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Dec 7, 2012.


Even in the Old Testament, it is said

(Exodus, Ch. 20):

"4, 5. Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth (Islam adopted the second part of this commandment literally!).

Do not bow down to them or serve them ... ".

Admit it, that even this shortened version of the Commandments shows that one can not serve anyone except the Creator, and the creation of any idol (broker, "servant") is an obstacle to direct communication with God, ie separates a man from the Creator, for any MEDIATOR always alienates, and therefore, distorts the truth.

He hath blinded their eyes, and hardned their heart, that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.

- John 12:40, King James Version (1611)

15. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

16. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17. Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

20. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Matthew 7 - King James Version (KJV)

Osho - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ashram gate with an equilateral triangle turned upside down - symbol of Satanism

Osho - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ashram gate with an equilateral triangle turned upside down - a symbol of Satanism and Underworld, and also of the material world - the belly.

A strange symbol to chose for those, following the path of "enlightenment". The dot in the middle of the triangle is the same as the eye of Lucifer on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill, where top triangle is separated from the rest of the pyramid symbolizing the "ruling elite", known as Venerian (planet Venus) "power line" - the representatives of the "group soul Lucifer" - true "rulers" of the planet Earth.

Star of David and an equilateral triangle

Kabbalistic tetragram - "Solomon's seal" and at the same time the state seal of the World Freemasonry.

It represents the introduction of the negative aspect and seduction of Eve in the Garden of Eden, symbolized by the downward pointing triangle, the meaning of which is denial.

The upward pointing triangle represents the hierarchy of The One, The Creator, known as God, The Father in the New Testament. It is a process of merging all, starting from the base, where the majority of "regular" people are, into ONE at the top, which is God. Out of many becomes The One. It is the process of learning and growth of Intelligence.

The downward pointing triangle symbolizes the negative aspect, introduced by Lucifer as a result of his rebellion (Urantia Book and New Testament) and denial of "The Father", The One, The Creator. It is alleged that turning things upside down, denials and lies ultimately brings the world domination and control of the material world and over the planet, just as promised to "god chosen" people in Deuteronomy and Talmud. Today, its name is the NWO (New World Order).

Thus, the tetragram, from the standpoint of negative aspect, is the complete representation of existence, combining the "positive" and the "negative" aspects as two necessary and opposite polarities of existence. Thus, the Dialectic Materialism of Karl Marx and modern binary logic used in computers, where everything is represented by only two values, "true" and "false", thus removing the infinite variety of colors in a rainbow and reducing Life itself into "black" and "white".

This is a foundation of Fascism and of the "elite" and the "slaves". Thus, Theory of Evolution of Charles Darwin and a "superman" ideology of Frederich Nietzsche, which was adopted by Chandra Mohan with his ideology of a "new man" and classification of his disciples as "true elite" of the world, an ideology of totalitarian dictate, in which Chandra Mohan denies the existence of God and replaces Him with his own image, as the "ultimate" expression of human consciousness, represented by the idea of "enlightenment" borrowed from the Eastern systems of "transcendence of the material world of illusion" and attainment of the "ultimate" state of consciousness, called seedless samadhi or nirvana in Indian systems - the state of ultimate and immeasurable bliss of "arriving to the other shore".

There are two varieties of the same seal, sort of medium and small seals of Freemasonry. The medium seal is depicted as two overlapping equilateral triangles, the so-called six-pointed star of David. The small seal is an equilateral triangle directed top down. It reflects one of the major principles of Satanism - turning things upside down.

The triangle pointing downward also symbolizes "the material" - the belly, as being the ruling aspect of existence. Later on it became the foundation of Dialectic Materialism of Karl Marx and Theory of Evolution of Charles Darwin, both created per order of Rothschilds - worshippers of Lucifer as true "god" of this planet, known as "the fallen angel of light" in the Christian Scriptures, and symbolized as "the morning star" in Freemasonry.

Thus, darkness of the "negative approach" of evil is presented as "light" of "liberation" and "salvation of mankind" from the "dark ages", caused by the absence of Free Choice and Free Will in the world of Yahweh, as presented by the "Hidden Hand" and in the "Revelations of the Insiders", who classify themselves as a "group soul" Lucifer, the "ruling" family over the planet Earth.

So, these are the major things that will be discussed in this book in as complete of a way as possible, with plenty of citations.

Then it goes:

Chandra Mohan showing a "Neronic cross" or "reverse broken cross" Satanic hand sign

Chandra Mohan showing a "Neronic cross" Satanic hand sign signifying death of man. This symbol is known as Teutonic rune of death.

"Known as the 'peace sign' throughout the 1960's and into the present day, this symbol is the Teutonic rune of death.

"V" is the Roman sign for the number five and Adam Weishaupt used it in the Illuminati to symbolise the "Law of Fives", but there's more. In the Cabala:

"the meaning for the Hebrew letter for V (Van) is 'Nail.' Now, 'The Nail' is one of the secret titles of Satan within the Brotherhood of Satanism.

Satan is letting us know that this is one of his favourite signs. Why else does he like the PENTA-gram (Penta = five!) and the FIVE-fold salute used in Masonry and Witchcraft?"

"Throughout the last 2,000 years this symbol has designated hatred of Christians. Nero, who despised Christians, crucified the Apostle Peter on a cross head downward. This hideous event resembled the Teutonic cross and became a popular pagan insignia of the day. Thereafter, this sign became known as the 'Neronic cross.'

"The symbol's origin in history proves it to be the visual mystic character for 'Aum' (the split 'Y'). This is the sacred word to the Hindu. Chanting 'Aum' is supposed to help awaken 'the serpent power of Brahma' at the base of the human spine. Occultist Albert Pike also identifies this symbol as mystical in his book on Freemasonry Morals and Dogma.

The peace symbol (also called the "broken cross," "crow's foot," "witch's foot," "Nero Cross", "sign of the 'broken Jew,'" and the "symbol of the 'anti-Christ'") is actually a cross with the arms broken. It also signifies the "gesture of despair," and the "death of man.''

"In fact, the inverted 'Man-rune'--the figure encircled in the common sign which the Communists tell us means 'peace' - has for centuries been a favourite sign of Satanists."

"It is an ancient and powerful symbol of Antichrist. During the dark ages it was used in Druid Witchcraft and by Satanists of all sorts during the initiation of a new member to their order. They would draw the magic circle and give the initiate a cross. The initiate would then lift the cross and turn it upside down. He would then renounce Christianity in all three dimensions (sic) of time (past, present and future) and break the horizontal pieces downward forming the design of the 'Raven's Foot.'

This ugly symbol is nothing short of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. For one to wear or display this symbol is to announce either knowingly or unknowingly that you have rejected Christ. Remember, symbolism is a picture language, and a picture is worth a thousand words.''

The Peace Sign and Satanism

Satanic hand signs

New World Order - Baphomet - "Nero Cross" - symbol of the 'anti-Christ'

Baphomet - fingers on the right hand - symbol of the 'anti-Christ'.


Boris Yeltsin showing a "Neronic cross" or "reverse broken cross" Satanic hand sign

Boris Yeltsin of Russia, the Illuminati/ZioNazi puppet that destroyed Russia

What can I say? The same smile, the same subconscious use of Satanic symbology. "They know not what they are doing".

The most grandiose funeral in the entire history of Russia was organized by ZioNazis for him. There has been no Tsar in the entire history who was buried with such honors. The budget for that operation was of a staggering magnitude. It was televised and promoted full time on all the channels of media for several hours and days. Just the TV budget to promote it was beyond belief.

And that is after he was totally disgraced in the eyes of people and had to abandon his presidential post in the middle of his second term. According to what kind of miracle the traitor of his land, who ought to be judged and punished for treason, just like that other traitor Gorbachev, and quite a few co-conspirators, instead, he receives the most grandiose send-off with full military honors?

There has never been, in the entire history of mankind, a destruction of such a powerful empire like Russia in such a short time. And WHO gets a credit? Well, Chabad Lubavitch ZioNazi sect, called Chabad Mafia by the most prominent rabbis even in Israel itself.

This is just a warning to you all. Remember it well.

Chabad rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh showing the Satanic hand sign

Chabad rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh showing the Satanic horned hand sign - Mano Cornuto

"If a Jew needs a kidney, is it allowed, in order to save his life, to take the kidney from a Goy (non-Jew), passing by, even if he is not guilty of anything?

In my opinion, Torah allows it.

The life of a Jew is priceless"

-- Chabad Lubavitcher rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

See: Quotes by Chabad leaders

Also: Quotes by Rabbis


Prince William said to become "the ruler" showing "Mano Cornuto" Satanic hand sign

Prince William showing the Satanic horned hand sign - Mano Cornuto

Remeber this face - he is said to become the "ruler" of the Earth, taking a seat in Lucifer's throne of NWO in Jerusalem.

Prince William The Lamb

Official Antichrist communication Buckingham Palace on May 31, 2004 released photo of Prince William and lamb (Lamb of 'God' symbol) holding lamb's hind cloven hoof (Baphomet symbol).

Prince William is the Antichrist ... Future King of One World Government.


Thus Spake Mahasattva Anand Veeren


It is I who is going to have the last laugh

"... I always want to say the last word myself. Even in my grave I will sit up and say, "Okay, close it." If it is a funeral... but if it is done as it is in India, I will say, "Okay, start the fire!"

"But I want to have the last word.

If you bug me I can be terrible.

"It is I who is going to have the last laugh."

Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1984 00:00:00 GMT
Book Title: Osho - Notes of a Madman
Chapter #: 1

Note: this book was dictated under influence of nitrogen oxide administered by Swami Devageet.


A: ... "Fuck you."

Dhammapada, Volume 2, chapter 6


How do we know you are who you say you are?


Mahasattva Anand Veeren

Not good enough? You want to see some paper? - No problem.

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Certificate logo

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Certificate logo

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Title Certificate issued to Mahasattva Anand Veeren (Viren), Acharya

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) Certificate Title information.

Please remember one thing: anyone who does not have such a certificate, has no authority to represent Osho - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, nor to make any claims they continue his work. They can only do it in their own names. This specifically applies to "Osho Rajneesh", who calls himself an "enlightened master", and all those of his kind.


A public statement by Mahasattva Anand Veeren, Acharya

What is the "inner circle"


First, and foremost, do not take ANYTHING written here for granted and do not accept any of it on blind faith. This book is nothing more than a stimuli for you to look at things from a different angle.

You may consider it an entertainment, a theatre of roles and forces that are at play on the grand stage of Life. And it is also a warning to you all as to what may happen if you blindly accept what they tell you in some "spiritual school". You will be presented with plenty of citations which you may verify if you wish. And I can assure you, some things will shock you and shake your very roots if you are ready and willing to see That Which Is - The Truth, even though it has been said: The Truth can not be spoken.

In 2010 I accidentally came across a few things that were going on around Chandra Mohan - "Osho" or his name and I could not believe how insane the whole thing had become. It looked like an ugliest form of a cult, and what was being taught or preached in his name was pure grade garbage, manipulation and lies. And some of it looked so obvious to me that I simply could not believe my own eyes. How could this be that they are feeding you all this garbage and you do not even see it for what it is?

As a result, I decided to look into some things and the more I looked the more obvious it was that this poisoning can not go on. So, I decided to do what I can to level the whole thing to the ground. Because it simply lead people astray and deluded them with all sorts of religiously looking nonsense. And some of it was of an outrageous kind and was full of utter lies and manipulation and you will have plenty of opportunities to look at it and decide for yourself.

So, some things in this book are of negative nature. When you read it, try not to get affected in a negative way. Just stay aloof. You don't have to get emotionally involved. But precisely that information may be vital for all those, who are affected by Chandra Mohan the most and who are left uprooted. Plenty of people were left in a state of confusion and hopelessness as a result of of all sorts of ugliness and destruction done to them in his name. This may be the kind of book that may help to brake their chains and clarify many things for them.

Unfortunately, not many people took their time to investigate what he said on all sorts of issues and accepted whatever he said on faith, and it is understandable. Because he produced so much information that it is overwhelming. You would have to spend a tremendous amount of time if you decided to verify any of it, and most of it could not be verified even in principle. Because the issues of consciousness and Truth can only be verified if you "have eyes to see". And on a "religious" path, one has a tendency to trust, which could be used as a trap as you can see with most religions or cults. People are simply trapped and manipulated and their minds are stuffed with all sorts of myths and lies in the name of Truth or God.

The whole thing looked like a desperate situation where many people were being deluded into believing all sorts of things that are not true and can not possibly be true. And some of it is so subtle that you are pretty much guaranteed to "fall into a ditch". Because very little of those "advanced" concepts of Chandra Mohan could be verified. The most subtle and most fundamental laws of Life and Intelligence are so illusive that they can hardly be recognized and very little of it can be verified unless you stand on a firm ground in the roots of your being.

So. My humble friends and seekers of all kinds, look, I am not here to tell you any "truth" or teach you what is what or who is who. I do not make any claims to be "enlightened" or accept any "disciples". I do not conduct "therapies", "meditation" or zombification sessions. I do not charge a penny for what I have done and I have done more than most of them combined, just to be blunt.

I am simply telling you how I see it. But you need to verify it for yourselves, and I will go out of my way to make sure it is as simple and as clear and as detailed as I can manage. That is all I can do.

You might want to take a look at this book:

Nirvana and enlightenment - The Law Of One: Book I

There are some things in it that may help you to get a more complete picture on what we are dealing with here. For example:

Ra: I am Ra. The proper role of the entity is in this density to experience all things desired, to then analyze, understand, and accept these experiences, distilling from them the love/light within them. Nothing shall be overcome. That which is not needed falls away.

The orientation develops due to analysis of desire. These desires become more and more distorted towards conscious application of love/light as the entity furnishes itself with distilled experience.

We have found it to be inappropriate in the extreme to encourage the overcoming of any desires, except to suggest the imagination rather than the carrying out in the physical plane, as you call it, of those desires not consonant with the Law of One, thus preserving the primal distortion of free will.

The reason it is unwise to overcome is that overcoming is an unbalanced action creating difficulties in balancing in the time/space continuum. Overcoming, thus, creates the further environment for holding on to that which apparently has been overcome.

All things are acceptable in the proper time for each entity, and in experiencing, in understanding, in accepting, in then sharing with other-selves, the appropriate distortion shall be moving away from distortions of one kind to distortions of another which may be more consonant with the Law of One.

It is, shall we say, a shortcut to simply ignore or overcome any desire. It must instead be understood and accepted. This takes patience and experience which can be analyzed with care, with compassion for self and for other-self.


This is strange. Years have passed since the original writing of this book and no thought even passed my mind about guilt. And, all of a sudden, on Sept. 2, 2013, - boom!

This idea started knocking on my door early today. But it is too complex of an issue to discuss, or even to attempt to discuss. But when it came, it came with a framework, the basic outline. So, in a certain way it was complete and undeniable. Nevertheless, I tried to "forget about it" and went about my day.

And, all of a sudden, boom. Again. It is knocking at the door. So, fine, let us look at it.

First of all, guilt, unlike anything in this world, is probably the most powerful thing of all, strange as it is. Just look around: what most people are doing all day long and their entire lives? Well, manipulating GUILT! Can you imagine this?

For what? - EXCLUSIVELY to control and dominate and to impose THEIR world view on YOU. Simple as that.

The whole world is manipulated by guilt, the whole nations engage in guilt manipulation morning to night accusing other nations of all sorts of things. Your lives are ruled by guilt mostly, or at least to a large degree.

Guilt is EVERYWHERE! There is more guilt in this world than anything else. Just look around and look inside. But why is it so powerful and so all-pervasive? How much Love there is in the world compared to guilt? How much compassion and understanding is there compared to guilt? How much clarity is there compared to guilt? And we can go on and on, and the end result will be "guilt RULES"! How could this be?

If there is such a thing as "original sin", or "fall from grace", then there is such a thing as the "original poison", and that is GUILT! Poison that poisoned humanity unlike anything else. Because is it not constructive in nature. It is DESTRUCTIVE. Its very purpose is to destroy your integrity as a Human Being.

What is this struggle of "me vs. you"? Well, it is GUILT based! How could this be? Well, nearly everyone you know is doing what in relation to you? - Projecting GUILT! They are trying to oppose your ego to theirs by trying to "prove" that you are "guilty" of something.

You SHOULD have done something they expect you to do according to their understanding. But what does it have to do with YOU, as far as YOU are concerned? - Well, nothing much. You simply do not fulfill all sorts of their expectations as far as "what is the RIGHT thing to do", and even worse, they do not even have particular expectations, they simply try to manipulate you into submission and are trying "to get on the top of you" in order to control you, in order to dominate you, in order to prove to themselves that they are "higher" than you. And even that is not quite complete.

But what is the nature of guilt and where did it come from?

First of all, you are not guilty of ANYTHING, no matter what you have done or doing. How could this be?

Guilt is a matter of CONTROL and DOMINATION of others. Otherwise it has no productive or creative purpose. Guilt manipulation is the oldest game in the history of man. What happens to you when you feel guilty? Does it help you to SEE something MORE clearly? - Nope. Does it help you to understand the situation more deeply? - Nope. Does it help you to solve some problem? - Nope. And we can continue this list and the answer will be the same - NOPE!

So, how come it is so powerful that it not only rules your own life and life of others, but it even rules the worlds - the politics, the international affairs, the business and the rest of it?

What does it mean "you are guilty of"? Does it mean you should have done something other then what you have done? Well, they say so when they throw this charge at you, but they are not even interested in you doing the "right thing". They are simply interested in MANIPULATING you into submission, into showing you their "superiority" over you and your "inferiority" compared to them.

Why are you not guilty of anything, at least as long as you do not hurt others and do not do some nasty things to them in full knowledge of what you are doing?

- Well, because there is no one there but you to harvest the fruits of your deeds. Whatever you have done, you have done to YOURSELF, even though you might have done something to others. Because "at the end", all that counts is YOU. Not that you are the most important thing in the world, by ANY means. But the "final examination" you are going to have is in front of YOU, looking at yourself and asking: "in what respect do you think the things you have done are justifiable from the standpoint of GROWTH of your Being, growth of your consciousness, of your awareness"?

It is utterly irrelevant how others "judge" you or misjudge you. "What counts at the end" is YOU. There is only you and Truth, with all due respect to the rest of it.

Guilt does not help to solve some problem, if there is any to begin with. It simply constricts your energy, shrinks your being, puts you on defensive and blinds you with fear of some "reprisal" from whatever, be it the law of Karma itself.

Fear and guilt. This is how the world is ruled to a large extent. Both ugly and most negative forms of energy created originally for the purpose of controlling the world as is recorded in Torah and the Talmud that are the original recipes of world domination. It has nothing to do with rectifying some situation or improving upon something. It is created by the parasites so they could milk you, control you and dominate you.

Guilt and fear are some of the most potent tools in the satanist' toolbox of world domination and submission of all and roots of it lie in the "negative approach" allegedly introduced by Lucifer as described for example in the "Revelations of the Insider" from the "Hidden Hand".

Guilt is an artificial method to control, dominate and oppress.

Yes, there is an evaluation, or rather SEEING aspect of what may look like guilt, out of which you learn not to hurt others or do some nasty things without consideration of the point of view or interests of others. If you do something nasty, sometimes you may be able to look at the situation from the standpoint of those who were on a receiving end and you might feel that hurt they have experienced as a result of your nasty deed. And then the realization comes: why did I have to do it? It was utterly unnecessary. It could be my own "fear of survival" or my own insensitivity and disregard for others, or an attempt to "prove myself", my "power" over them and so on.

From the standpoint of your growth, the only thing that matters is your SEEING, seeing the very essence of Life, the very Laws with the help of which the Life can continue to go on and has directions and dimensions to expand and enlarge into.

You are "guilty" only to yourself and that "guilt" consists of you not being honest, sincere and trusting enough to stand for something that creates harmony and facilitates Life as such. May be you have done something out of fear, be it "fear of survival" itself, not trusting yourself and Life as such, or simply being lazy to investigate, or had not enough courage and Trust towards Life.

Guilt is a poison to your being. It constricts you and does not help you to find some creative solution.

Those, who manipulate your guilt are not your friends and their purpose is not to help you in any way and not even to make you realize something. But to control you, to get on the top of you, and you can see this nearly everywhere you look.

You are "responsible" ONLY to YOURSELF and Life as such. There is no "judge" there to judge you but yourself. There is no one to "punish" you but yourself for your misunderstanding and blindness.

And even if you realize that you have done something that hurts others and does not promote Life and Harmony, what can guilt help beyond constricting your energy and lowering your evaluation as to how valid you are as a human being?

It is not via guilt you can grow. It is through your awareness and SEEING. Via guilt you can only get lower and lower. Condemning yourself, even from your own realization, achieves nothing productive.

So, whenever someone projects guilt on you or you yourself do it to others, ask a simple question: what do you need it for?

Death is the ultimate orgasm

Keep this in mind when you read this book. Chandra Mohan spoke about death in 3343 out of about 4000 of his lectures. That is in over 80% of his lectures. Why? What is the obsession? Is death something so significant that he had to talk about it in vast majority of his lectures? Strange.

From the standpoint of reincarnation, "death" is nothing more than changing the camouflage of your soul before selection of the next shape or form to experience a different set of aspects. There is no such a thing as "death" in Existence. It is nothing more than changing forms to enlarge the experience of the Soul, the Essence of an entity. It is like in a theater at the end of the act. The curtain closes, the stage set is changed and then the next act begins.

He basically called death "the ultimate orgasm". You can see it for yourself:

Search: Death

Just one quote before we begin. Keep that in mind.

A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest

We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest. Thus, they are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants.

Your people never realize that we offer them only worthless baubles that can not bring fulfillment. They procure one and consume it and are not filled. They procure one and consume it and are not filled. We present another.

A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest

(from "The Hidden Tyranny", the Interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal.)

It would not be such a bad idea to read that interview before you even read this book. Because that will put quite a few things into proper perspective, as that is what we are going to be dealing with here - the roots of Satanism and the "negative" approach of self-serving versus the "positive" approach of service to others and Life as such, and recognition that "we are all one and undivided by any kind of illusion", just as stated in the Ra Material.

Ra Material - The Law Of One: Book I


One thing I'd like to address right at the top is that Chandra Mohan, who called himself "Osho", was obsessed with the idea of communism which is evidenced by his "commune" in Oregon, a "grand" experiment to create a "new man", a kind of "paradise on Earth without God".

That "commune" operated exactly according to principles of communism outlined by Karl Marx (Mordechai Levy, Mardochai Levi), a Jew and a "lucid Talmudist".

Karl Marx was born into a progressive Jewish family in Prussian Trier (now in Germany). His father Herschel, descending from a long line of rabbis, was a lawyer and his brother Samuel was - like many of his ancestors - chief rabbi of Trier.

The family name was originally "Marx Levi", which derives from the old Jewish surname Mardochai. In 1817 Heinrich Marx converted to the Prussian state religion of Lutheranism to keep his position as a lawyer, which he had gained under the Napoleonic regime.

"The Rulers of Russia, then, are Jewish Politicians, and they are applying to the world the doctrine of Karl Marx (Mordechai Levy).

Marx, was a clear and lucid Talmudist... full of that old Hebrew (sic) materialism which ever dreams of a paradise on earth and always rejects the hope held out of the chance of a Garden of Eden after Death."

(Bernard Lazare, L'antisemitisme, p. 346; The Rulers of Russia, Denis Fahey, p. 47)

Please note that Karl Marx and his theories, including the idea of communism and revolutions, was a project of Lucifer worshippers - Rothschilds, who financed him, in order to promote their agenda of world domination, just as promised to "god chosen people" in Deuteronomy and other "scriptures", as expressed in the concept of the NWO (New Wold Order). So, the very roots of the communism lay in the Talmud. Marx was nothing more than a puppet in their hands to provide the "scientific" foundation for the NWO groundwork.

The ideas of world domination were expressed in the concept of "dictatorship of the proletariat" of Karl Marx, which is a lie. Because there is no and can not possibly be such a thing as "dictatorship of the proletariat", which is plain hard working people. Dictatorship may be imposed ONLY by the "rulers", not workers.

World Domination 401

When death approached, old Amschel Rothschild called together his children, in Frankfort, and having read the satanic Talmud, he proclaimed:

"Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us, Jews, and that the Gentiles being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing".

Explaining this, Amschel compelled them to swear most solemnly that they would always stick to one another and never undertake anything separately. This they did and it was repeated on Amschel's grave twenty-four years later, when Nathan for material reasons consented to become a "Christian" and "suddenly" died ...

Secret World Government by Cherep-Spiridovich

The NWO Agenda

Chandra Mohan also advocated the idea of the "borderless world", which is exactly the same idea as the NWO.

What is interesting here is that if you accept "Osho", you'd have to accept the NWO agenda. Because this is essentially what he taught. Most points are the same.

And you'd have to also accept that you are nothing more than an animal, or even worse - feces, or "useless eaters" as they classify most of you. Chandra Mohan's doctrine is a bit more intricate even though he also considers you nothing more than unconscious entities, even though he does not openly call you animals of feces, at least blatantly, even though he does, only on a subtle level.

One of the biggest lies of Chandra Mohan is that you as you are virtually have no chance to find your own way in life and come to a state where Life "makes sense" and things reconcile, unless you become "enlightened". And without a "master" you are doomed to oblivion. Only a "master" can "help" you to become someone possessing "superconsciousness", which is quite a subject in itself. Otherwise, you have no chance to "solve" your own "problems" and achieve that state of SEEING.

These are some of the most potent lies he produced as they deny your own validity and Intelligence inherent within every single one of you to learn and SEE the ultimate meaning of life if there is any to begin with. Those lies make you dependent on him and literally disable your own intelligence which you posses no matter what you might think. That intelligence is inherent in you down to the smallest cell in your body.

And once you accept the position that you as you are are nothing but some blind fool, according to Chandra Mohan teachings, and no different than an animal, according to the NWO doctrine, and you simply have to, as you have no choice, then you have to accept that ANY of you may be simply killed as some useless biorobots, taking up some space, consuming the resources and producing nothing more than stink, unless you can be exploited "for the good of the empire" of NWO.

Thus, the "herd" needs to be "thinned out" once in a while, and so you see all these utterly senseless and utterly destructive wars, revolutions and "regime changes". And so you see these "reduction of population" programs, seemingly for the benefit of mankind as such. Interestingly enough, the queen Elisabeth II has recently announced her commitment to reduction of population to one billion people. Can you imagine the scale? And HOW are they going to do it?

Interestingly enough, the biggest chain of concentration camps in the entire history of mankind, able to contain more than a million people, has already been built in the USA under the guise of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and millions of caskets for the corpses have already been manufactured as per order of the same FEMA. What do you think is next in the "agenda"?

A list of about a million of people has already been compiled. It is called "the red list", the list of those to be exterminated first. Then they have the "yellow list" of "useless eaters" to be exterminated next.

And you also have to accept that you will be zombified and you will have to submit to the overruling doctrine, and more than that - to take an oath to serve Lucifer, that "wolf in sheep's clothes", who will be presented as the "savior of mankind". Or do you think this is some kind of bad joke? What happened to your minds? Whose words did you accept without even looking at it while listening to their promises of "freedom and democracy" and "bright future of mankind", do you know?

Basically, the NWO is an extreme, or rather the extremist version of the "negative", self-serving approach of the Luciferian doctrine, commonly known as satanism, literally. It is a doctrine of "elitism" of "god chosen people" who are given the right by their birth to rule and dominate others and to parasite on the fruits of their labor. All others are to slave away and serve this "elite". Interestingly enough, Chandra Mohan also called "his people" the "elite", and he also had a concept of the "inner circle", just like the Illuminati.

According to Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati secret society of world conquest, the goals of the NWO are:

  • Abolition of all ordered governments.
  • Abolition of private property.
  • Abolition of inheritance.
  • Abolition of patriotism.
  • Abolition of the family.
  • Abolition of religion.
  • Creation of world government.

Now, at Chandra Mohan's commune there was no such a notion as a family, no money and no such a thing as personal property. But, the only one who swam in luxury was that very "leader", Chandra Mohan. He had his own "Olympic size swimming pool" and his own fleet of Rolls Royces and extensive collection of diamond watches.

The SAME EXACT idea as a "world ruler", a servant of Lucifer, sitting on his throne and ruling the world with absolute and unquestionable power and god-like authority.

You could not question ANYTHING Chandra Mohan did or said. The very idea was beyond comprehension as he was considered to be infallible, "the greatest master ever". About the ONLY thing you were allowed, is to ask what is to be done and where and how you are stupid so he could "fix" your "misunderstandings" and correct your "wrong" ideas, so you could finally attain that sweet fruit of enlightenment, which is exactly the same thing as what the Illuminati ideology states, which is exactly the same thing as obediently following the Talmudic "laws", without questioning, which is exactly the same thing as Luciferianism - worshipping "the fallen angel of light", all of which is precisely the same ideology of total control and domination over the "herd", down to the last dot and comma. Or is it not?

Communism is exactly the model of the NWO

Chandra Mohan has spent several years on extensive study of Communism. According to him, he had a complete library on it, and there wasn't a single book of any significance that he did not have in his collection as he stated on record.

And Communism is exactly the model of the NWO and it comes directly from the Talmudism, from ancient times, and his idea of a "commune" is exactly the same thing as Jewish ghettos - a self-imposed isolationism for the purposes of control and domination over the herd. Communism and "permanent revolutions" are the central concepts in this entire doctrine of most profound evil, that looks like some "ultimate reality", and those revolutions are to happen until the Prophecies of Torah are fulfilled and a servant of Lucifer finally takes his place on a throne in the Third Temple to rule the earth as a single superstate.

The model of hell on earth that is, or the same exact thing as Christians call "the paradise on Earth without God".

Osho - Porno Avatar

At his commune, there was no such a thing as family, EXACTLY the NWO agenda. Just go screw with anyone you meet on the streets and that is the end of it. That is why he was called "a porno Avatar" by UG Krishnamurti.

And destruction of family is one of the central principles to uproot you so you never learn real love and real friendship, as that is where you learn it first, unless your family is pretty sick, which, unfortunately, we can see everywhere nowadays. And precisely because of this very agenda of destruction of family, that has been advocated for hundreds of years from all the channels of media and communications, nowadays they are zombifying you with the idea that a family is something "outdated". So you have no roots left.

All these "sexual freedoms" and "non-conventional sexual orientation" are exactly designed to uproot you by destroying your family institutions. This is done primarily for the population reduction purposes of the NWO agenda. That is why you see so much promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism, which are even legalized by now in some states. Because in such "families" there will be no children born. That is why you see it everywhere you look. It has NOTHING to do with "freedom of choice" as they peddle it.

He has spent an immense amount of time trying to destroy all the religions, just like the NWO plan states. He has mentioned Jesus in half of his lectures. About 2500 lectures mentioned Jesus. Initially, he praised Jesus as someone "enlightened", but at the end he viciously, yes, viciously, attacked the same Jesus, and not only Jesus but virtually all those masters before him.

And we can go on for a while like this. And the bottom line is that his program was EXACTLY what the NWO is. His grand experiment to create his commune is EXACTLY in the benefit of the NWO agenda.

All others simply slaved away 12 hours a day not getting paid a penny and not owning anything.

And the reason I claim it all happened is because he did not have a real life, forever being alone from his early childhood, never playing with other children and experiencing the genuine joy and appreciation of life.

As a result, he could not relate to other people in any other way but to give the orders and instructions. He could not even conceive of an idea of being equal or a friend to anyone. He simply could not do it as he never learned it. And he stated it on record very clearly by saying HIS word is to be the final one, and if someone "bugs" him, he could be TERRIBLE, just like the totalitarian dictators of Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler's kind. Not only that, but he had guts to call Jesus a "megalomaniac", "fascist", "psychotic" and "schizophrenic", while previously calling him "enlightened".

His work was destruction of everything

His work was destruction of everything and that is what he forever did, criticizing and "exposing" everything under the Sun and mostly religions. He did address all sorts of religious corruption, political corruption, corruption in power structures and government, and the rest of it. And indeed, much garbage was accumulated in the name of religions and much violence was done by all those religious politicians as that is who they really are. Very few of them believe a single word they are saying.

Yes, religious fanaticism is all pervasive. But the issue is not the religions as such. You can find the same thing happening in any area of human activity.

And my effort is to try to show that it leads you nowhere else but hell, which is confusion inside of you, which is bound to create the distortions and represent the unreal as real and a lie as Truth. That is what hell is to me.

So, Chandra Mohan shows you all the garbage in your mind, you have been programmed with, and what I am interested in is to show that you can not throw a baby with the bathwater. Else you are doomed. And it is to show that all these flashy and blindingly bright concepts are exactly the same thing as Jesus said: they blind your eyes with seeming light, but the roots of that "light" is evil (not a literal quote).

And when I say "Jesus" it does not mean what you might imply. It means the ESSENCE that stood behind him. There is no direct historical evidence of him existing. But SOME of those things that were said in his name can be verified to be valid. The simplicity of the message remains uncorrupted regardless of who or what stood behind creation of it in the books.

So, the circumstantial evidence exists directly in the New Testament and his argumentation with Pharisees, who were not able to defeat his arguments even once, and to this day. Furthermore, the compelling Truth of his parables and their simplicity is self-evident. Moreover, with him, the most fundamental conceptual change took place - the replacement of ideas of violence and revenge with the ideas of Love. No one was able to express that message like Him in the entire history of mankind with all due respect to all others.

And it is to show you the Chandra Mohan's never ending lies and cowardice. Because he has never once spoken of the most significant issues facing the world, such as the Illuminati and that "hidden hand" that rules the world for at least 300 years now.

And probably the worst crime of his was to run away from Oregon and abandon "his people", like a coward, instead of staying to the end, just like Jesus showed you with his life. And the miracle is, he still could not run away. But what he COULD do instead is to make a public statement before his people and explain why does he want to go away from it all. Just running away in secrecy, like a thief can only achieve discreditation, doubts and confusion. If he has done nothing, why should he try to run away from his own creation? Is it what honest and courageous people do, not even mentioning the enlightened ones?

And if you still can not see it, well, at least I tried.

And I will try to PROVE those things with exact quotes and references for you to do any further study in case it is still not clear enough. What I am saying is not just some theories, and if you do find some things that look like a theory, no need to even bother. Just skip it and go on to the next thing. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. But the "messages" still remains.

When I did some review of what is going on with all this "Osho" trip, my hairs rose. I could not believe my eyes, so corrupt it looked to me. So, what am I to do? Just say: well, screw them, "they get what they deserve"? Sorry, this is not my way. Can not be done even if I wanted to, and there are reasons for me even to be alive, and those reasons are beyond my individual trips.

There are also other things at work here.

Walking on thin ice

The problem with all this "enlightenment" stuff and all this "no-mind" trip is that it is very easy to "fall into a ditch" with it and waste the rest of your lives chasing carrots of all kinds, none of which you can possibly reach. And you can not afford it from what I see. Not now. Now the game is totally different. We are past that point of "new age" and that "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" delusion.

It is like walking on thin ice. One wrong step is all it takes.

This work is actually a research and investigation with plenty of quotes and citations. Once I have done all that needed to be done to benefit whatever "message" he had, and seeing things of utter disgust propagated in his name nearly everywhere I looked, the same exact religious fanaticism and parasitism, and the same lies, I have decided: and now it is time to get to the bottom of it, and once I make such a decision I do not leave a single stone unturned. That is the way I like it.

And now you have access to his word as easily as it gets. All you have to do is to push the link below and enter any question you have and the rest is up to you. There are no ads, no pretty pictures, no fancy looking pages and no pipe dreams or flashy effects. There are no logins, no passwords, no requirements to register or provide ANY of your private information. You simply enter the REAL world of Osho, and that is all I can do for you.

I can guarantee you one thing, if you read this book to the end, if you have enough patience that is, there is no way you may be deluded or blinded by anything. And if you still have your faith in Osho, it will only be strengthened and matured. Because Truth can not be corrupted, no matter what anybody says. It is simply impossible. What will remain in the end is "That Which Is", which is also known as Tattvartha sutra, the very essence of Jain religion of India, which Osho borrowed from them in his definition of Truth, just like most of what he told you. Do not forget this.

My last word is: if you decide to go back to this book and read it again, save it on your computer because the nature of evil is destruction and it always makes its move. This is simply inevitable.


What is Truth? Is there such a thing? Truth is one of the most illusive notions there is. Chandra Mohan used a Jain definition - That Which Is. Well, sounds deep, but what does it mean?

My own understanding is that reality is multi-dimensional. There exists an infinite number of points of view and ways to look at anything. So, strictly speaking, truth may be asserted when you look at something in very limited context, depending on what you are trying to achieve or what are you trying to see. But then it can not be called truth because you simply artificially isolated a limited set of events or objects and have cut them off from the infinite Whole. In a largest sense, you can not ever define Truth regardless of whether you are a "master", "enlightened" or anybody. Nor you can speak truth because words are way too limiting, even if you "knew" it. How can you describe a song? Sure, you can try, but all it is is distortion and limitations of all kinds.

Basically, the way I see it, Truth is that which is ultimately valid, undeniably there, no matter who you are and what you are trying to look at. Thus the definition of That Which IS. One thing we all know - there is life. Does it come from somewhere? How did it come to be? All the "theories" you know, such as "theory of evolution" are fakes as far as I can see. They are nothing but lies and concoctions invented for particular purpose, and that purpose is to control and dominate you, leading you away by claiming that all of it is a result of some random process, utterly unconscious and utterly without any reason.

But if you DENY Truth, well, not very smart I'd say.

And that is all I can tell you.

What is mind?

This is one of the central points in this "enlightenment" trip - the concept of "no mind". And all sorts of religious parasites and inferiority driven idiots or fools and all sorts of con-men made lots of money and built "careers" and "spiritual empires" exploiting this idea of "no mind". And many people have fallen victims to their sticky traps, accepting something inherently absurd as some kind of "ultimate reality", which in itself is bluff at best. Because there isn't such a thing.

So, what is mind? How can you understand what is "NO mind", if you don't know what is mind?

Well, if you are in the mood for some "wild" ideas, you can read this Short essay on nature of the mind.

There is one interesting hint provided in the book of Chandra Mohan named "Bodhidharma The Greatest Zen Master". And it had quite a shocking statement about the mind. It basically said that whatever you think, perceive or imagine, or think yourself to be, - it is all mind! Chandra Mohan went berserk trying to disprove it, discredit it or humiliate and insult the author of those words, that allegedly belong to Bodhidharma himself. But he failed in his complicated attempt to discredit it. Because he did not really present his substantive argument about it.

Here is a quote from that book:








A pilgrimage to your own being
(Bodhidharma The Greatest Zen Master)

Chandra Mohan goes as far as to say:

... wherever in these sutras you find the word 'mind', a meditator would put just its opposite, 'no-mind'.

Sorry, but this is below the belt. You can not do such things. "Yes" can not become "No". It is too much of a stretch.

And the shocking consequence of it is that the very concept of "no mind", therefore, is invalid. There is no such a thing.

Let us take a quick look at that.

Again, what is mind? Well, a mind is not only a plain thought process. Like there is a thought, and there is state of "no thought", the absence of thought, or "no mind". Because it is much more complex than that.

Mind is probably the most complex concept there is. Because it has many aspects. There is an idle mind, which is the most common manifestation of the mind. It simply means that you always "think" about something. Basically, even as you walk on the street, seemingly doing nothing, you mind keeps chattering. Most of the times it does not even have anything to do with you walking and seeing something or hearing something. The chatter may be your past memories, your worries, your expectations, the analysis of some situation, and ad infinitum.

And it is not an ACTIVE process in a sense that you are not necessarily trying to solve some problem. But it is basically totally passive. You do not necessarily even realize that you are "thinking" and that thinking is not meant to solve something. It just "keeps you busy" without any purpose, at least as it seems. And yet there IS a purpose in it.

Because it is basically reevaluating your past and enumerating your past experiences and in that process it may suddenly find some "solutions", or at least take a look at something that happened in the past, or projection into probable future, be it even some fear of something, even without your effort. So it is not that entirely "useless" as a plain grinding procedure.

The thing is, in order for you to resolve some issue or misunderstanding, you, most likely, need to look at it from all possible angles, even repeating some aspects again and again and again, until something clicks. So, your mind is constantly grinding and reevaluating things. Not that it necessarily brings some solution. But still, anything unresolved needs your attention, no matter how many times or lives does it take to fully realize the significance of it.

There is no such a thing in life as something utterly useless, even this non-ending grinding process in your mind. In that respect, no things or events are merely accidental or random or useless. Otherwise, there would be no need for them. The passive mind grinding process is an attempt at reconciliation.

Then there is "active" or directed mind. Meaning you are consciously thinking about some problem or trying to resolve some issue in some practical matter. In that state, you consciousness "controls" the mind, well, at least to some degree.

Then there is a creative mind. Meaning you are consciously, or even sub-consciously trying to create something, play with something in a creative way - composing music, writing a poem, sculpting or painting and so on. It that state, your "rational" mind, or "thinking" mind is not necessarily functioning. Because you do not "THINK" in a way. You let your imagination fly and try to connect to the higher levels of existence where things may be revealed to you that are of creative nature - something that did not exist before, at least in your understanding or perception.

Then there is "intuitive" mind. It is where you are trying to reach into the higher levels of Being without necessarily having any goal or doing something to create something or to solve some problem. Intuitive mind is the most abstract aspect of the mind. It does not necessarily even look at something. It is rather trying to reach out for something higher.

Then there is a "mystery" mind, the "ritual" mind, or "symbolic" mind. It is activated when you perform some religious or occult rituals. They all have the underlying symbology of abstractions. For example, some doll or some object symbolizes some god, or some power, some aspect or whatever that symbol reduces to. This is an active process and it requires concentration and tuning yourself into it. You can not just walk into a ritual. You have to bring your attention to in and "get into it". Otherwise it won't work.

And, finally, there is "meditative mind", and that is what that book was talking about as far as I can see. When it said: anything you do or see or know is mind. In that respect, such a concept as "no mind" is simply an invention. It does not exist. It is not possible. Because "no mind" implies no perception, which implies absence of consciousness. You, as you are, as an entity, can not exist in that state. For all "practical" purposes you are dead.

And these are just few aspects of the mind. There are more.

This implies that even when you are in meditation, there is still a mind. Except it is not an idle chattering mind and it is not the creative mind and it is not a ritual mind and it is not even the intuitive mind. Yes, there is no active or even passive thought process in meditation. You do not THINK. But you STILL perceive, and to perceive triggers the mind, that gathering and integrating process that creates the very notion of identity.

While in meditation you do see a tree in front of you and you DO identify it and recognize it as a tree. Sure, there may be more aspects of a tree revealed to you in meditation because there is no hindrance from the chattering or analytic activity of the mind. You may start feeling its coolness, its peaceful energy radiating upon you, you may see its dancing on the wind and so on.

But there IS recognition of a tree as a tree. Otherwise, you have chaos. You can not even perceive anything or recognize anything. Because there is no mechanism that gathers and integrates things and thus creates an identity.

That is why Chandra Mohan "gets caught with his pants down" when he says: "enlightenment is permanent cessation of the mind", but with the other side of his mouth he says: "but when I speak to you, I have to use the mind". But the question is inevitable: how can you use something if it ceased to exist?

So, be forewarned, those who "teach" you about "no mind" may simply want to take away your intelligence in order to submit you, in order to parasite on you, in order to enslave you, or they are simply deluded, clinging to some dogma. Because they are lying and they know not what they speak of.

Because "no mind" means no consciousness. No consciousness means no intelligence. Because intelligence is not possible without consciousness and awareness. It is not just a pool of energy where everything is one and indistinguishable. "Being aware" simply means being present. But it does not mean you don't recognize a tree in front of you. Presence is the same thing as what Jesus spoke about when he was talking about SEEING and HEARING. This is EXACTLY the same thing. And it means AWARENESS as J. Krishnamurti called it.

Therefore, your trip to "no mind" is your trip to DEATH. Death of you as your own Being with your own Intelligence, with your own unique set of aspects and characteristics, and with your own set of "problems", or rather challenges for you to evolve, learn and increase your intelligence, and with your own set of aspects that interest you and "turn you on" and make you want to go on, to continue to BE.

And there is no one who knows your "problems", issues, challenges or interests better than you yourself. Because it is impossible to know the other Being in its completeness.

And if something is known not in its completeness then there exist a chance, if not certainty, that all that knowledge is invalid, because some things were missing in it and there is no way to know if those missing things were in fact not the most essential aspects of that Being. Only when one knows something it its fullness and entirety, which, by itself is impossible, there may exist a confidence that that knowledge is true and undistorted.

And to know something in its entirety is impossible because of open nature of existence. It is not static, like an object. As soon as you know it in its entirety it has already changed, as everything changes every instance. Therefore, to know something in its entirety is theoretically only possible on the level of the HIGHEST intelligence, the ULTIMATE Intelligence, and even that can not be true. Because that would imply the END, which is impossible from any point of view conceivable. There are no limits to Intelligence in any aspect or manifestation conceivable, as there is no "end" to infinity.

Yes, some people may give you some advices or examples out of their own experience or understanding and it could be valuable and actual to you. But no one, mind you, no one, may know you as you do, simply because it is not available to others. Your being is way too complex for others to perceive it as a whole. It is simply impossible, no matter how much of you they can see or recognize or give you an advice on.

And that is "the bottom line" in "religious search", which is bluff. The proper name for "religious search" is LIFE itself. And it is not "religious". You are not looking for some "god" somewhere. You are looking for YOURSELF and trying to find that Ultimate Infinite Intelligence, Ever Unfolding and All Permeating sitting right smack in the middle of your Being. And it is the same Intelligence that is sitting in all other people, regardless of who they are or who they THINK they are. And the common name for that Intelligence is God - the most abused and misunderstood word in the whole history of mankind.

Because YOU are the manifestation of that Infinite Intelligence. Undeniably so, even on a genetic level, even on a particle level. And the "job" or a "search" or "religion" of your Grand Life is to recognize it finally for what it is. Because it is undeniable, no matter what you do and how much time will it take for that recognition to mature. It does not matter all.

That is the whole fun of it: To look in the mirror one day and exclaim: "Oh, My GOD, look who is reflected in the mirror!". Is it what God is? And I ask you: what ELSE do you think? And if you do not think it is, you need to go search for more, and experience more, and crave for more.

Until you stand there one day and exclaim: Oh My God! How Glorious You are!!! How playful you are! How inventive you are, which all turns out to be ME!!!

Short essay on nature of the mind

As far as I can see, the mind is the most glorious multi-functional mechanism of translation between different levels of reality - subtle and gross (mater) used for the purposes of manifestation in order to experience reality and a process of Creativity which we know as Life.

Sorry for this mouthful of big words and concepts. But how do you formulate it in one sentence? Ok, let us look at it in a more detailed way.

First of all, the mind is a sophisticated communication system between different levels of reality. It receives, transmits and translates the energies from more subtle, non-material levels of existence into more gross, material world level thought constructs, or "thought forms" as they are called by some.

The purpose of Life is Creativity, and as far as man is concerned, that Creativity is allowed full expression in a free and unhindered manner, without any influence from the more subtle and more developed levels, unless it is specifically asked for by you from more subtle levels, and even there, the assistance may not slant your perceptions in ways that contradict you desires or intents, or that are unnatural to you.

The "purpose" of Creativity is to explore in new ways, never seen before. And that is what Life is, the very nature of Being versus death, which is the biggest illusion there is. Because it is the only thing that is impossible. Because once something is born it can never die. It can only transform into something else.

The very birth and life experiences have consequences and are transmitted throughout Existence in all possible directions. Those consequences in their turn give birth to other alternatives and probabilities and thus manifest further. Even if the "original" entity has perished, the consequences still remain.

The results of your personal experiences and creative discoveries, and even your pains and blindness are then translated and transmitted back to the more subtle levels of Life and are incorporated into a bigger whole, into a "bigger picture" of reality. Even your blindness contributes to the whole in a sense that it presents it probably a new "problem" to try to resolve.

In that respect, there is no such a thing as "bad" experiences. Because all and all contributes to Intelligence and that is how It learns how to deal with it and how to resolve those conflicts, contradictions and avoid the unnecessary waste of energy on all sorts of pain and misery creating experiences that seem to lead nowhere, even though that is not quite true.

Because everything, no matter what, inevitably leads to resolution. It simply presents a new challenge and that challenge sooner or later will be resolved. This is inevitable process, regardless of "how long" will it take. It may be called one of the main Laws of Life as such. Because that is "what life is for". It is the very fun of BEING - the Impetus To Be. That is why YOU exist and that is why EVERYTHING exists. To SOLVE all those nasty issues and contradictions and to see "what else is there to see", ad infinitum.

So, if we take it "to the limit", even evil itself is contributing to Good. Because through it, the Whole learns how to deal with that blindness of evil. Evil is a desperate attempt at "absolute freedom" as attributed to Lucifer and his rebellion, as recorded, for example, in the Urantia Book.

The Lucifer Rebellion
(The Urantia Book: Paper 53 )

That is why you are here, as through you, new aspects, manifestations and forms are learned by the higher levels of Life. In a strange sense, it is because of YOU the Whole exists. It "depends" on you as much as you depend on It.

Man does not exist only on a material level. Some say that the matter is the objectified thought constructions, slowed down to the gross level of matter, created in order to experience on the 3rd level of density, which is the level of Human Intelligence.

Below the 3rd density, there is the 2nd level - the animal world, where Intelligence does not possess self-awareness.

Below it is the 1st level - mineral, rocks and so on.

Above the 3rd level of density the material no longer applies. Because Intelligence grew up sufficiently in order to operate on a much more unrestricted level than that of a matter. Matter is kind of "heavy" and it has inertia and all sorts of limitations. But through matter the Intelligence learns how to manifest.

So, the mind is also a mechanism of manifestation through translation of different levels of density, just like a book translates reality into words and ideas. The book itself is not a reality, but its description in terms of symbols, associated with different words.

And symbols are abstractions, used to replace many things and aspects with one - its symbolic representation, a symbol, in order to minimize the expenditure of energy. Instead of you describing something in many words and notions, you simply use a symbol that represents it all as an aggregate, as an integral whole. Otherwise, there is an energy loss of enumeration of different things to describe what they all represent as a whole.

So, the "bottom line" in all this talk about the mind is that if you condemn it, just like Chandra Mohan did by saying things like: "the mind is the biggest problem there is", you, effectively, commit a suicide.

Now, yes, it is true that the mind may be as "stupid" as you want, and as "blind" as you can imagine, and is so wrapped up in the matter, that it may even convert you into a 2-nd level density being - the animal world. That is why the "god chosen people" classify all non-jews as "animals", in a literal sense of the word, and there is some validity to that if you look at how unconscious and blind some, if not most people are.

Some go as far as to lower themselves to the 1st level, the mineral world, the vegetable world. Yes, mind can do that too.

Because mind is the most flexible and sophisticated system that is capable of bridging different levels and performing various translations between the "languages" on those levels.

Take for example the favorite subject of the modern world - the NWO. What it really means and what it reduces to? Well, it means purely the MATERIAL world and the matter is considered to be the "ultimate reality" in that world. Anything and everything else is considered a fiction in it, just like, for example, states dialectic materialism and "objective" view in science, that requires rigid, matter oriented interpretations and "evidence" of everything and anything, even though it is not quite true, because they have a perverted from of religiousness, which is occult, and they perform various rituals of manipulation, especially related to death, to allegedly learn to "control" the material world.

But the NWO, basically, is purely MATERIAL world view and domination and violence are the necessary components of ideology of controlling the material world. Thus, their "god" - Moloch and child sacrifice ceremonies of throwing children into fire into a pit below the feet of half-man, half-beast statue of moloch.

Or take, for example, Luciferian model, which is also a purely material model of "controlling the material world" with the help of so-called "negative aspect" of "serving ones own interests". The same exact things. They are obsessed with material things - gold, money, diamonds, expensive cars, castles, thrones and so on.

And the mind can be used for that as well. In a sense, mind is "anything you want it to be". It can lower you to the level of an animal and it can raise you to the level of angels and non-material levels of Intelligence. Because it is a BRIDGE between the levels of density.

But to condemn the mind as such, just because it can make you a religious or political fanatic, or an idiot, a zombie, a biorobot, a criminal, or a murderer or utterly blind and insensitive Being, is a crime, a crime against YOU as a Glorious Being.

Mind can take your Being to the level of meditation where no thought of the material world and no comparison or evaluation exist. On that level you reach out to the higher levels of Life and Being and that is a comforting reminder to you as to "where you are going" and "who you REALLY are". Yes, your "past" is the gross level of the material world, down to minerals. But your "future" is the non-material world of pure energy projections and thought forms that instantly manifest into reality in order to explore further, to explore that, which is called Life and Being.

What is logic?

Chandra Mohan used logic extensively, to the point where by use of logic he arrived at the conclusion that there is no God, which is a false conclusion even by principles of logic itself.

Let us take a quick look at what is logic.

Logic is a system of interrelationships and comparison that eventually leads to some conclusion of "yes" and "no" kind.

In a modern, primitive logic, the entire logical conclusion is arrived at by inevitably using binary system of values - "yes" and "no", "black" and "white".

But existence has the infinite spectrum of values. "Yes" and "no" are only mental constructions representing the endpoints of a spectrum.

So, by following a chain of logic, each step of which is resolved by either "yes" or "no", you effectively kill life. Your intelligence becomes dumber and dumber. If you insist on resolving the issues with the help of binary logic of "yes" and "no" as a final determinant, you will eventually turn into a zombie, a biorobot - a programmed functional machine. All the colors will be gone.

You can not learn new aspects on the foundation of what is known to you. By recombining the known, you can not come to something new, even though, strictly speaking, it can be argued. At best, you can create a question - something unresolved. Sure, this can be argued ad infinitum. But the basic idea is that you need a new, never seen before input for you to create something genuinely new. Recombining the old does not necessarily create anything new.

You can not derive anything new based on logic, which operates exclusively with things that are known, the past. By comparing the known things and coming to a conclusion of "yes" and "no", you will not be able to see the new aspects of life in a larger sense of it. You will forever remain in the old. And so, logic eventually locks up if you use it to investigate the new aspects.

Basically, logic "works" with things of materialistic, mechanical and utilitarian nature in deterministic systems, where all the components and states are known.

So, logic kills creativity, regardless of how sophisticated it is and how true those known elements seem to be, which is false in itself, as it implies that there exists a complete definition of something, outside of which exists nothing new, nothing more, which is simply impossible. No matter what you know and how much you know and how valid those known things seem to be at the moment, there exists no certainty that you definition is ultimately valid. Not possible. Tomorrow it will break. INEVITABLY so. That is the very nature of life and Creativity itself. Otherwise, life would have not purpose whatsoever and would turn into operation of some machine.

As you progress and evolve, you notions and definitions are expanded, corrected and new aspects of All There Is are added to your picture of reality.

In order to learn new aspects, which is what creativity is, you need to be open and accept the unexpected events or aspects, even though you have no evidence of their validity by definition, as you can not prove them by operating the old notions or concepts.

You need to see that there are aspects in life and existence that are above your level, no matter how "smart" you are. Even from logic itself, it follows that if there is something below, there must be something above, just as scriptures state: "as below, so above". Ad infinitum.

This means that you can not take what you know and classify it as something ultimate, above which exists nothing, unless it is derived with the help of your logic.

You are not ultimate in anything. There are people who are more stupid than you are, more blind than you are, and there are animals and insects, whose intelligence is well below yours, and whose level of development is more primitive than yours. Can not you see that there simply MUST be some entities more developed than you, no matter how "sophisticated" is your mind and your system of belief?

Life forever presents you with new aspects and those aspects will not fit into your system of logic, based on the known. When new information arrives you need to be able to SEE it and HEAR it directly, in unprejudiced manner, putting aside your analysis and comparisons based on logic. If you force the new into the boundaries of the old, you will simply kill it. It will no longer be new.

Essentially, logic kills creativity and keeps you zombified with your present system of belief and knowledge, which is limited by definition. But the new never reconciles with the old even though some aspects of it will fit with the old.

Basically, you accept the validity of the new because it is simply compelling and undeniable. Initially, you do not even know where to fit it into your existing system of logic and knowledge as it breaks some of your notions and beliefs. But to deny it just because it does not fit with the old will simply cripple your intelligence and will prevent you from learning new aspects. As a result you artificially limit your intelligence.

One of the most damaging aspects of modern, primitive logic is its binary nature. Out of infinite number of values on the scale, only two values are accepted - "yes" and "no". This is most damaging to intelligence. As a result, "modern" society has become most primitive and prohibitive of any genuine creativity. When the only two colors in your paint are black and white, the whole picture of life looses its very juice, its very grandeur, its infinite variety of manifestations.

Being open means not to fight with the new, trying to fit it into the old. It won't fit. This is simply impossible. At the end, you will simply become rigid, inflexible and fanatic, the ultimate fruition of which is fascism and totalitarian dictate, the ultimate fruition of which is inevitable self-destruction. Life and intelligence do not support rigidity and narrowing of scope. Just the other way around.

When new information arrives, simply taste it, suckle on it. It did not arrive for no reason. It arrived precisely because that is what you need. It means you are ready to perceive such new aspects. Otherwise, you would not even perceive it and would not end up in such a situation. You simply became ready to see something new. Yes, it will break some of your existing notions and even your system, held together with logic of the interrelationships of the known. But the more you pay attention to the new, without fear that it will break some things or aspects of what you know, the sooner you will be able to RECOGNIZE the validity of at least some of its aspects.

Remember, in existence there is a mechanism to assure validity. It is called Truth. According, to Jain tradition of India, Truth is That Which IS. Yes, it is very subtle and not quite definable because of its open, multidimensional nature.

What remains at the end is Truth. Only lies and misunderstandings and blindness can die. Truth can not possibly die or loose it luster.

So, even if that new information will turn out to be not exactly and completely "correct" in your view, at least SOME of its aspects will remain - simply because they correspond to That Which IS. Eventually, it will become as undeniable and as valid, as your own five fingers. Just like a photographic picture appears in a developer out of blank paper.

In creativity, there is no danger that you will end up being deluded, and even if you are, it will simply present you a different path to investigate and will INEVITABLY bring you to That Which IS.

Yes, logic IS useful in many practical matters. But even there, you can not assume that logic is a final determinant. Otherwise, you will remain blind as you are. The ultimate determinant is Truth and not the logical conclusion, limiting the scope of That Which Is.

The "bottom line" is: avoid using logic in the "spiritual" domain as much as you can. Because it is way too limiting and craves for the known, the artificial "stability" of the old. This domain is the domain of creativity, where every moment, however mundane it may look, carries the NEW information, new vision and new insights and revelations as to the nature of Life and creativity.

Yes, we are used to our primitive binary logic and use everywhere. It is a habit, an addiction. Like a drug. But it is deadly. Because it is a profound distortion of Reality, of That Which IS.

But it is time we learn a new kind of logic, the logic of Infinite, multidimensional and simultaneous nature of Existence. The linear, sequential and binary nature of the present system of logic no longer works in the domains we are entering. It "works", at least to some extent, only in the most primitive and utilitarian situations of the material, mechanical nature.


There is nothing much I can say about God. Yes, the very word "God" has been corrupted and manipulated unlike anything else. All sorts of violence, crimes, manipulation, perversion and all sorts of evil was done in the name of God.

But, does it mean there is no such a thing as God? Nope, it does not. Just because there is distortion it does not mean there is nothing that stands behind it.

The definition of God I like is: The Infinite Multi-Dimensional Intelligence, All Permeating, Ever Unfolding. So, when you see a word "God" in this book, just replace it with this definition as far as I am concerned. That traditional definition of "god" is a swearing word to me.

In this sense, there IS such a thing as the Source of it all. It is not accidental and is not a result of some random process where things become something out of nothing just by enumerating all the infinite possibilities. There is some organizing and integrating force behind it all, something that gathers those seemingly random particles into something, some object or some entity. In that respect I do not believe in theory of probability.

The "original sin" and "saving the mankind"

This is a difficult and arguable issue to cover. But it has been one of the foundations and key points of Chandra Mohan in his, shall we say, war against the Christianity. He continuously laughed at this concept presenting it as some kind of insanity and fanaticism.

But let us look at this concept in the context of Lucifer.

What is the concept of "the original sin" and where did it come from and what does it signify? Well, if we consider, for example, "The revelations of the insider" from the Hidden_Hand, who claims to be a part of "group soul Lucifer", we can see that what is known as seduction of Eve in the garden of Eden was done by Lucifer in order to introduce the "catalyst", the "negative aspect" on this planet to allegedly facilitate the development of intelligence. It is a long subject to cover, but you can look at it yourself:

Window of Opportunity

The seduction consisted of a promise to become "wise" and "free" and would not have to depend on Father. You yourself would become like him. It was basically the same hope as we have seen with "the hippie revolution" and "flower children" in the 60's of the 20-th century promising people all those incredible "freedoms" (of going insane without the roots).

In essence, what is called "the original sin" or "fall from grace" in Christianity is this exact issue of seduction of Eve by the snake. That was that "original" "fall from grace".

What it means is that the Providence or "the Plan" of Creation and development of Intelligence for this planet was violated by Lucifer with introduction of the "negative aspect" of self-serving. As stated in the "revelations of the insider", it had to do with introduction of negativity on this planet, and thus, as he claims, bringing in "freedom of choice" and "free will", which, according to him did not exist at that point and that was the precise reason why mankind could not evolve in terms of intelligence.

But why is it called "the original sin"? - Well, precisely because it created the biggest problem on this planet conceivable. This is also described, for example, in the Urantia Book. One of the chapters that deals with it is Lucifer Rebellion.

The Lucifer Rebellion
(The Urantia Book: Paper 53 )

Because once this "gin was out of the bottle", that was it. The consequences would be impossible to eliminate as they would grow on their own, achieving further permutations of manifestation. And once anything is created, it can not be destroyed, as even if it were, the consequences would continue to exist as the inevitable outcome and develop into the future alternatives and probabilities. In order for it to ever end, it has to come to its full fruition to the point of unbearable inevitability, which is what we see today all over the world with this NWO scheme of most profound evil, which is simply INEVITABLE with the "negative approach".

Basically, what it all means is that the mankind was subjected to the outside and unplanned interference in its growth, which caused the immense suffering and violence on this planet with introduction of "negative aspect" of Lucifer, allegedly to help the growth of Intelligence.

"The negative approach" was not planned and it was not only utterly unnecessary and totally useless, but it was extremely damaging. Because once "the Pandora box" is opened, all the snakes come out.

In the New Testament, the devil or Satan as it is known is called "a wiper on the road" that bites the stranger's horse so it falls down and dies and the stranger can not rich the destination.

So, when Chandra Mohan ridicules this concept of the "original sin", he is lying, or he is hiding the original meaning if he even knew or could comprehend it. Because it is not ridiculous of a concept at all. It is the very cause of all the misery and evil on this planet.

And it did not help the development of Intelligence on this planet. Just the other way around, it led the mankind "to seek light in the valley of darkness". It simply deluded the man with all those incredible promises of "freedom", "democracy" and the rest of it, ALL of which was simply lies for the Lucifer to take over this planet as a sole sovereign and the only "ruler" there is, which nowadays is called the NWO.

Jesus, the saviour

And now we come to this concept of "Jesus the saviour". What does it mean? Chandra Mohan claims it is just plain insanity and fanaticism, and its only possible reason would be to help the monkeys to come from the trees, as ugly of an interpretation as is conceivable. But let us look at it.

First of all, what Jesus introduced on this planet is delivering a message of "positive approach" in order to counteract the problems created by Lucifer with "negative approach". The negative approach claims that you can only learn who you REALLY are by denials of that which you are not. Well, actually it does make sense, and in India, for example, there is a similar concept of "neti, neti", meaning "not, not". Whatever you THINK you are, you are NOT. Because those are all illusions.

So, the more you "progress", the more you recognize that all those things and aspects you THOUGH you are, you are not, which is true to a large extent. So, by denials of that, which you are not, you eventually come to Truth of that which you are.

But there is a poison hidden in this approach, and the poison is that it focuses your consciousness on NEGATIVITY and DENIALS of "that which you are not", allegedly eventually leading you to that which you ARE.

The same is applicable to Yoga with the concept of "pealing the onion". With pealing the onion, the next layer opens up, which is just the same illusion as you had before, only on a little deeper level. And what is the END of this "trip"? Well, the end is when you peal ALL the layers from the onion and what you have left on your hands is NOTHING, emptiness, "shunya", which is the same concept as "death", ALL of which is either outright lies or blindness. Because there is no such a thing as "death". It is simply impossible. This is essentially the same thing as Lucifer approach.

So, the poison is that you are lead to seek the Truth by DENIALS and negations, instead of assertions and affirmations.

And this is EXACTLY the essence of the work of Jesus. The "wiper on the road" symbolizes the snake that changes its appearance after shedding the old skin. It looks like a new snake while it is the same snake as before. This is the nature of lies and deception.

The work of Jesus of "saving the mankind" consists of introduction of the "positive approach". He is not saying or teaching you what you are NOT. He is teaching you what you ARE. That is the whole difference. When he says: you are like a branch growing from a wine, he is telling you that you have roots in existence which you can not see. But, nevertheless, they are undeniable, starting from the molecular level and going up to the planetary and cosmic levels. In EVERYTHING, up to infinity, there is a ROOT.

And its name is The One - The Infinite, All Pervading and Ever Unfolding Intelligence, The Creator of all the worlds and planetary systems - The One, The Source.

There is no possibility of infinity having the end value on any end of the scale. The man is not the ULTIMATE neither in intelligence, nor in any other aspect for that matter, and materialism and the "objective view" is just a small, infinitesimal part of Existence and not the end, by ANY means.

Jesus mostly spoke in parables and there are various reasons for it. But his parables were telling you not what you are NOT, they were telling you what you ARE, with all his examples of a farmer, a fisherman and the rest of it. Because he talked to very simple people at that time. They could not possibly understand such things as Infinite Intelligence.

So, the meaning of "Jesus, the Saviour" is EXACTLY this. He came to SAVE the mankind from the "negative approach", that leads directly to hell as we can all see all over the world today.

And we are going to drop this subject at this point. Because if you "have eyes to see", you WILL see what it means, and if you do not, well, "good luck" as they say. Keep digging at what "you are not" hoping to eventually find what you ARE in some infinitely remote future.

Thus I declare that all the ugliness pronounced by Chandra Mohan about idiocy of the very concept of "saving the world" and making it all look like some ridiculous story about the monkeys, coming down from the tree, is lies, perversions and deceit, or UTTER and COMPLETE blindness, even though he presented it all as some "enlightenment" trip of Lucifer, "the bearer of Light", who actually turns out to be the bringer of darkness and evil to this planet.

Buddha's message

  • "Do not trust what you hear;
  • do not trust the traditions, because they are passed on from generation to generation;
  • do not trust anything unless it is a rumor or opinion of the majority;
  • do not trust, if it is only recorded statements of some old sage;
  • do not trust the guesswork;
  • do not trust what you feel true to what you're used to;
  • Do not trust a naked authority of your teachers and elders. After observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and promotes the welfare and benefit of one and everyone then take it and live according to it".

-- Gautama Buddha (400 BC)

Nirvana and enlightenment

Questioner: Thank you. I have a question here that I will read: "Much of the mystic tradition of seeking on Earth holds the belief that the individual self must be erased or obliterated and the material world ignored for the individual to reach 'nirvana,' as it is called, or enlightenment. What is the proper role of the individual self and its worldly activities to aid an individual to grow more into the Law of One?"

Ra: I am Ra. The proper role of the entity is in this density to experience all things desired, to then analyze, understand, and accept these experiences, distilling from them the love/light within them. Nothing shall be overcome. That which is not needed falls away.

The orientation develops due to analysis of desire. These desires become more and more distorted towards conscious application of love/light as the entity furnishes itself with distilled experience.

We have found it to be inappropriate in the extreme to encourage the overcoming of any desires, except to suggest the imagination rather than the carrying out in the physical plane, as you call it, of those desires not consonant with the Law of One, thus preserving the primal distortion of free will.

The reason it is unwise to overcome is that overcoming is an unbalanced action creating difficulties in balancing in the time/space continuum. Overcoming, thus, creates the further environment for holding on to that which apparently has been overcome.

All things are acceptable in the proper time for each entity, and in experiencing, in understanding, in accepting, in then sharing with other-selves, the appropriate distortion shall be moving away from distortions of one kind to distortions of another which may be more consonant with the Law of One.

It is, shall we say, a shortcut to simply ignore or overcome any desire. It must instead be understood and accepted. This takes patience and experience which can be analyzed with care, with compassion for self and for other-self.

Questioner: Basically I would say that to infringe upon the free will of another entity would be the basic thing never to do under the Law of One. Can you state any other breaking of the Law of One than this basic rule?

Ra: I am Ra. As one proceeds from the primal distortion of free will, one proceeds to the understanding of the focal points of intelligent energy which have created the intelligences or the ways of a particular mind/body/spirit complex in its environment, both what you would call natural and what you would call man-made.

Thus, the distortions to be avoided are those which do not take into consideration the distortions of the focus of energy of love/light, or shall we say, the Logos of this particular sphere or density.

These include the lack of understanding of the needs of the natural environment, the needs of other-selves' mind/body/spirit complexes. These are many due to the various distortions of man-made complexes in which the intelligence and awareness of entities themselves have chosen a way of using the energies available.

Thus, what would be an improper distortion with one entity is proper with another. We can suggest an attempt to become aware of the other-self as self and thus do that action which is needed by other-self, understanding from the other-self's intelligence and awareness. In many cases this does not involve the breaking of the distortion of free will into a distortion or fragmentation called infringement. However, it is a delicate matter to be of service, and compassion, sensitivity, and an ability to empathize are helpful in avoiding the distortions of man-made intelligence and awareness.

The area or arena called the societal complex is an arena in which there are no particular needs for care for it is the prerogative/honor/duty of those in the particular planetary sphere to act according to their free will for the attempted aid of the social complex.

Thus, you have two simple directives: awareness of the intelligent energy expressed in nature, awareness of the intelligent energy expressed in self to be shared when it seems appropriate by the entity with the social complex, and you have one infinitely subtle and various set of distortions of which you may be aware; that is, distortions with respect to self and other-selves not concerning free will but concerning harmonious relationships and service to others as other-selves would most benefit.

See: Nirvana and enlightenment - The Law Of One: Book I

If you meet me on the way, kill me

This is the very essence of the matter. The very core of it.

Much garbage has been gathered on the windows in the house of God as related to this man, Chandra Mohan Jain, and there is so much of it, one can not see any longer. So the time has come to clean it up, and clean it up REALLY well this time. And so to clarify some issues that are undeniably there, no matter how you cut it.

According to Chandra Mohan, who gave himself all sorts of God-like titles, Buddha said:

"If you meet me on the way, kill me".

He talked about it several times, and what he essentially said is that this message is applicable to "disciples", so they get detached from the "master" finally, as he has become a hindrance because they keep clinging to him.

Book: Osho - The Guest
Chapter: A play with the devil

Book: Guida Spirituale
Chapter: Guida Spirituale

Book: Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
Chapter: When you meet me just say good-bye

Yep, nice and dandy indeed, especially if it were the case in reality, and not just another attempt to explain it all away or make something totally different than what it says.

If you understand what it means, you do not have to read the rest of this book.

But if you don't, here is what I think it means.

One thing that can not be denied, is that for some strange reason, plenty of "his closest people", that eventually left him for whatever reason, did not merely say "Good bye. It was a nice trip. But now it is time for me to do my own thing. I have learned from you enough to stand on my own feet, just as you say. Thank you very much".

What they said instead is something along these lines:

"This man simply screwed me. Lied to me. He was not the man he was pretending to be, at least in public".

And some of those people have spent years of their lives, being with him constantly and were involved in some of the most important things.

How is this possible? You mean someone, who really received something of any kind of value from the "master" would be so ungrateful as to not even say "thank you" at the end? Sounds a bit fishy to me. Or were they so "evil" or "infidel" as he made them look like, pouring all sorts of garbage on their heads, trying to discredit them in every possible way once they left? And for what? "What is the need to bother about the spilled milk" as he would say?

What most of them would claim is that this was the man with a double face, a man of profound dishonesty. Honesty wasn't something to bother about. It was all about usefulness in order to achieve his grand agenda. There wasn't even such a notion as Good in his "system". About the only "good" there was is a state of "enlightenment", a state of "superconsciousness", and a man that achieved that state can do only "good". So, unless you are "enlightened" you can not possibly do Good deeds. Because blind are just that - blind, and all they can do is all sorts of foolish things. Sure, it is not as simplistic as this, but this is an overall idea.

He would talk all these grand things on his lectures, but in private, it was a totally different man, according to them, and that information would never get disclosed to the public. It was like some clandestine operation of utter secrecy, denials, and manipulation of facts to fit whatever agenda he had at the moment, which was one of his favorite tricks.

He would deny anything you can possibly throw at him, or change its meaning, or simply avoid it by perverting it to look like something entirely different. Because he was cunning enough to never leave any traces of any compromising information on him. He would never do anything with his own hands. "It was all not me. It is all THEM, and I can not be held responsible for their deeds" kind of thing. For all he cared, he was sitting in his room all day long in a state of meditation. Can you imagine this?

The way I see it is all these so called masters and "enlightened" people, leading others by their noses in endless chase of the "enlightenment" carrot, are nothing but the REAL problem for anyone, even though they themselves often claim "Life is not a problem to be solved. It is a mystery to be experienced" as Chandra Mohan states, which turns out to be borrowed from Eckhart Tolle apparently.

Because they lead you AWAY from yourselves and your own dignity and self-worth by creating the IDEAS of some "superstate", the state of utter bliss, out of this world, some "ultimate freedom" (from yourself), which is probably the biggest lie there is.

As far as I can see, you are here to do EXACTLY what you do and to experience and desire exactly those things, which you experience and desire. It is not accidental that you have those "problems" of yours. Sooner or later, you will see that those "problems" are simply a result of your blindness and denials. Denials of That Which IS.

Because that is PRECISELY how you learn from things that are ACTUAL to you, and not merely invented as a result of some idea of a carrot to be chased, trying to jump over your "problems", "limitations" and misunderstandings. And once you learn some lesson and SEE the essence of some aspect, it no longer has a grip of power over you.

And you are the only one, who has the rights and the abilities to chose which "problem" or experience you chose to work on. Because no one knows you better than yourself with all due respect to those, who "have eyes to see". Ultimately, it is YOU, who is going to solve some "problem" and your misunderstandings, and it is YOU, who is going to see the results of your solution by SEEING the very essence of it.

And it is YOU, who is going to arrive to the state of peace, balance and neutrality, which is your reward for a truly learned lesson. You give yourself the rewards and you create your own "punishments" in the form of pain and negative life experiences.

The learning process is completely voluntary and it needs to be initiated from WITHIN you, not from the outside. No one has the right to interfere in this process except by your own request for assistance, and even there it is quite a risky proposition. Because those, who make it look like they are here to "help" you, are responsible for affecting your being in a way that is not necessarily natural to you. That is why the "distortions" of Free Choice and Free Will are some of the most primary distortions of Oneness of All.

Thus, anyone's "help" towards you, which you did not ask for, and which leads you in unnatural way for your particular Being, incur the Karmic consequences of their action.

The very fact that he constantly contradicted himself and in the most profound ways, creates a confusion in your minds and eats away on your very roots. Your being becomes fragmented, fractured and poisoned. This is known as the "negative approach", an approach of conflicts, denials and struggle. Between the "inner" and "outer", "lower" and "higher", the "elite" and "the rest of us". It has been said that this approach is a result of DENIAL of ONENESS, the inevitable outcome of which is evil and destruction, and, ultimately, self-destruction.

Furthermore, leading someone away from the Creator, The One, is one of the worst "sins" there are, and so leading one away from himself by creating these artificial separations between your "lower self" and the "higher self" with the ideas of the "superior", the "elite", and the "inferior" being you are right now, which is a lie.

Because no one is "superior" and no one is "inferior" to anyone else. These are all nothing but illusions, if not delusions. In fact, there is no way to even measure how "superior" is one to others except in some practical skills of the material world. And even there, it all depends on context. Every individual has his own unique and incomparable context and focus and his unique needs as far as HIS growth goes, which is not necessarily applicable to others. That is why you are who YOU are. And it is YOUR unique contribution to the Whole.

These "masters" will screw with your mind and would fill it to the brim with millions of "answers" and templates. And you will never be able to verify most of it, if anything at all, beyond some most rudimentary things, obvious on their face value more or less.

They will be feeding you all sorts of "spiritual" ideas, explaining just about everything there is, like they are Gods, all knowing, even though most of it they either do not know themselves, or could not even possibly know, or have zero competence to even open their mouth about it.

Or, there may be all sorts of interpretations of it, each applicable to some specific situation, specific individual, time frame and other context. You can not boast about life in general. There is no such a thing. Life is almost infinite series of events, all in their very specific context.

It consists of the infinite universe of these seemingly small and insignificant things that, nevertheless, have to reconcile with each other eventually. Otherwise, the whole thing simply deadlocks and your car engine would simply explode.

Or do these so called masters think their spiritual ideology is not subject to the law of gravitation? They can stick it on just about anything they want, and it still works?

How? Show me! I've Never seen such a thing in my entire life.

I am not even sure there is such a thing as a universal recipe in principle. It is all "special cases", and I saw this nearly everywhere I looked. You take some rule and try to apply it in a similar situation, and boom, it does not work for some reason.

Just ask them: do you have ANY evidence of that, which you assert, just like this man, Chandra Mohan, obsessed with death and driven by all sorts of megalomaniacal tendencies as a result of reading too many books and living too little of REAL life? You see, instead of living his own life "totally" as he suggests to others, this man spends all his time in a library, studying ALL sorts of things, just like Karl Marx or that megalomaniac, Lenin in Russia, who organized the Russian revolution and have spilled rivers of blood. Interestingly enough, Lenin is said to be a member of the Illuminati cult. But we will talk about it later.

For what?

Why do you think someone would spend his entire life with books, studying anything that looks important on paper?

Looks strange. He forever talked about living a spontaneous life, but he himself was about as rigid, as it gets, forever getting stuck in a library, morning to night. Why? What for? Well, about the only reason that seem to reconcile with other things is in preparation for his megalomania trip of total domination and his God-like image he projected everywhere he showed up, and the evidence of it lies on the very surface, in this "Bhagwan" self-given title, which is only given by others to God, such as Krishna, according to J. Krishnamurti.

"Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh" - the ultimate in megalomania

Interestingly enough, his "awakening of the world" trip starts with his first title - Acharya, meaning the spiritual teacher. Then, he changed his name to "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh", which is the clearest indication of his megalomaniacal tendencies.

The title "Bhagwan" equates someone with God, and is only given to someone by others, as the highest form of honor, and not to oneself, as it would be the utmost form of arrogance. "Shree" means Holy, radiance, light, beauty, prosperity, power. Rajneesh comes from the root Raja - the king. "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh" is probably the most dense combination of megalomaniacal symbology of self promotion conceivable, and the very fact that he himself finally rejected it and started to call himself "Osho", stating that the term "Bhagwan" is disgusting, is a living evidence of it. The question arises: why did he use the title Bhagwan for tens of years? Could not he see the "ugliness" of it well before?

Interestingly enough, he even had guts to talk about Jesus not being humble, which we will discuss later in this book.

As recorded in the scriptures, it is exactly the same signature as attributed to Satan - proclaiming himself to be "god" and rebelling against The One, The Creator, with his ideas about "the absolute freedom" for himself and his company of co-conspirators. There are some quite revealing and mind boggling citations about this on record and it ultimately leads to the Illuminati secret society of world domination and the rule of their "god" - Lucifer, which is precisely the roots of the NWO ideology. How much you can trust these interpretations is for you to decide.

Illuminati means the "illuminated ones". Thus Lucifer, "the fallen angel of light", or "the morning star" as they call him in Freemasonry. We are going to look at this thing quite extensively later on. So, get used to it and keep it in mind, as this is the very crux of it all. - The "elite", "superiority", "power", control, world domination and a takeover of the planet Earth by the forces of evil, most profound.

In February of 2012, I have come across some pretty bewildering information, allegedly a communication from the "elite ruling family" of not only the world, but well above it, the bloodline of Lucifer "family", or "group soul", or "social memory complex" Lucifer as they call themselves. This could be the most sophisticated and bewildering story about Lucifer you have ever seen.

Because it is such a subtle of an attempt to turn all the known information about Lucifer or Satan and the nature of evil upside down, and make it all look like a "heroic act of self-sacrifice to help the man to evolve" by introducing the "catalyst" - Free Will and Free Choice to the "imbecilic" world of Eden, created by Yahweh on the planet Earth. He makes a pretty compelling story out of it and it makes plenty of sense, except there is no way to verify it. But you can see it for yourself. One thing I can warn you: watch out! Things are not as simple as they look on paper, just like with Chandra Mohan. Here:

Window of Opportunity - A Lucifer ruling family priest speaks to his subjects.

Chandra Mohan was probably obsessed with power, control and domination from the early days of his conscious life, and, if taken in the context of his very poor health, that could turn out to be just a revenge with life as such, in preparation to dominate anyone and everyone, who simply lives his life as he pleases. He tells plenty of stories from his life and his interference in the lives of others runs as a common thread through those stories, just as a theme of his "superior" intelligence and superiority as such. Basically, he was obsessed with interfering in the lives of others against their will or wish throughout his life, which is a signature of the "negative", self-serving approach.

But he makes it all look like some great "compassion", as though he was some kind of a messiah, whose purpose was to "open the eyes" of everyone who comes his way. Except compassion and interference are incompatible.

According to Gregory Klimov, one of the most prominent experts on the issues of degeneracy and "syndrome of power", the in-born birth defects are an indication of degeneracy. This is an immense subject to cover. The end result is all sorts of perversions, domination, "will to power" of Nietzche, sadomasochism, violence and utter ruthlessness as a subconscious result of a "revenge" against the normal, non degenerate people and life as such. There are tons of it on record if you take your time to investigate these issues. Something worth paying attention to. Because it is about the only thing that makes the whole information base to reconcile.

Basically, in the spiritual domain, about the only way to verify some information is for it to reconcile with other information. Because very little of it, if anything, can be proven, verified or validated. Otherwise, you'd have to take it on faith or even worse, some belief. And, no matter what the idea you might have, how can you possibly know that it is not just a mind projection, just like some drug trip, where you start "seeing" things that only exist in your mind?

And that could be the reason Chandra Mohan was learning ALL these "recipes" and "tricks of the trade" in a library and accumulating the immense amounts of all sorts of knowledge. So he could stuff anyone under his belt, and beat anyone's argument about anything they can possibly think of.

Significantly enough, this is precisely the approach of Talmudists who are to study those library size "scriptures", full of recipes of all kinds, every day of their lives in order to get the "answers" on anything and everything imaginable, down to the most ordinary and even obscene things in life. Everything is taught to be contained in their books. Going back to the times of Jesus, they were known as Pharisees and, later on, the "learned elders of Zion". The same system.

And that is PRECISELY what Jesus stood against and he showed them that with all their knowledge, learned from the "scriptures", they knew nothing of God. So when they came to argue with him after carefully preparing for it, they were defeated in every single case. I am not aware of a single example of them being able to defeat his arguments.

Yes, it can not be denied that the amount of knowledge Chandra Mohan accumulated is mountainous. Yes, he was smart enough and even brilliant, forever allowing himself to invent ALL sorts of things, most would not even dare to try. And that does take courage, just to try.

But using all these inventions as THE "answers" every single step of the way is a totally different matter. To me, they are not the "answers", but nothing more than ATTEMPTS to answer, at best. Fine and dandy, if you don't wrap it all up as some kind of word of God, all-knowing, to whom the law of gravitation does not apply in principle.

But. You see, life is not just some grand library. It is a bunch of all those little nasty things that seem to bite you all the time.

And what all these "enlightened" "masters" are offering you is a universal pill, that is going to solve all your "problems". All you need is this "enlightenment" pill, and from then on, boom, everything is magically nice and dandy. Utter bliss and "orgasm with existence" as Chandra Mohan preached.

He even gets arrogant when he talks about his obsession with shiny objects, using this "I am a rich man's guru" excuse, and even laughs at the very question, when someone asks "But what about those 90 Rolls Royces"? He would tell them "do you think I need them? Do you think I have them out of greed? Why do I need more Rolls Royces? One is enough".

But... Then why do you HAVE them? And not only have, because some people keep bringing them to you as presents, "out of love and gratitude". Nope. You DEMAND them, at the rate of one per week or so, even when there is no money to run your own "commune" and feed "your people", which you claim to be your grandest experiment to create a "new man". And I heard this from Sheela with my own ears. She was nearly crying when she said this. Was she just lying? Sorry, I don't buy that one.

Basically, from what I have seen, avoidance and perversion of the very essence of those nasty questions was one of his favorite tricks.

These so called enlightened people will always talk with absolute confidence about anything and everything you ask them, as though they know it all, in and out. This fanaticism and rigidity of their inventions can only create all sorts of "issues" and "problems" in the minds of their listeners. Problems that do not exist in reality.

They keep telling you to be "humble" and "open". But that, for some reason, is not applicable to themselves, boasting about their "superior" powers of an all-seeing eye and all-knowing mind, which happens to be "no-mind", which happens to be an impossibility, as there is no such a thing if you are conscious and not dead, just as recorded in the book "Bodhidharma, the greatest Zen master" by Chandra Mohan.

They claim that meditation is a state of "no-mind". Well, but how do you even know you are in "meditation"? You see, even to recognize you are in meditation, you need that mind. Because even to distinguish one thing from another, or even to recognize a tree in front of you, for that matter, while you are in deep "meditation", you need this problematic thing called the mind, which is manifestation of consciousness.

Yes, certain aspects of the mind are not present during meditation, such as endless grinding and chatter. But there is one question: does perception operate when you are in meditation? Well, it clearly does. But what is perception a result of? What is "no-mind"? Is it some kind of a black hole?

Do you recognize a tree in front of you when you meditate? In that case, what happens to your "no-mind"? Isn't the very fact of recognition a result of a mind process on a more subtle level?

As long as you are conscious, there is mind. Everywhere you look, or in any way you look. Yes, its analytical and reevaluating chatter, that goes on almost all the time, is not necessary during some moments. Yes, it IS a tendency of the mind, forever trying to "solve" everything and reconcile everything. No question about it. And yes, some of those little things will not reconcile, at least at the moment. They MAY reconcile tomorrow, when new conditions are brought in.

Chandra Mohan claims that "enlightenment" is a permanent cessation of the mind, which is utter and complete nonsense. Because if that mind would permanently cease, he would not be able to utter a word, at least a word that is different than a blabber in some madhouse. In fact, he himself states "When I speak to you, I have to use the mind". But what about the "enlightenment" being a permanent cessation of the mind?

He says:

"No-mind is the final stage, when mind disappears forever and the thoughtless gap becomes your intrinsic reality."

But, with the other side of his mouth he says:

"When I speak to you, I have to use the mind."

But how can you use it if it permanently ceased to be?

Book: Satyam Shivam Sundram
Chapter: A beautiful servant, a dangerous master

As a result, he goes on justifying something, no self-respecting philosopher would even conceive of uttering such self-contradictory inventions. When things do not reconcile even within themselves, then what can you possibly expect to be the result of it?

