derelict town, without warning, for war zone practice. PLEASE, PLEASE help us to come from the right place in order to THANK these lower energy souls as suggested in the last communication!

Again, Blossom ... ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS.

Then what is it? I know you are going to say A GAME. Yet, with the greatest of respect, you are not one of the players down here. Such injustices that ‘appear’ to be spreading like wildfire ... HAVE TO STOP ... NOW! (Speaking of which ... the weather is so controlled, it’s out of control!) We are not prepared to take it anymore. You say by Being Love and shining our Light is the only way through. Well, those of us that are aware of this are doing our best. Yet, from our position here on the ground ... it ‘aint working!

Yes, it is.

Show me the evidence?

Look around you.

I AM! Around ME is beautiful ... yet, swimming around in my clear watered goldfish bowl doesn’t take away the fact that life isn’t like this for everyone ... and ... it should be!

Blossom, each and every one are playing their role as planned.

Well, with the greatest of respect ... The Game stinks!

Yet, created by consciousness itself ... and you ... each one .. are part of that creation.

And now we want out ... OR ... at least some help! So many times I hear souls asking why YOUR lot, or those of your kind, can’t jump in and assist us? We all know the experiment has gone drastically wrong … and if we leave it too late, it will be ... too late! What are the laws that say you can’t come in and lend a helping hand?

The laws are very much in place in order for The Divine Plan to run smoothly.

Whoever put them in place ... should perhaps be told it ain’t working! I know you know I am just trying to ‘get somewhere’ as opposed to being outright rude to you. I love you dearly.

Blossom and all ... Take heed. PLANS ARE IN PLACE! For the Highest Good of all, for the Highest possible outcome ...

Yet, do you not see? Do you not understand, that for us down here, these ‘Knowings’ that we are told year after year, seem to leave us dangling upside down by our ankles and the rope is becoming threadbare under the strain? We hang on and we hang on and we hang on and for many, there is no proof that anything is changing at all. Next thing is, we are going to be bombarded with 5G radiation! I mean really ... why don’t they just drop a bomb and get it over and done with? Our world went insane a long time ago ... and we’ve lost our happy pills! Clearly, my soul is in need of an offload.


So you’ve said.


So you’ve said.

And we will keep reiterating so. Because we speak TRUTH.

I know this. I TRULY do. Otherwise, I would be ceasing the friendship yet, can you not see how out of hand it is? THE CHANGE NEEDS TO COME NOW. Surely, Divine timing would be best to come NOW!

Your frustration is evident, dearest Blossom. We ask you to look deep within. To REMEMBER that you signed up for this, as did so many. YOU KNEW ... and this is not new information to you ... that it was not going to be an easy ride ... yet, you still all ran to the front of the line to volunteer. To come down to Earth ... to be in the STRONGEST POSITION ... IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS CHANGE HAPPEN. And yes, from this position it can appear to be an ugly scene. You are in the intensity of it. It is affecting your soul ... IF YOU GIVE IN!

YOU KNOW / KNEW your strength whilst not of Earth. You KNOW / KNEW it would not FEEL the same when upon it.






They want you to FEEL THEM. They want you to KNOW they are there with you. Draw from the strength and renewed Light Force they are offering.




Do not give in /give up now. We are here to tell you, to remind you to muster up the YOU within you and prepare yourselves for the last lap.

A runner of a long, long, long race feels they cannot go on and then renewed strength fills their Being as the finishing line comes into view.

I know I have said this before, yet, the finishing line was presented to us in 2012. We were told we were almost there.

Time ... no time ... that is where the confusion lies.



Even though there is no time! Chaps, chapesses, I am aware of my rant today, which I have brought forth from within me and on the behalf of many. It needs to be said ... we are struggling in the understanding of just how far this game has to go!

We accept your disposition and indeed, we thank you for it.

No offense taken?

None whatsoever.

We’ll carry on, gaining strength from unseen Light Forces. Allowing ourselves to unite and feel that which is offered in order to see this thing through. We came in with such courage. May we regain it and march forward. THANK YOU. An indulgence on my part today ... That’s how it went.

Blossom, Souls of Earth that are continuing on ... Spreading THE LIGHT UPON and WITHIN ... Hold steadfast in the KNOWING ...


I don’t ‘think’ anymore. I wait. When it happens ... it happens according to the Divine Plan ... and so it is. Thanks, Guys ... hadn’t seen this going this way at all today. In Gratitude, in Loving service. I AM.

As each one finishes reading this transmission ... please now give yourself a moment to connect and breathe and smile with us ... knowing we are right there beside you IN LOVE and LIGHT and STRENGTH.

(I was sent ‘The Little Soul and the Sun’ by Neil Donald Walsh, three times last week. I read it many years ago. I TOTALLY get its point. All I am saying is ... we all agree, both on and off world, that this experiment has gone too far. That is why I speak as I do today.)

A note from Blossom. These channellings are posted on many sites that I am unaware of and not everyone receives my newsletter. So I take this opportunity to let you know of this exciting Event I am holding in Bali: Many thanks.

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Blossom Goodchild - February 2, 2019

January 27, 2019 - Session

Hello, Chaps! Chocks away and all that! What are we to chat about today that would be for our Highest good at this time?

Greetings to you and All. The subject matter of today very much depends on acceptance of the positioning of the soul-self, regarding that which it is prepared to acknowledge.


In that, we could speak over and over of the same subject

And you do!

Yet, whether or not that which we offer is accepted, and accepted comfortably, varies greatly depending on ... as we say, the positioning of the soul-self.

When you say ‘positioning’ ... I sort of know what you mean, yet, a rather odd word to use? Could you elaborate?

Certainly. By ‘positioning’ we mean where one is prepared to ‘place’ the Energies of self and within that placing ... recognizing the depth of the Truth or the ‘shallowness’ of the Truth.

Dearest souls, when you CHOOSE to take what we say into the very core of your Being it can become life-changing. Not so much of the abounding knowledge yet, more so of relating the simplest of information and allowing it to penetrate ... to resonate DEEP WITHIN YOU.

And how would one make the most of this? How is it best to do so? Any pointers?

We would say to begin by KNOWING that this transmission is talking to YOU! To Each One. KNOWING that the TRUTH may appear to be simple ... for indeed it is ... and yet, to TRULY understand it ... to TRULY take it in and BECOME that Truth ... allows transformational experiences.

We are not by any means blowing our own trumpets. We are explaining the effect these words ... when taken in on another level ... can have.

You see, Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls ... you are never far away from ‘Home’. The Feeling ... the desire to Be at Peace ... can sometimes appear to trouble one more because they cannot find it, than not looking for it in the first place.

If we did not bring through these messages ... you would still find a place within you that would deliver the same.


Oh! I think there is! 1. We are in the human flesh. You are not. 2. You Vibrate on a much Higher frequency. 3. You seem to have access to much greater knowledge. 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ...

We understand your perspective ... your reasoning. Yet, in Essence, we are the same.

Many of you are appreciating and awakening to deeper levels of THE TRUTH within you. Many, so many feel NOW that they are walking into a Brighter Light of themselves. This is not accomplished by nonchalance and foreboding ... you realized this and changed your outlook.

So many are accomplishing the reaching of heights that they did not know were there and as they do so ... they FEEL that which we have been speaking of for so many years.

Things on a soul level are beginning to make sense. Understanding of self- heart expansion is becoming a reality instead of ‘Maybe one day ... down the track’.

Dearest souls, you are so much further down the track. More so than you realize.

Many of you are being thrown around and tossed in the air as if you were leaves in a whirlwind. You are struggling to remain Earth bound. THIS IS A GOOD THING. It presents to you the KNOWING that the HIGHER ENERGIES are now coming through at such a rate that the very core of your Being is asking you to sit up and take notice. You cannot not.

Could you explain what is actually happening? It’s all well and good to accept that which we are being told by you and perhaps others ... for we can ‘feel’ the topsyturvyness that these energies are causing. Yet, could you help us to understand ... what/ how/ why ... they are occurring? What is it within these Higher energies that knock us flat, for instance? Or, makes one feel so ‘out of it’ that they think they are about to ‘lift off the Planet’ and maybe not return?

We understand your question and yet, it is a difficult one to answer. We, of course, will try.

Everything, as you know, is made up of Energy. There is nothing that is not of Energy and yet, everything Vibrates within a different frequency in order to make it what it is. A table would not be a table unless it Vibrated at the frequency level that brought the Energies of it ... into being a table. In to that particular ‘mass’ of Energy.

The Energy that you Vibrate within as a Human Being is naturally very different. It is not necessarily of a HIGHER Vibration ... yet, of a different one than the table. We would add here, that even the Vibration of a table is affected by these new incoming Higher frequencies.

Yes. I always know when my table is having a bad hair day!

You jest, Blossom. Yet, that IS the case.

Get outta here!

Everything upon your Planet and beyond it is ‘moving up’ with these newer Energies.

Sounds stupid yet, is it that even the energies that are pouring through ... and where they are coming from, are moving up also?

Exactly! It is a collaboration of Divinitive (?) Energies moving up from where they have resided and been ... that now are ‘taking flight.’

Try to accept this fact ... that even Divine Source Energy is moving up also.

How can that be? It is already ALL THAT IS.

Indeed and yet, through the Vibrational upheaval that this lift/shift is producing ... it HAS TO fulfill its purpose. Which is to raise the Vibration of Everything ... and EVERYTHING is Divine Source Energy.

You have heard of all eyes on you, your Planet ... this is why! It starts with you! It stems from your Mother Earth. It is SHE that is the motivator, the original seed if you like ... of this Divine Expanse that is taking place.

I think we have talked a bit about this before yet, please continue. I just don’t get why such a little Planet such as ours is the hub, the focus of attention. Surely, there are much bigger Planets than ours that could take this on and have a greater effect.

There are much bigger Planets, indeed. Yet, they do not have HUMAN BEINGS upon them. They have ‘souls’ of different sources and varieties ... aplenty ... nonending... ever evolving ... ever renewing. There is no limit to Planets and the source of life upon them ... many being far more evolved and advanced than Planet Earth.


Many of you have no knowledge of this privilege. You consider being in human form to be too hard. You complain that you are so hard done by and yet, with respect ... the state of your Planet is in its state because of the collective consciousness of the Human Being. It had been brought to this ‘standard of living’ by each soul’s Energy Vibration and thoughts over eons of expression and Feeling.

With respect, many are so quick to blame ... so keen to judge ... so ready to make excuses. ‘It is the darkness that makes the Planet as it is. It is not me. I am of the Light. I work for the Light’ you continually repeat. And YES, you do ... you always have ... and yet, it was/has been a conscious choice/effort to experience the opposition.

You reside upon/within a world of duality. How else would you KNOW Light from Dark in the fullness of itself? You devised this little Game and now that it is not to your liking, you choose to blame it on those who have not walked so far into the Light as you have.

Maybe take a seat as we tell you this ... yet, those souls that you speak of that commit gross atrocities to their brothers ... do so ... because this is the state of affairs … this is the marker that each and every one created ... in order for this whole excavation (?) to take place!

You ordered it on a plate ... and now you no longer like to eat it!

We understand that this is perhaps a little hard to digest ...

I’ll excuse the pun!

Yet, it is of TRUTH ... this is why it is of great importance to ...

I know the next word that you are to bring through and I am not sure how many will take it or indeed, agree AT ALL with it!

We continue because we know that somewhere within many ... it will be understood and accepted ... and appreciated.

OK ... go for it.

We are trying to! We smile and are grateful to make Light of that which we are to say.

... This is why it is of great importance to ‘THANK’ those souls who courageously took on the roles of the demons and the darker characters.

And many at this point will say, ‘THANK?!’

And we reiterate ... yes, ‘Thank!’

Change your way of thinking, Dearest Souls and you will change the ways of your Planet.

Maybe the Highest /Lightest/ Brightest of souls volunteered to lower their Divine Light in order to teach?

Imagine that! Would you undertake such a sacrifice?

Nope! Nope and nope again!

Therefore, if you think that this which we bring forth ... could be a possibility ... would it not be so that from the depth of your Heart you ‘Thanked’ them for their enormous sacrifice? Do you not think that they need your Love and understanding far more than most? For the pain and suffering that they have endured in doing so ... is beyond your understanding.

And so you are saying, that we ... as one ... asked for this to take place in our Game?


But why? As Light Beings ... as our core soul selves of Love and Light ... why, why, why would we want to even tread on an ant or blast a fly with chemicals for our convenience, let alone ... Dear God, forgive us ... torture, abuse and maim for one’s indulgences of greed? Why would we CHOOSE to stoop so low?


Yet, I don’t understand. I KNOW on a deeper level what you are saying. Yet, it’s not a very amusing Game and Being of the Light, surely we would not wish the role of victim or persecutor on anyone?

Dearest Blossom ... There is nothing but Love in existence.

Sure is a funny way we have chosen to express it.

An interesting one. A Game to be played. A Game to experiment. That is what Earth is ... an experiment and you the experimentors!

We ask you not to take this on board ... in the manner of guilt etc. For we can feel your Energy of acceptance in the Truth that we speak.

There is no guilt to be felt by anyone. In the ‘off board’ reality ... in the ‘outside of the square’ acceptance of what is ... it is not looked upon as you are doing so, now in this moment.

When ALL IS CHANGED ... when ALL has risen ‘out of the experiment that went too far’ ... just from the point of view of ‘what would happen if’ ... then you will look upon /feel all of which we say today very differently. For it will be viewed from a Higher perspective and understood for what it is.

This, Dearest Souls is why this transformation is so huge. It has never been done before. It is a risk one had to take.


Indeed. So, so, so much is involved. Yet, as we spoke of last communication ...



You are coming through these dark times and the Light is now visible at the end of the tunnel.


Love will flow into your Beings as you learn to accept, forgive, appreciate, acknowledge and move on.

There is a place where your souls will one day reside within ... a Vibrational state of Being ... where ‘all of this that seems so wrong, so ridiculous, so unfair’ ... will be seen for what it is ... A GAME. Nothing more. Hard to accept from your present position we know. Yet, when your soul is of this understanding ... when it has reached such Heights ... acceptance of such will ensue. This we can assure you.

Far out! Full on! I need some fresh air. This year ‘we’ seem to have stepped up our energy in these communications ... Let me glue my hat on!

KNOW we come in so much Love for you. You have now reached a ‘space’ where you can attain a greater understanding of WHAT IS. Otherwise, we would not be bringing forth such Truths. Be of sparkling Energy and share it wherever you are.

We are doing our best. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM. Phew!

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Blossom Goodchild - January 27, 2019

January 18, 2019 - Session

Good morning to you. How would you like to conduct today’s communication?

Firstly, by welcoming each and every one into ‘their’ hearts. For it is there, that we wish to enter. For should one choose not to do so whilst reading our conversations, then that which we offer is received from a ‘shallower’ perspective.

When one enters into their heart and breathes in and out deeply for a few minutes ... that which they receive is absorbed by the soul-self on a Higher Vibration.

The Energy in which these words carry, awaken layers within and therefore, are accepted on a level that allows a deeper understanding of that which is offered.

Keep in mind too, that the position/level you have upgraded yourselves to, is very different from that of say, five of your years ago. Therefore, the ‘same’ words are accepted on a Higher Vibration of self and therefore, resonate more fully.

If one were to take a journey down memory lane and re-read many of our communications with you Blossom, although one may ‘think’ … ‘Oh yes, I KNOW all this’ ... if read ... through/of/as ... the silence of the heart ... that which is ‘picked up’ ... is received differently now, from the many years ago that one first encountered a particular message.

Because YOU ... Each One ... are vastly different in self NOW, than you were, even … this time last year.

Your Energy is Vibrating now, within a Higher Frequency. Therefore, ALL that you are, is able to FEEL more of itself.

As EVERYTHING is moving ‘UP’ ... the veil between worlds is thinning. Therefore, communication is becoming easier and Lighter in its methods.

I feel I will have to leave it for today. We do not seem to be ‘flowing’ as easily as we normally do. (Although, it may read as such.) So much for your last sentence about it becoming Lighter and easier! I will try again another time.

FRIDAY 11th Jan.

Ok. I am back. That is lovely to hear about communication becoming easier. Yet right now, it doesn’t seem to be the case ... not sure that we are linked in yet? Are we?

Yes, we are, Dearest Blossom. And welcome, once again. The hesitation you are experiencing is due to the upgrading of our Energies connecting with yours. We are coming through to you on a different Frequency and therefore, there is certain rewiring taking place within you, in order for your Frequency to become balanced within the Frequency that we are connecting to you within.

It is not that our conversations will be seen to be necessarily of a Higher Vibration ... as in the wordings that we bring forth ... the subject matter, for instance. It is more so, to do with the Vibration carried within the same words.

This Vibration will connect with those who read these conversations and assist to uplift/upgrade the Frequency of the reader in a subtle, yet, profound direction, in order for one to absorb the LIGHT that is carried within them.

Can I ask how Light can be carried within words?

Dearest Blossom, everything is Light, as you know. On a more practical way of explanation, we would take your thoughts to that of a Lightswitch on a wall that has the mechanism of a dimmer switch … up or down for a brighter or dimmer mood setting.

That which we bring forth in Energy now, is of Higher Vibration and therefore, the Light within that Vibration is stronger and brighter.

The level of expansion in which each individual soul-self has progressed to, will allow the Coded messages to be received in the correct Frequency to match that of each soul.

How can/does that work?

Because all Energy is from/of THE DIVINE. There is not one impossibility! Think about that. Not one!

We have been speaking recently about Coding. We would put it this way ... Imagine your particular Vibration emitting a Code. Each one different, depending on their thoughts and mindset at any given time.

As one reads this particular transmission, for instance ... their brain patterns are continually changing the Codes coming from within that individual ... the words and THE LOVE that we offer within our purpose to assist your Planet are Coded within a Frequency of that Love.

As souls read ... the Codes emit their Frequency to each individual. Yet, depending on the Coding the individual is resonating upon/within ... the Codes from ‘US’ will change in order to fall in with the level of understanding that the individual is capable of, depending on their progressed level of expansion.

So, we would say that although there is the basic fundamental Code within these words of Higher Love emission ... when read by each individual they adjust to the ‘temperament’ of that soul. At the same time, working with the Codes that the individual presents and ‘mathematically’, if you like ... raising the Frequency that the soul emits by slightly adjusting the Codes that are coming into match them. To unite with them.

This is all very complicated!

Dearest Blossom ... these Codes are beyond comprehension. Yet, in the KNOWING that they exist and in the thoughts of them ‘Rising up to greet the Dawn’ ... much change can take place.

Within basic maths ...

You’re kidding me, right? We are not about to talk about maths ... like ... my biggest No No! ...

We shall keep it plain and simple ... Within basic maths ... one cannot take sums to a more in-depth working without the progressive steps to get there. One ‘movement’ flows through into the next, yet, all the while, taking that original basic sum into a more complicated ‘working out of’ ... if you follow us.

Sort of.

Therefore, one cannot leap, in their Coded expression of self, from a particular Code ... into one that is far Higher in its expression ... just like that ... because it needs to take the steps to get there, in order to arrive at its present conclusion.

For the second time, I bring this to a close. It is just not flowing easily. It may read that way, yet it’s not like that in my head. I have no doubt this is The Federation Of Light. Could very well be me, and my energy at the moment! I’ll try for the third time, another time. Over and out for now.

Would you care to stay?

I would Love to. I would Love to get this done.

Then let us have a little shake about and reset our Energy as it flows through.

How do we do that?

You do yours, we will do ours.


Thought patterns. Change your thoughts ... and your Energy changes. Would you admit to being a little ‘off’ at the moment?

Yes. I feel frustrated that this isn’t completed for the second time. I feel as if there is a brick wall ... a blockage ... ... ... ... Nope ... not happening. I’ll leave it for now. See ya later alligator.

Wednesday 16th Jan.

Ok, Chaps! Feeling very much like you are ready to communicate fully (at last) so, let’s go for it.

Welcome to this communication and may we offer condolences for the previous messages not being able to come forth.

Condolences? Doesn’t that mean sympathy?

In terms of usage, mostly yes. Yet, we are aware of the frustration it caused you and therefore, we make this suggestion in a Lighthearted fashion.

No worries. Here we are. I have to say that the Energies I am feeling of late are through the roof. It is quite difficult to be grounded. Nothing is seeming real, sort of thing. I am just here, in it, doing, yet, sort of floating. Difficult to describe.

The Energies indeed, are impactful. They are seriously flooding through ... for way of explanation. In that, there has been a rush ... a Force ... streaming through, as this is necessary to ‘UP’ the Plan in order for that which lies ahead ... that which is incoming to ‘Do its thing.’

Ok! Let’s stop right there. You say ... ‘as this is necessary to ‘UP’ the Plan in order for that which lies ahead ... that which is incoming to ‘Do its thing.’ That could mean anything. What exactly do you mean?

You know us well enough by now, Blossom, to accept that specifics are not something we indulge in. There, of course, is reasoning for this. In that a) Things can change dramatically from one moment to the next and b) Timelines and propaganda can send things off course at the drop of a hat.

Is this why you are always telling us to hold on to them?

This and other reasons.

Can you talk to me about ‘Timelines’ please? I am not sure I really know what they are. Let alone, understand them.

Timelines are the flow of one particular scenario into another on a particular given thread. There are /can be multiple timelines in any given perspective. A follow-through of a particular plan ... And yet, there could be multiple Timelines leading to different orientations and outcomes.

This is a rather complex matter to explain. For we then get into parallel lifetimes etc. It can be that the adjustment of minor detail is all that differs from one Timeline to that of another.



Actually, not sure my head is ready to jump down that rabbit hole right now and I also feel there are other matters you are keen to talk of, yet, I have no idea what they are.

This is correct, Blossom. We would like to talk to you about these stronger Energies coming in. They have indeed, Heightened, since the first day of your New Year of 2019 ... as scheduled to do so.

And many, many, many, of you are noticing this, as the Energies are affecting one in a different way from perhaps, another.

You have one foot in the clouds and one on the ground. We need to ask you to anchor both feet on to the ground. Do this by visualizations of varied concepts.

Could you name a few?

Certainly! Visualize...

Tying weighted cement blocks around your ankles.

Wearing leaded magnetic boots.

See yourself as a kite and wind yourself in. When done ... secure the string holder underneath a stone.

Putting your feet in Earth

Putting your hands in Earth.

Walking barefoot in sand.

Walking in the water’s edge.

Ok ... yep ... Lovely. Thank you.

You will possibly find that your head is still in the clouds. This is perhaps unavoidable. Yet, as long as you are doing your best to ground yourself ... allow the transformation to take place.

Yes, Blossom ... Transformation. These EXTREME ENERGIES that are coming in are actually changing your Beings physically and emotionally ... into the next/correct ... stage of yourself.

If you are to exist comfortably in these Higher Expanded Energies, then these changes within and without must take place.

You have thought of High Energy changes taking place before and experienced such. Yet, we say to you, that this is vastly different.

We again use the word ‘Extreme’ to explain WHY so many of you are feeling ‘different’.

For some, you will be feeling very out of sorts ... very out of body ... very not in one place or the other. Others will be experiencing Heightened elation of self and prospects of plans personally in place for the journey ahead.

Some will be experiencing both from one minute to the next. Literally, as if almost in the same thought/breath ... one will have an under par feeling, coupled with the HEIGHTENED KNOWING.

Much is gelling. Much is merging. Much is coming together.

Accept with Grace and Ease that which you are FEELING.

LET IT BE. Let it Be-come part of you.

The floundering /flustered side is releasing the old ...

The confident KNOWING side is coming from the NEW ... YOU.

Dearest Souls ... LIGHTEN UP ... for this is what is taking place.

YOU ARE LIGHTENING UP WITHIN THIS NEW HEIGHTENED ENERGY ... which up until this point has not been able to filter through. Yet, now ... due to the soul-selves of so many awakening from the dream into the KNOWING ... a Portal ... a doorway was opened in the transition from the old year into the new ... allowing a huge leap forward.


Give time to let settle into place. Be kind to yourself as this is occurring. Sleep as much as you need. Many will be experiencing the need to sleep much more. This is a good thing to fall in with.

Some are experiencing unsettled sleep patterns ... go with this flow, also. If one is lying awake for hours ... then simply take the opportunity to breathe deeply.

With the added smile?

With the added smile. The stillness of the night’s atmosphere enhances one’s judgment on thoughts and so much can be integrated ... as is if one WAS actually asleep. The only detrimental possibility of/from this, is when the soul chooses to be concerned over the lack of sleep they are getting, when they may have a busy day ahead.

You have /are in the POWER NOW to let your thoughts follow through directly into action. So it is merely a question of letting your Entire Being know that you have ENERGY UNLIMITED at your very fingertips.

Now, Dearest Souls, do you enter into a NEW PHASE/BEGINNING ... when the POWER of your thoughts will present to you the manifested reality of those thoughts in a quickness of time that as yet, has been restricted... due to ‘positioning’ of self and Planet within the markers of possibilities.

NOW ... BY TRUSTING THE TRUTH OF YOURSELF ... BY WALKING INTO THE POWER AND KNOWING OF WHO YOU ARE ... you will experience results that previously you had undermined as becoming that which you desired.






The more you choose to ‘THINK’ about this POWER THAT YOU ARE ... the more it comes into play.

I had an experience the other day ... that took me into a situation whereby, many souls were released into the Light after being trapped and used by the darkness. Not necessarily in my everyday way of thinking. Yet, none the less ... there I was, playing a part in releasing many to the Light. The lady conducting this ‘happening’ experienced the sorrow and pain of these souls as they gathered (in my kitchen!!) ... to be released. They were from many different Native American Tribes and had been massacred and then entrapped by the darkness. I felt very honoured to be part of this ‘Escape into Light’ experience. Yet, whilst lying awake in the early hours ( Yes, I am in that category) ... I FELT MY POWER WITHIN ARISE ... and my thoughts about the darkness that did/does this to souls, went to ... HOW DARE YOU! ... HOW F***ING DARE YOU! The POWER in me at that time was exponential ... and it was as if the darkness had absolutely no energy power over me what so ever. The ENERGY POWER within ME was off the chart ... I was not angry ... just aware of the strength of MY POWER. I know you would now like to take over ... regarding that FEELING.

Very much so, Blossom. For this is exactly what we are talking about.

These Energies flowing in at such a rate and such a force of GOOD ... are wiping the PLANET clean. Yet, it is with your assistance ... your ‘role’ ... the role of Each One who KNOWS that they are here to do this ... to TAKE IN /ABSORB these Higher Energies and through this POWER OF KNOWING YOUR TRUTH ... BE YOUR LIGHT ... BE THE LIGHT.


The darkness is now of such a weakness that it CANNOT take hold. It is weakening with every moment ... and dissipating into the nothingness from whence it came.







That is so good to hear and FEEL ...






Therefore, we suggest that you do not adhere to the newsfeeds that you are fed.

When you should hear of the lies ... and your radar will tell you those which are and those which are not ...

STEP INTO YOUR POWER AND FROM DEEP WITHIN YOU ... FIND ‘YOUR’ HOW DARE YOU!’ and you will FEEL it stir and rise and emit an ENERGY LIGHT of such POWER that it will almost knock your socks of you would say.

This we feel now is where we choose to end this communication. From reading this and receiving its Energy ... contained/Coded ... within ... is plentiful enough ... in/for ... this one session alone.

Perhaps you may feel inclined to read and re-read ... allowing its Truth to knock at your door and enter in.


I love/collect little ornaments of things with dangly legs. i.e. Fruits, Flowers, Fairies, anything really! Perhaps I should try and get one of THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ... because ‘leaving us dangling’ ... is very much part of what you do! LOL. Yet, accepted and understood. Many thanks. So happy to have got this through. Without question, I have had much interference in my everyday life which I KNOW is designed to send me off track ... HOW DARE THEY! Joy of Joy of Joys ... as we move with such Grace into this NEW and VERY EXCITING PHASE. Next thing you know THE EVENT will pop along out of the blue!


Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - January 18, 2019

January 5, 2019 - Session

And ... a new year is upon us! Welcome my friends! Perhaps it would be appropriate to ask what you see lying ahead for us in the following 12 months?

We bring, encoded in this message, an Energy of Upliftment and Fortitude.

There is so much excitement for that which is to come and we are aware too, that you have ‘heard this all before’!

Yet, we would suggest that you walk boldly forward with open arms ... embracing ALL THE LOVE that is gently flowing into your Planet throughout these coming months.

You were aware of upheaval within yourselves and indeed, perhaps your very nature. The force in which the Higher Energies filtered through was the bringer of such ‘confusion’ ... and NOW it is settling down into position and apart from occasional ‘planned’ surges/bursts of necessary Energy, at given and premeditated ‘times’ ... you will find that the flow ‘entering’ is of a much more compatible software!

Indeed, as always ... that which is being presented on the outside is very different from that which is actually going on (On the inside).

What do you mean by ‘On the inside’?

In that ... outwardly the farce will be ‘seen’ to continue and indeed, present itself as almost impossible to comprehend at times. Yet, KNOW that on the inside ... i.e. that which is taking place on a more structural foundation of Truth within ... is building now into such strength of KNOWING ... that the very core of your Beings will notice a vast contrast to the way one used to ‘feel’ ... as opposed to the way one NOW feels.

Your Energy took a ‘shift’ upwards over the ending of the last year and allowed a transition into the New Year to present an inner dialogue of self-awareness to arise from within.

One will find over this period of time that the ‘self’ will no longer tolerate misgivings of old. There will be a fresher approach to the understanding of purpose. A clearer clarification of reasoning of Being upon the Planet.

So many are wallowing in the ‘what isn’t happening’ ... and yet, so many more now, will de-Lightfully indulge in their KNOWING of self purpose.

The BAND OF LIGHT surrounding your Planet is encouraging you to merge with it ... allowing you to feel the core Energy of Light streaming from it ... and becoming in sync with its Vibrational pull ‘up’!

We ask each one to ... let go/drop ... concerns of what may be happening on global scales. Does this mean this? Does that mean that? We speak here on both a political scale and a generic one.

Many unexplained phenomena ... are/will be ... presented in your skies, under your Earth and upon your Earth. We use the term unexplained ... for there shall be much that is to be left that way.

I’d like to intervene here if I may? Why is it that much has to be left unexplained?

Because it is of a Nature that is unexplainable!

You see, Dearest Blossom ... Everyone feels the need to have an answer for everything that is taking place. They feel the need to know, so they can prepare perhaps ... or do something to change it ... or think differently about it. Whereas ... sometimes ... as ‘out there’ as it sounds ... things ‘just happen’. It may be caused by electricity surges ... it may be caused by underlying developments that very few know about ... a million and one explanations for a million and one possibilities ... that in all honesty ... just ‘Are’.

We ask that you accept within yourselves that the very best steps forward in these exciting and changing times is to concentrate solely/souly on THE WAY YOU FEEL INSIDE.

Concentrate on your immediate surroundings. Focus on those close at hand. Give attention to that which makes you FEEL GOOD. Ranging from Self Love ... to the expansion of LOVE from YOUR BEING reaching out and touching EVERYTHING THAT IS.

From within you ... BE THAT WHICH YOU ARE.

We state with all sincerity, that if one was to concentrate on that which ... as you would say, Blossom ... ‘Blows your blouse up’ ...

Oh, how that expression makes me laugh! Nice work guys!

Thank you! Then YOUR VIBRATION extends out to CHANGE not just your immediate surroundings, yet, EVERYTHING THAT IS.


You consider yourselves to be ‘part’ of it. A ‘part’ of everything that is. Yet, we ask you to consider now that ... YOU ... ARE ... IT ALL.

In that way too ... consider that how you choose to feel about ANYTHING ... is affecting THE WHOLE because THE WHOLE ... IS YOU!

Therefore, we suggest vigilance ... as we have done many times ... regarding the way you think ... the way you behave ... the way you act ... because YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE WHOLE.



If you were to visualize the perfect world ... for you ... we imagine it to include a perfect world for all?

We do not really know how to put into these words that you use ... just how extravagantly this understanding would/could/will CHANGE ALL THAT IS.

You ask us what this year brings, Blossom. May we put to you ... that this year will bring exactly that which you ask it to! Different of course to/for each ... and yet, the underlying desire for Peace and Love and Prosperity and Equality and Joy and Laughter and Fun and Ease and Happiness ... need we go on? ... ... is there within Each One.

The desire to BRING YOUR PLANET INTO ALIGNMENT WITH ITS TRUE LIGHT POSITION lies within each of you ... so, therefore ... THIS is what lies ahead.

Your POWER to manifest has magnified greatly ... to the point of ‘almost’ instant ... depending on one’s knowing of such. Use this power to manifest your New World.

Keep in mind, Dearest Souls ... that from the Triple Energy flowing through ... that which you do not want, can manifest also ... should you give it too much of your attention!

What is YOUR INTENTION right now in this moment?

Feel, breathe and have a thought of it ... right now. Close your eyes ... and if a fairy Godmother arrived and asked you of your wish ... what would it be?

Your wish would be something that makes you Happy. Making YOU Happy ... makes the world Happy. If each one manifested that which makes them Happy ... the job is done.

Not wishing to dampen this flow ... not everyone’s wish is for that. Those of lesser Light do not want to see everyone happy. In fact far from it. Someone asked if they are playing a role just as we are?

Of course. Everything/Everyone on your Planet is ‘part of The Game’. Roles are chosen by self. Not one is ‘forced’ into their role. We have spoken before, so many times ... on the lines of ‘All is not as it seems’. That which YOU THINK is one way ... is probably another!

The Game Plan is following orders! The transition into the next fragment is certainly and securely underway.

Sometimes it all goes over my head and I have learned it is always best to go back to the simple and most Gratifying Knowing of LOVING. The rest sort of takes care of itself.

Dearest Blossom ... do you realize what a profound statement that is?


And again ...


And once more ...


IF ... IF ... IF only one adhered to that within every breath inhaled ... you would see ... you would WITNESS ... NOW ... The transformation of Energy upon/within your Planet.

THAT then, Dearest Souls ... is what we see lying ahead for you in your next 12 months.

Over and out!

Ha-ha! Like your style ... and I know exactly where you are coming from. When we really understand what you are saying ... what you REALLY mean ... there is nothing more to be said. I get it ... I Truly do, my friends. I know your position is to offer that which you can to assist us in BECOMING ourselves. As much as so many want to hear other explanations of this and that from you and other messengers ... deep in my heart ... I KNOW YOU are correct in sticking to the PLAN. I LOVE YOU ... As do all who read your words and are thankful for them!

In Gratitude, in Loving Service for this first communication of 2019 ... I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - January 5, 2019

December 22, 2018 - Session

Hello there! Well, Christmas is upon us once again. Another year has swept by and here we all are ‘still’ hanging on in there, as the Energy upgrades play havoc with our Beings. I will leave you to deliver a message of good cheer over this yule tide week.

Welcome to you, Dearest Souls and to you Blossom at this time of ‘cheer’, as you call it.

Many would not agree, I am sure. Yet, let’s keep this Light-Hearted and encouraging and uplifting. For this indeed is ‘our’ goal.

This is the case. For when your soul’s are Light-Hearted and encouraged ... your entire Being is indeed, uplifted. No matter what, Dearest Souls, hold encouragement in your Hearts. Carry within your every thought ... the KNOWING that LIFE ITSELF is who you are and through this, because of this, you are fully capable of creating the spaces and the places in which your Being chooses to reside within.


They can take you any which way you choose.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THESE ENERGIES. Even though you may have chosen to believe otherwise.


Master your relationship with these Energies. You have been gifted with the skills to take control and manipulate them in any way you so choose. How would you choose YOU to be? How would you choose your world to be?

Make the decisions. Make the choices ... and then think none other than those choices and watch just how quickly your thoughts become your world. Make your reality ... do not give in and conform to the reality of those who ‘think’ they have more ‘power’ over you.

How often do we say ... ‘Reclaim your Power?’

Reclaim your POWER ENERGY!

Is it as simple as ‘commanding’ it?

Indeed. Yet, there has to be full KNOWLEDGE of this being so. You cannot enter into ‘transformations’ half-heartedly ... for ‘half-heartedly’ cannot bring manifestation into play.

When you CHOOSE ... to do /Become … something/anything ... every particle of your BEING has to be on board with that thought. All that you are has to be in agreement about it. Then and only then, can you fall into alignment with the process required.

Yet ... how can we KNOW that every bit of us wants it?

Because there is a longing deep within that is calling out to you to do so.

It is inherent within you to be POWERFUL and with that ... bringing into play all attributes that coincide with that which is of you.


So, how do the energies knock us about so much, when we know we are the ones in control of ourselves and our well-being?

Because you allow them to.

Dearest Souls, You are LOVE ... an Energy of Love. Everything is an Energy of Love.

Your desire is to KNOW it and be of service. When this is your only intention, when the world in which you are choosing to assist at this time is in need of your service ... then we say with the greatest of respect ... step up to the plate.

Funny I don’t even use that expression myself! What exactly do you mean?

We mean … take your KNOWING not just a step further ... yet a ‘mile’ further. You have such capabilities awaiting you down that road. Awaiting for you to simply show up.

Many of you are choosing to dawdle along, waiting for the changes to happen. You feel you have had enough. You say you are drained of Energy and do not know where this Planet of yours is heading. You have waited so long you say ... and you can’t wait any longer ... Then DON’T!


Stop the dawdling. Stop the complacency. Stop the ‘Woe is me’. Stop the allowing of those of lesser Light to seep into your consciousness.



By Being in Gratitude for Everything that you are ... Everything that you do ... Everything you have. Everything you think.

Be Grateful that your limbs work ... some don’t.

Be Grateful you have food in your bellies … some don’t.

Be Grateful you have a roof over your head ... some don’t.

Be Grateful you KNOW better … some don’t.

You see our purpose?

Oh yes ...

Start recognizing every moment wherein an Energy does not serve you ... and do not indulge in it for more than that second of recognition. For by indulging in that which does not serve you ... allows your Energy to sink and Tripely sink at that!


Oh my, I know what you are going to say ... and I smile.


I know here, you are not reprimanding us ...

No, Dearest Souls, for this is not our nature. We are not here to judge. Yet, sometimes, we have learned that in your world ... the ‘soft touch’ doesn’t always get results. We would like to add one of your LOL’s here, if we may?

You have asked for an uplifting message and here it is. Yet, we are choosing to come from a different angle … A change is as good as a rest, as you say.



BLAST IT AWAY … Do you think you are or are not capable of doing so?

Oh, I Know so. What I don’t know is whether or not it always works, due to the way I feel sometimes.

Then, we would suggest you don’t fully KNOW with every part of your Being that you are capable of doing so.

The TRUTH is Blossom and All ... when YOU reclaim your Power, when you TRULY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE GREAT LIGHT ... there is no room for question or doubt.

I know that this is why you come, to help us find this out for ourselves. We are indeed, so many of us, becoming more aware of our Light. Yet, I don’t feel we are anywhere near that which you are talking about. Is that because we are stuck in this density of Earth?

No. It is because you THINK you are stuck in this density of Earth.

Stretch your minds, Dearest Souls. Open up your minds to the Greatness of that which you are capable of.

I have to butt in again here ... With your assistance, I and many have opened ourselves up enormously to the possibilities of walking into our Higher aspects of human capabilities. It has taken us time to do so. Yet, now that we are at this stage in our evolution, what exactly is THE BIG GAME CHANGER? How do we throw that six to shoot way, way up the ladder? For, I feel you are saying we are ready to do so?

YOU ARE INDEED. These Tripled Energies are of so much ‘Light Sparkle’ that by ‘jumping into/entering into ... them ... a Lightness of that which you are not yet accustomed, will fill your BEing with renewed ... EVERYTHING.




There are no tests. There are no exams, Dearest Ones. There is only recognition of LIGHT ... and knowing that YOU ... YOU ... ARE THAT LIGHT.

You choose to what degree you would like it to shine!

You choose to what level you would like to conduct it from.




You can hold back, you can wait around waiting for things to get better. You can moan and complain and wallow in the unfairness of it all. By all means, choose this if you wish things to remain as they are ... and as you know, should you choose to do this, this wallowing, this self-pity shall be Tripled in Energy ... so we advise you to REALLY think about such choices.

OR ...

You can choose to give Gratitude for the Powerful LIGHT LOVE that these ENERGIES contain and dive right in!

If you REALLY KNOW IT TO BE TRUTH ... That is what you can do! Our Dearest Friends … Take a dive ... visually ... mentally ... see yourselves diving off a springboard right into the LIGHT OF THESE ENERGIES. Swim around in them as they absorb into your Being.


It is time to do so. Let it be fun.

Let go of the seriousness of this whole affair!

Seriousness on the matters that are taking place in your world does NOT HELP!




Send giggles to the heavy-hearted.

Send Laughter to those steeped in anger and hatred.

Send LIGHT ... LIGHT FILLED WITH JOY to every Being ...

Let this Joy be in every thought ... allowing every thought to come from Joy.

TURN IT ALL AROUND ... All this that you say you have had enough of?

Prove you have had enough ... BY CHANGING IT AROUND!






We only speak this way ... would we say, in a more strengthening manner ... to help you to GET IT.


I just thought we complain about ‘no signs from you’ and being fed up of waiting ... and I realize that you must feel the same about us probably?

Dearest Blossom, we do not. For we see all that you ... have done /are doing/ will do ... Please know that we speak in this fashion, in this particular communication, as a different approach ... as a rocket of desire. For we KNOW HOW YOU WILL FEEL when you dive in and find the water to be the perfect temperature for your souls.

We understand you say ‘Merry Christmas’ and words of that ‘ilk’. Yet, Dearest Souls ... we wish you a MERRY LIFETIME.

We wish that the Greatest Gift you receive under the tree at this time, to be the one in which you came down here to receive ... YOU! IN ALL YOUR GLORY OF GOODNESS.

Thank you, Dearest Friends. Thank you for ALL your words of encouragement over all these years. I know we shall continue to connect in this way for as long as it seems appropriate to do so ... In the knowing that one day we will have GOT IT, and our conversations will again alter in perspective of where that ‘one day’ finds us.

I know I speak on behalf of a great many souls when I say THANK YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The audio recording for this channelling will be posted below shortly.

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Blossom Goodchild - December 22, 2018

December 15, 2018 - Session

Welcome! I am looking forward to today’s conversation. May I quickly begin with the Triple Energy thing? I have come across a few (Me, being one) who have had complete meltdowns (From circumstances presented) that seem to affect the ‘BEING’ in a much deeper, profound way than usual. Is this because of the Triple Energy?

Good morning to you and all Beings of Pure Light that come upon these words. What we would like people to understand is that these intense Energies affect different people at different times, depending on what is needed to be reconciled. These new Energies fluctuate within the ‘Soulself Energies’ of the individual as they ‘figure out’ what is required, in order to bring about balance within the Higher Vibrational frequency that the body and therefore, everything else within the self, is moving into.

Phew! What a long sentence!

So indeed, some will feel as you have and others will feel this at some point, or maybe not at all ... depending on the rewiring that the new Coding is bringing forth.

So, we are rewiring, on top of everything else, now?


Meaning what exactly?

Meaning that the Higher Energies are structurally ‘changing’ your makeup. Hence, as we spoke of the many that are FEELING this so much on a physical level.

My Heart has been going insane! I am TRYING to recognize it as activation as opposed to anxiety!

The Heart is especially being ‘re-conditioned’. For the Heart is the soul centre of the self. In that, we mean, the Heart is being upgraded and it is ‘conditioning’ itself to the Higher Energy OF itself and its workings. Therefore, the Heart indeed is ... feeling /experiencing ... the Tripled Energy as the base from which the Energies are flowing within.

There is so much one is realigning themselves with ... and yet, it is happening all by itself.

There is a deeper KNOWING coming from within. Most can certainly nod their heads at this remark. It is in itself, unexplainable in your words. Yet, that KNOWING that we speak of is letting itself be KNOWN more and more. It is purely by FEELING this within oneself, that the recognition of KNOWING is becoming stronger.

The basis of this Knowledge is part of your inherent makeup. Therefore, it is always part of you. Always within you. The levels to which it exceeds move beyond time and space. Although, you yourselves, as Human Beings in a Human experience, are working within the realms of time and space.

Many, maybe experiencing ‘snippets’ of unusual visuals, or, ‘simply’ FEELING more in tune with the goings on of these Higher workings.

One can now experience the Higher Light of themselves and begin to KNOW it as a general ONENESS. For indeed, as these Energies continue to flow through ... they connect one another through the Coding that corresponds with the ‘like-minded’.

THIS CONNECTION ... THIS BOND ... STRENGTHENS THE VERY MATTER OF WHO YOU ARE … and as one allows this connection to BE ... it, in turn, ripples out and assists in raising the Coded level of understanding such things ... to those who have no idea … of/about … any such things.

These Codes seem very prominent in discussion at the moment?

Because, Dearest Blossom, Dearest souls ... you are now within a satisfactory Vibratory ‘place’ that enables one to use them for the Highest Good of all.

Without even understanding what ON EARTH they are all about!

There is no need for you to understand. The greatest mathematicians of ‘YOUR WORLD’ could not keep up with their ever-changing format.

Yet, mathematicians from other worlds can?

The Codes are a design. They work for themselves.

It’s rather mind-blowing. To think that everything is a Code.

And yet, it is ... the format/ the make-up ... of ALL that is.

I thought you were going to say ‘of your Planet’. Really? EVERYTHING THAT IS ... IS CODED?

Indeed. Energy itself, in its Purest form ... Energy itself in ALL THAT IT IS ... is LOVE ENERGY.

The Codes that are ... instilled /installed ... within this Energy allows the Energy to find that which it is desiring to be, at any one given time.

Yet, and here’s a humdinger ... Who invented or programmed the Codes in the first place?

The Divinity of ALL THERE IS. The Divine Source Energy is EVERYTHING.

Ok. So, does the Divine Source Energy have a brain? As ridiculous as that sounds?

No ... we smile! Not in the way that you think a brain functions.

We can only put it to you in the sense that ... this Energy had the desire to explore itself.

It was ... AS IS. Pure Energy ... Being there.

Being where?

Everywhere and Nowhere. And no, we are not talking in riddles. This is the only way to explain it.

Ok, let’s TRY and continue.

The Coding phenomenon developed out of a desire to BECOME.

Become what?

Anything and Everything ... rather than just BEING ITSELF IN THE FORM OF ALL OF ITSELF ... IN PURE LOVE.

Yep, I could see one would get a little lonely and bored!

You say that in jest. Yet, in Truth ... you have hit the nail on the head!

There was a need to BECOME ... EVERYTHING ... and from that desire ... Life itself was ‘born’.

I didn’t know if you were going to say ‘born’ or ‘created’.

Is it not the same thing?

I guess so. So, what came first the chicken or the egg? I.e. The Coding or Life?

You are TRULY ready to push your boundaries.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, these days ... Caution to the wind and all that!

Are you ready? ... ... ... The Coding created Life.

Woah! So, we are just one big barcode! Here goes ... HOW?

By devising numerically, that which, Energy ... of the Extreme Highest level/at the extreme Highest level ... you understand that … would conduct a form of this Energy into Life itself.

We would add to that ... that LOVE ENERGY in its SUPREMACY was already LIFE itself. Yet ... not in … form/format. It needed format to become ‘visible, would we say. Although, we are unable to fully express the working of.

Once Codes were ‘working for themselves’ ... ...

Hold on. Can I just stop you there? How do they work for themselves?

By instructing them to do so ...

Who instructed them?

The desire to Become …

Ok. I’ll keep with the flow ...

Once they became a validated working programme ... and let us remember here ... this is Divine Programming ...

Meaning what?

Meaning ‘Faultless’ ... They were then able to manipulate ‘themselves’ into ... Anything and Everything ...

So, at this stage, we would be best to leave your minds to settle with that one. For, to get from that which we have just explained ... to that of you, sitting in your chair communicating with us ... all by Coding ... may tend to ...

Blow my brains out?


Far out! And yet, in a way, it actually makes no difference ... knowing I was born through a mathematical compilation in my original format as a Human Being, once upon a time. At the end of the day ... I have come to accept that I AM LOVE ... every part of me ... everything that is ... is Love ... and if ‘numerical format’ was the creation that burst forth in order to express and experience this Love … So be it. It is interesting. Yet, not really necessary to have to understand. And I say that with the GREATEST OF RESPECT for sharing that knowledge with us!! Indeed I do!!

You are correct. We feel this session is complete for this time.

I feel the same. Tickety Boo! I guess so many of us are now of an understanding that can assist us in understanding so much more ... Although, I don’t really understand it ... do you understand what I am saying? (Grin!)

We do.

In Gratitude ... In Loving service ... I AM!

The Audio recording of this channelling will be posted below in a few days.

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Blossom Goodchild - December 15, 2018

December 9, 2018 - Session

Hello there! Feeling bright and Light and ready to converse! Yourselves?

We are indeed of a Lightness that is all consuming and fun to be within.

I like your style and opening line! A question asked to put to you is, ‘Will these new energies change us anatomically and physically as a result of our aligning/activating? Will it be more obvious in some than others? Thank you for any response offered.

Thank you. We would suggest that one‘s anatomy and physicality will indeed be realigning, as these Higher degrees of Energy intercede with ALL THAT IS. As with so much that ‘crosses your path’ in ways of suggestion ... by us/through us ... we would also add, that so much is aided along by the thoughts that one has. You may have noticed the quickening effect within/upon manifestation with these Higher Energies. Sometimes, it can be as quick as the thought is offered ... there, low and behold is the result. So, we would say jokingly ... do be aware of that which you desire ... that which you think!

I understand this. I so loved a pair of earrings I have ... feathers! I had the thought ‘I hope I never lose them’ ... Next day, lost one! So back to the body if we may?

Who you are ... has to be told by ‘who you are’ ... of that which it desires. These Higher Energies are flowing in to assist. This is their purpose. If one desires the ailments of the inner workings of the body to disappear ... or the ageing process to ‘stop’ ... then one must, in the fullest of confidence ... in the fullest of KNOWING ... let the ‘self’ KNOW that this is the plan.

So, you are saying that as long as we let ‘ourselves’ KNOW that we wish to regress physically in age or, we no longer ‘require’ ailments that we thought on a particular level of ourselves would serve us ... that we just tell ourselves this ... and it will happen?

In a nutshell ... this is of Truth.

And out of a nutshell?

It still is of TRUTH.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to BE any way you want to be. Yet, even though you can say ... ‘Yes, I know this, therefore, I will do it ... I will make it happen’ ... you have got to understand that it would not happen overnight, as it is your ... whole /entire ... system that has to KNOW it, also. Every cell, every tissue, every bone, every muscle, everything that you ‘BELIEVE’ that you are, has to KNOW THIS IN TRUTH also, otherwise, the ‘change’ cannot happen.

So, how do we let this KNOWLEDGE be KNOWN deep within us?

By KNOWING it deep within.

Thank you for that! Perhaps you didn’t understand me?

Oh! We did! Understand that so much of the world you ‘think’ you live in ... is not as it actually is. You have to search deep within to KNOW this.

Do you mean by the programming that is designed to ... detract us /distract us ... and taken away our power?

We say that your POWER has not been taken away ... it can never be taken away.


It is that this ‘programming’ has made you ‘think’ in a certain way. You think this and that about this and that. We now tell you to think THIS about THAT and THAT about THIS.

You ARE in jovial form ... So, you mean to turn things around?

Yes. Completely! POWER ITSELF cannot be ‘taken away’.


We come in conversation with you to explain these KNOWINGS ... that YOU, MUST THEN, KNOW!

You must TRUST YOURSELVES and FEEL deep within these KNOWINGS. The more you do so ... the more you choose to align with this TRUTH ... the more ‘results’ will be shown unto you.

Let us put this to you? Do you think the Divine Creator of Divine Human Beings would design the beautiful structure and all its inner workings of the body to shrivel, bring pain and eventually give up its functioning, due to exhaustion of ‘LIFE Itself’? Seriously?

No. This, of course, is not so. What is Divine about that? Your amazing humanness was designed to go on until you no longer required to experience the Planet. So, you would choose to simply, lay down the body … either to dissolve back into Energy ... or an arrangement would be made for another soul to occupy it.

You, in order to regain this POWER of Divinity within your bodies, must KNOW this as a reality. You must take your knowledge into the understanding that the physicality that you are conditioned to expect ... is simply that ... a conditioning. A conditioning that has become so set in the very Vibrations that ... are/were ... that it is common knowledge that one ages, shrivels and takes their leave. Often in the most humiliating and disrespectful of ways.

THEREFORE ... you must de-programme this conditioning. You have not seen through the lies you have been spun.



Search your souls. Deeply search your soul for its TRUTH. Remember the beautiful design that you were created within. Such beauty! You hear of stories told perhaps of Beings from ‘elsewhere’ being of such eternal youth, of such agility … of such mindful knowledge ... THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!


Do you think you are capable of this?

Me personally? Eh, I don’t know how to answer that. If you were to ask, ‘Do you think this is possible?’... I would say, yes. Yet, me, actually manifesting that ... literally manifesting that ... I am unsure. So, I see your point. It is not that I do not think it possible. I know EVERYTHING is possible. Yet … I’m shooting myself in the foot here. For if I KNOW everything is possible, why would I not be able to do this personally?

You see, this is what we are trying to explain, Blossom. You have to take your Awareness to a much deeper stronger KNOWING of WHAT IS. If you believe everything is possible ... then it comes from a half-hearted perspective ... with respect. Yet, when you KNOW everything is possible ... it is a Game Changer.

So, how can it be that I fully accept that everything is possible ... and I came to that conclusion a long time ago and yet ... I don’t TRULY KNOW IT? How can one accept and yet, not know ...if you understand my dilemma?

Your ‘dilemma’ ... as you put it, is exactly what we are talking about. You need to bring the acceptance of understanding this ... to the acceptance of KNOWING it.

Yep. I get this ... yet, how? If I KNOW I can get rid of all my aches and pains and move my physicality into the Higher Vibrational Energies ... ... ... ...

May we interrupt? Your physicality HAS to move into the Higher Vibrational Energies with you.

I can feel so much you want to say about this, yet, hard to find the starting point. I’ll try and unscramble this mass of ‘KNOWLEDGE’ that flooded in all at once.

Your physicality IS changing with the assistance of the Higher Vibrations coming in. We have spoken of ‘unusual physical notifications’ as it is doing so. However, at the same time ... it can be GREATLY assisted by you ... by sending the codes/thoughts to the entire workings of your body that you are assisting it in this lifting ... in this transformation.

VISUALISE your new agility. Visualize and FEEL your way into its new physique. Tell your body, through Loving it for what it is now ... that together, you are moving it into a more Glorious form of itself.

Dearest souls, as YOU recognize the LIGHT within you ... in a way of recognition you have not been able to, until now ... you will KNOW that which is taking place, is doing so on all levels.

On ALL levels you are ‘integrating’ with these Tripled Energies flowing into your Planet and your Beings.

You are being upgraded as you sleep. This is why so many are, upon awakening, feeling as if they have done a day’s work. These upgrades of EVERYTHING that you are ... take a little time to ‘sink in’.

Yet, KNOW this is what is taking place. Allow this to take place. Accept this is taking place and be Joyful.

This is so very important to know this as your reality!

So much lies ahead, when this knowing of LIGHT within you will be your anchor. When you have to hold on to this Truth of ‘who you are’, in order to keep grounded and make sense of everything.

It is so much closer now to becoming a Topsy Turvy world and therefore, we send these words with a sense of urgency almost ... in that ... You have to take your acknowledgment of TRUE SELF and embed it into your heart, body, and soul.

Every part of you must come to the realization of this TRUTH in order to proceed with your plans when the time is upon you.

We have spoken so often and so has that of the Divine Energy White Cloud ... of the ‘situation’ of each Awakened soul having an envelope within side of you ... and when the time is upon you ... the envelope will be opened and there will be your … ‘notes/orders’ … of what ‘YOU’ as the individual are to carry out.

AT LAST, you will KNOW why you are here. For so many feel there is so much more to why they are here, than they feel in the present moment.


And ...

WITH THAT DEEPER KNOWING ... Your Light shines more Brightly than ever before ... as you also FEEL the strength of the POWER that lies within you and all you can do with it ... for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.

YOU SHALL BE SET FREE ... and within YOUR FREEDOM, you have the keys to open the door for millions of others who are unaware that they were enslaved.

We feel this is enough now energetically, to consume.


As must you.

We KNOW you can FEEL the Energy of the Truth of these words within your activated heart space at this time.

Remain in that Truth.

So close now ...

I will not ask ‘to what’? For surely, deep inside ... we KNOW! In so much Gratitude, In Loving service. I AM.

The recorded audio for this channelling will be posted in a few days.

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Blossom Goodchild - December 9, 2018

December 2, 2018 - Session

Good morning. Here we are again then! I have had many inquiries from folk wanting to understand more about the Tripled Energy that is coming in now. I have to say since the 11.11 date a few weeks ago ... I feel the Energy has changed considerably. Is EVERYTHING tripled? For instance, someone wanted to know if the supplements they are taking are now tripled in effect? Does the tripled Energy include everything we think, say, do, take in our bodies and listen to? And when receiving Energy work or a Healing, is this tripled also? I am sure you get the idea.

Welcome to Each One and thank you for your questioning on this subject. We are happy to offer more understanding in the ways of its workings.

Firstly we would suggest to consider one’s FEELINGS. To ‘listen’ to them and subject oneself to the emotion of them. Can you say they are deepened in quality? Whether they be of Joy or otherwise?

One must consider exactly what this ‘Tripling’ means in essence. It is that of Higher Purer Energy ... flowing into/becoming part of ... your Planet’s atmospherics. Yet, the degree in which it has recently entered is far stronger than the usual ‘pouring forth’, would we say.

The Vibration of this Energy will take ‘time’ to integrate with the Vibration that is already present. Lifting the one that IS ... into the Higher level of that which is coming through.

One asks about the effect a supplement may have if it is tripled? Consider that it is everything that is raising itself three notches up ... then the equilibrium of ‘what is’ will be the same. Yet, of a stronger quality. So, one would not, therefore, ‘knock back’ on such things, because the strength of their intake will match the strength of the level that the body has risen to. (Tripled to).

We will say that one’s Awareness will be noticeably Heightened in days to come. One’s Awareness of surroundings. One’s Awareness of understanding. One’s Awareness of Self and purpose will also be more pronounced.

These ‘Blendings’ shall allow a more ‘floating’ approach to all that one is undertaking.

Can you elaborate on that please?

In that, the Energy flowing through is of a more Graceful level. The density in which you have resided within for so long is lifting to a Lighter ‘play’. It has been doing so for quite a while and yet, there is an intensity within these Energies for things to ‘Get a move on’ and ‘Lighten the load’ in order for progression to run smoothly, with as little disruption as possible.

As these Higher Energies are pouring in, one ... if allowing of Soul to do so ... will benefit greatly in ways of Peace within. There shall come an acceptance of ‘All is as should be’ as the Energies bond with the Soulself and each recognises the other.

It shall FEEL like a settling of the Soul. A FEELING of acknowledgment within that ‘One is on track’. One’s state of mind shall be more accepting of WHAT IS ... for it is recognising the journey that one agreed to undertake. So that much that is presented on the ‘outer’ appearance, via media etc. will no longer upset the apple cart, so to speak. For the sturdiness of the KNOWING of TRUE SELF that is resting gently within is reaching a point where it cannot be ‘ruffled’ by such findings.

Everything will make sense on a deeper level and therefore, the surface level will be understood for exactly what it is ... Surface.

The DEPTH in which your Soul is collaborating with THE WHOLE is becoming so solid that although there may not be words to express the inner KNOWING of TRUTH ... that has no words ... can be felt on a much stronger level.




Automatically you strengthen the connection with THE ONE.

With this Tripled Energy now entering ... it has the design to connect you with the Higher Levels of Being. Your Being. Your Higher levels of Being. You are able to FEEL your future in a way you have not been able to until now.

Receiving this Energy into/unto your Planet is a HUGE marker that things are indeed, CHANGING ... and CHANGING FOR THE BETTER. Even though, as we say, the outer appearance of such may seem otherwise.

Yet, all this that is presenting as ‘upheaval’, as we have said in the past ... is part of the Divine Plan.

There is indeed, much turmoil to be gone through and the ‘Topsy Turvy’ world that we have spoken of, is soon to turn upside down.

Sorry to butt in here, yet, can you confirm you don’t mean literally, as in a Pole shift. As many people read between ‘your’ lines and may interpret that as such.

No. We do not mean on the geographical sense of upheaval. We would term it much more so, in the sense of Truths being uncovered that will ‘blow the mind’. Many think you know quite a bit of this. Yet, with respect ... you do not.

Yet, Dearest Souls, please understand that THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE. You are being made Aware of this NOW ... so that when it takes place ... it will not be like a bolt from the blue!

You will be able to recognise these ‘Tellings’ for what they are. The Topsy Turvyness that has to take place in order for your world to move forward.

Such uncovering’s MUST come out of their shell and be KNOWN.

You will be astounded and bewildered and yet, ... you will also BE PREPARED.

These Higher Energies are lifting your Beings into a Higher placement of Self. Therefore, you will recognise all that is going on and accept WHY it is taking place. You may find it difficult to actually ACCEPT what is revealed to you. Yet, over time ... you shall.

Throughout all this, when the lid blows ... your understanding of Self ... all the progression you have made with your ‘Self’ ... all this, that you have been working on within ‘Self’ ... shall all fall into place. Like a magnet drawing the correct pieces into place to form the picture.

All your meditations ... all your Trusting ... all your seeking ... all your answers ... will find themselves.

These times ahead are the pivotal climax that BRINGS YOU INTO ALIGNMENT WITH WHO YOU ARE.

These times ahead that you have been waiting for ... will allow the fullness of you to ‘show up’ and ‘report for duty’.

When so many are falling apart with confusion and disbelief ... it is YOU ... YOU ... Dearest Ones, who chose to awake beforehand ... that shall lead others over THE BRIDGE.

You will not need to go seeking out those in need. Believe us, when we say ... they will find you.

Each One will be guided in their own ways ... regarding how to move forward.

You will KNOW your position ... your station.

Many will join forces as they find their ‘Matching Codes’.

Some consider this time ahead to be the downfall of the Planet. We consider it to be the opposite.



FEEL OUR WORDS DEAREST SOULS. Take a deep breath and FEEL the TRUTH of our words stir in your Heart place.


It is to be an exhilarating time. Yet, we stress the importance of diligence within keeping within the Knowledge that THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE ... THE STRENGTH OF WHO YOU ARE ... IS WHY YOU ARE HERE AT THIS TIME.







Many thanks to you ... I AM holding on to my hat in anticipation of what is to come. Ever closer, I feel … Ever closer. In Gratitude. In Loving service ... I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - December 2, 2018

November 24, 2018 - Session

Hello. We needed a little break it seems. Yet, now ready to give it my all once again. Assuming this is Tickety Boo with you?

We are indeed, Happy to be with you in this fullness of Energy Blossom, and have to admit to being more than Delighted to do so.

