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Invisible Khazaria

NWO - Strategies, Tools and Methods

by Tatyana Gracheva

Edition 2


Translated from Russian

Невидимая Хазария - Русская версия

Invisible Khazaria by Tatyana Gracheva - book cover

Tatyana Gracheva is a political scientist, Candidate of 
		Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the 
		Department of 'Russian and foreign languages' of the Military 
		Academy of the General Staff of Armed Forces

Invisible Khazaria

Map of Khazaria - Invisible Khazaria by Tatyana Gracheva

Map of Khazaria





U.S. under Israeli control

Imperial project of "Third Rome"
Against the Project "Khazaria"


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HAARP: magnetometry data show that the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 and Fukushima nuclear plant disaster was induced

According to Dr. S.A. Sall the disaster at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Reactor was a result of a military attack on Japan using the HAARP geophysical super-weapon. This is confirmed by the spectograms of the ULF (Ultra Low Frequencies) radiation obtained with the HAARP induction magnetometer.

Spectrogram of frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer on March 11, 2011 during the earthquake in Japan causing the catastrophe at the nuclear reactors at Fukushima

Time-frequency radiation spectrogram registered by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer during the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 and the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors. The vertical red Line reflects the moment when the earthquake struck. Color lightness reflects the intensity of radiation. Stable radiation at 2.5 Hz - the resonant frequency of the earthquakes, indicates that this radiation was induced.

No natural processes can cause such a stable radiation at a very stable frequency with very stable amplitude as you can see after 10:00 am on the above picture. Natural processes cause a broad band radiation.

This spectrogram comes from the X-axis sensor of the magnetometer, which measures radiation in the North/South axis. The East/West (Y) and vertical (Z) sensors do not show any abnormal radiation.

A magnetometer measures electromagnetic disturbances in the magnetic field in Earth's upper atmosphere. It is not a seismometer which measure motions of the ground. The magnetometer doesn't measure seismic activity it measures and records electromagnetic frequencies in the Earth's atmosphere. A magnetometer can be used as an early warning system as it records auroral activity that precedes a HAARP induced earthquake or weather modification occurrence.

Air Force and the U.S. Navy provided a visual picture of what caused the earthquake (magnitude 9.0) in Japan March 11, 2011, at 5:46:23 UTC ( Universal Coordinated Time - universal coordinated time). Image above was downloaded from HAARP website (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ).

This time-frequency spectrogram shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz in the geomagnetic field (Magnetosphere) Earth. Notes have been added to the image to show what was happening on the day of the earthquake and tsunami.

If you look at the HAARP spectrogram, you can see the time when the earthquake occurred (vertical red line), and what happened before and after the event. In the spectrogram, you can see radiation at a constant frequency of 2.5 Hz, registered by the magnetometer.

The signal at 2.5 Hz - is a testament indicating that the earthquake was induced. In the diagram, this signal is recorded before, during and after an earthquake. During March 11, 2011 the signal with frequency of 2.5 Hz was present and recorded from 0:00 am until about 10:00 - or within 10 hours.

HAARP was broadcasting the 2.5 Hz frequency from just before midnight on March 8, 2011 and continued to broadcast the frequency for the entire days of March 9, 2011 and March 10, 2011. The 2.5 Hz frequency continued to be broadcasted and recorded by the magnetometer for another 10 hours the day of the Japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

You can view this spectrogram on the HAARP site for yourself:

Click on the Previous Day or Next Day links to see what happened around that date.

HAARP: magnetometry data show that the earthquake in Japan was induced

Following are the spectrograms during the previous and following days.

As seen on these spectrograms, the emission on frequency 2.5 Hz had begun on March 8, 2011 shortly before the midnight and continued until March 11, several hours after the earthquake, which caused a tsunami. Then it restarted in the next 3 days for shorter periods of transmission sessions.

HAARP tectonic warfare and Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster

According to Eduard Hodos, HAARP was developed by ZioNazi Chabad Lubavitch cult member, Chasidic Rabbi Dr. Naftali Berg, who was a prominent award-winning researcher on the board of fame of the Army Research Laboratory of the Pentagon.

... Only “Dr. Berg” could get the generals to take his calls without an appointment, to approve funding for their projects, could organize and direct certain high-level, high-knowledge projects.

... Naftali’s office in the Army Research Laboratory looked like a Chabad House rather than the office of one that held the second highest ranking position in the ARL. He had seforim everywhere, a daily minyan, a picture of the Rebbe [Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of Chabad Lubavitch sect, known and worshipped as Moshiach - Jewish "messiah"] prominently displayed and a sink with a qvart and towel.

Torah in Memory of Rabbi Berg

"Our man in the Pentagon", Rabbi Naftali Berg develops a superweapon - HAARP

HAARP tectonic warfare and Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster

Correlation of HAARP broadcast and earthquakes

Practically all the biggest earthquakes during last several years correlate with HAARP broadcasts with almost 100% certainty. The same story is with major environmental disasters, floods, hurricanes, etc. It is nearly impossible to find a single major earthquake prior to which there were no HAARP broadcasts.

Moreover, these broadcasts go on and repeat on nearly weekly basis as you can verify from the Induction Magnetometer data yourself at the following link:

This link will show you the real time charts of HAARP broadcasts. The chart will update automatically with the latest real time data. You can perform your own study and check the charts for any other date going back several years.

You can also see a list of some of the major earthquakes and corresponding charts of magnetometer data.

HAARP Earthquake Correlation

Thus, HAARP represents the biggest danger to global security since the dawn of civilization by far. Not even nuclear weapons represent such a danger. And the sorriest aspect of it is that HAARP influence can not be stopped by external means. It is not like a rocket or an airplane that could be shut down. The only way to prevent the HAARP transmissions is to destroy the HAARP facilities or to escalate the geophysical wars by performing such transmissions targeted at the USA and HAARP installations worldwide, which is a nightmare scenario.

Furthermore, when such broadcasts are performed at full power, the environmental effects could lead to unpredictable and unimaginable damages to the environment including the plasma balls and fires destroying large areas and even cities.

It is very likely that HAARP is used to create the global atmosphere of horror for the purpose of promotion of the NWO agenda. It also fits very well into the the "quantum transition" scheme, "the end times scenario" and appearance of the "messiah", known as the second coming of Christ.

These schemes are used to frighten people with such uncontrollable horrors that they simply give up the very idea of resisting this evil most profound.

The same thing is true with creation the opposite of horror - the artificial state of bliss, "peace" and "love" for the same purpose - to make you passive and perceive the world events as either all pervading inevitable evil or "the transition of mankind and the planet to a higher state".

But remember one thing: if you can not help yourselves and surrender to the "inevitable realities", who do you think is going to help you, even if they could? If you yourself are not willing to put down the fire in your own house, who is going to do it for you if you do not even have an idea in your mind to resist the all-consuming and all-engulfing evil?

Instead of Introduction

Нас побеждают, но мы – непобедимы

Книга политолога Татьяны Грачёвой «Невидимая Хазария» для многих станет откровением, опрокидывающим устоявшиеся представления о современном мире большой политики и в определённом смысле – настоящей сенсацией.

Впервые за многие десятилетия появляется столь простое по форме и глубокое по сути осмысление актуальнейших «запретных» тем не только в привычном для светского общества интеллектуальном измерении, но и в непривычном, духовно-религиозном сакральном контексте.

Мир управляется религиозно и за большой политикой Запада стоят религиозные антихристианские силы – таково одно лишь из фундаментальных открытий автора, анализирующего мировую политику не только как политолог, но и как духовный аналитик.

Россия в лице государства и светского общества оказалась совершенно не готовой и не способной адекватно реагировать на современные духовные вызовы внешних международных агрессоров, захвативших в России важные государственные позиции и ведущих настоящую войну против ее священной государственности.

Прочитав книгу, понимаешь, что только триединый союз народа, армии и Церкви, скрепленный единством национальных традиций, способен сегодня повернуть вспять колесо российской истории, маховик которой активно раскручивается мировой закулисой.

Возвращение России к своим православным традициям, к идеалам Святой Руси, тем не менее, представляет для мировых сил зла непреодолимую преграду. Ибо сам дух злобы, на котором стоит западная империя, уже побеждён и повержен в своей основе Иисусом Христом.

И сегодня требуется только время, чтобы наш народ осознал, что наша победа в борьбе против любых сил, против любых глобализационных процессов предрешена, если с нами Бог. Если мы сделаем осознанный выбор именно в Его сторону, а не в сторону Его противников. «Ибо всякий, рождённый от Бога, побеждает мир; и сия есть победа, победившая мир, вера наша» (1 Ин. 5:4).

Книга Т. Грачёвой это наставление для воинов духа, имеющих мужественное сердце, ум, честь и достоинство, призыв отстоять то, что было создано и сохранено для нас нашими великими предками.

Ибо дал нам Бог духа не боязни, но силы и любви и целомудрия. (2 Тим. 1:7)

Государственное бремя России было всегда необычайно тяжелым, соразмерно ее высочайшему призванию в историческом космосе; порой плечи русского атланта ослабевали, и тогда великая сфера нашей государственности рушилась в грандиозном падении. Но замечательно, что до сих пор атлант поднимался на ноги, и снова поднимался над ним великолепный купол нашего царства. Такие подъемы возможны только при высочайшем политическом аскетизме, которым богато одарен наш народ. То, что либералы и гуманисты называют «рабским» в нашем народе - его стоическое терпение, приспособляемость ко всем обстоятельствам, его способность смыкаться над брешами в собственных рядах, - все это добродетели великой пехоты; а пехо та, как известно, царица всех исторических полей»

(Н. Болдырев. Побуждение и заповедь. 1928-1929)

NWO Mechanics - Interview with Rabbi Abe Finkelstein about Jewish control of the world

[Note: this chapter is not a part of the original document. It was added for informational purposes.]

This could be the most mind shattering thing you have ever heard of. If this won't blow your mind, nothing will, or you don't have anything to blow, just as ZioNazis openly state it about "goyim" - non-"Jews".

An audio recording of an interview with Chabad Lubavich Rabbi Finkelstein outlining the doctrine of ZioNazis and their "father", Lucifer.

According to Finkelstein, you are nothing but a cattle to be slaughtered and sacrificed to their "god", Lucifer, and milked by "god chosen people" for all you have as long as you last.

This is an outline of what they call the "NWO" nowadays - a ZioNazi Luciferian doctrine of world domination and world takeover. The authority with which rabbi Finkelstein speaks is quite something indeed. He speaks as though he knows it all in and out, down to the last dot and comma.

Basically, it outlines their entire doctrine of evil most profound, world domination, parasitism unlimited, wars and revolutions, puppet governments and how they are controlled, ritual sacrifice of hundreds of thousand of children each year and the rest of it. This is pretty much their entire doctrine. Nothing much to be added to it. And it is pronounced clearly by someone of ultimate authority, pretty much clear on its face value.

Finkelstein is quite casual in this interview and tells it all bluntly, in a semi-humorous manner how "goyim" (non-Jews) are being exploited and destroy each other during all the wars and revolutions staged and managed by "god chosen people".

"Rabbi Finkelstein amazingly gives honest answers about world Jewry's control of banking, media and governments, their creation of communism, their founding of the Jesuits, their holocaust hoax, their human sacrifice rituals and many more jaw-dropping subjects. I find the only things more shocking than Rabbi Finkelstein's blunt admissions are his complete callous disregard and playful disdain for us lowly "goyim." What do you guys think of this?" - Interview text transcript

Or: Rabbi Abe Finkelstein interview (Audio recording)


The spiritual meaning of world politics

The main target of modern war

Against what is the current world war conducted, engulfing more and more countries and regions? There is no doubt that most in Russia and the West will say, 'terrorism' or 'against authoritarianism. "

This is a standard theme that the media actively introduce into the mass consciousness in order to somehow justify the war or give it some explanation. But, as we know, every war has two sides: an open, used as a mask, and a secret, well-kept.

So what lies behind the mask of modern warfare? Against what it really aims and what are its characteristics and structure?

To answer the question of what is actually directed a modern war at, it is necessary to analyze what kind of wars it includes structurally. And in order to reveal the structure of a great war and its components is required to understand WHAT we refer to in the concept of "war" that is, what are its criteria.

Formerly, wars were fought by conventional military means with the use of regular armies. And the criterion of the war have always been considered a means of waging it. That is, if fire weapons are used, this is war, if not, it must be peace.

The specificity of current war lies in the fact that it is not only traditional military means, but also non-traditional and non-armed, such as political, economic, informational, spiritual, which are much more effective and devastating. From the point of this approach, the criterion of the war are not the means but aims achieved, comparable to the goals, which are usually aimed at in the traditional war. It is usually, destruction, looting, regime change and occupation. At the present stage, these goals can be achieved without the use of weapons.

If you look at the "cold war" in terms of the criterion of means of condicting it, we can confidently say that this is not a war at all. Since no fire weapons have been used. This opinion is shared by some military theorists who are preparing hard, as they say, for the last war.

But if we apply the criterion of the goals accomplished the "Cold War", then there appears a sinister picture of the results of the battle. Here we find everything Hitler could have dreamed of by taking an armed aggression against our country. The objectives are absolutely identical: the destruction of the Soviet Union, looting of national wealth, regime change to the puppet government and occupation on the political, economic and information space. Except Hitler and his weapons was defeated, and the West did not use weapons, but still defeated its enemy for the fact that we simply did not recognize this war. We were preparing for an armed clash in the open field, but instead got stabbed in the back.

The above arguments provide grounds to include the "cold war" as a component of the current world war. It is obvious that the structure of this major war also includes the war in Yugoslavia and the war in Iraq and the Israeli aggression against Lebanon, and unprecedented in world practice, legal separation of Kosovo from Serbia. The war against Afghanistan has become a convenient excuse for the creation of U.S. military bases from which U.S. forces and NATO can destroy our nuclear facilities at close range by their non-nuclear forces.

If we talk about regime change as a goal of the current war, in its structure, it is legitimate to include the revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, during which the pro-American and anti-Russian puppet regimes were installed.

The Scriptures says:

"By their fruits ye shall know them" (Matthew 7:16).

What are the true "fruits" of these wars, what do they have in common and what makes it possible to combine them into the structure one big of the war?

These wars are united by a common goal achieved, the same result. "Cold War" ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union and its departure into oblivion. The aggression against Yugoslavia is a literally shattered state, that was wiped off the map. From the state of Iraq after the American intervention remains only a name and ruins.

That is, for various outwardly reasons of these wars, they share the same hidden purpose - the destruction of national statehood. Statehood is the main target, which all the tools and means used by the aggressor, that launched a new world war, target.

But what kind of danger represents the statehood for the invaders, whose goal is world domination? Why its destruction has such a fundamental significance?

The answer to these questions can be found in the fundamental work of A. Bard and J. Soederqvist "Netocracy. The new ruling elite and life after capitalism", published in 2004 by REUTERS.

Netocracy, that is the power of the network, is considered in the context of preparations for a new world order. Here is a quote from the doctrinal document:

"The transition from old to new paradigm is implemented in phases.

At the first stage of destruction of the state it leads to an increasing number of subcultures, "tribes" with a narrower identity and loyalty.

At the second stage, the dilapidated state is replaced by supranational entities in politics, economy and culture.

The current situation brings to the agenda the idea, as old as the world, of creation of a global state."

It is known that in Christian Orthodoxy this global state is a associated with the near end times and the arrival of the Antichrist, thus the current war against the state is the last war of the end times.

According to the strategy of netocracy, the first stage - the destruction of the state - is associated with means of fragmentation, and the second - replacing the state with supranational entities - will be implemented during the integration phase. And its end result will be creation of a global state.

That is the choice of statehood as a target for destruction in modern war against different countries is not a coincidence, but a well thought out and consistently implemented in global strategy of global forces.

In June of 1991, in Baden-Baden (Germany), at a meeting of the notorious Bilderberg club, David Rockefeller said:

"For us, it would be impossible to carry out our global project, if all these years, our plans were publicly known.

The world is much more complex, and now it is ready to march towards the world government.

Supra sovereignty of the intellectual elite and world bankers is certainly preferable to the national self-determination, practiced during the last centuries."

The representative of the Rockefeller clan, Nick Rockefeller, trying to attract into the ranks of this most intellectual elite a Hollywood producer and documentary filmmaker Aaron Russo, made in a conversation with him a number of cynical confessions about the goals of the world government.

Aaron Russo is known for his documentary film "America - from freedom to fascism" about financial crimes in the bowels of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

In one conversation Rockefeller asked Russo if he wants to join the Council on Foreign Relations. Rousso rejected the proposal, saying that he does not want to participate in the enslavement of people. At this, Rockefeller coldly questioned why does he care about "slaves." [serfs]

In the interview, Russo recollects that he once asked Rockefeller:

"You have all the money in the world. You have all the power in the world. What is the meaning of all this, what is the end goal?"

Rockefeller replied:

"Our ultimate goal is to make sure that everyone was chipped. To control the world by the banking elite."

Rockefeller even promised to Russo that if he joins the elite, his chip will have a special marking that will allow him to avoid excessive oversight.

Rockefeller admitted that "the war on terror" is a lie and a hoax. Eleven months before the September 11 attacks, he predicted that in few months some "event" will happen that will lead to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rockefeller also told Russo that his family foundation created and funded a women's liberation movement for emancipation in order to destroy the institution of the family and that the world population reduction in is a fundamental goal of the global elite.

Well, actually, why be shy,

"We are the intellectual elite, we reaped the money. And now we want to rule the world." It turns out that according to Nick Rockefeller globalism is a global power by the elite plus chipisation of the entire world."

And so David Rockefeller implies the following: you have to give us your national sovereignty (if you do not want to do it willingly, we will take it away with the war), so that we could concoct our own, supranational one, for the intellectual elite. That is, we, the elite, are smart, and all of you are but idiots, who must obey. But, apparently, David is not familiar with Russian folklore, when he uttered these simple, a nickel worth, words.

So in Russian fairy tales Ivan the fool in the end triumphed over all the evil spirits and performed miracles of wisdom and strength. Yes, Bilderbergers do not read Russian fairy tales, sorry them. Who knows, maybe they would have become smarter ... And because they do not posses enough of intelligence, they resort to cunning, aggression, deceit, crime, act stealthily, secretly.

They dump manure on their way, and hide behind a corner. Then wait for someone to step into it. And, whosoever does, they just drag him in. Like, well, anyway, you smell bad now, just like us, stay with us to build the world order from what we have, and give us all you have: your freedom, independence and sovereignty.

A war is declared against Statehood, which is carried out secretly and openly, and which knows no limitations in the choice ways and means. The war, which is literally a life and death struggle. To help us protect our statehood, we must, first of all, recognize the very fact of this war, and secondly, to understand its essence, and, thirdly, to develop a clear strategy of reflecting this aggression.

We must realize that the protection of our statehood is not only our civic duty, but, most importantly, our spiritual duty as Orthodox Christians before God. For in the end it comes to devotion to our faith and the ideals of Holy Russia.

The experience of "cold war", the war in Yugoslavia and the war in Iraq shows that the secular state, even a physically and financially powerful as the Soviet Union, is extremely vulnerable, and against it the opponent has strategies in his possession. That is, a secular state is not a major threat to him.

The purpose of the global state is the goal of spiritual and religious nature. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to completely destroy the foundation of the sacred statehood, even the very idea of it, even the memory of it, and to completely discredit its history. That's what the enemy sees the main danger to himself.

Religious character of the last war of recent times, launched in order to prepare the arrival of the Antichrist, makes it difficult and complicated, not comparable with any other war in human history. In it, unlike in previous wars, the question is not only about saving the life of physical or political, but above all for the salvation of the soul.

For the Lord said,

"Do not fear those who kill the body, soul, but can not kill the soul. But rather fear him who is capable of destroying both soul and body in hell"

(Matt. 10:28).

But what does it mean to kill the soul? It means to turn it from God, from faith, from all good, pure, holy. Based on this understanding of the murder of the soul, we can say with confidence that to turn the man and people from the sacred state, established by God, connected with the Orthodox faith, and therefore sacred, is also the murder of the soul.

Therefore, in the current war against the state the number of victims is immeasurably greater than in conventional wars. After all, traditionally everyone counts physical losses, but no one counts the spiritual losses. They are not even perceived as a loss because the essence of this last war is not even seen. On the surface everything seems normal: people walk, do something, relate to each other, but how many of them are alive?

In order to protect our people from this massacre of the soul through the desecration of the sacred, which includes a sacred state, to be saved from global slavery in the global state. to save our homeland, we must re-create a holy state in Russia. It is the very border line on which we must stand to the end.

Since Russia possesses the strongest and richest tradition of sacred nationhood, is precisely the reason why our country has become the main target of the organizers of the global kingdom of darkness.

For if you look at the components of the present world war above, then you can see the goals contained in them that have a pronounced anti-Russian character, including the destruction of our allies, and conversion of them into our enemies, and reduction of Russia's influence in the world.

It is clear that to achieve world domination and establish a global state is impossible without conquering and destroying Russia, not only physically, economically and politically, but above all spiritually.

If you sum up all of the above, the general characteristics of the current war can be reduced to the following points.

The current war is a war where the main target is the statehood, and above all the holy statehood, as the highest ideal of nationhood to the fullest of its incarnation. And to win this war Russia can only as the Christian Orthodox power.

This war is the last war of the end times since via destruction of the traditional statehood, it is preparing to establish a global state, where the Antichrist is to reign. That makes this war the most uncompromising, fierce and bloody.

A war against the holy statehood is a spiritual war that is destroying not only and not so much the physical might as the spiritual potential of the state under attack. Therefore, we must consider not only physical but also spiritual loss and after measuring them to determine victory or defeat.

And finally, a war against the statehood is a war against Russia as the sole keeper of the sacred traditions of strong state and against the Russian people as a chief carrier of these traditions in the world. Therefore, all the regional wars, which are conducted now or in the future in the scope of this World War, should be seen as directed against Russia, and any escalation of this war must be seen as an escalation of the war against Russia.

But if our country has become a major target of attack in this global war, we can not sit back and wait for us to be destroyed and turned into slaves. You can not win the war while refusing to accept its challenges. People must realize that for us it is a holy war, and to rise to the great battle for the holy statehood. This battle will transform us, bring us back to life and will revive Russia.

The Great War requires great strategy. Our task is not only to organize a large-scale defense, but also to correctly build up the offensive. But to do this, you must learn the enemy's strategy and see in what ways it organizes its offensive.

The war against the state is carried out on a global scale, has global goals, and it gives it a global dimension.

In addition, it is carried out against all the state-forming components, covering

  1. All spaces,
  2. all foundations, and
  3. temporal modes (time frames) of life activity of the state, thus making this war total.

Let us analyze, one by one, the strategies, utilized by the enemy in the fight against each of the three constituent components. Let's start with spaces.

We must know where and how to fight, where and how to keep the defense, and how to attack in this war, which is unlike any other war.

The war in the spaces of statehood

Sacred statehood hierarchy

[Picture: top to bottom: God, Spiritual (Soul), Mental (consciousness), Physical (body) - The Spaces of Sacred Statehood]

Forces of anti-statehood realize that to win the statehood is possible only by the occupation and subjugation of all the three spaces of the state's existence: physical, mental and spiritual, on the top of which in the holy statehood, as the main center of power, is the Lord Almighty.

These three spaces correspond to the three fundamental bases of human existence, the flesh (physical, material), mind (mental) and soul (spiritual).

Spaces are organized hierarchically: the bottom is the physical, above and on top of the mental is spiritual. The aggressor to be able to create a global state, where he could enjoy the unlimited and total power, must seize and conquer all the three spaces. No other approach could satisfy him, because it will not be a complete victory.

In turn, each space of sacred statehood is divided into three subspaces.

Thus, the physical (material) space includes territorial, economic and demographic subspaces.

Mental space (correlated with consciousness) includes political (with its legal and power components), informational and psychological subspaces.

And, finally, spiritual space, also, in its turn, consists of three subspaces - religious, cultural and ethical (pertaining to the rules of ethics and morality).

War for sacred statehood

[Picture: diagram of war for sacred statehood, war theaters and subspaces described below]

This classification is fully consistent with such military terms as "theater of war" (large-scale action) and the "theater of war" (local actions).

Theater of war, as a rule, includes several theaters of military action. And from the standpoint of this approach a war for holy statehood should be carried out by us on all the spaces of the sacred state (theaters of war) and all its subspaces (theaters).

Because the enemy is waging against us an all-out war and, unfortunately, gets the win due to the fact that we do not offer him any resistance, understanding the war mainly as an armed struggle, ignoring the fact that the most crushing defeat was inflicted to us without the use of armed forces.

Collective aggressor had fully occupied the mental space in all three of its component subspaces: placed under its control consciousness of the political elite, the media and the psychology of people. And in the end, as a result of "cold war", the Soviet Union was destroyed, even though it was militarily powerful and armed "to the tooth" state, it still ended up as defenseless and helpless to conduct unconventional warfare in the mental space.

All our energies were focused on preparing for conventional war in the physical space, and only narrowly in its territorial component (land, sea, air, space). But the enemy went to war on the consciousness of the Soviet political elite and the people, to control information flows by buying or enforcing their own media.

American Petrolium Institute logo Speech of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of England (Invisible Khazaria)

If you consider all nine subspaces of statehood, then we were preparing for war, only 11%. We had a strategy and operational art for action in the territorial subspace only, while this war requires the development of individual strategies and operational concepts for all the spaces. And the enemy has worked on them and used them skillfully.

The strategy of occupation of mental space, and, as a result of this destruction of the Soviet state, was set forth in the speech of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of England, which she gave in November 1991 at a meeting of the American Petroleum Institute (API). As follows from a recording made during the meeting, motives, and the scenario were as follows:

"The Soviet Union is a country that poses a serious threat to the Western world. I am not talking about a military threat. It, in fact, did not exist. Our countries are well armed, including the nuclear weapons.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher

"I mean the economic threat. Due to planned policy and a peculiar combination of moral and material incentives the Soviet Union managed to achieve high economic performance. The percentage growth of gross national product had been about 2 times higher than in our countries. If you consider vast natural resources of the USSR, then the rational management of the economy in the Soviet Union was a very real possibility to displace us from the world markets.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher

"There was a very difficult situation for us. Soon, however, we received the information about the forthcoming death of Soviet leader, and the possibility of coming to power, with our help, of a man with whose help we will be able to realise our intentions.


Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin

"That man was Mikhail Gorbachev, which was characterized by experts as the careless man, easily suggestive and very ambitious. He had a good relationship with most of the Soviet political elite, and therefore his coming to power with our help was possible ..."


Boris Yeltsin and George Bush

"Activities of "Popular Front" did not require a lot of money: it was basically the cost of copying equipment and financial support to the functionaries. However, very significant funds were required to support the long standing strikes of the miners.

"Great controversy among the experts was the issue of nomination of Boris Yeltsin as leader of the "Popular Front" with the prospect of his subsequent election to the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Republic and later the head of the Russian republic (as opposed to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev).

"But the necessary contacts and arrangements were conducted, and the decision to "push" Boris Yeltsin was taken. With great difficulty, Yeltsin was elected President of the Supreme Soviet of Russia, and immediately adopted a declaration on the sovereignty of Russia. Question: 'from whom', if the Soviet Union was at some point formed around Russia? It was really the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

"Boris Yeltsin was provided substantial assistance and during the events of August 1991, when the top leadership of the USSR, blocking Gorbachev tried to restore the system to ensure the integrity of the Soviet Union. Yeltsin's held out, and he gained considerable (though not complete) real power over the security forces.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher

All union republics used the situation to their advantage, and declared their sovereignty. Thus there was a disintegration of the Soviet Union."


It was reported that Margaret Thatcher went down from the platform to the applause and marched through the hall, shaking outstretched hands.

Such tragic for the Russian statehood were the consequences of occupation of the mental space.

Winning the mental space allowed an easy win in the physical space, including its economic and demographic components.

Examples confirming the occupation and colonization of the economic space are many. Here's one of them. It is known that at a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, October 24, 1995 President Clinton stated:

"We spent many billions on the elimination of one of the strongest powers in the world, and are already close to what is called by Russians sustainability.

"In just four years, we and our allies have received fifteen billion dollars worth of different strategic raw materials, hundreds of tons of silver, gold, precious stones, etc. Under the non-existent projects submitted to us for the negligible amount in excess of twenty thousand tons of aluminum, two thousand tons of cesium, beryllium, strontium, etc. Many of our military and businessmen did not believe in the success of forthcoming operations. Too bad for them.

Having the ideological foundations of the Soviet Union shaken, we were able to bloodlessly take out of a war for world domination one of the states comprising the main competition to America."

Consider that the speech was delivered to the military, and Clinton, in describing the economic victory, have used a purely military term "operation".

In addition, from the quotation it follows that deideologization took shape of planned strategic actions, and was a weapon of the aggressor in the war in the mental space, aimed at the destruction of our state. The resulting vacuum of deideologization in the public mind the enemy began to fill the vacuum created with ideology, planting the elements of colonial and slave psychology.

If you look at all three spaces of the statehood, which, recall, are a reflection of the components of human principles - physical (body), mental (mind) and spiritual (soul), then each of them relate to specific needs. At the highest level of spiritual space are the spiritual needs of faith, and below it are the intellectual needs, and at the lowest level, the physical requirements related to the satisfaction of instincts.

So, if after the October Revolution the Russian people were deprived of opportunities to meet their needs in faith, as a result of imposed atheism, lowering the bar of needs only to the level of intellectual (ideological) and physical (in fact, biological), after the enemy deliberately "loosened the ideological foundations of the USSR", resulting in deideologization, the people were deprived of the opportunity to fulfill their needs in higher social and public service. And these needs were inherent in Soviet people. They placed all the warmth of their soul into this service to the state and the people, longing for God. This was the meaning of their lives.

De-Sovietization and deidealization, implemented by the West, deprived the people of this meaning, cut off the ability to meet the intellectual needs to be implemented in mental space, and were lowered to the level of satisfaction of biological instincts and exclusively material needs to be implemented in physical space. In fact, they were doomed to an animal existence. The rapid surge of suicide at the time, according to which our country has reached a leading position in the world, was the result of senseless life.

People deprived of their faith and the idea of statehood is easy to manage, easy to enslave, turn into dull slaves and destroy. Indeed, such people have nothing to defend, but his belly. That is what was the plan of the collective aggressor.

But Russia is forever saved with the faith, and people have yearned for it again, began to return to God again.

Very unusual and dangerous is this modern war, waged against our statehood. Let us look at it in some detail as to peculiarities of its conduct in each of the spaces of statehood.

The war in the physical space

The war in the physical space is a part of an all-out war against the national state, in its three ongoing subspaces: territorial, economic and demographic.

Let's start with the third, the most vulnerable and most unprotected subspace. The purpose of this war is a devastating blow to the demographic potential of the states to undermine the foundations of traditional statehood.

No people - no state. Sick people - no a healthy society, the statehood and the economy.

So the battle for statehood is a battle for the preservation of the people that can physically carry the burden of the state and its protection. Understanding its responsibility before God, conscientious government, which is inherent in the sacred state, cares primarily about people, about their health and welfare.

The people, seeing this care, understand that the state is their reliable protection, and that without the state, they will be unprotected. And because they make every effort to strengthen the State and are ready to make sacrifices for the sake of its defense, for the sake of their families, their country and for the sake of future generations.

A strong state is a shield of the people, and strong and healthy people is a shield of the state. Global aggressor realizes that in order to deprive the state and, therefore, the statehood of the shield, you need to destroy people's health and to minimize their number, up to complete destruction.

This objective in the war against the demographic potential of the state is achieved in various ways and means, military - through direct military aggression, and non-military - through covert subversion, which, however, is but preparation for armed aggression. Undermining people's health and reducing the population during peace times as a result of indirect aggression destroys the ability of people to mobilize and conduct of the war.

These indirect means of aggression are primarily drugs.

The war in the demographic subspace

When drugs become weapons

An example of how the war is waged in the demographic subspace against Russia may serve as a large-scale drug war being waged against our country, waged from Afghanistan. After all, a living force of the country which is the object of attack can be destroyed with weapons, which requires a considerable expense for the aggressor, or it can be done via drugs at the expense of the victim of aggression.

That is, the benefit is obvious: there is no need to spend money, and the scale of the impact is enormous, and most importantly, no one would accuse the attacker of the illegal attack on a sovereign state - everything happens in secret. The UN Charter and other international instruments require the approval of only the military intervention, but the drug intervention is not provided for anywhere, and therefore no permission from, say, Congress or the UN is necessary.

Do it in any way you please. And the goals of the war are achieved, destroying the demographic potential of the victim (which in this case obediently walks to the slaughter).

Moreover, since the flow of drugs comes from Afghanistan, then it spills over primarily to the territory of Siberia, the most important raw materials repository of Russia. The less population is there, the easier it is to make them dependent on drugs, the easier it is to occupy this main strategic area of our country.

Well, besides all these "advantages" in the same syringe, there is no need to spend money, and even on the contrary, you get huge profits that can be spent on funding the war, for example, in the Caucasus. And notice, without even requiring the budgetary spending and compliance with the corresponding law. Such is the resulting self-sufficiency achieved.

In the global banking structures, more than 1.6 million dollars is legalized daily from illicit drug trafficking, arms trafficking and human trafficking. More than 600 billion dollars is legalized annually as a result of various illegal activities. The narcotics trade income is greater than 400 billion dollars per year, equivalent to 8% of the total turnover of the global legal trade.

After the U.S. armed intervention in Afghanistan, drug production has increased astronomically.

Paradoxically, but the fact is that before the U.S. invasion the Taliban government in cooperation with the UN during 2000-2001 successfully implemented a program to eliminate drug use. As a result, opium production was reduced by 94% and dropped to 185 tons. In the U.S. military presence in October 2001 a rapid rise in drug production began. According to the UN from 2001 to 2006, ie over five years, the increase was 3200%! This is not a mistake. It is precisely the figure contained in the UN report.

In 2006, the cultivated area reached 165,000 acres. In 2001, at the time of the invasion, they accounted for 7,706 acres.

Afghanistan has moved into first place in the production of drugs. Noticeably, if previously it was mostly the crude drug, opium, now it is processed into heroin. This is advantageous in terms of drug trafficking, because heroin has small dimensions, which simplifies the process of smuggling.

According to experts, the Afghanistan's share of the global heroin trade currently stands at 92%.

UN experts have reported that the proportion of opium accounted for 52% of Afghanistan's GDP. This became known as the drug economy. Afghanistan is now counted as a new type of state - the narco-state. We can say that the United States gave rise to that particular kind of pseudo-state.

In October 2006, British Gen. Steele, speaking in Moscow, with a lecture about the success of NATO in Afghanistan, said that the country entered a period of stabilization. After the lecture he was asked a question, the essence of which was this: If now, as he claims, a period of stabilization began in Afghanistan, given the current astronomical growth of drug trafficking, how much will it increase, according to him, by the end of the stabilization period? The meaning of the answer of clearly annoyed general came down to issue that the Afghans need it as it provides the necessary income. You can not leave them without a livelihood.

It is worth noting that the Soviet troops stationed in Afghanistan represented a restricting factor in drug trafficking. Thus, in the middle 80s Afghanistan produced 50 tons of opium. A year after the withdrawal of our troops the production reached 600 tons!

During the American and NATO presence in Afghanistan a record growth was achieved. According to the UN from 2005 to 2006, that is just one year, the amount of opium produced has increased from 4,500 tons to 6,100 tons, the equivalent of 610 tons of heroin. In this a case we are talking about pure heroin, with no impurities. In the retail, heroin usually comes mixed with other ingredients. On average, the proportion of heroin surrogate is 36% and rarely 50%.

Thus, 6,100 tons of opium can produce 1220 tons of 50% heroin.

One kilogram of heroin, enough to produce 200 thousand doses. To become a drug addict takes 3-4 doses.

The higher the content of heroin in the surrogate, the higher its price. According to UN statistics, the average cost of 36% heroin is 157 dollars per gram.

In February 2004, the "Voice of America," referring to the U.S. State Department cited evidence that "Afghan heroin sells on the international market at 100 times the price at which it is sold by the Afghan farmers", and so the income from this business runs into hundreds of billions of dollars.

It is known that the profits from drug trafficking are the third largest after oil and arms trade.

We emphasize that this giant narco-resource is located in the country with a large contingent of U.S. and NATO troops.

The flow of narcotics from Afghanistan through Central Asia is pouring into Russia. Our country is the focus of a new form of aggression - drug aggression, which undermines the foundations of statehood and destroys the demographic potential, not only present but also future generations. It is known that a baby of drug addicts, just born, begins to scream and does not stop to scream for as long as he does not get a dose injected.

According to official statistics, Russia has about half a million of chronic drug users. In Western countries, the proportion of crimes related to drugs is 67% of their total number.

According to experts, in Russia, at least 200 people are killed every day from a drug overdose. Up to 80% of Russian drug addicts are juveniles and young adults. About 80% of addicts who inject the drugs, suffer from HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

Asia Times on October 27, 2005 writes:

"By early 2003, it became apparent that U.S. forces have made an agreement with many Afghan warlords who have supported American troops in their fight against various anti-American elements, which for convenience are denoted by a single concept - the Taliban.

Some of these dubious allies of U.S. forces and NATO coalition forces are suspected of belonging to some of the biggest Afghan drug traffickers, controlling the networks that include producers, criminal gangs and even members of police forces meant to combat the drug trafficking.

US-backed Afghan President Hamid Karzai has included some of these warlords in his government, in recognition of their great influence.

EU, in complete solidarity with the approach of the United States to Afghanistan after September 11, did not provide any pressure on the U.S. on the adoption of specific measures aimed at reducing opium production in Afghanistan. In fact, none of the top political leaders of the most influential European countries - Britain, France and Germany expressed even a mild dissatisfaction with this problem."

At the same time outwardly the U.S. and the EU conduct the true "bureaucratic performances", demonstrating their zeal in the fight against drugs. Hiding behind the necessity of this struggle, the U.S. and EU countries (that is, in fact, NATO) are trying to get into Central Asia, which the EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Chris Paten, openly declared "strategically important for Europe."

Under the pretext of aid to combat drugs and referring to the fact that after the withdrawal of Russian border guards from Tajikistan, the country can not ensure the security of its borders by itself, the U.S. and EU quickly throws in a program called "Border Management in Central Asia", which in practice means taking the control of the borders with Russia. Moreover, this program provides for use of the armed forces of the EU countries, and therefore NATO.

And all of this is accompanied by assurances of adherence to a hard line against drugs. And all of this is in parallel with the fact that the US-backed Karzai government, according to Asia Times,

«continues to encourage the production of opium in order to persuade the warlords to come to their side."

Head of the Tajik Drug Control Agency said that if a few years ago the slogan was: "blame the Taliban for it all", now it is "no one can hide the fact that the 'liberated' Afghanistan became an international center for drug production."

At the same time, Tajik authorities have repeatedly stated that neither the U.S. nor NATO have exerted any pressure on the drug lords in Afghanistan. Avaz Yuldashev of the Tajik Drug Control Agency said that "there is absolutely no threat to the operation of laboratories in Afghanistan."

Yuldashev cites Tajik intelligence indicating the presence of 400 heroin laboratories in Afghanistan, with 80 of them located right along the Afghan border with Tajikistan.

Now, concludes Yuldashev, "drug trafficking from Afghanistan is the main source of support for international terrorism."

According to Voltairenet, most observers tend to believe that drug trafficking in Afghanistan is controlled by the Pakistani security service ISI (by the way, closely linked to Washington) and that "the product leaves the country on board of the U.S. aircraft."

Note that the United States and NATO are carrying out an intensely publicized battle in Afghanistan, against terrorism as they claim. U.S. do not get tired to stress their "great mission in the world" in this matter. Once I read the story of a clinical case of man who suffered from delusions of grandeur, that told everyone that he was "four times a hero of peace." [even though there exists no person who is more that three times a hero of peace] According to official statements by the U.S. leadership, their self-evaluation is many times higher compared to that unfortunate one.

Professor M. Chosudovski in the article "The occupation forces in Afghanistan supports the drug trade," published in the spring of 2007, writes that drug trafficking reaps huge profits for international criminal organizations, intelligence agencies and Western financial institutions.

"Proceeds from this smuggling are deposited in Western banks. Interest on deposits go to the service of corporate interests and criminal syndicates outside Afghanistan ...

The drug trade is protected. There exists a voluminous documented evidence that the CIA plays a central role in the development of Hispanic and Asian drug triangles. "

CIA is actively using money from drug trafficking since the early 80s, but the first experiments started much earlier.

Specially created for this purpose structures are now under the protection of American intelligence, acting in cooperation with the occupation NATO forces in Afghanistan and British forces.

Speaking of Great Britain, which accused Russia of all mortal sins in connection with the Litvinenko case, without providing the required evidence in this case, and which continues to assert itself as almost the main champion of law and order in the world. "Crystally clean you are", as would say the hero of one of our well-known films. Why don't you look in the mirror, well, at least briefly, so as not to get frighten of your own reflection? And what can be seen there? And here is what you can see.

James Kesbolt, hereditary British intelligence officer, in his publication "MI-6 - international drug barons. The CIA also" writes that he, as a member of MI6, was involved in illegal drug smuggling operations with the Mossad from 1995 to 1999.

"My father, Peter Kesbolt, writes James Kesbolt, also was a member of MI6 and worked with the CIA and the Italian mafia in Rome, smuggling cocaine."

Then Kesbolt concludes:

"My experience has led me to conclude that the difference between these groups is gradually erased, until in the end we all become one international group working together to achieve the same goals. We were puppets whose strings were pulled by the global puppet masters based in London."

So, perhaps, in the structures above one had to seek the true clients who placed an order for the crime, and to so seek for the traces of the Litvinenko case. Then, you see, the evidence may be float up. Apparently, the leads and contacts of British police and British intelligence services are not that good.

Kesbolt expresses another very interesting idea: "Most of the units of the intelligence services regard themselves as supra-national", that is serving the interests and under the control of the architects of the new world order, criminal in its nature, that uses crime for its formation.

As Kesbolt testifies, the CIA is closely linked to MI-6, and with such centuries-old clans of the global elite as the Windsors and the Rothschilds (who financed and supported the February Revolution in Russia, which led to the collapse of sacred Russian statehood).

MI-6 and its associated intelligence agencies "hold the strings of many organized crime and terrorist groups". Those are "full of MI-6 agents." This is in relation to the issue of combating terrorism, which is used as a cover for achieving the global anti-state.