In reality, if you walk on a mine field, how long would you remain alive for, if you allow THIS kind of sloppiness and utter disregard to that very thing, he claims to be representing, the Truth, or "that which is" as he calls it? And I claim, no more than few steps, if you are lucky. There is no such a thing as "hey, lets try it and see what happens" on the mine field. It is a real test of your intelligence and degree of your consciousness. Anything else is bluff. He says:

"When I am speaking to you, it is in fact the universe using me. My words are not my words; they belong to the universal truth. That is their power, that is their charisma, that is their magic."

How do you like THAT for breakfast?

What a keg of gun powder, ready to blow up!

Let us do some dirty work here and disassemble this "mystically" looking pile of great sounding words and notions and associated flashy images and look at all the greasy nuts and bolts and smallest pieces of this grand, fantastically sounding concoction.

First of all, in "fact"? WHAT "fact"? You mean every word you utter is a fact of some kind? You have to prove it first to call it a fact. For starters, what authority does anyone have to speak on behalf of nothing less than Universe itself?

And how did he know the universe is using him? What constitutes the universe? In order to use something, there needs to be some kind of entity, having its own identity, and a name for such an entity on the level of the universe is God or Creator or the entities "below" It (Him) in the hierarchy of beings existing on a more subtle plane of existence.

Because to use something, there needs to be a willful and directed action by some ENTITY, which has some purpose representing some INTENT.

So, what authority does this man have to proclaim that God or universe is using him? How can he possibly know what God is doing, why and how? In order to do that you need to be God yourself. Any levels below IT can not be proven to know it in its completeness. They can only see a part of the picture.

What if God intentionally hides certain aspects, just for the sake of you chasing something and eventually discovering it on your own? How do you know which ones? How can you possibly know for what purpose? How can you even BEGIN to comprehend such things?

Otherwise, how do you know it is God and not just a projection of your own mind? How can you possibly verify it? Do you have ANY evidence?

Or should we just accept such assertions on faith? Just because some Chandra Mohan makes some claims it MUST be true because he is such a great authority, and, therefore, every word he utters is some "universal Truth"? Why? According to what principles of what? To say such things as "the universe using me" and even to attempt to make it look like some fact, looks like arrogance to me, if not an outright lie and fabrication.

What does it mean "the universal truth"? Is there non-universal truth? What is Truth? Is it some kind of condom you can blow to the size of a helicopter?

Under what authority does he claim that his words BELONG to Truth, universal or not, and are not merely the outright lies? And I claim they ARE lies. EVERY WORD in what he said is a lie and a manipulation, unless you look at the whole thing from the standpoint of some artistic expression or a kind of "spiritual entertainment".

"My words are not my words" - lie, no matter how much he tries to hide behind some grand notions, such as nothing less then Truth. He simply tries to do two things here:

1) To pretend to be humble. He uses the ideas of a kind "I am just a vessel" quite often. You see, in that case there is no ego involvement on his end, and if there is no ego involvement, then trustworthiness of information is increased by implication.

This is a pretty subtle trick to tell a lie and implicitly make it look like truth. Because, no matter what he tells you, those are HIS words and no one else's. Otherwise, he is just a puppet and has no Freedom of Will of his own, and is merely under the influence of some force, which submits his will and forces him to say what he says via projection of some thought-forms.

And if that is the case, then it is likely the name of that force would be something along the lines of "group soul" or "social memory complex" Lucifer, or "The Orion Group". Both are negatively charged groups, craving for planetary takeover and enslavement of mankind.

Because the positive forces of Infinite Intelligence do not force you and do not make you LOOSE your own identity. Everything that comes out of your mouth, even if it is a suggestion or advice from the "higher" levels of existence, comes as YOUR OWN ideas, fully accepted by you and which became a part of you and your identity. Nothing can be given to you without your conscious asking as it would be a VIOLATION of one of the primary laws or "distortions", Free Will and Free Choice.

2) To implicitly give validity to his words by using the implied Godly authority, such as the "universe". You see, if these are not HIS words, and, therefore, he has no personal interest in all this, then they must belong to someone else, and who could that be?

"They belong to the universal truth" - lie. No one alive has sufficient authority to make such grand claims. Alternatively, everything belongs to the universal truth and not only your words. As far as "the universal truth", it can neither be spoken, described, nor even defined. Because ALL your definitions will be insufficient, at the very least. Which means you can not possibly claim what "belongs" to it, without being called a liar or manipulator or lunatic. Because, what "belongs" to It may be known only on the highest levels, above and more subtle than physical manifestations or expressions.

Yes, there is also a notion of so-called "my Truth", a kind of a "personal" truth. It is Truth to you, simply because you SINCERELY see it as such and are not merely trying to "carve" some "benefit" for yourself or extract some "gain" out of it. It is Truth to you because this is what you see as a result of doing your best with all sincerity and genuineness of your effort. So, it is not the same thing as "universal truth" and is only applicable to your own case at some given junction.

Furthermore, if there is any definition of Truth, it must, by necessity, be Life-affirming, Harmonizing and non-conflicting. If anything, Truth represents the CREATIVE or constructive aspects. Thus Life-affirming and not Life-denying. Even when it is applied towards the destructive aspects, it is still constructive and clarifying, by its very nature. Truth can not conflict with anything, but those things may conflict with It, without changing or impacting it in the smallest degree. It is like the bones structure of a human body upon which everything hangs. It is impossible for the body to exist without It.

In Jain religion of India, it is the very foundation of Life as such - "That Which Is". The reality aspects. It is that, which "remains" at the end, regardless of anything whatsoever. Lies come and go, but Truth remains. Because it is ALL-pervading and all inclusive. That is the difference.

The very attempt to define Truth will limit its scope, and, therefore, will make a lie out of it. Because it can not be limited as it has no limits or boundaries. That is why in Christianity, for example, Truth and God are interchangeable. Truth IS God, The One, The Creator, and God IS Truth. Only in God Truth can be expressed in all its completeness and in undistorted ways, even though it can never be complete, by definition. Because that would imply the END of Existence. Because of the Infinite Creative aspect, which could never be complete in principle.

Therefore, anyone, who attempts to define what "belongs" to it is either naive or a fool or a liar. We can only intuitively sense it and observe the feeling inside our chest to see if it feels GOOD and joyous. Because that is that direct and our own private channel to the Higher levels of Existence, which we may never known being human. Because there is no knowledge of this level available to humans. We may only guess and intuitively feel. We have no other means of verification. No logic, no thought process of any kind is capable of comprehending and validating Truth. Because those are inherently limited and limit the Scope of All There IS.

Secondly, nothing may "belong" to Truth, because it is not an entity, which could possess something. Yes, you may ATTEMPT to be as authentic and as sincere, as you can manage, HOPING to get in touch with Truth and SEE and HEAR the essence of it. And your own soul and heart may give you the hints on whether it is Truth or not by your observation of FEELING in your chest in a positive, negative or a neutral way. The Positive is life-affirming, harmonious and blissful. It is that, which creates the impetus to be, makes you want to be and to continue.

This is how I see it, and not necessarily you.

"That is their power" - lie and manipulation by invention of some "power", that is implicitly and intrinsically present in the "universal truth". But the very notion of "power" is inapplicable to Truth. Because Truth is not about "power", but about IS-ness, about how it IS, regardless of "power" or any other aspect of Being.

"Power" is quite a strange and fuzzy word that has several quite different and not even compatible aspects, ranging from brutal to subtle and sublime. For one thing, the language and terminology of "power" is mostly used by those, who are obsessed with power, control and domination. But Truth is not necessarily compatible with "power". It may be utterly silent and unobtrusive, and "in fact" it is. Only lies are "powerful", intrinsically so.

Yes, Truth is compelling and undeniable when you SEE it. In that sense, Truth is the ONLY "power" there is. All other "powers" are just a dream.

"that is their charisma, that is their magic" - lie and manipulation. Words do not have "charisma". Charisma is an energy field, which influences the perceivers in a powerful and overwhelming or tangible and penetrating ways. Words, by themselves, mean nothing in a larger sense. They are symbolic constructs, creating the associations, meant to activate the energy.

It is ENERGY, carried by thought forms and projections, which carry the TRUE or REAL information. Information is energy and not letters on your screen or book or words. It is mental constructions manifested as energy by expression.

Basically, what Chandra Mohan is doing is blowing up his image and authority to stratospheric levels and using grand notions to justify his lies, manipulations and fabrications. And all his words are connected in a subtle way to create logical associations in your minds, that will inevitably lead to a grand symbolic conclusion - Chandra Mohan is a great "master" and his words posses magical qualities. And they are undeniably true, because, according to his "logic", they BELONG to nothing less then Truth, and not just "plain" Truth, but "UNIVERSAL" Truth, just to make it look like something ultimately valid and "bullet proof".

Yes, indeed, his entire statement is masterfully crafted and is filled to the brim with poison, which he tries to make look like a nectar. It is that sticky sweet substance to which flies and mosquitoes get glued, not realising it is their death.

Yes, Chandra Mohan indeed was a master of lies and manipulation. He could twist and turn anything into anything else. And he forever used all sorts of grand notions, very little of which you could verify, to attach the notion of trueness to his inventions. And inevitably, in most of his statements, there was an underlying goal - to make himself look like the greatest man that ever walked this planet, the greatest "master" ever lived, the "carrier" of "truth" unlike his listeners, who are blind by definition, because of sheer fact that they came to him on their own will and intent. Little did they know that they are being caught on a sticky sweet paper of self-denials.

Even if one has glimpses of "God is using me" or "God is helping me in this situation", how can you be certain it is so? From what I see, God forever plays these hide and seek games. That is the whole point of the game of life - for you to discover it on your own initiative and out of your own freedom, without any imposition. Because then it has some genuine value.

So, let us play this logic game to the end. In order for you to know whether it is God using you, you need to know ALL the aspects of Him/It. Every single one of them. Otherwise, your information base is incomplete and you can not have a necessary degree of certainty. And once you know all the aspects, you become IT. There is no longer anything hidden or missing in your information base.

And once you become IT, there is no longer a separation between the knower and the known. And once there is no separation, then comes the Ultimate Unity of One and one only. And once there is the Ultimate Unity, the very notion of God does not apply as that Unity is the Beginning and the End.

How do you like THAT chain of thought for breakfast? We might even call it "Returning back Home"...

And here is a shocker kind of a side-conclusion:

WE ARE ALL ONE in Its Infinite, Multidimensional Manifestations, Ever Unfolding, complementing each other as small particles and aspects of the Whole!!!

Can you disprove this? Try!

And the problem is that he forever denied the existence of God. But the Universe is not an entity, not a human being, not an animal. It is an Infinite, Unlimited reality and it encompasses ALL, including planets, entities, objects and you name it.

Unless there is God, some entity-like BEING that can be identified, the statement "universe is using me" is utter nonsense and bluff. Because non-entity can not "use" anything. For that, you need the WILL.

If someone is "using you" it means you have no freedom. And if you have no freedom, then creativity disappears, and if there is no creativity, then you have no value. Because your contribution to Life becomes net zero. That is the greatness of man - his inherent freedom out of which he can create NEW aspects never seen before.

The Man is not an object to be "used" for some purpose or a goal.

The Man has FULL freedom and that is precisely his contribution to the Whole. Because only in full freedom one can evolve, develop new aspects and contribute to the Whole. If he is merely "used", there is no intrinsic value in his existence. He becomes merely an object of manipulation, a biorobot at best.

Yes, the results of creative expression of every human being are "used" by the Whole and are added to all known and do enlarge the scope of All There Is. But it is entirely voluntary. It is not merely a manipulation of playing you like some puppet for some grand purpose, which you do not know.

In this respect a man, in the very depths of him, is a Co-Creator and he "knows" this purpose inherently, in the very fact he IS. Yes, he only knows the small part of the whole picture, may be infinitesimally small, but without him, the Whole could not exist. That means that he carries within himself the grandness of the Whole. He IS it.

And that Purpose is Life itself, the Infinite interplay, never ending and ever evolving into something grander.

Yes, it can be argued that EVERYTHING in the Universe is alive and is, therefore, an entity with its own identity, even rocks and minerals, and even particles. But even there, you still need a united identity, something integrated into oneness of some kind, to "use" something.

Then, to proclaim that what you are saying represents the "universal truth", you must be TOTALLY out of your mind or UTTERLY dishonest. This is arrogance of ultimate level. How does one know what does and what does not represent the "universal truth"? Which component of the mix belongs to "universal truth" and which isn't?

Secondly, there exists no one alive who can speak on behalf of "universal truth". This is not possible. Even theoretically. Everyone, no matter who he is and how "great" he thinks he is, can only speak in terms of his own LIMITED understanding. And that is precisely why Socrates said: "The only thing I know is I know nothing". Just to be blunt. Because all the knowledge is but a drop in a bucket compared to "universal truth".

These kinds of statements look like nothing more than concoctions, if not delusions, NONE of which can be proven, verified or validated. Bluff is a compliment. Deceit and zombification of that very mind, and disablement of your own intelligence, to gain something from the clueless, forever parasiting on their fallibility and sincerity of their intent and openness of their heart, to learn something new, is an intent.

And that is how I see it.

And you can find the TRUCKLOADS of such utterly unverifiable concoctions, that look like some "great mystical insights and revelations" on paper. But in any kind of reality, in ANY kind of system I know of, it would simply crack your car engine. Even the most rudimentary things do not tolerate such a gross violence to those very laws of existence, these "masters" blabber about, as though it was all nothing more than a condom, you can blow to the size of some zeppelin or make some Micky mouse out of it.

And eventually, Chandra Mohan was caught in his book "Bodhidharma - The greatest Zen master". It started with him claiming that Bodhidharma is what the book title says. But ended with a proclamation that the same exact man is simply a fool, if not insane, blabbering all sorts of lunacy. And yet, he constantly praised Bodhidharma as a great Zen master. He spoke about him in 421 of his lectures.

He even stated in one of the last lectures in that book: thanks God it ended. It is such a pile of delusions, that it is nothing but torture to speak about it. Nice, eh? So, the "GREATEST Zen master" turns out to be just a blind fool! And Zen happens to be "the only religion alive" according to Chandra Mohan!

And the problem with that book is that it was essentially invalidating ALL the Chandra Mohan's "teachings" by making statements that essentially said that you, and everything you know about you, is nothing but the mind.

So, he had to "explain" it all away by saying it is all just an interpretation by some clueless disciple of Bodhidharma, who did not know what he was talking about. How did he know those words are not the literal quotes of Bodhidharma? How did he know it was not a dictation? How did he know the person who wrote this book was just some clueless fool? And why did that book become one of the most significant books on Zen? And if it was not, then why did the "greatest master ever" speak on it, if the end result, the very conclusion, is nothing but an idiocy?

Chandra Mohan made claims that when he speaks on some master he becomes him, which implies he should have no difficulty of stating why Bodhidharma said what he said, and not from the second person, but the first one, as he became that very master. He said: when I speak to you on Jesus, I BECOME Jesus and so with any other "master". Nice, eh? Did he at least ask their permission to invade their essence?

Yes, I agree:

"If you meet me on the way, kill me". Just about the best advice to all those "spiritual seekers". BY FAR.

The "bottom line" is this:

If you allow some "master" to control your life and make decisions for you, as to what is what and who is who, then get ready to eat any of their inventions like a slave or a zombie who surrendered his own intelligence to some "authority".

You see, THEY are the most "evolved" beings as they present themselves to you. And you are nothing more than dummies, utterly incapable of solving your own problems, and are to be fed ALL sorts of spiritual concoctions by ALL sorts of con-men, impersonators and parasites.

Yes, Chandra Mohan WAS a "master", a master of giving you all these sweet illusions and all sorts of hopes.

And the very reason they do that, as far as I can see, is because they are totally uncreative and unable to manifest something tangible, and religions happen to be the easiest way to parasite on the fruits of labor of others. Because most of whatever they blabber can not be either proved or disproved, which makes it all about the easiest way to "make a buck" and to "survive", and not only "survive" but to RULE like kings in spiritual "kingdoms" they have built around their egos, elevated to the status of "gods".

As a result, they resolve to parasitism, producing nothing more than fear and guilt, subtle or gross, just to control their victims. Yes, victims, which is what most of those "seekers" are, seeking for something that beats their hearts and pumps their lungs, sitting right smack in the middle of them. You want to find GOD somewhere "out there"? Then welcome to the lands of confusion, "seeking shadows in the valley of darkness"!

And if you can see that, there is no need for you to read the rest of this book. Because it is not going to be nice and pretty. It will disappoint the most fanatical of you and may even make some of you utterly angry.

What is Freedom and who is Lucifer?

A lot of things in this book are going to deal with Lucifer in one way or the other. It may be thought of as nature of evil or the negative, "self serving" approach. It is an immense subject and there exist several versions of the story of Lucifer. For one thing, Lucifer is "god" of the NWO "elite". So let us look at one quote to keep things in perspective.

This is a quote from The Urantia Book.

Paper 54

Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion

(613.1) 54:0.1 EVOLUTIONARY man finds it difficult fully to comprehend the significance and to grasp the meanings of evil, error, sin, and iniquity. Man is slow to perceive that contrastive perfection and imperfection produce potential evil; that conflicting truth and falsehood create confusing error; that the divine endowment of freewill choice eventuates in the divergent realms of sin and righteousness; that the persistent pursuit of divinity leads to the kingdom of God as contrasted with its continuous rejection, which leads to the domains of iniquity.

(613.2) 54:0.2 The Gods neither create evil nor permit sin and rebellion. Potential evil is time-existent in a universe embracing differential levels of perfection meanings and values. Sin is potential in all realms where imperfect beings are endowed with the ability to choose between good and evil. The very conflicting presence of truth and untruth, fact and falsehood, constitutes the potentiality of error.

The deliberate choice of evil constitutes sin; the willful rejection of truth is error; the persistent pursuit of sin and error is iniquity.

1. True and False Liberty

(613.3) 54:1.1 Of all the perplexing problems growing out of the Lucifer rebellion, none has occasioned more difficulty than the failure of immature evolutionary mortals to distinguish between true and false liberty.

(613.4) 54:1.2 True liberty is the quest of the ages and the reward of evolutionary progress. False liberty is the subtle deception of the error of time and the evil of space. Enduring liberty is predicated on the reality of justice - intelligence, maturity, fraternity, and equity.

(613.5) 54:1.3 Liberty is a self-destroying technique of cosmic existence when its motivation is unintelligent, unconditioned, and uncontrolled.

True liberty is progressively related to reality and is ever regardful of social equity, cosmic fairness, universe fraternity, and divine obligations.

(613.6) 54:1.4 Liberty is suicidal when divorced from material justice, intellectual fairness, social forbearance, moral duty, and spiritual values. Liberty is nonexistent apart from cosmic reality, and all personality reality is proportional to its divinity relationships.

(613.7) 54:1.5 Unbridled self-will and unregulated self-expression equal unmitigated selfishness, the acme of ungodliness. Liberty without the associated and ever-increasing conquest of self is a figment of egoistic mortal imagination. Self-motivated liberty is a conceptual illusion, a cruel deception. License masquerading in the garments of liberty is the forerunner of abject bondage.

(614.1) 54:1.6 True liberty is the associate of genuine self-respect; false liberty is the consort of self-admiration. True liberty is the fruit of self-control; false liberty, the assumption of self-assertion. Self-control leads to altruistic service; self-admiration tends towards the exploitation of others for the selfish aggrandizement of such a mistaken individual as is willing to sacrifice righteous attainment for the sake of possessing unjust power over his fellow beings.

(614.2) 54:1.7 Even wisdom is divine and safe only when it is cosmic in scope and spiritual in motivation.

(614.3) 54:1.8 There is no error greater than that species of self-deception which leads intelligent beings to crave the exercise of power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these persons of their natural liberties. The golden rule of human fairness cries out against all such fraud, unfairness, selfishness, and unrighteousness. Only true and genuine liberty is compatible with the reign of love and the ministry of mercy.

(614.4) 54:1.9 How dare the self-willed creature encroach upon the rights of his fellows in the name of personal liberty when the Supreme Rulers of the universe stand back in merciful respect for these prerogatives of will and potentials of personality!

No being, in the exercise of his supposed personal liberty, has a right to deprive any other being of those privileges of existence conferred by the Creators and duly respected by all their loyal associates, subordinates, and subjects.

(614.5) 54:1.10 Evolutionary man may have to contend for his material liberties with tyrants and oppressors on a world of sin and iniquity or during the early times of a primitive evolving sphere, but not so on the morontia worlds or on the spirit spheres.

War is the heritage of early evolutionary man, but on worlds of normal advancing civilization physical combat as a technique of adjusting racial misunderstandings has long since fallen into disrepute.

2. The Theft of Liberty

(614.6) 54:2.1 With the Son and in the Spirit did God project eternal Havona, and ever since has there obtained the eternal pattern of co-ordinate participation in creation - sharing. This pattern of sharing is the master design for every one of the Sons and Daughters of God who go out into space to engage in the attempt to duplicate in time the central universe of eternal perfection.

(614.7) 54:2.2 Every creature of every evolving universe who aspires to do the Father's will is destined to become the partner of the time-space Creators in this magnificent adventure of experiential perfection attainment. Were this not true, the Father would have hardly endowed such creatures with creative free will, neither would he indwell them, actually go into partnership with them by means of his own spirit.

(614.8) 54:2.3 Lucifer's folly was the attempt to do the nondoable, to short-circuit time in an experiential universe. Lucifer's crime was the attempted creative disenfranchisement of every personality in Satania, the unrecognized abridgment of the creature's personal participation - freewill participation - in the long evolutionary struggle to attain the status of light and life both individually and collectively.

In so doing this onetime Sovereign of your system set the temporal purpose of his own will directly athwart the eternal purpose of God's will as it is revealed in the bestowal of free will upon all personal creatures.

The Lucifer rebellion thus threatened [with] the maximum possible infringement of the freewill choice of the ascenders and servers of the system of Satania - a threat forevermore to deprive every one of these beings of the thrilling experience of contributing something personal and unique to the slowly erecting monument to experiential wisdom which will sometime exist as the perfected system of Satania.

Comment: This is a key point. As stated by the "ruling family" or "group soul Lucifer", their attempt was to introduce the negativity and Free Will and Free Choice to those "imbeciles", living in the garden of Eden to stimulate the growth of their intelligence. Because they could not make any progress as they did not have those freedoms. Thus, by introducing those freedoms they have sped up the process of evolution and the mankind was able to progress. So they say.

But it was a seduction and infringement on their free will and free choice. It is said that no one has the right to interfere in the natural process of development regardless of anything. Because it creates the distortion in the natural process. This is one of the prime laws.

This is what is called the "negative" or "self-serving" approach. And their point is that in order for intelligence to arrive, the negativity has to be brought to the extreme levels, and so it was, and so you see all this most profound evil all over the world as a result, to the point that the entire planet has turned into hell and is standing at the brink of self-destruction and destruction of the entire planet. Their idea, according to them, was that you will start craving for positivity as a reaction to all-pervading negativity.

But the problem here is that they deprived the mankind of NATURAL development, maturing and obtaining the Wisdom out of their own intent and their own discovery. What is the need to "speed things up"? Is Creator in a hurry to get somewhere fast having the infinite potential and unlimited time frame?

See: Window of Opportunity
(a Lucifer "ruling family" priest answers the questions)

Thus does the Lucifer manifesto, masquerading in the habiliments of liberty, stand forth in the clear light of reason as a monumental threat to consummate the theft of personal liberty and to do it on a scale that has been approached only twice in all the history of Nebadon.

(615.1) 54:2.4 In short, what God had given men and angels Lucifer would have taken away from them, that is, the divine privilege of participating in the creation of their own destinies and of the destiny of this local system of inhabited worlds.

(615.2) 54:2.5 No being in all the universe has the rightful liberty to deprive any other being of true liberty, the right to love and be loved, the privilege of worshiping God and of serving his fellows.

Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion - from The Urantia Book

New meditation - Remembrance of Who You REALLY Are

This is a new meditation that is happening to me naturally lately. I did not invent anything and did not try to concoct anything. This is something entirely natural and a very powerful way to recognize the basic states of ones being - positivity, negativity and neutrality, and it is available to anyone any moment and does not require any special skill or practice.

It is not really new in a sense that the essence of it was already described in various ways by telling you about your relationship with Life by how you feel with your heart. It simply brings those concepts to the practical and tangible level, verifiable by direct observation.

The Heart has been condemned as something "inferior" by the so-called scientists, psychologists and the followers of that grand delusion called the "theory of evolution", where everything evolves merely by random permutations of the movements of the particles in a matter. It was specifically done in order to remove the very concept of God, The Creator as something ultimately valid.

Some of them say that the Heart and feelings are nothing more than a byproduct of the mind. So, it is nothing more than the idea in your mind and Heart is nothing more than a pump to pump the blood.

But WHY did they insist on it so much? Well, it turns out that the Heart is at the much "higher" level in your Being than the mind. Because the mind may be manipulated and deluded very easily, by simple repetition of the same lie morning to night, everywhere you look. So, you begin to believe that the ugliest lies are actually "true", just because "everybody thinks so" or "everybody says so". But what kind of PROOF is this?

But you can not lie to a Heart. Because it FEELS the very energy behind those lies DIRECTLY, like a measurement instrument. Because at the very core of any lie or any thought, for that matter, lays the ENERGY projection, and the Heart, like a radio receiver receives the most fundamental aspects of that thought, the very essences of it.

When mother loves her child or when she feels her child is in trouble, while she is thousands of miles away from him, then how is it possible, especially considering that the Heart is so "primitive"?

Basically, the very essence of any communication is found on a telepathy level. Just look at the politicians, for example, and listen to all their lies. But, for some "strange" reason, you KNOW they are lying. How? Well, simply because your very Heart FEELS, or, more precisely, perceives and decodes that very energy carrier that carries that lie.

So, back to the subject here.

Some of you may consider it not to be a meditation in a strict sense, since they are lead to believe that in order for you to meditate, you have to sit, close your eyes and essentially become totally separate from your immediate life, which is not necessarily true. You may sit and try to meditate, but deep inside of you there are all sorts of worries, concerns and things waiting to be done. So, the mind keeps spinning while you are essentially FORCING yourself to be "out of it all", which is an illusion, if not the outright delusion. And so, your meditation will be fake, at best. Because it is nearly impossible to simply suppress all those "problems" your mind is filled with to the brim.

This meditation is about you becoming aware of your feeling right in the middle of your chest. Simple as that.

There are two distinct and diametrically opposite states of your soul - positivity and negativity. And there is the third state - neutrality. Actually, there are infinite number of states in reality. But we will only look at the most visible ones. Here is what happens:

When that feeling in your chest is of lightness, joy, peace, love and appreciation of the very opportunity TO BE, that means you are on the "right wavelength". You are tuned in to Divine Essence - the Creator, or God as it is commonly known. And in that state you ARE that very essence that constitutes you, and it is not separate from the Highest of the Highest - the Creator, the Infinite Intelligence, All Pervading and ALL Encompassing.

In that state, your being receives tremendous amounts of Life Affirming energy and the most subtle insights that transform your very Being, without any effort on your part.

When you are tuned in to the negative side - destructive energy of confusion, heaviness, anger, aggression, hate, revenge or jealousy, self-pity or greed, that feeling in the middle of your chest will be like trembling, shrinking, or full of fear, which may look like your own aggression or anger. The negative is inherently and inevitably destructive. This is its very nature. And the ultimate state of it is SELF-destruction. Inevitably.

ALL that is needed is for you to pay attention to that feeling in your chest, pretty much all day long. Because that is your main "measuring instrument" that tells you whether you are progressing in Life or just the other way around. With every act and every word, FEEL how it feels in your chest. Because your Heart "KNOWS" it DIRECTLY. The mind may interpret or justify it in ANY way imaginable, just to justify that you are "right" and things like that, or may be deluded by all sorts of promises on purely mental level.

But the Heart can not be deluded that easily, because it can sense the underlying energy, the very essence of it.

Just become AWARE of it. The rest is automatic and if you recognize the difference in those opposing states, your choice will become obvious.

So, what you do with this meditation is the simplest thing imaginable. You ALWAYS pay attention to how it feels in your chest, as much and as often as you can manage, no matter what you are doing at the moment, especially if it causes a strong emotional response in you. Just be aware of it. That is ALL that needs to be done.

It is a simple matter of remembrance, and, after a little practice, it will become nearly automatic. The very fact you become excited or upset, will "ring the bell" for you to remember to become aware of how does it feel in your chest. Simple as that.

Now, when you feel lightness, joy, peace and love radiating from you, that's the whole point of your life - to find that STATE. This is the very purpose of your "religious" "search".

When you feel your chest is shrinking and feeling bad or heavy, become aware of it. But no condemnation of ANY kind is necessary or helpful. Nothing to be done. Most likely, you do not even know why it happened. Sometimes, it will happen not of your own doing, but as a result of aggression and negativity towards you from others, for whatever stupid "reason", and ALL the "reasons" for negativity are stupid. They are nothing but blindness.

Because they are essentially self-denial an self-destruction. You will never see your True Essence by feeling "bad", heavy, angry, aggressive or pitiful or complaining. Not possible. It will simply perpetuate your confusion. The negative "motivation" is like burning your finger against a hot pan. Is it something you want to feel? No need to condemn yourself for feeling bad or heavy. But just observe it. It is nothing more than a lesson for you to notice and learn your unnatural state.

So, once you are attacked in this psychic way, first of all, remember, in a couple of minutes after your remove yourself from that situation, it will all dissolve. Don't worry for the "results". It will all happen automatically, by itself, even if it takes minutes, hours or even days. If you SEE how and why you were affected, great, now you can avoid those situations or readjust your response to it to not get engaged in it in a highly emotional way.

Just ask yourself a question: "Do I need to feel this way"? This is all it takes. And the answer will be self-evident. What do you need to waste your precious life on things like these for? To where can it possibly lead you? It simply states that you are still confused as to who you REALLY are. And I tell you, you are not that, which experiences such negative states. At best, they are lessons as to who you are NOT.

Just DON'T CLING to that negativity. Do not try to cherish it and rationalize about it as though YOU were "right". All rubbish. It does not matter who is "right" and who is "wrong". The very fact YOU are affected by that negativity is of your own doing, and your own clinging to it, whether you realize it or not.

Otherwise, you will recognize that the reason for that aggression on your being is because of confusion and blindness of those, who attacked you. They simply can not do otherwise because THAT is what they think they ARE. Just have mercy on them and simply try to minimize the destructive impact of it. Who knows, may be you can even manage to switch their attention from aggression to realization. And even if you can not, at least try the Tai Chi way of "passive fighting" - just move slightly on the side of that aggressive energy and let it fall under its own weight.

If you can, just try to go back to your NATURAL state of lightness, cheerfulness and appreciation of Life. Simply remember those moments of bliss. THAT is your NATURAL state. Negativity is not a natural state. At best, it is a temporary state of learning. Out of it, you can recognize that you end up in that negative state again and again for some reason. That means there is misunderstanding in you. You do not see something in your life.

It is a state of blindness, confusion, misunderstanding and denial. Denial of nothing less than Creator Itself, that Ultimate, Infinite Intelligence, All Pervading and All Encompassing, and, by implication, denial of your own True Self. You are not that anger, pain, jealousy, revengefulness and so on.

If you find yourself to be in a negative state most of the time, for whatever reason, just try to remember some event in your life that made you feel great and made you want to be. And then recognize that feeling in your chest so that you remember that state. Isn't that where you want to be?

The natural state of your being is Love, appreciation, lightness, joy, gratitude, brotherhood of all beings, sharing and appreciation and respect for all the manifestations of life, no matter what color or creed they are. No matter how "smart" or "stupid" you are. No matter how "rich" or "poor" you are.

The REAL Wealth is not of the material world. It is of the world of BEING - your own. Winds and rains come and go, and even the earthquakes end. But what remains is YOU as a particle of Creation and intrinsic part of Life as such.

No power in this world can prevent you from seeing your true nature - that, which you REALLY are, no matter how blind or "insignificant" you yourself may think you are, forever comparing yourself to others with those templates, ingrained in your mind.

You don't need any "superpowers" to know yourself and your true nature. It is all very simple, as simple as it gets.

And meditation, which is simply silence, is simply a natural state. It is not a "miracle" of some sort, for which you have to struggle all your life. And out of meditation, your connection, your channel to the energy of the Infinite Intelligence, All Pervading, the very source of life, is opened. And it is yours to claim and has forever been, only if you paid attention to it and allow it.

Do not EVER underestimate your own significance or try to degrade yourself comparing yourself with other "great" people. That is just foolishness that will only accumulate and will eventually become a perversion of jealousy, greed and aggression.

CLINGING to that negativity will only perpetuate it and will keep your confused. Do not be afraid that you are "stuck" with it because of some "objective" circumstances outside of your control. That is not true. Even if you face nothing less than death itself, there is no power in this world to prevent you from claiming your NATURAL state of Love and Light. Do not forget this.

Yes, Love is a subtle word and easily misinterpreted. To me, it is Love of Life itself. When Love is directed at others, they are not the "goal" or a true target. At best, they may be a sparkle, a stimuli for you to experience that state. Very often, when people say "I love you", that is not true. If you dig deeper, there is some mercantile interest involved.

So, to me, "true" Love is not directed at anyone or anything, even though it may look like it. It is a STATE of your being, the ultimate fruition, the ultimate recognition of Oneness, and not only of "you" and the "other", but ALL.

And if you find yourself in that state of negativity, frustration, finding your soul aching all the time, just ask yourself a simple question: WHAT DO I NEED IT FOR? Is THAT want I want to BE? - That is ALL you need to do. The rest is automatic. Within minutes, if not seconds, you will be in your NATURAL state of Love and "Understanding", or, rather, SEEING, just like Jesus told you.

Another thing you can do when you are attacked is to just try to smile to yourself and into the face of the attacker and ask him: Why are you feeling so upset? YOU DO NOT NEED IT! And you might get surprised with the result. I just saw it yesterday. Could not believe it. Some utterly angry lady, who was involved in something highly negative, talking to a man she was walking with, after me asking her this question, as they were walking towards me on the street, all of a sudden, her face just lit up like a flower with the REAL smile of joy, and she said: "yes, I KNOW".

And that was one of the great presents to me lately, although all sorts of things like these seem to be happening all the time now. I see beggars smiling at me like angels in heaven after I give them a little money and smile to them and remind them to smile at life, if I see them looking sad or upset. One very old lady - a beggar, who used to be so miserable that I could hardly look at her face, now, when I approach the place where she usually sits, and before she even notices me, once in a while, I see an inner smile on her face. That is a miracle unlike any other I know of.

And just today it was a shock. I gave her a little money, and she said: you know, so much life has been wasted in misery, it is hard for me to even comprehend. And she was sad. She did not realise that it was her greatest achievement in her entire life. Finally, she started seeing something she could not have imagined in her wildest dreams. So, I just told her: great, you don't need that misery of waste, do you? And the most shocking thing in it is that I did not ever hope that she could see THAT far, and she herself did not even realise what has happened to her. She is like a "newborn" now, although she can not quite grasp it yet as far as I can see. There is still doubt, there is still clinging to her 78 years old suffering.

So, that is all you have to do with this meditation. Now, morning to night, no matter what kind of situation you are in, and no matter what you are doing, REMEMBER. Remember about your soul, about your heart. Simply pay attention to it. You do not have to force yourself to do it during the moments when you are busy with something that takes away your attention from this remembrance. There are forever GAPS in ANY activity, when you can have a moment to REMEMBER about your chest.

So, why not make it a PERMANENT state of meditation in your life? Actually, this IS what your life is. Isn't it? This recognition and paying attention to how you feel IS your REAL life. So, why not live it all day long? What prevents you?

All you need is just a glimpse, a passing moment, a recognition. You don't need to sit there for hours trying to force yourself into some meditation. That is not meditation, but rather a masochism. That is the major problem with nearly all the meditations out there.

If you FORCE yourself, into utterly artificial situation of "meditation", separated from the "real life", no matter what kind of meditation it is, do you think all your "problems" just evaporate, just because you sit there and try to "meditate"? That is why they do not work. Because you intuitively and quite correctly feel that this is just some mental exercise, utterly isolated from reality of life. And you sit there for hours trying to "meditate" while your mind is spinning like crazy with all those "problems" inside it. It is like trying to pull the grass, forcing it to grow faster. That does not work.

And you will find your whole day is FULL of those gaps, no matter what you do, and so the more you try to focus yourself so that your entire life becomes joy, lightness, love, and appreciation, the more ways your will find to keep in touch with the very essence and the purpose of Life - Knowing Who You REALLY ARE.

Ultimately, you are not here to "suffer". That is just an intermediate step to recognise that which you are NOT. Just say to that suffering: go away, you silly tiger, this is not who I am. Thank you very much for your services as it helped me to see who I REALLY am. But enough is enough.

And, as you find more and more of those moments of lightness, wouldn't you want to rather be in THAT state? Or would you rather suffer? WHOSE choice is this? WHO is forcing you to suffer? WHO is depriving yourself of your own NATURE, your own natural STATE? Is it not YOU yourself? Do you see this?

Let me tell you: if there IS such a thing as Truth, this is what it is from what I see. Truth is a recognition of your NATURAL state. Sure, ultimately, Truth is Unlimited in its dimensions and aspects. But that comes later, and it comes ONLY if you recognize who YOU REALLY ARE.

So, you just keep living the way you do and keep doing all the things you do, and every time you remember, just pay attention on how it feels in your chest. What could be simpler than this?

So, the essence of this meditation is Remembrance of Who You REALLY Are.

And it DOES work. Just try.

Finally, you will come to the a state of neutrality - neither positive, nor negative, and that is really something. It is a state of peace, with yourself and with the world.

When you come to that state, "the fruit has matured". It means the conflict is gone and now you sit firmly in "the seat of your Soul". Nothing can knock you off it, except for a short passing moment, which will be a test for you.

You can throw an atom bomb at us and my people are going to be dancing on the streets

Can you imagine this picture? I can not comprehend anything sicker than this one. The very idea of it does make me sick. On the ranch in Oregon Chandra Mohan made this proclamation just before the whole thing with his "commune" was going to blow up and the FBI was working pretty hard on that whole trip.

First of all, WHY would anyone even conceive of an idea of "dancing on the streets" when you throw an atom bomb on them? What kind of a celebration is this? Celebration of death? Well, in that case it is called Satanism. What kind of ecstasy could it possibly be? What is the point of it? What is the reason for it? What does it solve or clarify?

Yes, I can comprehend you sitting in deep meditation as anything else at that point is not only futile, but simply idiotic. What's the fun of "dancing on the streets"?

And what is the point of even saying such things? Are they going to announce on the radio: we are going to throw an atom bomb at you tomorrow at 10 a.m. So, all the satanists among you should go out on the streets and have a last dance celebrating their own death and death of the world.

Another sick thing about it is: how did he know this is what "his people" are going to do? Is it some kind of order, just like those cult leaders ordering all the members of their cult to commit a mass suicide?

Do "his people" have freedom to decide what are they going to do or is it some kind of order to be followed no matter what anybody thinks or does?

And what kind of a delusional idiot is going to decide to throw an atom bomb on his "happy commune"? For what? Is he some kind of a world power threatening the free sucking world?

What is this I ask you? WHO are you following, like blind fools, being led to slaughter when "blind are leading the blind to fall into a ditch"? Or even worse, being led by the Satanists to nothing less then hell of utter submission to the doctrine the "NWO", ruling you and your minds just like a herd. Who did you allow to control your consciousness and make the decisions for you? Do you know?

J. Krishnamurti called Chandra Mohan the biggest criminal there is and his crimes are of the worst kind - the crimes against your very consciousness. He also called his "commune" a "concentration camp". Strange, isn't it? And, according to Chandra Mohan, J. Krishnamurti was "enlightened". So...

Yes, Chandra Mohan fed your minds with the most appealing ideas of "paradise on earth without God", this "enlightenment" carrot. And he painted the pictures of such a blissful state, that many have fallen into that trap, purely out of greed. Yes, he gave you the ideas of some "elite", of some "chosen few". Chosen by whom, especially if there is no God in his picture? So, everyone felt like someone "special", and, meanwhile, worked their rears off for 12 hrs. a day, not being paid a penny, all for the "common good" - the communism. Ruled by a dictator, just as Chandra Mohan admitted himself to be on record, who has an absolute and unquestionable authority over your minds and lives.

Jesus Grove

When your wings are clipped, what do you do?

I'd like to bring a little blip in here. It has to do with apparent aspect and hidden aspect. And it also has to do with freedom.

At the ranch in Oregon, USA, there was a small stream running by the side of the road. One thing that seemed to be weird about it is that you could see the Canadian geese in it even during summer, which was strange, as that is not the kind of lands they visit during the summer, nor winter for that matter, as that was their intermediate stop at best.

So, the whole thing was meant to look like some paradise with all these happy geese swimming in "harmony with nature" in that "beautiful commune", a model of "paradise on earth without God", unless you really look into it. And that stream also ran by another road on the other side, the main road to the whole city of Rajneeshpuram as it was called at that time, so the first thing anyone driving in would see this "harmony with nature".

One day, returning from my work late at night, and it was a pretty cold winter at that time and the stream was frozen, I saw these geese crying in desperation, running around on ice. You could hardly see them as it was dark. I also heard coyotes howling as this was the land of coyotes. And I was shocked to realise these geese were basically sacrificed to coyotes as there was nothing they could do to save themselves. Their wings were clipped so they could not fly away from that "paradise on earth without God". I never thought the Canadian geese could be domesticated as freedom is all they know. The whole thing was simply bizarre. It was a kind of sadness you remember your entire life.

There was another thing around the house where Chandra Mohan lived. I had to visit the place several times without getting into the house. What I saw is these peacocks. It was a totally strange picture. They seemed to be totally out of place. It was the weirdest version of "paradise on earth" imaginable. They were basically imprisoned, just like those Canadian geese. But on the surface, to some passerby, who could not see what it means underneath, it would look like what it was meant to impersonate - a "paradise on earth without God".

Peacocks are commonly known as "the birds of paradise". That is why he had peacocks right in his house. Or did someone FORCE them on him? Did not he know they represent the Paradise, and, since he was against God, therefore, there could not possibly be any trace of anything related to Paradise, as the very notion of paradise is Creation of God. Do you see this?

And so I am telling you that the word of Jesus can not be interpreted directly. There is an obvious aspect of it, on its face value, and there is a hidden aspect of it, and that hidden aspect is what it is all about. Not that it was necessarily hidden for purpose to hide something, even though it could be the case at least in some cases. But those hidden things could not be seen by someone "who does not have eyes to see".

Interpreting the word of Jesus directly, from the obvious meaning on its face value, is profanation, vulgarity, lies and concoctions, perversion and deceit. So I claim.

And so when you hear about "freedom", beware. They might feed you poison, most potent poison there is.

Just one quote before we start on this:

Jesus was enlightened

"And if Jesus had said no, he could not have been an enlightened man. Then he would have just been seeking after social respectability. He was NOT seeking after respectability."


"They were playing a trick, because if Jesus would have said, "No, don't kill this woman, don't be the judges," then they could say, "You are against the scriptures." And if Jesus would have said, "Yes, kill this woman, stone her to death," then they would say, "Where has gone your message 'Love your enemy' and where has gone your message 'Judge ye not that ye should be not judged'?"

So they were playing a trick. They were creating a dilemma - a logical dilemma. Whatsoever Jesus would have said, he would be trapped.

"But you cannot trap an enlightened man, it is impossible. It is impossible, and the more you try to trap him you will get trapped with him. So Jesus said, "The scripture is absolutely correct. But come forwards only those who have never sinned. Take these stones in your hands and murder this woman, but only those who have never sinned." The crowd started disappearing. Those who were standing in front went back - because who will stone this woman?"

The potentiality of the seed from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 2

So, if you paid attention, what Chandra Mohan said here is that Jesus was enlightened, and that is the key to this puzzle of Jesus. And if Chandra Mohan condemns him later on, more than anyone else, that means either that "enlightenment" is nothing but worthless crap, or Chandra Mohan is a shameless liar and manipulator, twisting and perverting things to fit whatever agenda he had at the moment, which means the show is over, you can all go home.

Because of this in particular: Jesus is a "mental case" ... he is a fascist

You cannot prove that Christ attained

I'd like to plug in a quote by Chandra Mohan here. He talks a lot and makes plenty of accusations. This needs to be responded to in kind. But not at the moment. There is a lot of ground to cover here. But just a couple of things:

First and foremost, you can not read what is said about Jesus using its literal meaning. Because it is all encoded. Interpreting it directly, on its face value, is vulgarity and prostitution, if not worse. And I claim it is even worse than that.

We do not even know if what is written about Jesus has not been modified, distorted, perverted or some things were added to specifically disgrace him. Actually, as far as I know this is exactly what happened.

Here is just one example: Jacob H. Schiff, the leader of Zionists, finances the complete rewriting of the Bible

"You cannot prove that Christ attained". Attained what? How do you PROVE someone "attained"? I claim no such proof exists unless they do some miracle, which plenty of those "masters" claim to be able to, just like Chandra Mohan for example as shown on his videos when one woman simply falls unconscious when he touches her getting out of one of his Rolls Royces and just before he entered a lecture hall. Interestingly enough, that video shot was done on the backstage, and was specifically included in that video to show his "powers". It was strange to see the video shot from the backstage. Because the main show was in the hall, not the backstage. So, what was the purpose of it I ask you?

Secondly, it is pretty much the same thing as those ZioNazi puppets claiming to be Christians, having stadiums full of fools showing them the "miracles" of people falling down when they touch them. The same exact trick that discredits him just as we all know from those Satanists claiming to be the Christian seers. It is nothing but spiritual garbage and zombification. If I were in a video department, I would never release this to public unless I wanted to expose that man. Because this was nothing but disgrace, such a cheap shot it was.

Did ANYONE "attain" around Chandra Mohan even though there are some claims? Can I see their names and hear what they have to say? Chandra Mohan claimed numerous times "there is nothing to attain".

Attain means to reach, to make an effort of some kind to get somewhere, to finally "attain" it. You can not "attain" instantly. You can BECOME something, but that is not attain.

There is also Yoga, the "ardours path", which takes many years to "attain". Samadhi and Nirvana that is. Yes, in Yoga you "attain" it after many years of work. It is not even clear what he means by "attain". So...

It all may look like too much of semantic analysis, but the very notion of "attain" means to me there is you and there is something to "attain", which is the very crux of the matter.

You cannot prove that Christ attained. Thousands of books have been written, but nothing has been proved yet. For two thousand years more books have been written on Christ than on anybody else, but what has been proved? There are still people who think that he was insane. There are still psychologists who think that he was neurotic, psychotic, schizophrenic - and they think so very seriously and they have many arguments to prove why it is so.

He used to hear voices, which only insane people hear. He used to talk to the sky, which only mad people do. And he was a megalomaniac, according to these great scholars, psychologists, psychiatrists, because he suffered from a very puffed-up ego. He declared that "I am the only son of God." Now, what pretentiousness! He declared that "I have come to save the whole of humanity."

What ego! And this man talks about humbleness, humility, and goes on saying, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" - and he was not a meek man at all!

So the people who want to prove that he was schizophrenic have enough proof. One day he says, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth," and another day he enters into the temple of Jerusalem, beats the moneychangers and throws them out of the temple. Can you think that this man is a meek man?

He talks about humbleness, humility, poverty of the spirit, and declares that "I am the king of the Jews," that "I am the real king." That is enough proof that this man has many minds, split minds.

He talks about forgiveness, he says that God is love - and becomes so angry with small things. Not only with people, he became so angry with a fig tree, because his disciples were hungry, he was hungry, and there was no fruit on the tree.

Now this man is insane, because the tree is not in any way willfully preventing the fruits from growing at this time; it is not the time for the fruits. They come up to the tree with great expectation, and there is no fruit. Jesus takes it as an insult. The son of God comes, and what kind of fig tree is this? No respect!

He goes into a rage, he curses the tree. The tree burns because of his curse: a green tree turns into a dead tree immediately. Now what kind of man is this? He must be mad! Can you think of him as a buddha?

Truly Right from "The White Lotus"

Just a quick comment on some points:

First of all, using psychologists and psychiatrists as ANY kind of an argument is simply a disgrace, especially after condemning them so much as he did. What do they understand of any meaning, which is hidden? Are they some kind of experts on such issues as what Jesus talked about? Chandra Mohan disgraced those as some kind of lunatics forever, and even I can do that. So, this is just a plain vulgarity, as low of a grade as it gets pretty much.

"... he enters into the temple of Jerusalem, beats the money-changers and throws them out of the temple".

Sorry, I am not aware of the fact he beats them or "throws them out of the temple". Was he a wrestler or a bully of some kind to "throw them out"? We could look into it, but I am not in the mood right now. Yes, he overthrew their tables as they were converting "a house of God" into a market place worshipping the golden calf and reducing the highest, the house of God into the lowest, the house of a belly, the material. This is the worst violation of the very religious aspect as it is nothing more but an arrogant insult to your very soul and Truth. And that was their central "message", taught to them by Pharisees - you are nothing but beasts and a belly, the material world, the tangible world, is all there is. There is nothing higher. You can trade your souls and make money on it right smack in the "House of God".

What was Jesus to do? That was their central doctrine, a doctrine of evil most profound perverting and insulting the very notion of God and deluding the people that it is all OK as the HIGHEST there is is money and gold.

And yes, he told them "get out of my house". But he did not THROW them out. There was simply no need for it. Secondly, they could simply beat him if they wanted to.

And what would Chandra Mohan do in his place? Tell them: "everything is nice and dandy, you can even empty your bowels here if you want?" WHO? Chandra Mohan? Well, if you know him well enough you would think better.

Did not Chandra Mohan understand the very essence and a meaning of what Jesus was saying? Then he is not a "master" of ANY kind. If anything, this is the language and a mindset of "a master of lies, speaking of his own".

Meaning of Salvation

One of the most disgusting ways Chandra Mohan viciously attacked Jesus was the idea of Salvation. I do not want to even bring up some quotes of him on this. It disgusts me too much.

But... What does it mean - Salvation? Well, it is that TRANSFORMATION of you from the level of a beast, vast majority of you are, driven by the animalistic desires of a belly, into realising that every single one of you is inseparable and indivisible part of the grandest thing There Is - God, the Creator.

And I do not mean to be insulting here. It is just to bring your attention to what you have allowed to be done to you by those, who try all they can to reduce you to some mechanical biorobot, filled with "imperfections" of all kinds, to be "transcended", and who lives by the laws of the belly and a wallet. The Material world is a Gross level. A necessary one, but heavy and dense. It is neither the Beginning nor the End of Existence, which is God. It is an intermediate step. Beautiful, and yet limiting like a prison, with all its diseases, starving of your body, tiredness and all sorts of brute force attacks on each other, "just to survive, just to survive".

Eventually, you become CONSCIOUS and AWARE of the Grandest Reality of Existence - The Infinite Multi-Dimensional Intelligence, Ever Expanding, All Encompassing and All Pervading.

This is what Salvation means.

You ARE that Manifestation of God. You ARE that immeasurably small particle which is a part of God. Without you, God could not exist. He is DISSOLVED in EVERY ONE OF YOU. You are INSEPARABLE from the Whole.

Yes, there is a subtlety here. Lucifer started imagining to be God-like and was advocating the absolute freedom and independence of the local planetary systems, so that he can create his own world that will run according to HIS rule and command and not according to the Providence of The One - Creator. But he forgot one thing - he IS the part of God, no matter what he does and no matter what kind of "freedom" does he crave for, which is nothing but Illusion. Because he himself was created by God. How can creation "defeat" the Creator who knows its internals like a plan and a schematic. He knows how your heart beats.

Who are you trying to run away from? And how can it POSSIBLY be done? I can just flip a switch in any gadgets I have created and I can plant a virus which will destroy it, if I want to and ANY time I want. Because I am the only one who knows how it works. It can not possibly have the same knowledge as I do. Except on a more subtle level even that can not be done. Once something is created it can not be destroyed as from then on it becomes a part of greater reality. It ENLARGES the scope of that Reality.

So, the subtlety here is SEPARATION. Once you separate yourself from God, who is hiding in ALL others, who ARE the INSEPARABLE WHOLE, then you are doomed. You went WAY too far and started imagining that you are on your own, a separate whole, which can not possibly be. There is only one Whole, no matter what you start imagining.

So, Salvation is that very REALISATION of Oneness, which Jesus called SEEING and HEARING, or the Great Masters, the real ones I mean, called Enlightenment, the REAL one I mean. You can not deny the ultimate state of the 3rd Density, the level of the Mankind, when you FULLY see the 3rd level, its limitations and its ultimate potential.

It also means awareness, or the state of Presence as some call it. The state when you are aware of what is happening in the moment. That is what Jesus called SEEING and HEARING. The same thing.

Enlightenment as such can not be denied because all it is is the Ultimate Level Of AWARENESS, and you can not deny Awareness as such. And so, if there IS such a thing as Awareness, then how come there is no Ultimate State of it? There is virtually infinite number of grades of awareness, from the most primitive to the most evolved and subtle, the Peak of it.

What is that state called Enlightenment? It is that state when you are dissolved in the Whole and your individuated state of consciousness is no longer separate from God in its fullest expression. At that point, you do not belong to this gross plane of 3rd density. You become something much more subtle that this dense physical body.

But if you CRAVE for Enlightenment directly, trying to bypass your limitations and misunderstanding and "jump" into some ultimate state, it is the biggest mistake you can make, the biggest illusion there is and your life will turn into hell, quite literally. Because you do not accept your "limitations", your misunderstanding, thinking that there is something "WRONG" with you and you should "transcend" you sicknesses and your stupidity. This is basically self-denial. The denial of that which you are, just as you are.

There is no way you can reach anything but hell with this approach. Because you DENIED that very God that beats your heart and pumps your lungs of which you are a part, perfect in its infinite number of manifestations representing ALL possible ways of Self-Expression and Co-Creation.

And that is precisely the biggest crime of all those who feed you this "enlightenment" carrot, which is a poison, and which you start chasing from then on and waste your entire life being caught in the Ultimate Contradiction. Because you can not CRAVE for it DIRECTLY. That is the worst possible trap you can fall into and a result will be all sorts of misery and frustration. INEVITABLY.

Enlightenment is like a fruit that has matured, and matured on its own, and according to the Laws of Creation. You can pull the grass all you want. But it won't get taller as a result. You will simply break it. And you can not force the fruit to grow faster. There is simply no need. It happens by itself. And all the acidity and bitterness disappears from it AUTOMATICALLY and the sweatiness comes by itself and the sweatiest juice, the juice of life will be there when it is matured and was cared for and given enough LIGHT and Life Giving Energy coming from the Sun, which is alive being, just like you, only on a much more subtle and much more powerful level.

Yes, there IS such a thing as Salvation, no matter what people of Chandra Mohan's kind tell you. There is just way too much evidence of it with all the Great Masters of the past and ALL the Religions - every one of them.

Salvation means taking you out of the state of confusion and "identification with Prakriti" as it is known in India.

No religion is invalid. There is no such a thing as invalid religion. Because ANY and ALL religions is the PEAK of your consciousness. Yes, indeed, there is ALL sorts of blind fanaticism and biorobotic, mechanical submission to some doctrine, ritual and dogma. Because of DENIAL, denial of your own validity that is. And yes, there is corruption, resulting from that blindness, and there is plain parasitism, arising out of self-denial and rejection of ones own creative potential. But does it mean that if you found one fruit rotten, it means all the fruits are rotten?

And I tell you: yes, plenty, if not most people, simply perform a ritual, going to some temple and performing all sorts of "religious" acts or rituals as some kind of a deal, hoping to get something out of it, some benefit, some money, some fame or whatever they are hoping to "get". And yes, it is an exercise in futility. Because they simply repeat the zombie program of others. But even there, being essentially blind, they still keep the door open. They may not see the essential meaning, but at least they TRY to look somewhere beyond ordinary, beyond their bodily concerns of "survival". It will take some time for them to see their self-denial and learn that rituals only work when you already have a certain degree of awareness. But at least it is their appeal to something "out of this world".

Rituals are simply tuning yourself on a particular wavelength, or, as it is popular to call nowadays, some egregore. By themselves, and IN themselves, they are meaningless. If you merely believe that performing some ritual you become closer to God, without even being aware of what exactly happens, then it is an exercise in futility. Even the meditation, if performed as a ritual, becomes meaningless. But they did the first necessary step - to try to look if there is something else in life beyond their ordinary concerns, and that counts.

And so EVERY SINGLE master of the "past" is as real as your own fingers. ALL of them, for as long as they are sincere and not merely parasite on others.

ANY sincerity is manifestation of God. There is no "imperfect" insincerity, just as there is no "imperfect" Love, or "imperfect" Creation.

And that is what Jesus implied, as far as I can see, when he stated:

"He has blinded their eyes and deadened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts, nor turn -- and I would heal them."

John 12:40

Healing is EXACTLY the same thing as Salvation.

Healing means OPENING YOUR EYES. It is exactly the same thing. When you are healed you can see and are aware of what is happening at the moment, and when you can see you WILL see there is the Grand Root in Existence and that is what is called God. It is not a matter of religious fanaticism of all kinds, nor some blind BELIEF in something you can not see and you can not prove the existence of.

When you are healed, you can see what is going on in your life like you can see your own fingers. You enter into the state of the greatest orgasm of them all, the Orgasm Of ONENESS with that very Existence, which is God in its infinite manifestations, in Its Infinite Beauty and Wisdom, in Its Infinite, All Pervading Love which knows no limits of ANY kind.

YOU - ARE - ONE. Inseparable by any kind of Illusions.

The greatest orgasm there is is a recognition of your Grand Nature and you connection to ALL and The One - the Creator. And it never ends. That joy of recognition of all pervading intelligence can only grow. From then on, you entire life becomes an orgasm and that "dancing and singing" Chandra Mohan spoke about. Except now it is real. The fruit has fully matured. What can be higher than that? Just eat it then and be filled with God, All Pervading - The Source of All Creation, the Infinite and Undeniable Intelligence, immortal and undefeatable by ANY force of Evil.

Jesus is the REAL King of The World

Chandra Mohan says: "... and declares that 'I am the king of the Jews,' that 'I am the real king.'"

I am not in the mood to pull that quote and see what did Jesus actually say, but I can tell you right off the top of my head: Yes, He WAS.

First of all, the real king runs the empire for the people. What is empire without people? Indulging in sexual orgies, getting drunk out of your head, stuffing your belly and flushing your diamond watches left and right? Is it what the king means?

He is to protect it, to maintain peace, facilitate prosperity, promote art and education and do other deeds to make sure that empire lives on, prospers and is operated based on principles of Good for ALL, not just some, and does not fall apart, rotting from within. What is empire without the people, and what is empire where only a few people receive the benefits of all, while all others simply slave away? Such an empire will inevitably fall, like "a house, built on sand".

The REAL kings are about life, not death and domination, which is what Judahites had.

The REAL kings are those who are supremely responsible, and not only with their muscle, might and gold, as that is all about death, sooner or later. And when Jesus says he is the King, he takes upon himself that supreme responsibility for the entire empire, his motherland. It was his commitment and a burden upon himself, unlike any other.

Was he ever interested to sit on the king's throne and rule the land LITERALLY? Where? Show me.

And if there was a king, it was him and no one else, as no one else cared for his land as him. No one else had attempted to make sure his land is ruled by Truth and Good instead of rotting away from within, just like it did once he was gone.

And I tell you even more than that. I claim he is not only The King of Israel. He is The King Of the WORLD! So I claim. There has never been a King of his kind, a king of GOOD, virtue and Love. NEVER EVER. Not even possible, as vast majority of those so called kings are not really kings, but violent and corrupt monsters who eventually and inevitably bring their empire down and it self-destructs, just like they all did.

Yes, there were some real kings in the history of mankind, who were honest and sincere and were not merely interested in parasiting or exploiting others. But even among those, there were not that many, who could SEE, and not merely guess or suspect that there is something higher than the world of material.

So, WHO is The King of the world? Adolph Bush, Obama, Rothschilds or Kuhns, those Satanists and members of secret societies of evil destroying their own land? Or is it Chandra Mohan, just as he behaved and posed as all the time, every moment of his life once he started "building his own empire", just as he himself claimed?

Well, as far as reality goes, the ONLY "kings" on the face of this planet are Baruchs and Rothschilds and a few others from the "banking mafia", as they are the ones who own the world gun, stock and barrel, down to a stapler on your table. They are the ones who stand behind the puppet kings, the "presidents" and prime ministers.

"...He used to hear voices, which only insane people hear."

Not true. This is simply ugly, to the point of being a disgusting perversion, and nothing more than the lowest grade cheap shot. Dig up the Chandra Mohan's discourses and there will be enough examples. For example, according to Chandra Mohan, Koran has been delivered this way, and so were the five books of Moses, and plenty more. Secondly, I'd like to see the quote where Jesus heard voices so we can look at it and see what is the meaning of it.

I just did a search on the entire Bible and this is what I found:

25. Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.

27. And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.

28. Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,

37. And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.

-- John 5:25, 27, 37

So, after spending some time, I did not find a place where Jesus have heard voices as alleged, and even if he did, let me see first.

Actually, this is quite an interesting subject. Let me stop on it for a second. You see, I can also claim "I hear voices", except it is not quite true. I do not hear "voices". But what I see is the ideas appearing in my mind, all perfectly aligned and coherent structures, which is pretty much the same thing to me in meaning.

First of all, "hear voices" is a poetic form. It means it comes from above, from somewhere you can not identify. Many creative people make claims "it came from above, it is not my creation", and I mean the BEST of them all. EVER. This is the same essential thing.

Just ask this of a great poet: where did your poetry come from? What do you think he is going to answer? Well, how about "I do not know. I just heard it. I do not even know what I am talking about. I just let my tongue speak and it speaks with the voice of something of the beyond. That much I know". See? And THAT is the REAL poetry I claim. Anything else is just concoctions, mind projections and mental constructions of all kinds, utterly dead. Unless you "hear voices" all you have to say is bluff is what I claim. Here is the kicker:

"Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father.

He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the Truth, because there is no Truth in him.

When he lies, he speaks from his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies"

(John 8:42-44)

Did you pay attention? When Truth is spoken from your mouth, it does not come from YOU. It comes from "above". As long as you "speak from your own", you are a liar. The creativity is given. Your greatest ideas are GIVEN to you. They are not "your own".

Yes, this can be argued, and yes, eventually, you are here to create something, never seen before, and that is why you are here - to investigate new aspects. But when something genuinely creative happens in your life, try to pay attention and see - where did it come from. Sure, you may say: it came from ME. True. But look and see whether it was some logical conclusion, based on your your existing knowledge, or was it something like a discontinuity with your past. Surprise, surprise. And if it was a discontinuity, then how can you claim it came from YOU? Otherwise, it would be based on your past knowledge and experience.

The Truth is not something you invent or construct out of dead matter as some kind of concoction. It COMES to you when you are ready to perceive it and to receive it.

And it is given to you from the grandest foundation, the very source of Life, from the level of Intelligence, light years ahead of your primitive state. And the REAL scientists are those who can receive it, as no matter what they did and "invent", it was GIVEN to them. They did not invent a SINGLE law. They simply DISCOVERED it. But the law functioned regardless of whether they saw it or not.

This is the meaning of "hearing voices", and not all those perversions of Chandra Mohan, who, just as it says ...

"...thou canst not make one hair white or black."

-- Matthew 5:36-39

This is a tremendous reminder, telling you about the limitations of the physical world of matter. Just look and see, would it be possible for you to create even a cockroach or an ant or even a bacteria? Do you comprehend the complexity of even an ant? Can you imagine the amount of interactions of ALL sorts of things for that ant to exist? More than that: "thou canst not make one hair white or black." Yes, it is blunt, but very pointing.

Except Chandra Mohan started imagining things that eventually and inevitably lead to the ideas like "you are enough onto yourself", which is UTTER and COMPLETE lie, very subtle one and yet a lie. I do not know where this idea, peddled by the "inner circle", came from, but I know it was an inevitable outcome of his work. You never were, and never will be "enough onto yourself" as I claim. And you can not be. It is just a denial of your roots, thinking that you are on your own, as though life begins with you and ends with you. Because you are nothing but a mad man, seeking that which beats your very heart, and, being arrogant as you are, you can never find it.

Moreover, "you are enough onto yourself" is the pure grade satanism, utterly false and utterly self-destructive. If you are "enough onto yourself", then just fly away into outer space. What do you need anything else for?

For example, Jesus specifically addressed this point saying that God is like a vine from which grows a branch. This is merely an indication that everything in life has roots, and everything is interconnected. Life does not begin with you as an individual, and it does not end with you.

Chandra Mohan forever tried to disprove God as the Creator by using the principles of limited binary logic of a kind "if God was the Creator, then what was before him? WHO created him?" The problem with this simplistic argument is that at that grand scale of initial creation, our two dimensional and highly primitive binary logic of "yes" and "no" and "black" and "white" does not work. First of all, there is no such a thing as black and white in the infinite scope of a rainbow. And there is no such a thing as "yes" and "no" in the infinite variety of choices. These are all most primitive illusions of a dense plane of physical existence. They are not applicable to the Infinite, Multi-Dimensional Intelligence. So all his arguments against God are simply futile. They can not be proven.

"...He used to talk to the sky, which only mad people do."

Not true. Plenty of poets do, and I mean the greatest poets that walked this planet. The greater the poet, the more chance he will be talking to the sky I claim. Because he can see the highest of the highest.

Those poets that tried to talk not to the sky but to people around them were mostly laughed at as some "mad men". Because to the mundane, the poetic is something totally "irrational". That is why poets talk to the sky as it is about the only place left for them to talk to as they know they can be understood there, understood by utter silence and no condemnation of any kind, by that silence that later on will become their greatest fruit of creation.

"...And he was a megalomaniac, according to these great scholars".

If anyone would talk about being a megalomaniac that would not be Chandra Mohan, as this is exactly what he was I claim. Secondly, WHICH "great scholars"? Are they, by ANY chance, the same people he called insane plenty of times?

Thirdly, what does scholarship has to do with such a level as where Jesus is, the level of Truth itself? His whole work was showing that those Pharisees, the greatest scholars of the day, were simply blind believers, peddling the worst kind of garbage to simple people, none of which they could prove with their own lives, just as he showed them with every single argument with them. And they were totally defeated with his arguments, that were so simple, that even a child could see the validity of it. Their whole system of scholarship was totally disabled by his arguments.

What could these scholars possibly analyze, which is what scholarship is, as the very notion of scholarship means something learned, like those "learned elders of Zion", who were known as Pharisees in Jesus' time, those very murderers of him, those very Satanists who preached the so called "rational" way, and that is the way of a belly, the way of material as the only way there is?

To use ANY kind of scholars and their opinions as to the essence of the work of Jesus is simply a disgusting perversion. Truth has nothing to do with scholarship or the amount of books you study. It is a totally different matter, a matter of SEEING and HEARING just as Jesus stated.

Who are those "great scholars"? Can I see their names so we can have a friendly chat to see how "great" they are?

Finally, why hide behind some imaginary scholars? Could they be any kind of an authority to "the greatest master ever" even in principle? What matters is what Chandra Mohan states and on his own authority and not someone else.

"...'Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth' - and he was not a meek man at all!"

If anyone, it is not Chandra Mohan to talk about meekness. His Rolls Royces and diamond watches are enough of an evidence. Secondly, how do you define a meek man? The one who does not say a word? When Jesus says to his disciples: "You are my friends", and I tell you that I abide in you as you abide in me, is it not "meek" enough, to go down to the level of fishermen and most simple people?

Did Chandra Mohan EVER lowered himself to your level by identifying with you as a friend? Did he ever tell you he can be your friend? Where? He explicitly stated: your are my "friends" but do not begin thinking me to be YOUR friend as that will prevent you from being a good slave of mine. And this is what I claim the meaning of what he told you is.

Was Chandra Mohan meek? Where? What does he know about being meek? On what basis does he make the proclamations of this kind getting up on his king-like throne to brainwash you in a new king-like robe, flashing his diamond watches every day and having slaves working morning to night to make these robes for him, a new one for every single day? Was THAT meekness? What is he feeding you?

"...this man has many minds, split minds."

If anyone, it is not Chandra Mohan to talk about this. How many times had he changed his mind and contradicted himself? If anything, this was clearly one of his greatest "achievements". I do not know of any other "master" who did it to such an extent as him in the entire history. Not even the most professional liars - the politicians. Even those were more consistent than him. Not only that, but the same people he used to call "great masters" became some "megalomaniacs", "sick men" and you can continue this list for quite a while.

So, what kind of argument is this?

"...Now this man is insane".

Does this need a comment? To me, only an insane and utterly dishonest person can assert insane things like this.

"...He goes into a rage".

Are you sure it is him and not you, Chandra Mohan? What is the purpose of all this fuss you are trying to create? What's the "end goal" here? Who are you trying to discredit and who are you trying to delude? The one, whose word lives on for thousands of years? Don't you know better?

And the thing is, the parables of Jesus do not even need any evidence. They are self-evident. Even a child can see the trueness of it. You don't need to be a "scholar" or a philosopher to see the validity of it. And THAT is the difference.

And so on, and so on, and so on. ALL UTTER garbage I claim. Not a word of Truth in it. All Satanic lies, perversions, manipulation and deceit is what it is to me.

And that is going to cost Chandra Mohan his empire and his name.

Because this is nothing more than a signature of Satanism, and I mean in a literal sense of the word. This is not just something symbolic or theoretical. Nope, this is factual and you can verify it and see with your own eyes. Lying, perverting and denial, and denial primarily of the very concept of God. It is not about Truth of any kind but about the most profound evil as only evil operates this way. Truth does not and can not possibly operate this way.

And what is interesting in this context, he never spoke about the most profound evil of the NWO and ZioNazi and Illuminati world domination and that single global empire of evil, ruled by single ruler, who is a servant of Lucifer. LITERALLY. Just the other way around, Chandra Mohan and his doctrine perfectly aligns with the doctrine of the NWO and their plan, and his preaching about the "borderless world" is exactly what the NWO model is.


The heartbeat of Chandra Mohan empire - Jesus Grove

Surprise, surprise. There were two most important locations and two most important symbols related to Chandra Mohan in his "commune" in Oregon, and those were the Buddha Hall and Jesus Grove.

Well, there was one more house, called Lao Tzu, where Chandra Mohan lived. But that is a slightly different story. Interestingly enough he insulted Lao Tzu in the most disgusting way at the end of his "grand experiment" on the ranch in Oregon.

Therefore, these were the greatest masters in the entire history of mankind. There can not possibly be any argument on this, no matter how hard you try. We can interpret it this way: Jesus is the heart, and Buddha is the mind of Osho empire and his entire doctrine. Keep that in mind.

Buddha hall is where you get zombified, and I do not mean to be insulting, but just for picturesque aspect of it. But, nevertheless, it is literally true. This is where lectures were given.

And there was also Jesus Grove - the place where the world headquarters of Osho (known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh at that time) empire was located. That is where the elite of the elite lived and operated from, making any decision of any significance related to Rajneesh empire, and I mean all of the most powerful people. And that is where I used to hang out whenever I wanted. So, I have some idea of what that was all about, although I was not involved in all that jazz, and thanks God for that.

So, according to Chandra Mohan type of logic, he named his world headquarters in the name of a "psychotic", "fascist" and "megalomaniac" as he called Jesus eventually, and, therefore, the whole thing was nothing more than mass psychosis, at least as far as his ruling bitches were concerned, which actually makes sense. Because most of them were absolute Nazi dictators and ruthless, violent and perverted liars and manipulators that had absolute power to do or order anything they please and it would be done exactly the way they have ordered.

But when you look at them, you would not notice anything. They spoke in quiet voice and would never get visibly angry, first of all because they had all the power there is. But what was interesting to me is that the most "powerful" of them would be whispering into each other ears quite often. For what? What is the "secret"? That was pretty bizarre to me. Every time I see someone whispering something into someone's ear, I do not want to deal with those people. I avoid them like a plague.

Much more can be said about those who sat in Jesus Grove, and some of the things I say in this book I have heard in Jesus Grove with my own ears. Because I was there every day and for years. And I was also present on all the private interviews with world press, given at Jesus Grove, every one of them. Not a single member of the "elite" except a couple of them, have heard all I heard when he talked to the world media. Just trust me on that one if you can.

So, how come the "greatest master ever" named his heartbeat structure, his main offices where the CEOs of his empire sat and ruled from, in the name of some "psychotic" as he classified Jesus eventually?

Do you see how it works? And if it is not the works of God, than what is? And, miraculously enough, not a single one of those power bitches, including Sheela, could touch me or to order me a single thing, except Sheela asking us to play for few minutes on some of the most important meetings with some powerful visitors. And I am telling you this just to put things into proper perspective. Otherwise, all this jazz is utterly meaningless to me.

So, the man, Chandra Mohan called a "psychotic", and that is Jesus, was the man in whose name "Osho" world headquarters were named. Do I have to say more?

So let us start working on Jesus here.

Jesus - The Only Begotten Son of God

"In certain ways you are psychotic: you have decided the ultimate, that Jesus is the only Son of God, the only begotten Son -- this is psychosis."

You Have My Marrow from "Ancient Music in the Pines"

This is such an ugly perversion of the very meaning and the essence of the work of Jesus that it is simply disgusting. Let us take a look at it closer, because, first of all, this is one of the examples of how the Scriptures were deliberately distorted to pervert the most essential meaning of the entire teaching of Jesus.

It is not clear which exact statement in the Scriptures Chandra Mohan refers to regarding "the only son of God". There is an article that talks about that statement, and, surprise, surprise, Chandra Mohan is simply manipulating and perverting its meaning. Because it is not quite what he tries to make it look like, and, furthermore, this is the only place in the entire bible where it is stated, and even more than that, it was stated in John 3:16, who was said to be the only one among the disciples of Jesus who could understand the triple encoding used by Jesus. So, the LAST one to be questioned about this would be the John's testament.

That article provides several translations of John 3:16 and the original meaning in Greek. And the author brings up an example of the same Greek word "monogenes", mono-genes, "one of a kind", "one and only", or "unique", used in case of Abraham and his son, Isaac, who was also called "monogenes", while Abraham had more than one son, which clearly proves that what Chandra Mohan is trying to make it look like is not what it means. There is no corresponding word to "monogenes" in English. If John meant "the only son", then it could be translated without distortions.

"Abraham begat Ishmael as well as Isaac. But 'one of a kind', 'one and only', or 'unique' would fit because Isaac was special".

Jesus The Only Begotten Son of God

So, let us stop on this for a minute.

First of all, there exists an opinion that the reason Jesus was called "the only son of God" is a result of deliberate distortion by the Pharisees, who modified the scriptures. The reason it was done is to prevent people from feeling they are also sons of God. Otherwise, the Pharisees would simply loose power over them. If you are also a son of God and are a particle of God, created in God's image, then what do you need the Pharisees for? Everyone has direct access to God.

Secondly, since they interpreted Jesus as the ONLY son of God, and he was killed, then there remains no "official representative" of God besides Pharisees, which would transfer the power over people into their hands.

But let us look into the Scripture closer.

For God so loveth the world,
that he hath given his only son,
that none that believe in him, should perish:
but should have everlasting life.

- John 3:16, Tyndale translation, 1534 version (modern spelling).

Adam, the son of God.

- Luke 3:38

You are ALL sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus

- Galatians 3:26

As you can see, just a few small distortions like these can change the most fundamental meanings of the entire teaching, just as Chandra Mohan was doing in many cases. Just changing a few words, the nectar turns into poison.

As far as Truth goes, one Son is enough as the fruits of his work shalt never die for as long as there is man and as long as there is life. Once the Truth is revealed, it can not be destroyed from then on. Truth can never die. How much have they tried to destroy the Truth of words of Jesus? How much have they perverted the scriptures to discredit him and his message and try to make him look like some lunatic, just as Chandra Mohan did? And what is the result? The Truth of His message is still as alive as it ever was, and even more alive in the light of Quantum transition.

There is no other way but the way of Truth. All other ways lead directly to hell. Even a poor guy like me can understand this.

When things like these are said about the man like Jesus, and especially by John, who was allegedly the only one who understood the triple encoding, I'd have to pull out my magnifying glass and look at it with a microscope.

For one thing, from the standpoint of triple encoding, even if Jesus said he is the ONLY Son, what he might mean is that there is no other way. He is the only way there is, and it is not even him he was talking about. Triple encoding. Because no matter how you cut it, Truth is Truth. He knew his mission and he knew who stood behind him and he knew that HE was chosen to transfer the message to those confused and primitive people.

Jesus' life was about Truth and that is why Pharisees were trying to destroy him. To misrepresent, misinterpret and pervert the meaning of the work of Jesus you need to be not only corrupt to the bone and marrow, but to be a servant of that very evil Jesus stood against and gave his life in it. As every word of such a man is not only worth in gold, but in life, just as he said. YOUR life that is. And he gave you an example of how to stand for Truth and what kind of game it is to stand for it, and what is the price of an entry ticket into this game of Life and Love. Some think that by sitting on their rear end with never ending wide smile, frozen on their face, is what this is all about. Are you sure?

And here is a quote by Chandra Mohan from one of his lectures:


This statement is of immense importance, and has been tremendously misunderstood by Christians, misinterpreted.

...I AM... That has to be understood. It does not mean Jesus, it simply means the inner consciousness:

'I am' - the inner life. This consciousness inside you, which you call 'I am', this 'I am' is the only way.

If you can understand this 'I am', what it is, what this consciousness is, you have found the way. It has nothing to do with Jesus, it has nothing to do with Krishna. When I say to you 'I am the gate' it has nothing to do with me! That I AM is the gate. The gate is within you, the way is within you, the truth is within you. You have to understand who this is calling himself 'I am' within you, what this consciousness is, what it consists of.

... Please be careful. When Jesus says I AM THE WAY, he means the one who calls himself I AM within you is the way. It has nothing to do with Jesus.

Ye Shall Live Also from "I Say Unto You Volume 2"

And Chandra Mohan even had guts to call Jesus a megalomaniac, fascist and you name it. Because of THIS VERY STATEMENT!!!

Hang on. But where is the "psychosis" here? Do you see how these "masters" manipulate you like puppets? One side of their mouth does not seem to know what the other is doing.

And here is the other side of Chandra Mohan's mouth speaking:

...Jesus is a mental case.

...He carries the same kind of mind as Adolf Hitler. He is a fascist. He thinks that only those who follow him will be saved; anybody else who does not follow him is going to fall into eternal hell.

Now, only a simpleton can say such a thing. Who is he to save anybody?

But he says he is the only begotten son of God.

Jesus is a "mental case" ... he is a fascist

The word "begotten" is significant. It means direct manifestation of God Itself, which is confirmed by several other sources, such as the Book of Urantia.

"Who is he to save anybody?" And who are YOU to question it?

How can you possibly reconcile these self-contradictory statements by Chandra Mohan and what would you call it but utterly disgusting zombification garbage? And I tell you - you can not. It is not possible, no matter what you do and what kind of trick you use.

Yes, Chandra Mohan eventually got really carried away to the point of insanity and could care less about what he said just the other day. Whatever he said today was the "truth", just as he stated.

He just considered "his people" to be so dumb and so zombified with his "fancy" talk that he probably never thought that one day someone is going to look into it and realize that only the most dishonest person, utterly corrupt, could possibly say things that contradict each other to such a degree.

Actually, this is known as a nature of Satanism - denials, perversions and turning things upside down. In a LITERAL sense.

My position on these things is clear and simple enough: There is no, and can not possibly be, even in principle, any justification for all these lies and manipulation of Chandra Mohan, regardless of what he thought his "purpose" was in doing it.

Truth and lie do not reconcile, and so is life and death.

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"

Here is some quotes from Jewish Bible.

Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

-- Deuteronomy 19:21

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,

burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

-- Exodus 21:24-25

Mind you, Deuteronomy is the Satanic teachings and the origins of nationalism come directly from it as some researchers claim. And here is what New Testament says:

36. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

37. But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

38. Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:

39. But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

-- Matthew 5:36-39

There is an interesting point in the above statements that puts things in proper perspective:

"Thou canst not make one hair white or black."

And that is the extent of your, or anybody elese's "power".

As to "give them another cheek", this is tremendous insight. Whosoever attacks you is absorbed by the forces of evil, forces of negativity. If you attempt to hit him back, you fall into domain of negativity and evil yourself. The very idea of revenge is no different than evil. Because it only accumulates violence. Here is what it essentially means:

If you react or get involved with it, you will get sucked right into it. You will become affected by it, and you will BECOME it. There is no way to win the evil by getting engaged with it directly. The more engaged you are, the more affected you will be. Once you engage with it, it will penetrate your very being. And there is no end to it. It NEVER gives up. So, you end up in its clutches. This is one of key points while dealing with evil.

But life presents you these challenges of someone attacking you in order for you to learn to stand firmly on your roots and not be affected by it. If you come into situation of evil out of a state of balance, you will immediately feel how it affects you and poisons your being. Why would you want your very heart to be filled with poison once you get engaged with evil directly? It simply does not make sense from purely rational standpoint.

It is only when you are not affected by the negativity, you sit firmly on a seat of your Soul, and, just like Jesus said, nothing can knock you out of it. Because you are with God, with the very root of Life. Even if they try to kill you, you still remain with that Root. And that is the meaning of "you are Home". Nothing can affect you from then on. You yourself had become God. You are a part of It and It is dissolved in you. No power can defeat you from then on.

This is the ultimate test of your learning and your spiritual seeking. Once you come to this state, that is the very purpose of your life. You are now ONE and indivisible from the very essence of Life.

Do not let anyone or anything distract you from your Unity with God - The Creator. Stay with that feeling of lightness in your chest no matter what.

When you make an attempt at revenge, pay attention to your chest. How does it feel? Confusion, trembling, contraction, pain, fear, anger? What do you need that for? Do you know?

Because Jesus spoke of love and they preached hate and destruction. Their doctrine was "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", an ideology of revenge and vicious violence, that can only accumulate and magnify. There is no end to violence. It can only beget MORE violence as that is its nature.

And this is one other point where Chandra Mohan gets caught with his pants down. A revenge never solves anything. At the end, you yourself get hurt, if by nothing else but a poison to your very soul. Strangely enough, Chandra Mohan himself talked about revengefulness and its evil nature.

You will never come to peace in your heart in your life if you live according to principles of revenge and violence.

Once you start a revenge procedure you are going to be wasting your most valuable life energy and get entangled into side effects of evil deeds more and more. Basically, you will just get sucked in right into hell.

Jesus says: no need. Don't do this. You will simply be killing yourself as no matter how much of a revenge you will be able to manage, the other side will do just the same to you. And so there is no end to it but self-destruction essentially.

In the East there are passive schools of fighting, such as Tai Chi in China. When attacking energy comes, you just move out of its way to the side, and at the moment it reaches you, you simply push it slightly and it will fall with its own energy of aggression, caused by inertia of an effort. Karate is a totally opposite approach, an approach of projecting the energy of aggression.

Jesus is simply saying: do not get sucked in into the evil energy. There is no way out of it. The more you get involved with it, the more damaged you yourself will be at the end. Forget about the attacker. He is already doing it to himself. He does not even realize he is attacking himself, not you. He is already getting his punishment by the very fact he attacked you. No need to worry about the revenge. He is already getting it by his own action. Except he does not even know it.

Furthermore, violence and revenge is just a part of the satanic ideology of those liars and manipulators and servants of evil, the Pharisees, or, as they were later known as "the elders of Zion", or even later, the "committee of 300", ruling this world, even though the whole structure of evil is much more invovled.

The way they control the "herd" is via energy of negativity. As soon and as long as you are affected by the negative energy, you can be controlled like a puppet. You become totally unconscious and utterly blind. You are no longer on the wavelength of God. You are thus separated from your very roots. You merely become a puppet in their hands. This is their deepest secret of control and domination.

And this is precisely what Jesus warned people about. He gave them the KEY not to get sucked in into the energy of evil. THAT is his message.

There is one more significant aspect of this statement by Jesus. It has to be understood in the context of their teaching of violence. The historical record of their violence and genocide is clear as a bell. A single incident of slaughter of 75 thousand innocent civilians and hanging of Haman and all ten of his children is the first example of genocide in recorded history. The very idea of genocide comes from Judaism as recorded in their "scriptures".

And, interestingly enough, it is not only something ancient, arising from the primitive state of consciousness of those times. The same exact thing happens to this day as evidenced by the vicious slaughter of the retreating Iraqi army during the Gulf war. As a result, 150,000 people were killed, and in a horrific manner, by using weapons, forbidden by the international conventions. Such a barbaric slaughter was absolutely unnecessary from the standpoint of military objectives or necessities. Secondly, attacking the retreating army that does not pose a threat is a war crime. And, interestingly enough, it happened on "happy an joyous holiday of Purim". And even more interesting is the fact that the war had started also on Purim. Coincidence?

Revenge, viciousness, murder and even the ritual sacrifice of babies was the background of this statement of Jesus. Their scriptures are full of most horrendous violence and blood thirst. Violence and revenge were and are some of the central concepts of their ideology of evil and self-serving interests. And it is justified by their "god-chosen" status and classification of all others as animals and feces. It follows, that killing the non-"Jews" is no different than killing the animals, literally speaking.

That specific incident of mass murder of innocent civilians by the Judeans became the foundation for the "happy and joyous holiday of Purim". An eternal reminder of their revenge and a celebration of death. Purim is a celebration of revenge and death, an orgy of death and destruction. LITERALLY.

How can one eat the pastries with minced meat symbolizing the body of Haman or triangular pastries symbolizing his ears on a "happy and joyous holiday of Purim", and why is this holiday considered to be one of the most beloved Judean holidays? Do not they know the symbolic meaning of what they are doing?

That "holiday" of disgust and murder symbolizes a vicious revenge, murder and rivers of blood and historical events are the living proof of it. That is why the ritual sacrifices and horrendous torture and draining of blood of Christians and their children are made specifically on Purim and Jewish Passover. And symbolic meaning of it is to replay the Crucifixion of Jesus. This is all on record.

The story of that genocide is one of the key stories in the entire human history, which simply shows where the roots of genocide come from. Check these quotes out and see:

The foundation of Genocide

This is what Jesus stood against and tried to show them that the solution to violence is not violence.

Their so called scriptures, Deuteronomy, Talmud, Shulchan Aruch and Tanya, which is the latest version of their "Mein Kampf", as it was called by Eduard Hodos, one of the world's foremost experts on this, are full of hate, violence and Nazi ideology of such horrendous proportions that the mind can hardly even perceive it. It looks like pure grade Satanism.

Again, keep in mind, this is not about "Jews" as nationality. This is about the particular ideology of Satanism followed by the the Talmudists and Pharisees, the "elders of Zion" and, nowadays, fanatical ZioNazis. Leave the plain "Jew" alone.

Which other religion preaches ritual murder, ritual sacrifice of children, and even making it something obligatory?

Judaism Permits Child Sacrifices to Moloch

And THAT is the context of this "give them another cheek" statement. It simply means - stay away from evil. Do not become like it. Else you are in hell.

If you feel affected by it or attacked, just move away. Do not give it energy and do not fight it. Because the evil is inherently parasitic. It will feed on your energy of engagement, sucking it like vampires do. Just immediately close off your channel to it.