Well, how Lovely! Someone suggested I ask you about YOUR experience throughout all this that we are going through? Is it as you expected it to be? Is it going well from your perspective? Are there disappointments? Big hold ups that prevent moving forward etc.? You get the kind of thing.

We thank you for the inquiry as to how it is from our point of view. As with every single moment that has never been a moment until that moment … we experience that which is new. We have an agenda to bring your Planet and all that is life within and upon her, into her rightful … new/as was … position.

We do not experience disappointment in the way that those upon Earth do. For we see EVERYTHING so very differently. That which you may consider to disappoint, is … to us/for us … just another step along the highway. It comes neither as disappointment or surprize … It simply is.

This pathway that WE ALL walk is never ending. One can choose how they would like it to BE … and through each and every choice, outcomes derive.

We understand that to be in the thick of it … in the density of your Earth plane … it is quite, quite different an experience from the one we are undertaking.

Yes, we come from a … Higher position/Vibration/ disposition/example. We have not … we … who are known as THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … experienced that position of Being a Human Being. Yet, we have become so much more Aware of the ‘workings of such’ through communication with those of you upon the Earth.

So many of you feel we cannot ‘hear your voice’. Yet, just because you FEEL you cannot hear ours, does not mean that we cannot hear yours.

We have picked up on so many understandings of ‘how feelings are’ from so many of you who are down there upon Mother Earth giving your All for the Highest Good of All.

We also, have no attachment to anything that crosses our pathway in knowledge … other than that of Love. That which connects each one to another ... therefore, us.

We are observers at this stage. We are monitors. We assess the levels of Energy and how they are progressing or otherwise.

We are the ones that gauge the levels of Energy to be brought through to your Planet … and work out the dynamics of how these Energies are to flow forth and blend. For, you know, some areas of your Planet are very different in Energy flow, from others.

So, do you mean that your ‘Sprinklings’ … as you call them, enter into are Planet at different rates/ levels … depending on where they are ‘falling’? I think you know what I mean?

As always Blossom, we can only use words that suffice as best they can. For in actual reality, the way we present to you that which we do, is … with the greatest of respect … how one may tell a children’s story. Not because the Human would not be able to understand, necessarily, yet, because there are not the adequate ways to explain exactly how it all works. Yet naturally, we will do our best to express.

Upon your planet there are many varied areas … You divide your Countries into States and for explanation purposes we would say that we do the same … although not into States in Countries … yet, into ‘States of Energies’.

If we were to send /sprinkle a level of Energy that was, for instance, too ‘advanced’ upon a certain area … it could cause much disarray and have the opposite effect from the original intention. Simply because the level sprinkled … was too ‘ahead of its time’ and that ‘State’ that was receiving it … was not able to absorb it in a comfortable fashion. Therefore, would make things feel and appear to be very topsy turvy. We would liken this to enjoying a glass of alcohol … yet, take too much and it can change the very nature of the soul drinking it.

Levels are equated in order to keep balance.

I am a bit confused. My mind is thinking, for instance, that the beautiful place where I live in Australia is of a High Energy Vibration … compared to one of a war-torn country. Yet, surely the war-torn country is in more need of the Higher Energy than the one I reside in, as where I am, is already doing very nicely, thank you!. It would seem unfair to give my place more of the Higher stuff and the one that really needs it … less.

It is not that we are giving less. We are pouring through the correct amount for its needs. The needs of a ‘Place of people’ MUST be controlled and monitored in order, as we say, not to cause mayhem.

All is part of a Divine plan.


The Energy of Love is all there is … in its multitudinous levels and disguises.

There IS no unfairness, as many assume.

I don’t know if I can agree with that necessarily. There is a very long list one could write when it comes to what seems fair and what does not. For instance … just flowing from my mind is … It does not seem fair that we as a race are denied are TRUE FREEDOM due to much control that millions are even unaware of … and may I add … all the unfairness to many souls who have been deeply and seriously and unwillingly, caught up in that.

We expect and KNOW and appreciate that you are tired. Some even bored of us repeating the same thing. Yet, ‘the same thing’ is the answer to so many questions!

You are entangled within the mix up of Energies upon Planet Earth. Yet … YOU KNEW … that this was going to be taking place when you were here. You agreed to come down … you were so eager to come down and assist in sorting it all out.

The bigger picture … from our perspective … is a very different one from the level of perspective that you are able to grasp … Being where you are.

Each one playing your appointed role … because you wanted to … because you chose to.

And yet, we mostly complain, I know. Yet, maybe we didn’t quite get ‘before arriving’ just how bad and sad and uncomfortable and confusing and desperate it could be!

Yet, you did. You were able to get a ‘Feel’ of it in order to make up your mind as to whether you take part on an Earthly level or not and although there was ‘great shock’ to the soul when experiencing the Feeling … you were also MADE AWARE OF THE PURPOSE … of the CHANGE THAT YOU WERE COMING DOWN TO MAKE.

YOU WERE MADE AWARE OF THE LOVE THAT COULD BRING ABOUT THIS CHANGE. You were able to ‘see into your future' as to how events would play … out/through … and lead that which you consider to be an abomination of Truth, through into a LIGHTED programme.

Programme? Lets’ jump down that little rabbit hole shall we?

Yes, Blossom. Programme. Again, words … do not/cannot … express correctly. So we use the nearest thing to it. Programmes are written with a basic foundation. Would we say, a basic script running through them. They have potentials that may or may not be reached …and the Energy Codes within each programme adjust automatically, depending upon Energy Codes that coincide … and/or … match up to … plans within an individual or a whole.

We would suggest that should a particular programme be written for a Future Race and a design encrypted for its whereabouts and behaviours … then as ‘one consciousness’… this is ‘plugged in’ and accepted … for one to play the game.

If you like ... the Codes are the instructions. Keeping in the understanding that Codes change with every second. One’s individual Coding is designed for exactly that … each individual! And one becomes more Aware of the workings of such … not through needing to know the Codes, yet, from the Feeling that they are in alignment with the Coding.

We are correct are we not … that when one is ‘On top of the world’ … there is nothing quite like it?

In the same way as when one is Feeling on the bottom of the world … nothing quite like that either!

You see, Blossom, when one is on top … it is that the Energy Codes of the Higher Levels are connecting with the Energy Codes designed in the soul … and all works together in Divinity.

And when one is on the floor?

It is the same. One’s Energy Codes are matching up with the levels of Coding that ‘match up’ with that.

Now THAT … is unfair! Surely, when one needs a helping hand, the last thing they need is to align with lower vibrations/codes that will keep them there?

Yet, most are now very much Aware of the Law of Attraction. The Codes that are conducted within you … attract the … aligning /matching … Codes . This is how the Law of Attraction works.

So, are you saying that our ‘thoughts’ are Codes? For I know if we need to change our Vibration to a better one … we need to change our thoughts to better ones.

Bingo! As you would say. Your thoughts are running Codes. You do not need to understand them.

That’s a blessing!

Yet, it is helpful to know.

Why? Just out of interest. Why would knowing that are thoughts are Codes make any valuable difference?

Because of VISUALISATION BEING ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS YOU HAVE. As you ‘lift’ your thoughts … imagine too, sometimes … the matrix of numbers. Like a computer running through your Being. You do not need to see particular numbers. Yet, see them getting Brighter. Perhaps sometimes, Imagine them like on your machines, where they line up and hit the jackpot.

To be Aware of Codes changing for the Highest Good … Meeting up with Codes outside of yourselves … for the Highest Good … can make a huge Energy shift for The whole! Imagine numbers, symbols etc. floating out of your head and finding their partner in the atmosphere. A little like a computer game. Each time one connects … you get points!

This may seem a little childlike. Yet, we would say that at this time your Beings are in great need of this and to have some fun amidst all the pressure would not go amiss and at the same time ... have such an effect as to that which you cannot imagine.

We speak of pressure. There is indeed, such pressure upon your Planet and if we were to put it in terms of a pressure cooker … we would say most definitely that the lid is about to blow!

Hold on to your hats!

Will do! Have been! … and shall continue to do so for as long as it takes! Thank you. Nice to be back chatting.

Likewise. Our love reaches out to Each One.

In Gratitude, in Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - November 24, 2018

November 4, 2018 - Session

Hiya, once again. Perhaps we could continue on from last week’s chat regarding the Energy tripling of late and how that is affecting our physicality? Would that suit?

It would be most agreeable to do so. It is obvious to those who chose to become aware of the fact that not only are Energies changing much of the way you choose to think and behave … they are ‘Taking their toll’ on your bodies, also. We use the term ‘Taking their toll’ due to the fact that for many, they are finding struggles with their physicality in one form or another. Aches and pains and unusual ‘markings’ are noticed.

Unusual markings?

Indeed. Many are noticing ‘patterns’ forming on their skin which were not there before. There is no cause for alarm. It is simply a section of blood cells/flow that are increasing in their dynamic intensity.

Meaning exactly what?

All the workings … the 'miraculous' intentions of your design ‘within’ the physical flesh are ‘re-arranging themselves’ into a Higher format. Increase in blood flow can make one feel quite dizzy it seems.

Why do we need an increase in blood flow?

To match the increase in Energy. EVERYTHING is stepping up. EVERYTHING.

If your inner workings were to remain the same as they once were, one would find themselves not being able to keep up with the pace of ‘their’ life. These subtle, yet, powerful changes within cannot take place without causing awareness of focus in particular parts of the body.

Strange tingles can be felt throughout the body. A little like a blood rush … for this is what it is! We would also say, that the quality of blood is also transmuting into a richer variety.

The Heart is very much alerting one to its presence and its rhythm can often become out of sync for short periods of time. This is as it is adjusting to a new pace, also. The regular rhythm of a beat is being ‘slowed down’.

I thought you were going to say speeded up.

No. In the case of the Heart, it is slowly slowing down in order to pump through the richer variety of blood. The slowing down also, allows one’s disposition to be of a more relaxed persona.

Eyes … can become blurry at interim periods. Vision is astute at times and at others, quite the opposite. Eventually a sharpness of quality shall ensue.

Ears … are a ‘strange affair’ in that they are reacting quite differently to many. ‘Sound’ is of upmost importance to the upgrade of self-preservation. It is most beneficial for one to quietly listen to ‘tones’ of chimes or bowls or musical notes … or wind and rain … or ‘OMing’. To listen to all ‘majestical’ sounds and tune into the Vibration of them, helps greatly in grounding these adjustments that are taking place.

Many souls have always struggled with tension in the neck and shoulders … ‘Carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulders’ could not be a more accurate of statement.

Yes. Why is it we carry so much tension there?

Because it is support to the head … and much goes on inside the head!!

Makes sense!

However … at this time as upliftment of ‘All that is’ progresses … there is also, the fact that structure in the neck and shoulder area is amending itself to a more appropriate figure.

I’m all for that, let me tell you. Bring on the ‘More appropriate figure’! I’ve been searching for that all my life!

We are aware of the humour stated. Yet, we would say this is more in the ‘carriage’ area.

Hopefully not the ‘undercarriage’, as my mother, Bless her, used to call the Nether regions of the body! How that made me laugh!

We are not speaking of these ‘Nether regions’ at this point. We return to the ‘carriage’ within the neck and shoulder arena. Necks are lengthening. In a Lightened attuned physique it is more comfortable for the ‘stem’ from the head to be thinner and lengthier.

Very much like E.T.s?

Indeed. Everything within the body is ‘working its way back’ to a Lighter form. The very structure of it shall become Lighter. Bones, muscles, tissues, organs … everything is returning into a Lighter form of itself.

You say returning? If we were to go back as far as the ‘cave man’ physique, I wouldn’t say there were exactly ‘Front page Vogue models’ by any stretch of the imagination.

Then stretch your imagination back, way before that. To times when ‘you’ came from other Planets to venture onto/into this new territory that is now called Earth.

What was it called then?

It originally had no name. It eventually was given two or three that are not of your pronounceable format. In time different Vibration of sounds ‘stuck’ … ‘Earth’ being one of them.

As density of Vibrations formed over thousands of years, so too, the density of the physical form had to ‘change alongside it’, in order to adapt for survival.

And now the same is taking place. Yet, as we say … back into a form that is suitable for the Lighter Vibrations that are returning.

We state here that we are not saying to ignore certain ailments that may require attention. Yet, we are choosing to make one aware that many ‘niggles’ that seem more intense than usual, are ‘probably’ the change in you ‘beginning’ to occur. Breathe into them. Breathe into the ‘aware area’ … with your smile … in the Knowing that your body is Lightening up.

Many are ‘discovering’ the need to change their diet. Or, the need to hold back from certain ‘amusements’ for the body … which the body is not actually amused by at all.

An example?

Certain drugs … certain foods that one enjoys … are no longer as enjoyable due to the ‘after effect’ that occurs in these days. The Body … the Lighter Body … is unable to tolerate certain densities of certain things.

We spoke last time of alcohol. The effect it has will no longer be such a requirement as many are ‘coming into their own’ … and finding ways to relax and ‘chill out’, as you would say, without the ‘after effects’ that are now most uncomfortable. One may enjoy the drink at the time yet, not the reprisals of it.

We ask not for one to have to try to make any of these changes. Yet, to simply allow the changes to feel agreeable. Without effort.

Much food and that which is contained within it, cannot be tolerated by the body. Rejection symbols (?) are obvious. Reactions to ‘poisons’ are more prominent and one is now recognising what the body will and will not … can and cannot tolerate.

Choice in ‘Well-Being’ is becoming very apparent for so many now.

When one becomes aware of the ‘injection’ of negative forces that are within much intake to the body through deception of ‘scrumptious’ … there are decisions to be made for the Higher good of preservation!

This new Lighter Being that you are becoming would like to reside in a new Lighter body. So many are turning to ‘ground forces’ that have been monitored by themselves and harvested with Love.

Food is for the nurturing of the body. To help it thrive. This ‘food’ process has been processed beyond recognition for ‘convenience to fit life style’.

Yet, one is recognising it is not the style of life that is serving.

Ask for ‘understanding’ and assistance from your Higher self … from Divine Source … to naturally bring these changes about within your Being.

State your desire to serve the body, mind and soul for the Highest good of all … and allow the wisdom to pour into your thoughts on matters such as these.

Listen to YOUR soul. Listen to YOUR body. Listen to YOUR feelings and act accordingly.

The pleasure that comes from doing so is ‘proof manifest’ that you are indeed, on the right path.

Thank you for that. Very interesting and quite different from usual perhaps?

We desire to be of service in any way we can during these ‘transformational’ experiences.

Until next time then. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - November 4, 2018

October 28, 2018 - Session

Good morning. Great excitement ensued after your last channelling about the Energy cubes. Shall we continue forth in the same vein?

Good moments of Joy throughout your day also, Blossom. The Energy surrounding the Energy cubes is indeed uplifting to the soul. For when we say we have tripled the amount being ‘sent through’ … you can also be aware of the fact that DUE TO THIS … all that you think and put into action is being tripled in its Vibrational intensity also. Therefore, it is most wise to be vigilant of all thoughts and feelings, for if one’s thoughts were not of the Highest for all … one may find themselves feeling completely out of sorts.

Be conscious of that which you offer in thought to yourself and all that is. If a thought does not ‘resound in one’s heart’s Truth’ simply because the way one maybe feeling in that moment … then be astute enough to recognise it instantly and CHANGE it into a thought that does. The thoughts that come from a Loving place to all/for all. You will very quickly recognise in your own ‘space’ the lift in Vibration of your own soul, by doing so.

I have to say, I am enjoying these Energies and MY thought patterns seem to have ‘upped’ a good few rungs of the ladder. Much more natural thoughts of Gratitude and things of the like, rather than having to ‘think to do them’ sometimes. They seem to be just flowing through my body.

Because, if you are thinking Gratitude … then that thought of Gratitude shall be tripled in its intent. ALL THOUGHTS SHALL BE TRIPLED IN THEIR INTENT. This is why many are ‘going through the mill’, as you would say … because thoughts of say, despair, or frustration, or anger, will be tripled in their intensity.

Best keep very vigilant then!

This is so. Yet, KNOW it is within Each One to BE OF LOVE. THAT IS WHO YOU ARE. So, just BE YOURSELF!

Yet, down here on this Planet, much of our ‘self’ has been ‘in’doctrinated with sadness and depression of ‘what is’.

Then ‘out’doctrinate those thoughts. You are all so much further along your pathway now. You are all so much more in alignment with your TRUE SELF. Therefore, you are all so much more aware of what serves and what does not.

If you choose to ‘wallow’ in untruths … in fact, blatant lies … to sway you off course, then know that ‘wallowing’ will feel tripled in your Being. So, if you KNOW that is the case … why do it?

I don’t!

Hence your uplifted soul self!

Yet, with respect, I don’t live in a country that is very confused with the political state of affairs and what is taking place. Actually, aren’t all countries like that? Yet, you know of which I speak. Therefore, people living in that ‘land of the free’… feel they are drowning and are in great disbelief and despair.

And that disbelief and despair has tripled in their soul’s Energy. Tripled! This is why we ask you to not become so involved in this side of things. For it is most uncertain as to who is doing what … for what purpose, is it not?

Probably. I don’t get involved! Yet, I understand that others feel the need to … for they feel their lives are not in their own hands.

Thank you. You took our lead. The fact is … their lives ARE in their own hands. If they were to remove their thoughts from the political mayhem and move onto a different ‘track’ … they would find their spirit tripled in thoughts of good and hopeful excitement.

There is SO very much to get excited about. May we suggest to you that all this backlash, all this confusion and unbelievable propaganda is designed to ‘keep you off track’? Off the track from your rightful journey. It is unbelievable! As it should not be believed. For so much of it is not of Truth. Your thoughts are swayed one way or another in a whirlwind of thought provoking turmoil. This, Dearest Souls … DOES NOT SERVE YOU!

Do you wish for these ‘tricks’ to see out their intention? Of course not. Therefore …





Now, in these times … when you ‘make the effort' to do so … you will come across a ‘different you’. As you said earlier, Blossom … The LOVE and Gratitude within you is ‘working for itself’… now.

And I have to say it feels so perfect … so nice … so right … So Peaceful and Joyous. I could go on yet, I won’t.

We ask you not to ‘fall’ into these traps. You are better than that. You are stronger than that.

We’re sure you recall that we have said you are the ‘Strongest of the Strong’? You are upon this Planet to change it … to see this GRAND TRANSFORMATION take place.

You who were chosen are accomplishing this in such a Divine way. KNOW THIS.

Again, when we say, KNOW THIS … KNOW IT deep in your heart and that KNOWING shall be tripled in its KNOWING. Within that knowledge therefore, more strength builds. Strength of KNOWING TRUTH.

Can I ask if the blocks of Energy will at some point be quadrupled?

Oh indeed, yes. Yet, not for a while. We feel this is wise.

How is it gauged as to when?

By the binaural Codes changing rapidly.

Eh? Doesn’t binaural have to do with the ears?

Yes. And we stand by that which we have just said.

And … we’re off! Please continue.

Your Beings are, as you know, of highly physically, emotionally charged Energy. As this Coded Energy continues to flow onto/through your Planet, you will notice a change of a high degree taking place within your physicality, also. For it is being ‘Heightened and Lightened’.

You are Light in /of Essence and it is Light Coding that is coming through. We explained of the Coding forever changing within you and within the Energy ‘cubes’. As our thoughts become tripled in Lightness, the Light Coding from the Codes corresponds. This Light Coding then takes its place, once reaching a particular frequency and alters the tuning of the physical physique. Not only on the outwardly physical appearance, yet, much fine tuning will be taking place on the working WITHIN.

Sensory perceptors, for instance … the ears … will ‘start’ to pick up other worldly attunements. They will also, become acutely noise sensitive …as many are beginning to discover already.

Many of your little Beings coming into the Planet now, are already ‘tuned in’ to these Higher Energies and they find it very difficult to be within loud noise. Their sensoria are very sensitive.

You will notice that your eyes begin to see a ‘clearer LIGHT of day’. Same scene, yet, looking different. Your touch, when touching certain things of a Higher Vibration, i.e., flowers, water etc. … shall FEEL very different to you, as if you can feel all the elemental Energies that is their makeup.

Such wonders shall fill your soul. It is happening already.


Switch off your television screens and switch on your sensors. Make an effort to remove yourself from negativity and move yourself into nature. Walk instead of talk. Think instead of drink!

What? Indulge me if you would.

Certainly, Blossom. Many souls’ talk for the sake of talking. That which comes out of their mouths is not always of the Highest Vibration for the Higher good. Instead, it is so much more beneficial to take a walk in nature … and don’t talk … just listen to the wisdom of the trees and the flowers. Listen to the stories carried in the winds.

And the ‘Think instead of drink?’ I feel you are aware that I went to see the movie ‘A Star is born’ last night? Drinking being the downfall of the leading man.

This is so.

And yet, many need to drink. It helps them relax, switch off and escape.

Exactly. Escape from what?

Pressures. It just helps one to wind down at the end of a busy day.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Yet, are we not correct in surveying that many have had, as you would say ‘just that one too many’ and it therefore, defeats the entire process of a wind down?

Oh yes. I know many a soul who feels that way. That’s why I gave it up 14 years ago!

We are not saying not to drink. We are not saying NOT to do anything that one feels they would like to do. Yet, we would reiterate the tripling effect. One glass of alcohol in these times … is equivalent to three and due to the raising of one’s vibration … it takes very little for one to be effected by it.

These are not ‘must do’s’ … These are suggestions to assist you in your ‘expansion’.

It’s most odd you mention alcohol. Unlike you to bring up such a topic.

And yet, again we would say to be vigilant of your wellbeing. Maybe we will talk about this in more detail another time.

It is important in these days of yours, to treat yourself well. It will make a marked difference.

Well, I think many, many souls are getting on board THAT train. I feel many of us would be very interested in you giving us your perspective on the subject.

As with all our correspondence, Dearest Blossom, we TRUST that what we are offering assists Each One along their journey … in ways of understanding WHO THEY ARE. For when THAT is understood our mission is complete!

Many thanks as always, Guys! In Gratitude, In Loving service … I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - October 28, 2018

October 21, 2018 - Session

Hello Guys. Are you ready to go on this one? Where to start!

Let us help you. You are inquiring about a message we brought through eight years ago concerning vast containers aboard our ships … containing Energy.

Yes. All thanks to a certain gentleman who asked about them, due to your recent channelling regarding a layer of Light Ray around the sun.

Correct. We indeed, as perhaps assumed, ‘engaged’ this gentleman’s thoughts in order for him to ‘recall’ and then vigilantly go in search through the many hundreds of our messages, to find this particular message that we wanted to ‘bring up’. So, firstly we give Honour and Gratitude to this gentleman for his perseverance and service.

At this point, I'll put the channelling in from Feb 2010 ... the message you speak of, for it is absolutely necessary that this is read before we continue on. Is that right?

Very much so. Thanking you.


Good evening to you. Is it ok to have a chat? … Now is a good time for me.

Welcome to you sister of ours.

Now that’s an unusual way to address me.

And yet it is appropriate and of our choosing. We are most excited with the outcome of the [*healing] which took place with you just a few of your days ago. Blockages were removed on a level that will leave you astounded at the degree in which we can now work with each other. Where would you care to begin?

Oh! Um … Well, I think I prefer to leave it with you. You say you can read our energy so I’d rather leave it in your capable hands.

So be it. We graciously accept. Consider if you will, all those who have arrived at a place within their being that serves well. Consider the notion that in a very short while, and we mean this on your earthly terms … your world as it is now shall no longer be. You ask of what changes are to occur? We wish to instill into the core of your Beings that you have been preparing for this change for long enough and your Beings have adjusted to a level that much now is ready to begin. There is an attitude amongst the Higherarchy that [*dispels] a feeling of upliftment amongst the various ranks of ‘our community’. There is an area aboard many ships that has those who have been waiting …. just like you … to be of utmost excitement. All is being brought out from its storage units and checked and double checked to ensure that nothing can be misused or misinterpreted .

Could you explain what is exactly in these storage units … I am imagining it is something far more important than your winter clothes!!

Within blocks of vast containers there are preservatives that enable certain treasures from planes of a Higher vibration to be kept in their perfect format. These ‘preservatives’ allow us to maintain energies from other vibrations and present them in their Truest form. It is a delicate operation to bring these valuable assets into the openness of even one of our motherships. So precious are they in their form of glory.

I keep feeling that I am not talking to an energy that is actually on the ship right now …

This is so. We come from a level of understanding that is above those who are in a position of great importance upon these vessels that are to deliver to you The Light of the New World.

So, are you saying … those on the ship actually have the Light to give us?

Yes that is correct. Let us explain a little more for your minds to be able to accept that which we are offering in words this night.

For eons of your time it has been known by many that there are indeed Light ships in your skies. It is nothing new. And yet, it is only now in this day and age … that we can reveal Higher Truths … due to the upliftment of the vibration of your planet. The great plan is supremely on target and all is dwelling in its rightful place, in order for everything to come together in the Divinity of that which is proposed.

There are many more now on your earth that have awoken to their own Divinity, which has brought forth this great change that is occurring at this very moment and shall continue to do so. It is so very exciting for us to KNOW that we are on the brink of revealing the secrets that have had to be kept from you … purely because your world was not ready to receive it.

This Light of which we speak …. THIS DIVINE GRACE …. Again we stumble with the inadequacy of words … has travelled with the ‘Keepers of the Light’ in safety beyond measure … until such a time that it can be presented to you.

I can FEEL this pounding in my heart at the moment … and yet, it seems we are having trouble expressing that which you wish to say.

We shall persevere. It is merely the new vibration in which we are working that is settling down with both parties.

This Light … this treasure … is a gift to your world from a place that is not of substance. It is a purifying energy that when released into your atmosphere shall begin a photosynthesis of a nature as yet unknown to you. When this happens there will be noticeable changes that cannot be dismissed or denied.

May I ask in what way do you mean?

In a way that will send your senses reeling. For it will be obvious to you in a flash that all these knowings you have had regarding your New World will be happening and transpiring right in front of you. These new ‘sprinklings’ shall make headlines on your TV screens. Such new phenomena shall arise and cause much interest all over your globe.


We thought you may question our choice of words.

And your answer being??

We shall very gently be ‘sprinkling’ particles of this Divine Light energy a little at a time to your planet and allow it to do its work. It is that for a time ... it is possible for only small amounts to be diffused otherwise it could cause a little mayhem due to its immense power. The integration must take place gradually. Your physical bodies too shall notice a difference with this new energy. There will be a Lighter feeling within the actual physical body.

Marvelous … will my scales have proof of this …. I can’t think of anything more magical!!!

It will begin with a FEELING from within that will contain Lightness throughout the Being. As if one is experiencing at times as if they are walking on air.

This is fab news. Because as you are bringing this information through I can FEEL a touch of this Lightness you are speaking of. And let me say … it feels good!!

Let us then say … it is wise to keep grounded also. For one could become a little too deeply involved in the feeling … that the earthly matters get left behind … and yet we say this is not yet the correct time for that to happen. There has to remain the balance. That is one of the reasons many of you Light Beings are here. To bring in and anchor this new Light energy that we have so very delicately been looking after.

Now you sound like you are on/from the ship.

It is a little perplexing for you is it not?

Well, yes! One minute your on it, the next you’re not … I therefore ask you with the deepest respect … who EXACTLY are you?

And we would reply … we are the Bringers of Peace. We are not of your world. We are not of form. We that are communicating with you in this present moment are only of Light. Therefore we can be on /off as we see fitting.

We have spoken to you before regarding overseers of the overseers.

We are an embodiment of Light that is most happy to be working with this great plan and making sure that all is in place. We are the ones who make decisions regarding any quick changes that may have to be put in place. And yes … we read your thoughts … we are the ones who made the most serious decision to abort the mission that was promised on the date of your Oct 14th. This as you are well aware was not something for those in ‘lesser ranks’ to decide. It came from the Highest council and we can say that we chose well to do what we did. The outcome … had we gone ahead as planned would have been a miserable one for a vast number of those residing on your planet. When the time is appropriate we shall offer more information on that matter for we feel it is important that it is understood what actually took place. And yet we would ask you to be patient. For come the time when we choose to open up the realities of what we were confronted with, it will seem in perfect [*coergence] and be more fully understood.

Could you just talk a little more about this Light? I had never really thought of a new vibration, a new energy being transported in a ship. I had always imagined it would just sort of stream down from above!!

How can we assist in explaining to you what it actually is?

Perseverance I guess.

And yet, we would again stress that not all things of ‘our’ enlightenment can be expressed by us in a way that you are able to even visualize.

Keep trying …

The Keepers of the Light would be likened to what are known in your world as the Knights Templar. The Keepers of the Light are not of a regular disposition. They are of the Highest embodiment and they have been entrusted to protect this form of Light that is destined to bring in the New world into its existence.

That’s a pretty heavy duty task. How were these Keepers chosen and how many are there?

12. For it is of the divine number. How were they chosen? They were a distinguished band that presented themselves to the Highest council. The choosing of such a band of Light was undertaken through a series of what you would term as tests, and yet again, this is only a word that is appropriate for explanation purposes. The tests as such were undergone by The Keepers before they were in a position to present themselves. Not unlike in your world when young spirits are trained in a certain monastery to be of service when they are older. It is a very similar situation, and yet not in the same fashion, but this is the closest we can come to help you understand.

So …this Light then, travels on board under the greatest most sacred protection, until it is time to do what it is meant to do?

This is correct. You see dear one … It is not as ‘you may imagine’ a vast container in which this Light is stored. These containers harbour the … shall we say … condensed version. It is a never ending source that is contained within.

When you say The keepers protect it …. Who from??

From itself.

Which means?

This force of Light is of itself only. It knows only of itself ... Nothing else. It is ‘contained’ therefore in a way that is kept under control. For as we have said, if it were to be presented in its fullness … all at once … your planet would be close to … the word we would use would be … disintegrating.

So how do The Keepers protect it from itself?

By keeping it safe. The containers/chambers this source of Light resides in … is of an advanced technology that allows its compressed form to remain comfortable within.

These chambers are scanned and monitored in order to keep the treasure within, in its most appropriate state at any given time.

We seem to have digressed from that which we started out by speaking of. And yet it is of our intention now to disclose such things that until now have remained out of your knowledge base. Although we would say some are aware of this … and some will recall from their memory banks this information that is already known to them. For as we say…. Many of you are here to help anchor this Light as it sprinkles through.

Well, I am feeling as if we are coming to the end of our session for now.

Indeed this is correct. We would not wish to over indulge. For we are learning of the energy it involves upon your human form. It is not the same for us, yet we chose to be vigilant on your behalf.

Jolly Good! As long as you’ve got it all under control. I’ve really enjoyed tonight. Thank you for imparting that information. Good stuff what!!!

We bid you Adieu …

I would very much like to have an explanation soon as to why this “adieu’ thing has been happening lately. It never did before particularly … that I can recall. … and that definitely is to me a sign that my mate White Cloud is about.

All in good time dearest lady. All in good time.

Fair enough. I can handle that. Goodnight to you. Sweet dreams!!

Our realities! Until next time … We send our blessings to all .

[*healing] I was very blessed to receive a healing from a wonderful Light worker who was visiting Noosa last weekend. White cloud had asked her to do so, and yet when she visited, I said I was feeling so well now and didn't’ feel in need of a healing, so we had a cuppa and a chat instead. However … when I began meditation that evening, straight away I heard ‘you need to have the healing’. I called her the next day and she too had got through later in the day ‘it would be wise for Blossom to have the healing’. Who are we to argue? So I had it. And clearly it was necessary. Many thanks to a very special soul indeed!

[*Dispels] … I thought this an odd word to use. The dictionary says … as if by scattering. So I suppose it fits.

[*Coergence]. For the life of me I cannot find out what this word means … and yet it comes up in a few sentences when I Google it. If anyone can assist … many thanks. And let’s hope it makes sense in the sentence!!!

(Back to the present!!!)

Ok, so where to from here?

To continue on … These containers have been of service over these last years. We would say in your terms, approximately seven. Until that point the Vibration of your Planet was not of a frequency that would have been able to ‘fuse’ and benefit from them and would have caused mayhem should the Energies have been released too early. Too soon.

We would liken that which we speak of, to a large block of ice and ‘little cubes’ being severed from it and ‘melted’ and ‘sprinkled’ into your atmospheres. These particles of Energy are strictly measured. Like a recipe that must adhere to correct levels in order to produce the perfect cake!

Too much would not serve … Too little would do the same.

I guess ‘we’ would like to know what exactly this Energy is? What it contains?

Love, Dearest Blossom. These vast containers contain Higher Vibrational Energies of LOVE. It is as pure and simple as that … and yet, we understand why you would be thinking ‘well just pour the whole lot on this Planet because it sure could do with it’.

Yep, you read my mind!

This could not be tolerated by your present Energies. We would go as far as to say, that if this was to take place, your Planet would be reduced back to its original form … an Energy of Love. Nothing left. No world to speak of. No … nothing! Just back to LOVE … and this is not what you or ALL THAT IS, is trying to accomplish.

So many questions running through my head. So, why now? Why make it happen to bring this up again? For, let’s be honest … like so many of your communications, it could have been buried in the archives of time for ever!

Because NOW … is a/the time when we are not just doubling, yet, tripling the size of the ‘cubes’! This is why you are all GOING THROUGH SO MUCH! This is why you are hitting rock bottom and yet, next minute, soaring through the roof tops. The intensity of the Energy coming in has reached a ‘place’ where it is perfectly aligned in order to coincide with all that is to take place.

All that we have spoken of recently/ever is reaching a stumbling block …

What? Did I receive that correctly?

Yes. Yet, there is no cause for concern. In any way shape or form. For, we have seen it ahead. We are aware of it and therefore, we find it necessary to ‘amp’ up the Vibes and indeed, the situation. It is for ‘us’ to take control and make sure that this ‘blockage’ is immediately dampened down/out, so that we may all carry on along a smooth course.

Well, of course, I have to ask what this blockage is? Yet, already aware with respect, I will not get a straight answer.

For that would not be suitable. We play our opponents at their own game. Secrecy is best acknowledged in this particular case.

Fair enough. I won’t press further.

Yet, we shall continue in that vein to say also, that the ‘amping’ up of sending through the Energy in larger doses is silently, behind the scenes … having a greater effect than we ever thought it would/might.

It is, yes, causing turbulence in a fashion that upturns the Energy of the Beings who are conducting affairs that are certainly not of the heart.

This ‘driving force’ of Energy/Light-Love is causing many to ‘think again’! Rather likened to in your fairy tales when the wicked witch repents and becomes virtuous. This is happening more quickly than we anticipated and is most joyful to encounter.

What this stronger Energy also accomplishes, is to ‘wipe out’ and as we say, ‘upturn‘ plans that are underway to demolish ‘good’.


It is nothing new to many of you, that there are those in command /control of your Planet Earth that have an ideal to reduce the ‘numbers’ of those who live upon it. Their plans to bring this about are quite severe. Yet, there are certain Universal ‘Laws/Rules’ that have to be abided by and these plans that are underway are breaking all the rules.


Even though ‘they’ think they are getting away with it … intervention shall be called in to counteract such devious thoughts and plans.

No matter what any of you may have heard or read and maintained into your ‘thought system’ … it will not be ALLOWED to ‘go as far’ as the intent of the hierarchy that is in place.

We clarify, due to your thoughts Blossom, that by hierarchy, in this ‘placement’ we speak of those in a Higher ranking system that is NOT for the greatest good.

We would like to return to the Energy Containers.

Good. Should I here, neatly slip in about the ‘Pillars of Light’? I know it was the end of 2011 when you spoke of those. I know, because I threw a tantrum and decided to ‘knock off’ our communications for a while due to a misunderstanding of time zones! So, are these containers part of the Pillars of Light?

Yes, they are. Very much so.

If you recall, in the channelling through of the message of old … we explained that the ‘Energy blocks’ were a condensed version. For want of a better way of putting it.

An easier way to ‘show’ would be that of a small piece of sponge and when immersed in water ... it expands. A poor, yet, understandable analysis!

Therefore, when the timing is correct … certain ‘portions’ of this block are carefully removed, and released into your Energy fields.

You want to say something else about before they are released, don’t you?

Yes. Thank you … it was a matter of order of wording. Yet, to slip back into the position of portions being carefully removed … they are then … …

Wow! We are both struggling here to get this across. Words, words, words. As you say … so inadequate. I can see in my mind what you mean, yet, no words to express. Let’s keep on trying.

Many thanks. These portions are then … ‘sectioned’ and … how would we say in your terms? The easiest way being … put into ‘Chambers’, where their ‘role’ is made clear. In that … within these ‘Chambers’ … information is ‘infused’ into them. When complete, they are ‘sealed’ and ‘treated’ before being released into/onto your Planet.

I fully get that this is merely a way of trying to interpret to us what happens. For we do not have your technology that you are using in our ‘thought waves’. Dear God, I sound quite intelligent!

This is exactly right, Blossom. So much more is involved and yet, inexpressible.

I may have asked before, yet, what kind of information?

Information that your Beings already know and yet, have not been ready /in a position to receive.

Information that makes total sense as to your next ‘moves’.

Information as to exactly what it is that you are to do next.

What? Each one of us? Just a few? What? How does it work?

It is of a majorly complex design. As these Pillars move through your skies (some visibly, some not) … they will ‘deposit’ information into the Beings who need to receive it. Different information for some, than others. It is a matter of coding … which takes us onto another ‘track’ altogether.

Lordy Lord! I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to!

The codes within each Living organism, each soul, are unique and individual and as we have discussed before, are ever changing. The codes within the Pillars and the Energies coming through from these containers are ‘matched’ and change correspondingly to ‘fall into place’ with its ‘Twin Energy’ as it moves through.

This is AMAZING! Although, mind boggling and very much ‘out of this world’ … it somehow is computing with my understanding … and believe me, I 'aint no rocket scientist! So, you are saying … in a nutshell … that these Pillars of Light … and also, just in general the tripling of the cubes of Energy coming through … are informationally coded? These codes are ever changing to coincide with the ever changing codes that each and every individual upon the Planet has with every thought … and when ‘passing by’ … matches up with/drops into … that particular individual … the information that he/she/ is designed for?

In a nut shell …YES.

If I thought it appropriate to swear in these communications, I could be dropping one that begins with F right now and in capitals! Not only that … I can’t believe I have followed all this!

You have followed it well and easily. You underestimate your capabilities greatly.

Actually, I am well aware that my understanding is because you are assisting me in doing so. Yet, I will accept the compliment! I feel we are done for now … and also, taking into account that all this is added on to the 2010 message; so, many souls’ brains may be frazzled by now.

Once again, we thank the gentleman for his devout search. We know you would not have had the time or inclination or patience to do so.

Correct! I know he is over the moon just by the fact that I said I would certainly be bringing it up in the next channelling. In his words ‘What an unexpected treat I received scouring about 5 years’ worth of your writings. It felt like I had stepped into some kind of "TIME MACHINE" and was soaring through a GOLD & GEM filled chamber.’ Maybe a reminder for us all when we have nothing better to do (???) to do the same!

Many thanks Guys. It just gets more and more ‘out there’. So unreal, from all that I grew up with … yet, so ‘real’ in my soul’s acceptance of Truth … In Gratitude, In Loving service, I AM.

We very much enjoy our communications and are also, in much Gratitude to be of such service.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - October 21, 2018

October 12, 2018 - Session

Hello. Well, after a three week break and not being able to get through to you yesterday, I suddenly feel LIGHT headed and feel you are here. Go for it!

We thank you for heeding our request. Indeed we are eager to speak with you. Yesterday, your Energies were not conducive to our needs. In fact we would say, it was not just your Energies that were causing the ‘no go’.

Our weather is torrential at the moment, I don’t feel that is helping.

Correct, and yet, we can ‘clearly’ reach you in this moment of your time.

I am sort of hesitant to bring this up, in case it is not what you were requiring to speak of, yet, I guess you’ll let me know. In that … It will be ten years this weekend that you had to abort the mission of having vast ships appear and remain in our skies for three days. (Oct 14th 2008). Ten years. WOW!

We are indeed keen to speak of this as a matter of urgency.

Uh oh! Meaning?

Meaning that we wish to jog memories for those who are aware of that time. There was much expectancy, much hope, much excitement. Many experienced ‘something quite phenomenal’ and many experienced much disappointment, which sadly turned into anger and hate.

Directed like arrows straight at me, as I recall!

Indeed. Yet, with the greatest respect you survived, as we knew you would. Aborting the spectacular show was necessary, as much damage would have fallen upon your Planet and Human kind, if we had not done so. Those with a lesser than Light agenda knew for sure that YOU/THIS was no hoax and were not prepared to let ‘US’ enter into your skies in this way. In this ‘portrayal of TRUTH’. If we had gone ahead we would have surely been allowing unnecessary destruction to MOST of your Planet.

Much water under the bridge in these ten years … and many, many thousands still hanging on to your every word. That’s got to say something for who you are.

And may we say … who YOU are.

Aw Shucks! A little embarrassed, yet, that’s what came through.

We would then Lighten that embarrassment with the addition of ‘who YOU ALL are’. For inside each one, your Truth is prompting you to follow our words. Even though what ‘did not’ take place as planned, could so easily have ‘turned you away’. Yet, here you are, and many, many more on board since.


TRUTH is within you. TRUTH is the knowledge of KNOWING TRUTH!

You have steadfastly held on to your TRUTH and allowed it to lead you onward.

So many times have you been battered and blown around by the harsh winds that have prevailed and yet … your core … your roots remain embedded in the LOVE/LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

Even though you may sometimes feel like giving up … you never will. You cannot.

For you are Warriors of Light and you are here to see your mission through … and you ARE doing … and you shall/will.

So close now … So close to so much change.

Change that has been going on behind the scenes … and yet, you shall find that suddenly …

ALL WILL BE REVEALED … As if the curtain fell and all that was hidden behind it, will now be exposed.

Many of you are confused and would we say even ‘afeared’ of what is taking place in your world at this time. One does not know who or what is working for the Light. So much is being branded about, that one does not know which way to turn.

We say … Turn Within … Within YOU. You do not need ‘US’. You do not need anyone or anything to go within side of yourself and ask LOVE to be your ONLY GUIDE.






We express this over and over and shall continue to do so.

Let go of fear and concern. Channel your Energies into sending LOVE to your Planet and those within and upon her.

Whenever fear or confusion arise … thank it. Thank yourself for recognising this is not of your desire and consciously ... immediately ... CHANGE that Energy into LOVE.

SMILE. Put a smile on your face and breathe in deeply … In your mind’s eye visualise a field of flowers opening up from a bud into full bloom. Visualise a dolphin jumping out of the ocean and splashing in play. Visualise an angel wrapping their wings around you. Visualise your entire Planet holding hands with one another and laughing …


Rise above all that you are being bombarded with.

Listen to us, Dearest Souls and we ask you to listen well.

All that you are presented with in so many forms … is to distract you from THE TRUTH.

Yes, we understand that you are living in your world, upon your Planet … (or so you think) …

Yet, it is an illusion. This is not the first time we have spoken of this.


If you do not know what to believe … then do not believe any of it!

Yet, YOU DO KNOW how to breathe and visualise a world that you want. EVERY BEING ON YOUR PLANET KNOWS HOW TO DO THAT.



The Energies that are coming in now are SO STRONG … SO POIGNANT … SO DETAILED.

They carry within them ‘Jewels of wonder.’

The Light contained within them CAN BE absorbed by you. Yet, you must be willing to accept them. Accept them by KNOWING THEM to be what they are.






As you allow them to penetrate into YOUR individual Energy you will Feel/ Experience the heightened level of yourself as the Energy coming in co-joins with your Energy … for it is one and the same. Would we say … an addition to.


KNOWING is so much more of a signature. Believing /hoping is all well and good and on the road to … Yet, if you want to get there and get there fast … KNOW THIS TO BE TRUTH.

YOUR POWER in much HIgher doses is contained within this combination!

TRY IT OUT. See for yourselves.

I have to say, my third eye is about to take off right now!

It is connecting and adjusting to the Higher Energies, Blossom.

We are so very excited regarding what is to come about.

As we watch over and recognise each one ‘coming into their own’ … we revel in the Joy that this shall bring for One and All.

Good Lord Maud. I have to say, it will be so good for this to come about. We have been waiting for what seems like eons.

And yet … in ‘real’ terms, there has been no time at all. Just a movement … an expansion of self. Walking into one’s Truth … one step at a time.

Indeed … at a ‘time’.

At a time when the most Glorious of revelations shall be what they say they are ... revealed.

Such ‘Re’joy’cing’ as one recognises TRUTH . Such Celebration when one has become TRUTH.


We and so many, are walking alongside you … all the way.

The time is coming when WE cannot be denied. No one shall be in denial of ‘US’ even though they say they are.

More and more shall our vessels of Light enter into your atmospheres. More and more spectacular Light shows shall be on/at hand.

More and more shall we display maneuverers of a different kind, leaving in our trail … evidence that proves beyond doubt and questionability that we are from ‘elsewhere’ and yet, more importantly, that WE LOVE YOU.

Evidence of such facts will spread so fast and such excitement will build momentum. It shall be like a crescendo as an orchestra climaxes … ONE WILL KNOW US.

And …


Some think that there could be false flags. Perhaps even showings of ships disguised as you and yet, not.

Dearest souls … even with much secrecy of technology held by your human kind … NOTHING can PRETEND to BE US! When trying to do so … it shall be very obvious as to which is which!

Breathe and smile! Breathe and smile! Breathe and smile.

If you can do nothing else in these coming days … do this!

I have been. I know I mentioned it before … yet, it works so well.

This is why we mention it again.

We are showing you an image of your world map and pin points upon it. One would use this to ‘mark out’ a certain conglomeration of a particular thing. We show you this, as if this is what we see when one is breathing and smiling, breathing and smiling. Many, many, many pin points Lighting up your world. Strength in Numbers, Dearest Souls. Strength in numbers.











In Gratitude of WHAT IS.

You are almost there, Dearest Souls. Almost there.

That would be nice. I won’t put my slippers on just yet though. Thanks Guys. You have given me/taught me so much over the years. I am happy to me NOW. For there was such a huge chunk of my life when that wasn’t the case. Oct 14th for me, brought a new strength within me. A deeper Trust in you … and it is SUCH AN HONOUR to bring these messages through. I am deeply humbled that you consider me worthy. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

ps. Can’t help myself … A massive fly over on Sunday 14th would go down a treat! Preferably over Noosa QLD. HA-HA. Thank you! I'll put the kettle on!

pps. A message from me...

Perhaps this Sunday Oct 14th ... you would do me the honour of taking this 'Invocation' into your Being and feel it in your heart.Many for the 1st time. UNITED WE STAND, Dearest friends, AS ONE. Many thanks.

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Blossom Goodchild - October 12, 2018

September 22, 2018 - Session

Good morning! A fine morning indeed in my world. Your tip the other week of taking deep breaths and smiling at the same time is an excellent one. Especially when one is not in the mood to do so … It really makes a difference. Thank you! A burning topic is as to why many Solar Observatories have been shut down all over the world? I haven’t had time to look into it much and also, I don’t like to be influenced by reading about things, when I know I am going to bring it up with you. Your thoughts if you please?

Welcome to you, Dearest Blossom. We can tell immediately that your Vibratory functioning is ‘off the wall’ as you would say.

Yep. I am in an exceptionally good mood this morning.

The topic of the Solar Observatories has allowed your screens to become abuzz with speculation. No one has really given an answer as to why, one in particular, seemed to cause so much ado!

Can you now do so?

Our words will be cautionarily expressed in conjunction with safety factors on, would we say perhaps … a ‘need to know a little bit about’ basis.

Your Sun … as many are aware … is not just a bright bubbly Lantern in your skies. It is far more than that! The Energetic frequencies that are emitted through it … have a vast array of purposes and are an indication of levels of ‘what is taking place’ all around. Not just your Earth yet, many other Planets within your Universe, also.

The Sun is not called ‘Central’ by chance! It is also one of … in fact we would say… thee largest Portal within your stratosphere … to date.

So, it’s a portal. Yet, used by who/what? As surely, one would fry up getting anywhere near it?

We would correct you here, Blossom. For ‘All is not as it seems’. Yes, the Sun’s rays give sustenance to your Planet in many forms. Yet, it has many layers to it … on many levels … within many frequencies and Dimensions.

I can see this is going to be one of those communications when I wish I was Tesla, in order to understand you.

Not so. Let us give you little bits of information. The Sun is indeed, a Portal into other Dimensions. It is the same Sun that appears on other Planets in other Dimensions, as the one you see in your skies.

How can this be?

Because of its incredible Source of Energy. Because of what it is. Because of its magic! It has a Power Source like no other. It can ‘pop up’ where required, in spaces and places that desire its Energy.

You have often been told or shown photos/videos of many fleets of ships, along with extraordinarily HUGE craft that have been captured on camera around this system. This is due, for want of a better way of expression … to it being a Universal fuel station! In that … craft are charged by its Energy … just by being within a certain vicinity of it.

Yet, don’t they burn up?

No. They have ‘protection barriers’ that keep them in ‘form’. Yet, also have devices that allow the ‘make up’ of the ships to absorb the extreme Energy / Power that this sphere has to offer.

To go into further detail regarding ‘refuelling’ would become a little too complicated to explain at this point, Blossom.

Ok. So back to the shut downs of observatories. What was that all about? I think they are now re-opening?

Yes, they are. We would make the suggestion that certain images were captured on screen that put the ‘powers that be’ into panic.

Images of what exactly?

Firstly, a larger than usual gathering of ships … which was enough to be cause for concern as to the reasoning behind this … and also, due to … how do we put this? … The motion of Radiant Energy that is ‘lifting’ from the surface.

Ok. Being no scientist, I know I need to now inquire about the talk of the Sun sending a Solar Flare out at some point, which many folk derive to be happening in conjunction with THE EVENT that you speak of. Is this what you mean?

It is. The Flare that is to occur derives from within the centre of this ‘station’. It is to be part and parcel of The EVENT … for the Energy that THE EVENT carries HAS to come from deep within this ‘ship’.

Ship? Station? Portal? Anything else?

Oh yes.

I thought you might say that!!

You see, Blossom … the Wave of Love that THE EVENT is to carry through … comes from the Ultimate Divine Source … Your True Home. Therefore, it comes through the Portal of THE SUN.

Even then, it will be filtered, due to its strength. Its fullness would be too much at this time, for your Planet to take.

A bit like when one is out in the sun … it just makes them feel better? Is this due to Source Energy coming through it?

Yes, indeed. Yet, THE EVENT is far beyond that feeling of ‘warmth and Love’ that is received on your, so far, day to day basis.

So, will this flare ‘contain’ the Energy of Love that will sweep over us?

Yes. It is the carrier of the Energy. It has been ‘traveling’ in a different form … a more compact form … through the star systems … through Dimensions … through just about … you name it … it’s travelled through it!

Hold on! What do you mean by that?

This Energy that will project itself from the Sun … started from Source. Yet, in order to BE what it is … it has had to ‘collect’… information/status/ … words far too numerous to mention … before it became ready to present itself through the Portal. Since doing so, it then had to ‘mingle’ with the Sun’s Energy and change its form ‘back’ into Light … and ‘hang around’ preparing its changed form … ready for ‘The Off’.

Deep breath … which is when? I know you just ‘aint gonna say!

We cannot. For again, Blossom … this is not a ‘time machine’! It will take place in accordance to/with many other factors … trillions of them … that must be in alignment in order for all to go smoothly.

Yes, I get that we Earthlings cannot possibly imagine what all of this entails. Yet, we DO KNOW that we were chosen to be down here to anchor the Love, to emanate the Love, whilst all of this is on the amber light … waiting for the Go! So, how come the observatories are now reopened?

Because after much investigation, nothing ‘solid’ … (we smile at the ‘anomaly’ we are using,) could be ‘nailed down’. Also, due to all the media hype … too many questions were being asked … and no reasonable answers … at least any satisfactory ones, were able to be given.

Yet, would you say … just pushing the boat out a bit here … that what was captured on camera … was representative of the fact that the said Solar Flare and all the trimmings that accompany it … were showing signs of ‘lift off’?

We wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘lift off’ … Just yet. We would say more in line with showing signs of …

I am seeing an image of great big chains being released from a huge circular Light all around the sun.

Would we therefore say … preparations are in the making.

And with respect, I would say … I won’t hold my breath. This could mean ‘any time’ from now to kingdom come!

Yet, it is so much further underway than perhaps you would expect.

There seems to be so many more sightings as you said there would be. So much caught on camera now. It is very exciting. Yet, I have TRULY, TRULY, TRULY come to the understanding within myself that … BEING down here now … is about BEING DOWN HERE NOW! IN/AS/OF/THROUGH our Highest expectations of ourselves. Learning to live within the laws of attraction … Learning to BE LOVE and LIGHT … Learning that this is what we are … this is what we came here to emanate. Because, by doing so, we are showing the way ... leading the way … and assisting others in their Awakening. The more that are ready to receive the Wave of Love, when it comes, the better it will be for the whole. So many seem ‘stuck’ in waiting for it to happen … instead of BEING of Light and Love.

You are correct, Blossom. We understand that there are ‘states of affairs’ upon your Planet that bring one down deeply into a ‘humdrum’ existence … yet …












Thanks Guys … as always. So uplifting and encouraging. In Gratitude, in Loving service … I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - September 22, 2018

September 14, 2018 - Session

Welcome my friends. Here we are again, after attempting to communicate last week, only to find I felt, that … the channel/my mind … was being hacked. I will see how today’s session goes as to whether or not to add what I received. So, What Ho! How art thou?

We are indeed well, Blossom. We are never otherwise. We would like to speak of that which took place in your last communication, for we feel it would be beneficial.


There are those that are clear channels/channellers and those whose intention is to offer disparate information with the intention to confuse and upset the apple cart, so to speak.

We are more than happy that you are able to distinguish between ‘Our Energy’ and the very moment in which an interfering source tries to intersect.

So, I was right then. Although, I felt I got the go ahead from White Cloud to continue.

You thought. Yet, when checking in later you realised you had perhaps misinterpreted the imagery given. [*1] Yet again, within the next paragraph, you saw correctly to discontinue and rightly so.

I will of course add the communication we are speaking of to the bottom of this one … otherwise no one will know what we are talking about! So, was it the content that ‘caused’ this? Or my tiredness? Or both?

Both. When one is tiring of mind, it is far easier for a ‘hacker’ as you call it to ‘break in’ … even though blessings and protection had been correctly placed.

This, in a way, is a good lesson for all. In that … the minute one feels the slightest bit uncomfortable about … even a word … it is always best to check in. Those who choose to intervene to the detriment of all, are certainly adept in ways of making them ‘seem/appear’ to be of the Light, by interspersing both Truth and untruths. Hence, as we say … their goal is achieved by causing confusion amongst the ranks!

So, would we be wise to continue on the same topic? I have to admit, it did cross my mind that it may not be safe to do so!

Blossom … it is not that … it is not safe/was not safe … for we would never do anything to cause you concern within these messages.

Well, not for a long time … (leaving Oct 14th 2008 aside shall we!)

In ways of your physical and mental safety. The hackers were to confuse … not to ‘attack’.

Ok. Well let’s see … where this goes/how far … this goes. I have to say … there is a small tension around my heart area.

This is due to the Energy we are bringing through, which is of a Heightened Vibration. For, cannot you also feel a light-headedness that is not usually present?

Indeed. I can. Is that also due to the same thing?

Yes and more. For we are … due to the raising of YOUR Vibratory trajectory …

You like that word…

… able now to be even closer in Energy … to your ‘mind’ and therefore, our connection is stronger which cannot help but manifest in a physical sense, also. In time it shall settle.

In time over weeks or, during this session.

During this session.

Moving on!

We spoke of treasures within your Planet and hence, the reason why all eyes are on you.

(I suggest to readers to now go to the end and read the ‘aborted channelling’ posted below before continuing reading here.)

You are /have always been exceptionally special Beings of Light. Existing within a Game that was created to experience one end of the scale to the other, within a human experience … and this has most certainly been carried out.

It is hard to fully believe we are special Beings of Light when one looks into our behaviour, compared to what we hear of Light Beings of Great Light and intelligence and advanced Enlightenment on other Planets.

And yet … we would perhaps say that you are in disguise. We have often stated ‘All is not as it seems.’ You are experiencing Life on Planet Earth, yes … yet, you are also BEINGS OF LIGHT ... of GREAT LIGHT … that are, would we say … fulfilling an agreed upon contract to bring about this Great Change that we speak of.

So, to go back to the treasures that all are waiting in anticipation to be uncovered … what is that all about?

It is about a GLORIOUS DIVINE uncovering of wonders. As we say … wonders that … had to be/are … in safe keeping until such time when ALL is ready to accept and receive that ‘returned’ state of Being.

Ok. I am going to just go for it and see where this leads. After the aborted channelling, I had a strong sense of a vast fleet of Light ships ‘bursting forth’ from under the pyramids in Egypt … and also, a strong vision of the sphynx. I looked it up afterwards, as I felt I had an inkling of this from information somewhere else before. Indeed there is speculation of something ‘underfoot!’ Interestingly when you sent through the words ‘Master Craft’ in the below communication, I THOUGHT you were going to say ‘Master craftsman’. Yet the ‘man’ bit didn’t happen. Am I on the right track?

Blossom, you are indeed on the right train (track) of thought. Although, not quite. In that, the craft are not actually ‘there’ in physical form … yet!

Were they ever?

Yes. The way to explain for easy understanding, is their ‘imprints’ were left behind long, long ago. So, we would say … they WERE present. They were imprinted deep within the Earth … and then they dematerialised … leaving a sleeping Energy … that shall remain asleep until the ‘unveiling’ is ready to take place. At which time … they shall rematerialize/reconstruct … under the ground … and shall also be ‘manned’ … Ready for the off. When all systems get the Green Light.

So many questions. Did this happen before or after the building of the pyramids and the sphinx etc.?

It happened at the same time. It was part of the plan. There was collaboration between Star Systems in order for this plan to come together. There are ‘history’ stories of the boulders being dragged from all around to make these pyramids. These stories do not speak of Truths of these boulders … doing as the ships … dematerialising and then reconstructing in Energy in the places they were required to be. There was much ‘magic’ encountered in order for this to be accomplished and brought to fruition.

So, is that the main reason for the pyramids? To have these Treasures hidden underneath?

There are many reasons for these collective Star Points. They certainly were not randomly built, and placed anywhere. They, as many are already aware … are perfectly placed … to line up to planetary movements … which in turn … work with Energetical Forces … that infuse these structures with unknown amounts of Vibrational Frequencies … that maintain ‘who’ they are and keep them ‘in working order’.

‘Who’ they are???

Energies of WHO they are. In the same way your Planet Earth is known as ‘Mother Gaia’ … These solid (yet, not) Portals are of the same ‘calling’ so to speak. They are ‘alive’.

Ok. Let’s have a little recap here shall we? In case I miss something!

1) So these pyramids are Portals?


All of them?

No. Purposefully so! One of the secrets!

2) They are alive?

Yes. And this is difficult to describe. They can be alive … They can be dormant/statically disarmed.

Many of our Light ships ‘work’ the same. In that … they are a living organism. They are controlled by thought. They respond to ‘Thought Energy’. It can be that the ‘driver’ of a ‘craft’ is a thought … ‘delivered’ ... to the ‘Energy make up’ of it … and it responds directly to that thought.

Yet ,without getting too involved in the ‘mechanisms’ of such things right now … ‘The Energy make up’ of a particular craft cannot respond to ‘any old thought that someone chooses to fling around!’ The particles that are its ‘make up’ must correspond with the ‘sender’ of the ‘Thought’s wave length’ … ‘Thought pattern make up’ … in order for it to connect and respond to.

And getting back to the pyramids … are we talking the same ‘structure’ of form here? I sound like I know what I am talking about! I don’t. Yet, I do!

We are. We would furthermore explain that both the … ships/crafts … and the structures … are coded. They are programmed. Nothing within those mogalyths [**2] … are of wasteful space.

Programmed for?


Ok. Hold the phone a minute! I don’t delve into ‘Ascension’ much. One step at a time. Let’s get The Event over and done with first! Yet … is THE RISING OF THE PHOENIX … Ascension?


WOW! What a mindblower! You are showing me fleets of ships everywhere, coming out of the Earth … meeting up with those in the skies … and … I am seeing the Planet actually rise up also … as if this merging of ships ( an other influences? ) causes this to happen! We have lit off!

This is the closest we can ‘show’ you in ways of understanding.

Yet, I do feel … this isn’t for a long while yet?

You are correct. This is in your future. Your future ‘you’s’ shall be part of this.

This … could not/cannot … possibly take place as this time for … in simple terms … it is not the time to do so. Nothing energetically is ready for such a happening. Yet, all that is taking place upon your Planet NOW is ‘building’ up towards this.

I know this is the end of today’s chat. I feel the nod from you. Well, blow me down with a feather. How interesting! Thank you so much. Far out! Perhaps, we should start writing Sci-Fi books together … You could make me a fortune! Loving your Energy. Loving your information. Loving you. In Gratitude … In Loving service … I AM.


Hello co-workers of Light. Not sure if my energy is conducive to a communication with you, as I am rather tired. Yet … no time like the present and life is pretty busy at the moment. So, here I am … reporting for duty!

Many thanks to you Blossom, for taking us into consideration within your schedule, of which we understand it is rather upbeat at this present time.

Always happy to ‘BE’ with you. A question many are considering is the possibility of meeting ‘Loved Ones’ that have passed, once The Event has taken place. I am not sure, yet, I think some other channellers might have said this would be? What do you have to say about it?

We would gently and persuasively say that it would not be the case in the manner that many are hoping for. In that … when The Event has ‘been and gone’ … one is not going to be in the same Dimension as souls who have passed over to … what White Cloud lovingly calls …‘The Summer Land.’

The Wave of Love that sweeps over your Planet will indeed lift one’s spirits, yet, not into the Dimensions where ‘spirits’, as you call them, reside.

However, we will clearly state that due to the upliftment, due to the Higher Energies, due to the feeling of Love that will have been raised beyond that which you can imagine … … those who are , as you say … on the other side … will be much more readily available, in the sense that their Vibration will now be much more in alignment with those on the Earth plane.

One will not be able to physically touch them, yet, it will be almost as if one can feel them … as their proximity will be right next door, for want of an easy way of description.

Many will be working closely with those that have passed over … and may we say there are many, many on the other side of the veil who are ‘raring to go’ … to assist in assisting. To give strength and encouragement to those who find themselves in the position of ‘sharer’ and acknowledger of what it taking place.

We are aware too, Blossom, that many write in to you who are of ample age and concerned as to whether or not they will ‘Be around’ for THE EVENT. If it is meant to be that there flesh and bones are no longer in use … then this does not mean that their soul is also made redundant. Not by any stretch of the imagination.


Many, most, consider it to be more on the lines of lifting Planet Earth into a Higher Vibration, which indeed it will. Yet, let us categorically state … THIS IS NOT ASCENSION. It is perhaps preparation for … YET, IT IS NOT ASCENSION. That is later and is a different thing altogether.