In the 1950s, the British intelligence, using the facilities of one of London's institutes, has created the drug LSD. In the 60s, the British intelligence with the CIA used it as a weapon against the participants of the protest movements, "turning them into 'flower children', the hippies, who were converted into drug addicts, unable to organize a revolution."

It is known that Timothy Leary, the "guru of LSD of the 60s", was a puppet of the CIA. Leary received the funds and ingredients for his research from the CIA. Leary says: "Cord Meyer, the CIA agent, through whom the funding for the counter-culture based on LSD was done, helped a better understanding of my political cultural role."

Thus, hippies became the ground base for the war being waged in the demographic subspace by the global elite. And drugs have become a weapon, paralyzing the will of a human, making him totally controllable and making it possible to suppress any kind of resistance movement, even to the regime of global anti-state, and to prevent even the attempts of their creation.

Kesbolt recalls that in 1988 he received 3000 doses of LSD: "MI-6 officer told my father that there is a 'signature' of the government" under it.

When one of the bosses of the underworld, Mafioso John Gotti was asked in court whether he was involved in drug smuggling, he replied: "No, we can not compete with the government." As Kesbolt writes in connection with this statement:

"It is only a half truth, because the mafia and the CIA at their upper levels are the same team."

In 1978, MI-6 and the CIA carried out research program in South America to study the impact on human body of the cocaine paste "bazooko", which was smoked by local residents. As a result of these studies the cocaine appeared, which was named crack. The power and potential for drug dependence created by the "bazooko" formula was much higher than of regular cocaine.

On August 23, 1987 in rural area to the south of the American city of Little Rock, Arkansas two teenagers Kevin Ives and Don Henry were killed, after they became the unwitting witness of the the CIA drug smuggling operation, conducted in Mena on one of the small air base in Arkansas.

At that time the governor of Arkansas was Bill Clinton, who was led into this operation by the CIA. Each month, the CIA plane loaded with $100 million worth of cocaine was passing through the air base in Mena. The evidence of this information was presented in the book "Compromised" (by Terry Reed and John Cummings), and "Narcotics incorporated".

Initially, the base in Mena was intended to prepare pilots for the contras. Terry Reed was one of the pilots. Over time, he discovered that a part of the operation is the transfer of weapons. And later became a witness of drug smuggling operations also conducted on the same base. That is, weapons went outside the U.S., and drugs via the same network were shipped into the U.S. And Clinton was involved in these operations. And there is numerous documented evidence of it. It is also known that his election campaign was also financed by the drug lords.

By the way, when he was president, the U.S. supported, funded and trained fighters of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which was closely linked to drug smuggling. But that is another story.

At one time, the House of Representatives Banking Committee of the U.S. Congress for nearly three years conducted an investigation of the facts of drug smuggling through the Mena (Arkansas). They followed a trail of drug dealer Bari Sill, who in the 80s was one of the largest importers of cocaine and marijuana in the southern United States. Surprisingly, it turned out that Sill worked for the CIA and was associated with the U.S. administration to monitor the compliance with the laws on drugs.

During the investigation it was found that the Sill has been associated with the U.S. government and the people of President Clinton. We are talking about a company called Park-On Meter (Arkansas), which was connected with Clinton family and the with legal office of Hillary Clinton. Clinton friend Dan Lazater was a cocaine trader. In his book, Teri Reed writes that he was an important figure in this whole criminal network.

Hillary Clinton, a presidential candidate, with one of the biggest cocaine traffickers in the United States, George Cabrera, who provided financial support during the Clinton's election for second term

Here's one interesting picture of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the company of one of the biggest cocaine traffickers in the United States, George Cabrera, who was Clinton's financial supporter during the election for second term. In November 1995, he met with Al Gore, and then was invited to a Christmas reception at the White House, organized by Hillary Clinton. In January, Cabrera received an invitation to attend the inauguration of President Clinton.

By the way, mentioned earlier meeting of the Bilderberg Club in Baden-Baden in June 1991, where Rockefeller made his speech about the global project and a world government, was also attended by Bill Clinton, the former governor at the time.

It is a known fact that Clinton used his power and was able to free seven convicted drug traffickers.

After his election, he destroyed the National Office for Drug Control.

After he became president, drug use in the United States has doubled.

Teri Reed writes about another key figure in all this criminal system. This is George Bush Senior, who as vice president, "director of everything". There is reason to believe that Reagan made him vice president precisely because he was the director of the CIA.

That is, in this scenario, no matter what kind of investigation was conducted, and whatever convincing documents would float up, everything will end up with the same formula - "one hand washes the other".

'The Mafia CIA and George Bush' by Peter Brewton - book cover

Peter Brewton wrote a very candid and compelling book called "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush". It discussed everything, and everything is proved with documents.

CIA, MI-6 and related security services use drugs as the most real weapon against the masses, designed to address the scenario of establishing a police regime, which is intended to be enforced by NATO forces.

Kesbolt provides a list of key figures in the global drug network controlled by the CIA, MI-6 and Mossad.

They are:

Tibor Rosenbaum, an agent of Mossad, the former head of the bank based in Geneva, Banque du Credit International - the predecessor of the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which is known as the largest bank to launder money derived from drug trafficking, received by the intelligence agencies.

Kesbolt, referring to the publication in Life magazine, writes that the Rosenbaum's bank laundered money for of the American family clan of Meyer Lansky. In addition, Tibor Rosenbaum funded and supported Permindex, the MI-6 assassination department, that stood in the center of John F. Kennedy assassination.

Among the key figures Kesbolt also classifies Robert Vesco, who was sponsored by the Swiss branch of the Rothschild bank and was a U.S. link with the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia.

Next is the former head of British intelligence Francis de Gingand. It is noted that each head of MI-5 and MI-6, as before him, and after, is inevitably involved in drug trafficking.

Another narco-persona is Henry Keswick, chairman of the multinational corporation Jardine Matheson. It is reported that it conducts the world's largest drug smuggling operations. Henry Keswick's brother, John Keswick, serves as the president of the Bank of England.

From the above information it follows that the intelligence agencies in the drug business all lead to the well-known banks, drug cartels and major corporations. But in this network, there is another cell. It's controlled media, which works to cover these crimes. Evident from the following figure. It is Sir Martin Wakefield Yakomb. In 1985, he served as Vice President of the Barclays Bank. From 1987 to 1995, the Director of the already known to us the Bank of England. But in between working for banks, in 1986, has served as director of the newspaper chain Telegraph.

Kesbolt writes in this connection:

"That's why this can of worms is never covered by the leading mass media outlets. People who commit these crimes control most of the mainstream media. William Casey, former CIA director, was head of the board of directors of the media network ABC. Many knowledgeable people call the ABC "network of the CIA." Casey, by the way, used the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) for the laundering of money derived from drug trafficking.

Kesbolt also writes about George HW Bush. Former U.S. President and former CIA director. Kesbolt calls him a "the main drug lord of America," who conducted more wars against drugs than all other presidents. However, the purpose of these wars was to destroy the competition.

'Dark Alliance' by Gary Webb - book cover

His involvement in the global drug trade and the role of the CIA in this war was discussed by journalist Gary Webb in his book "Dark Alliance".

What Gary Webb wrote, was confirmed by Michael Levine, who worked for 25 years at the U.S. Administration to monitor compliance with the laws on drugs (Drug Enforcement Administration), established to prevent the smuggling of drugs into the United States and abroad. He wrote:

"I was a witness to the fact that the CIA engaged in drug smuggling, and Harry proved it."

Gary Webb confirmed one more very important thing: the immutability of the formula "drugs - money - weapons." He found that the money coming from drug trafficking conducted by American intelligence agencies were used to fund top-secret projects, which include, among others, construction and maintenance of deep-seated bases.

They are located in Dulce (New Mexico), Pine Gap and the Snowy Mountains of Australia, Nala in Africa, west of Kindu (near the Libyan border in Egypt), in the mountains of Switzerland, Narvik in Scandinavia, on the Gottlend island in Sweden and many other places around the world.

That is, drugs do not mean just the demographic war against the people (and, by the way, against their own American people also), but also the development and maintenance of the real war with arms, the very war against the statehood itself. Not only against the statehood of other countries, but also against their own, which, in effect, has been destroyed already. Drug War is not only murderous for others. It is suicidal.

Гари Веб говорит: «После трех лет моей жизни, которые я провел, глубоко изучая эту проблему, я более чем убежден, что американское правительство несет ответственность за проблемы с наркотиками в Лос-Анджелесе и других городах. И обладаю на этот счет большей информацией, чем та, которую изложил в газетах... Gary Web says:

"After three years of my life that I have spent studying this problem deeply, I am more than convinced that the U.S. government is responsible for drug problems in Los Angeles and other cities. And in this respect I possess more information than what I have stated in the newspapers ...

In my book I tried to show how the collapse of the brutal pro-US dictatorships in Latin America, coupled with the decision of the corrupt agents of the CIA in any way to find the money to organize the anti-American resistance forces, led to the formation of the first major national drug markets in Los Angeles, which in turn, led to the arming and strengthening of street gangs in Los Angeles and gave impetus to the spread of drugs into neighboring Negro areas and in the future lead to adoption of racial discrimination laws."

This logical sequence was repeated once more. United States create and fund al Qaeda to fight against Soviet troops in Afghanistan. Then they accused al-Qaeda involvement in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, which gives them an excuse to wage war against terrorism and to enact laws which severely restrict the rights of the American people.

The parallel between these events emerges clearly. In the history of drugs, the U.S. government has been able to go as far as to destroy their own people in order to achieve the objectives of the global elite, which controlled it. Web says:

"The idea that Clinton has ruled the United States is nonsense,

the idea that Carter ruled the country is nonsense. "

When in 1979 the people of Nicaragua, tired of the pro-American government under Anastasio Somoza, overthrew him, many of those who were close to a dictatorship, moved to the United States. Among them were drug dealers, Danilo Blandon and Norwin Menezes, who became some of the main characters of the Webb's book. In the United States, immigrants from Nicaragua, created by Washington-supported organization whose purpose was to fight against the Sandinistas.

The Secret War in Nicaragua to destabilize the government

Under Reagan this organization has been allocated $19 million to conduct a secret war to destabilize the Government of Nicaragua, and to assist in the return to power of the old clique. In essence, this was a part of a fierce war against the USSR.

Shortly after the undercover operation began, Danilo Blandon and Norwin Menezes, who by then lived in California, were invited to Honduras, where they met with Enrique Bermudez, a CIA agent, and another man, who was appointed by the CIA to lead the operations.

CIA gives the order to narco-traders to get money

Both narco-traders said (one of them in oral form, to Webb personally, another in writing, and they never denied it), that at that meeting a CIA agent told them:

"We need money for this operation. Your, guys, job is to go to California and raise money, and we do not care how you do it.

The end justifies the means."

This last phrase, according to the Webb, "has always been used to justify any crime against humanity, ever known."

After receiving instructions on how to get the money, Blandon and Menezes returned to California and started selling cocaine, getting money for themselves and for American foreign policy. And they began selling it in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Criminal drug trafficking network is formed

Next, an entire large scale criminal network was formed. Then, the network began producing and selling crack, which gradually pushed out all other drugs.

"Crack democratized drugs." It became available not only to the middle class. It became available to all. Its sales grew exponentially. Then, when drug traffickers made immense amounts of money, they needed weapons to protect their property.

And they took up arms trade. They began to not only buy it, but also sell it to the street gangs of Los Angeles. Arms made in the USA and Israel.

Illegal trade in weapons and drugs under the cover of CIA

The supply of arms across the border, and not only within the U.S., but also from the country were carried out under the cover of CIA which is well documented.

Then, drug and arms trade has acquired national scope and spilled outside the United States. Slowly, the crack on the market was replaced by heroin ...

But what eventually happened? Webb, talking about it in one of his speeches, makes a very interesting conclusion: the whole criminal system, which was formed, is the embodiment of the laws of the market in its purest form. It does not matter to the market what you do. For it, what is important is business as such, gains are important.

Drug trafficking is a form of business that makes a profit. And if so, then it is acceptable. "The end justifies the means." The laws of the market, in current economic structure, are above the laws of the legal, and the more, moral.

And another important point - the market is self-sufficient. It adjusts itself. It does not require the State. Moreover, state is a hindrance. It fights against the state objectively, opposes it, wants to destroy it, including the fact that it allows the criminal, antisocial, anti-state business that undermines the foundation of the state.

Market is a powerful weapon in the fight against the statehood

Market is a powerful weapon in the fight against the statehood. On the open market (and precisely its creation is a goal for the architects of the new world order), where there is no state regulation, everything is permitted. Open markets can only exist in the form of a network (local and regional networks constitute a global network), where it opposes the hierarchy, which is the core of the statehood. A cell of the network, created in Los Angeles began to rapidly grow to national and then the transnational dimensions.

Market is a handy thing. With it, it is possible not only to commit the crimes. Market laws allow to justify them.

This is what is convenient about it. You can discard the moral laws, legal laws and utilize the market laws instead. In the last war [WWII], the aggressor was guided by all justifying slogan "Germany above all", which allowed to perform heinous crimes. In modern war, the aggressor is guided by another slogan - "the market is above all else." Market laws are aimed at abolishment of morality and law, and replace them with the highest priority of all, profit.

When Danilo Blandon came to Los Angeles to sell drugs, he had a master's degree in Business Administration in Marketing, that is he was a specialist in marketing. He got his education with the help of the USA at the University of Bogota in order to return to Nicaragua. But instead, he returned to America to sell drugs to gangs. In general, this complex operation was conducted in full accordance with the classic laws of the market.

Blandon's uncle, Orlando Murillo, who was involved in money laundering for this criminal group, was an expert in macroeconomics.

They had two counselors-in-arms, one a former policeman who served in the police force for 15 years, and another - a former soldier from the unit of special operations forces of the U.S. Navy, called "Navy Seals". This unit was designed for reconnaissance and sabotage operations on sea and river shores and ports.

What advisers! It is difficult to find such advisers without just like that. This level of professionalism suggests that the activity of the group was directed by those who highly placed.

"The people have the government they deserve"

On Friday, November 5, 2004, when the results of the U.S. presidential election became known, and George W. Bush was congratulated on his victory, the U.S. Air Force conducted a survey of American journalists to comment on this event. Among those interviewed was Gary Webb. Here's what he said:

"Today, a phrase is spinning my head - 'the people have the government they deserve.' After the election, I came to the conclusion that, unfortunately, most Americans do not care that their government is lying to them all the time.

For them, it does not matter that their leaders have limited their civil liberties, turning the country into a police state, covering up their actions by new layers of official secrecy. They do not care that their government is acting in the interests of the rich and corporate class, as long as their own taxes are not increased.

They also do not care that their government is spending so much that the country is at the brink of bankruptcy. So long as they are threatened by some external evil, everything is permissible.

Since the Bush administration was doing all this and more, and still won another election, I suspect that things will get even worse ... Now Bush is free to pursue his agenda without any restrictions. And I think we will see how extremely dangerous this agenda is."

This assessment has caused a lively response from readers of the U.S. Air Force.

So, Doug F. from Houston wrote:

"America is entering a dark period in its history, where the mind, critical thought and logic give way to blind faith to demagogues of ideology."

And one more comment from Richmond from Dave Collins: "Hello, Gary! I wholeheartedly agree with your every word. I know many people who think the same way. All of them have voted, yet Bush was reelected. In my heart I pray that each violation and manipulation in the voting were soon identified. May God and the entire world forgive us for allowing this shame to happen ..."

CIA and the Murder of Gary Webb

Gary Webb

On the morning of December 10, 2004 Gary Webb was found dead at his home in Arkansas.

Associated Press reported that his head had "multiple bullet holes." The investigator said it was "suicide." When questions arose as to how the person committing suicide may be be able to shoot himself several times, the information was corrected, and so, all of a sudden, there was only one bullet hole.

Later, from the sources close to intelligence agencies, it became known that Gary died of two shots made from a distance from a gun to the back of his head.

Close friends of Gary's said that he had been threatened.

Ricky Ross, one of the main sources of Gary, said that he communicated with him for a few days before his death. Gary said that he was being watched, there are constantly some people near his house. That they do not look the robbers, that they are the "people of the Government," "professionals".

He found them when he came home late at night, but they fled down the pipe from the balcony. According to how deftly and quickly it was done, Gary concluded that they were probably trained special operations forces. After their escape, he found that they were looking for something among his papers and computer.

He also said he was working on a new book concerning the CIA and drug smuggling. Most likely, this was related to the war in Afghanistan.

His friends said that he could not commit suicide because he loved life, loved his children, and made plans for the future.

He was about to move to another house in the morning and called movers to move. They found the body. Let us agree that the person who intends to commit suicide will not call the movers.

The information leaked to the press indicated that Gary was killed by the CIA or hired guns, who have executed the order of government structures.

Drug trafficking and criminal money-laundering schemes and smuggling of weapons

Crimes beget other crimes. Drug trafficking has spawned the criminal money-laundering schemes and smuggling weapons. Then the U.S. government's developed a habit of solving politicians problems with crime. But all this, even drug trafficking, have been local details that helped to solve some local problems.

But goals created were global, achieving world domination, and even omnipotence, which can only be achieved through an aggressive global war. After all, nobody in their right mind and good memory will surrender its sovereignty voluntarily. So it took a war, which in itself is an obvious crime from the perspective of all the norms of international law.

But in order to justify the war, there was a need to find a convincing reason for it that would make Americans not only accept it, but even to desire it. And to start another world war it took a massive crime, it took Sept. 11, which played the role of the Reichstag fire.

Crimes with drugs and weapons criminalized U.S. policy

Crimes with drugs and weapons criminalized the U.S. policies and have made them absolutely immoral and criminal. Now their aim is creation of a criminal anti-state, which they want to build on the ruins of the traditional statehood, devastated by the criminal war.

And in this war, they do not need a victory in the ordinary sense of the word. They need chaos, which begets the crimes. Chaos, which they, along with NATO, have created in Yugoslavia, in Kosovo, converting this historic center of Serbian Orthodoxy into intermediate warehouse in drug trade. It is precisely that very chaos that is considered a victory in this hellish strategy of global war.

Drug War, as its integral part, facilitates creation of havoc in the human soul, and chaos in society, in the statehood as such. And armed war, being waged with funds that include drug money, is a way of creation chaos in the world order.

Therefore, one should not think that the further expansion of the war after Iraq would be insanity for the U.S., a new marsh, in which they will sink militarily, where many people will die, including American soldiers. Yes, in their words, they do give tribute to them and honor them, but in reality they just throw them into the furnace of the carnage in order to achieve their secret agenda. It happened and is happening to Americans who became victims of drug war.

This happens with the U.S. military personnel, which became and will become victims of a new global war being waged to create a global chaos under the guise of war against terrorism.

The war on terrorism is just a cover for another war

Indeed, the war waged by United States and NATO is declared by them as the war against terrorism. However, there are two embarrassing circumstances. First, "liberated" and "democratized" by them, Afghanistan became the "source of international terrorism."

And, secondly, it is no secret that the cells of terrorist networks, and even their headquarters are located in the United States and NATO countries. And if they can not cope with them on their own territory, then how can they cope with them in other countries? But then it turns out that the war on terror is just a cover for another war. So against whom in reality such large-scale hostilities are deployed and war preparations are made?

In this, one should judge not by words but by deeds. And deeds indicate the expansion of NATO eastward to Russia's borders. They suggest that the ongoing NATO exercises are conducted according to scenarios that do not look like the fight against terrorists, but are intended to destroy large regular forces, which only a large state can have.

Two years in a row in November-December 2005 and in 2006 the Pentagon conducts large-scale exercises, where the main target of destruction is Russia.

Drug war against Russia is Genocide

Drug war waged against Russia has its economic rationale. The fact is that Washington believes that an average of two thirds of Russia's oil exploration must be exported. Let us agree that the remaining one third is clearly insufficient to meet its domestic needs.

Therefore, in order to curb domestic consumption of energy, it is necessary to get Russia to pursue a policy aimed not only at the de-industrialization and prevention of economic growth, but above all on depopulation. After all the energy needs are associated with the consumption per capita and are due to demographic factors.

And so, everything gradually becomes clear. But instead they shout: terrorism, terrorism!

But while they shout it all over the world, from Afghanistan, a drug aggression against our country is carried out quietly, whose victims are the future soldiers, the defenders of the Fatherland, the girls who lose their ability to give birth to normal children of the Fatherland, and many, many thousands of people who could serve the Fatherland for the benefit of its strength and prosperity of its people. So that no enemy would dare to wage a war against them.

There is one historical parallel and relation at the same time, which deserves to be mentioned in particular.

Bush - a member of the Masonic secret society "Skull and Bones"

It is known that Bush, who graduated from the elite Yale University, joined a secret Masonic society called "Skull and Bones" while studying at Yale.

Voltairenet, that published an entire investigation concerning that society, said that the current U.S. President George W. Bush and his rival from Democratic Party in the past elections, John Kerry, for the past 36 years are members of that secret society which by now consists of about 800 initiates.

All the U.S. presidents who graduated from Yale University, were also the members of this Masonic lodge. Among them is George Bush, the Senior.

Members of this society hold some important political, economic and military posts. They hold key positions in the media and in the intelligence community. The organization is closely linked with other Masonic bodies, and in particular the influential CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), pursuing the outspokenly anti-Russian stance.

Creator "Skull and Bones" society is William Russell, who belonged to a large Russell family. One of its members, a priest Noada Russell participated in the creation of Yale University.

British Opium War against China

But Russell clan is known for the fact that he was involved in a large Opium War, which was launched by Britain against China in the first half of the XIX century.

At the end of the XVIII century opium cultivated by England in Bengal, was transferred to the monopoly called "East India Company", directly owned by the royal family. One of the past participants in the operation of that company was Elihu Yale, who, after getting rich through his activities in the "East India Company," began to actively fund and supply the books to the University, which since 1720 began to carry his name.

In the 1820s, a rival of British "East India Company" involved in the transport of opium to China, became the company «Russell & Company», which was founded in 1813 by the American Samuel Russell, a brother of the founder of the Masonic Lodge "Skull and Bones" of William Russell. Samuel Russell was one of the principal actors in the opium war.

The purpose of the Opium War, which began in 1815, was forceful introduction of opium to the huge Chinese market. From 1792 to 1817 the amount of imported opium rose from 320 tons to 480 tons. In 1837 the figure already rose to 3,200 tons (but what is it compared to over 6100 tons produced in Afghanistan in 2006).

After such an influx of drugs, China has demanded from Queen Victoria to stop their import, to which the Queen replied that she could not refuse such a profitable way to generate the revenue for the UK.

Tension between Beijing and London grew: in February 1839, in front of the British Mission, a demonstrative execution of one of Chinese drug smugglers was carried out. In June 1839, the Queen of Great Britain agreed to the destruction of a large quantity of opium. Many British then left Canton and Macao, and departed to more distant places in order to re-engage the opium traffic under official protection by the Navy of Great Britain.

Under such circumstances, conflict was inevitable: On September 4 the first battle at sea took place, which culminated in the destruction of most Chinese ships. These collisions have revealed "the weakness of primitive Chinese military ships and unwavering perseverance of English Protestants to establish the principles of liberalism, based on drug trafficking." Such is description of these developments as it appears in the Voltairenet Le blanchiment du crime en permet la repetition - L'arme ethique dans les nouvelles guerres occidentales, de Michel Tibon, Memoire non publie, 1999.

In the U.S. there are two centers of governance

In U.S. history, drug trafficking was not only once used as a means of achieving goals of global criminal network behind the scenes, a tool of which is American leadership. In the United States there are two centers of government.

One center is the highest unofficial, secret, represented by supranational global elite, and another is subordinate to it, a formal, external, presenting itself as official government. Although in reality it is acting as an instrument of destruction of statehood in the U.S. and the world and converts its country into the foundation upon which the global anti-state is to be erected.

This duplicity gives rise to a duality of political governance in all spheres, especially in the war. As in policy, two courses are implemented, both visible and invisible (hidden that will benefit the forces of anti-state), and so in war there are two parallel lines, visible (external) and invisible (hidden). Wars, carried out by the United States, as it were, split into two components: the open - the traditional warfare, and hidden - covert, unconventional warfare, carefully hidden from view and criminal in nature.

This is explained by the fact that the forces pursuing the agenda of criminal anti-state utilize goals and means that are inevitably criminal in nature, as any other crime carried out in secrecy. The connection with these forces of state governance and the subordination of them turns it into united global criminal syndicate, that uses criminal means to achieve the criminal goals.

Drug trafficking is one such criminal means that accompany wars waged by the United States. An example of such a parallel secret criminal war was Vietnam.

The Vietnam War, the CIA funded secret drug trafficking operations

This war was largely conducted by the U.S. Secret Services, originally closely associated with Masonic global structures. While the military was fighting the war according to the traditional strategy and political doctrine, the CIA funded the covert operations of drug trafficking, which had a very devastating impact not only on the entire Southeast Asia, but also on the U.S. and the Western society as a whole.

They showed that homicide and suicide, destruction and self-destruction are two sides of the same coin. The course of the destruction of some statehood is inevitably accompanied by the destruction of their own state and society.

Bloom in his book "Rogue State", published in London in 2002, writes that during the American military presence, which lasted more than twenty years (officially), Southeast Asia has been transformed into the largest secret manufacturer of drugs. During the Vietnam War 70% of the heroin and opium, then consumed in the United States came from this region.

Drug and arms trafficking is an important part of the strategy of destabilization, which is implemented by the United States not only in Asia but around the world. The proliferation of drugs and drug addiction among population is considered and used as an effective form of control of the masses and their zombification. This is particularly true for young people.

The same strategy of using the Israeli secret service Mossad was implemented against Lebanon. As Robert Fisk wrote in the British Independent on December 11, 2002, the radical Hizballah actions are largely a form of local resistance to this criminal drug industry.

As to Afghanistan, it is obvious that Bush and his administration placed their bets largely on the drug war, while planning an armed invasion. This and many other things are discussed by Canadian diplomat P. Scott in his book, "Drugs, Oil and War", released in 2003.

The use of the drug lords to overthrow the Taliban regime

He, in particular, cites the data from the article by one of India's informed commentators, Raman, on the use of the drug lords by the United States to overthrow the Taliban regime. In 2002, after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, it became clear that the campaign, launched by Taliban jointly with the UN, to curtail the illicit drug production, has failed. Raman writes about the reasons for this failure:

"There are disturbing reports from reliable sources in Afghanistan, that the reason for this apparent lack of success on the heroin front is the fact that the CIA supported the heroin barons during the Afghan war in the 80s in order to spread drug addiction among the Soviet troops, is now using them to search for Bin Laden, benefiting from their local knowledge and contacts."

It is reported that these drug lords in November 2001 contributed to the introduction of Hamid Karzai into Pashtun regions of Afghanistan to counter Taliban. We also know that in gratitude for these services the U.S. turned a blind eye to their criminal business.

Moreover, the U.S. began to promote the drug lords to power. In 2001, the CIA chose the well-known drug trafficker Haji Abdul Qadir as governor of Nangarhar Province, where Jalalabad is located. Qadir is known for the fact that "during the First Afghan War in the 80s, he, being under the control of the CIA and being connected with the French foreign intelligence played an active role in organizing the implementation of a drugs network for spreading drugs among the Soviet troops from heroin laboratories in Pakistan.

These laboratories were owned by Haji Afridi, a Pakistani drug baron, who in the 80s was highly valued CIA agent. Abdul Qadir and Afridi were close partners of the U.S. intelligence organizations to encourage the CIA drug trafficking." Two other "partners" associate with this enterprise, Haji Zaman and Hazrat Ali.

CIA supervised the supply of drugs to the Soviet Union

From an article by Ramana it follows that the CIA through Zaman Afridi and Qadir not only encouraged but also managed the supply of drugs to the Soviet Union in order to use them as a tool to corrupt, weaken and undermine the Soviet foundation.

P. Scott, describing the period of the '80s, writes that in those years, CIA director William Casey used the drugs for two purposes: immediate - the weakening of the Soviet military presence in Afghanistan, and long-term - the financing of Islamist resistance to cause the collapse of the Soviet Union.

According to well-informed observer Josef Bodansky, a member of the Working Group of the U.S. Congress on terrorism and unconventional warfare, the U.S. still seeks to weaken and destabilize, except now it is Russia.

Thus, in the summer of 2000 in an article entitled "The Great Game for oil," he wrote:

"As though reviving the "good old days" of Afghanistan in the 80's, Washington is again looking for ways to support and strengthen most dangerous anti-Western Islamist forces. U.S. crossed that line in the middle of 1999, when U.S. officials participated in a formal meeting in Azerbaijan, where they discussed and agreed upon a program of training and equipping of the Mujahideen in the Caucasus region, and Central and South Asia, and some Arab countries.

This meeting led to the subsequent covert support from Washington of extremist organizations in Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and also the U.S. private military companies (such as those who performed the dirty work in the Balkans for the Clinton administration) in order to support the Chechen separatists [in Russia] and their allies in inspiring in the spring of 2000 year and maintaining for a long time what was called by them a jihad [a holy war].

Motivation of Washington in this case are the politics of oil pipelines and the economy. In fact, Washington intends to deprive Russia of the effective pipeline routes, using violence and terrorism, as well as by the political face-off in the media with allegations of war crimes by Russians.

According to the calculations of the Clinton administration, escalation and expansion of the war in Chechnya, supported by the U.S., will achieve the desired depletion of Russia.

The Clinton administration believes that the escalation of violence in the Caucasus will frighten foreign investors and buyers of oil and cause them to abandon the deal with Russia." At that time, the pipeline through Azerbaijan will begin to function.

"Thus, in the summer of 2000, the Clinton administration fans the flames of violence in the Caucasus by means of secret assistance to its allies, the hidden motives of their active support of militants and with it organizes an intensive media campaign against Russia and its conduct in Chechnya."

In his book "Blood and Oil," published in 2004, Michael Clare brings an eloquent quote from the U.S. State Department relating to the budget of 2005:

"... Involvement of American companies in the manufacturing and export of Azerbaijani oil is key to achieving the objectives of diversifying world oil supplies, as it creates a solid base for the regional economy and ensure energy security of the United States."

Claire also notes that the Bush administration has invested approximately $1.5 billion in the Caspian Sea region, including $11 million in a training program, "Battalion of the pipeline protection" as part of the Georgian armed forces to defend the Georgian portion of the pipeline running through 'Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan'".

Destabilization of Russia

This battalion is controlled by the United States and is essentially one of private military companies, which, according to the U.S. plans, is to have an American military presence in a hidden form, and if necessary to carry out subversive and sabotage operations, to organize terrorist acts and provocations, aimed at destabilizing the situation in Russia, just like it was done in Yugoslavia.

But there is one more circumstance. These companies are directly related to drug trafficking.

As an example, take the U.S. company Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), associated with the Halliburton oil company, leading directly to the U.S. vice president Dick Cheney.

It is noteworthy that KBR is particularly active in Colombia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Georgia and Iraq. Financing of "Rose Revolution" in Georgia, having blatantly anti-Russian orientation, went through KBR, which resulted in coming to power of a hysterical Russophobe Atlanticist Saakashvili. This is precisely the type of personality needed by U.S. for a unhindered spread of its influence in the Caucasus, a region that has not only a great geopolitical, economic, but also a military-strategic importance in the plans of official Washington and the Pentagon.

After the start of the "Rose Revolution" units of Georgian Armed Forces, "prepared" by the Americans, as if on cue, immediately took the side of Saakashvili and protected him. And everything went like clockwork.

KBR is closely connected with the company Far West Ltd., known for its involvement in drug trafficking. This company has a network that covers the same regions as KBR. That is, in Afghanistan, Colombia, Kosovo, Georgia. An amazing coincidence!

By the way, according to P. Scott, in one of the employees of Far West Ltd, A. Butkevichus, the KBR (Halliburton) was behind the organization the "Rose Revolution" in Georgia.

Moreover, it is known that the cooperation with Halliburton with Far West Ltd was approved by the CIA "to achieve geopolitical goals". KBR (Halliburton) jointly with the Far West Ltd. financed the Georgia project, which was approved by the CIA. It is known that the project was aimed at weakening competitors of Halliburton in the oil business (and those are Russia and Iran), and, as a whole, achievement of geopolitical and military-strategic U.S. goals in the Caucasus.

The U.S. use drugs to achieve their goals

Thus, the U.S. drug use to achieve their goals: the establishment of a new world order and creation of the global anti-state. The following chain is built, mostly of interest to dealers of drugs and politics:

to build the anti-state, you need to destroy the traditional state and strong independent states as such (the weak will surrender by themselves).

To destroy the powerful states that do not wish to obey the dark global forces what is needed is war or revolution as one of its manifestations, what is needed is violence and creation an environment of chaos and instability in these countries. This artificially created instability is not only weakening the state as such, but, as a consequence, the ability to govern, to the point of its nearly complete absence.

But it is precisely these conditions that are most suitable for committing the large-scale organized crimes, including drug trade. In this case the interests of international criminal organizations and Atlantists intersect. Here they act as allies and agents of all-out war against the state.

This creates an inherent dimension of modern war - drug trade, which should always be taken into account if we want to protect our homeland and the countries that need our brotherly help.

At present, a powerful anti-state alliance has been created, a kind of narcotic NATO, which is interested in war and violence. The structure of this alliance includes international drug trafficking organizations, private military companies such as, for example, KBR. Both earn money on war and violence.

In addition, the alliance includes the multinational energy companies, such as, for example, Halliburton, which with the help of war and violence destroy the competing states. This alliance is directed and its activities coordinated by political, and, in fact, global shadow elite in power in several countries, such as USA, which, by means of war and violence destroys the traditional statehood, imposes a new world order and forms the global anti-state.

Narcotic NATO

This alliance is strong enough to provoke and fight wars and to organize the revolutions. Drug NATO is much stronger and more dangerous than military NATO, because the former has at its disposal immeasurably more power and resources and is not limited by any boundaries of the laws, acting in secret, and therefore virtually unnoticed on the territories of the States being attacked, its threat is not only underestimated by most, but is not even seen (and therefore no adequate protective measures are implemented).

Another very important aspect to stress is that virtually no one considers this collective meta-aggressor as an integrated whole, and therefore does not create the special integrated force to combat it in a specific way.

It is known that this US-led alliance organized a regime change in Eastern Europe, beginning with the overthrow of Ceausescu, and up to the various "color revolutions".

These revolutions are associated with the actions of American and Western non-governmental organizations and foundations. One such organization was the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI), which was funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Soros Foundation.

Albert Einstein Institution helped to create a revolutionary youth movement Kmara in Georgia. P. Scott suggests that A. Butkevichus, an employee of Far West Ltd., is connected with this Institution.

Thierry Meyssan in his book "Albert Einstein Institution: non-violence by the standards of the CIA," writes that

"In June 1992 Butkevichus, then minister of defense of independent Lithuania, present at the symposium, thanked the Albert Einstein Institution for the key role played by this organization in achieving the independence of the Baltic countries."

Following this logic and given the current situation around Russia, we can assume that the U.S. government may now resort to using the Narcotic NATO for the purpose of regime change in Russia.

Could this coalition organize something similar to terrorist attacks of September 11? Is it capable of doing that? P. Scott insists, yes it is.

The international drug cartels were involved in the terrorist attacks in America

He cites the evidence of several authors who suggest that the international drug cartels were involved in the terrorist attacks in America, who were interested in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in order to obtain new opportunities for drug trafficking and become a part in the power structure in the new Afghan government.

Therefore, the number of suspects in terrorist acts should also include the international drug cartels, as well as American private military companies, multinational corporations interested in in the Asian oil as well as multinational corporations interested in establishing a new world order through war, and ruling circles in their ilk. In short, the entire Narcotic NATO as a whole.

And then, when the deed was done, and the war unleashed, the military and NATO steps in to help, justifying the mind boggling drug trade in Afghanistan, and officially and cynically states, that people need something to live on.

NATO thus protects that regime and provides the function of a security company for drug dealers, flooding Russia with drugs.

For them, Russia is a huge potential market for this potion. At the moment it is limited via governmental control. If it is possible to change this regime in some way and bring to power a pro-American anti-national government, this huge market will be opened, and the entire territory would become available to be dumped to the brim with drugs.

Baghdad is now awash with drugs, including heroin

Here is one example of this is the war in Iraq, or, to be more correct, its consequences. The London Independent writes:

"Baghdad, a city that until March 2003 (i.e. before the aggression) had never seen heroin, a lethal drug, is now awash with drugs, including heroin ...

Residents of Baghdad are complaining that the drugs, such as heroin and cocaine are sold everywhere on the streets of the Iraqi capital. As can be seen from several sources, drugs and weapons smuggling is patronized by the CIA to finance covert operations conducted by the U.S. intelligence around the world."

Some time ago, Hamid Ghodse, President of the International Narcotics Control Board of the UN, at a meeting in Vienna, said:

"The weakening of border controls and security infrastructure turns the countries into convenient territories for transit and distribution of drugs."

One of the doctors in the psychiatric hospital in Baghdad, Ibn Rushd, talked about the situation not only in Baghdad but also in Iraq:

"We have never seen cannabis or cocaine in Iraq, but because of absence of security, now we have started to deal with all types of addiction. Iraq has become a market for smugglers from neighboring countries. "

Age of drug addicts in Iraq is 20-30 years. Given that, according to the polls, a majority opposes the U.S. occupation and supports the rebels, this is the age group that has the potential to swell the ranks of fighters for independence. And because of this their numbers are much smaller, and if drug addicts join them, they will begin to destroy it from within, acting as a Trojan horse, and helping the Americans.

One of articles in Boston Globe said:

"Two years after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the conflict in Iraq has become a classic guerrilla war. The U.S. military say they have killed or detained between 1,000 and 3,000 insurgents a month. The number of daily attacks doubled, to 70".

And the intentional introduction and spread of drugs among young people helps to cope with it more effectively and is an effective preventive measure.

Therefore, the wave of addiction, which swept Iraq, is in the interests of not only drug barons, but of the United States and others of that ilk. The experience they have accumulated with it is vast.

Drug war is spreading like a prairie fire

Drug war, as well as information war is not just a result of armed aggression, but in many ways its entry door, its active preparation, in order to take out the youngest, most capable of defending the country.

In the current serious situation, we must understand that the drug war is a part of big and fierce war against Russia, the war against our statehood, which is already being carried out on the territory of our country.

The aggressor boldly and perfidiously advances. This war has come into many homes and has caused many victims. It spreads quickly, its forces seize newer and newer frontiers.

That is why it is so important to develop a response strategy, including the involvement of all law enforcement agencies with their coordinated action. This is one of the key issues not only for our security, but also for our ability to defend ourselves.

This is ultimately a matter of our sovereignty and our survivability. And this war should be fought not only against the criminal structures that operate on our territory, but also against the international networks of which they are a part.

Given dramatic effect and utmost danger, scale and the rapid dynamics of development of the situation, we must, first of all, provide for the establishment of special forces, aimed at conducting the anti-drug war. They may be called the anti-drug operations, which, like intelligence, would be able to act not only in Russia but also abroad, ahead of the aggressor and disrupting his plans.

With conventional limited methods and forces we can not fight this unconventional global war. Because of tradition, we faithfully rely on our international connections, including the U.S. and others of that ilk. But do not expect from a crow that she will sing like a nightingale. And you should not build a relationship with a wolf on the example of seven sheep babies.

Drug war is only one part of the war being waged in the demographic subspace against the Russian statehood. And not only against Russian, but against Iranian and of a number of other countries, standing on firm principles of statehood, and who also possess significant resources, wanted to be taken over by the forces of global anti-state.

As Daniel Estulin writes in his article on the new world order, "one world empire", the U.S. government supports the well-known Afghan warlords engaged in drug smuggling. Chaos that is happening now over there, which is the result of American aggression, is good for criminal business. Large-scale nightmare that is happening in Afghanistan, creates a reliable cover to commit the large scale crimes.

The UN estimates that annual revenue from the illicit drug trade run up to 1 trillion dollars! This is pure profit, not subject to any taxation. Afghanistan's share of it is 300 to 500 billion dollars.

This money must be "washed" somewhere. This requires a powerful network and well developed system. It also requires substantial experience and expertise. And finally, it requires powerful connections and protection at the international and national government level. There should be a reliable guarantee that these huge funds would be secretly and freely transfered through reliable financial channels.

"Does anyone doubt that the war in Afghanistan, is conducted largely because of drugs? Does anyone doubt that the CIA is involved?"

Potential volume of opium production in Afghanistan during 1990 to 2006

From the chart provided in the UN report, it is clearly visible when the war began in Afghanistan. This is 2001, when the Taliban have managed to reduce opium production by 95%.

And then Washington, London and Tel Aviv have acted swiftly.

They made a CIA agent Osama bin Laden, who at that time lived in Afghanistan, a scapegoat for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This was the way to find a pretext for the occupation of the country. And the production of opium has began to grow at an astronomical rate.

Drugs are transported by the U.S. military aircraft

According to an Afghan sources, 85% of drugs produced in southern and southeastern provinces of Afghanistan are transported by the American military aircraft.

Barnett Rubin, one of the leading U.S. experts on Afghanistan, said:

"Drug dealers literally saturated all the Afghan government agencies."

Andreas von Bulow, former Minister of Science and Technology of Germany, and chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Intelligence for 25 years, shows that

"70% of the drug trade is controlled by the intelligence services." Bulow said that the invasion of Afghanistan and overthrow of the Taliban government, were the result of their ban on opium production.

Intelligence agencies control much of law enforcement agencies and use this control to remove unwanted competition with the lucrative market of drug trafficking. In this case, all they need to do is to warn their colleagues in law enforcement agencies about a competitor, and they do the rest. And everyone is happy - the police, politicians, media and the public. And they celebrate their next victory in the fight against drug trafficking.

As evidenced by Bulow, the intelligence services of the U.S., Israel, Britain and Germany are involving in this huge business.

They have their own subordination. The German intelligence agency BND is controlled by the CIA and the CIA, in turn, is controlled by the Israeli Mossad, which stands above all and governs all. Here,

"we are dealing with the secret government and the government within the government."

American soldier guarding the poppyseed field in Afghanistan

According to Billow, "shadow government is financed by illicit drug trafficking.

90% is controlled by the Mossad, the CIA and MI5. The remaining 10% belong to what is called the "Kosher Nostra", which includes the Russian mafia, international gang of bikers (motorcyclists), such as the Hell's Angels (90% of them Jewish) and supporters of the cults of national superiority such as the Lubavitcher Hasidim".

A special place in drug trafficking belongs to the United Kingdom

A special place in drug trafficking belongs to the United Kingdom. Not by chance the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan is a British general.