There is another aspect of "give them the other cheek" statement. According to some interpretations, those, who attack you are also sons of God, except they PLAY the negative role so you could learn from it. That is how the "world of duality" works. In order for you to really recognize the positive and life affirming aspects, you need to see the opposite of it. Otherwise, how do you learn what is "good" unless you can see what is "bad"? Those, who attack you are also your brothers, except they took upon themselves a role of playing a "bad guy" in the theatre of Life, for both of you to learn. And they do not even realise it in most cases. They are simply identified with evil and confuse it with "good", being zombified with the materialistic ideas of "self-service" as the ultimate "good". You may agree with it or not, but that is another story.

So, what is so hard to comprehend? Tell me, how many times in your own life being revengeful brought any peace into your life and solved any of your problems?

At that time, Jesus was the only man alive, at least in their lands, who spoke about Truth and love, while those beasts were engaged in ritual sacrifice to Moloch, obligatory ritual murder of children, violently murdering them and drinking their blood according to the commandments of their satanic "scriptures". Not only that, but it is happening this very moment.

There are about 800,000 children missing each year with no traces left. Where did they go?

Interestingly enough, Osho spoke highly about the Hassidim, the ultra-orthodox sect of Talmudism.

See: Hassidism and blood rites

Yes, sect, just like Chandra Mohan's. And he praised them so much, including one of their most pominent ideology peddlers, Martin Buber, who is known as one of the key founders of Nazi ideology according to experts, that he basically said: unless you read Martin Buber [Nazi writings], you know nothing of value.

See: Martin Buber ideology

Hassids burning Hassid in New York for changing the synagogue

The Hassids burning a Hassid in New York for changing a synagogue

Now, are you going to tell me that Jesus was merely some ego-centric megalomaniacal idiot or manipulator of Chandra Mohan's kind, who did not understand his own relative significance in the scheme of things?

So, what is so difficult to understand to the "greatest master ever" even if a poor guy like me can see the meaning of it without even digging deeper than the skin level? Again, remember, Jesus was talking to the fishermen and simple people and not to Bertrand Russell kind of satanists or Pharisees. And it was two thousand years ago, at the time when they pissed next to their door. It was basically a stone age and slavery, barbarity and the rest of it.

At that time, the level of their intelligence was not much higher than of an animal. Jesus was teaching them something light years ahead of their primitive state. What could he possibly teach them, considering they were told to sacrifice their own children to Moloch and let them be thrown into a fire alive?

Do you see the context of Jesus' statements?

What is this shameless manipulation of Truth I ask you? For what? It is going to blow into your face sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. And now it blows from all the holes in the Chandra Mohan's system, like a steam from a steam engine.

I can not conceive Jesus was lying or fabricating like Chandra Mohan. Not possible. There is no evidence so far of him ever lying, and when he says things like these, assuming it was him and not the satanists that modified the scriptures, you can bet your rear end there is some meaning to it.

And you can also bet Chandra Mohan is manipulating it to his advantage to advance his own agenda when says something, and the very notion of Truth is about the last item on the list of his concerns.

The man of Truth can not pervert, lie, manipulate and distort. Not possible.

But he does not know that Latifa is a psychotic, and neurotics and psychotics make good marriages. They fit perfectly.

The Last Testament Volume 2, Chapter 7

Mind you, he is talking about his own disciples. How do you like THAT kind of treatment from your "master"? And what is interesting about it is that he called this kind of abuse and insults, which was his favorite occupation by far, a "device" to "break your ego" and "resistance". And so what he did to "his people" is to insult them every day. Nice, eh? And he called it a "device"!

So, instead of showing you something grand in you, he shows you that you are simply insane and belong to a mental institution, which is done in order to keep you in a state of dependence and under his total control, forever feeling that there is something "wrong" with you that needs "fixing". Can you even begin to comprehend the net effects of such a manipulation of your being? What is going to happen to you in a long run with such "teachings"?

Is this how you treat "your own people"? No wonder there are so many zombies around this man that would not even think of standing for themselves in response to such a disgrace and utmost insult.

They just kept taking all this abuse since he forever zombified them with the idea of "total trust" and "total surrender". So, they thought even this insult was something of some "ultimate" meaning they can not see at the moment. So he kept abusing them nearly all the time, and very few of them even suspected what that Satanic trip of domination was all about. They were told that he is doing it out of "love", and not only love, but the HIGHEST kind of love, love of a "master" (of disaster).

Good, keep working. You are not far away from...

My people are not like Jesus' twelve fools that he called his apostles. Any of my sannyasin would have defeated Jesus in discussion, an illiterate man, uneducated, a carpenter's son.

The Last Testament Volume 2, Chapter 7

Every word of it is a lie and manipulation, and of disgusting and even despicable grade.

By the way, those "twelve fools" are just like you, in case you did not notice. Except he called "his people" seekers, not "fools". But I tell you, it is just the other way around. "HIS people" are actually fools, and those, that followed Jesus are actually the real seekers, which is evidenced by the fact that dozens of them "attained" and their word lives on for thousands of years. And HIS word will not survive. Because it is lies and deception.

"Any of my sannyasin would have defeated Jesus in discussion"?

WHAT? And who am I then?

No way in hell I can "defeat" Jesus. I would not even try. For what? The whole thing is just a purely Satanic concept. To defeat JESUS? How, you donkey ass? If Pharisees themselves could not "defeat" him in their arguments, then what does it tell you? Well, compared to Pharisees, nearly every one of Chandra Mohan followers are nothing more than gorillas, parrots and blind fools of all kinds, utterly deluded with piles upon piles of his lies.

Just look at them now. Look at that "inner circle" that had guts to pronounce such satanic things as "I am enough onto myself". Just that single thing is enough of an argument. Because that idea simply destroys your roots and your connection to life, to something greater than you, and you become nothing more than a brainless animal, and even that much is an insult to animals.

And what does it mean to "DEFEAT" Jesus? What is this, a wrestling match of some kind between some sick satanists, trying to prove they can "defeat" Jesus? Is this what Truth is all about - to "defeat" each other?

"Twelve FOOLS". Pay attention. Because this is the Chandra Mohan's time to meet The Diamond Sword finally.

These people think they are Christians and they had come to save my people.

They were saviors. Jesus had given such a rotten idea as to people that if I get this man I'm not going to hit on his one cheek, because he will offer another.

Why waste time? I'm going to hit on both his cheeks and ask him, "Where is your third cheek? Give it to me."

Osho The Last Testament Volume 2, Chapter 7

How can one fall so low as to ask "Where is your third cheek? Give it to me." To misinterpret a statement of such profound significance and present it in a literal sense, one must be TOTALLY corrupt, to the bone and marrow.

Can you even begin to comprehend the significance of these kind of perversions and satanic sickness? It is such a cheap shot that no wonder Chandra Mohan basically went insane at the end of his life.

As it was said:

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they make them mad first".

"Any of my sannyasin would have defeated Jesus in discussion"?

Well, I am right here. Do you remember me? I am Mahasattva Anand Veeren, Acharya, just as your own certificate issued to me says, and I am to take your head off and to grind your whole empire of evil and your Satanic doctrine down to dust in the name of Jesus. Just watch me now. But REALLY carefully.

What is left of you but corruption, deceit, crimes, perversions and "Olympic size swimming pools" and the stadium size podiums for your grand performances, not counting those diamond watches and Rolls Royces of a sick degenerate Satanist? Interestingly enough, the "inner circle" "elite" is now destroying some of the most potent symbols of association with him and distancing themselves from him, and their statement of "I am enough onto myself" is the living evidence of it.

Except, being the fools they are, they do not even realise that about the ONLY thing they have in their "spiritual empire" is him. Remove him, and they will turn into a bunch of blind fools, deluded with all sorts of his tricks. Let me tell them: if THAT is the case, then remove his name and everything related to him from anything you do, just to prove that you can stand on your own feet and are not merely interested in capitalizing on his name and fame.

Just the other day one Germany journalist was asking me, "Why don't you use Mercedes-Benz?"

I asked, "Why should I use Mercedes-Benz? I have tried all the models of Mercedes-Benz, I have the latest Mercedes 500, but they don't come even close to a Rolls Royce."

Freedom from blind biology from "From the False to the Truth"

And what car can you provide for me? Just for a hundred yards I have one Rolls Royce - the latest.

But it is the 1980 model and now it is "81, so the "81 model is coming within a week. Just in case it does not work I have a Mercedes Benz. So, two cars in front of my porch for one hundred yards.

Life: Let it have it's Dance from "Zen Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing"

And this man has even guts to talk about meekness and Jesus?


A: I left in my Rolls Royce, and not in the dead of the night. I left Poona in the day, in the midday sun, with two Rolls Royces, three Mercedes Benz. With five cars I left in the middle of the day. I left BOMBAY at midnight, because the plane leaves at midnight. What could I do?

America Is A Hypocrite from "The Last Testament Volume 1"

On your knees, sinners! Talking about real meekness here.

Now. He was going to America for his grand mission of building his model of a "commune" and a "new man". And what was in his mind but the ugliest mercantile interests of a typical crook or a showman, bragging about his fleet of expensive cars and trying to elevate his status to a level of a head of state or a Pope? What a humble man, who even tried to accuse Jesus of not being humble enough, while Jesus wore the same kind of sandals as everyone, or even walked barefoot and slept in the same kind of house as everyone!

And he was going to America to build a new model of COMMUNISM. Can you imagine this? Going to build the communism on a fleet of Rolls Royces and Mercedeses? Just like Lenin and his gang, who were transported in a sealed train car of the most luxurious kind from the Switzerland to Russia before the Russian revolution, and carrying tons of money with them, all paid for by Rothschild and Schiff. The same exact story.

Is it what the communism is all about? But what about the main slogans of communism: "the equality and justice for all" and "take the land and wealth from the rich and give it to the poor"?

Communism in America? How sick and idiotic can one get to even CONCEIVE such an idea? Even Lenin did better. He did not go to America to build the communism there. Why? Interestingly enough, Chandra Mohan had stated that America is the most fertile ground for growth of consciousness and a "new man". Because it is a rich country, and only rich can be interested in development of consciousness according to him. So, what happened with his "commune" in America? The explosion of consciousness on a global level?

What was he hoping for by trying to build a communist commune in the lands of of raging capitalism of the extreme kind, especially at a time when the most radical fanatic of the extremist kind, "the prophet of capitalism", Reagan, had become the president, who had convulsions just hearing the word "communism"? It was simply suicidal to even conceive of such a thing in such an environment. Reagan even invented the term "evil empire" for Russia, and precisely because of their communist ideology.

Interestingly enough, when Chandra Mohan started speaking at the ranch in Oregon, he spoke about Reagan during hundreds of his lectures, insulting him like a deranged idiot and calling him a "gorilla". For what? What did he expect to happen as a result? Then why did he decide to go to America where the president is a "gorilla" and a complete idiot? Is it a responsible or rational action? And why did he need to speak about some gorilla in over 300 of his lectures? What was so significant about it and what kind of value do gorillas represent as far as consciousness or a "new man" go?

More than that, he pumped up Sheela to provoke and attack anyone in order to create as much hype, publicity and controversy as possible. He just loved to be called "the most controversial person". At some point, this whole thing was in the major news nearly every single day.

Can you conceive such a suicidal idiocy? What did he expect to happen at the end but total destruction of his communist trip in the middle of America? One thing was certain and inevitable - this thing would be INEVITABLY destroyed, especially when people like Reagan were in power, at least on paper. Was it anything more than a self-destructive tendency of someone obsessed with death?

I claim he needed a medical treatment in the mental department even at that point, because those were the words of a sick degenerate obsessed with himself and hiding behind shiny objects, just to dazzle the minds of clueless, so they would shiver in jealousy and adoration of worshipping a golden calf, which is precisely a model of Pharisees at the time of Jesus.

And "his people" are complete zombies as far as I can see. Not every single one of them. But vast majority of them, just to be blunt, and I am saying this out of specific information available to me.

Otherwise, how could one swallow all that zombification crap as some kind of "ultimate truth"? To eat THIS kind of garbage he fed them, who do they think they are then? How I ask you, unless they are utterly blind and deaf?

Yes, it is not as simple as it looks on paper, especially if one is zombified morning to night with the ideas of "surrender to the master". People start suppressing their own minds and disabling the rational parts of their intelligence hoping to see the "ultimate" in "self-growth", which is a myth, fed to all the clueless, who deny the validity of their own beings and accept some external "authority" as the "ultimate". A sad story indeed.

So, that's the scoop on meekness and Jesus as far as Chandra Mohan is concerned.

Burden of perception

This is pretty wild. What it has to do is the energy required to perceive. You might have never realised it, but to perceive is a burden. It requires energy, concentration, attention, like a load on you.

People waste their lives on all sorts of things throwing their energy left and right like it is some kind of a free ride. Just because you can talk you talk. Not that you have anything to say of any significance, but just because you can open your mouth so you do it, as though life is some kind of unlimited ocean of energy that has no end and no limits to its resources. Well, is it? Have you ever paid attention to it?

Just recently I decided to calculate how much attention do I have to pay to most ordinary things of life. The experiment was really simple. I wanted to know how many times do I have to concentrate on things once I get out of the bed and have a seat on my chair for the first time. And I was shocked. Just counting the number of different things I have to concentrate on, I found it was about 50 times. And what have I done to waste so much effort? Well, nothing anybody would even mention.

Just as you open your eyes in the bed and get to have a seat what does it take? Well, first of all you have to open up a blanket. That is perception. It needs your active participation. Then you have to get off from the bed. That is perception and requires attention. Then you have to find your sleepers or shoes. Then you have to put your feet into them. Then you have to stand up. Then you have to walk. Walk where? Well, you need to pay attention. Then you come to a bathroom. Then you have to look at your bathroom door knob. Do we have to continue?

So, by the time you have a seat in your chair you have wasted quite a bit of your energy, attention concentration and life. And you have not done ANYTHING yet as far as your "real" life goes, right?

And if you go on like this and see how you waste your life you might be shocked. So mush life energy is wasted and on things you do not consider to be of any significance as you take it all for granted, as something automatic and, therefore, "free", kind of free ride of life. But IS it?

But why am I telling you this, right? Well, can you even BEGIN to imagine what does it take of your life to follow some system of belief in terms of your life resources that are limited no matter what anyone tells you?

This is your LIFE you are paying with when you play with all these fancy mind game toys and trips, and if you think, hey, that's just a fun of it, well... Are you sure?

And we are going to drop this subject right then and there. The rest is up to you to see what are you doing to yourself and how do you waste your own life and on what, and then evaluate a "payback". Simple as that. Good luck.


How many times and how often have you been grateful for what you have in your life? Tell me.

How many times and how often have did appreciate all that has been given to you. Do you know?

How many times have you even thought of paying something back for all you have? Did you EVER paid any attention to it?

How many times have you said: Thank you, God, for giving it all to me and me being able to experience all that I had experienced in this life?

Do we have to go on with this?

No, my humble friends. You have to do it on your own. NO ONE can do it for you.

"I am enough unto myself" - an Osho "New Wave" trip

Well, "to make the long story short", this is the very essence of Luciferian doctrine of "total freedom". According to the "Urantia Book", this is exactly a declaration of Lucifer and the essence of his rebellion. This is one of the key questions of modern world.

What is Freedom and who is Lucifer?

This is a bit subtle but equally as significant. The proclamation by the "inner circle" - "I am enough onto myself" is a bomb. In this case, they should stop using Chandra Mohan, capitalizing on his name and fame. What do you need HIM for if you are "enough"? You should remove his name, pictures and everything about him and close down your shop and go home. The show is over.

You should also stop accepting tens of millions of dollars from the Rothschild controlled IBM corporation and BMW as it has been reported. Because if YOU are "enough onto yourselves" then those IBM employees to whom you sell these "stress release" programs are ALSO "enough onto themselves". Are they NOT? Or, are you trying to say that YOU are MORE enough than others? Under what authority, if you denied "the greatest master ever" - Chandra Mohan, with this very proclamation.

Yes, in a larger sense such statement may be made and it has some validity. But only on a superficial level. Because on ultimate level it is nothing but a poison. You are "enough" in a sense that every human being has the ability to see deeper and has all the necessary mechanisms within himself to progress. But even that is not quite true. Because there exist some people who have walked a longer path than any of you. Those "masters" before you, for example. And they did discover certain things that most of you are not aware of. Plus, they provide you with a wider choice of colors or tools at your disposal. If you ignore their insights, you would have to reinvent the wheel again.

But most importantly is that saying "I am enough unto myself" is one of the most potent poisons. Because by this very assertion you denied your very roots, and if you do so, all your activity will be nothing more than making all sorts of commotion getting nowhere fast. Where are you going to go from then on if there is nothing to grow towards? Where are you going to take your energy from if you deny your very roots by saying "I am enough unto myself"? If you are "enough", then what do you need God for?

What does it mean "I am enough to myself"? Do any of those, who gave you this idea know? Do they have a SLIGHTEST clue of what they have done to you and to themselves by saying it? Ask them! Go to their forums, visit their sites and write them some emails asking what does it mean. You can use me and state: "Mahasattva Anand Veeren, Acharya is asking you for an explanation on what do you mean by 'I am enough onto myself'". Then write me an email, if they ever answer, and we will include their explanation in this very book, with comments, of course. I would like to see a single one of them even open their mouth about that statement.

Here is what you have with this assertion:

"Aleister Crowley - Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of Law"

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

Hymn to Lucifer
by Aleister Crowley 33° mason.

"Ware, nor of good nor ill, what aim hath act? Without its climax, death, what savour hath Life? an impeccable machine, exact.

He paces an inane and pointless path To glut brute appetites, his sole content. How tedious were he fit to comprehend Himself! More, this our noble element Of fire in nature, love in spirit, unkenned Life hath no spring, no axle, and no end.

His body a blood-ruby radiant With noble passion, sun-souled Lucifer Swept through the dawn colossal, swift aslant On Eden's imbecile perimeter.

He blessed nonentity with every curse And spiced with sorrow the dull soul of sense, Breath life into the sterile universe, With Love and Knowledge drove out innocence. The Key of Joy is disobedience."

Aleister Crowley - Freemason

Aleister Crowley - Freemason

Aleister Crowley - Rebellion, Rock and Heavy Metal

Aleister Crowley - Rebellion, Rock and Heavy Metal

"Because of his total disregard for imposed social values and his legendary rebellion toward authority, Crowley became a hero for young people especially rock musicians of the 60s and 70s and through to the Heavy Metal acts of the 80s and 90s."

Now, Aleister Crowley was an occultist and a satanist in a literal sense, and of the most outrageous kind, to the point where he used a fecal matter mixed with blood for his occult rituals. You can hardly find a more influential representative of the Luciferian doctrine then Crowley, besides Manley P. Hall, Albert Pike and Yelena Blavatsky, all of whom were Lucifer worshippers and considered HIM to be the "true god".

I have not done any investigation on how this poison of "I am enough onto myself" proclamation came into being as far as the "inner circle" of Chandra Mohan goes, and this is the last thing in my mind to even bother about. But the very smell of it is nauseating to me. One must be UTTERLY blind to make such a proclamation and I will try to explain why do I say this.

But this has to be rectified. It has to be fully understood. Otherwise, no matter what you can do for your "spiritual growth", it is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

What I have heard is that nowadays they dumped "Osho", destroyed his samadhi (the grave of the master) and built a pub to sell the hard liquor to the "seekers" in its place and declared - "I am enough onto myself". In a subtle way, they tried to distance themselves from Chandra Mohan and minimise the impact and significance of what he has done and taught by saying it, and tried to substitute his authority with that of the "inner circle". This is beyond belief. The utmost insult to him and his work, if it was something real to begin with. Who ARE they but a bunch of blind fools compared to him, who do not necessarily even realise the full extent of what was his trip all about?

Thus, they effectively tried to destroy him by this single statement and say "hey, we are not responsible for what HE has done, we are on our own". How much more cunning can one get to do such a thing and what does it change? And I say: I changes NOTHING! What he has done can not be erased, no matter what anybody does, and what they are doing is not even close to HIS level. All they are is nothing more than "chicken shit impersonators" compared to him and his work, which is significant no matter how you cut it and what point of view you adopt.

But these "inner circle" idiots do not seem to have enough intelligence to conceive that such a statement is utterly self-destructive. Because if that were the case, then the whole thing becomes a scam. Why do you need to go to some "spiritual resort" in Pune if you are "enough onto yourself"? Do you know? Why do you even need to bother about people like "Osho" if you are "enough onto yourselves"? Can you tell me?

They simply destroyed themselves with this single statement, and more than that - they insulted all the masters and wise men before them, who tried to do all they could to help the blind.

Now. I can tell you one thing - this is exactly the message of Satanism. It is that very message of rebellion, denial and turning things upside down, they are so obsessed with, which is a trademark of this trip. In Christianity they call it "heaven on Earth without God". It is exactly the thing with Lucifer, who proclaimed himself to be God-like and demanded absolute freedom from The One - The Creator of All There Is, as a record goes. Just don't jump on me. Do some investigation. I am not peddling Christianity here although some things are simply undeniable because it is a historical record and it precisely addresses the most urgent issues of the day, and if you still have some part of your brain functioning, who knows what may come up? Do you?

Yes, you'd have to dig into this, but this is what you are going to come to inevitably as I claim. It will take quite some time for me to cover, even though I am not a babysitter to do the work for you and chew it for you, so you could swallow it and then spit into my face, making the most delusional claims conceivable, trying to justify your idiocy of anarchy, self indulgence and self-boasting lunacy. Sorry, not interested. I have done more than enough for you all.

Secondly, I only have my own opinion and about the only thing I can do is to show you some obvious pitfalls many innocent minds and hearts are likely to fall into, and try to stimulate that desire in you to learn how it REALLY is. I am not here to "teach" anyone, but to trigger something within you and break some stale patterns. If you see something out of it, sure, it would be great. If not, does not matter to me.

I just beg you on my knees NEVER EVER, under ANY circumstances buy into this delusion of "I am enough unto myself". Else you are dead. Nothing less. You have nowhere to go in that case.

Just briefly, once you declare "I am enough onto myself", you are doomed. Why? Well, because you, fools, with this very assumption, or rather zombification message, have denied your own roots, little did you know, and the hell will sooner get frozen before you see the light of day, the simplest and most obvious thing there is. Yes, it is a bit drastic. But what to do?

The thing is, no matter who you are, you are still like little children playing with fire and not realising the consequences until it is too late. Unless there is a mother or father to help you and to guide you in your actions, do you know how much of a chance you have not to get burned as a result? Guess!

You are blind to such a profound magnitude that your chances to find a way "home" on your own, without external assistance by those "who can SEE" are as slim as it gets. They are not much more than the chances of your kitten to get "enlightened".

Even on the materialistic level, if you live alone with nature, somewhere in the woods, you still need the roots, be it your garden and a tree, birds, your cow or your dog. Those are the things through which you connect to life, be it beauty of a flower or total love and dedication of your greatest friend, your dog, who is a carrier of love, the very essence and a source of life, just like you are if you can see with your own eyes. What is that "you" you think you are but a pipe dream?

The whole life experience in the physical world exists via interactions with other selves, with other forms of life, with other opinions even if they contradict your own. Because that is precisely how you learn. Remove those interactions and "opposing" opinions and your life is an exercise in futility. How can you learn without your "enemy" or without those you "hate" or without those you disagree with? They are that very stimuli for you to learn what IS eventually. Without them, you only have that which you already know. But with them, you start looking at all those contradictions and "unpleasant" things they represent and bring into your life.

You see, all they are is something that adds to the colors on your palette. You think what YOU know is "true", but then boom - something totally different. So you begin to figure out why is it so different and which point of view is valid, at least as applicable to you and your quest. So, it adds the new dimensions to your search of who you really are. If you just sit on some Himalayan mountain and "meditate" all your life - you learn nothing of physical domain. Your entire life will be a waste.

This is the very nature of physical domain - contradictions, no matter how uncomfortable or even destructive some of them are. Without contradictions how can you learn? They provide the very stimuli to learn how it IS in reality. Without them, what is the stimuli to learn something new? You just sit and vegetate like a vegetable in some garden. Everything is nice and kosher. What do you need to do and for what? There is nothing to reconcile. This is the very crux of the matter of the physical domain and this is the very nature of "good" versus "evil".

So, learning comes from contradictions. If there is no contradictions and everything is "nice and kosher" what are you going to learn and why? You see, you learn when something does not "fit", does not reconcile. And those contradictions come from interactions with others, who have different views than yours.

There are only two major things in life - learning and creation, that will inevitably bring you to Love, no matter how long will it take. Except, in a certain way, Love is a result, not a goal, even though it is inherent in the very life. Yes, it may be said that Love is that very primary motivation for you to create something and yearn for something. Except, initially, it is subconscious. But once you learn all the lessons for you to learn, it becomes fully conscious. That is the difference. Subconscious love is just a potential and it is often misguided and misused.

That is the very purpose of it as far as I know. You learn and create, create and learn new aspects that were not even known before your creative act. In learning there is creation, in creation there is learning. And it does not matter how "grand" or how "insignificant" is your learning or creation as it PRECISELY corresponds to your level. FOREVER.

There is no such a thing as "insufficient" learning or "insignificant" creation. All of it is Grand, down to the last dot and comma. You have created something new, at least in your own view. And that learning and creation brings joy, and that joy is what makes you want to continue. It reinforces life and makes it ultimately valid, at least in your own view, at least in your own context. And that is ALL that counts "at the end", even if others deny the validity of it or try to minimise its significance, most likely because of their own "problems".

If you do not appreciate even the smallest and seemingly "insignificant" acts of your creation or learning - that is probably the biggest mistake you can make as far as I know. All other "mistakes" can be "forgiven". But not these. The very reason they seem "insignificant" or even "futile" is because you have been programmed with all sorts of ideas of others and you start comparing your "achievements" with those, for example, of some "great authority", and you say: well, what have I created compared to some great artist, poet or whatever? But why do you need to compare yourself with others? Are you supposed to be nothing more than a copy of someone and behave like him? Or are you merely greedy? What YOU have created or learned is not "enough" for some reason? Strange. You are UNIQUE and that is precisely why you ARE. If you were like others, there would be no rational reason for you to exists. Duplication is not CREATION. At best, it is optimisation of resources.

And there is FOREVER something grander than you, no matter who you are and how great are your "spiritual" achievements, no matter what kind of a "master" you are. Learning and creation never stop. It simply can not as once it stops you are dead, you don't belong to this world.

And this is precisely the biggest crime of Chandra Mohan, as this is simply inevitable outcome of his entire doctrine of "fuck it all and let the world go to hell, as long as I get my enlightenment carrot to chase forever". "All I care is to 'enjoy' myself". "All I want is 'freedom'". And they sing about this "freedom" in your Rock and Roll so called music. And they zombify you with it on all the shows of "liberal" kind. And they print it all over the place on their slogans of "freedom and democracy", while, at the same time, waging wars with sword and fire.

What kind of freedom a zombie or a biorobot may even imagine, being programmed like a puppet? What is freedom in the mind of a slave, which is what most of people are, because they allowed it and even helped to enslave themselves by blindly submitting to the doctrine fed to a majority, without even examining any of it?

What is love? Do you know? If you are enough unto yourself, what do you need love for beyond sex, which isn't even love in most cases? Just screw them all and stuff your belly, shake your ass and expose your big bronze balls in self-pride. What do you need anything else for beyond yourselves and your mercantile interests and petty, animalistic desires?

What do you need that "greatest master of all times", Chandra Mohan, for, if you are "enough onto yourself"? Why do you need to pay attention to what people like Jesus said if you are "enough"? And I would like to see a single one of you who would be able to come up with things as compelling as what he said. Not every single word of what is written about it, indeed. But there are all sorts of reasons for it, and the main one is that his message was deliberately distorted and scriptures were rewritten to discredit him and his message.

What counts is if there is ANYTHING true in it, even if it was said by Chandra Mohan himself, who spilled more poison than all of them combined. But it does not matter. At least you LEARN something from it, and probably the most important thing to learn is not to be merely a fool, accepting all sorts of wild and even destructive ideas of his on their face value and accepting them blindly without examination. And that is probably his greatest contribution. Because he turned the whole table upside down and left you in utter confusion.

But he did present you with a certain point of view, with certain perception. Except now you have to carefully separate the bitter fruits from the sweet ones. At least he provided you with STIMULI, with something that upsets your entire system of zombification and all the rot you have gathered within yourself while not even knowing it.

And that is what the "negative" aspect is for, commonly known as satanism. You STILL learn from all those contradictions, denials and all sorts of evil it forever creates to confuse you, thus providing a "catalyst" as they classify it.

The purpose of evil is for you to learn Good as the highest "authorities" of their world state. But seeing all this violence, separation, hate and monstrosity, you may start craving for the Ultimate Law - the Law of One, and it states:

We are all one - inseparable by ANY kinds of illusions. Me is not separable from you and you are not separable from your dog for that matter.

So, by saying "I am enough onto myself" you deny the highest peak there is. Because you make yourself separated from others, as though you do not need anyone or anything, which is nothing less than suicide. You are finished with that assertion.

Do you see how they screwed you in your very soul? First, they took away your roots, and then they made you think that you are "enough unto yourself", so there exists nothing else but you. There are no roots of any kind in you beyond your self-image. The whole world turns around you, right? All you need to do is to sit and masturbate all day long. Is it what you are saying to yourself by accepting this poison?

You get drunk or stoned out of your head or go shake your ass at some zombification party, utterly unconsciously, and that is all most of you care for, because this is all there is to life if you denied your very roots. You become a tree uprooted.

And WHO are you? Unfortunately, most of you are nothing but zombies and biorobots, programmed with some materialistic doctrine of self-service, utterly brainless animals, brainwashed to oblivion, and I do not mean it to be insulting. The sorriest thing conceivable. And it is very unfortunate, but one has to agree with ZioNazis and Freemasons who do not even consider you to be human, as there is not even a trace of anything rational in most of you. Otherwise, how could you be lead by your noses and accept the most obvious and blatant lies as truth?

According to Gurdjieff, as quoted by Osho, vast majority of people are not even conscious. He said there are two kinds of people, those who have consciousness and those who do not. Not that I agree with this definition, but it certainly makes a point. Even going back to ancient Rome it was known that all that the herd needs is "bread and circus".

And this is essentially what most of you are. Not that it is inherent in you, something intrinsic. I, personally, do not accept this concept and many times over I was told by the people who have brains: why are you trying to help them? Why waste energy on it? This is what they are and they get exactly what they deserve. But I just do not see some biological or genetic foundation in it.

People are slaves simply because they allowed it as far as I can see. There is no such a thing as inherent slavery in my mind. They simply denied anything else. They simply made no effort to even look. Just look at the simplest thing there is, the work of Jesus. What he said is so simple and so obvious, pretty much on its face value, that I can not conceive a kind of idiocy that would prevent anyone from understanding it, even a five year old child.

Because he was talking to the simplest people, who had no concept of of fancy philosophy. And the proofs he provided could be verified in their own lives. Even when he said "my father", which seems to be a strange concept, he was saying it so they could understand. Because even a child knows that a father is the source of him. What could be simpler and more obvious than this? He did not use the terms like the infinite, all pervading intelligence, or the very essence of existence, because they would never understand it.

And he warned them SPECIFICALLY about this very issue, saying that even a branch needs a wine to grow from. So they could understand it in simple terms they could relate to. His simple analogies with the real life issues are nothing but pointers to the grandest laws of life as such. Even a child could see the truthness of it. And that wine is what God, or rather, Creator is. And, no matter how you look at, it is still the same, be it the most futile thing conceivable. There is still a SOURCE of it. God is hiding everywhere so you could find It. The Infinite Ever Unfolding Intelligence is inherent in the smallest and most "insignificant" thing there is. It is that very root from which Life springs into Being.

And that is what he argued with Pharisees, the book worms, whose books were full of flashy concepts no one can even really understand but everyone was to submit to, and submit under most horrific threats of being stoned to death. More than that, those concepts were all lies and manipulations of your minds. And he did provide the actual proofs, and such compelling proofs that even the sophisticated and educated Pharisees, who studied those scriptures morning to night, every day of their lives, had no argument and were forced to retreat. What does it tell you?

What do you need ten thousand lectures, filled with sophisticated mind manipulation tricks, for? Just read the New Testament. But read the earliest version on record as the later versions were perverted and distorted. For example, the William Tyndale's Translation of 1526. It has been said that all the versions after King James have been corrupted and the meaning was distorted and perverted.

Bible - William Tyndale's Translation (1526)

At least it was spoken by someone, who was never caught being a liar or manipulator. And yes, some of it could have been misunderstood, mistranslated and even perverted deliberately. So you need to be watchful and not merely accept it as some kind of religious fanatic. But the information base is there and plenty of it could not be disproved to this day. How many have tried?

He did not even try to hide while he knew perfectly well that they will destroy him, and, knowing who they were, it was pretty much inevitable that he will be tortured and ritually sacrificed to their idol, Moloch. As if he did, he would be accused of being simply a coward. He is not like Chandra Mohan, who ran away from the ranch abandoning "his people", trying to save his own skin, afraid to face the truth of all that has been done in his name. Interestingly enough, he said even if you throw an atom bomb at us, "my people" are going to dance on the streets. In that case, why did not ye stay with them to the end, no matter what, and even come out on the streets with them to have a last dance? Was he trying to save someone but his own skin?

And what does it mean "my people"? What are they - some objects to be possessed like puppets? How can anyone be someone else's man or a woman?

And Jesus told those Pharisees "Your father is the devil. He was a murderer from the beginning and a father of lies. When he speaks, he speaks of his own". Meaning, he speaks of his own authority, and not that which is Truth. He speaketh not of the word of God, the very essence of existence. He could care less about Truth as such.

This "he speaks of his own" [authority as something separate and self-sufficient, on the par with God] is the greatest insight imaginable, the deepest "secret" there is. It is the same thing as "thou can not make a single hair white or black". And unless you SEE this ultimate mystery and realise its significance, all your "seeking" will be nothing worth of even mentioning. What he is hinting at here is the Infinite All Pervading Intelligence, the Creator, the One and All, and the One IN All. This is the ultimate level of SEEING.

All you need to read is one small book called the New Testament instead of wasting your life on all these shiny objects and concepts, and piles upon piles of masters, ideas and you name it. What do you need all those piles for? Do you think Truth can be described in so many words and so many books?

And it IS a puzzle, a puzzle of your Life, nothing less, and if you will be able to resolve that riddle and SEE and HEAR, that will be like an explosion within you and all the mysteries of Life, no matter what they are, will be revealed to you. There is no need to BELIEVE ANY of it. Unless you SEE and FEEL it in your very heart, it is nothing more than worthless propaganda of religious kind.

How many of you read that small book? Are you THAT closed in your mind that you will not even allow any other concept to enter, and instead, get blinded by all these promises of some "paradise on earth without God" and all these "far out" ideas that simply blind you with their seeming brilliance?

How many years of your lives many of you have spent on this "Osho" trip? And what is the result? What I see nearly every place I look is such a disgust, it is beyond belief. I simply do not believe all the idiocy I see. And that is what Jesus said about it - they dazzle you with shiny objects and concepts. But that light has no roots as it comes directly from darkness. And that darkness is this very idea of "you are enough onto yourself" we are talking about here. Because what you are left with with this assertion is darkness and separation as you have denied the very root from which the juice of life flows into your being, and you closed your window with thick cloth, which does not allow the Light to come in.

And this is an exact idea of Lucifer, and the very root of his proclamation "I AM God myself", also shared by The Orion Group, as some claim, that rule the earth through their puppets of Rothschild and the Illuminati kind. All the evil you see, all the violence, wars, domination, greed, lies and deceit and the rest of that which rules the world is the result of this exact idea of "I am enough onto myself". This is the root idea of so called materialism, which is an ancient idea of a belly being the only real thing in existence.

It is not light, but radiation with the rays of death, nothing less. What is so difficult to grasp? What is it that you can not see? What prevents you from seeing?

You can read the entire New Testament in a couple of days, so small it is, and, as far as I can see, it eventually reduces to a few of pages representing the most essential Truths that are self-evident. His whole teaching can fit in just those few of pages. It is not a mountain of concoctions of all kinds such as the Talmud. And you can simply ignore those things that look like something impossible, such as all those miracles, about which Jesus explicitly said: "but do not tell this to anyone". How many even know what all those miracles mean? Are you THAT sure there is no hidden meaning even in those seemingly impossible things? I am not so certain.

Furthermore, it has been said that the New Testament and the Bible were perverted and some things were added, modified or misinterpreted for the square purpose of discrediting Jesus. So, no need to be fanatic about it.

Here is just one example: Jacob H. Schiff, the leader of Zionists, finances the complete rewriting of the Bible

But I tell you one thing: no matter what they did to it, they could not distort some of those things, and that is precisely why John's version is said to have been encoded with a triple key. So even if you try to pervert it, it won't work. It will simply break, and those things that look like there is nothing to it, will, all of a sudden, spring to life after thousands of years and all the attempts to corrupt it. It can not be done. That is one of the reasons for encoding - to make sure the message survives for as long as the man remains primitive. But, sooner or later his intelligence will grow to the point where he can decode the hidden meaning.

If there is Truth, there is no power or force to prevent it from springing into life one day. Not possible. It will lay there latent for thousands of years, until you are ready to see. Nothing can be done if you are blind and can not see even having eyes and can not hear even having ears.

All you need to do is to read it and see if you can find those obvious things with which you can agree with in your very heart, those things that are obvious to you on their face value. And I claim there exists those couple of pages with undeniable Truth and the hell itself will sooner get frozen than it can be disproved, and I mean PROOFS, not just concepts and abstract ideas about God. How do you know what he meant by God? Can you tell me?

And you read it again, and again, and SEE. No need to believe anything. Why should you? All you need is to pay attention to that which "rings the bell" within you and you begin to SEE. All you need is a key with which to decode it, and that key is expressed in a SINGLE word. Do you know that word, which is a key to decode all the mysteries of Life? That word, by itself, contains the entire message of Jesus.

Yes, that word, that key may look as something insignificant, if used by itself. You may not even recognize that there is a deeper meaning to it. Because it is multi-layered - within the meaning there is deeper meaning, and within that meaning there is still a deeper meaning. But once you SEE, you will recognize the triple encoding and only then the Grand nature of that ultimate meaning will reveal itself to you. And that is precisely why the most significant Truths remain uncorrupted. No one will even suspect or pay attention to it and won't notice anything unusual or "dangerous" in it, if one is interested in destroying or perverting the Truth.

To me, what is said there constitutes the most fundamental truths to which you will inevitably come no matter what kind of system you follow, be it Yoga, Zen or Chandra Mohan, or what path you travel. Everything eventually reduces to those things Jesus outlined in his short message, no matter what system you follow. At the end, either you will see those things via different path, or you have wasted your whole life following all sorts of systems promising you the "paradise on earth without God".

You can not exist without roots. That is the LAW of existence and not just some fancy theory. Don't get blinded by all those shiny ideas and concepts that are meant to zombify you with the ideas that there are no roots in existence. That is a fatal flaw, and what will happen at the end, and inevitably so, is death and destruction, which is only possible if you deny the very roots. Otherwise you can not destroy. Not possible. You will understand that you are connected and to many things and people, just like your friend for example. Can you destroy your friend?

So, this is not something intrinsic to me, but a result of never ending assault on your very soul, the non-ending zombification, which eventually convinces you to give up even looking for something grander than the most futile, animalistic desires of egocentric kind.

But all you want to hear is some doctrine of happiness and "freedom", and you will be doing exactly as you are told and following exactly the things they told you to follow. You will swallow any crap they feed you, all thousand volumes of it, never even checking and verifying any of it with your own eyes, and getting sucked in deeper and deeper and deeper. You are in crap up to your ears by now is what I see. Did any of you even pay attention to what has been done to you, to your intelligence or your very soul?

And they will create such a hell for you that you will eventually and inevitably be willing to sacrifice that very "freedom" just to end that hell on earth which broke loose, just as it is happening right now, this very moment.

And you do not even realize they have done this to you all starting at about 250 years ago, which is when the machine of evil most profound went into a full swing with Rothschilds creating the Illuminati secret society of evil, and, by now, very few of you can even recognize that you are in hell, LITERALLY. Just look around. And that hell is not somewhere "out there". It is sitting right smack in the middle of your confused being, deluded by all sorts of lies and cunningest tricks to control and dominate you and anyone else for that matter, with very few exceptions. And those satanists that perverted every single thing that was forever considered to be sacred, are laughing their asses at you. Because they have you by your balls, no matter what kind of a "revolutionary" system of "religion-less religiousness" you adopt or follow.

Without roots you are nothing, and that is what Jesus told you, but you did not listen. You just howled "kill him, kill him!" For what, you fools? What had he done to deserve to be killed? Telling you that you are in crap up to your ears? And how many centuries have passed and you still do not even see it to this very day?

What else did he tell you that deserves to be killed for? To tell you:

4. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

12. This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

13. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

15. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

(John 15:4,12-15)

What is so difficult to comprehend? Try to compare just these few statements with all the hundreds of volumes of Chandra Mohan and try to find a single place where he respects you like Jesus did and which is as obvious on its face value as these few statements.

And these are the most fundamental truths there are. If you can not even understand the simplest possible language used by Jesus, then what do you think can be done to your mind, zombified for hundreds and thousands of years? What could be simpler and more true than what he told you? Do you know?

And I tell you: those who told you this biggest lie: "I am enough unto myself", throw them into fire. They are the servants of Lucifer. They are not even human, even though at least some of them do not even suspect it.

When I saw it, I could not believe my own eyes. How could this be? Is it the continuation of the work of Chandra Mohan? Well, yes it is, as unfortunately as it looks. This is what INEVITABLY happens when "blind lead the blind". They both "fall into a ditch", just as Jesus told you all.

All that they said with this idea is exactly the same thing as Chandra Mohan did forever - condemning all and everything but himself and his "far out" ideology of "enjoy and let the world and anyone else go to hell". "Do not worry about others". "Just do your own thing", screw with anyone that comes your way. Laugh like an idiot. That is all there is to life. In other words: welcome to hell.

What is the meaning of life?

Before we start on this one, I can tell you, as far as I can see, the "meaning of life" is simple - to learn, and to create and learn out of it, and what Chandra Mohan will be talking about below - "dancing and singing", is a fruit of that learning. That joy is not a joy of some unconscious "dancing and singing", it is a joy of learning something new and seeing how life springs out of mere potential.

That is the real "freshness", freshness of forever learning when new aspects are revealed to you if you pay attention, and that is the REAL "dancing and singing" to me. Otherwise that dancing will be nothing more than shaking your ass just like all others, while being utterly unaware of what is that you are doing in fact.

I'd like to look at one the most profound issues and show you how the mind manipulation and mind conditioning techniques work. This is just an example case. We could look at nearly all of his teachings and the end result will be along the same lines more or less. In the following quote everything looks nice and dandy, and you can look at it this way indeed. But is it true what Chandra Mohan says and to what extent? Here is the quote. We'll comment in place, meaning the comments will be intermingled with the quote:

When people are young, they don't ask, "What is the meaning of life?" Their youth, their overflowing energy, is enough meaning, is enough significance. They are still capable of love. They are still capable of a dance, a song, a celebration. Death has not overshadowed their lives yet.

First of all, what does death have to do with it, and how death can overshadow nothing less than Life itself? Is it possible? Are you doing things because of concerns with death or Life?

Secondly, one is capable of dance and song and celebration regardless of anything. Even if you can barely stand on your feet, you can still dance. Just look at Chandra Mohan himself. Because of his extremely poor health and back problems, he could not really dance because that would hurt too much. But he still danced with his hands and I have seen it with my own eyes, standing face to face with him at a distance of reach of one's hand.

Even when you are laying in your death bed, you can still dance and sing and celebrate, without even moving a finger or a toe.

So, as far as "They are still capable of a dance, a song, a celebration. Death has not overshadowed their lives yet", not necessarily.

First of all, the youth and overflowing energy have no meaning or significance as such, beyond the fact that you are young and are still full of energy, which you will inevitably dissipate as you go on. What is the meaning of you having a meal and filling full? What is the meaning of you having sex, for god's sake? What is the meaning of meaning in that case? Sure, you can extract some meaning even from a street pole, if you want to. You can even extract some "meaning" from nothing.

So, basically, what he said here is utter perversion of the very essence of the term "meaning". That is for starters. Trying to stick some meaning on some utterly meaningless things is what means a lie. And if you start with lies, what do you think you are going to end up with?

When you are young you are simply unconscious for the most part. You just run around doing whatever comes to your mind or your senses, throwing your energy left and right, as though there is an infinite pool of it available to you. You do not even realise that you are throwing the most precious and limited resource of yours - your life energy, as if there is no end to it.

Largely, as UG Krishnamurti calls it, it is a "sensual response". Whatever comes into your senses, you respond or react to, thinking "hey, this is what life is all about". In fact, you do not even stop to think for a moment in most cases. You just run around. You do not even consider whether you should even bother with it, as it may turn out to be a pure waste of time and your very life energy, which is not unlimited, which is simply an exercise in futility, some utterly meaningless thing. Just look around and within yourself and see isn't how far do you think you deaththis exactly what is going on?

Otherwise, you may claim "this is what enlightenment" is - just running around, "singing and dancing under the stars". But IS it? Just running around and bumping into things achieves what and in what sense? Yes, this IS your freedom, but the real learning happens when you bump into something that does not reconcile, something that stops you in some way, something that prevents you from your mindless running around. If you just keep running around, what is the difference between you and an animal, or even an amoeba? You see, an amoeba also runs around and bumps into things and consumes them or gets consumed by other amoeba and "becomes one with them", just like in "enlightenment". But where is the meaning in it?

As far as "their overflowing energy, is enough meaning, is enough significance", it is nothing but bluff, or, rather, a deliberate attempt to delude you and reduce the very notion of meaning to nothing of meaning and significance. Have you seen a child, full of overflowing energy, who, all of a sudden, started to run across the street, not even realizing that he or she could be killed by a car?

The overflowing energy carries no meaning in itself beyond the fact that when you are young, your energy resources are at their peak, which means nothing. Energy is just an energy TO BE USED. The meaning comes when you use that energy in a meaningful way and LEARN something out of it. Otherwise, what is the difference between you and an idiot, running around and making all sorts of noise, signifying nothing? It simply means you have a lot of energy.

Secondly, what it means is that you are still not as corrupt and programmed with stale ideas of submission like the older people are. But where is the MEANING in it? - Well - none, other than you have a POTENTIAL and a life resource. Otherwise, the very notion of "meaning" looses its meaning and becomes meaningless. You may as well attach some "meaning" to your table. After all, it is there and you do some things sitting at it. So it must have some "meaning".

So, to claim that the very fact you have lots of energy in itself has some meaning is nothing more than manipulation of your minds in order to destroy the very notion of meaning and reduce it to nonsense.

The moment a person starts asking, "What is the meaning of life?" it means he has become old -- it does not matter at what age. His question emphatically shows that he has lost touch with life, lost touch with love, lost touch with vitality, and wherever he looks it is all emptiness. The question has become significant to him -- why is he living? In fact, he has died; his life is posthumous.

Not necessarily. I remember myself looking for a meaning since I was a child and it could be expressed very simply "but what and how it REALLY is? What is hidden behind the appearances?"

I have noticed from early childhood that some, if not most people seem to lie all the time and even in the situations where there is no need to. They APPEAR to be something which deep inside they are not. Many, if not most of them are cowards and chameleons. They PRETEND to look like someone who they are not. They forever teach you about "good" or "smart" or "honorable" things and deeds, but then turn around and do exactly the opposite of what they teach you. They teach you the virtues of honesty, but most of them are profoundly dishonest, to the very core of their beings.

So, the question was simple: "but how and what it REALLY is"? And it has absolutely nothing to do with death. In fact, as I tell a story from my life in this book, I was given a lesson about the very essence of death when I was about six years old, and the "answer" or "meaning" of it was quite shocking. Essentially, it meant death has no meaning by itself beyond fear of loosing your identity, your sense of "I". There is no inherent pain or fear in it, unless you bring it in artificially with your mind projections.

When you run around long enough, doing all those mostly useless and meaningless things, thinking this is what life is, after a while, you start noticing things begin to repeat. They no longer have that freshness of the first take on it. They are no longer that "fun" you thought they were. After a while, it simply gets boring. Doing the same stupid things forever. What's the "end goal"? What is the point in all that unconscious activity? It turns out to be nothing more than some meaningless routine of unconscious behavior.

Unless you learn something new out of it, unless you notice that what you do is all but waste, waste of your life energy for nothing. Well, not exactly for nothing, as no matter for how long have you been running you still learned quite a bit, even out of utterly spontaneous situations where you did not have any particular intent. You still learn.

As far as "it is all emptiness", that is how and why Buddha Gautama has become enlightened. When he saw a dead man by the road, his whole life has been short circuited. It lost its meaning, which it did not even have to begin with until he saw that dead man by the road. Only then, the very issue of meaning came up in his mind. It was a full stop.

Only after realization of that "emptiness" and "futility", you obtain certain capacity "to separate the burgers from the flies", to recognize which actions of yours lead you nowhere and which actions bring satisfaction, fulfillment and learning something new. So you start using your life energy wisely and not merely throw it left and right doing this unconscious "dancing and singing" number, which in itself signifies nothing. How could it help you to grow and learn things? If you "dance and sing" all your life without doing anything else, you will remain a totally brainless idiot, not different from a monkey. Even monkeys learn.

Life of an unconscious being is not life, but "walking dead". The potential has to be actualised in order for any meaning and significance to come into picture.

The moment a person asks, "What is the meaning of life?" it is the question of a dead man -- who still breathes, whose heart still beats, but it is all like a robot. All poetry, all rainbows have disappeared ... no sunrises at all. It seems the night is eternal. It seems that he must have dreamt about the days when he had seen the light; they were not real.

Just the other way around.

What Chandra Mohan is feeding you here is a propaganda of meaninglessness of the NWO agenda, just as you see on all the "shows" any place you look. This is exactly the methodology to make you a thoughtless biorobot and a zombie, shaking his ass in utter ecstasy of idiocy of a slave, whose brains are washed so well, that the only "meaning" he knows is how to shake his ass.

This is a pure grade lie and I mean it. An ugly lie, manipulation and perversion of the very essence of Life. I claim when you wasted enough of your life energy, your resources, and have seen that you seem to be running in circles with all this unconscious activity, you are BOUND to ask this question. If you are a painter, would you simply throw a tube of your paint on a canvas without seeing how much of it do you need and in what place on your painting?

In fact, I claim this is one of the most significant questions there is. The other one is "who am I and what I am doing here".

Yes, those are not the kind of questions that have some easy answers, as it indicates that you have come to some point of maturity after running like a fool all your life, not knowing what is he seeking and what for and what was he doing his entire life. Just running around, "dancing and singing"?

What makes you different from a giggling baby? What is the difference between you and a bird singing all day long?

I happen to live next to one of the most prestigious clubs and I see this "innocent dancing and singing" nearly every day as crowds of these teens gather by my window for some reason and shout, laugh hysterically at 2 o'clock at night, some of them being drunk out of their head to the point of being unconscious. It is simply insanity. There isn't a word or idea in their mind worth even listening. Just utter insanity. Now, according to Chandra Mohan, this is what "real" "dancing and singing" is. THIS is what "joy" is. UTTER idiocy of an unconscious animal-like creature who isn't even aware of what he is saying or laughing about. The most primitive state of a human being bordering on lunacy and psychosis.

And they gather like a herd right by my windows, a step or two away, well over midnight and shout so loud that it will wake up even the dead ones. So, their "enjoyment" creates a hell for all the people that are asleep. Can you imagine being asleep and, all of a sudden, hearing the shouts like someone is getting killed?

I do not even see these people alive even though formally they are alive. He says "robots"? WHO? They are dead to me, just like zombies and biorobots, whose brains were washed so well that they can not even think or see anything beyond their programming of unconscious convulsions they call dancing and singing.

"All poetry, all rainbows have disappeared ... no sunrises at all"?. - Pure grade crap, and so is the rest of that paragraph. A "poetry" of an unconscious is nothing but a noise. And once you ask these questions then the REAL "surprises" begin to happen to you, as you start being sensitive to those things you have never paid attention to.

Old age, when death is just standing close to you, creates the question, "What is the meaning of life?"

Crap. It is not an old age, but maturity, which is quite a natural process. No matter who you are and what you do, it comes eventually unless you are a totally blind fool that never paid attention to the results of what he did his entire life. And to deny it is to deny your very life and a learning process. And be grateful you have come to this point when you are mature enough to ask these questions. Otherwise, you whole life is a waste. Not that you will necessarily find some simple answers of "yes" and "no" type, but the very fact you asked is an indication of your maturity. Now you can start looking at life from a totally different angle and not that unconscious running of yours, throwing your energy left and right thinking it to be just a "fun" of life.

Secondly, ALL the phases of life have their purpose and significance. You can not deny and minimise the significance of an old age just as you can not do it for a young age. Those are different stages of growth, each having its own purpose. If the fruit does not grow to its "old age", all you get is bitterness and acidity in it. You can not even eat it. The old age is your fruition and it is your "examination" moment. It is the summary of your entire life. And if you can remain joyous in the old age, it means your Life was not a waste and you have learned the lessons of it. Only then your "dancing and singing" become meaningful. It means you have learned from Life the most precious lessons.

Sooner or later, if you have any degree of intelligence and awareness, you are bound to ask these questions, and that is precisely where REAL life starts I claim. All your unconscious running was nothing more than a preparation for something real, something that distinguishes you from an animal or a giggling baby.

What is fulfillment? Is there such a thing? The fulfillment comes as a result of maturity of a fruit. Only then the real sweetness comes. When the fruit is young, it still has bitterness and acidity. Yes, it does have all the POTENTIAL to become sweet and fully mature. But is is just a stepping stone, a potential.

But when you are alive, when death is far away beyond the horizon of your vision, who cares about the meaning of life? -- you live it, you have it, you sing it, you dance it. It is in every breath, it is in every beat of your heart.

First of all, death is NEVER "far away". It is there every moment, and it does not depend on how young you are and what kind of ideas you have in your head. You can be hit by the brick falling from a building or killed in a car accident. And your "vision" is irrelevant. If you ask a young soldier on a battle field "how far do you think your death is", what do you think he is going to answer? Or ask the same question of someone who climbs the Himalayan mountains or is trying to cross an ocean on a piece of wood, or is a car racer. They LIVE with death! It does not matter how "strong" or how young you are.

Seconly, what do you need that "enlightenment" carrot for? Just "sing and dance under the sky" all day long. What's the point of this "enlightenment" trip that will take all your life? Or do you think you can just jump into it with this "dancing and singing" trick while remaining a blind fool you are? How? What is "enlightenment" then?

Do you see how these "masters" feed you this crap? What do you need a "master" for? You danced and sang and ran all over the place when you were a child. There was not even a need for you to bother with anything. Does it mean you were "enlightened"?

I claim unless you ask these questions you whole life is a waste. You will never come to focus and can not possibly learn what is Truth and what is God. Not possible. You don't bother with those things out of unconscious activity, utterly unfocused. You only bother with them when you mature enough to even ask.

Once something really profound happens in your life, such as loosing your friend or your mother, or getting screwed out of all you had and see this utterly unnecessary violence and insensitivity, you are bound to ask these questions, finally realising that life is not just some unlimited pool of "free" energy and unconscious shaking of your ass, leading you nowhere but a state of confusion.

I claim this utter grade crap he is feeding you here with all this "sing and dance" idiocy can only be said by someone who has never created anything in his entire life. No creative person who has ever brought anything to life out of nothing, out of mere potential, can possibly agree with all this utterly irresponsible blabber, or even worse, a zombification procedure. Those things that I have seen created in my own life and with my own hands were not just "singing and dancing under the starts", even though true, without a joy of it creativity becomes just a business. But the amount of work, necessary to create something alive is monumental. You pay with your life for all those little bits of your own creation and creativity as such. And if someone tells me it was all just "singing and dancing", I'd take it as an insult of sorts. No, it is not. You have to pay the topmost dollar for it, your life.

One thing has to be understood clearly: that the people who have asked so-called great questions about the meaning of life, about the meaning of the very existence, about the meaning of love, about the meaning of beauty, are thought to be great philosophers but they have one foot in the grave. Just before slipping into their graves, they are raising all these questions.

No other path but life from "Beyond Enlightenment"

- Utter crap. I am not trying to say what I say is how it really is. You'd have to check it out on your own. All I am saying is that your mind may be manipulated with these "explanations" Chandra Mohan gives you and you won't ever suspect that his motivation for telling you his version was something utterly different then what you thought it is.

Can you be certain that the reason he tells you these lies is not because of simple mercantile interests of his? You see, this idea of simply "dancing and singing" will keep you an easily manipulatable idiot. Because you have no depth. You become like a puppet in his theatre.

What I see in what he says is an attempt to disconnect you from your roots, to remove the very possibility for you to ever ask the questions of the most profound significance and thus open up a doorway for you to find something of real value. Instead, he offers you these delusions of "dancing and singing", just like a totally unconscious fool who has "no eyes to see and no ears to hear".

The very purpose of such explanations as Chandra Mohan provides is to prevent you from ever seeing anything beyond ordinary self-indulgence and most futile idiocy.

And this is how these "masters" screw you. And screw you in your very soul, while presenting it all as some kind of a way to "enlightenment". I claim the only possibility is for you to fall into utter darkness with all this "spiritual" garbage that was not even meant to serve your own interests and needs, or to open your eyes on something of grand significance.

Finally, I have to mention - yes, there is such a concept as "dancing and singing" in all the traditions of the world. For example, in India life is called Lilah - playfulness. It is true that unless there is JOY in your life, it is but a waste. Yes, life IS playfulness. But even there, playfulness without awareness is simply stupidity. Unless playfulness leads to CREATIVITY, or a result of it, it is nothing but a waste. Unless playfulness brings fulfillment it means nothing.

Fulfillment is the fruit. Creativity, which is that, which brings fulfillment is the way. Awareness, which is presence, is a methodology. Recognition of the grand nature of existence is the goal. Realisation of oneness of all is the ultimate in your search and in your life.

That is how I see it.

Domination - you are nothing but a slave!

And remember, sometimes similarities happen... If a Buddha moves amongst you, you will be dominated by him, although he is not dominating you. He is not trying to dominate you, but you will be dominated because he is the master of himself.

And he is such a master that all around him whosoever moves will become a slave. But there is no conscious effort on his part. Rather, on the contrary, he will continually insist, "Be your own master - remember this." And this insistence is because of this knowledge.

Buddha knows that whosoever comes around him will become a slave. He is not doing anything; he is not trying to dominate anyone, but he knows this will happen.

His last dying words were, "Be a lamp unto yourself." He was dying, and Ananda asked him, just a day before his actual death, "When you will be no more, what shall we do?" He said,

"It is good that I shall be no more. Then you can be your own master. Be a lamp unto yourself; forget me. It is good, because when I am no more you will be freed from my domination."

... This was the case with Rasputin, who dominated Russia, before Lenin, just through his eyes. He was an ordinary peasant, uneducated, but with very magnetic eyes, and he came to know how to use this. The moment he would look at you, you would forget yourself, and in that moment he could send any suggestion to you telepathically and you would follow it. That is how he dominated the Czar and the Czarina, the royal family, and through them, the whole Russia. Nothing could be done without his will.

The third eye and psychic eye power from: Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1

To make a long story short, Chandra Mohan was zombifying you with the idea that in order to get "enlightened" you have to be a slave. And the ugliest thing in this is that he is manipulating no one less than Buddha to justify his own totalitarian tendencies of a dictator. Would be interesting to hear Buddha's opinion on this.

This is called the joy of slavery! Or, in order to become "enlightened" you need to become a slave first. Only out of genuine slavery you can achieve true freedom (from life)!

Interestingly enough, J. Krishnamurti, whom Chandra Mohan called not only "enlightened" but even claimed they are like buddies, they do the same work, only in different ways, had this to say about Chandra Mohan:

"I have received thousands of letters from all over the world asking why i do not speak out in public against this man. but i will not, as it is not my way.

"The man is a criminal. You have to understand this very clearly. What he is doing to people in the name of spirituality is criminal.

"One must never give to another human being - and he is simply a human being - your ultimate manifestation of consciousness, which is your ability to make decisions for yourself.

"You have made a great mistake in giving him that power for twelve years, but understand this:

"No man has power except the power his followers give him. That is why he needs people around him all the time, and the more the better."

See: Krishnamurti

Yes, indeed, Chandra Mohan, being a self admitted dictator had to invent something of this kind just to justify his own megalomaniacal tendencies. He simply HAD to make it look like something "natural". The very fact you came to him is because you WERE looking for some puppeteer to tell you what to do, who is who and what is what. That's the whole point of this most disgusting lie about the so called masters and their "enlightenment" carrot. Unless you are a TOTAL slave, unless you TOTALLY "surrender" your intelligence to them, you will never reach that carrot.

Except they do not tell you that the very carrot is a myth and the very idea behind it is to enslave you, to submit you to THEIR will and THEIR world view, and THEIR ideas like they are some gods. But ARE they?

They do not tell you that you can NOT reach that carrot in principle, no matter what, because that is the very purpose of this carrot - to NEVER be reached and to keep you in dependence of forever seeing it and craving for it. They do not tell you that the very carrot is an artificial concoction, an illusion, a dream, which can not be fulfilled in principle. It is no different than a drug you become addicted to.

Do ANY of you know what that carrot is, what it consists of, how does it taste, and what will happen even if you achieve it? So, what are you chasing all your life? Do you even know? HOW? How can you POSSIBLY know that, which you do not know the nature of and have never tasted and have never experienced of how it feels afterwards? By simply accepting someone else's idea about it? What do you think are your bets on what you will eventually get out of it is what you expected? And what did you expect? Do you know?

Do you think you can just jump into some "superstate" called "enlightenment" bypassing all the issues and all your misunderstandings of Life? Do you think your "problems" are going to go away somehow, magically? To go away where? They are still sitting inside you, except they simply become suppressed.

To me, you don't become "enlightened". You simply and gradually GROW, day by day, step by step, SEEING that what you thought as some conflict was actually a lesson, a STIMULI for you to resolve it and clear up your eyes and your misunderstanding. When you genuinely see the roots of the issues and recognise that ALL possible and probable forms of expression are valid and are in fact complimentary, those things you originally thought as some kind of "problem" simply fall off like an old snake skin being shed off, without any misery or pain.

Learning is not a pain. Just the other way around - it is joy and appreciation or a relaxation. The attachment is gone. Learning new aspects brings genuine fulfillment and laughter into your life. When you really learn something, it is not out of pain and suffering, but SEEING the futility and foolishness of something. In painful situations you "learn" the inhibition and avoidance. By sheer fact that you experience pain, does not mean you have learned something. It is not necessarily a real learning, even though every step is learning or getting closer to seeing something you have not seen before.

Even "learning" that you haven't learned anything out of it, is still learning. Because the very fact that you recognized that "non learning", you moved further in your process of learning. Because before that, you simply hurt and got yourself into a negative and condemnatory reaction, without even realizing it. Now you can ask: "but WHY did not I learn anything out of that pain"? Which is a perfectly valid question that has a resolution. And an answer may turn out to be - because you denied something and tried to AVOID that pain. Then the next question is: WHY? And so you go deeper and deeper into the very roots of the issue.

Most of these "masters" are not to teach you anything you do not have, but to submit you in their mercantile interests or to jam your minds with those things that they have studied and accepted as something real and applicable to themselves. And that is the best case scenario. Yes, they may be real to themselves if they really helped them to SEE, but it does not mean they are real or appropriate for others.

We are all unique and our needs are unique and our ways and paths are unique and our issues are unique and the timing of those issues is unique. YOUR lessons are not necessarily MY lessons. Or may be they COULD be my lessons as well, but the timing is "wrong" because they are not "current" for me at this time.

You learn out of ACTUAL situations YOU get into at some exact point of your growth, and the reason you get into those situations is because now you are READY to learn that exact and particular aspect. You just need to recognize that the reason you got yourself into this particular situation is not accidental. It DOES have MEANING, but only for you and only at this exact junction.

And what happens with these "masters" is that they simply teach you some "general theory" and give you some abstract examples of something, that may not have ANYTHING to do with you at this exact junction. So, even if what they tell you is true, you will not be able to really learn anything out of it, and for the simple reason - because your mind is preoccupied with totally different things. So what do you do? To SUPPRESS that, which bothers you at this time and instead simply accept some abstract construction they offer you, unto which you can not really "tune in" at the moment? How can you tune in to some wave when you are distracted by some other aspect? Just look at it now.

That is why there is a law, that prohibits interference into your process of learning by others. And that is why there are laws of Free Choice and Free Will. The reason for those laws is simple. ONLY when you yourself CHOOSE something and exhibit your WILL to experience it, you have a chance to truly learn something geniune out of it and it won't simply be an IMPOSITION of something on your being and your perception. Everything else will simply be an interference, that will simply lead you away from yourself and damage you more than it helps.

Very little of what they teach you has to do with your own intelligence and the ways for you to reclaim it. They mostly teach the techniques of this and that. But even if those things do work for them it does not mean they will work for you as well.

Take for example a meditation. There are all sorts of techniques to meditate and some "master" may be able to teach some of them to you. But meditation itself is just a method to create a silent space within you, out of which your "eyes may open", and only then you yourself, out of that space of silence, may start noticing some things of significance for YOU, not for others. But those things can not be taught or imposed on you by others directly. They may simply be inappropriate at this given moment to what YOU need, and not what THEY THINK you need. When you go to a restaurant, only you can decide what would you like to eat. Or are you going to ask some "master" for his advice on what YOU should eat? Even if he knows what is the "best" food to eat in HIS view, it does not mean that it will give you the experience YOU are looking for, even if he suggests to you something beneficial to your health.

If some "master" tells you "do this or do that", he is simply manipulating you. For example, when Jesus was asked "so what shall we do, master?", he simply threw their question back at them and told them essentially that he is not here to tell you what to do or to make choices for you. You yourself should select those things you are interested in out of your own Free Will and out of your own Free Choice. Otherwise, you would merely become his slaves in effect. Why are you here? To listen to others as to what is "the right thing to do"? Then what is the difference between you and a puppet or a slave? Is it what the purpose of your life is?

Every individual being has his own "language", his own set of experiences, his own individual way to perceive things and his own set of conditioning factors that influence his life and his own unique set of experiences he is ready for and will be able to learn from at this exact junction. You can not teach a dancer the same way you teach a scientist or a criminal. It may be impossible for them to understand your "language". It is nearly impossible to know all the subtleties of his being from the outside, even though some things could be seen.

That is why it has been said: Know THYSELF. It does not say "know what someone else taught you". It does not say "know what scriptures tell you". No. It says learning is strictly an individual process, and only you yourself may be able to tailor it so it works for YOU, not for someone else. In that sense, ALL the teachings are false, as only you yourself are capable of precisely selecting those experiences and those bits of knowledge that make sense to YOU, and precisely at this given moment. Because YOU are the one, who knows his own context, with all due respect to all the authentic masters.

Because nobody knows you like yourself. Not even your parents or teachers. They simply can not. Because what is available to them is your "public" part. But your "private" part, your UNIQUE part, remains hidden from them. Even your best friends do not necessarily know all the subtleties of your innermost being, even if you are as open, as it gets. This is the Law of Uniqueness of Creation and Creativity as such, as a result of which Life exists, with all its innumerable dimensions and aspects.

Actually, the so called masters probably learn more from you than you learn from them, and they learn not ABOUT you, but about themselves, and people do not even pay attention to things like these. Because they agreed to surrender their own intelligence to these "masters", and thus became slaves, quite literally, or some religious fanatics, blindly following some dogma or doctrine, which they never took time to verify and to see the validity of it with their own eyes. They simply accepted it as a result of plain greed for those "ultimate", "spiritual" values and pleasures of some spiritual "paradise", which is a lie.

The "spiritual paradise" is a RESULT, not the CAUSE. You GROW into it. And it comes as a result of your LEARNING, where, slowly, slowly, you start experiencing JOY and APPRECIATION, and you giggle and laugh all day long and pet yourself on the head, saying: "good boy/girl" and recognize every time you feel joy, lightness and LOVE, Love for life itself. And love for YOURSELF. Why not? Are you "defective"?

When Chandra Mohan preaches "dancing and singing", he has a point, and that you need to pay attention to joyous aspects of life and try to stay in a cheerful mood as much as possible, instead of being overwhelmed by all your "problems".

But it happens as a result of your RECOGNITION, of your ACCEPTANCE of your own validity, no matter who you are and how "good" or "bad" you THINK you are. You are not "worse" than ANYBODY.

All you have to do is to pay attention to how it feels in your chest - pain, anger, or joy and lightness, and ask yourself "do I NEED this?" when you feel like crap. What do you need it for?

Your "spiritual suffering" is just crap. There is no such a thing. Spiritual is only Joy. Yes, compassion and tuning into pain of others IS spiritual and it MAY cause pain inside you. But it is nothing to brag about. It is just an unfortunate and sometimes inevitable circumstance.

That is the very purpose of awareness and "living in the moment". You live in the moment ONLY when you are AWARE of how you feel at the moment. That FEELING is your very guide, your very meter, by which you measure your "spiritual progress". And it is a PRESENT to you, directly from God - The Creator - The One, United in All.

That is why Chandra Mohan himself forever stated: "my way is the way of the heart", and that is why Jesus told you: "LOVE one another and LOVE GOD - the foundation of everything".

And again, "dancing and singing" is not a PRECONDITION. It is a RESULT of you maturing and SEEING and learning.

But is slavery something necessary, even though you can see it with almost all of these so called masters? It is simply given, it seems. But look at Jesus for example. Where did he behave with them like with slaves?

15. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

John 15 (King James Version)

This is a TREMENDOUSLY significant statement and I wish you SEE it one day, if you can not see it at this moment. It may simply explode if you realize what is means.

Basically, he specifically addresses this issue of "slave" of some "master". There is no such a notion in his lexicon. And that is the difference between Truth and a filthy lie.

Yes, he was a teacher and he did teach them something, and yes, even a pupil at school may feel love and gratitude to some of his teachers. That is all natural. But SLAVERY? According to which LAW?

The very notion of slavery is simply a satanic doctrine of domination by the "elite" over all others. THAT is where its roots are. Slavery is not a natural state of Life. It is not a natural Law of Life. It is a result of artificial separation and division on "higher" and "lower", "more deserving" and "less deserving", and all of it is lies, and some of the most profound lies there are.

Once you accept your slavery, that is the end of you. Most likely, you will never get out of it, unless you abandon the very idea. It will only get deeper and deeper, just like religious fanaticism, the same exact thing.

What happens in slavery is that you simply mistrust yourself as being something valid and capable of learning and seeing with your own eyes. So, instead of learning, you accept the INSTRUCTIONS from some "master" of yours. Your intelligence simply gets disabled and you allow ANY kind of programming your "master" is doing to you, even though, he can not POSSIBLY know your innermost needs, tendencies and the "end result of YOUR fruition".

Basically, he knows NOTHING of you, just to be blunt. All he knows is your "hangups", at best. Your obvious misunderstandings of those things, that are clear on their face value to someone, who "has eyes to see". But every human being is a totally private matter, and of immense magnitude, and that is precisely why every one of you are here - because of your intrinsic uniqueness, and your unique contribution to Ever Unfolding process of Creation, All Pervading and All inclusive.

And THAT is why J. Krishnamurti used such a strong term to describe who Chandra Mohan was - a "spiritual CRIMINAL", "a criminal of the worst kind". Because his crime was to prohibit you to make your own choices and make decisions for yourself as to your own consciousness. What Krishnamurti said is something not to be underestimated, but understood and SEEN as deeply as possible. Because that is PRECISELY the key to your own Life.

In slavery, your energy is inherently constricted and blocked. And you simply MUST accept ANY kind of garbage your "master" feeds you, programming your mind, or demands from you. But what can you possibly learn from it? I claim - nothing much, even though you do learn no matter what. Why? - Well, because your intelligence is not functioning. It is simply bypassed and any and all the information from your "master" goes directly into your subconscious, and most of it is of negative and prohibitive nature, so you "knew better" in the future and would behave as your "master" demands or dictates. Your evaluating abilities get disabled and you simply follow the instructions.

But, even if your "master" does not have a bad intent of exploiting you or parasiting on you, how can he know YOUR inner needs and your inner tendencies? To do that, he has to be able to see Life with YOUR eyes, and experience the same emotional states as you do. So, he becomes like a chamelion in a weird way, taking up your shape and form.

Sure, to some degree and with some limited issues your teacher or a "master" can see certain misunderstandings of yours because he has been through the same things and learned from it. But even there, YOUR perceptions and YOUR potentials and probabilities are not his. They can not be. Otherwise, you would all be nothing more then templates to make the same biorobot out of everyone. Everyone is unique in an infinite number of ways and aspects. That is the very essence of Life as such. Life is not just some factory to produce the same exact dolls at the end of production line. It can not possibly be, no matter how you look at it.

There are no two flowers in the field that are exactly the same and there are no two fingerprints that are exactly the same. It is simply impossible. No two paths of growth are the same. They simply can not be, no matter what and no matter who you are or who you think you are. And that is the very beauty of it all, and that is the very fundamental freedom you have - freedom of Free Will and Freedom of Choice. These are two primary and most fundamental Laws. And that is precisely why you can grow in ANY conceivable direction and contribute your own unique experiences, your own unique creation to The Whole.

Your "master" simply could not have been through ALL possible manifestations of Life. That is simply impossible unless he is nothing less than God - "all knowing". But some say even God Itself is not "all knowing", and this is precisely the nature of Life as such - to know ALL possible and probable potential manifestations of Itself. You may accept this idea or not, but this is simply to show you that Life is inherently unlimited in ANY and ALL possible directions and dimensions. Once all possible manifestations have been exhausted, which is simply inconceivable, then what happens is that it all comes back to Unity, inseparableness, which is the end of Life as such. It no longer has any purpose or any additional meaning, if you can even conceive such a state. Sorry, but I can not.

Yes, you do learn, if you are lucky to see it at the end, your own stupidity and your own mistrust to yourself, and your fear that you are not as "good" as others tell you you "ought" to be, and that there is something missing within you, something "inferior" to others, or something to be "transcended". Most "masters" out there are not intelligent enough to be creative and that is why they need your "slavery" as reinforcement of their validity or "superiority" which is an attempt at futility. Just because you have "slaves" does it mean you become more valid then THEM? Sorry, but this looks to me like a violation of the most fundamental Laws.

There exists no entity that is more valid than any other entity, no matter who they are or how "superior" they THINK they are to others, which is a fascist and elitist idea to begin with, and it has been said that it is precisely what Satanism is, and it has been implemented on this planet by Lucifer, who declared himself to be God-like, and totally independent of God - Creator, just as recorded in the scriptures. That is precisely the nature of this evil "NWO" model.

They are the ones who introduced this idea of the "elite" on this planet. In their model, there is the "elite", which is the same thing as "masters", and there are "slaves" to serve that "elite" and work their bones off in utter submissiveness. To me, such a model does not work and can not possibly work at the end. Because it is inherently self-destructive in nature. The only possible way it can work is that it complements the Positive aspect and provides what is called a polarity. The stronger the negative aspect, the stronger the positive aspect has to become in order to restore the eternal balance.

This is just a rough sketch of that conceptual framework. You need to study it from "Ra Material", "Urantia Book" or "Seth Material", which represent the positive view, or "The Revelations of the Insider" or "Window of Opportunity" by the "ruling family" representing the "group soul Lucifer" and a negative view. The description above is rather a hint than description. That entire framework is a system in itself and it has to be studied as a whole. It can not be described in few sentences.

So, by surrendering your intelligence to these "masters" you mostly serve THEIR need for self-reinforcement even though you MAY learn something about yourself, except it is mostly your own self-denials, which is the reason why you allowed someone to be your "master". What a sorry situation, at least in most cases.

Yes, there are those who authentically wish to give you a hand and provide you at least some clues. You won't notice much fuss about themselves. There is no need for someone strong to show his strength or "superiority". Only weak ones forever need such a reinforcement of their own self-image by having you as their "slaves".

But, for some strange reason, Chandra Mohan himself stated in Oregon that there is no such a thing as enlightenment. It simply does not exist. In that case, what does it mean a "master" and a "slave" and how do you know that whatsoever that "master" teaches you is something even applicable to your unique needs?

But that was at the end of this "happy commune" of his in Oregon, USA. Before that, he sang this "enlightenment" song in 2801 of, or about 60% of his lectures, zombifying you all with the idea that this "enlightenment" carrot is the only thing there is in reality, and, unless you are "enlightened", your life isn't worth a dead mosquito fart.

So, "naturally", you become an obedient slave especially in the context of them forever zombifying you with the ideas of "total surrender" and "total trust". The same totalitarian ideology of control and domination.

This crap is so thick that I do not feel like getting any deeper into it. Can you figure it out on your own?

Just one thing: "Buddha knows that whosoever comes around him will become a slave"? What? Why is that? Buddha and SLAVES? Jesus, have mercy on me!

How did Chandra Mohan know what Buddha knew and what authority did he have to make the proclamations on behalf of Buddha?

Why should one become a slave? Is the whole trip so sick and all these masters are such megalomaniacs and dictators that everyone that comes in touch with them MUST become a slave? What is this? Did Jesus tell you that you have to become a slave in order to achieve "the kingdom of God"? Where did Krishnamurti say it? Where did Socrates say it?

Interestingly enough, that is exactly how Chandra Mohan behaved with others, be it even reporters from the major media outlets. About the only thing he projected is his "mastership" and your inherent "slavery" once you decide to deal with him for whatever reason. There simply was no other way, even though he forever posed as someone divinely humble, which was a lie. He was not a humble man by ANY means and the evidence of it is quite obvious in his statement: "but if you bug me I can be terrible". Is THAT humble? What is humbleness then? That is ALL the evidence needed to prove this point. Sufficient enough.

He talked about domination in 1137 of his lectures. It was one of the major subjects of his "teachings". Why would a humble man be so concerned with domination? Do you know?

Even when he smiled, most of the time it was a smile AT someone, not WITH someone. It was mostly the smiles of arrogance, like "look at these idiots and their stupid questions". Yes, indeed, it looked like some divine smile of some "master", who is so at peace, that you can not imagine. But you need to look at it deeper than the skin level.

There is so much of this crap about domination in his lectures that it seems he was quite obsessed with the very idea. You can do it on your own. Here:


Actually, one of the most appropriate ways to call his "teachings" could as well be "The Art of Domination". On your knees, mortals!

Yes, indeed, Chandra Mohan was obsessed with domination and EVERYTHING around him was done in such a way as to show you that you are nothing but a slave, and I mean EVERYWHERE you look. This shivering slave-like submissiveness and adoration of his god-like image was present everywhere you look. So, eventually, most people simply had to accept it as something "natural", which is what he is preaching in this "inherent need for slavery" lecture.

And people did not even realise what has been done to them. They were simply trembling in this "godly fear" of being around the "greatest master ever", to the point of numbness and even dumbness. And that was the part of the game of total control and total domination. No wonder Chandra Mohan tried to justify it with these ugliest concoctions about the inherent need to be a slave when you are around such "great masters".

And it is true, I am aware of just a few people who did not feel like and did not behave like slaves around him. Vast majority of others indeed behaved like slaves. But what to do? That is the condition he implicitly placed on their relationship - either you are my slave or I am not interested in you as you are not a "genuine seeker". What a grace! But is this some kind of inherent requirement in order to know the Truth? Where does it say so?

As far as I can see, learning happens when your energy is allowed its expression and your mind and intuition are allowed a free flight into any direction imaginable. That is what acceptance is to me, the acceptance of your very being, of your own intelligence, the REAL trust, trust towards the greater Good in Life, which is the very nature of Life as such. Life is not a torture school of "slaves" and "masters". Most of those "masters" are the same slaves as any of you if you look at it deeper than the skin level.

Let us look at this Rasputin crap.

... This was the case with Rasputin, who dominated Russia, before Lenin, just through his eyes. He was an ordinary peasant, uneducated, but with very magnetic eyes, and he came to know how to use this. The moment he would look at you, you would forget yourself, and in that moment he could send any suggestion to you telepathically and you would follow it. That is how he dominated the Czar and the Czarina, the royal family, and through them, the whole Russia. Nothing could be done without his will.

The third eye and psychic eye power from: Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1

Yes, indeed, he was known as one of the most controversial figures in Russia, just like Chandra Mohan elsewhere. He was also a megalomaniac, just like Chandra Mohan.

Now, Rasputin DOMINATED nothing less than Russia? That is not what the closest people to the Tsar say. One of the noblest of them, Great Count Stolypin, who was regularly "hanging out in the palace", stated specifically that in five years he only saw Rasputin in the palace only a couple times. He stated specifically that Tsar did not like Rasputin at all and would never even pay attention to any of his advices, "prophecies" and all sorts blabber of a possessed. Stolypin himself was not influenced by the hypnotism of Rasputin. It simply did not work on him.

Recently, in 1973, they wrote:

"Some claim that Rasputin controlled Tsar and Tsarina. But this is only a half-truth. Truth is that pretty often Simanovitch influenced the Tsar, and Simanovitch in turn was controlled by the biggest Jewish dealers-wheelers Ginsburg, Varshavsky, Sliosberg, Brodsky, Shalit, Gurevitch, Mendel, Polyakov. In this Zionist circle were brewing the affairs affecting the destiny of the Russian empire". Know this!

"... Before the war [WWI], Simanovitch was called in by the financial oligarchy of Kahal (Zionist rulers).

"[Simonovitch was asked about Rasputin by the Kahal] What does he think about the Jewish Question?

"- He does not understand this question but he likes very much that we are always with money. This he respects in people!".

[Just like Chandra Mohan]

("The Evil Force", from "Red Cabala" by Gregory Klimov)

Tsar was a deeply religious man, a Christian, and Rasputin was a satanist on the payroll of no one less than Rothschilds. He was their puppet through the hands of Simanovitch. And the reason for some of his "prophecies" was that he was aware of the "Plan" of Rothschilds as to the war being fomented by Rothschilds [WWI], destruction of monarchy and takeover of Russia by ZioNazi Satanists. Those were not prophecies. They were the insider's knowledge. All sorts of ideas and instructions were drilled into his head as to what was he to do in order to influence the Tsar and Tsarina for the purpose of destruction of the Russian empire as fast as possible. Because that was the agenda of Rothschilds and for hundreds of years.

Tsar was surrounded by the enemies everywhere. His own government was bought by the Rothschilds, gun, stock and barrel. Nearly all of them were corrupted with money and greed for shiny objects, promises of "powerful" positions in government and advancements in their "careers" if they do what they are told. There were only a handful of real Russian patriots in his surroundings whose souls were not corrupted. Traitors where everywhere. Constant provocations, assassinations and terrorist acts were being fueled everywhere.

Russian monarchy and Russian soul were and are, to this day, a goal number one for Rothschilds and their likes and their satanist puppets. If and when Russia falls completely, they and their agents will rule the world. Because Russia is the last bastion of Good. Even America is nothing more than one of their colonies, as rich and powerful as it looks on paper.

I'd like to see this "great seer" Chandra Mohan in his place. Would be interesting to hear what HE sings in such a situation.

Just look at what happened on the ranch in Oregon, USA. EXACTLY the same thing as it happened in Russia. Chandra Mohan was betrayed by his closest "elite". Millions of dollars were transferred into private numbered Swiss accounts and I am aware of such accounts. They simply sold Chandra Mohan for 30 silver coins.

There is one name I have not mentioned so far in this book, Sally-Anne Croft - sannyas name Ma Prem Savita. She was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) on the ranch in Oregon. All the big money went through her hands. She was the one who kept records and was aware of various accounts and transactions. Because she was the one who really understood how it all works besides one man, Jay - Sheela's fake husband, who was formerly a Swiss banker himself. She knew about the Swiss bank accounts and associated activity. If she ever squeaks and tells the truth, this could be a bomb. Except I doubt she ever will. I am not even sure she is still alive, and I would not be surprised she died "under mysterious circumstances". There was tons of money being shuffled around in that operation. I would not be surprised if she won't say a word about the "real deal" behind the scenes. I have not seen a single statement by her on all these activities, Swiss bank accounts and plenty of other equally as exciting things about this "happy commune" in Oregon.

Who is Sheela? Well, her real name is Sheela Silverman, a waitress from Jew York, as some people in the know call New York. Just like Rasputin. A slightly different flavor. Also with a "powerful" personality and a look of evil in her eyes. Everyone was afraid of Sheela, just like many were afraid of Rasputin. The same exact thing. Some simply pissed into their pants just hearing that "Sheela is coming". It was pure grade paranoia. Everyone would start running like cockroaches as soon as they heard it.

WHO were those that took over the operations of the "commune" and all the corporations, foundations and you name it of Chandra Mohan's empire once Sheela has split with "her gang" as Chandra Mohan called them - his own "elite"? Well, they were called the "Hollywood Gang", most of whom where of what nationality? Guess! Well, the same nationality as Rasputin's puppeteer Simanovich with pockets lined with Rothschild's money.

When they took over, I stopped coming to Jesus Grove, and when I had to go there a couple of times I had a feeling I am in Knesset and the fate of the world is being decided there. It was such a disgusting feeling that I never stepped a foot in that place ever since. You could not pay me enough to do it. It was an atmosphere like in a Tsar's palace in Russia after the revolution. All I wanted is to get out of that "concentration camp" as soon as I can. Except I did not even have money even for a ticket. That was a trip indeed.

And, for some strange reason, I do not recall seeing anything written about it ever since. And there were dozens of people that knew the kind of things that would blow your minds to pieces.

"Nothing could be done without his [Rasputin's] will"? Sorry, I have never heard anything as sick as this. Yes, indeed, Rasputin was known as being influential, particularly on Tsarina. At the beginning of the 20th century, all this occult crap was all over the world. It was basically a global occult madness, secret societies and "secret doctrines". Helena Blavatsky and her Theosophic Society, Aleister Crowley satanist, Gurdjieff and you name it. That was the fashion of the day. These "Prophets", witches, fortune tellers, Cabalists of all shades were everywhere. It was a big business.

Yes, Rasputin was indeed a powerful hypnotist, just as Chandra Mohan, and he has spent many years studying the tricks of the trade starting with Siberian Shamans.

But who was Rasputin, but a filthy serf from some hole in Siberia, to no one less than the Russian Tsar, who specifically disliked him, a beast, and a filthy one at that, no matter what kind of "magnetic eyes" he had, just like any conman?

His "magnetic eyes" would shine like Chandra Mohan's diamonds as soon as he would see the money in large denominations flashed before his eyes by his ZioNazi puppeteers controlling him via purse full of money. To buy such a filthy crook was about the easiest thing in the world.

Just look at the Chandra Mohan's eyes of a python, who behaved like a saint, especially after taking the 16 pills of the most potent tranquilizer, Valium, a day as I was personally informed by the people with the innermost access.

"Valium means a tranquillity trip." And THAT is why Chandra Mohan looked like a saint on his lectures. He could hardly move his tongue with such monster dozes of most potent tranquilizer. And no wonder one side of his mouth did not know what the other was saying. He was basically puking non stop and inventing the most bizarre ideas being drugged out of his head. Take some LSD or some other drug and see what happens to your mind. You can just go to Haight street in San Francisco where hippies hang out and you will see the entire streets full of these "saints" and "spiritual masters" of all kinds. I even talked to some of them. Sure, they are not quite on par with Chandra Mohan, because they did not read as much crap of all kinds as him, but you do get the idea about the trip.