So, that which we are encouraging you to understand is that it is so much more than … as we say … the raising of the Vibration of the Planet Earth. By THE EVENT taking place … it shifts ALL THAT IS into a Higher place also … it cannot not! Therefore, all eyes are on you. You souls of Light upon Earth. For it is known that the shift in Energy … will shift each and every one … and every Planet and Universe and Galaxy … Literally.

Really? Yet, with respect, we are the size of a crumb compared to ‘what is out there’. How can this be?

Because your Planet carries with it, within it … jewels of untold mysteries. A benevolence that is contained within its Majesty that no other Planet has.

Woah! Hold on a minute! This is HUGE! Like what … I mean what are you talking about?

This, Blossom is why … exactly why … all eyes are on you!

Clarifying you mean our Planet and not me, Blossom Goodchild?



The secrets of ancient days lay buried within Master Craft that are yet to be revealed … They were buried in/for safety … so that those who do not /did not have the Highest Good of all in their plan were unable to retrieve them. Although we would say, that ‘some of these priceless gems’ were discovered due to skulduggery … and when in the wrong hands, set into play much that went awry upon your Planet.

However … Knights in shining armour … sworn to secrecy … courageously went to their deaths in order to keep these secrets safe.

Wait. Wait. Wait! So, is there anyone on the Planet who knows of these and where they are?

Blossom, this is hard to explain. These secrets are only to be … will only be uncovered … when your Planet is in safe hands! If your Planet was not completely rid of the darker energies that still wish to deceive, it would be far too dangerous for even a hint of what they are to be uncovered.

We would comment that yes, there are a sacred few who are in knowledge of such things. Yet, they do not know that they are at this time. For it would not be beneficial for them to know that they are the keepers of these sacred mysteries … until such time when they are called upon to ‘unleash’ them.

To be honest guys I do not feel happy about that word ‘unleash’ … that sort of makes me think of setting the dogs on someone … (I checked in with White Cloud and I feel safe to continue) … yet, could you clarify what that means to you?

In our thoughts we think of terms of ‘set free’ … unbound from shackles …

I am at a loss as to where to go from here … like … this is a real humdinger you have suddenly dropped in out of the blue … I guess the way forward is to ask … what does it all mean?

It means that the keys to the kingdom are presented. Ways of tenure will change greatly for the benefit of all … Understanding of riches , not just of the soul … yet of universal guidance , into the future will be prompted to reveal uncovering’s that undermine necessary trajectories in order for circumferences to stand tall.

Guys, does that even make sense?? I think not. I am questioning whether to continue, for I feel I am perhaps getting interference through due to subject matter. I checked in again with White Cloud and felt he was suggesting I cease with this communication as indeed ... this last paragraph to me is gobbledegook! So annoying, because I had this ‘time frame’ to channel. Hey Ho! … All is as should be. I shall continue another time ... I just have to find it! What on Earth is this all about? (End of communication.)

[*1] * I received an image of "The sword of Light'held by Archangel Michael. After I had aborted I checked in on that ... and sensed that it was more an image for me to put up my protection rather than it being Ok to continue. You live and learn ... always!

[**2] I definitely got the word “Mogalyth’ … and yet when I googled it I found one book called The Mogalith Builders’ … Everything else was the word “megalith’ for large stone structures. Surely the woman who wrote an entire book would not spell the title wrongly!! Just saying!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - September 14, 2018

September 1, 2018 - Session

Hello once again and welcome to my head!! I have a few questions from readers that I am hoping will blend nicely together. So, let us begin, if all is in alignment with /for you?

The warmest of Greetings and Joy sent to all, as this communication is accepted into each heart and allowed to resonate with the Truth of their Being.

Thank you. Nice start! A beautiful soul wrote in asking me to follow up in my newsletter expressing the ‘feeling’ I feel when your Energy takes me into overwhelm and tears instantly flow. He felt that many are unable to ‘reach’ that state and therefore, may need a helping hand. On the premise that if we ALL FEEL IN THAT STATE as often as possible, it will bring THE EVENT about sooner rather than later. I do not feel that way all the time, yet, these days, I have to say I am in a beautiful space … a lot! Would you be able to assist us in getting to feel this way on a regular basis?

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls … May we suggest that by simply taking four of five deep breaths and smiling as you do so … even though you may not be feeling like smiling … will change your disposition immediately. If one were to do this throughout the day when thinking about it, for it takes but a few minutes, they will more readily be able to bring themselves into alignment with the FEELING of that which you speak.

The more this is practised the quicker the state shall be reached, so that in the end, just one deep breath and a smile will take you there.


To the state of Peace. To the state of Joy. To the place within the self that KNOWS everything is in order and flowing with the Grace of the Divine.

And to assist … what exactly does that /should that feel like?


What does/how should Bliss feel?

It feels like an appropriate recognising of the moment one is in. The understanding of the soulself. One doesn’t need to ‘know’ in fullness who one is … for one knows one is purely and utterly LOVE itself. The ins and outs of one’s personality and why one is here … does not necessarily need to be known, when in Bliss.


The heart area is filled with ‘expansion’ so that it is then filled with more expansion in order to expand this feeling!

There are no words to explain or fully express, for indeed, it is a FEELING.

Every soul has the capability to feel this. If there is a soul reading this who believes they can’t … then they won’t, because they believe they can’t!

I feel your humorous lilt as you say that.


Your natural state is Bliss. It is Home to you. Yet, the Energies of the Planet had dropped into subzero, would we say … therefore, not allowing the warmth of this Truth to come to Light.

Yet, NOW, Dearest One’s, as the Energies have reached this peak … this FEELING OF HOME is readily available and imploring you to open its door, walk in and settle down into your familiar residence.

Thank you. Beautiful! I would like to move on now to many people’s concerns about not knowing how to speak to people about what is going on in these times and also, what to say that ‘will be heard’, rather than being dismissed as ‘whacko’ talk. Many are feeling frustrated and out on a limb, as so many are still refusing to become aware. Also, what to say to people ‘after the Event’ for, you have said all Light workers will become ‘speakers’ to guide the many that are bewildered and lost.

We understand that which is being addressed. First of all … we would use an Earthly expression … ‘You can lead a horse to water, yet, you can’t make it drink.’ This is how it is for many. They simply are not ready/prepared to drink of the waters … and with the greatest of respect, it is not for another to try and make them do so. Instead, when coming up against a ‘stubborn mule’, simply recognise the barrier that is instantly put up and shine that LOVE LIGHT that is in YOUR heart … directly through the barrier … into THEIR heart. They will feel it no matter what, or, no matter that they refuse to acknowledge it. Yet, without question … it will reach/touch their soul. That … for now, is all you need do when … coming upon/faced with … such issues.

We understand it is a frustrating place to be for you. From our position we do not find this so. For we gently and comically say … ‘Enjoy the Peace and quiet and the rest while you can’ … because when the time is upon you … your jaw will be aching from the giving out of words to console so many … time after time, after time.

Yet, as we say, we jest. For one will never tire of such offerings.

As for the concern of the words required to assist. Let go of such nonsense!

I know again you are smiling. My! My! You are in such Light-hearted banter today. I just needed to clarify that, in case one took it as a reprimand. Yet, when one Truly knows you, as so many do these days … they would know this could not be the case. For you are here souly/solely to assist.

We thank you for that clarification, Dearest Blossom! The words that will flow off your tongue will be of an Energy to accommodate the soul you are talking to. For there will be many levels of understanding/not understanding, once The Wave has covered your Planet. Some, due to another’s assistance from the heart, will then become a ‘Teacher’ themselves.

I feel you are not happy with the word ‘Teacher’?

Correct. A more appropriate word would be ‘Sharer’. Due to the ‘renewed connection’ after THE EVENT … one will KNOW and TRUST their abilities to assist. Assistance will come in so many ways … and in ways that will suit the ‘Sharer’. Again, we have difficulty in expressing in words.

For example … One whose passion may be of artistry/painting … many artists/painters will be drawn to them and through art expression … the understanding, the dawning, the recognition of what … has taken place/is occurring … will transpire. Although, with respect, those of artistic incline, tend to be ‘in the flow’ beforehand.

This is not to say an architect’s is not! For instance …. In the new understanding of LIFE … there will be plans required to be drawn up to make more suitable abodes for different purposes. Too long to go into here. Yet, ones’ heart is understanding in one thought, that which we mean.

Those who are passionate about a particular skill will find they are able to use it to assist the New World to come into fruition.

It will be a time for one’s burning passions and desires to come out of the closet! One will readily accept that they must NOW follow their dreams in the KNOWING that all else in their lives will be taken care of.

There will be a flow of Energy between one another that one has long forgotten.

Tithing will once again come into play … or /as well/also … the simple act of ‘Giving’ from the heart will set THE LAW OF ATTRACTION in motion in a Global fashion, so that what one gives out, one receives a thousand fold … through/in/as/of … Love.

One will not be living in fear of paying the bills and keeping little mouths fed and a roof over their head. Or, saving frantically for that once in a life time ‘break’.

Life will not be like this, Dearest Ones … Not any more … Not after The Event.

When this Event comes and I know it will … I just don’t know when … (even though last week you said it was imminent ) In my mind it could be before Christmas, it could be after I am long gone … I have no attachment to it. I just know it is coming. So, what will happen after we have initially picked ourselves up off the floor and said ‘What the …?'

We would say there will be many, many tears shed. Not of sorrow ... of Enlightenment. As if one has awoken from a deep sleep. There will be much hugging. There will be much bewilderment and for quite a time, which we cannot offer of how long, for we do not know … ‘Life’ as you know it, will certainly not be as you knew it!

Every day functioning will not resume until souls have come to terms with the newer Energy. Some will never go back to work … or not at least in the capacity that was once ‘accepted’ by them. For many ‘jobs’ will no longer resonate with the soul of the person that robotically repeated the action.

So, ok … this is tricky to get one’s head around. You say that our world is about to go Topsy Turvy. I was understanding this would be as Truths are revealed regarding those on the Planet who have had their dimmer switched on the lowest level for eons of time. Yet, from what you are saying, it’s going to be extremely Topsy Turvy ‘after’ The Event also. So, basically, Earth will become known as Topsy Turvy Land … ideal for a kids TV show!

Correct Blossom. Although, the two … i.e. before and after THE EVENT … are very different in ENERGY and will be felt so.


For once the Wave has crossed your path … THE SOUL SELF … please take that deeply into your heart … THE SOUL SELF ... will be at the forefront of all that you do. Not the ‘duped self’ … for want of a better word. When you FEEL THAT SOUL SELF right up front, close and personal … YOU will be thinking, feeling and expressing so differently from the way you shall be thinking and feeling and expressing ‘BEFORE’ THE EVENT' comes.

For many, patience is running thin/out. I have said it many times, yet, many have had enough of waiting. They are at their wits end at what is presented.

If a baby is born prematurely … there can be a weakness and all sorts of unnecessary complications that arise due to everything that needed to be in place … not being.

As we have expressed before … and every mother knows … the last trimester of a pregnancy can feel like there is no end and one will be ‘that way’ for ever! Yet, then … Dearest Souls of Light … in one given moment … the birth begins and out of something so excruciatingly painful, where one almost loses their mind … the most beautiful EVENT arrives/is born.

Woah … I got tingles all over my body. So beautifully put Guys … Top marks!

We thank you.

In Gratitude … In Loving service … I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - September 1, 2018

August 25, 2018 - Session

Good morning to you.

Good morning to you!

A lady wrote in feeling most concerned about the younger generation. On the one hand there are so many that are here to lead the way and they shine so brightly, yet, on the other there is serious bullying and fighting … filmed for hits on the media, that lead the ‘bullied’ to suicide. Can you talk to us about that please?

It would have been more appropriate for you to say on one side of the coin … and then on the other … for it is much more to do with polarities … in all matters upon your Earth, not just at this time, yet, this has always been the case.

We would ask you to consider that ‘the worse’ things appear to be … always know that this means the exact opposite is also occurring. I.e. There is the opposite counterbalancing. Yet, is it not so that your ‘mainstream media’ is not allowed to display the joyous nature of so many of the young ones upon your Planet?

Many of you now understand that you are shown the ‘depressing’ state of affairs in order to keep you depressed. It is not on the agenda of those in control to ‘feed you’ with Light-hearted content … for, Heaven forbid, you were to ‘take in’ news that would uplift! How rare it is for this to take place, again we state, in your main stream?

I get what you are saying yet, does it need to be so extreme that the victims should take their lives? There are many ‘cutters’ also, these days. Is it that these younger souls simply cannot take the Vibration of the ‘lesser Light’?

There are many reasons … as in all questions that are asked. It could be that the soul cannot take the ‘sheer nastiness’ and upset to their soul. Yet, should they choose to remove themselves … this would have been part of their plan … possibly … to show to others what is needed within ‘their souls’ to begin to understand who they are.

If this is the case… the soul who ‘returned home’ would have agreed to ‘put up’ with such atrocities in order to be of service. Only a very Enlightened soul indeed, would ‘offer’ to sacrifice in such a way. On returning home, they would recover quickly for they will have accomplished their mission, so to speak.

We ask you to recall that which we have spoken of in past conversations … ‘All is not as it seems.’ Agreements are made before ‘arriving’ that are done so through so much Love for each other, that one could not possibly imagine that such pain and emotional hurt could come out of … Love ... and it is often that agreements are unable to be finalised by bonded souls, as they know that upon Earth it would be too much to bare to inflict such sorrow onto one they Love. Yet, others agree to do so for the Highest Good of another, to assist their learning and soul’s growth, by ‘inflicting’ upon them that which they agreed to do.

Yes. I am aware of this. Yet, it does seem an odd way to go about things. Though let’s face it, it is an ‘odd planet’ that we reside upon! Another asked about the animals and how they are tortured so much. What happens to their souls?

We would say in the case of animals that are made to suffer for profit to mankind, that they are of a ‘Collective Energy’ rather than individual souls. Again we would say … part of the plan.

Who’s plan? Surely not the Divine?

Blossom … when the Divine Plan was devised … it was not a matter of planning and plotting every single move by every single soul. It is more so of a journey to bring your Planet back to the Light of its original design. So, certain factors were put into place in order for this to move forward and come about.

Your world by design is one of opposites. Yet, shall we say … ‘that experiment’ has had its day and realisation of its ‘workings’ soon presented in such a way that one would ‘play out The Game’ until such a point when all experiences of this particular polarity and free will presentation would cease/die out.

This is why the CHANGE we speak of is coming. The plan to return Earth into its Glorious position has been underway for a great space of ‘your time’.

It was agreed that at a certain juncture, assistance would be given in order for LIGHT to infuse your Planet in such a way that would ‘Change the rules of The Game’.

I don’t think you have mentioned that before … Change the rules of The Game?

Yes, Dearest Blossom. Once this …Wave/Infusion … of Love Light is absorbed into your atmosphere, your soil, your Beings, your … Everything … plants, trees, insects, animals, waters … Everything … there shall be an initial CHANGE IN ENERGY. A greatly noticeable CHANGE IN ENERGY … and then after that … as this Energy settles into position … EVERYTHING WILL FEEL NEW.

The rules? Let’s not forget them?

There will not be … room/a space … for the atrocities that take place now in your world to interact with such Light. The Light that is coming … is of such strength, such magnitude, that any agenda of darkness will be weakened to such a degree that it has no choice but to surrender.

As you say that my friends, I can feel the Energy coming through, my heart is racing and tears are welling up. This to me means ‘Truth’. The excitement my soul feels right now in the KNOWING of this TRUTH ... In the KNOWING that this is why we came to see this through … The KNOWING that this is why we made this agreement to bring these messages through … To get us ready … For us to prepare … Because it is getting so close now … I can feel it more than ever before … Now in this moment.


Once this New Energy is upon you, it will not ‘feel’ Loving to inflict pain upon another Living Energy. It is so very difficult to put into words. Yet, the True soul self will KNOW itself … in the flesh … of the flesh … and therefore, only the most Loving thoughts, words and actions will be desired to ‘act out’.

A world where kindness to one another ‘rules’ …

A world where thoughts are of one another’s well Being …

A world of sharing …

A world of Laughter …

A world of Peace!

Can you comprehend that, Dearest Souls?


It is so designed. It is in the Plan.

Forgiveness shall be in play.

I apologise for interrupting the beautiful flow here. Yet, this New World … surely it will be far ahead in the future … for I feel that many many will struggle with ‘forgiving’ the souls that have caused so much of the downfall of our Planet?

Naturally, Blossom ... it will not be so that the wave comes …

By this do you mean ‘The Event’?

Yes we do. It has been labelled in many different forms now … It matters not its name … what matters is its affect.

… It will not be so that the wave comes … and within minutes you are awakened to everything being perfect in function and Energy.

There will be a great deal to contend with … in a vast variety of ways. Confused souls being a major issue. This is, as we have said, where the Light workers of your Planet will come into their own. Leading the way. Explaining what has taken place. Bringing on board those asking for understanding.

Due to the wave … will there still be those who do not want to ‘come on board’? Will there be those of a rebellious nature? As ridiculous as that sounds.

There will be those too! For some may feel they are losing who they are … as the change in them takes place.

For some ‘their cacoon’ may feel safer to remain in … longer than others.

Some will immediately transform, spread their wings and fly.

The nature of this ENERGY OF PURE HIGHEST LOVE that is so very close now… will wash over your Planet … like a breath of fresh air. There is nothing to fear … as the saying goes … only fear itself.

You said there would be musical accompaniment? Who’s the band?

Dearest Blossom, there will be no instrumentalists. In fact … no instruments. The music … the sound … Of Love Itself … will be the orchestra and the conductor.

Oh Lordy Lordy! So full of emotion here! Can you imagine? I mean can you imagine that?

We have, Dearest Blossom … and that is why/how it is able to come to you.

When we say ‘we’ … we mean as a collective. You would be flattened to horizontal … if you were fully aware of the Councils and gatherings that have taken place in order to ENSURE that nothing goes wrong … That no interference can occur.

My mind springs back to Oct 14th, 2008 naturally … when you aborted the plan due to such interference.

This is so.

We ask all those who read the words in this /of this message to take them to your heart. We ask you to take some deep breaths and put yourself in a peaceful state of Being … and then we ask you to reread this message from the inner depths of your soul … for there you will find its TRUTH.

Lovely way to complete today’s chat. Woah! Impactful! Love it. Love you. Love Love!

In Gratitude in Loving service. I AM.

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Blossom Goodchild - August 25, 2018

August 11, 2018 - Session

Blossom here, connecting with you chaps … somewhere! Hello!

Hello to you ‘out there’ somewhere. Which is very appropriate, for each one is ‘somewhere’, in their own space of themselves, creating their own pathway on their journey home. And may we say … such progress has been made in your recent times that so very soon now, ‘Event’s’ shall take place that will leave you in wonder. Astounding presence’s will fluctuate in and around your Planet … until such times when such wonders will be able to remain in a more … would we say … ‘concrete form’.


We use that loosely. Colloquially.

So, what ‘presence’s’ are we speaking of here?

We speak of our vessels. They shall be presenting themselves on a much more obvious level. Many more sightings shall be captured on camera and therefore, be able to convince many of those sceptics, that are so quick to jump in and say they are of Earthly substances.

Yes, it is quite annoying how our media is so quick to ‘take the mickey’. I just smile within, because I KNOW that one day they won’t be so smug and will retract all their scepticism.

This is very much the case and preparations are underway for ‘longer, greater, clearer visual sightings’ to take place. This you shall become aware of very soon in your skies.

Speaking of skies, this segues nicely into asking about the weather. You mentioned in our last conversation we should speak of it another time. Is now that time?

Certainly. It cannot be unnoticed by anyone. Unless they have the loss of their sight, that … what is taking place/has been taking place … in your skies/atmosphere has changed greatly from days of old. If you were to compare your photographic images of sunny, cloudy or rainy days it would be more than apparent that in these present days … cloud formations are not what they used to be.

Very much so. I assume this is due to chemtrails?

Indeed. Yet, not just chemtrails. There are certain chemicals, and gasses that are purposefully ‘leaked’ into your stratosphere, which are designed to and in turn, do … create havoc with your weather.

Unprecedented heatwaves ... snow fall and other anomalies that should not be occurring in particular countries are causing such discomfort to humans, not to mention the animals and the land upon which they depend upon to graze.




It is part of a plan to destroy crops and necessary sustenance … so that some may have lack of food and water.

Whilst this is present in some countries for many a year … there is an intention to create the same ‘famine’ in other parts of your world also … in order for souls to panic and go into their fear based programming.

On top of which … the cloud formations are far from natural. Natural clouds do not form straight lines … they do not form tunnel like appearance.

Gone are the days of your fluffy white clouds billowing by in the gentle breeze.

How right you are. Although, I had heard that chemtrailing had stopped.

From our knowledge base and with respect, we would say you have heard incorrectly.

Oh Poop! Please continue.

All that is taking place with your extreme weather conditions are, as we say, part of a plan … and the plan is not … of /for … one’s Highest good.

So what can WE do about it? Is there anything YOU can do about it?

From your point of view … the best, most valuable notion/motion you can take is to do as we always ask of you. Each one as you read these words, know what we are about to say.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT EVEN MORE STRONGLY. Look up at the clouds and instead of allowing them to drain you and make you sick … as designed … use your FREE WILL to CHOOSE to imagine them full of rainbow colours. Colours of the Highest Healing capabilities. Do you see Dearest Ones?


Yet, you have to KNOW THIS IS OF TRUTH. It will not have the desired effect if you ‘try to pretend’. You have to KNOW from 100% of your Being … your KNOWINGNESS … that this is TRUTH and then, it shall be.

I totally see where you are coming from with this. Yet, could you go more deeply into it, so we can really get the understanding of it? For that is quite a big ask for many.

With the greatest of respect, it is no more a bigger ask than to imagine a particular item of clothing that you would like to come into your Energy. The Universe does not distinguish between anything. Large or small. It simply adheres to your desires and as long as those desires are Vibrating on the correct frequency to bring them to you … anything can, especially in these days, arrive at your doorstep in a flash. Many of you are experiencing this in these Higher Frequency Energies.

So, we would liken that to the KNOWING that, that which you see in your skies, strange clouds etc. … DO NOT COME FROM CHEMICALS TO DESTROY AND MAME … yet, from Beauty and Grace and if they present as dark grey … take your mind’s eye inside of them, to discover all the colours of the rainbow that will lift your spirits.

Even though we know that’s not true? I know you needed me to put that to make your point.

What is TRUE Blossom? That which comes from your heart.





Again, I get the gist of this. Yet, somethings just are! And you cannot change them.

Why not?

Ok. For example … of the top of my head, so forgive me if it’s not the best example … we have to pay our rent or electricity bills etc. … We can’t change that … even though we want to.

You can’t change that (at the present state of The Game) yet, you CAN change your attitude towards doing so. Instead of living in fear of such things or begrudging such things, you can be grateful for the roof over your head and the Light and warmth and all wonders that electricity can provide.

DO you see, Dearest Ones? You have been programmed over many eons of time to ‘think’ differently. To think … if we may use this word … wrongly/negatively. You have been saturated with ‘downward’ thoughts. You have forgotten how the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE work … FOR YOU!


There is not one soul upon the Planet that cannot look around and be Grateful for something. Even if one considers themselves to be in the most dire of situations/ circumstances. And as you know, Blossom … the more one finds things to be Grateful for … the more the Universe will keep those things coming.

It is when one gets tied up/lost in the ‘programme’ that things do not work out how one would like them to be. They allow themselves to sink into the mire and accept that the mire is ‘how it is’. So, they settle for that. For they do not ‘believe’ they can escape from within its grasp.

This is where so much of your ‘lifestyle’ has fallen onto stony ground. Yet, more and more now … Enlightenment is calling one’s soul to CHANGE this. In one’s heart and depth of Being there is the yearning, the desperate longing to return to LOVE in its Purest Highest form. There is a knowing stirring in the soulself that is telling you that ‘This is not how it is meant to be’. That this is life under the control of a sector that desire destruction of life in order to gain more power for themselves. They are beginning to wake up to the ‘ideas’ that one can reclaim their Power and take back control of who they are … in essence … in Truth.



You can feel with in your Energy at this moment Blossom, of what we are about to say …

Yes, and I am a bit hesitant … for obvious reasons. Yet, I know you will not give a date or time so I am ok with that. Please ... go right ahead!





This WAVE OF LOVE that is to embrace each one … will awaken so many from their slumber … and for those who are already in full swing … they will experience this Wave … from/of/on … a level that their Soul’s Light Energy is able to receive. Such Glory! Such a wondrous time this shall be!



My heart’s beating faster with the Energy you are bringing through. So many of us are waiting. So many of us are preparing. So many of us are ready! Bring it on! For then, when it has taken place … so many of us can ‘Get to work’! How wonderful!

We do not jest when we say … It is on the cards.

I know. I can feel it right now. Yet, due to all we have spoken about regarding time and no time and time frames etc. … I am not holding my breath, just yet!

Within your Soul … Your Being … ask for strength and Peace within.



Oh yes, Blossom. It shall be accompanied by music from the Heavens.

WOW! I feel there is nothing more to say right now. Just for us to ponder on today’s wisdom offered and pick up again next time. Many thanks to you.

We are always in LOVE, coming from it … Being of it. Gratitude to you also, dearest Blossom, for being ever willing to receive us.

Who wouldn’t! The pleasure is mine and everyone’s to share. In Love and service … Blossom G!

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Blossom Goodchild - August 11, 2018

August 4, 2018 - Session

Welcome to you this fine morning. Somebody wrote in asking if you would talk to us about ‘Free will’. For you say, no one can take it away from us. Yet, many would beg to differ. He wrote ‘How can anybody claim that we are down here making choices of our own "Free will" when we are clearly in no position to do so? No - any "choice" that humans are making here in his place is being made without access to "all the facts" and out of a distorted and heavily manipulated state of consciousness, indeed in many cases, "choices" are being made under duress. Would you care to speak about this please?

Welcome to you and indeed, it is a fine morning from the beautiful country in which you reside. Not all can say the same weather wise and yet, perhaps that discussion is for another communication.

There is so much involved with … so much, that sometimes it is not always so easy to condense such vast topics into a conversation such as ours.

This matter of ‘Free will’ is a curious one. For we have stated only recently, that one cannot take away ‘Free will’ of your soul. However, there is much manipulation through controversy and mind influence that suggests one … does not/is not … able to be FREE to do exactly what they want.

Well, on our Planet … one would say this is very much the case. For there is much control taking place in many, many areas of our lives. Which definitely takes away our choices, therefore, our ‘Free will’ surely?

Yet, you CAN CHOOSE how you CHOOSE to CHOOSE!


In that … there is an acceptance of certain probabilities … at this stage in ‘The Game’ … regarding things … out of/beyond your … control. The way governments and their agendas are run … and not excluding those that reach far above that of the government protocol. However … and we reiterate … at this stage in ‘The Game’ … you do have the ‘Free will’ to CHOOSE the way in which you decide to … think about / behave towards … such matters that are occurring.

NO-ONE can take away your KNOWING of ‘EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT’ … no matter what is presented outwardly. And should one so CHOOSE to hang on to that KNOWING above all else, no matter how things appear … then ‘EVERYTHING ‘WILL’ BE ALRIGHT.’ You have the ‘Free will’ to make these decisions.

You have on your Planet what is known as THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. It is a law unto itself. That which you think, you attract.

The Energy in which you CHOOSE to Vibrate regarding your thoughts and desires, is the ultimate key as to whether or not such desires come to you sooner rather than later. This too, is your ‘Free will’.

One can moan and complain until they are blue in the face. This too, is ‘Free will’.

One can adopt a change within their thought patterns of negativity and change their lives around, literally, due to their focus on that which they desire and Vibrating on the knowing that it is theirs. You have the FREE WILL to BE YOURSELF.

Yet, do we? Are there not those who are able to control our minds through microwaves etc?

Yes. This is so.

Then this would prevent ‘Free will’ would it not?

Yes. It would. Yet, we would state that ‘The Self’ … the ‘True Self’ … can be aware of this and break through that mind manipulation. This matter is intense and complicated. There are also certain drugs that are used to manipulate one's thought pattern and one could say that they too, take away ‘Free choice/will.’

Even from this knowing, we would still say that the soul … the will of the soul … has the power to break through that which one feels they cannot control.

The Power of the soul is more than you CHOOSE to imagine.

The Power that is within you is more than you can imagine.

Yet, isn’t that because a lot of our imagination/skills/tools were … taken away/shut down? Where is the ‘Free will’ in that?

It is within your soul. It remains in your soul. Your ‘tools’ to access this Power have merely been ‘put to sleep’ … and yet NOW in these Glorious days … THEY ARE AWAKENING. YOU ARE AWAKENING. Each one … in their own choice of time.

Ok. So, let me question that ... ‘In their own choice of time’. Surely, if one knew about this possibility … we would all wake up immediately in order to access this power?

Not so, Blossom. There are those who have settled so deeply into their slumber that they have ‘chosen’ to ‘keep things as they are’… so as not to disturb the Peace. You have to understand that there are souls who do not want to face up to the reality of what is actually going on. It is too much for them to have to deal with and therefore, their choice, to remain closed down.

Is that laziness? Why is that?

Free will!

Yet, why would they choose this? For surely each one of us ‘deep down’ knows we are of spirit, not flesh … and … of the LOVE that we TRULY are. However deep down it rests for some.

Yes … and yet, EVOLUTION of the soulself has the … right to/the ‘Free will’ to … take everything at one’s own pace. Just because one soul may desire to ‘Blossom’ more quickly than another … does not mean that either is right or wrong. All souls CHOOSE their path in this experience/experiment.

As your friend and ours … the Beloved White Cloud, has spoken off … Some may take a bus that takes you on the scenic route around the country side … Some may take a bus that takes you up the busy highway … Some choose straight through, no stops … Others like to stop for a while and take in different opportunities. Either way … the bus … at some point arrives at the same destination.

Each soul’s evolution is marked out for them … by themselves!


Their choice, their ‘Free will’ to play this Game any way they CHOOSE. Any lifetime they CHOOSE. As many lifetimes as they CHOOSE. On a soul level, there … is always/will always … be ‘Free will’ to CHOOSE ALL THAT ONE DESIRES TO EXPERIENCE … for ever and ever and ever!

Ok. This is delving down the rabbit hole and deep into the warren yet, some say/believe … that we live in a computerised matrix. The movie ‘The Matrix’ is a fine ‘trigger’ to awaken to those possibilities. IF that is the case … where is the ‘Free will? ‘

The choice to take the blue or the red pill! IF … that is the case that you are living in such a programme.

I would be hung, drawn and quartered if I let the opportunity pass by to ask … Are we?

And we, Dearest Blossom, are not here to say ‘Yea or Nay’ to that answer. As indeed, we are not here to say ‘Yea or Nay’ to whether or not this is a flat earth or a round one … or whether or not a Light ship of massive proportion is soon to arrive in your skies. We are not here to disclose these things.

Do you know the answers?

Yes. Yet, also consider the possibilities that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Therefore, it ‘could be’ … that there is neither a ‘Yea or Nay’ answer to such questions … because the answer may be different depending on that which each one desires to concentrate on.

So complicated! One question leads to a billion more … none of which gives a straight answer. No offence to you. I have a job to do here … as do you. And we both are IN LOVE and TRUST to do this to the best of our capabilities, coming from our individual positions. I get that. One day I will know answers to things that you are unable to divulge right now. When I am in a Higher Vibration to understand more.

May we say this?

You have the ‘Free will’ to say whatever you like!





Are we ‘residing in it’?

If you CHOOSE to believe you are, yes. If you CHOOSE to believe you are not … no!




Yep … get all that … and I (and many others) know the key is within our grasp. We just can’t seem to get it to fit in the lock! If we could, believe me, I would be flinging that door open so fast, it would drop off its hinges!

We would ask you to consider to be gentle with yourself. Is it not that any soul prefers to ‘come round’ from their slumber in a slow, Peaceful, gentle fashion? Rather than being awoken by an alarm clock set to loud rock and roll!

Nothing wrong with a bit of rock and roll. Yet, I understand what you are saying and if ‘I’ get the point, then everyone else will, also.

The stirring arising within your Beings in these most extraordinary days are preperational signals to … Be alert. Be aware. Be guarded. Be guided.

For as each day comes to rest and a new dawn presents … you are ever closer to the Gifts that are to unfold before your very eyes. Gifts that will swell your heart to bursting point … for the WAVE OF LOVE that is to flow … over/through … your Divine Gaia is so very close now.

Hold on to this knowledge. For as Truths untold get told … you may lose sight of the wonders ahead that will take you into a Higher position. The one that you came here to bring about.

This Change ... this wondrous … change/chain of events … will show you the Lighted pathway through to your destiny/destination.

We Love you so very much …

Ditto! Many, many thanks my friends. Until next time.

Until next time … indeed.

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Blossom Goodchild - August 4, 2018

July 28, 2018 - Session

Hello there! Straight to it today! You have spoken recently and in the past about ‘Listening to our Truth within’ when coming across information that may or may not be fake news etc. In my last newsletter I sent out a link regarding news that would/could open a large can of worms. I personally have no attachment to politics. It is like a foreign language to me and I cannot retain any information that I have tried to take in. Therefore, I was not saying I knew this particular piece to be of Truth or not. Just a possibility of ‘Maybe this is what you had been talking about’.

WELL! The response I received proved without doubt, to me that A) One person’s Truth is very different from another’s. And B) In general we are certainly not ready to forgive and send Love to those we are not so happy with! So please, dear friends 'in the know' … HOW DOWE KNOW that which is Truth and that which is not?

As always, we begin with welcoming you, Dearest Blossom and all those who enjoy our conversations with you. This is indeed, a matter that confuses. At this stage in The Game, there is neither a recognition of Truth from one source to another, or acknowledgment of Truth from one source to another. That which is put out in your social media, is such a mixed bag of ‘tricks’ that we understand your vulnerability. That is why we ask you to go within.

Yes, but for me ’Going within’ doesn’t get me anywhere. For, I don’t seem to recognise or feel if something is fake or not. That’s the thing! Some feel a piece of information is fake and just propaganda and others feel the same piece is of Divine Enlightenment. How ‘On Earth’ are we to decipher ‘Truth’ from within, when there is so much diversity of WHAT IS TRUTH from one soul to another?

At the correct moment Blossom, ALL shall know THE TRUTH. THE ONE TRUTH.

I didn’t know there was ONE TRUTH … other than the TRUTH that there is only Love. Are you talking about THE ONE TRUTH regarding all the lies and secrecy etc.?

And so very much more.

How will that one Truth be any differently recognised from that which is being spread now?

Trust us! It will easily be so.

I do Trust you and accept there is much you are unable to say. How easy it would be if you could just tell us what the 'BLEEP' is going on!

You know we cannot do that. For your safety and for reasons that would change the course of matters from HOW they are TRULY meant to be revealed and uncovered.

So, what would you suggest? For, although I am not into /understanding all that goes on politically, by any means … WHAT will make it SO OBVIOUS, in order for us to KNOW that which is TRUTH?

To start with, there will be nothing Obvious. There will be, as is now … different opinions about different leaders. Those for. Those against. Yet, we reiterate, all is not as it seems. Do not be fooled by ongoing presentations that appear to be that which they are not.

My point entirely,Guys! HOW DO WE KNOW ... WHAT IS AND WHAT ISN’T?

We feel this conversation could go around in circles. So, may we take the helm to take this where it needs to go?


There are good and not so good reasons for your ‘internet’. There is knowledge available that is of great Truth and of great interest. There is also much interference by those who feel they must interfere and debunk anything that is of Light. Therefore, it is very difficult for even the most enlightened, intelligent of souls to decipher which is which.

There are some souls who do not have your internet or own a TV or a computer. There are some souls that CHOOSE not to be sucked in by ANY OF IT. They CHOOSE instead, to enjoy their garden, to meditate, or just, in general, remove themselves from all that can influence their thoughts and in so doing so, they concentrate on THAT WHICH IS LOVE AND ONLY THAT WHICH IS LOVE. Keeping their Vibration High and away from any unnecessary negativity. They do not allow their Vibration to be brought down by something that may confuse, and/or … may or may not be True.

Yes, I get that.Yet, without the internet … your messages could not reach anyone … for instance.

Oh yes, they could, for they would receive them personally. Once they understood that this is possible, and that there is not one soul who cannot do so. They just believe there are a chosen few and it is that belief that prevents it.

Fact is … we DO have the internet and unless there is a complete breakdown of this communication, there is NO WAY people are going to come off it. There are some who have the correct balance. Yet, with respect, I think very few. Besides, is it not going to be via TV and internet that we will get to hear about … these great revelations that you speak of?

Yes. Very much so … And when that time comes about … YOU WILL KNOW … FOR SURE … that which we have been speaking of.

WHEN THE TRUTH DOES COME OUT … it will be ‘In your face’, so to speak … there will not/cannot be denial.

Yet, you said we have to be discerning for there will be many trying to cover their tracks etc.

This is so. All this will be in the initial stages … in the lead up to the GRAND REVEAL.

Far out, Brussel sprout! What a bizarre world/time this is! Sometimes, I feel I am holding on by a thread to ‘My Knowing’ that ‘Everything will be alright’. At times my piece of elastic has been stretched to its limit and feels as if it is about to ‘ping’. Sometimes, I think how ‘pleasant’ it must be to be asleep and know nothing of all this.

And other times Dearest Blossom?

Completely the opposite. I am honoured and proud to be part of ‘This Change’ and feel in my strength and ready to go! Yet, as I say, some days, even though you say this is when we must be in our strength, I just don’t even have the oomph to try! ‘Blossom Goodchild NOT reporting for duty, Sir!’ … kind of thing!

And this, Beautiful Soul …

Whah! Instant tears with the energy that came through in those words. Thank you!

Is why we continue to come through with these messages. To REINFORCE THE FACT that it is LOVE and ONLY LOVE that you must act upon.



It just … doesn’t/can’t … always FEEL that way due to the circumstances in which you reside.









And here I am … moaning about it when the going gets tough!

That is why we are here to remind you.

Why can’t we just simply remember?


If you ‘came in’ to this and many past lifetimes, remembering why you were here and what you came to do … ‘The Game, The Experience, The Experiment’ … could not/would not … have played out in the way that it has … in the way that it needed to.

LOVE WILL PREVAIL … Throughout every game, experience, experiment. FOR THERE IS …

ONLY LOVE!! So, what do you mean by ‘We can remember … now?’ I know you are always asking us to … yet, I just haven’t been able. Hint number one would be?


Hint 2?


Hint 3?


Hint 4?


Hint 5?


Hint 6?


Hint 7?


Hint 8? (I know we are going to 10.)


Hint 9?


Hint 10?


Here endeth today’s lesson! Many, many thanks my friends.

Know too … that all you need do is ask for strength and unto you it is given.

Indeedy! Much Love and Gratitude.

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Blossom Goodchild - July 28, 2018

July 21, 2018 - Session

Hello, up there! Well, although not fully recovered from my illness, I am certainly on the mend and very much ready to have a chat with you. So, I am interested to see whether or not my energies are conducive to doing so. Are they?

Let us begin by saying ‘Welcome back into the land of the living’ as you say in your world. Ailments of varied kinds are ‘hitting’ the physical body at a rate of knots and many are finding it difficult to get back on track.

Energies pouring in are, of course, Enlightening the Planet! Yet, they are also stirring up the lesser Energies that must go ... and these Energies are grasping onto anything they can, as they know their days are numbered.

Be vigilant, Dearest Ones. Be thoughtful towards your well-being and remain guarded. The Light is your protector from all that does not serve in these matters and therefore, allow this Light ... your Light ... to shine Brighter than ever before, as you move on through to these great changes that are occurring upon your Earth plane.

It seems indeed, much is happening. There is talk of much being disclosed before the year is out and certainly our ‘skies’ are behaving in ways that have not been seen before. All of which you have spoken of. Where to from here ... regarding what ‘we’ can do in order to serve the Highest Good during these times?

For ever and always the Highest service, as you know ... is to KNOW LOVE.

To KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVE and to COME FROM LOVE in all that you think, say and do. So many desire to find their purpose ...



To BE a clear example of LOVE. So that others are drawn to you and are awoken from their deepest sleep BECAUSE of the Love that you emit.

Dearest souls, these coming times ... these times that you are in ... NOW ... are the beginning of a new chapter. In fact we would go as far as to say ... a new book. That which is crawling out of the woodwork will shock you to the core. This we have said many times. Yet, it is necessary for us to repeat, so that as all is disclosed, you can say ‘Ah yes. We were made aware that this would be happening’ ... and you will be in your strength because you have prepared for it.

It would be handy if we could have some hints about what these things would be?

Yet, you know, Dearest Blossom, this is not our position to tell of such things. Yet, it IS our position, and this is why we come ... to prepare you.

For the worst?

For what may appear to be the worst as it is initially revealed, initially uncovered. Yet, the outcome when ‘all is said and done’ is certainly for the betterment of mankind. Without question.

We ask you to be aware ... and this too, we have said many times before in the past ... there will be those who are trying to cover their steps. Those who will be so afraid of what will happen to them once ‘all things are let out’ ... that many ‘untruths’ will be presented.

THIS is when you will recognise your INNER KNOWING. For, it will be that, and only that, to which you can turn to for a time. There shall be a lot of confusion and one will be unsure of who or what to believe.

So we say ...



Go within and listen to what you are saying ... to you!

Your world is about to turn upside down ... and we will state here, that we do not mean as within a pole shift ... for some would think they are reading between the lines and this is what we are meaning. No ... we mean it in the sense of MOST of what you have been brought up upon / within will turn out to be nothing more than propaganda and lies.

Dearest Souls, you have been living within the shadow of the dark lost souls whose agenda was definitely not one of service ... to the soul / to The Whole. They took away your freedom in many ways. Yet, to you, because of the little ‘prisons’ you have been caged within ... you cannot see this ... because the masquerade ... was/is/has been ... so cleverly designed. To the point that even the most highly intelligent souls ... were also/are also/have also ... been fooled.

Yet, you always say we have free will?

Free will within your soul. This is different from the ‘freedom’ we are expressing here. Your soul will always be free. Yet, it is so, that you have also had certain ‘parts’ of you shut down, so that you have not been able to ‘fly’ ... so to speak.

There is a revolution/resolution to come that is to change all this. Yet, all in Divine timing. There are many layers that must be unwrapped before the prize is presented and received.

As these days and changes unfold before your very eyes ... you will feel as if the pieces of the jigsaw are rapidly falling into place. Although, much will ‘blow your mind’ ... on another level, it will all begin to make sense, as you see and feel how the changes and the end result may possibly come about.

Keep your wits about you. There are some who shall pretend to be standing up for the Light and yet, in Truth they are not. They will merely be doing so in order to escape from their fate.

Which is?

Not a happy ending! Yet, it is not for any judgment to be put upon these souls. They played their role in this game, the same as you are playing yours. This may be hard for some to swallow, considering that which they have done and the way in which they have behaved. There are indeed, no words to describe this.

Yet, can you then say that you are awakened enough to sit with these souls in your mind and shower them with LOVE? It will indeed, take a wise, Enlightened Being to do so and yet, this is what we are asking of you. This kind of Forgiveness ... of all/to all/for all ... is what will take you into the New World at a pace that you wish to see.


Yet, we stress ... this will not be the easiest of tasks to accomplish. This will be when you must ‘tune in’ to the Higher part of your Being and connect strongly with it. For you may surprize yourself at the thoughts that are stirred up within you, when you hear of the Truths that you have been ‘hidden under’. Thoughts that you no longer believed were part of you may arise from the depths within.

Yet, we say ... this will be what we would term ‘The final purging’ ... before the New Dawn.

Far out! One’s mind can conjure up ... well, I don’t know what, really! Because we do not know what is to come and you cannot tell us.

This is why we ask you to prepare. To build your ‘spiritual strength’. To ask for guidance. To Bless every part of your BEING in Light. This is your requirement. This is the way that you shall lead so many into the Light. For there shall be so much unsettled dust after the storm, that many shall not be able to see which way they are to walk.

Yet you ... you ... the Enlightened ones ... the ones that have been waiting for so long to do what you came to do ... shall be there to hold their hands and lead them through. Lead them over the bridge ... and then ... come back for more. Then take more hands and take them across. Across to the other side where there lies Peace.

And from this place ... the New World is formed.

Can I clarify something? Your book is called ‘The Bridge’ and is about this very thing. Yet, am I understanding correctly, in that ... we aren’t actually going anywhere? I don’t want readers to get confused ... because there are some channels that say we are going to ‘another place’.

No. In ‘our truth’ ... when we say ‘Over the bridge’ ... we mean that once all is cleared, you will be moving into a Higher Dimension, yet, of the same Earth. For it is SHE that you came to assist to move into this Higher Dimension.

Ok. Yet, if it’s of the same place ... and we are just moving into a Higher Dimension ... this is difficult to put into words ... where are the Enlightened ones bringing the unenlightened ones from and taking them too ... if we are still on the same Earth plane?

We will use the analogy of your Elemental Kingdom. They are ... on/of ... your Earth plane, yet, they exist ... on/in ... another Dimension. So therefore, mostly go unseen, undetected. Yet, without question they are there ... within your same space.

This will be the same scenario regarding ‘The Bridge’. The same space, yet ... moving through into a Higher Dimension. This is already in place and occurring. Some of you may feel they have one foot in each. Words are inadequate. Yet, when it is ‘taking place’ ... this transition ... you will know it and feel it and recognise it to be that which it is ... the very reason that you are here.

I would imagine though, this is very much further down the track?

Again ... we cannot and do not wish to put a ... time frame/limit ... on such delicate matters. It cannot be about time. For there is none. It will take place when the phase to do so is in alignment with that which has to take place before its occurrence. Do not look upon ‘all of this’ in a time frame, Dearest Ones. Look upon all this as building blocks. As each one is placed upon another, one is closer to getting to the heart of matter. One step at a time ... with no time ... yet, many steps.

I am not sure whether this is going to encourage or discourage, to be honest.

Oh, Dearest souls of planet Earth ... Be of great courage! For each step that is walked and presented, is one that leads you further along your pathway home. Earlier, we said that you will KNOW all that takes place is ‘what you have been expecting’ ... or words to that effect and so ... as the veils are lifted upon so much ... you will feel the TRUTH within ... and THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

The strength that is revealed to you ... the Light that is opened up ... to you / through you ... will give you hope ... because you will KNOW you are on your way.

You have waited so long ... you have waited for ever ... you shall wait no more.

There shall be no stone left unturned ... and under each one, shall be that which needs to come to Light.

BE OF LOVE. BE IN LIGHT. The tables are about to turn.

Thanks so much. It is indeed good to be back in touch after three weeks of ailing. Clearing all the muck out. So many of us are clearing all the muck out! So, I say ‘Cheer Ho’ for now ... having gained much strength from all that you have brought through today. I know I speak for many when I say ‘WE LOVE YOU . THANK YOU!’

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Blossom Goodchild - July 21, 2018

June 30, 2018 - Session

And ... here we are again. Welcome, my friends. Many have written in sharing their thoughts about The Event. Similarities arising and certainly most are ‘FEELING’ that it is to take place sooner rather than later. So much is coming out into the open now and revelations of stuff that nightmares are made of, are being exposed. This, you said, would begin to happen. A lady asked about ‘Protecting ourselves’. Could you speak of this? As some feel the need to do so and others not.

Welcome to you, also, Dearest Blossom and to those who have become keen and avid readers of our communications. We are happy to speak of this and yet, remembering this ... as with other communications ... is ‘our’ view point and what suits one, does not necessarily suit all.

I have certainly learned that from emails sent in over the years!

Firstly ... we are speaking here, are we not of protecting oneself from negative energies and influences? In that ... some FEEL it necessary to put a protective barrier up to prevent such negativity entering into one’s own personal Energy space. Our thoughts on this matter are quite strongly veering towards doing so. It certainly can do no harm, and certainly can prevent it!

Some feel though, that they ‘KNOW’ they are protected by Being the Light they are and that a protective barrier is always around them to prevent such energies bombarding their space.

And this is fine if this suits THEM. However, as we said, our thoughts are to BE AWARE. It is not that we are saying to put protective walls up 24/7 ... there is no need and yet, perhaps when entering into a particular space one can feel the energies of a limited Light and one’s instinct is to ‘protect’ the soul.

One must keep in mind that there are many souls of lesser Light that are eager to drain the batteries of one who has much. Not only that ... their envy, their ploy, is to disrupt and cause anxiety etc. This is their main agenda and it is what they KNOW. They do not feel comfortable in such Lightness and therefore, do there (their?) upmost to cause unrest within that Lighted Energy.

Are we talking here of ‘spirit’ energies?

We are talking of many interruptions that have the same agenda. This could vary from ‘dislodged’ spirit entities ... to humans that are lost ... to electronics ... and even would we say ... just 'Energy' playing around. There is much of varied energetic components that have not yet realised their full potential in the Light and therefore, they feel at ease with the limitations that they know and ‘at this time’, feel comfortable with.

A break took place at this point of the channelling. Due to the six months renovations next door, the sawing, the drilling, along with the new builder’s dog barking, starting my dog off and the rest of the neighbourhood’s, coupled with the continual rain fall, full of depressing chemicals etc. etc. ... I finally blew the lid off my boiling pot! I ranted and raved out loud (to myself) ... BIG TIME. Quite funny really, considering what we were talking about!

So, here I am a few hours later, giving it another go ... And guess what ... no kidding ... the beeping bobcat has just arrived! So Blossom Goodchild ... can you rise above all this? YES. I CAN! Where were we ... talking about protection against negativity, I believe. Dear God, one has to laugh at the irony!

We are happy that you found it within you to resume ... An interesting ‘turn about’ so suddenly from our perspective, when you, as you term it, ‘lost it’. Interesting in the colour change of Energy. Yet, we ‘felt’ your frustration.

Yet, it needs to be mentioned that of course, I always say a prayer of protection before I start any ‘work’ of this kind.

Let us then resume ... Lady of Light.

LOL = Lady of Light. I love it, that nearly slipped me by. Mind you, I wasn’t so Light a few hours ago!

There are indeed, those who prefer, to KNOW that they are of great Light and therefore, nothing can harm them or intrude within/upon that Light. If this is their Truth ... if this works for them ... then this is suitable for them. If however, one becomes aware of an Energy that is not so ‘engaging’, as we say ... it is more than an efficient step to make, to become aware of placing a shield around you. What have you to lose?

Nothing. I am with you there, all the way. I have received emails in the past regarding souls who feel they are possessed or have a curse upon them and literally get flung across the room by such negative ‘play’. That is way out of my league ... and sadly theirs. So, could you make some suggestion as to the best ways to protect our souls?

Certainly. We mentioned the shield. ALL OF THIS IT ABOUT VISUALISATION. Your greatest tool, as White Cloud has said many times, in order for it to sink in.

Visualise a Golden Shield Of Light all around you and think of any negative energy trying to penetrate that shield, simply as stones rebounding off of it. In the KNOWING that NOTHING can get through.

What else can you visualise?

I imagine sometimes, a crystal tube coming down over my body ... Light can shine from it, yet darkness cannot enter in.

Or, perhaps press an imaginary button somewhere on your Being and watch an Energy field of many rainbow colours radiate around you. It is about your intention behind any visualisation that serves most.

You see, Blossom, there are some whose Light shines a lot more brightly than others ... and ‘miserable’ souls want some of what those Bright Lights have.

Yet, if those Bright Lights are that Bright, surely they just KNOW that they are protected, because of the strength of their Light ‘repelling’ the darkness?

Not necessarily. For some Bright Lights may shine out from the heart with the Lightest of intent ... And yet ... not aware of THE FACT that there are those who wish to destroy this. Perhaps, some are a little ignorant of this ... where as others ... have the Bright Light AND the awareness ... if that makes sense?

It does to me! Well, thank you for that.

This is not to say ... that from within that protective barrier ... one cannot shine their Light TO that lost darkened energy that is trying to attempt sabotage. For, the very reason they are trying to sabotage it, is because they do not understand it ... and what it means to have it. So, to shine one’s Light into any darkened space is beneficial, whether one is eventually made aware of the difference they have made, or not.

Again. Thank you. Sort of on the same subject ... more and more Truths are being revealed these days ... much ‘slime is oozing out the wood work’... and it is difficult not to be affected by what we are learning. Yet, one tries! This Planet of ours has TRULY been ‘living’ within the darkest of times. And I feel we are only just scratching the surface.

You are correct. And this is why, dearest Blossom, we continue on as we do ... repeating the same information over and over ... so that YOU GET IT. So that YOU UNDERSTAND ... that YOUR LIGHT ... THE LIGHT FROM ALL OF YOU ... is so very much needed to CHANGE all these darkened days into the sunniest of moments.

It cannot be rectified overnight. So much damage has been done ... so much needs to be healed.

Yet, once again we ask you to remember why you are here. Why you CHOSE to come ... Because you KNEW you had the strength and the wherewithal within you to overcome such difficulties ... to move through them ... and more so than ever .... Shine that Light of yours into/onto the souls, the places, the space, the situations, the circumstances ... the mess ... that now confronts you.

So very hard to do when those confrontations involve souls (of the church) torturing and sacrificing young children.

Which is why souls like yourself and souls reading these messages are here, Blossom. Exactly why! To see this ‘mess’ for what it is ... what it has grown into ... and to BRING ABOUT THE WORLD THAT CANNOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT SUCH ABHORRENCE.

This is the kind of thing we have been speaking of to you and preparing you for. Preparing you to rise above it in your strength and your Light. For we say to you, Blossom ... preparation is indeed required in order to rise above all that is to be uncovered.

Draw strength unto yourself. Take the time, make the time ... to take a trip back home ... and regenerate your systems. Recharge your Energies. When you do so, no words are needed to ‘Brighten your day’, to ‘Lighten your disposition’. For when you are ‘there’ ... all that you are, is understood. All that you have to do ... is understood.

We ask you not to neglect such matters. For they are of High importance in these very delicate days.

Such rapid progress is taking place.

Progress, you say?

Yes, Progress. Today, for we felt it necessary, we have focused on the more serious side of what is taking place. This is to make you aware of what is required from you. Yet, know too ... such progress ... has been/ is being ... made on the Lighter side of life.

For, take into account ... we have spoken about such Truths being revealed ... and many ARE being ... which means you are getting further down the pathway that brings you to a better world. For the more that is uncovered ... the more one knows that the Light is indeed winning and the darkness no longer has its place,

Warriors of Light ... Dearest souls of Earth ... Close your eyes for a moment and breathe deeply ... and within that depth of self ... FEEL YOUR TRUTH ... FEEL YOUR STRENGTH ... FEEL OUR LOVE.

We understand how easy it must be at times, to lose all Trust in the Divine Plan. For, from where you are placed within it ... you see it so very differently from the place in which it Truly is positioned.




You see, over and over we repeat these words ... and yet, the more recognition of your TRUE Being that is felt ... the more these same words FEEL differently. For they are received ... from/with ... a deeper TRUTH of TRUTH.

We desire that the feeling allows you to know that we speak in ways to stir your soul. To give you encouragement and to guide you onwards.

Oh, my friends, you have a wonderful knack of being able to do so! Thanks so much. Once again, I feel stronger due to your wisdom. For me, it indeed, stirs my soul into ‘making more of an effort’ and not allowing myself to get beaten down by it all. Many, many thanks. In so much Love and Gratitude,

It is our pleasure ... and we are immersed in Joy that you retried!

Me too, as I send much love to the next door builder with the saw ... the builder with the hammer, the builder with the drill and the dog who clearly has no bone!

As we send much love to you ... more than you actually can feel. Yet, as you ‘grow back in your Light’ ... this too shall change!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - June 30, 2018

June 22, 2018 - Session

On reading this channelling for the first time after bringing it through, I could not help but feel/know I have had this kind of conversation with them before … and yet, when channelling it, I did not remember I had. So, there must be a reason why much of it has come through again. Maybe, I haven’t been through this before with them in this way? Checking it out I couldn't find a simmilar one. Maybe, I am ready for the nuthouse?

Here we are, once again. There are many questions people ask that, for me, are just too off the scale to comprehend. My mind doesn’t creep into places/spaces that some other’s seem to do. I seem to accept much, simply ‘As Is’. Yet, I can see the frustration for those who have these very inquisitive minds, and yet, I feel it is just not for ‘us’ to go there. So, apologies to those who were hoping I would!

However, one thing that … is/has been / will be … on everybody’s minds is this topic of THE EVENT. Some renowned channellers never mention it, some speak of it happening this year, some say it won’t be taking place for many, many years. No wonder everyone is so confused and disappointed. Can you see this from our perspective?

It can be very disheartening to read such varied and diverse information from those sources that people trust … including yourselves, with all respect. Ok? So … straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak … What/when/How/why/ is this EVENT all about? Can we not get it straight once and for all and then leave it be, until such a time when we REALLY need to KNOW it is ACTUALLY GOING TO TAKE PLACE. Thank you.

Welcome to you, Dearest Blossom and to those souls who KNOW us to be of Truth and Love-Light. All that we have entrusted to you via words in these communications have been to the best of our ability and Knowing. One must, as they are evolving into a Lighter degree of themselves … understand that there is much that simply cannot be conveyed due to knowledge of what is to be … not being ready to divulge.

Why not?

Because there are certain courses of Events that need to take place before the next course of events can even be put in place. Although, the Divine plan is in hand … due to free will and alignment of planetary concourse, (? ) there is much that determines different outcomes. Much of which can be unexpected and therefore, one has to re-route in order to get all things back onto the correct trajectory, in order for things to continue as … they should / are … planned.

Therefore, we cannot ‘give away’ too much. This is not the only reason. If we were to say too much as to the when and wherefores’, there are those of your density that would immediately put counteractions into place … trying their upmost to prevent such ‘Heavenly encounters’ from taking place. Therefore, regarding this particular issue, much must be kept under wraps.

Yet, this does not really answer as to why there is so much conflict between the information that is brought forth. Yes, I am aware of deliberate false info, yet, as I say, many ‘stable’ messengers have different information coming through. So many are so tired … and have just had enough!

We are aware of this and yet we KNOW Each One will continue on in their Light - mind and body. Everything is changing at rapid speed now. May we divert the subject for a moment, to say that we are also aware of many souls that are experiencing off beat regulation within their heart Energy. Some are feeling it directly aimed … at/through … the heart and some experiencing disfunctioning around the said area. We are not saying to ignore this, for it is real and alarming to many. Yet, we are saying in ways of comfort, that many experiencing such, are ‘coming through the other side’ without further concern. This is in conjunction with the Higher Energetic Vibration that is merging with your Planet and yourself.

As your body is adjusting to these Higher Energies, one will ‘naturally’ experience irregular happenings, due to the upgrade of organs within the body. The heart, of course, being a MAJOR vitality and therefore, ‘its changes’ as it moves it’s frequency into a higher position will affect some, more than others, in its doing so.

This is also happening with much within the physicality and we seek to reassure you that these ‘occurrences’ are only temporary. Yet, we reiterate that we are not of your medical profession and of course, if one is of deep concern, then a visit to your worldly practioners in this field will perhaps put the mind at rest.

Should it be that matters of the heart need to be ‘adjusted’ physically by such practioners, then this would be because the Vibration change for some, exerted movement a little too high for that which it was ready for … Yet, know, all this will gradually settle down.

Extreme tiredness is ‘falling’ upon many. For lifetimes, has one prepared for that which is coming. For eons have souls of Light ‘fought’ their way through the darkness and come through valiantly.

The soul is weary … and coupled with distractions that are emanating from chemicals all around and within so much that one is in daily contact with … the NEED for SOMETHING to reassure and give encouragement to continue is very much at the forefront of the minds of so many.

Yes indeed! One can sometimes wonder if THE EVENT is just a carrot to keep us going? Yet, it can have the opposite effect when, once again (as I/we predicted it would ) talk and expectation of THE EVENT taking place, die down, and one is left feeling deflated and forlorn. So … back to the original question … how can there be/why is there … so much difference regarding our future days? I feel you will say something re timelines and parallel universes etc. Am I right, or am I right?

You are wrong!


For we would prefer to give an original analogy.

Oh! Please do!

Dearest souls … the reason behind these differential outcomes of your future days is because perspectives of that which lie ahead can alter within possibilities and … there are endless possibilities. So, it may be that one giver of information feels a greater lean toward a particular outcome and another feels a slant toward another kind of outcome.

Yet … YOU speak of THE EVENT taking place at some point … and that is a HUGE happening, whenever that maybe. (That differs greatly too.) Surely, IF THAT IS TO BE SO … how can it be that another messenger doesn’t even mention it … as if it simply is not on the cards? It makes one wonder what IS the TRUTH and WHEN it will take place and WHY we should carry on believing in such a thing.

Blossom … do you personally believe THE EVENT will take place?

Huh! You got me there! My Truth is … I want so much to believe it … to know it. I can imagine it (although I can’t seem to grasp what takes place after it ) Then there are times when I question as to whether or not it will take place at all. It has been said these changes will take place in our life time. Well, some of the folk reading your words are in their late eighties … they are ‘not feeling it’ and yet have waited for sixty years or more!! Very disheartening for them.

So, we ask you again … do you personally believe THE EVENT will take place?

The only answer I can give you is … I’d like to! For a start … YOU have said it will and I am your messenger, so little point in me not trusting you.

Yet, you have the right to your own thoughts. As White Cloud along with ourselves, have always stated … if we say something that does not resonate as YOUR TRUTH, then discard it. For it is YOUR TRUTH that is TRUTH to/for you.

Thing is, I am not saying it is or it isn’t my Truth. I am saying I don’t know!

Let us say to you now IN OUR TRUTH … we can only … bring through/offer to you … that which is OUR TRUTH. We do not have the ‘right’ nor the ‘distinction’ to comment on another’s opinions and thoughts regarding this matter.

WE OFFER YOU OUR TRUTH. And in the nicest way, we say ‘Take it or leave it’.

This is our point, Blossom. We offer you that which WE ARE AWARE OF. One does not have to abide by it … there is no naughty corner if what we say does not resonate for any individual.

Each soul walks their own path … each soul is walking home … taking different journeys to get them there … through choices made. There is not just the one pathway … For as many souls that travel … there are as many paths.


Thank you for this. Yet, as I have said many times before, some agree with me some don’t … it would be so uplifting and encouraging to have a little lead up to it … like NOW! No notice necessary! JUST DO SOMETHING! Yes, I know that by saying this, emails will flood in explaining that we are not here to be rescued. We are here to do it ourselves. THIS I KNOW! Yet, did YOU/WE know when we arrived to ‘accomplish’ this transformation, just HOW DIFFICULT it was going to get? Seriously … were we all aware of how low the dimmest lights would stoop? We couldn’t know, for life is ever expanding in its diversity and maybe, just maybe … a BOOSTER from you guys, would counteract a few ‘supposed boosters’ that are being injected into our systems! I sound like I am ranting. I am Truly doing fine and yet, there are so many that simply are not and would welcome a ‘warm up act’ to get us motivated and recharged … in order to see this thing through.

A long while ago Blossom, you asked us to hold council to see if this would be possible.

Did I get an answer?

We said we would do so.

And did you?

We did.

I forget the outcome?