Andrew Winkler in his article,

"NATO, Afghanistan and the myth that all this is about oil", writes that the Windsors and the Rothschilds control the global drug business for nearly two centuries.

The UK has a long history of going to war to protect their interests related to drug trafficking. And the Opium War against China has been conducted in order to force the Chinese government to allow unrestricted imports of British opium from Afghanistan. Aggression against Afghanistan, which was waged by England, is related to the struggle to control 90% of world opium production.

And in this struggle, they stop at nothing. Winkler cites data about the true causes of death of Lady Di.

Nowadays, no one doubts that Princess Diana died not as a result of an accident but of organized catastrophe.

She knew too much about this criminal business of the ruling elite. If she made all that she knew publicly available, it would strike a fatal blow not only to the British monarchy, but to all these lies about Western democracy as well.

When the marriage of Charles and Diana has collapsed, the British ruling elite tried to buy her silence. The Rothschilds even gave her Kensington Palace. When Diana decided to marry an Egyptian billionaire Dodi Faed, Windsors and their bankers were afraid that they might lose control. They did not take risks when they placed an order to kill her with professionals from the Mossad in order to remove Diana. She was too popular to entrust this thing to someone else.

Winkler writes:

"If the shadow government needs to remove some political opponent, the Mossad will do it better than anyone else. However, the drug trade is a key enterprise. This is the main source of their income, which pays for everything."

Andrew Winkler has the data and facts, and knows what he is writing about not from hearsay. Knowing all the dangers, he still stepped on this arduous path of struggle against the global elite and its project called "New World Order."

In one of his interviews, to a question what he could advise those who are just embarking on this path, and what kind of lessons he has learned from his experience, Winkler replied:

"If you want to minimize the risk, you should not tell anyone about your views and what you are doing.

Otherwise, be prepared to lose everything, your career, your friends, your family, your freedom, your health, your life. The more you achieve in your struggle, the more they will try to destroy you. This is a fight where you are alone.

You can not trust anyone ... because there are many provocateurs all around. But this struggle is worth it. One day, when you stand before the Creator, and He asks you what have you done in your life, which was given to you, despite the many zeros you award yourself in this life, you can still say: "I was struggling with evil."

And then he continues:

"For me, it gets harder and harder to engage in gossip, talk about sports, all kinds of entertainment, the false news that is being fed to us by the media, or not to rebel against the lies told to our children about the history ..., global warming, September 11 terrorist attacks, the war against terror, multiculturalism, and the list goes on.

And I often want to shake people's shoulders and shout to them:

"Wake up and look at the ugly reality. Increasingly evident is the picture of the nightmare described by Orwell, in which we already live, and which carries a lot of suffering."

In Unwillingness to know about the evil, the fear of it is manifested. Christ said that he came, among other things, to "bear witness to evil."

Exposing evil in these days, when it concurs more and more space from the mankind, that has lost the spiritual vision, is very important.

To denounce the evil, the works of the Antichrist, as is well known from the Apocalypse by St. John the Prophet, before the end times the prophets Elijah and Enoch shalt come.

"This Elijah and second coming of Christ with Enoch shalt disclose the falsity of the Antichrist and serve as consolation of the faithful."

But the new world order, which is being built by global elite using the criminal money from drug trafficking, is also the work of the Antichrist.

Winkler believes that the fight against drug trafficking is one of the most effective ways to disrupt the plans for the construction of the new world order by global elite.

"600 billion dollars from the illicit drug trade collected by the global ruling elite is its Achilles heel."

The struggle with this source is perhaps the most effective way to fight against the new world order.

Matrix of Evil

For the global elite in this criminal business work the intelligence, the armed forces, large number of professional killers, ready to destroy those who pose any danger to the global elite. This business also utilizes bribes, shady payments and benefits in order to corrupt the politicians, judges, public figures, scholars, journalists, celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment.

This business also utilizes provocations disguised as terrorist attacks under fake "false flag". This business utilizes the extremist political groups, research institutions, foundations and other organizations.

His players are networks of pedophiles and satanists, complex networks with many branches, spreading disinformation, agents and supervisors in all areas of public life. This is all that Winkler calls the Matrix.

But its existence would not be possible without the money generated from drug trafficking.

As to measures that could be utilized by society, Winkler proposes the creation of local groups to combat drug activity, which will focus on clearing any city or locality of the drug on the basis of bi-directional approach.

  • Information

    - Dissemination of information leaflets informing about drugs and the role they play in creating a new world order.

  • Control

    - Implementation of the detectives that police refused to do:

  • monitoring of places of distribution of drugs such as bars, clubs, cafes, etc.
  • photographing the drug traffickers with the date, time and place,
  • collection of other data such as vehicles plate numbers,
  • forwarding of the collected information to the specially organized site,
  • transfer of information to the police,
  • if the police refuses to arrest or prosecute traffickers, informing the local media through press releases.

All these measures will reduce the possibility of a global elite to engage in drug trafficking to finance their destructive plans.

Archpriest Boris Molchanov in the book "Mystery of Lawlessness and the Antichrist", writes:

"Another tribulation during the period of the Antichrist will be that it will be impossible to organize the resistance to his rule.

At that time "do not even attempt to stop him with weakness of your hand. Remove yourself, and protect yourself from him on your own, and that will be enough from you"

(Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov).

"Be happy with, said the old man Isaiah, that provision is made to escape for people who want to escape."

Therefore, we must fight the impending kingdom of darkness now, as the possibility to stand against it has not been taken away from us yet. Any avoidance of the fight now, any even insignificant compromise with evil in the name of co-existence with him, committed today, only further increases the difficulty of the fight with him tomorrow. It is necessary to

"I must work the works of him that sent me, whilst it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work".

(John 9:4)

Then Jesus said to them, `You have light for a short time longer. Walk while you have the light so that you will not need to walk in the dark. The person who walks in the dark cannot see where he is going.

(John 12:35)

The fight against drugs may be the only sphere of struggle against the new world order, where, unlike in other areas, no one can argue against.

Yet those at the grassroots level involved in the sale or purchase of drugs may not realize that by doing so they support the enslavement of mankind. But they should know that the biggest estates and the most heinous crimes are related to drugs. The fact that many drug traffickers sell them to children and young people makes them not only criminals, but converts them into non-humans, the only road for which is the road to hell.

In Russia 80,000 people die every year due to causes related to drugs. Recall that the Pentagon is considering and using drugs as a weapon of mass destruction. So this is our war losses. One out of five crimes committed in Russia is due to the drugs.

There are about six million drug addicts in Russia today. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union their number increased 20 times.

Of course, the flow of drugs from Afghanistan also indirectly goes to Europe, but Russia is one of the closest and therefore one of the most affected by drugs territories. She is the one at whom the main attack is directed.

To repel this attack, we must offer our young people examples of great spiritual exploits in the name of the Motherland, that can light a romantic fire in their hearts, and fill with high meaning their meaningless existence today, that pushes them into the abyss of drugs.

And for those young people who are caught in nets of narco-aggressor, I would like to say:

"By using drugs, you do his will, lay down your armor in front of him, meekly surrender as his prisoner. But I have faith that many of you still have enough strength to engage the enemy in decisive battle, by giving up drugs, thus protecting your homeland. It needs your ideas, your protection and your love.

Once captured in the narcotic prison in the course of this merciless war, you should make every effort to escape from it. You can. I have faith in you. After all, isn't it insulting to rot out in it without giving the occupier a fight."

In one of his last performances, Gary Webb spoke about the book of the British historian, James Burke, "Connections", which had a big impact on him. Here is a quote from this book, which he provided, addressing it to himself and all others:

"History is not something what we are strongly zombified with - the deeds of great people or lone geniuses who pointed the way to the future from their inaccessible heights. At some point, every member of society becomes an active participant of this process, which brings drastic changes and rejuvenation."

Gary gave his life so these changes and rejuvenation have taken place in the heart of every one of you, every one of us. If they happen in your soul, they will happen in your environment, they will happen in society and in the country. You are this army that must survive and win in this devastating drug war, defending your people, your homeland, future generations and our future as such, to defend our right to the history, the historical existence, which the enemy wants to deprive us of.

In this sense, every one of you now is a warrior and a creator of history. If you become aware of it, we will definitely win.

P.S. According to the latest figures, in 2007, Afghanistan produced 8200 tons of opium. Thus, the dynamics of production growth looks like this - in 2005 - 4,500 tons of opium in 2006 - 6100 tons, 2007 - 8200 tons. This is an unprecedented growth rate, comparable only with the Opium War, waged by Britain against China in the XIX century.

The area of opium poppy cultivation this year increased by 17% - up to 193 thousand acres.

According to experts, the cultivation of crops that are used as raw materials for drugs in Afghanistan has occupied more land than in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru combined. 90% of all heroin sold in Russia comes from Afghanistan.

Fight against life:

Technologies of population reduction

In addition to drugs as a weapon to be used for the conduct of modern total war, the technologies of population reduction are utilized as well. That is, technology, reaching the same goals as drugs, the same goals as conventional weapons. Therefore, it would be appropriate to call these technologies weapons.

Ultimately, all these weapons are aimed at destruction of life as such, the main target, against which modern warfare is conducted. Destroy the life of a man and humanity in all its forms - spiritual, physical and intellectual - that is what the collective global aggressor is trying to achieve.

The war in the demographic subspace primarily aims at the destruction of physical life. However, in this way a double blow to the spiritual and also mental space takes place. After all, along with population reduction not only physical but also spiritual and intellectual potential of society is reduced. People, so weakened, are no longer able to defend their country, their faith and are no longer aware of the need for such protection.

I emphasize that the deepest meaning of modern war is the confrontation of forces committed to life and forces committed to death, forces of vitocracy (power of life) and forces of thanatocracy (power of death).

The cult of death worship - the basis of a New World Order

The cult of death worship and its distribution is the foundation of the New World Order, for creation of which the global clique is conducting a global war, using all possible ways and means, sowing death to the body, soul and consciousness of man, nations, and humanity.

Earlier we noted that the use of drugs as a weapon to achieve the goals of modern warfare has a narcotic dimension.

In connection with the use of technologies to reduce the population we are justified to introduce a term - "biomedical dimension of war." In this war, as well as in anti-state, everything is just the other way around, everything is perverted - the medical field, instead of being a servant of life, becomes a distributor of all kinds of most sophisticated forms of death.

To learn how technology of population reduction is utilized, and what manifestations a biomedical dimension of war is expressed, we will discuss in this chapter.

This will be a difficult conversation. War is war. And evil is great and insidious. But to resist it, we need to know its methods and weapons utilized by our enemy.

Adjoining this analysis with the darkness, we must have and keep the light in the soul and must cling even more to life. Because life is God and He is the best warrior. Trusting in Him, having faith in our soul, we could overcome the enemy. And with a sense of bright hope we start the story.

Russia has long been the object of a demographic attack. World Bank's projects in health, or rather health-burying as they are called, that were given to us so generously in forms of loans, have provided for well defined measures to reduce the fertility rate and population.

World Bank as a body of world government

World Bank, as the body of a world government in general focuses on such cases. It is they who are under the banner of family planning, maternal protection and child health. They issue related credits and loans (that is, under conditions they indicate), for example, on health care reform in selected regions of the country, and, as a condition of obtaining the loan they write all the vile demands.

In particular, to purchase laparoscopy equipment, which is used to sterilize the population. Another particularity of this project was to spread the free contraceptives among girls aged above 15 and low-income women (and they are in vast majority). Since the state itself on a tip from the World Bank was to finance the reduction of its own population, incidentally corrupting the students through the lessons of so-called sex education, also imposed by foreign "benefactors."

The particulars of World Bank project do not end there. They want more. They include the closure of maternity homes. And, really, what is the need for them, if birth rate is to decrease. Oh, and one more detail that struck the head of bank designers - to organize a trial help for patients with sexually transmitted diseases, in maternal clinics.

That is, in the places where healthy pregnant women are taken care of, "as an experiment", (remember the Nazi experiments) to introduce an infection that can lead to disease of the future mother and her baby, causing changes that lead to his death or a possible genetic pathology. Do you think I am writing about some abstract ideas? Not at all.

All this was included in World Bank project of the health reform in Tver and Kaluga regions. The loan was taken, and appropriate government regulation concerning the implementation of this project of the World Bank, was adopted in 1996.

It is easier to understand the issues with drugs. In that case the international organizations are declared criminal for distribution of funds, leading to illness and death, and ultimately to population reduction. World Bank achieves the same goals by other means. So what is the difference between it and the international criminal organizations?

"By their fruits, ye shall know them"

(Matt. 7:16).

Biomedical NATO

Population Connection logo - Education and Action for a Better World

Alas, WB is not alone in these criminal acts of theirs. There are other organizations pursuing the same goal and together form a force that can be called a biomedical NATO, which is understood as a collective meta-aggressor, to introduce and promote the medical and biological means of destruction, to reduce and prevent the human birth.

One of the members of the biomedical NATO (this is consonant with the Gestapo) is an international eugenics organization "Population Connection" (PC) with its headquarters in Washington. Founded in 1968, this organization used to be called "zero population growth." In 2002, it changed its name, but the essence remains the same.

It is known that the PC aims at "stabilization" of the world's population growth through the use of tools such as "family planning (this is another name for birth rate reduction), women's education (that is, persuading them not to have children) and the realization of the right to personal reproductive choices (i.e. abortion and sterilization)"

Given what they do, its motto is mockingly: "Education and action for a better world."

All of this eugenic brew is distributed under the guise of fighting global warming. It is known that the best cure for a headache is the guillotine. Moreover, the organization does not even question whether global warming is caused by humans.

Professor Paul Reiter, one of UN experts on the climate controls, said:

"We have this idea that we live in the age of reason, and concern over global warming seem like some kind of science.

But this is not science. This is propaganda ... I have often heard that there is a consensus of thousands of scientists on global warming. And that people are the cause of the catastrophic changes in the climate system.

So, I am one the scientists, and there are many of us, who believes that this is simply not true."

Incidentally, as a positive example to be adopted by all the other countries, activists of this organization give an example of Russia with its dynamics of significant reduction of its population. If nothing else, this is something they vigorously praise us for.

At the meeting of members of this organization with this very population one of those present asked about compliance of the population control policy with the constitution, and received a puzzling answer: "We do not control the population, we are engaged in the stabilization of population." You may think that this very stabilization does not imply control.

Slyness in this response consisted in the fact that one of the founders of this organization, which, remember, originally was called "zero population growth", Paul Ehrlich, said literally following:

"We must control population not only through a system of rewards and punishments, but through compulsion if voluntary methods will not produce the results."

As part of the family planning program in the early years of its implementation tens of thousands of Russian women were sterilized. Voluntary practices in the situation of "shock therapy" had an effect in this case.

At that presentation, where the organization's staff was asked some uncomfortable questions, it was shown how African women are sterilized with vaccines. Its activists are in favor of a law which would have provided an introduction to the schools, as a compulsory subject, "sex education" which, as experience shows, is in reality corruption of children and youth.

"Your friend - condom"

Textbook on sex education, which was developed for the second grade in Russian schools, was called "Your friend is a condom." This is not a joke. This is what it was called. Under this program, students at more senior classes have been prescribed "lessons for the removal of shame."

A questionnaire, "What do you know about sex," distributed among the teenage school children by the uncles-drafters of the family planning program, was banned by the Prosecutor General for its corrupting nature. One of those uncles was, incidentally, the owner of the peep shows and the other was awarded the MacArthur Foundation prize for protection of rights of sexual minorities [sexual perversions].

From sexual pathology it is known that early sex quickly leads to the extinction of reproductive functions.

In the mid-90s, Federal targeted program "Family Planning" was created, providing that which "Population Connection" organization was funded for through the federal budget, and almost to full extent, as opposed to targeted programs such as "Children with disabilities" and "Orphans", which were catastrophically underfunded.

At that time, before making the next federal budget that provides for continued funding of the program "Family Planning", the Russian Orthodox Church and some Muslim organizations organized the collection of signatures against the financing of that program.

And the State Duma before the adoption of the budget was literally overwhelmed with letters, telegrams, huge bundles of signatures from all over Russia. It was the most powerful people's campaign, unprecedented in its organization, meetings, and manifestation of the forces of the national spirit and its possibilities.

And Duma, being literally shocked by this stream of protest, despite extensive attempts of all sorts of radical liberals and Democrats to break through the barrier of financing this program, voted against it.

It was truly a people's victory, and it was a victory of the Russian Orthodox Church, which has conducted a tremendous campaign of outreach and managed to organize people. It is precisely because of such ability these enemies of Russia so fiercely hate the ROC and call it the number one enemy, trying to discredit it and isolate it from the people.

But let us get back to the collective medical-biological aggressor, one of the combat units of which is the aforementioned PR. Its president, John Seager, in his article "Why worry about low birth rates. False alarm over the slow growth of the population" in late 2004, wrote: "Is the so-called 'lack of fertility' the real problem? Not at all."

Ford Foundation

An interesting detail: this John Seager, while being president of PC was associated with the Ford Foundation. This fund, in turn, is controlled and funded by a number of remarkable organizations. These are well known Masonic structures - the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and "Skull and Bones" secret society, a member of which is George Bush.

Ford Foundation is controlled and funded by the CIA and associated with the political elite organization in the U.S., the Carlyle Group.

That is, the Ford Foundation accumulates the money of all these organizations for specific targeted projects they are interested in. Then the funding of these projects and programs is performed through this fund.

In essence, the Ford Foundation is carrying out the will of the world behind the scenes and American intelligence services and acts as their cover, a financial intermediary between them and the actual perpetrators of their programs and missions.

Thus, all those who carry out the operations on their behalf may claim: we are not funded by the masonic structures or the U.S. intelligence. Instead, they claim: we get funding from the Ford Foundation. Everything seems to be nice and dandy. In short, as the saying goes: "It is not my fault."

Such are most wonderful connections of this PC. There is one more interesting fact of life as to its president, John Seager. He has been involved in research on the impact of AIDS on the most affected parts of Africa.

The first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Wangari Mathai, argued that the AIDS virus was intentionally created by some immoral scientists as "an instrument of controlling Africans."

By the way, the fact that this virus has man-made origin is recognized even in the official documents of the Council of Europe.

Who created AIDS?

There exists written evidence and proof that AIDS was spread in Africa by "family planning" groups (in precisely those areas that were studied by Seager) via injections with hormonal contraceptive, Depo Provera.

Studies of the National Institute of Health in the USA and the University of North Carolina have shown that Depo Provera and similar contraceptives increase the risk of contracting AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases by 3 times.

The World Bank's project for the Tver and Kaluga regions in Russia, which was written above, also provided for distribution of contraceptives in line with family planning.

By the way, this project from the World Bank was planned for the period trough 2011. One can only hope that the money for its implementation have been stolen. As the saying goes, there was no happiness but unhappiness helped. Well, or can help.

From 1999 to 2000, the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is closely associated with the World Bank and which was extremely active in Russia during those years, has supplied to developing countries, which our country is counted as nowadays, 41,967,200 units of Depo Provera costing more than $40 million.

Even in one of the publications of Reuters it was noted with regret that these programs have contributed to the depopulation of Africa. By the way, Depo Provera is abbreviated as Depop that is consonant with the word "depopulation."

These programs were funded by the Clinton administration not only through the U.S. Agency for International Development, but also through the UN Population Fund. In total, along these lines 20 million doses of Depo Provera was sent to Africa annually. This birth control medication is the main component for family planning programs in Africa funded from overseas.

The structure of command of biomedical NATO includes not only the World Bank, but other elite banks as well. Edmund de Rothschild in one of his speeches outlined exactly the same goals as those being implemented by World Bank and Population Connection for reduction of birth rate.

Paul Ehrlich

Among the fighters against life was one more remarkable figure - Bush, the senior. He chaired the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population. That group began its operations in 1970 and included more than 20 congressional Republicans. In the same year it made recommendations, in which the second section was called (what would you think?) - "Population control".

Next came an equally impressive subtitle "Family Planning. Birth control." The text contained the following phrase: "Birth control should be carried out within the context of family planning.

Webster Tarpley in his book writes about it:

"The group became a public forum for every well known fanatic of the idea of zero population growth, from Paul Ehrlich, the founder of "Zero Population Growth" group, to the scientist on the study of racial issues, William Shockley ...

Paul Ehrlich's Genocide

As for Paul Ehrlich, his program of genocide included a call for the U.S. government to

"create a supplement to food and drinking water, which would promote mass sterilization, and the proposal to adhere to tough foreign policy, which should be directed at the denial of aid to the starving nations."

That second recommendation was one of the principles of foreign policy of the Bush administration.

In fact, after the establishment of a working group, the notorious Bush was honored to assume the post of the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, where Kurt Waldheim was then the Secretary-General, who, as was subsequently discovered, had connections with the Nazis.

Paul Ehrlich in 1968 wrote the book "The Population Bomb", where he predicted that by the end of the twentieth century, whole countries can no longer exist due to the the population growth. The book was written at the suggestion of such a globalist structure as the Sierra Club.

In the early 50's Paul Ehrlich married Anne Hauland, who was a member of many groups involved in environmental issues and sustainable development as well as such elite groups as the Sierra Club and the Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome

It is known that the Club of Rome is a Malthusian globalist organization, which considers humanity to be a threat to peace and seeks ways to reduce the population.

It is also known that the Club of Rome has developed for the UN a range (i.e. the maximum permissible values) of the population by country.

And so, the quota for Russia in this document is 50 million people.

In order to achieve their goals of fighting against human life, they invent all sorts of threats as a cover. In the document, developed by the Club of Rome, called the "First Global Revolution", it says:

"In search of a new enemy, which would enable us to unite, we came to the conclusion that the idea of environmental pollution, global warming, water shortages, famine are completely suitable for this purpose. The reason for all these threats is the human intervention ... The real enemy, thus, becomes all of humanity."

"Tell me who is your enemy, and I will tell you who you are" ...

A similar approach we use with respect to friends. To understand the true essence of the PC, we have to look at the friends of that organization. Tell me, who is your friend? And so one of friends of PC is Club of Rome. And who are friends of the Club of Rome? I do not call them "comrades", because even the Tambov's wolf would be insulted to have them as comrades. Such a rubbish it is.

And so, the Club of Rome is closely connected with such structures of the world behind the scenes as the Bilderberg Club and Bohemian Grove. But this last structure is not so much spoken about compared to three other major Masonic organizations, such as those very Bilderberg Club, the Trilateral Commission or Council on Foreign Relations.

Bohemian Club

Bohemian Grove, or Bohemian Club, includes about 2,000 people who regularly spend their free time there and attend their annual meeting in late July.

Among the members of this club are those who control the White House: George Bush, George W. Bush, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and James Baker, Henry Kissinger, former chairman of Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, former head of NASA, etc., etc.

Incidentally, Kissinger is known for his direct involvement in the global project of depopulation. It is written about in a special report prepared by Loni Wolfe in March 1981 for the Executive Intelligence Review.

From this report it follows that after discussions with the leadership of the Club of Rome, Kissinger, in 1975, created the U.S. State Department's Office of Population Affairs. Since the State Department is the foreign affairs ministry, the activities of that department are aimed at other countries, such as Third World countries.

We note immediately that this structure exists in the State Department to this day, although now it is not called "department" but "office", but the essence remains the same.

The main goal of the agency created by Kissinger was

"reducing the population to 2 billion people by fomenting wars, famine, disease and other necessary means."

Since then, in each "hot region", be it the Persian Gulf, Latin America, Southeast Asia or Africa, the U.S. foreign policy is to reduce the population.

Thomas Ferguson, an employee of the Office of Population Affairs, once said:

"There is a single theme behind all our work - we must reduce the population. Either they (the governments of the Third World) will do it themselves, using soft methods, or they will get riots, that you have in El Salvador, Iran or Beirut.

Population is a political issue. When the population gets out of control, what is required is authoritarian government, even fascism, in order to reduce it. The interest of professionals in the the population reduction area is not due to humanitarian considerations. This sounds nice, but we are looking at resources and environmental constraints. We are looking at our strategic needs, and we say that the country must reduce its population, otherwise you will have trouble."

Ferguson bluntly declares:

"Civil Wars is one of the ways to reduce the population ... But the fastest way to reduce it is hunger, as in Africa, or the deadly diseases."

Mr. Zbignev Brzezinski actively assisted this Office. He and Alexander Haig had been staunch supporters of population control. The report of Wolfe, citing sources in the U.S. National Security Council, said that the United States now shares the view of the former Director of the World Bank, McNamara, that "population crisis" for the U.S. is a bigger threat to national security interests than "nuclear annihilation."

Ferguson said:

"Every hot spot in the world corresponds to the point of the population crisis." He points to the identical "arc of crisis doctrine" by Brzezinski, calling it differently - the "arc of population crisis."

In 1980, the U.S. National Security Council releases the report, which states that the NSC and the Office of Population Affairs of Department of State have the capacity to prevent the birth of one billion people through programs of contraception. Russia has become one of the objects of these programs.

The report expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the demographic cleansing program in Iran under Khomeini had collapsed. This is one of those things about Iran that did not please the U.S..

Further, Ferguson states:

"We have a network of like-minded in the governments of different countries. And we will continue to do our job regardless of who is in the White House."

There is no doubt that there were some "like-minded" in Russia as well. Deindustrialization, into which the country was plunged according the programs of the U.S. has led to the fact that in Siberia, our main source of raw materials, the mass of the population was left without work and without means of subsistence, doomed to extinction.

And privatization, which, like tsunami swept across the country, led to the new owners not being interested in hiring local people of Siberia, because then they would have to maintain the social infrastructure. And they began to say that they are more comfortable with the so-called shift method of recruitment.

We are talking about migrants from other countries. That is, he came, worked, for example, six months, then someone else came in his place. And so there is no need for any social infrastructure. Cheap. And as you go, there is more to it.

In the mid-90s a special program was created to resettle the population of Siberia to the central regions, that are already overstretched in demographic terms. These programs are funded by the World Bank, and the "like-minded" in its management allow and approve it.

The category of persons subject to resettlement included the unemployed (that is, the vast majority of able-bodied citizens of Russia, which were left jobless as a result of deindustrialization and privatization), single parent mothers (really, what is the need to spend money on this social "ballast") and retirees (and those are certainly not needed, apparently, the hope was that, if you touch the old with their settled homes, they will die somewhere, abandoned by all). We can say that almost the entire population of Siberia and the Far North was subject to resettlement program of WB.

Anthropologists have proven that if a man radically alters the area of his residence, his family (he and his descendants) would require 200 years to completely physically, psychologically and socially adapt to a new place of residence. That is a colossal breakdown, which turns into severe consequences for human health.

And so with the tip from the World Bank (and a candidate for its president, recall, is appointed by the White House and is considered by the Bilderberg Club), a policy of depopulation of the North and similar areas was in fact carried out.

These areas are important not only economically but also in the military-strategic terms. WB programs extended to the population living on two thirds of our territory. On the background of inter-clan fighting for the country's wealth, created by the people and belonging to them by right, no one has even thought about these very people. They were simply robbed and destroyed.

Bohemian Club is located in Northern California on the shores of Russian River. Proximity to this river, which is called "Russian", apparently, is not accidental and is symbolic for them. Club members seem to like to arrange and carry out their orgies and man-hating rituals on this once Russian territory. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, every Republican President in the U.S. after the end of his term has became a member of the Bohemian Grove.

It is known that this club, where the ruling elite makes important decisions, accounts for about half of America's richest men, including not only the former, but current congressmen, governors, judges, heads of federal agencies and special services. And what could you do without them!

Among the members of the club one can find the leading representatives of business elite: it is David Rockefeller, Ed Galante, the chairman of Exxon-Mobil, Samuel Armacost, one of major shareholder of Texaco-Chevron, Arthur and Walter Hewlett, the representatives of the family of founders of Hewlett-Packard, and members of the Bechtel company clan.

And the list goes on. It is pretty long. It also includes the owners of the leading corporations in the defense and nuclear industries, many in the military establishment (and this close relationship with the military is not accidental) and the heads of major media.

Bohemian Club logo

This is a very exclusive club, established in 1872, of which almost nothing was known before the 80s of the twentieth century, when the press leaked the information about what is happening there. For example, about widespread homosexuality.

It is noteworthy that the emblem of the club is an owl - a symbol that represents the Canaanite cult of Moloch (Baal), an idol, devouring babies.

Ritual sacrifice to Moloch

The club holds the ritual sacrifice ceremonies to Moloch in front of a huge 15-meter statue of an owl. This Masonic ritual is performed while lit by torchlight as one of the cults of fire.

Ritual sacrifice at Bohemian Grove Ritual sacrifice to Moloch at Bohemian Grove - body burning

It is known that "traditionally, Baal is depicted as hot round horned Bull, into the fiery bowels of which were thrown the sacrificial infants and children ("passed through the fire" [as described in the Talmud]).

However, later (in the early Middle Ages) Moloch became identified with his messenger (herald) - "Horned Owl", symbolizing omniscience and omni-penetration."

This owl - a giant stone idol with horns - is installed in the center of Bohemian grove behind the altar, on which the ritual of cremation is performed. Moreover, in the bohemian club, this analogy with the Moloch is not even concealed.

The ritual is called the "Cremation of oppressive Care", the role of which is played by human.

Cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove

Shown above is the symbolic person (wooden dummy), being prepared for a ritual sacrifice, and a ritual itself with fire and torches.

Cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove

Baal is mentioned in the Bible:

"And in the house, which is called by my name, they have set their abominations, to defile it. They built temples to Baal in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to carry through the fire to their sons and daughters to Molech, which I commanded them, and I did not come to mind, so they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin".

(Jeremiah 32:34, 35)

These rituals with torches ... This worship of fire. The same thing as with Nazis.

In fact, all those wars, conducted or to be conducted by the U.S. leadership, by and large, are nothing more than one giant human sacrifice to Moloch, accompanied by fire and symbolizing the worship of this tool of war.

War as a means of genocide

On the Middle East alone there is plenty of evidence of the genocide committed by the United States in the region. For example, the U.S. economic sanctions against Iraq in the 90s caused the death of 1,000,000 people, of which 500 thousand are children. The Iran-Iraq war in the 80s, where the U.S. funded both warring parties, claimed the lives of more than one million people. The U.S. aggression in Iraq from 2003 until mid-2007 has killed more than 1,000,000 people. Total of 3 million people.

According to Western experts, in the first 39 months of American occupation, the number of victims of the war was at approximately 15,000 Iraqis a month. In the first half of 2006 this figure reached 30,000 people per month. It is war as a means of genocide.

It is no accident that in the bowels of the Bohemian Club, a number of military projects was developed, such as the Manhattan Project and the SDI, which paved a road to the project on missile defense.

One of the American journalists, Dick Matheson, who managed to get into the Bohemian Grove three times in 1991, wrote that a former Navy Secretary John Lehman gave a presentation on "smart weapons" (this project has received tremendous funding). In his speech he said that during the Gulf War, 200,000 Iraqis will be killed. Another speaker that year was Dick Cheney, who was a Secretary of Defense at that time, whose speech dealt with such topics as "The main problems of the defense of the XXI century".

Among the speakers was a former Minister of Health, Education and Welfare Joseph Califano, his theme was "The American Revolution in Health - who will live, who shall die and who will pay." And finally, the former U.S. Attorney General with no less interesting, I suppose, a lecture titled "Defining the new world order."

Bohemian Club is closely connected with the Masonic Lodge with the revealing name of "Skull and Bones", a member of which is George Bush junior.

The war, with its blood and dead, and family planning with its abortion and its murdered babies - these are two parts of a common human sacrifice to Moloch, being committed on a global scale by the world behind the scenes, which is a part of the various occult and secret organizations in the service of Baal.

The New World Order, which they are building now on human blood, is the order of death, and the regime which they are implementing is the real thanatocracy [death worship].

Network of interconnected organizations

On the example of PC ("Population Connection"), which is connected to many influential political and economic structures, we saw that medical-biological warfare, as well as drug war, is carried out by a network of interconnected organizations.

And so, in a demographic subspace, the main subject of conducting a war in terms of its organizational form is the network. And in terms of strategy a war in the demographic subspace is networking in nature and it requires special approaches to its execution.

To understand what represents some organization (being a network cell), which may have a very attractive name, we must first of all identify its network connections and control centers for its particular part of the network, to establish interpersonal connections of that network cell's management (as a rule, the leaders of the cells are connected to the same people).

In tracing the cells that form a network, their institutional interconnections, control centers of network cells (nodes) and interpersonal relations of its management with the leadership of other nodes represents the network approach. It will allow us to establish the network as the subject of conducting the war, its scope, its boundaries, its leaders, true content of its activity, to understand the essence of war and the strategy of the aggressor.

The "Family Security" (FS) organization

"Family Security Matters" organization logo -
		The National Security Resource for American Families
		(from "Invisible Khazaria" by Tatyana Gracheva)

Let us analyze in terms of network-based approach another organization carrying out the operations in the demographic subspace. Its name is simply wonderful - "Family Security Matters".

In early August of 2007 on the site of this organization was posted an article by the journalist and philosopher Philip Atkinson, who often publishes his writings on that site, where he wrote literally the following (and it is not black humor and not a parody, this is serious, they really think this way ):

"The simple truth that modern weapons now mean a nation must practice genocide or commit suicide. Israel provides the perfect example. If the Israelis do not raze Iran, the Iranians will fulfill their boast and wipe Israel off the face of the earth."

The wisest course of action for President Bush is

"use his nuclear weapons to slaughter Iraqis until they complied with his demands, or until they were all dead."

If President Bush copied Julius Caesar by ordering his army to empty Iraq of Arabs and repopulate the country with Americans, he would achieve immediate results: popularity with his military; enrichment of America by converting an Arabian Iraq into an American Iraq (therefore turning it from a liability to an asset); and boost American prestiege while terrifying American enemies."

Atkinson then concludes that

"Such actions will allow Bush to declare a martial law, to become the first permanent president of America and eventually become the ruler of the entire world."

As the first president for life, Bush will be able, according to Atkinson,

"To end the civil chaos caused by the continually squabbling Congress and the out-of-control Supreme Court"

Well, really, what would the "the standard of democracy," need this Congress for. As the saying goes, "the diplomats can eat with their hands." The standard is allowed anything. You can throw out the Congress into the trash bin with all this squabbling legislature, and hand the power to Bush. And then what an outrage it is - an independent Supreme Court. It is nothing more than arrogance. Put them all under the foot including this arrogant headstrong legislature.

Then, when all of it will be in the hands of one president for life, everyone will see, at last, and gasp in delight - "here he is the torch of democracy"! Only this country, which has always proclaimed that the purpose of World War it waged is the establishment of democracy throughout the world, is worthy to carry this wonderful standard to the ends of the earth and even the entire universe.

And what about Russia? Why are we lagging behind? There is an old anecdote. Two profligate drunks are looking for the third one [to split a bottle of vodka among the three as tradition goes] and can not find one. Suddenly, they see some feeble intellectual and take him into their company. So they bought a bottle of vodka and went looking for a place to drink it. They went to some staircase. The intellectual frowns in disgust and says: "It is filthy here". So they go to the next one, and then the third ... Intellectual does not like any of it. And so they keep looking for a better place and notice a drunk lying on the road. Being annoyed, they tell the intellectual: "Look, look, people are already having a ball. And we don't even have it in one eye."

And so the same thing in our case. American democrats are already having a ball for a long time, and we do not have it even in one eye. Basically, our democrats need to urgently declare a mobilization (because they seem to be too slack), and, just like in good old times, bring to life these genuine democratic principles, which with brilliant light have shone on the political horizon of the USA.

(FSM) offers opuses about the necessity of genocide and ethnic cleansing

But back to the organization called "Family Security Matters" (FSM). It offers as a family reading the opuses about the need for genocide and ethnic cleansing, treating the mass consciousness and directing it towards the need to continue the war, particularly in Iran.

Let us look at the connections of this network cell with other organizations and interpersonal contacts of its leaders.

With regard to the connections of this organization, they co-exist with such network cells, as the Center for Security Policy, headed by a rabid neo-conservative hawk in the Reagan administration, Frank Gaffney.

FSM is a roof for the Advisory Council on National Security, whose members are linked to the Bush administration. These are the neo-conservatives, Dick Cheney, Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, who even received an award of this organization.

One branch is the FSM Fund, which has close ties with the Anti-Defamation League and the International Women's Forum, and numerous national television and print media.

One of the members of The Board of Directors of the organization is former CIA Director James Woolsey.

In addition, through Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other neo-conservatives FSM is associated with Bohemian Club, which is one of its managing centers, using it as a tool to achieve their goals.

FSM is a very influential organization, not only because of its solid ties, but also for its vibrant advocacy. It, being directed by neoconservative ideology, played a major role in re-electing President Bush for a second term in 2004.

FSM molds a generation of iron women

Pursuing the process of mass brainwashing, associated with the most numerous family environment, FSM molds a generation iron women, as they call them "mothers for independence," who adhere to the militarist and Nazi ideology.

American family directed to not only be ready for war, to consent to war, but also to desire a war. Only this desire can induce a family to be willing to send its members to war and to bear any sacrifice.

FSM, by its aggressive promotion, transforms a family from the school of love towards the fellow men into smithery of hatred, where death and murder become an internal need.

A family, from a cell of state and society is transformed into a cell of global network, into a combat unit, forging the military personnel for global war against the statehood. Such family must blindly obey the militaristic neo-conservative ideology and to believe all this propaganda justifying the aggression and mass murder.

The ongoing U.S. war of aggression aimed at establishing world domination and the destruction of the traditional state system, requires a dictator. Therefore, FSM injects into a family mind the idea of the necessity and inevitability of the dictatorship for the sake of "higher purpose", the "messianic" idea.

Matrix is implemented, first, forming a need for political tyrant, and then the spiritual tyrant, the one who will rule the global anti-state, that is, the Antichrist.

One example indicating that such a matrix of needs in the sole ruler, the Fuehrer, is being implemented, is an article by Atkinson, who writes:

"President Bush can fail in his duty to himself, his country, and his God, by becoming "ex-president" Bush or he can become "President-for-Life" Bush: the conqueror of Iraq, who brings sense to the Congress and sanity to the Supreme Court.

Then who would be able to stop Bush from emulating Augustus Caesar and becoming ruler of the world? For only an America united under one ruler has the power to save humanity from the threat of a new Dark Age wrought by terrorists armed with nuclear weapons."

In short: "Give Bush Fuhrer!" Well, if not Bush, then someone else - does not matter. This matrix of totalitarian consciousness will continue to be built regardless of who is at the helm in the White House.

This is a management strategy of control of people who are under the complete control of the anti-state, people who have been converted into spiritual slaves, that subjugated their will to the global elite, which intends to turn them into bio-robots capable of any crime against humanity, used as a tool for achieving the goal of reducing its population by force of arms.


American stonehenge and instructions to humanity

A story, to which we now turn, is enigmatic and mysterious. It indicates the coming of truly dark times in the United States, operated by forces carrying the demographic threat of mass destruction.

In Georgia on top of one of the highest hills there is a huge granite monument. On four giant vertical slabs that support the plate which lays on top of them, engraved are the 10 directives written in nine languages.

American Stonehedge

The monument is also called American Stonehenge (dolmen). (Dolmen is a structure consisting of large detached blocks of stone, which in prehistoric times was used for ritual ceremonies and burials. The most famous of these structures is Stonehenge, located in Wilshire, UK).

History of the American Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery. No one knows who ordered its construction. We only know that in June 1979, a well-dressed stranger visited the Elberton Granite Finishing Company, a company engaged in the processing of granite, and announced that he wants to build the structure and send a message to humanity.

A rock with instructions in the state of Georgia

He gave his name, which later on turned out to be fictitious, and said that he represents a group of people who would like to propose the directing guidelines to lead humanity. Messages, which are engraved on the stones, relate to four main areas:

  • 1) leadership and the establishment of world government
  • 2) population and birth control,
  • 3) The environment and man's relation to nature,
  • 4) a new spirituality.

These instructions-directives, in particular, include:

Maintain humanity under 500 million

Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature

  • 1. Hold a population not exceeding 500,000,000 in constant balance with nature.
  • 2. It is wise to manage the birth rate by affecting the reproductive capacity and diversity.
  • 3. Unite humanity under single new living language
  • 4. Manage high feelings, such as faith, tradition, loyalty and others, keeping them under control with strict reason.

Starting from the first directive to achieve a balance with nature and a need to get rid of 9/10 of the population. Birth control as in paragraph 2, in fact, means the control and regulation according to the instruction specified in paragraph 1. Moreover, the entire message is seasoned with the message of love, human rights, justice and beauty.

In essence, everything written in these instructions reflects the ideas of the concept of so-called "sustainable development", which, incidentally, was developed by the Club of Rome and in the future was reflected in several documents, including the Earth Charter, drawn up in 1994 under the leadership of Maurice Strong, general Secretary of the Earth Summit and chairman of the Earth Committee (how do you like this post?), and Mikhail Gorbachev.

This document was named the "Bible of the XXI Century", and "not only set of principles for sustainable development, but also a strategic goal toward building a new society, a new civilization." Indeed, civilization so new, that one might even say unprecedented.

As follows from the interview given by Gorbachev to newspaper Corriere della Sera on April 4, 2005:

"Representatives of the Vatican took part in the drafting of the Earth Charter and provided support for the international environmental initiatives."

"World Religions and the emerging global civilization"

A year after the appearance of the Earth Charter, i.e. in 1995, in San Francisco a conference was held on "World Religions and the emerging global civilization." It took place essentially under the slogan:

"Control over the world's religions - control over humanity ..."

Among those who supported the event, we find familiar names - Bush, James Baker, Bill Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, etc.

And among the organizers of the conference we find Gorbachev Foundation and a number of Catholic bishops, representing the World Conference of Religions for Peace.

Members of the initiative group, promoting this Charter in Russia say that "support the Earth Charter was included in the resolutions, memorandum, and other summary documents of many activities in various regions of Russia."

But these initiatives can not be realized for as long as we keep the Orthodox orientation in our hearts, as long as we understand the dangers of global world order, where we know who will rule the ball. The scripture says that the Antichrist will become the main political ruler of the world:

"... And power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations"

(Rev. 13:7).

In addition, he will subdue the will of people and will be not only political but also spiritual ruler in the center of a new spirituality and a new united religion:

"... So that in the temple of God, he shalt sit as God, pretending to be God"

(2 Thess. 2:4).