Let me ask you a question: why does "the greatest master ever" need the tranquilizers in the monster dozes and those Nitrogen Oxide trips causing changes in his consciousness if he is in an internal state of "balance with nature"? According to him, he should be in "paradise". What is the need for all these drugs? What is the difference between him and any other drug addict then?

All the Satanist propaganda written in the books per order of Rothschild about the Tsar's "weaknesses" and Rasputin was nothing more than disinformation to discredit the Tsar and make him look like someone so utterly without will that he could be dominated even by some serf. And the "greatest master ever" has just used all those lies and then fed this crap, this most poisonous virus to all the clueless. And for what?

The Masonic organizations in Russia were working on Rasputin as one of the major puppets in their scheme. Because he DID have a personal access to Tsarina, through whom they hoped to control the Tsar, Nicholas II.

Rasputin was one of the pawns in unending plan of Rothschilds to totally destroy the Russian monarchy. Because one of Romanov's, Tsar Alexander I, prevented Rothschilds from taking over the world as far back as 100 years before the "Russian revolution", which was in fact a Rothschild's aggression and a military intervention, that spilled rivers of blood. It was not a revolution. It was a global war waged by Rothschilds against the sacred land - Russia.

If not the Russian Tsars, and Alexander specifically, you would all be living in the NWO even a hundred years ago. That fact alone made Rothschilds simply mad. Russian revolution was their ultimate revenge, and not only against the Christian Russia, but the entire world. Once they toppled the Russian empire, it was just a matter of time for this NWO to come to full force and fruition, just as it is today.

Even to this day, Russia is considered to be the worst enemy of these satanists, just as the Jewish "messiah", Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson states:

Chabad 108

Slavs, and among them Russians is the most unruly people in the world.

They are defiant because of the composition of their mental and psychic abilities inherent in many generations of ancestral genes that are not subject to reconstruction.

Slavs or Russians can be eradicated, but not conquered.

That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, first of all, a sharp reduction in their numbers.

-- Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

And this is precisely why the Rothschilds made it a goal of their life to destroy the Russian empire and totally erase a genetic pool of the Russian monarchy of Romanovs.

Because "Slavs or Russians can be eradicated, but not conquered".

And THIS is the kind of puppeteers who really stood behind that Rasputin puppet with his "magnetic eyes", who pissed in his pants when he saw their money and shiny objects, just like Chandra Mohan, hypnotized by the million dollar Swiss made diamond watches and his fleet of Rolls Royces. And, as far as I can see, that was about the only joy in his life besides the mass hypnosis sessions, filled with lies and concoctions of the most unimaginable kind during his lectures.

The evidence of it is all on record.

And, finally, what does RASPUTIN have to do with inherent need for slavery as far as "master"-disciple relationship goes? How can you use the occultists and satanists to justify such a "need" of slavery? Chandra Mohan could as well use such names as Adolph Hitler of Joseph Stalin. At least some heard about those.

How corrupt and dishonest one has to be to use Rasputin as some kind of evidence? If this is not a perversion then what is? Was Rasputin some kind of "enlightened" "master"?

And THIS is the kind of crap "the greatest enlightened master ever" fed you? Not only that, but vast majority of you simply licked it off his fingers, and took it as some kind of "ultimate truth", not to be questioned until the hell freezes over, but to be swallowed as is?

What follows then? Do you realize what can be done to you via your own mind? Guess!

ZioNazi Message

On Feb. 15, 2011 a message, signed by Vivarto, which is a sannyas name, has been received via email, which is significant. The arrogance and dictatorial tone of it simply boggles ones mind:

"I appreciate you putting Osho's books on line.
At the same time you are listing the Protocols on the same site."

"I think it is such a insult to Osho to put him on the same site with this antisemitic forgery. If you absolutely must propagate antisemitic materials, perhaps you could create a separate site for them."

"Why create connection between this smut and Osho?

This message deserves a simple response: why don't you jump from the Golden Gate bridge? Why suffer unnecessarily? But there is more to this message, much more.

First of all, I am grateful he wrote this email. Because it triggered something, that caused a large part of what you see in this book. If not him, who knows, you might not have a chance to see this book.

Now, this message of hate, intolerance, arrogance, lies, fabrications, perversion, deceit and its dictatorial tone needs to be responded to in kind. You can hardly imagine anything more dense than this pile of lowest grade crap. And ALL of it is lies. Every word of it. Blatant and utterly groundless. There isn't even a SHRED of evidence of ANY of it.

These perverts, perverting the very essence of it with these "anti-Semitism" concoctions, do not seem to understand that the REAL anti-Semites are themselves. Because it is them who create that hate towards Semites, just as "Jews" pretend to be, which is not even true. It is THEM who keep pumping up that animosity and who have vested interest in keeping it alive. Because of their cunning and perverted minds, zombified by the "scriptures" preaching hate, intolerance and "superiority" of "god chosen people", which is the very foundation of ZioNazism, fascism and Nazism as such.

It is them who feed on hate and evil they themselves create instead of simply showing their own point of view and presenting their own position on things. No, it simply MUST be hate and evil-creating in nature. And then they howl about the "prosecution" and "injustice". "And they howl and fight, fight and howl... With the WORLD!" as Gregory Klimov states.

And then they push through the "laws" to disable all those that oppose that evil with the help of their most influential lobby and pervert it all to look like "fight for justice, freedom and democracy" with the help of media, owned and controlled by them. And these are all facts. Undeniable facts.

What does one expect as a result of these kinds of messages of theirs, poking their dirty noses into affairs of others and dictating to them how to live their lives and what to do?

Well, this is how this "anti-Semitism" is born, which, by the way, is a myth invented by themselves as their own "leaders" bluntly state it on record. And so where do those "leaders" lead their own people but to an abyss, just as stated by Jesus?

They think of themselves as those who are to dictate to all others, to dominate them, and tell all those "animals in human form", or even worse, feces as they classify all non-"Jews".

What can be more anti-Semitic than that?

But the very "anti-Semitism" is a trick to disable all those who stand against the satanist evil done by the ZioNazis and rivers of blood spilled in all the wars and revolutions fomented and financed by the members of satanic cult of evil most profound.

"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer
... - and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive."

Our god is Lucifer

So, let us take a hard look at what his disgraceful message is.

First of all, SMUT?


To call some of the most outstanding research and by some of the most respected authors, researchers and some of the most honest people you can find, "smut", what kind of a despicable animal one has to be?

And I tell you, just looking at his language and its dictatorial tone, this Vivarto, compared to any one of them, is nothing but a "smut" himself, and a dirty one at that, just to put things into proper perspective.

What kind of filthiest lies and fabrications are these? What kind of a disgusting degenerate mind one needs to have to even conceive such a thing?

And his dictatorial tone is a pretty good indication that he is some kind of a "therapist", as fake as any of them, having some vested interest in all this, or, in other words, a parasite sucking blood of all sorts of fools via his "therapy" sessions and "groups" he conducts using Chandra Mohan as some kind of commodity.

The answer was:

I appreciate your appreciation.
It is very important to me in the scheme of things.

> At the same time you are listing the Protocols on the same site.
> I think it is such a insult to Osho to put him on the same site with this antisemitic forgery.

What are your sources?
Are they as good as these?

Why don't you study those and give me your second take.

> If you absolutely must propagate antisemitic materials, perhaps you could create a separate site for them.

>Why create connection between this smut and Osho?

That covard, Vivarto, had no guts to answer it.

Here is a few more references that are even more to the point:

The following book will bring you back to your senses really fast. It is such a profound hate towards the non-"Jews" that all this "anti-Semitism" garbage simply pales in comparison.

"The evilest document in the entire human history. Hate towards the human kind. Jews - "supreme beings". - Goyim [non-Jews] are equal to animals and feces. - The "right" to rule the world. - The enemies of Judeans will be destroyed.

100 laws of Shulchan Aruch - the foundation of ZioNazism and fascism

And if you wish to understand their mind set, this book is quite reveling. It is a tape recorded interview with one of them, ZioNazis.

The Hidden Tyranny - Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview

"Controversy of Zion" by Douglas Reed

"Red Symphony" by Dr. J. Landowsky

Some quotes about this "anti-Semitism" abracadabra

First of all, the proper definition of anti-"Semitism" is:

All those who stand against the ZioNazi evil.

So, let us see a few quotes about this "anti-Semitism" abracadabra, which is exactly what it is in essence, and there are tons more:

Anti-Semitism 002

Jewish Auschwitz Survivor Gives True Definition of Anti-Semitism:

"Formerly an anti-Semite was someone who hated Jews...
nowadays an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by Jews."

-- Dr. Hajo Meyer.

Zionism 023

"This race has always been the object of hatred by all the nations among whom they settled ...

Common causes of anti-Semitism has always lurked in Israelis themselves, and not those who opposed them."

-- Bernard Lazare, one of the most prominent Zionist authorities, France 19 century

Leaders Ginsberg 003

"Judaism could never be satisfied with the ideals that satisfy the home, domesticated beasts" (non-Jews) ...

-- Asher Ginsberg (Ahad Ha'am), the "father" of "Eastern" Zionism

See Secret Leader of Zionism:

Nice, eh? And what do you call THAT royal kind of crap? Anti-Gentilism? Ever heard of such a term?

Leaders Ginsberg 005

"Good" is applicable to a superman or super-nation, which has the power to distribute and extend its life, and who has the will to become a master of the universe, ignoring the fact that it could cost the masses of the lower creatures, and the lower people, nor with disasters they can therefore be subjected to.

For only one superman and only one super-nation is a color and purpose of human kind, the rest were created only to serve that purpose, to serve as a ladder by which one could climb to the top of the treasured "...

-- Asher Ginsberg, "Revaluation of Values."

Pay attention to this "superman" or "super-nation", which is exactly the main idea behind the NWO concept, and which is exactly what Chandra Mohan preached with his "borderless world" and his "new man". The same exact thing. What is "new man", but the same thing as a "superman" - someone "superior" to others with his "super-consciousness"?

Interestingly enough, a "superman", as preached by Chandra Mohan in the context of Nietzsche, is someone "innocent", just like a child, which is nothing but a lie. He praised Nietzsche as some kind of "great mystic" while it is well known that he was one of the main designers of fascism and Nazi ideology. It is Nietzsche where Chandra Mohan got his idea of a "new man" as far as I can see. Because this is simply a derivative of a "superman" of Nietzsche.

"The anti-Semites do not forgive the Jews for possessing "spirit" - and money. Anti-Semites - another name for the "underprivileged".

from F. Nietzsche's - Will to Power (trans. W. Kaufmann), s. 864

In a quick note to his friend Overbeck, right before Nietzsche's insanity:

"Just now I am having all anti-Semites shot."

Do mystics create such profound evil as fascism? How could this be?

Zionism 005

"The most important and pregnant tenet of modern Jewish belief is that the Ger {goy - goyim, [non Jew]}, or stranger, in fact all those who do not belong to their religion, are brute beasts, having no more rights than the fauna of the field."

(Sir Richard Burton, The Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam, p. 73)

Nice, eh?

Leaders Herzl 006

"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews... become worse... this will assist in realization of our plans...

I have an excellent idea... I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth...

The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends."

-- Theodor Herzl, the "father" of "Western Zionism


"Once we perceive that it is Judaism which is the root cause of antisemitism, otherwise irrational or inexplicable aspects of antisemitism become rationally explicable... Only something representing a threat to the core values, allegiances and beliefs of others could cause such universal, deep and lasting hatred.

This Judaism has done..."

(Why the Jews: by Denis Prager and Joseph Telushkin, 1985)

1001 Quotes By and About Jews

During the 19th Century (as Dr. Kastein, again, records) the term "antisemitism" was born. As "persecution" could no longer be said to exist, some new word had to be found, capable of intimidating Gentiles and terrifying Jews, the second purpose being more important than the first, and "antisemitism" was invented.

"Abracadabra" might have served as well, for the term "antisemitism" is patently absurd in relation to people who are demonstrably not Semites and whose Law commands the extirpation of Semites (the Arab peoples of Palestine; any expression of sympathy with the Semitic Arabs, expelled from their native land by the Zionist intruders in 1948, in time came to be attacked as "antisemitism").

Presumably the authors of this term desired to keep such words as Jew, Jewish and anti-Jewish out of the public controversy and counted on intimidating the mass-mind by the introduction of an obscurantist word.

What the dominant sect meant by "antisemitism" was in fact a combination of lese majesty (offences against the dignity of the sovereign power) and heresy (opposition to the paramount religious doctrine); and by the middle of the present century the mass-mind had to a great extent submitted to this idea; that numerous breed which in earlier times would have doffed its cap at the approach of the squire's bailiff or have crossed itself when the priestly eye turned its way held its tongue and looked respectful when any Jewish affair was mentioned.

The word "antisemitism" was coined at the time when "men of Jewish race", as Disraeli and Bakunin pointed out, took over the direction of the world-revolution, and the main object of its invention was by intimidation to deter public discussion of that remarkable development; the events of the present century have abundantly proved that, as this book will show.

The Controversy of Zion by by DOUGLAS REED

Anti-Semitism 003

"The epithet "anti-Semitism" is hurled to silence anyone, even other Jews, brave enough to decry Israel's systematic, decades-long pogrom against the Palestinian Arabs.

Because of the Holocaust, "anti-Semitism" is such a powerful instrument of emotional blackmail that it effectively pre-empts rational discussion of Israel and its conduct.

It is for this reason that many good people can witness daily evidence of Israeli inhumanity toward the "Palestinians' collective punishment," destruction of olive groves, routine harassment, judicial prejudice, denial of medical services, assassinations, torture, apartheid-based segregation, etc. -- yet not denounce it for fear of being branded "anti-Semitic."

To be free to acknowledge Zionism's racist nature, therefore, one must debunk the calumny of "anti-Semitism."

Once this is done, not only will the criminality of Israel be undeniable, but Israel, itself, will be shown to be the embodiment of the very anti-Semitism it purports to condemn."

-- Greg Felton, Israel: A monument to anti-Semitism

Zionism 012

"As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism, and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come....

And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep.

Let them graze in our fields till they become fat enough to be worthy of being immolated to our future King of the World...

One of the many triumphs of our Freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our Universal King of the Jews; and should never know that we are commanding them to forge the chains of their own servility to our future King of the World...

We have induced some of our children to join the Christian Body, with the explicit intimation that they should work in a still more efficient way for the disintegration of the Christian Church, by creating scandals within her. We have thus followed the advice of our Prince of the Jews [Lucifer], who so wisely said: 'Let some of your children become cannons, so that they may destroy the Church.'

Unfortunately, not all among the 'convert' Jews have proved faithful to their mission. Many of them have even betrayed us! But, on the other hand, others have kept their promise and honored their word. Thus the counsel of our Elders has proved successful.

We are the Fathers of all Revolutions, even of those which sometimes happen to turn against us. We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War.

We can boast of being the Creators of the Reformation! Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descentm and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation.

Martin Luther yielded to the influence of his Jewish friends unknowingly, and again, by Jewish authority, and with Jewish finance, his plot against the Catholic Church met with success. But unfortunately he discovered the deception, and became a threat to us, so we disposed of him as we have so many others who dare to oppose us...

Many countries, including the United States have already fallen for our scheming. But the Christian Church is still alive... We must destroy it without the least delay and without the slightest mercy.

Most of the Press in the world is under our Control; let us therefore encourage in a still more violent way the hatred of the world against the Christian Church. Let us intensify our activities in poisoning the morality of the Gentiles.

Let us spread the spirit of revolution in the minds of the people. They must be made to despise Patriotism and the love of their family, to consider their faith as a humbug, their obedience to their Christ as a degrading servility, so that they become deaf to the appeal of the Church and blind to her warnings against us.

Let us, above all, make it impossible for Christians to be reunited, or for non-Christians to join the Church; otherwise the greatest obstruction to our domination will be strengthened and all our work undone. Our plot will be unveiled, the Gentiles will turn against us, in the spirit of revenge, and our domination over them will never be realized.

Let us remember that as long as there still remain active enemies of the Christian Church [such as Chandra Mohan], we may hope to become Master of the World... And let us remember always that the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before Christianity is overthrown..."

(From a series of speeches at the B'nai B'rith Convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in the London Catholic Gazette, February, 1936; Paris Le Reveil du Peuple published similar account a little later).

Enough? Or you want more? There is enough of this "anti-Semitism" deception and a decoy to fill a thick book.

Now... First of all, it is not very nice to say the the kinds of things this Vivarto said, isn't it?

Why are you trying to get into my face with your sick ZioNazi fabrications, dictates, deception, concoctions and lies? What do you expect to achieve at the end? Me becoming a zombie like yourself? What is the basis for you to make these kinds of arrogant proclamations of insulting and simply disgusting grade? Do you have ANY evidence to support your claims?

Because these issues are some of the most critical issues there are. It is not just some meaningless blabber by the fools of all kinds. These are the most fundamental issues the world is facing this very moment, down to the last dot and comma.

First of all, the very tone and underlying assumptions and fabrications is simply offensive to the point being repelling.

Who is this Vivarto to dictate anything to anyone? Anybody knows?

Secondly, instead of telling others how to organize THEIR site, why not spend some of your own life making the site you think better represents whatever you want to represent?

This individual must be obsessed with domination and manipulation, twisting facts and concocting all sorts guilt manipulating concoctions, lies and fabrications, sucked out of his own finger. Is he one of the "god chosen people"? Well, you can bet your rear end he is. Because this is EXACTLY the language and ideology of hate and destruction, drilled into their heads of "god chosen people". And what he did with his dictatorial message is simply an INEVITABLE outcome of it. Because they are not creative. ALL they know is destruction and parasitism. Venu Paswan classifies it as Alpha-2 Protein Disorder, which, among other things, results in 6 times higher rate of schizophrenia among them as evidenced by statistics by the leading experts in psychiatry.

His irritable, intolerant and utterly prejudiced mind of a dictator must have some idealistic vision of "pure Osho", and things MUST be done HIS way and using HIS reasoning as to what has to be done and why.

I bet he is obsessed with sex. Thus this disgusting "smut" terminology. Because otherwise he is utterly empty, like a bucket, dragging through life and making much stink and noise on his way.

He is probably simply threatened as his "therapy" business becomes endangered as a result of the information on that site, and, unless one is a complete idiot, he is bound to start rethinking the whole thing. Pretty much inevitable. And that endangers his zombification enterprises. Simple as that. Otherwise, why foam at the mouth so much about something that has nothing to do with you? Too much "love" for "Osho" myth? Poor you.

So, fine, DO your own thing and create your own site. Instead of running your mealy mouth talking about things you have no competence in. Who prevents you from doing your own thing, and why should others think like you? Ever thought about the roots of this problem?

Who ARE you to dictate to the world just about anything? What are your credentials? What kind of "authority" do you represent? You see, to me, the very fact you did not respond to a request to provide your full sannyas name and cite your sources with evidence to substantiate your claim, you are simply a coward and a dishonest person, obsessed with power and domination and his intolerant mind simply can not tolerate that which lays outside of its programming.

And that is the very least of it. But the way you look is not just some plain idiot. You look and talk just like a ZioNazi peddler, and guilt manipulator, just as intolerant as all of them are.

What EVIDENCE can you provide to substantiate your claims and fabrications manipulating the most disgusting prejudices, used as a weapon to destroy those views and opinions that do not fit your agenda?

Like these for example:

Rabbis 013

"Long have I been well acquainted with the contents of the Protocols, indeed for many years before they were ever published in the Christian press.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were in point of fact not the original Protocols at all, but a compressed extract of the same.

Of the 70 Elders of Zion, in the matter of origin and of the existence of the original Protocols, there are only ten men in the entire world who know.

I participated with Dr. Herzl in the first Zionist Congress which was held in Basle in 1897. Herzl was the most prominent figure at the Jewish World Congress. Herzl foresaw, twenty years before we experienced them, the revolution which brought the Great War, and he prepared us for that which was to happen. He foresaw the splitting up of Turkey, that England would obtain control of Palestine. We may expect important developments in the world."

(Dr. Ehrenpreis, Chief Rabbi of Sweden, 1924)

Did you pay attention to "for many years before they were ever published in the Christian press", which totally breaks the "official" version that these protocols were a fabrication by Russian Secret Police in 1905, peddled everywhere as some kind of evidence?

And who makes that statement? Well, a rabbi, and not only a plain rabbi but Chief rabbi. And, according to the Talmudic beliefs a rabbi sits higher than God and can even defeat no one less than God with his arguments.

Protocols 001

Philip Stepanov states he received the M. S. of the Protocols in 1895 from Major Sukhotin

Assassinations of key witnesses about Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion

Note: see full quote in the Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion section.

The former circulated it privately in 1897; the second Professor Sergius Nilus, published it in 1901.

This information is mostly drawn from L. Fry's work: "Waters Flowing Eastward." It is corroborated by a statement made by Philip Stepanov, Chamberlain, Privy Councillor and former Procurator of the Holy Synod at Moscow; it is witnessed by Prince DIMITRI GALITZlN.

This evidential document, delivered on April 1 7th 1927, has been photographically reproduced, and the writer of these pages owns a copy of it.

Stepanov states he received the M. S. of the Protocols in 1895 from Major Sukhotin. He had them printed privately and gave a copy to A. T. KELEPOVSKY, chief of Grand Duke Sergius' household.

After reading them, the Grand Duke sighed and murmured; "TOO LATE!" He was assassinated shortly afterward.

[This evidence clearly disproves the charge that the Protocols were created by the Russian Secret Police in 1905. Furthermore, that charge has never been proven.]

Philip Stepanov states he received the M. S. of the Protocols in 1895

Do you understand the question? I mean EVIDENCE and not just some concoctions and fabrications. You seem to be making a claim that YOU know "the answer" as to the Protocols or any information on that site. So, where IS it? Can I see it so I can grind it all down to dust?

As far as I know, and I studied some of the most authoritative research on the Protocols, there exists not a SHRED of evidence of them being some kind of forgery. Not a SHRED!

And as long as you do not cite any specific evidence, beyond comparing a couple of paragraphs of text with some existing work, which proves nothing, just the other way around, it proves that the conspiracy described in the Protocol is something that did not just appear out of the blue, but something that existed for ages, then what do you think you deserve to be called but a liar and a fabricator of totally unsubstantiated crap, and of the lowest grade?

Should anyone take your word as a word of God, all knowing?

In fact, there exist some circumstantial but compelling evidence linking the text cited by the "opposition" to the people of their own clan. Do your own research and it might turn out to be pretty shocking. Who knows?

The evidence of authenticity of the "Protocols" is much more voluminous, much more compelling, much better organized, supported with much better reasoning, even though, true, no direct evidence exists as to authenticity, except there is a little but...

The very fact that every single thing of significance has happened exactly as outlined in the Protocols and to this very day is an evidence in itself. Not direct, true, but, evidence nevertheless.

There are some testimonies by the people who state they have seen these protocols in the original version, written in Hebrew, WELL before they finally "officially" surfaced, which breaks the "official" version to pieces.

Furthermore, there are several testimonies of Great Cunts, Imperial Advisers, army generals and others that state they have seen these protocols with their own eyes as early as 1895, which is 10 YEARS before the "official version" appeared.

And WHO could be trusted more? This buffoon Vivarto, a totally clueless zombie and a pseudo-religious fanatic, as intolerant as any of them, and who does not have the SLIGHTEST clue as to the whole information base that exists on this subject, and, being an arrogant fool he is, resorts to dictates and some blatant ZioNazi propaganda and disinformation, based on fiction?

The bottom line is: by now, the authenticity of the "Protocols" has been established so well, that even if you throw billions at it, you won't be able to dispute it. The very fact that ZioNazis foam at their mouth and their blood boils as soon as they hear the word: "Protocols" is enough evidence in itself. Otherwise, why foam at the mouth at some known "forgery"? Who CARES?!? Well, apparently some do... WHY? ANY clue, anyone?

The version shown to Nilus, who published it, is a French translation. The original version is in Hebrew. It is a well recorded fact that Asher Ginsberg, the founder of "Eastern" Zionism, known by his Hebrew name Ahad Ha'am, was residing at that time in Odessa, Ukraine and that is exactly the place where protocols were first exposed in their original version in Hebrew according to a version presented in a book about Ascher Ginsberg, called "the Secret Leader of Zionism".

He was an advanced scholar of Talmudism and spoke Hebrew fluently. His extremism is well documented. Theodor Herzl, another "godfather" of so called "Western" Zionism representing the Jews living in the Western well off countries even accused Asher Ginsberg of being ANTI-Zionist, destroying the very essence of Jewish movement. But he was defeated by Ginsberg and lost his title of a "leader of Zionism" eventually. Secondly, Herzl simply did not know Hebrew. He could not possibly be the author.

There are testimonies of participants in the First Zionist Congress held in 1897 that state that Theodor Herzl have read the Protocols aloud during the breaks between the sessions and everyone around was highly impressed with it.

Interesting fact about Theodor Herzl is that he died "unexpectedly" for some "unknown causes". Sure, he was becoming a pain on the neck in the extremist ZioNazi agenda, peddled by Ginsberg, and that is what they do even to their own people if those become a problem, especially being as prominent as he was. Up to that congress, he was considered to be a man number one in Zionist movement.

And the REAL shocker is that Asher Ginsberg had family ties to no one less than "Moshiah" (Jewish Messiah) himself, Lubavitcher Rebbe, or "Great Rebbe", rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the head of Chabad Lubavitch sect, one of the most vicious ZioNazis in the entire history, preaching the ideas of world domination, racial superiority of "god's chosen people", and claiming that non-Jews are not even made out of the same substance as Jews.

And here is a "wakeup call" for all of you:

100 laws of Shulchan Aruch - the foundation of ZioNazism and fascism

"The evilest document in the entire human history."

Hate towards the human kind. Jews - "supreme beings". Goyim are equal to animals and feces. The "right" to rule the world. The enemies of Judeans will be destroyed.

Let us see a quote about Ginsberg.

Pay attention to the very first sentence below.

When he was seventeen years old he [Ginsberg] married a granddaughter of Menachem Mendel, the famous rabbi of Lubavitch. [AKA Menachem Mendel Schneerson known as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, or Moshiah (Jewish Messiah)]

[Do ANY of you even BEGIN to comprehend the significance of that statement?]

In 1878 he traveled to Odessa, where everything he had seen, has impressed him a lot...

Nothing gave a reason to suppose that the young "initiate", that came close to the highest center of Jewish power, will later on become the head and the Arbiter of this terrible Kagan, under whose decrees, throughout the world, will spread the most terrible disasters, and who will subordinate to his will and his strength, all the guns of action and power available to the Jewish conspiracy.

In 1884 Ginsberg, returned to Russia and then came to Odessa. This city was then the center of "Union Hovevei Zion", which means "Friends of Zion." At the head of the organization, as its chairman, stood Leon Pinsker.

Ginsberg was highly interested in it, and joined the Union. Soon he became the Pinsker's right hand and one of the most active leaders of the movement.

-- Secret Zionist Leader Ahad Ha'am. The authenticity of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

Ginsberg marries a granddaughter of Menachem Mendel Schneerson

There can be no doubt that him and Ginsberg were pretty similar in their radical and racist views, and since Schneerson was not only one of the most trusted authorities, but was even considered to be Jewish "messiah", there can be no doubt that he was the main inspiration to Ginsberg, and undoubtedly transferred some of his ZioNazi and fascist ideas of "Jewish supremacy" and inherently non-human nature of "akum", "goyim", ie non-Jews to Ginsberg, and ALL of it is nothing less than PURE grade fascism.

Combined with the fact that the text of the Protocols is perfectly in line with "the most fascist writing in the entire history", called 100 Laws of Shulchan Aruch, and those, in turn, came out of Talmud, the whole chain of logic and facts align perfectly.

It is pretty much indisputable that the ideas expressed in the protocols are well in line with racist and fascist ideology of Shulchan Aruch and Tanya, the Chabad "bible", or, like Eduard Hodos, one of the most prominent experts in the world on Chabad sect, called it, the ZioNazi "Mein Kampf".

It is hard to conceive that Ginsberg, even being a brilliant Talmudic scholar and a talented writer and orator, was even on the level to formulate such a thing as the "Protocols" with such a detail, precision and confidence of someone, who not only knows how it all works in reality, but even confident enough to make such blunt statements as to "what kind of power WE have in the world, and who controls the wealth", and, therefore, power, political or otherwise.

In order to talk with such a knowledge of money and gold, one must be of Rothschilds' caliber, nothing less. Because Rothschilds', were the ones who literally owned the world, even at the time the protocols showed up. There is no one else in the entire world who could possibly have such authority or confidence to speak about the most minute subtleties of "the power of money and gold" with the exception of Baruchs, Kuhns, Loebs, J.P. Morgan, Warburgs and a couple of others, all from the same ruling "elite" of the biggest bankers ruling the world to this day.

Because Asher Ginsberg himself did not have access to the "big money". At that time he was just a young and talented Talmudist, full of hate against "goyim", peddling the ideology of Zionism, and racial superiority of "god chosen people". But the "great Rebbe" was already in the position to be honored with personal meetings with the heads of state and there could be little doubt he did have some contacts with Rothschilds or Baruch kind of guys, who controlled the biggest banks in the world, and THAT is where "big money" is.

So, Ginsberg having the family ties with "great Rebbe" and learning about the influence, power and wealth from him, would be in the position to formulate some of the key issues in the "Protocols" with such confidence, eloquence and "know how".

And this fact of such a close relation between all these elements is indisputable. And this information is a bomb. Because, all of a sudden the whole thing fits together perfectly, like a hand in glove.

Try to disprove ANY of it.

So, let us substantiate it with some quotes related to Rebbe, one way or another...


Chabad 001

...there are some powerful ironies in Chabad's new messianic universalism, in its mission to the gentiles; and surely the most unpleasant of them concerns Chabad's otherwise undisguised and even racial contempt for the goyim.

...Moreover, this characterization of gentiles as being inherently evil, as being spiritually as well as biologically inferior to Jews, has not in any way been revised in later Chabad writing.

(The New Republic) Ibid.

Lubavitcher Rebbe

The "Great Rebbe" Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson AKA Lubavitcher Rebbe, of Chabad Lubavitch clan, which is probably the most potent force in the modern world, is worshipped by many Jews as "Jewish Messiah" (Moshiah).

"Chabad claims that Rabbi Schneerson never committed a sin in his entire life, and they gathered by the thousands at his gravesite expecting him to rise from the dead. What did Rabbi Schneerson say about Gentiles?

The following quotes are taken from a book of his recorded messages to followers in Israel, titled Gatherings of Conversations and published in Israel in 1965. During the subsequent three decades of his life until his death, Rabbi Schneerson remained consistent; he did not change any of the opinions. What Rabbi Schneerson taught became official, Lubavitch-Hassidic doctrine. Regarding the non-Jew the Lubovitcher Rebbe's views were clear:

Chabad 003

"The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of righteous memory, the seventh leader in the Chabad-Lubavitch dynasty, is considered to have been the most phenomenal Jewish personality of modern times. To hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of sympathizers and admirers around the world, he was -- and still is, despite his passing -- "the Rebbe""

Quoted from:

Chabad 004

The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: "Let us differentiate."

Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level.

Rather, we have a case of "let us differentiate" between totally different species.

This is what needs to be said about the body:

the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world...

...An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.

We therefore ask:

Why should a non-Jew be punished if he kills even a non-Jewish embryo while a Jew should not be punished even if he kills a Jewish embryo? The answer can be understood by [considering] the general difference between Jews and non-Jews:

A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews."

-- [Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky. (1999). Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel. Pluto Press, p.B8-62]

Chabad 005

"The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression:

'Let us differentiate.' Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of 'let us differentiate' between totally different species.

This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world."

The ethnocentrism apparent in such statements was not only the norm in traditional Jewish society. It remains a powerful current of contemporary Jewish fundamentalism, with important implications for Israeli politics. For example, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, describing the difference between Jews and non-Jews:

"We do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of ... a totally different species... The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world [...]

"The difference of the inner quality [of the body] [...] is so great that the bodies would be considered as completely different species.

"This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews] "their bodies are in vain". [...]

"An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.

"A Jew was not created as a means for some other purpose; he himself IS the purpose, since the substance of all divine emanations was created ONLY to serve the Jews."

-- the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, describing the difference between Jews and non-Jews (In Shahak & Mezvinsky 1999, 59-60)

Chabad 006

"In Torah, the people of Israel were called an army only once, in exodus from the Egypt.

At this junction, we exist in the same situation. We are standing at the door steps from exadus to releaf, and, therefore, the people of Israel, every one of us is like a soldier, you, me, the young man sitting in the next room.

The most important thing in the army is discipline. Therefore, what is demanded of us all nowadays is also discipline.

Our supreme obligation is to submit to the orders. Only later on we can ask for explanations. As was said at the Sinai mountain, we will do and then listen.

But first, we will need to do, and only then, those, who need to know, will be given the explanations.

(Remember George W. Bush?

"I'm the commander. I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the President. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."

-- Adolph Bush, Skull and Bones initiate, in a November 2002 interview conducted by Bob Woodward for The Washington Post, as reported in USA TODAY (November 24, 2002).

We are soldiers, and each of us is required to do as he is told in the best way he can. The goal is to ignite the spark.

How? Not via means of propaganda and explanations. There is too little time for that. Today, we should instist and demand and not to ask and try to convince or negotiate, but demand.

Demand as much as it is possible to obtain, and the most difficult part is, everything that is possible to obtain, the more the better.

I do not want to say that it is unnecessary to discuss and explain at times. But today, we are not allowed to waste too much time on debates and explanations.

We live during the times of actions, and we must demand actions, lots of actions."

-- Lubavitcher Rebbe From the book titled "The Man and Century"

[Lubavitch Rebbe is presented as manifestation of messiah. He died in 1994 and recently, the announcement was made that "he is here with us again". That possibly implies that he was cloned using genetics means, just like Dolly.

All the preparations have been made to restore the temple in Israel which, according to various myths, is to be located in the same physical location as the most sacred place for Muslims, which implies destruction of it.]

Chabad 007

"There are three loves: the love of G-d, the love of the Torah, and the love of a fellow Jew. These three loves are united. They are one. It is impossible to distinguish one from the others, as their essense is one. And since the essense of them is the same, then each of them encomparses all three.

"This is our proclamation...

"If you see a man that loves G-d, but does not have love towards Torah or love of his fellow Jew, you have to tell him that his love is not complete.

"If you see a man that only loves his fellow Jew, you need to make all the efforts to make him love Torah and G-d also.

"His love towards his fellow Jew should not only consist of giving bread to the hungry and thirsty. He has to become closer to Torah and G-d.

"When these three loves become one, we will finally attain the salvation, as the last exodus was caused by the abscense of brotherly love.

"The final salvatioin will be attained via love towards your fellow Jew."

-- Lubavitcher Rebbe The coronation speech. From the book titled "The Man and Century"

Here is a slightly different version:

"There are three loves: the love of G-d, the love of the Torah, and the love of a fellow Jew. Of the three, love of one's fellow is the greatest, for if one possesses true love of his fellow, he automatically loves G-d and the Torah. This is not the case of the other two loves."

[Apparently, a "fellow" could only be a "Jew", since all non-Jews are inherently non-human just as their "scriptures" state. Therefore, there is no need to love non-Jews.

Lubavitch Rebbe is presented as moshiah - Jewish "messiah". He died in 1994 and recently, the announcement was made that "he is here with us again". That could imply that he was cloned via means of genetics, just like Dolly.

All the preparations have been made to restore the "Holy Temple" in Israel which, according to various myths, is to be located in the same physical location as one of the three holies of Islam, the Masjid Al Aqsa Mosque, which implies destruction of it.]

Chabad 008

"The most prominent backer of the Lubavitchers on Capitol Hill is Senator Joseph Lieberman (D.Conn.), an Orthodox Jew, and the former candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States. The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), has commended Chabad Lubavitch 'ideals' in a Senate floor statement.

Jewish members of Congress regularly attend seminars conducted by a Washington DC Lubavitcher rabbi.

The Assistant Secretary of Defense, Paul D. Wolfowitz, the Comptroller of the US Department of Defense, Dov Zakheim (an ordained Orthodox rabbi), and Stuart Eizenstat, former Deputy Treasury Secretary, are all Lubavitcher groupies."

Chabad 009

[Originally Posted by Eduard Hodos]

"The feud brought the reality of Jewish power out into the open, which is a big "no-no", of course...

In a March meeting in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin congratulated those present on a significant date: the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, King-Messiah for the ages!

I think no comment is necessary here."

Chabad 010

Eduard Hodos: The Jewish Syndrome
Kharkov, Ukraine, 1999-2002

In this sensational series of books entitled The Jewish Syndrome, author Eduard Hodos, himself a Jew (he's head of the reformed Jewish community in Kharkov, Ukraine), documents his decade-long battle with the "Judeo-Nazis" (in the author's own words) of the fanatical hasidic sect, Chabad-Lubavitch.

According to Hodos, not only has Chabad, whose members believe their recently-deceased rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson is the Messiah, taken over Jewish life throughout the territory of the ex-USSR: it's become the factual "mastermind" of the Putin and Kuchma regimes.

Chabad also aims to gain control of the US by installing their man Joseph Lieberman in the White House.

Hodos sees a Jewish hand in all the major catastrophic events of recent history, from the Chernobyl meltdown to the events of September 11, 2001, using excerpts from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to help explain and illustrate why.

Hodos has also developed a theory of the "Third Khazaria", according to which extremist Jewish elements like Chabad are attempting to turn Russia into something like the Great Khazar Empire which existed on the Lower Volga from the 7th to the 10th Centuries.

Much of this may sound far-fetched, but as you read and the facts begin to accumulate, you begin to see that Hodos makes sense of what's happening in Russia and the world perhaps better than anyone writing today.

Putin is in bed with Chabad-Lubavitch

Chabad 011

Russia's President Vladimir Putin issued a gold medal award to the city's Chief Rabbi and Chabad-Lubavitch representative, Mendel Pewzner. At a public ceremony last week Petersburg's Mayor, Mr. Alexander Dmitreivitz presented Rabbi Pewzner with the award on behalf of President Putin.

Putin reaffirmed his support of Rabbi Berel Lazar, leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Russia, who is one of two claimants to the title of Russia's chief rabbi.

"For Russia to be reborn, every individual and every people must rediscover their strengths and their culture," Mr. Putin said.

"And as everyone can see, in that effort Russia's Jews are second to none."

Since the installation of Rabbi Lazar as the Chief Rabbi of Russia by the Chabad Federation there have been a number of controversies associated with Chabad influence with president Vladimir Putin, and their funding from various Russian oligarchs, including Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich.[2] Lazar is known for his close ties to Putin's Kremlin.

Putin became close to the Chabad movement after a number of non-Chabad Jewish oligarchs and rabbis including Vladimir Gusinsky (the founder of the non-Chabad Russian Jewish Congress), backed other candidates for president.

Lev Leviev, a Chabad oligarch supported Putin, and the close relationship between them led to him supporting the Chabad federation nomination of Lazar as Chief Rabbi of Russia, an appointment that Putin immediately recognized despite it not having been made by the established Jewish organisation.

According to an editorial in the Jerusalem Post the reason why Lazar has not protested Putin's arrests of Jewish oligarchs deportation is that "Russia's own Chief Rabbi, Chabad emissary Berel Lazar, is essentially a Kremlin appointee who has been made to neutralize the more outspoken and politically active leaders of rival Jewish organizations."

Putin Lights Menorah

Chabad 012

President Putin Awards Chabad Rabbi Gold Medal


In celebration of S. Petersburg's 300th birthday, Russia's President Vladimir Putin issued a gold medal award to the city's Chief Rabbi and Chabad-Lubavitch representative, Mendel Pewzner.

At a public ceremony last week Petersburg's Mayor, Mr. Alexander Dmitreivitz presented Rabbi Pewzner with the award on behalf of President Putin.

As he displayed the award to a crowd of hundreds who attended an elaborate ceremony, the Mayor explained that Mr. Putin issued this medal to Petersburg's chief rabbi on this occasion, in recognition of the rabbi's activities for the benefit of Petersburg's Jewish community.

The award presentation and an elegant dinner party that followed, was held in Petersburg's grand synagogue and attended by numerous dignitaries and public officials.


Chabad 013

All 19 Russian parliament members who signed a letter asking the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation to open an investigation against all Jewish organizations throughout the country on suspicion of spreading incitement and provoking ethnic strife, on Tuesday withdrew their support for the letter, sources in Russia said.

The 19 members of the lower house, the State Duma, from the nationalist Rodina (homeland) party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), and the Russian Communist Party, came under attack on Tuesday for signing the letter.

Around 450 Russian academics and public figures also signed the letter.

"It's in the hands of the government to bring a case against them [the deputies] and not allow them to serve in the Duma," Rabbi Lazar said.

"Any kind of anti-Semitic propaganda by government officials should be outlawed and these people should be brought to justice."

Yoev's ritual and self-sacrifice, by contrast, involved worldly matters, helping make a dwelling for G-d in this material world by waging war against the gentile nations that opposed this ideal.

-- Lubavitcher Rebbe

Let not the House of Israel be like all the gentiles, [12]

[12] The standard text of the Tanya has (Hebrew text):, ("like heathens"), which has been emended here according to its Luach HaTikkun ("Table of Corrections").

-- Lessons in Tanya

True freedom of choice can only come about when one has two completely equal choices. When two things, however, are unequal, one does not freely choose one over the other - the qualities found in one and lacking in the other compel the choice.

It is therefore impossible to say that "You have chosen us" refers to Jewish souls, for there can be no comparison between Jewish and non-Jewish souls, inasmuch as a Jew's soul "is truly part of G-d Above." Rather, "You have chosen us" refers to the Jew's material body, which in its corporeality is similar to the bodies of non-Jews.

G-d freely chose Jewish bodies to be the proper receptacle for Jewish souls, desiring that through the deeds performed by the body (for all physical mitzvot demand bodily participation) the Jew should become united with Him...

-- Lessons in Tanya

Purifying the Lands of the Gentile Nations Why is it that the Jewish people have been scattered throughout the whole world, including the remotest islands? And why does it happen that individual Jews here and there lose their way, and find themselves tramping from township to township? The underlying intent here is that they should purify the gentile lands, whose atmosphere is impure. [103]

For within the heart of every single Jew there is a simple faith which, though it may be dormant, is capable of purifying that impurity.

-- Keser Shem Tov, Hosafos, sec. 137

[103] - Gittin 8b.

The Gravity of Shabbos

The Chafetz Chaim, in his introduction to the laws of Shabbos in the Mishnah Berurah, makes the following remarks:

Let me point out the harsh punishment for desecrating the Shabbos. The Torah prescribes various punishment. for a broad range of transgressions. The transgressions, in ascending order, are:

  • the failure to perform a positive commandment,
  • the sin of violating a prohibition of the Torah,
  • the sins for which one incurs the death penalty at the hands of the Heavenly Court,
  • the sins for which one incurs kareis (to be cut off spiritually),
  • the sins for which one incurs the death penalty by strangling,
  • the sins that are punishable by beheading,
  • the sins that are punishable by burning,
  • and, the gravest of all, the sins for which one incurs stoning.

The willful desecration of Shabbos falls into the harshest category. To add to the gravity of the sin, a person transgressing any other commandment is considered a violator of that law alone - except Shabbos. One who intentionally desecrates the Shabbos is considered as having violated all the mitzvos of the Torah, equivalent to the status given an idol worshiper.

The Rambam says: "The observance of Shabbos and the prohibition against worshipping idols are each equal to the observance of all the mitzvos of the Torah. And Shabbos is the eternal sign between the Holy One, blessed be He, and us." For this reason, whoever transgresses the other mitzvos of the Torah is considered to be one of the wicked of yisrael, but a person who violates the Shabbos is considered a worshiper of idols. The laiter are considered no better than gentiles in all respects.

A person who openly and intentionally desecrates the Shabbos denies that Hashem created the world, just as an idol worshiper denies the existence of Hashem. Both the desecrator and the worshiper are punished in the same manner-with stoning.

(Mishnah Berurah, Introduction to Hilchos Shabbos)

Cool "religion", eh? The only question is: if even RELIGIONS may pronounce the DEATH penalty, then what do you expect of Bushes and Hitlers?

That much for the quotes related to "Jewish Messiahs" and Chabad clan and their connections and influence on the world's scene. Now...

I am not aware of any other who could possibly write the Protocols considering it was originally written in Hebrew. There exists an opinion that they were written by Rothschild, but I am not aware of the fact that he spoke Hebrew. This needs further research.

And this is just a minuscule part of the FACTS, and not just some ZioNazi disinformation fiction and all these disgusting labels of "anti-Semitism", sucked out of their own finger.

Why would there be "anti-Semitism" in the world? Why would people hate "Jews" as such? Anybody knows? What are the very REASONS for it beyond plain nationalist issue just like in any "civilized" country? Is there something "special" about it?

Jews as nationality have nothing to do with the Protocols. Otherwise, you could just claim that Germans wrote the Mein Kampf, and, therefore, they are to be persecuted as a NATION, which is simply bizarre.

Plain, ordinary Jews do not even know these Protocols exist and could care less. They live their lives just like anybody else and have as little involvement in all those conspiracies as one can imagine. This is pretty much self evident on its face value.

Who would even conceive of going after plain Jews as a result of these Protocols? Do you think people are THAT stupid not to see into it?

Yes, to get to the bottom of it, a much more technical analysis has to be performed and it was performed by several authors.

That little piece of information as to original being written in Hebrew and was allegedly seen by some people in Odessa, combined with other quite reasonable alignments of events and people is much more significant then all the opposing arguments that are basically utterly not convincing.

The version that the protocols are a concoction by the Russian secret police or something along these lines just to discredit the Jews and cause "pogroms" or whatever they tell you is utterly non-convincing. There were no "pogroms" after the protocols floated up. There was no widespread revolt of any kind.

The biggest amount of noise was produced in about 1920 when Protocols were published in the USA, and not in Russia. I do not recall a single piece of information about anything related to "pogroms" in Russia as a result of the Protocols.

Sure, there was plenty of noise around it in certain circles. But this is just like with anything else, just like a fashion that comes and goes, like any other news story that seems to raise some eyebrows.

There are some other pretty compelling pieces of information.

Here is just a starting point, just a minuscule part of the argument about the Protocols:

And you can search the following collection of quotes for anything you wish to learn, and, if you are not utterly blind and prejudiced, it will simply blow your mind to pieces, if you still have any of it left functioning.

And THESE are the issues the mankind if facing right now, and not this "enlightenment" carrot hung in front of your nose to forever chase and never reach.

Your very future has been decided by now, and not by you, by ANY means, and every single thing is ALREADY in place to achieve the agenda of the "Matrix society" as expressed by this "NWO" ideology of zombification and enslavement of mankind on all possible levels. NOW! Not tomorrow, and not the next year and not in some abstract future. But NOW. This very moment. It is here already, little do many of you even begin to suspect, chasing carrots of all kinds or busily watching the Illuminati produced movies like "The Matrix" or "The Fifth Element", salivating at the same time.

And what could have been possibly achieved even if the "proof of 'Jewish conspiracy'" was established? What does it change? Banks are still owned by the same people as before, and that is where the REAL power is, at least according to the Rothschilds. All sorts of other enterprises and media are still under control of the same people as before, and so is the US government and so are all other "governments" of the "free world", no matter what they tell you, and on and on and on.

If there were some facts, provable in court, it would seem to be much more productive just to persecute the individuals involved in the "Jewish conspiracy" instead of creating such an elaborate scheme of discreditation and putting some of the most brilliant minds to work in order to concoct such an appalling document, which could not possibly produce any tangible benefits to even mention.

Is there some some evidence of "conspiracy" against the Jews anywhere in the world? - Not that I know of. Never heard of such a thing in fact.

The whole "Jewish question" as they call it is a very touchy subject, full of all sorts of controversies, prejudices, lies and manipulation, fabrication and deceit. Hate, based on national origin, even among the people living in the same country, is a never ending problem, largely related to zombification and mind conditioning. It is wide spread even in the "civilized" West and evidence of it is all over. The ideas of intolerance are forever propagated by the puppeteers to raise havoc and dominate others.

What was achieved with "fabricating" these protocols? What are the results? Well, nothing anyone is even interested in mentioning apparently. So, what does it tell you?

For example, Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad operative, in his book "The Other Side Of Deception" states that Mossad, for some strange reason, was concerned that if some things become known, the controversy over the protocols may resurface again. Why? According to opposition, the issue has been resolved and the protocols were shown to be fake. So, what seems to be the REAL problem then? Apparently, in their view, the evidence of "forgery" is not that compelling. Otherwise, what are the real reasons for such a concern about the spilled milk several generations before.

Why do the ZioNazis foam at their mouth just hearing the word "Protocols" and their blood boils to the point the steam starts coming out of their elephant sized ears like from a steam engine?

Why? Why are they so afraid of some "proven" "fabrication"? By their very huffing and puffing they simply prove the validity of it all. Otherwise, why bother?

According to the world's foremost experts on these issues, such as Gregory Klimov, who worked on a super secret "Harvard Project" for the CIA and studied the High Sociology for 50 years, Eduard Hodos, chosen by Lubavitcher Rebbe as the one to continue his work, Leslie Fry, Douglas Reed, Cherep Spiridovich, Oleg Platonov and quite a few others of impeccable reputation, the conclusion is just the opposite to the "official" version, basically based on nothing worth even mentioning as far its provability and correspondence to the facts of reality go. But all of it is too technical to discuss here.

So, who are you to make such a blatant proclamation as to authenticity of it? Just leave it to the experts and enjoy your life for all its worth. Are you going to attack anyone who thinks differently than YOU? What a waste of life!

But all that is beyond the point. The point is you can not make the statements you made without utterly discrediting your prejudiced position, and you have no right to demand from others to do or see things as YOU wish, and the very fact you insult someone with these "but if you are compelled to write all this 'anti-semitic' garbage, why don't you do it on some other site?" Well, why don't you just jump from the Golden Gate bridge? Why suffer unnecessarily?

And this statement really "shines":

"Why create connection between this smut and Osho?"

Are you a pervert? Why "smut"? Where did a honorable sannyasin get this idea from?

Well, for one thing, there seems to be just way too many common points between The ZioNazi "Plan" and what Chandra Mohan taught. Here:

Osho and New World Order

To make a long story short, the "bottom line" here is simple:
Osho, at least as he forever claimed, is not for cowards, full of prejudice with their minds fixed in stone as a result of all the zombification programming.

If people of Henry Ford's caliber spend millions doing their own investigation, then do you think the results of their work deserve to be known? And what is the conclusion they come to? Well, Henry Ford and Winston Churchill among others state something along these lines:

"I do not know whether these protocols are true or not. But what I do know is that things seem to be happening exactly as outlined in the protocols, and 16 years have passed..."

And you can only add to it: "well, 100 more years have passed and things are STILL seem to be happening the way it was described in the protocols", and there is plenty of evidence and statements by the presidents, prime ministers, statesmen, and the highest level "authorities" that is simply indisputable, no matter what you make of it and what kind of conclusion you come to.

Furthermore, a competent research shows, and you can see it for yourself, that the eloquence, knowledge of statesmanship and knowledge of the inner workings of the governments and a political system as such indicate the author, whoever he was, was not merely some "forger" or fabricator of compromising information, but an extremely intelligent person with a brilliant mind of a genius, who seems to know way too much to be just some conman. Therefore, the "official version" is a pile of complete garbage having no merits whatsoerver. Not a SINGLE fact aligns with it.

Otherwise, just forget about Osho. The guy who wrote the protocols seems to be the REAL prophet being able to see at least a hundred years into the future! Down to the last dot and comma. I doubt there exists a prophet who was able to see so many things and in such a precise detail and with such a precise correspondence to what actually took place in the future. Most prophets I am aware of were able to see several major things. But none of them in such a precise detail and in such multitude of facts and events. He must be God himself as I claim! No "forger" for ANY police or intelligence agency could possibly even speak the way the protocols talk. People of that caliber are born one per hundred years and are remembered in history for ages to come.

The very fact that things happen in the world as outlined in the protocols speaks for itself. And I mean every single bit of it. I never heard of such a prophecy in my entire life!

Interestingly enough, Osho provides this definition of Truth: "That Which Is", known as the Tattvartha Sutra to Jains. So, he is not original even in his most favored definition of "truth". He simply borrowed it just like everything he said.

Yes, makes sense. Lies come and go, wars start and end. But what remains at the end is Truth. ETERNALLY so. Undeniably so. In fact, beyond the world of illusion, just about the only thing remains is Truth, and that is the very purpose of the search of a seeker. To finally get in touch with THAT WHICH IS, and not that, which is offered or drilled into your mind by all sorts of interests and zombification procedures.

That is the very definition of a sannyasin as far as I know: The one, who is in pursuit of Truth. Anything else does not satisfy him. That is the very difference between the world of illusion, the world of fiction and the world of reality.

No one forces you to believe a word of what it says, just like with anything else. You need to use your own intelligence and come to your own conclusions. But the basic tenet is the very concept of Democracy and it is expressed by the Declaration on Basic Human Rights, signed by most countries, stating in part such inherent rights as freedom of choice and freedom to have ones own convictions and religious beliefs. That convention happens to be one of the key agreements signed in the entire history of mankind. So I claim.

To call such information "anti-Semitic garbage", or even "smut", and in such unquestionable terms, and with such determination, while not providing a single shred of evidence to substantiate it, is not only intellectually dishonest, but simply disgusting in its arrogance and underlying assumptions.

Should we start burning books just like Nazis did during the WW II? And what do you expect as a result?

Which book is "real"? Which knowledge is "authentic"? Which information represents the very essence of life? Do you know? Osho himself would give totally different interpretations to the same thing depending on which way the wind blows between your ears. Today, Krishnamurti is "enlightened". Tomorrow, he is not. And after tomorrow, his "enlightenment" is not "complete"! WHY? Do you know? How could this be the case? Any idea? How is it possible that even "enlightenment" is "incomplete"? What does it mean? So, it turns out that even "enlightenment" can be improved upon. Then what is the point of the whole exercise and how does one know when enough is enough? Ever thought about this?

The "protocols" may be viewed as simply a "what if" scenario, just like the "Matrix" movie and vast majority of what is being drilled into your minds, which is mostly violence, perversions, manipulations and all sorts of disgust.

The validity of the "protocols" is disputed to this day. There are various opinions and views on it, ranging from "anti-semitic forgery" to circumstantial and compelling evidence. What do you make out of it is up to you.

Basically, all the human knowledge beyond the proven scientific laws is disputable, no matter what it is. The universe is multi-dimensional. It has virtually infinite number of aspects and points of view. Which one you decide to adopt is up to you. But denying even those things you can not possibly prove to be invalid is nothing more than limiting the scope and eventually reducing the infinite number of colors in the rainbow to black and white, which is the very foundation of fascism.

What does this book collection, he refers to, have to do with Osho? Well, every single bit of it. It is exactly the same work except from a different angle.

And the strangest thing is that these people do not even realize they simply bring back the interest in this "forbidden" subject. Why not just ignore it like all the crap you see all day long?

Another thing is, what do you think is more significant, the Matrix scheme of a two class society, the "elite" and "slaves", or "serfs" as Nicholas Rockefeller classified the mankind, which is already upon us as we speak, or these pipe dreams about "enlightenment", just to make you passive and submit to whatever agenda of the most profound evil is being implemented in exactly the same way as it was done by all the dictatorships?

What do you do when your rear end is on fire? Sing the Hari Krishna chants and dance your way to nothing less than hell broke loose?

Is it what sannyas means? Being a coward and not investigate the issues of significance?

I proclaim this individual is not even a sannyasin. He can not possibly be with such an attitude towards the most precious in life, the very purpose of it - The Truth.

Chandra Mohan was never afraid to criticize and expose anything or anybody. Otherwise, his whole life and his work is simply meaningless.

He has spent his whole life battling all sorts of lies, perversions, cunningness, corruption and violence. And that is one of his main contributions, if there are any. Whatever else he endlessly taught was already known before him. He simply borrowed every single thing in his "teachings".

Yes. To attempt to know the Truth is the most dangerous thing there is. Your very life is at stake. One thing is certain, there will be many in power who will do all they can to destroy you.

This individual was asked: "Do you think Truth can be polluted"? What is he trying to achieve with his disgraceful messages? But that coward did not reply with his deep insights.

So, what does "anti-Semitism" have to do with Osho? Well, he tells it in a story, answering a question: "Are you an anti-Semite"?

Are you an anti-Semite?

The very essence of "anti-Semitism" is expressed with the following joke.

Quoted from:

Book: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 10
Chapter: Transcendence - the true therapy
Question 6.

Chandra Mohan was asked by Levin:


Levin, me? An anti-Semite? You must be crazy!

Louie Feldman - a traveling salesman - caught the last train out of Grand Central Station, but in his haste he forgot to pack his toiletry set.

The following morning he arose bright and early and made his way to the lavatory at the end of the car. Inside he walked up to a washbasin that was not in use.

"Excuse me," said Louie to a man who was bent over the basin next to his, "I forgot to pack all my stuff last night. Mind if I use your soap?"

The stranger gave him a searching look, hesitated momentarily, and then shrugged.

"Okay, help yourself."

Louie murmured his thanks, washed, and again turned to the man. "Mind if I borrow your towel?"

"No, I guess not."

Louie dried himself, dropped the wet towel to the floor and inspected his face in the mirror. "I could use a shave," he commented.

"Would it be alright with you if I use your razor?"

"Certainly," agreed the man in a courteous voice.

"How you fixed for shaving cream?"

Wordlessly, the man handed Louie his tube of shaving cream.

"You got a fresh blade? I hate to use one that somebody else already used. Can't be too careful, you know."

Louie was given a fresh blade. His shave completed, he turned to the stranger once more. "You wouldn't happen to have a comb handy, would you?"

The man's patience had stretched dangerously near the breaking point, but he managed a wan smile and gave Louie his comb.

Louie inspected it closely. "You should really keep this comb a little cleaner," he admonished as he proceeded to wash it. He then combed his hair and again addressed his benefactor whose mouth was now drawn in a thin, tight line.

"Now, if you don't mind, I will have a little talcum powder, some after-shave lotion, some toothpaste and a toothbrush."

"By God, I never heard of such damn nerve in my life!" snarled the outraged stranger.

"Hell, no! Nobody in the whole world can use my toothbrush."

He slammed his belongings into their leather case and stalked to the door, muttering, "I gotta draw the line some place!"

"Anti-Semite!" yelled Louie.

The End of Democracy

The corruption is total, complete and perverse!

Basically, everything is in place for the President of the USA to just get up the stage and announce an executive order and declare the Martial Law as has been reported in the media. All the necessary laws have been already quietly passed and all the executive directives have been issued for this to happen without participation of the Congress or The House of the USA.

Millions of caskets have already been manufactured to store the bodies of several million people "in case of emergency". What kind of "emergency" could possibly take millions of lives besides the nuclear war or HAARP induced global disasters causing the devastation unseen since the dawn of civilization?

All the people on the "red" and "yellow" lists of "dissidents" and "useless eaters" are to be exterminated in the concentration camps that have already been created. The extent of all the preparations and things that have already been done simply boggles ones mind.

The following quote is just one small example of what is to come, and who could possibly claim it is not specifically created in order to compile those "red" and "yellow" lists of the people to be destroyed in the concentration camps that have already been built?

"On october 16th [2004], president Bush signs into law the global anti-semitism review act, designed to force the entire world into never being critical of the Jews, whatever their actions.

"This act establishes a special department within the United States state department to monitor global anti-semitism, which is to report annually to congress.

"This act defines a person as being anti-semitic if they purport any of the following beliefs:"

  1. Any assertion, "that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world."
  2. The expression of, "strong anti-Israel sentiment."
  3. Expressing, "virulent criticism," of Israel's leaders, past or present. The state department gives an example of this occurring when a swastika is portrayed in a cartoon decrying the behaviour of a past or present Zionist leader.
  4. Any criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature with the emphasis on the Talmud and Kabbalah.
  5. Any criticism of the united states government and congress for being under undue influence by the Jewish - Zionist community, which would include Jewish organisations such as American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).
  6. Any criticism of the Jewish-Zionist community for promoting globalism or what some call the, "New World Order."
  7. Placing any blame on Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ.
  8. Citing any facts that could in any way diminish the, "six million," figure of holocaust victims.
  9. Claiming that Israel is a racist state.
  10. Making any claim that there exists a, "Zionist conspiracy."
  11. Offering proof that Jews and their leaders created communism and the bolshevik revolution in Russia.
  12. Making, "derogatory statements about Jewish persons."
  13. Asserting that spiritually disobedient Jews do not have the biblical right to re-occupy Palestine.
  14. Making any allegations of Mossad involvement in the 9/11 attack.

One thing is certain about this unprecedented, unconstitutional and utterly anti-Semitic "law" - it is BOUND to produce waves of anti-Semitism and create hate against the plain, ordinary Jews that live their lives just like anybody else, and who have nothing to do with all the Zionist evil.

Quite sweeping and quite selective, isn't it? But even citing the FACTS and providing EVIDENCE has become illegal? That brings up a question: Are you required to tell the truth to the court or should you lie about the facts and evidence? Or this so called law has nothing to do with the law as such? Then what IS it? It does not look like a law of ANY kind. It looks like a purely totalitarian proclamation, just like in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.

This is what the very essence of Nazism and fascism is - elevating one nation or race above all others. This law is inapplicable to any other nationality or creed. It only applies to "Jews", who, by the way, openly claim nowadays that they are Khazars, and go even further - now they make claims on Ukraine as their "ancestral lands"!!! So, nowadays they are no longer "Jews", but Khazars who do not and can not possibly have any claims as to "holy lands", which means they lied throughout the history as to their relation to the lands of Israel, knowing full well they did, and there exists an undeniable evidence to this fact, including the statements of their own leaders and rabbis.

This is simply bizarre if not insane! No one in his clear mind could possibly sign under such a blatant and appalling concoction of the most perverted caliber unless they are corrupt to the bone and marrow.

So, what this so called law means is this:

The corruption is total, complete and perverse as in order to enact THIS kind of utterly racist "law" one has to be controlled on the level of his balls, as not even an entry level lawyer, under ANY circumstances, would consider such a "law" as something legal, constitutional or complying with the international conventions, such as the Convention on Basic Human Rights, signed by vast majority of governments of the world, which specifically protects your BASIC human rights to have your own convictions and beliefs and freely distribute them in any way you please without limitations of any kind.

No state or government has any right to prevent you from having your convictions and beliefs or to obtain and freely distribute them.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 18.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance."

Article 19.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

Article 30.

"Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein."

Article 11.

(1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

(2) No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.

Article 10.

Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

This evil "global antisemitism review act" simply means that all your politicians and the so called governments have sold their souls and do not serve people who elected them to be their servants, but instead serve the evil most profound, and not only that, but they could care less what anybody thinks or says about it.

It simply means that this evilmost NWO agenda is at its final stages when they could care less what anybody thinks or does, and they could care less about the legality of it all and the law as such. Because we are at the concentration camp level now. The only thing that counts is orders, no matter how idiotic, illegal or anti-human they are. Because at THAT stage, there is no such a thing as law. The only thing that exists at that point is orders, proclamations and salutes of a "Seig Hail, mine fuhrer!" kind, just like in the Nazi Germany during the WWII period.

How could this possibly happen in a democratic and not a totalitarian society that such a selective treatment of one nationality over all others could possibly be allowed?

Why is this so called law has to do with "Jews" only, and not with bigotry as such? Are they some special kind of people needing a law to address THEIR concerns and no one else's? What happens if things described in this "law" become applicable to some other nationality? Well, there is no "law" for it, so it seems to be OK to do the same things towards all other nationalities.

But what about Democracy then? Is it out the door?

And about the most shocking thing about this "law" is that there exist a voluminous amount of evidence of most profound evil all kinds, committed by the ZioNazis, that this very "law" now protects in the most sweeping fashion under the cover of the so-called "antisemitism" abracadabra, invented by those very ZioNazis, to attack all those who oppose it. Simply indisputable evidence and from the highest level authorities, members of governments and you name it.

And the amazing thing about this so called law, which is utterly unconstitutional and goes against the Conventions on Basic Human Rights, and establishes a GLOBAL spy agency within the US State Department, is that it simply exposes and now protects that very evil, committed throughout history by the ZioNazi satanists, that plenty of the most respectable authors and researchers claim to be the case. Simple as that.

Do you understand? There are libraries worth of evidence, and not only some regular evidence, but the most compelling evidence and by the most prominent and respected individuals one could possibly hope to find.

I claim this so called law will be extended not only to spying activity, but to construct the lists of the"dissidents" to be destroyed, just like it was done in Russia during the Soviet era. It simply looks like a global operation to identify the "undesirables" and the "enemies of the people" as they were called during the Russian oppressions.

Later on, the "tribunals" were set up and all the "undesirables" were destroyed or sent to the death camps in Siberia.

Over 35 million of people, and up to 70 million according to some estimates, were destroyed by the ZioNazis in Russia. Have you ever heard about the BIGGEST genocide in the entire history of mankind during the Soviet era in Russia?

Have you ever heard about the REAL holocaust in Russia, compared to which all the concoctions and lies about the so-called holocaust simply pale in comparison? There are some stunning revelations as to the "holocaust" during the WWII. Simply mind shattering, and not by some "anti-Semites", but by the holocaust survivors themselves and people who run the "holocaust" museums and others who had the first hand experience with it. For example, the MAIN argument about gassing of Jews, that changed the course of history, turns out to be just a concoction according to the most reputable experts there are.

You can look at some of it keeping in mind that this is just a tip of an iceberg on it:

The Holocaust

And there is plenty more. Do your own research and see what you can find. Surprise, surprise.

Here is just one small quote by the ZioNazi Leo Trotsky, the main butcher during the Holocaust in Russia that left over 35 million people dead, and specifically, the cream of the crop of Russian intelligentsia.

Listen to the sermons of the Jewish communist leader, Leia Davidovich Trotsky (Bronstein) during the revolution:

"We have to transform Russia into a desert populated with white niggers, to whom we shall give such a tyranny, that even the worst despots of the East have never even dreamed of ...

"This tyranny will not be from the right, but from the left, not white, but red.

"In the literal sense of the word red, as we shall shed such rivers of blood, before which shall shudder and pale all the human losses of the capitalist wars ...

"By means of terror and blood baths, we will bring the Russian intelligentsia to complete stupor, to idiocy, until the animalistic condition ...

"our boys in leather jackets ... know how to hate everything Russian!

"What a great pleasure for them to physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia - military officers, academics, writers"

Compare the words of Trotsky's bloody texts with those of the Torah. You will see that the revolutionary Trotsky was a worthy disciple of Moses, David and the Jewish God, the Devil - Yahweh. Let the leading psychiatrists read the Old Testament and the various statements of Trotsky's, and the diagnosis will be the same - sick psychopaths and sadists.

Have you ever heard of the Holocaust in Russia compared to which everything else simply pales in comparison in the entire history of mankind? Apparently that is a "non-issue". There was no such a thing it seems. Never happened. Right? Well, the only problem with this is there are libraries worth of evidence of it, and no one ever heard of such a thing. How come? ANY idea?

The Story of The Inner Sanctum

I do not know why I am telling you this. Must be some reason somewhere. This is one of wildest stories I can tell you. Somehow, it just popped up in my mind and there is a strange feeling about it. I can not even describe it to avoid distortions. I do not remember if this was one of my dreams as it seems to have happened years ago. May be it was one of those recurring dreams. Or may be it is something some of you may be familiar with. Anyway, it isn't that important. What does look important is two aspects.

I recall myself meeting some woman and after us having a little chat, she told me: come with me. And the feeling was strange. I did not even ask where and for what. I just said OK. That is actually how I do many things that happen to cross my way. I do not like to argue or find some "reason" for events unless something clearly does not feel right.

She took me to some filthy street and then we opened some door and I got shocked. It was a big hall full of people having some party. They were all well dressed like some upper class "elite". Beautiful women, lots of best food you can imagine. It was kind of noisy and they were all mixing and chatting with each other in small groups, laughing and having a ball. And the feeling was anything I ask it will be immediately delivered no matter what I ask. So, it was like "paradise on Earth". But, somehow there was no "God" in it. It was like some self-indulgence party of bodily and material pleasures.

So, I felt a bit weird. There was something I was not interested in. It all looked pretty boring to me and their laughter and "friendliness" somehow felt like something superficial, something phony, something unreal. So, I kind of felt sad and had a thought that I'd rather like to leave that place. It was all utterly uninteresting to me even though you could see some pretty "sophisticated" people among them, like some kind of "elite", quite literally.

And then she told me: follow me, and so I did without asking where and why because I usually like to take things to their logical conclusion. We came up to a wall, which seems to have been made in form of panels, and then she pushed one of those panels and it opened like a door. Interestingly enough, no one seemed to be even aware of us going through it.

When the door opened, it was a shock. It was total contrast with the hall. It was a large room with a very big table and about twenty people in simple white robes standing around it and looking attentively at something on the table, like some map, not saying a word. They seemed to have been in high concentration mode. No one even paid any attention to us entering, like they could care less we exist.

That room was pretty simple, no bells and whistles, no fancy anything in it and nothing that catches your eye. Except that group. They all seemed like a group of the most powerful beings you can even begin to imagine in your wildest dreams. But it is hard to describe that feeling. But they did look like day and night compared to that crowd in the first hall. Like they had absolutely nothing to do with that crowd. That crowd in a big hall looked like a bunch of foolish children playing with themselves not even knowing what they were doing, just like biorobots of some kind, in the eternal state of self-indulgence. It was like a different world altogether.

What they were looking at on the table seemed to be so important that now I recall it was like they were involved in some galactic war and their decision at this moment was a matter of survival of the planet Earth or something of that caliber. But this is how I interpret it NOW. I do not remember the exact feeling at the moment as it seems to be from somewhere way in the past and I do not know how far that past goes.

So, basically, that is all I remember about that visit. That company was much more interesting to me. But it seemed like I am totally "out of place" there, like some fool, utterly uninteresting to any of them from the way they looked. It was like me visiting some museum of some kind in order to learn something. Like we were from some totally different time/space continuum.

Then, I recall myself appearing in the same hall again. That time it was all different. The same people were sitting around that big table in a relaxed atmosphere. I was pointed to one empty chair at the table and was asked to have a seat. After I did that, they told me in a pretty warm way with inner smile somewhere inside them: welcome, these are your brothers. I do not even recall if it was purely telephatic communication. But the meaning of it was clear.

I could not believe it. Somehow, I felt like such a spec of sand "in the scheme of things" that the whole thing just did not make any sense. What could I possibly contribute to people like these? Why was I invited? And why was there one empty chair at the table? They looked like they can see through me like I was totally transparent to them, every cell of mine and the entire contents of my mind no matter what it is without even asking me a single question or saying a word. But they seemed to understand my feeling and kind of told me telepathically - don't worry, everything is fine. You are not out of place here, even though the whole thing seemed like out of some fiction movie. But the feeling was that I knew them all on some level, but just forgot it, like I was absent for long enough to even remember who they were.

And that is how this story ends.

The Story of The Diamond Sword

A strange story indeed, no matter how you cut it.

A few years ago, all of a sudden, an idea appeared in my mind, out of the blue.

"You have The Diamond Sword".


"Sorry, I am a technical man. I don't deal with crap of all kinds. There is no such a thing as a diamond sword. Because it is not possible, even in principle" was the next thing in my mind.

How can there be a diamond so big as to make nothing less than a SWORD out of it? Even the queen of England never heard of such a thing.

So I said to myself: screw this one.

Then, in the next few days, the same idea came back.

What da funk!

Then, as I began to consider what it might possibly mean, the next one came into my mind:

"But you can not use it".

Cool, eh?

Just as I started to consider such a possibility, it turns out I can not use it.

"Because you are going to be hurt".

Hey, sounds like something of Chandra Mohan's caliber!

Jesus funk!

Then, it came to my mind:

"The Diamond Sword can destroy anything in the physical domain, no matter what it is."


Then, in subsequent months, as I got used to this idea, as it kept coming back, and, beginning to sense what it might be, I started playing with that diamond sword idea.

When I got into some shitty situations, that were so insignificant, that I can not even remember what they were, I pulled the sword out of the sheath.


And I got hurt. It was about the shittiest feeling I ever had. Just like trying to hurt someone, it comes back, only magnified many times over.

And I could understand it. Because if that "diamond sword" was any real, then it should never be used on some crap.

Every time I had an urge "to get even" with someone, it was the same thing: "you can not use it".

After a couple of years, that "you can not use it" message just evaporated.

And, in some dire situations, when I had to pull it, I simply could not believe its power.

And one other quality The Diamond Sword has:

Once pulled out of the sheath, it MUST be used. There can be no doubt, and no consideration.

"The Diamond Sword knows no mercy".

The very fact it is pulled, the immense energies are engaged, the energies that can destroy anything in the physical domain with a simple flash of light. ANYTHING that exist as a physical matter.

At that point, it is a dire situation, and it MUST be used. All the training and learning is finished. Now is the time to...

Otherwise, you would never get it in the first place. Toys like these are not sold in some toy store. You can not buy them for any kind of money this world has to offer. You can not get it no matter how many people you have to kill and how many countries you have to destroy, and it does not matter what kind of "president" you are and of what, and it does not matter if you control the world's banking system or oil supplies, or the gold reserves, or the diamond industries, or control the printing press for dollars.

It does not matter all.

And when I had to engage it, the evillest powers of this world would simply subside. There wasn't a SINGLE thing they could do, and those were the powers that run this world of fiction. Nothing less.

You like?

The story of a seeker

When I was 25 years old, I used to play a flute. Now, in order for you to be any kind of a flute player, you need to be able to play six major pieces of Bach, specifically written for flute. If you can not play them, you are not a flute player. It is a must.

And those pieces are pretty complicated and intricate. So, you have to practice every day by the book. And it is a royal pain on the neck. Too complicated. Mind is hardly dragging along to be able to follow it all.

One day, out of the blue, when I was reading those notes during the daily practice, all of a sudden, boom! My mind would not even have to strain to be able to read the notes and playing would be happening by itself, without me making a single effort to understand it. I was just watching those notes, but my conscious mind did not mentalize it. I did not have to think: oh, this is such and such a note and this is how long it should last, and this is how loud it should be. It was all there without any conscious thought or effort.

It lasted for about a minute or so. After that, the same old drag of trying to concentrate on it and trying to follow all those notes came back.

That experience was like a shock. I immediately recognized it as something profoundly significant. By then, I already had enough of everything in my life, like money, fame, sex and all sorts of things. But that state of utter bliss was something thousand times more valuable compared to all I "had".

So, I had a pretty large book collection with all sorts of "advanced" books. I opened up one of the books on Indian philosophy in order to see if I could find something on this phenomenon. Very quickly, I found this notion of "Atman" or "atma", the "ultimate" blah, blah, blah.

And so I started digging. Started doing Yoga exercises and you name it. And so it took several years chasing those 30 seconds of utter silence, filled with the biggest miracle I ever saw.

Why do I tell you this? Well, you see, it turns out those 30 seconds were undeniably true. There IS such a state where the most amazing things happen without you making ANY effort.

The story of enlightenment

The story of enlightenment, the story of significance for anyone, who seeks something they think they do not have:

When I was 6 years old, there was a beautiful winter with lots of thick, fluffy snow. The snow was so immensely beautiful, you could not miss a moment of it. So I played with it outside all day long.

When the night has come and I have gone to bed, my temperature has risen to near death level. As I felt asleep, I had this dream:

I was standing on the top of a huge hill, like a mountain. When I looked down the hill, all of a sudden, I saw a lion, walking very slowly up the hill in my direction. It was a frightening experience.


I looked to the right to see if I could escape that way, and I was shocked. There was also a lion, coming up to me very, very slowly.

Then I looked to the left. The same thing. And so when I looked in the back.

At that point, it was it. There was absolutely nothing I could do. Death was a certainty.

And the lions kept walking up the hill toward me. As slowly as it gets. So I still had some time. Probably a minute or so.

I knew one thing. Once they reach me, that is the end of me.

There was nothing left to be done. I could not do a single thing, no matter what. But I knew I had a little bit of time left, just to look at the whole thing.

And I stood there.

There was no fear.

There was no pain.

There was no suffering.

There was no anxiety of any kind.

It was total silence from it all.

And the question appeared in my mind:

What is that, which you are afraid to loose?

And realization came:

All you have to loose is your own identity. The sense that you are something to be lost, which is just an idea of you about yourself. Beyond it, death carries no meaning.

It is not a matter of physical pain and suffering of all kinds. It is not even a matter of you and your own identity to be projected into the future, or even remain in any way, shape or form.

It is nothing more than cessation of your idea about yourself, which you think your life is.

Finito. Bas. The show is over. Simple as that. Nothing to it to even mention.

And from then on, I was not the same man. That FEAR was no longer there. The fear of "not surviving", the fear that I may disappear as something that represents me. I went through life doing all sorts of things no one in their "clear mind" would even dare to and nothing touched me.

So, let me tell you this:

The ONLY thing that constricts you is that fear, the ABSTRACT fear, a shadow of something that does not exist.

The story of a spider

Just the other day, all of a sudden I have noticed a spider web between my clothes chest and a wall, about 5 inches wide. And for the first time in my life I was shocked by such a thing. What I saw is a fine mesh. Initially I though it is a spider web. But it wasn't. It was much finer and much more dense, like a finest grade silk, as vulnerable as you can imagine.

It was like a shock. My mind still did not have enough time to fully comprehend what I saw. It was just a strange feeling that it was something beautiful and miraculous like some sort of Temple, so beautiful and so organized its structure was. The strangest thing is that it stretched horizontally. So, how this could possibly happen that you could create a thread of 5 inches wide, going HORIZONTALLY, unless you are a spider? HOW, I ask you? I do not even understand how spiders can do that. What about gravitation then?

Then, before I even had a good chance to realise what it was, I, mechanically, tried to remove it in order to "clean" the place. As soon as I touched it with my finger, it was basically destroyed, about a half of it. And I was shocked. Because what was the most beautiful and elaborate, Temple like structure before, became something I can not describe in terms of destruction. It was like a thunder stroked me.

The feeling was: I have destroyed the Temple of God!!!

Can you IMAGINE this?

I am a simple man, just like you

This one was really something. Does a simple man change his robes every day and every time it is a new custom made robe of a designer kind? Interestingly enough all those robes were designed to look like king's mantia.

Does a simple man have a collection of diamond watches, some of which worth millions. He had Jay - Swami Jayananda (John Shelfer), a former swiss banker, going to Switzerland on a regular basis to purchase the custom made diamond watches for him. Simple as that.

Does a simple man have a collection of diamond encrusted PENS?

What a simple man!

And we are not even talking about his simple man's collection of Rolls Royces.

This "simple man" even had his private road on the ranch in Oregon, built specifically for him to have his daily high speed rides in one of his simple Rolls Royces. That road was several miles long leading nowhere and having no other purpose whatsoever. The amount of resources to build such a road among the Oregon hills was quite something. In the beginning, he used to have his daily rides on public roads. But one day he was stopped by the police for speeding and was given a ticket. He was going at about 100 Mph. Then he decided that they should build him his own private road just for the simplicity of his daily rides.

Nivedano, a musician, has told me that he was invited to go with him once on his daily ride. Chandra Mohan was driving so fast that Nivedano simply freaked out as they could have been killed any moment. Now, why would an enlightened simple man drive so fast? He had "arrived". There was no hurry to go anywhere as once you "arrive" where is there to go for you? What's the hurry? Or was he trying to make Nivedano "enlightened" really fast? What's the point?

And there is even something more interesting than this. He told Sheela on the ranch in Oregon that if they do not provide him with a new Rolls Royce every week or so, he is going "to leave this shore", meaning to die. That is a threat. In legal terms, it is called extortion - demanding something under threat. How do you like THAT for simplicity? So, it turns out that such things as mercantile interests are powerful enough to keep the "greatest master ever" on "this shore". Simple as that!

Has anyone ever seen a simple man like this?

What is interesting about these Rolls Royces, it turns out this simple man simply wanted "to make America jealous"! Simple as that. He even had guts to state that no one less than Rockefeller was JEALOUS of him. How do you like THAT kind of crap for breakfast. Unfortunately, our simple man did not place himself in proper perspective. The thing is, Rockefeller could simply buy the Rolls Royce factory and have stadiums filled with Rolls Royces if he wanted to. Rockefellers happen to be some of key players in the global NWO game, on the par with Rothschilds, if you can even comprehend their resources which are immense and so is their influence. Compared to them this simple man looks like nothing more than a funky chicken dancing on a hot pan with his head off.

And if someone would dare to disagree with this simple man, he would go vicious and would spend hours, days and years trying to grind his rear end to dust. What a simple man!

And what is a kicker in all his simplicity is sometimes, when he was pinned down during some interview by a reporter about all these things, he would say: "I am a rich man's guru, and I want my people to be rich", and chuckle at that. But how do you make "your people" rich by ripping them off, and DEMANDING a Rolls Royce once a week even when there is no money to run this simple man's commune as Sheela stated? Where did all this money come from?

Another thing this simple man used to brag about all the time is his "messages" to prominent politicians, heads of state, the Vatican and on and on, telling them how to run the world, forever bragging about his contacts with the most powerful and influential politicians and others of influence, power and wealth. What a simple man!

I am a simple man, and I simply tell you that you have to run your country and the entire world according to my simple commandments. Or else! Because I am a simple man and you simply must listen to a simple man to learn how to run the world. That is called modesty of a simple man.

The only thing unclear is how does a simple man know how to run the world or a country? Understood, if he was a businessman, that could be of some value, or if he was a diplomat or a statesman with lots of experience on making all sorts of agreements or solving the specific problems. But merely a simple man?

This simple man said: "but if you bug me, I can be terrible". Simple as that!

And a record of his simplicity is so long that this book won't fit it all in.

Praise the simple man, sinners!

God does not exist, Faith

Before we start, what is "enlightenment"? What is "reincarnation"? Can you prove any of it? Can you verify it? How? And if you can not, then what you have is faith based something. And it is not even faith. It is a BELIEF. A blind belief based on nothing even worth mentioning.

For starters.

I have never spoken against God for the simple reason that God does not exist. How can you speak against someone who does not exist in the first place? I have never spoken against Christianity either, because there is no such thing in the world as Christianity.

What exists in the name of Christianity I have always called Crossianity. It is the worship of the cross, not of Christ. It is fear of death, not love of life. Just take a few things out of the life of Jesus and Christianity disappears. If he is not crucified can there be a Christianity? Jesus is not important; what is important is crucifixion. Even more important is the fiction of resurrection, but that is possible only if first Jesus is crucified. It is a corollary.

These so-called Christians worship Jesus because of resurrection. That is a great consolation against death. That's why I say they are worshiping the cross, the crucifixion, the resurrection - not for any love for Jesus and his teachings but because of a deep fear of death. This fear of death makes them believe in things which they know are impossible. But when you are in a psychological turmoil of fear you can believe anything, just as a temporary consolation.

The sweet taste of corruption from "From Darkness to Light"

Can you belive this? Is there a word of truth in it?

To claim that "so-called Christians worship Jesus because of resurrection" is simply ugly, if not insane. First of all people are not merely the carbon copies of each other. Every single one of them do things because of their particular reasons or prejudices, be it fanaticism. How did he know why different people consider themselves Christians? How did he know it is because of "fear of death"? Did he at least ask them?

"There is no such thing in the world as Christianity"? How can one say things like these? But is there "Rajneeshism" and what IS it?

"Jesus is not important; what is important is crucifixion". How do you like THAT for breakfast? Well, but what about this:


Love connects you with the source of all the energies. That source is God. Without love we live in a disconnected state, hence a very tiny amount of energy remains available to us. That too is in spite of us, because we cannot be absolutely disconnected from God, otherwise we will die. So a little bit of connection continues, but if one is consciously rooted in God, grows his roots in God... That's what love means: growing your roots in God.

Becoming more and more love-full is becoming more and more God-full. And the more you love, the more you see God everywhere.

...There is only one phenomenon in life which is beyond death, and that is love; because God is beyond death. God means eternity, immortality. And love makes you divine, makes you part of God; it helps you to transcend time and move into eternity.

...Knowledge knows the many; wisdom knows the one, but that one contains all. The name of that one is God.

...God is at the very center of your being: he exists in you as you.

Darshan 12 September 1979 from "Dont Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra rather Upset the Sutra Yourself"

Upset Sutra? Too much drugs?

Mind you, Chandra Mohan spoke about God in nearly all of his lectures! So, it turns out he has spent most of his time talking about something that does not exist as he declared in Oregon finally. So, it turns out he was lying during most of his life, for years on, when he was telling you things affirming God, while he did not believe a word of what he was saying.

I would not want to touch a subject of God or faith, but I just came across something in Chandra Mohan's lecture related to sex where he says God is somehow "stupid", he should have created a man this way and a woman that way and he should have done this and that, and things of that sort. Under what authority was he making such statements about noone less then God?

First of all, my argument is simple: God is not a clown to show you some tricks or acts of "magic". This is basically the entire argument. I don't have to say a word beyond it. Noone has any authority to speak on why or what God should have done or not.

If you are sick and deny the life affirming aspects, who is obliged to help you or assist you while you are denying the very ground you stand upon? You need to learn the "hard way". Nothing will help until you see with your own eyes.

Secondly, It is one thing to say: If I were God I would create a woman this way and a man that way so they would do this and that. But we already had a chance to see what Chandra Mohan was able to create when he was a god-like figurehead. Oregon is a perfect example of what he was capable of. The end result is crimes, murder attempts and actual murders of some poor innocent people that had nothing to do with any of it, total abandonment of "his people" leaving some of them without a penny when that whole house of playing cards came down on itself, and ALL sorts of things equally as creative, including but not limited to him denying the most fundamental concepts of his programming - "enlightenment" and "reincarnation", denying his "Rajneeshism" "religion", denying his own mala, orange uniform he forced his people to wear and this is not the end of the list. By far.

Rajneeshism "religion"

Let me stop for a moment on this "Rajneeshism" "religion". It was invented on the ranch in Oregon for political and tax evasion reasons. Because once you are classified as a religion, there are certain protections for you under the law. So, this "Rajneeshism" fiction was invented in order to first of all, classify him as some kind of God, and, therefore, he could obtain a residence status on religious grounds according to the law, and so he can not be deported for one thing. There were some other considerations and benefits for purely political reasons mostly.

Secondly, the religious organisations can claim the tax exempt status and avoid taxation, which was one of the very important things. Very few things were done, as far as money is concerned, without considering the tax related issues, strange as it may sound.

But what is most significant here is that he was willing to lie and to the utmost magnitude as he knew perfectly well that this "Rajneeshism" thing is not only not a religion, but it is utterly disgusting lie that goes against his very battle with the very notion of religion. Once he accepted "Rajneeshism" as a religion, all his house of playing cards was bound to fall on itself. Because he denied his own most fundamental argument against all religions as such.

The point here is that he did not have a slightest notion of morality as such. There was no such a thing as "good" in his mind. There was only "goals" and "agendas" to be reached, and reached no matter what, regardless. Even if you have to deny your own ideology. As long as you can achieve, that is ALL you care for, just like in Scientology.

That god-like "Bhagwan" just tried to run away like a thief, abandoning "his people" some of whom were left without a penny. There was no general announcement of him leaving on a hired business class jet. There were only a few people of the "elite of the elite" who were present at the airport in Rajneeshpuram when he was leaving. And I was there, standing at a good distance watching that grand show from the outside of it.