After lengthy discussions we felt it wise to give display throughout the years on a smaller scale than you were … expecting/seeking … for reasons of safety to those upon your Planet. For we assume many awakened souls are aware that should such a thing occur … even as a warm up act … on a bigger scale than we are presenting now … it could cause much turmoil and disruption.

I don’t follow politics, as you know … yet, isn’t that exactly what is happening on the political front anyway? Much turmoil and disruption? Why not throw an enormous Light ship into the mix and see where we all end up? It is time guys … is it not? Is it not time just to go for it? Many say WE AS A WHOLE are not ready. Well, why not just do it and find out? We are picking up the pieces of this mess all the time. If we were to experience a SHIP OF LIGHT for all to see … we could continue to pick up the pieces, yet, with renewed hope in our hearts and the desire to serve in ways of helping others to understand, as so many of us are ‘waiting around twiddling thumbs’, to do so’. My! My! Best step down off my little soap box!

Blessed Souls of Light upon the Earth plane … We are always keen to have such conversations, for they ‘Enlighten’ us also, as to your Earthly dilemmas. We are not ‘from’ this side of the experience and therefore, heartfelt offerings from you, are always welcome to assist us in understanding the situation from your perspective.

Goodness! Don’t get me started!

Due to Energy, we feel it is time for us to take our leave for this communication. We very much ‘take to heart’ that which you have spoken of on behalf of many, Blossom. It is neither ignored nor dismissed. Yet, taken deeply into account regarding ongoing procedures.

Well, thank you for acknowledging that. Ok chaps … must get on … living life to the best of my ability and KEEPING ON KEEPING ON … because that’s what will get us to wherever it is we are going. Much Love … Much Gratitude, for this conversation and for considering me worthy and indeed honourable enough for this to take place!

A pleasure to serve … in the interest of the Highest good of all that is.

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Blossom Goodchild - June 22, 2018

June 16, 2018 - Session

Hello my friends. My body clock is totally out of sorts, along with many of my thoughts it seems! However, so keen to get back chatting with you. So, here I am, trying for the second time since my return, to connect. I feel I have shed my skin and ready for the new me to emerge. Yet, at this juncture I just seem to feel rather vulnerable and insecure. Is this normal for this time in ‘The Game’?

Welcome to you, our dearest friend and ally! This is indeed, a summoning of the Higher self to co-exist with the part of self that has been treading the Earthly soil and is now very much in tune to receive the Energies of such, into the physicality. This is a process, which in turn, will carry with it responsibilities. By which, we mean, that once the the Higher self … or would we say, part of it therein, settles within the body’s housing … the self will experience the feeling of the need to ‘Bring about change’ on a much deeper, profound level. Not just for self, yet, for the desire to Awaken others who appear to be so very much in ‘The land of Nod’ as you would say.

This vulnerability is coupled with patience. Knowing that the days ahead are to enhance the Energies of your Planet, by adjusting the protons that are disguised as one thing, yet, are actually another.

Not really knowing, without Googling, what protons are exactly … And … not having a clue what they could possibly be disguised as and why …. I would like to challenge that last sentence, if I may?

Look up ‘protons’ if you would?

Ok …. a stable subatomic particle occurring in all atomic nuclei, with a positive electric charge equal in magnitude to that of an electron.

Perhaps let’s try that in Swahili? Truly, none the wiser! Where to from here, Captain?

Let us imagine that … who you are, is merely who you ‘think’ you are. Yet it isn’t actually who you TRULY are. For who you TRULY are in essence, is THE ENERGY that is called LOVE. Yet, you continue your days … BEING who you ‘think’ you should be. Some may go to work … be parents … business colleagues … teachers … you name anything, and someone will ‘think’ that that is who they are.

This Higher part of the self that is now being ‘ALLOWED’ to filter into the human system will help that system recognise more of its TRUE self. Its TRUE potential. So that, rather than ‘think’ itself as ‘something’ … it will come to know itself … a little more … as its TRUTH OF SELF. The feeling of BEING LOVE and all that entails, as opposed to ‘pretending’ to be a ‘this, that or the other.’

And this connects with the proton sentence, how exactly?

Because the positive electric charge that one ‘thinks’ it is … will be magnified in the KNOWING of its equal ability to be much more than it ‘thinks’ it is.

I have no idea if this is making any sense at all! Yet, pray continue.

That YOU … that has not yet housed itself with in the body upon Earth, is filtering through bits of itself, in order to fashion and put in place that which is to come forth and ‘Serve The Whole’ on a Grander scale.

This is happening NOW for all souls who have journeyed thus far in the KNOWING that ‘any minute now’ … a break through … or a feeling of breaking point … is about to Blossom!

This latest section of yourselves has proven to be taxing on all levels, has it not? For we are aware of the metaphoric ‘washing machine cycle’. Yet, now … that turbulence is settling … as the Higher Energies … not just into your Planet, yet, into yourselves … flow through … and slowly integrate with the aspect of your BEIng that ‘arrived first’ to assess the layout … so to speak.

Until this point in your Planet’s growth … it would have been impossible for the Higher qualities to ‘enter’ … for they would have been too ‘High’ to exist and not at all compatible with the levels of Energy / Frequency / Vibrations that had/have been residing upon her.

Yet now … as with all that is flowing in the right direction … plans on planetary change are certainly more than underway and flourishing.

That which is to ignite your souls in these future days shall leave you speechless and certainly of a disposition that makes one’s recall of the more unpleasant natures of this ‘change’ fade into insignificance.


Well, that Truly is something. For it was back in 2012 that White Cloud said we were so close to the finishing line. So … a major breakthrough in that in ‘your’ time, it takes six of ‘our’ years to take a couple of steps!! Now we are getting somewhere! I jest of course. Yet … certainly, that IS good to know and now that we have crossed it … where do we go from here?

You sit back and take it all in. You look back at all your training … all your efforts that made that happen. You accept the Glory of your soul’s Joy for what it is and allow Blessings to flow into your Life.

Crossing the finishing line moves you into the next phase.

Don’t tell me … another race?

It is far from a race … this you understand. Yet, into the next level of THE GAME.

As the Energies in this new position are gradually absorbed and ‘understood’ … you will become aware of the difference in self … in order to be equipped to ‘play’ within this Higher level. You will discover skills which were not awarded you in the lower level. These skills give you fresh ideas on how to make your way forward and using them to the Highest of your capabilities and strengths will, in turn … renew thoughts that one had long given up on.

What kind of thoughts do you mean?

Thoughts of Victory.

Thoughts of walking into the promised New Land with Swords of Light leading the way.

Thoughts of KNOWING that there was never any doubt that you would be the victors and accomplish that which you set sail upon your Planet to achieve.

REMEMBRANCE OF TRUE SELVES will allow courage and enthusiasm to nurture your tired Beings and BRING you into alignment once again, so that POWER shall be acknowledged by your Inner Truth.

This POWER … as we have spoken of many times … once recognised … knows no bounds.

Doubts are shed regarding capabilities of endurance.

For you know … EACH ONE OF YOU … KNOWS … that you have crossed that finishing line … walking every step of the way with hope in your hearts. And now that you have arrived in the Higher Source of participation … you cannot help but feel renewed. Yet, the newness of who you have now become is so familiar.

Meaning … in a Light Hearted vein … yet, with such depth behind our words, that … you are so much closer to home, because you remember now, how YOU used to FEEL.

How you used to FEEL before you began The Game.

How you used to BEHAVE, before you entered into the Planetary Vibrations.

How you used to LOVE without any interruption of fear.

You are returning home, Dearest souls. You are journeying on a pathway that feels so ‘correct’. Lifetimes after lifetimes have you travelled this same journey … and yet, now … only now … in these predicted Glorious Awakening times … are you able to KNOW FOR SURE that you are retracing your tracks.

Your foot prints left markers in the sand … for the very reason, that on your return, you would recognise them. Knowing now, how close you are to becoming more of the recognisable ‘you’. The ‘you’ that ‘IS YOU.’

I know what you are saying … I have glimpses of ‘that me’. And yet, at other times I feel as though I threw a six, landed on a snake and find myself back to where I almost began!!

And yet, is it not so, that at other times you only threw a two and yet, landed on the ladder which took you to a height to which you had not reached before?

Yep … It’s all in ‘The Game’ as you say. Yet, just to clarify … is it the finishing line of the Snakes and Ladders we have reached ? Now what game are we in? Please, please don’t say Monopoly. I HATE Monopoly.

You are perhaps in the game of Chess … where moves forward are planned and strategic. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Of course. Personally … I’d be up for a game of Patience. One move, allowing the next one to flow … and when stumped … you pack up and have a cup of tea! Starting over when in the mood. Ah … the simple things in life!

Dearest Blossom, We thank you for today’s connection. THE GAME IS ON … The next step of it.

Observe all that you learned from the last one. Put into play these learnings and watch how quickly you excel.

Look at also, as we said … for the ‘new tricks’ that ‘become’ you. They will surely bring JOY into play and you will find that on ‘this level’ … THE GAME is so much more in your favour.

Until next time … your move!

Thanks so much. I am so happy this connection worked. Jetlag and sleeplessness doesn’t always bode well for such encounters. Cheer Ho for now and of course… much Love and Gratitude!

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Blossom Goodchild - June 16, 2018

May 14, 2018 - Session

Hello, hello! I am looking forward to today’s chat. It will be the last one for almost a month, as I am away to Blighty to shine my Lighty! Many folk were keen to know more about visualisation in order to be able to ‘make things happen’ and bring THE EVENT closer. One soul has sat in meditation circles for decades and even attended visualisation classes, and is still not able to see/visualise except for a black/blank screen. He wondered what advice you may give?

Another wrote in (perhaps answering the previous gentleman’s question) by saying ‘One very special ingredient in these exercises was desire… strong intent matched with the pure emotion of desire, desire focused in the purity of the heart, to feel it and open fully to that want (for want of a better word.) It's when one desires something badly enough, the emotion and desire becomes the engine and power (or driving force) behind the visualization technique to fully activate it. Would you care to comment?

Welcome Blossom and to Each One we offer our sincere thoughts towards assisting you in this matter. Indeed, the gentleman offering suggestions of ‘the desire’ would be ‘spot on’, as you would say. We would add to that the ‘FEELING’ of the desire, would then bring it about.

Yet, if one cannot … see/imagine/visualise … at all, what can they do?

With the greatest of respect to that soul, we would ask this. If one was to look at a cake with many candles on … stare at it for a while … and then close their eyes and ‘look at the cake again’ … They would see the cake.

Look at a chair … stare at it … see it … close the eyes and … see it again. Everyone is capable of doing this. This IS visualising. You are visualising something that YOU KNOW the shape of. You know the shape of everything that is within your awareness. Practice closing your eyes and thinking of things … Easily done. You do not necessarily have to ‘see’ the picture. You can ‘think’ the picture. Yet, if you are ‘thinking of the picture … you are visualising it … just by the fact you are thinking about it.

Try to think of an object and not ‘see’ it … It cannot be.

Ok. That is good advice and coupled with the desire and FEELING … things so far, are going well. However, this is on a sort of ‘practical’ level. Where it all goes a little awry, is being able to ‘take the soul into that visualisation’. That is the tricky part … for the thoughts on doing so, are coming from the head space.

Let us add to the mix … the Intention.

The Intention of the desire … through the feeling … to say … ‘Go within the heart space’. We suggest that the Intention of ANYTHING should come from the KNOWING that every action taken is for the Highest good of all. And then we would add to that … THE BREATH.

So, for example … if we were to ask you to 'Go within' …

Breathe deeply for a while … to do so for five minutes is far better than for three breaths. Listen to the sound of the breath and ‘think of nothing else’. In fact … ‘IMAGINE’ the very air (perhaps like sparkly dust) being inhaled … in /throughout … your body and then IMAGINE all the stale sparkly dust from inside being blown out as you exhale. Concentrate on this for much longer than you feel you should.

Set the Intention and the desire.

Can I interrupt here? What is the difference between an Intention and a desire?

The FEELING. The ‘Intention’ is, in this instant, ‘ To go within’. The ‘desire’ in this instance is to FEEL the absolute KNOWING of ‘WANTING’ to do so. And within THIS wanting … allow the FEELING to arise.

The feeling of ‘what’?



Your Intention is … to go within.

Your desire is … to FEEL what it is like to BE THERE … WITHIN.


All the while continuing listening to the sound of your breath until it ‘works for itself automatically’ within that deeper Vibration of itself.

And then … here is the best bit ... remove the need to ... see/imagine/visualise … anything at all!

Just BE there.

Not so easy to do because the mind is still ‘thinking’ what should be happening?’

The mind shouldn’t have come with you!

How do you leave it behind?

Breathing and listening to the breathing. THIS takes YOU there, and leaves the mind behind.

I have had the pleasure of being in this space many times … I LOVE IT. This ‘Going within’ then … is BEING … nowhere … just in an empty space, correct?


And yet my ‘mind’ is aware that I am in that empty space.

Yet, you have reached the ‘space’ where it is not interfering … where YOU are allowing yourself simply to Be.

I see. Or hopefully, I don’t!

This ‘space’ of nothing - ness … this ‘getting there, within’, is where everything takes place. This silence of mind is where everything you desire for Yourself and All … Your planet … Everything … is created .

Yet, I thought you needed to visualise what you wanted?

Your DESIRE has already done that. Your FEELING has already done that.

You cannot desire something, without the thought of that desire. You ‘think’ the desire … because your feeling’s tell your thought … that is what you want. The foundation of that desire has been set. The KNOWING of that desire has been set. To then ‘Go within’ … with the Intention of bringing about that desire … allows it to ‘do its thing’ on its own creative level. By ‘not interfering’ with thoughts and mind … allows it to BE created

This is all very interesting. I am a great follower of manifesting and ‘The law of attraction’. An Energy called ‘Abraham’ speaks of holding the ‘visualisation + feeling’ of that which you want for seventeen seconds and Bingo … the wheels are put in motion. So, I am a little confused.

Let us unconfuse. The desire … the Intention to … is thought about … for this amount of time. We have no issue with these 17 seconds. And it is imperative that one FEELS the reality of this Intention. Then, to ‘Go within’, as we have suggested … holding that desire, yet, letting it go.

This is not unconfusing me!! Yet, I do seem to know what you mean.

And let the law of attracting it, manifest within that nowhere space. Where … as we say … it can be created … out of the thought, feeling, desired form you gave to it before entering the nowhere space, where everything is created.

Ok. Getting that. Yet, for those who simply cannot visualise, how can they then manifest? How can they hold a vision for 17 seconds, if they can’t visualise? I mean this gentleman has been to visualisation classes … you can’t say he hasn’t tried.

We speak to all those who ‘think’ (with the greatest of respect) they have this issue. Yet, let us give another example, if we may?

Say, for instance, this gentleman wanted to go on holiday. He looks at the brochure. He closes his eyes. He ‘sees’ that which he wants to manifest. He holds that VISION in his mind and then ‘imagines’ being there. The sun, sea etc. and continues to hold that vision ... now allowing the feeling in. Everyone has felt the warmth of the sun. So one recalls that feeling … one is imagining the sun … and then FEELING its warmth. One could be in the North Pole and still feel this warmth within the Being, through talking oneself … in to it /through it.

My thoughts are going to last week’s channelling, when you said to ‘Visualise. Visualise. Visualise. Are you not now saying the opposite?

No. We are saying to do so and then adding on the necessity to take it that step further by 'Going within' … within that visualisation … and then letting it go …before getting there, as we have said earlier.

It is all making sense to me, on some level … I think! I can’t even remember where we started!

Dearest Souls, we would like to mention here THE EVENT. For in past mentioning’s over the years, you have always felt Blossom, that we brought the subject up … only to let it die down again. In this instance, we desire to say, that these suggestions we are making, WILL bring you ever closer to it taking place.

As opposed to it coming ever closer to us?

It is One and the same.

To have the ... Intention/desire/Visualisation/Knowing … of this occurrence … continuing /flowing … through your Being, is what we would ask of you. Hold the thought … the FEELING OF IT TAKING PLACE in a sacred place in your heart. Hold it in there tightly … KNOWING on a deeper level, that whilst your life appears to be taking place on the surface … such a large part of your life is preparing for This EVENT to take place … on a deeper level. Preparing and making ready.

Just throwing this in … How can we visualise it … hold that vision … if we don’t know what THE EVENT actually is? What exactly would be useful to visualise in this case?

What do you visualise when you hold it in your thoughts, Blossom?

Well, let me see … The minute I think the words THE EVENT … I automatically take a deep breath. For me, then … I see in my mind’s eye, a pink sky and ‘something’ yet, I don’t know what …‘entering through’. All I can do then, is go into this … feeling/visual … of either falling to my knees or lying on the ground in absolute wonder. That’s as far as I get.

That is as far as you need to get.

Shouldn’t I be imagining what comes after?Yet, I can’t seem to do that. That’s just a blank.

A blank canvas awaiting the artist.

Dearest Blossom … we feel it is time to remove our connective correspondence Energy for today. We are aware of course, of your impending trip. We very much look forward to your return, whereupon we shall once again take up these conversations … which we are happy to say, seem to be enjoyed by so many.

So it seems, indeed. I never thought that a conversation I have in my head, would be spread far and wide. Yet, this helps me to accept and know that this is so, because you are of TRUTH … and it is my deepest honour to continue.

In Loving thanks.

We consider the fact that so many enjoy these conversations, to be an honour to do so, also. The plan is coming together, in the name of service.

Enjoy your trip.

It is my intention and desire to do so!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - May 14, 2018

May 6, 2018 - Session

Good morning once again. Where to start?

Let us begin with greeting you from the heart and allowing this communication to flow, perhaps without agenda?

And yet, so many are still keen to hear about The Event. One soul said it was like a TV drama … ever awaiting the next episode!

It is ever unfolding and we choose to assist by offering ways to Enlighten your Beings, in order to keep the momentum and spirits High.

Such strength in the Energies … flowing in/through … to your Planet. You can feel this strength within your Being, also. For that which flows into your Planet … flows into your Being. We would say it is One and the same.

However, this day we would desire to speak of matters of a different kind. Yes, you are aware of Energies, within and without. Yet, we ask you to now LISTEN.


For there lie the answers to the posed questions. Listen to your heart and only YOUR heart and allow its rhythm to ‘teach’ you. Allow it to stretch your imagination … for it is in doing so, that Greater recourses are discovered.

There has always been talk of going within and listening to the self. Is it the ‘feeling’ we are listening to? For contrary to popular belief, there ‘aint no voices inside my head!

It goes beyond that, Blossom.

Beyond feeling? What? How?

Because we are asking Each One to take their KNOWING further. Take it more deeply into the grid of understanding ALL.

Eh … like … Sure! A few pointers would be good.

By taking your beliefs into a different space.

One tries to relax into the self … to find the space where all is quiet and find that ‘no-thing’ within the mind’s quandaries.

To connect up with Source … Divine Energy … is as simple as plugging in your technical equipment … from which you see immediate results. The Light comes on and you can ‘see’ that you are … wired into/tapped into … the circuit … for want of better words.

To VISUALISE doing this from your Being … connecting into that HIGHER POWER will do the trick … initially. Yet, we then ask you to GO BEYOND THAT.

Once ‘plugged in’ … ACCEPT … TRUST … and ALLOW the flow to take place. Do not search … do not listen for a voice …simply allow the knowledge that you are ‘connected’ … to do 'its thing.'

What is ‘its thing’? I know we are told to go within, instead of upwards or outwards. Yet, I personally find that quite difficult to visualise and I am ‘apparently’ good at visualisation. So, not at all promising for those who are not. How do we get there … within?

By letting go of Earthly binds.

With respect my friends, many who read your messages are well into meditation and are aware of such methods … and yet, I feel there is something more you are trying to ‘get through’.

You are correct.

When you say, for instance … ‘Go into your heart space. Take your focus to your heart space’ … well, I can do that. I just ‘think’ into the place where my actual physical heart is. Yet, are we supposed to visualise it as the organ it is? Or, as I tend to do … visualise it as a Golden Heart shaped Light? And then … how are we supposed to ‘Get in it’? Yes, we can visualise opening a door etc. etc. Yet, how do we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY get into that KNOWING space inside of ourselves, yet, outside of the Earthly physical restrictions ?

This is what we are trying to assist you with, Blossom.

Oops! I jumped the gun there. I apologise.

Unnecessary to do so, Blossom. We work together.

Without the pumping of your heart, without the pulsating of it, as the rhythm of life flows through it … the physical body cannot continue to function. Should the heart stop beating … then all else within the body ceases to be.

Therefore, we would say it is the 'Central System' … the 'Central Station' from which ALL IS. If something out of the ordinary is taking place … the heart beats faster. If there is excitement. If there is Joy. If there is the experience of great sadness … it can be FELT in this ‘space’ where the heart is … because OF it Being the main port, if you like … because all else stems from there. Therefore, all FEELING amasses within the 'Central Station'.

Yet, I heard, and it felt ‘right’, that the majority of ‘our spirit’ resides in the gut?

Upon this, we would agree. Yet, it does not mean that ALL FEELING has to come from this area/arena.

And let’s be honest … to express of the heart exploding with Love, is far more romantic than the gut doing so! So, what actually does it mean … the ‘majority’ Being in the gut? For, if thinking about it … my spirit feels more in my head sometimes. (Other than heart.)

Your thoughts are in your head. Your soul sense (sensitivity) is in your gut.

The soul, Being a Light within the gut? Just exactly how is the soul represented physically within us?


I thought you wanted to speak of matters of a different kind … not being rude … just saying!

It is not that we cannot bring Energy into this discussion. For ENERGY … IS … all there is. Very little chance of it NOT being involved.

So, if we could see ourselves, the spirit, the soul inside of us … what would it look like?

ENERGY! LIGHT ENERGY! And THIS is where we ask you to take yourselves.



YOU ARE LIGHT IN ITS TRUE FORM … residing within flesh, bones and a million other workings of the body. It is miraculous, without question. Yet, it is a vessel. Without YOU within it … it cannot hold form.

You require this vessel … to experience life on Earth.


Please re read that sentence … for it is of TRUTH and it is important that you understand its meaning.

The undercurrent of negativity that flows within and without yourselves and the Planet, is designed to hold you back from THE POWER OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

These times NOW, are bringing about THE CHANGE. THE CHANGE within YOU that KNOWS the possibilities of what can be.

Well, to a certain degree. I know we ‘could’ teleport… receive instant healing … grow limbs even … is this what you mean?

Indeed. Yet, so much more … MAGIC!


Within THAT KNOWING … there is the recognition of all possibilities being possible.

It is our desire to bring you ever closer to this FEELING. This acceptance of what your TRUE SELF … TRULY IS.

We can KNOW this. We can believe you and KNOW this, yet … there seems to be many bits of the jigsaw lost under the carpet! What is it that we are missing? Because, although I KNOW this to be TRUE … I am nowhere near experiencing it.

Yet, you are! All of you are becoming closer to it. You can FEEL how much you have changed within yourself. You can acknowledge the Higher Power within you NOW. It is different from even this time of year that is behind you.

Assuming you mean this time last year! Yes we are changing/have changed. Yet, I still don’t feel anywhere near close to putting my finger on a wound of another and watching it heal instantly.

Have you tried?

LOL … Remember I taught you that acronym (get me!) last week? In answer to your question, No, I haven’t.

Why not?

I see where this is going! Because, I KNOW it wouldn’t work! Receiving your point loud and clear!

Let us continue on to make the point even louder and clearer, if we may? Is it because of the belief in yourself that it would not work or the belief in general?

In myself! In general, I completely KNOW it can be done.

So why do you, or indeed anyone, feel unworthy of completing such a task?

I don’t necessarily feel unworthy … I just don’t feel capable! Perhaps I would put it that I am not Enlightened enough yet.

Yet, another strong point in this conversation. What … would it/will it/does it/should it/could it … take, for you to feel Enlightened to the degree of KNOWING that you ARE capable of this?

Giving it a go and it working! Another little LOL for you. I don’t know! This is MY point. This is where we are trying to get to, is it not? Trying to get to that Inner Knowing that we DO have the Power to heal with one touch.

Yet, you say you KNOW it is possible. How do you know?

An Inner Knowing! (You guys are so clever!)

Then WHY … ON EARTH … do you restrict this Inner Knowing to work only for those who KNOW IT! When YOU KNOW IT?

I don’t know what the actual ‘Inner Knowing’ is! That’s the missing piece, I am talking about!

The piece is not missing. It is not lost. It is staring at you in the face and yet, you are looking under rocks and stones trying to find it.

Ok. Staring me in the face … still can’t pinpoint it.

There … in front of you Blossom … right in front of you.

WHAH! Where? Where?

Do you see what we are saying? It is not missing. It is not lost.


KNOW THIS … KNOW THIS TRUTH and fit the piece into place. Do you know of that feeling when a last piece of a puzzle is put into place? That feeling of completion? Visualise your puzzle and place the last piece in.

Do I need to visualise the picture of my puzzle?

No. For … by/in … doing so, you would be restricting your knowledge to that image. Perhaps, just see it as a picture of nothing but Golden Light.

No wonder it took me so long to do!

Again we offer the wisdom of VISUALISATION. For in completing the puzzle, there shall be an acknowledgement within you, that you have found that missing piece and placed it in position. Done!

Now what?

Now you practise your KNOWING of Self - Mastery. A Master spends lifetimes perfecting the self-knowing of Truth. One cannot become a Master without the experiencing over and over of something, in order to understand it and ‘Master it’. Yet, Mastery cannot ‘come’ without … faith in/of … self-Godliness.



You know some folk will immediately unsubscribe now! (Another LOL )

Blossom, may we say after working with you for a great length of time … we find the LOL to be an unnecessary additive … for your humour has already Enlightened us.

Point taken on board and understood!

For those who are uncomfortable with the word God … as you once were, Blossom …

Oh, very much so!

We offer plenty of LOL’s to their Beings. For when they BECOME comfortable with this word … they, themselves, will Laugh at the fact they were once uncomfortable with it.



You do not serve your soul by telling yourself you are ‘less than’.

I believe you recently said that it was a bit of an insult to self, to do so?

Only to get our point across. And we feel we have done so today … and happily ready to continue in/on another session.

Holy Moly … we have done a rare thing and gone about half an hour over time. Not that I mind. It is just unusual.

We ask that one reads this particular message over and over … allowing the ‘Energy’ of the words to ‘sink in’ and BECOME your reality.

There is indeed, much to absorb and we are excited to see THE CHANGE within Each One … as they place the piece of the jigsaw into position.

In loving thanks guys! Time for a cuppa I feel. And you are saying, I could boil the water with just a thought.

Are we? Or, are you?

It matters not. All things are possible. Yet, I might leave that for an experiment down the line!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - May 6, 2018

April 28, 2018 - Session

Good morning. How quickly the week flies by these days! So many now, can physically/emotionally/mentally FEEL the step up in Energy and it is good to KNOW that we are getting ever closer to wherever it is we are going! In order to keep up the momentum and to keep excitement High, so that THE EVENT can arrive … I wondered if you could talk to us about clearing the pineal gland? We got close once, then never really got onto the topic.

Greetings to Each One. Those who are choosing to focus on the Light Energy filtering through, are certainly FEELING the difference within themselves. In ways that are soothing to the soul and comforting to the mind. Is it not, that you even feel differently as you look into your skies … day or night?

Well, I can’t speak for others (Yet, apparently so many say I do!) Yet for me, that is a definite yes! It just ‘feels’ different.

This is what we mean Blossom, when we say that everything shall be the same and yet, different. You are ‘beginning’ … for it is just the ‘beginning … of noticeable change’ … to ‘see through the veils of cloud’ would we say. The more Heightened your Awareness becomes; the more these ‘type’ of changes shall present themselves. You will notice it all around you … NATURE AT ITS BEST.

We are happy to speak of ‘clearance’ … regarding this particular ‘gateway’ placed strategically with inside your head. As many of you are Aware, it is similar to that which you … recognise/label … a walnut. And we have chosen this analogy in particular, because of there now being a crusted shell that has built up around it.

I did read once that Fluoride is a main cause of this.

There are many chemicals that appear as the culprit. Yet, let us focus on the ‘cleansing of’.

Firstly, recall that YOU are in control of self. Therefore, that which you decide to display in your mind becomes your ‘BEING’.

YOU ‘make yourself’ who you are within the confines of the physicality. We speak in these terms, yet understand, we are not speaking of the ESSENCE of YOU … we are speaking of YOU creating YOUR OWN WORLD from within your mind’s eye!

And we would extend that further by saying that this pineal gland IS your mind’s eye …that when opened up … can take you to anywhere you wish to go.

This, throughout time, has been worked upon to make sure it is disabled to a certain extent, so that it cannot reveal to you ALL THAT IS.

Worked upon how?

By clamping it up. By tightening it. By shrinking it … over many eons of time. We would liken it to amphibians no longer requiring certain body parts as they found themselves on land and therefore, fins etc. became obsolete over time.

Because of the lack of use of this gland it almost became redundant. Not through lack of interest … through lack of knowledge of its very existence. For those in power … those in ‘the know’ throughout history, have not wanted ‘its secrets’ to be FREE. For indeed then, ‘their’ power over you would be gone.

It is only through Awakenings of souls, that this magical portal is once again … in Divine timing … being recognised … FOR WHAT IT IS … AND WHAT IT CAN DO.

So, we would make the suggestion of ‘freeing it up’ by using the most powerful tool you have.


You can concoct a myriad of ways to break down the barriers … to knock down the walls … to crack open the shell that is preventing you accessing your full potential.

AND … we would suggest you doing this on a daily basis.

VISUALISE … for instance … little ... angels/workmen ... chipping away at it. Do the whole ‘episode’ as you watch the shell crumble and sweep up any debris.

VISUALISE … the warmest clearest water (LOVE) being poured over it from a watering can … do it daily.

Perhaps envisage your healing hands caressing it in the KNOWING it is softening.

Yet, most of all we would suggest on top of such visuals … to SEND IT LOVE.

To VISUALISE the Golden White Light ... of /from ... Divine source … that is YOU … shining from within it … and due to the very nature of this Light … there is the KNOWING that as it ‘Radiates Through’… then it is possible … for all things are … for it to melt away any ‘concrete prisons’ that have disguised it, over time.

VISUALISE … many ways to set it free. Keep it clean … on a daily basis.

Part of the cleaning the teeth routine!

However you choose it be done. It is beneficial to then, when sitting in meditation, to imagine switching a switch … as one would a light. And very slowly, watch it begin to turn clockwise … gaining in momentum until you are aware of it transforming into a spinning Light … focus on that for a time and then allow your ... ‘imagination/imagery’ ... to take it from there.

When you understand it is ‘A portal’ … your own personal gateway to ‘elsewhere’ … then you will come to ‘learn’ through experience and ‘practise’, a certain amount of that which it is capable of. We say ‘certain amount’ … for it is wise to start small. Allow yourself to ‘go out there’ with the Divine Intention of BEING where your soul is comfortable in exploring. You will understand as you work with it, what we mean.

This is such a valuable part of you … Treasure it … Nurture it and it shall serve you well.

May I go back to the point you made of it not getting used, so therefore, it diminished? Can you elaborate on that a little? For surely, those that knew of it and used it, must have been able to ‘keep it to themselves’ if it was unsafe to ‘let it be known’ it was in use?

And they did so. Yet, as we say … ways were devised to prevent it from BEING used to its full potential.

What ways?

Tampering with genetics, for example. And we would say … in these times you are living in and for quite a while back … that the vaccinations that are given to so call ‘prevent illness or disease’ is … a great disguise to interfere with the ‘normal’ functioning of the Divine workings of the body.

I hate to say it … yet, some ‘innocents’ are being injected minutes after birth, by their innocent parents ‘believing’ it is the right thing to do.

Be comforted in the knowing this will change. When Truths come out … this ‘distortion’ is one of so many that will be ‘banished from the kingdom!’

Yet, so much damage done to so many.

Dearest Blossom … with respect … could you not say this about so much that has taken place upon your Planet and is STILL taking place?




The more you are recognising your Light NOW and walking into yourselves … the TRUTH of yourselves … the stronger and more magnificent you recognise yourself to be. YOU CAN FEEL IT NOW … you can recognise it now … and this is JUST THE BEGINNING.

Multiply this FEELING, this KNOWING … in confidence of self … and then … just imagine THE CHANGE YOU ARE MAKING … JUST … BY BEING/SHINING YOUR LIGHT!

This new world CANNOT/WILL NOT have such things as vaccinations, for example … for there shall be no illness … no manmade dis-ease.

When Truths are uncovered, so many will be shocked and appalled at that which has been created to make one subservient. To ‘keep one at bay'.

And yet, I do get confused at times. As YOU say, that no one has control over us … no one can control our soul.

And this is so. We would make the suggestion that perhaps the ‘effects’ of such ‘goings on’ work fully when there is no knowledge that it is taking place. This has been going on for eons of time. Yes, there are many that are still ‘walking in the dark’. Yet, so many now … so many WARRIORS OF LIGHT have ‘seen the light at the end of the tunnel’ and therefore, Awakening to facts!






So, we would say, it is KNOWLEDGE, Dearest Souls, KNOWLEDGE of what has been ‘done to you’ … that can allow you to TAKE BACK CONTROL.


When you KNOW THIS … when you FEEL this … when you become in fullness … THIS LIGHT THAT YOU ARE … with all ‘barrages’ and obstacles removed because of this understanding … then you will come to realise, that no-one can get inside your head. No-one can reach into your Light and take it away.

YOU ARE THE MOST POWERFUL UNIT OF LIGHT … expressing yourself as a human Being … because THAT IS YOUR FOCUS … in this moment of NOW.

You decided and were chosen to be part of This Game.


I feel you want me to say … ‘Games are for fun’ …

Should you choose ... them /it ... to be so.

Bring back your Fun. Do you see?

To bring Fun into your lives is an immediate ‘Earth lifter!’

I know many would say … ‘Come down and try it! YOU try finding fun amidst all this insane chaos’.

And we would reply … If you focus on the chaos … you will drown in chaos. If you focus on finding some fun … you will find it! Make the finding of it … fun!

For me, I just have a few minutes in my grandsons company and I ‘remember’ fun and freedom.

Should one make the decision to HAVE FUN TODAY … then one can definitely tick off ‘I served in raising the Earths Planetary Vibration today.’

Unfortunately and yet, what is … is, the darker side of the moon has allowed shadows to cast not only OVER the Planet, yet WITHIN the very Energy of it.

One has got lost within the drudgery of survival.


As more and more souls Awaken into their Truth… as they come to recognise the ‘sham’ that is presented as Truth and BEGIN TO DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE LIGHT OF LOVE THAT IS … the Power that will surge throughout your Planet because of this … will allow so many more to break out of the mould and be set free.

What Divinity lies within that!

VISUALISE, VISUALISE, VISUALISE yourselves shining out your Light from within.


Because ... in/by ... doing so … YOU … MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

I assume you are talking here of the difference in ‘level of Vibration’ and KNOWING that our Light IS the DIVINE POWER? It does not come from ego … recognising this Light within. That is an understanding I have come to.

And that is yet another ‘trick’ invented to ‘downsize the soul’.

What do you mean?

In that … it became a societal acceptance NOT TO build the self up … for that was known as … egotistical/one with a big head. So again, over time … one felt it right … one was raised in the incorrect knowledge … that to admit to the self that one could shine … was not the done thing and so, one stopped doing so.

NOW this is CHANGING along with the Vibration of the Planet.


To undermine who you are … would we say … is an insult to self and if we may be so bold as to say … an insult to creation!

Whoa … nicely put!

Truthfully put, Blossom. When one recognises who they are … the essence of themselves … how could you possibly think that you are an unworthy Being?



LOVE LIGHT IN ITS GLORY IS WORTHY OF ALL THAT IS GOODNESS … to consider oneself unworthy is futile and undeserving!

I know we are near the end of the session yet, you mentioning ‘big headed’, reminded me of a question someone asked about the Giant statues that have been found all over the world, sometimes leaning back against a mountain etc. They look like they have been carved by a very talented hand. However it has now been proved (or so they say) that they were petrified. Some have been cut open and blood vessels, bones, ribs, blood arteries, tendons etc., are clearly visible. They are seemingly very old and are all over the place. Just thought I’d throw that in!

Dearest souls, indeed we would willingly say that these ‘remains’ stem from Giants that once lived upon your Planet. Like yourselves … they were visitors. They did not reside there for long as conditions were not suitable for their wellbeing. The atmosphere was not compatible and it became apparent quite quickly that they could not survive within it.

They must have been petrified that they might become petrified!

Ho Ho Ho … we believe you would say?

Nope. We leave that to Santa! In writing these days it would be LOL … Just for your future usage.

We will keep that in mind.

I HAVE to go for gold here and ask WHEN they visited?

We would say, before the dinosaur era of your time.

Do they still exist?

Yes. These Giants eventually found a Planet that was more suited to their needs … not only in atmospherics, yet, size!

And of course, I need to finish with asking you the whereabouts of this Planet?

Outside of your solar system. Little point in trying to explain further, with all respect.

Thank you. A most profitable encounter today. Not saying they are not always! It makes me happy to know that more and more souls are ‘clicking on’ to your messages. It is my Divine Intention to get you and White Cloud out there to reach, Awaken and Enlighten as many souls as possible. Slowly … one by one … day by day … YOU are doing so … for which I am so grateful. It is indeed an honour to serve in this way, Being the vessel in which you use to make this happen. I am Blessed.

We honour Each One for Being on the Earth plane at this time … making the choices that Awaken and Enlighten so many.

Thanks so much. A pleasure always.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - April 28, 2018

April 20, 2018 - Session

Hi, once again. Returning to the subject of The Event (Should I be so bold!) Folk are asking how long the ‘feeling’ of this WAVE OF LOVE will stay with us? Seconds? Hours? Days? Months? You get the picture.

Welcome to you. This is a question that cannot be answered in terms of time. For it shall be different for each one. Firstly, we would comment that THE WAVE OF LOVE IS PART OF YOU. The Energy that The Event shall bring forth is one of such magnitude … this is agreed throughout … and yet, it is coming to awaken ALL THAT IS LOVE … WITHIN YOU. All that … IS … WITHIN YOU … IS LOVE.

At the moment the ‘wave’ presents itself … absolute Bliss shall be felt. Again, we say … different levels of it … depending on each one’s present state of Being. This applies also, to the length of time that the very HIGH VIBRATION shall remain within. Depending on the capabilities of the individual soul, that enables one to remain within a certain state, for a certain length of time. It shall affect souls differently. So, it is not easy for us to give a stated ‘time frame’. What we will say … is that … WHEN it approaches … you will KNOW and you will ‘automatically’ begin to ‘Prepare your Being’. It will be something you simply know what to do.

The ‘preperational systems’ shall be put into place in advance and activated at the correct level when all is in alignment to do so.

What would these preperational systems entail?

There shall be tell-tale signs, as we have already explained. I.E. Much more notable phenomena that has everyone buzzing, as opposed to just those who are seeking it out. Yet, as the dawning of this new era draws ever closer, there shall be much greater activity in your skies and from all around.

It shall not be JUST an external preparation. Let us make that quite clear. For internally, within those who are ready to accept … there shall be presented to the soul-self, visuals of expectations and possibilities.

What about those who are not ready to accept?

There shall be those who are not ready … yet, shall become aware and therefore, accept … an awakening … due to the Energy build up that will be taking place. This Energy shall be almost tangible. Far greater, would we say, than the turmoil within self, one is experiencing in these present days. We are not saying ‘far greater turmoil’! No! No! We are saying that the Energies shall be greater by far, and yet, turmoil will have left and comfort shall be discovered within the self. As it flows in, many souls will feel the newness and allow themselves to become themselves.

Those who do not choose to ‘accept’ what is taking place … shall still feel differently, one cannot not. Yet, they will deny that which is presented.

Why on Earth would someone do that? Surely, we are all ‘veritably dribbling’ to live in a world that is of a Higher Energy than this current state of affairs!

We understand your confusion, Blossom. And yet, each aspect of a soul’s journey upon your Earth plane has choice. Some are not ready to take steps to further their education! They choose to remain ‘stuck’ for a while longer to experience their choices within certain Energies.

This doesn’t sound a very wise move.

Blossom … within every breath you intake there lies wisdom. Remember, this is a never ending journey of the soul. It matters not, that which another chooses and should it completely go against the grain of YOUR choices … then simply allow that to Be.

When your soul is in a place of recognition of ALL … then such choices of another’s journey will seem so suitable to them.

So, back to the matter in hand. How long will the ‘wave’ last?

Initially, we would say two or three days. Yet, that confuses you, as we are not ‘in time’ and therefore, your TRUSTING on our time scale does not exist!

Laugh! How can you put it in a different way then? Not really possible without involving time!

All things are possible. Let us remove time from the equation and say this …

When IT arrives … there shall be an initial 'wash over.' It shall remain within each one, on different levels, of different degrees of frequency according to each one’s position of self. This we have also mentioned before. However, once this has taken place … each soul shall ‘come back round’ in their own time. So, we cannot give you hours, days etc. Yet, we choose to say … anything up to a week of your time before one feels the need to even think about normality.

And normality will not be normal ever again!

Our point to you is this.


It is part of the Divine plan and destined to move your Planet into the positioning, for it to continue on its guided path of Light, back into her Higher Vibration of self. WITH YOUR HELP.

After THE EVENT … life will not be the same. For one’s perspective … of/upon … LIFE ... will have changed.

You know now … that you are pure LOVE. Yet, within the density of your Planet’s Energies, it appears to be very difficult to keep on top of this knowledge. Yet, AFTER THE EVENT the Energies ‘en masse’ will have changed and transformed to such a degree, that much of that which one once knew, will indeed be of the past … in the ‘old world’ … would we say.

Everything will be the same and yet, nothing will be the same. For YOU … will have changed … INSIDE OF YOU will have risen to such a level, that YOU will experience everything differently. For you will be coming from a different perspective.

This indeed, Dearest Souls … is when so many of you will feel comfortable in your skin. Comfortable with residing upon the Planet … knowing what it is that you are to do. Knowing why you are here and finding synchronicities coming to you that will astound.

Those who are already on track and yet, have felt so alone … shall no longer do so. For soul, after soul, after soul shall seek you out and ask for your assistance.

Those of you who are already aware and ready to ‘teach’ and ‘remind’, shall be sought out by those who once thought of you, as you would say … a bit ‘cuckoo’!

Laugh again! How your humour has developed.

Or maybe, we are using yours?


The Awakened ones shall be as magnets … beacons … yet, we are aware of repeating ourselves.

That’s ok. I have had many a knock at you for doing so in the past. Yet, realising now, that many more souls are discovering your wisdom as we continue on and for those of us who have heard it all before … repetition is the mother of all learning, is it not?

We are in the knowing that this is so.

Dearest souls, in moments of silence within … breathe deeply and FEEL the difference within you. FEEL the KNOWING that you are so close.


Out of interest … how do you know?

Due to the strengthening of the ENERGY upon Earth. The Heightened level of it … coming from souls … emanating from within to without … and yet, there is also, on a completely different level … the ‘Home visits’ that you make during times of sleep or meditation, that see you return there on a much more recognisable level.

Okeydokey! Let’s get into that, shall we? Surely, when we do have these visits, which we are mostly, if not altogether unaware of in our human form … we ‘arrive there’ in our LIGHT form. So, how would we be more recognisable now, in comparison to before?

Because your LOVE LIGHT ‘returns’ NOW, in a more KNOWLEDGEABLE APPRECIATION OF SELF. Whereas perhaps, ‘before’, one may arrive a little … depleted /dishevelled … and in definite need of a 'top up'.

White Cloud has spoken before of needing to return to Higher realms now and then, in order to FEEL his TRUE BEING in the Vibration that it belongs. For Being in lesser Light than the Truth of the self can indeed, like a battery running low on a torch … deplete the strength in which it shines.

Yet, now … as each one is remembering their TRUE LIGHT … the Light that they are in the Highest aspect of themselves … they are able to bring into their Being a Higher level of self … when BEING and residing in the Energies of the Earth plane.

This is a great accomplishment. For it shows that the anchoring of Light that so many of you are assisting in … just by being there … is taking hold and this is very encouraging indeed.

Do you see brothers and sisters … of/in Light … the difference? Can you grasp that which you are accomplishing? Can you accept NOW that YOU … YOU … are making this change occur?

Within every moment of your time upon Mother Earth, you are changing it. Because, you are in acceptance NOW, of what is taking place and recognising that YOU are a vast part of this that is taking place.

May we remind you, the ocean would not be the ocean if there were not every single drop of water to make it so.

The excitement builds and we ask you to do your utmost to keep that level of KNOWING at its Highest point.

For you DO KNOW that this EVENT shall take place and as for its ‘timing’ … it really … with the greatest of understanding and respect … is not the point!

The making it happen … the bringing it to you … is what it is all about.

THE ABSOLUTE KNOWING THAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO THAT shall allow you to continue forth. Bringing in the Higher levels of Energy Light-Love and in doing so, allowing yourselves to be the perfect examples OF this Love.

As more and more souls take note of the ways of Joyful hearts that shine from within you … that KNOW … then, more and more desire to become the same. More and more are looking for souls like YOU, to be shown the right path … to be guided in the ways of LOVE and through this … due to this … because of this … because of YOU … KNOWING THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE …

THIS EVENT shall be drawn towards you … as the Lights on your Planet shine ever Brighter … calling its name … letting it know …


Thanks chaps! Always a pleasure.


Blossom Goodchild - April 20, 2018

April 16, 2018 - Session

Hello there once again. I am happy to say that at this point in time I am feeling a lot brighter. Here inside my washing machine, I seem to be on the ‘delicates’ cycle … yet, so much better than the ‘spin’. How goes it with you?

Indeed, we are aware that your Energy has lifted and this is nice to sense! Such intense changes and ‘removals’ are occurring at such speed in these current times for all, and causing disturbances to the mind, body and soul.

What exactly do you mean by ‘removals’?

Removals of negative energies from self and the Planet … from within even the very soil in which you plant seeds for food.

How is this being accomplished?

By extraction. By which, we mean almost literally. Imagine of a 'visuality' likened to a whirlwind … picking up and ‘removing’ energy that is of lesser Light. This is assisted GREATLY by the LIGHT that is building upon your Planet. We would put it in words to suit, that would be akin to the darker energies ‘removing themselves’ in some ‘states’.

‘States’ meaning places in countries or ‘the state’ of something?

Both. The darker energies cannot reside in Light that is outside of their resonance. To put it simply, it is too uncomfortable. Therefore, they ‘choose’ to leave as the Light causes too much sensory disturbance. It is known that a ‘clean up’ is underway and it is rapidly doing its job! Therefore, with the extensive Light flowing in … raising the Vibration of the Planet and all upon it … there is also the fact that this uplifting factor is able to demolish much of the darkness. Leaving what we would call ‘shadows’. These ‘shadows’ have no depth to them and are merely surface debris.

Dearest Souls … this is so very heartening to hear is it not? How strong now the POWER OF LIGHT is taking hold.

I feel the need to ask, although I don’t know why, as it really isn’t my thing … when you say ‘removal’ do you also mean of negative ‘souls’. For I have heard it said that arrests are taking place. Arrests of many high up in the ‘naughty category’. Yet, obviously this is not brought to light in mainstream media.

On this matter we would agree, that it is not really ‘your thing, or ours’ to comment upon. Yet, we would confirm that there is much going on behind the scenes … collectable data etc … that indeed, is more than enough evidence to convict those who have caused and brought about such damage to the Planet and indeed, the human race.

We would go as far as to say that it is certainly not ‘just’ Earthly councils that shall be dealing with these souls. For it is on a Universal scale that the effects of such individuals have travelled and it is for High council within The Federation to delegate outcomes in order for order to be retrieved.

Again we make suggestion for those who are in knowledgeable strength within their Light, to take time to meditate deeply with these lost souls in mind. For when they ‘recognise’ the extent of pain that has been caused to others through their actions … there is no need for any form of punishment, for the anguish that shall be presented within their Beings will be of the Highest ‘torture’ brought upon by themselves. Feeling ALL that they have inflicted upon others and the Planet. They shall need so much Love and Forgiveness and we would state also that when Truths … real ‘Truths’ of what has been hidden are revealed … it will be only the most ‘solid rocks’ that shall find within themselves, the heart to forgive.

On a Lighter note … REAL progress has been made of late. Perhaps look at things that seem so 'topsy turvy' as a positive sign that things are getting better!

That is indeed a 'topsy turvy' statement!

Dearest souls … Your world seems so, at this ‘stage’ of Evolution. Yet, what is ‘topsy turvy’? We interpret it as ‘upside down’ … and if you were to look at things from where we are … things would certainly veer more towards the good changes rather than what seems to be ‘out of proportion’ disarray.

And where exactly are you?

We are in a different Vibration.

How different?

Very. For where we choose to reside has no negative energy … none. We are showing you a vision Blossom, of ‘through the clouds’. It is the nearest we can get. For in Truth, we are nowhere else … we are around … just on a different Vibration. As we have spoken of before, very much like 'the Elementals' and many other planetary forms … all ‘around’ yet, resonating within a different frequency. Long has it been known, to liken it to ‘tuning into a radio’.

So, in order to be made visible to us … how do you tune in to our frequency, so as to be seen?

By doing that very thing … tuning into YOUR frequency. It is the same as we are doing now in order to be able to communicate with you.

Is it difficult to do?

No. Not when you know how. The same as anything … It is not difficult when you know how.

I know you know, that so many would Love you to pop in ... and stay around for a while. Yet, I won’t go on about it, as we have been down this road before, many many times. We have been down so many roads before!

And each one assisting in the understanding of reasoning behind your stay upon Earth. We understand one’s … position/disposition. We try our utmost to bring comfort and encouragement to you. Those of you who are wearing thin … losing hope. Yet, we ask that you renew your enthusiasm. We ask you to keep on keeping on!

Do not give up when you are so near the finishing line.

With the greatest of respect … White Cloud spoke those very words back in 2012. Six years ago and we haven’t given up … not yet! Many have veered off track … many have found their way back.

And oh, so many have jumped on board since then, have they not?

Yes, they have . All the time new souls join the ride. Yet, for those of us who feel like we have been on board for a thousand years or so … and probably have … this … ‘End Game’ is proving hard going. A bit like pregnancy when the last quarter seems longer than the entire nine months.

And we could not have put that better ourselves, Blossom. The ‘Birthing’ of this new age is so close at hand. Have you not been hearing in your mind ‘Don’t give up’ over and over?

Yes … and it is encouraging. So many, judging by emails sent in, are hanging on by a thread and in need of a boost. Hey Ho … been down this road, also! I feel this is why THE EVENT situation took off as it did (this time). We don’t want saving … we understand it is not about that. Yet, without doubt we are in desperate need of a leg up! Bring on the cavalry and all that!! (A reminder here of THE INVOCATION … )

Dearest Blossom … Dearest souls. THE EVENT SHALL TAKE PLACE IN ITS DIVINE TIMING and when it does … one will understand why it happened when it does and not before.

Yet, meanwhile … we are not laying idle. Have you not noticed that which we have spoken of, regarding displays in your skies?

Yes, I have been sent in ‘strange oddities’ showing up here and there. Yet, as I say … much goes unnoticed by many. I am in the fortunate position to be sent such things and not all of us have the time to sit on our computers all day seeking such things out. Hello! Suddenly my heart is quickening …

Let it be known … these things that seem to you as small offerings are gauged in order to be kept under the radar for now. Not causing too much disturbance, yet, enough to be recognised as ‘different’ … as ‘stepping up’. These ‘symptoms’ are the precursor to the BIG DISPLAY … THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH we have spoken of in other communications.

There shall be a build-up … taking things much further than that which is presented now. And adjacent to this shall be the build-up within yourselves … within your soul … within your Being.

We say to you … there shall be no questioning. There shall be no doubts …or ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’s’ . It shall be felt throughout your Planet … by ALL … when THIS EVENT is about to present.

Yet, as we say, before it does so … phenomena shall be almost common place, rather than that which you would say is ‘random’ at this time.

I have also been made aware of the phenomena (which seems to be popping in my head right now, so I feel you want me to ask) … regarding the sky looking as if it is split down the middle. If it is was a painting, it looks like one half is completely different from the other … as if the wrong ‘half of the picture’ has been put back in … for want of a way of explaining it … What would you say about this?

We would say … that this is yet another ‘sign’ that THE EVENT is drawing ever closer.

Yet, what actually is taking place?

Blossom …as you know, everything is Energy … and Energy is palpable and can be … manipulated/woven into/presenting as … any form at all. To change your sky into a ‘half and half outlook’ is … we say with a very large tongue in cheek effect … ‘as easy as photo shopping on your computers’.

And yet, I get from that … this is not photo shopped from our computers ... is it?


Why are you showing me a dice being thrown?

Because dearest Blossom … we are reminding you … this is all part of THE GAME. The Game in which you reside. Sometimes you throw a six and move up six paces … other times just a one. Either way … You are in ‘THE GAME.’

Yep … that ‘Game’ where we landed on Earth with no instruction manual!

We would correct you there. The manual is inside of you. That is part of ‘The Game’ is it not? To discover the manual inside. For once you have found it … page, by page, by page, brings you into alignment with ‘the rules’.

And ‘the rules’ being that … there are no rules?

Indeed … and yet, that is not to say that the manual does not present you with, ‘how to play the game’.

Sometimes, I really feel, all be it momentarily, that I ‘Get it’ and it seems so simple. It’s just a matter of … BEING/COMING FROM ... LOVE … always. When you allow every breath to be …OF/FROM …Love, there are no ‘snakes’ to stumble upon … only ladders to climb. I assume the more we move into the Higher Vibrations , the longer we are able to remain in this knowledge and make it work for us. So simple, yet somehow, when in the density of Earth … so complex.

Complex, if you choose. Simple, if you choose.

Either way … there is no denying that YOU ARE LOVE.

There is no denying you are all BEING LOVE ... bringing Planet Earth into the Higher Place of existence that was agreed upon.

Universal gatherings make ‘Your Planet’ the talk of the town. Focus on this fact … that within all this talk … there is much excitement. For these changes that are upon you … are upon all that have agreed to see this Divine plan through and Gratitude to each one is offered … to be received in the form of vast waves of Love sweeping … over/through ... you. Giving you courage and KNOWING … that it is so close now ... This time … This EVENTuality … You know this in your hearts and in your Beings.

Correct. Not knowing the ‘when’ can be frustrating .Yet, I am guessing that if we did … it would change the course of history .

Correct. Such excitement at your door. Dearest most blessed souls … Be open to all ‘strangeness’ … and let it Lighten your hearts … Your Beings.

In Love … we remain with you. You can feel us … Each One of you can feel this Knowing of what is to take place. This is why you continue on BEING THE LIGHTS … SHOWING THE WAY … and may we say … what a GRAND JOB you are doing.

May I … on behalf of myself and many, thank you for your encouragement and support. It TRULY does help to keep us going.

This is good to hear. Yet, it was an agreement made by all, that these messages come through to help you remember … to recognise … WHO YOU ARE … LIGHT LOVE… through and through. And within this recognition … allowing the Energy of this LIGHT LOVE to transform your Planet back into its former sel. In Love … we take our leave. Many thanks.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - April 16, 2018

April 6, 2018 - Session

Hello, my friends. I was busy throughout Easter and unable to find time to connect up with you. Not only was I busy … I was greatly affected by Energies and in all Truth … it didn’t feel good! Could you talk about these Energies? Positive and negative!

Welcome, Dearest Blossom and all who have chosen to read these words. We are keen to speak of such things as we are aware of the dis-conection one can feel at times and we would like to offer ways to assist in the feeling of re-connection.

Oh, good! Because for a few days, no matter how hard I tried all ‘tricks of the trade’ to get me out of my foul mood, it just wasn’t happening … until it lifted gradually by itself ... only to be dropped back in ... then lifted ... then dropped back in ... You get the picture?! Are the negative energies I felt so strongly, caused by chemtrails, food etc? Or, is it myself … needing to ‘look at them’ and release them? I get so confused, because when in the ‘state of Being’ I was in … I truly could find no Joy in myself or my days ahead and then … nothing changes, other than that ‘energy’ goes away … and I feel ‘Lighter’ about things. What is all that about?

It is about differences … within Energy. You see Blossom … there is clashing of Energies during these ‘Uplifting times!’ On the one hand, you have the LIGHT ENERGY of PURE DIVINE LOVE pouring into your Earth’s stream … and on the other; you have the DARKER ENERGY fighting for its life to prevent the LIGHT ENERGY entering in.

Yet, how then is it, that some of us feel the confusion and depression at the same time … and others may feel as Light as a feather?

Because it depends on what may be taking place in one’s day to day … at the time … in order for one Energy or the other to take advantage of that state of mind and enhance it … as if it engulf’s you for a time … LIGHT or DARK.

Couple this with that which is scattered throughout your Earth’s Energy Field in the ways of ‘dampening down’ one’s mood …

I have to interrupt there. You speak of this often. I wouldn’t call it dampening down. I would say it is more like 'flattening completely' ... when it hits! Can you describe how it works? Because it can really take hold at times.

It is complex yet, simple, Blossom. Taking into consideration that there IS ONLY ENERGY … and it exists within a certain frequency … depending on what it is … where it is … it’s manifestation of … etc. Therefore, it can be that there is a design … would we say … of a negative pattern that is able to ‘make its way through' to the Beings of the human race and weave its negativity … the design of that particular frequency … into the heart space … bringing spirits down to its lower Vibration.

My question being then … knowing what many of us do … why are we unable to pull ourselves out of it? You say we are the strongest of the strong and yet, in these times, it feels far from it. I can get so low and I know many others are the same … that I feel like ‘I’m done here!’. Fed up of fighting, sort of thing. What’s the point etc etc … I KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS. Yet, they don’t make sense when in that frame of mind.

The fact is Blossom … you DO know all the answers … The main factor BEING ‘LOVE CONQUERS ALL.’

Yet, there IS only Love … on it’s different vibratory trajectories … ( Is that you or me talking? LOL )

You are correct and yet the stronger one pulls themselves into the Higher Vibrations the easier it becomes to FEEL Brighter.

Try getting there when you get real low! Maybe you don’t know of that feeling? It’s not nice. It’s that feeling as if the darkness has beaten me … no more 'will' left, type of thing.

And yet … it passes does it not?


Because the darkness HAS NOT won. It CANNOT beat you. All the while you are feeling so low … your Light will not allow the flame to go out. It remains … the flame remains alight no matter how stormy the winds may blow … No matter how much it is hanging on by a thread. It remains alight … because it is YOU. It is YOUR LIGHT that cannot be put out.

Yet, some get so low as to remove themselves from the Planet.

This is so. This is a choice made and can only be ‘assessed’ by each individual. There is no judgment on this. It is that some souls choose to leave because life on Earth becomes too hard to deal with.

With respect, my point entirely! Don’t get me wrong … I’m not planning on taking myself out … yet, I can see why people do!

You are not planning on doing so … because your mission shall be accomplished and no matter what … you made a promise to yourself to see it through.

Did those who ‘left early’ not also make that promise?

No. Some came in the knowing they would do their best and could ‘opt out’ if necessary. Each soul has the opportunity to ‘opt out’ should they desire.

I used to think that to take your life would be frowned upon. Yet, I changed that way of thinking a long while back!

We are happy you have come to that decision and yet we would add that the majority of souls who do so … choose to come back and give ‘life on Earth’ another ‘chance’. Let us return to the topic regarding Energies. We know, you know the answer … each one of you … KNOWS the answer within.

Yet, what does it take?


We have stated you are the strongest of the strong and you can FEEL … especially in these Heightened Days of Awareness of many aspects of ‘Life’ itself … that the KNOWING of this KNOWLEDGE has to be felt from deep inside the core of your Being. You have to dig deep, Dearest Souls, in order to ‘GET IT!’

To find that …YOU … that is the strongest of the strong. That is why YOU were chosen. We are aware of the repetitive statements over the years. Yet, can you see why? More importantly … can you FEEL why?

These times … as you move into the Higher Grade of humanity … or, would we say … ‘Return’ to the Higher Grade of Humanity … are … as we gauged would be … the most turbulent of times … as one moves OUT of the Lower intensity of ‘living’ … IN to the Higher. We are aware of the CHANGE … TAKING PLACE NOW.

And for you upon Earth it is proving turbulent, indeed!


We desire to find new ways to tell you … to express to you … what is going on NOW. Yet, all we can do is ask that you go within and FIND YOUR LIGHT … and LOVE IT. Talk to it … as your friend. Encourage your Light as you would a child or friend to hang on in there. When a friend is low … you pep them up and feed them with that which you know to be the best of them. Helping them to see the good in themselves. Do the same for yourself. For your Light, when it gets dim … it may not react straight away … it may feel a little too damaged at the time … Yet, it is listening and taking note and holding on for ‘dear life’ … And then … as the storm dies down and the warmth of the sun shines … upon/within it … STRENGTH RETURNS … GOOD THOUGHTS RETURN and one feels the ‘hope’ to carry on. Stronger than ever before … IN THAT KNOWING THAT THE LIGHT … THE LIGHT OF EACH ONE … WILL BRING THIS PLANET INTO ITS BEAUTY OF SELF.

THE LIGHT OF EACH ONE … here to CHANGE the way things are … HAS TO … WILL … come into full strength and shine forth.

This Light that IS EACH ONE … knows no bounds.

Dearest souls … as you walk into yourselves … strength returns …as you continue IN LOVE to march onwards … YOU come into the UNDERSTANDING of THE POWER THIS LIGHT … HAS/IS.


The more you ALLOW yourself to KNOW it … to FEEL it WITHIN YOU … the MORE POWER accumulates within the YOU that thinks it is so weak and meagre. The more one ‘marches on’ in this KNOWING … the more reality of THIS POWER reveals itself … offering encouragement through ‘proof’ to carry on. And THROUGH this movement within souls … momentum builds.

AND ...

IT IS DOING … Desperation from the lower vibration is ceasing … because its strength is weakening … until such times when it is no more of your Planet.

WOW! With all respect … that seems a long way away . Yet, let’s not get onto the time thing with you right now. Will the EVENT … in its Divine timing, give this a boost in the right direction.

Indeed. This is what it is for. When this Event takes place … it will give your world such an enormous ‘shake up’ … and yet … as we have stated before … there shall be ‘run ups’ to this Event that will prepare one’s Being for the occasion.

I, like most of us, have been confused and uncertain about all the talk of THE EVENT, including talk from you … with all respect . Many of us are talking of ‘something strange going on’ … yet, in the knowing that this Event is a wave of Love washing over us …. it certainly doesn’t feel anywhere near close. For I would imagine … as it is getting closer, we would be feeling really ‘loved up ‘ … not ‘loved down!’. Yet, let’s not forget the expectancy (of something in the air) so many are feeling! I guess at the end of the day … we just wait and see! Carrying on to the best of our ability in any given moment. So much we are oblivious to … So much we don’t understand … and yet KNOWING without question WE ARE LIGHT … and we continue on because of it.

Dearest Blossom … Dear All … do not just accept the YOU that you think you are …. ACCEPT the YOU within ALL possibilities of the Universes and beyond.