Monument to Satan

In a message on the American Stonehenge it is said to unite all under one language - it is clear that in the tyrannical total anti-state there must exist a common language to so the slaves could understand the commands of the slaveholders. And slavery will be total - not only physical, but above all spiritual.

And it is assumed that the human will be so utterly under control that he, not understanding it, would go into slavery on his own will, because his soul is surrendered to the new slave owners.

But man can not be turned into a spiritual, that is total a slave, for as long as in his soul there is living faith of ancestors associated with loyalty to tradition. When the soul is filled with faith, it is subordinate to God. To reassign it to themselves, the global rulers plan to submit it first to reason, and then it will be easy to conquer it in order to prepare for the arrival of the one who will demand to be worshiped as God:

"And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

(Rev. 13:8).

To lead the soul out of obedience to God and to resubmit it to proud mind - means to force people to think only in pragmatic terms, and in terms of gain, and to forget the high feelings, to forget faith as such.

In the 4th directive it says:

"Control the high emotions - faith - tradition and others, submitting them to the hard common sense."

All this is in line with the philosophy of the the Illuminati secret society. One of its founders, Adam Weishaupt, admitted that he created a new religion when he founded the Illuminati. He wrote:

"I never thought that I would become the founder of a new religion."

As follows from the book of Nesta Webster, called "Secret Societies and subversive movements" (Churchill referred to it when he wrote about the Russian Revolution), the aim of the new religion was the replacement of religious human with on educated human: the human, solving problems of the mankind through his mind. Weishaupt stated:

"Reason will become the only law of man."

"When at last reason becomes the religion of man, then the problem will be solved."

In this replacement of religion with reason is precisely the essence of the 4th directive, so that, later on, out of nothingness, created instead of religion, to create a new artificial universal religion, created as fruit of proud mind as a consequence of rebellion against God. The first rebellion against God was started by we know whom. Therefore, this artificial religion is the religion of this very rebel.

The process of transformation of man into a spiritual slave

In one of the 10 directives (by their number, they coincide with the 10 commandments, and written, of course, as a challenge to them) it is suggested instead of God to believe in some vague infinity, in essence, nothingness, emptiness. Betraying the faith, the soul loses its reference point, a measure of comparison, becomes blind, no longer able to distinguish good from evil. Then to such a person they begin to suggest that evil is good, and good is evil.

In such a way the transformation of man into a spiritual slave of anti-State in this kingdom of death takes place, where thanatocracy triumphs and Antichrist rules.

It seems no accident that the message was written on the specially built for its transmission facilities for ritual ceremonies and burials. Its authors are a part of thanatocracy, worshiping a cult of death and sowing it everywhere.

These are the methods of waging a biomedical warfare in the demographic subspace, a war of total destruction, ruthless and cruel war, a war which results in billions of victims. These are special combat actions, without understanding and analysis of which we can not understand the nature of modern warfare for the New World Order and can not protect our people and our country.

This is one of the bloodiest components of a battle for statehood, which, using the medical and biological weapons, can lead to total collapse, and which is utilized by the collective aggressor.

It is no accident that in the May 1996 issue of the collection entitled "Special operations", published by the Centre and the school of special means of conducting a war, named after John F. Kennedy, it says:

"Many military and civilian officials of Zaire, Uganda, Kenya and other Central African countries are already suffering from AIDS. In some or all of these countries, the governmental structures may collapse in the next 10-15 years.

If this scheme is replicated in other regions where AIDS is spreading at an alarming rate, then the civilian leadership may also become subject to erosion and destruction in North Africa, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia."

On June 9, 1969 Donald MacArthur, who was then working at the U.S. Department of Defense, speaking in the U.S. Congress, said:

"Apparently, over the next 5-10 years it will be possible to create a new infective microorganism which will differ in several important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms.

The most significant of its properties can be attributed to resistance to conventional immunological and therapeutic methods, which assure the relative protection from the infectious diseases...

This is a highly controversial issue, and there are many who believe that such research should be banned due to the fact that it can lead to an alternative method of destruction of large segments of the population."

In 1979, that is, 10 years later, as predicted by MacArthur, the first cases of a new disease were reported, which began to selectively kill the people in certain regions of the world. AIDS has already killed 30 million people.

When we look at the possibility that the U.S. will spread the war to other countries, given that they are bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq, one might say: this will be madness. From the standpoint of common sense, it can not be explained. But this is explainable if we consider the directives written on the American Stonehenge (ritual dolmen), from the perspective of the war in the demographic subspace aimed at the destruction of mankind.

Genetic warfare

In June 2007, one of the famous and informed journalists, Benjamin Fulford, former Asian Pacific bureau chief for Forbes magazine, the author of 15 books, who now lives in Japan, wrote an article which contained the evidence that the U.S. government has a plan for waging a war on genetic level.

This plan seeks to reduce the population of Asia to 500 million people through the use of biological weapons, based on the racial-ethnic and genetic principles of exposure. That is, by developing a gene-organism capable of hitting and destroying the genotype of a particular ethnic group, nation or race, they can be completely destroyed.

And so a global program of the human genome, thrown into the mix for this purpose, into which, for "noble" purposes, many scientists from all over the world were brought in, apparently leads to the U.S.A. This allowed them to create a bank of genotypes of almost every national or racial group and give them the opportunity for conducting the experiments for creation of genetic weapons, capable of destroying masses of people.

The information provided by Fulford on the genetic war against the peoples of Asia was of interest to one very secret organization that was created in China in 1644 called "The Green and the Red Societies". That structure is one of the biggest mafia organizations in China called Triad. It has no fewer than six million people including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins.

Among the many members of the group there are many Japanese, and it is associated with the Japanese criminal organizations - the Yakuza.

Triad is considered to be one of the most rootless criminal organizations in the world. According to Russian experts, the Chinese Triads have pressed even Japanese Yakuza. The share of the Chinese account for about half of all crimes committed by foreigners.

According to American experts, the Chinese mafia penetrated deeply into the legal and the shadow economy of the United States, ahead of the Colombian cartels. In Italy, in 2006, police launched a major investigation into ties of Chinese gangsters and the Italian mafia.

In Tokyo, after one of Fulford's speeches on the use of genetic weapons by the Bush regime, as the journalist writes, the representatives of this same Triad, "Society of green and red", approached him and asked if they could could help. Fulford gave them the names of 10 thousand people associated with the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, the "Skull and Bones" lodge, American Neo Cons, under condition that they would not use violence, but instead would utilizes some sort of diplomacy.

One can understand the motives that moved a journalist. But he did not realize that the triad is involved in crimes including drug trafficking, not to mention the murders, which take many, many lives. Thus, they are working on the same agenda as those, whom they decided to settle the accounts with.

If such a collision takes place, it will be clashes between the two gangs - one of purely criminal, and the other of political nature, the result of which will be one and the - disruption and destruction of the foundations of statehood.

But in any case, what becomes evident is the fact that the actors in modern warfare are no longer the traditional states, but rather global, supranational and transnational structures, which, in certain circumstances, may engage in a struggle between themselves.

Fulford has high hopes for Russia. And in this he is right, because for every action there is always a counter-action. And it is precisely Russia, with its broad political, economic and, most importantly, spiritual abilities who can counteract the widespread evil. In essence, in this counteraction in the name of protection of our sacred statehood, saving the poor in spirit, and creativity, is the essence of our history and our destiny.

And in this battle, we have always been the winners. And so in the years of danger and hardship, Russia is looked up to, not only by the representatives of the East, but also the West, including Fulford, who knows a lot and has many contacts. But this role of Russia in the world is also understood by our enemies.

According to Fulford, a former head of the U.S. National Security Agency, Bobby Inman, speaking at a meeting Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan on June 26, 2007, made it clear that he expected a protracted struggle with Russia. But we need not get used to it. It is not the first time for us.

According to Fulford, this entire world behind the scenes, is like "The Wizard of Oz":

"As soon as you pull down the curtain, what you are going to see is they are actually weak. They rely on illusion. As soon as illusion disappears, they turn into a bunch of weak and old people."

Endless War. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead.
		Torture and surveillance. Questions about September 11?
		Corporate media and corporate government. Tyranny. Fascism. Lies

There are many Americans who understand and dissatisfied with what is happening in the U.S.. The poster, printed in the U.S. in 2007, says:

"Endless War. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead. Torture and surveillance. Questions about September 11? Corporate media and corporate government. Tyranny. Fascism. Lies."

The line of forces inside the USA opposing the established tyranny, grow, and their organizational abilities increase.



The new strategy of globalist military doctrine

The war in the territorial subspace

Metamorphoses of modern war

The war in the territorial subspace which, along with demographic subspace is one of the three components of war in physical space, is a war waged in different physical environments - on land, sea, air and space.

Traditionally, a war is being conducted by the armed forces of a state or coalition of states and it utilises different types of weapons and military equipment.

The great Russian military strategist and theorist Snesarev likened the war with a chameleon as to its effects in changing its character. But no one has expected those metamorphoses that have taken place in the present war.

What has changed as far as war goes and what caused such radical changes? These changes are so significant that the existing collection of technical terms, commonly used to describe a war, is no longer sufficient. So we have to extend this layer and not only turn to new concepts, but to also remember the long forgotten past.

First, we must consider the dual nature of this war. We are used to divide the wars in the just and unjust. One state unfairly attacks another, and the other justifiably defends itself. But the fact that these wars, even if they ended in the defeat of the attacked state, its occupation, and inclusion into occupier's territory, still, in one form or another, the defeated states still kept their name, and therefore the potential for their independence.

The defeat of Hitler coalition in the Second World War did not lead to the loss of their statehood. Germany has remained (albeit in a divided state), but it has not ceased to be Germany. Italy and Japan also remained as states.

But if you look at the current war, then where is Yugoslavia? It does not exist as a state. It has been blown to dust. This occupied territory has lost its name, along with the statehood. Even its name was erased to leave no hope to restore this state.

Where is the Soviet Union? It does not exist. This vast territory was deprived of its name, so there would not remain even the attempts to restore this state. And now they want to deprive us even of this new, already truncated Russian statehood.

The current war is a war on one hand, "against", and on the other, "for" the holy of holies - our state, which is traditionally regarded as sacred. Its defense is related to the protection of our Orthodox faith, which was a reliable pillar of our statehood. In periods of strong Russian statehood, the relationship the Church and Tsar has been particularly strong.

For her, this war is related to fulfilling the sacred duty to protect the sacred state (for defense of the Fatherland is inseparable from the protection of the heavenly homeland, the defense of our faith), because the object of destruction in this war is all that is most sacred to us. This war is not only just for us but also sacred. And so we have every right to call it sacred.

We must understand that modern warfare is total and is directed at complete destruction of the system of traditional statehood and traditional religions, especially Christianity and Islam. The mask of this war manifests itself in arrogance and treachery of collective aggressor that has abandoned all moral principles.

Behind this mask his true intentions are hiding - to create the anti-state on the ruins of war-devastated state, in essence, the embodiment of hell for all those who fall into slavish obedience.

Who is capable of conducting this unusual war? It is clearly the global elite which is the supreme commander of it. But who are the commanders, where is the army?

For waging the war against the system of statehood no single state or coalition of independent states in the world is suited. In essence, to conduct a war against the statehood would mean they are conducting the war against themselves, which is suicidal. Therefore, to conduct the war against the statehood only the large pseudo-state that surrendered its statehood, or a coalition of pseudo-states, that waived their sovereignty and are under the control of the global elite are capable of.

It is clear that such a false-state posing as sole superpower is the USA, which is totally controled by the world government, and not acting on behalf of the national but global anti-national interests.

It is precisely the U.S. that plays the role of global defense ministry as a part of the repressive machine of anti-state.

The European pseudo-states, have largely surrendered their sovereignty after the unification of the EU, and in fact, formed the core of the future anti-state and now are ready to defend it to the detriment of their national interests. As part of NATO and various temporary coalitions they are able to fight this war. And that is exactly what they are doing now.

But there is one "but", which constrains the actions of their armed forces, preventing them to act on behalf of the global agenda.

The fact that conventional forces are limited in their actions by national and international law, that no one has canceled, and are still applicable, including the framework of the UN. Of course, the experience of this war shows that they can violate them any time they want. But still, they did not dare to totally bring down the modern international system of law so far.

They also can not yet abandon the norms of their own legislation regulating the sphere of national defense. After all, the armed forces of the state can only exist in such a framework as national state, the protection of national interests, and national security threats, as recorded in the national legislation.

Therefore, the armed forces of the U.S. and Europe can take part in the war, but their actions are limited by the limits of legal framework, the abolition of which would mean the abolition of the armed forces.

Consequently, to meet the global challenges of transnational and anti-national goals in modern warfare, there is need in some other kind of army, not connected to the national boundaries and a need to protect them and national interests.

Fundamentally new global army

To maintain the current global war the aggressor needs a fundamentally new global army. But this army needs a new strategy that is different from that which guided the traditional armed forces. Since the new army does not present itself as an official, open-ended in nature, then this strategy should be largely focused on the secret, subversive operations.

Thus, developments in modern warfare relate to its objectives (the war against the statehood), its character (it becomes sacred), the subjects of its conduct (that is global and transnational governance and the global army) and strategy (focus on covert operations).

Now we are going to discuss what constitutes such new army.

The struggle for the abolition of the state - the goal of modern warfare, is essentially an attempt to lead the mankind to pre-state period of history, the times of tribal relations, when wars were fought by the tribes. Or by whom? Well, those whom they hired for this purpose, i.e., mercenaries, or hired guns.

Precisely the mercenaries are capable of waging war in the absence of the state and against the state itself. They are not bound by any moral obligations and are driven solely by one passion, a passion for enrichment. These people do not value their own lives and have even greater contempt for the lives of others.

Hatred of life develops the cult of death in them, a cult which is the basis of religion of anti-state, the cult, which worships the global thanatocracy, the cult, which is an embodiment of the Antichrist.

It is precisely this kind of army that is needed to wage war against the traditional state and against traditional religions, primarily such as Orthodoxy and Islam.

And such army already exists and is becoming stronger. It is already fighting and receives huge amounts of money.

Mercenaries - the army of the past in new war

The war in the territorial subspace has an obvious tendency for further large-scale escalation. Whereas previously the dominant form of international relations was diplomacy, now, to achieve political and economic goals, the global elite relies solely on violence. And it exhibits intolerance.

War becomes the primary means of physical destruction of statehood and the establishment of world tyranny.

The leading role in the conduct of this war is played by the USA. The military budget of the USA grows astronomically. For example, the military budget in 2008, which includes the expenses of the Pentagon and the Department of Energy, amounted to 499 billion dollars. This is a 46 billion more than in fiscal 2007.

Moreover, these funds do not include the costs of fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. To conduct those there is additional allocation of 141.7 billion dollars. In light of these, total military budget appropriations for fiscal year 2008 amounted to 647.2 billion dollars.

This is the highest level of U.S. military spending since the end of World War II. This is more than the budget of the war in Vietnam. This is more than Korea. And it is more than the peak during the Reagan era of military preparations. It is more than the cost of energy, economic development, education, transportation, environmental protection, veterans benefits, housing assistance, the law enforcement and training combined.

This budget is more than the combined defense spending of all the countries of the entire world. An amount of 141.7 billion dollars, allocated only to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, is more than the defense budgets of Russia and China combined.

The U.S. military spending is 10 times more than similar costs in China, which ranks second in the world in terms of military spending.

The U.S. military spending for fiscal year 2008 is more than the combined GDP of 47 countries in Africa.

And all of it, as they claim, is to fight bin Laden and his Al Qaeda? There is no doubt that the CIA created al Qaeda and bin Laden as protege, as well as the organized provocation of terrorist attacks of September 11 were necessary to obtain a pretext to launch this global war, and to cover its true motives.

Commercial military enterprises

Private military companies providing the services of mercenaries are now at the center of attention. One of the most prominent neo-conservative journalists, Max Boot, in his article in the neoconservative thought horn, Weekly Standard, wrote:

"Private military companies have emerged as major players in the wars of post-September period."

Boot describes as a major not the traditional regular armed forces of the state, which are designed to protect the statehood, but private structures acting on behalf of global owners and against the statehood.

The emergence of private military companies (PMCs) is one of the most important but little-studied events of the past 10 years. Events that had a huge impact on global politics and global war. In his article on PMCs in Washington Post he writes:

"Never before in the history of modern warfare the U.S. relied on private military companies to perform critical tasks that were usually a function of the armed forces."

That is what is happening. In parallel with conventional forces, the U.S. is actually creating a powerful global private army, which aims at waging war not over state interests but the interests of global predators. Privatization of war has created a dangerous trend of privatization of the armed forces, which somehow remained out of sight of those who make political decisions and ensure national defense.

Even at the stage of preparation for the invasion of Iraq the Pentagon made the mercenaries a part of its operations. USA, becoming a pseudo-state, are shedding off the last vestiges of statehood.

Since the beginning of the use of private military companies the government, in fact, lost the monopoly on the use of force, and its role as guarantor of peace and order was reduced to zero.

After all, no one now can guarantee that all of this powerful army would remain subordinate to the authority of state, carrying out the prescribed role. We know from history that the Praetorian Guard guarded Roman emperors for a long time until it started to kill them as a result.

This private army is ready to perform any task on a global scale and has all the necessary forces and means.

Here is what World Tribune writes about these broad opportunities and prospects that are associated with private military companies, in particular with one of the largest of them, which is very symbolically called Blackwater, meaning "black water":

"The leading American military company offered to provide the forces for any kind of mission to suppress the riots around the world."

In Iraq, Blackwater is carrying out the operations against the anti-occupation forces. That is, the armed forces of PMC are already a global police force, performing tasks of fighting and physical destruction of all dissidents and those resisting the establishment anti-state, trying to protect their state from a global aggressor.

The purpose of PMCs is not protection, but destruction

PMC already perform this function and are willing to do it in any region and any country pointed by the customer. In contrast to the armed forces of the state aimed at safeguarding the state's national interests, they are totally cosmopolitan. Their purpose is not protection, but destruction, the destruction of statehood on global scale.

If the defense of the Motherland is war "for" (it is essentially aimed at the liberation, restoration, creation), the war waged by transnational mercenary armies, is a war "against."

This is the absolute destruction and murder. Their task is not to create, but destroy. Their presence makes war more cruel and merciless. Because they do not defend anything, but attack, they have no concept of war for liberation. They ruthlessly destroy all the carriers of a sense of patriotism as their antipodes, their enemies.

Cofer Black, vice chairman of Blackwater, said at the exhibition of special operations forces Sofex-2006, that

"his company can supply private soldiers in any country" and is "fully capable of providing fully combat-ready force equal in force to a brigade."

Black noted that the company has developed the concept of private armies, which had been approved by the USA and NATO.

In order to avoid publicity about the true orientation of its actions, PMCs, and in particular, Blackwater, fulfill orders secretly, without any publicity, or hiding behind such slogans as security or even peacekeeping. What is the result of these "peacekeeping operations", can be seen in Africa or the former Yugoslavia, but we shall return to this later.

PMCs are used by the Pentagon to provide indirect military presence and support of U.S. forces in the theaters of operation overseas.

Furthermore, PMCs are also used by the U.S. State Department, which hires them to perform functions in hazardous areas where the use of conventional forces is impossible. The fact that the State Department, being the Ministry Foreign affairs, hires private armies to carry out its diplomatic objectives by military means, indicates an extremely dangerous trend - the militarization of American diplomacy and its merger with the American military machine.

PMCs perform a wide range of tasks, which include: providing military services and combat operations, strategic planning, covert operations, intelligence, operational and logistical support, conduct of psychological and information operations, technical assistance, training of troops, etc.

Regarding this last task, mercenaries act as advisers and train "local military units to fight effectively, rather than intervening directly." In other words, the nature their effectiveness is that they teach these formations how to conduct secret operations of subversion and sabotage against the traditional statehood and law enforcement.

There are some major PMCs, which can fulfill practically any orders, and there are those who specialize in narrow areas. These specialized companies can be divided into three groups: companies that provide services of military operational nature, military consulting firms that act as strategic advisers, and, finally, the companies specialising on military support, receiving billions of dollars in orders for services in the areas of logistics, intelligence and other types of support of the armed forces.

The rapid growth of PMCs

The rapid growth of demand for mercenary armies is evidenced by the fact that from 1994 to 2006, the U.S. Defense Department has signed 3,601 contracts with PMCs for total cost (only according to open data), of $300 billion. These figures relate only to the 12 companies based in the U.S. that came to the attention of an American think tank, conducting a study on the scale of the use of mercenaries. Therefore, there are other, no less in demand PMCs, that are not included among the twelve.

There are also numbers, confirming the huge involvement of PMCs in modern war. In particular, the ratio of mercenaries and American troops in Bosnia was initially 1:10, and then this figure has changed dramatically and became 1:1. This means that 50% of operations in the area had a secret, subversive character, not accounted for in any official data.

PMCs have close ties with the U.S. government and its individual members were, in fact, the founders of this business.

So, in 1992. Then the U.S. Secretary of Defense who later became a vice-president was Dick Cheney. He hires a company Brown & Root Services to draw up a secret report on how private military companies can help in the logistics and background support of U.S. troops in potential war zones. The company has received 3.9 million dollars for the performance on this contract. A little later in the same 1992, the Pentagon has yet allocated $5 million to correct the report.

Then, Brown & Root changed its name to Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) and acts as a subsidiary of Halliburton oil company, which is closely associated with Dick Cheney.

In fact, mercenary armies were born in the depths of transnational, mainly energy corporations whose main objective was to protect energy infrastructure owned by multinational corporations.

But later, when the struggle for resources has intensified, which is of vital interest to TNCs, the PMCs began to play a role of armed forces capable of carrying out any tasks to capture resources on demand, or to control them by undermining the state.

And unlike the regular armed forces, they do not need a permission of the authorities to implement these plans. Everything is done in secret and informal mode of action, needing no official approval necessary for the use of military force by the United States.

But Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) is not the only PMC that arose in the depths of TNCs. There is an example of an even more powerful corporation than Halliburton which is called Carlyle Group, the leadership of which includes some very powerful politicians, such as former U.S. president George HW Bush, former Secretary of State James Baker, and some other individuals, as well as Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration.

It was Carlucci who created the PMC called BDM as part of Carlyle Group, which subsequently acquired Vinnell corporation, which by that time had experience in providing the commercial military services. Since PMCs are an integral part of large multinational energy corporations, through their boards of directors, they are closely connected with the military and the U.S. political establishment and receive strong support from it.

More wars - more profit

A situation is created where the energy related TNCs are involved in a war to gain access to resources, and PMCs are not less interested in war, since it is their direct business.

The more wars, the more profit. There is a third player, showing great interest in the war. This is trans-national corporations of the military industrial complex (MIC). The more wars, the greater the need for their services, the more money they get. And since the energy TNCs, PMCs and MICs are closely connected with the U.S. leadership and influence its decisions, it results in emergence of the iron course of the war and the militarization of everything.

During Carlucci's stay in BDM, the company significantly expanded its contract work with the U.S. government. By 1994, its revenue from these contracts amounted to 774 million dollars. This is a significant increase compared with 295 million dollars received in 1991, when the company became a part of the Carlyle Group.

But there are also, so to speak, stand-alone private military companies, which operate independently. As a rule, their founders are former military personnel, including those occupying high positions in the American armed forces. And so, Carl Vuono, president of MPRI, which is located near the Pentagon in northern Virginia, from 1987 to 1991, was the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army and directed the operations in the Persian Gulf.

The company also employs the former director of Defense Intelligence Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, Gary Soyster, and former commander of U.S. forces in Europe, Crosbie Saint. These people came not only with extensive experience in senior positions. They came with their connections in government circles.

Thus the emergence of private military companies was a reason of not only corrupting the state apparatus, but also the militarization of it, and its active focus on war as the main source of income of the PMCs.

In 1994, MPRI signed a contract with Croatia to train the Croatian military forces. Thus the United States wanted to exert pressure on the Serb-led Yugoslavia, without the compromising military involvement, putting bets on the Croatian army. Its training was performed by MPRI.

"Ethnically cleaned" Croatia

In August 1995, that is, less than a year later, after MPRI began its operations in Croatia, the Croatian army launched a lightning offensive and captured the Serb-held enclaves in Croatia. The Croats could not achieve this goal over the previous four years.

The Croatian offensive has been the impetus for the escalation of hostilities in neighboring Bosnia, who was also engaged against the Serbs. MPRI then began to train the Bosnian armed forces.

All of this military training have resulted in the fact that 150,000 Serbs were forced to leave their homes and flee, leaving the "ethnically cleansed" Croatia.

Thus, the role of PMCs in the collapse of the now former Yugoslavia was significant. The war in Yugoslavia was the first experience in the use of private military companies for destruction of traditional statehood in Yugoslavia itself.

It was a means of intimidation of other countries and was indirectly aimed against the Russian statehood and reduction of the geopolitical and economic influence of Russia, depriving her of an important geo-strategic ally. That is, goals pursued by the PMCs, were not only anti-Serb, but also anti-Russian in character.

Profits of private military companies are huge and show the dynamics of rapid growth, indicating further increase of their role and spreading of their influence. Thus, in the period of 2003-2006, the U.S. government has allocated more than $300 billion to support the stabilization and reconstruction work in Iraq. It is reported that 25% of these funds went into the pockets of private military companies.

In Iraq, the operations aimed at suppressing the opposition to the occupation are conducted, as a rule, by private military companies, and not necessarily based in the United States.

David Claridge, director of one of London's PMCs, has estimated that the profits from contracts in Iraq, received by multinational military companies based in the UK, for the period from 2003 (the war) until 2006, increased from $320 million to more than $1.7 billion.

Cubic Corporation

Cubic Corporation Business segment sales

Cubic Corporation - profits

If we take, for example, business segment sales of Cubic , then this PMC, in 2006, has received orders for 821 million dollars, and 52% of this this amount were due to orders made by the U.S. government. And if you look at the structure of sales, 68% of services directly related to the defense segment.

This revenue growth reflects not only the growing demand for services of mercenaries. It is also one more indication of the expansion of the scope of the shadow war, covert operations and sabotage, which primarily utilizes the hired guns.

This concerns not only the so-called hot spots, but the whole world. Private military companies operate on a global scale and are transnational in nature, and therefore they should be referred to as a special kind of transnational corporations.

68% of transnational military services provided by Cubic are war related.

The map below shows the operations of Cubic in the military field in 46 countries. It marks the countries where Cubic personnel operates on permanent basis, conducting military operations. It should be noted that such countries include Ukraine and Georgia.

Cubic corporation - defense activity in 46 nations Cubic corporation - global map of defense activity

When we hear about major terrorist attacks such as Beslan, or a series of attacks by militants, such as provocations against Abkhazia, South Ossetia, or the North Caucasian republics of Russia, when we notice that the acts of sabotage are not just spontaneous actions by some disassociated gangs of militants, but are characterized by a well-planned and well-coordinated in time and space operations, the reason should be sought in the depths of PMCs that have received orders from a country interested in destabilizing the situation in the Caucasus region and the weakening of Russia's statehood.

As follows from the scheme on the structure of services provided, there is another segment - a 30% is associated with transport systems. This 30% of transport services are meant as cover for 68% of the military services. As a rule, transportation services are present in the structure of many PMCs.

That is, PMC obtains in such a way the possibility of offering the transportation services (maybe even on deliberately favorable terms), in order to penetrate the country, which is the object of military operation as per order by, in part, the U.S. government, as exemplified by Cubic.

So on a map of the PMCs may appear such countries as Belarus, towards which the U.S. Administration exhibits a particular "sensitive" attitude.

But if you look at the map as a whole, attention is drawn to the fact that the military services concern such countries as Armenia, Azerbaijan (we already spoke about Georgia), the Far East, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland.

All of it is in close proximity to Russia, and, presumably, can not be considered as unrelated to Russia and not threatening Russia. Therefore, PMCs should be monitored by the bodies dealing with security and by intelligence agencies of Russia.

In view of the secrecy of its operations and asymmetric nature of it, PMCs are perhaps the most dangerous subject of modern warfare against the state. War, I would emphasize, is what they are vitally interested in, because it gives them a constant steady flow of income.

Thus, provoking the instability and war, its constant incitement and escalation around the whole world - that is what is required for enrichment of these predators, vultures of globalization.

They are those who, on behalf of the priests of the global elite, are bringing whole countries and peoples as a sacrifice to Baal.

In contrast to traditional armed forces of the state, focused on a victorious end to the war, PMCs are focused on its distribution and propagation on a global scale without any concern to the national interests of any particular state.

That is why they are that very killer of statehood, which was hired by global Mafia to destroy their main opponent - the strong statehood and strong rulers protecting their state, in order to establish their criminal tyranny.

They are rapidly replacing conventional armed forces, because their goals are just the opposite. In one case, the war is conducted in order to win and establish order, in the other, the war is conducted for the sake of its propagation and chaos. It is obvious that at this stage of destruction of the traditional statehood the global elite is interested in the second version.

Therefore, the traditional armed forces with their links to national interests are useless when it comes to achieving the global goals. This relationship of national and global subjects of warfare will change in the direction of the global. And this trend in the U.S., even right now, with each passing year increases rapidly. The nature of these changes has the following dynamics.

First, the global subject of war (PMC) appears as a subsidiary of TNC [trans-nationals]. Then there is its autonomization and formation of independent PMCs, which perform according to specific military orders of leadership of National military forces. At this stage the subject of global warfare exists and operates in parallel with the national subject of warfare (conventional forces) with the dominant role of the latter. Then this ratio changes and becomes, say, 50 to 50.

When U.S. troops entered Iraq in March 2003, they brought with them the largest army of mercenaries in the history of modern warfare. By the end of 2006 only in Iraq, they numbered 100,000. Then it was almost a 1:1 ratio.

According to a press release from Sen. Jim Webb, as of July 2007, in Iraq, there were already 180,000 mercenaries, while the number of regular U.S. forces was 156,.247.

Over time, the global entity becomes a part of a national entity, performing the most important and difficult tasks. It operates on the principle of a drug: it creates the illusion of strength and confidence, and after becoming independent, it completely destroys the entire body.

Global and National are "two incompatible things." They are polar opposites and objectively confront each other. Global will always and everywhere fight against the national and state as such, and seek, one way or another, to subjugate and destroy it.

Becoming a part of the national subject of war, a global entity will inevitably come into competition with national, and the fight will eventually break down to oust it. For as long as it is not entirely defeated.

When this happens, and PMC, as a global entity, will completely replace the traditional forces as a national entity, it would mean a complete loss of sovereignty and statehood.

Legalization of PMCs as an integral part of the conventional armed forces in the U.S. is shrouded in mystery and provocations, which are the hallmarks of mercenary. Thus, we will present this story step by step.

Rumsfeld calls for conversion of the armed forces into commercial operations

On September 10, 2001 (note that date) then U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spoke at the Pentagon during one of his first policy speeches. In essence, this speech was characterized by a declaration of war.

So, Rumsfeld told the audience:

"The problem today is the enemy that poses a threat, a serious threat to the security of the United States. It undermines the defense the United States and jeopardizes the lives of men and women in uniform. "

After this intriguing tirade Rumsfeld continued, turning to his subordinates:

"You may think that I'm describing one of the last aging dictators in in the world ... But the enemy is closer to our house. And this is the Pentagon's bureaucracy."

After that, Rumsfeld, as a measure to combat the bureaucracy called for a total change in the management of the Pentagon and converting it to a new model based on the private sector.

In announcing these radical transformations, Rumsfeld told the assembled audience:

"I have no intention to attack the Pentagon. I want to release it. We must save it from itself. "

It is clear that such an explosive mission of liberation can be justified only by an explosive event.

On September 11, 2001, that is, the next morning after this speech, the Pentagon was actually attacked, and Rumsfeld obtained with it something that seemed to be an incredible opportunity to quickly start implementing his personal doctrine of war, which he outlined the day before the terrorist attacks.

The impression it leaves is that it was clearly orchestrated and in terms of time arranged to fit the policy statements made before. Well, so that no one had expressed any doubts and objections. And to make sure no one could even think otherwise, Bush had launched a phrase throwm to him by his puppet masters:

"Either you are with us or you're with the terrorists."

Thus, a new Pentagon policy was born, later to become known as the Rumsfeld doctrine, which became the foundation of three basic ideas.

Those are, firstly, betting on covert operations, secondly, the reliance on private military companies (which, incidentally, is particularly suited to covert operations) and, thirdly, the use of weapons systems based on high technology.

[All of which was previously presented at the Bohemian Grove.]

During summer of 2002, Rumsfeld appears with the program article "Reforming the armed forces" in the journal of Foreign Affairs, which is the mouthpiece of the Council on Foreign Relations, and consequently, the global elite.

In his article, he introduces a concept of "entrepreneurial approach", which is presented as the main principle of transformation in the military sphere. Rumsfeld literally says the following:

"We must allow for a more entrepreneurial approach, one that encourages people to be proactive (i.e., work on preemptive basis), rather than reactive (i.e. reacting to already arisen circumstances) and not to behave as bureaucrats, but as venture (risk) capitalists."

This means a bet on the market and market principles in the military field, the transformation of war into a business where large demand for military service generates their large-scale offer.

War is not conducted by the state, but a handful of people who have seized power and use it for their own private non-governmental, anti-state and global interests. To conduct a private, non-state war one needs the private, non-governmental structures.

The war turns into a global market

The war turns into a very lucrative global market for private military services, for which demand is constantly growing with the intensification created by global architects of the new world order, craving to implement it as soon as possible.

Every four years, a fundamental strategic document is introduced in the United States, which is a comprehensive report on the condition of the U.S. defense. So in the 2006 report, which has been adopted up to 2010, Rumsfeld emphasizes what he labeled as a "road map to changes in the U.S. Department of Defense," which, as he noted, was launched in 2001. He was referring to the mercenaries.

Comprehensive report on the state of the the U.S. defense in 2006 introduced a new concept - "The total forces of the Department of Defense," which included four components: the regular forces, reserve units, civilian personnel and mercenaries. These components, as written, provide the defense and military capabilities of the United States.

The report further states:

"Parts of total forces serve in thousands of places around the world, performing a wide range of duties related to mission-critical tasks."

Recognition of mercenaries as an integral part of the U.S. Armed Forces

Recognition of mercenaries as an integral part of the U.S. armed forces was a great victory for PMCs and gave them the necessary legitimacy, which they never had before.

After all, in accordance with international law, mercenaries are prohibited. But the U.S. has not only failed to respect this rule, but at the official level, boldly introduced the norm, directly contradicting it.

Although Rumsfeld as U.S. defense secretary was in effect thrown overboard at the end of 2006 by the Bush administration, his doctrine has been steadily implemented.

In fact, a bet on what is called in the American strategy "low-profile footprint", that is, the widespread use of mercenaries in every aspect of the war, including combat operations, is considered in the Pentagon the most significant achievement in the practice of modern warfare.

Rumsfeld made the PMC related information classified as part of the American war machine

This effect of "low-profile footprint" is also supported by the fog of mystery enveloping not only the actions of mercenaries, and contracts entered into by the Pentagon with the PMCs. Before he resigned, Rumsfeld took the unprecedented step: he classified the PMCs, making them an official part of the American war machine.

The secrecy that surrounds the activities of PMCs, allows the White House to hide the true human costs and losses, implied by illegal occupation of Iraq. This secrecy provides one more opportunity related to the fact that the occupation of Iraq is accompanied by the systematic campaigns of killing and reprisals against coalition forces. The use of mercenaries creates a convenient set of circumstances for the White House for conducting the most sordid acts, ranging from torture to provocations and killings, that it would not want the official armed forces to get involved in.

Secrecy of PMC activities provides the U.S. administration with political cover, allowing them to secretly deploy private army in the war areas, without obtaining the sanction of the Congress, required for the application of the official armed forces, and without providing any information about these activities.

So not only American society but also the world public remain ignorant and deluded as to what is actually the scale of military operations and who stands behind some provocations and terrorist acts.

Moreover, the White House and Congress, in fact, released the PMCs from any potential liability for the crimes, or supervision over their operations and legal restrictions.

As of 2006, out of 100,000 mercenaries in Iraq, only one has been convicted of a crime despite the fact that a huge number of crimes have been committed by them. After all, the purpose of their use is to commit crimes. That is among the reasons why their actions are surrounded by shroud of secrecy. However, information is still leaking, and the secret gets revealed.

Mercenaries in Iraq have complete immunity from Iraqi law

Thus, it became known that among those who tortured Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison were mercenaries, who were used as interrogators and translators. By special decree, issued in the U.S., mercenaries in Iraq have complete immunity from Iraqi law.

In general, we can say that the mercenaries, under international law, are the illegal global forces that act illegitimately, without being subject to law and contrary to the law, and are used by the clients to commit crimes, which, despite the thick veil of surrounding secrecy, still resurface in one place or another.

Thus, according to The Associated Press, on April 3, 2007 Interpol issued a warrant for the arrest of three Israelis accused of "building the private armies for Colombian drug cartels and death squads of the right-wing extremist organizations."

In other words, the gangs to be used for erosion, criminalization and destabilization of the statehood. There is a law for this: like tends to like.

PMCs as inherently international criminal organizations that specialize in war crimes, come into contact with the same kind of international criminal organizations that specialize in other types of crimes, including drugs, weapons and slave trade.

This special kind of relationship and a special market for criminal services, where criminal activity is intertwined, and the PMCs begin to engage in other activities non-specific to their operations. As an example we can use the DynCorp corporation, which was hired by the Pentagon to carry out the operations in Bosnia.

In 1999, information surfaced that the company's employees "were involved in the illegal and inhumane behavior, engaged in arms smuggling and trafficking in women, forged passports and participated in other immoral acts."

Those three Israelis were charged with criminal conspiracy and terrorist training. As a cover for their criminal activities the PMCs use quite legal offers of services in training security personnel and get a permission from the unsuspecting official government agencies.

For example, in Colombia, the Israeli PMC was hired with the approval of the Ministry of Defense of Colombia to provide security of the banana industry in the north.

Blackwater - a part of the Total Force

Blackwater logo - a part of the Total Force

To get an idea what is the PMC from the inside, let us look at some of them. The biggest and best known company is Blackwater, which occupies a key position on the shadow mercenary market.

Unknown to many Americans and outside the field of view of the U.S. Congress, the company still enjoys great influence, power and protection in the military and government circles in the United States.

It is known that the of Blackwater company's success is the result of the implementation of tremendous effort by neoconservatives, who formed the core of the Bush administration's war machine, for which radical privatization has become one of the main ideological principles.

Blackwater has repeatedly cited Rumsfeld's statement that the mercenaries are a part of the Total Force as a confirmation that the mercenaries is a legitimate component of the defense and military capabilities of the United States.

Enjoying the favorable attitude of the U.S. political and military leadership, Blackwater, in fact, has placed its hand above the law.

Their current status, on one hand, allows them not to obey the civil court, because they are military, but on the other - not to obey the military court, as they are not the official government military forces.

In Iraq, Blackwater is operating in the secret labyrinths of various secret contracts and subcontracts. But in general, all this secrecy is explained by the fact that, according to some sources, it was essentially a private army of American political leadership.

Blackwater was founded in 1996, by multimillionaire Erik Prince, who had previously served in the U.S. Navy SEALs, and connected to the Christian Zionists. So call themselves those who belong to such a radical religious organizations as Christian Right in the USA.

Generous donations made by wealthy parents of Eric Prince contributed to the establishment of this organization, as well as the Republicans winning the elections, what was later called the Republican Revolution of 1994.

At the time of its creation Blackwater primarily consisted of personal wealth of Prince and was located on a fairly large plot of land of more than 2,000 acres in North Carolina.

The aim of the newly established company has been fulfilling the orders of the U.S. government relating to private services for combat operations and training the personnel in the security field.

In subsequent years, Prince invested a lot of money into the campaign of support of Republicans and contributed to the victory of Bush in the presidential election, securing thereby the full protection of political and military elite of the USA.

While Blackwater had lucrative contracts during the Clinton administration as Democrats have embarked on extensive privatization, yet only with the Republicans coming to power and beginning of the war on terrorism the finest hour of the company began.

Blackwater has become a key player in the global war

Literally right after September 11, Blackwater has become a key player in the global war.

This is confirmed by the number of circumstances. First, 10 years after the establishment of the company, that is, in 2006, Prince has expanded his territory from 2000 to almost 3,000 acres, making Blackwater the largest private military base in the world. Moreover, he created the first precedent for the creation of such a base.

And, secondly, the company has become one of the biggest beneficiaries of the war on terror, signing $1 billion worth of contracts with the U.S. government, and that is only in unclassified orders.

Blackwater revenue now is about $100 million a year. Almost all of it through contracts with the U.S. government.

This meteoric rise of Blackwater and other PMCs testifies not only to strengthening of their influence on the upper echelon of the U.S. leadership, but above all, makes obvious the fact that the war is not only extremely profitable business, but is also in high demand by the U.S. government, NATO and a number of other countries.

The PMC's interest in escalating the war coincided, therefore, with interest of the global elite, who seized power in the U.S., to use the war as the main instrument of struggle against the traditional state and establishment of the New World Order by force.

At present, Blackwater operates under contracts with the three key agencies - the Pentagon, CIA and State Department. These contracts, as the investigative reporting by Ken Silverstein, published in the Harpers magazine shows, are focused mainly on three countries - Afghanistan, Iraq and Azerbaijan.

From 1996 to 2006, the company trained 50,000 troops to fulfill its contractual obligations, including many representatives of the U.S. Special Operations Forces.

The company's website says that "Blackwater has a staff to perform any task."

The fact that such government agencies are turning to this company and enter into contracts with it, confirms the high professionalism of its employees, which Blackwater recruits from military special operations forces, including units of Navy Special Operations Forces (so-called "Sea Lions"), the Army and the elite U.S. Special Forces from the "Delta Force".

Judging by the specialization of this population we can determine which tasks are performed by the company and what services it provides to the Pentagon, CIA and State Department in various parts of the world.

It is not difficult to guess that this is primarily sabotage, reconnaissance and amphibious operations, any kind of provocations aimed at destabilizing the situation in the state, attacked by the USA and its NATO allies.

In Iraq, the cost of services provided by Blackwater, reaches 1500-2000 dollars per day for each soldier. One of the officers of the American intelligence said about these guys that they have formed a "special subculture." However, even the Pentagon officers admit that they do not know the true nature of the tasks performed by the Blackwater and its hired guns.

The government has no real control over the activities of PMCs

This problem concerns all the PMCs. For example, one senior U.S. military representatives said that the government no longer has effective control over the activities of PMCs. According to him,

"These companies can hire anyone they want. And because they are not financed by the state, they are out of the Pentagon's responsibility."