And it was my "message" to him even though I did not intend to send him any "messages" at that time. But he saw me and he knew who I am. So, the fact that I did not even come close and stand with all others, shivering with adoration, could be the "message" of his life. It was basically a verdict: "You are leaving on a trip, from which you will not return", and I mean in a larger sense of it. It was the end of him and his entire "system". I knew he was leaving for good even though no one told me and the whole thing seemed to me quite pathetic.

It was like a show that was a flop, as it failed flat on its face. It was like bankruptcy and the one who was a bankrupt was simply trying to "split" that show. HOW, I ask you? How can you split the show where you are the main actor? No... You can not do that, no matter how hard you try to run away from something you yourself have created. It will ripple through time and space, and you WILL have to face all that "music" you yourself have ordered.

So, does a person like him have ANY right to attribute to God ANYTHING whatsoever?

It is amazing to see how much of a hard time Chandra Mohan had with a concept of God. What seems to be the problem?

Anyway, in order to deny the existence of God, first of all you need to specify what is that which you are denying. And this is a trap for the smart ones of Chandra Mohan's kind. You simply have to describe that which you deny the existence of.

But he did not specify what is he denying when he denies God. Is it some properties of Him? Which ones? And WHO says God has to have these properties? Some actions of His? Which actions? And WHO said God has to act this way or other? Some ideas about him? WHOSE ideas? What ideas specifically?

How can a honest person do these kind of things especially being a professional philosopher?

His position on religion is exactly the same as of satanists of Lenin and Karl Marx's kind, who say:

Religion is an opium for the people.

Well, but what did Chandra Mohan preach but religion? And what is the very essence of his "religionless" "religiousness" abracadabra? There is no such a thing as far as I can see. Simply because they are nothing more the derivations of the same Root - religion. Can you deny the very root? HOW? If there is no religion, how can there be "religiousness"? What is it about? At least use a different word. Or is it some kind of marketing where you would like to use the very root word to attract the customers that are accustomed to it while not believing a word you say?

And I mean nearly every word of his is religion, except it is a "religion" of anarchy, and that "freedom" he preached all the time ends up in chaos in your very soul. Because what he was doing all the time is destruction of all religions and, eventually, all the masters before him, which is simply suicidal since all his ideas more or less were a result of their ideas. Which specific ideas were invented by him?

Actually, he claimed that anarchy is the "final state" of man. And what is anarchy but a rule by the mob resulting in rivers of blood and destruction of all kinds just as it has been shown in Russia with "Daddy" Machno, the most famous anarchist in Russia, who actually implemented it in practice with his "commune" of thugs, murderers and robbers?

The hierarchical nature of existence is not merely accidental. By far. In the most primitive level it could be interpreted as optimisation of resources. It is much more difficult to do things and create something if everyone crawls up the stage and tries to grab the mike. The result is nothing more than noise of insanity. Unless there is someone who has the intelligence and responsibility to dedicate himself and SERVE as a Unifying Entity, all you have is a madhouse that can produce nothing more than "revolutions" and ALL sorts of violence and idiocy.

Secondly, to rule you need intelligence and education. It is a tedious process, and it is not surprising that in monarchies a future emperor is specifically educated from his childhood in all sorts of things including military, diplomacy, argumentation, logic, law and so on. Do you think that giving someone power by merely voting, as it is done in "democracy", you can simply select the most appropriate individual who will be able to do a good job of running the country or even to comprehend the complexities and find the most rational solutions? Just look at all those "leaders" elected via "democratic" means. For one thing, nearly every one of them eventually gets corrupted. Because most of them are merely the careerists, who were struggling for power for self-serving purposes, such as material acquisition or ego gratification.

Chandra Mohan, even though he denied God all he could, still used the term "existence". Existence wants this or that, it does this or that and on and on and on.

Yes, there are laws of existence. Some things inevitably happen in the same way regardless. But what does it mean? Well, what it means to me is that there is some unifying force behind it. Something that integrates things. And what could it be?

There are the integrating forces that constitute existence, being. What is beauty? Do you know? What is harmony? These are the things that integrate the existence and perpetuate it. They make you want to be, known as impetus to be. You are compelled to be because of those things. Harmony brings joy into your being and shows you how entities and aspects work together as a whole in total cooperation, adding to each other without conflicts, and that is why you want to continue to be. Basically, harmony is the very essence of life, born out of Love. It is one of the most powerful aspects and stimuli that reinforce Life as such. Disharmony is the essence of destruction and death. It will inevitably lead to destruction and conflict. These are the utmost mysteries of life, the laws of being, the principles of life as such.

Are you just automatons, some machines to perform some action according to your program? To achieve some goal? Goal of what? Ultimately, you are all going to be "dead" as a physical body. So that "goal" of yours is just a temporary abode of yours, just a flicker in eternity of All There Is.

Are you going to tell me life is just some exercise in futility, performed by some bio-robots programmed according to a limited set of instructions in the CPU between their ears?

Are you going to tell me it has no meaning and significance?

Are you going to tell me there is no purpose of you being here?

Are you going to tell me Love is nothing more than idea in your mind?

Then why are you here? For what?

What is this "enlightenment" thing but a denial of life as such? Sure, there is such a notion as "self-realisation", but what does it mean? Does it mean some "final" state of your being, beyond which no progress is possible? Can you "self-realize" more after "enlightenment"? If so, then the very notion is false. Because it is not complete and final. There is no certainty that you can not be improved upon. What is the difference between "enlightenment" and a carrot hung in front of your nose?

"Enlightenment", as far as progress of your being, reduces to a death-like state. It means total and final achievement beyond which no progress is possible as there is nothing left to explore because you know it all in and out. There is nothing left for you to do. And what would you call that state but death, even though it is not death of your physical body? Interestingly enough, Chandra Mohan states that once you achieve "enlightenment", you die, which makes sense from this point of view. Because there is nothing left for you to improve upon, to grow towards, to enlarge.

About the only thing left is to share your "light" with those, who are blind. And that is precisely the place where all the pseudo-masters hide behind, pretending that the very purpose of their lives is to help all those poor "seekers" to achieve the same state they are in. But, if that is the case, how come most of them empty your pockets and build themselves palaces and dress in king-like robes, trying to look like "gods" of some kind, trying to impress others with their "superiority"?

What is the EVIDENCE of their "enlightenment"? How do you even measure it or evaluate it? According to what principles? Well, for one thing, such a person should not look extraordinary or "superior" in ANY way. He should wear the simple clothes and demonstrate no attributes of wealth, "power", "authority" or anything that may look him different or "superior" to others. That proves his sincerity. It says he is not in it for money, power, fame or self-gratification.

Look for example at Jesus. He wore a simple robe and even walked barefoot. He did not even have a place to live in. That means he was doing what he was doing for other purposes than wealth and the rest of it. And that evidence builds TRUST. And trust is like a water to a small, virgin plant. Regardless of whether you accept his teachings or not, at least one thing you know - he is not a crook.

Let us talk about faith now

Let us talk about faith now. What is faith? Simple - it is your roots in existence. Everything you do is based on faith, no matter what you do and no matter who you are if you look at it deeper than a skin level.

Basically, faith has to do with the issue of completeness, strange as it may sound. Because in order to come to a final determination of anything whatsoever you need to have a COMPLETE definition or evaluation, to have the complete picture in its fullness. It means you need to consider ALL the aspects. Otherwise, you can not have confidence in correctness of your definition. If you missed something, then how do you know that what you thought of as insignificant is not that very "corner stone", that lays at the very foundation?

But the complete definition or evaluation is not possible, even in principle. Even if you manage to define the whole existence at some point, the next moment new elements will come into play and you would have to reevaluate the whole thing again. That is why you need faith, that final leap between you and Divine, the Creator, the Ultimate of All There Is. Faith is that bridge between you and Infinite, Ever Expanding and All Pervading Intelligence that will make your picture MORE complete, even though you can never reach full completeness, even if you ARE that very Essence, that Infinite Intelligence.

Full definition means death. It means the END. It means nothing else is possible. No development is possible, and, therefore, the very purpose disappears. Life turns into death, which is impossible under ANY circumstances whatsoever.

So, faith is that, which fuels Life itself.

First of all, faith is what you have with Chandra Mohan to a large extent, just to be blunt. Because most of what he said is not verifiable beyond things obvious on their face value, given a little effort, a little focus. It is either you accept it on faith, as is, without examination, via "trust" and "surrender to the master" trick, or vast majority of what he said has to be junked upon arrival. Because very little of it, if anything of significance, can be proven and validated. Vast majority of what he said were inventions, concoctions or recombination of those things that were said before him by the other "masters". And the more wild those things were, the more chance was there to achieve the "wow" response and impress others.

Yes, plenty of things he said were insightful and that can not be denied indeed. But I tell you: every single one of you, if he trusted himself and were open and knew what silence is, would be able to do the same thing. No one in existence has a private access to Truth. That is not how Truth "works". It is available to everyone and anyone, without exceptions, REGARDLESS of ANYTHING. This is the LAW, not theory, and you might see it one day, and I wish you it happens to you. The ONLY one, who stands between you and Truth is YOU. No power of anything can prevent that. Truth has no secrets. It all depends on your sincerity and your perceptiveness and openness, and not on the amount of knowledge you have gathered.

What is faith really? Well, what is "good"? What is love? What is creativity? What is being considerate to other people and not merely exploit them or parasite on them? Well, it is also based on faith, believe it or not.

Let us look at the notion of "good", which is the very basis of morality, which, in turn, is the basis of religion. Can you prove there is such a thing as "good"? Sorry, you can not. Not possible. You simply accepted it as a religious concept. In the Western world it goes back to Ten Commandments. Yes, there IS such a thing as FEELING good in your chest when you do something, think something or receive some energy from someone. But how do you know it is "good"? Just look at the murderer or a butcher killing someone. Does he not also feel "good", at least as HE thinks of it? Look at the sadist. Does he not feel "good" torturing someone? Does not the warrior or a king feel "good" winning a war? What is the difference then?

When you say "good", you need to consider the standpoint, specific situation, the purpose and other context. What is "good" for one, may turn out to be "bad" for others. What is "good" in one situation, may be deadly in other. What is "good" for one purpose, may be horrible for other.

So, the very notion of "good" is not self-sufficient. You need to bring in some other criteria to fully evaluate its goodness. They told you there is such a thing as "good" and so you accepted it without looking into it. Because "good" and "bad" are religious concepts. You won't be able to prove it or even fully define it, as to even define it, you need to consider the infinite number of aspects, the whole of Existence, which is dynamic and ever changing.

Everything eventually reduces to religion and is based on faith, even if you think yourself to be an atheist. Just look at it now, without judgement one way or another.

And it is based squarely in morality. And where does morality come from? Well, from religion. And thus you accepted your most fundamental assumptions based on faith.

Faith is one of the most illusive things there are, if not THE most illusive thing. Because eventually everything you do is rooted in faith. You can prove or verify very little of it if anything at all. At some point you simply trust your basic assumptions such as "good" when you do something or believe something.

It is either you do things for mercantile interests of your own belly, or you do it for some "greater" purpose, such as "good", which is beyond any individual entity and its private concerns.

When you try to do something new, why are you doing it? Is there any EVIDENCE that you are going to succeed with it? That it is going to work the way you expect it? How do you know? And so, vast majority of what you do is based on faith, faith that it will somehow work out in your favor or for some "greater good" at the end. This is what faith is. You might think that faith is something related to existence of God. But it is in your every step, in your every breath.

Why are you here? Can you prove the rationality of it? Can you prove there is some purpose for you to be here beyond stuffing your belly and shaking your rear end in ecstasy of idiocy? Just look at it now.

And God can not be proven or disproved. It is a matter of faith. So, what Chandra Mohan was doing all the time is trying to destroy the very notion of faith within you to reduce life to some kind of logic system or a mathematical formula that can be computed and some grand result calculated.

And the most shocking aspect of it is that he was not really trying to destroy faith in you. He was simply trying to replace one faith with another. Instead of you having a concept of God, some source of Good, he demands that you have faith in HIM as some kind of "master", except it is not clear of what.

Do you think you need an agent or an interpreter between you and Existence, between you and God? Then why are you here if you are defective and can not resolve the issues in your life? Are you but a puppet of someone to play you like a doll? What is the purpose of your life? To listen to sweet stories of others about God that does not exist? Isn't this ridiculous? Do you think someone else knows YOUR "problems" better than you yourself? How would they know it? Did they live YOUR life? Can they possibly know all the subtleties of your situation and your individual needs better than you? How is this possible?

And that is why, as far as I can see, U.G. Krishnamurti stated it so bluntly about the "enlightened" "masters" by saying:

"Throw them into a fire"!

Because they are nothing but a hindrance. They do not and can not "help" you but in some rudimentary ways, even though it would be better for you to find YOUR own way, which is why you are here as you are. They can only damage you by taking away your freedom and your dignity, denying you your inherent abilities to resolve the issues in your life with your own intelligence and with the help of the Infinite Intelligence, which stands at the very root of Existence. You will simply grow dependence on these "masters" and become weaker and weaker every day, more and more confused with piles upon piles of THEIR stories and "explanations" about Life as such.

But ALL they are telling you is THEIR own understanding, mostly applicable to themselves. Sure, some rudimentary things are universal and applicable to many. But that does not necessarily mean that YOU need it, at least the way they present it and at the time they did so. Every river flows its own way and so grows every flower, even though many things are common.

Because you are unique and incomparable and that is precisely why you are here - to express it. No one either knows "your path" or walks it. They can only walk their own path, at least if they are honest. At best, they can "help" themselves, and even that much is not so certain. Otherwise, there would be no need to call oneself a "master" thus elevating oneself above others, and for the others to accept it as some kind of reality, not to be questioned.

The very term "master" is the highest order of INSULT to every one of you, unless it has to do with some practical skill. How do you even measure or evaluate the mastership of someone? You may be a "master" in one skill and totally clueless in the other. So, when you say "master", you need to specify of what, in what context and to what extent. But people even tremble in the presence of some "master", accepting every word they say as though it was a word of God, not even looking at its essence and meaning. Yes, eventually it is themselves, who are responsible for getting screwed in the end. Who forced them to accept every world of someone unquestionably, without any examination of its validity, applicability or trueness?

You are here as you are and that is how God expresses Itself in its Infiniteness, in all possible and imaginable ways. There is no need for you to be if you are just a puppet, repeating someone's words or ideas and following someone else's path. What for? God needs no puppets. He/It needs CREATORS - those, who have courage to try something new, putting all their efforts into making it alive, out of mere potential.

The biggest crime of Chandra Mohan is that he tried to destroy the very concept of God, in every way possible. Because it was a hindrance to "his work", in zombifying you all that is. His never ending battle with the very concept of God simply does not make sense, unless it was some kind of a "competition" for the "supremacy" and the ultimate control over some herd.

Most of what he had to say about God is bluff, unless it was obvious on its face value pretty much. Sure, he was a brilliant and pretty inventive guy and so he went all over the scale trying to explain everything and anything. But those most fundamental things he said were based on faith. Just reexamine what you adopted from his speeches and you will be shocked. Vast majority of it is totally unverifiable, and totally unprovable, a pure grade "faith based initiative" just like that deranged satanist George Bush peddled.

See? So, let us leave it at that for now. Chew on it. Digest it well. Because that is the very ground you stand upon.

Christianity is the biggest evil there is

Chandra Mohan has spent an enormous amount of time trying to discredit the Christianity and to show that it is "the biggest evil there is". Well, let us see first.

Yes, it is beyond argument that Christianity is corrupt to the bone and marrow by now, and nearly all those priests are nothing more than servants of most profound evil, forever manipulating people via all sorts of "miracles", manipulation of fear and guilt, or the act of crucifixion, all for the purpose of parasiting on others and their gullibility, and to maintain a deadly grip of control and domination over everyone. They dress like the kings and behave like Gods, just like Chandra Mohan did. They are essentially the same Pharisees of modern day as Jesus argued against. They speak to you with Godly authority and pose as the only ones, who could understand and interpret The Scriptures, which is a lie.

Yes, there exists plenty of information that indicates that the Vatican is not even Christian by now. It is essentially a Masonic/Illuminati conspiracy, a secret society serving the NWO agenda and practicing nothing more than occult and satanism, just as symbology in Vatican itself shows. The ritual murders of babies with a golden knife are reported to be conducted in the Vatican itself.

We are not even talking about their sexual assaults on children, which is prevalent in this satanic organization called the Catholic church. Because they were corrupted centuries ago by the servants of evil of Rothschild's kind, and by now, they are corrupt to the bone and marrow. And the very fact they became corrupt indicates that they had nothing to begin with.

It indicates that they had some mercantile interests when they began their "religious" trip. To most of them, it was nothing more than "an easy way to make some money doing nothing" beyond brainwashing people and leading them AWAY from God - the Creator - The One. It was not a genuine search for Truth or God, that brought them into the church. Truth can not get corrupted. It will still remain, no matter how much corruption is there to distort it. But one day, sooner or later, you will see that spoonful of tar that spoils the barrel of honey.

They are perverts in their hearts, perverting and manipulating the message of Jesus and betraying him. This can not be denied indeed.

Their purpose was and is to destroy the Christian Church from within, just as planned, organized and financed by Rothschilds. Perverting and destruction of the Vatican and the Christian Church was one of the most important projects of Rothschilds as evidence on record shows in no uncertain terms. It was a part of their "grand plan" to rule and own the world. Nothing less.

That is, in a single statement: Vatican is satanism and occult, and we are not even talking about the global drug and arms trade, they are involved in and being at the top of, according to the prominent experts. Some claim they are the most powerful hand in the global drug trade, only comparable to the "queen", who represents the ancient bloodline and the Luciferian doctrine.

Pope - satanic hand sign Mano Cornuto

Pope showing the satanic hand sign Mano Cornuto.

No argument there. But...

But first of all, Chandra Mohan's own organization became as corrupt as it gets. His own expression "I am a rich-man's guru" is the very root of that corruption and of utmost grade. He just wanted to milk those "rich men" and buttress their egos with this kind of a "compliment" and ego gratification. Was he trying to deny the validity of the "poor men"? Why is that? Are they "defective"? Less deserving? Based on what criteria? Parasitism?

He even had guts to claim that only a rich-man could be truly "religious". Because his belly is full, and only when your belly is full, you can bother with things like religion. Because poor people are too much concerned with "survival" and have no time and energy to get into things like religion. Well, sounds logical. Hard to argue about it.

But it is a LIE nevertheless. Simply because, for example, most of the rich men only go to the church on Sunday, and screw the poor men the rest of the week. But the poor man LIVES with God. Because he is screwed all the time, and about the only one he can turn to in the world of evil is God. Who else, when everyone is corrupt? Yes, you can claim that the poor man is simply begging for help. Yes, but even that is not in all cases.

But the poor man is not corrupt. That is why he is poor. And corruption is the worst hindrance of them all, and that is why Jesus said: it is easier for the camel to get through a hole of a needle, than for the rich man to enter the Kingdom of God (not a literal citation). Because he does not have the most deadly attachment there is - money, power, influence, control and domination. Does THAT worth something? How many rich men are willing to give up their attachments in the name of God? Then why are they "rich"? Is it a necessity of some kind? Is it something required to have your dignity and live in Harmony with ALL?

As to me, the rich men should build the palaces not for themselves, but for the libraries, hospitals, universities and schools, theaters and museums. But not for themselves. That would be their recognition that everything they have come from the people who work for them and create this wealth, and who, therefore, are the ones to be honored for their work.

THAT is what Life affirmation is to me. And that would be the real evidence to everyone that we all live in a world of sanity and mutual respect and recognition that every human being is as valid as any other. Everything else is an INSULT to God and His/Its creation, where every single entity is as equally important as themselves.

In fact, from what I see, it was corruption from the day one, when Chandra Mohan created all those foundations, corporations and schemes of all kinds. And well before it. It was in his heart from day one of his "acharya" trip. There is enough evidence of it in his single statement to his father asking him "what do you need this thing for", to which he answered "watch me build my own empire". That single statement is enough.

Corruption is pretty much inevitable once the organisation grows to proportions of significance as all the parasites start gathering around it sensing they can have their share of parasiting on all the fools, seeking something they think they are missing.

For one thing, as per order of Rothschild, ZioNazi satanists were ordered to convert to Christianity, join their seminaries to get a religious education and penetrate the Christianity from within in order to destroy it.

As a result, most of the scriptures were perverted. The Talmudic satanist messages were added to the Bible. Bible and New Testament were perverted, not even mentioning the distortions during several translations.

Here is just one example: Jacob H. Schiff, the leader of Zionists, finances the complete rewriting of the Bible

Actually, the scriptures were perverted well before the Rothschilds. According to some prominent ZioNazis, like rabbi Abe Finkelstein for example, they were perverted back in the 15th century. Most of the originals were destroyed and the rest were rewritten specifically to distort the message of Jesus and to minimize or distort its significance. But, the miracle is, they were unable to distort the most essential parts of the message. It is still alive, to this day.

But, "throwing a baby with the bath water" is what? Does it mean that what was attributed to Jesus is invalid, just because Christianity is corrupt to the bone and marrow? Sorry, that does not follow from the rules of logic.

How many of you did look at what Jesus have said as reported in the New Testament? Which things did he say are invalid?

Let us just take a single quote from the New Testament:

4. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

5. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

9. As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

12. This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

13. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

15. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

16. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

17. These things I command you, that ye love one another.

18. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

19. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

20. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

23. He that hateth me hateth my Father also.

John 15 (King James Version)

Now. Is it something you throw away with a bath water just because Chandra Mohan makes some claims trying to invalidate it?

Interestingly enough, Chandra Mohan borrowed quite a few things from Jesus. Just a single quote above is enough. "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you" is the same exact thing as Chandra Mohan preached. But whose idea it was? Do you know?

And what he did by condemning Christianity is to tare away from the depths of your soul the life giving aspects of Jesus' message to you all. Nothing less. Just to replace it with his own image of omni-potent "master" trying to replace Jesus as I claim.

Even the communication from the "ruling elite family" of Lucifer admits there are things that are valid in the message of Jesus even though they claim that a lot of it was corrupted and perverted, which is not surprising at all.

If you had a choice of who would you stand with - Jesus or "Osho", what would you do? Think well before you answer.

If you ask me: who is the bigger evil - Jesus or Chandra Mohan, what do you think I will answer? And if you ask me: who is bigger evil than "Osho", I would keep silent. Because his name is nothing less than Satan, or Lucifer, whom these ZioNazi satanists worship. There is no other bigger evil than that in my mind. Not even possible in principle. Simple as that.

What Chandra Mohan was doing is to peddle the NWO ideology of the Illuminati and ZioNazi satanists. In that ideology, religion, and especially Christianity, is the biggest danger to their entire ideology of chaos, confusion, idiocy and enslavement of mankind and conversion of it into a herd of bio-robots and zombies, brainwashed to literal oblivion, whose purpose is to blindly and obediently serve the "elite" being the slaves they are. Just look around. What do you see all over?

Two of the key points of their "program" are destruction of religion, and specifically Christian Orthodoxy in Russia as the most "dangerous" force as it is incorruptible, and promotion of religious cults of Chandra Mohan's kind. All these songs about "freedom" he sang is what they call "the poison of liberalism" as reflected in the Protocols of Zion and affirmed in quite a few different documents and by some of their key authors.

See: 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300

Also: Protocols: The Plan

In order to control you, you have to be uprooted and shaken. All the ideas of good are to be erased from your mind and replaced with the ideas of "freedom and democracy", just like these satanists brainwash you on all the channels with all their "shows" of utter disgust which they make look like "freedom of choice", while waging wars and committing the horrendous crimes of genocidal proportions, spreading these lies about "freedom and democracy" throughout the world with sword and fire.

Here is one mind blowing book:

Invisible Khazaria - NWO - Strategies, Tools and Methods by Tatyana Gracheva

What they call the progressive forms in art, music and literature is in fact a destruction of the last patches of the ground for you to stand upon. And this is one of the most damaging aspects of the whole thing. Because art and sense of beauty and harmony are some of the most powerful defense mechanisms within you, your last guards.

It can not be manipulated via reason. Because art does not deal with reason or logic. But it can be manipulated directly via imposition of ugliness and disgust. With time, those guards simply get overwhelmed and shunned with unending jamming of your senses with utmost sickness. If the only thing you hear and see is sickness, eventually you forget all about genuine beauty, and if it is done to you since your childhood, then you never even learn the real beauty of structures and proportions in music, art, literature and the rest of art forms.

All this convulsive satanic sickness you see all over is nothing but promotion of utmost ugliness and disgust, utter tastelessness, filling your mind with all sorts of utterly meaningless noise of a madhouse, so you forget about anything genuine and life affirming.

And the purpose of it is to bring you down to animalistic level of a beast, which, by now, is what most of the people are. This massive campaign of zombification took its final shape and the zombification machine went into full swing in the seventies of the 20th century, even though it started centuries ago, pretty much from the ancient times.

They feed you sexual perversions and disgust everywhere you look, and call it "freedom" and "progressive" art. Gregory Klimov calls it a "degenerate art", which is exactly what it is in essence. It isn't even any kind of art as far as I can see. It is nothing but zombification procedure.

This is some of the deadliest stuff of all, and, by now, they got it down pat to the level of some science. These things are designed and developed by organizations such as the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the SRI (Stanford Research Institute) and few other of their "think tanks" where complete systems and methods of mind control are designed and developed.

I was shocked to learn that Jazz, hard rock, heavy metal, rap, techno are nothing more than pure grade satanism, and all those "stars" are nothing but mind control victims, and what is done to them to program their minds simply boggles ones mind, so violent and destructive it is. They do not even realise what is done to them while displaying the satanist symbology in each of their performances. If you look at all those "stars", and of the highest caliber, it is simply mind boggling. They are literal zombies, and once they have been used and played their role, they are simply thrown out into a garbage bin and some of them end up either committing suicide or dying out of drug overdose.

John Lennon showing the devil's horn hand sign
John Lennon showing the devil's horn hand sign

John Lennon showing the devil's horn hand sign.

An outstanding example of social conditioning to accept change, even when it is recognized as unwelcome change by the large population group in the sights of Stanford Research Institute, was the "advent" of the BEATLES. The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware.

When Tavistock brought the Beatles to the United States nobody could have imagined the cultural disaster that was to follow in their wake. The Beatles were an integral part of "THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY," a living organism which sprang From "THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN," URH (489) 2150-Policy Research Report No. 4/4/74. Policy Report prepared by SRI Center for the study of Social Policy, Director, Professor Willis Harmon.

The phenomenon of the Beatles was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system. Instead it was a carefully crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body which could not be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large population group targeted for change against its will. New words and new phrases - prepared by Tavistock - were introduced to America along with the Beatles.

See: Beatles - from "The Committee of 300" by Dr. John Coleman.

Michael Jackson showing the sign of Satan

Sign of Satan

Snoop doggy dog showing the Sign of Satan

What kind of art is this if you end up in a madhouse or commit suicide? Art is healing and life affirming to me. It is an abstract, and yet most tangible way of expressing what is creativity. It is that, which shows you the grand Laws of Life and its interrelationships. The real art can not possibly be destructive and disgusting. Not possible.

I do not think there exists a single real musician, composer or an artist among the "stars". Not possible, even in principle. With rare exceptions, you become a "star" not by the merits of what you create, but by the promotion of you into top slots and throwing tons of money at you to make sure your face is everywhere. So, first of all, you are SELECTED by the puppet masters because you fulfill their agenda and are sick enough as you are to be used as some kind of a virus to infect the minds of many.

All you have in art and "show" "business" is fakes and nobodies, utterly empty, running out of their skin to get some "fame", "recognition" and material benefits. The REAL musicians and artists are not even known, and I have seen enough of them with my own eyes.

Osho and Jesus

What is said in the name of Jesus in the New Testament by his disciples is enough, as it addresses the most essential principles of life. No need to add anything to it, and his message is the message of Life, not death. That is the difference.

And his message is the simplicity and clarity itself. All other messages by any other master, with all due respect, can not even come close to the very essence of it all. All those sophisticated systems, even Yoga, will simply make you waste your life forever reaching whatever they promise to deliver. But the same thing can be reached directly, if there is anything to reach to begin with.

He gave you all the keys and all the most fundamental concepts and principles. Nothing can be added to it unless you are interested in playing the sophisticated mind games.

I want to give you just one quote to put things in proper perspective, and, from now on, this will be the main charge against "Osho" as far as Jesus goes. This charge can not be erased as there exists no power in this world to do so. I suggest you read it carefully and remember every word of it as I will will address his doctrine of death and destruction and remind you of the doctrine of Life and Love.

Look here: Jesus was enlightened

And then compare it to this:

Jesus is a "mental case" ... he is a fascist

The moment you are able to trust in yourself, to be yourself, there will be no God. You will laugh at the whole concept of God.

Now, Jesus is praying to God, continually raising his hands towards the sky, as if God is there above in the heaven. And not only is he praying, he is receiving answers too - he is hearing voices! Now, these are symptoms of neurosis.

To tell you the truth, Jesus is a mental case. He is a nice fellow, he is a good person, but the way he behaves proves many things. He is a fanatic.

He carries the same kind of mind as Adolf Hitler. He is a fascist. He thinks that only those who follow him will be saved; anybody else who does not follow him is going to fall into eternal hell. Now, only a simpleton can say such a thing. Who is he to save anybody? But he says he is the only begotten son of God.

And he truly believes it. It is not only that he says it, he truly believes it.

Until the crucifixion, he truly believes it. It is only the crucifixion which brings a little sense to this insane man.

Only at the crucifixion he cries, "Why have you forsaken me?" He was certainly waiting for a miracle to happen. He is the only son of God, and God is not coming. And if he is not coming at the crucifixion, then when? And if even Jesus is not being saved, what is the guarantee that those who are going to follow Jesus will be saved? And the fools are still believing that they will be saved if they follow Jesus. Even Jesus is not saved, and he knew it. He waited for a time for the miracle to happen - but it didn't happen.

Silence, the Pull of the Innermost Zero from "Osho From Unconciousness to Consciousness"

So the people who want to prove that he was schizophrenic have enough proof. One day he says, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth," and another day he enters into the temple of Jerusalem, beats the moneychangers and throws them out of the temple. Can you think that this man is a meek man?

He talks about humbleness, humility, poverty of the spirit, and declares that "I am the king of the Jews," that "I am the real king." That is enough proof that this man has many minds, split minds. He talks about forgiveness, he says that God is love - and becomes so angry with small things. Not only with people, he became so angry with a fig tree, because his disciples were hungry, he was hungry, and there was no fruit on the tree.

Now this man is insane, because the tree is not in any way willfully preventing the fruits from growing at this time; it is not the time for the fruits. They come up to the tree with great expectation, and there is no fruit. Jesus takes it as an insult. The son of God comes, and what kind of fig tree is this? No respect! He goes into a rage, he curses the tree. The tree burns because of his curse: a green tree turns into a dead tree immediately. Now what kind of man is this? He must be mad! Can you think of him as a buddha?

Truly Right from "The White Lotus"

That's it. That is what Chandra Mohan will be associated with from now on, at least when it comes from my own mouth, and all his work will be interpreted in such a way as to discredit these and other similar messages of his.

I can tell you one thing: no honest man, a man of dignity and integrity can possibly say such things and fabricate such sick insults, utterly groundless, unless... "this man is insane", as he said about Jesus.

Just one question: how could the world of such a man as Chandra Mohan spoke about live on for thousands of years? And what authority and what evidence does Chandra Mohan have to make proclamations he made?

And why would one need to go THIS low? What seems to be the problem? How could "the greatest master" do such things? What is the point? Is this some kind of competition for "greatness"?

Every single thing Chandra Mohan said above is nothing more than a proclamation, not supported by any kind of evidence. It is one thing to shout slogans of all kinds. But it is a totally different thing if you claim to be interested in Truth.

I was personally present on plenty of his lectures in Oregon during the 1984-85 period that were initially published as Rajneesh Bible and later on republished under title The Last Testament. What I remember is his anger and fury, literally. He was projecting such a disgusting energy of some kind of revenge, that your head would spin in disbelief. He was literally attacking every "master" before him. For what? What have they done to him to deserve such a treatment?

I eventually simply had to stop coming to his lectures, as all of it looked like his ferocious anger at the whole world, pretty much a mental department level, and I mean literally.

Those six books were dedicated to all the masters he previously talked about and whom he glorified before. But what he did in this series is to pour buckets full of dirt on their heads and called them the most disgusting names. And his excuse for initially glorifying them was that he needed to establish "a customer base", attracting as many people as he could. And now he spoke the Truth about who they REALLY were. But it was not Truth, but perversions and stretching Truth to the point it became a total lie.

From what I see, he began to start loosing it in the most fundamental ways. It could be that those tranquiliser pills taken in monster dozes and those nitrogen oxide trips finally did their work and he literally became insane, which is clearly visible at the end of his life in Pune 2, when his obsession with control and domination finally reached its peak when he conducted these mass hypnosis sessions telling people to fall down into a hypnotic state while he kept repeating the post-hypnotic suggestions, and then to "come back".

In hypnosis, some external stimuli is used to induce the state of hypnosis. It could be anything, starting from some shiny object waved like a pendulum before ones eyes or some sound, like a clap. That boom on a big drum in case of Chandra Mohan was exactly a signal to all the subjects to fall into a hypnotic state.

His obsession with hypnosis was a result of his desire to dominate and control everything and everyone even though it was all performed on such a sophisticated level that many would not be able to realise what was in fact going on and what was he doing.

I saw some mass hypnosis sessions conducted by some of the most powerful hypnotists during their theater performance. That was a wild thing to see indeed. I could not believe my eyes. One thing I remember is when a hypnotist called someone on the stage, told him to lie down on three chars, one under his head, second one under his feet and a third one under his back. Then he would remove the middle chair and the person would remain straight as a concrete block. More than that, the hypnotist would then step on the top of hypnotised person on his belly and the body would not even bend. That was beyond belief. So, the kind of things that can be done to your minds under hypnosis is quite something indeed.

But hypnosis does not work on me, so I could see people sitting next to me in a state of hypnotic sleep when hypnotist performed a mass hypnosis session on the entire hall. There were some wild demonstrations performed during those sessions which prove the validity of hypnosis as clearly as it can be done.

The question arises: how can "enlightened" person say the kind of filthy things Chandra Mohan said about those, whom he himself previously called "enlightened"? Well, eventually he got as far as declaring that enlightenment is a myth and so is reincarnation, even though those were two key points of his entire doctrine. Once you remove those two concepts, everyone can just go home. What is the need for all this fuss about something that does not exist? So, basically, he just self-destructed with those declarations and his entire "system" had fallen down on itself as a house of playing cards. That was the end of him.

The problem here is that if Jesus was "enlightened" then how could he be a "fascist", "insane" and "schizophrenic" with a "split mind" at the same time? It does not work, you see. It simply discredits the very notion of "enlightenment" or it discredits Chandra Mohan during the later period of his life. Because it does not reconcile. It can not possibly reconcile. It means that either Chandra Mohan lied when he called Jesus "enlightened", or he lied when he called him all these ugly concoctions. Or both. But both can not possibly be true at the same time, even on the most primitive level of logic.

What is the value of the very notion of "enlightenment" if even "enlightened" person can be as evil and/or as blind as anyone?

What is it but the highest disgrace possible, even in principle, pronounced by someone whose entire doctrine is pure grade satanism and destruction, and in the LITERAL sense, not just something symbolic. Can these kinds of things be done by someone of honesty who is interested in Truth? What is the very purpose of such disgraceful statements beyond control and domination of the "herd" and an attempt to displace nothing less than God and take Its place, posing as some kind of "ultimate authority"?

Interesting issue here is this statement: "The moment you are able to trust in yourself, to be yourself, there will be no God". Why is that? You can trust yourself all you want but that has nothing to do with whether God exists or not. By merely having trust, do you somehow miraculously achieve the extraordinary powers to determine the existence of God? How so? And what if reality is just the opposite - once you are able to trust yourself you will recognize God as all-pervading essence of Existence? Could this be the case? Why not?

Interesting quote in this context is this one:

"My message is simple - that I have found the god within me."

Book: The Discipline of Transcendence Volume 2
Date: Fri, 3 September 1976
Chapter 4: The Blessed One

You might want to look at that chapter because the context of this quote is quite interesting if you can perceive the subtleties of it.

One thing it clearly implies is that there IS God. Within or without is irrelevant. Except there is a hidden meaning in it also - I AM that very God.

To me, the only valid interpretation is: I found God within, and it is the same God as outside of me. I am a part of Divine manifestation. But in no way I am the WHOLE of it. This is that very subtlety of distinction between God and Satan. It may look the same, but it is not. These are the opposites. Most subtle and yet most poisonous.

There is one argument for existence of God even though it is a pretty complex argument and yet most compelling one. It has to do with Integrating essence of it. Out of seemingly endless permutations of particles there comes the world, including the immense variety of entities and objects, all with their own identities. That means there is something that brings those particles together into intelligent, be it semi-intelligent, beings, such as man. This simply can not happen out of random permutations of "probabilities". Even statistical analysis shows that from purely random permutations, in order to become a human being, it would take nearly infinite amount of time, certainly many orders of magnitude more than Big Bang theory states.

What is gravitation for example? On what basis do the particles and objects attract each other? Scientists can not answer this question to this day. They do not know what is gravitation.

Now... Did not Chandra Mohan know better what Jesus was talking about, who was he talking to and in what time frame and in what circumstances? Well, apparently in his earlier statements about Jesus he knew and could understand these very statements about Jesus he condemned later on. This implies that the only possible reason for such fundamental contradictions is manipulation for some purpose. I see no other alternative.

Who was Chandra Mohan kidding with all his most vulgar and literal interpretations? How was it possible for Jesus to beat the most sophisticated arguments of the Pharisees and literally disable them if he was nothing but some insane lunatic? Is there any evidence anywhere that the Pharisees were able to beat a SINGLE of his arguments? And if any of you know who were the Pharisees, you'd think better. Those were the most sophisticated scholars and highly learned philosophers.

They were those, who are known to be the "Learned Elders of Zion" with whom the "Protocols" were associated, and those protocols clearly outline their entire doctrine, known as the NWO, which is a single super-state with a single ruler to rule the entire earth. And that doctrine is in its final fruition this very moment. After thousands of years, "the symbolic snake of Zion", as it has been described in the "Protocols", has finally engulfed the entire planet. At this junction the Illuminati and ZioNazis control the world on any and all levels, and in any and all governments. The so called "Project Endgame", activated by Obama as reported by the Foreign Ministry of Russia, is enough of an evidence. And that "project" is a global concentration camp, literally speaking.

There is nothing much left of the world. It is all in their pocket by now. Check it out. If THAT won't blow your mind to pieces, nothing will. There exists no evidence to this day that proves the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion are forgery. Not a shred. Ask Mossad why were they concerned back in seventies of the 20th century that if certain things become known, the entire controversy of the Protocols may resurface, as was described by former Mossad operative in his book "The Other Side of Deception".

Concern with Protocols Controversy from "The Other Side of Deception" by Victor Ostrovsky.

There was no one alive who could beat the arguments of Pharisees. The Talmud contains the recipe on any imaginable situation and the "answers" on how it should be handled and interpreted. I am not aware of any other system that is so complete and so detailed, going down to the most idiotic things and situations. And nearly all of it is some kind of war against the world, meaning all non-"Jews", and the ways to control, dominate, oppress, manipulate, parasite and destroy them.

It is a complete system, sophisticated as it gets. They even have all sorts of argumentation exercises to perfect the skill of winning any kind of argument conceivable. So, if even those guys could not make a fool out of Jesus, and prove him wrong, which is exactly what they "do for living", than what does it tell you? How could this be?

What is the need of trying to make an "enlightened" man look like someone insane, just like Chandra Mohan did to Bodhidharma, whom, in the beginning of his book, "Bodhidharma - the greatest zen master", he called what the book title says, and at the end of the book he became just a delusional lunatic. The same story. He even had guts to insult Buddha, like he was some kind of a dead man, utterly insensitive, sitting there like a vegetable, and yet, to his end, all his lectures were carried out in which hall? Well, Buddha hall. He even had guts to claim that Buddha had entered him, and that was at the end of his life, well after he insulted Buddha.

Did not Chandra Mohan know that Truth will eventually come out? Or could he care less what happens after him? And yet he claimed he is still going to be around even after his death by saying "where am I am going to go? I am going to be right here"? How did he know? Did God tell it to him, the same God that "does not exist"?

The same story is with Lao Tzu in whose name Chandra Mohan named his house, Socrates and you name it. All were finally called idiots, perverts, fat parasites and the list goes on. And the reason he praised them initially was that he needed to "build a customer base" as he himself stated on record. So, was it some kind of a business? Did he have some vested interest with his "mystery school", his "commune" and that "new man" he claimed to be interested in creating?

If anyone is to make any claims about others being insane it is not him as last years of his life show. It was basically a mad house grade insanity as far as I can see.

Again, the message of Jesus was encoded with a triple key. You can not interpret it on its face value, and "greatest master ever" should have known better. Even an entry level student of New Testament knows that there is a meaning behind the words and appearances and that is the very definition of mysticism - to see something beyond ordinary, beyond mere appearance of a physical form.

Furthermore, it has been stated that John was the only one among all the disciples who could understand that ultimate, third level meaning, and that is why Jesus loved him.

See for example: Intro to Encoding and Revealing all thereof little by little

Also: Introduction

Chandra Mohan's "trademark" was destruction of idiocy, prejudice and all the blind beliefs of religious fanatics, fools and parasites, and he did quite a job at that. He showed their cunningness, lies and their mercantile interests in the most graphic terms.

But he created a new problem because he lied and manipulated too much, and about the most important principles and concepts. So, his whole message was essentially Satanic as this is its very nature - turning things upside down, denying, lying, perverting and destroying.

He denied the greatest "masters" before him.

When it was said in the New Testament that Jesus resurrected some people, remember about the triple key encoding for one thing. Secondly, there is no guarantee that this is not one of those things the scriptures were corrupted with and some things were specifically planted to discredit Jesus, and I have no slightest doubt about that. Because I have seen some research on it and, secondly, it perfectly fits and aligns with other things. But let us leave it aside for now.

There are claims, and I do not remember the details, that state that some things were not in the original scriptures. They were added later and/or the original message was modified by Satanists in order to discredit Jesus, who was their worst enemy.

Another thing to remember is that there exists no original writing or any kind of dictation by Jesus. The New Testament was written generations later. Furthermore, there are claims that there were more than thirty testimonies and not just four as recorded in the New Testament. Why these particular four testimonies were chosen is quite an issue in itself. So, you need to look carefully at every word and idea. You can not just read it in a literal sense.

And the message attributed to Jesus is as clear and simple as it gets. No need to read that library size Talmud or listen to ten thousand lectures of Chandra Mohan filled with dazzling light effects and concepts. No special anything is required to see the Truth of most of it, even if you can not see the ultimate meaning of it.

How could it be done differently considering it was two thousand years ago? What language would one use and what kind of examples would one give to make a point he was trying to make considering who was he talking to and what was their tradition? What would Chandra Mohan himself do in his place?

Jesus has never been shown to be a liar or a dishonest man, and don't you think it is worth something?

Plus he was not a coward and did not try to run away and abandon his people when he knew 100 percent they are going to kill him inevitably. Because that is their very teaching.

On the top of it, he did not drive the Rolls Royce and did not swim in the "Olympic size swimming pools", which is something of value, don't you think?

Plus he called them his friends and he told them: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". And he even proved that with his own life.

He did not sit on a podium, even UG Krishnamurti did not. They both sat among you on the same chair you do.

He never wore the custom made king robes, a new one every day. You could just come and visit him at the place where he sleeps and even stay with him overnight if you came too late.

He ate the same food you do and wore the same kind of sandals you do.

He did not give you any complicated concepts and fictions of all kinds that you can not prove for yourself just by looking at it. No chakras, no reincarnations, no samadhi and the rest of it.

No groups, no "therapies" and no "enlightenment intensive" crap. Nothing.

No complicated and tedious paths to waste half of your life getting nowhere fast.

No "other shores".

Not even a "single hand clapping".

No "goose is out" or goose is in.

No "aromas of enlightenment".

No "new man" and no "borderless world" which is hell.

No talking to politicians or rulers about how the world should be built or ran.

No "wisdom of the witches".

No condemnation of the mind.

No endless enumeration of your fallibilities.

How do you prove someone is real? Better than that, what is the difference between real and unreal?


This is pretty disgusting. I'd say as disgusting as it gets. And it is also fundamental, as fundamental as I can imagine, as it is nothing less than the issue of life and death.

Chandra Mohan called Christianity "Crossianity", meaning that it is an obsession with an act of crucifixion - a death obsession. So his argument was that it is a religion of death worship while he himself talked about death in 3343 of his lectures out of roughly 5,000. Interesting, isn't it?

So, let us see here.

First of all, Chandra Mohan in his earlier lectures explained the Cross symbol as meeting of the vertical - consciousness, with horizontal - the unconsciousness. There was no classification of the Cross symbol as any kind of death obsession. But then, in his later lectures in Oregon, when he was attacking Jesus like a mad dog, he associated a Cross symbol with death, which is what he claimed Christianity is.

For one thing, the Cross symbol is more ancient than Christianity. It was not associated with crucifixion of Jesus. It had other meanings. Do your own investigation on this.

It is true that crucifixion plays a central role in Christianity. The very symbol of Christianity is a Cross. So it seems like manipulation of your deepest motivations and propagation of misery, tears and pity and a projection of guilt.

But. What Cross stands for is something tremendously significant. It is about destruction of all the messangers of Good. Let us look at it in the context of Jesus' statement:

Your father is the devil

On Judeo teachings and Jewish God Yahweh, Jesus said:

"Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father.

He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the Truth, because there is no Truth in him.

When he lies, he speaks from his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies"

(John 8:42-44)

This statement is of tremendous significance.

If there is any classification of this statement, you can simply say: THIS IS IT.

This single statement can be summarised in a couple of words: The history of mankind.

Specifically, since the foundation of the Illuminati secret society, the world has changed in the most profound ways. So, during the last 250 years at least, what rules the world is the ideology of evil, LITERALLY. It is everywhere by now. In other words, you live not in the world of yours that naturally developed this way. You live in an artificial world ruled by the concepts of utmost evil and now it came to its final fruition.

Nearly everything you know, all your ideas and concepts, your art and science, your philosophy, your social organization is all ruled by evil, no matter where you look.

Chandra Mohan said: wake up? And he offered you a poison pill labeled "liberation and freedom", "there is no God", "do as you wish to 'enjoy'"?

And this assertion of Jesus is LITERALLY true and you can see the evidence of it all over nowadays. Undeniable evidence of actual facts and not just some theories.

So, this statement by Jesus is a historically proven FACT, beyond any argumentation.

What we are dealing with here is the most fundamental struggle between death and life, between Good and destruction.

The forces of evil are inevitably destructive and there are tons of evidence of it in historical terms. In fact, this is the very foundation of Satanism, its main principle, beyond denial, turning things upside down and perversion of the very essence of what life is.

The most honest and pure people have been destroyed throughout history. And those were the people with vision and whose contribution to un-zombification done by this death cult was tremendously important and significant.

And so the Cross is indeed a symbol of death. And it is a reminder to you all of what are the stakes in this game of life we are all playing while vast majority of us is utterly blind and in the most profound terms.

Unless you see the inevitability of destruction you will not understand the work of Jesus.

Cross is not a threat, but a reminder to you all. The reminder of the only alternative - death and destruction.

And so when you cross yourself with your hand, you may not sense the significance and an impact of it. But it is there nevertheless. And it is a forever reminder to you all of the MOST significant issue of life.

And if you EVER forget the stakes and ignore it, you are simply bound "to fall into a ditch". This is simply inevitable.

Another aspect of it is that you have to remember that what is at stake is your life. You are not going to be spared if you ever decide to challenge satanism, death and destruction. Whatever happened to Jesus will also happen to you, be it in some other form. But you will be destroyed.

So, it brings your whole energy into focus. It requires total commitment to stand against the most profound evil, the central goal of which is death and destruction. Anything else can not even compare with significance of this single symbol.

The Cross is the most potent symbol. With a single word, a single symbol it outlines the battle for life, and it IS a battle, only if you could comprehend it. And it is a never ending battle. If you think life is about "dancing under the stars", think again and look at it.

By now, what has been destroyed as far as humanity goes, is almost every life affirming principle, a notion of life carrying traditions.

And what is traditions? Is it some kind of superstition caused by fanaticism? Not necessarily. It is a combined wisdom of the ages, passed from generation to generation and delivering to you the most insightful glimpses, experienced by those before you. And that is why it is alive. Otherwise, it would simply die out if it no longer held true. Sure, there is plenty of superstition around those traditions. But that does not imply that traditions as such is nothing more than fanaticism and stupidity. You just have to look at it and "separate the burgers from the flies".

The very notion of morality is destroyed by now. What has been known since the dawn of civilisation as Good, the most important property of life affirming principle, has been replaced with this "poison of liberalism" pill, and Chandra Mohan is among those, who dedicated immense amounts of energy and efforts on destroying it, and replacing it with this free sex pill, utter "freedom", total "screw it all, I could care less" ideology of hedonism and blind self-indulgence, leading eventually to nothing less than death and destruction. Inevitably.

Art, music, literature, poetry and even science have been poisoned with the ideas of utmost sickness, idiocy, "I don't care"-ness and blind idiocy of zombies and biorobots, brainwashed to oblivion.

Most fundamental principles of social organization, and probably the most advanced of it is the monarchy of Christian Orthodoxy, where at the head of the state stands no one less, but the servant of God, who cares for his people like they are his own children.

The alternative to monarchy is this so called democracy, the rule of the blind herd essentially with all these endless arguments about "freedom", peddled by the blind manipulators to the blind. That is the meaning of a term "a poison of liberalism" as it is outlined in the Protocols of Zion. They clearly state that they introduced this poison in order to destroy the very foundations.

Monarchy has been replaced with these sick ideas such as communism, "open society", "borderless world", "global village", "new world order" and the like, ALL of which is UTTER and COMPLETE lie. They simply uprooted you, and a tree that has been uprooted can grow no more. The very purpose of all these notions is to consolidate the power in single hands and to create a single empire ruled by the forces of most profound evil.

The family institution has been destroyed, and a family as a basic cell of society has been replaced with all these "liberal" ideas, and, nowadays, they do not even consider family as something of significance, something of life sustaining and affirming principle.

And family is where you first learn love. What can be more significant than life sustaining love of your mother? What can be more significant than love and lessons of strength, wisdom and skill given to you by you father? What can be more significant then love of your brother or sister?

What is closer to you than that? You mean people like Chandra Mohan with their collections of diamond watches preaching you love while not caring you even exist beyond the ability of parasiting on you?

Where can you learn that love? In some school where the teacher could care less you exist in most cases? In some "commune" aka "the concentration camp"?

Osho Ghetto

What Chandra Mohan had in his "commune" is EXACTLY the same thing as known as ZioNazi ghettos, a self-imposed isolationism of "god's chosen people" or "the elite" as Chandra Mohan called "his people". Done in order to control the herd. As long as they are physically together, it opens up all sorts of opportunities to control them as a single unit, as a herd. Otherwise, if they are spread out around the world, how are you going to control them?

What is significant is Chandra Mohan destroying the family institution as an example on the Ranch in Oregon. Children would spend all day with some "teacher" in a common kindergarten. Yes, with all due respect, some teacher can in some way teach a child some things. But is it the same thing as mother or father? Why would he even care about some child? There is no personal involvement.

So, the parents worked 12 hr. work days and would not see their children all day long. By the time they get home, they simply had no energy left for a child. And so the child would never receive love from his own parents, and what love is more significant to a child than love of the dearest to him, his own parents?

And what happens to you if you are not with your mother all day long? Do you know?

And more than that, the very notion of home has been replaced with this "commune", some dormitory like structure which has no roots. And what is home? Well, it is your roots to the Earth. Without home you are nothing but a gypsy, and even those have homes, even though they are temporary.

Do you realise what Chandra Mohan did to your children? Well, he simply made them insensitive to the most life giving principle - love. Children knew not their parents and so the parents knew not their own children. Instead, they lived separate lives of "freedom". This is not only disgusting. This is probably the most criminal thing conceivable as it destroys the very roots of society, the family.

This is EXACTLY the NWO model.

Siddhartha kid, the "buddha" of Chandra Mohan

I'd like to bring up the case of Siddhartha kid at the ranch. When this kid was born, Chandra Mohan in his ashram in Pune proclaimed that he is going to be a great seer, like Buddha. Kind of hope for the mankind. Some messiah that would lead the world. I was kind of curious about this wonder kid. I wanted to see what will come out of it.

Then, on the ranch, when that kid grew up to be some seven year old, I had a chance to see him several times. Jeeez, what a monster he was. It was totally insensitive, totally arrogant, obnoxious, violent, ego centric brat, utterly brainless animal. I was in such a disgust, I can not even tell you. If there is a disaster of a kid, he was the embodiment of it. You could not be around that sicko for more than a few seconds. He could just attack you, and I mean physically. If there was something beyond belief, he was an embodiment of it.

And the point here is that this is EXACTLY what is going to happen to your children if they do not receive love and care of a personal kind from their own parents. This Siddhartha bastard was raised according to Chandra Mohan principles. And that is why he became utterly insensitive monster. And I can bet you, that is what he is right now. I bet you by now it is utterly frustrated being lost in the ocean of life, and I would not be surprised if he became some criminal or a pervert, or someone of most despicable grade. At best, he would become a religious parasite since there was some inherent "fame" as a result of Chandra Mohan proclamations about his "Buddha" nature and about his messianic destitute. Would not be surprised at all.

Or, alternatively, he will become a "revolutionary" as a result of his rebellion against all the violence and insensitivity done to him in his childhood. He will become a destructive monster, and those are precisely the most desirable kind in this NWO agenda.

The very notion of family has been replaced with all sorts of most disgusting perversions of "sexual freedom" and "sexual preferences". Homosexuality, lesbianism and even sadism and sadomasochism are considered nowadays as something "progressive", something of an "open mind", which is utmost lie. This has been done partially for population reduction purposes. And statistics in sociology are simply mind boggling. The destruction simply marches on - straight to hell. LITERALLY.

And a contribution of Chandra Mohan to destruction of the very idea of a family is one of his most significant "contributions" to this satanic model of global madness of "borderless world" or "new world order", which is nothing more than chaos and senseless destruction.

The very principles of Truth have been replaced with "do what it takes to stuff your own belly". There is no such a thing as Truth any longer. It has been replaced with gain and self-interest.

Your education system has been destroyed on a global scale. People are not educated at schools. They are being zombified with most primitive principles of acquisition of some "practical skill" to do some stupid, biorobotic function.

The very brain functionality has been shunned. There are specific steps in "the program" to disable any abstract thought process and suppress the creative principles. The part of the brain responsible for activity in mathematics, physics your structural thought process have been heavily suppressed via system of zombification they call education.

The tests for exams are replaced with some sub-idiotic three choice answers on some question list, where you check some item on the list with "right" answer. Thus, they no longer test your intelligence, but instead, your ability to chose between three pre-determined alternatives, idiotic as it gets. Just like zombies, like biorobots, brainwashed into oblivion with the only "official" "right" answers. Anything else is simply suppressed. You can not think and argue with your teacher on an exam. He does not even talk to you. He does not even verify the correctness and appropriateness of your answers. It is all done by some dumb computer calculating some idiotic statistical function.

That eventually destroys your very structural and logical thinking and your ability to find some solution that may turn out to be alternative to primitive simple choice. The ability to comprehend the complexity of some issue is simply disabled. So your brain literally works like some CPU, some calculator adding up some numbers to get some "answer" to some specific issue.

Your political system is TOTALLY and completely corrupt. It no longer serves the people. It only serves the interests of the puppeteers, who bought all those politicians gun, stock and barrel, and those puppets simply dance to the tune of their song of death. What matters is this NWO idea of a single super-state, ruled by the representative of Lucifer. LITERALLY. It is not just some parable.

And this is not the end of the list. By FAR.

World Domination 401

When death approached, old Amschel Rothschild called together his children, in Frankfort, and having read the satanic Talmud, he proclaimed:

"Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us, Jews, and that the Gentiles being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing".

Explaining this, Amschel compelled them to swear most solemnly that they would always stick to one another and never undertake anything separately. This they did and it was repeated on Amschel's grave twenty-four years later, when Nathan for material reasons consented to become a "Christian" and "suddenly" died ...

Secret World Government by Cherep-Spiridovich

So, can you see what Cross symbol signifies in this context?

Yes, indeed, the cross signifies and outlines the MOST important issue of all, the very essence of the struggle for life with nothing less than death, which is marching victoriously even as we stand today. ALL your societies have been totally destroyed by now. And the pettiest thing is you do not even see it or realize the significance of it.

ALL you want is some "pay check", to stuff your belly, to follow some zombie "fashion", that has been specifically designed to destroy your foundations, such as a sense of beauty and harmony. Just to be like all others in fear of "survival". Just to remain in the middle of the herd where it is most "safe" as far as your "survival" goes.

Your "fashion" is designed by the organizations and "think tanks" such as Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. And not according to principles of beauty or harmony, just the the other way around. It is specifically designed to convert you into utterly senseless zombies and a bio-robots, programmed according to a limited set of instructions. It is designed specifically to replace a sense of beauty with utter disgust meant to show you your animal nature because you ARE nothing but animals to them just as recorded in their satanic "scriptures" such as Talmud and Shulchan Aruch. LITERALLY.

It is to reinforce the idea that you are nothing but a beast and life is nothing more than a desire to stuff your belly and jerk off into some hole. And most of you do not even see what they are doing to you. You just want to convulse your body to their satanist "music", where you shake your ass and expose your balls in pride.

And THAT is what the symbol of Cross stands for, and THAT is what it addresses. To minimize the significance of it, or to pervert it to look like a symbol of death worship, and by those very death worshippers of Chandra Mohan kind, is not only dishonest and corrupt to the bone and marrow, but is nothing less than the work of propagation of death.

These stupid satanists, no matter what is their color or creed, while forever speaking about Truth, do not seem to realize that their sick ideologies will ever be exposed for what they are, which is pretty much inevitable.

And so they run really fast, destroying your roots as quickly as they can, hoping against all hope, that by the time you will be able to realize what has been done to you, it will be too late as you will LITERALLY become a zombie and a bio-robot with totally dysfunctional brain.

Comments on Jesus

What we are going to discuss here is the very essence of teaching of Jesus. These few statements of his are his entire doctrine. All other things are just bells and whistles as far as I can see. Yes, there are other ground shaking statements by him on record. But if you understand the meaning of these statements, you understand the work of Jesus as I claim. So fundamental they are.

First of all, I must say that I am not a Christian in a "formal" sense that is. Secondly, I claim no authority.

But this is simply immense and I do feel like trying to get to the Third Level, the ultimate level of understanding of work of Jesus. All the levels below it do not actually disclose the ultimate meaning and significance of it all.

So, please forgive me, but I will comment in place, meaning my comments will be intermingled with the original statements by Jesus as it is recorded in New Testament.

4. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

First of all, what I can see as far as "me" is concerned, he is not talking about himself as something separate from God. By "me", what is implied here is nothing less than God, or rather its manifestation in human flesh, whose purpose is to disclose that very grand life-giving force of creation. People of his caliber would never, under any circumstances, elevate themselves to the level of ultimate unless it is a parable, which it is in my view. It is not just his ego he is talking about here. Otherwise, the whole thing is an exercise in futility.

How would he talk about God, that grand force that stands behind him when he talks to simple people who could not possibly comprehend it? Well, that is how. He simply had no choice, especially if you consider his other statements where he clearly states he is "son of man", or a man, to show he is just like others. This is a dilemma. If you say "I am God", then all would think he is just a salesman or a crook of some kind. If he says: "I am man", then they'd ask: then what is the difference between you and us? So, what do you do in his position? How would you talk about that, which is beyond comprehension of simple, and even not so simple people?

This is about faith. This is what faith is. This is basically a description of law of life. There is apparent aspect which is visible, and there is hidden aspect, as a result of which the very life exists. Life is an effect. But at the roots of that effect lies the cause, which is what God is.

You need the basis, the roots from which all life springs. Without it how can you possibly grow? What are you going to draw your strength from? Without the roots you can not exist. Your very ideas that you are something on your own is just a delusion, and all these "freedoms" they sell you is nothing but a myth, invented to enslave you finally, as if you are not grounded and connected to the very source, you will simply become a slave with these "freedoms". They are invented as a temporary measure in order to destroy your roots, and then they can be taken away when you are well done, and that is what we see beginning to happen this very moment. What is "freedom" of a blind?

But how can you trust? All you see all around is disgust and violence, perversions, lies, manipulation and slaughter. So how can you trust?

But by Trust it means you REACH. Reach beyond all you know. And know ye that at the very foundation lays that which is known as Good, just like when you were a baby sucking the mother's titie. Did you have ANY doubt that the life giving energy of your mother and her life giving warmth will enter you?

Life comes out of Good. And Good is not just a consolation as Chandra Mohan perverts it to look like. It is the very ground you stand on, the very roots of life. If there is no Good, what is the very purpose of it all? It has no future. Sooner or later it is going to self-destruct. Good is that very impetus to be, that very desire to exist. Never forget this, no matter what kind of kinky theory of "freedom" or "independence" some "master" gives you.

This is the very basis of morality. There can be no other basis is what I claim.

And you simply enter me, the very essence of me. That force that stands at the very roots of life.

5. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

When Jesus says "I", do not, even for a moment, think of him as some ego, some person, some entity with earthly concerns. When he says "I", he means the very source of Life, the very essence of it - That Which Is. He is completely immersed in it. There is no separation. It is one and the same energy.

Jesus is totally identified and committed to God. There is no other interest in him. His whole life, his every single effort is dedicated to clarifying the meaning and significance of Life Force as such, the Prime Organising and Life Sustaining Principle. The very roots of it.

He has no king's robes, no diamond encrusted pens or watches, no Rolls Royces. He lives exact same life as others. There is no special anything for him.

And he says: please remember that you are not just some individual and independent entity, even though it looks like you are. Even if you are a wine, there needs to be a source to give you nourishment. You are not just an island in the middle of unlimited ocean of random permutations as they teach you everywhere. You ARE connected, connected to the very source of life.

Do not EVER forget this. Because this is the most important aspect. You can not be partial. You need to fully enter, commit to it with your very being. There can be no reservations of ANY kind. Once there is a reservation, that's it. You won't be able to proceed. It will hold you like chains.

And he says: be with me just like I am with God and I am with you. Meaning, he will not abandon you. He will stand there to the end no matter what kind of trouble you are in, no matter who says what, not matter what you have done, understood or misunderstood. This is the highest possible level of friendship - friendship in life and death. And your friend is THERE. All that is needed is your sincerety and the rest will be there for you.

9. As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

He says: I am passing ALL the life affirming energy to you. I do not withhold ANYTHING. I am TOTALLY with you, in every one of your heart beats. What other evidence do you need?

And "my father", which is the source, loved me. And so I love you just the same way, totally, unconditionally. And please remember to do the same to others. There is no other way. Otherwise, you will be lost in a desert never having enough of that life giving water.

What is "father" he uses? Well, it is that very integrating source of life, the very essence of it all. And it is there. Life is not just some random madness. There IS a root of it. There IS that integrating force behind all the noise you see all over. It is not just noise in a madhouse you think you are in.

12. This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

He says: stay at your roots. Love is roots, roots of life. Stay in it. Never ever betray it. Do not doubt it. It is there, no matter what. It is like a magnetic attraction. Without it, you are dead. You become a random particle, floating in the endless ocean, not knowing where to cling, attract.

This statement basically means: this is the law of perpetuation of life. It is like a seed. Unless it is carried on and reseeded, you are doomed.

I feel sad that I have to bring Chandra Mohan into discussion about Jesus as he is not only in the same camp, but just in the opposite one if you know what it means. But I have to do it, just to bring some contrast between real and unreal. It is like a sound effect. Like a reverberation. By itself, it means nothing. But in the context of primary sound it adds depth.

And here is what Chandra Mohan says, just a little quote:

"... Your love has to be purified, your love has to be raised higher, has to be made more conscious... "

Book: Osho Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
Chapter: Existence does not believe in speed

Can't you see this profanity? This vulgarity? This exploitation? These are just subtle poisons wrapped into nice looking candy wrappers. All his beautifully sounding words are there to show you your inferiority.

These are all lies. No - love does not NEED to be purified. It can not be "purified". How do you purify love? It is already purity itself. What do you expect to achieve by "purifying" love? How does one check if his love was "purified" enough? What are the rules and methods to do it?

No - love does not have to be raised "higher". What is higher than love? There is nothing higher. And what does it mean "higher"? Higher than what? How do you measure how "high" it is? If there is love, there is nothing to perfect it. It can not be done.

No - love does not need to be made "more conscious". This is simply bizarre. What does it mean for love to be "conscious"? Conscious of what? This perpetuation of greed for "conscious" is nothing more then a byproduct of spiritual superiority trip of his, just to show you your fallibilities, sucked out of his finger.

Love and "conscious" can not be mixed in the same bowl. As long as you love, sooner or later, no matter what, you will learn whatever there is to learn. Because you are totally open, which is what love is. And you can not force a fruit to grow faster. It grows by itself and when it is mature, there is inherent sweetness, which is what "conscious" means. You can not force that maturity. It can not be done. There is no need to do anything in fact. It comes as a natural process of maturing. No effort is needed to make it "more" "conscious". This is religious bluff for the purpose of exploitation is what I say.

The way it looks to me is Chandra Mohan is just insulting you and laughing at you in the most arrogant way, not even considering you to be intelligent enough to ever be able to find out what he is saying, like you were all literal zombies and all you deserve is to piss into your faces by telling all these most blatant lies. Not even clear if he even cared that there are alive people sitting in front of him listening all this utterly irresponsible crap no one will ever be able to verify, even in principle. How do you verify what is is saying here?

You have to be utterly corrupt to assert such things as "improvements" on nothing less than love. There is nothing "higher" than it.

You can not place "buts" on love. Did Jesus say: I love you BUT? And this is exactly what Chandra Mohan is saying: I love you, BUT! There is no ifs and buts with love. Either it is there, and be grateful it is, or it is not there, what a sad moment.

13. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

This is at the very peak of it all as far as you and external goes. Friend is something external to you, except it is the closest of all external. What he says is that unless you are with your friend to the very end, regardless of anything, unless you are willing to give your very life for the one, who is dearest to you - your friend, you will not see the very meaning of life. Even the very notion of effort is not applicable as you make no effort. You just can not do otherwise. It is not even a matter of thought process and considerations of all kinds.

It is an ultimate test of your love if you can even sacrifice your own individual motivations or interests to that which you know to be external, and yet, a part of your heart, the dearest and most beloved. Unless you come to that point, you will never understand the deepest meaning of life, the very essence of it.

And in order for you to go that far, you need to know that there is this all pervading Good. You are one with your friend.

The real friend is not separate from you. He is in your blood stream, in your very heart beat. It is him, who is the human manifestation of the very essence of life, that profound Good.

Once you are friends, you can not betray. You can never become "enemies". That is simply impossible, no matter how much betrayal you see all around.

15. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

This is not just a statement, but an explosion. I claim Chandra Mohan in all ten thousand hours in his "lectures", filled with all sorts of pretty sounding words, did not say anything comparable to this single statement. It is a crux of it all from the standpoint of "master"-"disciple" relationship. Master and disciple are not separate is what is said here. It is one and the same thing.

This is so tremendously beautiful. I simply have no words. But let us try.

First of all, what he says is that "I have no secrets of ANY kind from you". I am not like that arrogant satanist Chandra Mohan who claims he knows better than you what you need, what to tell you and what kind of lie to feed you "for your own good". Friends do not lie as they have no agenda towards each other. Once they do, they are no longer your friends, and, therefore, have never been your friends. They simply had their own agenda of some gain from you.


Jesus says: I am your friend, and REAL friends are those, who have no secrets whatsoever from each other. That is the whole meaning of friendship. Trust is total. There is no even idea of any kind of doubt as you know 100% your friend is not going to harm you, unless it was just some plain oversight on his part, totally unintentional. He is not going to take an advantage of you or betray you.

And what he says here is that I am on your level. I am not above, even though I can see clearly with my eyes and you can not. I make no such distinction.

And my deepest insights, no matter what they are, are available to you in their totality, just as I have them myself.

Friend is the one you can TOTALLY rely upon in life and death, in thick and thin. You know fully that he is not going to keep something for himself and not share it with you, no matter what it is, even the last piece of bread. Because he is in your heart. He is a part of you. He is in your blood stream. He does not perceive himself as separate from you. If he EVER withholds anything from you, he will rob himself of the very life source.

Nobody is my friend

Chandra Mohan calls you friends. But this is just a lie. I am sorry to even plug it in here, but I have to. It has to be done.

And here is ala Chandra Mohan style:

..."Nobody is my friend," I was simply saying that if you start thinking of me as your friend you will be destroying the very possibility of your being a disciple. One is never a disciple of a friend.

[Comment: - These are all lies.

From whom can you learn better than from your friend whom you trust totally that he will not lie to you, betray you, misunderstand you, misinterpret you, be arrogant towards your very intent, or has a hidden agenda of a gain from you, try to benefit from you?

The best teacher is a friend as there are no limits whatsoever. I recall some examples of it in real life situations when I saw a professor or a teacher with his students. They both behaved like real buddies with no limitations of any kind. What a joy it was to see that. Sure, there was certain respect on their part like a respect of a child towards his father. They were chatting about anything and everything, even private things, and I could not see him showing them ANY kind of "superiority", forever trying to teach them something.

One is ALWAYS a "disciple" of a friend. That is why you have him as a friend - to forever learn from him and so he does. Who can you learn more from than your friend? Otherwise, what do you have him for? To TEACH him something? Then he is not your friend, but a puppet or an object to be exploited for the purposes of gain.]

"...But still I want to remind you, let me call you my friend, but don't start thinking that you are my friend.

[Comment: Then what is the point of him calling you friends? What does it mean? What does it buy you beyond being insulted? Because this is simply an insult and arrogant elevation of oneself to some god-like status, some "superman". This is an exact idea of Nietzsche.

He is simply placing a barrier between you and him and placing a limitation on your intelligence and limits on your relationship. In one of his lectures he even went as far as to claim there can be no relationship between the "disciple" and a "master". I claim you can learn nothing of real value from such a man beyond his "superiority" and your fallibility. ]

"...Your sadness is out of misunderstanding. You must have felt that your love is rejected because I am saying, "I am not your friend."

[Comment: Yes, he did reject you in that very admission. This man simply could not be a friend to anybody. He simply could not do it. Simple as that. He had no such a concept as a friend. All he had around him is inferior beings and slaves to serve him morning to night no matter what he asks, to whom he could not possibly relate in any other way but to "teach" them without learning a thing from them. This is just a one way road. He considered himself at a final state of a "superman" and had nothing to learn as he was at a state beyond which exists only parasitism.

This disgusting slave-like adoration of him and trembling in front of him to the point some people simply fainted in his presence as evidenced by some of his videos was present everywhere he shows up.

This is just an indication of degeneracy on a genetic level, a profound sickness of one's soul that results in all sorts of perversions.

I claim there is no final state. Even Jesus on a cross asked a question: "father, why have you forsaken me?" What does it mean? What it means to me is that even he had something to learn, something he did not know. Otherwise, such question would NEVER have arisen if he knew the whole mystery of it.

Furthermore, I would not be surprised this was the very last message of Jesus, could be the most significant one. Because, since it has been recorded, he, therefore, stated it. But who was it directed at? There was no one around who could possibly answer this question. Then why did he say it aloud? He could have just asked it in his heart without saying a word. This last question of his became one of the greatest contradictions in Christianity that was used to discredit him, and did not he know it was simply inevitable? So, what it could mean is this.

He said: No matter who you are, how great you are and what kind of "master" you are and of what, there is always something greater than you. Which means you NEVER stop learning. And in this case, this could be the greatest challenge to all these "masters" who think they have "arrived" at some final state. Just look and see the results of their "arrival".

One more aspect of it I can comprehend is that what he was saying is: I am ULTIMATELY open to you, in my strengths and weaknesses, and even in my own misunderstanding, and so this is my last message to you all: be open just like me. Do not hide ANYTHING. ]

"...You can call me friend, you can call me anything you want to call me. The question is: Is it going to help your spiritual growth?

[Comment: Why not? ]

Book: Osho Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
Chapter: Existence does not believe in speed

It reminds me Socrates. He used to chase the kids around and they were his friends. I remember from my own childhood some very old people whom little children considered as buddies. They loved those old men. It was like a magnetic attraction. They played with them just like those were the kids, just like them, and even more fun as they would never get upset no matter what that kid does. Even other kids may get upset. But not them. You could pull them by their hair, piss on their shoes and do anything to them, and they would simply laugh with you.

And THESE are the REAL masters is what I say. They would NEVER, under ANY circumstances show you their "superiority". As if once they did, that would be the beginning of oppression. Just the other way around, they would go out of their way trying to be on YOUR level, not theirs. And that was their own learning of original innocence and original and authentic joy of a child. When they were children themselves they could not have seen it. It was nothing to pay attention to. But now, it is a real learning and be grateful you have such a chance no matter what kind of a master you are and of what.

Kids could blabber all they want and it would all be fine with Socrates. It is not even clear who got more benefits - him or them. What they got from him is his life long wisdom and his brilliance, his superior intelligence. But what HE got from them is the original joy of their innocence and purity of their intent and that love inherent in innocence of a child, who has no intent of gaining something.

He got from them the freshest waters of life giving energy. What is more valuable? Do you know? What HE got from them is a direct contact with God, nothing less, as they were still pure and uncorrupted. Compared to them, everyone else around was a manifestation of corruption.

Except he could show them a different view on it. And yet, do you think ANY of them thought of him anything other than a friend?

Now... Was their "spiritual growth" hampered by it? How so? You mean they lost their capacity to learn somehow?

What is this spiritual garbage Chandra Mohan is feeding you, forever reminding of his "holier than thou" status of a demi-god and forever separating himself from you, reminding of his "unreachable" status, inherently "superior" to yours?

I do not recall either UG or J. Krishnamurti ever doing this number of "holier than thou". Not ONCE. As far as I know, the work of J. Krishnamurti could be stated in one word - awareness, and that is precisely what Chandra Mohan has borrowed from him and made it one of his central concepts.

It is the highest honor there is to be called a friend, even by a kid. It does not matter who he is. It is grace descended upon thee once someone calls you a friend. What could be higher than that but love, which comes with friendship hand in hand?

Once someone tells me he is not my friend, that's it for him. Sorry, not interested. I reject those just like pests and parasites having their own subtle agenda of gain. Sure, we can have some idle chat. But it is utterly meaningless as things of my real concern I can not discuss with such people. First of all, they could care less about it or me as such.

When he called "his people" "friends" what does it mean? Well, it means he is allowed to do or say anything to you. Because everything is allowed to a friend. But since he can not be your friend, you, therefore, are limited on what you can do or say to him. And I claim, there can be no one way friendship. Either you are friends both ways, or you are not friends of any kind. The whole notion is simply inapplicable.

Sure, some questions or issues you might not be interested in, as you have gone through them and have seen their futility or limitations. Some things just no longer create any excitement or commotion within you, and, therefore, you might not be interested to see those aspects in some of your friends, and if those things are the only things your friends are preoccupied with, it will be difficult if not impossible for you to get into it. But even there, you can still attempt to clarify some things for those people, so they are no longer obsessed with them, and you can experience their anxieties related to those things, which may teach you all sorts of different forms of attachments to misery of all kinds they are entangled with. You still learn, even from foolishness or blindness. Because some things they go through you might not even be able to imagine. Sure, it does not necessarily create any excitement within you and may not trigger the creative aspects in you, and so you might not be interested in getting into those issues with them.

The point here is that a "master" learns from his "disciples" just as much as they are willing to learn from them. Because "seeing" and "blindness" are nothing more then different aspects, different points of view on things. I am constantly amused by some things in some of my friends or people I relate to. When they start expressing their "problems", sometimes it looks so real, so "inevitable", that I just do not know what to do to get them unstuck from that mud and rot. I do try what I can to look at it with them and try to somehow clarify some things, not that it usually works. But still, it allows me to see the "reality" of it with their eyes.

But you still learn, even if you are some "master", at least for as long as you are not stuck with a particular point of view and are totally unwilling to proceed and look at it from a different angle, trying to find some solution to the issue that seems "real" to you or them.

One does not learn only when one is stuck, stubbornly clinging to some point of view, unwilling to expand on it and look at the very nature of it.

The whole thing with all his king robes, all his shiny objects and the rest of it was a deliberate procedure to elevate him beyond reach by mortals, done in order to control the "herd" as I claim.

This has to be understood. When Jesus says: you are my friends, it means - that's it, all my treasures are open to you. I hold no secret of any kind and you are me and I am you. You can even come into my house and stay with me, even sleep in the same room I do. All my treasures and my diamond watches are there in that box. Help yourself once you are my friend. You can eat the same food I do, and I wear the same clothes you do. There is no difference between me and you. And that is my whole message to you all.

38. Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye? They said unto him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest thou?

39. He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour.

John 1:39

This question "where dwellest thou?" is a Jewish way to verify whether Jesus is like Chandra Mohan, living in a palace and driving a Rolls Royce, or he is someone to be trusted. How would you verify that master is real if you have no eyes to see? Well, this is exactly how you do it. Sure, it is not necessarily the ultimate test, but still, this is the first step to trust.

Jesus resides not in some palace and drives no Rolls Royces. He has no "Olympic size swimming pool" or a golden seat in his bathroom, and for you to see the purity of his intent, you can just come and see where he lives and stay with him. Can you even begin to imagine something of this kind with this god-like figurehead Chandra Mohan?

This is the difference between Truth and lie, between real and unreal.

With Jesus, you are him and he is you and that is exactly what he is saying. There is no separation. Even to consider such a profound insult as "you are not my friends" is simply impossible with him.

And I say onto thee: if anyone tells you "I am not your friend", stay away from him like from a plague. He is from the tribe of Dan - a "wiper on the road". He is not there to help you in your "spiritual progress". He is there to take advantage of you, exploit you, zombify you and parasite on you.

Chandra Mohan has spent several years telling you all those great things about great masters like Jesus and the rest of them. Then, on the ranch in Oregon, he got up on the podium and started a series of books originally called the "Rajneesh Bible" where he denied every word he said before and tried to annihilate, discredit and pervert every word they said, including, nothing less than Buddha himself, whom he called just a dead statue, utterly insensitive, who could care less about everyone around him. I do not have those words handy to quote here, but you can do it on your own.

I was present on plenty of those lectures and the feeling I had was probably the most disgusting feeling possible. It was pure grade satanism.

He eventually came to the point where he denied the "enlightenment" and reincarnation, which were the two most potent concepts he exploited up to that point. And that was the end of him. Just like it was said:

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".

As that what it actually was. The destruction of everything he had.

"A tree that does not grow, you throw into the fire".

In those six volumes of his "The Last Testament" he spoke about every single master he had previously spoken about and praised. And he tried to annihilate them in the most blatant and violent terms. He even stated that he needed those masters "to build my own empire" and to collect a "customer base", deluding all the people who believed in those masters and those religions, just to catch them and use them as some kind of commodity in his "empire" building trip. The "empire" of what I ask you?

Can there be anything more disgusting that this? He simply used those masters to advance his hidden agenda and that is destruction of your very roots, destruction of ALL you know, severing your connections to the entire human heritage, the best of what exists, and replacing them all with himself, the "only one" who really knows how Life works.

And that is why the first picture you saw at the top of this book was a picture of him showing the Satanic rune of death hand sign, known as "V". Did not he, being "the greatest master ever", know that symbol stands for crucifixion of Apostle Peter on a cross head downward? How could this be? Where was that all-seeing eye of his?

That symbol is one of the ugliest and most perverted satanic symbols there are besides the horned hand sign - Mano Cornuto.

And this is exactly what is known as the works of Satan - perversions, denials, turning things upside down and, most importantly, destruction. And THAT is what he has done during all those years before he finally spoke "the truth" with his "Rajneesh Bible", which was renamed later on into The Last Testament.

Let me plug in my own recollection of being present on one of Chandra Mohan darshans, "the ultimate meeting with the master" as he called those. It was the most disgusting feeling I have ever had. First of all, you are all lead like a herd of goats and seated at the place "where you belong". If you were some "big status", you would be seated in the front rows. You could not just enter the room and have a seat at the place you like. The first three rows were for "elite of the elite".

What did he expect to happen eventually if he himself was creating the situation where some were more "elite" than others? It was basically creation of the whole system of corruption in the same way it is done in Freemasonry or the Illuminati and their symbol of a pyramid, just like you see in Poona. The same exact thing. At the very root of it was creation of jealousy, greed and possessiveness. Once you create the "degrees", the whole satanic system of corruption grows by itself as some fools start thinking they are more "elite" then others, and other fools start feeling jealous and crave for getting into those first three rows. It is simply inevitable. This is how corruption works, corruption of your very soul.

The hype around the whole thing, all the guards and bitches leading you by your nose would pump up the whole thing to such an extent that you would start shaking even before he entered the room, like he was some kind of God. UTTER disgust, complete hype in order to oppress and manipulate and make you submit to any kind of crap he utters once he opens his mouth. One was bound to feel like a slave, but a "chosen" slave to whom the word of God was about to be revealed. And what was that word?

I recall his utmost boring lecture that had absolutely no meaning to anyone in the room but me. Because it had to do with Russian Tsar Ivan ("the terrible", as they have pervted it, even though it was "the thunderous" - not the same thing by far) and as far as I know, I was the only person who could understand what he was talking about. I have no idea why did he do that number.

And the ugliness of it was that he was insulting one of the most revered Russian Tsars and saying the most profane things about him just to show his "point". Except I did not understand what WAS the "point" of that whole grand performance. He was saying all these things to people who had no clue about Ivan and would simply have to swallow whatever crap he fed them. They could not possibly verify a word of what he was saying. What could be more ugly than this? And if it was for me, then why not simply call me and tell me into my face what is "my problem"? He could have done it in a couple of sentences. What is the need to torture all other people for hours, telling them something they can not possibly verify? For what?

The video tapes and all the recordings of all those "darshans" should be released to public.

And he would not show a single point of significance about Ivan who opposed the ZioNazi satanists in the most drastic terms. The only "point" there was is Ivan was actually "terrible". But, thanks to Ivan, they were prevented from taking over Russia for hundreds of years. One of the issues Ivan stood against what Zhids (ZioNazis) were bringing that "boiled potion" (alcohol) to Russia and destroying the well bing of society, removing people from God and Virtue, and corrupting their souls. And yes, he did have no mercy towards those satanists. But did Chandra Mohan himself have "mercy" on all the "masters" before him? So, what was that "lesson" all about?

I do not recall him ever being so angry in any of his lectures. He was thundering about how "terrible" was Ivan using such a terrible energy that it was beyond belief. I nearly fainted as some point as a result of boredom and such an offense on my being. It was probably the most potent psychic attack on me in my entire life. May be I should have left in the middle instead of being subjected to such a horrendous abuse. But I like to see things to the end. As far as I can see, he deserved a death verdict as a result of that "darshan". That was the end of him. These things can not be done, especially by those who elevate themselves to stratospheric level. At that level, the punishment is most severe. It is one thing to do things out of blindness, but to claim "light" and do such horrendous violence is something else.

Yes, Ivan was one of the most controversial Tsars. But the information distributed about him was a pure grade disinformation as it turns out. Ivan did something to that most profound evil that it could not forget or forgive. So, all sorts of lies and concoctions were invented to disgrace him, just like ZioNazis do all the time about Jesus. As a result of what he has done, the Satanists were paralyzed. They were disabled for hundreds of years. As a revenge, they have rewritten the history books to show Ivan in the ugliest possible ways, and that is the information Chandra Mohan was operating with, knowingly or unknowingly does not matter that much. But the fact is that he was using all sorts of lies and fabrications written in those book as a source material, even though it was all perversions and satanic trick of turning things upside down.

Interestingly enough, something happened between me and one of his closest people. I do not want to mention her name because I do not know whether she would approve it. She was with him every single day and for several hours, and this means something to those who know what it means.

Now, one day, and I was seeing her every day, she told me: "I asked him about you" and he told me "His cup is overflowing".

And here is what Jesus said:

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou hast anointed my head with oil;

"My cup runneth over."

Psalm 23:5

In the commentary on the same page it says:

my cup runneth over; denoting an affluence of temporal good things, and especially of spiritual ones, which was David's case. Such who are blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ, to whom the grace of the Lord has been exceeding abundant, and the Lord himself is the portion of their cup, their cup may be said to run over indeed."

It blew my mind. First of all, I never asked her to do something like this. Secondly, I could not understand what it means. It has several interpretations that are quite different.

I did not even know that commentary at the time. So what was I to think about it and his "message"? This was a puzzle for me for many years.

But there is another meaning of it: you are finished. From now on, you are as good as dead. You have taken too much and your cup can no longer be filled with more. There is nothing for you left to do in this life.

And there is even a third meaning for it: you are full of bullshit, taking and taking and taking, and, no matter how much you have taken, and the cup is overflowing, it is still not enough.

And there is even one more meaning of it, but that is enougn for now.

Do you see what I was left with and what kind of alternatives I had? Would you like to receive such a message from your "master"?

And Chandra Mohan thundered about Ivan "the Terrible" all that lecture. But who was he talking to? Do you know? I'd like to see that tape again. So... Yes, I am that man. And yes, I will do it again, no matter what kind of guilt anyone projects on me. They can just eat it themselves for all I care. Even if I am dead, that work is not going to stop, and this is a prophecy, sorry me.

Anyway, the whole lecture was so profoundly uninteresting that I do not remember a single word he said except that very energy of anger. He was basically enraged, shouting about "terrible" Ivan. Simply bizarre. For what? To achieve what?

And I tell you one thing: darshan, according to Chandra Mohan, is the most intimate meeting of the "master" with his beloved disciples, those "chosen few", "the elite of the elite", those, whom he considered deserving and able to understand the meaning of ultimate communion. No "plain" sannyasins were ever invited into those darshans as far as I know. It was all about "the cream of the crop" type of thing. He could not possibly speak to all "his people" because just rotation of at least 3000 people, 20 at a time would take how long?

It is meant for you to remember it until you die. Else, what is the difference between a darshan and any other lecture of his, and what is the whole point of creating this grand farce, making people think they are the "chosen few"? He already gave a lecture in the morning to everyone. What's the point of this whole "darshan" thing then? And I claim, the point was an ultimate corruption, elevating some of them to the "elite of the elite" status, at least in their mind, and so, from then on, they would be willing to perform any act as he ordered in the name of "Truth" that is, being the most intimate and most trusted ones from then on. What else could it be?

And so, if you do not even remember a word of what he said, what does it mean? Do you know? Well, it means to me that the whole thing is fake. Simple as that. I even remember some things from my childhood and with most ordinary people. And yet, I do not remember a single word he said of any significance I know of. What kind of miracle is this?

I never ever had any desire to go to one of those "elite" meetings ever since even if they called me. I do not even remember if they did since then. That was probably his biggest screwup as far as I am concerned.

Finally, about darshan, yes, it does make sense because some people have already grasped some essential points and you can relate to them on a much deeper level. The same thing is with Jesus and his disciples, those, who were willing and able to look into things even if they might be some totally wild and inconceivable concepts.

16. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

John 1:16

Yes. And this is something Chandra Mohan borrows from Jesus when he says the exact same thing - "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you". Yes. The one "who has eyes" can see certain things in you, the curiosity, that potential for you to keep going and learning something beyond ordinary, even though you yourself may not even see it within yourself. But that desire in you, that itching to know something grander that what you know can be seen from the outside.

Yes, the "blind one" can not see, he can not recognize, he can not distinguish. How do you know who is REAL "master"? How do you measure it? In order to recognize a master, you have to be able to comprehend his level, and to do that, it is like a leap to a different level from where you are. Not exactly the easiest thing in the world. Because you have no information from that level. You can not comprehend things as seen by someone on that level. So, you need to take some things in pretty much on trust of POTENTIAL, something you do not know yet. But you are blind. You have no trust, even to your own energy. At best, what you have is DESIRE to know, and that is the very best case. Because most people simply have greed, possessiveness, desire to control others and things like that. So how can you see where is the real deal, even if you care for something grander than your pity concerns?

And Jesus says: do not worry that you are blind. I am there. Just go and bring forth the fruit and do not worry that you are not worthy and you can not possibly produce any fruit. Just try. I am there. My Father, which is the very source of it all, will help you. Just try.

And whatever you want to do, as long as you remember, it will be there for you. Just try.

9. And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

10. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

11. If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

Luke 11

This is one of the greatest insights in the entire history of mankind and it is nearly impossible to even begin to talk about it. But let us try.

First of all, it is one of the greatest "secrets" the are, which is not a secret of any kind. And the "secret" part of it is that if you are sincere in your search and are really interested in finding that which is known as Truth, then rest assured, you WILL find what you are looking for, and this can be said with nearly absolute certainty. There is no power in this world or any other that may prevent you from finding That Which IS. Because this is the LAW, Law of Life itself. This is precisely why Life can go on, expand and that is one of the main "secrets" of operating principles of the Infinite Intelligence.

This Law is so fundamental that you would probably be unable to find any other law as fundamental as this one.

The Truth can not be obscured or hidden from you by ANY outside force trying to interfere with your quest. As long as you are sincere in your search and are REALLY interested in finding That Which IS, you will see it one day. It is just a matter of time, or, rather, of your willingness and courage to see even those things that might look totally "wild" to you. That is the meaning of "be open". Yes, it takes guts, no questions about it. But that is all it takes if you are sincere.

The "secret" of Life is not meant to be so hidden as to be unreachable by "mortals". It is just the other way around. It is probably the most obvious thing there is, and you have it right in your hands, except you do not even pay attention to it and do not even suspect that it is SO simple and obvious. Because you are used to "complexities" of all kinds with which your mind has been programmed since the cradle by the puppeteers. Simple as that.

And here comes the "Osho" version:

Do NOT knock and the door shall be opened

This is one of those things Chandra Mohan condemned Jesus for, saying: "do NOT knock and the door shall be opened". He even dedicated the entire lecture to show how screwed up was Jesus, to the point of interpreting it as nothing more than lunacy.

Basically, Chandra Mohan, from about 1984, dedicated a lot of effort throwing all sorts of mud at Jesus and interpreting what is said in the New Testament on its face value, which is nothing more than vulgarity. The "greatest master ever", as Chandra Mohan was called, should know better that the statements of Jesus can not be interpreted directly unless one is either a complete idiot or a liar and manipulator having a hidden agenda.

More than that. What was the need for thousands of lectures interpreting the meaning of what other masters before him have said if one can simply look at its face value and see what it means? If that was the case what is the need for Chandra Mohan? You could just do it yourself.

Interestingly enough, most of his interpretations of what other masters have said can not possibly be proven to be true. These were just his ideas and, knowing who that man was and how much he manipulated things to facilitate his own agenda, you'd better make sure you can see it with your own eyes and not merely swallow it as is, without even looking at it. There is no guarantee that he gave you the REAL meaning of what other masters have said, even if he knew it. Simply because he had his own agenda, and once someone has some agenda, he can not be trusted because he might be doing and saying things just to achieve his own goals.

Most of what he said was his kinky ideas and plenty of times it had some poetic beauty in it even though plenty of times he would get carried away and speak like God, all-knowing who had some "all-seeing eye" somewhere in his pocket. But as far as Truth goes, very few of it could be proven, or even represented as such.

So, let us see here. First of all, what Jesus says when he states "knock and the door shalt be opened, seek and ye shalt find", as far as I can see, is that in order for you to find the Truth, in order for you to receive something, you need to ask. You need to make some effort. No one is going to bring you something on a silver plate. That is not how Life works. Because, otherwise, you do not really learn anything on your own. You simply adopt something without seeing the essence of it, and, therefore, you do not really progress in any meaningful way. You become like a puppet played in some theater by the puppeteers.

First of all, according to some interpretations, giving you something that you did not ask is a violation of the primary "distortions" - your Freedom of Choice and Free Will. It is strictly forbidden to violate these principles. You have your right of "not to know" and no one can impose ANYTHING on you. This is the law. But if you ask, out of your own desire or will, it can be given, and rightfully so, because now you are ready to receive, and that is why you have asked. Otherwise, you wouldn't.

I suggest you remember this well. If someone IMPOSES something on you, know ye - this is false, or could be even evil in its intent. And if you do NOT ask, ye shalt receive nothing. You'd have to struggle for it on your own. It has to gain the intensity of something you are willing to pay for and not just take for nothing.

That carrot of "enlightenment" is not just going to descend on you out of the blue. You need to knock on all the doors you can find and ask everyone, even beggars, and you need to put all your energy into it and make every possible effort to find it. And ONLY then, may be, just may be, you will "attain" that "fruit", even though there is no guarantee.

Therefore, this idea of "relax into enlightenment" of Chandra Mohan is nothing more than bluff, or even a poisonous lie, that will simply delude you into BELIEVING you have "attained", just like some of Chandra Mohan's followers claim, while remaining totally blind and under full control of the puppeteer, some parasite.

You can "sing and dance under the stars" all you want, but you shall remain just as blind as you ever were. "Enlightenment" is a result of MATURING and maturity comes from EXPERIENCE and work, HARD work. You need to overturn all the tables and all the false assumptions and misunderstandings you have. You need to go "bleed" and feel "pain of stankha" - "disease of becoming".

Your misunderstandings will inevitably bring pain of some kind, not necessarily physical. Because it is not easy to "let go" of your attachments, your misunderstandings and all the models programmed into your minds since the childhood.

If you merely "dance under the stars", then how do you CHANGE? What is different? What GROWS in you? How do your eyes clear up? As a result of what? Of "enjoy your life and let the world go to hell"? Just look at it now.

Yes, there IS a point in this "dancing and singing" number, and that is try to bee cheerful in your heart. Things are not as "bad" as they might look. Those are just illusions, nothing more. The roots of Life and the Infinite Intelligence are still there, only obscured with all the garbage on the top of it.

Secondly, staying joyful and cheerful in your heart creates a separation, a distance between you and the entanglements of the appearances of the physical world. The real you is that cheerful part that KNOWS it "all makes sense" eventually. It all reconciles eventually. It all fits eventually. Otherwise, the Intelligence could not function and would self-destruct nearly instantaneously.

Getting bogged down with the appearances of your "problems" simply saps your energy and closes some channels within you. It is like a noise that prevents you from hearing the music.

On the other hand, can you build a house even if you have all the materials but do not actually hammer the nails into a wood and use your saw to cut it into exactly the right pieces? Just sit in front of that pile of the materials for the house and "meditate" on it and see what happens. Or you can use Chandra Mohan's suggestion and "sing and dance under the stars", "enjoy yourself" and see how your house "grows by itself", as he claims.

Freedom and seeing is not simply given, it is DESERVED. The person should discover it on his own, when he is READY, out of his own yearning, will and choices he makes. Before he is ready to SEE it, anything imposed on him is nothing but violence, and it will not, and can not possibly be of any real benefit to him. Because he does not SEE it yet. He is not ready. He is still confused with other things. It is like an incubation period. And NO ONE has RIGHT to violate his private space, no matter how limited or distorted it may be.

And this is indeed one of the central concepts of Jesus. And there is even a deeper meaning in it, a hidden meaning, which is meant for you to have trust in ultimate Good. Do not be afraid to knock and ask, thinking "well, who cares about me, I am on my own, and others are only interested in their own bellies. Everyone is out for themselves". What he says: do not worry that there is no higher Good or higher meaning to life. Do not feel yourself excluded and disconnected from the very source of life.

Jesus accentuates that receiving, if you ask, is a NATURAL LAW. It is not just some kinky theory of Chandra Mohan and his kind, and he gives the simplest example possible by saying: "If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone?" What could be a simpler evidence?

He simply states that the Law of Good is there forever, as this is the very foundation of Life as such. It could not go on otherwise. Anything else simply leads to eventual and inevitable self-destruction. The Law of Life ALWAYS prevails "at the end". There simply is no other way for existence to continue.

And he also says: YOU ALL are children of your Father, which is "in Heaven" - the Creator, the One in All and One and All. So, if you are hungry for Truth, why should not you be given a way to SEE? But if you do NOT ask, why should God IMPOSE Truth on you and how much does it worth even if he does? What is the guarantee that you are not going to step on it the next moment, just because, for example, of some "better deal" someone offers you?

11. If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

What could be simpler than what he said? He is just telling it to you LITERALLY, even though the highest meaning seems to be hidden.

How can any honest man criticize such a statement, which is hinting at the highest Good? Is he trying to say that even though in simple things this law works, when you ask for bread of your father, but, on a higher level, beyond ordinary, it stops working? How come? Can I see the proof? And I mean PROOF, not just some fiction or fabrication or invention no matter how beautiful it may look.

And so I claim what Chandra Mohan says by saying things like "do not seek and you shall find, do NOT knock and the door shall be open" is a lie. Yes, a subtle lie because on the surface it looks like some "far out idea" of an "effortless effort" kind. But it is a lie nevertheless. Unless you have an intent, unless you look, unless you can make at least some effort, what can you find? Who is obliged to bring it to you on a silver plate especially considering there is no God as Chandra Mohan forever claimed? Where is it going to come from if there are no roots and there is no such a thing as Good?

Yes, it is true to at least some extent that if you get obsessed with something and spend too much energy trying "to find the truth", you may be spinning wheels unnecessary and may even become a religious fanatic at the end, repeating someone else's sayings or what is written in the scriptures while not seeing ANY of it. Thus, "effortless effort". But, at the same time, it does not say "no effort of any kind". That is the difference. So, if you "do not knock" at all, who even knows you have come and how would they know that? How would they know that you are ready to receive even if they have it to give?

Yes, indeed, if you are obsessed with looking and make too much effort or a big fuss out of it, you may simply become a cultist, grabbing on any straw that looks appealing. Looking in itself may become a goal. You may not even notice that it is sitting right in front of your nose, waiting to be found. You might be looking in far away places for something grand, some "superpower", some "nirvana", which is death, while that, which you think you are looking for, may be already in your hands, only if you paid attention to it instead of looking at some horizon. But to flatly deny and even oppose the statement by the "enlightened" master as Osho called Jesus, is something entirely different. You can not do things like these.

But I say onto thee: knock as hard as you can, seek everywhere, in heaven and hell, overturn all the stones you can find on your way, ask as much as you can imagine. And do not worry that you make too much effort. It simply shows your commitment. Sooner or later you are going to get exhausted with it. Sooner or later you will see the futility of that search of yours, and who knows, you may realize that what you have been seeking all your life is sitting smack in the middle of you, beating your heart and pumping your lungs.

And if you are a fool or even an idiot, there is no problem of seeking. You would not find anything regardless, whether you seek or you do not. Where is the problem really?

How many times I tried to give something of value to those who do not seek and how many times they simply spat into my face getting offended by my "superiority", just because it seems to be so obvious to me that I am simply compelled to give something I know exists?

Without looking you will find nothing, without asking you will receive nothing is what I claim. How do you know you are even missing something and there is something there to be sought or asked for?

Jesus is talking about faith and trust here. That is the very concept of faith. You can not prove there is God, there is All Pervading Good. You can not put it in a pocket like it is something tangible. But does it mean it does not exist, just because you can not grab it or grasp it? Nope, it does not. So what he says: yes, indeed, you can not see it. But why don't you try to find it and see for yourself? Who knows, may be one day you will be able to see it and its effects?

The Truth is undeniable. It is there regardless of whether you believe it or not, see it or not, crave for it or not. Because it is the very essence of Life. It is that foundation, from which Life itself springs. Only out of Truth you can construct a "house" that will stand "when the winds and rains come". Truth is the very essence of God - the Creator. It is main "operating principle". Anything else eventually withers away "when winds and rains come". Therefore, it is the HIGHEST level Law, the Law of Life, upon which all the universes are built and all the rivers flow and all the fruits grow and all the flowers bloom. Anything else is nothing more than a poison.

What other options do you have? And yes, have trust that there is a chance for you to find it, and I am giving you the simple examples even from your ordinary life, and I claim this is the same law working underneath. It is no different, and the very source of Good is the same, be it your own father or anything else.

The law does not change. Only YOU do, and that is what I am appealing to: just ask and see what happens, and even if you don't find it immediately, and even if you spend years of your life thinking you are not getting it, you never know, you never know. The law of life can not work in one case and break in some other. It is the same law.

Otherwise, just forget about the whole thing and become a zombie, programmed with all sorts of things on the level of mundane, on the level of a belly, just like you were some kind of an animal, and that is PRECISELY what Pharisees taught you - you are nothing but an animal, and the only thing that exists is your own belly. Everything else is fiction and ideas, pronounced by "mad" men like Jesus. None of it exists. There is no Good in life, only your own belly, your own interests and your own pockets. Everything else is bluff.

And this is the very essence of the doctrine of evil, and it is not just symbolic, it is factual. Do your own study and it will blow your mind. Either that, or hell. And that is what Jesus meant saying "I am the only begotten Son of God". There is no other way. There is either Truth, or there is a lie. There is no compromise between those. Do you see this?

Truth can not be proven. God can not be proven. But it does not mean it does not exist. And Truth and God is exactly the same thing I claim. There is no difference.

It is interesting that Chandra Mohan forever talked about Truth. But did he give you any evidence it exists? So what was he doing peddling some kind of fiction that does not exist, just as I may claim right here? Was he just a delusional fanatic, just as he accused Jesus of?

Therefore, when he was using Truth, he was lying, just as he accused Jesus for, and he was the same "fanatic, fascist and a megalomaniac", just as he accused Jesus for.

You can not screw with Truth and deny God at the same time. Not possible. This isn't going to fly, at least with me. I saw plenty of shining objects and blinding concepts.

And that is what Jesus says here I claim. He is simply extending you a hand so you could get out of that ditch you are in, full of darkness. There IS such a thing as light at the end of a tunnel, and that is what he says.

From what I understand, this is one of major requirements in Christianity - you have to ask. By asking you meet God half way. God can not impose things on you which you do not want. Sure, he knows what you need, but will you accept it? What if you are not ready? Then what? Still force you to take it? Then what is that which makes you as you are?

What is this thing called the world or life if God simply imposes your actions and your choices upon you? He can play with himself in that case and be done with it. Why suffer unnecessarily? What is the world I ask you?

In order for you to receive what you are seeking, you need to formulate it, what is it that you want. And you need this asking for yourself so you clarify what is your effort directed at. Where are you going in life? What is that which you think is missing? Would you rather have God IMPOSE on you that, which He, or rather It, considers necessary for you? Then you are nothing but his puppet and you have no freedom of any kind and the whole exercise is an exercise in futility.

Secondly, you need to have a commitment to find. You need to invest some energy of yours trying to find that, which you are seeking.

Another aspect of it is that by asking you recognize there is something greater than you, you recognize there is a source to give. Otherwise, if you just say: well, I could care less about God. I am just like him. What is the difference? Then what? You deny the very source. So why should you be given something when all you have is arrogance?

And it also says: do not doubt that you will receive. Just try. Why should you not receive something you really need? What kind of law of existence is there to prevent you? Have you at least tried? Or you are just sitting on your butt waiting for the Truth to walk into your mouth so you could swallow it?

And whatever you do, as long as you remember, will remain. It will not be just like some fashion that comes and goes like wind and rain. No. It will be permanent. Because it is reality. There is nothing more real than this.

17. These things I command you, that ye love one another.

There is no comment here. But let me try even in this case. This is a central issue with life as such. Life is not about "profits" or "taking advantage" of something. That is death. To love, you need to trust, to trust that there IS the source of Life, there IS this ever organizing Good, the very juice of it all. It is not like a mathematical formula - if this than that.

Love and trust come hand in hand. Without love how can you trust? Without trust how can you love?

But Jesus keeps pounding again and again: do not be concerned with "survival", which is nothing more than an abstract idea. You just go full way, non stop.

That very love is just like a water to a plant. The very juice of life. There is no other juices but love. It is the very reason for attraction, an organizing force bringing it all together as a unity.

Once you forget it, you will dry out. INEVITABLY.

18. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

Yes. This is significant. If you are real, if you are authentic, you WILL be hated. This is simply inevitable. People are cowards. Very few are not. They will perceive you as a threat, and for many reasons. They lick asses and you do not. That is a threat to them. They lie, but you do not, because you feel grounded, you feel there is simply no need to lie just to "survive", just to survive. That is a threat.

And so, do not worry. Know ye that they have hated even the one who is a mountain.

19. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

Yes. This is probably one of the toughest cookies there are. Because you are different. You do not wish to prostitute yourself. You do not consider lying as something absolutely necessary for you to "survive". And so you will have the hardest time of them all. The ugliest violence will be directed at you.

But remember: I have chosen you, which means you are validated to the highest standards of validity there are. So when you have a hard time as a result of some attack on your very being, just remember - you are valid.

20. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

23. He that hateth me hateth my Father also.

This is a consolation, but a consolation of the highest magnitude. Just when you have the utmost difficulty. What Jesus says here is that those who hate you are so blind that that will hate even Truth itself. So blind they are. And if they have ANY sight, and can recognize me, then they will recognize you also as you are of the same essence as I am.

So, not to worry. If there is ANY chance for them to see anything, they WILL recognize you as well.

John 15 (King James Version)


What is religion Chandra Mohan kept condemning at every corner of his path?

To me, religion is that combined wisdom of the ages that is meant to do the same thing Chandra Mohan claimed he is doing. That is to convert you from a member of the herd into someone who can "see with his eyes". But to see what? Well, to see that Life has roots and it is based on Good. It is not just chaos created by mad herd in pursuit of "survival" and stuffing their bellies.

Religion is not just some dogma written in some book even though, yes, there are some insights in some books, and some of those insights are of tremendous significance. But plenty of it is projection of fear and guilt and nothing more than desire to control and dominate "the herd", sending all sorts of negatively colored messages. Much of genuine "religion" is passed through the ages by those, who can "see with their eyes and hear with their ears".

Because the scriptures were modified by the servants of evil most profound as they themselves admit on record. Secondly, they could be misinterpreted and mistranslated. But, the most essential truths are still there. You just have to see which information rings in your heart, and you need to pay attention to whether that information is positive or negative and destructive in nature.

Religion is not about "wrath of God", condemnation and denials. It is not about fear and guilt projection or "sins" of all kinds. If you are blind, you will do plenty of stupid things. But that is how you learn. No need to condemn yourself or others. That will simply lead you away from yourself and it will take longer for you to finally SEE that very essence that constitutes Life.

Religion is about Life, not death, about Creativity, not destruction, about appreciation, not misery. If something makes you feel miserable, just skip it and go to the next thing. In all likelihood, that information was added to the book by the forces of evil for the purposes of deluding you. Look only at those things that make you appreciate Life and SEE its grand nature. There is no need to suffer. For what? It is about that, which makes you SEE how it all works and how Creation unfolds before you eyes. FOREVER.

Much of what is written in "religious" books can cause not that seeing, but to make you a fanatic, blindly believing some doctrine or dogma and imposing it on others, foaming at the mouth about "wrath of God" and all the horrific punishments you will inevitably incur if you do not follow the dogma you were zombified with, without checking any of it with your own eyes. Under what authority do they make such proclamations of doom and gloom?

If there is something you do not understand from the scriptures and it looks like something impossible, do not simply accept it as undeniable law. Else you will simply become a fanatic, doing more hurt to yourself and others then help. Who knows, you may see it tomorrow when new information is revealed to you. But unless you feel it in your heart this very moment, it is better to skip it for now. If something does not click within you what is the point of blindly following it?

To me, the very purpose of religion is to remind you that there is such a thing as Good which is the very cause of Life. There IS some wisdom behind all this noise you see all over. There IS something ultimately valid standing at the very roots of it all. It is not merely a matter of interpretations presented by various "masters". In that sense, there is something "objective" to it, something undeniable, which is called Truth. No matter who you are and no matter what you do, it is still there.

Without that Good, everything basically falls apart and results in chaos in your hearts and minds and in the world as such. This is that most fundamental principle of Life.

So, instead, Chandra Mohan offers you this concept of amorphous "existence", which is totally amoral by definition. It does not have such a concept as Good in it. There is no central, unified essence supporting the very intent to be, the very desire to be. Why be? For what? To merely "survive"? "Make money" like a money making machine? To climb on the top of others? What is the "end goal"? That is why it was said: "dust falling into dust", "a house built on sand", "chasing shadows in the valley of darkness", "blind leading the blind shall fall into a ditch", INEVITABLY and "thou can not make a single hair white or black". And that is what happens if you deny your roots. These are all hints, hints at something that stands at the roots of it all.

So, to me, this amorphous "existence" is nothing more than philosophical bluff. About the only thing about it is the fact that you exist, just like all the objects and entities around you and that is the extent of it. Beyond it, "existence" carries no meaning. This fascist poison "theory of evolution", which is a ZioNazi project, just as they themselves state on record, is about the only thing you can possibly end up with with this notion of "existence". It is like a dwelling without dweller, a man without soul, just like some machine. There is no root to it. And that is how people are tricked into accepting the biggest lie there is as reality.

And yet, Chandra Mohan forever spoke about some "masters", like they were true genuine "gods" who have some "all-seeing eye" unlike you. Basically, this is zombification by authority that considers some entities more deserving than others as though without those "masters" you can not find your way out of this maze of life. Yes, you can learn some things from others, but if you allow yourself to be lead by your nose, never trusting yourself that you can discover all you need to discover and see all there is to see with your own eyes and on your own initiative, who knows, you may regret at the end and simply "fall into a ditch".

You are not defective in principle, every one of you. You are not "inferior" to anyone "out there". You are that very manifestation of God. With your life you add new dimensions and discover new aspects never seen before. You are that small particle which constitutes the Whole of God. Without you the whole Life as such becomes something smaller. Every single one of you. That is why it was said "Thou are that". Through you, God, which is Infinite Multidimensional Intelligence, Ever Unfolding and All Permeating, learns new aspects of Itself. Do not ever underestimate your own validity no matter what others think or say about you and no matter how "imperfect" you might consider yourself to be.

You are that inseparable part of All There Is. Once you separate yourself from God and think of It as someone sitting "up there, in heaven" as something separate from you, the result will be misery and conflicts of all kinds, and pretty much inevitable. Sooner or later you will SEE it when you are ready to see. It is just a matter of time. The more sincere you are, the less you are driven by all sorts of programming done to you, the faster you will be able to SEE and HEAR, just like Jesus said on record.

At the very core of any genuine religion is Love and Unity of all Life, no matter how small and insignificant or "grand" and "superior" it might look.

Most of those "masters" are probably the most potent poison to your very being as they simply lead you away into some distant lands somewhere beyond horizon, and, no matter how long you are going to be travelling toward that "bright future", you can never reach the horizon.

And, since there is no entity behind this "existence" of Chandra Mohan, you are "free" to do all you please to get some kicks out of it. If there is no roots then what are you left with? That is why satanists and occultists, such as Aleister Crawley, declare: "Do as thou wilt and that should be the whole of law". Can there be a poison more potent than this one? Because he claims there are no roots. You are on your own. So, do what you want to stuff your bellies and fulfill your mercantile interests and that is the "whole of law". But what authority does he have to make such grand proclamations as to "the whole of law", which is Infinite? You are just a small particle in the Whole. No matter who you are, you can not possibly represent the WHOLE of Law.

All of it is meant to uproot you so that you had no reference point left and thus "free" from all obligations, which essentially and eventually creates anarchy and madness of all kinds.

And this amorphous "existence" of Chandra Mohan basically states the same thing.

He talked about Truth all the time. But what is Truth? Well, he himself endlessly stated that truth can not be spoken. Even SPOKEN! Not to mention described or measured. So how do you know it is truth then? How do you even evaluate it? How do you compare it with something you know to be valid?

Swearing on the Bible

Chandra Mohan mentioned that when he had to stand before the court and take an oath on the Bible not to lie, he refused, stating that he is the man of truth and Bible is full of lies and so he can not possibly swear on the Bible.

But, interestingly enough, he was willing to swear on his "Orange book", which is full of garbage and concoctions as he himself stated on record. So, in a subtle way, he refused any higher authority then himself because who was that book written about? Well - himself!

But what is interesting about that book is that it was created for political reasons in order to make that whole trip in Oregon look like some genuine religion. If you are a religion, then you need the "book". That whole "Rajneeshism" concoction was invented for the purpose of him gaining a legal residence status in the USA and so he could not be deported. Simple as that.

But, the kicker is he did not tell them he refuses to take an oath because the whole thing is a lie. How come? A man of such a courage and has no guts to tell the truth about what the whole thing is?


This is strange as it is intangible. I do not know how I am going on speak on this, but I will try.

What I noticed lots of times in my life is that the ideas seem to just appear in my mind. They are not logical conclusions, based on some heavy duty analysis of this and that. They are somehow disconnected from it all in a sense that there seems to be nothing surrounding it. It is not some gradual process of building some knowledge base.

It is just: pop! And it is there. ALL you need to do is to catch it and follow up on it, and it will lead you to new horizons, the likes of which you have never seen before.


And what is wild is that some geniuses state: "sorry, this creation of mine is not mine really. It CAME to me."

But where did it come from?

Have you noticed it in your own life?

Why Osho never spoke about this?

Strangely enough, Chandra Mohan - "Osho" never spoke about the most significant issues and events ever facing the world and real powers that literally own and run the world. And some of them are orders of magnitude more significant than things he did talk about.

He talked about ALL sorts of maniacs including Morarji Desai, a former prime minister of India, whom he was obsessed with for quite a while, he talked about Ronald Reagan, whom he called a "gorilla", one of the evillest sickos in the entire history of capitalism. He even talked about some local officials in Oregon and some corrupt professors.

But he never ever even opened his mouth about the evilest evil there is, there was, or even possible in principle, about those, who made most of you zombies and biorobots.

Take for example the Illuminati, the most potent force of evil on this planet, that rule the world for hundreds of years. He never even mentioned them once. Isn't it strange? How come?

Let us take a quick look at some of it.

Rothschilds, Baruch, Schiff, Loeb, Kuhn, and Bilderbergers - the world government

These are the biggest bankers that own not only the USA, but the whole world. They are the ones that decide who is going to be a president or a prime minister, what kind of things are to happen in the world or what kind of agenda any government is to follow and implement. And they could care less about any government of any land. Because those are nothing more than their puppets.

The Bilderbergers, consisting of 63 members are known to be the "world government" behind the scenes according to Valery Gerasimov, a reporter of several news agencies with accreditation in the UN and several other researchers and historians.

Compared to them Ronald Reagan, about whom Chandra Mohan talked in 213 of his lectures, is not even in the picture. He was their zombie puppet, nothing more. How could the people who could hardly locate their own mouth with a spoon represent any kind of significance? Why did Chandra Mohan talk about this "gorilla" in so many of his lectures? What significance did he have in the scheme of things?

This banking empire controls the world and sets its agenda. According to Valery Gerasimov in his sensational three hour long interview with the St. Petersburg magazine "The Society and Ecology" on October 20, 2001, the most influential of them are Baruch, Schiff, Loeb and Kuhn.

According to him, even Rothschilds and Rockefellers are nothing more than the runner boys that get flashed left and right and talked about everywhere.

But these four names - Baruch, Schiff, Loeb and Kuhn are not even mentioned anywhere. Like they do not exist, while they own and control the world with all the consequences of it, such as wars and revolutions, propaganda machine, the balance of power in the world and the list goes on.

That interview was conducted in the research and information-analytical center "The Strategy of The Future" in Moscow in the presence of the president of the center, M. N. Ivanov, vice-president N. D. Brodyk, the nuclear research scientist L. N. Maximov, and the editor in chief of the Moscow newspaper "Knowledge and Power!".

Those are just slaves, but here is who are the slave owners

"And so, Ruben, three years ago showed me the already printed dollar bills: they were bigger in size and they were of denominations of thousand, five thousand and ten thousand dollars. On those bank notes there were no longer pictures of the Presidents. Up to hundred dollar bills there are pictures of the Presidents.

"He said: 'those are slaves and here [on bills of 1000 dollars and larger] are the slave owners'. And who was there?

"Schiff, Loeb, Kuhn, Baruch... Their ancestors in wigs. And so, on the notes that are not circulated among ordinary people, they already have printed the portraits of those, who in reality rule the world. They sit in the shade and all the wealth of the world belongs to them.

"... This Federal Reserve system, [controlled by the biggest Jewish bankers] controls not only the United States, but all the countries of the world... and it turns out that this green piece of paper called dollar, not supported by anything, controls the world."

"...And it turns out that for this system, the USA is only one of the subjects, but not the only one. As, for example, for Baruch it is Costa Rica or France or Russia that are one of the subjects of his interests.

"... I learned this from my close friend, whose brother was one of the employees of the information system of control over the world money transfers...

"'Standard Charter Bank' is the bank of the banks of the World Government... Its headquarters are in London, and it exists since 1613...

"...It is not accidental that the first plane during 9/11 event hit precisely the offices of that bank. This was a hit to the very womb of the World Government, to the very soul of the immortal dragon... This bank does not exist in any list of the banks, but, nevertheless, it controls all the bank transfers in the world. It tracks and controls the financial transactions with speed of 20 billion dollars per minute around the whole world.

"... Rockefeller and Rothschild are flashed everywhere like the runner boys. But the real ones, such as Baruch, no one talks about. As though they do not exist.

"... - Are there any bankers more influential than Baruch?

"- No. There is no one more influential than Baruch. He is a trillionaire.

"... All the ends of the financial pyramid lead to Baruch. But what are his family roots?

"- This was a special family, connected to the mystical movement of Judaism, and since then they remain in the shadow behind the scenes.

"But, most importantly, I would like to accentuate that they are the ones who in reality control the America. They are not even the members of the so called "world government" - the club of Bilderbergers that consists of 63 members.

"By the way, the 63rd member is the only representative of Russia - Chubais. I have heard they were offering him a minister seat in the Russian government. Chubais simply smiled.

"... 'No, thank you, I do not need this', he said. Sure, what does one need to be a minister of some peripheral government, when he himself is a member of the world government! And this is precisely his strength. Sure, it is OK to criticise him, to make some noise about him, but that is all nothing more than a puppets play."

"And all of it is conducted, like a symphony orchestra, by Baruch, Loeb, Schiff and Kuhn and their families that were intermarried with other families of this clan and became the relatives, and they are also the ones who are the leaders of the world Freemasonry.

"... You know, they are mystics. And, most likely, they themselves do not even understand this. They sacredly believe that the Jewish Messiah will come, and they, like the kings of kings, would enter as golden crowns into the world power and will divide all the wealth of the planet and all the goyim among themselves. They religiously believe this."

Source: Those are all slaves, but here is who the slave ownders are (in Russian)

Is this something deserving Chandra Mohan's attention and to be discussed as something of profound significance? Sure, it is conceivable that he did not have access to this kind of information. Except this is not the only example of it. There are traces of these "rulers of the world" everywhere in history, at least during the last 300 years or so.

So, where was Chandra Mohan's all-seeing eye? The problem we have here is that he kept talking about some pawns and wasting hundreds of his lectures talking about some "important" and "significant" people of all kinds, but the MAIN players were not even mentioned.

And so he was giving ALL sorts of suggestions on how to run the world and solve its most important problems while not having the slightest clue of who stands behind it all, what is their agenda and why everything happens the way it does. And if he did know it or could see it with his all-seeing eye, then why did not he tell it to his own "elite"? So...

It is said that Rothschilds control over 90 percent of world's gold and over 80 percent of the weapon grade nuclear materials, not counting the diamonds, oil and energy, banking, their vast real estate empire, and the list has barely begun.

Among all of the most influential people of the world, you can place Rothschilds at the top five if not top two.

Basically they are self-admitted Satanists and their agenda is the NWO and a rule of Lucifer over a single global super-state.


Rothschilds financed both sides of every war

American and British Intelligence have documented evidence that the House of Rothschild, and other International Bankers, have financed both sides of every war, since the American Revolution.

ZioNazi quotes - Wars

World Domination 401

When death approached, old Amschel Rothschild called together his children, in Frankfort, and having read the satanic Talmud, he proclaimed:

"Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us, Jews, and that the Gentiles being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing".

Explaining this, Amschel compelled them to swear most solemnly that they would always stick to one another and never undertake anything separately. This they did and it was repeated on Amschel's grave twenty-four years later, when Nathan for material reasons consented to become a "Christian" and "suddenly" died ...

Secret World Government by Cherep-Spiridovich

Interestingly enough Chandra Mohan spoke about them in only 14 of his lectures out of 250 books. But...

Revolutions 105

There is evidence that Disraeli did not tell the truth about Russia.

It was the Rothschilds, who fomented the Bolshevik Revolution and financed it through their New York banking fronts of Jacob Schiff and J.P. Morgan, and in London by Lord Alfred Milner.

It is a fact that Schiff gave Trotsky $20 million for the task of overthrowing Christian Russia.

The history of the Rothschilds shows that they did not hesitate to spend part of their huge fortune to achieve political goals. In this they achieved astonishing successes.

That the Rothschilds held and exercised amazing power over nations and governments is born out by the following: ...

Now, pay attention to the numbers in bold about the number of lectures Chandra Mohan talked about some individual.

  • He talked about Paul Warburg in ZERO of his lectures, who said:

    Listen to the Jewish banker, Paul Warburg:

    "We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent."

    (February 17, 1950, as he testified before the US Senate).

    James Paul Warburg:

    (1896-1969) son of Paul Moritz Warburg, nephew of Felix Warburg and of Jacob Schiff, both of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. which poured millions into the Russian Revolution through James' brother Max, banker to the German government, Chairman of the CFR

  • He talked about Jacob Schiff in ZERO of his lectures, and Jacob Schiff was one of the most influential bankers and a Rothschild's front in the USA, whose job was to set up a banking empire in the U.S. He financed the Russian revolution and gave 20 million dollars to foment it, which, in today's money is trillions.
  • He talked about Nicholas Rockefeller in ZERO of his lectures, and Nicholas Rockefeller said:

    "The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world."

    "... Endless war on terror where there's no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax," so that "the government could take over the American people,"

    -- Nicholas Rockefeller in an interview with Aaron Russo.

  • He talked about J.P. Morgan in 19 of his lectures, while he was one of the most influential bankers in the USA who was involved in financing some of the most destructive wars and revolutions in the history of the world.
  • He talked about Rockefeller in 53 of his lectures, and Rockefellers are the second most powerful force in the USA at least. Just take the Standard Oil corporation for example. Your hairs would raise if you realise what it is. It is them who created the "woman's liberation" movement and the "hippie revolution" and all those "flower children" of the 60's of the 20th century. Is it something to be ignored while it had some of the most profound impact on the entire world?
  • He talked about Benito Mussolini in 133 of his lectures. Have you ever heard about that guy? Well, he was the "father of fascism" in Italy.
  • He talked about Morarji Desai in 154 of his lectures. Have you ever heard of Morarji Desai? Who is he compared to Rothschilds? Someone who drank his own urine, just as Chandra Mohan stated on record?
  • He talked about Karl Marx in 253 of his lectures. Who was Karl Marx but a puppet of Rothschild?
  • He talked about Ronald Reagan in 312 lectures of his, whom he called a "gorilla". Why did he talk about gorillas in so many lectures? Who was Reagan compared to Rothschild, but a deranged puppet of theirs? Why did he talk about him more than about about Karl Marx?
  • He talked about Friedrich Nietzsche in 375 of his lectures. But who was Friedrich Nietzsche but a puppet of Rothschilds and a "father of fascism" as some claim?
  • He talked about Adolph Hitler in 711 of his lectures. Who was Adolph Hitler compared to Rothschilds but their puppet, bought gun, stock and barrel?

Do you need more? Or you get the picture?

Have you noticed a pattern? Well, the pattern is simple - the more significant, influential and powerful some person is, the LESS Chandra Mohan talks about him. WHAT? - Well, scroll up again and see.

But he forever posed as probably the MOST controversial and non-compromising figure in the entire human history that was NEVER afraid to talk about the MOST controversial issues, right?


The most powerful force in the history of the world is not covered at all. Not a SINGLE issue of significance including the Russian and French revolutions, WWI and WWII, fomented, organized and carried out by the Rothschild puppets and agents is covered. Nor the issues of the NWO and world domination. Well, some of it IS covered, but from such a level that it basically has nothing to do with the real issues or what was really going on.

For example, where did he say that the Russian revolution and WWI and WWII were fomented and financed by Rothschilds and others from the world banking empire? Rothschild alone and his cronie, Schiff, gave $100 million for Russian Revolution to Lenin and Trotsky which in today's money is billions it not trillions.

Chandra Mohan presented the Russian revolution as something "accidental", something that just happened as some random event that had no basis in it! What? Yep, that is what he said. WHY? Ask him! He said he is going to be here once he is dead. So, should be no problem to verify it then.

And this list is so long, sorry, it is going to get way too long to enumerate the most signifiant issues and most influential people impacting the very life on this planet.

Can you believe this?

Why? Why is the most powerful clan on the face of the planet Earth, Rothschilds, and global banking empire, even more powerful than Roman emperors, is not covered at all? Can you tell me? Are they less significant then those retarded agents of theirs such as Ronald Regan or any of those on the list above, or that Morarji Desai who was drinking his own urine? What IS this?

Compared to Rothschilds, even Ford and Rockefellers are nothing more than their agents in the USA. It has been said: the man Rothschild choses will become the president of the USA. Is it significant enough of an issue to discuss? Mind you, the issue that impacts the lives of ALL of you regardless of where you live or what is your status or income.

Do you know who runs the printing press for the U.S. dollars and who controls the Federal Reserve system in the USA? Well, guess! But what is Federal Reserve? Well, a PRIVATE corporation. Controlled by whom? Guess!

Your very minds have been programmed by them and their puppets and agents and for at least 200 years. You live in the world created by Rothschilds and other biggest and baddest bankers there are, for all practical purposes, and people like Chandra Mohan are some of their most welcomed agents of disinformation and creation of all sorts of delusions in your minds, and I mean LITERALLY. Do you want proof? Well, read on then. It is all there, from any angle you can imagine, and if something is missing or incorrect, let me know, we'll fix it.

The mother of one of Rothschilds said:

Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild's wife dies. Before her death she would nonchalantly state,

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none."

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none"

Not only that, but when you look at what Chandra Mohan said about them it is simply unbelievable. He did not address a SINGLE thing of significance.

Can you see now?

Well, you can do it for yourself. Here:


That will search 250 of Chandra Mohan's books and nothing else. No noise from some irrelevant information.

Fuelless Energy

This is one of the key issues related to this so called NWO thing, the "population crisis" and "insufficient resources" song they sing on all the channels, and so he did.

But no one tells you that all these problems are artificial. As far back as 1897 Nicholas Tesla, called a "prophet" by the physicist and mathematician Dr. Sall, has invented the energy transformer and demonstrated it in action. Just from one of the turbines of a turbo-electric power plant he was able to provide energy to the entire state.

See: Dr. S.A. Sall - Fuel-free energy technologies

But this was against the monopoly of wasteful energy generation technologies, such as oil and coal. Tesla's works were taken out of libraries and his facilities were destroyed. It turns out that the idea of ether was the most damaging concept in physics because there exists an additional sources of energy related to sub-atomic particle activity of the ether wind, which by now is commonly known among the physicists, well not so commonly but still, it is known. And if it was found to be true, the whole monopoly oil and coal industries would simply collapse and there would be no way to dominate the world via energy resources and all these wars we have seen would not have happened, at least from the standpoint of energy aspect of it.

To make the long story short, the biggest fraud in science was initiated by promoting Einstein and his theory of relativity, which was not even his. It was pure grade fraud. Interestingly enough, Einstein himself did not quite believe his own theories.

All the research of not only Tesla, but all the physicists of the day related to this extra energy was destroyed. Dozens of world's leading scientists were killed to suppress any information that goes against this fake theory of relativity that has been proven to be false in the space stations and laser based optical communication technologies. In particular, according to theory of relativity the clock slows down if you move at a very high speed. But, in space stations that move at high enough speed to detect the difference between the clock time on the space station and on the earth, no such slowing down is detected, which means the entire theory is fake. It simply does not work.

What it all means is that the world would have solved its main problem - energy, which is a main stumbling block to independence and self sufficiency. If some small country could provide itself with sufficient energy, the problems of modern world would simply go away as a myth. After all, the food production depends on energy. If you have energy you can irrigate even a desert, just like Egypt or Israel has shown.

It has been estimated that the world could comfortably sustain about 10 billion people given sufficient energy and it is known that the population in the poor countries does not grow as they become wealthy. The population will stabilise inevitably given sufficient independence on energy supply, which is the main driving force behind all the underlying processes and activities in society.

Furthermore, with fuel-less energy, the issue of world pollution would simply evaporate as those technologies are intrinsically non-pollutive or produce orders of magnitude less pollution than oil and coal.

This means that all the most significant problems of the world would be solved, including the enslavement of the states as a result of the external loans (money borrowed by governments). External loans represent an immense problems and translated directly into worsening the standard of living as the states are force to pay a considerable part of their GDP, the productive force, on serving the interest payments on those loans. As a result, they CONTINUOUSLY force the world to "cut expenses" and it is done via reduction of social programs. In some countries, the burden of external loans constitutes a half of their GDP, and in Greece, it is even more than the entire GDP. They HOPE to reduce it to 124% of the GDP by the year 2024. Can you believe this? Can you even begin to comprehend such an impact on world economies and it significance?

But Chandra Mohan with his huge library apparently did not know about this most shocking information that utterly destroys this idea of NWO, or the equivalent of his, he called "the borderless world", that is something innocent and progressive, as it immediately becomes obsolete if there is sufficient energy in the world. How come?

Adam Weishaupt and Illuminati

The Illuminati secret society was created by Adam Weishaupt and financed by Rothschilds. They are those who rule the world now. They are at the very top of the food chain. It is a satanist occult society bent on world domination from day one of their creation using all sorts of clandestine means and ways to sabotage things, start wars and revolutions, assassinate, pervert, deceive, control and dominate, and the list has barely begun. The list of evil most profound that is.

It was Adam Weishaupt who developed a concept of revolution and not Karl Marx as commonly thought and taught.

What is interesting about it is the root of the world means the same thing as "enlightenment", the "illuminated ones". And, interestingly enough, they also consider themselves to be "the chosen ones", the "elite".

These satanists have penetrated into all upper levels of all the governments and create and control the agenda of all states. It is said: one can not possibly become the president of the U.S. unless he is approved and promoted by the Illuminati. All the politicians are their mere puppets dancing to their tune and singing their song any place you look.

All the revolutions and wars were started, conducted, financed and you name it, by the Illuminati puppets.

Here is an interesting bit - a part of the Illuminati program posted on their official web site in Russia.

The organization's programs:

  • a) Based on agreement with the universal harmony. Nature - a large mirror of the universal laws.
  • b) Open and available to the ideology of community.
  • c) No acceptance of atheism, Satanism, black magic and other similar ideologies.
  • d) The direct and rational action, without superstition, dogma or preconceived notions.

The Illuminati and the Revolution:

"The last one of the world revolutions led by the Illuminati must rely on the support of all. It will be a great victory of Good against Evil"

See: The Illluminati programs and activity.

The site is in Russian language but you can use some on-line translation service, such as to get an idea. There are some pretty interesting pictures with explanation of satanic symbology, such as a symbol of the star, and some explanations of the occult nature of Satanism.

Looks like a paradise on earth indeed. Unfortunately, it does not align with what is known about the Illuminati and their programs as presented by the world's foremost researchers.

See for example what Dr. John Coleman presents as their program:

21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300

Another interesting thing about it is they also have an idea of the "inner circle". The concept of the "inner circle" was first introduced by Adam Weishaupt and not Chandra Mohan. Actually, it was well before that, going back to Pharisees and "elders of Zion" as they were called later on. The roots of it lay in Talmud and Torah as the idea of "god-chosen" people, the "elite" of mankind.

And those in the inner circle are the rulers of this world and are in pursuit of the agenda of the NWO.

Now they are known as The Committee of 300 and their main arm is the "Club of Rome". They are also known as the "Olympians".

So... Seems like it is something deserving His Royal Attention, isn't it? WHO is more significant in the scheme of things? Reagan, Chandra Mohan kept talking about non-stop, who was nothing more than a deranged puppet of the Illuminati, or the Illuminati themselves, and the roots and a foundation of their global conspiracy of evil most profound?

But... Where did Chandra Mohan talk about it? Was he afraid to open his mouth about it even though he forever bragged about his courage and people warning him not to speak about this and that? And there is not even a single reference on them in all ten thousand of his lectures. Strange.

Compared to the Illuminati, all other issues look secondary as that is exactly how your minds are zombified. It is them who own the media, publishing, "entertainment", politics, governments and you name it. It is them who design the mind washing methods of zombification of mankind. It is them who start the horrendous wars of destruction and control the worldwide agenda in politics and social organization. It is them who developed the concepts of depopulation and "quiet genocide" implemented worldwide. It is them who want to reduce the population of the world by 95%. WHO is more significant then them I ask you?

Would you rather hear about the most profound things that affect the whole world in the most profound ways, or some theory about theory about this carrot called "enlightenment", that does not even look the same the next time he opened his mouth about it, that Pussy in the Sky With Diamonds, that "joy of menstruation"?

Most interestingly is that the main issues of interest of Chandra Mohan are those very issues that are pursued by this so called NWO "elite", and their "plan" for the world is pretty much the same thing Chandra Mohan promoted all the time, the same exact basic ideas.

Nice, eh?

Albert Pike and a plan for three world wars

This is of such a profound significance that all these "enlightenment" carrots do not even pale in comparison but are nothing more than a rotten stink.

Mind you, two world wars happened exactly as his plan shows and that plan was created generations before the first one started. Chandra Mohan, compared to Albert Pike in terms of "prophecies", is not even laughable.

Wars 203

Albert Pike completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world

Albert Pike
Albert Pike

An American General named, Albert Pike, who had been enticed into the "Illuminati" by Guiseppe Mazzini, completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world, culminating into moving this great conspiracy into its final stage. These details are as follows:

  1. The First World War is to be fought for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia, as promised by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815.

    The Tsar is to be replaced with communism which is to be used to attack religions, predominantly Christianity. The differences between the British and German empires are to be used to foment this war.

  2. The Second World War is to be used to foment the controversy between fascism and political Zionism with the oppression of Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing hatred against the German people.

    This is designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschilds' created) and increase the power of political Zionism.

    This war is also designed to increase the power of communism to the level that it equalled that of united Christendom.

  3. The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political Zionists off against one another.

    [and they are to mutually destroy each other]

    Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.

Albert Pike completes his military blueprint for three world wars

So, do you think this is something deserving to be discussed, or would you rather be totally oblivious of all this, and, as a result, face what you are facing right now, which is hell broken loose?

How come "the greatest master ever" would not even speak on this? What was that "gorilla", Ronald Reagan, spoken about by Chandra Mohan quite a bit, compared to Albert Pike?

The existence of this program is furiously disputed by the ZioNazis and Freemasons. They claim it is nothing but invention. Some researchers claim this document existed in the British Library. But Freemasons claim it does not exist in that library. Would be interesting to see a research on the library logs. Some libraries keep a log of all the books and documents entered in the library. The evidence of this document is expressed in the first two points of it, WWI and WWII, that happened exactly as outlined. But this is another matter, even though it has a tremendous historic significance.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Rabbis 106

"My dear questioner, you are too curious, and want to know too much. We are not permitted to talk about these things. I am not allowed to say anything, and you are not supposed to know anything about the Protocols.

For God's sake be careful, or you will be putting your life in danger."

(Rabbi Grunfeld, in a reply to Rabbi Fleishman regarding the validity of the Protocols)

ZioNazi quotes - Rabbis

The Protocols is a master plan for the NWO. The first version of it floated up in 1905 in a book by Nilus, at least as it was "officially" accepted. But that plan exists for hundreds and thousands of year. In fact, those Pharisees during the times of Jesus were those, who are called the "learned elders of Zion" in these protocols.

There exists no document of comparable significance in the entire history of mankind as I claim, and not me alone, but some of the most outstanding researchers and experts on this subject.

And yet, there is not a SINGLE reference to it in tens of thousands of his lectures, filled with all sorts of unverifiable garbage, talking about theories about theories.

How come?

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Victor E. Marsden version

And here is the modern version of Protocols as presented on the interview with Harold Rosenthal. This is pretty much exactly the same thing as Protocols only in a bit simplified and modernized version.

The Hidden Tyranny - Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview

ZioNazis tried all they could to prove that these protocols are forgery and were created by Russian Secret Police in 1905. But this has never been proven. But what WAS proven is something, that totally breaks the "official version", and that is:

Philip Stepanov states he received the M. S. of the Protocols in 1895 from Major Sukhotin. and that is 10 years before they have allegedly been created by the Russian Secret Police.

100 Main Laws of Shulchan Aruch

100 Laws of Shulchan Aruch is subtitled "the evilest books in the entire history" and yet, Chandra Mohan never mentioned it once.

It outlines the principles of racial superiority and utmost hate towards all non-"Jews" and provides the precise zombification instructions on how to behave towards Akum or "goyim" - non-Jews, whom they call worse then animals and feces, LITERALLY. Nice, eh?

World Domination 401

When death approached, old Amschel Rothschild called together his children, in Frankfort, and having read the satanic Talmud, he proclaimed:

"Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us, Jews, and that the Gentiles being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing".

Explaining this, Amschel compelled them to swear most solemnly that they would always stick to one another and never undertake anything separately. This they did and it was repeated on Amschel's grave twenty-four years later, when Nathan for material reasons consented to become a "Christian" and "suddenly" died ...

Secret World Government by Cherep-Spiridovich

These "laws", and that is what they are in fact, provide the instructions for every conceivable situation of dealing with non-Jews and how exactly it should be handled, what to do, what to think, how to explain it, or explain it all away and what to feel or think about it.

Shulchan Aruch is basically a rewrite of the Talmud, containing the selected principles and dictates of the Talmud. They were written about 300 years ago and attempt to merge all the contradictory versions of the Talmud into a single book and try to somehow reconcile all those contradictions.

Shulchan Aruch is said to be the MAIN document for nearly 300 years now. The Talmud is mostly a historical reference. Not many either know it, read it, or even mention it nowadays. It is too big, nearly a library size collection, and there are way too many contradictions in various versions of it. Thus Shulchan Aruch - the modern version of Judaism.

They are at the very basis of this NWO global evil, and they are the most critical set of instructions, converting the Jewish children who receive education in "religious" Jewish schools into man hating monsters, able, ready and willing to destroy anything that does not fit the ZioNazi agenda of utmost evil, taught to them in some of those schools, that are nothing more but zombification factories, preaching hate, racial viciousness, the ideas of "superiority" and the rest of those things commonly known as Nazi ideology.

Why is that?

100 Main Laws of Shulchan Aruch - the foundation of ZioNazism and fascism

Also: Chabad Mafia

The Rabbis Speak Out

Quotes by Rabbis

The Committee of 300

The Committee of 300 is known to researchers as the true rulers of the world, those who relentlessly and viciously pursue the agenda of utmost destruction and this satanic NWO ideology, a hell on Earth. LITERALLY. It is the Illuminati outlet.

Everything you see happening in the world as far as major issues go is the work of these rulers of the world.

There isn't a SINGLE U.S. president who was elected without their selection or approval. Not since at least 1930.

The Bohemian Club

The Bohemian Club is one of the most powerful structures in the NWO. They are but a part of the global network of domination. Most of the world affairs and issues of most significance are first presented at their estate, called Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California, USA.

Such issues as "smart weapons", "new world order", "the opportunities in the 21st century" (as far as world domination is concerned), "terrorism and a Weimar redux", aka "war on terrorism" were first presented at the Bohemian Grove, and were inevitably implemented as you can see with your own eyes.

Do you think they deserve some coverage by "the most enlightened master ever"? And yet, do you recall them being mentioned even once by Chandra Mohan? Did not he know they exist?

Chabad Mafia

Chabad, or Chabad Lubavitch claims to be a Hassidic branch of Judaism, or rather Talmudism. Not many ever heard about them despite the fact that they are probably the most potent force on the face this planet as it stands right now, controlling all the world governments more or less, being a part of the global drug trade network and possessing the immense resources, including but not limited to intelligence, military/para-military and you name it.

Their power and influence is backed by the immense resources of trillionaire Baruch according to several researchers. Eduard Hodos, probably the world's foremost expert on Chabad, clearly identifies them as a fascist organization and calls their founder, "the first fascist in history".

Several of their prominent founders clearly state: "our god is Lucifer". Some of their quotes simply boggle ones mind.

Their viciousness and ruthlessness knows no limit. Nothing will stop them from doing what they want. Because, first of all, they have no such concepts as morality and ethics, and the very concept of "good" is nothing more than the idiocy of the "goyim" to them.

Venu Paswan states that this is a result of genetic disorder, called Alpha-2 protein disorder. As a result, they simply do not have certain traits because it is simply genetically absent in them.

It goes as bad as Obama consulting them on the issues of "war on terrorism" and things like that. Because, as it turns out, they have a much better system in place and much better trained thugs to take care of any situation that may arise, including the assassinations, sabotage and so on. Compared to them, the US forces are nothing more than a kindergarten.

They even claim that "the most peaceful revolution" happened in Russia during the destruction of the USSR under their direct control and guidance. This subject is way too huge to even begin to discuss here. Here is some references on this:

"Let us differentiate" by The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson


CFR, IMF, World Bank and so on

There is a number of most powerful organizations in this NWO architecture of most profound evil.

Some of them are: the Bilderbergers, CFR, IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, Ford Foundation, Skull and Bones, and quite a few others. They are all a part of this "netocracy" ideology, or the "net society", or, in other words, the global distributed conspiracy of utmost evil, building this "Matrix" society of the "elite" (aka "the inner circle" in Chandra Mohan's scheme), and the slaves.

And the sorriest thing in all this is that vast majority of people could care less about it. They think that as long as they lick some fat ass of the elite, they are going to be spared, which is probably the most idiotic hope conceivable.

What is going to happen to vast majority of them is ritual sacrifice to Moloch, worshipped by this so called "elite", and a sacrifice on a global scale, the likes of which the mankind has never seen before, where millions and billions are slaughtered, all in the name of Lucifer or Antichrist in a modern version of Moloch.

Because once these satanists achieve their goal of final control of everything and everyone, which is pretty much complete as we stand even at this very moment, then what do you think they are going to enjoy from then on being the satanists they are, which they themselves admit? What kind of "fun" would excite their sickest and most perverted imagination having achieved their goal and having control over everything and everyone?


Surprise, surprise. How about mass murder and hunting on people with a gun, just like George Bush, Dick Chaney and plenty of other members of this sickest and evilest "elite" are on record of enjoying the most.

Would that excite your dulled imagination?

Cathy O'Brien, a victim of mind control, commonly practiced by this "elite", tells the story of how she was hunted by Dick Chaney with a gun and hunting dogs and how she was sexually abused by him and his dog.

Cathy O'Brien was raped at Bohemian Grove's Necrophilia Room

The Hidden Hand

This has to do with Prince Welf Ernst of Hanover - Vimalkirti, as he was known once he became a disciple of Chandra Mohan, and what is known as "the hidden hand", that is the powers that rule this world.

For whatever reasons he joined Chandra Mohan and stayed in Pune 1 ashram until he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Chandra Mohan spoke about intermarriage between the royal families of Europe, which are common, the result of which is high rate of birth defects. According to Gregory Klimov, birth defects are result of degeneracy.

But what does it have to do with anything? Well... Let us see here. One has to understand that the royal families are not just some "rich people". They are the rulers of this world as plenty of evidence shows. It is not just some George-Adolph Bush or Ronnie Reagan. Those are just monkeys in the hands of rulers, the puppets to do exactly what they are told.

But when you talk about royal families, your hairs would stand up if you knew what it means. Long story.


The Black Nobility earned its title through dirty tricks, so when the population revolted against the monopolies in government, as anywhere else, the leaders of the uprising were quickly seized and brutally hanged. They use secret assassinations, murder, the bankrupting of opposing citizens or companies, kidnapping and rape. So, who are these families?

The most important ones are:

  • House of Guelph (Britain)
  • House of Wettin (Belgium)
  • House of Bernadotte (Sweden)
  • House of Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)
  • House of Oldenburg (Denmark)
  • House of Hohenzollern (Germany)
  • House of Hanover (Germany)
  • House of Bourbon (France)
  • House of Orange (Netherlands)
  • House of Grimaldi (Monaco)
  • House of Wittelsbach (Germany)
  • House of Braganza (Portugal)
  • House of Nassau (Luxembourg)
  • House of Habsburg (Austria)
  • House of Savoy (Italy)
  • House of Karadjordjevic (Yugoslavia)
  • House of Wurttemberg (Germany)
  • House of Zogu (Albania)

As well as the ones you will find on the Family Tree of the Windsors. (Black Nobility Unmasked Worldwide, Dr. John Coleman, 1985)


Have you noticed The House of Hanover?

And if you realise what means "The Black Nobility", who knows, your scull may crack. And if you think THESE kind of people would let such a thing as a prince becoming a cult member slip as something "not to worry about", think harder.

Here is a nice one about Prince William.

Prince William The Lamb

Official Antichrist communication Buckingham Palace on May 31, 2004 released photo of Prince William and lamb (Lamb of 'God' symbol) holding lamb's hind cloven hoof (Baphomet symbol).

Prince William is the Antichrist ... Future King of One World Government.

But the bottom line is this: most likely, once Vimalkirti joined Chandra Mohan, the investigation by the royal family was conducted and all the intelligence agencies you can even begin to imagine would take as hard of a look at that whole thing as you can even begin to imagine. Because that is how royal families work. They don't let things like these just slip between the cracks especially if they are dealing with the issues of potential inheritors of the throne and their own bloodline.

Meaning? Well... First of all, they'd study his "system", his psychology, his political convictions and his ideas. And that would INEVITABLY be reported to the royal family.

So what, right? Well, as it happens, Chandra Mohan's ideas were EXACTLY the kind of ideas peddled by the Illuminati - the rulers of this world, and at the very top of that food chain stands who? Do you know?

Well, the royal families.

And so what? Well, and then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, you have the biggest players in the business world, such as IBM corporation, signing contracts with Chandra Mohan enterprises to do "stress management" projects running into tens of millions of dollars annually flowing into Chandra Mohan's corporations, foundations and you name it. How could this be?

You mean one of the biggest corporations in the computer business such as IBM is so naive as to pay millions for such foolish things as "stress release" programs to some cult? Are you serious?

Well, as it turns out, Chandra Mohan and his ideas are EXACTLY in line with this NWO ideology. It is not even clear WHY would a prince decide to join Chandra Mohan and his cult. This seems to be strange for a member of a royal family to get into something like this. It may not be just something "kinky" like all those marriages on movie stars, that, it may turn out, were done specifically on purpose of trying to correct the genetic damages done as a result of the intermarriages historically.

Interestingly enough, the bar code containing 666, printed on every item sold was developed at IBM among other things. IBM is quite something indeed in the scheme of the Committee of 300. Some of things the IBM computers are used for may crack your skull.

But who controls the IBM? Do you know? Surprise, surprise. Rothschilds! Nothing less.

You see, after all those scandals and crimes, Chandra Mohan, all of a sudden becomes one of the most promoted entities any place you see. How could this be?

Even going back to Oregon, USA, it was quite something to see him nearly daily on all sorts of major media outlets. "Bhagwan" was everywhere, on everyone's tongue. Why?

And now you see all these palaces built in Pune, India, and the headquarters of Osho empire in the pyramid shaped buildings, and, interestingly enough, of black color. What is this?

And what does the pyramid stands for? Well, simple enough - Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and high priests of death worship. It is the very roots of it all, going back to Moloch and Lucifer. And this story is so long, we don't have a book big enough to contain it.

So... If you still have at least a part of your brain functioning, do your own investigation and see if your hairs would become gray if you realize what we are talking about here. Who knows, you might have your "reincarnations" flying by like birds in the sky.

Degenerates Rule The World

Here is something worth reading:

Degenerates Rule the World - Gregory Klimov Interview

To Sheela:

The way you have it is no good. It won't work.

I have seen your video interview about Chandra Mohan.

The first thing that came into my mind is you telling that reporter that Chandra Mohan was somehow "not right" by changing his name from Bhagwan to Osho. You said: "whatever happened in Oregon, happened. There is no need to run away from it and change your name". (not a literal quote)

But WHO ARE you to say what HE "should" have done and whether he "should" or "should not" change his name? What if you wish to call yourself a Funky Witch? Who am I to question it?

Then, you sit there with a pious face with all the Chandra Mohan pictures behind you taking up all the wall space and talk about "Bhagwan" and all the "religious" blah, blah, blah.

See: Ma Sheela talks to Nirman

So, you dropped the whole thing at the ranch in the MOST critical moment and simply left. Not only left, but tried to gather all most influential people so they leave also, so the whole thing would simply collapse. Why? For what? What have you achieved with it?

How can you run away from what you have done, especially when you claim you were doing as he told you.

And now?

And now you have your walls in Chandra Mohan's pictures and you are giving the interviews showing how spiritual you are.

But this is just guilt. Can't you see?

You are sitting there in Switzerland doing this "charity" number in some hospital, pretending to take care of some poor kids with problems. WHO are you kidding but yourself?

No way. You have to come out of that shack you built around Jay and Chandra Mohan and you are to report everything you know.

Because the way it is right now is the record is not complete. Because of YOU and a few people like you. Furthermore, it is distorted, and unless you come out and give a FULL account of what happened, and I mean EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL as far as you know, you won't be able to die in peace.

Osho Rajneesh - a snake oil salesman

I have stumbled on some information about him and after taking a look at it I wanted to vomit. All that marketing hype and all these flashy things all over his sites reminded me of Herbalife or some other MLM trip. But when I saw the information about him travelling to Russia on his never ending "world tours" and giving his "holier than thou" lectures and delivering some "message" to those pure souls, seeking something they think they are missing, it was beyond belief. I did not like seeing THAT kind of manipulation of pure and innocent Russian souls, after watching one of his videos.

I could not even watch it for more than a few minutes because it was way too ugly to me, and it looked as fake, as I can imagine. All the slow and hypnotizing motions of his hands looked like a straight parrotry of Chandra Mohan. Even the way he walked, was a 100% copy of Chandra Mohan, like he was his clone.

And that is a primary reason I decided to cover this subject here. If I did not see his involvement and extensive travel to Russia, I might not even bother with all this jazz. I do not get involved in what other people are doing in their lives as far as this "spiritual" trip goes. But lately I have reviewed some things on the net and it made me puke.

Because they are simply deluding the innocent souls, seeking something they think they are missing and lead them away from themselves into some distant lands of "spiritual achievement". And that is altogether a different thing. And if there is anything I can do to clarify some things, I'll do what I can. And when I see someone trying to screw with the Russian soul, I will step up to the plate. I am not going to "let it slide", whether they like it or not, and I could care less about their sensitive self-image getting offended. There are no two ways about it.

First of all, you must be blind or dishonest to even conceive an idea to go to Russia and "teach" them something. Even satanists of Menachem Mendel Schneerson caliber, who is considered to be "Jewish messiah", are afraid of Russian soul like a fire, and consider it to be more "dangerous" than an atom bomb, and, compared to him all these fools are not even laughable.

All you can do is to attempt to delude them and corrupt their hearts, leading them away from themselves, getting them sucked-in into some never ending trip of "achieving" some "paradise on earth without God", even if you are not doing it out of bad intent of parasiting on them and exploiting them. Only a blind or a fool, "who knows not what he is doing", can even conceive of going to Russia to "teach" them something "spiritual". Have mercy on yourselves.

But the way the Russian soul works is that you may start thinking you are succeeding and they start following you and believing you, and then, boom, it is all back in its original purity. It can not be done. And the "end result" is they simply became more evolved as they have learned your trip also.

And these fools do not even realise that the Russian Soul is imprinted on a genetic level, which has been proven by the genetic research. It is called Haplogroup R1a1. This genetic property of their DNA has been found to be indestructible and persistent, unlike all other groups, that get weakened or modified if mixed with the other groups. And this genetic code originates with Slav-Aryans and goes back to the beginning of time as far as human life is concerned.

It is a very interesting and immensely significant subject, and not only for Russians. Nikolai Levashov has done an extensive study and analysis of Slav-Aryan Vedas, the most ancient system of wisdom on this planet. For example Indian Vedas were introduced in India by Slav-Aryans as he claims. They are not the original wisdom of the peoples of India. To be blunt, all these "religious system" and "systems of enlightenment" are simply primitive compared to the Slav-Aryan Vedas, that contain the original, Life sustaining principles and mechanisms of Divine Creation. But this is a different subject.

So, this is what this fool, Osho Rajneesh, is dealing with, without even realising WHO he is trying to "teach". He is totally clueless as to what Russian Soul means. For example, in light of this Quantum Transition some of you might heard about, the Russians and Slavs are named as "god-chosen" people now, who will lead this planet into the 4th density. Whether you believe it or not is a different matter. But all the "messengers" and "channelers" keep saying the same thing: the Quantum Transition on this planet starts with the Russian Soul. Long subject. Dig around. There is all sorts of information on it.

Now, about Osho Rajneesh. From what I have seen about him, he is a desperate being, craving for attention, using the name and fame of Osho and Rajneesh to somehow justify his own existence. After looking at his book, Tears of a Mystic Rose, I did feel sad. How can one get so desperate and so pathetic with his fragile ego, forever craving for attention? What do those buckets full of tears worth? Does anyone OWE you something you think you should have in your pocket? Should Chandra Mohan place you next to his chair in his room because you are such a dedicated "seeker", you fool? How can you even imagine to release such a book to public? Is it some kind of a joke?

When I read him telling how he walked every day by the gate to the Chandra Mohan's house, I was simply disgusted. Because he behaved like a pest, and I mean literally. If someone would walk by my gate back and forth every day, I would probably tell them to just throw him out and do not even allow him into ashram until he stops crying like a baby about his pathetic ego and the absence of attention of others towards him. The feeling was that if Chandra Mohan would open the door to his house, he would crawl on his four and would beg on his knees to be allowed into the house and would sit "by the feet of his master".

I have a question: how much do you have to disrespect yourself to lower yourself to such a level of self-annihilation and self-denial? And look at him NOW. He even has guts to pose as one of the only two living "masters" on this planet and claims to be "enlightened". What a change! What kind of a trick does he know to raise from a slave, crawling on his knees to such a grand status, and who is he kidding?

That book reminded me The Confession by Russo where he desperately tries to describe every single detail in his life, down to things of sexual perversions. It is like total confusion as to who one is, thinking one is much worse and much more "primitive" than he looks on paper, even to himself. Basically, it is the deepest level of self-condemnation and denial, which gets transfered into denial of others and resulting "expectation" of what SHOULD happen, without having a slightest clue whether that "should" is nothing more than confusion, arising out of intolerance and consequential projection of "power" over others, which, at its deepest core, is nothing more than an attempt to "overpower" the Life itself.

If you look at one of his pictures, you will see exactly that look of "power". The question arises: how out of such a "humbleness" such a satanic look of power may arise?

Osho Rajneesh impersonating Bodhisattva

Guess who Osho Rajneesh is impersonating here - Bodhisattva, Lucifer or Adolph Bush. Or is it a look of "enlightenment" and the eyebrows of a saint?

The end result is bound to be perversion, perversion of the very nature of life, and quite often it develops into desire to dominate and show ones own "superiority". Thus his declaration of "enlightenment". Yes, there IS such a thing as the ability to see more clearly, to get to more subtle aspects and recognize them for what they are from a more subtle plane of existence.

But at the very core of that "light" is Love. And Love pretty much automatically resolves most conflicts and contradictions, and all those buckets full of ones own tears simply dry out. The only tears that are of any value as far as I can see are the tears of JOY and APPRECIATION of the grandest nature of life, which you begin to notice everywhere once you achieve a certain RECOGNITION.

What they call "enlightenment" is nothing more than that recognition, which is what Jesus called SEEING and HEARING. It is not a matter of some "superpowers" that you "attain" becoming "enlightened". The only difference between you and anyone else is that you can SEE, see "how it is" in reality beyond mind projections of all kinds. "Enlightenment" is the simplest thing possible, and that is precisely why no struggle of any kind will allow you to "attain" it. It is not attainable. It is only when you stop all the struggle to "achieve" that you begin to SEE how it IS, not how it "should" be. That is the only difference. In that sense, "enlightenment" does exist.

The idea of "enlightenment" is probably one of the most damaging ideas because it is an attempt to short-circuit or bypass certain aspects within your own ability to see. But those things that you try to bypass and jump into some "enlightenment" are still inside you and they will show up in all sorts of ways, trying to gain access to expression. Because they are still unresolved. And anything unresolved will create Karma as they call it, which will keep biting you until it is fully resolved and represents to conflicts of any kind.

You can not simply abandon your misunderstandings, or rather blindness or "forget about it". Not possible. It has to fully mature and fully resolve. And it resolves by itself, without ANY effort on your part. Just "do your thing" and be sincere and have that desire to see how it REALLY "works" or IS. No one has neither a right nor power to take away your ability to SEE.

But do not FORCE that seeing upon yourself. It won't work. All you can do is to be sincere in your effort and have enough courage to look at unpleasant things as they are, instead of perverting it and interpreting them as something else, deluding yourself. For what? It won't work. One thing is certain: you can delude others, but you can not delude yourself. No matter how long does it take, sooner or later, you will have to ENCOUNTER That Which Is. This is the LAW, from which it is impossible to run away. It will hunt you to your grave need be. You can not escape from it into any kind of "enlightenment", bypassing all your misunderstandings, no matter how "smal" or "insignificant" they seem to be.

The very life presents one with exactly the necessary tools, expressions and situations that perfectly suit the degree of ones ability or capacity to see. You get EXACTLY what you need from Life with every breath of yours. There are no "mistakes". The very idea of "injustice" is misunderstanding. It is nothing more than projection of your ideas of your own inner conflict on others and on the world as such. It is a result of intolerance and denial, which creates all sorts of tensions and blockages. It is self-defeating as it PREVENTS you from going further. It is like a dog chasing its own tail.

Thus the idea of "accept yourself as you are", no matter who or what you are or how "bad" or "unsophisticated" you may look to yourself as a result of that expectation of some "ultimate" state which is utter bluff.

There is no such a state. It is nothing more than a poison, poison to those necessary experiences of yours that will finally clear up, INEVITABLY so. As long as you are looking and paying attention, as long as you are genuinely trying to see deeper, or rather with more clarity, the process is automatic. There is "nothing to be done" in fact. You can do anything you want and the end result will be the same - blindness and misunderstanding while the greatest treasures are already sitting within you. You can start smiling and even laughing even in the most difficult situations, no matter how drastic they may look. NOTHING prevents you.

It is your birth right to experience Love. It is not something you purchase somewhere or read from some book, or study via some "religious" "system".

So, the only "lesson" in life is Love and you can claim it right this very moment no matter how "imperfect" you are. That is why the teaching of Jesus is so simple. Just one word and it describes the whole "system" of his - Love. But people do not believe it is so simple. So, they want some "clarification", some work to be done, some struggle in order to "concur" oneself and ones own "limitations", thus denying their own validity this very moment, just as they are.

And that is how the "religious" "systems" are born, and it does not matter what kind of a "system" it is. Their purpose is to confuse you more and more and create the IDEAS that you are making some "progress" and you can even "measure" that "progress" by "gaining" some "spiritual powers" and even demonstrate it to others, just to convince yourself that you have really "achieved" something, that you are "deserving" of something, "deserving" MORE than others. The whole thing is just a grand insanity, at least in most cases.

That is the whole "system" of "spiritual" "growth". Anything else is nothing more but self-torture that will inevitably translate into torture of others, and the most poisonous kind of torture of others is "spiritual". It arises out of assumption that you have "arrived" at some "perfect" state, at some "enlightenment". While Life and Growth never stop. In principle. At least on this level of physical world.

All his "spiritual suffering" is nothing more than masochism as far as I can see, and to brag about it as if it was some kind of great spiritual achievement of some "sincere seeker" is nothing more than self-pity.

And now he has guts to call himself "enlightened". So...

I am going to cover this trip quite extensively here because there are several things of significance in this whole story. So, have patience. And I am talking about it not because he is someone of prime significance, but because it is just a pattern, and you should be able to recognize all other phonies once you see this one. It is not him I am talking about. I see these "Osho" phonies nearly every place I look around the lands of "Osho". I do not believe my own eyes. It is like a plague now.

And it is quite pisonous as far as I can see, and that poison is most potent simply because there is no way for you to verify any of it. It disguises itself under all sorts of "great spiritual" notions. But all it is is his own problems, misunderstanding and denial of himself. The nature of illusion is that it looks like reality.

Actually, something just came up and I think a better title for this man is: Enlightened Master Salesman.

In light of this man making a proclamation of being "enlightened" and considering the fact that Osho, the real one, is gone, plus unusually high activity on the part of this man, including his massive "world tours" and other quite extensive promotion, we could be dealing with something more than meets the eye.

One fact of him making a page where he placed two pictures, side by side, of him and real Osho, just to make it look like he is the same "spiritual entity", probably says more than anything else.

A question arises: is he trying to replace real Osho and, therefore, has an agenda of becoming a new "spiritual messiah"? And if that happens to be the case, what is the agenda of his, and, more interestingly, who stands behind his pretty extensive operation and where does the money come from to support all those world tours, book publishing and the rest of it?

Is he struggling for the "throne" and the "crown"?

What is the meaning of his "we are getting back together again"? Is he some kind of messiah? Fine, assume "you got together again", then what? What are you going to do? Well, you can spend an hour or so telling and doing all sorts of foolish things to each other. But then you have to go back home. Then what? Do you think Chandra Mohan created his "commune" for no reason? Well, this is exactly the reason he created it. Because it is not enough to just "get together again". You need to stay in that environment, which is meant to facilitate all sorts of things. Long story.

You can "get together again" all you want. But the net result will be zero. Because the very idea is misunderstanding. Do you think that by "getting together again" you become something new and gain some insight into what is Life? According to what law?

And even if you stay with each other in some "commune", do you think some miracle will make you SEE the nature of it all? How? Do you think that by listening to all these lectures of your "master" you, somehow, can learn what is life? Do you realise that what you have done by accepting those "lectures" is to pass your own initiative to him, hoping he will "fix" you? Well, all you have done is to disable your own intelligence, your own eyes and your own ears. From then on, you are under control. Essentially, what you did is to give the controlling aspect of your life to someone else. You are no longer in control of your own life. You simply surrendered it to some "bright future", that carrot of "enlightenment". And you have disabled your own greatest treasures.

In that respect "you are enough onto yourself" does make some sense, except in the largest scope it is nothing but a poison. Because you are not. That very statement means you have isolated yourself from All That Is, which is just an illusion. It can not be done, no matter what you do.

Even in the original "commune" of Chandra Mohan in Oregon it was quite a trip to see how futile it is. Yes, the idea of it does make some sense. When you pull people, who are interested in learning something of significance, together, some things are amplified and facilitated in some ways, simply because you remove the possibility of all the unnecessary distractions from those who could "care less". But that is not enough. It is one thing for you to get some IDEAS in your mind after his lectures. But it is a totally different thing for it to "work", meaning for you to really learn something out of it, and the most fragile thing is to recognize the very lesson. You need a reference point within you to even recognize it, something you know to be valid.

You either accept things on faith, without even looking at it, thus this idea of "trust and surrender", or you use your own intelligence to recognize them for what they are. And how do you do that? Well, you need to compare the new information with what you already know, or "reference information". But even there, do you even trust your own self? As far as trust goes, who can you possibly trust?

As far as I can see, either you trust ALL, or "you can trust nobody, and I mean nobody, even your own brother", just like one bully said.

To trust ALL means you have trust to the Highest, the very roots that stand behind it all. You trust that Life itself is not just some meaningless process of accumulation of all sorts of "values" or "achieving" some "authority", position or prominence. All those things are illusions arising out of an idea of separation - the deadliest poison there is.

Once a fake, a fake forever

Some information came up since the original writing that tells me "Osho Rajneesh" is simply a dishonest man, to put it in the mildest of terms. Yes, he does look like a "seeker". Yes, he is trying to do something and he actually does more than many. MUCH more. In that sense he is a beautiful soul doing all he can. But there is a little but about all this.

This happened at the end of October, 2011. I came across one web page on one of his sites and there I found him raving away about the copyright notice issued to him by OIF (Osho International Foundation) requesting him to cease and desist with his sites where he publishes the Osho books. I am flatly against the copyright claims in principle, unless there is commercial interest involved, especially if we are talking about religious kind of information. He stated that OIF issued several of such notices to other sites, and, as a result, some beautiful sites were forced to shut down. And I did not like seeing that, especially knowing what kind of people those are, which almost made me vomit when I saw that. So I thought, OK, let us pull some strings on those guys and see what happens.

My position is this: No copyright violation notices are to be issued to ANY site whatsoever in the name of Osho. First of all, it prevents the "message" from being made as widely available as possible, and, therefore, harms his work, whatever it is. It goes AGAINST Osho. Commercializing his "message" simply discredits it.

So, what I did is to issue a public statement on this issue on one of his sites where that message of his was posted, supporting his site, which I have full authority to do being a Mahasattva. And this is where all the fun began.

Then I tried to post a correction notice about some syntax errors. After I did that, I looked at that page, and boom, my previous messages were gone, that is "moderated" out of existence. That was pretty weird, and so I checked my email to see if there is some explanation message as to why it was removed. Usually it is done because there is some violation of their "posting guidelines" or the message was "off topic". None of those things apply here. Well, there was no emails from him.

Waving the Mahasattva bomb

So let me say a few words about this Mahasattva bomb. I am going to wave it as much as I can manage just because such things can not possibly be ignored. Chandra Mohan, or anyone else for that matter, can not just throw titles like these left and right. Every word you say, every act you do counts at the end. This is the very meaning of karma as far as I know. At the "end", it should all reconcile.

When I received that Mahasattva certificate I simply felt weird. It was like some kind of fiction movie. So, we are going to stuff this bomb into any hole we can manage to find. So, get used to it or go read something else.

Now, Mahasattvas can not be demitted (disqualified) by any "power" in the name of Osho, unless they are shown to be engaged in it for purely commercial purposes, or, alternatively, they were found to be lying or manipulating for mercantile interests. So, about the ONLY thing even conceivable as far as demitting them is dishonesty. You can not use "oh, you said something wrong", or "oh, that is not what the message or work of Osho is", or anything else for that matter. Can not be done.

Because, by design, no one has power to judge the Mahasattvas, no matter what they do or think, because THEY themselves are the "judges", or, more precisely, "councils" to advice all others on what IS that "message" of Osho, if there is any. What can be "higher" than that?

Maha means great, sattva means purity. Sattva is one of three gunas.

In the unmanifested universe, energy has three qualities, known as Gunas, that exist together in equilibrium: Sattva (purity); Rajas (activity, passion, the process of change); and Tamas (darkness, inertia).

Sattva: the mode of goodness, the quality of purity or goodness that renders a person true, honest, wise (see gunas).

There are seven meanings of Mahasattva: 1. He has perfected great roots. 2. He has great wisdom. 3. He believes the great Dharma. 4. He understands the great principle. 5. He cultivates the great conduct. 6. He passes through great kalpas. 7. He seeks the great fruit.

You don't simply throw things like these left and right no matter what kind of "master" you are and of what. No. You have to "face the music". There is no other way. That is the LAW. Every word of yours and every act of yours, no matter how "insignificant" it might look on paper, counts at the end. There is no way around it and there can be no excuses of any kind. The Law of Karma works for all, "slaves" and "masters" alike.

And so, does anybody have guts to tell me it is all crap, utterly meaningless? Or are you going to tell me Osho was a fool, who knew not what he is doing? Because it does not matter to me which choice you make. The end result is the same - a bomb.

That is the whole idea behind these three groups designed by Chandra Mohan. The whole structure is specifically designed for these groups to advise on any and all activity performed in the name of Chandra Mohan.

So, there exists no one above them to judge whatever they do. Otherwise, the whole structure collapses on itself.

Either you see, or you don't see. There is no compromise between Truth and lie.

As Chandra Mohan stated on record, Mahasattvas will become enlightened once Osho is gone. At that point, there exists no higher status or "authority". That is the problem with this whole thing. So WHO can possibly judge them or what they do? On what basis? Do you see this?

Because this is the very purpose of those guys. Only the higher council could judge them, and that is "Osho" himself, in his model, and he himself is to be judged by the real Supreme Council, which is God, and even that is not quite true. As far as I know, God does not pronounce judgements. YOU do, and you do it to yourself after being shown what you have done in your life. There is no need for God to judge you as no matter how you are judged, the work still goes on. No matter what you do, the work still goes on. No matter how blind you are, the work still goes on. Even if there is hell on Earth, the work still goes on. Except, as far as I know, God enters the hall and rearranges some things so it all works again, just, for example, as it is happening right now with this Quantum Transition as some claim.

But Chandra Mohan is gone and these are his direct instructions to be followed by anyone involved in his work. Otherwise, the whole thing self-destructs, and this is why this Mahasattva time bomb was placed there. And I would not be surprised this is exactly the reason why one of those certificates was given to me. Because I do not "belong" to those, who hung around him all the time. All I know he knew who I am and what kind of guy am I and what happens if I get involved in something. That is why the instructions I remember clearly - not to get involved into anything actively, but to do the work utterly behind the sciences. You can get involved in the critical situations where no other ways remain. Otherwise, let them be and do what they want. These are the instructions.

All I can tell you, once I get involved, we clear up the most critical things very quickly and most effectively. And the first thing we do is to burn all the filth and throw out all the crooks on their ear. That is the first step. And then we see what is left and what is the most rational next step. Because I leave no stone unturned, and if any of them "hurt" or "get offended" as a result, I can tell them: then why did you screw it up so bad that I have to get involved? Why do I have to dirty my hands in all this filth and deal with all these "powerful egos"? "I could care less they are dead or alive" they say. Just do what you want and do not bother me with crap of all kinds.

Any other alternative simply discredits Chandra Mohan. Because then there is a problem with his all seeing eye. How come he issued a Mahasattva certificate to them? Is it something you throw left and right, especially considering there was only a handful of those issued? Where is that "all seeing eye" of omni-potent? See the problem here?

So, the problem we have here is bigger than it looks on paper. Much bigger, even though the whole thing isn't even worth a shell from an eaten out egg. You can not simply drop things like these on the floor as though they were somehow insignificant. It won't work. The significance of all these seemingly insignificant things is profound. It is literally a bomb.

Who is a crook?

Either this "Osho Rajneesh" is a crook, or I am a crook, or Chandra Mohan is simply fake and he had no all-seeing eye, and all his talk of being able to see even the past lives is nothing but bluff, if he could not see a crook even in his present life. And the whole "esoteric school" of his is nothing but fiction. Simple as that. You can replace the word "crook" with "fake" or "dishonest". But it does not matter. The essence is the same - unreal.

Now, another thing came up recently. Now this man makes claims to be "enlightened". Just a few months ago he claimed to be "just an ordinary seeker, just like others". So, rejoice, you seekers. One more of you had become enlightened, and, therefore, your own enlightenment is just around the corner, right? Just as Chandra Mohan promised you. If he could, why could not you? See how easy it is? Just declare it on your web site and you will have crowds of customers. What could be easier to make a buck and make all the fools to bow down to you and even lick your shoes, and, best of all, purchase your books, filled with earthquaking revelations?

So... This "enlightenment" of his is nothing more than bluff to me, not that I care about it one way or another.

Let us stop on this "enlightenment" issue for a moment. What is it? Well, one thing I can see it is a state where you can SEE. Light means seeing. There is no longer any darkness left. But... To "see" means you are God. Why? Well, WHO can SEE, and see what? To see, means to understand the nature of things, and that understanding can not be partial. If you just see SOME things, then you are no different than anyone else. Is it a matter of how many things you see compared to them?

So, ultimately, to "see", you need to see it ALL, the whole picture. Otherwise, it is nothing different than some kind of competition of who can "see" "more" than others. Is there a guarantee that you see the whole picture? Where? And that means you are God - ALL seeing and ALL knowing. Try to argue this line of logic.

So, the very notion of "enlightenment" to me is not valid. Because no matter how much you see, you are still limited. You can not make claims you see the whole picture. And if you don't, then what is the difference between you and some fool, who also thinks he can see some, and even many things?

I just have one question: What is the need for anyone to declare themselves to be "enlightened" but to elevate ones own status beyond mortal and gain some material benefits from it? Can you tell me? What does it matter? Does your word become more valid from then on? I claim just the other way around. Because from then on you are under suspicion of being a crook having an agenda of gain and parasiting on all the fools. Are you willing to argue THIS point? Be my guest. Full service, I promise.

You got "enlightened"? Good. Keep quiet. Because it is nothing but trouble for you from then on. The responsibility alone is immense. The enlightened ones can not abandon all the seekers, and, from then on, they are supremely responsible for every word and every act of theirs. There is no way out of this.

Some claim that there are two kinds of "enlightenment". One is when you care for others and attempt to help them on their "path", and the other one is that you could care less about anyones effort or "progress". You have "attained" your own "orgasm with existence" and that is all you care. Because sooner or later, if they are ready, they will "attain" it also. So, what is the point of you wasting your valuable time trying to pull some fools from the pit they are in?

Sorry, I do not accept the second version - where you "could care less" about the others. To me, it is against the LAW, and, therefore, your "enlightenment" is worth nothing. Not that the first kind is worth something as it is still the same idea of some "ultimate" state of being.

So, to me, once "enlightened" you are supremely responsible.

I bet you these fools do not even realize that it puts tremendous obligations on you. Because once you declare yourself enlightened, you are under the microscope of many and the strictest rules of honesty, sincerity and wisdom are applicable to you. It is such a strain, you could not pay me enough even if you ask me.

Or do you think you just sit on your throne from then on, smiling with your forever blissful smile while all those "seekers" lick your shoes and deliver you anything you ask including the diamond watches? What is this? Parasitism unlimited enterprises or what?

Sorry, this is about the last thing I'd want to be known as. Once "enlightened", you loose all your freedom, and, from then on, are constantly surrounded by all sorts of fools trying to suck on your titie. Moreover, from then on you are obliged to submit to strictest standards of Truth. And that looks easier said then done. Truth is not just some candy. Sorry, with all due respect, can I please stay out of it? Have mercy on me!

Then I thought about it and what I saw is him being simply a parasite, milking the Osho fame and name with his dazzling websites. Let me ask him one question: what would happen to you if you stand on your own feet and remove all the references to Osho from anything you do? Are you still valid as you are?