Allow the WHOLENESS OF YOU to be accepted by this aspect of YOU living upon Earth right now in these amazing times. No soul wants to miss it!

And according to you… not one soul will. Thanks guys. I didn’t mean this communication to be of a downward energy. I found myself quite unexpectedly emotional whilst within it. Up and down on this merry go round we turn … keeping on keeping on … because something inside us, tells us, it’s the right thing to do. Many thanks. Over and out for now,

We ask that you do your upmost to remain steadfast in your KNOWING that

YOU … EACH ONE of YOU … ARE … making it happen.

YOU … ARE … bringing about THE CHANGE and it is happening because …



Our Love radiates into your heart space … allow us in and feel the strength and guidance we offer. HOW WE HONOUR EACH ONE. In love and thanks.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - April 6, 2018

March 26, 2018 - Session

Good morning. I feel a bit hesitant, wondering what this ‘chat’ shall bring. So, so, so much talk about THE EVENT. Still many questions from people, yet, should we leave it as is now? If it’s going to happen it will … and it will … it’s just the when! I am certainly feeling ‘topsy turvy’ and I am behaving so! Let me leave today’s discussion in your capable hands, if I may?

Many thanks, Dearest Blossom. We are very much aware of the continual feed of information and disinformation that is being presented. We can only suggest that you find your Truth by tuning into your FEELINGS about something in particular that you may hear or read about. As we have said ... within ALL things that are presented to you.

The fact is … THE EVENT IS COMING. Another fact is … IT IS COMING SOON.

The fact is … ‘soon’ does not help! Please take this in the polite manner meant, yet, do you feel you understand what it means to US upon Earth when you say 'soon'? As opposed to what it means to YOU?

Yes … and we understand also, the joking Energy around that word that has developed. However, … … … … … …

We are aware Blossom that you are quite hesitant to ‘go with the flow’ today?

Yep. You are right … I KNOW YOU TO BE OF TRUTH … yet, so hesitant to give out false hope.

Is that what you feel we are doing?

You wouldn’t! It is not of your nature. Yet, for us folk down here, we feel we have been led along so many times with talk of such things and then it all goes away again. So, my dilemma is … not wanting that same scenario … and yet, not wanting to ‘halt the procedure’ if indeed it is around the corner … and your messages, therefore, poignant at this time. I have to say I do feel a responsibility’ in my role here, even though I know I am simply the messenger.

We are grateful to you for expressing your concerns. It is different for us … for we KNOW that which lies ahead …

And with the greatest of respect (as always) … it was not long ago that you were talking a lot about systems failing and great change and the world being topsy turvy etc … whats happened to all of that kind of talk?


I know this is all about me today, and yet, I feel I do speak for many it seems who have the same thoughts. I guess my confusion also, lies within my feelings. For indeed, there is ‘SOMETHING GOING ON’. Even those unaware of a possible ‘Event’ occurring, are saying ‘somethings going on’. They can FEEL something strange. I am aware of the way my heart is ‘upgrading’ …. I choose that word as opposed to having a possible heart attack … and so many are having major melt downs … myself included. I understand this may be the energies cleaning us out … yet, is it just energies? Or, is it because ‘I can feel it coming in the air’ as a famous songwriter once wrote?

Dearest Blossom … we ask that you step aside from your thoughts at this time and we shall do our very best to ‘put things straight'.


Change is occurring. It has been doing so throughout every moment of one breath to the next. However, the CHANGE that is coming is on a greater scale than the ‘every day’ movement into the following moment.


Some people are confusing it with what we would put … in their terms … as full blown Ascension. This is not so. This CHANGE, this Energy that is to ROCK YOUR WORLD is the ultimate transference of the beginning of the Higher Energy that needs to be present for a long while in each and everyone’s company!

In order for your Planet to Ascend into its ‘Home Vibration … there has to be an INTENSE UPGRADE of Energy. For, with respect, the way your world is acting and reacting at this time in its evolving, does not allow for full Ascension to be accomplished. Regardless of the fact of so many more ... on a vast scale of change … awakening.

Therefore, the Change HAS to come … in order to keep in line with the plan of its Ascension.

To have a phenomenon such as THE EVENT … will allow that change to occur. To give your Planet and those upon it, a boost … a fresh start , if you like.

We have said that ‘everything’ will FEEL and appear differently. And from there on in, one will continue on living life, and yet, with a deeper understanding of THE TRUTH OF WHO THEY ARE.

Within the Higher Energy, much that is ‘not of it’ or chooses not to be, will fall away so quickly.

One cannot reside within the Higher Energy if they do not choose to comply. Choices for/of self will be made.

Eventually, all that upsets the equilibrium of self and All, shall ‘not be there’. A vague memory of how things once were … shall become the only ‘remembrance’ of 'this side’ of THE EVENT. For the 'other side' that you are walking into … will feel and appear and be conducted in such a different manner from the expectancies of each day that is occurring now.

LIFE WILL FEEL it is worth the living. LIFE will not be diminished in stature (?). As one’s full potential arises within, excitement for LIFE ITSELF shall return ... And it will FEEL GOOD.

We are aware of the many questions posed. We will answer them all in one.



Thank you. Someone questioned the fact, that if it is a wave of Love that is coming through … how then can it be, as you stated, that some will be so surprized (to the uninitiated in this knowledge) that it will literally ‘scare them to death’.?

Because, every soul is walking in their own space, their own Vibration, and shall react differently according to their Being’s acceptance of ‘what is’. This ‘wave’ shall be so powerful that it will bring such heightened feelings to the fore, that there shall be those who cannot accept the reality of it and ‘choose’ to take their leave.

Another query whilst I’ve got you! There are Highly respected channellers ‘out there’ who have not even mentioned THE EVENT and its coming … That’s odd is it not?

We cannot speak for other Higher Energies that bring messages through to your world. Their choice of expectation regarding the arising of the Planet Earth is brought through in the manner of their choice.

Which leaves me concerned, because … IF something bringing such massive change IS on its way … wouldn’t they be saying so? Wouldn’t all channellers be saying so?


Why not? This particular issue concerns me greatly.

Blossom … you are the messenger. You have chosen to bring through OUR messages … of/in … Truth and Love to the best of your ability … coming from your position … of/in … Truth and Love.

We ask you to be unconcerned of that which another may or may not bring through. If you TRUST us enough …

Dear heavens … I have been on that journey there and back a thousand times … and in the deepest place of my heart … I can say I TRUST YOU … (Just not your timing!!!)

… we were to say … 'as we know you do … then ‘let go’ of your concerns about all of this .'


YOU WILL KNOW OF ITS COMING because you will experience the Energy and the signs we have spoken off taking you to a place of that KNOWING.

Yet, in your last spoken message, you said you would like to speak through me as a matter of urgency. That made me feel uncomfortable.


Because in our world … urgent means ‘to be dealt with NOW’ … which leads one’s thinking to assume The Event is imminent. Oh, please don’t say it is … please don’t say it is … please don’t say it is …

Why not?

Because we don’t know what YOUR imminent is!!! Your imminent could be 10 years hence! I feel I should wind this up, because I am not giving you a fair chance. I just keep bombarding you with negatives and although … I know it my role to question as I do … I feel we could go round in circles. I feel I maybe leaving you and many a little unsatisfied with today’s communication. Yet, I am doing my best and that is all I can do.

And your best, Dearest blossom ... Is more than satisfactory to/for us.

Well, I thank you for that … so many years talking with you … so many topics, so many ups and downs … so many ‘misunderstandings of/in time … yet, ultimately … I HAVE BECOME SO MUCH MORE OF THE TRUTH THAT I AM … because of it. THANK YOU.

Our journey has only really just begun.

It’s a really long road then!

It never /ever ends. Such Love … Such Love to all … In Blessings we take our Leave this day .

I am adding some links sent in to me. The Federation mentioned absured rainbows and strange weather.

Plus Two Videos I have made regarding THE EVENT.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

Website: Blossom Goodchild

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is here.

Blossom Goodchild - March 26, 2018

March 17, 2018 - Session

Good morning. I have been feeling very lightheaded this morning and yet, unsure whether or not this is just the insane weather changes or, the Higher Energies coming in … or … did you want to actually ‘speak through me’ which you haven’t done in quite a while?

Indeed it is the latter and with much urgency.

(I wanted to remove the 'with much urgency' ... yet, that would not be right or indeed fitting!)

Oh Far out! Here we go then … I‘ll get the recording gear ready.

Here is what they had to say .

The Transcript for this message.

Greetings to all souls who take the time to listen to this valuable recording. Valuable in the sense that we desire to put the minds at rest, regarding all possible scenarios and, regarding The Event … that is spreading around your internet like wild fire … would we say.

Dearest souls … firstly be not a feared. Remove ALL notions of fear based mentality. For, when indeed this Event … arrives/occurs … you will recognise instantly that there is no need whatsoever to feel afraid.

The Love, the Divine Love that will wash over you and enter into your Beings will remove any fears instantaneously. Questions you have must be removed. For this Event is not about inquiring about this, that and the other and the ‘what if’s and buts’.


Many times before we have said you were chosen because you volunteered and you are the ‘Strongest of the Strong’.

You came here to see this happening through to the other side. What will take place on the other side is yet another question. We care to reiterate that the Highest Purest Energy of Love … Love that you have never experienced within your physicality until this time that is approaching, shall take care of all concerns.

We have spoken of each having an envelope within their Beings and the time when they are activated, shall allow the ‘KNOWINGS’ of what each soul has within their purpose, to assist those who are confused and dazed.

Breathing, breathing deeply now, during and after, will balance your imbalances. For, you shall feel different … but in a way of Beauty and Peace. So what is there to fear about that, once you have let all questions disappear?

How long have so many desired for this to take place? Many have feelings in the past of wanting to be removed from their position upon the Planet, for the darker Energies can take hold and bring one down, and yet, we repeat, are you not the Strongest of the Strong? There is much reason to stay. Much reason to remain grounded and fulfil your inner destinies.

Your biggest question is the when? When shall this take place?

Our answer … OUR answer to you, would be that when the time arrives there shall be preparational signals … preparational signs of many kinds. We would say absurd rainbows in your skies … Electrical differences …Weather changes that are out of sorts from the normal. All will feel out of sorts from the normal … including your ‘Beings.’

Dearest souls … as excitement builds, we ask that you take charge of your emotions and let not all that you hear, all that you encounter upon different aspects of this Event, that is given via your computer, let them not confuse that which is Truth within your Being.

Ask yourselves how you are feeling?

The vessel, the lady of Blossom, that we are speaking through, is saying to us that she is indeed confused and bewildered. For she is feeling heightened Energies without question and yet also, is concerned that this ‘hype’ as she calls it and this excitement and necessity to naturally breathe in a deeper form, is happening because of … eh … of … the … you call them ‘emails’. And perhaps their information there in, is making her wrapped up within all that is being given out?


We cannot put a marker on a defined date of your calendar. For you are aware there is no time in the space that we reside within. Therefore, we ask that you take note of firstly, your build up within self … of change and Higher Energies and expectancies … and then … the noticing of unimaginable changes in the outer perimeters … as in skies, weather etc. that we have already mentioned.

Have you not waited for change on a scale beyond thought? Change … is happening now within you. Preparing you, and it has been doing for many of your years. And ‘the time’, we quote the words ‘the time’ is coming, when we would say, one receives more than just the ‘icing on the cake.’

Continue on expectantly … in/as/through/of … the Love that you are.

Visualise … imagine … but most of all … FEEL these Purer Energies entering through , to your Planet and in through, to your Beings.

Visualise also, all Beings upon your Planet holding hands and breathing as ONE.

We come from a Higher place. Take charge of your senses. Claim your POWER.

Know that you are Love … And within this knowing … all is well. THAT is all you need to know. Be in Joy … for that which is to come … comes from the Highest … Blessing each one in Love … in thanks … in service… and so it is.

(I then talk for a bit … which I do not feel needs they transcript).

Links to channellings etc about THE EVENT from Blossom.

and a perfect time to re introduce THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT 'S wisdom on Love.

take the words deeply into your heart, and BREATHE!!

Many thanks.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - March 17, 2018

March 10, 2018 - Session

Hello my friends. Well, once again the internet is a'glow with talk of THE EVENT arriving shortly. Your last channelling spread far and wide and folk are excited to receive the next enthralling episode! I shall leave it up to you as to how this communication flows.

Greetings of/from the Highest order to One and All. We are very much aware of the excitement building for this ‘EVENT’ and this can only be a good thing. To keep the vibration HIGH is one of the ULTIMATE purposes of your time upon the Planet Earth and it bodes well for coming adventures.

I have a question if I may? Some say that many unawakened souls will be taken aboard ships when this Event takes place … in order to heal and prepare etc. for the Higher Vibration upon Earth … and then to be returned. Whereas, another source says that we will be moving through the veil (sort of thing) and going elsewhere. What is your take on all this?

Firstly, we would announce that there is to be no transference into another ‘place’. With respect, what would be the point? For the point of you Being upon the Planet at this time is to raise the Vibration OF IT … in order to LIFT IT into a Higher realm/vibration. There would be no point in abandoning ship, when you are here to ‘take Her with you’.

However, after THE EVENT there shall be … within/upon … the Earth, such a vast change in atmospherics that it will certainly FEEL as if you have moved on, into a Higher Vibration.

The ‘wash’ that we spoke of … is of an immensely High Vibration … and once it has taken place, everything will feel as if it has changed.

Will it have done?

Indeed. Yet, within that change everything is the same … only felt and viewed differently. Once the dust has settled down … things will appear to be different and yet, they are not. The soul-self will be very different and therefore, ‘seeing’ things in a different Light.

We cannot specify exactly what reactions will occur. For each soul is Vibrating according to their ‘position’ and therefore, will experience ‘IT’ from their soul-self point of view.

Yet, in general … without doubt … without question … there will be not one soul who is unaware of this.

This will not be taking place on an inner exchange alone. For it will definitely be of an ‘outer’ physical experience also.

Much of what we are to say we have mentioned before … over the years.

Sorry to but in, yet, that’s what makes me a little sceptical. Not about it ever happening, for I KNOW it will … one day. More so, about the timing. With respect, we have been hyped up about this particular matter so many times before.

Of this we are aware. Blossom. Yet, as you have said … ONE DAY it WILL take place and that ONE day is fast approaching.

Keeping in mind this word ‘fast’ is much like the standard 'soon’. I don’t mean to be a doubting Thomas … only, this pathway has been trodden many times! Please continue.

There will be a display such as your eyes have never feasted upon before.

How long will it go on for?


Whah! I thought you were going to say a few hours at most.

The display will be intermittent as /of itself, in order to maintain stability for those experiencing it … in/on its different levels. It is important to know that the ENERGY it brings will be received on different levels … due to the different levels. Vibrational frequencies that one has been living within … within themselves.

We have said that some will be unable to deal/cope with such an enormity of ‘wave structure’ and their decision will be to leave the Planet and continue on viewing and being a part of it from ‘elsewhere’.

Will that be many or just a few?

We cannot say … for it is a momentary decision on the part of each individual as to whether to stay or leave.

Surely, most will want to stay? We have been waiting long enough for it to happen. Why duck out at the magical moment?

Because not all have allowed themselves or, chosen to … become aware of such an EVENT taking place and the ‘surprize to the uninitiated in this knowledge will literally ‘scare them to death’.

Struth … that’s a bit harsh!

Not at all. Their ‘passing’ will not be severe. It will be so gentle for it can be nothing else, due to the Love available at the time.

Many have ‘signed up’ to do their work AFTER The Event and SO MANY, as you know Blossom, are READY AND WAITING and have been doing so patiently, for so long … so that they can DO what they came here to DO.

There is a vast majority of souls who feel helpless and hopeless at this time and have done for many a year. Knowing they are here to DO SOMETHING … yet, not knowing what that something is.


There will be so many lost souls … looking/seeking out … the ‘ONE’S’ who have prepared in advance for this ‘Coming’. And they shall be found because of the Light that pulses from then. As we have said before … LIKE A BEACON … letting souls know where they are. Not one soul shall be unaccounted.

You/We are all in this together.

There is a very random question that has just popped in my head. Here goes! Is ‘Jesus ‘ involved in this? I know this EVENT is mentioned in the scriptures. (Couldn’t tell you where!)

We reply a big fat yes!

Unlike you to reply so! In what way is he involved?


Many many souls of THE HIGHEST ORDER/PLACEMENT will be there to see it through.

They are there to safeguard the experience by holding the Light … by anchoring it … as best they can.


Although it has been a main topic for eons … there is still the unknown within it.

There are so many questions I don’t know where to begin. Will there definitely be a black out?

Unknown! There is a huge possibility of this. Yet it … will not be/cannot be … of the ‘scary’ variety.



The FEELING that ‘hits’ you … the WAVE OF LOVE that ... hits you/washes over you ... is like nothing you have come close to.

Therefore, if the ‘power’ was to blow a fuse for a short while … even days possibly … there would not be a feeling of dread. One will BE IN SUCH BLISS in the KNOWING that LOVE IS ALL and the CHANGE HAS OCCURRED …that a small thing like that … if it happens … will be of no concern or consequence.

We cannot give time limits as you understand and yet … there will be no interest in your computers , so it matters not if they work or not.

There will be no interest in stock markets or financial systems… there will be no interest in ANYTHING other than the FEELING YOU ARE FEELING and walking around in a daze … acknowledging one another.

Reassurance from the ‘knowledgeable’ will be given and as the initial POWER OF THE EVENT subsides a little … one will begin to ‘come round’.


Most importantly … one’s desires, one’s interests will have changed perspective.

Focus will be on LOVE and LOVING.

Things that were once such an important necessity in one’s day … shall feel to be so trivial … compared to the future days ahead.

Within this POWER that ignites and transforms … there shall be awakened gifts that both amuse and excite.

Thoughts will turn from that which consumes one now in order to literally survive and exist … to thoughts of BETTERMENT FOR THE WHOLE.


I just realised we didn’t talk about some going in ships to recoup?

What we would say about this, is that it is a possible plan … depending on what affects who and how many.

There are many ‘possible plans’ in place. Yet, we would say … this is in the aftermath days … not DURING THE HAPPENING.

What other possible plans are there?

Definitely the co-joining of worlds!

Beings from other ‘places’ will become common place to meet and greet over time.

Will there be ships in the skies during The Event?

No. After.

The power of this EVENT is too strong for any craft to be airborne.

Will it be EVERYWHERE? In the skies in every country?


What about our airplanes? There are always many in the skies at any given time.

They will be disabled before take-off.

We would say that ‘Awareness signs' will be in place leading up to THE EVENT.

These vary greatly. Yet, one will be of electrical ‘outs’. Electrics will be greatly affected as the lead up to THE SHOW begins!

What other signs?

Inwardly, on a personal level, one’s heart will FEEL it coming. The ENERGY of it is so powerful … that one cannot not KNOW something is about to take place.

Many will FEEL they are experiencing the beginnings of a heart attack. Not so … just the HIGHER VIBRATION saying hello.

It will be of the upmost benefit to breathe deeply before during and after.


Will it be scary? The unknown can be!

For some, yes. For they will think the world is ending.

Far from it, Dearest souls. We would say, it is just beginning … once again.

Such wonders are to be witnessed.

It is so very exciting. Not only is your internet a glow/a buzz … your Universe is exuding such JOY at the very prospect.

I know we are near the end of the session yet, one more thing. Is this EVENT anything to do with why so many are feeling so desperate, so … What the .... ? Many tears, many ready to give up and go home. Surely we should be feeling the opposite if it is drawing so near?

The final blows are being released. Remember, you are dissipating Energy for the whole … not just yourself. We would liken it to a purging of the ruthless undertakings from lost and weakened souls.

Those who are sensitive to all Energies are working as an individual, yet doing it for THE ONE.


We are aware there is so much to speak of, yet, we remind souls of White Cloud's metaphor wherein … it is best to eat just a few squares of chocolate at a time, rather than the whole block, which leaves one feeling exhausted and lethargic … blown out … wishing they had just taken in a little bit at a time … leaving space to digest before taking in any more.

On that note then, I shall take my leave. Really not knowing what to think about it all.

May we suggest that when you think about it … KNOW it is for/from the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL and as it is in DIVINE TIMING … it will BE at the perfect time.


Thank you .In Love and Gratitude … in service. Blossom G xx

Update 11 March, 2018:

Me again!

I had so many emails last night and today after the last channeling. I knew I was 'being nudged' to have a little chat about 'one's concerns' regarding THE EVENT.

Here it is! Feel free to pass on if you FEEL it would be useful to others. Many thanks.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

Blossom Goodchild - March 10, 2018

March 3, 2018 - Session

Here we go again then!

A little prologue before you read the channelling, if I may.



Hello! Last week we were unable to connect. This week I FEEL we are ready to go. The Energy with ‘us’ is very strong right now. Shall we?

Let us firstly acknowledge the growth within each individual reading this. For the ‘level’ of ‘Enlightenment’ that is … upon/within … so many now, enables us to bring messages through on a Higher Vibration than before. This is most encouraging and in its rightful place.

We know, without you having to ask, that you wish to speak of THE EVENT.

Yes. There seems to be a ‘buzz’ once again, some saying it is about to happen ‘soon’. I laugh of course, at even writing that word! A few sources saying it is this month. Do we ‘go there’ again? Will you speak of it and then with all respect … it will die down, as it always has? What would you say about this? My thoughts were, that if it is to happen any time soon, you might have mentioned it in passing!!??

We are more than happy to speak of it for it is indeed, ever closer/nearer.

Your Planet has reached a position … in which/by which … the recommendation for fulfilling Change has been accepted, approved, ticked and put in the out-tray!

Without question there seems to be upheavals mixed with moments of clarity, within everyone’s daily lives. Many are FEELING so strongly that something is about to happen. Yet, have we not been down this path before … many, many times? Although, each time … this FEELING just gets stronger and stronger. Surely the cork has to pop at some point?

We would say that the ‘pressure’ has built up to such a degree that the cork is beginning to ‘release’ in order to break free. We CANNOT and WILL NOT give a date in time. All we can say is that a phenomenal Event is to occur.

So, with the greatest respect … nothing new there then!

Only in that, the FEELING that so many are experiencing is the level in which ‘Everything is occurring’.

I get what you are saying, yet, could I ask you to ‘word’ it better, for readers to understand?

Within the Oneness of ALL … which naturally you are part of … the FEELING of ‘where things are at’ is BEING expressed WITHIN YOU. Within your body, within your thoughts, within your experiences.

Transfer this then, into what is taking place on a global scale. Should we put it as … a ONE in consciousness? Then add to that … … … this is rather difficult to put into actual wording … THE EVENT that is coming … BEING ... within/a part of … that same consciousness. So that, WHAT YOU ARE FEELING/EXPERIENCING is the level of readiness … for which /in which … THE EVENT can come about.

We are trying our best.

I know.

The cork about to pop … regarding WHEN The Event shall occur … is also WITHIN YOU! So, if YOU are FEELING within your soulself that you are about to ‘pop your cork ‘ … this is because YOU are FEELING/BEING PART OF/IN TUNE WITH … THE EVENT.

Do you see?

Yes, I do. So, this that so many are FEELING now … is because we are also ‘part of’ the Energy of the Event that is on its way? This FEELING of expectancy … is because WE can FEEL it coming?

This is so, and yet … can you put a time frame on this expectant feeling?

No. It’s a bit like the tail end of a pregnancy ( so to speak ). In that, you KNOW that baby will arrive 'soon' and yet in ‘ITS’ Divine timing. Yet, that KNOWING … that TRUTH is with you all the time … waiting, waiting, waiting. Is this feeling just within the Awakened ones?

Yes. And, the level in which one has Awakened to … deciphers the level of expectancy one is FEELING. The Higher the ENERGIES one has … allowed/built up to … the more in tune they are with the immense Energies that are pouring … in/through … to your Planet.

The ENERGY that this EVENT carries is beyond comparison to anything you have experienced or will remember experiencing throughout your many lifetimes upon Earth. This is why EVERYTHING is so … as we say … ‘Topsy Turvy’.

There is such POWER involved in this ‘Happening’. We would say that it could ‘black the Planet out’ for a ‘short time’ as the surge of ‘electric energy’ bolts through.


You will wake into A NEW DAWN.

And this EVENT will be taking place within the Skies?

Initially … as the outward appearance … and yet, ultimately it shall be taking place within the heart.

I guess the thing is, even though we have this FEELING as if the cork is indeed about to pop … in ‘no time’ … this FEELING could go on for a few more years?

Yet, it won’t!

WOW! That came through loud and clear.

These coming times are your destiny. These coming times are why you are here.

Hold on tightly to that which you KNOW to be TRUTH.

So, going back to the last few of your communications. You have said that these times ahead are going to prove to be really ‘tricky’ and more or less that ‘The system’ will fall down … and that those awake will be needed to guide unawakened soul’s through, for so many will be lost. How does this … tie ... up with /in with … THE EVENT? In other words, what comes first the chicken or the egg?

Already your system is falling. We would put it in a way … that a few books are jumping off the library shelfs … intermittently. More and more will do so … until almost every book has ‘abandoned ship’ and the entire structure collapses and crumbles.

Coupled with THE EVENT ‘showing up’ … as part of THE DIVINE PLAN … THE DIVINE ADVENTURE …

All of which you cannot give a time frame to?

All of which you can FEEL IN THE CORE OF YOUR BEING.

You also spoke of our ‘gifts’ coming from deep within to help with this system collapse. What sort of gifts are you talking about?


And offer what?

Healing. Instantaneous for self and others. Compassion, Forgiveness. These are gifts long forgotten by many. Do not just think of ‘gifts’ as Magical Happenings. REMEMBER too, the gifts of the soul in/as/through/of Love.

Intuition shall be heightened beyond recognition of the old self.

Please explain ‘old self’.

The ‘You’ before The Change.

Are you saying THE CHANGE (that you have also, often spoken of) is THE EVENT?

YES. For, when we used the words ‘a wash’ … we meant that also, in the manner of a GREAT CLEANSING shall take place … FOR ALL.

Remembering too , that although Vibrational levels shall rise enormously because of this occurrence … one who is not awake … will awaken. Yet, not ‘suddenly’ become of a Vibrational level of say … one who has been ‘involved’ in the Awakening of the Planet for many life times. Their level of Vibration will too, be unrecognisable. Yet, within that ‘unrecognising’ there will be such familiarity!

This is why we are asking you ALL to ‘STEP UP YOUR GAME’ … within THE GAME.

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare Dearest Souls … for THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.

I Truly do thank you for this. Yet, I am just going to keep on truckin’ in my everyday living … the best I can. THE GAME CHANGER project is now out there … to be accepted or dropped. For many, I am sure, have their own way of coming through this. Will I be asking you the same questions about this in a couple of years … when our expectancy is a little higher? Or, will these messages ( If they are still taking place) be of a completely different ilk? Not expecting you to answer that … just my thoughts being expressed.

One thing we CAN tell you …


All that we ask is that you STEP INTO YOUR HIGHEST POWER in order to BE READY WHEN IT DOES.

My heart is pounding with anticipation. I am assuming THE EVENT’S Energy is doing the same right now. I do wonder though, whether or not there are enough awakened souls to ‘get us through’.

Do you remember we said ‘YOU ARE READY’?

Yes I do. I FEEL we are. So many of us have been ready and waiting for so long. We are more than ready … for something that we know not how it shall occur … yet, we KNOW we are here to be a huge part of it. Our hearts our beating faster … along with Mother Earth’s.


Here we go again ... Waiting for the bang! Thank you … I knew I wanted to speak of this today … I wasn’t sure how it would go. It went! In service to Love all ways.

You are showing me an image of thousands of coloured balloons in the sky. You showed this to me once before many, many moons ago. I think it was around the Oct 14th 2008 ‘journey’. I didnt’ know what it meant then … I don’t know what it means now! Hoping I shall find out real ‘soon’. The song ‘Celebrate good times … come on’ … is running through my head.

And we wish you to focus on that! Blessings upon Each One. In Love.

Many are enjoying the GAME CHANGER PROJECT Video.


I was sent this video by quite a few people. I was very intrigued listening to it as THE EVENT she speaks of ( around the 33 min mark) is so 'in tune' with how The Federation Of Light have spoken of it for, oh so many years. Even confirming about The Bridge ( Co-incidentally?? ... The Federation Of Light's first book title.) Or that may be in the second video ... !

May I say that we must all be discerning in ALL OF THIS! This we know! Quite exciting possibilities either way!!

Here is the link to the video.

I often get people writing in asking me what is happening with THE EVENT on a regular basis. SO ... I took the bull by the horns and did this Channelling.

I also got sent another video named 'Before, during and after THE EVENT' ... which I was unable to watch until after I had done the channelling. Again ... very intriguing how SO MUCH of it was almost like hearing The Federation' of Light's version word for word.

The link for that video is here:

I just needed to share those links with you ... so you know where I am coming from in the channelling. It may, or may not help!

I know that many of my Readings these days are about a soul's path to get them to the place they need to be in order to 'guide the lost'. A lot of 'past life clearing' in order to walk into one's power. It is interesting how they have really 'stepped up' lately. All pointing to the same possibility that ... something is heading our way.

Blossom Goodchild - March 3, 2018

February 18, 2018 - Session

Earth calling wherever you are! I am ready for today’s chat, if you are? Someone inquired as to why Gaia (Mother Earth) needs our help, as she surely is strong enough to make the shift without us? Yes, human’s need to help each other through, yet, why does she need our help?

Greetings of the Highest Energy to you and all, dearest Blossom. We thank you for your inquiry and we shall answer it thus.


Well, we should do by now!

That which has and is taking place upon your Planet exposes different Energies depending on the subject matter. If you KNEW the beauty … in which/from which … this Planet began, you would not recognise it from that which you ‘see’ today. So much harm has been done, not just physically, yet, energetically also.

Mother Earth is a LIVING BEING … as are you. All that is life benefits from all that is life!

The core of your Planet … would we say ‘The Soul’ of your Planet, lies deep within it. It has a heartbeat … it pulsates and radiates life. If this heartbeat of ‘hers’ was to cease, the Planet and all upon her would die. It could not receive its food in order to survive.

Your oceans, your forests, your skies have been polluted almost beyond recognition Energy wise … and yet, always … due to the utter POWER of Mother Earth, these elements ‘fight back’ and continue to BE LOVE … sending it out to you.

Vast holes have been created in greediness for more wealth. Oh, how misguided so many souls have become!

As when you are sick … you require healing. Mother Earth has been sick many times … her pain has been enormous and yet, she continues to give out Love in her every breath. Just as we are asking you to do.

You have heard her groans and cries of pain … via strange sounds that cannot be accounted for.

Sometimes one could liken these sounds to the oldest greatest tree bending its branches with the strain of all that it has to bear. Mother Earth … as Great and as Powerful as she is … like all things that ‘live’ … feels heartache and pain through the enormous strains that have been put upon her. Her sensitivity to the human soul is like no other and therefore, she carries the weight of every soul that suffers.

With the GREATEST of respect here … you are asking us and we are trying to … not take on board another’s pain, yet, to be detached from it and heal it by sending Love. Is this not what Mother Earth would be doing?

Oh yes … and yet … with the GREATEST respect … the Energy that SHE is requires through Love and strength to FEEL it in order to transform it.


Because it is necessary … because you are her children. Why do you think she has the name ‘Mother’? Each soul upon this Planet now … and each soul she has ‘born’ is considered her child.

Those of you who are mothers and fathers will know that one cannot NOT feel the pain of their offspring when it occurs. Yet, in the same way … what Joy springs forth from the parents when the child, whether young or now older, has something wondrous and Joyous take place for them.

It is the same for Gaia. She is in full awareness of the soul's whose soul/sole intention is to heal her and her response to that Love offered is all around you in her choice of decoration to the Planet.

So, indeed we would say that THIS SHIFT this GRAND TRANSFORMATION is TEAM WORK.

Mother Earth, all upon her and within her … all who are involved … which is ALL … are in this together … for WE ARE ONE.

You speak often of ‘those within her’ … yet, you do not go into much detail. Would you care to?

Certainly. The souls that live within your Planet …live in another world. Yes, this would be the best way to put it. For the Energetic Vibration in which they live is of a far Greater/Higher one than this that resides 'upon' the Planet.

‘Within it’ rather than saying ‘down there’ … the Energy is of purity. There is no starvation, no wars, no hatred etc. These Beings have reached a level of Love-Light that allows only that which is of GRACE to BE.

What is their purpose? What do they do all day?

BE. They BE in JOY. Yet, through this Joy they also are very much aware of that which is taking place above their Planet and much Energy is sent to heal and assist.

Do they live in a world of time?

No. Yet there is a sun and a moon. They do not need to sleep as you do. They ‘rest’ for the pleasure of exploring other worlds … or simply … switch down/off … almost altogether, when they feel the desire to do so.

Can you explain that a little more?

They are able to slow their entire system down to a pulse that is ‘barely alive’. It is not dangerous … it is … how would we say? … Rather like your animals that go into hibernation. They … switch off/shut down … to a pace that keeps them simply ’ticking over’. It is the same for these Beings.

So, we wouldn’t be calling them humans then?

No. They are not human. Yet, they are able to ‘appear as such and often ‘visit’ the ‘outside’. Sometimes as messengers. Sometimes to collect plants etc. for experimental purposes and to assess the ‘state of affairs’ within these plants etc. And sometimes … just to have a ‘nose around’.

What are they called as a race?

We know them as ‘The Talls’.

Really? Sounds like a kiddie’s programme rather than a superior race!

These Beings are almost ‘gigantic’ in stature, yet, when visiting ‘outside’ they are able to ‘disguise’ this.


By Energetic transformation. When one learns the ‘art’ of materialising and dematerialising … it does not mean that one needs to ‘rematerialize’ somewhere else in the same form that they dematerialised from.

Think back to your ‘mythological stories’. Where one turned into birds or dragons or any form they desired. ‘Myths’ they are not, of course! Yet, all Myths became so in order for your power to diminish. Sadly, yet, it is as it is … this belief system became the reality of the day and so now, much of … what is/was … TRUTH are considered fairy stories etc. All these ‘Myths’ will in days ahead be proven to be Truths, Such Glories. Such Wonders.

So, these Beings are obviously quite involved with this Shift into the Higher Vibration?

The word ‘quite’ is very much an underestimated usage in this case. Although ‘their’ world does not involve the downfall of ‘The System’ … they are very much aware of the imbalance that is to occur.

We would put it this way … and it is your choice as to whether you consider this metaphorically or not …

This imbalance that is heading your way … is enough to take your Planet off course on its journey through to the Higher Vibration. An overload of ‘grief through disbelief’ can tilt its trajectory due to the ‘weight’ upon it.

AGAIN … This is where your NECESSARY LIGHT IS NEEDED. To counteract this imbalance and KEEP HER ON COURSE.


This FEELING within you … this STIRRING of your soul … like never before … is the preparation. The ‘letting you know’ that YOU ARE READY NOW … for all that is to befall you.

I’m not sure I am keen on the word ‘befall’.

Yet … we mean it in the sense of ‘Everything falling down’.

Some folk say ‘Bring it on’. Some folk say they are scared …as they really have no idea just HOW it is all going to present itself.

Nothing is set in stone. We cannot tell you it will be this way or that way … for it depends very much on how each soul chooses to react to that which is uncovered.

'The Talls' are preparing also for this shift. They are at the ‘All systems go’ stage … and the Light that they are sending to you ‘On top’ … can be felt, should you choose to tune in to it.

Let it be known, Dearest Souls … that whatever is to take place within each and every next breath you take … our Love and the Love from so many unseen by you … is with you every step of the way.

That sort of feels like a full stop for today. Are we done?

We are never done … Yet we shall take a breath here until we connect next time.

So much CHANGE is upon you and within you.

Do not think of the ‘panic’ and the fear that many will feel. Think only, Dearest Souls, of Being so much closer now to becoming the Light that you are … in Fullness … and the Blessings that brings.

In Love and thanks to you … We are all hanging in there as best we can!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - February 18, 2018

February 11, 2018 - Session

Well, my friends, judging from links sent in about what is ‘going down’ in the USA and arrests that are going to be made etc. … it seems that the energy of urgency that you brought through last week, is indeed necessary. Within me, deep within … is the KNOWING NOW THAT THE GAME IS ON and I am able to understand what you mean by KNOWING OUR LIGHT AND STANDING STRONG WITHIN IT. We are sure going to need it … and this is just the beginning!

Souls of Earth … Souls of Light ... Souls of Love … YOU ARE READY!

The Energy that surrounds you … the Energy that you are … is in full throttle, to encounter the bizarre accounts that shall be disclosed to you. We do not wish to repeat that which we gave out in our last communication. However, we DO desire that you GROUND YOURSELVES … for the shocking news in its many varied forms that is to be revealed.

May I ask where you come in, within all of this? Other than these messages of assistance. Are you to be actively involved?

Oh yes, indeed! For that which is to be spoken out, will not only be concerning the control and management from the political aspect, yet, there will undoubtedly be outrageous findings regarding ‘Those from other Planets’ and the contact that has already been underway for a great length of time.

Consider the thought that ‘That who we are’, has just been a mystery for eons of time. Do you think this would be so? Indeed, No. Yet, agreements were made by us and those like us … without the involvement of any discussions from those of your Planet, that we would not conform to the desires and intentions laid down by the ones who ‘rule the roost’ upon Earth. Their intentions have not been fitting for the Greater Good. They have not been fitting for any kind of Good.

This is not to say that we ‘backed off’. We simply have remained ‘in the background watching and observing … every move.'

Do you know of all the ‘horrors’ as you put it … that are to be told?

Yes, we do. And yet, it is not for us to reveal them to you. It is for those upon your Planet to bring these matters forth and for action to be taken accordingly.

As eruptions and disruptions enter full swing … there will come a time when it is necessary and correct for us to make many more OBVIOUS appearances than we are now.

There will be such confusion as to what is taking place on Earth … and so we do not wish to overload that confusion for those who would be blown away by the fact that … we are more of a reality than most things that you think are real!


Meaning that the lies that you have being ‘living under and within’ may appear to you to be real … yet, in fact it is not how it is at all. We choose not to elaborate too deeply on this. We ask you to read between the lines … deep down in your Truth. For as we have said … it is not our position to say certain criteria. This is part of the Plan and we have no reason to change it.

Dearest Souls, what we CAN reveal is that … our service to mankind is to take on a much more significant role whereby, our connections to those of you on Earth who are ready to receive them … will be much more prevalent.

More and more sightings will be encountered. You had readers who asked about the orange Lights seen in the skies on a regular basis. These are friends. Yet, we choose to say these are friends of an ‘Energy form’ as opposed to a physical one.

And their purpose?

To be noticed. They are not just ‘Balls of Light’ to impress. For they too, carry within them a form of information, along with the Heightened Energy that they are able to emit from Being present.

So who controls them?

Themselves. Dearest Blossom, one does not need a physical body form as you imagine yourselves to be, in order to be of intelligence. These Lights are of their own intelligence and are instructed by/of themselves to enter into the Earth’s atmosphere in certain geographical places and times. They are certainly not random. Each one is prepared and answered for.

What kind of information? You speak of this in regard to ‘Pillars of Light’ also (when they come).

Information that connects with your Being. Information that you already KNOW. Information you were fully aware of before you entered Earth and are now sitting comfortably, in a position for it to be re-awakened within you, by the Energy these orange Lights, and many other forms, of what you will call ‘phenomena’, shall bring forth.

When we speak of ‘Those from other Planets’ entering into your biosphere (?) … we do not mean just little green men ... as some of those asleep would term it. We mean phenomena of all kinds that will astound in a way that settles the soul during the turmoil that is underway.



For as that which one considered to be the back bone of society crumbles away … it allows Freedom to take its place.

And with the greatest of respect, Dearest Soul’s… within the prison you have been masqueraded within … you have no idea what TRUE FREEDOM FEELS LIKE.

Interesting. Many souls write in, regarding one thing or another … whatever particular ‘thing’ takes their fancy to look into … and I have no idea what to think about it. I don’t get a feeling one way or another. However ... and I am sure I have said this before … whatever lies we have been told, whatever the prison we have been held in … and whatever Truths we have been held back from … the ABSOLUTE FACT IS … LOVE … now that I am understanding more and more of it … simply cannot be removed from us. For it is who we are. If the moon is fake … if ALL of this that we live within IS a hologram, for instance … that doesn’t stop me feeling LOVE for ALL that stirs within me when I look at the moon and stars. Fake or not! Whatever is to be discovered/uncovered doesn’t stop me/cannot stop me from BEING/FEELING LOVE. A lyric from a song keeps running through my head ‘No, no, they can’t take that away from me!’

Would we say, BRAVO BLOSSOM! For THIS is what we are imparting to you. THIS WHICH IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE … GREAT VALUE.



In your Beings … ask for strength. Ask for courage. Ask to be shown where to go and what to do.

Ask to be shown how YOU can be of most value in your role down here … and we promise you … we promise you … that the answers will come.

So many oblivious souls shall enter into ‘shock’ and feel the sky is falling! It is then that YOU … each one of you awakened, prepared, souls … shall find them and take them under wing. Comforting and showing the way.

You will FEEL and KNOW connection and communication between other worlds that are drawing ever closer into position in order to assist … in ways that will fill your Being with Love and Hope and Encouragement.

As you break free from the bonds that have ‘ruled your minds’ … spaces will be opened up, in order for such communications to take place with great ease.

No longer shall there be the restrictions surrounding you. Surrounding your Energy barrier.

What do you mean by this ‘Energy barrier?’.

The easiest way to explain is that there has been/is … in place … an Energy field that blocks you from ‘reaching Higher sources’. It comes in many forms. You are aware of fluoride blocking your pineal gland which … when unblocked, shall allow you to encounter other worlds within the very thought of it.

1. How does this get unblocked? And 2. How then, am I unable to communicate with you?

As the system crumbles … it shall be like the phoenix rising from the fires. As you gain knowledge and strength of self … the ways will be shown to ‘unravel’ the bindings put in place ‘in order to keep you at bay’. Once these ‘restrictions’ are unleashed … this then is when you TRULY FEEL THE KNOWING we have spoken of.

There are Energy blocks in place all around you … blocked to keep you subdued … blocks to keep you subservient … blocks to keep you unhealthily despondent … they come in forms of food, drink, drugs and many more. The chemtrails ‘dropped’ into your atmosphere ‘keep you contained’ … keep you from breaking free … keep you dampened down. All these things are designed to keep you uninterested in life itself!

I have felt that many times!

And yet, what is it … that brings your interest back, Blossom?

Making myself ‘Get back in The Game’. KNOWING that LOVE IS THE WINNER … KNOWING THAT LOVE MAKES ME A HAPPY BUNNY … when I come from ONLY that place of Love, and don’t allow myself to be swamped by the negative energies that bombard us. Nice to know this is all going to go away … that’s for sure!

As to you being able to communicate with us … on the level that you do … need we remind you of the 17 or so years that you experienced much discomfort in mind and body in the form of what was termed as ‘fits’?

Yes, a reminder is needed. For it seems now, as if they were experienced in another life time by another me! (They stopped just like that, the day my communication with White Cloud began.)

The valiant Energy known to all as White Cloud, once explained that these HAD to take place in order for you to bring him through in the way that you do … and also, to be able to bring other Energies through also. Re-arranging of your Energies and some inner physicality’s also were necessary. These adjustments enabled you to ‘reach us’ … without invoking harm to your physical Being in any way.

I am sure what actually took place during these ‘fits’ (Conk outs ... as I called them) is far too complicated for me to understand and I don’t really need to know. Happy to serve. Happy to have gone through it. (I can say that now 18 years have passed … I probably wouldn’t have said that at the time). If that was needed to allow me to become a messenger in/for Light then it would have been agreed on another level … and more than happy that it happened.

We feel it is time to finish up this session.

Please take in three deep breaths in this moment of NOW.










Batten down the hatches. Yet, look for the sunshine within the raging storm … for it is always with you.

In the deepest Love … we leave you this day …

FEEL IT … KNOW IT … as it is offered to you … in the understanding that BY FEELING AND KNOWING IT … you walk hand in hand boldly into the LIGHT AND LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

Thanks Guys … thanks so much. So good to know … we are not alone!!

Not by a long shot, Dearest Blossom … ever!

Blossom Goodchild - February 11, 2018

February 1, 2018 - Session

My Dearest Friends from on High! I ask your Blessing upon us, as we reach out to you in Love and Gratitude for that which we are to receive from you this day.

And for that which we are to offer, we ask too, that you receive it from the place that it is given. For we Love you … for we are Love. And Love itself in its Highest request is asking you in this moment of actuality to … REFORM.

In that, it is now in this moment that you … CAN/ARE … able to literally do so. Take charge of your understanding of self. Be driven not by what you are told … what you read … what you expect … Be driven only by that which is the very core of FEELING.

For in these coming days, as we have said … such turmoil FROM and IN all corners and it is approaching fast. Therefore, we ask you to take note of that which is to drive you through.

For once the ball starts rolling; it is to be a nonstop onslaught of unravelling. We cannot reiterate enough, the strength that will be needed. The courage to continue will at times escape you. Yet, KNOW Dearest souls, that you have only to call upon us … call upon the Divine Source … that which is the Divinity within you … to see you through.

We encourage, we indeed urge you once again, to be vigilant in your daily practices to bring to the forefront, to bring out into the open, THAT WHICH YOU ARE. THAT WHICH YOU KNOW.

For in such times, it is of much importance that your LIGHT BEAMS are radiant and seen as the Lighthouse to bring one safely into shore … and assisting in avoidance of one’s boat being shattered against the rocks in a raging sea!

Sometimes, you may wonder if dedication to self and others is actually having an effect? We say to you … YES YES YES.

Oh! Jolly Good, because it doesn’t always feel that way!

Understand too, that when giving time to self and offering Love out to the world in which you live … makes a huge difference. And like with anything that is ‘practised’ on a regular basis … one improves enormously. Therefore, we ask you to keep in mind that the more you continue to BE OF LIGHT … to KNOW IT … to OFFER IT … the more ENERGY is building within you, to make that which you offer to self and others, EVEN STRONGER.

Think of yourselves as an ETERNAL BEING … ETERNALLY BEING LIGHT! Know it from within your core, whereby it is no longer a ‘thought out constitution’ yet, allow it to ‘become your constitution.’

Yet, I thought you had asked us to be more vigilant and step up our Game? Which surely, we need to do consciously, rather than just be it?

This is correct … and within doing so … you turn it around from the ‘Doing’ into the ‘Being’. Yet again, we say … this takes practice.

Is it not just ‘within us’ to do so?

Oh yes. For you are OF IT … OF LOVE. Yet, due to circumstances once beyond your control … you have been masked from that which is within you … deep down in your core self. Therefore, by stepping up your Game on a daily basis and giving time to go within … you can now ‘FIND’ that part of you that has been hidden away so deeply for so very long. It is a build-up, as we say … and Each One shall discover their own ‘Garden of treasures’ … the more they choose to take time to sit in the garden and smell the roses!

It is something that is difficult for us to explain. Yet, as the lid is removed from the can of worms, as you watch the worms crawl out … you will begin to understand that which we are speaking of.

When we say … you will walk into yourself … this will make the most sense. Yet, it is necessary for you to offer yourself some ‘Sacred’ time to do so. It is all very well to be busy with ‘life’ on one level, in order to bring food upon your table and to pay your bills. Yet, without taking care of the soul on a deeper level … you do not give it the ‘space’ to Empower…


As you FEEL this happening to you … as you FEEL this Power entering into you … you will ‘GET’ that which we are speaking of.

How many ways can we express this?

The times that you have been waiting to begin … have begun. Can you not FEEL it deep within?

Can you not FEEL the stirring of ‘the you’ that is not of the physical flesh … yet, ‘the you’ that is Light? Can you accept that although you do not know what it is that is awakening … it is without question, doing so … and preparing you for what is to come?


You need to prepare yourselves. So that, as more and more is revealed in a very short space of time … you can step up to the mark. You will be ready to do that which you came here to do.

Please KNOW within your Being, Dearest Souls, that you would not be here if you were not strong enough to ‘Take over’. Look please, at those words … ‘TAKE OVER’.

For there will be, in the time to come … a ‘Change over’ … from the darker energy that has ruled for so long … into that which you are … Light … And you ARE LIGHT … And you … each Awakened soul, will take over the situations that are presented and see yourselves, and all those ‘allocated to you’ … through into the New World.

Stay connected to Source Energy in the Highest level possible … at all times. Call upon your Angels. Call upon your Loved ones passed. Call upon ALL Beings of Light from other Dimensions and Planets to be with you in Energy and to assist in guiding you through.

THIS IS IT, DEAREST SOULS. This is when all that you have been waiting for … BEGINS.


This Game is about to change DRAMATICALLY and LIVING LIGHTS FROM EVERYWHERE have no intention of missing it!



This CHANGE … would not/could not … take place unless you were ready. Your heart can hear the calling … A calling that cannot be ignored.

Say to yourselves, over and over … I AM LOVE … I AM LOVE … I AM LOVE.

This builds confidence and strength within.

You mention the word ‘strength’ a great deal.


For that which lies ahead shall require such strength of soul. Such strength of character. Such strength of inner KNOWING … Such strength to have the will to pull yourselves out of the depths of despair that may well be reached by what is revealed … and to bring not only yourself, yet, many, many other lost souls, out of that desperation and anchor in the LIGHT that you are.

NEVER FAIL TO REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE LIGHT BEINGS and this NEW WORLD into which you are so very close to opening its gates, NOW… is a DONE DEAL.

NEVER FORGET THIS, Dearest Souls. Even in your darkest hours …

REMEMBER … IT IS WRITTEN THAT YOU ARE HERE TO BRING MOTHER EARTH INTO HER RESPECTED HIGHER PLACE … WHERE SHE CAN ONCE AGAIN BREATHE FREELY IN HER OWN STRENGTH … for she has been stifled and strangled for so long … on purpose … by those who wish her to be drained of the LOVE THAT SHE IS.

Yet … HER PURPOSE … is to remain as strong as she was able until such time when she can BE HER TRUE SELF … and offer her inhabitants the LOVE FROM HER that is of such Heightened Purity, that it will take one’s BEING into an ecstatic place of self … long, long forgotten.

Oh Dearest souls … again, we ask that you take a moment to breathe deeply and FEEL our Love and Energy that we send to you.

YOU ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG … REMEMBER THIS. For there will indeed be times when you doubt this … and/or … question the reasoning behind being here at all.


That which lies ahead is so far unheard of … in ways that will ‘Knock you flat off your feet’. Yet, that which also lies ahead for you is of the most wondrous discovery of self … that your voice of reason each waking day shall say ‘BRING IT ON’!

We do not desire to scare the LIVING day-LIGHTS out of you. We simply wish to prepare you … and we are doing our best to present the coming days in ways that will give you courage.




You haven’t said ‘Hold on to your hats’!

Because we TRUST by now, they are already fastened tightly!


And as I FEEL your Love, I click my ruby slippers and say ‘There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.’ In Love and thanks.

Blossom Goodchild - February 1, 2018

January 20, 2018 - Session

Hello there, once again. I am happy to be able to be of assistance to you in any way I can, as I so very much enjoy our conversations. I know very very little of Artificial Intelligence (AI.) A few have written in asking if you would speak of this. Would this be something you would care to elaborate on?

Welcome to you, Dearest Blossom. Indeed, welcome to all who come across our words and therefore, Our Love.

AI is an interesting topic. Whereby one, now that this ‘Game’ is in a Higher level of itself, is able to actually conduct a conversation with these ‘robotics’ … for in essence, that is what they are and all they … will /can ever be. That which is derived from computerised foundations … can never/will never … have a soul. That is the most important thing you need to understand regarding this creation.

It was once in your world not so long ago, when one marvelled at the fact that ‘they’ could move, or sweep, or talk from a programme of words etc. … and now it is that they have been conditioned to ‘think’. Taking them into an altogether different category from the very basic robots that one started out with and was introduced to.

Dearest Souls, Like yourselves … ‘thinking’ … can go one way or another. There are those that say that these intelligent mechanisms are programmed only to do good. We could, in a way of semi amusement, say this very thing about yourselves. For IN THE BEGINNING … you knew only of this, because you came from a ‘Home’ that WAS only of this and therefore, knew nothing else.

It … is/was … by freedom of choice … free will … that changed the protocol of the Human Being into its more ‘dishevelled’ state of Being. In the same way … a robot may be attuned to … be/think … only on the bright side, due to the default of the programmer putting in place such understandings. Yet , as many have already thought about … these ‘workings’, only need to be placed in the hands of those whose agenda is not for the greater good , and your world would find itself in even deeper trouble!

So, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Neither. It is exactly that ‘A thing’! As far as we are concerned, as far as we detect, as far as WE KNOW … your world is heading into a Brighter disposition which carries with it therefore, a Lightening of souls and their thoughts.

Keeping this knowledge in mind … keeping on top of all that you know … One will be focusing ... on/in ... the Light, not the dark. Therefore, creating for ‘one’ self … a greater world of Love ... within Love.

These robot ‘people’ have no conscience. A Conscience is felt. They cannot FEEL. Always, you will have the upper hand for you CAN FEEL. FEELING is the essence of who you are. It is your detector … your guide.

Dearest souls, if you are to KNOW deep within your Beings that you are heading for a Brighter world and that you are bringing your Planet along with you … if you KNOW that FOR SURE deep within your Being … then there should be little concern of things going awry within these creations of metals and buttons!

One’s focus is and should be IN THE LIGHT … leading one forward into Dreams yet unseen. Dreams that are of only better and Brighter realities. There are choices of dreams. There are choices of thoughts. There are choices of conduct. There are choices in all things.

Choose to focus, choose to KNOW that these AI mechanical ‘wonders’ … CAN BE USED to assist your world greatly. They can become your friends … in a sense.

May we manoeuvre the train of thought along in to the knowledge that the thought patterns you yourselves ‘conjure up’ are to be focused on the Lighter side of Life.

In this New Year ahead … you will notice yourselves changing so much, in so many ways.

Understand, that which you are now walking towards is going to have a quickened pace within you.

Many, many things shall be presented to you that have not been ‘thought about’ before and as to how you conduct your ‘thought patterns on all things new, will bring about almost instant change … An upgrading of self.

Vigilance of mind set is of upmost importance to your progress, Dearest Friends. As you stay alert to all that presents itself that no longer serves … and immediately dismantle its ‘make up’ … you will find yourselves heightened to such a degree in such a short space of time that it will surprize and astound you.

Click into gear that which ONLY serves. You are ready NOW to enter into the ‘full speed ahead’ zone. You are able to Master now your Mastery … IF … you KNOW that you can.

The key Dearest Souls, in your future enterprises is to KNOW how INTELLIGENT AND AMAZING YOU ARE.

Do you think that a robot that is programmed … that HAS been programmed by a Human Being could be more intelligent than the one that did the programming?

Each one of you … each and every one of you are … made up /created by/of/with … DIVINE INTELLIGENCE. Your brains, as you know, are not used to their fullest capacity. Much has been shut down. Yet, we would add here, a lot of it has been shut down in order to protect you. For in this world that has followed suit by those who desire a non-functioning Divinity … (?) the Mastery of self could prove too dangerous to ‘bring into play’.

As you are awakening to the TRUTH … IN the TRUTH … one shall be able to reconnect much of what has been disconnected and put it to use of service … and indeed, would we say FUN.


As more and more of self remembers self … more and more of self becomes its TRUE self.

Oh! Dearest Souls … focus not too much … on all that you learn regarding the ‘Mr Nasties’! They are and will be taken care of by those whose role it is to do so.


KNOW that YOUR ROLE, if it be so … is to illuminate pain and suffering by replacing it with Joy.

Knock down the walls of bricks and mortar and replace them with rose vines for one to inhale and enhance the soul.

Each one of you is awakening now … to the fact … that CHANGE is indeed happening within.

Although you may not be sure of your actual role … you are CERTAINLY SURE that you have one … for you can FEEL THIS KNOWLEDGE stirring with inside of you.

More strongly now, are you becoming aware of the difference within your thoughts and your Being.

More boldly now, are you stepping out and offering YOUR TRUTH, regardless of outcome. For you are becoming a KNOWER not a believer and therefore, can do nothing else but stand firm in that KNOWING.

Many now are awakening and seeking out those who have been awake for a while, in order to be guided by them.

YOU ARE MASTERS OF YOUR OWN DESTINY. Yet, you are also planners of the future … together as One.


That which once would weigh down your heart … is now able to be shaken off from your Being so much more quickly than once you could bring about. This you must recognise … do you not?

These Changes … these Brave and Encouraging Changes within self are more and more noticeable. They, in turn, allow you to respond to your calling as The Light Warriors of Earth.

The Pioneers of Gaia’s journey forward …

Of her journey into home.

Just in this short period of time, since the turning of the year … there has been an undeniable change in Energy. It is stronger and more powerful. You can FEEL it … because you are creating it!

So much is taking place all at once … on so many different levels. Put your cement boots on to keep you grounded, yet, replace them with feathered wing when in the position to do so … so that your Being can experience the Lightness of itself, also.



Yes, I for one, can FEEL it and it is indeed very very exciting and with respect … about time!! In Love and thanks to you. Just Love –ly.

Blossom Goodchild - January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018 - Session

Good morning to you. The Energies, as they are settling on this Planet FEEL SO GOOD … when we make the choices to give time to acknowledge them. A lady wrote in saying that when she had listened to the GAME CHANGER video … she, all of a sudden … realized/felt … what a personal/universal … power station the spinal column is! Like a ‘Radiating technology Light Source.’ She asked if you would kindly speak of this?

Greetings to ONE and ALL. We are recognising the CHANGE upon your Planet as more and more souls ‘plug into’ the newer Higher Energies. We are noticing the very Light upon your Planet brighten, and can visibly see the upliftment taking place. We are able to FEEL the CHANGE and this fills us with much excitement. We are so very much further ahead than we once were, and it is good for your souls to acknowledge this also. For in doing so … that too, creates yet another Higher shift.


Yes, the lady speaking of the spinal column is indeed, correct. It is a beacon … a pylon of Energy that radiates out, not only into the entirety and complexity of your Being, yet, is also an antennae to ‘pick up’ on all that it requires.

It is the very ‘back bone’ of who you are. And when the lady stated that it is a Universal Power station … she was correct again. In that, it is a connection port.

In your visualisations, you imagine your different chakras lighting up in different colours and opening up and activating etc. It would be very ‘useful’ for you to do the same with your spinal column. We ask you to visualise it as an activated antennae and radiating Light and colours. It is useful to visualise it as a column of Light that is ‘Alive’ and sending out information as well as receiving it. We also would express it as a ‘Homing device.’

Could you elaborate on that?

We would say that it is an anchor … for your system. You are sensing Blossom, the visual we are giving you, yet, we are finding it ‘tricky’ to put into words.

The visual is a red electricity pylon reaching high up into the sky.

And it can pick up on all Energies around it. It can also draw on Energies from ‘home’ … from your True Home and bring them into your Being and as we say, anchor them in.

I am a little confused, for I thought it was our Crown chakra through which such things entered?

This is correct. Yet, the spinal column, would we say, helps direct and ‘pull into’ … ‘infuse’ … these Energies into the individual system. It is an integral part of the ‘system’ in which ONE is housed and it goes without saying of its delicacy.

To visualise it as ‘straight’ without kinks or curves will prove to be empowering. It is so important in its design to serve … not just the body, yet, the Light that you are, also.

You are picking up on the fact Blossom, that we are struggling a little to describe exactly what it is. Yet, may we suggest that one ‘tunes into’ their spinal column and allow it to let you know what relationship it has with you … and why?

It is a driving force … and to give it honour would prove to be beneficial … for then one shall connect with it and understand it on a much deeper level. Blend with it … give it Gratitude and it shall show you its secrets that lie within … waiting to be discovered.


Indeed! Dearest souls, in these New Times … as you each offer more ‘time and service’ to self … you will discover the ‘chit chat’ one can undergo, with so much within the body. Every living thing has an outlet that enables it to communicate. It is simply a matter of understanding its language and from what ‘angle’ it is coming from.

It is a matter of ‘tuning into’ … ‘homing into’ the Vibration of ‘anything’ in order to be at Peace with it and ‘be on its level’. This can be accomplished by request and breathing …

And patience?

We would bring to mind the statement of ‘ It is not about the destination … it is about the journey!’

Enjoy exploring new heights … now that you have reached them.

REMEMBER NOW that your Vibration has risen into a Higher more POWERED state of Being. Therefore, it is Fun … it is Good … to experiment in all kinds of ways, in order to discover this NEW HIGHER YOU.

Someone asked that if we breathed in and out in a Higher Loving place of Vibration ( as you had mentioned in Nov 8 conversation of Last year) … would that put our frequency at 7.8Hz … and as the Earths signature pulse/frequency "Schuman Resonance" is also at 7.8Hz then would we have the best chance to re-create World Peace? (Out of my league of understanding as you know!!)

We would say that the Frequency of Earth and indeed one’s self, is ever changing … from moment to moment. If it was resonating say at 7.8Hz, then there are many layers of that stated Frequency in which the Vibration dances within.

A disaster of say, a bomb … or the influence of a volcanic eruption can alter the ‘balance’ of that Frequency and take it to its lowest point of the frequency in which it resides.

In the same way, a shattering circumstance for a Human Being will have the same effect. It is only through the deliberate sending of Love Light from/of/as/ the Highest KNOWING one can bring forth … that the balance can be restored to its most comfortable position.

I don’t understand numbers, and therefore, I accept that it is difficult to bring such ‘talk’ through me, regarding numbers and HZ … (We have travelled down this road before.) Yet, regarding this year’s revealing’s and outcomes with the TRUTHS that unfold … will that effect the ‘resident frequency’?

Of course. For in that which is to be uncovered there will be an attachment to it of deep shame … an attachment to such things that carries an Energy that is of the darker clouds. The Truths revealed, will take many into deep depression and therefore, create the imbalance we have spoken of.

This is why, as in our last communication, we ask you to ‘Step up your game’, so that, because … of/within … your knowledge of WHAT LIGHT CAN DO … you are able to counter balance all such lower energies and thoughts and UPLIFT THE ENERGIES into the Vibrational Frequencies that have been set within your Earth’s ... stratosphere/atmosphere … at this time.

These ‘uncouth’ scenarios that shall be ‘brought to Light’ could not be done so until the Energies of your Planet were of this particular frequency, because the intense and unbelievable discoveries that are to be brought into the open, will indeed bring the Energy down. Therefore, it was necessary for your Planet to be strong enough to be able to override these coming events … and due to YOUR LIGHT upon it; shining it out … it is now in a position to do so. To be able to uphold the LIGHT AS IT IS … in order to then, once all has again settled … to continue on raising the Vibration and the Soul-Spirit into the Land of the free!

Are the pieces of the puzzle falling into place a little now, Dearest Souls? Are things beginning to FEEL more sense?


The CHANGE IN ENERGIES due to the CHANGE IN SELF is nothing more than outstanding. You can surely FEEL It?