Since the beginning of the war on terror, the company hired a staff with good connections in government circles. So, for example, the management of the company now includes Cofer Black, a former head of the CIA's Counter-terrorism Center, and Joseph Schmitz, former Inspector General of the Department of Defense, who was responsible for contracts with PMCs.

Cofer Black, who at the time of terrorist acts, was the highest official in the Bush administration, responsible for counter-terrorism activities, gained fame after his notorious phrase, uttered immediately after the attacks: "The gloves are off." This, in effect, meant that now they have an excuse for a profitable war for the PMCs and unpunished killings of many people.

Occupying such position, Black could not be unaware of impending attacks. About the fact that they will happen, incidentally, was written in March 2001 in the report of Director of Defense Intelligence Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, Admiral Thomas Wilson.

And the fact that Black joined Blackwater, becoming vice-president of the company, which derives its revenue from the global war on terror, which became possible after the Sept. 11, once again suggests that it was a well organized operation of the U.S. intelligence. Now there is a huge amount of evidence that it was precisely their job.

Robert Pelton writes in his book "Licensed to Kill", that Blackwater signed a secret deal with the CIA in 2002, worth $4-5 million after a conversation between Prince and then-deputy CIA director Bazi Krongard.

Despite its shady and well-covered interests, Blackwater still had to get out of the shadows. It happened on March 31, 2004, when in the Iraqi city of Fallujah four U.S. soldiers were killed, who, as it turned out, were the employees of Blackwater. A crowd of Iraqis outraged by viciousness of these mercenaries, burned their bodies, has carried them through the streets, and then hung on the poles of the bridge.

After this episode, the American public for the first time heard of the existence of PMCs and mercenaries.

Halliburton and KBR

During the investigation of this incident in the U.S. it was discovered that Blackwater in fact, worked as a sub-contractor with another private military company - KBR , which was a subsidiary of "Halliburton", closely associated with Vice President Dick Cheney.

And the fact that it managed to hush up the scandalous case, became another confirmation of the fact that PMCs have a powerful lobby in the White House and Congress.

The fact that there exist additional subcontracting relationships between PMCs, and they may conclude the agreements among themselves, is the evidence of extremely convoluted and shadowy nature of this business. So it becomes impossible to trace levels of performance on some contract, to determine who is his true performer, let alone to figure out what amounts are involved in subcontracting relationships.

In September 2007, the Interior Ministry of Iraq has submitted a report to the government's office, which provided the evidence that the Blackwater mercenaries killed the parents and their child, who drove the car and did not stop to let the car with the mercenaries go first.

Mercenaries shooting on the cars is the main way to regulate the traffic on the roads of Iraq

It is reported that the mercenaries shooting on the cars is the main way to regulate traffic on the roads of Iraq, which are controlled by private military companies, that is those very mercenaries.

Iraqi Defense Ministry at the same time reported that the shooting was carried out even from the helicopters belonging to the company. As a result of this shooting 20 peaceful civilians were killed.

In general, it is all in full accordance with the motto of Blackwater which says:

"Providing a new generation of capabilities, skills and training to meet the whole spectrum of security needs of the world,"

which means, as written about by experts,

"killing people in the countries subjected to aggression and occupation, and even in America itself, in the areas of natural disasters, such as in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina."

Under the pretext of restoring order people were killed on the spot without trial

It was reported that under the pretext of restoring order people were killed on the spot without trial. Apparently, Blackwater gunmen have been more successful than others in doing this.

PMC services were in demand not only in military but also in the intelligence field, which shows the militarization and privatization of intelligence and subordination of it to the goals of global war. The structure of major PMCs, such as Blackwater, includes special private intelligence forces.

Erik Prince is working closely with senior management of the CIA

Ken Silverstein in his article in Harpers, citing a source in the CIA, says that the company's founder Erik Prince is working closely with senior stuff in the CIA and has a "green card" pass, which gives the private military companies access to the CIA facilities.

The source told Ken Silverstein, that Prince, as a rule, visits the CIA headquarters once a month.

"He meets with senior management in particular DO" (Directorate of Operations, which oversees covert operations. In 2005, he joined the newly established National Clandestine Service).

When Tom Richer, assistant deputy director for covert operations, has resigned, he was immediately invited to Blackwater as vice-president for intelligence.

Richer, former head of the CIA's Near East and South Asia Division, has long served in the Jordanian capital, Amman. He was a very effective agent, who managed to establish an unusually close relationship with Jordan's King Abdullah. A person familiar with the situation, said:

"In our relations with Jordan, we had ups and downs, but the king always remained on friendly terms with the CIA. Priorities for the King has always been the relationships with the CIA, but not with the American ambassador."

The CIA has always generously subsidized the Jordanian intelligence, and in recent years has sent them millions of dollars on training. Sources say that after the Richer moved to Blackwater, he helped the company to conclude multi-million dollar deal with the Jordanian Government for the same training as provided by the CIA.

Blackwater is closely linked to the director of the National Clandestine Service, which is called the main American spy. The company also employs his friend Rick Prado, who is vice president for special programs.

The main customers of the PMC is virtually the entire spectrum of American intelligence agencies, including CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, etc.

In general, there is a dangerous trend of serious growth of dependence of government agencies, including military, intelligence and foreign policy on the PMCs, transferring to them a large part of the functions of these departments.

This requires increased attention to the activities of PMCs and development of strategy for intelligence and counterintelligence activities, directed specifically at these companies and their operations. It is them who conduct a larger, or even largest part of the war against the statehood. And if we do not work against them, we are going to lose this war.

It is impossible to say with certainty what percentage of the intelligence operations conducted by PMCs is performed under contracts with intelligence agencies. However, some information still leaks.

The New York Times article published in April 2007, quotes Ronald Sanders, head of the unit in charge of personnel in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, that about 25% of all intelligence operations is carried out under contracts with private companies.

In 2006, then Director of the U.S. National Intelligence, John Negroponte, said in his speech that "the nearly 100,000 talented and hardworking Americans," are working for the agency.

At a conference in 2005, Mary Margaret Graham, who served as Deputy Director of National Intelligence, as a slip of tongue, stated that annual spending on intelligence agent activities is $44 billion.

Vinnell Corporation Serves America - slogan

Forms of cooperation of PMCs with intelligence agencies are diverse in nature. Thus, the Vinnell Corporation has established close ties with the CIA, which uses it as a cover of the activities of their agents in Africa and the Middle East.

PMC become a roof for conducting intelligence operations

That is not only PMCs are engaged in intelligence activities, but also become a roof for conducting intelligence operations.

U.S. government military contracts with PMCs are the most expensive and numerous. Their conclusion provides a powerful lobby that exists in the higher echelons of power. A number of major military companies hired lobbyists to secure their interests on Capitol Hill. Due to this the annual cost of contracts between the government and PMCs reached $100 billion.

Thus, in the global structure of private military services, 70% of orders from the leadership of the United States and Great Britain. But if what PMCs do is essentially the struggle against the traditional state system, then it is possible to make a conclusion about absolutely anti-statehood role played by these two countries in the world.

They and their allies under their control act as a function of forced dismantling of the existing world order, a stronghold of which is Russia, capable, in spite of everything, to unite the forces opposing the destruction.

The objective inevitability of confrontation with Russia

Hence the objective inevitability of confrontation of anti-statehood bloc led by the United States and Britain with Russia, destructive and militaristic nature of which reveals their reliance on global mercenary army in its global war for the establishment of a global anti-state.

And those 70% of the market of military services taken by orders from the leadership of the U.S. and the UK, show the true essence of the policy of these countries and its deep anti-Russian orientation on a background of hypocritical talk about partnership and sly smiles frozen on the masks that hide their true face.

And the fact that PMCs operate in the interests of American globalist establishment is beyond doubt. Well, first of all, he who pays the piper calls the tune. And secondly, even if the customer is a foreign state, there exists a system of licensing of PMCs in the U.S., which simply requires them to ensure the compliance with objectives of American leadership while performing on any contract.

What is the process of licensing of private military companies in the U.S.? The peculiarity here is that under American law the military services are treated as military goods and their sale to foreign markets, that is, execution of orders of foreign states is considered to be the same as supplying the American arms.

According to the law on control of arms transfers abroad, private military companies, before performing services on request of a foreign government, must obtain the approval by the State Department. Its department of control in the area of defense performs a study to make sure the conditions of the contract correspond to political goals of the USA, and which items are to be included in the contract to force the client state to carry out a pro-American foreign policy.

One of the managers of MPRI PMC, Soyster, a former head of the Intelligence Directorate of U.S. Department of Defense, admitted that his company's overseas contracts include a description of how the company's presence in the country will promote the U.S. interests.

Deputy Secretary of State Charles Snyder, who deals with the problems of Africa, said that in deciding whether to issue a permit to enter into a contract with a private military company, its staff evaluates primarily the potentials of a contract.

But there is another way to obtain a permit for the provision of military services abroad - through the U.S. Department of Defense. Its current program of foreign arms sales allows all those PMCs that are on the list to avoid obtaining a permit from the State Department. But the requirement to secure U.S. interests in each of the external contracts enforced consistently.

Thus, under the Pentagon's program of foreign military supply, contracts were signed between the Vinnell PMC and Saudi Arabia to train the National Guard, and so the MPRI contracts to train the armed forces of Macedonia and Bulgaria.

It is known that private military companies are trying to get into the program of foreign military supplies to avoid a lengthy approval procedures by the State Department and to secure a reliable support for the U.S. government. In order to achieve inclusion in this program, the PMCs look to their lobbying groups in different government structures that already, at the departmental level, are pushing interested PMCs into the lists of its participants.

Thus PMCs, seriously corrupt the whole system of government in the United States. Themselves, specifically aimed at destruction, they carry this virus of destruction which corrupts everything and everyone who comes in contact with it or use their services.

They decompose the armed forces, which, relying on PMCs, fail to fulfill their responsibilities and become totally dependent on private armed forces. They break down the system of state authorities, who put in the first place not public, but selfish, private, and ultimately criminal global interests.

Vinnell Corporation and Saudi Arabia

Vinnell Corporation logo

One of the major PMCs, working abroad, is Vinnell, corporation which provides services to the CIA, the Pentagon, international organizations and governments related to contracts with Oman, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

We shall consider the activities of this corporation in greater detail because it is an example of how PMCs perform the tasks set by the U.S. leadership on foreign contracts.

So, back in 1975, Vinnell, specializing in construction, signs an unusual for it, essentially military contract worth $77 million for the training of the National Guard of Saudi Arabia. Since then the contract is constantly renewed and to this day is considered to be the most profitable contract of Vinnell.

Under this contract more than 1,000 instructors constantly work in Saudi Arabia, who are currently preparing staff not only for National Guard but for the Royal Air Force (RAF).

It is interesting to note that the Saudi National Guard is not subordinated to the Ministry of Defense of this country. The National Guard employing 75 thousand people, and may provide support for the Saudi armed forces during wartime, but its main goal is protection of the ruling royal family from the internal political turmoil in time of peace. To accomplish this task the Guard recruits mostly from tribes in the desert area. In this sense, the guard is called the direct successor of the Bedouin warriors who helped the Saud clan to seize control of the country in the early twentieth century.

During the time of this long-term contract employees of Vinnell were, in fact, part of the National Guard and their functions go beyond simple advice and instruction. For example, in 1979, rebels seized the mosque in Mecca and demanded that the royal family gave up power. At a time when the National Guard was preparing to storm the mosque, Vinnell employees have developed a plan of operation. After the first failed attempt to storm, "instructors" from Vinnell got directly involved in the fighting, and this "tactical support" ensured a successful assault.

Obvious advantage of the participation of PMCs as a whole, and Vinnell in particular, in the Pentagon's program of foreign military supplies is that they perform the tasks that otherwise would have to be performed by the U.S. military.

Contract with a private corporation Vinnell to train the National Guard of Saudi Arabia is an attempt to hide the fact that the regime in that country rests on military power, provided by the United States.

It this case it is evident that one of the main goals of the private army is, on the one hand, support for regimes, controlled by global elite through the armed forces under its control, trained by the PMCs, and, on the other, suppression of any resistance to the puppet rulers.

This makes the private military companies not only global forces, leading an all-out war against the statehood, but also the global police force to destroy those who oppose the new world order and stand for the preservation of traditions.

Daring and treacherous activities of PMCs, using force as the main instrument of repression, provokes the retaliatory aggression and military actions. On May 12, 2003, Vinnell offices in Saudi Arabia were blown up, killing 30 members of the company. This is a war that begets the war. This is violence, which causes an attempt to respond with force. This is victims, that lead to new victims.

To break this vicious circle, we need to comprehend the strategy and operational art of conducting the operations against global forces and learn to prevent and counteract their action in all spheres.

Governments inviting the PMCs, sign the verdict to themselves, their statehood and sovereignty of their country. Preventive measure in this case could only be to prevent the PMCs from having any part in the operation of the State, because their appearance means a loss of autonomy in solving even the personnel issues.

One example of it is Nigeria which has invited MPRI for reforming the armed forces of this country. Chief of Staff of Nigerian Army, General Victor Malu Leo, questioned the proposals of MPRI to reduce the Nigeria's armed forces by nearly a third in the framework of the "reforms", and expressed a surprise at the company's requirements to provide it with documents and information constituting the state secrets. MPRI leadership, in response, expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of those who "appears on the other side of the barricades, as far as reforms, proposed by the company."

One of senior managers at MPRI stated about the above-named Nigerian general who was dismissed from his post for his bewilderment:

"When transformations take place, there are winners and losers, and Malu was a loser."

All permissiveness and lack of control over PMCs creates a host of questions in the minds of some, including the U.S. lawmakers. A member of the Select Committee on Intelligence of the U.S. House of Representatives, Jan Shakovski, admitted that she was trying to obtain the information about the system of military contracts for several years, but her demands would either stumble on the opposition, or were simply ignored. In one of her speeches Shakovski said:

"We are talking about billions and billions of dollars. By some estimates, 40 cents of every dollar that is spent on the occupation [of Iraq] went to private military companies ...

It is practically impossible to shed some light on this aspect of the war, and when we are discussing the war, its scope, its costs, its risks, the mercenaries are not taken into consideration.

This is a complete shadow force that conducts operations in Iraq and about which we know almost nothing. I think this is meant to keep the American people in the dark as to what goals are pursued in this war."

Above, we have analyzed the activities of large private military companies. But there are also smaller PMCs, which are no less remarkable. An example of these companies may be of ICI of Oregon.

ICI of Oregon


Although it employs only 5 permanent staff members (they hire additional staff on contract basis), its earnings are pretty impressive. For example, on the basis of only one year, they were 8.8 million dollars.

Even small PMCs are capable of providing the military services on a global scale, sending their mobile teams to all corners of the world.

Sayeret Group, located in Nevada, states that it has units that can be deployed anywhere in the world to perform the tasks of security, protection, and to carry out the combat operations.

The list of those who utilize the services of small PMCs is impressive. The list of ICI customers includes Special Operations Forces Command of the U.S. Army, the 1st and 10th groups of Special Operations Forces, National Guard of Washington state, etc.

ICI was founded in 1994 by Brian Bokvistom, a former lieutenant colonel of Special Operation Forces, U.S. Congressman, and former director of a private aviation company, which carried out secret assignments for the U.S. government.

ICI was awarded by the U.S. State Department, which wrote in its welcome address:

«ICI has provided the Department with swift acting, professional and flexible organization that was able to immediately respond to the changing demands within tight deadlines, and despite difficult conditions. They have done their job very well, doing, in some cases, even more than what was required under the contract, and have received well-deserved thanks to their employees."

The State Department's award was given for "competence in the conduct of military operations, with the ability to analyze the motives of the belligerents, for exceptional professionalism of the staff, for their readiness to execute the unforeseen assignments."

PMCs and the CIS

Much has been written above about the PMCs in connection with the wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and in the CIS countries. We spoke about their destabilizing, militaristic and destructive role in the world at large. The fact that they are a global army, whose main goal is the dismantling of the traditional statehood.

But we have not mentioned Russia. Do the American companies also operate on the territory of our country?

It turns out they do. Take, for example, the same ICI.

We emphasize that this company has received the State Department award for conducting "military operations". But it is also bound by contractual obligations with the U.S. Special Operations, one of the objectives of which are intelligence and subversive activities. It was also mentioned above that U.S. intelligence agencies use PMCs as a cover for their activities.

ICI Pilots fly on the Russian airplanes and use Russian crews

It is reported that ICI adheres to "non-standard approach to the conflicts in the Third World." One of the features of this unconventional approach is that its pilots are flying on the Russian aircraft and use Russian crews.

A former employee of ICI described the Russian helicopters MI-8 in this way: "They are terribly ugly. But they are as strong as a woodpecker beak. They fly and will fly."

It is reported that uniqueness of ICI is due to the fact that it "has contracts with one Russian company that supplies it with aircraft, crews and maintenance personnel."

ICI employee Danny O'Brien

On the left picture the ICI employee Danny O'Brien reviewing the documents with a representative of the Russian company, and on the right one, O'Brien examines the MI-6 helicopter.

On the photos below taken 150 km north of Arkhangelsk [in Russia], everybody is brought together to hunt ducks.

ICI and Russian employees before unting ducks in Arkhangelsk, Russia

It turns out that this is happening not just somewhere, but also here [in Russia].

ICI also provides the American program of military training in Nigeria. In addition, the company has created a so-called ICI Charitable Fund (such organizations tend to serve as a cover for special operations), which implements a program of medical training in Southern Sudan under the auspices of the U.S. government, where in recent years Washington has sent 13 million dollars to support the insurgent opposition. By the way, another key PMC operating in South Sudan, is already mentioned in connection with crimes committed by DynCorp, which operated in Yugoslavia.

Another fact confirming that representatives of private military companies operate in Russia and that this activity is criminal in nature was published in our media in August 2007. According to Interfax news agency, citing a source in the Russian Interior Ministry, on August 28 at the Moscow's Domodedovo airport an Israeli citizen was detained, who is on the international wanted list for terrorism.

"Some time ago, through Interpol channels, the department for fighting the organized crime and terrorism in the Russian Interior Ministry has been informed that a 45-year-old Israeli citizen, who is on the international wanted list as a terrorist, could now be in Moscow. During the investigation this information has been confirmed, and on Monday, at the Domodedovo airport, during the customs check, the suspect was detained by police", as was told to the agency.

Referring to the operational data, the source said that the detainee by the name of Klein was suspected that in the late 80s he was involved in training the fighters for the Colombian drug cartels (ie, did the work, done by the PMCs). In 1989, the Colombian court sentenced him to 10 years in prison in absentia, but he managed to escape.

The detainee is a co-founder of a private company and a lieutenant colonel of the Israeli army's reserve. Operatives were able to arrest him the night before at the airport during customs control for the flight Moscow - Tel Aviv".

Foreigner was in Russia some time doing business for his company, using a passport with the corrected name and surname. According to Colombian law enforcement authorities in the late 1980s, the suspect took part in training the militants for drug cartels in one of the illegal camps, located in this country.

During the investigation, he managed to escape. In 1989, the Colombian court sentenced in absentia the Israeli citizen for ten years and eight months in prison under article "Terrorism", after which he was put on international wanted list.

Compare this and the above report from The Associated Press of April 3, 2007, which said the Interpol to issue arrest warrants for three Israelis, the employees of the PMCs, on charges of "preparation of private armies for Colombian drug cartels, death squads and extremist right-wing organizations" and "killings of high level of complexity."

Further, in connection with this case The Associated Press writes about the former lieutenant colonel of the Israeli army by the name of Klein. Incidentally, the name of the detainee at the Domodedovo airport was also Klein. It is one and the same person. Information about his arrest in Russia has been widely circulated in the Colombian media. That is, previously he operated in Colombia, and now in Russia. We can say with confidence that he was involved in the same things on our territory as in Colombia.

Recall that from the article by The Associated Press it follows that Klein, in March 2007, gave an interview to a television company Karasol, which said that his company received a license from the Ministry of Defense of Colombia to organize training for the protection of the banana industry and, under cover of this license, it carried out their criminal activity.

In March 2007, Klein gave his TV interview, and in April, as reported by the The Associated Press, a warrant for his arrest was issued, as well as arrest of two other Israeli mercenaries in Columbia on charges of criminal conspiracy against the government of this country, and terrorist training.

It is known that in 1991, Klein, according to decision of an Israeli court, was fined 13,400 dollars for the sale of arms to the illegal formations in Colombia.

Note that it was in 1991, ie already after the 1989 when Columbian court sentenced him in absentia under article "Terrorism" for ten years and eight months in prison, after which he was put on international wanted list. And this time he was in Israel and was only fined for smuggling weapons.

In 1998 he appeared as an instructor on a videotape, intended to prepare the ultra-right death squads.

It is reported that Klein was preparing the private armies for Colombian drug cartels, which were headed by such well-known drug lords as Pablo Escobar (killed in 1993) and Gonzalo Rodriguez Gasha (killed in 1989). It is known that at the time Escobar declared war on Colombia, shooting down the airplanes, blowing up police stations and having organized many killings.

Private extremist armies in Colombia were established by Israeli PMC mercenaries

According to the Colombian press, the private extremist armies in Colombia have been created in the late 80's by Israeli PMC mercenaries.

In connection with the arrest of Klein in Russia in August 2007, Colombia's Semana newspaper published an article by Juan Manuel Santos, which stated that the Ministry of Defence of Colombia, has acknowledged that Bogota secretly hired a PMC, consisting of former officers of the Israeli army to fight the rebels from FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). Contract worth $10 million was signed by the Ministry of Defence of Colombia and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Israeli mercenaries were to perform the tasks related to intelligence gathering, interrogation of captured militants using "special interrogation techniques" (as they call torture) in order to "optimize intelligence gathering."

But with the end of the 80s, gangs, trained by Israeli mercenaries, began to fight against the Colombian armed forces. According to Columbia Herald:

"The arrest of Klein shed the light on the dubious role played by Israel in a bloody civil war in Colombia."

In 1987, the far-right extremist groups have signed a contract with Klein and his PMC «Hod He'hanitin» (Spearhead Ltd.). In connection with the crimes committed, the Government of Colombia issued the international search warrant for Klein.

As it turned out, Spearhead Ltd. PMC, which, among other things was engaged in arms trade (recall the classical formula - drugs, money, weapons), is very active in Russia. In Colombia it is known for organizing and arming the terrorist group for the drug cartel, and has assisted local gangs, particularly violent against civilians.

How and why did Klein go to Russia, and was on its territory for some time, and, most importantly, what he did he do there, we can only guess.

The information by Interfax said that, according to a source at the Interior Ministry, "the detainee will be transported to Israel and then to Colombia to serve the sentence."

Simple as that - detained and forwarded. From the perspective of what is written here about the PMCs, and comparing the reports of Interfax and The Associated Press, this information must be understood as follows.

In Israel, there exists some private military company or several companies that specialize in training of private armies for drug cartels and death squads for the right-wing extremist organizations.

These companies come to the country, obtain a completely legal license from the state authorities for training the security personnel at some very legitimate sites, and then, under the cover of that license, get involved in building and training the private armies and terrorist organizations, designed to destabilize that country and deal a crushing blow to its statehood.

And the fact that an employee of the Israeli PMC, detained at Domodedovo airport, was transferred to Israel so quickly, without a very thorough investigation of everything that is related to the activities of his company, "for which he was for some time in Russia," indicates lack of attention and lack of knowledge [or, just the opposite, COOPERATION in full knowledge] of the depth of danger posed by the private military companies. Not only in form of acts of sabotage, but as the intelligence agencies structures. This matter should have been assigned to intelligence agencies primarily, as well as other competent authorities.

And there is one other detail worth paying attention to. It is reported that Klein was to be transported to Israel and then to Colombia. So, given the tremendous impact of PMCs on their governments, we can express doubt, to say the least, that he will be extradited to Colombia to serve his sentence, where he was engaged in criminal activity.

Impunity with which the American PMCs operate is demonstrated by the experience of Iraq. Let us remember that getting a license to operate abroad, they are obliged to carry out the assignments of the U.S. leadership and protect its interests. The same scheme, no doubt, is applicable to Israel as to Israeli PMCs.

In addition, as we discovered later, the Colombian investigators did not even have a chance to question Klein. After all, according to the "law on extradition," acting in Israel, "citizens and permanent residents of the Jewish state can not be transfered to the law enforcement authorities in other countries."

There is another circumstance, which indicates that Klein is not a random figure, but a part of the system, which enjoys the patronage of Israeli intelligence and is most closely associated with them. According to "Jerusalem Post", the majority of those engaged in military business and head the PMCs are former officers of the IDF, transferred to the reserve.

"To be taken seriously, says Isaac Levy, vice president of Sherutey Hashomrim, in an interview with The Associated Press, one must have the rank of lieutenant colonel or higher, or to retire from a high enough position in the Mossad or Shin Bet!".

Israeli PMCs are the CIA mercenaries

It is known that the CIA has used Israeli private companies in its operations "weapons in exchange for drugs" to arm the death squads in Argentina and Chile.

In 1991, General Peled, then a member of Israeli Knesset, made a shocking confession that Israel was "the CIA mercenary to do the dirty work in conducting covert operations in Central and South America."

In particular, the Israeli PMC Tadiran, which is partly owned by the Government of Israel, was compiling a computerized database of pro-opposition intellectuals and students in Guatemala. And those, whose names ended up in that database, as a rule, have disappeared.

As follows from Associated Press article, taking into account the ability of Israeli intelligence, there is no doubt that many of the covert operations of PMCs did not pass by them. However, the intelligence and counterintelligence, are often remain on the sidelines, without interfering with what is happening.

"There is nothing strange about it, says the author of the publication, a former employee of Mossad, who asked not to mention his name in the article, intelligence agencies are able to find out exactly who turns to the Israeli exporters of weapons, how they intend to use it."

In general, the arms trade is very common among the Israeli PMCs. One of the Jewish sites, asks:

"What is in your opinion, gentlemen, the main product exported by Israel, agricultural commodities, software, new medicine? Not at all. Weapons.

According to the publication Defence News, last year the Jewish state has earned $3.7 billion on arms trade, behind only the United States and Russia."

One of the representatives of the Israeli PMC specializing in the arms trade, in an interview with the representative of the Associated Press said:

"If people in Latin America, Africa, or in any other part of the world take up arms against their government and turn to us to help them, we'll do it, as long as they can pay for it. In my eyes they are not conspirators, but the freedom fighters, that should be given a helping hand."

PMCs are inherently criminal structures

PMCs, in their essence, are inherently criminal structures designed to conduct the clandestine criminal war without rules, without law and without morals. Such is the emerging global army of emerging global anti-state.

Criminal organizations use criminal money to commit their crimes. The more crimes are committed, the more money is earned. Global elite may seize power only committing crimes non stop. And most important of them is war.

United States, in order to pay for their orders to private military companies to commit the crimes, require the shadow criminal money that do not pass through Congress. To get that kind of money they utilise drug trade. And the United States, pretending to be the fighters against it, create the centers for the fight against drugs in the key countries that are used as intermediary bases for drug trafficking.

This gives them an opportunity to penetrate into the state structures used to combat the drugs, control them and bypass them. One member of the staff of such a center in Central Asia described this system in the following way:

"The Americans, by providing the information as a decoy, "allow" us to intercept 40 kilos of drugs at the border, but we know that via other channels they transport tons of it."

It is precisely from this the USA and other countries get money to pay for contracts with private military companies. Because some crimes give rise to other crimes. Thus, the PMC network merges and connects with the network of drug trafficking.

Crime is that very essence of the network as an organizational anti-state, anti-hierarchical structure. In this sense, our patriots, calling themselves networkers, stating the need for a supposedly "good" network of nationalist organizations, in their ignorance, are unaware that they, with their actions, merely reinforce and complete the construction of a criminal network aimed at destruction of everything national, and affirmation of global.

Because the network is single. It has different sections, different groups of cells with their own specialization, but it is one and the same, as well as anti-state and anti-Christian, the Antichrist objectives it pursues. And the danger is that these nationalist networkers call themselves the orthodox conservatives, acting on behalf of Orthodoxy and people.

"And of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perversely"

(Acts 20:30).

They are the ones through whom the temptation of network enters the soul of our Orthodox people.

"... Woe to that man by whom the seduction cometh"

(Matthew 18:7).

The fact that private military companies, designed to destroy the statehood, are operating on Russian territory, and such a small company like ICI is involved in many military operations, indicates the changing nature of war. Traditional military forces operating according to conventional strategy in an open conflict, can not remain invisible while wageing the war, and be present everywhere at the same time, so the mercenaries fill these gaps.

Dror Eyal, a representative of the Klein led PMC, Spearhead Ltd., once said:

"Americans have problems with international public opinion and international image ... We do not have these problems. "

Bush created the "Citizens Reserve Corps"

The need for PMCs began to grow at stratospheric rates as soon as the Bush administration launched its war against terrorism.

In his annual address to the nation in 2007, Bush outlined a plan of strengthening the U.S. military forces via "Citizens Reserve Corps".

Bush said:

"Such a corps would function just like our military reserve. It will lighten the burden on the Armed Forces by allowing us to hire civilians with critical skills for assignments abroad when they will be needed by America."

This means an unprecedented bet on private military companies.

Private military companies now have more power than some governments, becoming an influential force to be used for the purposes of international and regional diplomacy, threatening national sovereignty and changing the nature of modern warfare.

Given the threat that they represent to a traditional state, it is important to know how they work. You need a special strategy to combat them and special forces and resources that can resist them. Now it is a task of paramount importance, one of the keys to our defense and victory in the battle for statehood.


Who stands behind the world behind the scenes

The war in the mental space

The war against the statehood, as already mentioned, is carried out in three subspaces - political, informational and psychological, using political, informational and psychological means. The state can be destroyed without declaring a war or conducting traditional military operations against it.

There are many ways. This includes a revolution. This includes reprogramming the consciousness of the ruling elite towards the anti-state course. This is also a regime change and establishing a puppet government, which, while executing the will of the aggressor, acts in anti-national interests and destroys the statehood.

As a whole, all these methods reduce to the impact on the authority either via force (revolution), or non-violent - by corrupting it or molding it with hands of already corrupt individuals committing various crimes. In any case, this includes the external force acting as an aggressor.

But the fight against the state can be done not just through the impact on power, but also by influence on the people. As a rule, under conditions of corrupt corporate state, power no longer cares about the people and brings them to such a sorrowful condition that they begin to feel hatred for authority and extend it to the state and statehood as such. They want to destroy the state.

They perceive the state security institutions as their enemies, especially the army. They do not want to support it and serve it. They lose very important ability to maintain the state, that is to bear the burden of the statehood, to sacrifice and experience deprivation for the sake of statehood.

They believe that if the state does not do it, then why on earth should people do it. They are not interested in any creative activity for the benefit of state. they would rather destroy it, as Luddites their machines, than to create. And to a predatory corporate power the creative impulse of the people is not needed. Its purpose is destruction, rather than creation of the state.

In the event of war, the people whose consciousness is damaged by hatred for authority and, consequently, for the state, will not defend it. Such a "prepared", in the political, informational, and psychological sense state is easy to conquer and destroy.

But not only the hatred of the government is able to arouse people's reluctance to serve the state. The minds of people can also be affected through information channels so as to direct their individualist morality to the service to their own individual interests (the formula "I am the state"), the satisfaction of their instincts, getting pleasure from life, a utilitarian approach to society and the state. Such egoistic consciousness can not be state oriented and is not able to sacrifice for the love of neighbor, their own people and homeland.

Discreditation of the existing ideology or history of the state

In order to achieve the anti-state agenda, the consciousness of the people can be affected in such a way as to deprive them of high ideals associated with the service to the state. This is usually achieved by discrediting the existing ideology or history of the state.

The people are forced to be ashamed of those very periods of their history during which the statehood and their country was particularly strong and marked by the heroism of victories in the name of defending the homeland.

The state ideology exists objectively. It may be unwritten, it may be unexpressed. But it exists. And it can be either pro-state or against the State. Just as power can be either pro-people or indifferent to the people (closed on itself), or blatantly treasonous. But the first, and the second, and the third has its own doctrine, which defines course of the state.

High ideas of people oriented power are dear to the people, and are perceived by their soul. Low ideas pursued by the rootless power are alien to them, and are rejected by them. And then what remains in the soul is emptiness, but the need in high remains.

The information aggressor can fill that void, which he himself created, using the power of disgust, ideas that look attractive on the surface, but in fact destructive and anti-human. The people follow them, not realizing that they are being lead to slaughter.

People oriented power should not allow the ideological void in the soul of the people. As depopulated territory of a State, if there are no natives, will be occupied by others, and so is the territory of the mass consciousness - if there is not state-oriented ideology, it will be occupied by its antipode.

State-oriented ideology, carried to the people, in simple and clear to them terms (not being scientifically convoluted), gives their mind a clear perspective. And perspective is connected to hope, dreams of the future, awareness of the meaning of life and desire to live. Sacred statehood is reduced to one word - "Life", which encompasses the three most important Christian concepts - faith, hope and love - in all their highest manifestations in human behavior.

And the absence of state-oriented ideology, by contrast, leads to absence of future, hopelessness and meaninglessness of existence. Having lost a high sense of life, a person can escape into meanness and break up with this "pointless" for him life by committing suicide or begin to worship the cult of death, committing the spiritual suicide.

Therefore, depriving people of state-oriented ideology is a way of depriving them of the state.

Depriving people of their history

But we said that there is another way to achieve this goal - depriving people of their history. The occupation and destruction of the state lies in the occupation and destruction of historical consciousness.

It is also important to consider that not knowing the history, it is impossible to understand the essence of modern war waged against Russia, and not knowing this fact, we can not develop a strategy for fighting it. Man lives by hope for the future and memories of the past.

When we say that Russia's history is a history of wars, which she was engaged in almost continuously, to protect her statehood, we should keep in mind that the enemy, which encroached on our identity and statehood, being defeated, may become possessed with thirst for revenge.

And this destructive passion of revenge, of repeating the attempt of occupation may have its roots in history, and even in the very remote history, which suddenly comes to life, igniting the inner world of some group of people living in the present, and becoming the driving force behind their behavior.

Revanchism becomes the dominant of their personality. They become a function of historical revenge forces and followers of their war against Russia.

Being obsessed with anger, aggression, rebelliousness and revolutionary, destructive pride and revenge, they surrender themselves to the power of these forces, and become the successors of those who waged a war against us, who wanted to enslave and destroy us, those, who wanted to destroy our statehood. They readily accept the torch of war from those who fought against us in the past, but could not conquer us.

This destructive continuity and spiritual connection of the forces of aggression and revenge continues throughout Russian history. To understand the historical origins of revenge and its driving force is to understand the motives and goals of modern warfare and to determine who and how actually conducts it is and how to stand against the new incarnation of the old historic enemy.

Forces of historical revenge against the forces of the sacred history of statehood

(A historical revenge as a fundamental motif of modern war against Russia)

Forces of historical revenge, for centuries, waged a merciless war against the forces of the historically sacred statehood of Russia. This war continued from generation to generation and continues non-stop to this day, but only transformed, taking one form or another. The subsequent generation has taken the baton to the historic battle of the previous one. And so it went over the centuries into the past and so went a realization of what stands behind it all and where in the long history this war begins.

We can only see the tip of the iceberg, and perceive this war only in terms of its visible surface of contemporary manifestations. Although the most important thing is located in the dark depths of time, where this potential for obsession with revenge has originated and was being accumulated.

The memory of the origins and root causes of this war with every new generation involved in it is gradually erased and pushed down, from the conscious into the subconscious, and became an integral part of the collective unconscious, the warring parties and, ultimately, the archetype.

We can say that the most devastating and dramatic historical manifestations of revenge for the Russian statehood were the First World War, Revolution, World War II and the "Cold War".

Today, the anti-Russian forces of revenge unite under the regional project "European Reich" (it was written about in the book "Myths of patriots") and stand under the banner of the current global war for a new world order, for creation of global anti-state.

But who was the first to start this war? Which forces were the first to ignite this thirst for revenge? Who were those that initially perceived a "project" of Sacred Russian statehood as a threat to their plans to achieve world domination, filled with pride and arrogance?

To answer this question, and with it, to understand the underlying foundation of the battle for statehood and the driving forces of modern warfare, we must take a journey into distant history, because the project, which is opposed to our "project", according to all its parameters can be called the project "Khazaria."

It is precisely under its roof and under its banners the forces of anti-Russian revenge and anti-state have gathered. Under his banners stands the global elite, which took over the followers of "unintelligent Khazars."

The current war against the traditional state system, taking place in the mental space and engulfing all three components of its subspace - political, informational and psychological - is a war of historical forces of revenge, united in the project "Khazaria" against the forces united in the "project" of protection of historically sacred Russian statehood.

And so, where did it all begin?

On the one hand, history as a chain of some historical events that have occurred in the past, is objective. But on the other hand, the same history, written on paper, bears the stamp of subjectivity, because that is what is written by people, who, consciously or unconsciously, project their own views on events. And it continues to be subjective until enough of the historical material is accumulated to remove this plaque of subjectivity.

Ultimately, history writes itself, and over the centuries it makes adjustments to the understanding of historical processes. It confirms or denies all new irrefutable historical facts, which are arranged in unexpected chains. And until the time when all the invisible connection suddenly, together, appear in a vast and coherent historical canvas, where each figure, the historical detail and the event take its real place.

History and modernity - two sides of one coin. History is confirmed by the present. But modernity can not be understood without reference to history.

Those defeats that we suffer in the battle for statehood in the political, informational, and psychological fields of a battle in the mental space is a consequence of our inability to fully understand what is happening in the present, the cause of which is our lack of knowledge and ignorance of history.

History provides the key not only to understanding, but also to development of an effective strategy. According to A. Panarin,

"The experience of the great past is resurrected in the future if among the living there are those who can not only comprehend and creatively rethink it, but also to arm themselves with it for the new world-organizing work."

And I want to add that the perception of the battle for statehood in terms of battles in the physical, mental and spiritual space, requires a three-dimensional treatment of this historical analysis. And it is extremely important. Because, as rightly noted by Mr. Panarin,

"since the appearance of the great world religions, world history includes a mystical component as a hidden spring, and a vector."

And because the two above-mentioned projects, opposing each other, are not only historical projects, but above all religious, spiritual, bearing in itself this same "hidden spring, and a vector." And that is why these projects will be considered in terms of sacred and, in the words of historian O. Platonov, mystical messianic history.

The essence of the opposition forces that are behind these two historical projects may be expressed in his own words:

"The role of the more inspired destroyers is played by those who are weary of the risk and the fate of Russian history. It's not so much hatred for the Russian people as hatred of his mysterious fate of the abused, reinforced and provoked by his restless, messianic temperament.

The risk of historical "way of life", selected by the Russian people in accordance with their spiritual and religious tradition, is due to the fact that they always get in the way of the strong and arrogant. To cross out the "legitimate" expectation of successful and to justify "illegal" and restless anticipation of the abused and "losers" regarding the final triumph of "truth-justice" - is the Russian stumbling block, without removing which the powers that be can not sleep."

These powers that be are just the forces of revenge, which stand behind the project of "Khazaria".

Let's try to understand the reasons for this project and what is connected to this aura, shrouded with mystery, in the history of the Khazars.

According to encyclopedia, the Khazar Kaganate is the state that existed from the mid-VII until the end of X century.

Ethnically, the Khazaria was inhabited mainly by Turks.

The head of state was Kagan.

At the beginning of VIII century Khazaria included the northern Caucasus, Azov, most of the Crimean wild fields and forest areas extending to the Dnieper [river].

The capital of the Khazars - Samandar, which was located in present-day Dagestan, and since the beginning of VIII century - Itil. This town was founded at the mouth of the Volga River where it enters the Caspian Sea, in order to control the traffic on the river to collect the tribute [tax].

Tribute amounted to 10% of all goods that were transported by river. Those who refused to pay the tribute, were attacked and destroyed.

In 730, under the influence of Judeans who fled to Khazaria running from persecution by the Byzantines, Arabs and Persians, Kagan Bulan and the Khazar rulers converted to Judaism.

In 732-737 there was a short period of the of Arab invasion into Khazaria.

Arab army leader Marwan Ibn Muhammad defeated the Khazar army led by Bulan and demanded the Kagan converts to Islam. Bulan agreed. Subsequently, the Arab armies had gone back through the Caucasus.

At the end of the VIII through the beginning of IX century, during the rule of the grandson of Bulan, Kagan Obadiah, Judaism was adopted by a majority of Turkic nobility and became the state religion.

L. Gumilev in his "Zig-zags of history," called that event a coup d'etat, during which all the public offices were distributed among the Judeans.

Thus, the Khazars established that which Tatishchev called "dual power" (diarchy). The formal ruler remained Kagan, the followers of Judaism, but the real ruler was King (Bek) of Jewish descent.

According to Oleg Platonov, "bek could not only appoint Kagan, but could also remove it at any time. Bek was also the commander of the army, deciding questions of war and peace, and state finances."

Under conditions of dual power, bek was co-ruler of Kagan. During the last period of the Khazar history the actual ruler (bek) did not bother with Kagan and did not even mention it. With growth and strengthening of power of bek, the dual power in Khazaria had been destroyed and transferred to bek.

Researcher of history of Khazaria M.I. Artamonov writes that after "the seizure of state power by Judean Obadia and conversion of the Government of Khazaria to Judaism," there was a complete change of government, which resulted in Khazaria becoming submissive to "to the alien people as to culture and religion."

M.I. Artamonov noted that Christians and Muslims led miserable existence in Khazaria, "as eternal taxpayers and frightened servants, terrorized by their cruel masters." They did not support the government made up of Judeans. Therefore, the authorities unleashed a wave of repressions towards both of these denominations.

The takeover and reforms of Obadiah led to civil war. In 810-820 years all the feudal lords that did not accept Judaism, stood up against the Judean government, especially Christians and Muslims.

The war was ruthless and lasted for many years. Obadiah and his sons Hezekiah and Manasseh were killed in the war and his brother, Chanukah, succeeded him.

This all-out uprising against the ruling Judean elite was suppressed with terrible cruelty (insurgents were skinned, their throats were filled with the molten tar). After that, the ruling elite have no longer made any secrets of their faith ...

To keep the people in submission, they used a hired army, which became the foundation of military force of the Kaganate. Their numbers reached, according to some estimates, 40 to 100 thousand people.

The government that has lost touch with the people rested on military force. According to Artamonov, this period can be considered the beginning of the decline of the Khazaria, when the intermediary services of trade displace traditional agriculture and cattle breeding, and the ruling power becomes "the parasitic class with Judean coloration."