And then I have put two and two together. One thing I could not understand what is the point of his never ending "world tours" and all that endless self-promotion every page you look on his sites, publishing pages full of dazzling pictures of him like he is some kind of a demi-god? Strange Who IS he, this man in the scheme of things, crying like a baby because he does not get all the attention he thinks he deserves from others? Why should anyone bother about you and you trip? Can you tell me? What is so significant about you to even pay attention to? Do you crave to be some kind of "god"? Do you realise what kind of responsibility falls upon you in that case? Or do you think all you need to do from then on is to travel all over the world and enjoy people licking your shoes and begging on their knees before you?

So, what I saw is him using these sites for purely commercial purposes, and that is to attract all sorts of fools to visit his "therapy sessions" or whatever number he is doing, on his grand "world tours", and sit on some podium, telling them "the world of god". I could not understand why does he have so many of those "world tours" like it was some kind of obsession or some urgent "message" of ultimately intimate meaning to be delivered mouth to ear, like it is some kind of secret society. Sure, if he has a table with boxes full of books to be sold to all the clueless, that is understandable. So, is that the idea? Selling books to "clueless" on how to become a millionaire in 24 hours or less? What is his "message"?

These "teachers" do not seem to realise that unless they really see the nature of things, their teaching may be nothing but poison, leading the sincere seekers away from themselves with all these bells and whistles they are offered. So it is like spinning wheels getting nowhere fast. In that sense, instead of helping others, they take away the opportunity from those they think they teach to investigate things with their own minds and to see it with their own eyes. By doing such things, these people take upon themselves the responsibilities they probably do not even suspect exist, and that is what J. Krishnamurti called the "highest crime" as far as I can see.

Let us discuss the issue of "stairs to God". You see, your so called trip to whatever the "highest" state of human being you THINK there is, is nothing more than forever climbing the stairs go God. Take for example, the song on one of the "Osho" "festivals", called "Higher and higher". What is the meaning of it? Well, to climb "higher". And those fools, who wrote the words for this song, do not realise that the "higher" you climb, the FURTHER away from yourself you are. Simply inevitable. Because God is sitting in His throne right smack in the middle of your, right in your chest. THAT is where God is. So, you can climb "higher and higher", until you get TOTALLY lost and do not even see your own Soul any longer.

I am not aware of such a thing as enlightened people running on world tours virtually non-stop, just like the travelling salesmen doing promotion of some kind. For what? To rid the world of evil? To deliver some special message of utmost urgency? Sure, he has plenty of experience doing this type of thing when he was promoting his electric guitar watches as he describes in his royal writings. So he knows the trick pretty well indeed.

But... You have tons of websites. Probably more than anyone can conceive. So fine, Mr. Enlightened, just post all your earthquaking revelations and be done with it. What's the trip here I ask? Your "grace" of someone "enlightened" delivering the ultimate message to all the blind? The whole thing is arrogance and even stupidity to me. Who ARE you to "deliver" some "message" to ANYONE? What authority do you have to be "above" others but your desire to control and dominate, which is nothing more than the deepest disrespect to Life as such? What is the need to look "above" others? Do you see this?

I said it already elsewhere in this book, and I repeat it again: if there is any message, it is all already there, and by the ORIGINAL Osho, and not some phony capitalizing on his name and fame. At least real Osho was brilliant and did do all sorts of study, no matter what are the results and what were his goals. Compared to him, all these phonies are not even laughable. They are simply pathetic. Just like parrots repeating someone else's words and ideas, not even knowing what for beyond making a buck, at least in most cases. Sure, there are those who are sincere, which is just an exception, and not a rule.

And the original one pretty much covered all the bases spending at least 30 years of his life speaking on anything imaginable to such an extent that it is doubtful there is anything anyone could add to it of any significance, even thought life is an open system. Because he described all the existing techniques, tools and methods known to mankind. Do you mean a hundred meditations techniques is not enough?

What else can anyone add to it? What does he have to add or modify? I bet this phony "Osho Rajneesh" is so boring that you'd get simply bored out of your head within a couple of minutes of his lectures filled with such utter crap that the flies die in mid air hearing all that parrot talk and of the lowest grade. In fact, a while back I did look at one of his videos. There wasn't a single thing of any value or significance in it as far as I can see. Usually, when I see something of significance, it goes into my memory and I can recall those things. But here, not a trace of anything I remember, such a blend stuff it was to me. Baby, you need some medical attention from the department of boredom with such a parrotry.

Surprisingly enough, the whole thing could turn out to be much simpler than it looks on paper. And if that is the case then I am against his sites with both of my hands and I do agree with OIF in this case. For one thing, he is trying to take away some business from them, and so the whole thing becomes an issue of commercial gain and that is what copyright law is for. That simply does not make sense as far as OIF goes, or any other "official" foundations, corporations and you name it. Just look at one of his pages:

Osho Teachings Osho Discourses

First of all, most of his sites are almost unreadable, so much hype and so much flashy effects you see all over the place that it is hard to find those few bits of information, that looks like something just to impress the clueless.

Just look at this megalomaniacal shameless self-promotion:

"Mystery school"

I have never seen anything like that in my whole life. That is for sure. How many pictures can you find where you do not see HIM, like some MLM marketeer? Looks like he is trying to beat the Herbalife itself, if you know who those multilevel marketing guys are.

From the looks of it and from all those sites and projects this seems to be quite an operation. Who is financing it all? Rothschilds, by ANY humble chance? :)

Does this man think that with flashy web pages, filled with special effects, one can achive some Truth? In India they say: "How much, Baba?"

Secondly, what is the need to have so many sites and domains? Who do you serve? It has been said: "you can not serve two masters". Pretty insightful I'd say. You know who said that? Well, Jesus.

Just a single thing of him posting his picture on one of his pages right next to the original Osho, just to make it look like he is the same man, is beyond disgusting. What is he? A parrot of Osho? His carbon copy? For what? There was already an original one. What do you need a carbon copy for? Do you know? It is such a cheap shot and it discredits him to such an extent, that all you have to do is to look at that single page. Sorry, I am not interested to even pull that link for you. Find it yourselves if it still exists. To me, only a lowlife could come up with such an idea.

And he says "lectures of Osho". Now, WHICH "Osho"? The real one is gone and all his lectures are already on record. What, you have some revolutionary way to present it all? Just look at those pictures of some "enlightened mystic" as he presents himself. All over the place. Every place you look there is a picture of him with special effects. It just jumps into my mind: "Hello, Joseph Stalin, our father. You are the greatest scientist of all times". Hello, Mao Tse Tung. "Seig hail, my fuhrer" just rolls off one's tongue "by itself". You don't even need to make an effort!

Well, in case you did not know, it is called a modesty of an enlightened man, who has no concern for anything else but Truth. And so let his grace descend upon the mortals. On your knees, sinners! Praise the new messiah the likes of which the world has never known.

I would not be surprised he will invent a new kind of "enlightenment", something like "super-enlightenment". After all, the creativity never stops, isn't it? So, whose lectures and speeches is he talking about? His own, by ANY chance? And what does he have to say beyond what has been already said? Can anyone tell me?

Just push the button on any one of those links. What do you see there? Well, the same black background, which is a symbol of death and satanism, loaded with real Osho pictures, ad nausea, having a few words that run into pictures making it difficult to read. Page layout is exactly the kind of thing you see on all sorts of commercial sites filled with hype, making it nearly impossible to read. Every single thing is stuffed with flashy images. Sure, the more flashy and more bright colored those pictures are, the more impact they have on your subconscious, just like you see all over the world.

This is one of the zombification techniques in fact. Its purpose is to dazzle your mind and overwhelm it with all sorts of effects in order to make something fake look like the most real thing there is. Zombification by authority that is. It is essentially one of the main techniques of the agenda of evil most profound, and that ever present black background is significant in that context indeed. Because on the foreground of all this flashy madness, there is black, the color of death, and that is precisely the main thing your subconscious is to encounter.

Mind does not work this way, you see. It needs some space to work in. It needs some depth to the whole thing. Just jerking off with a single sentence next to some picture does what to your mind? Where is real information? In what context? What does it signify? All these salesmen think that the more flashy their pages are the better. So, instead of giving you some real information, they simply dazzle your mind with flashy effects of all kinds signifying nothing at the end. What can be more stupid and more violent that this? This is nothing more than blatant abuse of your mind. PURE grade violence. It leaves you no space. Just piles upon piles of suffocating satanic garbage is what it is to me.

Every couple of sentences have an Osho pictures next to them. For what? Just make one picture page and post all the pictures on it unless it is absolutely necessary in the context of some statement. What are all these bells and whistles for? There are tons of Osho pictures all over the net. What is the need? How many pictures do you need to see on one page to get convinced that this is something real? Is it something special? Do they carry some sacred meaning that needs to be shown every couple of sentences? Or are these pictures some sort of art? Watching Chandra Mohan's face millions times over, just like Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler? Can it make Truth out of lie?

"Any lie repeated long enough, eventually becomes truth."

-- Adolph Hitler

Is this what this is all about?

And what is even more interesting about those pictures is that one of the people who was as close to Chandra Mohan as it gets stated that Chandra Mohan approved every single picture of him ever published. He would go through hundreds of latest pictures of him and select only those HE thinks should be released. And I am aware of this from a different source, his own personal photographer, who invited me into his studio and showed me a pile of these pictures and said: take anything you like. These pictures were not approved. So, I happen to have some pictures no one even knows exist. And some of those pictures are some of the most unique pictures going back to his university years if not before that. And some of them look quite different from what you see all over the net.

Now... Approving the pictures to be released? Strange. Can you imagine what would happen in the world if the most evil people or "stars" of all kinds would be able to control which pictures are released to the public? Well, Adolph Bush, for one thing, would look like a saint, and so would all of them, faces of evil most profound. It would be such a distortion of reality that even a lie could be made to look like the truth.

So, keep this in mind, dear seekers. Because what you see of "Osho" has been sanitized to the same degree. Because I have personally seen his face in some situations where he would look like an evil person. But there exist no such pictures "out there", which means you have been fed lies and made to believe it is truth.

In case this fool does not know it, and I bet he does not, it is called a cult of personality, a part of totalitarian doctrine of adoration of some "father" figure, such as Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler or Mao Tse Tung, meant to zombify your mind with never ending avalanches of all these pictures you see any place you look, morning to night, starting with all the official offices of any kind. Every place you go, every official office you visit, you INEVITABLY see the picture of your "leader". Your subconscious mind eventually gives up resisting it and accepts it as the only reality there is.

It is called the idol worshiping.

And he has guts to even conceive of an idea to go to Russia. To teach RUSSIANS? To teach what, you fool? They know it better than you can even begin to imagine in your wildest dreams. Their mothers and fathers died as a result of it. Their grandfathers were exterminated by this sick totalitarian stuff of oppression. They have it in their blood stream, little did you know, mr. salesman.

Can you even BEGIN to imagine the amount of work necessary to produce all his sites? Looks like a solid crew working morning to night on something.

Question: who stands behind this entire operation? Yes, he is indeed a creative guy, no questions about it, but what's the "goal" here, what's the "end game"? Does anybody know?

First, I could not understand why would he pull down my messages, but then it came to me: "he hates your guts more than anything else in this world. Because of what you wrote about him in your book", which, it seems, is endangering his zombification enterprises of parasiting on all the clueless.

Otherwise, what is the need to pull down some message on your board? What seems to be the problem? Just some blabber, just like any other, and more than that, in your defense.

Do you think my message was the only one removed as a result of his totalitarian tendencies? I bet that the most insightful and most genuinely valuable messages were "moderated" out of existence and about the only things you see on his sites is the most sanitized version of the universe. What a "rebel"!

And this is how these "great messangers" are caught with their pants down. And what does he hope for? Does he think that destroying those messages will make Truth to go away somehow? To go away to where?

Mahasattva bomb - principles of operation

Let us look at this Mahasattva bomb, and not only on his sorry ass, but on the rest of them from the "inner circle" or "elite" of ANY kind they have.

The thing is, no matter how "enlightened" this man is, he can not possibly do the kind of things he has done by deleting my messages from his board. But it is good he did it as it opens up the entire Pandora box. He either disgraced himself by doing it, or he disgraced Osho. Take your pick. And if he disgraced Osho, he should stop capitalizing on his work, fame and name.

It does not disgrace me because I did not have a bad intent. Just the other way around. All I said is something in his support and issued as "official" statement on this as it gets. There is nothing more official than this as far as "Osho" is concerned. It can not be. Just as Chandra Mohan willed. We can discuss it with others. No problem.

And if you are willing to go against the will of your master, then you are finished. Do you understand this? You are on your own and REAL Osho has nothing to do with it. You are simply disgracing him. Simple as that.

What you have in your hands is dust and nothing but the dust.

The problem he has is that if you remove the messages even of Mahasattvas, and for no good reason at all, because there wasn't even a shred of anything of any kind of problems with them, then... Then either you are a conman and a crook, just as charged, or you are a totalitarian dictator interested in oppression and domination. Take you pick. Is there any other possibility?

As far as all this copyright commotion around his sites there is one thing, and that is both of them, him and OIF, are capitalizing on the work of Chandra Mohan and making money on it. So who has the right "to make a buck"? Chandra Mohan certainly did. Beyond him, I'd like to see their face so I could spit into it. Do you think Chandra Mohan was such a fool as to assign his rights to ANYONE? Even a poor guy like myself can see that they will immediately abuse it and start milking that "holy cow" stuffing their bellies. That would simply discredit Chanda Mohan pretty bad. Because it would go against himself and would be self defeating, as his "message" would not be as widely spread as he would want it to be, at least once he was gone.

This whole copyright farce is simply bizarre, and I have some other information on it which could be not exactly a bomb, but at least a grenade.

What other reasons could he have to remove those messages? Oh, he hates my guts? Well, then how can he call himself "enlightened" if he is just an intolerant brat? How can enlightened man do things like these?

Assume there is some other reason for whatever was in his mind. So, the options he had is: 1) Sending me an email and stating his position. 2) Posting his position on his site. 3) Insulting me on his site. 4) Starting some campaign to discredit me somehow.

But... You can not ignore the Mahasattvas, you see. Are you trying to ignore Truth itself? How? How long is it going to take before it comes back and hits you with a sledge hammer on your cockpit? Do you know?

Are you trying to say with it that Osho is some kind of an idiot to issue the Mahasattva certificates to some fools? Do you have one yourself? Where? Show me.

All he did is to disgrace real Osho essentially saying that he was just a blind fool as he issued such a certificate of such profound significance to someone who does not deserve it. Or, did I somehow get "spoiled" somewhere along the way? Well, fine. Then that means Truth can get spoiled, which is the same thing as someone unlearning how to walk. How can you do that? How can you corrupt the Truth?

All that this salesman did with this utterly useless and even futile act is to show his intolerance and his desire to control and dominate and manipulate things. To REMOVE an "official" statement from a Mahasattva? Are you crazy?

Let me tell him: you fool disgraced yourself and in the most profound ways, simply because even to have me post on your salesman's site is probably the highest honor anyone, who does have an idea of what this "Osho" trip is all about, ever gave you, and by power and authority of Chandra Mohan himself.

And that is how it works. They say "you can run, but you can't hide". And so you can run all you want and you can try to destroy those things that make you go mad, while even to comprehend such a stupid idea as removing someone's innocent message that was in fact meant to protect you, is nothing but corruption, corruption of your very soul.

Well, sure, he can consider himself to be "above it" since he proclaimed himself to be "enlightened", and so, he might think this is somehow below his level, especially considering what is written in this book, if he read it, or whatever sick idea this arrogant cockroach might have in his cockpit, filled with snake oil, ready to be sold to the highest bidder. And he even has guts to wave the slogans "You can fly". Well, you can not even crawl as good as a worm from what I have seen so far.

But the thing here is: there is nothing he or anyone else in this world can do to deny that, which is contained in the certificate issued to me, signed by no one less than Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as Osho was known at that time. And if they could, then they simply disgrace him and his name and his work. And that certificate is not forgeable by design. So, that is that very bone, stuck sideways in the throats of all those who might have some bad intent. There isn't a thing they can do. Sure, they can try to destroy. Nothing new there, and the provisions have been made to take care of that situation. Like they say in China "The goose is out", you see.

There exists no power or authority in this world that can undo what was done in the name of Osho, the real one, himself, and signed with his signature. Once you are declared as Mahasattva, there exist no "inner circles", no "elite" of any kind and no Osho International Foundation that can possibly deny it, unless it is proven that I am corrupt and have mercantile interests in all this. And for that, they'd have to have the evidence.

I could care less about anything they have to say as Osho himself declared me to be a part of the innermost circle, that is not even to get involved and do things in public, but to remain behind the scenes and be a part of the supervisory board to advice all those in "official authority" as to what and how is to be done in his name. And these are the instructions I remember as clearly as I can.

I am not bragging about this as the whole thing is pretty meaningless to me as it does not "buy" me anything and that cerficate does not make me more valid then I am. I am the same man before and after. It is too bad that I even have to bring this up. But there is a point to all this and that point is a bomb I claim. These are just words, concepts and papers. But the way it comes out is pretty interesting.

And again, I make no claims of any kind beyond those that were made by others and my name was used for whatever purpose. I never gave my permission to be included in ANY kind of "inner circle" and no one ever asked me if I would like to be a part of it, or are ready and willing to do those things described by Chandra Mohan as a part of function of this "inner circle". My own approach is to avoid ANY position of "power" or "authority" like a plague. Because it creates more problems for me and my freedom. What do I need this for? To feel like someone "higher", someone "in control"? For what? And then?

And once people like Chandra Mohan do theses kinds of things, did not they know what kind of guy am I and what kind of things I do? Why not ask Sheela first? Yes, crazy people do crazy things. That is their nature. So, there must be some "higher" purpose for all this jazz. Like they say in Russia: "in every joke there is a grain of joke".

To me, the whole thing is simply a stupid exercise in futility and trying to make something real out of unreal.

Here: What is the "inner circle"

The "Inner Circle"

The "Inner Circle".

As far as this certificate goes, did I EVER ask him for it? Did I EVER move even a finger to deserve some "special status"? Did I EVER lick anyone's ass just to get into this "elite of the elite" club? Did I ever weasel my way into this "elite" structure? What did I do to deserve such honors? "I am just a poor man. I have no money" just like my buddy on the ranch used to say.

And yes, everything is conceivable with Chandra Mohan kind of guys, and, if by ANY chance, the certificate I have has some bad intent behind it by ANYONE who was involved in producing it and giving it to me, be it Chandra Mohan himself, I promise you one thing: Welcome to hell. Because I have not done ANYTHING to deserve such an insult if this is what it is, and God, Chandra Mohan denied the existence of all he could, knows it.

Let me blow some minds of some "inner circle" here, just for fun of it. I claim: I am the one to continue his work, and pay attention - to CONTINUE, not to repeat and perpetuate the same old song. Where he left is where I start. He already sang his song. Enough. And I am not interested in positions, titles, fame or you name it. I am what I am and I do what I do.

Yes, what he did does represent some value. Because when he started there was all sorts of corruption associated with religions and God. So, for a guy of his kind this was a "paradise" full of "opportunities" to expose all that corruption and "build his own empire" at the same time, establishing himself as some kind of replacement of nothing less than God - The Infinite, All Pervading Intelligence.

And what he did does require a continuation. It can not be stopped where he left it. Because he left it in hell and Satanism, utter disgrace and utter insult of all those masters before him, while using their work and their words and ideas. This can not be done unless his "work" was explicitly to confuse you and lead you away from Truth which he praised as something ultimate. And if that was the idea, then it has to be rectified and clarified.

He left the whole thing in utter confusion and denials. And so he lead the people astray. And he poisoned the work of those before him and confused the hearts of many. Yes, you need to examine any work, and any word of any "master" with your own eyes and your own intelligence. But at least some parts of it are indeed valid and represent the great insights that live on for centuries. It is not just all delusions as he tried to eventually make it look like. So, if you just brush off the people like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Bodhidharma, Socrates or even J. Krishnamurti into a garbage bin, then you are nothing more than a "spiritual criminal", just as J. Krishnamurti called him.

And yes, their work may not be "perfect", just like anything else in this world, and some of it may lead you to some distant lands of even more sophisticated illusions than you have at the moment. But that is what life is for - for you to finally SEE something that works and works for YOU specifically, and not generally for any human being as such.

If you call people like Jesus a "fascist" and someone insane - that is crime, and crime of the highest order, and it is 100% lie. And if it is not a lie, then you yourself is no "better" than that very Jesus, whom you condemned probably more than anyone in history.

He forever bragged about "exposing" others, and now his own turn has come. All those ugliest lies and manipulations of his need to be looked at. Otherwise you are left in a jungle of confusion.

His "Rajneesh Bible" or "the Last Testament", was his desperate and final attempt at destroying all the masters before him, which is an attempt at futility. Because it can not be done. Sooner or later, no matter what, people will see it for what it is. Once you are ready, there is not much anyone can do to delude you because you are too strong by then. The lie can never "win". All its "winning" is temporary and it only works if you are blind.

I do not even understand why is this information showing up here in this chapter. This is not the kind of company I'd like to be around.

Anyway, let us get back to the "real thing" here, and that is this fake "Osho Rajneesh" and his trip.

Enlightened Master Salesman - One of two living masters remaining on the planet Earth

On one of his other sites he puts himself into a category of "living masters". The other one is Swami Brahma Vedant. Sorry, I do not recall that one. And these are the only two living masters on the whole planet Earth apparently, at least according to him. And since he calls himself "enlightened", he knows better, doesn't he?

The question arises: why would he pour those buckets full of his own tears as he describes in his book? Was there some purpose in it? Was it, by ANY chance, just to earn a STATUS of someone above all others eventually? Was it is his "long term marketing strategy"?

Nice, eh? What a grace!

But I have heard there are more "enlightened" "masters" in the name of Osho, the real one. That might get some of them upset. They may start the enlightenment competition. How do you know who is more enlightened? After all, Chandra Mohan said about some world famous masters that their enlightenment has deficiencies.


Book: The Language of Existence
Chapter: The sky of completion

"It is unfortunate, but it is true that even a Buddha or a Mahavira remained within the conditioning of their social structure. That is a flaw in their enlightenment. It is not as high as it can be; some weights go on dragging them down."

So, it turns out even Buddha himself is not enlightened enough by strict Chandra Mohan standards.

First of all, what does it mean: "but it is true"? What is the evidence? How can the "enlightened" ones remain within the conditioning of their social structure? What does it mean "social structure"? What does "enlightenment" mean in that case, if one remains affected by the common myths? What is the difference between the "enlightened" one any anyone else then?

I can as well state "yes, it is true that Chandra Mohan was a liar or manipulator. At least I have an argument: eigther "enlightenment" is nothing but a zombification idea or Chandra Mohan is manipulating the significance of Buddha, Mahavira and all other masters.

It is like their enlightenment is not quite perfect, which opens the whole slew of opportunities for all the "enlightened" people to make the yearly enlightenment competitions to determine who is the most "enlightened", doesn't it? It simply makes sense. I, personally, would like to deal with the most "enlightened" of them all. And how could I know that unless they compete and prove it? Boy, would I LOVE to watch that show. Hey, I'd like to make a reservation.

Life of Masters

What can I say? I am proud of you! Except that picture on the top left with a satanic look that says "Osho Rajneesh".

"Enlightened master" Osho Rajneesh with his utterly convincing Satanic look

Osho Rajneesh - the "enlightened master", one of the only two masters alive on the entire planet Earth, with his utterly convincing Satanic look. Just look at his eyebrows. He beats Manley Hall and Adolph Bush combined, just with his eyebrows!!! Adolph Bush comes close indeed, "but no sigar".

Looks like he is trying real hard to pierce the Universe with that look. I am not sure even Joseph Stalin had that look. But the eyebrows do look good indeed. Just like Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin. Wait a minute. I've got something better. Adolph Bush! Here:

President George-Adolph Bush, the Satanist, a member of Skull and Bones secret society
Manly Hall - a self admitted Satanist and 33 degree Freemason, one of the most prominent figures of Freemasonry

Manly Hall - a self admitted Satanist and 33 degree Freemason, one of the most prominent figures of Freemasonry

Now, compare those to this "enlightened" "master", Osho Rajneesh. Who do you think looks better and more convincing. Well, even one of the most respected Freemasonic authorities and an author of hundreds of books, Manley Hall, simply pales in comparison. And Adolph Bush just plainly sucks. My personal opinion is that "Osho Rajneesh" beats those guys hands down with his convincing look. He REALLY looks like an enlightened master, I tellya.

"Enlightened master" Osho Rajneesh with his utterly convincing Satanic look Lucifer is the only one who can beat Osho Rajneesh with his look

Lucifer is the only one who can beat Osho Rajneesh with his annihilating look and his eyebrows.

Oh, my God, Osho Rajneesh look like a Messiah

Oh, my God, Osho Rajneesh must be a Messiah - feeling blue. He is probably appealing here to no one less than God to save the world!

Except there is one difficulty. His hands, raised upward, is the same thing as Chandra Mohan called Jesus being a lunatic for, talking to the sky, just like a mad man. Since there is no God, according to Chandra Mohan, raising your hands towards the sky is lunacy. He even had an argument, manipulating the psychiatrists, saying they consider such people "mad". Interestingly enough, lots of Chandra Mohan's female disciples also like to dance with their hands raised upward, just like that "lunatic" Jesus. Didn't they know better?

Just a couple of small things. This guy added Jesus as one of the great masters. According to Chandra Mohan Jesus was a fascist, megalomaniac, schizophrenic and lunatic.

Secondly, Patanjali Yoga is not a master. It is a system called Raja Yoga, the Yoga of the kings, created by Patanjali.

Otherwise, all nice and dandy. The whole bucket full of masters. So, take your pick.

Let me plug in a little quote by real "Osho" on "enlightenment". It is out of place here, but it could be a good exercise.

Osho on Chikanzenji Enlightenment

Osho : Enlightenment is finding that there is nothing to find. Enlightenment is to come to know that there is nowhere to go. Enlightenment is the understanding that this is all, that this is perfect, that this is it. Enlightenment is not an achievement, it is an understanding that there is nothing to achieve, nowhere to go. You are already there -- you have never been away. You cannot be away from there. God has never been missed. Maybe you have forgotten, that's all. Maybe you have fallen asleep, that's all.

Maybe you have gotten lost in many, many dreams, that's all -- but you are there. God is your very being. So the first thing is, don't think about enlightenment as a goal, it is not. It is not a goal; it is not something that you can desire. And if you desire it you will not get it. In desiring a thousand and one things, by and by you come to understand that all desire is futile. Each desire lands you in frustration; each desire again and again throws you into a ditch. This has been happening for millions of years but again you start hoping, again you start thinking that this new desire that is arising, sprouting in you, will maybe lead you to paradise.

That this will give you what you have longed for, that it will fulfill you. Again and again hope arises. Enlightenment is when all hope disappears. Enlightenment is disappearance of hope. Don't be disturbed when I say that enlightenment is a state of hopelessness -- it is not negative. Hope arises no more; desire is created no more. Future disappears. When there is no desire there is no need for the future. The canvas of the future is needed for the desire. You paint your desires on the canvas of the future -- when there is nothing to paint, why should you carry the canvas unnecessarily? You drop it.

Osho on Chikanzenji Enlightenment

Yes, a lot of beautifully sounding words and some of it makes sense. But sooner or later you will see some of the most potent poison, hidden in all this pretty talk. And that poison is related to the most important and most essential things. But you have to SEE every idea hidden in this quote. So, good luck. You may consider it to be your test of whether you really SEE "how it really IS", if you wish. And yes, this test is not a simple one, and only if you really SEE, you will be able to find those most poisonous ideas.

Just a couple of small points: "Enlightenment is finding that there is nothing to find". - NO. You can not find there is nothing to find, no matter who you are and how much you know. How could you know there is nothing to find? - There is no way. But simply giving up on the very idea of a search and being satisfied with exactly what you "have" or SEE. At ANY given point you "have" exactly what you "deserve", or rather ready for. And there is FOREVER something to find, even if you are God Itself. Otherwise, the whole existence is meaningless and purposeless.

If there is NOTHING to find, you simply get stuck in a state of futility and there could not possibly be such a thing as "an orgasm with existence" as Chandra Mohan claimed. What is your stimuli to be if there is "nothing to find"? Then why are you here? What is the purpose once you become "enlightened"? Just to vegetate? Is there an END to the world? Could there be the end of existence? Once "there is nothing to find", that's it - you are dead, and everything from then on is meaningless.

"God has never been missed. Maybe you have forgotten, that's all. Maybe you have fallen asleep, that's all. ... God is your very being." - What God? You yourself said there is no God. And if there IS God, then what authority do you have to state what It Is? Are you God? As far as I can see, even God does not know what It IS, even though it knows more that all the worlds combined can imagine. If I were God, I could not possibly know what I am, since I am everything there is, including your "enemies". So, the whole idea of describing or even trying to comprehend what God IS, is simply ridiculous and so funny, that God is probably laughing like mad and saying: look at thick cockroach, Chandra Mohan, HE knows who I am. And I have been working my rear end for eternity, and STILL I can not quite figure out who or what I am, and that is precisely why I am here!

"When there is no desire there is no need for the future. The canvas of the future is needed for the desire". - Sorry, but this is utter garbage to me. First of all, there is no such a thing as "no future". Otherwise, existence ends. And without "desire" even God can not exist. Because this is the very reason for It to exist - a desire, a desire to express and to investigate all the possible versions and permutations of anything there is. In other words, an ETERNAL desire. Yes, not necessarily an animalistic desire of stuffing your belly or grabbing something and putting in your pocket. Or could God "care less"? Then what is He/It doing with all this eternal expression? For what, if "there is nothing to find", which is simply absurd, and on its face value?

Ok, back to original subject here. Can you imagine how many books they could sell right on that enlightenment competition? Hey, here is an 800 number handy! Don't you ever worry you are going to be left unattended.

I even have a better idea. How about The Enlightenment Hotline! Just a stinky ten dollars per minute and you get your daily doze of enlightenment.

May be I should stop wasting my life on all this crap and start some enlightenment clinic, free sex included.

And there is even a shopping cart on his site! Wha da ya know! Have you heard of any master, living or dead, selling books? Poor me, I thought either you are a master or you are a salesman. Yes, it is not "illegal" to be a salesman if you are a "master", at least if you have a sense of humor. But once you are a salesman, you have your mercantile interests, and that discredits you and creates doubts of your authenticity. How does anybody know that you are not simply "making a buck"? That is the difficulty. So, the be a "master" while being a salesman at the same time is probably the most difficult thing to do.

I have a new title for him: Enlightened Master Salesman. The beauty of this title is that no matter in which order you put these words it still works and means exactly the same thing. Are you going to tell me there are no miracles?

Looks like the time has come to create The Word Enlightenment Coalition or World Enlightenment Congress, or World Enlightenment Association of Rebels. I can guarantee you that the World Enlightenment Council would fly like a bird. Sounds good to me.

Polluting the virgin pure waters

Now... he even had guts to go to the virgin Russia lands of pure soul and preach his "vertical" trip, whatever it is, exploiting the Russian Soul and its trust.

Let me tell him: the purest of waters can not be corrupted by all your mercantile interests. Under NO circumstances. Do you hear me?

It simply blew my mind when I saw one of his "lectures" in Russia. To me, it looked so phony, so arrogant, so "holier than thou", such a parrotry and such an ugly projection of some "enlightened master" image, that it looked simply unreal. I had a question in my mind: has he gone mad? What is he doing? Does he realise WHO is he "teaching" and to whom is he preaching all these lies, projecting his "god"-like image on them? Could not he see that who is sitting in front of him are people with such pure hearts and such a sincerity and openness, that I bet you even if he struggles his entire life "improving himself", he won't be able to achieve that state. Because that state is lost on the west and what he has is a typical western mind of a salesman, flashing brightly colored things every places he shows up, like a clown in a circus. A showman with no substance, a fool in "emperor clothes".

And that was the reason I decided to give him so much of my time - just to warn that parrot - STAY AWAY FROM RUSSIA!

If anything, it is you, who has something to learn from those pure hearts and not the other way around, and praise the Lord that you had a chance to see the REAL heart, the REAL sincerity, the REAL purity and beauty of a human soul.

And yes, they are trusting unlike you ever seen in your entire life.

And yes, they ARE innocent unlike you ever seen before.

And yes, their hearts are pure unlike you could have EVER imagined.

And yes, their soul is virgin, as virgin as it gets.

But that is for YOU to learn something of a REAL trust, and not for them, you stupid ding dong, an empty bucket, making all this noise, dragging through life and never having enough, no matter how much you get, carrying a bucket full of ones own crocodile tears and forever whining about all those who simply laughed at your pathetic trip of self-pity arising out of desire to control, dominate and impose your views on others.

"Humbleness" of "holier than thou"

One of the most noticeable things with this salesman is his "humbleness". He projects it in everything he does and in every word he says, down to the way he walks, trying to imitate Chandra Mohan, down to his beard and hand gestures, like a parrot. Basically, he looks like a clone of Chandra Mohan in every visible aspect, except may be his emperor's robe. Strange. So, let us see here.

First of all, yes, "humbleness" is one of the easiest tricks to sell in order to achieve some prominence and gain some status, and it is also one of the easiest things to imitate. That is why the first thing you see in all sorts of "spiritual seekers" and "spiritual authorities" is "humbleness". Anyone can do it. All you need is to suppress your natural tendencies and "bite your tongue", as it is recommended in some scriptures, or "keep your mouth shot". You don't have to do a thing beyond suppression to LOOK "humble". And the more "humble" you are, the more "spiritual" or "religious" you are and the more customers and fools of all kinds you can gather around yourself in your "spiritual movement".

"Humbleness" is one of the most potent poisons distributed by the so called religions, cults and "spiritual schools" of all kinds. They preach this idea of humbleness as though it is the highest value there is. The more humble you are, the closer you are to "god" or "enlightenment". Yes, it is not utterly groundless and there are some aspects of it that represent some genuine value. But mostly it is a poison that eventually produces arrogant and dictatorial monsters, craving for "power", prestige and authority. Who becomes a Pope? Well, the MOST "humble" of them all, the one, "who keeps his mouth shot". Strange, isn't it? How could this be?

Let us look at it. First of all, "humbleness" implies suppression. You may want to do or say something, even if it represents your misunderstanding and confusion, but you are zombified with this idea of "humbleness", morning to night, and all the "religious" people or monks of all kinds keep showing their "humbleness" in anything they say or do.

So, what happens as a result is that you remain dumb and slowly, slowly become a pervert. Because you begin to pervert your naturally arising energy and make it look like something else. Deep inside you may be against something as it goes against your understanding, but on the surface, you smile with your "humble" smile and pronounce some "wisdom" of some Buddha as a subtle revenge against those, who make you upset because their ideas clash with yours and you get offended.

And so you might think, the more you practice "humbleness", the more "religious" you become and the "higher" you move in some "religious" hierarchy of some church or a cult.

But what happens underneath is you essentially rob yourself of that vital experience of seeing your own misunderstanding. It is when you express yourself and it clashes with the outside world, and sometimes may even hurt others or offend their self-image, that is where you start looking at your thought or action and try to see what was so "wrong" in it to cause such a conflict. And that is how you learn. At some point, you can simply see the foolishness or futility of your old ideas and notice that it was either unnecessary self-torture or a complete misunderstanding that some things do not fit. You can not put a barrel in a cup.

That is how you learn by bumping your head against the wall and not by merely reading some book or listening some lecture about "humbleness". You learn by LIVING those things that seem important to you, and the reason they seem important to you is precisely because you are ready for that particular experience. By the sheer fact that you said something "stupid", or even "hurtful" to others, is precisely because it is the actuality of your life experience. In a sense, this is "the most important" thing in your life now. Sure, they say: but do not make the same mistake twice. But that is too strict of a rule. Yes, you can minimise the number of times you make some "mistake" by being WATCHFUL and AWARE and SENSITIVE, by being observant of what impact does it have. If you just do the same thing again and again without paying attention to its effects, then your experience will recur again and again and again. This is how the law of Karma works. It replays you your misunderstanding by presenting you another chance to experience something, which you still did not learn and do not see. Karma simply means a lesson. It is not "punishment" for "bad deeds". If you did not learn the lesson, it has to be replayed. That is simply inevitable.

The "bottom line" is that "humbleness" can not be imposed as a PRECONDITION to your growth. It is rather a RESULT of your maturing and clearing of your eyes. And learning happens via your actions. That is why Karma also means "action". Life is not just a movie theater where you watch the OTHER actors. YOU are the "main" actor as far as YOUR own life is concerned. So, no matter what you do, sooner or later, you'd have to step up on the stage and say what you have to say or sing the song you have to sing.

In the Urantia Book it has been said about Jesus:

(1676.4) 149:6.10 ... The meaningless and menial practices of an ostentatious and false humility are incompatible with the appreciation of the source of your salvation and the recognition of the destiny of your spirit-born souls. Humility before God is altogether appropriate in the depths of your hearts; meekness before men is commendable; but the hypocrisy of self-conscious and attention-craving humility is childish and unworthy of the enlightened sons of the kingdom.

(1676.5) 149:6.11 "You do well to be meek before God and self-controlled before men, but let your meekness be of spiritual origin and not the self-deceptive display of a self-conscious sense of self-righteous superiority. ...

... "My Father disdains pride, loathes hypocrisy, and abhors iniquity. And it was to emphasize the value of sincerity and perfect trust in the loving support and faithful guidance of the heavenly Father that I have so often referred to the little child as illustrative of the attitude of mind and the response of spirit which are so essential to the entrance of mortal man into the spirit realities of the kingdom of heaven.

(1677.1) 149:6.12 "Well did the Prophet Jeremiah describe many mortals when he said:

'You are near God in the mouth but far from him in the heart.'

"And have you not also read that direful warning of the prophet who said:

'The priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money. At the same time they profess piety and proclaim that the Lord is with them.'

"Have you not been well warned against those who 'speak peace to their neighbors when mischief is in their hearts,' those who 'flatter with the lips while the heart is given to double-dealing'? Of all the sorrows of a trusting man, none are so terrible as to be 'wounded in the house of a trusted friend.'"
The "Fear of the Lord"

To me, "humbleness" is one of the most misunderstood aspects of Life. Many sages, "masters" and scriptures insist on being humble as a precondition. And it does make some sense. Because depending on how mad you are, how unconscious you are, you may hurt others without even realizing it, and that creates a karma for you and you have to work it out in some way and learn from it. But even there, it presupposes that you are inherently "evil" and that is why you do things that hurt others.

But what matters in your actions or thoughts is your INTENT and the kind of energy you project. If your intent is evil and you project a destructive energy, then yes, indeed, you will have to learn and finally see the roots of your violence and/or aggression, all of which is simply a result of misunderstanding. Because no one is INHERENTLY evil, even though you can see it all around. At the very foundation, at the very roots of everyone lays Good.

Evil is nothing more than ILLUSION of that which you are NOT and its meaning and significance is to learn. To learn that, which does not sustain Life, Good, Harmony and ultimately Love, from which springs all Life. But instead creates chaos, confusion and finally destruction. The ultimate "goal" of ALL evil is to self-destruct. Evil is NOT a natural state. It is an artificial idea of "absolute freedom" and "self-service", just as the "negative" aspect is known nowadays in all sorts of "spiritual" circles and systems. Just look at it and SEE.

But if you do not learn things because of suppressing your experiences as a result of this poisonous idea of artificial "humbleness", while remaining totally blind, then you begin to "measure" your "progress" by counting the number of times you behaved in a "humble" way and even begin to consider it as genuine growth, maturing and increasing your "spiritual powers".

Eventually, you suppress your being for so long, that you become a pervert and a sadist, and your subtle smile, which you think to be of "holier than thou" kind, becomes a poison to those you relate to. Because it is not real and it does not really teach them anything beyond perversions, caused by suppression. The real smile is like a flower and is a result of action and expression of your very being and not something artificially imposed or squeezed out of you as a result of some IDEA in your mind about yourself or others. All the ideas are nothing more then the prototypes for actions. Unless they are carried out and implemented, they remain nothing more than mere potential. But life is ACTION, and not the IDEAS. Unless the ideas are manifested, they remain just that.

Finally, you become a walking monster and begin to crave for "recognition" and a religious status of some priest or a master, especially if you spent years suppressing yourself and showing everyone how humble you are.

Let me leave it at that. There is enough information to look at it and see if it makes any sense to you.

So let me tell this salesman here: No, you can not screw with Russian Soul and Russian Heart. You would have to deal with me first, and, seeing what you have already done in Russia, I can promise you one thing: I will do my best to make sure that what is left of you is not even worth mentioning. Because that is the way I am. Yes, they will eventually see your trip for what it is, but it is so poisonous that it may take years of their lives to see through it. Because it is a sophisticated system of manipulation of the most fundamental values and principles. There is no need to spend years on this "holier than thou" filth of "achieving". We can be done with it with a single chapter, and what will be left of it, you can decide for yourselves. That I can not force on you.

From what I have seen about you, you have nothing original to offer except your own confusion. What are you "teaching" there of any value but another version of "new age" delusions of "flower children" kind or a poor version of a replay of Chandra Mohan's performance in a theatre? How more foolish can you get to even attempt to imitate some Chandra Mohan or ANY "master" for that matter? What are YOU here for? To blindly repeat what OTHERS did or said? But where is that REAL you in all this? Sorry, but I could not find anything interesting enough to spend more than a couple of minutes on it, and even that was a "waste of time". And I do not mean to be insultive here. It is just the way it felt to me.

Probably the best I have seen of you is the artistic elements on your sites, and if it was done by you, that really counts in my book. Anything else - sorry, it is too blend to my taste. Yes, you definitely have some talent in some areas. And yes, you do have all the "rights" you need to play the "spiritual" game. But where is something original in it? Pretty much all I see in you is a salesman and I do not particularly like those with all due respect. The REAL does not need promotion and it is not an object to be sold.

Yes, this "spiritual business" is probably the ugliest manipulation there is, and yes, it IS a potent poison, and yes, there are plenty of parasites looking for places to suck the blood of others.

Yes, Russians are curious and are seeking for something just like many others. Because they were corrupted by the ideas of something "ultimate" and are looking for some "roots" and meaning in all the madness they see around them, and utter devastation as a result of deliberate destruction of their own land, The Mother Russia, by the powers of evil most profound.

And yes, their search is authentic, and you can bet your rear end they WILL find it. Because it is written on their Haplogroup R1a1 genetic code, the only indestructible genetic signature known to scientists, that uniquely identifies them. And not many of them even suspect that they have their own system of most ancient and most advanced knowledge - the Slav-Aryan Vedas.

And yes, the fashion of Chanda Mohan seems to be like something "far out", while the deepest wisdom there is is written in their own books. They need no Chandra Mohans of ANY kind to find their roots. The whole thing is so simple that they do not even suspect it could be THAT simple, and that IS sad. Because everywhere they look, they are told that "the path is arduous" and you have to spend your entire life to find That Which Is. You need to go to some "master" to find that, which beats your heart. But not to worry. It won't take them long "to get to the bottom of it".

Do you understand? You want to screw them in their soul, you arrogant fool driven by the megalomaniacal tendencies?

Your behavior in front of them, posing as some kind of a "master", and pretending to be like next reincarnation of Chandra Mohan, who has some "message" with your "vertical" trip, is simply disgusting in its arrogance, stupidity and even utter idiocy.

What have you brought to them that they can not find in some book store? Some REALITY? How long will your "teachings" last before they can find the original information in some book?

Who are you kidding but yourself, you fool?

You mean Chandra Mohan did not provide enough of those trips, techniques and methods? You have invented something new? Something so revolutionary, that it can really make a dent? What are you inventing there with your "vertical trip", that has been known before you in China in the original version?

How do you know it is worth more than a dead mosquito fart, you blind fool, deluding the innocent people with all your slow and wavy hand gestures meant to hypnotise them and convince them you are something real? Who are you trying to convince? Do you know?

Yes, you can travel all over the world selling your "Rolling Stones" or electric guitar watches. No objections. Because that is who you truly are. A salesman, peddling all sorts of snake oil to the gullible.

Yes, you can buy all the Internet domains that sound like something to do with Osho, or "masters". Understood. But what does one see as the very first thing on your web pages? A picture of YOU? Utter nobody in the scheme of things?

Yes, you can make it look like "the message from the masters" with your domains, filled with confusion, that "mixes shit with sand", and all those pretty pictures, flying all over the screen.


But MASTERS? WHICH masters? Who are you to even comprehend who is the real "master" and who is not? Chandra Mohan told you? Are you sure you can even recognize the real master when you see one? How? How do you know he is the real deal? What tools, methods or techniques of evaluation are you going to apply?

And Chandra Mohan talked about this very issue, and in no uncertain terms. Do you trust even your own "master", "Osho", as you claim?

You see, you behave like a "master" yourself, having enough arrogance to concoct some pile of confusion with your "vertical" trip.

Do you think that by piling up some "masters" in one bucket on your site you achieve something? What is that? How many "masters" do you need? One is not enough to see all the "marketing potential" of it? But...

Fake is never true.

Remember this, you little fool:





-- Mahasattva Anand Veeren, Acharya

It is a shame this fool even had guts to publish a book "The tears of a mystic rose" where he cries like a baby about all the "injustice" and "abuse" by the others around Chandra Mohan toward his sensitive ego of a fool, and all his "spiritual" suffering, and all the buckets of his crocodile tears. Just like that "Confession" by Russo, disgusting as it is.

Message to Osho Rajneesh, a snake oil salesman from Mahasattva Veeren

To Osho Rajneesh, a snake oil salesman:

Poor soul, lost in rivers of crap, he himself created, floating in it up to his ears.

You really suck full time, as good as a black hole. I do admit. I have just reviewed one of your sites. Yes, you ARE quite some character indeed. No questions about it.

It was simply amazing to see how much bullshit you can produce in the shortest possible amount of time.

But you see, you have a little problem. The problem is that you are posing as some "master", trying to replace Chandra Mohan, by posing your picture of a parrot next to his, that is meant to make you look like him, and saying things like "we are getting back together again under guidance and with full participation of The Biggest Bullshit Peddler in the entire history of Osho, Osho Rajneesh himself".

It reminded me "in the presence of Gurudev himself", just another phony like yourself. How many of you are out there? Amazingly enough, out of 10 mouse clicks related to Chandra Mohan and his work, about 9 are you, phonies. What seems to be the problem? McDonalds is not hiring the smart guys like yourselves?

You are giving all sorts of blessings, like you are some "god". Behaving like a master. Sitting in a chair on some podium, like you are anything more than a piss against the wind, and doing ALL sorts of creative things, equally as significant. Even people of U.G. Krishnamurti caliber, compared to whom you are nothing more than a "funky monkey", sat on the same chair as everyone. And if you take his insights and compare to yours, then even to compare you to a monkey is an insult to monkeys.

Yes, you can create all these dazzling piles upon piles of pictures of yourself and your greatness, piled up on the top of each other, "mixing shit with sand just to make a statue of Reagan", showing nothing of any significance, beyond your pathetic desire to promote your own importance with all those "world tours" to as many places as you can manage.

Looks like you did learn from Chandra Mohan at least one thing - peddling your image with all those pictures to such an extent that all sorts of fools begin to look at you as at some kind of "god" or the "messenger of universal truth". But ARE you? What is the need to have thousands of pictures of yourself and stick it everywhere one looks? There are only two people in the entire human history that have so many pictures of themselves - you and Chandra Mohan, not counting the politicians and all sorts of "stars". Even some emperors might feel jealous!

For what? What are you trying to prove and to whom? To YOURSELF, by ANY humble chance? And THEN what? Are you going to "lead the world to its bright future"? What IS that "future" if I may ask? A super-new-man? Because Chandra Mohan already made a claim of building a "new man". So, to be original, and not just a phony, you need to at least modify something, don't you? Otherwise, you simply look like a parrot. Yes, colorful one indeed.

What "message" are you trying to deliver to the whole world with your "world tours"? Do you have something to add to those messages that already exist? Or something to modify, considering your "vertical" trip which is not even yours?

Just in case you did not know, there already exists a powerful meditation technique in China, that is based on a vertical beam of energy, which you gently embrace with both hands, like a light pole on the street, and sense it by raising your both hands very slowly, as slowly, as you can manage. And it is performed on a background of heavenly meditative Chinese music, which creates a necessary and powerful background and tuning of your Soul to a proper wavelength. Without that music, that meditation is not complete and may not even have any effect, at least on the beginners of meditation.

I did personally verify that meditation at home, and from the first try, it simply blew my mind to see how powerful such a seemingly innocent meditation is. Unfortunately, I do not know what is is called. Could be Falgun, but I am not certain. I would personally sign under it and recommend it to anyone as something that works.

To me, that meditation is much more powerful than the Dynamic, Kundalini or Nataraj meditations of Chandra Mohan, and you do not need to go into the madness stages of those meditations, the purpose of which is to exhaust you. With this meditation, you go right into meditative state without all that craziness, which is not necessary as far as I can see. It is like going to a football stadium and going mad for hours. But once you get out, do you become meditative, even if you lie down and close your eyes?

So, there is nothing to invent there. There are also Tai Chi meditative exercises, similar to it, that also deal with energy.

The last question: why would one pose as some kind of replacement of Chandra Mohan? Are you his clone?

About "spiritual therapies", especially associated with Osho

Basically, it is garbage. Nothing to it. It does not work because the basic assumptions are nothing but delusions. You get from life EXACTLY what you need with the perceptive abilities you have at the moment. Just focusing on some set of "problems" you merely deprive yourself of your grand nature. So, instead of focusing on what WORKS, they FORCE you to focus on what "does NOT work". But the reason it does "not" work is because you are simply not ready for some things and/or focus on condemnatory aspects, just as you have been programmed, instead of appreciating that which you already have in your hands, which is exactly what you "deserve" to have, or, rather READY to "have". Otherwise, you would have "more". So, this is the bare bones essence of it. You don't even have to read the rest of this chapter.

Their "therapies" are like that "psychoanalysis" thing. You can analyze it all your life, and the end result will be zero.

And that is what some famous "psychoanalysts" admit themselves, and that is why some of them came to Chandra Mohan, because, as they themselves claim on record, they recognize that "Western approach" has reached its limit. It is no longer effective or actually changes anything. Well, it never did help anything. You can see these people, having shrinks virtually on their payroll, regularly visiting them to "analyze" their next "problem", or whatever they think they are doing.


The way it goes is like this:

Some gullible fools, book some session and pay top dollar for it. Then you come to a private session and?

And that "therapist" sits in front of you not saying a word, waiting till you start whining about some "problem" you THINK you have. You see, you do not even realize you do not have ANY problems. The ONLY "problem" you have is called LIFE and all sorts of little things that are pretty natural.

The very assumption that there is something "wrong" with you is nothing more than misunderstanding of grand nature of Life. These "therapists" merely repeat the tricks they have learned from their "masters" not knowing a thing of what they are talking about or trying to do to you in order to "fix" you.

Now, as soon as you squeak, he comes alive. As soon as you give him ANY reason to catch on something, he starts telling you how screwed up you are, and you, being as gullible as you are, start tuning into HIS wave, HIS trip, and begin to think it is YOUR problem. Do you see?

Nope. It is HIS problem, and quite often the diagnosis is the same: the complex of inferiority.

HIS, not yours!

Can't you see?

Why did he even crave to become a "spiritual" whatever? WHO is he kidding, this inferiority complex driven idiot?

Just look at Tirtha, Rajen and a few other "great therapists" sucking on Chandra Mohan's tits.

Yes, Chandra Mohan allowed ALL sorts of "therapies" and even supported it. But, from what I see, it is just a candy for you. Something to suck on. Like a titie of a mother. What to do?

But he never ever thought ANY of these "therapies" are worth more than a little tiny piece of a chicken manure on the road as far as I can see. It is really simple, just as Jesus said:

How can a blind teach a blind how to see?

Blind leading the blind will fall into a ditch.

-- Matthew 15:14

INEVITABLY so. Simple as that.


I, hereby, declare ALL the "therapies", without exception nothing more than sugar pills. Quite innocent, at least in some cases, but utterly useless. They are mostly to occupy your mind with "breakthroughs".

If you want to buy into it, fine. It is just like a cup of coffee. But nothing more than that.

You are not a broken car to be fixed by replacing some part. Never was, never will be, no matter what you do or think.

Therefore, the entire operation of the "resort" in Pune is nothing more than a scam. You won't solve ANY of your "problems" as a result. It is all a myth told to clueless.

The "problems" of life are NEVER sold via mental domain. Not possible. You can only solve your day to day things with it, and that is if you are lucky.

When you are READY to SEE something deeper you will see it right then and there, without ANY "therapies". It is a matter of SEEING and HEARING and not of mind programming via some "therapy". You will simply stress yourself out to death with all those "therapies" with no results beyond spinning your wheels getting nowhere fast, while forever thinking that you are making some "progress" which is just an idea in your mind. Because you are not READY and that readiness can not be forced from the outside on you.

Instead, simply switch your mind from condemning yourself to SEEING that you end up in the same situations repeatedly. There are REASONS you get into it and those reasons is that you still do not see the lesson. So it has to be played out again and again and again, just like that wheel of karma states. At some point, when you are ready to see that you are simply self-torturing yourself your "problem" will simply fall off. It will loose its grip on you. You can only struggle for so long. Sooner or later the struggle will end. But with struggle you are simply wasting your life energy which is the biggest treasure there is.

And, most importantly, pay more attention on APPRECIATTION of what you ALREADY have and you have plenty. In fact you have PRECISELY what you need.

That is the meaning of "let go".

Sure, try to improve upon things. That is the very fun of it. But life is not a struggle. It is a grand ride. Just hold on to your seat so you don't get blown out with the next turn on your road.

Here is just one quote about therapies from Chandra Mohan.

Date: Fri, 30 April 1986
Book Title: Beyond Psychology
Chapter #: 37

Therapy basically has nothing to do with spirituality. I was using it just to clean the rubbish that the mind has gathered down the ages. The work of the therapist with me was exactly that of cleaners, nothing superior to them in any way.

...They don't fill the gap, they cannot; they themselves have no spiritual experience. All that they know are certain techniques through which your mind can be cleaned. But even that cleaning of the mind makes you feel fresh only for a few days, because it does not change the base, the foundation of your being; it simply cleans the surface. You remain the same person. You will again collect the same garbage, so therapy will be needed again and again and again.

And I claim it does not even clean the surface. It can not. All it is is basically the same thing as ejaculation that releases you from your anxiety. But tomorrow you are still the same man you have ever been. Nothing has changed in your vision.

The "therapist" does not know your "problem". He does not even know his own, and that is precisely why he has become a "therapist", at least when it is done in a well intentioned manner. At best, he became the "therapist" because he is struggling with himself, just like you, and never "getting" the "joke" himself. In that respect, what he does is to use YOU to solve HIS problem, hoping that one day, through you, he will see why is he so obsessed with denials of all kinds. That's the whole trip of it.

From the standpoint of learning, life is a collection of negative experiences. You do not learn anything genuinely new with positive experiences. The very fact you enjoy something means you have learned it and those aspects associated with it.

But when you make "mistakes" that is where real lessons take place and you have a chance to learn something that seems like a problem at the moment. I do not like the very word "mistake" because there are no mistakes in life. When you learn something as a result of some "mistake" how can it be called the mistake? And even if you don't learn anything out of it, still it is not a mistake. It simply means you are not ready. No problem. That is why you have "tomorrow" - future - potential.

Do not even think "it was a mistake and I am not going to do it again" when you really learned something, as if you do, that means you have not really learned anything out of it. You simply decided to suppress certain experiences, which is an attempt at futility. You simply condemned some aspects without SEEING anything out of it.

Real learning is when you are THANKFUL for learning something as a result of some "mistake". That very appreciation of yours indicates you can finally see the grandness of Life. Blessed are thou.

Once in a while I see some information about some mountain climber that gave up climbing after he nearly died trying to climb up Himalayan mountain. The last time he did it he barely survived and tons of produce, food and gadgets had to be carried by whole crew of people. And for what? Just for him to "defeat" Himalayas? Are you mad? How can you POSSIBLY "defeat" it being nothing more then a spec of dust in the scheme of things? The same thing is with car or boat racers and so on. But once they say: enough, I am not going to try to defeat those things in life that are immeasurably more powerful than me, then I feel they are the "real deal" and not simply stupid fools who try to prove that they can concur nothing less than death itself.

About "masters", "spiritual teachers" and "acharyas"

YOU are the only "master" there is.

Period. Full stop. Bas.


When you say "you are my master", do you realize what you are saying?

What is master?

Well, master is the one, who is good at something. So, good, that there is nothing he can not do in the area of his mastership.


When you say "you are my master", what you are saying is that you are nothing more than a piece of wood.


Simple, really.

How can ANYONE be your "master"? Are you an object to be processed to make something worthwhile out of it, some masterpiece? Can't you see this?

If so, you do need those intensive "therapies", just to clear your brain and make you realize some things about you.

Simple as that.

IBM corporation

It was quite a shock to learn that IBM corporation pays millions to Chandra Mohan enterprises for "stress management" "therapies".

"The Osho International Foundation (OIF) runs stress management seminars for corporate clients such as IBM and BMW, with a reported (2000) revenue between $15 and $45 million annually in the U.S."

Oh, how interesting. I just checked that blog and it is no longer there. Why? Another NWO "miracle" I guess.

Well, but that quote still exists on the Wikipedia. We'll see how long will it survive this time.

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

Interestingly enough, the IBM happens to be on the list of "300", the "rulers" of this world, according to John Coleman in his book The Committee of 300.

Not only that, but IBM is controlled by Rothschilds, nothing less.

Companies, heavily involved in key Committee of 300 companies

All of the foregoing are (or were) heavily involved in key Committee of 300 companies which interface with literally thousands of companies engaged in every branch of commercial activity as we shall see.


Companies, heavily involved in key Committee of 300 companies

Scientology, mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and transcendental meditation, Zen Buddhism founded by IBM and AT&T

Schwartz was at one time strongly allied with Scientology, and he was also an editor of TIME magazine. Aspen Institute - New Age centers were generously funded by IBM and AT&T.

It is difficult for Americans who do not have access to this kind of information to believe that IBM and AT&T, two household names in Corporate America, would have anything to do with mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and transcendental meditation; Bahai sensitivity training, Zen Buddhism, reverse psychology, and all of the other New Age - Age of Aquarius programs designed to break down the morals of the American people and weaken family life. Christianity was not taught.

Scientology, mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and transcendental meditation, Zen Buddhism founded by IBM and AT&T

Nice, eh?

Foster wanted to perfect a condition where the environment became a weapon; special bombs to trigger volcanos and/or earthquakes, behavioral research on potential enemies and minerals and metals with potential for new weapons. The project was accepted by SRI and code-named "SHAKY."

The massive electronic brain in SHAKY was capable of carrying out many commands, its computers having been constructed by IBM for SRI. Twenty-eight scientists worked on what is called "Human Augmentation." The IBM computer even has the capability to solve problems by analogy and recognizes and identifies scientists who work with it. The "special applications" of this tool can be better imagined than described. Brzezinski knew what he was talking about when he wrote "THE TECHNOTRONIC ERA."


An employee of the Rothschilds' controlled IBM, invents the UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode, containing 666

UPC barcode
UPC barcode

George J. Laurer, an employee of the Rothschilds' controlled IBM, invents the UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode which will eventually be placed upon virtually every item traded worldwide and bear the number, 666. The Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, Verse 17 through 18, states the following in relation to this number,

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

An employee of the Rothschilds' controlled IBM, invents the UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode, containing 666

"The list of U.S. corporations that had the equivalent of $8 billion invested in Nazi Germany include Standard Oil, General Motors, IBM, Ford, the Chase and National City Banks, ITT and many others."

Be Afraid: The New World Order's Fascist Pedigree

So, it is not surprising they place multi million dollar "consulting" projects with Chandra Mohan's corporations. Because people like Chandra Mohan are some of the most valuable assets in the global zombification system to keep the "serfs" forever confused, seeking something they think they are missing while their rear end is on fire.

You want to know who you are?

You are just a byproduct of photosynthesis.

About meditation

First of all, meditation is not some miracle that will get you to "the other shore". That is all bluff.

And yes, meditation, which is simply silence, is that tool through which you become more sensitive, more connected to the grandest aspects of existence, of never ending Life expression, of Truth unfolding before your eyes. Through that silence, you ears and eyes open and you can SEE and HEAR. Otherwise, there is just too much noise inside you, forever distracting you from who you really are and clogging your senses with flash effects of all kinds.

In meditative state, you are perceptive in a genuine sense of the word. The whole madness of the mind stops.

Meditation is basically a disablement of your mechanical aspect and all the zombie programming done to your mind. It is when you ARE, just as YOU are.

It is that silence out of which the greatest treasures are born. It is a contact with your innermost being, which is Ever Unfolding Creation - the Act of God.

Secondly, if you try to meditate, there is very little chance you will be able to. That is why there is this "effortless effort" notion in Zen, or "Chen", like U. G. Krishnamurti calls it, which is actually correct.

Yes, you do need to make some effort to meditate. If you just keep running around like you do all day long, there is a very little chance for you to experience the meditative state. Even the whole notion of experiences is inapplicable to meditation.

But if your effort is like a goal, then it is too much. Yes, you may sit and try to meditate on something. But it will be all in vain, just the same.

Meditation is not activity. It is a STATE, a state of your being. You can not DO it. It happens.

You can not meditate ON something, not even on a light of a candle, like Yogis claim. As long as there is separation between the observer and the observed, no meditation is possible.

Candle light is just an excuse and the reason the candle light is used is because the flame is forever flickering, which shows your mind its own flickering. Candle light is just an excuse. You can meditate on a black wall for that matter, just like Bodhidharma says. Except it is too static, too immovable, so you have to be a master of meditation to be able to do it.

So, do not try to make meditation a goal. You won't succeed. It is not something to be achieved. It can not be done. It is "against the nature of things".

It is just an aroma of a flower. How can you achieve an aroma?

But it is there, undeniably there. All arguments against it are futile.

That is the meaning of "effortless effort". You are not to do ANYTHING. You are not to crave for ANYTHING. You are not to expect to be in meditation. Just forget all about meditation, enlightenment, Buddha and all that jazz.

And finally, and this is the REAL thing as far as I can see, meditation is your NATURAL state. Do you understand? Do not believe a WORD that it is something "supernatural", to be achieved with extreme pain and years of work. That is all crap.

You are in meditation every day, only if you have paid some attention to it. Because if you were not, you would simply go mad. Your mind would simply overload and fuses would blow.

I am sorry, but I do not have any interest to get into it any further at this point. This is pretty subtle and vast majority of you would have a hard time to grasp it from what I see. So there is no point to strain myself any more than this. But who knows, may be in some future...

Meditation is like your breath. It is there even if you do not even notice it.

Meditation and NLP

Chandra Mohan stated a "potential" for hypnosys and NLP to assist in meditation and "spiritual growth". In other words, bypassing your conscious mind and placing suggestions to your subconscious mind directly while you are not in control of the situation.

It is interesting to note a "specialist in development of personality, mystic, who dedicated many years to study of Torah and Kabbalah, the psychologist and a training specialist in NLP, Chabad member Itzhak Pintusevich".

All you have to say about this is "I know you CAN!".

Warning from Mahasattva Anand Veeren, Acharya

I just reviewed some video material and was utterly disgusted by all the wannabes in the "spiritual business" posing as interpreters of what Chandra Mohan is.

ALL garbage.

First of all, not a single human being I know of among Chandra Mohan's "lovers" can possibly interpret what Chandra Mohan is, does or means to others. They can ONLY speak for themselves.

Beware of all those smiling, happy "swamis" that used to sell the used condoms, and who are now selling you the "Osho" myth, being the parasites they are, forever parasiting on others.

They do not have it.

Whatever you really have, you simply give, at least in the "spiritual" domain, if for nothing else, but to show you are honest and are not merely interested in manipulating others, just to gain some tangible benefits of their labor, while doing nothing in return, but feeding them all sorts of myths and theories, most of which can not even be proven to be anything valid or real.

So, how do you know they are not selling you pure grade crap? HOW? Oh, with that "trust your master" trick? With that "total surrender" garbage?

Did Jesus Christ sell you anything? Or Buddha, Socrates, Pythagoras, and you name it? Did those people sell you the tickets to their "meditation classes"? WHO? Show me.

Truth is not something you purchase. No money can buy it. And the very fact they charge money for their services, that do not even work, if you really know how it all works, is the simplest evidence that they are nothing more than crooks and salesmen, selling you the "emperor clothes".

And look at Chandra Mohan and all those enterprises and most elaborate corporate structures, foundations and other schemes, meant to avoid paying taxes mostly, and hide pretty substantial income from tax authorities. Oh, their "services" are so special that you can not purchase anything of a comparable value any other place? Just like that "holy water" the Christian priests offer. At least I have not heard them SELLING it. Or do they also?

And look at the prices they charge you, that are orders of magnitude higher then what you can pay in any other shop for the same exact thing in the same exact town.

Seconly, Chandra Mohan is not just some sugar pill or a candy they make you to believe he is. Never was, never will be. It is just a disgusting insult to him and his work, if it is real to begin with.

Whenever you see this "positivity" number in the name of Osho, beware. They feed you poison. Sure, Chandra Mohan is not here to put them into their place. So, now MANY of them are making money on you, showing you all their phony "happiness", speaking quietly and making all sorts of slow, wavy gestures with their hands, trying to hypnotize your mind, and telling you how everything is nice and dandy. The more money you give them, the more happiness you get. The more sessions you book, the closer you get to that "enlightenment" carrot.

Because they are his hosts, ruled by the post-hypnotic suggestions he placed in their minds, and that is exactly why he said: "but I am the one, who is going to have the last laugh". (not a literal quote)

ALL lies. NOTHING to it. The ONLY one in this game, who spent his entire life investigating the root issues was him, Chandra Mohan.

The first indication of a phony is a smiling face, some "happy" swami, posing as a "messenger" of Osho, interpreting what Chandra Mohan is, what he means and what he does, disgusting as it is.

There are some most "prestigious" "swamis", smiling happy into your face in Chandra Mohan's videos. I will tell you who they are in due time.

Remember one thing: ALL you have with Chandra Mohan is YOU and HIM. Anybody else in between are just nothing.

OK, here is the trip:

If you have noticed, all the dummies keep telling you what God means, what Jesus means, what is their word and what do they imply. They keep telling you things like "god wants you to do this or that", "God did this or that so that blah, blah, blah" and things like that.

And they are so idiotic as to even beg God to destroy their "enemies", or give them some money, health or whatever they are begging for, like if there is God to begin with, he does not know what you need, being all knowing, omniscient and omnipotent they claim he is.

These sick people are so idiotic as to not even be able to comprehend that their monkey minds can not possibly interpret what God means, what he says and why, or why does he do this or that and what does it mean. Nor do they have a slightest clue of what Jesus or ANY "master", for that matter, is or what is his purpose.

They are just zombies, brainwashed into some ideology, and, at the same time, being as dumb as it gets, if not dumber, to even conceive of an idea that you can POSSIBLY interpret to others what others say, do, or mean, especially when we talk about someone WELL beyond their comprehension.

Jesus, Socrates, Pythagoras and quite a few others gave their lives for Truth, for something authentic, and these phonies are simply looking for some recipe on "happiness". They think that if they smile a lot, it will delude you into believing they are real, which is the most idiotic thing conceivable.

About Osho phonies

You, fools, calling themselves big names better go get a job at some McDonald's, which is what most of you are worth. Quit parasiting on others.

You simply do not think you, as you are, are capable of creating anything of real value, and about the easiest way for you to "survive" is to lick some rear end of someone, recognized as something of substance, and then resell all the myths they produce to all sorts of fools that think there is something "wrong" with them.

This spiritual garbage is the easiest way to "make a buck", selling them all sorts of "emperor clothes". Since very little of it can be proven to be something real and nearly all of it is a matter of "faith", just like in any other religion, all these so called therapists and "spiritual teachers" simply use it as a trick to parasite on others.

I could never understand parasitism as such. It seems to be such a waste of human potential, mixed with inferiority complex, exerting itself as "superiority", that I could never understand: what do you need it for? What is the point of parasiting when you can create? Parasitism seems to be so degrading to ones own self that I perceive it as something suicidal in effect. A nightmare for the Soul.

To parasite is a crime to me, and of the worst kind - a crime against ones own being. What is this fear that prevents one from contributing and creating? Who are these people lying to but themselves? Whom are they deluding?

Is it because they do not trust themselves as being capable of being creative and able to support themselves by creating and manifesting the real goods, something tangible? Why work when you can simply parasite on others and even look "holier" than others?

And those fools think that all their phony smiles are worth even paying attention to.

Just look at one of the most recognized "therapists", Tirtha. I could not believe it, when I saw this:

"Osho Video - Geetam, Another Way Of Living - With SW Anand Tirtha"

Do you see this fool, pretending to be a "saint", who abandoned Chandra Mohan eventually, and even had guts to write back to him and explain why he does not even mention his name? I do not have that quote handy and I am not in the mood to even bother about it, but what it had to do is essentially this:

Sorry, Osho brand stinks too bad nowadays, so please understand my mercantile concerns as I can not use it any longer. I do use your tricks, but not the brand. Not a literal quote, obviously.

Nice, eh? And this sucker was commonly known as the "inheritor of the throne" once Chandra Mohan is gone! Interestingly enough, Chandra Mohan spoke about him at the end of the "ranch" period referring to him as "Mr. T", just to insult and totally disgrace him. What a company. They do worth each other...

He speaks in very quiet and soft, deep voice, like he is the "son of god" and knows the ins and outs of the God's "message". This phony self-confidence of a "saint" is simply disgusting, simply pathetic.

Just look at his eyes, winking like the eyes of a thief, betraying themselves just to betray Chandra Mohan later on. Do you know what winking eyes means? Simple really. It means calculation. That is why they are winking non stop. Because their mind is constantly calculating the "benefits" of what they say. The purpose of winking is to shut off the external stimuli in order for the mind to be able to concentrate on calculations of tradeoffs. When you do not calculate, your eyes have no reason to wink.

He is presented as "successful psychotherapist".

But he himself said that the whole western approach reached its limit and can no longer provide the goods it promises. He says "Bhagwan" is "the answer".

So he denies his own self and the results of his work in that very admission. But, later on, he will deny "Bhagwan", and, therefore, his entire approach, and he will do it to such an extent as to totally erase the name "Bhagwan" from his vocabulary despite the fact that the deepest insights he has received are those of Chandra Mohan. By FAR! And that is precisely why he stayed with him for so long and even achieved some kind of a status of someone believed to be the inheritor of "the throne" once Chandra Mohan is gone.

These conmen and crooks are forever calculating, not even realizing they are saying things against their own being, which they would have to deny later on, pathetic as it is.

One way of seeing these phonies is the clothes, and they do not even realize it. They will usually have some hat or some robe or some necklace that will make them look different than others, something "special". Like it is their certificate of a "mystic", written on their clothes. Amazingly enough, that is probably the easiest way to recognize a phony. Because the reason one needs to look as something "special" is because he feels that otherwise there is just nothing in him that could be recognized by others as something unique. So, they become like dolls dressed in fancy clothes to make them look as something real. And not only "real", but even "superior" to other mortals! More "advanced", more "spiritual". Unlike all other mortals!

These fools deny the uniqueness of their being on its own authority and try to cover their inner emptiness with some fancy or even weird looking clothes.

I am always surprised if not disgusted nearly every time I see some "spiritual" person. One thing is nearly certain is this show business with their clothes, and quite often it gets to the point of utter tastelessness and even ugliness - something that is meant to rip your eyes and attract your attention to these nobodies, trying all they can to make themselves look like somebodies. What is the need? Do you think you become something because of your clothes?

I remember some people I knew that would spend quite some time dressing up in brightly colored clothes in front of the mirror before going to some party or "spiritual gathering", just like women do. Like some salesman who is going to sell his looks to convince others that he is something "special" and everyone is to pay attention to him, considering him like some idol.

I usually avoid them like a plague. One thing is nearly certain - I am dealing with some phony with huge ego, who is so stuck in his "spiritual" idiocy that it will be a total waste of time to even talk to him, trying to see if he really has something original or unique to say, something of his own. Most likely, he is going to be repeating things like a parrot.

Another thing is, quite often, they will put their picture on the top of Chandra Mohan's. Like that phony Osho Rajneesh and his web site. The very first thing you will see is HIS picture, the picture of nobody, so you see it first. And only somewhere in the middle of the page, if you are lucky, there will be a picture of Chandra Mohan.

Not only that, but this foolish salesman would even have guts to put two pictures, side by side, of him and of Chandra Mohan, just to make it look like he is the same man as Chandra Mohan or his "reincarnation", be it in a perverted form, or at least that he looks like him, and, therefore, represents the same "spiritual" entity. Like a carbon copy.

And now this nauseating showman is running all over the world with "the message", the "message from the masters". You see, he has a bucket full of those "masters" under his belt! How more disgusting can you possibly get just to try to justify your own existence of nobody? How many "masters" do you need? One is not enough? How many Truths do you need? One is not enough?

But WHO are these conmen if there was no Chandra Mohan? Would you even know or care they even exist?

How pathetic do you need to get "just to survive, just to survive"?

Some other "great therapists" have a double face. You will find them on Osho corporate sites advertising their sannyas face and offering you some "services", most likely in the form of some "therapy", they promise will "heal" your blues.

But with the other side of their face, they will have their other sites, where they will present themselves as great therapists and offer you some services without even mentioning Chandra Mohan or his name, despite the fact that ALL their "therapies" are borrowed from Chandra Mohan and his work.

How disgusting can one get!

About Gurudev pseudo-master

I just stumbled upon the web page of Gurudev pseudo-master. Just a few months ago he was known as Gurudev and now, tadam! He calls himself "Whosoever".


Jeez! What a humbleness, right?

Well, hang on here for a sec. What seems to be strange is that on his "whosoever" page, that does not even display if you have a Javascript enabled in your browser, what do you see? Well, what you see is his picture, full blast, the entire screen! Strange.

Excuse me, I thought if you are as humble as to completely dis-identify yourself even with your name, then you can not have a picture of yourself taking up full screen. You can not have ANY picture of yourself in that case. Otherwise, you are lying. Just have a picture of a speck of dust or a desert. Or am I missing some "sacred" meaning of something here?

Not only that, but where is the picture of the "greatest master of all times and lands", Chandra Mohan, on your page, who gave you everything you got, including your "40 day" blah, blah, blah "retreats"? Whose ideas and system it is?

What is this "Mr. nobody full screen"! Strange.

He is talking about "40 day meditation intensive".

But I claim: every word he says, every technique he uses, every idea he peddles, and every "meditation intensive" he sells you is Chandra Mohan's tricks and ideas. Not a SINGLE thing is original with this parrot.

But the thing is, you idiot, meditation has NOTHING to do with intensity. The more "intense" you are, the less of a chance for any meditation to result. You can not FIGHT for meditation. You can not strain for meditation. Just the very idea of it and meditation is gone.

Meditation and intensity is night and day. Either one or the other. But not both.

His invitation to book for this "40 days meditation intensive" trip, signed by the "meditation coordinator" is beyond obscene. There is no, and can not possibly be such a thing as "meditation coordinator". How do you "coordinate" the meditation? What does it mean the "meditation coordinator"? What kind of insanity is this?

Do you think just because you "coordinate" something you can guarantee there is going to be a meditation as a result? How do you coordinate ANYTHING even remotely related to meditation? Even if you sell tickets and schedule these "meditations", is there a guarantee there is going to be ANY kind of meditation as a result? Jesus, have mercy on me!

I claim: no coordination of ANY kind has ANYTHING to do with meditation. These are different planets in the solar system.

Not only that. I claim there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to force meditation. The very force will prevent it. It is like forcing virginity on a whore.

Ok, my own take on it is this: This Gurudev pseudo-master, whose shoes some of them are licking, and his "cleaning your psyche" trip as shown on these videos:

"Osho Video - 40 Day Osho Meditation Retreat"

is a phony.

"In the presence of...




WHO had enough arrogance to even conceive such an ugliness?

Is his highness "enlightened" or something?

The only "in the presence of" I will accept is...

Chandra Mohan!

Nothing less than that will do for me.

He says:

"The more the psyche is clean and fresh, the more remembrance will be easy".


What kind of a cleaner do you have to "clean the psyche"? Remembrance of what? Since in all your "previous reincarnations" you were just a blind fool, and that is exactly why you were "reborn", what is there to "remember"?

And if there is something to "remember", that means you are ALREADY there. So, there is nothing to "remember". You are IT! How can you possibly forget that? There is no need to even be "reborn" once you "remember". "Thou art that". Remember?

And, by the way, what is this "psyche" thing you are talking about? Do you have a CLUE?

I do not recall Chandra Mohan EVER mentioning it as far as his work goes. Yes, he talks about consciousness, unconsciousness, subconsciousness and even super-consciousness. Yes, he talks about the being.

But psyche? Are you in a wrong joke? Psyche is the language of the psychologists and idle philosophers, forever blabbering all sorts of nonsense, none of which they can either prove or disprove. True.

Are you a psychologist that did not have enough business until you came to Chandra Mohan and realized all the "marketing potential" of it?

Then he goes:

"The God is not a doer,
the God is not a dancer,
... God is just a dance".


WHO are you to make proclamations about nothing less than God and what he, or rather IT, is?

Are you GOD?

How can you POSSIBLY know what God is?

According to Chandra Mohan, God does not exist. There is no such a thing. Or you know better?

One more time: who ARE you to make such proclamations about "psyche", about consciousness and about nothing less than God itself? Do you at least have a certificate, signed by Chandra Mohan? Show me!

All you have is cunningness of an Indian "religious" mind, and what you are essentially preaching, or rather selling, is Hinduism, your own version, with the help of few bits of Chandra Mohan, thrown into the mix of cunningness.

This Gurudev is simply funny, and eventually it gets quite pathetic, when he starts blabbering about "transcending" nothing less than consciousness and things like that.

Let us see his "presence"...

His hat is phony.

His dance if phony.

His words are phony.

And even his smile is phony.

He has nothing to give.

He is a beggar, a typical Brahmin, "teaching" something he does not have.

He just keeps repeating the words of Chandra Mohan, like there is a need for it, screwing with your minds. It is all already in the record. What is the need to listen to some phony, trying to interpret what Chandra Mohan is or does?

What do you expect to happen as a result, besides your valet getting thinner?

This fool is simply pathetic with his idiocy, saying things he can not possibly know no matter what he blabbers.

"One has to transcend consciousness"?!? "Once you transcended consciousness, you have transcended EVERYTHING... and that is what we truly are".

Yes, "transcending" is one of the favorite terms of phonies of all kinds. But... who can even imagine what is beyond nothing less than consciousness? I want to see that man!

To "transcend" nothing less than consciousness is nothing more than denial of life itself and God as such. Is God just some idiot to give you consciousness, which is nothing more than garbage since there is a need to "transcend" it? Is consciousness some kind of disability to be "transcended"? Then what is Life I ask you?

The next thing I want to hear is "transcending" nothing less than awareness itself! For one thing, J. Krishnamurti would get pissed up to his ears. Because awareness was his trademark, and not only his. This is the very ROOT of life as far as mankind goes. It is the very purpose of it all - to finally become AWARE, aware of your God Created NATURE, forever unfolding, forever expressing itself.

Nice trick. Indeed, no one will ever be able to verify any of it. So you can run your "spiritual" business till the end of times, and no one will be able to prove you are simply a phony.

Are you insane, you complex of inferiority driven fool?

First of all, there is nothing to "transcend". All your "transcendence" is simply idiocy.

What happens to you once you "transcend" consciousness? Do you understand?


Yes, Chandra Mohan has given you this idea of "transcending" this and that.

But you have no clue why he did that and what was the purpose of it. There was a specific context when he says things like this. There is a specific purpose in him saying it.

But you simply take a few words of his out of context and start making all sorts of claims that are nothing short of insanity, none of which you can possibly prove, even in principle. Even if you manage to "transcend" consciousness, just for the sake of argument, WHO will be able to verify it, unless they "transcended" it also, and HOW would they possibly do it? What are the criteria, tools and methods, available to mortals, to verify that you have "transcended" nothing less than consciousness itself?

Do you see how these cunning minds work and manipulate you like puppets?

And there are ALL sorts of traps, these phonies will fall into, once they start interpreting what Chandra Mohan says, does or means. It is simply inevitable, and it happens all the time.

"Unless you penetrate..."

There is nothing to "penetrate" you fool. It is just a byproduct of your violence and sexual sickness, caused by the suppressive Indian mind, as far as sex goes, and Chandra Mohan specifically addressed this sickness, and for a long time he did not even allow the Indian people to enter his ashram with few exceptions. Because some of them behave like animals when they see a beautiful western woman. They grab them by their breasts and do all sorts of other sick things of sexual nature.

A need to penetrate is what? Ever heard of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis? By the way, Freud was profoundly sick himself, forever obsessed with demons and things like that. His whole psychoanalysis work is nothing more than a result of his own sickness. But that is another subject.

"When ... blah, blah, blah ... THEN... THEN you are enlightened"


WHO are you to make proclamations under which circumstances one becomes "enlightened"? Are YOU "enlightened"?

Who are you kidding but yourself and a few gullible fools you have gathered around, selling them goods you can not possibly deliver?

The bottom line is you are just a businessman parasiting on all sorts of fools, who gave their own power over themselves to you, hoping to get something in return.

That is all there is to it.

Do not listen to these parasites. Beware! There is no need for any "medium" between you and Chandra Mohan, between you and God, between you and existence as such.

I do not know who even conceived of including this religious parrotry into the Chandra Mohan video collection. All it is is just a marketing propaganda about yet another place under the sun, where you can find that "paradise" everyone keeps promising you.

Let us look at one of his "masterpieces" in a little bit more detailed way. My comments are in brackets [].

"Meditation means not allowing the attention to move."

[First of all, meditation has NOTHING to do with attention. As long as you have this attention, you have something to be attentive to. Otherwise, the whole notion of attention is simply inapplicable. And, as long as there is a separation between the observer and the observed, no meditation is possible, even in principle. That is not meditation. At best, it can be called concentration.

Meditation has nothing to do with any kind of observation. There is no object to be observed and there is no observer of anything in particular.]

"Just remain. Simply remain.
In the now.
Go deep."

[Sure. Borrowed from Chandra Mohan, at least as "hear and now" part goes.

Otherwise, sounds like the language of hypnosis. Ever heard of such a thing as hypnosis, Mr. Smart Fart? Go deeper, deeper and deeper!

Deep where? HOW do you "go deep"?
What exactly does one need to do "to go deep"?
You see, as long as "you go deep", that means there is you and there is some place to go to. The same exact problem arises, the problem of the observer and the observed.]

"Don't worry.

If you think you are going to die, die!

Why not?"

[Why yes? Ever thought about this? Are you just a suicidal idiot?]

"What is the worry?

[Well, it is called LIFE! And to me, it has some value. Donnow about you though. I kind of like it, you know? Or you have a "problem" with that one also?

Ever heard of such a thing as life, Mr. Brahmin?

Why don't you just jump from the highest bridge there is?

Why not?

Just DIE!!!!

What is the difference between you existing or not?

Can you tell me?]

"Somehow you believe you are going to die. So one day you are going to die."

[How do you know? Are you talking about ME or yourself?

Show me!

First of all, I am not in a hurry to die.

Are you?

What's the hurry, whether you believe it or not?

What is this obsession with death?

Do YOU have a clue?]

"You are trying to protect yourself."

[Yep. As much as I can manage. You have a problem with that? Then die, sucker!]

"You are trying to avoid."

[Well, so far looks to me YOU are trying to avoid. To avoid the very recognition that you are a phony, that you have nothing to say or give of any substance. You are just taking up some space and create much stink, especially when you, old fart, are trying to dance.]

"But that is not going to help you."

[How do you know? Are you GOD, All Knowing? Or the next reincarnation of Sigmund Freud? How can you possibly know what is going to "help" others? Do you have a universal recipe?]

"Then why not be courageous and die and see what happens."

[Then DIE!!! And see "what happens". By the way, do YOU yourself know "what happens" once you die? If not, and that is certainty, then why would you recommend something you yourself have no competence in? ANY clue?

Secondly, excuse me. But what does DEATH have to do with meditation? You mean just because you yourself is old enough to die, then the others must be obsessed with death also?

What is this death orientation?

There is no death of ANY kind in meditation. Just the other way around. At best, you can claim the mind stopping its endless chatter, and there are some gaps between the thoughts. But that has NOTHING to do with death.

Just the other way around. You become more alive then you have ever been. Do you see, sucker?

Sometimes, just walking or sitting by the sea, you also experience this tremendously soothing silence.

But... Do ANY of you in their clear mind will consider it to be some kind of death?]

"For the first time you will be born."

[How do you know? Are you God, all knowing? May be you should revise the Bible, the way you talk. Because it does need some updates after all these years.

You mean I am not born yet? I need your stupid "death" to be born?

You see, Mr. Brahmin, when you borrow things from Chandra Mohan, but can not see it with your own eyes, you are BOUND to fall into these traps, and I mean EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way. Who knows, you might have stepped on a mine!]

"Born into your true a..., your true nature."

[Just have mercy on yourself. You are not some God to tell me what is "true nature", or when and how I will be born or not.

What is "true nature" by the way? Do you know? Can "nature" be false? What is "nature" then?]

And so this bluff goes on, and all these gullible fools are listening with open mouths, salivating, thinking they are hearing nothing less than the message of God, and the sweat fruit of "enlightenment" is just around the corner, once they have come to a "seer" like this.

As long as your valet is not totally empty, you can still purchase more sessions with this saint like figurhead...

But just look into their eyes on those videos. What do you see but "blind following the blind, just to fall into a ditch"?

I, personally, would not trust this man even to clean my toilet. He would still find some cunning way to make it look like it is all done, while behind the places one can easily observe, there would be devils hiding.

Meditation and Death

Let us look into this "death" thing in a little more detailed way. Death, this Gurudev pseudo-master is talking about is not death of ANY kind.

It is about IDENTIFICATION. The "death", or rather disengagement with your IDENTITY, you think you are by saying things like "I am a car driver". Yes, it is true, you are not only a car driver. There is something else in you that is beyond your skill or occupation.

But it is not even that. You need that identity in your daily life, every moment of it more or less. Once your identity dies, YOU die. Without it, you can not exist in the physical world. Because precisely through that identity you learn who you are NOT. Is it just a mistake of some kind that you have precisely that identity, which you think you ARE? So, beware condemning or denying your identity. Because that is what you think you ARE, and that is precisely the "lesson" for you to learn!

Yes, you ARE that identity, but that is not the ONLY thing you are. There is something else in you that you never paid attention to most likely.

So, even if you forget about being a car driver, you are still there, undeniably so, just as meditation shows you in undeniable terms. In other words, there is something in you that exists independently of your identity as being this or that.

Chandra Mohan called it "death of your ego". And the miracle of meditation is that even when you are "dead" as your identity, you are still there as your consciousness, or rather "super" consciousness. Your ordinary consciousness, which is consciousness in medical terms is different. Because it is still an entanglement with all sorts of objects or issues of your day to day existence. But there is another level of consciousness within you, the consciousness where you are not focused on anything in particular. In that state, you are still there.

That state is what is called the meditation.

This is the very foundation of the very notion of meditation. But there is no death of any kind in it. It is nothing more than death of your ILLUSION of IDENTIFICATION "with Prakriti", nature, as Raja Yoga sutras of Patanjali call it.