Well, I cannot answer for everybody yet , for me … oh, yes indeedy! A KNOWING POWER within FEELS so connected to ALL OTHERS that are FEELING the same. Such Gratitude for BEING is a natural given these days and I LOVE IT … and all I can say is … BRING ON /IN … more of the same!

Your choice entirely. We are humbled by the strength of you ‘Earthlings’

Oh, titter titter!!

For the courage and strength you carry is second to none! WE LOVE YOU.

And WE LOVE YOU! In Love and thanks for your friendship!

Blossom Goodchild - January 12, 2018

January 6, 2018 - Session

Happy New Year and all that jazz! Today I am open to receive that which you offer through Love to assist us all, through what seems like it is going to be a year full of changes. Judging from what you said last time!

Greetings from on High! We savour each communication we have with you and FEEL the need now to amp up that which we do offer, into a more ‘telling’ position.

For centuries, it has been KNOWN that ‘Beings from elsewhere’ ... from 'outside of your system' … have visited your Planet. Many decisions have been made and many outcomes have derived for the Good, from such choices.

Dearest Souls … NOW … in these days ahead … let it be known that there will no longer be the secrecy. It is part of the Divine Plan for worlds to merge. For souls to integrate, no matter where from, how they appear or indeed, what they choose to uphold.

What do you mean by ‘what they choose to uphold’?

In that, the changes that are to occur within the next decade, will make your world, as it stands today, unrecognisable … FOR THE GOOD.

Of course, there will be ‘menus’ that do not suit All. Yet, there will also be in place, a structure that each soul recognises as improvement for the system in which one finds themselves within.

You are using the word ‘system'?

Indeed. For there has to be in place a system that works … FOR ALL. As Each soul walks into the Peace of themselves, as Each and every Being upon your Planet FEELS the NEW ENERGY as it settles within and upon Mother Earth … there will be … there can only be … a system of logistics, in order for the flow of ‘Life itself’ to function in a natural way.

Much, as we have said, is to be ‘uncovered’ … and when it is ... and it will be … one … will no longer/can no longer … wake up to a new day without questioning the ‘system’ that one has been encapsulated with in. We would go as far as to say ‘incarcerated’ within.

As Truths are revealed … there will be MAJOR shock to the ‘system’ to one’s own individual workings. To begin with, one will be in disbelief of what they are being told and shown. Yet, as the TRUTH settles a little, all that is ‘opened up unto you’ can only bring about further enhancement to the LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

For as it ‘dawns’ on one … as to the betrayals that have been carried out … the co-ercing … the absolute disruption of what once was … a strength from within begins to stir.

As you FEEL this stirring … recognise it for what it is. At first, it may well present itself to you as an anger that you have never experienced. For indeed, your Being has been wronged. Yet … WE KNOW … that you are upon your Planet at this time for a reason.

And that reason is to clear all Energies that are involved in such betrayals and bring yourselves and your Planet BACK INTO THE LIGHT FORM THAT IT USED TO BE.


That is why you are here. You say you have been waiting and waiting for something to happen. Well now, dearest friends … it’s happening!

Look beyond what you are told by your media. Look INTO you hearts and FEEL that which you KNOW to be taking place and send it LOVE.

For LOVE Dearest Souls … is needed NOW, more than ever.

I can feel such a stirring in me from your Energy. As if the Volcano is about to erupt.

And it is.

For so long now, we have come through with messages to help you in finding your True self … to emerge in Light from the density that you reside within.

Some of you have found yourselves ‘bored’ with that which we choose to say. Yet, we have made it our mission to continue playing the same record, in order for your strength, for the understanding of your soul … for the wakeup call within you … to bring you to this very position that you will find yourselves within as the days uncover more and more.

Some will feel they see no point in continuing … for the lies they have been fed have reached so deeply into their Being’s that to realise ‘this is not how it is’ … becomes too much for them to ‘turn around’. For some … to think ‘outside’ the box will simply be too hard for their mind, heart and soul to comprehend and they will FEEL such confusion and turmoil within, that they will want to ‘leave’ the Planet.

That which is to be uncovered is so great that it will have that effect on some.On others, as we say, a stirring will occur and one’s TRUE self will surface.

There will be a KNOWING that THIS TIME is what you have been waiting for within.

There … will no longer/can no longer … be a lethargy, a lack of enthusiasm about one’s LIFE.

One’s LIFE, Dearest Souls … should be/will be … an expression of Divinity in its Highest form.

One’s LIFE, Dearest Souls … should be/will be … Joyous within every breath.

The mediocrity … the mundane partaking of what HAS to be done to keep one’s head above water, will cease.

For when these things are uncovered the CHANGE WILL OCCUR.

So, we state, that although to begin with … it will seem as if everything is falling apart … and it will be … the PHOENIX within you arises … in the KNOWING that the call has been given.

Out of the ashes … out of the downfall of the entire system that is now in place … shall emerge …


The pieces shall not be put back together, for the fragmented rule is not to be rebuilt.

Yet … from such a crash … a NEW SYSTEM shall be put in place.

A system that is FOR THE PEOPLE OF EARTH.

And this system shall be assisted by those from ‘other places’.

As the walls that those of lesser Light hid behind, crumble … so too, shall there be the joining of souls from other worlds.

Those who have been waiting in the wings … Those who have been on standby … for so long … are eager to partake in the rebuilding of the NEW system.

A system that allows LIFE TO FLOW AS IT SHOULD.

Dearest souls … do you feel this?

Do you hear what you have already been told before you came to this Planet?

You have KNOWN within you … that there is so much more … there HAS to be. Yet, you have been dampened down to such a degree, that you no longer remember the TRUTH of who you are.

YET … YOU WILL … To such a degree that it will blow your mind!

So, we would like here to just reiterate and make clear …

That ...

Although the ‘lid will blow’ and it will be ongoing for quite a while … for there is not just the one ‘cover up’ … not by a long shot … the sunny side of the street over to which you cross, will be the balance. For as you must come to terms with what has been going on … you shall also be more than happily accepting THE NEW LIGHT OF DAY. Whereupon, gifts of Glory … talents of unimaginable skills will be awakened within you … will be bestowed upon you … in such a way that the JOY that is brought forth from such miraculous findings, will completely override any debris left behind from Truths revealed.











There will be no need for secrecy regarding contact with ‘Us’ and those like us.

The fear will be gone … leaving us FREE to be as common in your skies as the bird on wing.

So much to look forward to.

We are full of excitement and yet, we would ask you to brace yourselves. For the road ahead will be a bumpy ride.

We tell you this, not to ‘concern you’ … yet, to prepare you. For when such things begin … as they already are … you will be READY.



To SHINE YOUR LIGHT SO BRIGHTLY, so that those who have no idea which way to turn, who to believe, what to think, where to go … will see and FEEL YOUR LIGHT GLOWING in the upheavals and be guided by it … led through, by you … to the understanding of what is taking place.

For you shall explain … that what appears to be almost a ‘state of Anarchy’ … is merely the road to FREEDOM.

YOU WILL UPLIFT THEIR BEINGS BY BEING LIGHT… and as your Light penetrates deep into their souls ... their fear subsides and they too, will then understand what is taking place … and in turn SHINE THEIR LIGHT to yet another who is lost … and so the momentum builds and …



You live in a world that is conducted by time. All this we have spoken off on this day WILL COME ABOUT IN DIVINE TIMING.

We do not use the word ‘soon’. We simply say that there is no time set out for this. We cannot say that on such and such a date … such and such will be revealed. We … cannot /we are unable to … do so. Yet, KNOW Dearest Souls, that ‘time’ will not be relevant. For ‘Disclosure’ on all matters will unfold piece by piece by piece and we say to you … You will need time to absorb each goings on … You will need time to recoup before the next ‘unveiling’ and so on and so on. All the while ... Building in Strength … Building in Truth … Building in Love.

Fasten your seatbelts … and prepare for take off!

Struth Ruth! Bring on The Truth! WOW! In such Love and thanks to you for walking along side us during these momentous times!

Blossom Goodchild - January 6, 2018

December 22, 2017 - Session

Here we are then … the last chat of the year probably. After the last communication about the ‘Pillars of Light’ and the stunning photograph, I wonder if you would be kind enough to let us know what 2018 holds for us? 2018! That seemed so very long ago, way back in 2012!

Greetings of Good Cheer to you Blossom and All. We believe there should be a HO HO HO to Brighten one’s day. Indeed, another break in the calendar that ‘strikes up a chord’ to bring on the beginnings of a New Year and with that … there is much to celebrate. For as the Energy continues to amplify … so too, does the manifestations of all that One’s heart desires.

Not only on a personal level shall one find that LIGHT IS BEAMING THROUGH THE BEING … yet, on a global scale also … INCREDIBLE CHANGES ARE TO BE SEEN.

Such as?

Such as … distortions of Truth being exposed to the masses. Many of the one’s of lesser Light shall be ‘cornered’ and brought to justice and be held accountable for their actions. As more and more is revealed of what has been going on behind the scenes … it shall lead to more and more being uncovered. We would say … The biggest ‘can of worms’ shall be opened.

We have spoken before about how such matters shall shock the world … Shock the soul. Yet, they shall do so on a heart level. Therefore, it is wise to build one’s strength of PEACE OF MIND … put it into play … and be of a disposition where one is immediately able to rise above that which is brought out into the open.

As these ‘surprizes’ surprize … one shall find their soul’s in a place of; Firstly, not being able to reason with all that has been brought to Light … yet, as it is absorbed and transmuted … one will KNOW that these matters are now ‘dying’ as they are revealed … and THE NEW WORLD OF LIGHT is slowly shining through.



For that which lies ahead is to prepare you for all that is to come.

Remain steadfast in your own TRUTH.

Over the years, we have talked many times about ways to bring oneself into the ultimate dream of themselves. There is nothing new to say regarding this. Yet, there is a ‘step up’ within self that can and will bring One’s Being into a place where a Greater Understanding assists the soul to remain in their TRUTH … no matter what One is BEING fed by your media and social propaganda.


So, we would ‘predict’ that the world in which you live, not only shall become more topsy-turvy in your following year … yet , along with it, shall be more Energetically charged phenomenon that shall protect and guide you through.

We would not think to ‘leave you in the lurch’, as you would say … especially at such crucial times … and Dearest Souls … the times ahead … we would indeed term … crucial.

We have talked about a turning point. We have talked about a tipping point. Now we speak of the ultimate point! In which, with all that is revealed concerning ‘shock, horror’ … there HAS to be the opposite end of the scale where upon the ‘ooh’s and aah’s of delight are also appearing and stunning One in LOVE … Literally.

What do you mean … stunning One in Love?

In that … the balance of what is to come in Love … has to outweigh by far … that which will wound the heart.

We have been preparing for this … we have been preparing YOU for this.

People have been asking if the ‘Pillars of Light’ you speak of, are connected to what is talked about in ancient scriptures as a Solar Flash … which brings about much Enlightenment? You have sort of spoken of AN EVENT that feels like it is one and the same … and now , with what you are saying today … may I ask if ‘this is what is to come?

It has always been on the cards that this is to come, Blossom.

Yes, I know. The ‘point’ being, that this has been talked about year after year and usually around this time … and here we all are … Still! … Waiting!

All good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes in your world.

We speak little of time frames … for they do not serve. Yet, we would pronounce the fact that INDEED, YES … you are ever closer to such an Event taking place.

Treading on dodgy turf here guys! You know that, don’t you? For ‘soon’ is a naughty word!!

This is why we were careful not to use it! Ever closer … ever closer.

Don’t get me wrong! I was thrilled to see the Pillars of Light coming from the sun … and that HAS to mean something. Yet, you spoke of them six years ago. To wait another six years for the next thrilling instalment isn’t really worth mentioning right now. Take a tip from me … if an Event is going to be that far away … I’d refrain from mentioning until Dec 2024 … or close to, if I were you!

We have learned to understand your humour …

Tinged with Truth!!

Dearest Blossom … Dearest friends … WE SPEAK TRUTH.

This I know! It’s just that you don’t wear watches or have clocks in your place of residence!

Let us be bold …

The year ahead takes you not just one step, yet, many steps further into YOUR NEW PLACE OF RESIDENCE.

All that is presented to you on the different scales … cannot possibly leave you where you are.


I know I sound as if I am having a go at you with everything you are saying … I don’t mean to appear rude. Yet, I am sure if I read back over the last seven Christmas channellings, it would more or less, say the same.

We understand Blossom. Yet, with respect … we would not choose to change the record for the sake of ‘knocking you flat with something new’. We speak as we find. We KNOW we speak Truth and we shall continue to say the same things over and over … until the days arrive when a ‘new record’ is played because the old one has come about.

I am trying to read into the fact that you said ’knocking you flat with something new’. It took me back to the beginning of the week when I hit my head on a metal bar and it knocked me flat! Concussed for a few days! Is there a connection there? Probably not.

Or probably! There are not just wake up calls for the soul. There are plenty designed for the body when it needs a jolt to ‘give it a service’ so to speak.

Interesting! I shall consider myself well and truly serviced! ( I am sure there is a rude joke in there which is totally inappropriate whilst communicating with Light Beings and talking of the wonders of the following year!) OK, so I will stop interrupting with my ‘but you’ve already said all this again and again’ … and allow you to flow. What sort of information, for instance … do these/will these … Pillars of Light carry? Will they be an instant download?

The information these pillars contain and offer are KNOWINGS that are awakened inside of you.

In a sense, as if a button has been pushed and low and behold … you know this and you know that. Not that you didn’t know this and that before … yet, it was waiting to be ‘switched on’ in order for one to recognise it.

KNOWING’S about what though?

About self … and what way to continue along your journey. You will be Divinely inspired and feel such exhilaration about your future days and your future selves. You will FEEL the UNIFYING OF SOULS and where once there lay confusion and doubt … there will be direction and motivation.

The Energy that WILL come through, even more strongly than now … and shall continue … will allow you to ‘Get It’.

We realise you would like to say ‘Get what?

Well, I am getting that ‘Getting It’ … is A FEELING.

Correct and perfectly placed in the conversation.

More than anything your FEELINGS OF LOVE will be recognised in the Higher Vibration that they have aspired to.


Such LOVE … on/of/in/as/through … its HIGHER frequency … Vibrates … within/around … you … of/as/in/through … you … in such a way that FEELS SO GOOD!


It sounds so cool. Will we then be seeing more of these Pillars of Light throughout next year?

They will not be ‘showering down’ upon you on a regular basis. Yet, they will be noticed. We say that without hindrance.

There will not only be these such things … yet, displays of colours.

Yes, you mentioned once before of seeing rainbows that would astound.

And they too shall appear.

May we say here … these Pillars of Light … these Rainbows … these Cloud Spectaculars … these Light-ships … these Light Displays … are not being presented to you in ways of compensation for that which has upset the Being in ways of atrocities being revealed etc. They are being presented to you because you will have reached a certain Vibration that allows these wonders to shine through.

So, food for thought … will they only be seen by those who have brought themselves into that Higher Vibration?

We give varied answers here. For, this may be the case with certain things and yet, other things will have an OVERALL affect.

We would say that there will be at least ONE very interesting … mind blowing … presentation that will SHIFT ALL!

Yet, let us make this clear here … you cannot confirm it will be next year?

Let us say … we are very much hoping it will be.

And I shall reply … I very much hope you are right. Either way, my friends … I have to finish this chat by saying, that without doubt, I can feel more than ever before, the change in Energy within me. The different way I feel which is not easy to put into words. I just know I have changed and continue to do so and although sometimes, it feels really odd and I am neither here nor there … I DO KNOW it is connected with all you have shared with us … about what we are going through and where we are going. For this … my Gratitude is beyond words. Yet, TRUSTING you can feel it from my heart.

We pick up the Energy of all hearts. This is why we are in such Knowing of all that is good is to come to each one.

You are of Goodness …

You are of Light …

You are of Love …

I wouldn’t imagine Santa swings by your way. Yet, it just seems the right thing to do to wish you a Blessed Christmas time to you and yours!

We FEEL the blessings offered to us … and we in turn, shower you with rainbow stars of Peace, that settle within and shine forth without.

IN LOVE TO YOU. Many thanks and look forward to resuming early sometime in the New year.

Blossom Goodchild - December 22, 2017

December 2, 2017 - Session

Hello my friends. There are so many questions that people are asking me to ask you … I am not sure which ones are appropriate, which one’s are not and indeed, if you would rather have your own agenda in this message today? So, I thought I would just begin and see what happens.

Blessings … of/from … the Highest Energy that we are able to filter through to Each and Every One as they read these words. For we are aware that one is recognising that by ‘placing oneself in the flowing life-stream’ created by deep breathing, one is able to receive and connect with these Energies on a level of understanding that did not take place in days gone by .

Yes, I definitely feel a different/Higher Energy coming through these days.

Which of course, in turn, PROVES that you, yourself, have allowed and given permission of self to lift your Vibration into one that brings forth thoughts that are more deserving and serving … to/of … self.

Someone asked if you could do a meditation to help us accept and recognise that we ARE NOW in a Higher frequency because it makes a difference when we know it.

At this time, we would simply say that it is a matter of breathing through it … and stating ‘I KNOW NOW I AM HAPPILY VIBRATING WITHIN THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY THAT ALLOWS ALL THAT SERVES ME TO FLOW THROUGH ME’.

I smile … for instantly I am aware by those words, of a little project I am working on!

And maybe, with respect to all those who have asked other questions, we would care to discuss this 'not so little' project of yours.

Oh! By all means. Fire away. Although, I’m not sure I am fully ready to ‘put it out there’ at this stage,

Yet, we say the sooner the better. Let us for now then, make this an introductory process that will assist in leading into the full proceedings in a short while.

Yes. I had in mind for one to ‘hop on board’ in the new year maybe. Always a good place to start.

So, we offer this preface.

You have named it THE GAME CHANGER PROJECT. You were aware when you created THE GAME CHANGER video that within you … it produced strong FEELINGS of KNOWING. We offered those invocational words to all, for in essence they are FEELINGS/THOUGHTS defined in words, so that one may express the heart. Again, as we now shall state many times … over and over … it is about ALL these offerings dancing in to one’s Being through the intake of the breathe and then flowing out again to the ALL. It is the DEEPER FEELING that one is NOW able to reach and by doing so … all thoughts and FEELINGS have more EFFECT … as they … AFFECT!

This project that you have in mind Blossom, was part of an agreement we made to BRING FORTH the Human BEING into its rightful place and to offer assistance in doing so.

In your BEING you desire it to reach so many, as do we. Yet, we wish you to know that sometimes it is not necessarily the ‘how many take part’, although this is extremely beneficial, yet, it can be the simple ‘putting it out there’ that too, has a great effect.

We say this, so that many souls who have put much effort and Love and time into perhaps, writing a book or starting a project for the upliftment and betterment of mankind, and find that the books are not selling, or no-one is turning up for the courses created. Do not be disheartened … for it is the Energy one gives out in the creating of, that is of much importance also.

Your ‘Divine Plan’ Blossom, is to offer a format that one can ‘tick off’ on a daily basis and in doing so, allows the soul to BECOME more of itself.

Yes, The reason being that we are so easily swayed by other things that we consider more important or necessary to do , when really they are not. WE … I … THE ONE … is of the MOST IMPORTANCE, if that is the way forward to bring this Golden Age into play. I, myself, feel the need to take more action on a daily basis and in doing so … I uplift myself and All.

This is correct and fitting. We encourage you to see it through. We desire that Each and Every one chooses to become more aware of that which is important to ones well-being in all areas. If you do not feed the soul … it becomes weak and hungry and does not function to its best ability.

In the same way … so many are becoming aware of that which they choose to eat. For in these changing times … in this ‘cross over’ … there is much recognition of the necessity to ‘look after’ and ‘serve’ that which will reciprocate by law, for the betterment of Life itself within the human form.

Dearest souls … We are aware that Blossom is working on this project …

You see, I panic a bit now, as I don’t want you to build it up to much in case …

In case?

In case it is not greatly /worldly followed through, yet as you say … that matters not. It is nothing spectacular in essence … Yet, IF it was passed on and momentum grew then indeed it could be spectacular. A bit like the ‘Pay It Forward’ movie/idea. So simple, so coming from the right place and still to this day people use the ‘Paying it Forward’ method. I know I do … It feels right. I feel I should state here, this projectit is merely a list of ‘to do’s in a day' … in order to keep us moving onwards and upwards. I will elaborate more in time to come.

This we know. And we look forward to watching its journey.

I have to say, I feel a little more confident about it knowing we had agreed to do it. I am not professing to be a professor or anything! I just want to share that which helps me along the way … seeing as I am in the position to do so!

This is so.

Can we move on for now … as I am hoping to elaborate more at the White Cloud meeting on Sunday and hopefully put the video out to share more of my idea.

We can indeed move on, as you wish … to which question?

Well, I just closed my eyes to see which one came to the forefront and it is about the orange light’s that are appearing in the skies, many of them. Plus, strange sounds and also, this rather amazing photo that was captured … which give the feeling to many that they are somehow all connected. Are you able to speak of this?

The group of mysterious lights hovering in the sky and the strange crying sun.

The group of mysterious lights hovering in the sky and the strange crying sun.

The setting sun is just terrifying with filaments coming down and almost reaching to the ground...

The setting sun is just terrifying with filaments coming down and almost reaching to the ground...

(link to photo )

Yes, we are, as we feel it will serve.

First of all, we shall speak of the phenomenal photograph of the sun's Pillars of Light coming down and penetrating into your Earth. The Energy of these Rays are that of incredible impact upon ALL of the Earth’s FEELINGS. Meaning those upon, within Earth. All Life that lives upon your Planet is affected by this.

But what actually are they?


This is freaking me out a little and my heart is beating faster … for ‘information’ is what you said would be contained within ‘The Pillars of Light’ that were spoken of, I think back in 2011, and you and I had a bit of a fall out because you said they would show up before they end of the year … and they didn’t. I am sure you recall?

Of course. Misunderstandings easily occur when ‘time’ is involved, for we are not of it or indeed, in it or ‘move by it’.

So … dah - dah - dahdah -dah -dah!! Are these the Pillars of Light you spoke of?

The forming of. The beginnings of. The introductory version of.

Wow! That has surely taken me by surprize. What are the Lights above it … like a connected trail?

These are the visible Lights of a ‘Light vessel! They are, for want of expression … ‘conducting’ these Rays.

Are these Rays FROM the sun?

We answer yes, and yet, without the ‘control’ element from the ‘ship’, they could not occur.

For it is that which is ‘of’ the sun, that can be utilised to ‘produce’ the Rays which are able to carry within them the information.

Ok chaps. IN MY TRUTH … After all these years of working with you, I have learned that YOU ARE TRUTH. Even though ‘this kind of stuff’ does make me question as to whether or not my mind is making all this up! Yet … I HAVE to follow this through … even though I question it. My apologies for doing so, to you The Federation Of Light, and to readers for whom I may be putting doubt into your minds, that wasn’t there to start with.

Blossom, our friend and colleague … what is it exactly that ‘befuddles you’?

The reality of such things! Yet I know all things are possible. Yet, I question as to whether it may be a weather phenomenon or photo shopped, as opposed to Pillars of Light created by ET’s/Light Beings … that contain information for the benefit of all upon our Planet. With the greatest of respect you understand?

Yes, we do. Yet, we smile, because when we don’t produce that which we say we will within the correct timing, you …

Lose my rag!

Thank you … and then when we do … you do not believe us!

Yep … gotta laugh at myself there! Again, why I was chosen, out of many, also ‘befuddles’ me, for this very reason.

So, with this in mind … let us continue if we may?

Oh lets. How does the information become The Pillar?

How does a little ‘empty’ stick that you insert into your computer and press a button, then become and contain file upon file, that then remains within that stick when it is removed from the computer?

Eh, probably not the best one to ask on that one! Yet I see your point.

The Rays produced … these Light Pillars … are not only charged with ‘SUPREME ENERGY’ … being that they are OF the sun … Yet, this also allows them to contain the information provided that is ‘projected’ into them.

Yet, how do we receive the information? … and … WHAT is this information?

It is not suitable for us to ‘tell you the exactness' of that which they contain … for as and when you receive their knowledge banks, you will know. They are designed to be received by those ready to receive them, in this particular way. Which is quite complicated to explain and yet, necessary to be delivered in this fashion. May we also say that such information cannot be received by those that it is not meant for … on many levels of explanation ... and on many levels of discretion.

Ok … I get that. Yet, in general the info is meant for the masses?

The masses that are ready … and they are. In the same way we gave ‘sound’ to awaken and open up the envelopes within … with instructions contained. There will be more of these to come in future days … yet they are not just ‘thrown about hither and thither’. They are not forgotten by us, simply ‘spaced out’ … in order to be absorbed fully.

In my innocence of old … this would all seem so far - fetched to me, yet, we just have to take a look at the Sci-Fi movies these days and it doesn’t seem very farfetched at all! So, what happens next?

More and more will be seen in this way. These Pillars, at this time are ‘attached’ to the sun. Yet, in time, as we once showed you long ago Blossom, they will be seen crossing your skies and ‘sending out information’ as they go.

I remember that vision you gave me very clearly. Sure will be nice to see!

Oh ! You have no idea what such visions shall awaken in you. For you see, with recognising your Higher Vibration that you are now residing in … you shall be able to ‘see’ things that are OF THAT HIGHER VIBRATION. They were always there, yet, you were not … NOW YOU ARE!

YOU CAN FEEL IT … and this FEELING just gets better and better as you continue to raise the frequency within this Higher Vibration … up through its many different levels.

Well, I feel we are done for today, my brain is tiring. Yet, there seems so much more to cover,

All in good time Blossom … for we have eternity to do so.

Many thanks Guys. I wasn’t expecting this today at all. Bring it on!! One quick question though … How come this picture didn’t ‘hit the world’?

You know why Blossom. Yet this too, will change in time.

Yes. Media control etc.

Indeed … Where upon we shall take our leave for this day.

We thank you and send our Love to Each One … which we know now can be felt on a much Higher intensity ….

In so much gratitude to you also, my friends. So be it.

Blossom Goodchild - December 2, 2017

November 24, 2017 - Session

Well hello there! I am very much looking forward to today’s chat.

Welcome to you also Blossom, and we would use your terminology of ‘Ditto’.

There is much we would like to share with you regarding these times that are ... upon you /within you. Many of you have felt much unrest, coupled with moments of ‘Knowing that all is well’. Only to be flawed by another feeling of unrest, followed by a ‘Knowing that all is well' … and so it continues. This has been, as you know, due to the influx of extremely strong Higher Energies ...into/onto ... your Planet.


For these Energies are now ABLE to penetrate into your atmospherics … and are no longer ‘pushed back’ by energies and dynamics that desire for them to be elsewhere … anywhere other than your Earth plane.

However, due to the inevitable SURGE OF LIGHT that was destined to … be with you/within you… at this time … all is on target. There certainly have been delays, due to ‘surprize attacks’ on plans made and yet, we are now once again, in full flow and all is exceedingly STRONG and LIGHT and raring to go!

What do you mean by surprize attacks?

In that … there are, as you know, those who are ‘happy’ to be knocking back advancements made by the Light. They fear Light. They fear most of all ... themselves, yet, they do not understand this as literal. They have concocted all manner of ways and systems which have been put in place to keep you ‘under’.

Do you mean under par?

We mean ‘under’ the level of Light which we KNOW you are, and that which you can aspire to.

So, isn’t this controlling us?

Only if that is what you choose to believe … for you cannot be controlled.

We have talked about this before, so we’ll keep moving on in the conversation, if that is alright?

The MAIN FACT IS … You are coming into your own. Throughout this immense shift, your Vibrations have risen to a Higher level of yourselves … and now the most important thing for you to do, is to recognise this!

For unless you recognise this upgrade, you will still continue on as if you are in the same one as before and therefore, not take benefit from such a ‘move’.

By allowing yourselves to KNOW and FEEL the ‘CHANGE’ within you … by BREATHING that KNOWING and FEELING it … you ‘SWITCH ON’ that frequency, so that it begins to penetrate through you and work alongside you directly.

In this KNOWING and FEELING … and TRUSTING of self …


Begin what?

Begin to PLAY, Dearest Ones. Begin to manifest all that you desire. All that you came here to experience.






There is NOTHING in this world of yours, or indeed anywhere else, that can overpower LIGHT. NOTHING!

So, the more you choose to FEEL who you are and express it in every moment … the more all that is not of the LIGHT STREAM will surely fade away.

IMAGINE DEAREST FRIENDS … More and more of you … as is happening … as is TRULY TAKING PLACE right now … RECOGNISING THE STRENGTH AND POWER WITHIN. And KNOWING what can be achieved by this KNOWING.

THE LIGHT that you are experiencing within yourselves RIGHT NOW … can only/will only ... become more real … more effective.

The Warriors that you are … the Holders … the Givers and Receivers of LIGHT POWER … are making such a mark upon your Planet NOW.

The build-up of Energy … because of this individual recognition … is MIGHTY.

How we, in other realms are FEELING the excitement of CHANGE.

The scale of active momentum is beyond that which has ever been.

When you meditate … tune in to this momentum. Ask to FEEL the Vibration of it … and BREATHE IT IN … and then as you BREATHE it out … KNOW you are sending it out TO ALL AND EVERYTHING… TO THE ONENESS OF LIFE ITSELF.

These changing times are so prominent.

Through action taken by each one … through perseverance, dedication to self and all, through constant awareness of Energy … either high or low … one is now able to make rapid changes … within/for … the self and therefore, the entire Planet.

One can moan and groan about the unfairness of life itself … yet, one can also choose the Lighter path … no matter how much it can be sabotaged by energies that are designed to do so … yet, this is WHY YOU WERE CHOSEN DEAREST SOULS OF EARTH!

THIS IS WHY YOU … YOU … Do you understand? YOU … were given permission to come to Earth and be here at this time to be part of a shift … a change in Lifestyle … that has never yet been accomplished.


YOU … the ones that were chosen … because of your strength … because of your determination … because of your ongoing service to the Light … because you ARE LIGHT! YOU CAME TO BE THE GAME CHANGERS … THE WAY SHOWERS … and how are you doing that?


Yet … it is NOW … with these Higher Energies … these most powerful Energies of manifestation … that you can REALLY BEGIN TO SEE what is possible.

As you MASTER YOUR OWN DESTINY … which of course … is to be of JOY, PEACE, LAUGHTER AND LOVE … as EACH ONE … recognises HOW to do this … then the ‘drive’ to ‘eventuate’ these things becomes stronger and stronger … because as one sees and feels it actually happening … actually taking place before your eyes … then THAT KNOWING … that UNDERSTANDING of how it all works and what it is indeed ALL ABOUT … becomes more accepted within the soul and is draws itself closer and closer to home.




For in moments of clarity … YOU KNOW IT! YOU GET IT!

And are we not correct when we say … WHEN in these moments … these Ahha moments … IT ALL MAKES SENSE?

It is ALL THAT ONE AN BE … just in that moment of KNOWINGNESS.



EVERYTHING … no matter what it is … EVERYONE … no matter who they are, are designed from Light.

That is the Truth , the very essence of self … LIGHT IS WHO YOU ARE.

Upon Earth at this time you are experiencing BEING a human … An experiment … as is everything.

If you were to ponder deeply enough then you can FEEL that the TRUTH of yourself is just experimenting being a human …

And surely BEING INTELLIGENT BEINGS … You KNOW what FEELS good and what doesn’t.

It is then that choices are made within this experiment to continue feeling good or continue feeling not so good.

That’s how THE GAME is played.

Not difficult?

Unless you are smack in the middle of it!

Yet … we would state that it is not difficult to feel what feels good and what does not.


You have the Power to change your thought patterns, no matter what your circumstances.

Reach for the HIGHEST MOST DE - ‘LIGHTFUL’ THOUGHT about anything and everything … And continue to do so … so that eventually you have programmed your mind to do only this.

You can prevent occurrences of lesser enjoyment taking place, if you make it ‘your way’ to think only in LIGHTNESS.

Bring unto yourselves only that which serves you … recognise immediately that which does not and bless it as you send it away in LOVE. Replacing it with the FEELING OF LOVE as YOU BREATHE LOVE IN AND OUT CONSCIOUSLY … DEEPLY …. LOUDLY for a minute or two … and then find the conjured up … the replaced thought … on the same subject that exudes LOVE in that circumstance.



Yes, yes, yes I do and I guess the thing is … it is about BEING vigilant. If we want this world to change then it is us, each as an , to play our part. You give us the tools, you give us the means … you let us know how to ‘get where we are going’ … and yet, we so very easily fall into the patterns of not adhering to your offered wisdom. I feel more and more that we need to step up our game. We KNOW what to do. We KNOW how to do it. It is just a matter of ‘SEEING IT THROUGH’. I often think about all you have ‘passed on to us’ … and how very grateful we all are, without a doubt. NOW, IT IS UP TO US TO SHOW THE WAY.

Yet, this is what you are doing! Do not underestimate how far into the Light you each have walked. Do not underestimate how … just by BEING YOU … you are sending deepest LOVE LIGHT into the BEINGS of those who are still unaware of their own Power. Do not underestimate how … by just BEING YOU … you dance with the nature elementals … how you make the flowers grow … how you make the birds sing a more melodic tune … JUST BECAUSE YOU … are recognising and FEELING and ALLOWING yourself to BE THE JOY that you were designed to be.

THESE ARE THE CHANGES that YOU within yourself ... are making/have made/ shall continue to make …

And in/by doing so … YOU ARE CHANGING ALL THAT IS.





Thank you so much … through these ups and downs in these momentous times, I am so very honoured to be the messenger of your assisting words. They TRULY DO , when taken into the heart … help me and others so very much, to become closer and closer to the understanding of what this is all about. In so much Love and Gratitude to you … known to us as THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT.


Blossom Goodchild - November 24, 2017

November 8, 2017 - Session

Blessings to you, wherever it is you are!

We are ‘here’ in this moment with you.

Are you also elsewhere?

Indeed. For as with the Energy of White Cloud … we are not just restricted, as you ‘believe’ you are … to Being in just the one place at one time.

It’s not that I believe I am restricted … far from it. It’s just, I haven’t quite mastered the flitting hither and thither at will … yet!

You shall. Many are!

Hints on how?

Without doubt … ‘FAITH’.



Followed by INTENT …

Followed by TRUST OF SELF …

Followed by PRACTICE …

Followed by KNOWING …

Thanks. I guess this should/can apply to so many things we ‘think’ are not within our grasp?

Indeed Blossom. Limitations have been ‘set in stone’ it would seem, when we look upon restrictions the soul believes it has.




And in this way … that is why we say …‘Set in stone.’ Yet, what is it that over time breaks down stone?

Water. And in White Cloud’s metaphors … Water is LOVE.

So dearest souls … the more you CHOOSE to ... give/offer ... MORE LOVE to THE SELF … the more the stone shall erode and allow all that was in it to dissipate … to clear … and in its place … re-introduce to the mind … to the VERY BEING … that which IS TRUTH. That which one KNOWS NOW to be possible.

Have we not said many times … EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE? Yet, your limitations prevent possibilities from ‘Coming to Light’.

This segues nicely into a question asked. You have been talking lately about manifestation and keeping up the High Vibration. Yet, how is that always possible when we are being bombarded with ‘that’ which lowers our energy and perhaps indeed, our very thoughts? You speak of free will; yet, do we actually have it, if our Beings are being tampered with?

The gentleman asked that, if the lower Vibrational Beings of our Planet can interfere with our Beings in this way … then we could possibly assume that ALL human life would be happy for YOU to step in and intervene for the Highest Good of all … and you would be bringing back our free will … ( which is why you say you would not intervene) … Rather long winded way of me expressing this!

Firstly, we would say that … your thoughts , moods, ailments, etc. are affected by that which is ‘downloaded’ into the very air that you breathe … by those who ‘desire’ to control the masses … even though we are unsure of their ultimate outcome … for it cannot come about …


We ask without agenda … for YOU … EACH ONE … to recognise the POWER OF YOUR LIGHT.


You can recognise ‘attempts’ and in doing so … USE YOUR LIGHT TO CHANGE THOUGHTS AROUND.

With all respect … what about assassins … who are literally programmed? I have seen documentaries on hypnotism etc. … and I have to disagree with you!

Because … you are not seeing it as we do.

Nope. I am seeing it as I do! So how would you answer that?

Oh, Dearest Blossom. How do we answer that? For it would surely be opening a can of worms and we are aware too, of that which ‘keeps you safe’ within that which we offer.

To reply to this we would say … ‘agreements are made’ … on a soul level. For the understanding of such things … would not/could not … make sense on a day to day basis.

Which is the only way we CAN see things!

Exactly … and this is why it is so difficult to describe and explain. We shall continue regarding that which we speak of … in that YOUR SOUL … the WHO YOU TRULY ARE ... IS LIGHT.

THIS LIGHT … shall we use the word … wins/conquers … over everything … every time. Yes, you could come up with a thousand scenarios that YOU think prove otherwise. Yet, take it from us, if you choose … that LIGHT IS THE POWER.


To revert to the gentleman’s question … There is reasoning on a planetary level as to why we do not ‘OBVIOUSLY’ step in. Yet, KNOW THIS when we say ... on a more subtle, more ‘undercover’ route … we are doing so much more than is KNOWN to the public. For it cannot be so … YET!

Much has been aborted by us that MUST NOT and therefore, DID NOT take place. Regarding … pollutionising (?) the Planet in a much more confronting way than is now presented.

Much has been prevented by us … that shall come ‘to Light’ in future days. And you will see that ‘those’ outside of your Planet have assisted ALREADY greatly … and there is plenty more where that came from!

Does that not take away our free will? … for you say that is why you cannot interfere. Yet you are … so … so … I’m losing the plot here!

We would say ‘WHOSE’ free will? For each soul has it.

Somebody get me off this roundabout! So I choose to let you ‘spout’ for a while and I won’t intervene and therefore, confuse myself and all!

Many thanks.

There are seeds in place that were planted in Divine timing upon your Planet.

These seeds ARE YOU!

You are the keepers of yourselves. You are the ones who must keep these seeds watered and sheltered and protected from elements that may harm.

And in doing so … these seeds ‘BLOSSOM’ into the fullness of themselves and open up … producing /introducing … their FULL POTENTIAL.

WHEN/AS … this is … recognised/felt/acknowledged … by self … a metamorphism (?) occurs.

Within this ‘Evolving’ the TRUE POWER OF SELF awakens into the sunlight.

As the sunlight provides nutrients with its rays … the flower is no longer JUST A FLOWER.

It becomes ...


Do you KNOW what that means?


It means …


FEEL these words we express. We ask you to not simply read them …Take them into your heart … into the DEPTH OF YOUR KNOWING.

Drink in their Vibration and turn them into heartfelt recognition of WHY YOU ARE!





For it is in this recognition of GOD … that lives within you … that ALL EXPRESSION OF TRUTH CAN BE!



By BEING GOD …and bringing that knowledge of self ‘to Light’ … you take on a different approach to your ‘task’ here upon Earth.

And all you need do AS GOD … is BREATHE LOVE … in and out … in and out.


In, out, in, out, in, out …

That’s it!


EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE … will fall neatly into place.

EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE … will come together as it should … IN LOVE.

How can it not?


Nobody can control the DESIRE behind EACH AND EVERY BREATH … except you.

And the more you do so … the more you LET THIS BE … the more LOVE you are offering to the entirety of EVERYTHING …

And the more you do this … the more the DARKNESS HAS TO FALL AWAY.

For it cannot exist in such a LIGHT FILLED Vicinity!

Oh! How we Love you, Dearest Souls. Oh! How you Love us! Oh! How LOVE LOVES LOVE!

We KNOW you are awake. We KNOW many have been awake for such a long long time …

Yet … we desire for you to jump out of bed and leap into action.

Such a lot to accomplish … all this breathing in and breathing out!!

We encourage you also; to connect with the assistance NATURE has to offer.

For it is NATURAL.


These KINGDOMS … of/in … nature, present in many forms. They are of an intensely High Vibration … THERE TO SERVE.

Follow these guide lines, Dearest Souls, should your soul lead you to do so, and in this way you will find such GREATNESS OF SELF … SO MUCH MORE GREATNESS THAN AT THIS TIME YOU HAVE YET IMAGINED.




Thank you so much … so very much. The Energy that these words carry today is so strong. So … Empowering!

I shall continue to breathe … as a necessity … Yet, in the way suggested … and keep you posted dear friends … In Love and thanks.

In Gratitude from us also … for the delight of this communication with all.

Blossom Goodchild - November 8, 2017

October 28, 2017 - Session

Hello my friends. I always look forward to what you have to say. May I just ask another question on behalf of many that have written in, regarding manifesting one’s desires?

You are certainly most welcome to do so and may we also say, how much we look forward to expressing thoughts in this way alongside you.

Thank you. The BIG ISSUE for many is … if their soul has decided to be say, ‘single’ or a ‘pauper’ as discussed last time … how do they know that? And what is the point of continually trying to bring that about if it is not what the soul wanted as a chosen life time? (Yet, as I say … doesn’t know that.)

As we expressed last time … when this is the case, the soul is not presented with that which it is not requiring … for on a deeper level … it knows that which it IS desiring to experience. So, for instance … if a soul has DECIDED to be ‘single’ for this life time … it will follow it through, as such opportunities will not present themselves.

So, how does the soul know about this arrangement? A point expressed by some. If for instance, they decided before they came, to experience a single life … what is the point of desiring and trying to manifest a partner … because that partner won’t arrive?

There seems to be a misunderstanding on that which we have given forth. IF a soul does not require a partner for a particular life time, it simply would not be ‘asking for one’. For the soul would not have this requirement in its ‘DNA’ …

Really … its entire DNA? I’m not really aware of all that sort of stuff … but I’ll take your word for it!

Thank you. Therefore, those souls … and there are many … that are ‘searching’ for their partner or companion are not here to experience a life time of singularity, because if they were, they would not be having those desires. It is the same with the ‘pauper’ situation. The desires to be rich do not reach a peak of the want to manifest. It is the same with everything.

Yet … and this is a big yet … surely one can change their mind, once here?

Of course! There is FREE WILL. That which is ‘discussed’ before arrival upon Earth is simply showing one, that which ‘could’ benefit the soul. It does not have to be adhered to. It is not a LAW that one must follow through.

So indeed, this can be changed by manifestation. Yet, we would reiterate that this, more often than not, is not necessary … as the soul (on a deeper level) KNOWS that which will serve it best.

So … there is reason and a point to keeping on working on bringing in the Vibration required to manifest whatever the heart desires?

Oh yes, indeed. That is a HUGE part of why you are here. To experience Joy and Happiness and Peace and ALL such manner of things.

Yet … one who has chosen to be a pauper isn’t necessarily going to experience Joy in a way they could if they had money to feed their family etc.

Blossom …

Laugh! I feel like I am about to be ‘told off’.

Never. There is NO POINT in that. We just would care to explain to you … and you knew this as you received the word ‘Blossom’ … that JOY does not come from outside things. The hungriest of souls can experience far more Joy than the richest of kings.

For it is the soul itself, that is partaking in the journey of itself. Hunger is not a pleasant experience … yet, nor is greed. Yet, a soul that is offered food from another in its darkest hour, experiences so much more, than a soul who has every requirement of the physical … for receiving food from another means nothing to them.

The 'physical' journey and its requirements are part of the soul’s journey. Yet, the actual 'souls' journey is the dominant factor in all things.

Yet, the physical can dominate the ‘spiritual’ … say if one is really sick or … a myriad of things that can enhance or hinder the spiritual ‘trip’.

This depends on the individual’s understanding of such matters.

Dearest Blossom … over and over we say … that viewing ‘things’ from our perspective is very different from viewing ‘things’ from yours.

That seems such an odd thing to have to accept sometimes. We yearn, down here to ‘Get it’ for we are the ones that need to!

Yet, are you not?

Well, at a snail’s pace. Why can we not understand more of ‘how it is’?

We say again … are you not?

And I say again … at a snail’s pace … Considering all there is to discover.

Dearest souls …YOU KNOW IT ALL.

Yes, so you say. Yet, we don’t know we know it all. For we can’t grasp it. If we could, this world would surely be a fine place to reside in.

As it once was, Blossom. As it once was. Through experiences that as a consciousness, individual and collective … that one has brought about … much changed … and NOW … you are returning this world of yours, BACK to how it was. You experienced the ‘other side’ of how it could be and it is quite obvious that it is not the requirement of the soul. So, it is now turning around to that which FEELS so much better.

It is all of you that have made this decision. Yet, when one looks at how extreme things have become, almost to the tipping point … then one can see how much ‘change’ needs to take place in order to BRING IT HOME.

This CANNOT be done overnight, Blossom. For it took a lot longer than that, to make it what it is today.



The grand scale of this adventure has much to re arrange … Imagine! Changing the mindset of an entire Planet.


Look … Listen … to that which is going on around you. Not to the feeding of poison and confusion to your Beings … yet the TRUE FEEDING of the soul.


Eh … Laughter … Compassion … Peace … Performing ... so many things. I am certainly learning to let go of trivialities in an instant. They won’t matter when I’m gone … so why let them matter now! I guess my soul food then, at this time is ... FEELING how much more I am aware of what it takes to feel good and to follow it through.

EXACTLY … and for dessert?

Being with souls who eat the same!

And this is why we ask you to SERVE YOUR SOUL and the Planet by BEING IN JOY.

There is still so much concentration on ‘food that has gone rancid’ and it therefore, poisons the mind and the very Being. When one is continually served FEAR for breakfast … the rest of the day’s meals are not looking too dandy either!

I know. There are so many of us waking up to this and doing our very best to remain ‘High’.

Far more than you realise, Blossom. We now mention once again, of these Energies coming in NOW. For it is of importance.

They are indeed leading us a merry dance, and not always so merry! Still now, everything is so up and down.

As we have been saying ‘Topsy Turvy’. Everything is topsy turvy, including your thoughts. As we reiterate … letting go of the old and ‘adjusting’ to the new … FOR ALL.



This is no simple task. Yet, in Essence it is.


WE IMPLORE YOU … DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THAT WHICH YOU ARE TOLD. For most of it is either untrue or a HUGE distortion of Truth. This is how it is designed … to confuse you.

Allow your hearts to connect with your HIgher Essence. Hang on to that FEELING of KNOWING that YOUR HEART KNOWS.




Yet, that’s just it. On the bigger matters regarding huge conspiracy theories etc. … My heart doesn’t feel anything other than ‘I don’t know!’

And if you don’t know … then let it go! Why let it send you in a spin? Return to what you do know … instantly … return to the Breath and connecting with THE GREAT I AM.


And within that GREATNESS … there is no need to BE anything other than PURE LOVE ... IN/AS/OF ITSELF.

And when IN THAT LOVE … conspiracy theories … right the way through to a small disagreement with another … or indeed, a misunderstanding of a payment …whatever it may be that conflicts with one’s purity of heart and mind … reduces itself to ‘nothing’. And that is why ‘nothing matters’.








AND … Dearest Souls, when you have mastered ALL OF THE ABOVE …


Nicely put chaps! I must away … places to go, people to see … with the intention of ALL OF THE ABOVE remaining deep within my heart.

May we add … we KNOW who you are … and what a difference it shall make when YOU KNOW, in FULLNESS OF SELF, also.

WE LOVE LOVE … therefore, WE LOVE YOU.

Oh! Tickety Boo! In Love and thanks.

Blossom Goodchild - October 28, 2017

October 21, 2017 - Session

Hello. Happy to be back chatting with you and I have quite a few questions from folk about manifesting, if I may?

Welcome, Dearest Blossom and we are certainly of Joy to help in this way … for manifesting one’s desires can only help this world of yours become a better place.

One would hope. Thank you. Ok. Let me fire away.

1. What is the spiritual value in saying affirmations or meditating when we DO NOT KNOW what we are here to learn? All the humans that are downright nasty and "supposedly" in control of the masses are merely learning something for their Soul growth? Am I missing something here? We in turn are players in their game of corruption and murder; therefore, it is an honour for us to be here to serve? PLEASE EXPLAIN!!

We would answer by saying that your Higher soul DOES know what you are here to learn. It may be only one thing in particular, yet, the soul’s journey is Eternal and will never stop experiencing more of itself … as more of itself is created and therefore, bringing into play more that can be explored.

The Higher self is always in tune with that aspect of the soul that is on Earth. And by saying ‘in tune’ we mean … connected with … as in ‘knowing of the Energy resonance’ at any one given moment in time. Therefore, a simple way would be to simply ask for that which serves the soul for the Highest good of the ONE and the ALL.

With respect, we understand that your topsy turvy world cannot blend with the Higher thoughts and actions of those who have walked further into the Light and Love, and the lady expresses that you are all players in the game of murder and corruption etc.

Players in The Game, yes, yet, what part is it you choose to play? The Game you are in is ‘your call’ at any given time and as to how you choose to play it, is up to you. Many times have we suggested that you concentrate on the state of affairs of the self and not to be attached to the ‘wrong doings’ … for want of a better word … of another. Your finest position in this case is to send Light to such souls and circumstances, as you know.

We accept and understand it is not easy to be unattached to such Earthly basic goings on … yet, this indeed could be your role to do so. This is how the Energy is changed … to not be sucked in to such matters. For over and over, yet necessary to repeat , have we not said … ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS.

Your strength is to come from within by recognising this. We are not saying not to be caring in all of this. Yet, the Energy of caring is very different from the Energy of ...anxiety ... for instance.

And to finish on that … Yes … Everything that one chooses to think and act upon is for their soul’s growth. Be it what one may think to be of good or bad … It is the journey of the individual … the path they choose to walk, that is THEIR business and THEIR outcome.

If there were to be a ‘time limit’ on ALL THAT IS … perhaps we would be speaking differently in order to ‘Get things right’. Yet, there is not. There is FOR EVER … to play The Game as one chooses. A choice of each individual soul as to what ‘floats their boat’ at any given life experience.

Or, whatever blows their blouse up, as I Love to say! Ok. Again thank you.

2. It seems that when we want something, should we want it, but not want it too much? Is it easier to manifest this way? TRYING does not seem to be the ticket, but gently allowing is? Why not just continue to 'Let Go and Let God, Not My will but Thy Will.' and trust!

Many thanks too for this ‘pondering’. As difficult as this may be for some to accept … MY WILL IS GOD'S WILL. Because GOD/LOVE IS CREATION. No matter what it is creating.

Yet surely, God/Love doesn’t want one to create a mass murder, for instance?

Blossom … God does not Judge.


LOVE CANNOT JUDGE … IT JUST … IS … LOVE … in its inexplicable amount of variants and forms.


There is a resonance of Energy within Everything. The Energy can resonate/vibrate on a high or low level … (extremes of ) There is no judgement made, because GOD/LOVE is not a person. GOD/LOVE is unable to say what is right wrong or indifferent, because EVERYTHING IS GOD/ LOVE and therefore, EVERYTHING is an expression of GOD/ LOVE.

To go back to the ‘Let go and let God’. Yes, there is much value in the Trusting of this … and yet, we would state that there is also, the desires of one that are being asked to be met in order to bring Happiness to the self. For Happiness brings in a HIGH Vibration, which then in turn, serves not only the soulself, yet, The Whole.

To ‘Make one’s order’ out to GOD/LOVE is simply asking for one’s requirements … and THEN … WHEN … the need has been asked for … can one Trust and let go … in the KNOWING these needs will be met.

At the end of the day, Blossom … the actual ‘material’ needs are not what one is seeking, one just thinks they are … and that such material Joys will bring Joy. When in actual fact … one is seeking only for PEACE, HAPPINESS AND UNDERSTANDING. If one were to put out requirements for these things alone, they would find, not only all their soul requirements were fulfilled, yet, all the material 'toys' that come along with that.

Many thanks.ok.

3. I have been taught by spirit (through others) that you cannot manifest what you are not supposed to have. For example; if you've come to the Earth to experience the life of a pauper, or one that involves living from hand to mouth, then no amount of wishing to win the lottery will change that. Is that the case or has that all changed now?

If a soul has chosen to live the life of a pauper then circumstances will always be presented for this to be so. A soul will have chosen a paupers life to experience it … not to experience suffereing per sais … This is tricky to describe. The same soul may have experienced many lifetimes full of riches and pleasures and ‘for it’s growth’ … to fulfil its inquisitiveness , it may have decided to ‘be a pauper’ for an entire life time … Not to make suffering it’s goal … yet, maybe to bring about compassion in others .. to experience life from a different angle, to FEEL how others react to one with and one without riches.

Do you see? It is not, when one chooses a life time , that they feel they must suffer, or repay some karmic debt … it is TO EXPERIENCE something else … To FEEL something different from that which they already have.

And, of course, Blossom … in EACH AND EVERY LIFE TIME … the one thing in common, the one thing that FEELS the same … is LOVE.

When one expresses LOVE for another soul, for another living thing, it FEELS the same , whether one is a multi - billionaire, or whether one has not two coins to rub together.

I’m going to throw something in here. At what point does a soul decide to stop the Earthly Game? Is it up to each soul to say they have had enough and try something else? I have heard, yet, it doesn’t resonate for me, that one gets trapped in the Earthly cycle and can’t get off.

We do not resonate with such things either, dear friend. Again … fear can bring about strange thoughts, when the one who produced such thoughts has the intention of creating more fear.

From our perspective ... When a soul is ‘through’ with experiencing life on Earth, then it can choose to ‘Go elsewhere’ or just remain ‘AS IS’ … until such time when one desires to ‘become’ something else. To individualise itself, so to speak … in any shape or form that it desires. It really is that simple … in essence.

However, there are discussions and advise ALWAYS, as to whether a particular decision will serve the soul to its Highest level. ‘Coming from’ the place the soul is happily residing in, yet, ready to ‘set sail’ once again, the pros and cons to such a journey would be wisely taken into account and acted upon FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL. And to set the mind a reeling, we would say … no matter WHAT that journey may entail or appear to be from the perspective of another that is looking on!

We would also say that there may come a time when one is ‘done’ with a certain experience be it Earthly or otherwise and there is no need for it to revisit. Yet, one may do so … in order to perhaps, assist another along their path.

Endless, endless, endless possibilities Blossom.

At the end of the day ... we like that phrase …

I noticed …

We would conclude by saying that, for the pleasure and enjoyment and fulfilment for/of self … GO FOR IT. FOR THE FUN OF IT!

Watch how all you desire falls into your lap. It is a SURE sign of letting you know you are on track and resonating on the Vibration that serves you well.

REMEMBER Dearest Soul's … THIS IS A GAME … Play it how you may … for indeed … that is your choice and freedom to do so.




VISUALISE AND MANIFEST HEAVEN ON EARTH … and watch it appear before your very eyes.


And WE Love you. Many thanks .

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Blossom Goodchild - October 21, 2017

October 14, 2017 - Session

Welcome to you. I am raring to go, so let’s see what wisdom is to be shared today?

Welcome to you also, Dearest Blossom. We are certainly keen to continue our conversations with you and we are aware of a question you shall pose from a gentleman follower.

Many thanks.

The FOL (and other sources) say that the power to manifest has never been stronger or more powerful than now. However, given that our 'Higher Self' is presumably in charge, no matter what, then is it not true that as much as we consciously try and manifest (eg, trying to create a new job, attract more money, find a partner etc.), if any of these 'wishes' are not in alignment (at this time) with our 'Higher Purpose', as controlled by our 'Higher Self', then none of these manifestations will come to pass, no matter how powerfully or passionately we try to create them? If this is true, then it kinda defeats the purpose of us trying to manifest down here in 3D land, and instead we may as well just sit back and relax and follow the path pre-prepared for us.

We thank the gentleman for this inquiry for indeed, it is an interesting supposition. Let us explain as best we can, in that, that which one decides to ‘want next’ is simply another step along the journey of life, the journey of the soul. Its choices come and go, and it really is very much the epitome of ‘playing The Game’. Having fun and moving forward, sideways, yet, never backward.

The Higher Self wants for you the very best, as pointed out. Yet, it is also ‘happy’ for you to create anything that your Earthly self desires, because from that experience, no matter what it is, one shall expand, learn and grow.

In essence, the ‘wants and desires’ of a soul, MUST BE the ‘wants and desires’ of the Higher soul, leading on through thought, into the aspect of soulself that resides within the body at this time.

May I interrupt here by saying that, for instance, surely the Higher Self of a soul (on Earth) who desires to kill another or many, is not keen for the Earthly aspect of the soul to do so?

Yet Blossom, it is an integral part of that soul’s journey … to eventually become in fullness who he/she is, BY travelling along any particular chosen path in order to experience themselves … in order to experience LIFE.

So, would the Higher Self be encouraging that? Surely not, Scott!

It is not a matter of encouraging. It is a matter of freedom of choice, which one was Gracefully given when volunteering and being chosen to reside upon your Planet.

So, is the aspect of self upon Earth in control over The Higher Self?

It is one and the same. We realise it is difficult to understand.

I can feel you trying to put all this in order of ‘appearance’ so to speak. Let’s take it slow.

Many thanks to you Blossom. It is indeed so very awkward to translate into words that which will make sense of the situation.

It is one and the same because EVERYTHING IS ONE AND THE SAME! EVERYTHING is FROM/OF the ONE ENERGY that exists … Love. This you know. This we have talked about many, many, many, many times.

Yet, the Energy that IS your Higher Self is of a much greater ‘degree of Loving Pure Energy’ than that which is living and encased within the physical body in which you reside, upon the Energetic degree of Mother Earth.

Here we would like to state that it is not the Energy of Mother Earth ‘Herself’ that we are talking about, yet, the Energy that has ‘come upon it’ that we speak of.

It is this Energy that has dampened down your TRUE Energy.

Ok. So, is our Higher Self our God self?

Every part of everything is THE GOD SELF … resonating on/at different frequencies of Vibration.

Would we say that your Higher Self is of a Purer essence, because it is able to be, because … it is not residing within the dense Energies of your Planet.

So, back to the question … to manifest that which we want upon Earth is possible ( no matter what it is) because our Higher Self, although more knowledgeable from the position in which it resides … ‘allows’ us to basically have free rein, so that we can experience that which ‘we think’ is good for us.

Would you like our job, Blossom?

Actually, I often feel that what I say is often you, feeding it through me, in order to help these conversations flow.

For, we are One and the same! Again, we shall revert back to that which we have said many times before … in that, if it be the case that ‘nothing matters’ … which is so … then ALL and EVERYTHING is just another experience, no matter HOW /WHAT /WHY /WHEN it takes place … it is just LIFE unfolding throughout EVERY conceivable possibility.


KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE WATCHED OVER, and if it be so that a job /partner/ home/ etc. is not the best of that desire that is awaiting you, a way will be found ‘Universally’ to divert the circumstances, in order for one tothen walk into the Highest Good of that same intention.

I’m a little confused. So, the Higher Self IS in control of what is best for us?

No. The Higher self WANTS what is best for you, in that which you have asked for. The best of the best … depending on YOUR beliefs of what CAN come to you … and as you well know … this takes place through the Vibrational KNOWING that, that which you ask for shall be received.

I know this is ‘way out there’, and Lord alone knows why I am going down this dodgy avenue, yet, does that then mean that The Higher Self will find the best way for a soul to kill another, if that is their intention?

What it means Blossom is that the Higher Self will present a circumstance to that soul … IF that is the way a soul wishes to walk.

Yet, what about the poor soul that is wiped out? Surely that is not on their list of ‘Things to do today’. 1. Get killed! (I know the answer here, yet, I am feeding you this to assist those who don’t. With respect.)

The soul who is to be ‘wiped out’ as you put it, has already agreed with the soul who is to do the deed that this is to take place. One would say, it is an honorary position. In that, by offering oneself up in this way, they are assisting not just the soul who is to take the action, yet many, many who are affected by such action.

Although I knew this … it sure is a sacrifice is it not?

It all depends on how you look upon sacrifice. Life continues on forever and ever, whether or not you are ‘dead or alive’ upon your particular Planet!

It is interesting how these conversations travel in many directions. So, because I have no idea really where we are at, at this point in the conversation, I would like to add another question if I may?


It seems that many are still struggling with what are termed as ‘Ascension symptoms’. Is forgetfulness, short term memory loss, one of them?

Yes, only in that the rewiring that is occurring within your ‘every part of Being’ is being upgraded. Little, inconsequential activities can be dismissed, whilst such VAST CHANGES are taking place on so many levels.

Another wrote in to say that you had mentioned that the next three to four months will bring a Lightness in and things would be effortless. Yet, many are still feeling such a heaviness of Being. Is everyone feeling this way still, or just some?

Dearest souls, the releasing and letting go of ‘old’ can be quick and painless or slow and painful, depending on, once again … the soul’s journey … the soul’s attitude. This is one of the reasons being played out. There are those who are choosing ‘underneath it all’ to hang on to the old, besides the fact that are so very keen to let go of it. It is a surrendering of self to the new … and is acted out in many different ways. We suggest for those who feel they are ready to let go, yet, are still experiencing the old, that they are transmuting now, not for themselves, yet, for the Energy that is ‘hanging around’ and in need of either dispersing altogether, or changing into Light.


Many may also be experiencing ‘symptoms’ of thoughts that are estranged from that which they know themselves to be. This too, is an example of ‘releasing and transmuting’ FOR THE WHOLE.

Part of the reason you came. To do this FOR THE WHOLE.

Did you not come down to Planet Earth to move her up into the TRUTH of Herself?


You do not JUST have the ONE JOB of seeing yourself through into this Higher position.

YOU ARE ONE… and therefore, you are serving FOR THE WHOLE and this involves ‘taking on board’ … ailments and negative thoughts of others … just for a split second, in order to recognise them for what they are and then ridding the Earth of them with that recognition … and allowing them to pass on through in the KNOWING you have either transformed or released them … for The Highest Good of all.

So, Dearest Ones, if you look upon this heaviness of mind, body and soul in this way … then you can give thanks for them ‘coming to you’, so that you can work your magic and do what has to be done, without it ‘getting a grip’ … so to speak. Once you KNOW this is the case … it can be resolved in the blink of an eye … and if it should take longer than that ... then recognise that the particular experience presented is in need of more Love being sent ‘through it’, rather than feel defeated by it.

Well, I think that will be very helpful to many. Thank you so much.

The pleasure is all ours.

Oh no, it’s not. So much of it is mine also, and those who are blessed to read your messages.

We are ONE. To finish we would add, that when we spoke of things in the next three or four months becoming Lighter and Brighter … we mean what we say. You will find this particular shift to BE A SHIFT WITH A LIFT!

Lovin’ ya style Crocodile! In Love and thanks. As always, an honour to serve.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - October 14, 2017

October 1, 2017 - Session


Hello my friends. Today, I have no questions. I thought it would be nice just to let your wisdom flow into our hearts. I have reports from many that they are feeling lost and very much alone, in that … the more they feel connected along their spiritual path … the more thy feel isolated and detached from everyone and everything and at times, ready to leave the planet. Maybe some encouragement to hang on in there, would be beneficial, if that serves?

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls of Earth, firstly we would like to project out to you our Deepest Loving Energy, so that it may be FELT BY ALL … IN THE KNOWING that it is of TRUTH and LIGHT and that nothing can stand in its way. Nothing! For the Love that we send cannot be deterred or reflected elsewhere. It is pure in its BEING and its intention is to arrive in your hearts … and so it shall ... so it has ... so it is.