After the Civil War, according to L. Gumilev, "Khazaria has changed its appearance. Out of system integrity, it became the unnatural combination of an amorphous mass of citizens and the ruling class, alien to people as to blood and religion."

Khazaria - the chimera State

According to Gumilev, this unnatural, artificial juxtaposition of dissimilar things led to the formation of the chimera state, in which the head of one nationality sits on a body of the people, composed of representatives of another nation.

We know that in Greek mythology, a chimera is a monster with a lion head and neck, trunk of a goat, and tail of a dragon.

As a result, Khazaria began to represent inherently anti-state formation. If at the dawn of the Khazar Kaganate in the VIII century, its founders, ruled by Ashina khans, were guided by interests of its citizens and the state in their policy, with Judean takeover

"Jewish kings were not in pursue of such goals.

They suppressed the domestic enemies of Judaism, and not the enemies of Khazaria. By eliminating the ecclesiastical organization of the Khazar Christians, they forbade her to rebuild. In 854, the Muslim Khazars were forced to emigrate to the Caucasus."

Khazaria was not only a chimera state, but also ethnic chimera, which, according to L. Gumilev, was created as a result of the occupation by representatives of one super-ethnos of the lands of a different, incompatible with it, super-ethnos.

In his book "Ancient Rus' and the Great Steppe [wild fields]" L. Gumilev wrote:

"Tyurk Khans of the Ashin dynasty as a result of religious tolerance and good will, characteristic of nomads, and complacency, felt that their state is getting the industrious and intelligent citizens, that can be used for diplomatic and economic assignments.

Wealthy Jews gave all sorts of luxury gifts to the Khazar Khans and beks, and beautiful Jewish woman enlarged the Khan's harems. That is how the Jewish-Khazar chimera was created."

Chimera is distinguished by unsystematic mix of incompatible behavioral traits. As a result, in place of a single mentality arises complete chaos in the society as far as tastes, attitudes and perceptions go.

L. Gumilev explains this chaos in terms of his proposed concept of the ethnic field. A field vibrates with certain frequency, or rhythm. Chimera is a superposition of two different rhythms, creating a cacophony, which is perceived by people on a subconscious level, creating a climate of perversity and giving birth to anti-systemic mindset.

Chimera is a community without ethnos, consisting of people that fell out of the ethnic groups. She lives on the energy of decay - ethnic, national, social and spiritual.

L. Gumilev writes that in the depths of chimera, in the zone of contact of incompatible super-ethnoses, arises the anti-system that constitutes the social formation of the negative type, a community of people with "negative perception of the world".

In contrast to a positive attitude, which is life-affirming and creative, a negative attitude is life-denying in its essence and its goals and ideals is destruction of the material world.

Life-negation is expressed in the fact that truth and lie are made equal to each other. From this arises a program of global homicide.

"Negative formations exist at the expense of positive ethnic systems, which they eat away from within like a cancer."

Anti-systems beget "anti-systemic ideologies," which are united by one central unit: they "deny the real world in its complexity and diversity in the name of some abstract goals.

These ideologies either call for radical change of the world, in fact destroying it, or require a person to escape from the shackles of reality, thus destroying himself. Both at the end lead to the same result - non-existence and death.

The anti-systems are characterized by secrecy in its actions and a lie as a weapon of combat. The followers of anti-systems are dominated by people with a futuristic sense of time, who classify the present as evil, subject to radical changes, revolutionary upheavals and wars for the sake of illusory future global goals.

Therefore, the basis of all anti-systemic ideologies is a nihilism that dictates the need for destruction.

Anti-systems, being the carriers of destructive initiative, are usually the initiators of revolutions and wars. This destructiveness and aggressiveness makes chimera vulnerable and she herself becomes a target for attack.

Khazaria and the Khazars-Judeans, being a classic example of a chimera, were war-mongers, and were in a constant state of war, fighting against the Byzantine Empire, Kiev's Rus, the Arab Caliphate and Sassanian Iran.

Belligerence and ruthlessness of the Khazars in the war knew no bounds

Many historians have written about the fact that belligerence and ruthlessness of the Khazars in the war knew no bounds. This is explained by the fact that when the bek, who was also commander of the troops, sent them to war, they had no right to retreat.

And if they were defeated, then everyone who came back alive, he killed. The execution was cruel. Sometimes they were cut in halves, sometimes hanged on the trees, and sometimes crucified.

War of the Khazars became their way of life, a day-to-day continuous main occupation.

The new rulers of Khazaria were only interested in one thing - increasing the number of subjects from which to collect tribute. In the IX century the power of the Khazars extended to the Eastern European steppe [wild fields] and adjacent northern regions occupied by the Slavs.

Thus, establishing their own state in the Caucasus, Khazaria, with the help of wars began to create an empire of subjugated peoples, which included the Slavic tribes who were to pay the tax to the Khazars constantly.

In principle there is nothing unusual in the fact that the conquered peoples paid tribute to the empire. Great empires tend to give them something in return. For example, Rome granted citizenship to the conquered who paid taxes, maintained the civilization, order and provided protection from otential aggressors. Individual tax in Judea was a penny, as much as a Roman legionary received in a day. But in Khazaria, everything was different.

Khazaria was a predatory parasitic state

The peoples who were ruled by the Khazars, in exchange for tax paid to them, received from the Khazars only pretty shaky promise that they will not be the target of the Khazars as long as they pay tax. In other words, these people were not more than a gigantic robbery victims, that is victims of racketeering.

The Khazars' income was tribute collection from neighboring vassal tribes and transit trade.

As historians write, except for mediation and usury, huge and the main source of income of Kaganate throughout its history has been slave trade. Regular raids on neighboring lands (mainly Slavic) gave the Khazars a large number of slaves that were sold around the world.

According to the medieval traveler Ibrahim ibn Jakub, Jews obtained from the Slavic countries not only wax, furs, and horses, but mostly prisoners of war for sale into slavery, as well as boys, girls and children.

Thus Khazaria was a really predatory parasitic state exterminating the population of Slavic tribes, ruining all of the southern regions of Russia with their attacks and seeking to expand farther to the north.

The second source of wealth is the transit trade in luxury goods - silk, spices and gold, and collection of the customs tax which settled in the treasury.

This is how A. Platonov describes the Khazaria:

"Under the leadership of the Jewish religion, Khazar Kaganate became a military-predatory and parasitic-trade state, engaged in collecting extortionate tribute, intermediary trade, collecting fees from merchants (more reminiscent of modern rackets.)

Trade in Khazaria was solely in the hands of the Jews, the main source of income of which has been trading slaves from the Slavic lands."

Khazars, resembling the Jews began to claim to be the chosen people and were determined to assert their supremacy as a world power and exert the absolute hegemony in the Caucasus region.

These plans were stopped by Count Sviatoslav the Brave.

M.I. Artamonov considered Svyatoslav campaign as action aimed at controlling the trade routes to end the "parasitic existence" of Khazars.

A.N. Makarov, in his book "Devastation of the Khazar Kaganate by Svyatoslav" writes that the prince Svyatoslav is the most prominent military commander of ancient Russia. Russian historical writings are dedicated to him and his campaigns in surprisingly noble terms. In those writings he appears as a true Slavic-Russian knight - brave in battle, untiring in his campaigns, and sincere with the enemies, standing by his word and quite ordinary in everyday life.

"The reign of Svyatoslav is the last stroke of the sword that created the foundation of the Kiev's state," - as Makarov quoted V. V. Mavrodin.

Prince Svyatoslav the Brave - 'Invisible Khazaria' by Tatyana Gracheva

The campaigns of Svyatoslav in 964-967's drew a huge arc on a map of Eastern Europe, the edges of which rested on the Caspian coast of the Caucasus and the mouth of the Dunai river, and on top it fell between the Volga and Oka rivers, on the forests, where the Eastern Slavic tribe of vyatichy was living.

Academician B.A. Rybakov called this arc and these campaigns a "stroke of sword" of a great commander.

Kievan Rus' was the most powerful and consistent enemy of the Jewish Khazar Kaganate. Almost a hundred and fifty year long war of liberation of the Eastern Slavs against the Khazar Kaganate was completed with a campaign of Prince Svyatoslav.

Crushing the main military forces of the Kaganate headed by Kagan and destroying the main bearing assemblies of Khazars in the Middle and Lower Volga, Northern Caucasus and Lower Don, Prince Svyatoslav also deprived the trade-usurious top of power of Khazaria of the very foundation of their parasitic existence.

Khazar kingdom vanished like smoke

"Khazar kingdom vanished like smoke immediately after the elimination of the basic conditions for its existence: the military superiority over its neighbors and those economic benefits that were the result of possession of the most important trade routes between Asia and Europe.

Since there was no other foundation for its existence, it, under the blows of a stronger Russian state, disintegrated into its constituent parts to be dissolved in the Polovtsian Sea in the future"- writes M.I. Artamonov.

Prince Svyatoslav defeated Kagan and his army, captured the fortress of Sarkel (White Tower), the capital city of Khazaria, Itil, and then the city of Samandar. After that Khazaria fell into decline and has completely disappeared in the beginning of XI century.

Evaluating this victory, Makarov says that Prince Sviatoslav with the last stroke of Slavic-Russian heroic sword as if outlined the borders of Russia and the predetermined native aspirations of the Slavs to the unity and friendship with other nations in the struggle against the world evil. His heirs and successors had only something to correct, add to this marvelous and unprecedented design, so that in its power and magnificence appeared Great Russia before the astonished world.

The task before its children is to preserve and increase strength, greatness and prosperity of the Russian state, its significance in the world in the establishment of high moral standards, a fair society, and its monumental efforts for the protection of God's truth.

As a result of destruction of Khazaria most of the Eastern Slavic tribes merged into one nation. Kiev's Rus' has become one of the most powerful European states.

After Khazaria

After the fall of Khazaria, which L. Gumilev called "the evil genius of ancient Russia," many of the Khazar-Judeans have emigrated to Europe and became associated with Ashkenazi Jews. This is proved by many scientists and confirmed by encyclopedic sources.

Modern Jewish Encyclopedia says about the existence of a number of sources indicating the Khazar origin of Ashkenazi Jews, the evidence of which was first introduced in the early twentieth century by Austrian historian and M. Gumplowicz and Jewish historian I. Shiper. Then, a detailed justification of this statement appears from an Israeli professor A. Pole, as well as in a book by Koestler's "The Thirteenth knee", where it is proved that all the Ashkenazim are the descendants of the Khazars converted to Judaism.

B. Schneider found the first mentioning of the beginning of travel of Jews to the places of residence of Slavs in the speeches of the prophet Jeremiah. There the Jews, who left with the Scythians (ashkuzami), got the name - Ashkenazi, and the place of their settlement was then described as north of the ecumene - presently North Caucasus.

At the base of the theory of Polyak is the idea of mass migration of Khazar-Jews to the West after the collapse of the Khazarian Kaganate.

"Many of the documents - writes Jewish Encyclopedia - confirm that from the beginning of the tenth century, the Khazar Jews settled in the centers of international transit trade."

Robert and Eleanor Slater in his book "Great moments in Jewish history," published in the United States in 1999 wrote:

"The descendants of the Khazars reached the Eastern and Central Europe. There is substantial evidence that some of them settled in the Slavic countries, where they participated in the creation of major Jewish centers of Eastern Europe ... Moreover, some groups, who migrated from Eastern to Central Europe, were called the Khazars ..."

Another book - "5000 years of Jewish history" by Gilberto Martin (New York 2002), which tells us that after the destruction of the Khazaria Khazar Jews went to Greece and the Mediterranean, but many settled in southern Russia, and another group of Jews, more numerous, settled along the Rhine.

Leon Polyakov in his book "The History of Anti-Semitism" (Philadelphia. 2003) writes:

"The first Jews who entered the territory between the Oder and the Dnieper, came from the Jewish state of the Khazars."

And another quote from the book "The Khazar empire" by Marek Haltera published in Paris in the 2005:

"I personally, as well as Arthur Koestler, I believe that part of the Khazars was integrated into the Russian state, but most of them fled to Central Europe."

Then a few more quotes.

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906):

"Many members of the Khazar royal family emigrated to Spain."

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1945):

"It is believed that the descendants of the Khazar Jews migrated to Kiev and other parts of Russia."

Encyclopedia Judaica (1973):

"There is considerable evidence of the continuing presence of the descendants of the Khazars in Europe."

"The most likely scenario: the Jewish centers of Poland, Russia, Eastern Europe (and America) were created by Jews of Khazaria."

Only 2% of modern Jews are Oriental Jews

Andrew Winkler, a Jew, in his interview in March 2008, said:

"Jews can not be considered a race, because modern Jewry has three ethnically distinct groups:

"Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Oriental Jews. The largest ethnic group (90%) is European Ashkenazi Jews, or are descendants of ethnic Turk-Khazars.

The second largest group is 8%. This is the Afro-Iberian Sephardim, who are also not Semites. They are the descendants of the tribe of North African Berbers who converted to Judaism in the third century AD and only 2% of modern Jews are Oriental Jews, who are actually Israelis of Semitic origin.

In other words, the modern Jews are genetically different from each other, so the factor of race can not be used in the definition of Jewishness. Otherwise, with the same success Catholics could be called a race."

In the United States in support of the idea of the Khazar origin of the Jews in Russia was given by Kevin Brook in his paper "Do any of Russian Jews come from the Khazars?" (2000).

The descendants of the Khazars also migrated to America, as indicated by many sources. Dan Rottenberg writes about this in his book "In Search of Our Ancestors: A Guide to Jewish Genealogy" (1971).

Arthur Koestler, Ashkenazi Jew himself, in his book "The Thirteenth knee" derives his conclusion from the fact that the original twelve bloodlines of Jews were supplemented by another - Khazar, which is not ethnically associated with Jews-Semites.

He argues that millions of Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern and Central Europe are the descendants of the Khazars.

In the Encyclopedia Americana it says that "in the late 1960s, Ashkenazi Jews numbered some 11 million people, representing 84% of the world Jewish population."

Koestler proves that

"the current Jewish population is of Khazar origin. Their ancestors came not from Jordan but from the Volga. Not from Canaan but from the Caucasus."

"The main stream of Jewish migration was not from the Mediterranean ... but moved steadily westward from the Caucasus, from the Ukraine to Poland and later to Central Europe."

In whatever country the Khazars appeared, they were able to occupy important government, economic, financial and social positions. They became the coin minters, controlled the income of the royal treasury, and the salt monopoly (at that time, salt was often used instead of money).

They were engaged in collecting taxes and usury, that is, were the bankers. In essence, they became the owners and controllers of much of the wealth of the countries where they appeared.

Cecil Roth, the author of article called "Jews" in the Encyclopedia Britannica (1973), notes that during the Middle Ages the whole trade in Western Europe was "Primarily in Jewish hands, not excluding the slave trade, and ... "Jew" and "merchant" are used as interchangeable concepts."

As noted by Koestler, numerous historical data have led historians to conclude that "the majority of world Jewry may be of Khazar, but not of Semitic origin."

Abraham Poliak, a professor at Tel Aviv University, an expert on Jewish history of Middle Ages, in his book "The Khazars - History of the Jewish kingdom in Europe" (Tel Aviv. 1951) notes that descendants of the Khazars, those who remained in place, those who emigrated to the United States and other countries, and those who went to Israel, now constitute the overwhelming majority of world Jewry."

Totally Khazar roots of East-European Jewry

Austrian historian Hugo Kutschera, author of "The Khazars" (Vienna. 1910), to which Koestler refers, argues that Eastern European Jewry is not only partially, but is entirely of a Khazar origin.

Benjamin Friedman, who is Jewish himself, in his article "The Truth about Khazars" asserts that "the so-called imaginary Jews of Eastern Europe were never Semites, could not be considered Semites today, and can not be regarded as Jews in the future." Then he asks:

"Maybe you can explain to me, my dear Dr. Goldstein, the reason why and just how the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom was so well concealed from the world for so many centuries? What secret mysterious power has been able for countless generations to keep the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom out of history text-books and out of class-room courses in history throughout the world?"

The origin and history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom are certainly incontestable historical facts. These incontestable historic facts also establish beyond any question of doubt the origin and history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe. The origin and history of the Khazars and Khazar kingdom and their relationship to the origin and early history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe was one of history's best kept secrets until wide publicity was given in recent years to my research on this subject.

Note that Benjamin Friedman has held high positions in American government since the early to mid-twentieth century and had free access to presidents and government leaders up to the time of the Kennedy administration.

Friedman relied on many of the documents and facts, not accessible to mere scholars. He recalls that in 1948 he spoke at the Pentagon before a large audience of senior officers of the U.S. armed forces, particularly military intelligence. His remarks focused on the explosive situation in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. And in this connection he referred to the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kaganate.

After the speech, one excited colonel came up and said that he was a head of the history department at one of the largest and best known universities in the United States. He taught history there for 16 years, but never throughout his career of a historian he even heard the word "Khazar." This fact, according to Friedman, is one more proof of how successful was this mystical secret conspiracy aimed at "hiding from the world and Christians the history of Khazaria and the roots of so-called Eastern European Jews."

And one more proof that the Jews of Eastern Europe do not have Western roots is their language, Yiddish. Khazar language was Yiddish - a mixture of Hebrew, German and Slavic languages. German components came from East Germany after the fall of the Khazar Kaganate and migration to Europe.

At that time Germany has attracted the Khazars as an advanced civilization. However, Yiddish, which is referred to as a synthetic language, is so different from the ancient Hebrew language that we can speak of two different languages.

According to Friedman, approximately 90% of so-called Jews who live in 42 countries, are immigrants from Eastern Europe during different generations and speak Yiddish.

Koestler, based on considerable evidence, concludes that

"the majority of Jews living in Europe, North and South America, have their roots in the Volga and the Caucasus, and are not Semites."

Genetically they are associated with the tribes of the Turks, Huns, Uighur, and not with the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And for this reason they do not have anything to do with Biblical Palestine.

But what happened to the real Jews, Semites? We know from history that most of their settlements in Western Europe were destroyed by the Crusaders and Jewish communities have been destroyed or dispersed.

Thus, by 1300 in most of Western Europe there was almost no Jewish population left.

How can someone go back to a place where he had never been

This long and tragic history of Jews-Semites has resulted in the following statement, according to Wold Book Encyclopedia (2001),

"It is now virtually impossible to determine the ethnic Jew ... Jewish identity is a mixture of religious, historical and ethnic factors.

Those who can truly claim a genealogical link with Abraham and the true Semitic origin, have ceased to exist as a distinguishable race, being driven away by the white Khazars of Caucasus, not a single ancestor of whom, in the words of Benjamin Freedman, ever set their foot on the land of Palestine.

This creates serious problems with the return of Jews to their so-called "native land", bringing up the question:

"How can someone go back to a place where he has never been?"

After Khazaria, along with Semitic Jews (Sephardim who lived mostly in Spain) have emerged Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews, whose numbers in the late 1960s, according to Koestler, was 12 million. While there were only 500,000 of Semitic Jews.

This, also concludes Koestler, logically makes the epithet of "anti-Semitism" "devoid of any meaning."

Incidentally, the term "antisemitism" traditionally refers exclusively to Jews, although there are other Semitic peoples. For example, the Arabs, as research has shown, much more Semites genetically, than the modern Jews.

The idea of a Jewish national identity - fiction

Koestler concludes that Judaism adopted by the Khazars,

"Transformed them into pseudo-nation, which does not have the necessary features and the privileges of the national status, weakly related to some system of traditional ideas, based on racial and historical assumptions that turn out to be illusory."

"Thus, the idea of Jewish national identity is an illusion created by history that does not exist."

In September 2001 the [Russian] journal "Ogonyek (#36) has published an interview with Faina Grimberg, which proved, as described in the publication, "with facts in hand", the idea of "a single Jewish people is a myth."

Some of these facts she cites in an interview. In particular, she says:

"Cesare Lombroso, the famous scientist of the XIX century, a Jew, an Italian, a native of Spain, in one of his works, wrote that the Jews of the Russian Empire (in particular, he was referring to the territory of modern Lithuania and Belarus), are something strange.

He, just as you, stuck to the theory of a single "wandering people", but in this case was surprised on purely human grounds. There is something strange about them. They do not look like Jews... That is, for Cesare Lombroso, a representative of a different community, these people seemed incomprehensible and strange, especially in their psychological make-up."

So, after the fall of Khazaria, Khazars, migrating to other countries, did not cease to cherish the dream of their own state, which was reflected in the XII-th century in the Messianic movement, which had as its goal the seizure of Palestine by force.

Encyclopedia Americana says that "it is precisely among the Ashkenazi Jews the idea of political Zionism has emerged, which was the sole reason for creation of the state of Israel."

Return of Khazaria

In 1948 the UN adopted its first official act - the decision to establish the state of Israel, to be formed in the Palestinian territories as a result of its partitioning. Not being Semites, Khazar Jews inhabited the land, which they never owned and whose ancestors have never inhabited. They actually removed, and stripped of the rights those who owned the land and inhabited it for thousands of years.

This dramatically heightened the tension in the region and made a prophetic utterance of Orwell come true, who wrote about the "permanent war for permanent peace." Only now, this "permanent war in the Middle East has become a permanent global war for permanent peace in the world."

The State of Israel, according to Koestler, was not based on the mystical union of Abraham with God, but on man-made international law. What the UN did in 1948, was a violation of its own Charter, which resulted in the displacement of more than four million Palestinians and the creation of the nation which does not have a hereditary right to the land and can not even be classified as a nation as such.

F. Grimberg in her "theory about the absence of the Jewish people" in the aforementioned interview in "Ogonyok" explains that "Judaism was adopted by diverse variety of anthropological communities."

Further, she actually expresses the same idea as Koestler:

"In fact, all the world, or non-world religions have their supporters and their communities. But the fact that religious community must get its own state is some kind of new experiment.

Because it is impossible to get an empty area - some people already live there. Hence, it must be taken away from someone. So, there is a need to create a certain dark, aggressive and, in general, the ideology we are well familiar with. Xenophobic ideology, right?" "Accentuating our difference from others."

In the Jewish Encyclopedia, in the chapter "From the Khazars to Dreyfus," it says that

the trial of Dreyfus, in the interpretation the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, allowed the Khazar Jews of today's Russia to forget that they are descendants of the converts to Judaism, and adopt the idea of anti-Semitism as proof of their Palestinian roots".

The first president of Israel, Chaim Atsriel Weizmann, who was the leader of the Zionist movement for many years, and served as president of the World Zionist Organization, was born on November 27, 1874 in Belarus, in the town of Motol in the Pinsk province [former USSR]. That is, with high probability, we can say that he is a descendant of the Khazars converted to Judaism, which have no relation to the anthropological Palestine.

Head of the State of Israel must be a person with roots in Russia

We should note a curious fact. In Israel, there exists a directive: the head of the State of Israel must be a person with roots in Russia, in other words, Khazarian.

Vladimir (Ze'ev) Khanin, in his book "'Russians' and the power in modern Israel" (Moscow, 2003) writes:

"From the XVIII century, beginning with Aliyah Yehuda Hasid, those that came from Russia played an important, and eventually a central role in the history of Palestinian Jewry.

It is precisely with Russian Jews the Zionist repatriation began, they accounted for the vast majority of immigrants, first during (1882-1907), second (1907-1914), and third wave during (1919-1921). In subsequent years, the Jewish repatriation from the USSR, and later from the CIS experienced ups and downs, but never stopped.

As a result, about half of all the Israeli Jews are connected with Russia in one way or another, and Russian Jewry became the de facto founding core of Israeli society."

And then he continues:

"It is in Russia, that the majority of founders of the modern Jewish nationalism were born - members of the "BILU" organization, the founders of such organizations as the "Hashomer", and the Haganah, the ideology of socialist (Baer Borohov, Berl Katznelson), revisionist (Vladimir Jabotinsky), spiritual (Ahad Ha-Am) and religious (Rabbi Kook) Zionism.

Finally, most political, religious and military leaders of the revived Israel were born in Russia: its first four presidents (Chaim Weizmann, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Shneur Zalman Shazar, Ephraim Katzir), as well as prime ministers David Ben-Gurion, Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir.

The parents of Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon, and President Ezer Weizman repatriated from Russia. Prime ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Shimon Peres, who became president of Israel, were born in western Belarus, which was a part of Poland between two world wars, but before and after was a part of Russia and the Soviet Union.

Vladimir Khanin summarises it as follows:

"In other words, it is difficult to find an aspect of existence in the state of Israel where Russian Jews from different generations and their descendants did not play an important or even central role."

We add that the former Prime Minister Menachem Begin was born in Brest. Another prime minister, Ehud Olmert, telling his autobiography, recalled that his father was born in Russia. Mordechai Olmert, was born in 1911 in Buguruslan in Samara province. And in 1919 he moved from Russia to China. In 1933 he moved from China to the Holy Land, to where (also from China) came his future wife. Olmert's father was a prominent Zionist.

By the way, Itzhak Maor in his book "The Zionist movement in Russia," wrote that the Zionist leaders, that come from Russia, were "the chief ideologists of the Zionist movement."

In Israel, the Khazar-Zionists have recreated Khazaria, and the Jewish state has its attributes, which were written about by historians. They even began to describe Israel using the same terminology as was used by Gumilev.

Is creation of a chimera a worldwide solution to the problem?

The Journalist from "Ogonyok" [magazine] in an interview with F. Grimberg asks her a question:

"Probably the creation of Israel in the 1948 was not a random act. Let us not speak of the struggle of superpowers for influence in the Middle East. Let's talk about the destruction of 6 million Jews by Hitler."

To which she replied:

"Why was this tragedy decided by creation of new artificial state and at the same time by driving people who did not kill anyone from their homes?

Is the escalation of xenophobia and Nazism the solution of the problem?

The fact that people were torn off their native territories by their roots, end up in places with the climatic conditions they have not been accustomed to, and fall victim to the false ideology - is this the solution?

And then there is one interesting thing. It is one thing when you're a victim, and another, I'm sorry, when it is just the opposite.

In Israel, many have understood it. And there is even broader view on the question:

and so, is creation of such a chimera as a mono-national and mono-confessional state - is this a commonly accepted solution to the problem on a global scale?

What, do we not know where this could lead in the world?"

"There is no need to make a tragedy out of a number of false chimeric constructions. There is no need to call the immigrants repatriates, that is, returning to their homeland."

These thoughts are expressed in terms of Gumilev. Israel is here called "an artificial state," "chimera," created on the basis of "false ideology", which is associated with "false chimerical constructions."

Now let us compare the modern Israel with some characteristics of Khazaria presented by Gumilev above. And so he wrote about kaganate:

  1. This unnatural, artificial juxtaposition of dissimilar things led to the formation of the chimera-state, in which on the body of one nation sits the head, composed of representatives of other nation.
  2. Out of systemic integrity Khazaria became unnatural combination of an amorphous mass of citizens, with the ruling class, alien to the people by blood and religion.
  3. Khazaria was an ethnic chimera, which developed as a result of the invasion of representatives of one super-ethnos into the area of residence of another super-ethnos, incompatible with it.
  4. Chimera is distinguished by an unsystematic mix of incompatible behavioral traits.
    In place of a single mentality comes complete chaos in tastes, attitudes and perceptions arising in the society as a result of it.
  5. Chimera is a superposition of two different rhythms, creating a cacophony, which is perceived by people on a subconscious level, creating a climate of perversity and generating anti-systemic mindset.

    In support of this characterisation let us cite the opinion of Israeli Professor Herman Branover. In his book "The Return", he writes about a "monstrous degradation of morals" in Israel and "related and stemming out of it decline and collapse of public policy and economics."

    "How can you call this tragedy of degradation of all Jewish - the beginning of Messianic liberation ?!... do not delude yourself, calling this darkness with light!"

  6. The peoples who were ruled by the Khazars, in exchange for tribute paid by them, received from the Khazars a shaky promise that they will not be the target of the Khazar attacks as long as they pay tribute. In other words, these people were not more than a gigantic robbery victims, that is racketeering.

    (Publicist H. Makow, who calls himself a representative of the "silent majority of simple Jews", writes:

    "War on Terror is an extortion. Aggressor is the world's financial elite ... It is a tool of Zionism, especially the Mossad and its American allies ...

    Its goal is to create a world police state called the "new world order." In other words, global anti-state - Global Khazaria.

"To take over the world, we must possess Russia"

Khazaria was very belligerent and was in a constant state of war. It fought against Russia, the Arab Caliphate (ie the Arab world), and Iran. Remember, who is now the enemies of Israel, and we see that the parallel is absolute. The founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl wrote:

"To take over the world, one has to take possession of Russia."

Israel follows the Khazarian footsteps. It, as we know it, ended badly. United States, which is a subject of Israeli Khazaria, and therefore also has its attributes, follows the same way straight into oblivion, into the abyss.

As reported by IRNA agency in August 2006, the chairman of anti-Zionist Jewish community of USA, David Weiss, said:

"We are convinced that eventually the day will come when Israel will cease to exist."

Weiss believes that current problems stem from the mentality and ideology of the Zionists, who

"Abusing religion, accuse of anti-Judaism all those who are against the Zionists."

ZioNazis commit terrorist acts in the synagogues

He pointed to the Zionist regime's plots in the Islamic countries in order to create internal strife and added that the Zionists are committing terrorist acts in the synagogues in the Arab countries and accuse Arabs of it.

One of the critics of Zionism, Gregory Sinaiski, writes:

"Hate of those of foreign tribes is an invention of Zionism, the result of the substitution of religious with pseudo-nationalist."

When you see cases of blind hatred of the Jews in modern Nazis [in Russia], that are accompanied, as a rule, by anti-state slogans, such as "Russia for the Russians" and calling for creation of a network structure to unite exclusively Russians, and then to separate from Russia, then you think - this is also the substitution of religious with pseudo-national.

In fact, according to the Scriptures, in end times, all the 12 tribes of Israel will be saved. They will "turn" to the Lord Jesus Christ. But only 144,000 of them will remain alive.

L. Tikhomirov, in his article "Religious and philosophical foundations of history," points to two groups of Jews - the "old" ("Old Testament"), which "knew God, kept His Law as an expression of the kingdom of God", and "new" ("New Testament"). This latter, in fact, corresponds to the Judeans-Khazars with their desire for world domination, revenge and reconstruction of Khazaria-Israel on a global scale.

Features of the new Jews, according to Tikhomirov, "consist of ever increasing the penetration of the ideas of human autonomy, connected with the idea of Jewish world domination. The desire for this is based on the increasingly growing confidence in their unlimited power.

Thus, the former religious idea of the Messiah is replaced by the notion of messianism of the Jewish people as such. Meanwhile, the concept of religion and state naturally merge, and the implementation of the law gets disconnected from knowing God.

And since it is not on God, but on Israel, that the life of the world will be erected upon, the notion of the deity loses any practical value, and anyone may do as he pleases.

Israel becomes the ultimate power of the future

... The ultimate power of the future becomes Israel. If so, then it is natural to assume the two standards of life - one for Israel, the other - for other people.

In all this, the ideological foundation is created, quite appropriate for the assertion of power of the Antichrist, coming "in his own name." The Jews of New Testament, on their part, beginning with rejection of the Messiah, who has come in the name of God, have developed along the same lines as those who influenced the condemnation of the Messiah Jesus.

They naturally evolved in the spirit of the anti-Christ, not because they were building the kingdom of the Antichrist, but because they were moving in the direction of their own ideas. Nevertheless, this was the foundation of alignment with the idea of the Antichrist and a historical work to serve him has been carried out."

These two groups of Jews are related to the "old" and "new" Israel as written about by L. Tikhomirov:

"If this new Israel, in its self-consciousness, shied away from the religious idea, that gives Israel the very meaning of its world mission, we should not forget that next to this self-affirming Israel, moving more and more "in his own name", all along the way, lived and lives that Israel, which is actually chosen by God and is intended to serve not itself but God. No matter what is done by those keepers of scribes, who are trying to grab it into their own hands, old and new, it, nevertheless, keeps the faith of Moses and the prophets."

"When a man has the Bible as the foundation of faith, he can not completely turn away from the awareness of God's care about all mankind, about the brotherhood of man before the common Father. No matter how much such consciousness is filled with rabbinic interpretations, humiliating people of all other tribes to the point of alleged animal-like nature, yet with a Bible in their hands the Jews were not completely cut off from the awareness of human brotherhood."

As confirmation of this thought L.A. Tikhomirov writes that many Jews sincerely converted to Christianity. In addition, Jews had movements to get closer to Christianity. Tikhomirov, cites one scholar Jew, Joseph Rabinowitz, who in the south of Russia in 1880 tried to establish a particular community of Jews, that recognized Jesus Christ as real Messiah. It was not really Christianity, but was a step toward it, confirming that in some of the Jews the quest for religious truth did not die.

We can say that within Judaism between its two groups - the Old Testament and New Testament, between the old and the new Israel a continuous spiritual confrontation tales place. And all along, new Israel is trying to crush and destroy the old one in every way conceivable.

And now, said Tikhomirov, those two historical features remain, which were characteristic of Jews during the time of Savior. In one feature, the aspiration of an earthly kingdom found its manifestation, and the other characterised with high, selfless and dedicated service to God.

"If in one instance the scribe keepers and Pharisees were operating, on the other - the apostles appeared, as from among the lowest class (the fishermen of Galilee), and so from the highly educated Pharisees (ap. Paul)."

Among modern Jews in the newly formed Israel, the legacy of the scribe keepers and Pharisees has "multiplied immensely."

At pre-end times, in Jewish movement, inevitably appear two parts opposing each other. On the one hand, it will be Israel-Khazaria, led by the Antichrist, which will be brought to power by the Khazar Jewry that strives for an earthly kingdom. But, on the other hand, "perhaps the largest role in final outcome will be played by Jews who converted to Christianity," the Jews of the "old Israel", "showing that they remained God's chosen to the end, serving not themselves, but unto God."

By cultivating the hatred of Jews in themselves and in others, the new Nazis ignite the hatred towards this "remaining part" converted to Christianity. That is they substitute religious with pseudo-nationalist. But this is precisely one of the principles of Zionism, which Nazis are fighting against in their words, but in their deeds, quietly, secretly, spread it around. So on a spiritual level, they merge into one with the Zionists, against whom they appear to struggle. This brings to mind one of the basic Masonic symbol - a snake biting its own tail. Zionist and Nazi organizations are financed and funded from the same source.

There is undeniable evidence that the Zionists and Nazis collaborated during the war.

The snake biting its own tail

Anti-Semitism - a product of Zionism

"They are villains not because they are Zionists.
They are Zionists because they are villains."

(Rabbi Avragam Yoshe Freund)

Khazaria as a nation has fallen, but, according to L. Gumilev, as a result of "zigzag" deviation from normal ethnogenetic development "on the stage of history" appeared "predatory and ruthless ethnic chimera." This is Turk-Khazars, focused on "aggressive Judaism."

Benjamin Friedman writes that the Khazars were so belligerent and hostile, that they are likely to have been driven out of Asia and dispersed among the peoples of Eastern Europe.

Recall Gumilev wrote that in the depths of chimeras in the contact zone of incompatible super-ethnoses, anti-systems were formed that constitute the social formation of the negative type, a community of people with "negative outlook". Inherently negative attitude is life-negating and makes the destruction the material world its goal and the ideal.

Zionist movement became such an anti-system, born in the depths of the Khazar chimera, such social formation of the negative type, which "exist at the expense of positive ethnic systems", "eating them from the inside like a cancer."

in his book "The story of the chosen people," Ayatollah Khomeini wrote:

"We distinguish Judeans from Zionists. We are against the Zionists because they stand against all religions. Zionists are politicians, hiding behind Judaism. Jews also feel disgust towards them, and all people should be disgusted with them."

Anti-systems, as defined by Gumilev, are the carriers of destructive urge, usually act as the initiators of revolutions and wars.

Anti-Semitism was funded by wealthy ZioNazis

Jewish publicist H. Makow writes that anti-Semitism would never have made its way, "if rich Jews had not decided to fund it." "Hitler would never have come to power without the support of the world's financial tycoons."

Incidentally, in 1938, Time magazine named Hitler man of the year.

The German company I.G. Farben, Director - Max Warburg - ZioNazi

The German company I.G. Farben, which participated in the production of gas for Auschwitz, conducted experiments on prisoners with participation of a Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, and was what is called "the backbone of the German war machine" and belonged to the major bankers.

Until 1938 well known Jewish banking tycoon Max Warburg was its director.

We note in passing that Max Warburg was the son-in-law of the banker Jacob Schiff who financed the Russian Revolution.

German War machine

The fact that I.G. Farben was the "backbone of the German war machine", is demonstrated by the fact that the German army was almost entirely dependent on supplies from this company during the war.

On October 21, 1945 New York Times published the following data, which showed dependence of Wehrmacht on the products of I.G. Farben as of 1943. This is the main raw materials and products without which the army can not exist and fight.


Table 2-1: German Army (Wehrmacht) Dependence on I.G. Farben Production (1943):

Product Total German Production Percent Produced by I.G. Farben
Synthetic Rubber 118.600 tons 100
Methanol 251,000 tons 100
Lubricating Oil 60,000 tons 100
Dyestuffs 31,670 tons 96
Poison Gas - 95
Nickel 2,000 tons 95
Plastics 57,000 tons 90
Magnesium 27,400 tons 88
Explosives 221,000 tons 64
Gunpowder 210,000 tons 70
High Octane Gasoline (Aviation) 650,000 tons 46
Sulfuric Acid 707,000 tons 35

The left column shows names of products supplied. In the center of tonnage, and the right amount in percentage terms. Almost all the items in terms of volume of supply are close to 100%.

Below is the same data in chart form.

Farben manufactured 95% of all German poison gas

Farben produced 95% of German poison gas that was used in concentration camps.

I.G. Farben coropration fininciers during WWII: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Ford Motor Company, Bank of Manhattan, Standard Oil of New Jersey

This and other data is also presented by Anthony Sutton in his work on I.G. Farben.

On June 4, 1943, Senator Homer Bowman, speaking before the Committee on Military Affairs of the U.S. Senate, said:

"Farben meant Hitler and Hitler meant Farben."

The company's directors were not only German but also well-known American financiers who have been associated with the Zionist movement, including the Warburg clan.

The company was connected to nothing less than the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

In the transcript of the interrogation of director of Farben von Schnitzler in 1945, in a fragment quoted by Sutton, we read:

What did you do when you learned that the chemicals from the I.G. were used to kill people in concentration camps?

S. - I was terrified.

Have you done anything in this regard?

S. - I left it to myself because it was too horrible ... I asked Mueller-Kunradi whether it is known to him and Ambros and other directors in Auschwitz that the gases and chemicals are used to kill people.

What did he say?

S. - Yes, all the directors know of I. G. in Auschwitz."

Hitler admitted that he was financed by ZioNazis

Incidentally, another company that supported Hitler, was Royal Dutch Shell, which was founded by Jewish family of Samuels.

In May 1933 one of the Nazi leaders, Alfred Rosenberg, was a guest of the company. After this visit, the Samuels' family gave Hitler 30 million pounds sterling.

Hitler admitted that he was financed the Jews.

Herman Rauschning, one of Hitler's closest friends from the prewar era, in his book, "Hitler told me", writes what Fuhrer told him:

"The Jews have made an important contribution to my struggle. A huge number of Jews provided financial support for my movement." This support has played a large role in "overcoming the anti-Nazi boycott and allowed Germany to enter the war, being the industrial giant."

By the way, there was a labor camp on the territory of I. G. Farben company, which was better known as Auschwitz III.

And another fact: the headquarters of I. G. Farben in Hamburg has never been bombed, although it was an important military facility for the Germans. Later this building housed the headquarters of the CIA.

In the Berlin office of I.G. Farben was the main Nazi spy center. This structure was led by the director of the company, Max Ilgner, nephew of I.G. Farben president Hermann Schmitz. Both were on the board of directors of American I.G., associated with I.G. Farben.

In 1939, the center staff were drafted into the Wehrmacht, but actually stayed in their seats and performed the same job.

Dutch Prince Bernhard

One of the better known members of the intelligence center was Dutch Prince Bernhard, who joined Farben in the early 30s, after 18 months of service in the SS.

Bernard later became better known as chairman of the Bilderberg club meetings.

In March of 1941 the Warburg family and its 14 employees decided to leave Nazi-occupied Holland.

Do you think someone tried to prevent it? Or they were arrested and sent to concentration camps or the gas chamber? No. It was a destiny of ordinary Jews.

As for Warburgs, their departure had been carefully organized. Their safety was provided by a special escort of the SS. And to prevent any kind of incident during their travel, they were given a separate train. They travelled through the occupied and not occupied territories in France and also through Spain and Portugal. In Lisbon, they boarded a ship to Cuba and came to the U.S.. This episode is described by Ron Chernou in his book, "Warburgs".

Collaboration of Zionism with anti-Semitism has a long history

Collaboration of Zionism with anti-Semitism has a long history, one of the most tragic episodes of which was a collaboration with the Nazis. This cooperation continued even during the war.

In his book "Zionism - the age of dictators," published in 1983, Lenny Brenner writes that Kurt Tuhler, one of the leaders of the German Zionist Federation, persuaded Baron Leopold von Mildenstein of SS to write the pro-Zionist article in the Jewish press. Baron agreed on the condition that he first visited Palestine. And two months after Hitler came to power, they went to Palestine.

Mildenstein stayed there for six months. And after his return wrote an article with praise about what he saw in the Zionist colony in Palestine. He also persuaded Goebbels to put a detailed report about this, a series of twelve articles, in his Der Angriff - the main organ of Nazi propaganda.

"The Nazis goes to Palestine"

The Nazis goes to Palestine medal released by 'Angriff' magazine of Goebbels

In memory of this expedition Goebbels had a medal, on one side of which was the swastika, and on the other - the Zionist star and the inscription:

"The Nazis goes to Palestine"

This fact is confirmed by the British magazine History today No. 1, 1980. In his publication in particular it says:

"At the end of the same in 1934 an SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and a representative of the Zionist Federation of Germany Kurt Tuhler made a joint six-month journey to Palestine to study 'features the Zionist development' in place."

"The Nazis goes to Palestine" in Goebbels' paper Angriff

Upon return from his trip, von Mildenstein wrote a series of of 12 articles under the title "Nazi goes to Palestine" for Goebbels's newspaper Angriff.

He expressed his sincere admiration for the "pioneering spirit and achievements of the Jewish settlers."

According to him, "it is necessary to fully support Zionism, for it is helpful to both, the Jewish people, and to the whole world."