It is just like a state of rest, when you are not engaged in all sorts of commotion of your daily activity. Simple as that. It is just like a sleep that gives you the immense rest. But would you call that sleep something like being "reborn" into something?

And so I claim: meditation has nothing to do with any kind of death. Just the other way around. It simply teaches you to accept the state of ultimate rest from all the commotion, which is healing. It releases you from the bondage of association with all sorts of objects and activities.

In that sense, meditation shows you your REAL nature, which is Oneness with All That Is. In meditation, the very idea of separation of you simply evaporates. There is no separation of any kind in meditation. "You ARE It". Remember?

In meditation, your channels to the Whole are open. In that state, you are It. It is a reminder to you of who you "really are". And it is healing, and it is a confirmation of your validity.

Death of non-existing is not death of any kind, and meditation simply shows you that those things, you are identified or entangled with are not necessarily all there is, even though you take it as such.

And that is ALL there is as far as meditation goes. Anything beyond it is just bluff and concoctions by the blind, who know not what they are talking about.

About Swami Devageet - C. H. Newman BDS. DipMDH

Swami Devageet is another phony. He is just selling you ALL sorts of things, none of which he can deliver as far as I can see.

And, not so amazingly, he also has HIS picture at the top of his web page, full of all sorts of concoctions, and no picture of Chandra Mohan. How come? Are you THAT important in the scheme of things? Who ARE you to begin with? Can you tell me?

And that picture of him is so disgusting as to its phoniness as to being simply nauseating. Probably one of the phoniest pictures I have seen.

You see, every single thing you have comes from where? Well, from Chandra Mohan! Poor you... But where is HIS picture on your crappy page, full of promises?

First of all, I do not know him as ANY kind of a "therapist". That was not what he was doing or being known for, at least on the ranch in Oregon, USA.

All I know about him is that he was is a dentist, and not a good one, at least according to his own dental assistant. He also screwed up a couple of my own teeth and made a disaster out of the mouth of Chandra Mohan. And now he poses as a "spiritual" dealer-wheeler.

Except this one is of a bigger caliber than many others. He calls himself a "Specialist in Healing and Spiritual Growth", which is complete garbage of a title. First of all, there is no such a thing as a specialist in spiritual growth. According to Chandra Mohan, only a "master" or an "enlightened" one can be classified as a "specialist" in such matters, and even there, the very term is utterly inappropriate. All others are just fools and con men. At BEST. "Spiritual growth" is not a skill you learn in some college, and it does not matter how many books you study.

What is "spiritual growth" is he talking about? Well, it is Life itself. Or do these phonies think that "spiritual growth" is only applicable to some "seeker" or "sannyasin"? But "what about US", just like Michael Jackson sings? Do you think this is just some "show"? No way. It is REALITY.

"Spiritual growth" is applicable to every single human being, no matter how "irreligious" they may look like. "Spiritual growth" is what Life is all about, no matter who you are and what you do. As far as I can see, those who claim to be some "experts" on these matters are precisely those who have the least of a chance at "spiritual growth". Real growth is not about obsession. It is about RECOGNITION, no matter who you are, even if you are a murderer. Let us leave it at that for now.

So, this phony falls on his face from the very first sentence he utters. Just look at the list of his "therapies". Even Karl Jung would feel jealous! He is promising you to "balance" anything under the sky, your "inner child", your "inner" blah, blah, blah, and you name it. He's got it. Just like God.

Like life is some kind of a balancing act. There is no "balance" between truth and a lie. In terms of your growth, there is no such a thing as a balance, unless you work in a circus or want to make some deal, if you look at it deeper than a skin level. All it is is a language of a Jew, a dealer, a language of compromise, a language of a belly. You balance things when you try to GAIN something, in which case you sacrifice something in order to get some benefit. So, you may even sacrifice your freedom or even Truth to get some money, "fame" or "prestige".

So it is a trade deal in essence. Life is about seeing, not "balancing". You need to SEE your "bad" deeds, which arise out of your misunderstanding and insensitivity, for what they are. You can not "balance" it by paying money for your blindness. You "balance" it either by SEEING and asking for forgiveness, or getting a new lesson on the same subject again and again, until you SEE it.

There is no balance between "past" life and present. There is no "balance" between your "inner child" and outer monster you are. There is no "balance" between love and hate. Can you hate a little bit and love a little bit at the same time? How? It is either you drop hate completely or drop love just the same. Is there a balance between the Truth and a lie? They say: "even a spoonful of a shoe polish can spoil a barrel of honey". Even a slightest presence of a lie poisons the Truth. There is no compromise between the Truth and a lie. There is no "balance" between sickness and health.

There is only a commitment to know That Which Is. Anything else is nothing but noise or an intermediate step, as far as I can see.

And so these phonies keep feeding you crap in the name of real, and promising you things they can not deliver, and that is how all this religious gobbledygook works with all those pretty pictures they show you and all those happy songs they sing and all their hugs that mean nothing at the end, when reality knocks on your door and you have to stand and face the REAL music.

He even goes into something utterly idiotic, such as "Past Life Therapy", the "Body Wisdom", "Psycho-Spiritual Counselling", "Life Context Overviewing", and about all of it is pure grade bluff, unless one is profoundly dishonest, to the point of being a total crook. But all of it looks like something great, such as "body wisdom". And it creates customers. And if you listen to their parrot talk, you might say "wow"!

For example, what is this "Life Context Overviewing" he is selling? What is context? Well, context means the environment you are in, which is unlimited and multi-dimensional reality. So, to "overview" nothing less then life context, you need to "overview" the infinite and unlimited aspects of life as such, which can only be done by God. Unless you limit the notion of context with your shoes. Where is the end of context? Or where is the end of you and a beginning of context? Context may imply your past or present actions or experiences, or the situations you are in. It implies everything but "you", like there is some isolated "you" that is totally separate from your "context", like you stand in some "opposition" to the rest of life. Sorry, but I can not even comprehend the idea of a "context" because I can not comprehend or separate even my "real self" from the rest of Life.

It has been said: We are all ONE. At best, you can state that we represent, express and experience all the possible permutations and variations of that Infinite Multidimensional Intelligence, which is inseparable by definition, that Oneness that represents the UNITY of all.

No matter how much you "overview" your surroundings, you will never succeed in making some final determination as it goes against the very purpose of life. Because it implies death. Final determination means death. It is that illusion of separation, that results in the ideas of "borders" of you, as something separate from the rest of Life. It is not even clear where is the beginning of one experience and perception and the end of another. In that sense, EVERYTHING is a part of "context" for everything else. So, to "overview" your "context", you would have to first SEPARATE yourself from the rest of Life, which is probably the greatest illusion there is. Just about the only thing you can expect at the end is your scull cracking up.

How can one even conceive of selling such things as "life context overviewing" is beyond my comprehension.

It is just like psychoanalysis. No matter how much you analyze someone, you can never, even in principle analyze someone completely. It is all nothing but bluff.

Secondly, "Healing physical disease" belongs to a medical field and requires a medical license to the best of my understanding.

Basically, his list of "services" is an utterly bizarre, to the point of being disgusting, list of assorted concoctions, based in fiction. He does not have ANY of it as far as I can see. He is merely parasiting on your gullibility and stupidity, just as taught by Chandra Mohan.

He even uses the copyright symbol with his "Illumination Therapy". Is this a joke? This fool does not even have enough intelligence to see that things like these can not be copyrighted in principle. Only the contents of a creative works can. Who is this "healer"-dealer-wheeler trying to delude and for what purpose, beyond trying to make a buck by peddling some lowest grade crap with great sounding labels to the clueless, none of which is genuinely his?

What is this "Illumination" thing and where does it come from? Tadaaam! From the Illuminati secret society created by Adam Weishaupt, which, later on, became the "Committee of 300", the "rulers" of this world and the very nature of the so called NWO agenda. Simple as that. Where did he even learn this term of "Illumination"?

Thirdly, claiming a copyright for someone else's work and ideas is simply an indication of profound dishonesty. What did he invent, if anything? Is there any evidence, in terms of medical or scientific studies, that proves that such a "therapy" can deliver the fruits he claims it delivers? Because he talks about it like it was something proven to be valid. The very word "therapy" sounds like something scientific, like some remedy, known to work. Where is the evidence then, and what kind of evidence there could possibly be to prove it helps in "spiritual growth", or even "healing" for that matter?

He claims that Chandra Mohan "revealed" him the details of this revolutionary therapy. First of all, I am not aware of anything of this sort Chandra Mohan would "reveal" to anyone in private. For what? He could just speak about it in public. Was it some "secret message"? Then why are you preaching it if it was given to you and you only?

Question: was he under influence of nitrogen oxide when he "revealed" this revolutionary "therapy", especially considering that he himself stated that all the "therapies" are nothing more than bluff? Because that could explain some of it.

The very term "illumination therapy" is so bizarre, that even abracadabra sounds as something more real. Illumination, or, rather, light comes not as a result of some "therapy". This is nothing more than "spiritual crime" as J. Krishnamurti classified the whole trip of Chandra Mohan.

Or was it merely a slip of the tongue admitting the Chandra Mohan's connections with the Illuminati secret society? Because it seems there is just way too many common points between this "NWO" agenda and all those "messages" about the advantages of the "borderless world" he would forever preach.

No wonder U. G. Krishnamurti called all those "enlightened" people, that forever have all sorts of "revelations", the drug addicts. The question arises: why would "enlightened" person need drugs? For what? To see even MORE "truth"? You mean the "truth" they saw so far is not enough? How could this be? In that case, whatever they claim as "enlightenment" is not complete.

To me, if "enlightened" person needs drugs to see even more, it is nothing but greed of someone, who does not have it. Or, alternatively, that "enlightenment" is nothing more than a myth, a carrot, hung in front of your nose to forever chase and never reach.

Swami Devageet is the person who administered the nitrogen oxide to Chandra Mohan on a regular basis on the ranch in Oregon, USA.

He is on record during some book dictations by Chandra Mohan under influence of nitrogen oxide, such as:

"Notes of a Madman"


"Books I Have Loved".

This man could provide quite some evidence as to the nature of some things that may raise some eyebrows, but only if he is capable of saying the truth, which I doubt, just by looking at the list of his "therapies".

And now he is offering the one to one "therapy" sessions around the globe, and the list of "therapies" he has to offer is the biggest I have ever seen. Yes, one thing he did learn from Chandra Mohan is greed. Of ULTIMATE proportions. Has anyone seen any person, who is competent in so many diverse areas, unless he was a bluffing conman?

He even has guts to offer the "Past Life Therapy"! Nothing less. Well, Chandra Mohan is on record saying: there is no such thing as reincarnation. Whatever left of you is the memories about you.

Book title: Satyam Shivam Sundram
Chapter: A peace that passeth all misunderstanding

"All the so-called religions have been making graves for you, destroying your life, your love, your joy, and filling your heads with fantasies, illusions, hallucinations about God, about heaven and hell, about reincarnation, and all kinds of crap."

Book: The Language of Existence
Chapter: The sky of completion Date: Fri, 4 April 1989

"But I want to say one thing to you:

the whole idea of reincarnation is a misconception."

There is even more direct quote on "reincarnation" by Chandra Mohan when he spoke in Oregon, USA. Do your own research on it. But keep in mind that quite a few mind blowing things were edited out from what is available out there.

Just logically, in order to do any kind of "therapy" on the "past lives" of others, you need to be able to READ and SEE those "past lives", and that is quite a grand claim in itself. Not many people in the entire history made such claims. So, this is something that could discredit you probably more than anything else.

As far as I can see, whatever he claims to offer is lies. Nothing more. He simply does not have it.

Furthermore, his "services" are nothing more than a list of most profound bullshit. As far as I can see, he has no competence in any of it, and some of it is nothing more than the attempts to sell you "the emperor clothes".

He will not be able to prove his competence in ANY of it. On the top of it, some things he offers require a medical certification in my opinion.

According to his own dental assistant, he screwed up the teeth of Chandra Mohan so bad, that his mouth looked like a disaster at the end, and it is his only expertise as far as I know.

He also managed to screw up a couple of my own teeth so bad, that his own dental assistant, present during the operation, said: "I could not believe what he was doing to your teeth. But I could not tell him anything. That would only create more problems and nothing else." As a result, I lost those teeth.

And I bet THAT is what he is going to do to your being for the price that will raise some eyebrows. If anything, he can make your valet thinner.

-- Mahasattva Anand Veeren, Acharya

Beware of "spiritual criminals"

Yes, beware of "spiritual criminals" as J. Krishnamurti called them!

Just look at Gurudev, or "Whomsoever" as he calls himself nowadays. The first 10 days of his "40 Day Osho Meditation Retreat" is what?

Well, it is reducing you to a beast, so you could recognize how screwed up you are, and would be willing to pay as much as you can afford just to get rid of it with their help.

To make a long story short, ALL the "techniques" and "active meditations" of Chandra Mohan, such as "Dynamic" or "Kundalini", and especially these "intensive" "therapies" are simply to exhaust you. You will not find anything at the end. At the most, you LOOSE something, and that is all the garbage accumulated in your mind. Simple as that. And even that much is doubtful.

It is like having sex and hoping to resolve your "spiritual problems" with it. How? Yes, there is Tantra and there are claims that it raises the level of your "spirituality". But even there, in order for you to have a spiritual contact with your partner, you have to already be on a certain level. Otherwise, it is nothing more than another form of sexual ritual, signifying nothing. And again, because you fundamentally can not be just "transformed" and your blindness remains just the same. At best, you can claim that those, who are already on a certain level of "spiritual maturity", may experience something extraordinary as a result.

Most likely, you will simply be reprogrammed with a new set of instructions and the old program will be replaced with a new one. Nothing more than that.

I have participated in some, if not most, "intensive therapies" myself, just out of curiosity, and about the only thing I recall is simply feeling stupid. ABSOLUTELY nothing had changed. It is just like getting drunk out of your head and then throwing it all up and feeling rotten the next day. That is the extent of it.

Because it changes nothing. Your misunderstandings remain just the same. Even if you simply talk to your friend or someone you trust and tell them your "problem", he may show you a different angle on the whole thing and you may RECOGNIZE the very root of your "problem" and it will loose its grip on you.

I recall participating in one of those "intensive therapy" courses under guidance of one very insensitive and obnoxious old man, who basically stated at the beginning: I could care less you exist and you can do anything you want here, "it is not MY problem". And he just sat there, for several days, smiling like a sadist when they were jumping on each other and throwing the ugliest and most violent energy around. And about the only thing he did was to provoke even more violent and ugliest expressions and outbursts of animalistic nature, pinching them with a needle of psychological insults and torture, and they would lick it off his fingers and bite this bate with excitement. Basically, all they were doing all the time is attacking each other and insulting each other in the ugliest ways. It was bewildering for me to see all that madness but I wanted to see it to the end.

Interestingly enough, the "group leader" was a retired Jewish doctor. Basically, as I can see it now in retrospect, he was a pathological sadist, and he indeed did not care for any of them, even if they would attempt to kill each other. Because "it was not HIS problem".

For him, it was probably the reinforcement of the ideas of the Talmud, which says that all non-"Jews" are animals, literally, and are to be treated like animals, which is exactly how he treated them. And I would not be surprised that he did not even realize what was he doing and for what reason. He himself needed some "therapy" probably more than anyone in that room. The expression on his face was of some "holier than thou" member of "elite", mixed with a thin sadistic smile, just like of "Angel of Death", Josef Mengele, of Nazi Germany. As Gregory Klimov describes it, he was a pure grade degenerate.

The essentials of the issue of degeneracy - Gregory Klimov Interview

Later on, I have seen him on the ranch a number of times, and every time I saw him it was along the same lines. He was probably 70 years old and he was ALWAYS with some young woman, whom he screwed. These women are called "shiksas" in the ZioNazi lexicon, meaning a beautiful bitch or a whore, an animal to be screwed, a peace of "meat", LITERALLY.

And if you think that he was just some aberration, think again. From what I have seen, and I have seen most of what they have, these "group leaders" are pathologically sick people, perverts and sadists. And that is why they are obsessed with negative energy. Because that is what they feed on like vampires, and I mean literally. Their very nature is destruction and disgust. It is not accidental that they have become the "group leaders".

The whole thing was simply bizarre. All they did was to insult others, throwing their puss and hate on them and accusing them of all sorts of things that do not fulfill THEIR expectation of what you MUST have done. Basically, it was generation of utmost negativity. I do not recall a single person ever that would say at the end of these "therapies": yes, I did see something and now I understand something.

The last "intensive therapy" course I participated in was with one of the most feared of all the "therapists" of Chandra Mohan, Rajen, one of the worst sadists in that "mystic school". It was the same crap as usual, and at the end, when we all sat in a circle and he would move around and sit in front of each person, looking into his eyes, when he sat in front of me, I just started laughing like a mad man. It was something unreal. I could not believe what I see. Because I saw absolutely nothing but bluff of "holier than thou". His "smile of love" was so phony as to be simply pathetic. From then on, I would not even conceive of such a stupidity as to go book some session with even more "powerful" "therapist". Because the only thing left for me was to simply puke morning to night, every single day of it.

These "spiritual criminals", knowingly or unknowingly, are manipulating your mind and force it to become lower than of a beast, in order for you to surrender your intelligence to them so they could "fix" you later on, as you will INEVITABLY see on their later videos.

Once you go through these "intensive therapies", even if you do not have any kind of "problems" they expect you to have or to find, you will be forced into a state of utter ugliness, some primitive beast, or some other kind of idiocy.

And once you see this ugliness in yourself, you start thinking: "oh, I see what is wrong with me. I have to work on this", and so the trip of "fixing" it starts, thus admitting that you are as screwed up as it gets, and this "group leader" is some kind of a demi-god, who will help you to "go through it", and get rid of this sickness, you did not even have when you have started all those sessions of "healing" something in you, that does not need to be healed.

Sure, you can scream your head off, just like they do on a football stadium. Yes, it will relieve you of your anxiety, just like ejaculation. But do you think you are "healed" by it? What has fundamentally changed within you after you ejaculate or scream your head off? Do you know? And I tell you, you are EXACTLY the same man you were before. If you think catharsis will make you any different, poor you. What has fundamentally changed within you after this catharsis thing, and how? According to what miracle by simply shouting your head off you can see something new in your life, and what IS that "new" you are going to see after it?

What is needed is a RECOGNITION, and not jamming your mind with hysterical procedures. That emptiness in you, which arises out of misunderstanding and blindness, can not be filled with ANYTHING. All you are going to achieve as a result is piling more garbage on that humongous pile of junk that is inside of you already.

And you can not FORCE that recognition. It is about one of the gentlest and most illusive things there are, and it comes when you yourself recognize that you are missing nothing. Never did in fact. You can not achieve that STATE via ANY kind of tension.

At the VERY best, you will recognize eventually what an idiot you were your entire life, seeking for something you think is missing within you. Yes, true, you were zombified since the cradle with all the inferiority like propaganda about your inherent "defectiveness" or even "evilness" unless you follow their dogma. But so what?

The problem arises out of assumption that everyone is nothing more than an idiot when he was born, and unless he is filled with all sorts of garbage and dogmas, "he has no chance", to "survive" that is. So everyone, starting with your parents and then teachers, start molding you into some mold and trying to make you submit to some dogmatic "system" of knowledge and "rules" of life.

Let me say a few words in defense of this bestial activity of behaving like an animal in some intensive "therapy" group or session.

Yes, it is true that people are not in touch with their own being. They have been programmed and zombified with all sorts of things and they never stretch the limits of that programming being forever busy, forever trying to "catch up" with it in order to "survive".

In that sense, going to outer limits of your self-image may be useful. Because when you allow yourself full freedom to go to the outermost limits of what you think you are, you may find some things you have never suspected. You might have never thought that you are capable of going "so low". But you did. And what it means is an indication to you that what you THOUGHT you are is not what you "really" are. You might think you are such and such smart fart. But what you found while going "down to it" is that you are nothing more than a beast. And that is quite a revelation. So... It simply shows you that what you thought you are is quite limited. Because you are more than that, be it in some ugly way.

And about the only purpose of it is for you to start reconsidering who you thought you are. That, in some way, opens up "new horizons" as now you have a chance to go beyond those limits. Yes, seeing your ugliness, violence and intolerance MAY make you look at it and see how much it hurts others.

And yet, fundamentally, it is no different than ANY real life experience. What prevents you from seeing it in your daily life? What is life for, if not EXACTLY the "intensive therapy" course that lasts to your last breath? Why can not you see your own violence or intolerance towards others as it happens in your life? You see, if you could not learn it via your REAL life, then how can you learn it via some artificial session, which is nothing more than mind projections? HOW, I ask you? What kind of magic happens during some "therapy" session that may make you SEE "how it really is"?

Yes, you can argue: but if I allow myself to be as I am, I may even hurt the other people sometimes. But when I go to some session, we all agreed that we will get hurt, so it is "hurt by agreement", and, therefore, not subject to the law of Karma. But I ask you: WHO are you kidding? It is EXACTLY the same thing. Do you think that hurting someone during some "therapy" you hurt LESS? According to what magic? To me, it is EXACTLY the same thing.

Jesus said: it is not only when you commit adultery, you are doing wrong, but even when you THINK about it. You see, just the very idea of an evil act IS already an act of evil, even though it is not yet expressed in actuality. But it is just a matter of time. Sooner or later, it will become an action. Because the very seed of it is still sitting inside you. You are still not seeing the roots of it. You are still confused as to its nature.

Those "therapies" is just like anything else in your life that was unknown to you. When you solve some challenge in your life or resolve some misunderstanding, arising out of blindness, it is exactly the same thing. You might have never even suspected that you can do this. But you did it. A "positive reinforcement" procedure.

And that is about all I know about this growling like an animal "therapy", which is utter crap to me. If I conduct some "therapy" session and someone growls for whatever reason, my position is to throw him out. He is just way too hopeless to even try to "help" him. Because that growling is nothing more than AVOIDING. Do you walk on the streets growling? No. You walk on the street and then boom - someone either stepped on your toe, or some car was about to hit you because of some reckless driving. And so you explode or feel hurt or offended. Basically because of certain expectation as to how it "should" happen. But it did NOT happen as you were programmed it "should" happen.

So, what does it mean? Well, it means to me that you still do not SEE. You still did not learn that life is what it is, and not how it "should" be. If you see yourself hurt in such situation, why not consider it and do not do anything like it YOURSELF because you SAW how it hurts? And when it happens the next time, you won't explode or feel hurt. Because you SEE its inevitability because of blindness of others. What's the point for YOU to be hurt because the other is blind? What does it help? What does it resolve? What does it rectify?

Even if you say to someone, who stepped on your toe: Sir, it hurts! In all likelihood, he will simply tell you: sorry! without even FEELING any of it. Or could be even worse - he might get ANGRY at YOU and tell you: but why are you there on MY way!!! Because he is blind and insensitive.

And if he is not, he himself will look at you with compassion and say: sorry, I did not mean it. I just got carried away with my thoughts and have not noticed you. So, there is nothing to learn or to teach. These bumping into each other experiences are nothing more than tests for you of whether you have really learned the lesson of Life. Nothing more.

That is ALL you need to learn. Life is not there to fulfill your EXPECTATIONS. It is there for you to SEE and to be sensitive and AWARE of your own acts or the acts of others, that violate the harmony and create unnecessary problems, of which you become aware. And it is all very simple. You don't have to be some "giant of thought" to SEE and FEEL. That is all I know.

These "therapists" will speak to you with full confidence in a soft deep voice, and will look like the "enlightened" ones, those, who really know how to "fix" you.

But don't you notice their artificial "softness" is static, unmovable, just like death? Because the alive human being can not possibly behave the same way all the time. There are winds and rains, and there are earthquakes in real life. Where IS it in them, masquerading to be god-like with their phony smiles and their phony relaxation? All you are going to see in them is the same "happy", smiling face of a phony, who "knows not what he is doing" and utterly false state of artificial relaxation they project on you.

Do they actually "fix" ANYTHING in you? Ask anybody you know and see how far did they progress with all these trips in terms of them SEEING something that represents the essence of Life.

Among all the "therapists", I personally had to deal with, there was just one single lady, one of the most "powerful" as they claimed, and so I booked a personal session with her. We sat in front of each other. She is silent and I am silent. She was expecting I will start whining about some "problem". Because that is the whole point of that exercise. But she could not hear any "problem".

So, after sitting in front of each other for about 5 minutes in utter silence, she finally said "what are you doing here? You don't have any kind of problem I know of. Get out of here. Do not waste my valuable time." Because she was not a liar or manipulator, inventing some kind of "problem", sucking it out from her finger. And everybody was afraid to even book a session with her. Because she could see though ANY kind your bullshit with a single look. Now, how many of this kind of "therapists" do you think there are? Have you seen a SINGLE one? Who is he? I'd like to know his name.

The problem with the mind, if you do not trust yourself, is that it is an extremely powerful tool. It will allow you to travel to all sorts of places and take all sorts of forms. You can imagine you are ANYTHING, no matter who you "really" are. Even if you are the most gentle being, never in your life committing any violence, you can be made as violent as a monster by simply manipulating your mind and making it take any kind of form or shape the mind controller wants, and make you to believe this is what you really are right now, and so they can "fix" you.

There exists a well documented research in this area. One of the most well publicized cases is a study where a group of people were selected to study what kind of transformation takes place depending on you being either a prison personnel or a prisoner. A group of about 40 people were divided in two parts. One part is the prison personnel and the other part is the prisoners.

What happened at the end is that even the most gentle people out of those, selected as prison personnel, eventually became the power hungry monsters. Within just a few days. The whole thing ended up in murder and the study had to be stopped. That was the most shocking conclusion of this whole experiment.

There is a notion of "sleepers" in Illuminati agenda of this monstrous "NWO" thing. Sleepers are programmed to perform ANY kind of violent act upon triggering, done via specific phrases or notions they were programmed with. This is not a joke, but one of the most evil aspects of today's world very few are even are aware of.

The "spiritual" weapons are the most potent weapons there are. BY FAR!

You will become a "spiritual" slave or a zombie much sooner, and with much higher probability, then for you to become "enlightened".

In fact, your odds are something like 1 to 1,000,000 to attain seeing the essence of life, and your odds are 1,000,000 to 1 to become a spiritual zombie.

Better think about this REAL well before you "surrender" to some Gurudev, Tirtha, Rajen or some other "therapist" or so called master.

Because mind is programmable just like a computer.

These "spiritual" "masters", in order for you to accept them as real, will first have to show you that what you are is no better than some monster. Once you see that, you are in their trap, and you will do just about ANYTHING they will tell you, and will even pay top dollar for it, thinking you are getting something of value in return, some "enlightenment", some "liberation", some "freedom".

Freedom from what?
From yourself?

And you, gullible fools, that have already been programmed by your parents, teachers, politicians and all sorts of "authorities", are already suggestive enough to accept some "authority", some "master" (of disaster).

You have been zombified and made into bio-robots from your cradle, and your own parents, doing all that zombification, are not even aware they are doing it, thinking it is all "the right thing to do".

See these catch phrases?

"Because this is the right thing to do".
"Because everybody says so".
"Because this is good for you".
"Because it is GOOD for your family".
"Because it is GOOD for your country".
"He is a BAD guy".

Do you see how they force you to some conclusion with this fake logic of "because", which is obviously indisputable? And what IS "the right thing to do" and why? WHO says it is the "RIGHT thing to do" and you should, therefore, do it, without even questioning ANY of it?

And what is that "right" thing? How do you know it is "right"?

Do you see this?

"Good and bad",
"right and wrong",
"black and white",
the ideology of fascism.

Out of unlimited number of colors in a rainbow, only black and white are considered of any value.

Now, what is "good"? Do you know? Under what circumstances? For whose interest and benefit? For what purpose? In what time frame? And the list has barely begun.

They feed you morality as one of the most potent weapons to control you via your own mind. The same exact mechanism is functioning with all this "spiritual" gobbledygook.


What is at stake is your own life. Nothing less.

The techniques of "intensive therapies" are extremely potent and, if used by some phonies, who do not even necessarily realize what they are doing, are as dangerous as it gets, even if it does not happen immediately. And this is EXACTLY what this "spiritual criminal", Gurudev, is doing in effect by facilitating the situations for people to get ugly and even violent, which solves nothing and helps nothing I know of.

Why not create the situations where people can learn the Harmony of all, respect, appreciation, conscience, sensitivity, beauty, friendship, support, Love, all permeating, and, ultimately, a recognition that we are all ONE? Yes, it is much more difficult to be genuinely creative, than to simply get into some stupid, meaningless fight. Any idiot can do that without even learning the "techniques of intensive therapies"!

So, these fools, being utterly uncreative, resort to simply borrowing some "therapy technique" from some Chandra Mohan, not even realizing what they are doing and for what purpose. Just ask them: can you please tell me how am I going to get "fixed" as a result of your therapy? What will CHANGE in me? What will I be able to SEE as a result? How does it work? See what they tell you.

Does he have a medical license of being competent to deal with human souls and psyche? Or, does he think he can just screw with your Souls like they are nothing more than some game balls on the table, to be bumped into each other? Does not he realise that he creates the tremendous negative Karma, and for HIMSELF included, that has to be resolved sooner or later? What is he doing by stimulating and provoking the ugliness, violence and utter disgust, reducing people to the level of the most primitive beasts, and thus creating the illusion that this ugliness can get fixed in the future if they pay enough and visit more of these "therapy" sessions? What are these "therapies" doing or achieving beyond creating some business for themselves? Who are they kidding but themselves?

Did he do any studies on it? Does he have ANY kind of evidence that it really helps anything? How? And what DOES it "help"? How do you even evaluate that anything has fundamentally changed?

WHO is he to force people to behave like beasts, growling at each other and doing the most idiotic things conceivable? For what purpose? Does he even know or realize the impact such profound ugliness may have on your beings, that creates all sorts of problems and issues that do not even exist in your lives, with these mind games, called "therapies"? And what is the result beyond growing this new kind of dependency of a "spiritual needle"?

All he is doing is repeating the Chandra Mohan's tricks, without even realising the results and impact of it.

How can you achieve Love and SEEING via violence and idiocy? It is like banging you on the head with a hammer and asking you: do you feel LOVE yet? Go to some sadists or sadomasochists or sexual perverts and ask them: do you feel LOVE yet? This is the same exact thing.

I remember one lady that was doing some groups in Chandra Mohan's ashram. These groups usually last for several days. She kept weeping and crying about herself in self pity almost every moment of that group, day in, day out, morning to night. Because everybody was provoked into becoming "who they really are", meaning to get to the lowest step of a ladder, and even go lower than that, just to see their "nature" as to "who they are right now", so they could get "liberated" later on.

I, personally, have not seen a single person liberated as a result. She kept crying and weeping and begging for something, she did not even know. From what I see, it is just a result of her mistrust to herself, and belief that she is not pretty enough or deserving enough to be loved by some man. And then I saw her several years later, in exactly the same situation, doing exactly the same stupid thing. And what is the result?

What does it take to become "free" of all your limitations and to attain that sweet something, they are selling you? Do you know?

The very essence of these intensive "therapies" can be expressed in a single sentence: How does it FEEL to be a beast? This is known as the "negative approach", which is the very essence of Satanism. Because it LOWERS you and diminishes your validity instead of helping you to SEE your Grand Nature of being a particle of The Infinite, Multidimensional Intelligence, Ever Unfolding and All Pervading.

Yes, the "negative approach" also "works". In India, it is called Neti, Neti, which is negation of that, which is false. As a result of such negation, whatever is left at the end is Truth. Except the path is longer because you are deluded and are led into some dark valley. As it has been said: You are looking for Light in the valley of darkness. Yes, sooner or later, you are simply bound to see that you are not even looking in the right places.

Once you accept there is something "wrong" with you, it is like a spiritual needle, a drug to which you become addicted. You will be spending YEARS of your life enjoying all the "progress" you THINK you have made.

Because you are not even looking in the right direction - sensing all pervading Love as the foundation of life, and feeling compassion for all those, who keep struggling with illusions of all kinds. And you don't look at friendship of all people, and you don't even consider that we are all ONE and indivisible, and all of us are "on the same boat".

Have not you seen enough ugliness, violence, greed, arrogance and utter idiocy in your life? How much more do you wish to see in order for you to start looking at the places of Love? Are you a pathological masochist? Why do you need to SUFFER? Have you EVER asked this question? Why don't you try and feel in your chest what kind of a hint your Soul and your Heart may give you? Have you ever tried?

Why do you have to fight but to prove to YOURSELF that you are something "superior" to others, as a result of feeling deep insight that you are "nothing"? ALL you are saying essentially is that you are "better" then your own co-travellers, moving to the same destination.

And the end result? Well, look at these great "therapists" like Tirtha, Rajen and this Gurudev pseudo-master, whose shoes many are licking on a daily basis, or that Osho Rajneesh snake oil salesman. What do you see there?

And some of them are not just some "regular" swamis. They were thought to be the inheritors of Chandra Mohan's "throne", once he is gone to better places. They were to continue his work as was commonly accepted.

And what is the result. Just look at them now.

They are even ashamed to mention the name of Chandra Mohan, despite the fact that nearly everything they have, at least as far as these "therapies" go, comes from Chandra Mohan. Now they are running their own little "spiritual" empires, "therapy" schools and all sorts of "camps", "retreats", "resorts" and you name it, being the parasites they are.

And some of them have spent YEARS with Chandra Mohan, being as close to him, as it gets, doing ALL sorts of "therapies" themselves and seeing it every single day of their life doing it to others.

I claim it is nearly certain that by the end they will simply become sadists, enjoying the perverted pleasures of spiritual torturing. Because by then, that is about the only "joy" they know of. It has become a habit, a drug. And no wonder, seeing all these stupid people begging on their knees, behaving like animals in their groups, and crying like babies, and for no good reason at all, what happens to your own Self? Do you have a clue?

Well, as far as I see, you simply become a spiritual slave. FOREVER. Addicted to all this filth. You simply become sicker and sicker.

Destruction in the name of Osho


Yes, I have heard ALL sorts of stories about this so called inner circle and all the corporations built around Chandra Mohan's name and fame. And I have heard the first hand statements by the people close to Chandra Mohan including some of his best musicians.

But I have not heard this one so far.

It has to do with some of the very best of the best Chandra Mohan's musicians, Miten and Premal.

This criminally minded money gang calling themselves all sorts of names and titles even had guts to do the clearly destructive acts, such as whining to YouTube so that they remove some of the creative work by Mitten, and so it was removed. And not only that, which they whined about, but ALL other works by Miten, he is clearly the copyright owner of.

This video is made by Miten and it talks about it:

Osho Video - Osho, No Copyright On Freedom

Looks like the time has come to do some investigation on these corporations and foundations. Specifically, the money and copyright related issues.

Secondly, I am not sure they will be able to provide any evidence that they are either rightful copyright or trademark holders. The copyright law is one of the most complex areas of law and the issues of validity of copyright ownership are not that simple.

Negativity should not be allowed

When things on the ranch in Oregon were getting out of control, and more and more people would feel like shit, this "greatest master" ordered to Sheela:

"Negativity should not be allowed" (literal quote).

You see?

"SHOULD"! - That is the language of dictators, isn't it? "NOT"! - You see, "not" is as negative as it gets, isn't it? "ALLOWED"! - Allowed by whom?

Sounds like the words of the great "master"? Of what?

Well, to me, it sounds like the words of some dictator. Because that is exactly the kind of language they usually use.

What is this? Some concentration camp? Some instruction to some soldiers, slaves, zombies and assorted bio-robots?

But what about that "elite"? Those "chosen few", as he calls "his people"? Do they also need these kinds of directives to be ingrained in their minds? What kind of "elite" they are in that case?

If you feel shitty, as you are being abused morning to night, or whatever is the issue, what is wrong with expressing it? Are you lying? Sure, "lies should not be allowed" just plainly makes sense.

But Chandra Mohan himself said, "you should be authentic and sincere". What follows then? And what follows, according to his own recipes, is that you should look at it "as deeply as you can". If there is some problem, should you just deny it? Suppress it? Pretend it does not exist? Kill those "evil ones"?

See? It simply does not make ANY sense as far as his own doctrine goes.

If you feel like shit, what are you to do? Suppress? But he forever tells you "Do not suppress. Otherwise, it will simply become a perversion". So, how do you "not allow the negativity"? What do you do? Shoot them?

Why not send those people to some "therapy" group so they could be helped, if those "therapies" really work?

One interesting thing with this is that Chandra Mohan himself was quite negative, dumping on the heads of just about anyone, who comes to his mind as some kind of authority. Even of those "great enlightened" beings of the past and present.

As far as I can see, that "negativity should not be allowed" thing was in fact nothing more than a monstrous censorship procedure, trying to suppress and deny what was beginning to boil up nearly every place you look. It was nothing more than a desperate attempt at "controlling the damages".

Another thing is, why would that "negativity" even appear in such a happy place, where people happily "dance on the streets" all day long? Where did it come from?

Yes, you do need to have guts to face the music, whatever that music is. That can not be denied. But to merely "not allow"? How? Call Jose Delgado and make him install some electrode in your brain so it no longer happens? And, amazingly enough, with his fascination with Delgado and his work, that could very well be the way to go about it. But what does it change?


Well, this "enlightenment" carrot is quite some subject. No questions about it.

What is "enlightenment"? Well, simple really. It is when your mind stops, or "permanently ceases" as Chandra Mohan says. What?

Yep, just like animals. Do animals have mind? Can they think? Well, they don't. Just look at the dog chasing the ball or a stick thrown by his owner while they play? The dog keeps running after that stick and keeps bringing it back to his master, and as soon as he brings it back, his master throws it again, and again, and again. How stupid! If a dog could think, he would think: this thing is stupid. He threw the stick and I brought it back. But he is throwing it again. I can not be THAT stupid to keep running after it and bringing it back forever.

Actually, just yesterday I saw one beautiful, cheerful and intelligent dog. His owner lady would keep throwing the ball and he kept bringing it back, pretending to look that he is excited. But the way it was happening was strange, so I kept looking at it. Then, when she threw it, he tried to run away and hide that ball under the grass, just to take it away from her. Otherwise, she would inevitably throw it again. And he was not interested in this stupid game. He wanted to do HIS thing - to run around, sniff everything in site and just enjoy life. But she kept forcing him to do this stupid and meaningless exercise in futility. So, he kept trying to hide that ball behind the light pole and all sorts of places, and was seemingly getting frustrated to the point that he was willing to dig a hole in the ground and hide it there, so he would never see that ball again!!! Apparently, he was smarter than his stupid owner lady, who could not see that he is not interested in it. She was simply taking his life away from him and forcing him to be a slave of her idiotic ideas, desires and complexes. I really felt sorry for the poor chap. What a drag to have such a foolish and insensitive owner!

So, the "enlightened" person is like a dumb animal, and that is how most of them look like, sitting there with a smile forever frozen on their faces in that eternal "paradise" of "enlightenment". You see, no mind - no problems, only the eternal bliss remains. Is this real one might ask? What is the difference between them and animals then? Both do not have the mind and both are happy as a dog chasing a stick.

There is another twist to it. Chandra Mohan says: "but when I speak to you I am using my mind". Strange. That means that when the "enlightened" person speaks, he becomes unenlightened, and, therefore, anything he says is not the words of enlightened being. Because to speak you need the mind, and anything you say out of the mind is what? How can it be any different than the words of "unenlightened" one? What is the difference really? Do any of you know?

First of all, Chandra Mohan himself stated there is no enlightenment during one of his later discources in Oregon. The same thing is with reincarnation. So...

There is this story I vaguely remember from Chandra Mohan's life. There was a man with a donkey and he wanted that donkey to go somewhere. But the donkey would not budge, no matter what he did. He kicked him on the ass, pulled him by his ears, but no luck.

You see, those donkeys are really smart! And they are authentic, not like all these phonies calling themselves all sorts of names and giving themselves all sorts of "holier than thou" titles. If donkey does not feel like doing something, there is nothing you can do to force him. You can just kill him, but he won't budge. And THAT is the REAL courage and sincerity.

So, someone recommended to the poor guy just to hold a carrot in front of the donkey's nose, and, as soon, as he starts moving towards it, to move the carrot away so he walks towards it. And the miracle happened, donkey started walking after that carrot until they got home.

The moral of the story? Well, I would not be surprised THAT is the reason Chandra Mohan invented that "enlightenment" carrot, so you all chase it forever. And no matter how long are you going to be chasing it, you won't get it. Simple, isn't it? Pure elegance of a solution to a problem of a fool.

Here is probably one of the key questions, and I claim this is the CENTRAL question as far as this "enlightenment" thing goes:

Book: Discipline of Transcendence Vol 2
Chapter: A hollow bamboo


Well, "the greatest master ever" does not really answer the question. The question reduces to the issue of parasitism. You can simply paraphrase it like this:

Is enlightened person a parasite? Yes or no. No long and boring piles of bullshit, avoiding the issue, please.

I claim such person is a parasite that has herds of slaves to do the work and bring him the benefits of their labor, and be forever reminded of how screwed up they are and how difficult it is to achieve this "enlightenment" carrot.

But look at the other side of his mouth:

Book: This Very Body the Buddha
Chapter: Now is the Only Time for the Heart

Question: Since your program began, what results have there been with your sannyasins? Has anyone become enlightened?

Answer: "They are all enlightened people. I don't deal with unenlightened people at all. I have never come across any unenlightened person. Since I became enlightened I have been coming across enlightened people - enlightened men, enlightened women, enlightened dogs and donkeys. Enlightened trees and rocks and stars. The whole existence exists in enlightenment, that's its very rhythm."

Sounds good?

Well, if they are all "enlightened people", then what do they need YOU for? To make them even MORE "enlightened"? In that case, that "enlightenment" is incomplete, and if so, then how does one know which "enlightenment" is more "enlightened"? What if "enlightenment" is not "enlightened" enough? Could this be the case?

Enlightenment RHYTHM? Would you like THAT kind of crap for breakfast? Then what this existence is needed for if it already "attained" the ULTIMATE - "enlightenment"? So, the whole show is over. You can all go home now!

"Whoever comes to me is enlightened - what more do you need? If they persist not to realize it, that is their joy. That is their freedom! This much freedom every enlightened person should have - that if he wants to behave in an unenlightened way, he has to be allowed. If even this freedom is lost, what type of enlightenment is this? A few people choose to behave unenlightenedly, perfectly good."

"Sometimes they behave this way, sometimes that way - that too is good."

"All is accepted here. And I am not result-oriented at all. 'Result' is a dirty word - even though it is not four-lettered, it is dirty all the same. It is result that has poisoned the whole humanity."

"If they persist not to realize it"? How is this possible that "enlightened" person does not even REALIZE it? Is he blind? Then what is the difference between him and you?

"That is their freedom!"? Sounds like some freedom fighter? Well, but what about "trust" and "surrender" then? What would you need those for?

Here's more:

"Who am I to declare you enlightened or not? If I am to declare you enlightened, that will not be much of an enlightenment. Who am I? If you have become, you have become. You have always been - that's what I am saying. Sanction is not needed at all. No order is needed to be issued, no formal declaration is needed."

Cool, eh? Why don't you send them all home then, oh "master" of disaster? Or you need to milk them all out dry?

Here is something even more exciting:

Book: The Language of Existence
Chapter: The sky of completion

"It is unfortunate, but it is true that even a Buddha or a Mahavira remained within the conditioning of their social structure. That is a flaw in their enlightenment. It is not as high as it can be; some weights go on dragging them down."

Excuse me, a "FLAW in their enlightenment"? So, it turns out that "enlightenment" can also have "flaws"! Therefore, it is incomplete! How can THIS be the case?

If you give all this crap to a systems expert and tell him to put it into some systems tester to see if it works, he will tell you:

Such a system will break before you sneeze. Your car engine would simply explode. This system is utterly inconsistent, no matter how you look at it and what kind of tricks are you going to use trying to reconcile it, and the more you look at his other lunacy talks of utter fiction related to this "enlightenment" carrot, the more inconsistent that system will become. Inevitably so.

Enlightenment Show - Truth is nothing more than a funny lie

I claim this man is a pathological liar and a fabricator of bullshit, and of the lowest grade. Interestingly enough, he himself admitted to be a liar. But a kinky one. Vast majority of his conclusions or recipes are simply sucked out of his own finger and not based in any kind of reality. And the ugliest thing is that when someone would point out to some of those fundamental inconsistencies in his "system", he would explain it away by claiming that the existences is inconsistent, or even worse, claiming that what he says NOW is the "truth" and what he said just yesterday even may turn out to be a lie, and that is perfectly fine in his "system". Nothing wrong with that! Uhu, tell me about it.

So, he fed you lies for 30 years, knowing full well he is lying his teeth off, and he could care less if his answers would even make sense, even to himself. It was all irrelevant. Since he said it, it immediately and automatically became the Truth. Because the very fact that he gave you some "answer" was self sufficient, as he fulfilled HIS part of the show - to be a showman, and you also fulfilled YOUR part as being the fools.

After all, YOU came to him, and on your own initiative. Why? Since you are all "enlightened", then why did you come to him, if not to be fooled or entertained or shown some fantastic pictures, even if they had nothing to do with reality? In that sense, truthness of anything he ever said was not even an issue. That's the game you agreed to play according to him. Can you blame a clown or a magician in a circus for not telling you the truth? Do you go a circus to learn the Truth? Are you mad, or just pretending?

Since he did not deal with non-enlightened people, that means that you all, since you came to him, are the pretenders. And in that respect, it was his "job" to lead you into as far away lands as possible and delude you as much as possible, at least for the sake of entertainment. Because that was exactly the kind of game you all must have expected when you came to him. Otherwise, why would an "enlightened" person go to some "master", who knows full well that you are all "enlightened"?

So, that takes off ALL the responsibilities from him for telling you the Truth, and he, therefore, can feed you any kind of anything that comes to his mind, which is no mind at the same time. How can you blame him for it? In such a setting, how could he be made responsible for you listening to him, no matter what he invents, depending on which direction the wind blows between his ears?

So, he would impress your minds with his grand entrances, getting out of one of his Rolls Royces, driven by a personal chauffeur, even though he drove himself on his daily rides, and they would drive him all the 10 meters from his house to the Buddha Hall, just to show you how grand he was, so he could tell you all his bullshit, and he would change the Rolls Royce every single day, as he would change his king-like robes and his diamond watches, and you would EAT it all as something REAL! So, WHO is an idiot in this game?

You got exactly the amount of crap you paid for. If you paid more or would make some serious donations, you would get even more crap, to make sure you are satisfied with what you got in return for the money. This is only fair, you see. More money - more crap, more diamond watches - even more crap. And if you talk Rolls Royces "as a present out of love", oh boy, you would be invited even to the Jesus Grove, and even Sheela herself, a Jewish waitress from Jew York, would give you some personal attention. Do you remember me, sitting at the table with you and Sheela when she was trying to extort your mala, made out of golden beads and a golden frame?

At one point, seeing people asking him all sorts of questions, I even thought a couple of times: may be I should ask some question as well? Then I thought: but which question would I like to ask. And I looked inside myself and could not find one. So, I never asked him a single question. Smart, eh?!? :) And now I am "famous". Because I am one of the few people, who did not even attempt to ask some question!!! Do you want a picture of me? Just a stinky 50 bux would do! And for 5000, I could even SIGN it! Whada ya know!!! Have you ever seen a picture of the ONLY Russian Mahasattva? Where? I'll KILL that sucker! After all, I am the FIRST one!!! Grrrr!!!

Looks like the time has come to start my own "esoteric school", called The Russian Way!

Osho asks: do you have any spare Rolls Royces or diamond watches?

Do you happen to have any spare Rolls Royces
or some diamond watches by ANY chance?

So, that was about the entertainment part of it. Now...

Question: how can you possibly achieve the Truth via lies, no matter what your purpose is, unless you are motivated by the ideas of "any means justify the goal"?.

At best, it is a system of belief, and very little of it could be proven. A bunch of myths, told to clueless, to be swallowed as is, bypassing the mind, reason, logic, intelligence and you name it.

Most of the utterly unprovable crap he fed you, can be accepted only if you "surrender" your intelligence in a state, induced by the hypnotic suggestions. No person with functioning intelligence can possibly accept or reconcile such an arrogant and shameless manipulation of just about anything that comes to your mind.

Lies about the mind and its nature

We will consider just one example. You can find plenty of other examples once you see the whole point of it. My comments are in brackets ([]).

Masti, mind is confusion; it is not that you are in confusion. And there is no way for the mind to be not in confusion. Mind's whole structure is based on confusion.

[This is PURE grade garbage. Mind is NOT confusion. It is multi-dimensionality. Everything has unlimited number of aspects and there exists virtually unlimited number of ways to look at just about anything. To learn something is to chose one of the alternatives you had as you saw it at the moment, and if it turns out to be the invalid, then the next time you can chose another alternative. This is how you learn. It is called Freedom of Choice, which is one of the most fundamental principles of operation in the physical world. Some of the main requirements for you to really learn are the awareness and sensitivity. By the same token, one can also assert: the very idea of "enlightenment" is nothing but confusion. Just try to describe it and you will see the point.]

Mind is a duality; it is always split.

[Not true. Mind is simply multi-dimensional, just like reality. It is not just "split". It can comprehend more than two aspects. It forever seeks the new aspects of existence. Existence is not just duality of "true" and "false", and the mind is just a part of it.]

There is no single point on which the mind agrees in totality.

[Correct, and that is how multi-dimensional reality works. It is not a closed system of mechanical parts, forever acting and behaving in the same way. The very nature of multi-dimensional reality is that you can never perceive it as something finally determined, cast in stone. It forever presents you with new opportunities to see those things that you thought are the same, but it turns out they have NEW aspects to them, which you did not see before.]

Half of the mind will agree and half of the mind will disagree, and whatever you choose, you are choosing only the half.

[Not true. It is not just halves. Life is not just black and white. It has an infinite number of aspects, not just two.]

The remaining half is going to take revenge.

[Lie. It is not a matter of "revenge". It is a matter of being able to see something new tomorrow even looking at the same thing as you saw today. It is never complete, and thanks to God for that. Otherwise, you would simply jump from the highest bridge there is as the whole thing would eventually become boring as hell itself. As far as I can see, even God, the Creator, is not complete and it can NEVER be complete in principle, and duality is just a small, and relatively primitive part of All That Is.

Duality may be represented by the Binary Logic of "yes" and "no", as, for example it is done in computers. But that logic is highly primitive. There exists the Multivalued Logic where you not only have only two answers in some rule of "yes" and "no", but ANY number of answers. That logic is orders of magnitude more powerful and is capable of resolving the problems that are not resolvable with the Binary Logic.]

The unchosen part, the left over, will wait for its chance to show you that whatever you have chosen is wrong.

[Lie. It is not a matter of "wrong" or "right", even though it may seem that way. It is a matter of you making a particular choice in the situation you were with the understanding you had at that time. In order to see if it is "wrong" or "right", you need to EXPERIENCE it. So... There is no such a thing as "wrong" in life. Because this is exactly how you learn new aspects of existence. If you chose a particular dish at the restaurant, does it mean that if others chose some other dishes, have they made the "wrong" choice? This is simply ridiculous, and on the most basic level.]

But it does not matter which part you choose. Choice itself is wrong.

[Lie. Choice is not "wrong". It is just your perception at the moment. Sure, tomorrow you may decide to make just an "opposite" choice. But the very choice you make, no matter what it is, is FOREVER "right".

"You are the best you can ever be,
as if you could be better, wouldn't you?"]

And we can go on like this until your nose goes blue, and nearly in every thing of real significance we will find the same pattern - lies, fabrications and fictions, sucked out of his finger. And yes, he can not be held responsible for you being an idiot, even though he IS responsible in a larger sense of the world, and that is he presented all sorts of fictions as nothing less than Truth and, therefore, lead you astray from it, and that is one of the highest caliber crimes - crimes against your very being and crimes against God and Truth.

My humble suggestion is: no matter what Chandra Mohan said, no matter what HIS reason was for saying it, EXAMINE it. Do not simply swallow it as is, as it may turn out to be nothing more than a zombification garbage to justify his own agenda, which may have NOTHING to do with you, or even Truth itself, even though he talked about it all the time as though it was the ultimate.

About the mind

As far as what is meditation and what is a mind, things are not as simple as it looks on paper.

To condemn the mind and elevate the meditation is not a great idea I'd say. These are different things, different meals for different times of day.

Chandra Mohan once said:

"You do need the mind. When I am speaking to you I am using the mind..." (not a literal quote)

So... Beware, when you think of things like "transcending the mind". UTTER garbage.

To "transcend" the mind is to transcend the life itself. If you manage to "transcend" it, you won't be able even to walk, to speak, to understand anything, and to even to empty your bowels in your bathroom for that matter, as all of these things require the engagement of the mind.

The mind is as much a part of your system, as anything else. In fact, the most significant part I claim. It is not separable from your consciousness and awareness, just as the roots of a plant are not separable from the branches or even leaves or flowers. By themselves, they can not exist. What is the purpose of a root, if there is not branches or the flowers? How could there be any flowers if there is no roots?

You do not consist of several different parts, the body, the mind, the heart. You ARE the body. You ARE the mind. You ARE the heart. These things are inseparable, and all the myths throughout centuries about "you are not the body", "you are not the mind" are just that, the MYTHS. Because YOU ARE! ALL of those things.

Yes, you can claim that your highest level essence is beyond the mind. As they classify it nowadays, it is something on a more fine or "thin" level than the the gross level of the mind. But even there, it is not as certain as it looks. Because the aroma of the flowers exist and are rooted in the branches and the roots. Yes, the aroma is more subtle then the the roots. But does it mean that it is MORE real? Can you claim that you need no roots once you achieved the aroma? Then what is going to happen during the next season? As long as you are a plant, there can not possibly be such a separation.

Just take away the body. What is going to happen to your "true self"? Just take away the mind. What is going to be left of you that is any different than an idiot, and even that is not quite true. Take away the heart and the feeling aspect of you. What is going to be left?

Therefore, ALL these myths are there just to gather some customers to follow all sorts of carrots forever hung in front of their noses. Just to parasite on the fruits of their labor in most cases. There were not that many authentic "masters". Vast majority of them are nothing but conmen, driven by the "fear of survival" as I call it, never trusting their own creativity.

I claim the ONLY "problem" there is, beyond ordinary and rudimentary things of life, is the absence of TRUST. Trust towards your own being. And that is what truly prevents you from being creative, which is the only value I know of.

Life is about CREATIVITY, not "enlightenment". Do you think that even after you become "enlightened" your creativity stops? You see, the creativity is the prime aspect, and "enlightenment" is just an intermediate step on a ladder.

Creativity is your main joy and your never ending self-expression and interaction with life as such, no matter how "sophisticated" or "advanced" you think yourself to be.

But unless you TRUST, trust your own creativity and your own self-worth, given to you with the very first breath, surprise, surprise...

The only thing is the mind has its own purpose and limitations, just like anything else under the Sun. If this is the ONLY thing you think is real about you, that is a mistake.

Mind has its place, and that place is by far the largest place in your life. Even to express yourself or say something, you need that mind. When you say something, the most sophisticated mind processes are taking place on the background. Otherwise, you would not be able even to stitch the words together. The same things happen during the evaluations of some results.

Yes, it is only a mechanical aspect to a large extent. The way the mind works is pretty much mechanical, sequential, step by step refinement of some problem or issue. But the existence is simultaneous and instantaneous and multi-dimensional. Mind wants some gradual improvement, to hold on to a present belief system. But that is the very limitation of it. As a result, the creativity suffers. Because the more you hang on to those things that you are identified with, being attached to the "gradual improvement" approach of the mind, the less courage you have to explore something new, totally "unexpected", and the longer will be your "path" towards SEEING "how it is".

Long story... But beware of condemning your mind as something useless, something to get rid off. First of all, it can not be done. In Russia they say "you can not jump higher than your own dick". LITERALLY.

Mind is a beautiful system, the most powerful thing there is. But like any mechanism, it needs rest. You can not run your car all day long. It will burn out eventually. And, as anything else, it has its limits and a purpose. You can not expect your car engine to tell you some poetry.

Secondly, you can not use it in every single situation. It is not meant for that. There are other aspects of you, such as love. You can not use your mind when you need your heart. And there are times when even your heart is useless, such as when you walk on the ocean beach, in utter silence, overwhelmed by the power of nature. Everything else is useless in those moments.

There is a place and time to eat,
and there is a place and time to shit,
and there is a place and time to strain,
and there is a place and time to drain,
and there is a place and time to forget all the commotion.

Yes, it is probably the most subtle subject and there are reasons various "religious leaders" condemn it.

But this has been taken WAY out of proportions by now by all sorts of blind conmen, capitalizing on your foolishness, just to survive, just to survive.

I will go as blunt as it gets and proclaim:

ALL the talk and condemnation of the mind is just sickness!

Yes, during various periods of history, there was a purpose of shifting attention from the mind and showing there is something else, and that was probably the most revolutionary discovery. Mind is not IT. True.

But all the ideas of "transcending" the mind, the ideas that the mind is inherently "evil" is nothing different than the witch hunts.

Mind feeds your stomach. Your stomach could care less about your "enlightenment". That is just an attempt at futility.

What is the purpose of the teeth in your mouth? Ever thought about this, you "green" whatever you think you are? Well, the purpose of the teeth in your mouth is to kill!!! To kill the other forms of life. You don't eat rocks, or do you? Try to figure out the significance of it with your mind and see how far you get.

The mind is about the biggest treasure you have. Without it, no "enlightenment" is possible, and the very notion of meditation becomes just an empty word. Meditation is stopping of your mind, but if there were not mind, the whole notion of meditation would loose its essential meaning. You would simply be on a different level of existence and manifestation of consciousness. But even there, you can not claim there is no mind involved. Else, there would be no reason for such a mechanism to exist. Even on the higher or more refined levels of existence there is still the mind, even though you might claim it is something like "universal mind". But the very notion of the mind implies the notion of Intelligence itself.

Otherwise, the existence of the mind may be considered as some kind of a mistake. If it IS so "evil" and the source of all "problems" in your life, then why does it exist? Why did not it "evolve" into something that really "works"? And that, by itself, would imply that the very notion of Intelligence is nothing but fiction. Because it could not evolve to the point when some unnecessary mechanism, such as the mind, was abandoned and replaced with something more "sophisticated".


It is true that vast majority of minds out there are simply insane. Because the mind, by itself is like a computer, a functioning machine, immensely powerful tool for you to exist, but still it is just an aspect of existence, even though it could be considered a prime aspect.


The purpose of saying "beware of the madness of the mind" is true to a large extent.


At this point it has become a hindrance with all these "religious" fools, feeding you ALL sorts of garbage and methods to get rid of the mind, to "transcend" it, without even realizing what they are effectively saying, by feeding you this death thing in effect, forever peddling all sorts of bullshit to the clueless.

It is being exploited left and right by all these "spiritual teachers" and "therapists", making money on all this "spiritual" zombification. You have all these Tirtha kind of fools asserting absolutely insane things, not even realizing they are betraying themselves.

You see, once they convince you that mind is "evil", one thing becomes possible: your intelligence stops functioning, and you begin to blindly believe all the gobbledygook they feed you. Because you have effectively surrendered your own mind to them and their delusions, and allowed it to tune into their spiritual blah, blah, blah, signifying nothing at the end.

And that is one of the ugliest aspects of this "surrender" and "total trust" thing. Once you "surrender" and "totally trust", your examining abilities become disabled. So you can be fed ANY kind of "spiritual" garbage and "pussy in the sky with diamonds" and you will eat it all yammy, yam, yammy, without even realising it.

You will simply become a cultist, a "believer", a member of some sect, preaching this or that, and blindly and obediently following some dogma. But unless you can VERIFY it with your own eyes, beware! I claim you will simply become a zombie, a biorobot.

Yes, faith does make sense. Because ultimately you won't be able to reconcile life with your mind only. There comes the point where you need to take an intuitive leap recognizing the limitations of the mind alone. But this is probably the subtlest subject to deal with and it has been abused by "religions" to the point of monstrous proportions with wars, mass violence and all in the name of "god". In that respect, Chandra Mohan does have a point when he hammers on the significance of the mind. But beware! This is not as simple as it looks on paper.

And so, be careful when you condemn the faith as such. You may have to pay the price you can not comprehend at the moment.

When you take a chance at something, what RULES your motivation? Well, it is called faith, faith that things will somehow, miraculously work out in your favor. Otherwise, some of the risks people take are simply suicidal, and quite often, they realize it when it is "too late".

There is a substantial body of work in the area of mind control and zombification available by now. All sorts of psychic weapons have been developed, tested and verified to work, and that is exactly what you are dealing with, without even realizing it is you and your own life that is the target now.

There are complete, multi-layered systems of mind control, developed by the military, intelligence and various cults of evil most profound. And those systems are of immense potency, and they are in fact being used every single day to control the masses via all sorts of ways and means, including, but not limited to media, Hollywood, literature and art, and you name it.


I have no interest in digging deeper at this point. We'll see.

These most fundamental concepts of God, Mind and Truth will be the way to recognize the phonies among all those "therapists" and anybody capitalizing on Chandra Mohan and his work, which is significant ANY way you cut it.

To me personally, it is simply disgusting to hear their blabber about how "evil" the mind is in principle, and the dire need to get rid of it, without even comprehending that you simply become nothing more than a dumb object or a part in some mechanism. To condemn the mind is to condemn an inseparable part of yourself, even though it is not the entirety of who you are, just like your legs or your hands.

Yes, meditation puts the whole thing in proper perspective, and once you have a grip on it, it is tremendously healing, because the mind does have a tendency to go wild, forever inventing more and more complications.

But look at the mind as the most outstanding toy, the most outstanding tool, the most amazing system of interaction between you and the outside world.

And yes, he DID have to emphasize the mind's inability to give you any answers as to the very nature of life and your own being. Because it is not its purpose it seems. And, most importantly, is there such an "answer" to begin with?

As you learn the meditation, which is simply silence, you will learn that there is no need to be obsessed with the mind, as though it was the only thing there is. You will recognize its place in your life and will relax about most of your inner tensions, arising as a result of mind conditioning, zombification and bio-robotization, inevitably done to you and everyone else.

Here is one fair example of Chandra Mohan talking about the mind, its usefulness, its nature and its place in your life:

The Razors Edge, Chapter 25

Also, in that discourse, you will find this:

"Heart is not useful, it has no purpose to fulfill..."

I disagree, and in the most drastic terms. Heart IS "useful" in that it provides you the very impetus to be, which mind can not possibly provide. Unless you experience joy, happiness and excitement, life becomes dry. You will simply dry out like a leaf. The impetus to be, or desire to be, is that very joy. Without it, your mind is no better than a computer, and you will be reduced to the level of a plain bio-robot, brainwashed to oblivion. So I claim.

Your heart "provides" you the very joy, the very awe of existence, the very appreciation, the very sense of beauty, and without beauty, the whole life is nothing but a waste, a grand junk yard.

And it also feels. Mind does not feel. It could care less. It only reasons and evaluates the probabilities of future actions and calculates the outcomes.

Heart also LOVES, and what is higher than love of a mother toward her own child? And I say: NOTHING. Not even this "enlightenment" thing. Because it is unconditional, and, therefore, real. There is no calculation to gain some benefit out of it. There is no evaluation as to why should one love someone, what are his "good" qualities or the length of their nose for that matter.

Some say that the love of the master is the highest. Well... long subject. May be. Who knows? Especially if that "master" is real and his very purpose is not to parasite on you, feeding you all sorts of carrots, leading nowhere. But the problem with the "masters", even if they are pure in their heart, is that they are not even necessarily concerned with you. They are just doing their thing. Because they can't help but doing it. In that sense, they could care less you exist. Just observe.

It is the heart, that is capable of stopping all sorts of violence on your way. Because it feels, feels not only for yourself, but for the whole world also.

It is the heart that allows you to fly high as a bird.

Is THAT "useful"?

Chandra Mohan himself said:

"My way is the way of the heart".

What a "useless" thing to say!

And now the real show begins - About God

Here is an interesting something you might want to consider:

Window of Opportunity

This is about the "elite ruling family" member talking about God, Lucifer, Illuminati and the NWO agenda. But in the way you could hardly even comprehend. Try, who knows?...

There is also "Ra Material" you might consider.

Ra Material - The Law Of One: Book I

I do not advocate it, but some things may clarify in your mind. Who knows?

Now, about God.

Chandra Mohan kept claiming there is no God. Well, there is a problem with this argument, a problem of intellectual honesty of a philosopher, which is about the highest value there is for any philosopher.

Chandra Mohan WAS a professional philosopher with a degree. Therefore, to make such claims is UTTERLY inappropriate and outright dishonest. Because such statements can not possibly be proven.

The philosophical argument is simple:

If you did not see something, never experienced it, it does not mean it does not exist. So, strictly speaking, he, knowing full well such an argument is invalid, was simply lying, which is probably the highest order of insult to any real philosopher, interested in truth, as he claims, if there is such a thing to begin with. Yes, there is plenty of trueness. But that is not the same thing as truth.


Well, at some point, everybody thought the earth is flat. If you would come and tell them it is just a sphere, they would simply kill you. The same thing happens every day.

Yes, Chandra Mohan DID all sorts of investigations and he never found a trace of god, at least as he stated on record. Understood. But what does it mean, really? Does it mean the earth is still flat?

The problems with God is that, by very definition, they lay outside the scope of what we are. Otherwise, it is not god, but a puppet, built in our own image, based on our limitations of all kinds including the limitations of a physical body.

One can not POSSIBLY assert such a thing as "there is no God". This is just profoundly intellectually dishonest and is against "that which is" as Chandra Mohan himself defined the Truth, which happens to be borrowed from Jains.

Chandra Mohan's "proof" there is no God

Now... Five years has passed since the initial version of this book and now, boom, something related to Nietzsche just appeared again, and from two different angles, like something is knocking on the door. So, let us look at this subject again... Here's the quote:

Jesus says, "If somebody slaps you don't be angry, but with humbleness give him the other cheek also." It is such a beautiful idea, but a man like Friedrich Nietzsche has an insight and maturity which the common masses cannot have. His criticism is one of the examples of the highest reaches of logic.

Nietzsche says, "If somebody hits me on one of my cheeks, I am not so inhumane as to give him my other cheek. That is egoistic. It is trying to prove that 'you are just an ordinary human being - I am a messiah, a messenger of God. I forgive you and if you enjoy hitting me, you can hit me more.' Nietzsche's point is that you are reducing the other person to utter humiliation. Nobody in two thousand years' history has raised this question.

Nietzsche says, "If somebody hits me, I will hit him as hard as I can because I am just as human as you are. I don't want to prove myself holier than you, higher than you, superior to you. I respect your humanity and I accept your challenge. You have slapped my face. You have given the challenge to me."

He is saying that Jesus' idea is disrespectful. And certainly if you look deep into its psychology, you will find it is insulting. You are not accepting the other man as a man equal to you. He is an ignorant man, unenlightened. You are awakened. You are creating a distance between yourself and the person who has slapped you.

Mind as a Master is a disaster
(Sermons in Stones)

First of all, to call Nietzsche a mystic in light of this kind of thought pattern is utter perversion. Because, first of all, this is nothing more than the philosophical argumentation, a self-justifying exercise in futility. What is so "mystic" in that entire line of thought trying to justify the perpetuation of violence, intrusion into ones space and utmost idiocy?

What is the difference between a mystic and a philosopher then?

Yes, this is precisely an argument of "mysticism" of evil, which forever attempts to turn things upside down and that is precisely why virtually in all the visual symbols of Satanism things are turned upside down. That is the very essence of the "teaching" of the "negative approach for providing the 'catalyst' for growth of intelligence", as stated by the Luciferian priest calling himself "Hidden Hand", a member of the "ruling dynasty and a group soul Lucifer".

Window of Opportunity ("Hidden Hand")

Basically, that entire line of "argument" is nothing more than the plain ordinary shameless and ugliest manipulation of the principles of logic and turning the essence and the underlying meaning upside down from what it is.

First of all, what kind of respect are you obliged to have towards someone who had hit you on the face? Would such an idea or consideration even arise in a real life situation? Someone hits you on the face, which requires an immediate response, and you do what? - Stand in a position of a philosopher and start considering the myriad of purely philosophical alternatives while trying to justify your response?

The person is doing the ugliest and most violent and intrusive act by hitting you on the face. Basically, he behaves worse than an animal. And if you are concerned with any kind of "respect" at that point then you, first of all will have to go down his level of a monster and commit the same ugly and violent act as he did. Out of "respect" or "compassion"?

How is hitting someone can be considered as something "humane"? What does it mean humane in that case? You see, by extension, one may justify even killing as something "humane". Because you can "justify" ANYTHING whatsoever. Even a murderer has his "reasons" for doing it.

The whole line of thought in that quote is nothing more than plain concoction. When someone hits you on the face, are you going to fall into a state of some abstract philosophical argumentation trying to figure out what would be the most appropriate response?

Basically, what Nietzsche is doing in that argument is performing an act of mental masturbation, a self-pleasing exercise for a sick mind. And this is done either AFTER the fact or as purely theoretical exercise to turn things upside down and justify the evil as "good", just as he was paid for by Rothschild in his extensive work of justifying the Nazi ideology as the works of some "superman" or "overman".

So, he is suggesting you to become the same violent animal as the attacker and to perpetuate the act of evil by hitting him back, justifying it as some kind of perverted notion of "compassion" or even "respect". But all you do in effect is to escalate the violence, idiocy and bestiality by him hitting back.

Basically, every word in that line of thought and argument of Nietzsche and Chandra Mohan's defense of him and his purely satanic position of perversion, denial and turning everything upside down is nothing more than trying to justify evil as some kind of "good". In other words, pure grade Satanism, plain and simple.

We are going to look at the following quote under a microscope. It is about Nietzsche and his blabber about Zarathustra, a mythical wise man, which Chandra Mohan uses as some kind of proof there is no God. It also addresses some of the most important issues of life, such as love and compassion.

It is also important because Chandra Mohan uses someone else to support his own position of "there is no God". Why did he do that? Could not he prove it himself? And what kind of proofs are these? He himself says here: "... Zarathustra seems to be right: God must be dead". Well, hang on here. SEEMS? First of all, "seems" is not an evidence of any kind. There is no certainty in it. How can you possibly use such ideas as some kind of proof, especially when you talk about the most important issue in the whole history of mankind, the issue of God?

To me, either you know it, or you don't. If it only "seems", you need to clear your eyes first. Who knows, may be you can see it better the next time around.

The quote below is like a loaded gun, ready to shoot at your very roots is what I claim.

"Is it possible that this old prophet has not heard the latest news yet, that God is dead? - because he is still worshiping God; he is still praying to God."

"... it is very existential. Looking at the world, it cannot be accepted that it was created by a wise God."

"... But the reality is that man is not saved at all. Looking at man Zarathustra seems to be right: God must be dead, because man is living in such anguish, in such agony, that if there was really a "Father God," he would have done something. He is supposed to be omnipotent, all-powerful, and he cannot remove man's misery, he cannot remove man's tensions, he cannot help man to sing again, dance again under the stars?

"... Looking at man and his psychology, Zarathustra's conclusion seems to be absolutely correct - God must be dead. And the people who have pretended to be His messengers, prophets, incarnations have not helped a bit. They talked about saving man, but man goes on falling from his dignity, from his humanity, from his self-respect.

"... Zarathustra is against the very idea of pity, because it reduces the other man to a humiliating position. Zarathustra is even against compassion, because that means you are higher and the other is lower, that you are the giver and the other is the receiver. Zarathustra believes in sharing out of love - not for pity, not for compassion, but out of your abundance. You have so much; you are burdened with so much that you want to share it. This gives dignity to the other man. You don't reduce him into a beggar.

"... That is one of his qualities of the superman. He will only share out of his abundance. He has no pity and he has no compassion; he knows only love. Love is the only law. Love equalizes people - you give because you love, you give because you respect. You give and allow the man to feel, to be honored - that is true giving. If the other man feels a beggar, if the way of your giving is such that you strengthen your ego, brag about your giving, then you have committed a sin; it is not virtue."

Zarathustra the Laughing Prophet - of the meeting with a higher man

Now, about the "latest NEWS" that "there is no God". First of all, what kind of garbage is forever fed to you all in the "news"? How much can you trust it? These "news" are represented here like some fact, something undeniably true. But IS it? WHO created and distributed these "news" but the puppets or Rothschild and "banking mafia" who own all the "news" distribution channels gun, stock and barrel?

First of all, any and all arguments for or against God are futile and so are all the "proofs" anyone offers. In fact, there is more proof there IS God than otherwise, even though, true, that proof is insufficient to be classified as something "scientific". But I have seen some things in my life that could not have possibly happen, as it was nothing but some miracle that took me out of nothing less than the paws of death, and I am not exaggerating it. Logically or rationally those things could not have happened. Not possible. My chances were something like one to a billion. Yes, it is not a proof in a strict sense, but it is good enough for a poor guy like myself. I need to further evidence.

I am not going to try to prove the existence of God. But I am going to try to disprove some of these ugly concoctions forever pronounced by Chandra Mohan as a "proof" there is no God. To me, it is utter dishonesty and utmost corruption, especially considering that Chandra Mohan was a philosopher.

No matter what his motivation was, THIS kind of thing can not be done, as it is nothing more than a crime against the highest values there are, such as Truth. These kinds of things can not be justified with any kind of argument. His arguments are so simplistic, so childish and so cunning, that they simply look senile. Even an entry level philosophy student should be able to see through it. Let us look at some details...

Jesus is a fascist and a father of fascism, Nietzsche, is a great mystic


- Yep. That is what Chandra Mohan said. Not in a single quote, but this is the essence of what he said. Interesting, isn't it? Now, this is known as the nature of Satan - turning things upside down, denying, and negating, perverting and manipulating, and blood thirsty parasitism. Beyond murder, destruction, domination and dictate that is.

Not only that, but Chandra Mohan went as far as to say that "greatest injustice" was done to Nietzsche, worse than crucifixion of Jesus! Nothing less!


- Yep. That is EXACTLY what he said.

"... It is such a sad fate, one which has never befallen any great mystic or any great poet before Nietzsche."

"... The crucifixion of Jesus or poisoning of Socrates are not as bad a fate, as that which has befallen Friedrich Nietzsche"

And that is EXACTLY what Satanists do. How can one even imagine to compare Jesus with Nietzsche? They are like day and night. What Jesus said and the simplest, most obvious proofs he provided live on for thousands of years. I'd like to see a SINGLE proof of anything this sick man, Nietzsche, has produced in his entire life. How can you even compare those? Was Nietzsche so certain about what he was saying that he would be willing to give his LIFE for it?

Nietzsche is simply hiding behind the back of Zarathustra, using him as some kind of an evidence of his own position, which is rotten to the bone and marrow. And Chandra Mohan is manipulating this sick man, Nietzsche, a puppet of Rothschild, and is interpreting his megalomaniacal and fascist tendencies of a dictator, using it as some kind of proof there is no God.

That single quote above is enough to place a 666 on Chandra Mohan's forehead and attach the horns to his skull.

There is nothing to even talk about here. That single quote says it all. But we will, and we will look at it to such a detail that it should leave no doubts of its essential meaning. So, hold on to your seat.

As far as Socrates, he was proclaimed to be the wisest man known. He proclaimed "I know nothing". And he knew more than most could have imagined. There wasn't a single person who could beat his arguments. His single dialog on Beauty is enough of an evidence. Even to this day there is no one who could answer his question "what is beauty". Probably the most insightful statement on it was made by Dostoevsky, who said: "beauty will save the world", even though it is not an answer to that question.

Chandra Mohan's arguments are such a cheap shot at Jesus that it is simply beyond comprehension. So, no way this kind of thing can slide between the cracks. This has to be rectified.

Just a few quotes before we start grinding this thing down to dust and burning it to ashes, which is what I intend to do.

For starters:

- "You see, what we are dealing with here... Philosophy of Nietzsche is a philosophy of will to power, and, to a large extent, man-hate, and it is internally connected to the Talmud.

"The Talmud is at war with the whole world, and Nietzsche also at war with the whole world.

"Kinship, but also a sad regularity of a law - from Nietzscheism Hitler and Hitlerism were born. Hitler idolized Nietzsche. The theory of a blond beast: if one is falling down - push him further. A theory of Superman. Can you see how confused is all this?"

-- Gregory Klimov, "God Chosen People"

See: Philosophy of Nietzsche (original in Russian)


This, "Nietzscheanism," is later developed into Fascism and Nazism and will be used to foment the first and second world wars.

Marx, Ritter, and Nietzsche are all funded and under the instruction of the Rothschilds

Marx, Ritter, and Nietzsche are all funded and under the instruction of the Rothschilds'.

The idea of eternal conflict

The idea behind this scheme is that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger factions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other, and particularly, in destroying all political and religious institutions.


The Fascist Concept of Representation
René de Visme Williamsona

"Among the many recurrent answers which are recorded by history, there is one which has peculiar significance for our time. This answer is revealed in a single word:


In every place and throughout every age, there are men who see in power the solution to all their problems. Faith in power is the connecting link between such thinkers as Machiavelli, Hobbes, Nietzsche, Hitler, Mussolini, and many lesser lights not excluding those who are unaware of their own implicit acceptance of this faith.

The religion of these men could be stated thus: seek ye first Power and its attributes, and all these things shall be added unto you.

The acquisition of power is not a means to something else but an end in itself. I call fascist all those who have this particular faith, no matter what name they give themselves or what their nationality may happen to be."

Three most influential men on fascism.

"Fredrich Nietzche was a big influence on fascism because he had a contempt for democracy and believed in an aristocracy of intellectuals.

"Niccolo Machiavelli had a significant influence on fascism because he believed in strong leadership to direct people's lives because the masses could not govern themselves.

"Charles Darwin probably had the biggest influence on fascism due to his theory of evolution being only the strongest survive therefore creating social darwinism which a fascist's justification for supporting nationalism. Did Charles Darwin really support the idea that only the strongest survive in modern day or did he just state the facts of what was nature in the beginning of life?"

Let us look at an example of Chandra Mohan's futile attempts to deny God.

What was the essense of work of Jesus?

Before we start, we need to look at the work of Jesus from the standpoint of its very purpose. And we need to consider the context and a historical background.

Basically, Jesus stood against the bookworms, the Pharisees, who had a deadly grip on people and who were interested in maintaining the herd and slave mentality in them in order to dominate them and parasite on the fruits of their labor in exactly the same way as all these "masters" and "therapists" do it to this very day. Basically, they were the servants of evil most profound, vicious, destructive, manipulative and utterly dishonest monsters. There isn't even a concept of honesty in it. It is all about the MATERIAL "benefits" to themselves.

Secondly, Talmudism in not a religion. It is a law. Not only that, but this is the highest level law which overrules any other laws of the land or anything.

So, what they had isn't even a law, but a dictate. It was all about dictatorship. Not only that, but for "violating the law" the punishment was essentially a death sentence. So strict and dictatorial it was. Well, it was not directly pronounced as a death sentence. It was excommunication, expulsion. And, the cunningness of the their mind puts this into their "law": Anyone who was excommunicated is as good as dead. He looses ALL his rights, including the right to exist. So, ANYONE is allowed, and even welcomed to kill him and they would not be subject to any kind of punishment.

And THIS is the very foundation of fascism, Nazism, ZioNazism, and totalitarian dictatorship, which all come from the same root and cause and the same source - Pharisees, the servants of nothing less than Satan. LITERALLY. Let us look at a few quotes to substantiate it. Mind you, these are the quotes from their "holy" "scriptures"!!!

Scriptures 005


"Pharisaism became Talmudism... But the spirit of the Ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew... studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.

"From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia and eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered... "

(The Pharisees, by Louis Finkelstein, Foreword, Vol. 1).

Satanic doctrine of world domination and violence of Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy 001

"The Lord spake unto me, saying... This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon the nations that are under the whole heaven, who shall hear report of thee, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of thee". In token of this, the fate of two nations is at once shown.

"The King of Sihon and the King of Bashan "came out against us, he and all his people", whereon they were "utterly destroyed, the men, and the women, and the little ones", only the cattle being spared and "the spoil" being taken "for a prey unto ourselves".

(The insistence on utter destruction is a recurrent and significant feature of these illustrative anecdotes).

Deuteronomy 2:25 (King James Version)

Deuteronomy 002

"The Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth ...

"The Lord shall establish thee an holy people unto himself ...

"And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee...

"thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.

And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail;

and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath ...";

Deuteronomy 28 (King James Version)

The recipe for World Domination

Deuteronomy 003

"Seven nations greater and mightier than thou" are to be delivered into the Judahites' hands, and: "Thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them... ye shall destroy their alters ... for thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God; the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are on the face of the earth ...

"Thou shalt be blessed above all people ... And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them... the Lord thy God will send the hornet among them, until they that are left, and hide themselves from thee, be destroyed. ...

"And the Lord thy God will put out these nations before thee by little and little... But the Lord thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed. And he shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven; there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them..."

Deuteronomy 7 (King James Version)

What can one say but "SIEG HEIL, MEIN FUHRER!!!" ["Hail, my leader!"] as they shouted their heads off in Germany during the WWII.

Go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thyself

Deuteronomy 004

The incitements and allurements of Deuteronomy continue:

"... Go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thyself. ... the Lord thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face; so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the Lord hath said unto thee...

"For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments which I command you ... then will the Lord drive out all these nations from before you, and ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves ... even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be. There shall no man be able to stand before you: for the Lord your God shall lay the fear of you and the dread of you upon all the land that ye shall tread upon ..."

Deuteronomy 9 (King James Version)

Deuteronomy 005

Then Moses, in this account, enumerates the "statutes and judgments" which must be "observed" if all these rewards are to be gained, and again "the Law" is to destroy:

"These are the statutes and judgments, which ye shall observe to do ... Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods... When the Lord thy God shall cut off the nations from before thee, whither thou goest to possess them, and thou succeedest them, and dwellest in their land:

"Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them... and that thou inquire not after their gods."

Deuteronomy 12 (King James Version)

Now... Do you see where the legs of fascism, Nazism, ZioNazism, world domination, NWO, "revolutions" and wars grow from?

It is not Hitler, nor this sicko, Nietzsche, or Mussolini who invented fascism. Those were just puppets, bought gun, stock and barrel with all the shiny objects.

They deliberately deluded the people and fed them the ideas that would lead them astray, and, in fact, right into an abyss. And vast majority of people in those days were simple and primitive. They could be deluded easily, especially if you give them something you present as the ultimate law, and you are dressed in an expensive dress and have a stuff in your hand and an arrogant and obnoxious look on your face like you are some ultimate authority, above all life.

Not only that, but their satanic scriptures of "laws" classified those Pharisees and even plain rabbis as nothing less than higher than God itself, and they give you some fabrications as examples of some foolish rabbi arguing no one less than God and DEFEATING him.

The Oral Torah commands obedience to the Pharisee Rabbis and gives them the prerogative to create new commandments called takanot ("enactments").

Modern Orthodox Jews and ancient Pharisees consider obedience to these Rabbinical enactments as obedience to God and in some respects even more important than the commandments of the Torah.

The Talmud says concerning these Rabbinical commandments:

"Be careful concerning Rabbinical enactments even more than the Torah. Because... anyone who violates a Rabbinical enactment is worthy of death"

(Babylonian Talmud, Eiruvin 21b).

They plainly state that a rabbi is higher than God, and even higher than Torah itself!!! Such a heresy, simply unimaginable. And why would they put such obscene things into their "scriptures"? Well, simple really. Because Torah may not have some answer to some question, or it may conflict with some mouth foaming rabbi. So, to make sure you never stop dominating the herd, you need to make some provisions that will allow you to do anything you please, any time you want, and interpret it in any way you like!!! Pure elegance of a solution to the issue of world domination giving the a blank cheque to the end of times to do anything they please.

Interestingly enough, even Chandra Mohan tells some stories about how one rabbi was able to convince God not to destroy a city for all the perversions, violence, brutality and barbarism. So, he, effectively, authorises placing a rabbi above nothing less than God.

So, Jesus saw the very essence of what they were doing and he started talking to people and showing them the natural and real laws of existence using the simplest possible language and the most obvious parables and examples from real life, just to show them how it really works.

And his parables and examples were so simple and so true that even a five year old child could see the truth of it. And that is precisely why even the most sophisticated "elders", the Pharisees themselves, could not defeat him even once. All their most sophisticated and cunning arguments would be simply annihilated with his single statement.

And he told those Pharisees bluntly:

On Judeo teachings and Jewish God Yahweh, Jesus said:

"Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father.

He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the Truth, because there is no Truth in him.

When he lies, he speaks from his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies"

(John 8:42-44)

And, therefore, their entire "teaching" is false. They had NOTHING to give and their teachings were fake, just like these "therapists" in the name of "Osho" - "fake Messiah". They were only interested in TAKING something. And it is true even to this day.

They never give - they only take!

One of my Jewish friends, an artist and a poet, and a brilliant guy, told me after showing me his latest work that was promoding the agenda of Judaism and me asking him: but why don't Jews give you some money and support you if you are creating a worthwhile piece of art to promote their agenda? He said:

"They never give. They only take".

That is ALL they know. They ONLY give when it is required and dictated by their Satanic "laws" telling them to give 10 percent of everything they earn to "god" and the "common cause", which is defined by their Pharisees, or "elders" as they were and are known since then.

And Jesus told them there is a foundation to life, there ARE some most vital principles of existence that lay at the very foundation of life that are the very source of it all. There IS love. There IS compassion and feeling for your brother and a neighbour and the one of your kind.

And what they had to preach is hate, destruction, barbarism, ritual sacrifice, murder, violence, corruption, deceit, superiority number and you name it. The whole periodic table of elements. And that is why he rose against it. Because those were all lies and deceit. They had nothing, just like these Chandra Mohan zombies disguising themselves as some "great" "therapists".

Just about the only value they knew is the golden calf idol. Worshipping gold as the highest value.

Money is god and god is money.

Either I suck your blood or you WILL suck mine.
There is no other game in town!

What Jesus was doing is to help people to open their eyes and see the ugliness and monstrosity of those who dominated and zombified them with all sorts of lies and concoctions, violent, insensitive and unnatural. Yes, he had to introduce the concepts of Father - the source of life that is the cause of it, the very roots from which everything springs to life.

And there is a state of being where you can SEE and HEAR that message of that divine principle - God - the Ultimate, All Pervading Intelligence, Forever Expanding.

And now let us look at Chandra Mohan's concoctions about mythical Zarathustra and this puppet of Rothschilds, Nietzsche.

And so it goes. Quote:

Thus spake Zarathustra, Nietzsche, Chandra Mohan or Rothschild?

See: Zarathustra the Laughing Prophet - of the meeting with a higher man

HIGHER man? Higher than what? You mean Nietzsche's "overman" - a "superman"? Or Chandra Mohan's "new man" - the "elite" fiction of his?

"But the reality is that man is not saved at all. Looking at man Zarathustra seems to be right: God must be dead, because man is living in such anguish, in such agony, that if there was really a "Father God," he would have done something.

[Comment: Some say Zarathustra was a mythical figure. Others say he lived somewhere between 6000 BC and 600 BC. What a stretch! At that time, there was no such a thing as "father God". They had MANY gods. "Father God" only appeared with Jesus. Zarathustra could not have said this. So, who is saying what in the above statement?

REALITY? What "reality"? Who says this is reality