Our Love for Each One is Great. We KNOW you can FEEL it. Yet, some maybe feel so far removed from it in Essence … that they have lost the KNOWING!

Lost the KNOWING?


In/of/through Each Soul IS Divine LOVE.

Divine Light.

The Essence of Soulself.

The Essence of God.

The Essence of Divinity.

The Essence of Purity.

It … is /of … your original makeup and without it you would not exist. It is always there within you … for it is of you and you are of it.

There are many who have chosen, for one reason or another to hide away this Divinity of self into the deepest pockets of their Soul and not allow the LIGHT OF DAY to penetrate anywhere near it. That, as we say, is a choice.

It does not mean that by making this choice the Divinity goes away … or leaves, ready to come back another time when one is more in the mood to receive it!


There is much that has taken place upon your Planet Earth that has been designed to thwart and TRY to … we would go as far as to say … destroy this Divinity within.Yet, this is a pointless and fruitless exercise. For there is NOTHING and we repeat … NOTHING … that can be … made up/ thought up … that is capable of doing so.



There are, of course, levels and layers upon which this Divine thread within Each Soul is hidden.

Do not misunderstand when we say ‘hidden’. This was not the will of the Creator. It is that, through time and circumstance, the human Soul self has chosen to bury their Divinity. As we say … for many reasons.

It could be that a Soul chooses to experiment in their life with the darker side of Light … and therefore, their Divinity would conflict with that choice. It could be that a Soul has been hurt deeply in their heart and felt it safer to ‘tuck their Divinity away’ in order to keep it safe. Do you see Dearest One’s? We could offer many, many reasons according to each individual’s journey as to why this may have taken place.


Then, of course, there are those who have chosen to bring their Divine rites out into the open for all to see and appreciate. They have released and let go of any fears they may once have experienced and GIVE OF THEMSELVES … OF THEIR DIVINITY … with all their heart.



The LIGHT that they are is the most gracious, integral gift they possess and they KNOW this and desire to BE AN EXAMPLE OF IT.

Those that are feeling … apart/separate … from the world they live in, are coming across what is known as ‘Divided attention’.

That’s interesting … meaning?

Meaning that the TRUE LIGHT WITHIN THEM has reached a ‘State of Being’ that allows their connection to Source to be on a much Higher level. A much more connectable attachment from that which it has been for the human race for eons of time.

The Light that is NOW available ONCE AGAIN … is resonating at such a degree, that One’s connection to ‘HOME’ is more easily accessible. Therefore, One is able to FEEL so much more in tune with who they TRULY are.

It is due to this that they may FEEL ‘out of sorts’ with actually BEING upon the Planet. For there is Divided Energy and indeed, divided thought forms as to where this Planet is going!


The Higher self that one has allowed themselves to become, finds dwelling amongst the lower, misguided energies, more than tricky to deal with. For the beauty of the Soul in its natural state, is of a different caliber altogether than that of another who is perhaps, indulging in ‘play’ that can no longer resonate with the Soul that has chosen to lift their Soul into its ‘home territory’.

We feel the need to mention of the different … levels/degrees … of ‘indulgent play’. There are those who have taken the right of human freedom to a place that it does not thrive. It cannot thrive and those who have willingly and knowingly done so will have to … in Divine timing … undergo the consequences of their actions.

We have stated before … there is no punishment. There is no hell, as you are taught in some of your religious indoctrinations. For how can a LOVING GOD of the upmost purity, punish or condemn? Where would that leave THE GIFT OF FORGIVENESS? Yet, that is not to say that those who have willingly set out to impose upon another’s freedom, or deliberately impose hurt or harm upon another Soul … will not have to FEEL for themselves, that which they inflicted upon another. As we say, not as punishment, yet, for their souls understanding and growth. That in itself is more than enough … TRUTH.

Then there are those who are still asleep and have not yet chosen to awaken. They also, no longer resonate on the same ‘wave’ as those who have and those who have advanced many miles along their pathway to deliverance.

I hesitated for a minute there … checking on the word ‘deliverance’?

We felt that. And may we interrupt this flow to say that we are always happy for you to ‘check in’ … your vigilance is necessary, as you know. For TRUTH is something that those who prefer the darker areas of Light, do not wish to shine through!

Thank you … So back to deliverance?

In the meaning … we smile … that a letter is delivered’ to your home address! You, yourselves, are walking back to your home address! You shall deliver yourselves, safe and sound! In your own time.

So, it is that in these days of intense upgrading …

That’s for sure!

One is more aware of the Higher Energies and finds it difficult and uncomfortable to Be with those … to Be in a place that no longer resonates with them … when maybe they once did.

When feeling this way … there is nothing more to do than send your Light to these … souls/places/circumstances. For that is who you are and that is what you came to do.

Manifest friendships that are of the same ‘waveform’ as yourself. The Universe will always provide your requirements, when One Vibrates within the Frequency of that requirement. It cannot fail.

We are showing to you now, Blossom, an image of lines and lines of Souls coming from all directions … and walking into the same space … the same CIRCLE OF LAND. Each of these Souls represents Each One of YOU that has chosen to bring your Divinity out into the open.


Keep walking Dearest One’s … and when thou art weary … stop for a while and drink of the waters of heaven. Fill your souls with Light Energy and allow the Divine within to connect with the ALL THAT IS.

Replenish your weary, tired Souls with thoughts of Joy and Happiness and FEEL that joy and Happiness within the very core of your Being … there is no quicker way to recharge.

Dearest Souls … you have come so far … THIS YOU KNOW.

Surely, we feel, that NOW … in these days of Unlimited Boundless Energy … pouring in/through … you can FEEL the difference? Not only within yourselves, yet, within everything.

Some of you may reside in countries that are sending out fear mongering strategies from every angle. Did it ever cross your minds that, that is why you chose to be born there? Or, to move there, in order to send out your LIGHT to where it was most needed?

There are no mistakes. There are simply decisions made. Do not allow that which is being branded around to ‘bring you down’.

Instead, Oh! Souls of the upmost Brightest Light … summon the strongest Love Light from the DIVINITY WITHIN YOU and send it forth to all those in fear.

Send it out to the Energy of fear itself and melt it away. Replacing it with Peace and New Beginnings.


The changes that will bring your world into a different Frequency … JUST BY YOU BEING YOUR LIGHT.

It is not the easiest thing to do, we are aware. Due to the density in which your Earth Energy has dwelt within for so long. Yet, look around … Focus on … Feel … Breathe … that which is LOVE LIGHT. It is everywhere. It is in everything … and it is you … Each One of you … that KNOWS this and therefore, you choose to welcome it back into the forefront. Out in the open where it belongs.

EVERYTHING is LOVE … Yet, a lot of that EVERYTHING has forgotten that!


Remind Souls of who they are. Not by tapping them on the shoulder and saying ‘Excuse me, may I just remind you ...?’ Yet, by BEING that Love in the Purest Highest form of yourself that you can be, within your human form.

Your hearts … Dearest hearts … are FULL OF IT.

Let the Love that you are, spill over. Let it overflow from your BEINGS and trickle into the stream of Energy that IS THE CHANGE. Let each heart-flow … mingle into the ETERNAL STREAM OF LIFE and BRING ABOUT THE GLORY THAT IS YOURS.




We cannot find words that can reach inside you deeply enough to let you KNOW AND FEEL how much we honor Each One of you that were chosen to be here. You volunteered for this mission … you were chosen and you accepted … and here you are … walking within it and bringing it about.



Onwards … with your hearts wrapped in the arms of Angels.

Thank you so much, my friends. We Love you too … Very much! Onwards indeed!

Blossom Goodchild - October 1, 2017

September 23, 2017 - Session

Hello. Me here! Knowing all is well with you, may I begin by asking you a question about the ‘Energy Grid’ you have spoken of? Quite a few folk are interested to hear more? Thank you.

Welcome to you and all who partake in the reading of our messages, which as you know, Blossom, we bring forth for the Purest reasoning, to assist those on your Planet to understand themselves, and why they are partaking in this Game/experiment. The more we have been communicating with you over many years, the more we have seen many more ‘come on board’ and change thought pattern and indeed change heart. This we find most encouraging.

Oh! Me too!

We are taking into consideration your question and we would answer in the KNOWING that this will allow greater understanding, again to assist.

This Energy Grid that surrounds your Planet is made up of many components. Its purpose has also, many aspects. It is rather complex and once again, we found ‘what it is’ rather difficult to ‘simply’ put into words.

Ok. Seeing this is another ‘out of my comfort zone’ thing … treat me as a toddler, if you will, and see if that helps at all?

In essence it is what it says it is … A grid of Energy. It serves to assist your Planet and directs/redirects/transforms/internalises/dematerialises Energy to suit the needs and requirements of … not only what goes on above your Planet … yet, also what goes on within it.

When you say ‘suits the needs/requirements’… what do you mean?

When you consider that everything IS Energy … the grid keeps the ENERGY that is required upon your Planet in suitable surroundings, in order for precise functionality. It keeps Earth Energy contained, which is essential, and has the outstanding capability of recycling old/stale Energy into renewed conformity (?).

It is designed also, to be used as a filter … allowing no longer useful Energy to pass through and for Higher Purer Energy to enter into your Planet.

Yet, I thought you just said it recycled old /stale energy?

It does. And yet, there are some Energies that need to be removed altogether. Their density has ‘gone too far’. A bit like your batteries sometimes. In that, you can recharge /recycle over and over, yet, after a while they have ‘had their day’. If you understand?

Yes, I do.

We are aware there are other questions, so we will not ponder too deeply on this subject. Yet, we would add that if it were not to be in place, there would be absolute mayhem. For it ‘balances out’ and keeps Energy under control within the Earth’s particular Energy Field.

There have been many times when The Grid has been damaged and in need of repair. This is taken care of ‘Energetically’ by ‘off worlders’ and those who live upon your Planet. If you like … there are those who are assigned to this work.

How does it get damaged?

Through ‘holes in the ozone layer’. Through other ‘obstacles’ ‘smashing through. By wear and tear. By Energies being played around with. Through nuclear testing etc.

It has much to contend with and although so very strong in its ‘duties’ … it is also extremely delicate due to its fabric/makeup. Much work is involved to keep it safe and ‘in place’ and we would conclude by saying, that at this stage of ‘THE GAME’… all is very satisfactory with its workings.

Many thanks. Another soul asked if you would talk about the ‘Empty space’. It is said to BE the Source of everything: Omnipresent, being everywhere at the same time. Also, the empty space is the only ‘THING’ that is not created, hence it just ‘IS’. It also cannot be moved or destroyed: unadulterated. Empty-space was, is and will always be there (eternal) wherever we go. And, it has no end (infinite).

We would with much Love, conclude that we have done nothing but talk about this ‘Empty Space’. For it is that which we/you KNOW to BE … ALL THAT IS … LOVE. The wording that the gentleman has expressed is sufficient an answer. There is nothing more to add.

What nothing at all?

Nothing! For LOVE is everywhere at the same time … It always has been and it always will be. And so it is!

Well, there you go! Moving right along!! Obviously with all that is taking place on our planet, many write in to ask why such atrocities and events are happening? Why are they allowed to happen etc.? Would you care to speak about the ‘state of our Planet?

As you know Blossom, we have spoken of this many times. That which is taking place on your Planet is not as it seems on the outside. That which is to be revealed in your future days … will allow that which is taking place NOW … to make sense.

As many of you are aware … MOST that is displayed and conveyed in your media and indeed, that which is taking place … is a ‘cover up’ to mask that which is taking place behind the scenes.

Many in/of your world are concerned as to atrocities and confusions that are taking place. Send Light. Send Light. Send Light onto these matters. Yet, most of all … send Light to the ones who are ‘covering up’. For they are the ones who (will) need it most.

A thousand times have we expressed that this ‘Game’ is not what it appears to be!

Yet, for many, it is not easy at all to NOT become involved … for they are living in the thick of it.

This we understand and again we express that when ‘all is brought to Light’ … the expression on everyone’s lips would be … ‘Ah, NOW I see!’.

It does leave us in the dark though.

All the more reason to spread your Light.

I know this and I do my best as do many. Sometimes, it must seem never ending and so many wonder when it actually WILL end?

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls … IT IS ENDING.

For one moment … take a breath and reminisce. How many more souls on your Planet that you personally know have woken up? How many souls on your Planet that are obvious LIGHT WORKERS in the public eye are now worldly known? Wherever you choose to pay your attention to within your LIGHT … there is, right in front of you … another example of how the LIGHT IS WINNING.

Yet, so many are choosing to be force fed and then absorbing all the nonsense.


You are assisting in steering those who are following the darkness, to turn around and walk toward the Light.

There are still many, many souls who need your assistance. For they do not understand. They do not KNOW they are like automatons. Yet, once they have broken free from the chains of that which we would call ‘slavery’ … they come to KNOW THEMSELVES gradually and join the throng of LIGHTLOVE. From their moment of awakening … they FEEL the difference and they KNOW there can be no turning back.

Fellow souls ... KNOW YOUR INNER LIGHT




KNOW YOU. And do not allow anything, any words, any actions that are designed to thwart that ‘YOU’ … to sabotage all the genuine work you have done to re-emerge into your True selves.

Oh! How we KNOW IN TRUTH that the time will come when you recognise these words we offer to BE IN THE NOW!


Delve more deeply into yourselves and breathe … and in the Light and Love of THE DIVINE Source … bring yourselves into BEING. That is all that is required of the self … to know the self.

All else that takes place within ‘This Game’ … is just ‘The Game’ … and it is sensible to recognise it as such.


WE LOVE YOU! Many thanks. Signing off for now … BG. xx

Blossom Goodchild - September 23, 2017

September 6, 2017 - Session

Greetings, Oh Enlightened ones! Art thou in a good space? Of course you will be, for I believe you cannot be anything but.

And you would be correct. For we are OF LOVE and therefore, can be of nothing else.

Yet, I am also OF love, aren’t we all? Yet, I don’t always manage to remain in a good space!

Yet, of course, you will. Are you not far more advanced in this than you once were?

Oh! Indeed. I used to be a right misery guts. Speaking of which … I have recently read a fascinating book called The Medical Medium. (Anthony William. A must read.) Wherein, he states that the main ‘bulk’ of one’s spirit resides within the guts. Hence the saying ‘I had a gut feeling’, ‘I didn’t have the guts’, ‘My gut told me’ Etc. And therefore, it is fitting to make sure our gut is working well, in order for our spirit to function to its highest capacity. (He suggests drinking fresh celery juice every morning. It works!!) Would you agree with this?

Yes. Indeed we would.

I always thought the spirit resided in the heart space ( sort of )?

Your FEELINGS would amount to residing there. Yet, the ‘Source of Energy’ that is ‘your spirit' is ‘fundamentally’ ‘hanging out’ in the gut.

Struth … I can think of better places for such a beautiful thing to hang out in! Thank you for that confirmation.

You are most welcome and we are aware that when we used the word ‘Energy’, there are quite a few questions that have arisen from friends that you would like to address?

Indeed. Thank you. Ok. Could you share with us how to ‘amp up’ our own energy field?

The proviso being that one TRUSTS in themselves and the art of imagination! For indeed, this imagination that you have ALL been gifted with … as White Cloud always explains … is one of … if not THEE MOST … powerful tool that you possess.

To ‘amp up’ your Energy … you have to visualize/imagine yourself BEING FULL OF IT. Simple as that!

It is directly ... connected /fits in with ... the LAW OF ATTRACTION. In that, you have to FEEL … imagine the FEELING of BEING in/of High Energy … even when you are at your lowest. If physically, you are unable to move around well, or are feeling particularly drained … this does not stop you from being able to IMAGINE yourself being full of Energy … in order for it to then ‘take place’. You have to ‘create’ that which you want through thought form … and then FEEL it ‘come to life’ throughout your entire Being … and then Dearest Friends … sit back and watch it manifest. As we have said before … it is not of benefit to imagine yourself … to ‘see in your mind’s eye’ yourself … being of great Energy ... if you do not partake in the FEELING of that vision. If you want to be happy … then visualize yourself happy … and within that vision … experience what happiness FEELS like. This applies to all one’s needs.

USE your imagination. Play games in your creativity of that which you desire. To AMP up your Energy … image/in … plugging yourself in to a device ‘out there somewhere’ … and watching the battery recharge … The same as you do on your technical devices that you now possess so many of.

Don’t forget about yourself! Plug yourself in … turn up the wattage … AMP yourself up!

AMP = A MAGIC POWER. You see? Have fun with it! And may we add … BREATHE … BREATH... BREATHE. Many of you already know to do this when in need of an Energy boost. Yet, for those who don’t … TRY IT! Just BREATHE in deeply … in the KNOWING you are ‘amping up your vibe’. Close your eyes and see what colour you see. Does it need refreshing? Does it need a smell of roses added to that vision? Does it need to go from grey, through purple, to metallic blue, to get you to where you desire to FEEL? Play! Play! Play Dearest Friends.

Why are little one’s happy most of the time? Because they PLAY! Take a leaf out of their very intelligent book and PLAY MORE … IN ALL THAT YOU DO.

Do we not always speak of ‘THE GAME’ you are in? PLAY THE GAME. YET PLAY ALSO, WITHIN THE GAME. And the next question is?

A tricky one for me. A gentleman kindly wrote in to explain to me a little more about frequencies and electromagnetic frequencies etc. Not my field as you know. He wondered if you could be more specific regarding this subject. He was talking about Hz and MHz etc. (Oh joy!) and was asking more on these lines as to what YOU mean when YOU speak of Higher frequencies.

Are you ready?

Will I ever be? I will try as hard as I can to shut down my left side! And … Go!

The frequencies that we are speaking of resonate at a much HIGHER resolution than one normally works with/within. As the gentleman predicted, we cannot give you a number or numbers, because when we speak of such things ‘out of your atmosphere’ … they go into a different mathematical alignment from that which YOU KNOW to be mathematics.

Me? Or scientists? Two different things!

Yet, a perfect explanation for what we are speaking of.

That which even the most proficient of scientists ponder over … is very different from mathematical frequency levels that are ‘in use’ elsewhere. Depending on atmospherics everywhere/anywhere … there is different coding to coincide with the ‘availability’ for the mathematical energy to be received.

AAAAnd ... you’ve lost me! Yet, continue …

Therefore, for now … to keep your brain from exploding Blossom … and to keep this conversation in line with where we ‘want to go with it’ …

As Newer Higher Energies/frequencies enter in/on/within a newer Higher Vibrational magnetic … it changes the ‘format’ of the coding that was once in place upon your Earth. This ‘scenario’ has been taking place continually … because continually, Higher Energies are entering in. They ‘marry’ with the coding that ‘is’ within Earths display … and then DIVINELY recode to balance out and blend … Upon/Within.

The Coding … the mathematical coding … shall we say … for want of explanation in words that do not suffice … sees to itself /for itself.

What, like a massive computer?

A computer it is not.

Then WHAT could possibly ‘work by itself’ in this way?


So, are you saying … that ALL mathematical coding … (which I am realising over the years is what things are based on) … is ‘driven’ by GOD/DIVINE SOURCE? Whatever word sits comfortably for each individual … that KNOWS of its existence.

We are.

And the question from that which is begging to be asked is (although I don’t want to go there!) how were numbers created?

Through ENERGY. The same way that ALL things are created … through ENERGY.

Think of a ‘bright spark’ on your Planet in human form. Their intellect can prove to be aware of much more than the ‘average Joe’ … as you would put it. Then, think of THE DIVINE SOURCE ENERGY … at the top of … the peak performance … the Ultimate. THAT ENERGY … created ALL THAT IS. ALL THAT EVER WILL BE.

To form coding in order to allow ‘function’ of Energy is beyond intelligence of any other than DIVINE ENERGY ITSELF.

So, is all Energy ‘floating about’ within mathematics.


Help … I’m sinking!

You are very much afloat, Blossom! We would like to say that ‘after a certain level’ …. Above and Beyond … mathematics are not required. ENERGY BECOMES ITSELF IN PURITY. It does not need to be coded and re-coded to adapt to ‘what is’ ‘where’. Yet,this is too involved to get into at this ‘marker’,

I’m secretly pleased about that! Thank you. I will continue on as there is time, to ask about the way myself and many appear to be feeling within these Higher Energies that are filtering through. I am certainly not one to ‘follow the fold’ … I don’t think) … and yet , I have to say, since the Eclipse … My Oh My, have I been feeling different! In a way I just cannot seem to put into words. Someone mentioned they felt like they were in two dimensions at the same time and although I cannot say that is how I feel … It COULD be how I feel … because I don’t know what I am feeling! Just different. Very much more present yet, at the same time, ‘outside’ of it all. Can you shed Light on this for us at all?

That is exactly what you are doing, Blossom. Shedding light … out of … through you. It is an automatic response coming FROM you … due to the level you have now walked in to.

YOU ARE DIFFERENT NOW … from that which you were.

We have expressed you will note the AMPING up … The Change over the next few months and this that you feel will become more apparent and more of the same. As you walk deeper into the ‘newness of it all’ … you will discover more and more of/about yourselves that … how would we say … makes you giggle … for it is such fun!

You will discover the TRUE meaning of LIVING!

We are aware that the lady who wrote in regarding feeling as if she is in two dimensions at the same time was experiencing acute headaches and dizziness. This is what we would know to be as adjusting to the Higher frequencies. Not everyone will experience this. Yet, they may experience similar effects.

We would say perhaps to think of it as a Higher pressure that is changing the very way you think … due to the higher Energies/Frequencies/ Power … adapting themselves within you … and your very self … also adapting to them.

So, are we in two dimensions at the same time? Is this possible?

Blossom …

Yes, I know. All things are possible!

Yet, we would suggest that rather than being in both at the same time … you are jumping in and out of both. With one thought, you are in the old and with another, you are in the new … And it is very obvious depending on the thought … which one you are in at any given time.

If we KNOW to be in this 3D upon Earth … as one dimension … what/where is the other one?

The same place! Yet on/of/within … HIGHER FREQUENCIES … and once a frequency reaches a certain requirement/level … it moves into the Higher grading of itself … and into the next Dimension.

Very much like when in your education system. You remain in a certain class … and learn many levels of different subjects … and when complete … you are moved up to the next grade.

Again thank you. I feel we are done for this session. Superb! Fanx a lot, a lot, a lot! Loving you.

We are more than happy to assist in ways that we KNOW to be beneficial to each one. In Love and Gratitude to all who reside upon your planet. We have so much to thank you for.

Blossom Goodchild - September 6, 2017

2 ñåíòÿáðÿ 2017 - Session

Here we are once again … in a communicative space! Welcome to Planet Earth and ALL who sail in her!

We are naturally of /in Joy to be back in correspondence with you, also. We know you have a question prepared.

Yes. I’m not sure if words will be able to answer it though. A gentleman wrote in asking if you could tell us more about Energy.

Many channelled entities speak frequently of “energies” filtering into our stratosphere or into our bodies, psyches, spirit, etc. Yet, what these “energies” actually are is kind of vague. If they are electromagnetic energy, what are their exact frequencies, what are their sources, do they travel at the speed of light, etc. etc. etc. Or, are they just speaking metaphorically and there are no physical energies at all?

That is indeed a ‘practical inquiry’. Let us ‘begin’ to explain.

We initially speak of ‘Source Energy’ … which is WHAT YOU ARE … WHERE YOU DERIVE FROM.

It is indeed ‘based’ on frequency and within that frequency there is a resonance that, as suggested electromagnetically Vibrates.

We would state here, that within one ‘numerical’ frequency … to give you an idea, there would be thousands upon thousands of frequencies vibrating on that level … on a scale of nought to the thousands upon thousands! … … … It is VAST MATTER!

Is that right there? No … “A” vast matter.

Which moves us on to … ‘Matter’. As you know … ALL THAT IS … IS Energy. There is nothing else … And as you know, too … depending on the Vibrational frequency … ‘Energy’ can transform into ‘matter.’

But how? This is way out of my league! As many know, I am an actress … NOT a scientist/mathematician! I faint if someone says the word ‘percent’!

It is a coagulation of thought ‘gelling’ with identity. An identity which allows the thought to BECOME.

Dearie Lore! We’ve only just started and I’m wishing I hadn’t! You see, when I think of Energy, I think of swirly, misty stuff. Or, sparkly, darty, starry stuff. Or, boundless enthusiasm from thought coming through physically and making me bounce!

It is indeed all these things and yet, we understand that you are not asking for kindergarten material?

I could go with that! Yet … continue.




But what is it?

Energy! You, in your world have words to label all that is. Therefore, we have to label this substance … ‘Energy.’

Wait … is it an actual substance then?


Yet, you just called it a substance.

Because we have to use words. You are asking us to describe something that simply IS! There are no words for it.

Ok. Let’s come from another angle, shall we? When you say, for instance, that the energies pouring into our Planet at the moment are Higher and stronger than they have ever been … what does that mean … exactly?

We know you would answer as we would.

What? In that, it means exactly that … ‘They ARE stronger and Higher than they have ever been’.

Indeed. Yet, we do not wish to condescend. Let us suggest using the word ‘Power’.

ENERGY IS A POWER. You have Power that can be strong or weak. You have Power that can be fast or slow. Yes … we are happy with the word ‘Power’… for want of any other word that would suffice.


Who determines when and how much ‘Power’ pours through into our Planet?

It is by default.

Well that’s completely thrown me … even when I google it, to get the full meaning!

‘A preselected option adopted by a computer program or other mechanism when no alternative is specified by the user or programmer.’

This is the nearest we can assist. Because … it was prearranged/programmed (?) that when those upon the Planet and indeed, the Planet herself, once again reached a certain calibration … Higher STRONGER ‘Power’ could filter through.

I am smiling at your analogy you just presented.

Of a washing machine … that is programmed to complete a cycle and within that cycle are different functions that follow on from one another. I.e. Detergent, hot rinse … when that is done, then a spin perhaps, etc. The functions take place automatically when the cycle reaches a certain trajectory

You sure on that one?

You understand?

I guess so!

What we are expressing is this similar path of automatic programming when the ‘cycle’ upon Earth has reached a certain ‘temperature’ … would we say?

So, these Energies/Powers are they actually tangible?

They can be FELT.

So, are they physical?

No. They are interdimensional, therefore, they are nonphysical. How can we help more?

By changing the subject?!

Upon your Planet you have a ‘Power plant’. It conducts Energy and ‘sends it forth’. Perhaps think of THE DIVINE SOURCE …

As a power plant? That sends out smog into our atmosphere … I think ‘Source’ would not be amused!

We think ‘Source’ has no concern of explanations that are trying to help one understand who and what they are!

I jest of course … continue.

So, this power plant is … shall we say … the mainstay … the ultimate ‘Power House’… and let us say, to serve this explanation, there is none more powerful. This Energy is then ‘sent out’ to many, many places, and as it filters out/through, it loses some of its original ‘Power’. This is inevitable.

Yet, this is not to say that it isn’t possible for Power Surges to be passed down the line… to give it a boost. To ‘amp it up’.

White Cloud often speaks of turning up your dimmer switch. This is what these surges of Energy/Power do. They ‘amp you up’! Yet, this can also have an initial effect of ‘Knocking one about a bit’. Sometimes, if one turns the volume up on a very efficient speaker … it distorts and deafens until it is finely tuned.

This is what is taking place upon your Planet and within you. These Higher Energies/Powers are inevitably being fine-tuned as they reach ‘Your frequency’.

The Higher frequencies that you have developed and settled within, are ready to be ‘joined by/with’ outside Energies/Powers that are of a Higher frequency than WHERE you have settled … and they need to come into balance to ‘Raise you up even Higher.’

It is part of the cycle … part of the plan.

Does this Energy have intelligence? Of course it does! What a stupid question!

Not so stupid. It has a magnetic intelligence, if you like.


Meaning that its ‘Power’ is pulled toward that which it is called upon.

To be honest, I don’t even know what ‘electromagnetic’ means, as mentioned in the original question. So, with all due respect, we are sort of screwed!

Continue to concentrate as hard as you are doing Blossom. We are making headway.

Don’t you mean if my head gets out the way! Back to magnetics then!

The magnetic altitude deciphers how Energy ‘plays’ … how it forms. It … attracts/pulls together … form. Simply by its frequency ON any ‘given matter’ … FOR any ‘given matter’.

Mmm! How does it travel … does it travel?

Not as such. For, as we say … It simply ‘IS’ … ‘EVERYWHERE’.

Therefore, for instance the Higher Energies/Power that we speak of pouring into your atmospherics … has not ‘travelled’ from afar! It was always ‘there’ … AS IS. Yet, has been … would we say … ‘infused’ … ‘amped up’ … to serve a Higher purpose … of itself!

Who infuses it? Who amps it up? And how?

Are you ready for this?

Probably not!

Who amps it up? Who infuses it?



Yes. Yet, we do not mean ‘Given an order’. We mean, as in placing an order.

I am confused! Surprize, surprize! I need to go back to it having intelligence.

We understand why. In that, you are wondering how Divine Intelligence is of the ultimate ENERGY POWER … therefore, how can it ‘only’ be of a magnetic intelligence and we would answer … because of the filtering from Source. It has to be ‘watered down’ so to speak.


Because Divine Energy, in/of/as/through, its ultimate level, if unfiltered, would fragment EVERYTHING into miniscule components due to its frequency.


We feel we should leave you with this amount to ‘ponder on’ … to absorb and see how it settles.

We feel too, that we should leave you with an input … a SURGE OF THE POWER … and we ask each one of you, who has partaken in this endeavour to understand something that is probably not understandable … to … take as many deep breaths as desired and FEEL OUR ENERGY … OUR POWER as we send it out to you … and it reaches into YOUR SOUL … YOUR ENERGY … YOUR POWER … Which is the very same as ours. Yet, at this stage of ‘The Game’ is Vibrating on a different frequency ... And so it is.

And so it is, indeed. Phew! I’m still here. I haven’t exploded! Thank you my friends … for Being part of the magnificence of IT ALL. In Love Light and the best understanding we can muster!

Blossom Goodchild - September 2, 2017

August 24, 2017 - Session


Welcome, once again, my friends. Someone inquired as to why you hadn’t mentioned the solar eclipse? I wondered if it was me, as I really hadn’t given any attention to it at all. Yet, surely you don’t need me to be into something, in order to bring it up? What would you say about it? For I have since looked into it a little and the internet is a buzz with it.

Firstly, welcome to you, also. That which has taken place is what you would term ‘phenomenal’ and yet … it would seem that much has been ‘added’ by many, in regards to events and occurrences, that we would suggest is merely propaganda, fear mongering and absolute nonsense!

We have spoken of intense Energies that have been filtering into your stratosphere and affecting Energies of the individual and The Whole. These Energies are assisting you in lifting your spirits and cementing that which YOU KNOW TO BE TRUTH within your Being. Therefore, allowing you to continue to further your education in the school of life.

We would suggest that the crux of this astrological turn of events is to ‘turn the page’ into a new beginning of understanding.

As these Energies solidify and become more natural within your Being … you will find your Being to be so much more in tune with that which makes sense to your soul. In that, for so long have you questioned the why’s and what for’s of your existence. The reasons for your world seeming to be utterly topsy turvy and yet, you are moving into a time that allows you to receive these answers. For your entirety of self begins to flow forth in a way that makes understandings FEEL so much closer to home. For indeed they are.

A little more detail please?

The months that lie ahead, in particular the next three or four or so … keeping in mind that all things will flow according to how the flow is flowing … will bring about a consistency that proves to the self that there is so much more to the self than one had been allowing in.

You have offered prayers up to the ALL KNOWING in the hope that you can find your way out of the darkness that one has found themselves overcome with, at times … and asked for the way to be shown … not just for the self … yet, for all. You have selflessly opened your heart out to the world in which you live and desired for its Greatness to be shown.

Dearest souls, each year, has seemed to you to be more or less the same in these matters of Energies filtering through. One can FEEL the self …deep within … changing … and yet, on the surface … little seems to be making any difference.


The times of ‘playing The Game’ at a certain skilled level are ceasing … and your Higher Beings are taking over.

We would make it clear at this juncture that it cannot yet be the fullness of self that enters in. That would be way ahead of its time … and yet … so much more that you know yourselves to be … will become obvious.

In what way?

In the noticing of synchronicities … Instant manifestations … Healings …

Which are already taking place for some.

For those who are aware of the FEELING of Gratitude of/for Being.

For that/this Dearest Souls, is the key that unlocks the door to the GLORY OF LIGHT.

If one were to concentrate and give honour for who they are … coming from deep Thankfulness for their very existence … they would find themselves conquering the negatives that tend to ‘hang around’ for the fun of it!

To FEEL Gratitude deep within the home space of the soul allows EVERYTHING to come into alignment. You do not need to ask for this and that … or for resolved circumstances or abundance in ways of financial upgrade … you simply need to remember who you are … FEEL who you are … and exude that Grace and Gratitude to the ALL THAT IS.

Watch then, Dearest Friends … how your life falls into place in the way you feel it should.

And with these happenings … you become aware that nothing else is required from you. You have never been asked to give more than that …

THAT … WHICH YOU ARE … sending out Gratitude for … ALL THAT YOU ARE.

There is no need for expletives … just THE OFFERING OF THE FEELING FLOWING OUT OF YOU INTO EVERYTHING ELSE. So that Gratitude, then becomes part of everything else and blends in to make everything else so much more aware of what Gratitude is/does.

To concentrate on this alone will change you and your world.

And because so many ARE becoming OF this … your world is indeed changing.

Notice as these days present themselves to you, how blissfully aware of Life itself you are becoming.

Everything will appear the same … and yet … feel and also appear totally different.

Do you need to correct that sentence?


OK … Carry on!

We are showing you a vision Blossom, of a few steps, three or four … and a long line of souls walking up these steps. This vision is filled with Light. Correct?

Correct. A distinct recognising of many of us moving into a Higher Vibration.

Which is exactly what you are doing. These ‘moving’ times are to be FELT in a much deeper way than ever before.

With all respect, you have said that before and it hasn’t really been that noticeable.

Maybe you were looking elsewhere, Blossom?

Indeed. Yet, what is so different about this then?

The step up. You have for many years been ‘sitting within’ a certain frequency of a certain Vibration. You have settled into it and become familiar with it … as a repeat of what has happened before that.

This is how it is. This is how it works. Each time one reaches the ‘top’ level of THAT Vibration … there is a boiling point that one ‘bubbles around in’ for a while … feeling indeed, as if the lid is going to explode … THIS IS NATURAL!

BECAUSE … that is more or less what happens. The peak of that Vibration within yourself and those within that level with you (and there are many) has reached its entirety and HAS TO move on through to the beginning … the lowest level … of the next Vibration leading on from the last one.

This one, that so many of you are moving up to, naturally … for it does not take a rocket scientist to work this out … is Higher than the one you were previously in.

You have been working your way up the ladder if you like, and the rung that you are now on allows you to step off onto a platform/plateau that is the pioneering level of THE NEW WORLD.

As if … for want of a way of putting it … you have taken your KNOWING into an empty space … a space that has been waiting for you to arrive and … CREATE THE NEW WORLD.

You KNOW how it is to be. You have created it already. Now, you need to create it in the Vibration that it was created for!

An empty canvas, Dearest Creators … Awaiting you to pick up the brush … choose the colour and BEGIN!

Woah! I have the tingle of TRUTH running all over my body.

IT IS HERE NOW … NOW! This time you walk within … is the time to …


You KNOW within you what the painting looks like … What it FEELS like … and all one needs to do is recreate it … in one’s own reality.

Bring it out into the open … Bring it into fruition … BRING IT FORTH INTO CREATION.

I am sort of feeling/seeing in my mind’s eye … this huge empty space and many of us … just standing there … in Peace … and more and more step of the ladder and we unite our hearts. No words spoken ... Just knowing that ‘WE HAVE ARRIVED’ in OUR NEW WORLD and it is time to BEGIN. Tears flow as I feel and look upon this vision. I am so emotional right now!

Because it is your soul’s way of telling you this is TRUTH.

Blossom and all who find themselves ‘there’ … WELCOME TO YOUR NEW WORLD!

Thank you. I just took a few deep breaths … and here I am … sitting in the same place as I was before I started this communication with you … and yet … within me … I FEEL different. I FEEL excited, encouraged and ALIVE.

As these days dawn willingly, to partner you along your journey … how blessed you will FEEL … to the point, sometimes … of overwhelming exhaustion.

Exhaustion? Really?

REALLY. For it shall take time to adjust to the change in atmosphere. Even your very breath will be LIGHTER … for the very air that you breathe is becoming LIGHTER, also.

Couple this with the fact that your bodies are joining in the dance … and this would explain the ‘now and then’ necessity to have large rests and deep sleeps in order for these ‘plans’ to integrate with the reality of what is taking place.

THE JOY. THE JOY. THE JOY that you shall experience shall make you laugh out loud … with others and on your own … for that which you have been expecting … was totally unexpected!

Add to the mix of ALL OF THIS … the fact that due to this continual Higher Vibration that you are residing within … IT … by natural affect … will bring about those little secret yearnings of ‘presentations’ on a much LARGER HIGHER scale of ‘little green men in tin vessels’!

LAUGH! WOW … your humour has come on in leaps and bounds over the years.

With your help, Blossom!

Blossom, Blossom, Blossom … Things that now seem very out of the ordinary, shall become very ordinary … very acceptable and very agreeable.

Look at the changes your planet has accepted over the last century. Things that were once science fiction only … are now averagely normal. It was once known to be ridiculous for one to even imagine … that one could chat to another face to face from opposite ends of the sphere and yet, now it is considered frustrating if it’s not working as well as it should and the picture is not as clear as a bell!

Imagine then, what is to come in ways of technology that shall astound, yet indeed, simplify means of travel, for instance. To name but one.

Go on … name but two …if you would?



What for?

Incorrect transference of thought?

Not at all. ‘Inheritance’ of all that is to be bestowed upon you … bequeathed to you as your birth right. Graces, talents and skills that as yet, are not thought of … until they are ‘inherited’ … from your Higher spontaneous self.

Such fun lies ahead.

Life was not originally designed to be as hard as many of you make it. Yet, within THE GAME … the experiment … the experience … as a collective … you changed the format and made it so.

Memories of ‘how it should be’ … ‘how it once was’ … ‘how it will be’ … will come flooding back, as if a damm has been unblocked and inspiration and incentive rushes forth into the ever flowing stream of that which you chose to partake in.

Dearest souls … Dearest Blossom … this day, we leave you … feeling as excited as excited can be.

Thank you so very much. This was indeed a very uplifting chat … and I am in much Gratitude that it took place. Signing off now … as I skip through the rest of my day. In Love, Light, Laughter and an Abundance of Golden Rays.

Blossom Goodchild - August 24, 2017

August 18, 2017 - Session

Welcome once again to my mind, my friends!

And we too welcome you into our thoughts. Together, this makes for a conversation that is most sought after by many.

Yes. That always amazes me that so many are interested in a conversation I have in my mind … (That is what it feels like) without any proof at all of whom I’m speaking with. Yet, I have to accept it is with Very High Beings … from Very High Places. That’s the bit that amazes me.

It is well and fitting that you consider it to be as you do … it makes it easy for both parties ... without any concern for hierarchy getting in the way.

I agree. Maybe, if you were sitting in front of me, I might be a bit more ‘in awe’ and not able to be myself. Me and ‘you’ just talking in my mind, feels fine! Onwards!

I’d like to put a question to you that someone asked, if I may? What happens when a plan between souls (in one or in different bodies) does not come together on earth as designed? A group of souls incarnated may have found their purpose/plan to benefit the whole. They are living a well-flowing, fulfilling and colourful life full of synchronicities while carrying out their plan for the whole, but perhaps something goes "wrong" and they are divided. Perhaps it is all part of the plan and everything is as should be, but if things do not go as planned, is there a Plan B? What happens in this case?

This again, is a question that could take quite a while to answer in full. We shall do our best! There are many ‘plans’ made by souls before ‘arrival’ that are unable to be played out once upon the Earth. This is due to all sorts of conditions that simply do not allow that which was brought together ‘elsewhere’ to come to fruition in practice. Mainly, this is due to FREE WILL … OF ALL. For that which one chooses to enact, in turn, affects another, which in turn, affects another and another and so on.

If, for instance, it is agreed for a soul to come into someone’s life in order to Awaken them, via a sentence they say, or by a deep and meaningful relationship for many years … and that cannot be played out due to that soul veering onto another path, because of yet another’s choosing to play out something … then a way will ‘generally’ be found for a different soul to do the Awakening. One that is able to be ‘magnetised’ to the soul in need of Awakening … and one that can be quite simply, able to connect with them.

In their inner knowing, dreams, or meditative state … or when sleeping, the new ‘bringer of Awakening’ would be asked if they could do so … and if agreed … yes, the plan goes into plan B. There can be a plan C D E F etc. … depending on one’s individual choice … which we say, affects The Whole. The soul who is now taking over the role, is not, necessarily/obviously aware that anything in ‘their’ plan has changed… for it also, has to be compatible and in keeping with ‘their’ plan of life, also.

Are you able to follow?

I am …yet, not having read this back, as I don’t want to break the flow … I am not sure if it makes sense when reading.

We shall continue on.

I am amazed at how everything works’ … how everything comes together … synchronicities that allow your dreams to fall in place and when looking back, one can sometimes see how these plans were ‘seeded’ many years ago, in order to be ready for the correct time and when all is in alignment for something to take place.

It is not just many years … as you say, in many cases these plans are seeded and put in structure before one comes to Earth. It is wonderful when it all falls into place …

But how does it all happen? How does it all work?

Basically … the foundation of a plan happening between souls and synchronicities is due to ENERGY. For …

That is all there is … an ENERGY of LOVE.

Correct! Therefore, we take this further, by explaining that what allows for certain matters to blend and merge and ‘make happen’ … is the Vibration of these Energies.

If, for instance … as with your new house, Blossom … one desired to manifest the ‘perfect place’ for themselves’ to live in … Or, they wished to start a business, or, they wanted to move to the other side of the world and become a ballerina! It matters not. What is required in manifesting anything … is the VIBRATIONAL ENERGY necessary, to KNOW THAT IT IS THERE FOR YOU.

This is the reason many give up on their desires … they do not HOLD THE VIBRATIONAL ENERGY of that something … long enough for it to make its way to you.

The Universe in which you reside IS/HAS an intelligence beyond that which you are presently able to comprehend …



Does it understand our words?

Not in so far as language, be it Swedish, English, Russian etc. It understands your VIBRATIONAL FEELING as you SAY YOUR WORDS. When you ‘ask’ for something, you think about it and you visualise a picture of it in your mind. Telepathy works this way. The picture can then be interpreted because of the FEELING that goes with it.

In the case of your desires for your house … i.e. near water, a view etc. … the Universe will then find the ‘match’ for you and then bring you toward that Vibrational match that you have asked for.

So, for those looking for the ideal partner, the Universe is a bit like your Ultimate dating agency!

Correct. Where/why one falls short ... is by bringing in the doubts and the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘I’m not good enough’s’ and the ‘I don’t deserve it’ mentality.

Immediately the Universe will respond to your thought/feelings that you put out to it. So, once it picks up on the Vibrational Energy of ‘I am not good enough’ etc … it will serve you as you have asked it to, and how it has understood you … by not bringing these desired things to you, because you told it, that’s how it was.

ANYTHING YOU WANT … ANYTHING YOU DESIRE … and we will add ‘if it serves your soul’ … can be given unto you.

Who decides whether or not it serves your soul?


I thought that would be your answer. Let’s jump right in down that rabbit hole shall we? I’m confused! I thought, someone may want something, say a particular job, and they don’t get it … and they get upset because they thought it would be ideal in many aspects for their soul. Yet, further down the track, something better presents itself and they get THAT and they THEN realise why they didn’t get the other job. Yet, that’s THEN. How could THEY have decided that the original job would not serve their soul, when they didn’t know that at the time? If you get me?

We do. Because, Blossom … there is also in place … along with a million trillion other aspects and workings in just one individual life span … a ‘flow’ … that allows the desired dreams to keep on track.

We would show it like a running stream of your life … along that stream one may come across a large rock that has ‘dropped’ in … not only does this/can this block the flow … it can also divide the flow into two streams for a while.

The Higher self knows which is the best way around the rock in order to get one back in the original flow as soon as possible … and one’s gut feeling/intuition will allow them to see this through.

Yet, that doesn’t make sense as to the ‘wanting of that job’ at the time and feeling it would have served well.

Yes, it does, because the Higher intuition is taking over. The lower ego-self ... ‘thinking’ it knows best … is the one that is feeling forlorn, and yet, by TRUSTING that THE HIGHER SELF knows best … one soon realises that this is indeed so … and ‘LIFE’ will lead you onto something better.

So, does the Universe not have a say in ones decisions? Is it ONLY our Higher self?

We must interrupt there. We would, with respect, correct you on ‘ONLY our Higher self' ... for it would seem that was not enough, when put like that.

I get that … for I was imagining The Universe was in conjunction with all our lives and what happens within them.

The Universe … WITHOUT QUESTION … is in place to serve you. Whatever you ask for … it will give you. It responds to YOU … to your feelings and to your VIBRATIONAL ENERGY.

It does not judge … it does not question your desires or that which you ‘think’ you may need … it simply reacts to your Vibration.

If you are feeling low … and allow that Vibration to be with you and around you for a while … the Universe will provide you with that which matches your feelings.

If you are as High as a kite on Life and exuding Joy … The Universe will give you more of the same to thrive on. It dances alongside you … no matter what the request. This is how it is in design.

It is impeccably accurate.

One is so quick to blame one’s particular feelings on another’s behaviour etc … and yet ONLY YOU … are in control of your feelings. Only YOU decide how you are going to choose to feel at any given time.

I do understand this … and yet, with respect … there are times and indeed situations where upon something takes place for a soul and it may be devastating. How are they expected to laugh it off, in order to keep their Vibration High and not fall off the mountain?

Because it is about INNER KNOWING, Blossom. We are not suggesting for one moment that if one was to, for instance, lose a partner suddenly, or a child, or be confronted with a separation of souls in some form … or, be in great financial difficulty, due to what seems to be no fault of their own … we are not suggesting that one should be able to just laugh it off and carry on as normal.

One’s soul has requested … on/from a Higher level … the need to experience a particular something, that will allow them to ‘understand/grow/evolve/become more compassionate/more patient etc. They do not ask to lose a partner. They do not ask for the ‘how’ that should come about. That is where the Universe will also serve. It will sort out the HIGHEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE for the betterment of the soul … to come to it and present scenarios that will allow the soul to become any/all of the things we have just mentioned.

Yet, isn’t that then letting the Universe decide what is best to serve a soul? When earlier you said the soul decides for itself. I’m confused again.

So are we!


Beloved Blossom … We jest with you!

Phew! I was about to do a runner! Can you unconfuse me?

We would reiterate the part that there are many aspects to this. When your Higher soul KNOWS that the Universe is serving you with all your needs … it will accept that which is presented in certain situations , even though it does not fully understand the why’s of it happening. It is a different ‘case’ than that of say ... not getting a particular job.

The aspect of self that resides within the vessel of the physicality is such a small piece of The Whole. As you know, we encourage you always to take time to connect with your TRUTH. This helps so much in letting yourself know AND letting the Universe know, that which is best for the Highest Good of self and the Highest Good of All.

Add into that mix … TRUST IN THAT KNOWING ... and one will find their life to run so much more smoothly.

We need to return to addressing the Vibration of when one has something ‘tragic’ occur etc ... and not being able to remain in/on/of a High Vibration.

This goes into the UNDERSTANDING of accepting that which is taking place at the time … and appreciating that whatever is occurring is for the soul’s benefit. We are not suggesting that one should even try to brush off the feelings of loneliness or emptiness etc. We are gently suggesting that the KNOWING from deep within … the KNOWING that LOVE is what/who you are and to be grateful for all else that IS in your life … will help one in moving through those times.

One’s life unfolds as it should for the Greater Good of that soul. As one moves through ALL the different stages of soul development, and as ‘times’ evolve also, into a better understanding of Vibration … then there is less and less need for such things to be presented to bring the soul down.

The soul KNOWS of itself like no other. It will tend to its needs, no matter what is taking place for it … or where!

Such a vast topic! We hope we have given a little insight into the question presented?

Eh … what was the question again? Hah! Thank you so much. We weave and wind through these conversations. One thing so quickly leads on to another. Yet, in this way, we get so much food for thought. I shall read back over this and see where it leaves MY thoughts. In Love and thanks.

We are so happy to be with you during these discourses. Be of great upliftment Dearest Souls. We Love you. Feel the Joy within and around you … It is there … it is here … NOW.

Blossom Goodchild - August 18, 2017

August 12, 2017 - Session

Well, it’s been a very long time. I am settled in my new abode and at last back on line. So, here I am, as keen as mustard to get back in touch. HELLO!

Welcome to you. We are keen to be back in contact with you also, Blossom. For we have kept silent in order for you to accomplish that which was needed on an Earthly basis. You will have felt also, a change in your very Being. Is this not so?

Oh yes! Although, I am not sure if I am yet ‘out the other side!’ Such High Energies and yet, such a lot going on for everyone on a more ‘troublesome’ scale. No-one seems to know exactly where they are.

This is both observant and accurate. For there is the tipping of the scales, once again. That which does not serve is being accentuated in order to release it, once it has been recognised that it is no longer suitable for the soul. Yet, on the other hand … there is a FEELING within the soulself that a Higher Vibration is being absorbed and now integrating within the Core of the Being.

The two are actually collaborating in a dance of ‘change’ … and when this particular ‘dance’ is complete, the difference in ‘self’ shall become very apparent.

In what way?

In the ways of recognising the Higher Vibration that one is ‘sitting within’. So much more of the Truer Higher potential is able to present itself, once this shift has settled down and there is so much more to benefit the whole.

I feel once again as if I am in a cocoon … ready to emerge, break free and fly. Yet, there seems to be another part of me that has concrete boots on … and then again … another part of me that simply doesn’t recognise who I am, what I am doing and why I am here! Sort of swimming around in Limbo.

This is all to do with these current Energies. They are stronger and more poignant than ever before. Due to the fact that your world is getting Brighter and Lighter.

This ‘change’ that is within you … this ‘change’ that you are experiencing is also taking place within EVERYTHING. Imagine that! Everything that you are part of is shifting into a Higher resonance and finding its feet. Then it needs to find the ground to place the feet!

When you say ‘Everything’ … do you mean just on our Planet?

No. For EVERYTHING is part of EVERYTHING. Therefore, what takes place within ‘ANYTHING’ … HAS TO … affect ALL.

Yet, we would say that your Planet in particular, is the focus at this time. All eyes on you!

Yet, we are so tiny in comparison to ‘It all’. Why so much interest?

Because you, all of you … and your Divine Planet, are conducting an experiment that has never before taken place. To TRANSFORM it and all upon it, into a HIGHER DIMENSION. To become a HIGHER Vessel of itself is a HUGE FEAT. This is why it is being tested out on Earth, for to do so on a larger Planet would not seem practical.

So, if this works on our Planet … will it then take place on others?


Have other Planets fallen by the way side also then?

It is not so much about that … on other Planets. It is the actual experiment of the ‘raising up of’ … whether or not it has ‘fallen’ is irrelevant.

Have other Planets ‘gone down the pan’ like ours?

Blossom, there are Planets that are of the Brightest Light and there are Planets that have chosen to be of darkness.

Why would one choose that?

Because as we have said before … life goes on and on … and on and on … and on and on … and on and on. There are ENDLESS … understand that word …. ENDLESS … possibilities to be played out. There has to be contrast or how could one FEEL/KNOW the difference?

So, are you saying that this experiment on Earth … this ‘Game’ that we are involved in…. is also played everywhere else?

No. That is not the case. Other Planets have life forms and what is IS what is.

I don’t really understand that.

On your Planet Blossom, you are able to change things. Your essence … your reason for Being THERE, is to MASTER THIS GAME and in doing so, you have the opportunity to change it … in any way you see fit … to suit the self and its needs.

This is not the case elsewhere and yet … in saying that … it depends on ‘where’ you consider ‘elsewhere’ to be. For within the expanse of ‘ALL THAT IS’ … we cannot and would not say that is necessarily the case within ALL THAT IS INVOLVED within the Game in which you are playing. For this too involves parallel lives, dimensions within dimensions. It is too vast to be able to ‘put in a nutshell’ for you, Blossom. Yet, to round this off we would say that Earth has the capability of change through expression of thought. Not everywhere else has the privilege to do so.

Thank you. Changing the subject for a bit as I feel to continue on that would definitely make me lose the plot. Someone asked if you would give us your understanding of ‘Pure Intent’. It sort of speaks for itself and yet, maybe you can give us its fuller understanding?

In/of/as itself … PURE INTENT in its Purest form is coming from the HIGHEST position of the soul’s understanding OF itself. When one has an intention to perform anything … to do anything … to think anything … to give of anything … to receive of anything … to offer anything … to LOVE anything … when coming from a place of KNOWING THAT YOU ARE CREATORS and the CREATION that you are and the CREATION you desire to CREATE … then THAT OFFERING has to be of Pure Intent. It is the KNOWING of who you are that allows the intention to be of the Purest.

We will explain this in short, for as you say … it sort of speaks for itself. We CAN put this one in a nutshell.


KNOW YOU ARE GOD’S FLOW OF ALL CREATION and when intending ‘anything’ … be it baking a cake … to the healing of your entire Planet … in THIS KNOWING … only the Purest Highest LOVE blends in with that intention and therefore, has the Highest Purest outcome. And so it is.

Thank you. A rather interesting topic someone wanted your opinion on after you had spoken of walk-in’s and soul’s inhabiting the same body … was regarding transsexuals. Why … if someone is counselled etc. as to what would serve their soul in their next life time … would they arrive on Earth and find out at some stage in that journey, that their soul is being housed in the wrong gendered body? Could you talk about this?

As with all things Blossom, there are a thousand different reasons for a thousand different souls as to why they choose to come into the life they do. One could ask why a severely deformed body would be chosen to house a soul? Or, why a soul would choose a body that seems to be completely malfunctioning in its ‘wiring’? All these things are decided in order to either/both serve the soul and in many cases … to serve others also. So much suffering within an individual can bring about so much change within their reasoning and understanding of not only themselves, yet, also, as to the world and how ‘one is viewed’. Therefore, that which is considered to be a ‘mistake/error’ in the FEELING of bodily expression regarding female or male tendencies, is not a mistake /error at all.

So, if for instance a soul arrives on Earth and from early on, feels the need to swap gender entirely … had they agreed for that to happen before they got here?

For some, yes. For others … it can be … and you can put this into many situations … it could be that the understanding is reached that a soul would benefit coming back to Earth and experience ‘something’ that would assist them in evolving and becoming more of themselves.

Why would that have to be a ‘troublesome’ experience? Why not choose to be a farmer that produces tulips and roses? Surely, that too, helps one to evolve and discover that they are Love in essence?

We understand that which you are conveying … and yet … so much of self is uncovered through that which does not always ‘appear’ to be in the best interest to an individual. Yet, underneath it all … it is by far the best ‘journey’ that soul could take, when ‘taking it out of perspective’ and looking at it from the Higher place.

For example … the point in question regarding changing a body over from one gender to another. This involves surgery. Surgery, with the greatest respect, is the easy part. The emotional/mental/spiritual/soul transforming part is that which benefits the individual. The courage and the strength it takes any given soul to see such a transformation through, is the reason it takes place.

Many of you at times, struggle in wondering who you Truly are. In fact you mentioned it earlier, Blossom … and that is without the added complication of discovering you do not feel ‘YOU’ in the body you were born in to. When one has ‘completed’ the ‘swap’ … again, we use that word with respect … that individual becomes so much clearer as to WHO THEY TRULY ARE. Not as in being a male or female … as in their soul self … and we are sure that this could be confirmed by those souls that have chosen to do.

Let us mention also … that there is also, as suggested by the one asking the question … that this ‘promotion’ of/by self, also offers others the opportunity to search inside their own understandings. For, is it not the soul that one is speaking with … the soul that one falls in Love with … whether or not one was once male and now female, or the other way round … has nothing to do with how one ‘finds’ that person to be as an individual. They are who they are. Their BEING is who one chooses to be friends with or attracted to. The gender of the body is just the housing of the vessel, as we say.

If one lived in a mansion and it didn’t feel right ... they may move to a small flat … because they feel more comfortable living there. To ‘Us’, we see no difference and yet, we are aware that there are STILL many souls that find the ‘move’ by others totally abhorrent. We send our Love and Light to those souls who do not yet understand. Yet, one day they will. Maybe in another life experience they will choose to go through it themselves, so that they CAN understand.

Again thank you. WOW. This hour has gone so fast. And yet, I feel as if we are not yet done … is there something you particularly need to mention?

Blossom, we thank you. We thank ALL OF YOU … for taking the opportunity to be on EARTH at this time.

Patiently have you journeyed on. Knowing in your Truth that the FEELING inside of you that is LOVE … and the connection you have with The Divine Source is WHO YOU ARE.

In this KNOWING you continue to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and you are recognising NOW, more than ever … again, through FEELING … that the days ahead are to become so very exciting.

We ask you to KNOW that there is a LOVE that comes to you from those that are not experiencing Earthly form at this time … Some who never have and never will … And within this ENERGY of LOVE … WE BECOME ONE AND THE SAME WITH YOU.








So much is to shine through onto your Planet as you watch this Divine Plan … that you agreed to be part of … unfold in a way that you have not yet imagined. For your Vibration has not yet reached those Heights. Yet, you are getting there, Dearest souls … You are getting there.

Thank you so much. I am keen to correct all my spelling mistakes from writing so fast and to get this posted out, as I know many have been patiently waiting for you and me to get back on board.

I am so happy that we are. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.

IN LOVE ALSO … WE sign out for this time.

For a short piece on The Cocoon go to and scroll dow one item. (2016)

Blossom Goodchild - August 12, 2017

July 2, 2017 - Session

Ongoing upheavals ... Clearing of Energies ... walk-in Souls

Welcome once again to my world!

And welcome to you and all who respond to these messages. We are aware there is a question you would care to follow through with, yet, firstly we would like to mention the ‘ongoing upheavals’ that so many are experiencing at this time.

No offense, yet, would it not be to do with the negativity coming up and leaving? Truly, you know I don’t mean this rudely, but this has been going on for ever!

And yet, would you not say that they are rather intense at this time?

That would depend on who you are, where you are at, and what’s going on … for each one. AND … how one is choosing to handle it … meaning, one’s attitude towards ‘it’.

The fact is Blossom, that so many of you now are REALLY feeling the brunt of not just one’s own, but of ‘manys’ clearances! Therefore, the reason that one who has perhaps done much work on themselves to clear their Energies, may still be finding they are ‘still’ scraping the barrel. And wondering when it will ever end.

Please understand and accept that many who have progressed speedily and readily are also, now assisting in clearing the Energies of many who are unaware that this is necessary. This is an agreement made to assist the WHOLE.

Should it not be that one has to wash their own dirty laundry? (So to speak) In the sense, that their soul NEEDS to do it for themselves?

To a degree. Yet, we are speaking of souls who perhaps, have no longer their physical body and yet, have ‘left behind’ debris that needs to be dispersed. We have mentioned before, that there are many ‘places/locations’ that have been left with the mark of much violence and sadness due to war or even circumstances.

These ‘Energies’ can be trapped within areas and many KNOW that it is for them, their work, to set these Energies free.

Others are unaware of what they are doing. They are simply doing it automatically. So, not all that ‘arises’ is necessarily one’s own debris … yet, by breathing through it and sending it away with Love, much damage is Lovingly and gently cleared.

Thanks for that. I must say, yesterday I woke up feeling as if I had been injected with a negativity virus. It was SO unlike my way of thinking. Thankfully, due to wisdom shared by you, I was able to turn my thoughts around after allowing myself to sit within it for a while … and seeing what ‘arose’. Some of my thoughts were so childish, I had to laugh!

The fact is that ALL THIS CLEARING is absolutely reaching its last momentum. All left over debris has to go, in order for those ready to move into a Higher place of ‘living arrangements’.

You are aware of upheaval in so many souls’ lives at this time; you can also FEEL the purpose, can you not?

Yes. I can only assume it is to prepare us for what is to come … and what is to come, even amongst this upheaval, FEELS good. A bit odd really.

Yet … AS IS.

As the Higher Energies settle in nicely to your senses … one can FEEL the difference in self and All.

We take this moment to praise each one in their inner confidence of Knowing that All is well. And acting / behaving accordingly.

Thank you. So yes, the question someone put to you was regarding last week’s channelling and being able to slip in and out of ‘Beings’ … for want of a better way of putting it . There was a concern as to whether another soul might be able to slip into another’s body whilst it was ‘elsewhere’?

No … this is not acceptable.

Yet, is it possible?

It can be attempted. Yet, there are barriers in place. There are laws in place.

Some lost souls ‘TRY’ to slip in to another’s body, when the soul who occupies it is still in there. The lost soul has a desperate need to be in the Light and to take it from another. Yet, again this is against the law! In the sense that one who occupies a physicality is designated that body … it came into that body and it is theirs to keep.

Unless of course …

Which is what I knew this would lead to … the matter of ‘walk-ins’.

Indeed. That is a different matter altogether. That is an arrangement made between souls.

I thought you were going to say ‘two souls’.

No … for a body can be shared by three or four, if necessary. Yet, that is very rare.

Many souls write in to let me know they are a walk-in. I don’t quite get it. Surely, there would be a ‘marked’ difference in personality etc … enough for a Loved one to notice, at least.

Yet, it would not be, if one were to ‘swap’ places. i.e., a soul that has no physicality, agrees for a soul that has, to change places … it would not be suitable for someone who was totally different in personality to take over that body. That would not be compatible and would not serve a purpose. Yet, there of course, would be slight changes that may be recognized. One might say ’Oh, so and so has never been the same since their accident’ etc … and that is because they are not!

Why would a soul choose to do this? Why would they not just pick their own body from birth and live with that?

For many reasons. It may be agreed before a soul entered the body that it only needed to experience Earth once again for a short time, to complete perhaps a ‘finishing off’ of a circumstance with another … and the same for the soul who entered in at a later date. These matters are not performed hastily, yet, none the less, they can be of great use.

Yet, I thought in order to be able to leave the physical body; one had to have the silver chord cut?

The silver chord that binds body and soul together is not severed in such case. Once a silver chord is cut, the soul leaves the body and cannot return … for the silver chord is the ‘life-line’. Once it is cut, the body lays itself to rest.

So in the case of walk-ins … there is a transference period whereby the two souls involved may occupy the same body for a little while.

Don’t tell me these are what’s known as schizophrenics?

Only temporarily (In this case) … for it can also be, that two or three or four or more souls can occupy the body at the same time … and a lot of confusion takes place in the mind and emotions of those souls.

Well it would. How can that happen? Surely that is a malfunction?

It can be as ‘a war between souls’ …

But, you said earlier that there are laws and another soul cannot take over another’s body without permission.

Yet, it could be that permission was granted.