Apparently, in order to perpetuate the memory of a joint trip of a Nazi and a Zionist, Angriff even released a medal, on one side of which was a swastika, on the other - six-pointed Star of David."

In his interview given after the war, the former head of the Zionist Federation of Germany Hans Fridental said:

"The Gestapo did everything in those days to ensure the immigration, especially to Palestine. We often received their help when we needed something from the other powers related to emigration."

Zionism wanted to sacrifice all the European Jewry in the name of the Zionist state

Joseph Burg in The Toronto Star (March 31, 1988) wrote:

"Zionism wanted to sacrifice all the European Jewry to the Zionist state. Everything was done to create the state of Israel, and it was only possible with the help of World War II. Wall Street and big Jewish bankers aided the war effort on both sides."

In February of 1950, Robert Williams, published an article in the Williams Intelligence Summary about "conspiracy of Jace Warburg against the Christian world." It said that the widow of General Ludendorff explains why her husband moved away from Hitler. This was due to the fact that in the early summer of 1929 James Warburg made an agreement with the financial community of America, who wished to establish sole control over Germany by initiating the national revolution there.

The task of the Warburg was to find a suitable man in Germany, and he came into contact with Adolf Hitler, who later, until January 30, 1932, received from him a sum amounting to 27 million dollars, and then another $7 million, which enabled him to finance his movement."

In the book by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin "George Bush: an unauthorized biography", the second chapter is called "Project 'Hitler'".

It says that the Jewish banker Max Warburg, on March 27, 1933 wrote to his American sponsors that "Hitler's government benefits Germany."

So, he, in particular, reports:

"In the past few months, things are going much better than we expected ... But we do suffer because of an active propaganda against Germany, caused by some unpleasant circumstances. These incidents are a natural consequence of the high-intensity election campaign, which was too exaggerated in the foreign press.

The Government is firmly committed to ensure public peace and order in Germany and I am absolutely sure in this regard that there is no reason to worry." This was a seal of approval for Hitler, given by the most famous Jew."

On March 29, 1933, that is, two days after this letter, the son of Max Warburg, Erich, sent a telegram to his cousin, Frederick Warburg, who was the director of the railway system of Gariman. He asked Frederick to "use his influence" to stop the anti-Nazi activity in America, including the "terrible news and hostile propaganda in foreign press, mass meetings, etc. Frederick was quick to reply and in a telegram to Erich said:

"No responsible groups here demand a boycott of German goods, but only the exalted individuals."

Another two days later, on March 31, 1933, the American-Jewish Committee, controlled by Warburg, and the Masonic lodge B'nai B'rith, heavily influenced by Saltsbergers, published in (New York Times) an official joint statement the two organizations, which recommended "not to encourage any boycott against Germany", and also gave advice to " not hold more rallies and not to engage in other similar forms of propaganda."

American Jewish Committee and B'nai B'rith have continued this hard-line suppression of any of attacks on Hitler throughout the 30's, turning a blind eye to the struggle that began by many Jews and anti-fascists.

Zionist leaders have played a sinister role in the drama of Nazism

Thus, the Zionist leaders have played a sinister role in the drama of Nazism.

"The Zionists-bankers Rothschild and Warburg, not only hindered the emergence of any information on how Hitler, using his army of fascist thugs, terrorized the Germans who wanted to prevent his election in 1933, but primarily financed Hitler's rise to power."

Adolph Hitler

In 1938, Time magazine named Hitler man of the year.

Bank of England, controlled by the Rothschilds, rewarded Hitler for taking Prague by giving him the Czech gold reserves that had been stored in London.

On August 28, 1937 one of the last Chancellors, Heinrich Bruening, of the Weimar Republic sent the following letter to Winston Churchill:

"I do not like and do not want, for obvious reasons, to reveal the information that in October 1928 the largest and most regular donors of funds for the Nazi Party were the principal managers of the two largest Berlin banks, both of the Jewish religion, one of them is the Zionist leader of in Germany."

Bruening papers are stored now in Syracuse University (USA, New York), including this letter to Churchill, which was copied by hand by the British writer David Irving, who worked on a biography of British politician.

In his letter to Daniel Longwell on February 7, 1948 Bruening wrote that the SA and the SS, prior to 1933, were mainly equipped with revolvers and machine guns made in the USA. This letter is now stored in the library at Columbia University.

Rudolf Kastner and a deal with the Nazis

Hannah Arendt is the author of the book about Rudolf Kastner, a member of the Zionist organization, and about his connections with the Nazis. The book was written based on the materials of interrogation of Nazi war criminal Eichmann, who was executed in Israel in 1962. And if Kastner was not killed in 1958, he also should have been prosecuted as a war criminal."

As can be seen from the testimony of Eichmann, he concluded an agreement with Kastner to permit the illegal departure of several thousand Jews to Palestine in exchange for "peace and order" in the camps, from where hundreds of thousands were sent to Auschwitz. Several thousands have been saved on the basis of this agreement. Those were well known Jews and members of Zionist youth organizations, who, according to Eichmann, were "the best biological material."

In his interview with Life magazine at the end of 1960, Eichmann, recalled that

"On the orders of Himmler, he established contacts with Jewish political leaders in Budapest, among them Rudolf Kastner - the official representative of the Zionist movement organisation.

This Kastner was a young man about my age and a fanatical Zionist. He agreed to help me keep the Jews from resisting deportation and even to maintain order in camps, if I let a few hundred or few thousand young Jews emigrate to Palestine illegally. It was a good deal - for ensuring order in the camps to pay with 15,000 or 20,000 Jews. Even if he had asked for more, it was a small price for me ...

We trusted each other absolutely. With its glitz and self-restraint, he could be an ideal Gestapo officer.

The main concern of Kastner was to ensure emigration to Israel of a selected group of Hungarian Jews ... In essence, there were many similarities between our approaches in SS and attitudes of these Zionist leaders. As I told Kastner:

"We're both idealists, and we both have to sacrifice the blood of our countrymen, before we come to power."

I believe that Kastner would have sacrificed a thousand or hundreds of thousands of his tribesmen to achieve his political goal.

He was not interested or older Jews who had assimilated into Hungarian society. He had to save biologically valuable Jewish blood, that is, human material that was capable of reproduction and hard work.

"You can take the others, but give me this group."

And because Kastner rendered us a great service, providing peace in deportation camps, I have allowed this group to run. I did not care about this small group of only about one thousand Jews."

That is, Eichmann was ready to give more than 20,000 people to Kastner. For him it was a "reasonable price" to pay. But Kastner took about a thousand, "who are capable of reproduction and hard work." He did not need the others - the elderly and children".

It was a 'breeding' selection of exactly the same kind as practiced by the Nazis, the one that allows you to put an equal sign between them and the Zionists. And this analogy is noticed by Eichmann.

The European Jews must accept the suffering and death

In his paper "The millions who could be saved", L. Domb states the following facts.

In 1941 and again in 1942 the Gestapo offered transit to Spain to European Jews on the condition that none of them will go to Palestine. All the deportees will be transported to the United States and British colonies, and will remain there. It was required to pay 1000 dollars for each family.

The reply of Zionist leaders was negative, with the following comments.

"Only the Palestine should be seen as the place of destination. The European Jews must accept the suffering and death to a greater extent than other peoples in order for the victorious allies to agree to the "Jewish State" at the end of the war. No ransom will be paid."

That was the answer of the Zionists to the Gestapo proposal. And the answer was given with the full knowledge that the alternative in this case would be gas chambers.

Zionists have betrayed their people. They used them as a material to achieve power.

In 1944 a similar proposal was made, which would save all the Jews of Hungary. The Zionist leadership again rejected the proposal, knowing full well that the gas chambers had already taken the lives of hundreds and hundreds of thousands.

The British government granted visas to 300 rabbis and their families guaranteeing their survival in one of their colonies and passage through Turkey.

Zionist leaders sabotaged this plan on the grounds that it was "disloyal" to Palestine.

On December 17, 1942 the British Parliament has offered to evacuate 500,000 Jews from Europe and place them in the British colonies.

Zionist leadership declared that the Jews were against this proposal, since Palestine was not on the list of territories.

On February 16, 1943, Romania offered to spare 70,000 of the Jewish refugees for the price of $50 for each person. This proposal was published in the U.S. newspapers.

On February 24 the leader of American Zionists, Stephen Weiss, responded with an official refusal to this offer and said that fund-raising is not warranted. Ishaq Greenbaum, addressing the Zionist Executive Committee in Tel Aviv, said:

"Can we allocate money from the American Foundations for the salvation of the Jews in Europe. I say no and no again. We need to resist this wave which distracts the Zionist activities with things of secondary importance."

Genocide of the Jews with Zionists hands

During these negotiations, Chaim Weizmann, the future first president of Israel, says:

"The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not so important."

The Weizmann's companion, Greenbaum strengthened this statement by saying:

"One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe."

At the final stage of the war the Nazis tried to exchange Jews for money, partly because they wanted to make a contact with the Western powers, who, they believed, were under Jewish influence. And the Zionist leaders did not do anything to save their surviving fellow brothers.

Rabbi Michael Weissmandel

Rabbi Michael Weissmandel addressed the Zionists in these words:

"Do not you feel guilty, our Jewish brethren?

Ruthless you are and killers also, because of your cold-blooded silence, with which you have watched it, because you sat idly folding your hands, doing nothing, even though you could stop or prevent the murder in the same hour.

You are our brothers, the sons of Israel, have you gone mad? Do not you know about the hell that surrounds us?

For whom do you save your money? ... Murderers!".

ZioNazis offer military-political alliance with Germany

But there was also military cooperation of the Zionists with the Third Reich. In January 1941, an important Zionist organization - the "Fighters for Freedom of Israel" (also known as the Stern Gang, among members of which was the future Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir) - appealed to German diplomats in Beirut and proposed military-political alliance with Germany. The message read in part:

"Common interests could exist between the European New Order based on the German concept, and the true national aspirations of the Jewish people ... Cooperation is possible between the new Germany and renewed national Jewry. The establishment of a Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, sealed with the agreement with the German Reich would be in the interest of maintaining and strengthening the future German position of power in the Middle East.

Based on these conclusions, and provided that the Government of the German Reich recognizes the national aspirations of the Israeli freedom movement, its organization in Palestine offers to actively participate in the war on the German side.

This proposal could include military, political and informational activity within Palestine, as well as certain institutional arrangements abroad. Along with this, military training of Jewish men in Europe will be carried out, and the formation of military units under the direction and command of the organization. These units will take part in combat operations with the goal of the conquest of Palestine in the event that such a front would be opened."

Now you can understand the true purpose of the appearance of the term "anti-Semitism." It was thrown in by Anti-Defamation League, the brainchild of B'nai B'rith , not to protect Jews against discrimination, but to conceal the crimes of Zionism.

Anti-Semitism - wei wei wei

And the Zionists have committed these crimes against their own people. When someone tries to point to these crimes and their relationship to Zionism, Zionists immediately cry out that it is anti-Semitism.

This demonstrates yet another characteristic of Zionism as anti-system as according to Gumilev anti-systems are characterized by secrecy of actions utilising such a device as lie.

According to the Jewish press:

"Opposition to Zionism among Jews is not just a matter of humanitarian and international solidarity with the Arabs, but a natural reaction against the fundamentally anti-Semitic movement, which managed to take root among people in all countries of the Arab world."

Ze'ev Jabotinsky, one of Zionist leaders, in a fascist uniform

Zionists were fond of Italian fascism and admired Mussolini. Here is a photograph of one of the the Zionist leaders, [Ze'ev] Jabotinsky, in a fascist uniform.

Here is the text of another message sent:


"The indirect participation of the Freedom Movement in Israel in the New Order in Europe, which is in the preparatory phase, combined with positively radical solution to the problem of European Jews on the basis of the national aspirations of the Jewish people will greatly strengthen the spiritual foundations of the New Order in the eyes of all mankind."

The new order is the name of the political, economic and social system, which the Nazis wanted to establish in the form of absolute global hegemony. It was the first attempt to create a global anti-state.

On the eve of the election in 1932 Adolf Hitler in his address to the people of Germany said:

"If you elect me as a leader of this nation, I will create a new world order that will last a thousand years."

With this program, he went to the polls, and it is precisely this program of achieving world domination was financed and supported the Zionist bankers.

Let us recall that those 27 million dollars, and then another $7 million to finance the Nazi movement were obtained by Hitler from the Warburg precisely in 1932. The money was given not just to finance a concept of a new world order, but for war, because a new world order is first of all a military scenario, because voluntarily countries and peoples would not become slaves of someone.

And then, what was Hitler's plan? It is World domination, justified with the idea of chosen people. Zionists have the same plan and same idea of being chosen.

But remember that all this has happened before. The same messianism was first kindled in Khazaria, and the main way to achieve it was also a war. Everything that happened after, the two world wars - all this is trying to realise the project "Khazaria", which, steadily and relentlessly, was trying to implement the anti-system born out of Khazarian chimera.

Hitler was actually a stooge of the anti-system

Hitler was actually a stooge of the anti-system. Remember, the Khazars fought using mercenaries. They bought them as they bought Hitler.

Anti-system inevitably follows the traditions, it absorbs it. Anti-system as a system of social organisation, a community of people of negative type, passes the baton from generation to generation.

It reproduces itself. People who joined the anti-system (Khazar project of the global anti-state) - are the people completely consumed by the system. These people are functionaries of that anti-system, that is those who sold their soul to it and completely submitted their will by agreeing to become an instrument of total destruction and death.

System and anti-system, state and anti-state, Christ and Antichrist. That is precisely to the spirit of the Antichrist all these anti- are subject to, it is the spirit of Antichrist that leads anti-system, aimed at establishing a global anti-state where he wants to become the sole ruler.

It is him who is the main preacher longing for revenge and total power of Khazaria. It is him who became that king (bek), who was once placed in charge of the Khazar Kagan and its rulers as a spiritual leader.

The same matrix of Khazaria

But this period of dual power in Khazaria has passed, and bek eventually pushed Kagan away and became the sole ruler. He became not only political, but above all a spiritual leader. After that Khazaria fell.

But with arrival of the Antichrist everything will be the same. He will rule the anti-system as a collective kaganate.

It is the same scenario, the same matrix of Khazaria.

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri wrote a book called "Empire" published by Harvard University Press

In 2000, Harvard University Press published a book called "Empire" by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri.

In this work, devoted to the new world order, the empire is essentially understood as what we call a global anti-state, new Khazaria, the kingdom of the Antichrist.

"Empire" - book published by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri - book cover

The authors write that the head of the empire, created by New World Order will be primarily a spiritual ruler, that is an analogue of the Khazar Bek.

Here's how they describe this procedure:

"The New World Order assumes that the new ethical and legal standards of good and evil will be approved by one individual and for all to follow".

That is the main goal of action of this one is one-man rule over the souls and proselytizing.

And that is what we are talking about here, because the statement "Standards of Good and Evil" is always the prerogative of religion.

In 2004, the authors publish the continuation of the "Empire", a book called "Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire", which describes how the empire (the global anti-state) will be installed.

U.S. chose the Hazar path - the path of war

This is the Khazar path - the path of war. This is what the U.S. is now engaged in, having become the new Germany, the same as during Hitler's time.

Their leadership, just as Hitler was once funded, is funded by the same Zionists, and their army, in the same way as once the army of the Third Reich, serves as a mercenary of the Khazar anti-system, which in parallel to that through the private military companies has already created the global force of global anti-state, designed not only to suppress any attempts of resistance or disobedience, but even any kind of disagreement.

So now the global Khazaria, just as it was in the past, places its main bets on the war. Here is what Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri write about it, in their book "Multitude":

The war has become a "form of governing" and "main matrix for all the attitudes of government and methods of dominance." "The war now is the first and main element, the foundation of politics."

The U.S. war for democracy is a war for the New World Order through "democratic use of force", and establishment of social networks.

The main tasks of social networks in the war, "establishing democracy" and "protection of the armies of the empire" and "creation of common" (State).

"A democratic use of force"

Comments here, as they say, are unnecessary. But the most remarkable is the term "democratic use of force."

Concerning the currently fashionable networks, some people are just crazy about, and want to introduce them in Russia, it is a tool of separation, dismemberment, fragmentation and destruction of the state, society and individuality.

War is a means of fragmentation. War as a means to decay is thus a tool, a tool that arms the network. The network brings the war.

And now, just as Hitler did, the U.S. leaders talk about the New World Order. For the first time since Hitler, Bush began to speak about it in his address to the nation in 1991. He then said:

"We are involved in a great battle in the skies, the seas and sands. What is at stake is more than one small country.

This is a great idea, the New World Order."

The foundation of this idea is also chosenness, a Messianic idea. Only now it is not only racial purity, but democratic purity.

"We are the most democratic in the world." And if "you are not democratic, then we fly to you."

L. Tikhomirov in his "Religious and philosophical foundations of history," calls the "New Testament Judaism, having in mind the earthly dominion", "religion, in effect, authorizing the violence." "But Christianity - he writes - is in fact against all this, and if there was any violence in the Christian world, it was in conflict with religious doctrine, and therefore could only serve the benefits of the enemies of Christianity."

"By their works ye shall know them."

The Zionists, the Nazis of Germany and the U.S. Democrats have the same globalist goal, the same obsession with Khazarian revenge.

Union of Nazis and the Zionists, no matter how much their paths seem to diverge, had been predetermined and even logical, because they both were controlled and financed by the same persons - the descendants of the Khazars, and pursued the same set of spiritual goals established by such persons - building the new world order, the order of the Antichrist.

Anti-Semitism is needed so Jews would flee from persecution and go to Israel

The Holocaust Violence by Harun Yahya - book cover

It does not stop at nothing. The above begs for conclusion that war, suffering and death of ordinary Jews and anti-Semitism were needed to Zionists to force the Jews fleeing the persecution to go to Israel.

Otherwise, it was impossible to get people to leave the well-off countries and move to the harsh conditions of Israel.

The book "Holocaust Violence" provides evidence that the Zionists were actively supporting anti-Semitism.

It states that the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, most actively supported the anti-Semitic movement. Roger Garaudi - one of critics of Herzl, told him in 1895:

"You have brought immeasurable harm to Jews. To which Herzl shamelessly replied:

"I deserve to be considered the biggest enemy of the Jews ... The enemies of the Jews will be our greatest friends ... Countries hostile to the Jews, will be among our closest allies. "

As follows from the book:

"Theodore Herzl understood that in order to convince Jews to flee their countries and go to Israel, the political Zionism needed the concept of 'hostility towards Jews'.

This idea of Herzl's remains unchanged to this day."

Zionism and Nazism (anti-Semitism) are opposed to each other on the surface, but in fact represent a united whole, the body of the same snake biting its own tail.

Blavatsky's broach with Cabalist symbol of "Tet" - the Snake biting its own tail

This unity is confirmed on a symbolic level and, in particular, in the symbol of Tet, used by Blavatsky in her satanic doctrine. Hebrew letter "Tet" means "serpent."

From this symbol we can conclude that Fascism and Zionism, as well as the United States and Britain in World War II on the physical, spatial and political level, were at war with each other, but on a spiritual level they were together. It is a snake that bites its tail.

When you read the next chapter, which will also show more the symbols, go back to this image and you will see with whom and with what its containing symbols are associated.

Tribe of the Danites in the land of Magog

"And that Antichrist person will be the son of lawlessness,
and born, as saith Hippolytus of Rome,
of a girl unclean of Zhid's essence,
a descendant of Dan."

"Book of Faith"

"You know the signs of Antichrist -
not yourself only remember them,
but give them out generously to all. "

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

The first Jewish settlements on the territories of the future Khazaria appeared when after the death of King Solomon, as a result of the failed leadership of his son Ravoam, the state of Israel was divided into two parts - Judah with its capital in Jerusalem and Israel with its capital in Samaria. Both states have been weakened under the onslaught of enemies, and in 722 BC Israel was first to fall. Cities were destroyed, and all the ten tribes of Israel were taken into Assyrian captivity. In Judea were left the tribe of Judah and Benjamin.

Almost from the very beginning of the Assyrian captivity of the Jews, knowing that there is no longer any land for them left in Israel, they began to depart to other lands.

It is known that one of the twelve tribes of Israel went to the north and disappeared. This was the tribe of the Dan, the second largest after the Judeans.

In the tribe of Dan there were two branches - the northern and southern.

Northern sailed on ships and was engaged in trade. In the Book of Judges we find the following mentioning of the tribe of Dan:

"Gilead is living quietly in Jordan, and what is there to be afraid of for Dan with ships? Asida sits on the sea shore, and resides without problems near his wharfs" (5:17).

The northern branch sailed across the Mediterranean to Ireland to escape from the Assyrians.

In the historical records found in Ireland, there is evidence that on the Irish territory had appeared a strong settlement, which was called "Tuatha de Danna", meaning "tribe of Dan," which arrived by ship and banished from their lands all the settlements of local residents - the Irish. In Old English "dan" meant "lord, master" (parallel to the "master" in the Masonic lodges). But later, as British historians write, when the Irish started a bitter war between the North and South, the tribe of the Danites was largely destroyed.

The southern branch of the tribe of Dan settled on the lands of the Khazars

The southern branch was captured by the Assyrians and later settled in the area of the Caspian Sea. Later they spread to the north and occupied more areas of the Black Sea as well. This was the land that belonged to Khazaria.

In the nineteenth century the manuscript of the Khazars, written by Khazar Jew was found in the storage of Cairo synagogue. From this manuscript it can be concluded that there were two waves of migration of Jews to the land of Khazars. And the first one chronologically has been migration of the tribe of Dan.

The manuscript also suggests that natural Jews came to these lands and were assimilated with the local population and abandoned their faith, keeping only the rite of circumcision:

"And ran away from them (Armenians), our ancestors ... because they could not endure the tyranny of the idolaters. And accepted them (the Khazars) ... And they became relatives with the inhabitants of that country and learned their works.

And they always went along with them on (the war) and became one with the people. Only the covenant of circumcision they kept, and (some) kept the Sabbath. And there was no king in the country of the Khazars, and the one who won a victory in the war, they accepted as a military leader, and it lasted until the day that the Jews went with them as usual in war, and one Jew on that day showed extraordinary strength with a sword and forced the enemy, who attacked the Khazars, to flee.

And set him people of Khazaria, according to their custom, as a military leader over themselves. And they remained in that position for a long time, until the Lord had mercy and initiated the desire to repent in the heart of the commander, and he was bent to it by wife of his, named Serah ... and a father of a young woman, a righteous man in that generation, guided him on the path of life ... And the Israelites along with people of Khazaria repented completely ...

And put the people of the country one of the wise men to be the judge over themselves. And they called him Kagan in Khazarian language, so were called all the judges, who were after him, and to this day, the kagans. And the chief prince of the Khazaria they renamed to Savriila and made him reigning king over themselves ... "

The Tribe of the Danites, therefore, stood at the origins of the Kaganate. That is, the leaders of Khazars, even at the stage of tribal community, were Jews from this tribe, who departed from the faith of their fathers.

It turns out that Judaism of "new" Jews in Khazaria merged with Judaism of "old" Jews of the tribe of Dan, who were the leaders of nomadic tribes before formation of Kaganate. The word "Khazar" is very similar in sound to the Hebrew word "resident" which means a return to the faith of their ancestors.

Representatives of the tribe of Dan, according to all the information, belonged to the highest aristocracy, and exercised the power in Khazaria. It can be concluded from the fact that it is precisely the rulers of Kaganate in the VIII century, after the second wave of resettlement of Jews in the Khazar lands, were the first to readily convert to Judaism and made it the state religion. They were spiritually and historically prone to adopt this religion.

The fact that the first wave of migration was the tribe of the Danites is also confirmed by the fact that the Khazars worshiped the snake.

And the Bible says that:

"Dan will be a snake by the roadside,
a viper along the path,
that bites the horse’s heels
so that its rider tumbles backward.

(Genesis 49:17-18).

According to heraldry of tribes of Israel, the symbols of the tribe of Dan are snakes and a horse.

Amulets found in Khazar cemeteries

Here are the amulets found in Khazar cemeteries. They are these very two symbols, two of the cults worshipped by the Khazars.

Snake - Khazar symbol

It is known that Khazars took the snake images with them during their military forays into Russia. This Khazar idol, of course, was known to those against whom they went into war.

So, apparently, not by accident the first church built in Kiev by Prince Igor, was in the name of the prophet Elijah, who is considered "a warrior with snakes, destroying all evil reptiles by firing arrows from the sky."

Holy Princess Olga, Equal to the Apostles, whose son Svyatoslav defeated the Khazars, after being Baptised, built a church of prophet Elijah at her birthplace in the village of Vybuty.

Wolf symbol

It is believed that Elijah is the most respected Old Testament prophet in Russia. By the way, with Ilyin day begins the hunting season on wolves. Wolf was one of the symbols of the Khazars. There was a legend among the Khazar lineage of Ashin about their origin being of the wolf.

In Russia, the image of the prophet Elijah corresponds to image of St. Elias of Murom, who with the help of St. Elijah's got the strength to beat any snakes and reptiles, and is also considered a snake-fighter.

Recall Ilya of Murom, the hero, who was famous for the many military exploits in the struggle against the enemies of the Fatherland, protecting the Russian people from the offenders, "'disgusting Idol' roamed the steppes'" (so-called Pechenegs), the forests were favored by nightingales-robbers, from the Khazar side threatened the "damned Zhid", whom Elijah had defeated and who was associated in the popular legends with a serpent.

Belarus is known for the legend of the hero Ilyushka, who, like Elijah of Murom was also miraculously healed of sickness and then defeated a terrible serpent. After the death Ilyushka became a saint, and the Lord appointed him to be responsible for the thunder clouds and rains.

The coat of arms of the tribe of Dan is a snake

Snake - coat of arms of the tribe of Dan

In addition to Elijah, the prophet George the Victorious is considered to be a snake-fighter.

The coat of arms of the tribe of Dan is a serpent. Egor Morozov in his work "The serpent, which lies on the road" presents a picture which shows that the "symbol" of the Danites and monetary symbols of dollar and euro are identical.

The U.S. dollar and the euro create the foundation of the global financial anti-state

The U.S. dollar and the euro create the foundation of the global financial anti-state, where the descendants of the tribe of Dan, reaching the coveted world domination, will bring the Antichrist and will put him on a throne of global dictator.

It is known that the serpent is a symbol of the occult world and false religions in their claims to power and false knowledge.

The European Union with its euro and the North American Union being actively formed, with its dollar, are essentially the structures of global anti-state, the center of which is Israel.

From St. Hippolytus of Rome we find:

"And so when from the above mentioned places the knee (from which will arise the Antichrist) has appeared, and its appearance and its demise, and the name mysteriously marked: than we shalt see his deeds.

He will bring to him the whole race [the Judeans] from all the countries where it is scattered, promising to return them to the land and restore their kingdom and people, that they may worship him as God, as the prophet says:

He will gather all his kingdom from the east to west, those whom he called, and whom he did not call, shall go with him."

This emphasis in the text of the prophecy completely corresponds to what khazarianists, the descendants of the tribe of Dan, did by creating the state of Israel in the land of Palestine.

The main symbols of Dan are a snake and a horse. But St. Hippolytus of Rome writes about another symbol associated with Dan. This is a lion: "Young Lion - Dan who jumps out of Bashan." But for someone not to mistakenly think that this is said about the Savior, pay attention to the following.

"Dan, he said, a young lion", he clarified the assumption that he named the tribe of the Dan, out of which the devil has to be born. In fact, as Christ is born of the tribe of Judah, so out of the tribe of Dan the antichrist will be born. And as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for the sake of his royal and glorious nature was prophesied about, so was a lion, in the same way the devil was prophesied by the Scripture as a lion for his predestined tyrannical and rapacious nature."

We mentioned earlier that a part of the tribe of Dan had gone to England, as historical records show. A part of the tribe of Dan moved from Ireland to other areas. The spirit of evil is always very active and always craves for power.

All this was in ancient times, but the spirit of this tribe remained, and it penetrated into all the highest British authority, as evidenced by the British symbolism.

Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom with the symbols of the tribe of Dan

Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom with the symbols of the tribe of Dan

Here is a picture of the royal coat of arms of the UK. It contains characters that represent Dan.

Presumably, it is Dan that reigns in this country. It is no accident Britain was and remains a traditional enemy of Orthodox Russia. This same spirit of Dan has penetrated the America with the Anglo-Saxons.

This same spirit now rules that country.

Pay attention to the motto written in Latin. It translates as: "No one will cause me harm with impunity."


Vigilant (impenetrable) shield

This same motto, corresponding to the tribe of Dan, we find in the emblem of military exercises named "Vigilant shield".

This annual exercise, is the largest-scale exercise in the U.S., where in recent years, a scenario of nuclear war is worked through, in which Russia stands as one of the main targets.

Note that on the left and right of the main character's motto the tribe of Dan - a snake is depicted.

This relationship between Dan and the war is not coincidental.

In the "Illustrated Popular Bible Encyclopedia" (1891) it says:

"Dan will be a snake by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse’s heels"

(Genesis 49:16-17)

which is interpreted differently, but most likely indicates a trick of his descendants, just like one other prediction about Dan:

“Dan is a lion’s cub, springing out of Bashan.” (Deuteronomy 33:22) "from the slopes of Hermon, where he is hiding, waiting for his prey," indicates the strength and militancy of the descendants of Dan.

Indeed, we know that Samson, who came from the city of Zorah, of the tribe of Dan - the most famous among Danites for his strength, and also famed for his dexterity and cunning (Judges 14-15). Perhaps the same fighting spirit and cunning were the hallmark of the whole tribe of Dan."

Indeed, the belligerence and militarism of the carriers of the spirit of Dan who are in power in the U.S. and Israel and placing their bets on the escalation of the war, knows no limits, as well as their cunning and skill.

These characteristics of Danites are confirmed by the comments to the Explanatory Bible:

"Danites will defeat their enemies not so much in the open battle ... but by secret ambushes and cunning in general, the same qualities that distinguish snakes in the animal kingdom:

"Dan shall be a serpent and a viper" (Genesis 49:17).

U.S. military strategy consists of hidden provocations and sabotage

Now one of the main principles of U.S. military strategy is the principle of indirect actions, which in contrast to the direct actions are secret, hidden, coupled with the organization of various provocations and sabotage.

The evidence was found that the September 11 attacks were well planned military operation of U.S. armed forces, similar to other provocations - the Reichstag fire.

"It can be assumed, said prof. Belyaev, that the natural and acquired evil, being gradually accumulating in a long line of ancestors of Antichrist, being handed down with each new generation, in the Anti-Christ will reach such a degree of strength as human nature is able to contain, to show and to sustain.

In him evil that lives in the human race will reach the top limit of its development" ("On the godlessness and the Antichrist." Vol. 1. p. 193).

The very devil will continuously act in the person of the Antichrist.

A Blessed Theodoret writes:

"Before the coming of Christ there will appear in the world an enemy of the people clothed in human nature and the enemy of God, the demon, the thief of God's Name" ("Summary of the divine dogmas", Ch. 23 - "Christian Reading." 1844. IV. p. 355).

According to the teachings of the Fathers, the devil, erecting the Antichrist, will try to clothe his coming with all the signs of the coming of the Son of God on earth.

But since the coming of the Messiah predicted by the Old Testament prophets of Judah and the lineage of David, the Antichrist and his entourage will self-proclaim themselves as descendants of the "kingly lineage of David," not from the tribe of Dan. Everything possible will be used to conceal the fraud and imposture.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem writes:

"The Antichrist will come to the Jews as Christ and will desire to be worshiped by the Jews, and, to seduce them more, will show great efforts towards the temple, suggesting about himself the thought that he was of David's lineage and what he must create a temple built by Solomon."

"Star of David" or the Shield of David is forgery

Shield of Dan

Signs of this fraud emerged recently. Dan's shield, which contains an image of a six-pointed star of two interlaced triangles, cunningly called the Shield of David is the national symbol of Israel today.

Two of such metal disks were found on the territory of the former Khazar Kaganate in the Don region and the Seversky Donets [in Russia].

Archaeologists have concluded that "the image on it can be treated as a pagan or shamanistic symbol."

It is known that it symbolizes the interweaving of male cult of Moloch (Baal) and female cult Asherah (Astarte). Its symbols were two horns and phallus, and its temples - the thick, green forests (remember Bohemian Grove in the U.S., where global rulers, descendants of the Khazars from the tribe of Dan, worship Baal.)

Prophet Amos said about this sign:

"... but ye have borne the tabernacle and and the star of your god Rephan, which you made for yourselves."

(Amos 5:26).

Recall that the prophet Ezekiel, who was held captive by tribe of Dan precisely for charging one Jewish prince with idolatry, was executed.

As noted by Nilus:

"... According to Revelation, 'I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High'" (Isaiah 14:14). Cabalistic tetragram ... therefore represents the devil as an equilateral triangle equal to the first, but with its top turned down, not up, indicating thus the opposite of Satan to God."

"The new six-pointed star shape resulting from the mutual intersection of triangles is to designate the substitution of the name of God (a triangle) with new name, who was the last, and became the first ... Who is that latter, we now know. "Satan is his name."

But since the discovery of archaeologists is attributed to the ninth century, this means that, despite the second conversion to Judaism, the Khazars did not cease to be idolaters.

Apparently, becoming the leaders of the nomadic Turkic tribes the tribe of the Danites have joined their paganism, "retaining only the rite of circumcision." After the arrival of the second wave of Jewish settlement, they have readopted a part of the traditional Jewish rituals, but did not abandon paganism.

However, it is possible that the tribe of Danites joined it even earlier, betraying the faith of their ancestors and turning to the black rites.

Alexander Kobrinski writes that "in 622 BC. the reform activities of the Jewish king Josiah become a significant historical fact, and it is likely that this reformation was a response to the mass initiation of Jews into the paganism ... It was at this time it was announced in Judea that the "Book of the Law" was found in the Temple of Jerusalem, that condemned the Canaanite rituals, smoking on the heights, the worship of Baal, Astarte, and other pagan gods."

The Bible explicitly states that the Jews of that time were not shy about idolatry and made families with the idolaters. Their prophets severely condemned them for it, but as Jewish sources write, the very fact of condemnation shows widespread transgression in the worship of Perun (Baal Peoria)." He is also known as Baal, Belial (Moloch).

It is against this cult of Baal (Moloch) that Elijah the prophet struggled in his time, who should come just before the reign of the Antichrist and the tribe of Dan. The ancient Hebrews called Baal (Moloch), Beelzebub, and identified him with the devil. Elijah ordered the arrest of the prophets of Baal that brought the Israelis to a complete moral decay, and take them to the brook Kishon, and slew them there.

According to the legend of the Holy Church, the prophet Elijah who ascended to heaven alive, will appear before the Second Coming of Christ to the earth and during the sermon will accept the bodily death. It is symbolic that he will come again to battle the tribe of Dan idolaters, worshiping Baal. He will come again to oppose the Antichrist-Beelzebub, whom they will bring to power.

In those days, as prophesied by Isaiah, addressing to the Jews:

"... Even if thy people, Israel be as [many as] the sand of the sea, [only] a remnant of them shall return: the consumption [destruction] decreed shall overflow with righteousness... for certain destruction will be performed by the Lord God of Hosts, in the midst of all the land"

(Isaiah 10:22, 23.)

Recall that the number of Jews who "turn" to Christ and make up this balance will be only 144,000. Now let's see which tribes it will include. The Apostle John wrote:

"Of the tribe of Judah twelve thousand were sealed;
Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Nephthalim twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Manasses twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Zabulon twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand;
Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand. "

(Revelation 7:5-8)

These are all twelve tribes, who would be saved for eternal life, but there is no tribe of Dan.

St. Andrew, Archbishop of Cesarean (V c.)

"... Tribe of the Danites was not mentioned with the others because the antichrist will be born out of it. Instead, the tribe of Levi is mentioned, the old and priestly, not included among the tribes."

In the Jewish Encyclopedia (published by Society for Scientific Jewish publications and Brockhaus-Efron Publisher, St. Petersburg. Volume VII. Pp. 6-9.) wrote: "Dan in the Bible, is the name the fifth son of Jacob and mother who was Bilga, a slave of Rachel (Gen. 30:3, 6; 35:25). This name appears repeatedly in the Bible to mean not only the son of Jacob but also his descendants.

The fact that his name is associated with "woman's son [who] blasphemed the name of the Lord" (Lev. 24:11), idolatry in the northern Israel (Judges 18:30; 1 Sam. 12:29, Amos. 8:14), and the fact that Samson, a judge of the Danites, broke his Nazarean vow (Judges 1:2), led to the idea of Dan as a moral monster in the family of James ...

Even during the days of Moses the tribe of the Danites served the idols, for that pillar of cloud ceased to defend him. Members of the tribe of Dan taught their children the pagan customs of amonitians contained in the books, that were hidden under the mountain Abraham (Gaster, Chronicles of Jerachmeel, 1899., P. 167).

Jacob in his blessing compared Dan with a snake (Gen. 49: 16-18).

And the snake became the emblem on its flag. Dan became the prototype of real sinner. He lived in the north (Numbers 2, 25), which is the domain of darkness and evil and a punishment for idolatry, that plunged the world into darkness.

Still further there is a legend equating the serpent and the lion (Gen. 49:7; Deut. 33:22) with Belial (cf. literature on the subject in Bousset, Antichrist, 1895. P. 87, 113).

Irenaeus (Adversus haereses, 5, 302), Hippolytus (De Christo et antichristo, 14, 15) and some other Fathers of the Church know the legend, undoubtedly of Jewish origin, according to which the Antichrist would be of the tribe of Dan, and base this story on Jer. 8:16:

"The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan" (the enemy), in verse, which in Bresch. r., XLII, shall be construed as referring to the idolatry of Dan.

Is not accidental omission of Dan in I Vol. of Chronicle, 4, and ff. Bousset, who devoted a chapter to legend of the Antichrist from the tribe of Dan, which suggests that the relationship between Dan and Belial [in testament] of Twelve Patriarchs also points to this legend. His assumption is, apparently, been fully confirmed in Targ. Jer. to Deut. 34:3, where the war against Ahriman and Gog/Magog in the vision of Moses seems to refer to Dan."

Dan's connection with Belial is reflected in the "Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs" (I century AD.), where Dan in his will, addressing his sons says: "5. And when you stand back from the Lord, living in every evil, to do the pagan abominations, indulging in adultery with the wives of the wicked, and evil spirits will do all the evil through you. [6. Because I have read the book of righteous Enoch, and learned that your lord is Satan ..."

Sergei Bulgakov writes: "... according to the Jewish tradition: Test. Dan., V, 6-7, Satan is the prince of Dan, but according to the Christian view Antichrist will come from him."

Archpriest Gregory Dyachenko (1902):

"... The birth of his (the Antichrist) will come via sensual way. According to the teachings of the Fathers and teachers of the Church, he will be born of a woman prostitute of Judean descent of the tribe of Dan, and will even be circumcised according to Jewish tradition <...> In the explanatory Apostle it explains that of the tribe of Dan in the flesh, the Antichrist will come. "

In the book "Russia before the Second Coming" there is a prophecy: "In Israel, Jesus Christ was born - a true God-man - the Son of God the Father - the inspiration by of the Holy Spirit and among Russians real Antichrist was born: satan-man, the son of a harlot wife of Dan lineage, son of the devil through the artificial transfer to her of male seed, with whom shall enter in her womb the spirit of darkness. But someone from the Russians, before the birth of the Antichrist (like Simeon the God-receiver, who prophesied of Jesus the boy, and announced the birth of His to the world) - shall curse the newborn and declare to the world that he is the true Antichrist."

I know that it causes confusion among many. But there is nothing that says the antichrist will be a Russian. It says only that he will be born "among the Russians", but will be of the "generation of Dan," that is, in other words, it will be a Jew-Khazarian. The Antichrist shall sit as ruler of the world in Israel.

If you think about the unwritten law in this state [Israel] that its head may be only one who has roots in Russia (ie Khazarian-Jew from the tribe of Dan), then this prophecy can be considered quite likely.

Of the last times wrote the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel (592-570 years. BC). He was the son of a Jewish high priest. Along with all the people in the VI century BC. he was taken away by the Babylonians into captivity. In there for his righteous way of life and education his fellow tribesmen from the tribes of Dan and Gad, chose him as their judge.

The judgement of the righteous against his fellow tribesmen was of approval. Ezekiel denounced their evils. What were these evils? In obedience to God, the prophet Ezekiel denounced with the utmost rigor attachment of Israelis to the pagan customs, their hypocrisy and rebelliousness.

That is, the tribe of the Dainties had already fallen into sin of paganism, the worship of idols. For the exposure of the elders of Israel of idolatry prophet Ezekiel suffered martyrdom. He was killed by those he denounced. Ezekiel was put to death by one of the princes of the Jews, whom he accused of idolatry.

Ezekiel predicted the destruction of the main sanctuary of the Jews - the great Temple of Solomon. But no one believed him. Until the king Nebuchadnezzar did not leave a stone out of it. Once, when the saint rested under a tree by the river Chebar (Euphrates), he had a vision which he later described:

"And it came to me the word of God, Son of man! Set thy face against Gog, in the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him. And say: Here I am - on you, Gog, Prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal: "

Gog is named the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. Under these terms, based on the distant attunement, the Talmudists and Protestant extremists, primarily in the United States, mistakenly understand Russia, Moscow and Tobolsk.

And because it is believed that Gog and Magog will be organized by the devil, then Russia, based on of these instructions, is announced as his instrument and is the main enemy of Israel, the U.S. and Europe, an evil that must be destroyed and eliminated. These spiritual motives are used as justification of any acts of aggression against Russia as an "evil empire".

This spiritual foundation is used now, and with even greater force will be used later to justify the war against our country, the war for its complete destruction. And in this religious context Western mass consciousness will accept it, in fact, will desire it. Bid is placed precisely on it.

The standpoint of Russia is is Gog and Magog, is favored by many American preachers that exert a tremendous impact through television and mass media on American society. Exploiting this legend, not only do they stir up aggressive anti-Russian sentiment in American society, but also militarize consciousness of higher U.S. political leadership, pushing it towards preparation for war against Russia for the "holy" purpose.

The history of these views is described as follows: "For the first time for political purposes, the doctrine of the "Russian Anti-Christ" was used by British diplomacy during the Crimean War in 1855. At that time Russian Emperor Nicholas I was declared to be "the king Gog". The next revival of this topic in the West came after the revolution of 1917.