What on Earth for? Who would choose a life with four of five people in their head?

The souls who chose to experience that. It could have been discussed that the components of each mindsoul/soulmind … when put together, had the ingenuity to create something very worthwhile to benefit the Planet. Yet, when encased in the body … alongside each other … things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Going with ‘everything is possible’ … I’ll go along with that.

To continue on a ‘walk-in’s journey’… the two souls may co-habit the one body for a while as the ‘newer’ soul learns the ins and outs of the whys and wherefores’ of the old soul … and yet, we would say too, that the new soul has been walking alongside the old soul for that life experience since birth.

Why would one not simply just come in at birth and when completing their reason for experiencing life again, just, as many do, arrange a way for them to leave the physicality and let the body disintegrate. Job done! Why would one want to take on another’s?

Because some need to experience their purpose in that which would take place in younger years, and another might only need the experience of that which can only take place in later years.

Can you give me an example?

A soul who is born into the body may, for instance, only desire to experience being a child until the age of eight. Due to the fact that in a previous life time, their childhood up until the age of eight had been a very disturbed one and actually was not experienced as a ‘childhood’ at all. However the rest of the experience of that life time was a fulfilling one.

Yet, wouldn’t they just accept that they had a bummer of a childhood yet, lived happily ever after, after that?

Some may. Yet, other’s may intensely desire that eight years of being Loved and nurtured and needed/wanted to experience it enough to come back just for those eight years, to gain from them, that which the soul required and lost out on last time round.

Then it may be that a soul who has a wonderful childhood up until the age of eight then went on to experience a very unhappy adulthood and there were things that needed to be ‘accomplished’ in the latter years of one’s life, maybe just to experience ‘old age’ in a more satisfying manner … so there is an agreement to ‘share’ the body … It is simply ‘more suitable’ for those souls to do it that way and so the agreement is made.

Can it be that a soul who didn’t have that agreement, decides to allow a walk-in to take over, because they no longer want to be here?

Oh yes. Yet, the soul coming in to take over has to have the same needs that the soul who is choosing to leave may have. For instance … if a soul has an agenda to assist another soul by being/behaving/giving/taking/living in a certain way … then the soul coming in has also to fulfil that role … therefore, not only fulfilling the role of/for the one leaving, and the one who’s soul would be assisted by that relationship … yet, also their own purpose. It works very well in these cases.

It does seem a bit odd to me … yet, each to their own.

There is also the scenario whereby a soul who has prearranged to leave and another take over … decides to stay … or the soul coming in … changes its mind.

Then what happens?

It is then that the soul who was coming in, yet,now can’t … will be allocated another body that would be suitable as soon as one becomes available … so to speak.

And the soul would decide to stay because?

It was having too good a time. They took a course that changed events for them … they felt they would be more useful to another soul by remaining. So many different reasons why.

Could it be that the original occupier of a body, leaves for say twenty years … another ‘borrows’ it for that time, and then the original soul comes back in to finish off that life?

Yes. If that is what is beneficial to all concerned.

There are also, sadly, people who write in to say that someone has taken over their body (without permission) and causing their life to be hell. What’s happened there then?

This goes into matters that are very deep, Blossom. Yet, we would say, that the soul of a body ... the owner of a body … has control over it. Whether they think they have or not. Another may ‘appear’ to ‘take over’ yet often, not always … this can be ‘demons’ of the mind. We would call them ‘fear demons’ that are not really there at all yet, seem very real to the soul that is encountering them. This is not always the case … yet, such a discussion is not on our agenda.

What? Ever?

Not necessarily. Yet, the mind is a vast Universe, creating all that enters in and when pondered upon … should it be pondered upon enough … to be created.

This is why we teach to focus only on Love dearest ones … Why would one desire to create something that does not serve it?

For the experience?

And so it is.

And so it is indeed! Many thanks. In Love and gratitude for your wisdom shared.

In Love and Gratitude to all those who choose to impart and partake.

Blossom Goodchild - 2 èþëÿ 2017

June 25, 2017 - Session

The FUN is in finding out how The Game works

Hello there. Ok, let’s get this party started. It’s 11.11. Whoo hoo! More enquiries as to how to access that key within us? Any other clues as to how to play The Game? Have many people sussed it out and ‘finished’? These and more are the kind of questions souls are asking. Can you oblige us?

In the first instance we offer you our heartfelt Gratitude for ‘Being on board’.

Oh, how I wish I was!

Yet, so often you are.

Yet, so often you say this kind of thing and I have absolutely no recall of it. Which is the same sort of thing up for discussion. What is the point of say ‘often Being on board’ if I can’t remember it?

There is much point. For when your Soul travels ‘on board’ it is like a ‘home coming’. Yet, also, it is as if you simply pick up your ‘duties’ where you left off.

Which are?

Depending on the Soul … they are varied. Consider the vastness of YOUR Universe and all there is to be done.

Yes, but like what kind of thing? Perhaps I am just the tea lady?

Or, perhaps you have skills far beyond your Knowing within your Earthly body.

Perhaps I do. Perhaps you could share them with me?

They would be skills such as determining certain Energies in certain places and what can be done to uplift them … Or, depending on what they are… disperse them. They could be skills of designation … skills of repairing gaps in layers of Energy … sending Energy … Healing … visiting other Planets and discussing future plans … there is a never ending list.

And when I /we are on board what form do we take?

It depends on which vessel you are travelling. Sometimes, you choose to simply leave the body and rest. Other times you are full steam ahead and may take on an opportunity to ‘appear’ as a Being, of a form that is different from your own human form.

Wait a minute … are you saying … we can leave (say, in our sleep or meditation) perhaps, and just CHOOSE who we want to become and then, when it’s time to slip back in our bodies we just … do?

More or less.

Well, what does more or less mean?

It means that it pretty much how it is, and yet, obviously, there is more to it than that.

Far out, Brussel sprout. That’s HUGE. I know everything is possible, yet, I thought we could choose to change form when we are no longer in our Earthly bodies, and THEN go on to experiencing something different.

The complicated matter about this is … you are stuck in time. By this we mean you ‘think’ you are.

You ‘think’ that the only life you are experiencing is this one at this time. When in fact, everything is all happening all at once. You are merely slipping in and out of focusing on a different experience of yourselves.

OK, I’ll try and follow … then … same question … why can’t we remember?

Because there is a ‘security’ button … for want of finding a word …

Yes, waiting for the word ‘button’ to come through took a lot of concentration. What does it do?

It keeps you safe and secure. Imagine if you were to experience everything at once, as you are doing … and remember it all … and be aware of it all. Your mind would certainly play tricks on you, for you would become confused as to what is real and what is not. When in fact it is all real. You would be ‘jumping’ in and out of worlds and find it very hard to remain sane!

Therefore, a security button is in place … (we wish we could explain this design more fully) to allow you to remain of sane mind. When you are in your human form, you are focused on that … when you choose to focus on another form and experience of yourself … that’s the world you FEEL you are in.

And what happens to my human form when I choose to be somewhere else? It can’t just stop, as if I am a robot being unplugged and then plugged in again, when I am ready to have some more of the human life? Dearie me … I am finding this very hard to keep up with.

Yet, not wishing to make this more complex than it already is, for it is not easy for us to put into words also, Blossom … Consider yourself a rose … and this is not the same analogy that White Cloud speaks of … regarding Soul groups.

Imagine you, as an individual rose with many petals upon it … ‘out there in nowhere land’. Your desire is to experience everything that is there for you. Things that YOU choose … not that which another rose may choose. Your choices. So, one petal will leave the rose and go into one experience, another into another and so on and so on … ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

That which another rose chooses may be different experiences, yet, you are from the same 'rose bush' and therefore, able to feel those experiences even though they are not directly yours.

YOURS … allow you to ‘be in them’ whenever you feel the need.

Yet, I can’t just hop out of this human form and pop into being say, a ‘fairy form’ whenever I wish.

You do!

Aaah! Get me outta here!

We have said many times, that there is just the ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … of which everyONE, everyTHING is a part. So therefore, everything that IS … be it Fairy, Human, Elf, Tree, Light Being, Light vessel, Ocean, Star … you name it … YOU ARE A PART OF ... A PART OF IT.

Therefore, it is your given right to ‘slip into’ whatever takes your fancy … whenever you choose.

When you are a human … you are aware you are BEING human … When you are a tree, you are aware you are BEING a tree.

This is not to say … you are the whole tree … all the time. Yet, you may choose to ‘pop in’ and experience BEING A TREE for a while, with the ENERGY of the tree that is whole and is there all of the time. And whilst you are BEING that tree … that is all you know … being a tree. You are not wondering why you cannot remember the part of you that is being human, or a star, or running water, or an animal … you are simply experiencing the feeling of Being the Energy of a tree.

If, you were to then pop out of the being a tree experience and pop back into your human form and remember being a tree … you may consider yourself to be going a little loco. So, until such a ‘space of understanding within you’ that can indeed, understand this concept … the security button is in place … to keep the mind ‘peaceful’.

WOW. That certainly is interesting. It makes sense to me … yet, difficult to grasp. Far from the question originally asked. Yet, that often happens with us.

It is not really that far at all, Blossom. Because the whole point is for you to tap into ALL OF THIS KNOWLEDGE that we offer. Each snippet of information being like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. On its own … it may look like ‘part’ of something else and when you find those other bits that fit perfectly into each other … only then, can you see the picture those few pieces are making … and THEY are just a tiny part of the complete jigsaw. Yet, as bit, by bit, by bit … the pieces come together … IT ALL MAKES SENSE. You may look back and think how easy or difficult one part of the puzzle may have been … yet, when looking on the picture as a whole … those easy or difficult bits do not matter anymore. For you have ‘brought it all together’ and in doing so … worked out how each little piece … one by one … made up the whole … and you are amazed at how PERFECT it is … in its wholeness.

As always, nicely put. This pathway we are on, is definitely one that opens up more possibilities to get ones head around, with each step we take. It can blow one’s mind sometimes. Yet, I do not think there is one soul that would choose to turn around and go back and take a different route.

Dearest souls … You say you find it so difficult to find the key to all the answers and you ask for more clues as to how to play The Game … … … … … … … … … …

Yep. You suddenly went blank on me … are you still there?

Yes. … … … …... ... ... ...

And? … … … …

We hesitate … in that … we feel we have given you the basics that you need to know. There is no magical trick. There is no quick fix. You live, dearest friends, and you learn. Learning /rediscovering/remembering/yourself … IS … playing The Game.

The FUN is in finding out how The Game works.

I get that … because when I have little moments of ‘Getting it’ … it IS FUN! No matter the subject matter, person or circumstance I am in at the time.

If you knew all the answers … there would be no Game to play.

But why did we make this Game like it is?

To have a new experience. We could say why did you design a cow to be black and white or plain brown or plain black? To experience the diversity of colour in a cow!

Now I am laughing.

Good. This was our intent. Yet, we meant what we said. Why is anything what it is? To experience it …. BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO. Do not forget that … YOU WANTED IT THIS WAY!

And as the experience unfolds… and you HAVE experienced it, you then move on to experience something else in a different way, so that you can experience that … and on it goes … on and on and on. One experience after another … always … and forever … what fun!

If we choose it to be a fun experience.

Indeed. Yet, experiences that are not such fun have also been chosen by you … for the contrast. Otherwise, how would you know what fun is? How would you know what anything is, if you did not have the contrast, in order to feel/know the difference of one from another?

I think we must leave it there. Tickety boo … thanks so much for that … a most interesting chitchat!

We too, have enjoyed it greatly. Until next time, we offer deepest Love into the hearts of Each one.

In Love and thanks. xxx

Blossom Goodchild - June 25, 2017

June 18, 2017 - Session

The Game of Life according to your own rules

Hello, Oh wise ones! A question was put to you by a gentleman regarding last week’s channelling. In that, you said Mother Earth, on a scale of one to ten … was seven. Which surprised me, as it was so high. His query was … when was it at six? For instance, if it was back in the Renaissance era, we have a long way to get to ten … and it won’t be in our life time, which he found quite depressing! Do you understand the gist of the question, in order to give an answer?

Greetings to One and All … Each One of you Magnificent Humans, dwelling upon Earth at this time.

And Greetings right back at you. WOW! Instantly, your Energy today feels so Light and uplifting. Let’s go for it!

In answer to the gentleman’s question … IT MATTERS NOT.

Oh, he’s just gonna love that! Considering he mentioned that he’d like some clarity, ‘something of which’ he felt, ‘you were not that fond of.’! (In a humorous way.)

Yet, the Truth is, Blossom … THIS IS THE TRUTH!

IT MATTERS NOT. His concern is, as to what year it maybe when ALL can wake up feeling at Peace, without it being so hard … and when Your World is in a place of content and Joy. The Pure and simple fact is … whether you like what we have to say, or not … with respect … You can have that NOW. For there is only NOW.

That which Everyone feels they are working toward, is available NOW. You do not need to wait another ten, twenty, or a thousand years!

Yet, our world is not in a peaceful place NOW … by any stretch of the imagination.

Then stretch your imagination in a different direction … and it will Be. This is not to say to ignore what is taking place. Yet, in your ‘remembering’ of ‘how to be and who you are’ … you KNOW NOW, that to focus on such things DOES NOT ASSIST.

SEND LIGHT … SEND LOVE (ONE AND THE SAME) … and remain doing so. Yet, do not be downhearted as you do so. This again, DOES NOT ASSIST.


Yes, we appreciate this. I suppose one becomes impatient with the way things are … in general. Not only do we have all the ‘havoc’ to contend with, yet, the ‘rip offs’ that we must conform to, due to one law or another seems to bleed us dry of any chance of ‘sitting comfortably’ … and all these things add up.

And all these things are in place at this time. Yes, we ‘try’ to understand. Yet … these are not things that should affect your Soul. Your Soul cannot be brought or sold.

Some emails I have received in the past would not agree with that. Yet, I certainly do not want to get into that today … or any day really.

YOUR SOUL BELONGS TO YOU … AMEN. That is all we have to say on the matter. Others perhaps may like to think they own it. Yet, they cannot … ever!

So, keeping that in mind … we continue on in the same vein. If you like, you can CHOOSE to feel depressed due to the ‘Waiting Game’ as you call it … Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for the ‘time to come’ when all in your world will be at Peace … and things will have changed and there will be no more of the lesser Light activities.

If you decide to be depressed about that … then go right ahead. Yet, like we say with all things Dearest souls … YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

AND … it is your thoughts that make YOUR REALITY.

We say with all kindness and coming from the deepest place of Love … YOU are not responsible for another’s world.

Mrs Confused of Noosa here! Erm … yet, you say that by living our own lives the best we can … because we are ‘One’… we are changing and uplifting it for everyone.

Indeed you are. Yet, this does not make you responsible for everyone else. You are here to do YOUR very best in this lifetime that you have CHOSEN TO BE IN.

Another’s choice is THEIR responsibility.

Then, what about the Collective Consciousness, wherein, surely, we are all responsible?

For YOUR individual part of/in it! Therefore, to get back to the question …

Now there’s a first!

Your humour continues to engage us … It is not for you to ‘indulge’ in the ongoings of another’s world. This may ‘appear’ very harsh … yet, it cannot be. For we are merely speaking bluntly to assist and always, we come from a Loving disposition. So, we ask your hearts to recognise this, as you recognise that of which we are speaking … in your hearts.

Therefore, IN ORDER to make YOUR WORLD how you wish it to be … YOU have to KNOW that the PEACEFUL WORLD you are seeking is right there within YOU … RIGHT NOW.


We are always being told that Peace comes from within. Yet again, as we have discussed many times … don’t you think, if it was that easy to find, we would have bottled it up and sold it by now? Don’t you think we would all be in that world that we are ‘waiting for’ … if finding this Peace within was a doddle? Dearie Me! One can meditate till they are blue in the face, yet, one still has too ‘emerge’ and get back into the real world ( Whatever that is … because apparently it’s all an illusion anyway ) … and it is by ‘having’ to BE in the REAL world that brings us right smack back down to Earth!

Dearest Blossom and All … perhaps now would be a good time to remind you that you are playing a Game!

Yes, I had a bit of a revelation yesterday about that … its only happened once before … whereby, I seem to have a fleeting moment of ‘Getting it’ … Getting the fact that we are in a Game, yet, I am not quite sure what the rules are … or indeed if there are any … I think before, you have said there are not.

That is correct. However … That is to your advantage. We do not wish to sound as ‘One with no heart’. Yet, in all that is taking place in ‘YOUR WORLD’ … your ‘INDIVIDUAL WORLD’ … think upon it all, as A Game. EVERYTHING that arises in your everyday living … think of it as ‘part of A Game’ so that there is no emotional attachment … it’s just A Game! And the only way out of this Game, is to ‘Finish it ‘ … and the way to ‘Finish it’ … is to ‘Step outside of it’ and view it from afar!

Then having done so … work out the best strategy to move yourself UP on to the next square.

Think of your life as a massive Board Game … involving Everyone and Everything … and yet … there is no winning or losing to be done. There is just the matter of finishing The Game … IF you so choose.

The more you work out how to play … the more you practice, as with anything … the more proficient you become.

The more proficient you become … the quicker you move UP the board.

The quicker you move UP the board … the more Enlightened you become.

The more Enlightened you become … the easier Life becomes.

The easier Life becomes … the more you enjoy The Game.


Yet, most board games come with instructions!

AH HA! The instructions are in your Soul … in your Heart … in your very Being. Do you think the Divine Creators of this Game … which incidentally was designed by Divine Beings with the signed approval of THE DIVINE …


… would send you on this mission without an instruction manual?

Well, it certainly feels like it.

Of course not. ALL that you need to know … you already know. You have the key to all knowledge.

Poop! I lost it!

It cannot be lost … it just needs to be turned.

Your obscurity, with respect … can drive a person crazy!

You may consider it obscurity, Blossom. Yet, it is purposefully designed for your Soul’s growth.

This obscurity is part of the Game … if you like. There can be no cheating. It is designed for the self … and to confuse even more … BY THE SELF.

You just said it was designed by Divine Beings …

So that … THE GAME is designed … and within that design is the factor that ONE can design the Game … as they go.

Which EACH ONE is doing/has done/ and will always do …

Whilst they are in it?

Whilst they are in it. As you understand, Blossom, for every question … there is an answer and for every answer, there is another question … SUCH IS LIFE!

I know. Perhaps we will never get to the bottom of it! Yet, we might as well have fun trying.


Have fun with it all … As we said in the last communication … FOCUS ON THE GOODNESS.

As you continue to do so … and make it your everyday practice …



It was designed that way …


There aren’t any rules…

Only if your make them … to suit you. That doesn’t mean to say, you should expect anyone else to abide by them.

If you had one rule … what would it be?

To come from Love for the Highest Good of all … at all times.

What would yours be?

Well, to make me look good, it would have to be the same!! Although, to eat drink and be merry sounds a good one too!!

Dearest Blossom ... We have very much enjoyed our discourse with you this day …

To ALL … we say, WE LOVE YOU.


For indeed, you are THE GAME CHANGERS!

Thank you, so very very much … very very … very much.

Blossom Goodchild - June 18, 2017

June 10, 2017 - Session

"Energy barrier" has been Healed and now stands strong once again ... FOCUS ON THE GOODNESS ... AT ALL TIMES

Hello my friends. A question was asked regarding Mother Earth and moving her into Her rightful place once again. Can you elaborate on this? Where is /what is Her rightful place and when was She last there?

Warmest of welcomes to One and All. To Each One who participates in these conversations, we offer you our fondest Love and Compassion.

Thank you. Compassion?

Indeed. For we FEEL for ALL of you. We FEEL for all that is taking pace upon your Planet. There are many at this time that are FEELING the brunt of the continual ‘confusions’ that take place and bring many a soul into a place of despair. We send out so much LOVE ENERGY at such times to the souls that are suffering. For they find themselves in a place of non-understanding and broken hearts.

That which is coming to mind while you speak, is the recent attack in London?

Let not your souls be brought into despair, Dearest Ones. In such times when all seems topsy turvy … it is so important for those who are able … to raise their Vibration into even happier moments, in order to compensate for the negativity that is ‘flying around’.

Such things shall filter through the Energy Barrier.

Energy Barrier? What is that? You’ve never mentioned it before.

The Energy Barrier is a compartment, shall we say … that allows ‘things in and things out’.

Everything is Energy, as you know . There are those that … control/look after … this Energy Barrier ... and Energy of such nature that we are speaking of, is to be filtered through the barrier and sent on its ‘merry way’.

So, does this barrier cater for all. Does it allow ‘good in’ and ‘bad out’?

Yes. Although, for a long time it could do what it liked. It could reverse and let bad in and good out.

Was ‘no-one’ in charge of it for a while?

It was designed to work on its own. It had its own Energy. Yet, with forces at work that were not for the greater good … this barrier became damaged.

I almost wanted to write the word ‘grid’ instead of ‘barrier’ is it the same thing?

No. Yet, very much connected with/to it. Much work has been done to restore PEACE to this barrier. It has been Healed and now stands strong once again. Meaning that no forces of darkness can come though … yet, they can be released ‘out’.

Only Higher Energy that we have spoken of can pour in. The lesser Light Energies of your Planet KNOW they have to leave. It is their time. It is understood. Some of this Energy is in denial and trying hard to cause as much havoc as possible as its ‘last stand’.

Yet, although here and there it is causing attention and alarm … it KNOWS the battle has been won. The darkness has no place upon your Precious Planet.

Of course, it cannot be cleansed overnight. It is a process … that may mean to some … that is never ending and drags one down. Yet, again we say … from viewing the situation from where we are … SO VERY MUCH has changed. So much negative Energy HAS left.

The news was on the car radio this morning. I said to my husband … ‘If only, every time we had a negative news item, it was followed by a positive one, then the counteraction would sure make this world a brighter place.

Of course. Yet … It is for you to KNOW that there HAS to be a counter - part. Your media is not in a position to display the Joys that take place every moment. Yet, YOU KNOW … Each one of YOU KNOW that this is so. For you yourselves, are bringing in much of that Joy.



When you hear of such atrocities taking place … concentrate on YOUR LIGHT. Turn up the dimmer switch. Radiate YOUR LIGHT to ALL those involved personally, who are suffering and tormented.

This assists in dispersing the negativity and allowing your Light to soothe the souls of those immediately affected.

We move on now to your question for it is indeed, by Shining your Light so brightly that Mother Earth can come home.

Where is her home?

In your hearts.

Nice answer, yet with respect … a little obscure.

Not from our perspective.

And … we’re off!

How can ‘Her Home’ be anywhere else? It is you who FEEL her. You are such a part of each other. Mother Earth lives within YOU … just as you live upon /within her.

So the ‘when’ of ‘once again’, was when Human Beings were in a much Higher Energy?

Yes. And yet … her rightful place is wherever YOUR positioning of self takes her. She cannot move into a Higher Vibration without those that reside upon your Planet taking her there … through the Vibration of the Collective Consciousness.

This does not mean necessarily that EVERYONE upon your Planet has to be of an Angelic Vibration! Yet, there will BE a time when enough souls playing the Human Being role, will have allowed themselves to flow a Higher Energy through their Being and it will then be inevitable for Mother Earth to move into that Vibration also.

A bit of a mad question … but ‘where is’ that Vibration?

Nowhere. Vibration is not a space … it is a frequency of Energy.

Is a ‘Dimension’ somewhere? As in … in a space?

Yes. The best way for you to understand it, would be to say that it is in ‘a space’.

And do … certain energy frequencies … reside in certain Dimensions?

Dearest Blossom, this is correct. Yet, to TRY and explain about Dimensional frequencies and the trillions of scenarios that are affected by such frequencies … in trillions of Dimensions … would send you into ‘Cuckooland’.

Then, I am more than happy to leave that, until such a time when we are capable of making any sense of that. So back to Mother Earth and her rightful place?

What else would you like to know about it?

On a scale of 1-10 … how is ‘She’ feeling?


WOW! That’s good! That’s really good!

Yes. It is. Which just goes to show that your world is in a far better place than you are being led to believe!

This is why we ask of you to remain in your LIGHT SPACE … no matter what you are told!

All is as should be.

Divine Mother Earth could not be feeling so well if things were going rapidly ‘Down the Swanee’ … as you would say.

Yet, what about all the poisons in the air and the sea? All the terrible things that ‘She’ is having to endure … how can she be ‘happy’ about that?

We did not say she was. Again, you have been so conditioned to concentrate on the negative and all that is ‘Not’ going so well. This is all you focus on when it comes to the ‘overall well-being’. BECAUSE … THIS IS ALL YOU ARE FED.

Mother Earth KNOWS BETTER. She KNOWS how many hearts are doing their best to Heal her. She KNOWS how many hands immerse themselves in the soil to grow produce that is not ‘infected’. She KNOWS that the hearts of so many LOVE HER DEEPLY and do so much work to ‘Lift’ her spirits.

She FEELS the JOY of so many who have come to understand who they are.

She feels the LOVE that is sent to her every time a sunset is appreciated ... every times a flower is Glorified.

YOU … along with all that is life upon Her … are her children and she is so encouraged by the GOODNESS that is taking place.


Listen to Her birds sing their songs and the messages of LOVE incorporated there in.

The birds always sing … THAT IS GOODNESS.

Feel the Ocean’s shores bathe and cleanse your feet and let its Energy cleanse your Being … The Ocean is always there for you … THAT IS GOODNESS.

Smell the scent of a flower … There are always flowers in bloom ... THAT IS GOODNESS.


Smile at a passing stranger … THAT IS GOODNESS.



Need we go on? Do you see?

Place your attention AT ALL TIMES on the Goodness around you …


And yet, you are bombarded with the opposite. You have ‘tuned in’ to the frequency of the ‘not good’ because you are showered with it … IN ORDER to keep you downhearted …


You know some will not ‘approve’ of those words?

Some do not approve of any of our words! It matters not whether we are approved of Blossom. We come only to offer assistance in any way that ‘we’ see fitting. What we offer, is not for everyone. Yet, as you know … what another thinks of our wisdom … is none of our business. What we desire to achieve is to witness EACH ONE … Each One of Mother Earth’s vast family live in PEACE.

I wonder what are little chats will be about then?

Oh! You would be astounded by how much more we have to share.

I don’t think so … for it ALL goes on and on … ever expanding … to what end? No end!

As a little toy in your world once said ‘To infinity and beyond’ … ‘Mr Lightyear’ is not wrong!

Thanks my friends. Enjoyed the conversation greatly. In LOVE and Gratitude.


So many of us are doing are very best!!

Blossom Goodchild - June 10, 2017

29 ìàÿ 2017 - Session

Tuning in first, in order to raise your Vibration ... "Energy barrier"

Well, I feel nicely tuned in. Shall we give it a go?

Welcome Blossom, to this conversation. May we suggest that you take a few deep breaths?

Sure. I am high in energy right now and maybe need to calm down a little … Ok. Done?

That is more suitable. For your see, it takes many aspects to tie what we do together. Sometimes, as you know, there can be failure in communication which is down to to all of these aspects being in alignment.

So, are you able to actually describe the process of channelling between us … or is it too complicated?

We can certainly attempt in words. Yet as you know … this fashion may not suffice.

Firstly, it is for YOU to be in the right space of heart and mind … in fact, your entire Energy to be in alignment with the correct frequency. If it is not always ‘tickety boo’ as you would say Blossom, then we are able to tweak it here and there to bring it up to scratch.

It is also imperative for you to KNOW that what you do is TRUTH. For many times over the years have you questioned your ability … Or … who WE are … Or … if you are making ‘us’ up etc. There has been many quandaries as to our relationship over the years has there not?

Oh Indeedy!

There also has to be complete TRUST. Over the years of communication, there too, have been times when you were not sure if you TRUSTED yourself, or who we were!

Due to your continual devotion, Blossom, all these things have now been verified in your heart and this helps our communication process, greatly.

A long time ago, you mentioned as if there was ‘one of your lot’ (with respect) … who became me, during the time we channel. I think we called her Edwina (of all names). In that, I had a vision of ‘her’ sitting within a group … and as in the same way White Cloud uses my body to speak through me … I sort of used ‘her’ body to do the same … in your company. Writing that now … seems absolutely ridiculous! (Again, with all respect). So, IS that how it happens?

Dearest Blossom, as you are learning … absolutely everything is possible. At that time when we spoke of this … this indeed was a TRUTH … for it was a great ‘visual’ to allow communication to be easier.

Yes, but is that what actually took place?


Yet, you are a Collective Consciousness, are you not?

Yes, yet, that doesn’t mean to say that we are not also individuals. Just as, in a sense, you of the Human race … although individuals, are too … a Collective Consciousness.

So, did Edwina, sort of manifest whenever I tuned in?


Is ‘she’ doing the same thing now?

No. For there is not the need. We have grown and expanded in our ways, and by ‘our’ we mean yours and ours. We no longer need this visual. We are more advanced with each other nowadays.

I am interested that you use the word ‘visual’. Was it something to focus on, or was it real?

Dearest Blossom, does White Cloud not always say that Visualisation is your most powerful tool? This is because EVERYTHING is a visualisation. YOU as a BEING think there is a profound difference between what is real and what one is imagining. This is not so. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference. To ‘it’ … Everything is real. Or, would we say ‘Everything is an illusion!

Well which? Ha! And I know you are going to say ….


Mmm. Shall I pop a pill now? Or, wait a few more sentences. Cos, I have a feeling it is going to be one of those days!!

Again … How can we explain?

How about we get back to the art of communication and all that it involves?

Basically, without wishing to state the obvious, yet we must … we communicate telepathically with you. This is both simple and complex. Due to the fact of the ‘Energy Vibration’ in which we reside … having to blend and connect with the one that you reside in.

We actually do not have a voice as such. Yet, we know of your language. We are aware of every form of language … if we must call it that. For on some planets there is only Sound Vibration. Yet, it is used in communication.

Therefore, this is why we ask you to tune in first, in order to raise your Vibration and … should we say … we then meet you half way. For want of a way to describe.

Once we are ‘locked in’ with you, mostly it is easy sailing. Yet, of course there are times when interferences … interfere!

Meaning those of lesser Light wanting to prevent it from happening?

Very much so.

Yet, how can those of lesser Light manage to interfere with a much Higher Vibration? In the sense of … ‘How can they tap into that Higher Energy if they are of a much lower one?’.

Because they have technologies that can interfere and manipulate the part of YOU that is still much more connected to the Earthly Vibration.

So they tap into me?

They can do.

Well then, how come they don’t always do it

Because ‘we know what we are doing’ and we know what they are doing.

Why don’t they just ‘crash my sight’?

Because our word is meant to get out there and so we see to it that it does.


By making sure that we eliminate the Energies that are trying to cause disturbances.

Is that tricky to do?

No … Would we say it could be done in a flash?

You see, this is when I feel it all goes into the science fiction realm. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are those that do not wish the Light to emerge in its fullest capacity … yet really?? Do ‘they’ know every time that I tune into you?

No. For we have our seeking out technologies also and can prevent such occurrences before they began.

And yet …’they’ would know to ‘read a channelling’ … should they choose? So, it’s not like they don’t know what we are up to.

Blossom … is there anything we are speaking of that is going to be news that blasts the brains out of those who interfere? No … we speak carefully and with respect for ALL … The entire Human race. There is nothing that needs to be thwarted … of that which we speak … and we add … these days.

Yes, you read my mind (Of course you did). In that, way back in 2008, that was a very different matter … with what you brought through.

Indeed and much was done to prevent our ‘news’ from taking place as it should have done.

So, would you say they were successful?

Yes. For we, as you know, were not prepared to ‘show’ as we said we would, if it was to cause any harm to your race … And those who interfere had a very different agenda to bring forth … should we ‘appear’ as we said we would. So, we had to let it be … which caused much heart break and upset and disappointment for you and many many thousands.

I should say! So, while we are on the topic, and let’s face it , I don’t bring it up any more these days … for I know ‘you showing up’ isn’t what this is all about. Yet, that was nine years ago now. Did you just decide it was a bad idea altogether and put it on the back burner.

It was decided that ‘for now’ best laid plans were to be ‘put on hold’. Nine years down the track there are many more souls that have awoken from their slumber and many more continue to do so.

When we DO what we have said we will … when we appear in a plain sighted and obvious manner … there will be so many more that are unafraid and ‘prepared to receive us’.

So, you are saying … you will still appear one day, in the way you said you would back then?

Without question. Yet, so much in your world will have/is changing that the outcome will be far more beneficial than it would have been nine years ago. This is not to say this will happen tomorrow or, any time ‘soon’!

HA! So, are you saying that, as with a lot of things, it was a good thing it didn’t take place then?

Correct. Although, we would not necessarily have said that at the time.

Even with your wisdom and knowledge?

Even with our wisdom and knowledge. For like you, Blossom, we were saddened at what took place.

With respect … I thought you were beyond all those emotions and you just ‘accepted’ that what is … is!

Correct also. Yet the Energy that took place during that time was palpable. Many, many mixed emotions from so many. And of course Blossom, we were deeply concerned as to YOUR well-being.

Laugh! So was I! I do get what you mean though. Often in life, a tragedy of sorts may strike, yet further down the track you are so glad it happened; otherwise … you wouldn’t be in the good place that you are in now.

This is so. And we would like to follow through with that … in that, your worldly affairs of state … and your state of worldly affairs … may seem to be in a state in these times!

So, who’s your comedian?

We like to play on words to keep it Light. Yet, WE PROMISE YOU … you will look back on these topsy-turvy times and be glad they took place. Because, it is THESE TIMES with its upheavals and controversies … that are to lead you through to the place in which you are desiring to be.

You cannot expect an overnight ‘switch’ from one intense Energy into a Lighter Brighter one. It has to take place gradually for the safety and understanding of all.

It may seem like forever to you. Yet, it is not even a blink of an eye in the Grand Scheme of things… the Grand Scheme of everything.

Can you not FEEL it Dearest One’s? Can you not feel in your heart … this turnaround of events that is taking place? Within you … AND … in your outer world?

YOU CAN! We say to each one of you … ‘YES! YOU CAN!’

Take some deep breaths and tap into the ‘World Energy’ … Take some time out to do this … Honour yourself with this time … and you will find … that which you tap into … will be that of Joy as its final outcome. The woes, worries and concerns that you think are bombarding your Energy Grid … are actually not!!

Your Energy Grid is COMPLETE.

To be honest, I am not completely sure what the Energy Grid is … Exactly.

It is a Grid that surrounds your Planet’s outer atmosphere. There are more than One … serving different purposes … and these Grids have been battered and bruised over eons of your time. However, after much Energetic work that has been offered by those capable of fulfilling the role ... they are now fully intact once more.

So, what does that mean?

It means that the Energies that are able to enter onto your realm upon Earth are now of a much more intense Light Energy.

Once, it was, that they were damaged and Energies of a not so blessed nature could enter in and cause all sorts of havoc.

Well, I will have to take your word for it, as this really isn’t my field.

Having this Grid complete and it has been for a while … is assisting greatly in the Healing of your Planet … and indeed there is a great deal of Healing to be done. Therefore … it is aiding in the Divine Plan and allowing things to be put into place … and stay there! In the past … they could be removed.

What sort of things?

ANCHOR ENERGIES. For the lifting of your Planet into its TRUE home requires accuracy beyond your knowing. It is a very delicate maneuver involving Energy. One of the most delicate transitions that has, so far, been undertaken and it is imperative that all is in its rightful place … when it does take place.

You mentioned before, that Mother Earth was moving into her rightful place, once again. Someone wrote in to ask … when was it in place before, and what was it like etc.? This indeed, as you suspected is for another session.

I look forward to it. And … we’re done! I can feel it. It’s almost like a buzzer/time goes off in my energy. Thank you, my friends. Indeed the time whizzed by today.

We are always in Joy to Be with you and all.

Keep your BEINGS elevated … Let your spirits soar … for there is so much for you to be Thankful for!

Oh Yes!! And so say all of us! In Love and thanks !

Blossom Goodchild - May 29, 2017

May 21, 2017 - Session

My Dearest Beings from somewhere else! Here we are again then. Actually I have a bit of a quandary which I thought you may be able to help me with. A certain gentleman is very keen to hear the Truth about whether or not this Earth of ours is flat, under a dome etc. I have told him that this is not ‘my position’ to bring this Truth out … IF indeed it was/is a Truth! For reasons of my safety and Divine Plan timing … along with many other reasons why I feel it is not for ‘me’ to delve into this. He wrote back with this:

After all this years of reading your blog I guess going round and round in circles has me screaming to get off - or at least has me exasperated that if one supposedly has the ‘ear’ of higher entities, one might just get down and dirty with specifics. It’s a bit like wandering into the greatest library in history and spending hours admiring the shelving and the colour of the carpet.

I get what he means about the library, and it made me think about it. Yet, there is something in me that feels right about not asking certain things. I think you know how I feel and what I mean. So rather than ramble on, I will pass it over to you. Thank you.

Welcome Dearest Blossom and all who walk along this journey with us. Firstly, we would say that for those who do not communicate with ‘Higher Beings’ … in THIS way … for indeed, you are all capable of communication … there is an understanding between both parties as to how communications shall be conducted. You are correct Blossom in that, there are indeed, MANY topics that we are not prepared to discuss. We ‘skip’ over certain agenda because it is not for US … we feel … to delve into it. There are many, many, many Truths that are to come out … as we have mentioned before. Truths that will completely stun practically the entire population of the Human race. Yet, these TRUTHS are certainly not for us to reveal … AT THIS TIME.

Does that mean you will at a later date then?

Not necessarily. For when the time is correct you will witness such things … straight from the horse’s mouth … so to speak. We will then be more than happy to accommodate with assistance on working one’s thoughts through such things. Yet, again we state … we are here to bring you into alignment with your TRUE self through KNOWING THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE. We are not here to bring fear and confusion.

For the gentleman concerned … he is on his chosen pathway. As is each and every one. This does not mean that the Truth he is seeking is the same Truth that another may be seeking out.

But, like I’ve tried to work out before with you … either something is a Truth or it is not. Either the Earth is flat or it is round. Yet, you say it can be whatever you want it to be.

This is correct. For it can. The issue here is pertaining to the fact that you upon Earth ‘think’ that you are ‘set’ in ONE particular place … one particular situation … and there you shall remain until it is time for you to move on. We understand that BEING upon Earth with its ‘lack of understanding’… that for you to comprehend anything other than this concept is mind boggling.

Meaning as you have mentioned before that we can jump in and out of parallel lives and other Dimensions?

Meaning that exactly. And within EACH Parallel life/Universe/Dimension … there are such similarities that allow you to ‘feel’ that you are always in the same one.

How could you best assist us to get this? What could you liken it to? For I feel that so hard to grasp.

Because you are involved in it, in your Human form. Yet, there are times too, when you jump out of your Human form and become Pure Energy … and if desired ‘for the occasion’ you can ‘morph’ that Pure Energy into something completely different, yet tangible … for the period of time necessary … and needed … to BE in that other situation.

And to complicate it even further, we would say that … all that, would take place without your Human Being form even noticing you were gone … for there is no time … in essence.

Far out! I have come to understand that absolutely everything is possible and I guess that is what you mean by the Earth can be anything you want it to be.

This is so. You and all, with all respect, due to conditioning … limit your beliefs to such a degree that confusion abounds … due to the little frame in which you have decided you live within.

Yet, we didn’t decide. As you say, conditioning, indoctrination, laws, history etc. have led us to think/belief that this is so. And there are many that live and die for many a number of lives, thinking that this Earth is IT! Then when it us done … it’s up to Heaven and for some, in their belief … hell … and that’s that! At least, for me, in this life time, I feel blessed to have opened up to broader horizons.

Oh! How we desire to be able to explain ‘Everything’ to you. Yet, ‘Everything’ is beyond comprehension, whilst you are residing in the density of Earth.

I can feel your frustration of where to even begin with what you want to express. Keep trying! So, many of us are so keen to jump further down the rabbit hole. Although we feel we are lost in a warren most of the time!

For those that believe ‘This is it’ and Heaven awaits and one lives happily ever after … THAT, Dearest Blossom … is what they shall receive. Until such a time when they are ready to explore something else. Or, everything else. Yet, again, not wishing to confuse … that is only one aspect of themselves that is accepting that. The multifaceted diamond that they are … is off on a thousand other adventures.

So, to get back to the flat Earth thing, if I may? Are you saying that there is one, and everyone is living under a vast dome etc.?

We are saying that of course there is one! There has to be … because there has to be everything! Every possibility! For those that choose to be ‘in that world’ … that belief system … that is their Truth. For those who choose to believe that space goes on and on … reaching into other galaxies etc. That is a Truth also.

Ok. Yet, how come we are all living in the same world, if our Truths are completely different? I just got your answer through … Sock it to us!

Because everything is an illusion. Nothing is real. So one can ‘make up’ their world into however they believe they want it to be.

Or not!

You, upon Earth believe you are trapped within it. YOU ARE NOT. Your spirit is free. Your soul is free. It is only again, because you believe it is not … that it is not!

Yet, we DO feel trapped here sometimes … within societal rules and regulations. This is the way EARTH IS.

With all respect Blossom, that is the way as a Consciousness you have ‘made it up to be’.

So, if we have ‘constructed’ this way of living as a consciousness … are we, as ‘individuals’ able to escape it?

This is EXACTLY what you ARE doing.


As individuals you are undoing that which has been done. You are freeing yourselves from the bonds that you, yourselves created … as an experience.

You now, as each one changes their mind … are releasing conditioning of ‘how it is’ and transforming it into how it is going to be. Yet, THIS TIME … you desire for a whole new experience.

Have we not had the Love Light experience before though?

You have had similar. You have had many mindsets of living, whereupon much Love- Light has been experienced … for example in Lemuria, Atlantis and others. You learned as a collective where the pitfalls were and why.

This is why this time around … you are erring on the side of caution and making sure the same experiences are not incurred … as they brought a great deal of destruction and set ‘evolving’ along a different path.

Yet realise, this matters not. It was simply another experience and one has all the time in the world to try and try again.

However as we say … this time … is to be a different story. The Collective Consciousness has reached a turning point where upon this NEW EARTH style will remain ‘intact’. Once the basis/foundation has been established, it shall be built upon and not be able to be knocked down.

How can you guarantee that?

We of course, cannot, exactly. Yet … would we say ... it has been ‘ordained’ that it is so.

So, I googled ‘ordained’ to be sure … ‘ordered, officially’ … by whom?

The Collective Consciousness of All.

And is it now, that WE of Earth are setting down the basis/foundation for this New Earth?

Correct. With every breath.

Yet … only for those who chose to ‘live it’? For many might still choose to live in another type of Dimension of this same Earth. Is that right? Are other Dimensions just a different expression of this same Earth?

Some. Would we say that there are Dimensions for everything … many dimensions for every experience.

So what exactly would you say a Dimension is?

A facilitating space.

Laugh! I thought that was going to go into a really complicated paragraph that would blow my mind and once again get me all confused. Yet, nope! Precise and to the point and seems to me, very accurate. Because with all respect … not all your answers are. (Precise and to the point, I mean )!

And there is reason for that also. There are those who consider us to be ‘beating about the bush’ and not giving the answers required always.

Yes. There are many who feel that way. I sometimes wonder about it. Yet,also accept there is indeed reasoning. And that reasoning is?

As we spoke of earlier, Blossom. There are some things that are not to be revealed at this time … and somethings that are not to be revealed by us … and somethings that are for you, yourselves to discover … and somethings that are simply not appropriate for us to be involved in.

Perhaps, we would say that ‘The library’, of which the gentleman spoke, as in all libraries, has many categories for one to delve into. Some may go to the Fiction. Some to the Factual. Some to the Historical, the Geographical, the Educational. You name it! Yet, we asked you dearest, dearest Blossom, to enter into the library and focus on the LOVE material … and you have ! For which we are forever in Gratitude to you for ‘sticking to your word’.

HA! The Love that came through in that last part of the paragraph, instantly had me overflowing tears and THAT … somehow helps me to know that I am doing ok … in your eyes! Thank you so much for this chat. It flowed with ease and Grace … and I LOVE YOU.

Remain steadfast in the LOVE that you are Dearest Souls. One day … ALL this confusion … will make total sense. In Love and thanks to EACH one for being the chosen adventurers.

Blossom Goodchild - May 21, 2017

May 13, 2017 - Session

"Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing"
YOU HAVE ALREADY WON as You balanced out the Light and dark

Hello there, once again. I expect there are a million people eager to ask you a million questions … yet, I choose to leave the floor open and see how our conversation flows today. (When I meet a friend for a chat, I don’t think up questions to ask, I just enjoy the company).

As indeed, Dearest Blossom, we always enjoy our communications with you.

Are you doing many things at once, as we speak?

Of course.

Like what?

We are BEING … and BEING, although this means ‘Doing nothing’ actually encapsulates everything.

Interesting, as White Cloud in his chat at Easter time said exactly the same thing … over and over he repeated that ‘Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing’.

And this is so.

Can you elaborate please? As, for me, at this time … I am sitting in my healing room, and concentrating on communicating with you … that’s it … that’s enough … it takes all my concentration.

Yet, the fact is Blossom … you are doing so much more than JUST doing that. We could simplify to start with by stating the obvious. You are breathing, you are thinking, you are aware of sounds outside, therefore, you are hearing. Yet, on a completely different level ‘beyond’ the obvious … you are … for example … living many lives … you are creating newness … you are BEING LIGHT LOVE etc. etc. On and on we could go … and yet, within doing all these things, you feel you are JUST communicating with us.

You are so much more than the YOU that you think you are BEING NOW. For you are EVERYTHING.

And nothing?

Indeed. You see, Blossom … there is only Love. You understand that. Maybe … perhaps, you think you understand that … and yet, not quite.

For within that LOVE … Everything is/shall be /has been created. Conjured up/manifested through one’s Divine will to … BE … SOMETHING.

And yet, it is really a figment of your imagination … EVERYTHING IS.

NOTHING IS REAL … other than the ENERGY of Love, which is capable of BEING EVERYTHING you desire it to be.

And yet there is nothing.

Exactly. For LOVE is an ENERGY … which can be created into any form of your choice. ANY FORM!

In any time and in any space … there is no end to what it can be moulded in to. It is entirely up to you.

You are the creators of your Universe. This you know, and yet again, we say with all respect, do you fully understand this?

For if you did … there would be such a different world that you reside upon/within.

There is blame given to others who have turned your world upside down. You talk of atrocities that take place by your so called ‘Elite’. You say you have no control over chemtrails that make you sick … and the banking systems that cheat you from your rightful earnings etc.

This is how you are choosing to see and feel and focus upon the world you have volunteered to live in.

Because we are affected by all these things and there seems to be little we can do about it. For instance … there are so many chemtrails in our area at the moment and for the third time this year, myself and my family and friends are once again flattened with flu and colds … how is it we are choosing this? For … I don’t.

Yet, on a collective level … you are.

What do you mean?

Your world and the way it is … has come to a collective creational state of affairs. You cannot JUST blame those of lesser Light for all that they are doing. You cannot JUST blame terrorists. You cannot JUST blame the banking system or those who have only ‘their’ interest ‘at heart’ … YOU CANNOT BLAME ANYONE.

The way your world is today … IS …the way it is. It has come into manifestation over eons of your time. And … we say this with ALL LOVE … EACH ONE OF YOU has played a part in making it this way.

The way your world is … is part of THE DIVINE PLAN. Therefore, you have had to have had a part to play in it.

Your world, many times, has reached a position in which it has turned in on itself and been created anew. One has gone to all lengths of the scale, for both Light and darkness to present itself and be acknowledged. How could you experience one … if you were not aware of the other?

And the further the darkness falls … the further the Light can shine. It is a polarized world in which you chose to experience … and experience you have.

Yet, as a Collective Consciousness, it has been revealed that the darkness and all its entanglements are no longer suited to express the LIGHT of LOVE.

Please look at that sentence again. ‘It has been revealed that the darkness and all its entanglements are no longer suited to express the LIGHT of LOVE.’

By this we mean ‘souly/solely’ … that your Vibrational frequency …as the said Collective Consciousness … has reached a peaking ‘balance’ … and it was decided that once reached … the darkness was never to tip the scales again … upon your Earth. This is not to say that this may not occur in other lives on other Planets/destinations.

Yet, here now ON EARTH … the ‘seesaw’ … if you like … the scales… balanced up and decisions were imparted to all … that meant that the darkness shall no longer overshadow the Light.

One has experienced just about all there is to experience, where upon a human Being can be of such malicious intent towards another. We would say there is nothing left within the violation status of human kind that could be enacted. All has been proved of just how ‘low’ a frequency LOVE can stoop to.

And it has been heralded that such ‘movements’ are to cease and BE NO MORE.

Yet, even in saying this … there is still free choice. So, it can continue for those who choose to ‘be within that frequency’ for as long as is desired by any given soul … until they too … decide to begin their journey home.

For those already along the pathway … be it baby steps or by many mountains accomplished along the way … you are moving into this ‘HIGHER FREQUENCY’.

You have tipped the scales now from the Lighter perspective.

You just said we have reached a balance …

You have … and … at the same time … you have tipped the scales.


Blossom, how many times have you been confused by what we say?

20 billion ... or round about.

And yet you still TRUST us.

Yep … yet, it doesn’t mean I always understand. You see, from a human perspective, what you have just said doesn’t make sense.

And we are not in human form.

Yet I am, and so are many reading this. So, I would be grateful if you could please speaky dee English!

You balanced out the Light and dark. You have to have done. Your world is one of opposites. Black and white … up and down … high and low … left and right … Light and dark. The Light and dark came to an agreed balance of each other.

Then due to the Divine plan …

I am clearly seeing The Globe and ¾ of it is merging colours and ¼ of it is very murky!

This is exactly right. This is the position you are in.

This is how NOW, the Collective Consciousness has chosen to BE. Has chosen to change things.

Those of you upon Earth NOW … those of you actually living within it … within this Divine Plan … sometimes feel that you are fighting a losing battle … as you suggested earlier Blossom. Yet …




You expressed Love to the depths of darkness … you did your job! As a Collective Consciousness. You each played your roles … you experienced it … and now it is done. For many. For most.

All that remains now, is for you to stand strong in you Light .


That is all there is left to do for those who desire to raise their Vibration onto Higher levels of consciousness … once again.


I do get what you are saying. However, if I may say … actually BEING down here is perhaps a little difficult to understand how it is/feels … if you are not within its density. Someone wrote in and expressed very well how many see our circumstances here on Earth. She said:

‘People have changed quite a bit in the past 10 years or so. It's hard to explain, but I think it's an effect from living in such hard times. They are happy and are enjoying their life. It's just that the happy is kind of warped. Where they wallow in their misery enjoying it, sharing it. It's not misery to them. (It would be to me, but not to them.) It's like by life being so hard, we've developed a whole new kind of people. They are doing the best with what they were given and now that is their "happy" life’.

For those of us who ‘feel beyond that warped happiness’ … it STILL is not ‘THAT EASY’! We try, oh, so hard to stand strong in our Light. Yet, we are bombarded with energies that pull us down … many of which we are not even aware of. You cannot be aware of what this ‘does’ to us as you have not experienced it and therefore, not know that it is NOT that easy. You know I am not being rude or anything … just pointing it out.

No Blossom, we do not know how it feels. Yet, we DO KNOW how strong your LIGHT is as a messenger of THE DIVINE and in saying this … we do not mean YOU in particular Blossom … we mean ALL.

Therefore, knowing what we know … we have no doubt at all that you are able to overcome ALL these difficulties.

Remember we have said to you many times … ‘Many volunteered and only the strongest of the strong were chosen to see this particularly intense mission through.’

You knew about all this interference of your Energies … before you came. You knew you wouldn’t remember about all of this … yet, you still volunteered. You were so keen to be here at this time … as were so many millions of souls that did not ‘get the job’.

So, although we understand what you are saying … you must understand what WE are saying.



And when you say to yourselves ‘Ah yes, that’s’ right. I DO remember’ … Also say to yourselves ‘And I remember too, that we made it through. We completed our mission. The Light Won. We did what we came to do … to raise Mother Earth into her Higher home once again … and we all lived happily ever after’.


Of course not! There isn’t one!

‘Ever after’ it is then.

It is indeed. Happily.

Thank you my friends. Always an absolute pleasure. Well, nine times out of ten. In Love and so much Gratitude and Thanks.

The pleasure is ours, also.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Blossom Goodchild - May 13, 2017

April 27, 2017 - Session

Good morning to you up there … or wherever it is you actually are. Ready for a session?

Indeed we are. It is interesting how one thinks of us being ‘up there’, as if somewhere above the clouds there ‘lives’ a whole new world!

Where would you say you reside then?

In a space …

In a space, or in space?

And there we enter a whole new chapter. For let us speak of space …

What you term as Space has a few conceptual meanings. You have the space around you … You may say ‘Oh, there is a space, I’ll put that there’. Or, ‘Give me some space’ etc. Then again, you have that which you call ‘Space’ … out in the cosmos. A never ending spectrum of Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Stars … and where are we?

We are ‘In our space’! Everybody has a space. There is no end of space for people to occupy.

Ok. So, I occupy a space in Noosa, Qld, Australia, Earth … what’s your ‘space address’?

It is in a ‘space’ that you would find unpronounceable … for we do not have words/labels in the way that you do. More to do with mathematical co-ordinates; that STILL would not be understood, for it is not within your realms of such calculations.

In all Truth, we can be where we want to be in a blink of an eye. We do not have your human restrictions and we certainly do not need tickets to travel on vessels to take us where we need to go.

Where do you need to go?

We …as in, The Federation of Light … the consciousness that you, Blossom, in particular, communicate with … do not NEED to go anywhere. We are a consciousness that can simply BE anywhere we desire at any given time.

In form?

If necessary.

Yet, I am assuming that not ALL beings that we call ‘Light Beings, ET’s etc’ are capable of this.

Correct. For not all LIGHT BEINGS ET’S etc. have reached a ‘space’ of Enlightenment where this is possible.

So, just out of curiosity … when you have spoken way back of you entering into ‘Our space’ and that there will be times when we see many ships in the sky and that we will actually meet you … do you mean YOU … THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT? Or, do you mean we will meet Beings who are still in form and reside on other Planets etc. and it is merely the time for integration?

There is much that can be spoken of here. Indeed, there are those who travel continually and left their home Planet to do so. There are those who shall be part of the plan and are very keen for the time to come into fruition when humans and non-humans alike can ‘partake in a cup of tea!’.

Yes, my kettle boiled dry years ago! So, it’s not going to be YOU then?

Would you understand if we say yes and no?

Yes and no!

You see, Blossom … this Divine Plan that is taking Earth back home … is so complex in its system of events. Of course, we, The Federation of Light have our part to play, as does a million other ‘workers of Light’ that do not reside on Earth.

We have spoken before about our position being the ‘Overseers of the Overseers’. We make the really big decisions … shall we say. We oversee and observe and decide … on a level way above most and these decisions are abided by and respected.

So, yes, we are indeed a great part of the ‘merging’ of worlds. Yet, the Beings that WILL COME to make contact and ‘blend’ will be of a more physical form than we are. For we are of Light form. Yet, that is not to say that we cannot become ‘form’ of any kind, should we choose to do so for any necessary involvement of any particular situation.

So, Will I ever get to see YOU?

We would say you would KNOW US more in mind consciousness and ‘see us’ more in glorious Light Form.

You see, Blossom, it also depends on one’s need. And this is how/why we would present ourselves differently … accordingly.

Well, I look forward to it. I find it odd though; that I can have these conversations with you for years on end … I certainly have felt your Love … overwhelmingly … many a time. Yet, I have no concept of you really, in the sense of what you look like.

Because we do not look like anything or anyone … We are not in physical form … we are merely Light.

Yet, haven’t you spoken of YOU … YOUR KIND … travelling round in a Light vessel? Why do you need to … if you are Light anyway?

Because we travel in a Light ship that is Light Energy and we reside within that Energy …

Sort of like a container? Are you contained?

We are smiling ... Yet, we say … in a sense. We would perhaps say … AS ONE LIGHT BODY … that are many.

So, you are one Energy of Light, travelling around in an Energy of Light … that is a ship?

Sort of.

With all respect … you either are, or, you are not.

Not so. For at the level of Light that we are … the level of Conscious Light that we are … we ARE whatever we need to be … depending on who we are interacting with.

If it be that we desire a Vessel of Light to be contained within … then we manifest that Energy there and then.

So, you are not always in a Light ship?

Why would we need to be … if we are not going anywhere?

But, you can go anywhere you please, whenever you want. I’m more than a bit confused. So, right now, you are communicating with me … from where?

A space.

Where is that space?

In a space of nothingness … we are simply telepathically having a chat.

So, you do not actually have a home?

Yes, we do.


As we have said … in a space of nothingness. For we are not in physical form. Therefore, why would we need … what you think to be as a ‘physical home’?

Why would you need a Light ship?

Because that is a different thing altogether. We can travel in our Consciousness, directly to your mind, as we are doing now, to you Blossom. Yet, on a wider scale … we can travel in a protective Light vessel that … how do we put this … is … also US.

So, you are saying … the Light ship is YOU?

Correct, it is part of us … part of our Consciousness. It is required at certain levels for us to manoeuvre through different Energies.

I can just feel that this is far too complex for my little brain. So, in this Light vessel, you could manifest into our atmosphere then?

Yes, and you have cleverly helped us to explain further … in that if/when we do so … it would make more sense to you of ‘US’… being IN a Light ship … although we are also OF IT … and if it was necessary, we would take on a form that could be understood … just for that very purpose of being understood a little more easily.

You see, Blossom … try to understand that LIGHT … as in … LOVE … as in … ALL THAT IS … is not as you know an electrical Light to be … and we do not wish to condescend.

A street Light that is turned on ... certainly offers Light … so that one can see. Yet, although it is Energy … for everything is … it is not, at all, the same Light that … IS.

The Light that IS YOU.

The Light that IS LOVE.


We are all FROM IT/OF IT … experiencing different expressions of it in different levels of itself.

Therefore, when one is experiencing this LIGHT-LOVE activity from ‘our’ perspective … we are able to ‘turn it into / transform it’ … immediately into that which serves us most directly at any given time.

How I would LOVE for you to just transform your Energy into a form of Being, and stand right in front of me … right now. Why can’t you do that?

Because you are preventing it.

How so?

Because it is not the right time for this to happen. That is of your doing. It would change things dramatically for you and that ‘time’ is not ready yet. It is too soon. You, yourself, in your Being know, Blossom … the correct timing for our relationship to be taken to that Higher level.

I expect I do … although, I don’t know of it … in my knowing of what I know now!! I feel perhaps I need to be quite a bit more advanced in my understanding of many things before my Energy could allow that to happen. More so, as to … where does it go from there? Have to say though … that makes me feel like we all still have such a long way to go.

We ask you to be patient … ask patience of yourselves. It is all exactly according to plan. Exactly as you desired it to be. And ‘When it all makes sense’… ‘When the last piece is placed in the jigsaw’ … as like in your world when a jigsaw is complete … You say ‘Right … that one’s complete’ … and you look for the next one that appeals … and you begin again!

On that note … I’m off! Thanks Guys … Love from all of us down here.

Blossom Goodchild - April 27, 2017

April 21, 2017 - Session

Hello there! I would like to continue on from last time, as I have had so many letters regarding this feeling of ‘observing’ one’s life etc. So many seem to be feeling the same. For me, it is getting stronger. Oddly enough, I was talking to my husband about the old movie ‘Cocoon’ … about a bunch of Oldies being taken off to another planet to start afresh. I have a strangely strong feeling of that! I know I won’t be whisked off … It’s more the symbolism I feeling, I guess. Any thoughts?

Greetings of a most bountiful and giving nature to One and All, Dearest Friends. Yes, we are aware of the Energy upon your Planet that is making so many feel ‘out of sorts’, as we have mentioned before. The plane fact is, that there are Energies transforming so much at this time, that it is impossible for you not to be wrapped up in it.

So much on your Planet is offering the news of gloom and doom and yet, we offer news of a different variety … of a different Energy.

For you see, Dearest Friends … now is the time when the Energies and the transformation … this change … is so strong, so prominent, that you are actually experiencing it in a physical/emotional perspective … more so than at other times of shifts and changes. The Higher the Vibrational pull that is flowing in to your Planet, the more deeply you are connecting with it … For you have ‘worked’ your way up to this point … and so much more is now possible.

The feeling of being ‘ready to go elsewhere’ as in ‘Cocoon’ … is indeed symbolic of ‘moving into’ a NEW place. A new perspective on life itself. These changes that are taking place and the imminent ones to come … on a bigger scale … and leading you into the promised land.


This I do know, my friends. Yet, in all Truth I just cannot get too excited due to the time scale being so different between us. You have none … we live by every second. Yet, I must say, I don’t think I have ever felt such a shift, personally! And therefore, very much looking forward to it settling down and looking out upon the new perspective. In the immediate future of this particular shift, how will things be apparently different to us?

That is a good question. The use of the word ‘apparent’ … for it is of the nature of ‘as far as one can tell’. As with all things , we cannot guarantee 100% what will be /take place as it is down to each individual and how they behave/react … as to what actually shall occur and how ‘soon’.

Yet, we tell you this … as your Vibration begins to settle in this Higher scheme of things … you will definitely notice a difference within yourself. For, although the ‘outer picture’ on display to all, does not look so bright … there will be Brightness within your Beings that KNOWS BETTER. That KNOWS DIFFERENTLY.

This feeling many of you are having, of being ready to move on … is simply a state of Being as you lift into a Higher frequency … and although it is still with its ups and downs … a HIgher frequency is a Higher frequency … therefore, things on all levels … have to be better … all round.

Thank you. I understand what you are saying. I guess I feel lacking in enthusiasm! So many of us want to do ‘more to assist this change’ yet unsure of how. Therefore, we feel a little lacking in the contribution department. I know we have been told to just smile and spread Light … I get that … yet, there have been many comments of everything seeming so pointless!

Yet … how can this be so? Is it pointless to raise the Vibration of yourself … all … the Planet? Just by having a good time? To us and indeed, as you have once said yourself, Blossom … it seems like the perfect plan!

Yes … the plan is indeed Divine. Yet, not always that easy to put into practice. That’s the thing. I feel we need to move on to another level of understanding exactly what ‘a good time’ is? It’s not about holidays or partying or drinking and smoking. We somehow desire to ‘escape’ by these methods or watching a movie or mundane TV … just to zone out from reality. I am not saying ‘all of us’ … but in general it seems this way.

And yet … these very escapisms will dissipate as one rises Higher. One will be drawn into their Higher potentials and MAKE MORE OF AN EFFORT to meditate and be amongst nature. To spend time in games and fun with family, instead of sitting together in a family group where no words are spoken … because each one is so engrossed in a private world on their devices.

What is it exactly you are trying to escape from?

Mmm. I need to think about that. Reality? The mundaneness of it all?

And yet, we would say … so many of you have fallen into the trap. The trap set by those elite Beings, who do not wish success upon you. Those Beings of lesser Light who desire for you to live in a mundane existence. Where you ‘blob’ about because nothing excites you. They have programmed you to feel this way. Your inner Truth knows these Truths.

Yes. I do … and I don’t fight against such things &h