Finally, the "cold war" has made Moscow simply axiomatic Mosoh in the eyes of Protestants. When Reagan called the Soviet Union an "evil empire", he simply expressed the beliefs of most religious Americans. The man who inspired the former Hollywood actor in such statements, was Hal Lindsey, author of the book-interpretation of prophecy, "the former Great planet." In its time it was the second most popular book after the Bible in America. Its circulation reached 18 million copies.

Ronald Reagan was so imbued with all of this, he regularly invited Lindsey to give lectures about "Russian Gog Magog" to atomic strategists in the Pentagon.

Another "nuclear armageddonist" televangelist Jerry Falwell, at that time became the closest adviser to the U.S. government, he participated in private meetings in the White House and advised the generals, when they were gathered to discuss the issues of nuclear safety.

These ideas still enjoy great popularity in America. In particular, there is a whole group of advisers of theology to help George W. Bush to forge a foreign policy based on biblical prophecy.

Among them, in particular, is the "doctor" Jack Van Impe - a great expert on the part of the Kabbalah and a Russophobe. Thus, the coordinates of the "beast" of the Apocalypse have already been entered into the on-board computers of cruise missiles the United States.

The Legend of Russia as Gog and Magog is not only wrong, but, presumably, deliberately falsified, to be used as a pretext for war for crushing the Russian state as a bulwark of traditional statehood in the world.

Groundlessness of this legend is proven by a number of arguments.

For example, the Latin sources contain the name of our country with the correct root - Russia, rather than Rossia, where it becomes apparent inaccuracy of Greek translation: "Rosh" in Hebrew means "head" and "Prince of Rosh" - "chief prince", so it is is properly translated in the Latin Bible, and also in Luther, the English, and Czech ...

This translation is confirmed by various other sources. Thus, in the Chaldee Targum of Jonathan, and in a Greek version of L'Aquila, in an authorized English Bible, "Rosh" is also translated as "chief prince" in the Vulgate - as "the head of the princes" or "leader" in the Syriac version - "the ruler and leader" in Arabic - the "prince of princes", etc. In some translations of the phrase "prince of Rosh" is entirely absent. We must assume that the translators decided that it is a allegorical name, and not one of substance, and does not carry any special semantic meaning.

Lopukhin in the Explanatory Bible says that "Rosh" is not to be confused with any people, because "the Bible does not know such people." We find Lopukhin quote that "Russian can not be placed among the enemies of the kingdom of God."

In addition, at the time of Ezekiel, Moscow and Tobolsk and have not existed. They came into existence in about 1500 years. So, to consider Meshech to be Moscow, and Tubal - Tobolsk has no grounds.

It turns out that Gog - it's "chief prince" who is the leader of the peoples of Meshech, and Tubal, in the land of Magog, which is located in the northern Caucasus, near the Caspian Sea, is the former Khazaria. Therefore, under Gog can be understood the tribe of the Danites, which was the "chief prince" of the Khazars.

In the Bible Encyclopedia it says that Meshech is the sixth son of Japheth. In the Old Testament, Japheth is the third son of Noah, and, according to legend, one of the founders (along with his brothers Shem and a Simon) of the human races. The concept of "tribe of Japheth" means "tribe of white race" ...

Meshech is named as ancestor of Mosch - the people who lived between the Black and Caspian seas. And since this area corresponds with the Khazaria, then we can conclude that Mosch were the ancestors of the Khazars. In Ps. 119:5 the word Meshech is used as the common name for wild and foreign nations.

Alexander Vasiliev in his book "The Goths in the Crimea," quotes from the life of St. Abo of Tbilisi, which claimed that "the Khazars were wild 'sons of Magog'", who did not have any religion, although they 'recognized the existence of one God'."

In his book "The Jewish travelers," Elcano Adler refers to the notes of Rabbi Pethahiah he made to the descriptions of his travels and on conversion of Kagan Bulan into Judaism. Pethahiah, in particular, notes that a Kaganate was born among the ancient Mosch.

About Fuval (in Greek translation of the Bible Tubal is translated as and Fuval) it is reported that these are tribes that migrated to the northern Black Sea coast and are known as tribes of Tivertsy in the annals of history. That is, these tribes lived and left their offspring in Khazaria.

The Judean historian Josephus Flavius, who lived and died 500 years before the foundation of the Khazaria, wrote about Fuval that he is the brother of Meshech, and gives him a characteristic that is identical to the characteristic of the Khazars: "Tubal was superior to all the people in strength and was very skillful and known in military exploits."

Gog and Magog, according to the eschatology of the Apocalypse, are warlike people, the enemies of the "people of God", who will come "in last times" and unleash a universal, destructive war. In Islam they are called Yajuji and Majuji.

In the verses of the Quran it is written that in the past, the people of Gog and Magog were belligerent and ruthless, who were continuously attacking other countries and destroying all life.

Koestler notes that after a century of war, the Arab chroniclers, of course, felt no sympathy for the Khazars. The same attitude was also exhibited by the Georgian and Armenian authors, whose countries have been devastated by raids of Khazars. The Georgian historians define them as an army of Gog and Magog, "wild men with horrible faces and manners of wild animals that feed on blood."

Heinrich von Neustadt (1300), Koestler refers to, wrote about the Khazars as the people of Gog and Magog instilling horror.

B.N. Zakhoder in his work "The Caspian collection of information on Eastern Europe," writes that late medieval writers understood the Khazars as the people of Gog and Magog. "One of the confirmations of the correctness of precisely such an understanding is the fact that outside the Arab-Persian literature in the middle of that IX century we find a monk, Drutmara of Aquitaine, who wrote a commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, who likens Gog and Magog to Huns and Khazars.

Moses Kagankatvatsi (Kalankatuatsi - the tenth century.), Author of "History of Aghvan" also called the Khazars - Huns.

Josephus Flavius identifies the lands of Magog as an area located on the northern coast of Black Sea. In general, according to Josephus Flavius the descendants of Japheth settled north of the Caucasus, that is, again, in the territory of Khazaria.

The Jewish Encyclopedia states that Magog was located beyond the Caucasian mountain range near the Caspian Sea", that is, where Khazaria was.

Rabbi Ibn Hisday Shaprut (Jewish sage and politician of Arab Spain of IX-th century) in his letter to the Khazar king, called him "the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tuval".

These data suggest that, in geographical terms from the beginning it was not Russia that corresponded to Gog and Magog.

In addition, Revelation of John defines geographical area of Gog and Magog in the last days: "when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison and will begin to tempt the nations in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle and their numbers - like the sand in the sea."

Gog and Magog, the nations which Satan will gather for war, scattered everywhere, in "the four corners of the earth" (north, east, south, west). This world power in "the four corners of the earth" is omnipresent. That is, the names of Gog and Magog in geographic terms are used only to describe the origins of these peoples, not their presence in recent times because they are everywhere.

Only one group can correspond to this ubiquity, located on "the four corners of the earth" - a group whose religious identity has remained intact, but whose ethnicity is faded into antiquity. The group, which, in spite of everything, survived, the group, whose roots go back to the land of Magog, located in the former Khazaria.

In New Testament prophecy, Gog and Magog, appearing in countless number from "four quarters of the earth," will begin to exterminate the last adepts of the Christian faith, will surround the "camp of the saints and the beloved city", but at the time of the decisive battle fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them (Rev. 20: 7-9).

As it follows from the interpretation, Gog is a symbolic name that represents the leader of the world forces opposing God.

In Iezkiil it is said: "Prepare and equip - you and all your hordes who are gathered unto thee, - and be a leader for them."

"Gog" refers to the name of the leader, and "Magog" - the name of the country and its people.

If in the Old Testament Magog is the land, in the New Testament it is also people, who inhabited this land. Interpretation of Gog established it as a nation. There is no division in Meshech and Tubal. They appear as one people, united by land. Lopukhin writes that "the earth is a synonym for the people."

This raises the most direct association with the Khazars (land of Magog), the Khazars (the people of Magog, which absorbed the tribes of Meshech and Tubal). And finally, Gog is "chief prince" (the King (Bek), the ruler of the land and the people of Magog, that is, the Khazaria and the Khazars.

Gog is the tribe of the Danites, that had lost their ethnicity under the influence of the Khazars, but has retained its spiritual essence of the godless, the tribe from which the Antichrist will come and that will lead him to power. Therefore tribe of the Danites is not an ethnic concept, but spiritual.

Tribe of the Danites, which existed as an ethnos in ancient times, will come again in last times as a spiritual force to seize the land of Israel (Palestine). And Israel is not only a physical space (territory), but also as a spiritual space, to draw the souls of men to the Antichrist.

Usually what is written in connection with the prophecy of Ezekiel about the capture of Israel is something that happens in the future. But, apparently, this physical attack of Gog on the land of Palestine has already taken place, and that happened in the most unexpected and imperceptible manner. "The landlord did not recognise the thief when he came."

Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines the word "Zionism" as an international movement - initially for the creation of a Jewish national or religious state in Palestine, and later in support of modern Israel."

And it was a religious act, aimed at addressing the spiritual problems through the use of political instruments. At the time when the United Nations decided that on May 14, 1948 the State of Israel will become legitimate, the most conservative Jewish sect of Hassids actively opposed the establishment of Israel as a secular state. They argued that it will be wrong to consider the goal of creation of this state apart from the arrival of their Messiah.

In essence, this state was created by that very group whose religious identity has remained intact, but whose ethnicity disappeared into antiquity. Group that had no ethnic connection to the Semitic tribes of ancient Israel, and therefore - the right to even distant claim to the land of Palestine. But that is exactly what happened.

It should be noted that in the Bible people are called by their ethnicity. But the people of Gog and Magog are not named with any ethnic name. It's just Gog and Magog, without nationality and regardless of nationality. They do not have it.

Gog and Magog is a wandering, nomadic peoples, the main feature of which is not ethnicity, but their spiritual essence. They are enemies of God, who rebel against Him and worship the beast. Gog is a people who will be the spiritual leader of the people of Magog in this godless rebellion. And this is the most important thing and the worst thing in their biblical characterisation.

Gog and Magog will also lead "many other nations." How can these other nations, whose religion exists for thousands of years, believe Gog and Magog, the people without lineage, without the tribe? In that case everyone who looks into the Bible, will say:

"By all indications, this is Gog and Magog. We will not go after them." Therefore, in order to hide their identity to get people, without doubt, without causing any suspicion to go after them, Gog and Magog has to look like not just the same as other people, but to present themselves as ancient ethnic group older than all others.

And for this reason having the right to teach, govern, lead and qualify for world domination. Therefore, to conceal their true aims, Gog and Magog stole somebody else's ethnicity.

Blessed Theodoret writes:

"Before the coming of Christ there will appear in the world, clothed in human nature, an enemy of the people and the enemy of God, the demon, the thief of God's Name."

As Antichrist steals the name of God, and so his tribe - Gog and Magog - stole the name of those remaining 144,000 people, who according to Scripture, will be saved along with other peoples who have preserved the true faith.

And so that no one dared to prevent these thieves from performing their God-fighting function as predicted in the Bible, so that no one dared to criticize their black course, that they had no obstacles in creating a global anti-state with the Antichrist at its head, they cleverly exploit this stolen ethnicity.

They play the card of anti-Semitism as an excuse to give them an opportunity to destroy their opponents. Moreover, to establish their pseudo-ethnicity in the eyes of world public opinion, to "warm" it all up, they are interested in creating the false opposition movements under their secret control. It is a model of George Orwell's dictatorial government, allowing "Big Brother" to implement the principle of "divide and conquer."

The matrix of the global anti-statehood

The matrix of the global anti-statehood

Left picture: God at the top, faith at the top of triangle, ethnicity at the base. Middle picture - Cult. Right triangle - Antichrist at the bottom.

The matrix of the global anti-state (triangle pointing downward) is injected into the sacred space of the state with the main goal - to cut off the faith as a unifying core.

To do this, a cult of everything material, biological, including ethnicity is created. The cult that includes different pagan idols and working on division, separation, disintegration, atomization, and the destruction of the state. Of the cult of worship of the material, biological, ethnic grows new infernal spiritual space as a direct opposite to the traditional spiritual space, as the antithesis of faith. And so the foundations of false religion of Antichrist are laid.

In addition, making the cult out of ethnicity, of what divides us, the destroyers of the state plunge us into continuous war of one people against another. As it is said:

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom..."

(Matt. 24:6, 7).

Provoking anti-Semitism, through the cultivation of ethnicity Zionists are achieving another goal. People fighting "against flesh and blood", forget the faith, and with it, what it teaches:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

(Ephesians 6:12).

They plunge us into the sphere of biological so that we have betrayed the spiritual. So that, fascinated by this physical struggle, we turned away from spiritual battle waged by Gog and Magog, so that we could not understand it, to see it with the spiritual eyes, so that we were not able to stand against it.

And another thing. Source of resistance to the aggressor - whether physical, whether the information is always in ones heart. Cutting off the spiritual space, our faith, the architects of the new world order, disarm us, deprive us in this way of our ability to defend our state, turning us into their mercenaries, fighting for its destruction.

Exploiting stolen ethnicity, cultivating it and provoking anti-Semitism, they want to present themselves as victims and get a pretext for punishing the perpetrators of Gog and Magog and create an atmosphere of fear around themselves. And fear is the first step to a voluntary submission.

Britain promises Palestine to Zionists

Benjamin Friedman

Benjamin Friedman wrote that England had as much right to promise Palestine to the Jews, as if the United States promised Japan to Ireland.

This promise has been reflected in a short historical document called "Balfour Declaration".

Here's the text:

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, November 2, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

"I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration in sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet.

"The Government of His Majesty graciously refers to the establishment in Palestine of a national refuge for the Jewish people and will make every effort to help achieve this goal, provided of course that nothing is done about this, which could impair the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status of Jews in any other country."

"I shall be pleased if you would bring this Declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Sincerely yours,
Arthur James Balfour."

The phrase on the observance of civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine is especially remarkable.

After the establishment of Israel 726,000 Palestinians fled their native lands.

Here is how Benjamin Friedman, a witness of these events, describes the story of the emergence of this declaration.

"At the beginning of World War I the United States were almost entirely pro-German because the newspapers here were controlled by Jews, all the bankers were Jews, all the media were in Jewish hands, and they, the Jews were pro-German.

They were pro-German because many of them came from Germany. And they also wanted Germany to destroy the Russian Tsar.

The Jews did not like the Tsar, and they did not want Russia to win the war. These German-Jewish bankers such as Kuhn, Loeb and the other big banking firms in the United States refused to finance France or England, not wanting to give them a dollar.

They stood aside and said:

"As long as France and England will be linked to Russia, they will not receive a penny." But they poured money into Germany, and fought with Germany against Russia, trying to destroy the czarist regime."

Once we entered the war, the Zionists went to Great Britain and said:

"Let us have a receipt in writing that confirms that you intend to conclude a deal with us and give us Palestine after you win the war."

So they started working on this receipt, which was in the form of a letter written using secret language that the world did not realise what it is. And it was called the Balfour Declaration."

Friedman writes:

This is how the Khazars became what we call today Jews

"Balfour Declaration was merely a promise of Great Britain to the Zionists to support them in exchange for U.S. involvement in the war.

So this great Balfour Declaration, about which all talk so much, was just as fake as a three dollar bill.

And that is how the Khazars became what we call today Jews.

Now, imagine how absurd it was for the great Christian countries of the world to say:

"We're going to use our power and prestige to repatriate God's chosen people to their ancestral homeland, their Promised Land. This is one of the biggest stories of fraud. And this is the foundation of all the suffering that has befallen the world."

In 1918, the Jews had only 4% of the land, the Arabs - 94%, foreigners 2%. However, by 1985 this percentage increased to 84% for Jews and decreased to 14% for Arabs, and remained unchanged for foreigners.

Is the violent deprivation of the Palestinian Arabs of their land and property not a frank violation of the most civil and religious rights? Now the number of refugees, according to the UN is about 4.3 million people.

Ronnie Kasrils, Minister of Intelligence of South Africa, in an article in the Mail & Guardian on May 21, 2007, wrote:

"A trip to the area of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip, which I visited seemed like surreal return to the emergency conditions of apartheid.

Except for the fact that this situation is far worse than apartheid. There is no balance of power between occupier and occupied. Between colonizer and colonized."

United States participation in the seizure of Palestine

Friedman argues that

"Absolutely established and irrefutable historical fact is the active participation of the United States in the seizure of Palestine on behalf of the Zionists."

"This is a factor that played a major role in the capture of Palestine by Zionists." "Without the active participation of the United States - Friedman emphasizes - the Zionists, of course, never would have tried to take Palestine by force of arms."

In connection with the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel in May 2008, known in England intellectuals of Jewish origin (more than 100 scientists, writers, actors and other public figures), made a collective statement, details of which were posted on the site "Russian Line".

The statement reads in part:

"The pain and bitterness, a sense of personal responsibility towards their people and the high civic position sounds like an alarm bell in each word of the Jews from England, addressed to the Jews in Israel and around the world."

"We can not celebrate the birthday of a state based on terrorism, massacres and deprivation of property rights of other people on their land.

We can not celebrate the birthday of the state, which is even now engaged in ethnic cleansing, violating the international law, performs a monstrous collective punishment on the civilian population of Gaza, and continues to deny the human rights for Palestinians and their national aspirations."

As it follows from the publication, the authors of this address remind that in July 1948 70,000 Palestinians were expelled by Jews from their homes in Lida (Lod) and Ramala. Left without food and water in the heat of summer hundreds of them died. "It became known as the March of Death. We will not celebrate" - the letter says.

After that, it is not surprising that Palestinian Muslims are full of indignation and hatred for those who literally robbed of their lives and their homeland.

There is nothing surprising in their hatred of America, which is the main military supplier of Gog and Magog in this Khazar invasion of Palestine.

"If you support terrorists, you are also a terrorist"

President Bush said:

"If you support terrorists, you are also a terrorist."

But the same can be said of Muslims:

"If you support our enemies who robbed us of our land, our dignity, our history, you are our enemies."

Such statements are usually followed by accusations of anti-Semitism.

"Chimerical nationality Jew is the nationality of a merchant"

But I appeal to the opinion of the Jews on this issue. In particular, a Jew, K. Marx, in his article "On the Jewish Question" in 1843 called the nationality of the Jews "chimerical" (can not help but recall the "Khazar chimera" in the terminology of Gumilev). So Marx frankly admitted:

"Chimerical nationality Jew is the nationality of the merchant, and, in general, the money man."

The views of Friedman and Koestler is also a view of Jews who know the subject about which they speak. They emphasize the fact that

"Those Jews who exercise political leadership in the land of Palestine, are not even the distant descendants of the Semitic tribes."

About their true roots, Friedman writes:

"Among them there is not a single one whose ancestors stepped a foot the Holy Land. Not only from the time of the Old Testament, but from the beginning of creation. None of them!..

This is the same madness to call them people of the Holy Land, as calling 54 million Chinese Muslims "Arabs."

In Ezekiel it says of the Gog:

"After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them."

(Ezekiel 38:8)

Long before the invention of Zionism the land of Palestine was indeed made up of different peoples. There were "Israeli" Jews who were "returned" to Palestine from Arab countries. A small number of Jews lived in Palestine among the Palestinian Arabs.

"Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee."

(Ezekiel 38:9)

Palestine and Jerusalem were subject to aggression from many peoples, among whom were the Persians, Greeks, Latins, Byzantines, Assyrians, Babylonians, and, finally, the "imperial Zionism".

Zionism has become the "storm" and "cloud" that covered the land of Palestine and the world. And it was perceived by most local Jews just as the "storm" and "cloud." According to Noam Chomsky, in Safundi (Journal of South African and American Comparative Studies), the majority of Jews living in Palestine before the beginning of colonization were anti-Zionists.

"In Jerusalem there was a traditional orthodox Jewish community, as well as in some other places, but before the European settlers, they were firm anti-Zionists, and their descendants are still anti-Zionists.

Now they are in the minority. They were orthodox Jews, who wanted to pray in Jerusalem, and they even called on Jordan to take over Jerusalem in order to have freedom of religion, which they believe they do not have in Israel.

But this is a special story. And among them is a small number of pro-Zionists, but most of them before they got the name Aliyah (translated as "the rise to the land"), that is, until the arrival of Europeans were anti-Zionists."

The fact that in Israel there are now two Jewish people, is also written in Jewish sources. In theory, the two nations, of which Vladimir Bukarsky writes, refers to the existence of Jews and Israelis, the descendants of ancient Israelites.

From a geopolitical point of view, this is contradistinction of land and sea. The ancient Israelites were a continental nation. They were tied to the ground.

"Among the Philistines and the Phoenicians - the peoples of the sea - trading trends dominated. Philistines are the ancient enemy of Israel."

By an amazing coincidence, secular Israel occupies the territory of the Philistines - the sea coast. Palestine Herzliya, Philistine Netanya, the Philistines of Ashdod. And the center of all this is a great Tel Aviv, which has a second name - Gush Dan, or megalopolis of Dan.

And so, as the Bukarsky notes,

"You just need to honestly say to yourselves: among us live two people. And like for ancient Israel after Solomon's death there was no room in the house of David, and so for the present Israel there is no room in the house of the Philistines now ...

The remnant of Israel will have difficulties from the military, information and economic point of view. But it will be that very residue of Israel, which in the end will be saved."

Zionism, which "covered the land," as a "storm" and "cloud" came across not only the opposition of indigenous Palestinian Jews, but of the Palestinian Arabs as well.

Palestinians were kicked out by colonizers and their land was seized by force.

According to statistics, "immigration (or, rather, colonization) is the main source of the "'Israeli' population."

"With the founding of the state, 2,894,094 people emigrated to Israel: 454,100 from Asia, 519,700 from Africa, 1,761,196 from Europe and 258,000 from the United States."

The Zionist leaders have openly proclaimed their goals and means.

Chomsky in his book "The Fateful Triangle" wrote that a future Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion was especially candid:

"From a political standpoint, we are the aggressors"

"In 1936-1939, the Palestinian Arabs staged a nationalist uprising .... Ben-Gurion, being a realist, understood the essence of the matter. In conversations with "friends", he remarked that,

"In our political statements abroad, we belittle the Arab opposition to us", but he cautioned, "we will not close our own eyes to the truth."

The truth was that

"from a political standpoint, we are the aggressors and they defend themselves ... This country is theirs because they live here, and we want to come here and settle down, and, from their point of view, we want to deprive them of their country, although we are foreigners"...

The uprising was brutally crushed by the British."

Zionist organizations carried out subversive and military actions designed to capture Palestine.

By November 1947 the Zionist organizations owned 455,000 acres of land and 291 settlements. And these battles to retain the land of Palestine are still going on.

Many share the view that the mechanisms of implementing the plan of partitioning Palestine were crude and inefficient. But the very same decision on the establishment of the State of Israel was not being implemented by the UN, but as a result of the battles conducted by the Zionist military organizations Haganah, Etzel and Lehi against Palestinian Arabs, and then fighting of the Israeli army against the armies of neighboring Arab countries.

We turn to the above prophecy of Ezekiel once again:

"Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee."

This phrase suggests that the battle will involve many other people, that is there will be internationalization and the spread of military actions.

Specific associations with this can be found in the following quote:

"The internationalization of the conflict very often blurs the geographical boundaries of the region, many states are drawn into the conflict, leading to casualties, to the diffusion of weapons of mass destruction.

Mandatory element of the regional conflict is the corresponding participation of the third force of the powerful states - leaders of global systems and their strategic allies.

The conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews became one of such conflicts. Palestinian conflict, turning from a local conflict between two peoples living in the same area became international conflict, and was being widened and intensified."

(EE Epstein, "The formation of Israel and the Middle East U.S. diplomacy.")

Now, after Iraq, this conflict has become a world war

Now, after Iraq, this conflict has become a world war, ready to spread further and further into new territories, including Iran. The inexorable globalization and escalation of the conflict is evidence that it has ceased to be limited to physical and mental spaces.

It stepped outside of regulated political and territorial categories and was transformed into a war of spiritual, the main battle of which will be Armageddon as a final battle between God and the ancient forces of evil, a battle in which all the armies of Gog and Magog will be destroyed.

The preparations for Armageddon are happening already. Huge stockpiles of weapons have been accumulated in the world at large, and in the Middle East in particular. Israel has a considerable nuclear arsenal. Israel, to conduct a global war in its own interests, exerting a great influence on the political leadership of the United States and other NATO countries through its lobby, is actively using them as their mercenaries. Thus an army of Gog and Magog, whose task is to seize power over the world, is being formed and gathered.

The prophecy of Jeremiah contains such relevant words of this situation:

The snorting of the enemy’s horses is heard from Dan; at the neighing of their stallions the whole land trembles. They have come to devour the land and everything in it, the city and all who live there.

(Jeremiah 8:16)

In the words of Saint Andrew of Caesarea we find:

"About Gog it is written that he will prepare from ancient times and would come during the last times."

Prelate Andrew of Caesarea calls Gog - Antichrist. According to the prophecies, the tribe of the Danites will produce the Antichrist and bring him to power.

In the Explanatory Bible we find: "Although Gog is not called by name by the former prophets, but all that is hostile to God, what the prophets talked about was essentially the same as Gog, and the Last Judgement of God for all evil in the world, the so-called "last day", is the day of the destruction of Gog."

It follows that Gog and Magog have been steadily and secretly, like a wave of the tide, indeed coming from the north, as described in Bible prophecy. They captured not only Palestine but also other countries in the world, "deceiving the nations which are at the four corners of the earth."

They have made this area their residency and qualification of their influence. They are the descendants of Khazar-pagans who claim that they are the true people of God, which penetrated into different power structures and established centers of world government, the foundations of global anti-state.

Gog now controls most of the U.S. Congress, the White House and U.S. Department of Defense, plunging the country into war, disguising the true nature of his religious slogans as the struggle against terrorism (which they themselves facilitate), for democracy and freedom.

They announce as their enemies those whose aspirations are to have the opportunity to practice their faith and live on their ancestral land in a state that can protect them. They are waging war against those whose desire is to be left in peace by those who stole almost everything they had, and did so with the help of their troops of Magogites, in the forefront of which stands the U.S..

The events in Yugoslavia, Iraq, ongoing escalation of the the world war against of traditional statehood indicate that Gog will stop at nothing to achieve his goals of establishing a global anti-state.

The Tzitz - the golden crown for the Antichrist has been cast

The Tzitz - the golden crown for the Antichrist has been cast

On December 15, 2007 the Israeli media reported that the Temple Institute in Israel announced that Tzitz - a golden crown for the Antichrist has been cast and is ready for use in the Third Temple.

This awaiting of the coming of Mishnah is becoming more and more tense in Israel. It is written about as an event that will happen in the near future, preparation for which has not only a spiritual meaning, but becomes a very real political event. On April 17, 2008 Abraham Shmulevich (Israel) wrote an article titled "The coming of the Messiah as a political issue."

The author emphasizes the fact that "the main thing that the Jews will be engaged in after returning to the Land of Israel and creation of an independent state will be construction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the revival of the Temple service - the "ritual of sacrifice."

That is, the reason for creation of Israel was not political, but had religious motives.

"Until the Third Temple is rebuilt, there will be no harmony ... Normal life of the world depends on whether sacrifices are performed and prayers recited in the Temple. While there is no Temple, the world will be in a state of disease" - the author writes.

The following idea is in bold face:

"Theoretically, any Jew could become the Moshiah - the leader on the national scale, such as Prime Minister of Israel."

That's where the chain of events is constructed, as to why the head of Israel, according to the established rules can only be someone who has roots in Russia, that is Khazar of the tribe of Dan. That is how the prophecies about the Antichrist indicating that he will come from the tribe of Dan are confirmed before our eyes.

How realistic is it to start building the Temple today

And then author asks the rhetorical question: "How realistic it is today, from a practical point of view, to start building the Temple?". And he himself answers it. So, for the slow-witted, that they become aware of their backwardness, the time has come and one should start getting involved in the process:

"There exist no unsolvable obstacles. And the problem is not just for the Jews: the construction of the Temple is the world level historical process.

The Jewish nation stands here as the vanguard of humanity.

It is of interest not only to Jews but to all people. We can say, this question is the question of human survival."

Well, finally, humanity has learned what is the question of its survival. Otherwise it would have stayed in the dark. And here the great caretakers have opened the eyes of mankind.

And what follows is simply a horror scenario:

"Modern civilization has exhausted itself - people can no longer cope with the forces that they are released.

The fact that mankind has not destroyed itself in a man-made disaster such as nuclear or germ warfare is a miracle, all the prerequisites for a global suicide of the human race existed and do exist.

All the models of social organization that exist at the moment are inadequate and lead mankind into the abyss. Or drug addiction and negative population growth in the North, or terrorism, poverty, and total corruption in the South."

But here's an interesting question, but who released this freedom, who created the preconditions for a global suicide, who came up with these very models of social organization, which lead into the abyss, who organized drug abuse, terrorism, poverty, and total corruption?

And, if having such a "vanguard", which is described by Shmulevich, has caused mankind to fall into such a hole, it means something was not done right by this "vanguard", and they screwed up, so to speak.

The coming post-industrial era demands the need for a global revolution

And then comes a favorite trick. The revolution of course. Otherwise how boring the whole thing would be. It's been a long time since the last one was organized. Except now political revolutions to destroy the traditional state system are obsolete. Now give us the revolution in the spiritual domain.

"The coming post-industrial era demands the need for world revolution - the revolution of Knowledge and the Spirit. And the temple should become the center of this revolution" (emphasis added).

The spirit of something to have with God, with our faith. It turns out that this same revolution is designed to destroy this relationship, to raise the rebellion against our sacred. And, it turns out that the Temple will be the center of it all. Therefore, this is true purpose and essence of the revolution in the spiritual domain.

And where there is a revolution, there is also Freemasonry with its battle groups and the avant-garde, all those scoundrels who have brought and are still bringing so much trouble, suffering, sacrifice and a sea of blood to this very humanity. And all for what?

The author explains for what, his most important words are highlighted in bold:

"I must say, understanding the importance of the Temple is not only characteristic of the Jewish tradition. Famous Freemasonry, "the brotherhood of free masons", originally had as its purpose the spiritual preparation of humanity for the construction of the Temple."

Now it is clear why Masonry is called the tentacles of Zionism.

And then the author lits afire even more. This temper goes on a rampage when he shoots the following quote:

"Not so long ago, the movement of "Bead Artseynu" ("For the Motherland!") launched a political campaign for the United Nations to adopt a resolution on the necessity of building the Temple. It sounds like science fiction. But 70 years ago the UN resolution on the establishment of Israel was even more fantastical."

Such are the perspectives for the future... If the decision on the establishment of Israel was the first act of the UN, then, presumably, the decision for the Temple, if it happens, will inevitably be the last act of that organization.

Simply because after that the organization would, presumably, lose all meaning. So, it turns out that it was created only for two things: first to establish the state of Israel on the principles of religious identity, the tribe of Dan, and then in the end, to create a temple. In essence, the work of the UN is now purely decorative. Its resolutions are not implemented and even openly violated, especially by Israel, the U.S. and Britain.

It has become a great political theater for the world community, which thinks that all this is reality. But in reality, writers, directors and key actors behind the scenes play out quite another show, which by its destructive energy invisibly zombifies the audience and the unsuspecting actors - the uninitiated UN member states, whose role is to act in the crowd scenes and serve as a live set.

I feel like saying, "wake up", the UN according to a plan of these backstage theater puppeteers, is not a political, but a religious organization that was originally designed to solve only two questions. Everything else is just a facade, a theater of puppets, who think that they move on their own initiative.

But in connection with the above quote someone can ask a fair question: "There is currently a mosque in the place where they plan to build a temple - one of the main holies of Muslims. What will happen to it?".

But the author has thought through everything:

"The Arabs were the first to begin the war with the Jews, the mosques on the Temple Mount are constantly used as a center of anti-Israel propaganda organizing unrests - so that, under the laws of war, Israel has every right to destroy them."

And there is another version proposed that does not require destruction:

"According to halacha (law) (as Rambam directly describes it), a Jew may pray in the mosque. It is not clear, it would seem, in general, why would Maimonides write about it - who would ever think to go to the mosque to read the Hebrew prayers there. But we know that the rabbis never say anything for no reason.

What is meant here is precisely our, pre-moshiah time. If on the Temple Mount there was not a mosque, but a church, then it would be impossible to use the premises, under the Law. Mosques, on the other hand, since they contain no images that are worshiped, such as icons or idols, can be used for the Jewish G-d worshiping."

There is also a minimal program proposed:

"Construction of buildings worthy of the Third Temple is a task of not a single day. But a temple should begin to operate immediately - so we can put the sacrificial altar above the Rock (it is only necessary that the altar was on the open air. Therefore it is only necessary to remove the dome or portion thereof), to separate a part of the premises Kipat-a-Village with special Curtain (Parohet) under the Holy of Holies. Temple utensils (and Menorah, and the altar and the temple vessels) are ready - and you can start the Temple operation even today."

But where would all the faithful be placed? It turns everything is thought out in detail:

"Another interesting point: the Passover sacrifice, the main event of Pesach (Passover), is offered the day before it starts. If this date fell on a Saturday, then everyone who brings a sacrifice, (and the population of Israel today is a few hundred thousand people) should stay on the Temple Mount until the end of Saturday.

Where would they fit? On the mountain itself there is simply no room for so many people. But a few years ago, the Arabs have built on the Temple Mount, or rather, in its depths, the largest mosque in the world, for tens of thousands of people, expanding and modernizing the so-called Solomon's Stables - an underground complex of the time of Crusaders. And thus solved this problem. If the Passover again falls on the next day after Saturday, the place for many pilgrims have already been built!".

But you ask a fair question: "But what about the Arabs? How they would react to this?". Well, they are simply invited to "just accept the obvious course of history - and then the sharpness of the conflict subsides." That is all there is to it.

As we can see, all the technology of the "Third Temple" project is described in detail. Meanwhile the invisible Khazaria creates an invisible Temple. But it is only meanwhile. The invisible phase must then move into the visible one. In fact, we can say that the invisible implementation phase has already created a visible foundation of the structure.

The Third Temple is planned as the spiritual center of the New World Order - a global empire - this is how invisible geopolitical project of Khazaria, it is designed to materialize.

"Israeli Empire"

"Construction of the Temple is naturally associated with the execution of other commandments. For example, the Torah dictates that Israel's borders should be, according to the Pentateuch, "from the brook of Egypt unto the great river, the river Prat", ie from the Nile to the Euphrates."

Then author asks:

"How is it technically possible to imagine the situation where the borders of Israel will extend from the Nile to the Euphrates? And where would all those people who now reside in these areas go?".

And he gives to this question is a ready made answer:

"To solve this problem is to turn to the idea of an empire. Of course, the words "Israeli Empire" may seem strange and frightening. But it is worth remembering that the mechanism of imperial organization of society and space is a mechanism to harmonize the interests of many for the common good."

Historical example of the Khazar Kaganate, which they are now trying to recreate, has visibly demonstrated that it was a "good" for the Slavs and other peoples, languishing under the yoke of the Khazars.

And the rest of this article deals with, in effect, an ultimatum that pushes the idea of "reviving the Israel." It must put the future colonial peoples before the "choice":

"We offer the Arabs a war to the bitter end - if they continue to kill Jews, and peace - if they are willing to live in peace with us. We call for the construction of the Empire of Israel and are ready to cooperate in its establishment with all peoples of the region - the Turks, the peoples of the Caucasus, with the Kurds and the Iranians (we are ready to help Iranians in the overthrow of the Islamist-Nazi regime, as with this regime alas, no peace initiatives are possible), and the Arabs."

It follows that Israel's empire in geopolitical terms - is land once occupied by Khazar Kaganate, and the land for which they fought, and those people against whom they waged war. And the invisible Khazaria again expresses its readiness, as in the olden days, to wage these wars.

This is confirmed by the following quote:

"But with what methods can we collect the land from the Nile to the Euphrates? The answer to this question has long been suggested by history. Every empire created by a combination of diplomacy, economics and war ...

First, like all civilized people we should try to negotiate and resolve the problem by political means, but if we fail, we have to use force."

How can you not remember that the tribe of the Danites as well as ethnically mixed with it Khazars were a warlike people. Everything said in the article exposes the reasons for today's World War, its true motives and driving forces.

If we understand the war from this point of view, everything falls into place. And if you understand the war in this way, then it becomes evident who are the opposing sides in it and on what principles and with whom to form the coalitions, and what should be the strategy of waging it.

This article is very specific and programmatic in its nature. But all this as a whole is already known to us from the books of the Holy Fathers, who wrote about it centuries ago. But when we have read about it, because of our spiritual blindness, it seemed that all this will happen in some distant future and not to us. With our mind, then, we knew that the "mystery of iniquity doth already at work", but could not see it clearly with our soul to a proper degree.

But these signs of the Antichrist, about which we learn from this article, are in fact about us and about our times and about what is going to happen to us. This is not the future, it is the present. This is a stern warning, caution, forcing us to get sober.

This paper is a sort of ultimatum. But as long as we stand in faith and with God, we do not surrender. We must stand up to this battle of spiritual, which is the true essence of modern war. It is in its geopolitical scale horizontally-global, but hierarchically it boils down to the boundaries of one man, or rather his soul. So the victory in it depends above all on ourselves, on what choices will we make. Our survival as a nation and a State depends on it.

In 1917, in the heat of political revolution, people moved away from the faith, allowed to topple the Tsar of the earth - God's Anointed. In the current "Revolution of the Spirit" the main objective is to overthrow the Tsar of Heaven in our hearts, that should be the temple of the living God. And we must not allow the sacred in the hearts of the Orthodox to be forced out by the Third Temple.

Gog and Magog ruled by him, have occupied the world, and we can see the self-fulfilling Bible prophecies, and we can observe the signs of preparation for the coming of the Antichrist. And the war is spreading, and "people will rise against people" and "kingdom against kingdom." And the blood flows, and everyone around keeps talking about "peace and security." And there is a lot of hypocrisy and lies, and "a liar and the father of lies" prevails under these conditions. And "multiplied is the suffering." And before this highest wave of evil, no one seems to stand, and all are powerless. But we are Orthodox, and our main defenses are faith, hope and love. And "that which will make you a man, if God is with you." The Lord commanded us to be "courageous and firm" and "stand in the faith."

And even if time is short, the Lord of mercy always gives us the opportunity to appeal to Him, and salvation. We, like the thief crucified next to Christ, in that brief moment before his death, from his broken heart can always say: "Remember me, Lord, when thou comest into thy kingdom" (Luke 23:42).

It was already believed many times that near-end times have come and soon will come the Antichrist.

But how wonderful wrote L.A. Tikhomirov in (1907): "The Antichrist is always ready to appear as soon as people let him in. The present time, for example, has many features of the end of age, and morally correct are those who warn us: "Children, the last times ..."

These times are indeed the last, as to their character, tension of forces of evil and weakening of the desire to come to God.

But are these times "the last" chronologically? This seems to me as impossible to know. I think that if free will of people cheered up again, even if is affected by views of abhorrent abomination of desolation, and rushed back to God, then the Antichrist, who is quite ready to enter our doors, would be again thrown into the abyss of his <...> until more favorable conditions appear again. So, I think the timing is not determined. It depends on us, people, on our free inclination toward good or evil, God or Satan."

This orientation towards the good and God will be our main response to Gog and Magog.

And then, as it is written:

"Do not come unto thee evil, and the wound will not approach your body, as by Your Angel in charge of you is to save thee in all thy ways. They shalt take thee in their hands, and thy foot shall not stumble upon the rock, and the lion and the serpent ye shall win" (Psalm 90, 10-14).

[Note: translation is not quite correct and reference does not seem to correspond to original old Russian text.]

The obsession with revenge

In the medieval manuscripts Gog and Magog were depicted with dogs' heads, that is, a chimera, of which L. Gumilev wrote, chimera, in the depths of which, in the contact zone of incompatible superethnoi, the anti-systems are formed that constitute the social formation of the negative type, a community of people with a negative attitude.

Khazar anti-system is not just a social formation, but above all a spiritual formation. This is a community which lost its ethnicity, but retained and constantly reproduced the anti-systemic spirit of Dans in its specific realization in different historical stages. Spirit of God-fighting and the Anti-Christ.

Khazar anti-system always united all the carriers of that spirit. It ceased to exist in ancient times as a state entity, and has changed into a spiritual formation, preserved as a religious education, has become an invisible global anti-state, waiting for its time of its political materialization during pre-end times.

This invisible spiritual Khazaria as a prototype of a global anti-state of Antichrist, for the opportunity of the political materialization of which he has always fought.

This invisible Khazaria (triangle pointing downward) has been implemented and is being implemented as supranational and above-national project to fight against the sacred statehood (triangle pointing upward) as its main obstacle to political materialization.

This invisible Khazaria as the antipode of the traditional statehood has always had and continues to have all its trappings. It has the power - a world government, uniting the idolaters, possessed by the spirit of Dan.

It has the economy, united in transnational networks, which absorb, dominate and destroy the state's economy. The same networks integrate the information to enable the spirit of Dan to infect all of humanity.

Invisible Khazaria is a global network formation

Generally, invisible Khazaria is a network, global formation, opposed to the systemic hierarchy of statehood and continuously conducting the war against it.

The invisible Khazaria has all three areas inherent in the sacred state, except it is anti-system oriented, opposed to it - directed towards destruction and death.

Invisible Khazaria has its demographic potential, its people, so to speak. These people are the carriers of the spirit of Dan, God-opposing spirit, the spirit awaiting the arrival of Antichrist and preparing for his arrival, people that have fallen away from faith or who did not accept it thus making themselves the citizens of the invisible Khazaria.

These are the people who organizationally unite in the networks and fall away from the state, according to principles of their God-fighting relationship. They live in a traditional state, but do not feel to be a part of it, they instinctively and relentlessly fight against it, hate it, forming the "fifth column".

Coming to power in the traditional state system they still have a spiritual tendency to willingly submit themselves to the power of world government, this collective King (Bek), who had real power in the Khazarian Kaganate. This principle of dual power, inherent in the network polycentricity, is now being implemented at the global level.

Russian statehood destroyed visible Khazaria, so invisible Khazaria is doing everything to destroy the traditional statehood, and above all the sacred Russian statehood.

Invisible Khazaria is doing everything to turn the world into tribes, from which she collected a ransom, and which she turned into slaves by selling them. Her goal is the fight against traditional statehood and pushing the world back into pre-state tribal network of antiquity.

The invisible Khazaria has its armed forces, the core of which consists of mercenaries from private military companies, which together with the armies of the vassal peoples fight for her political materialization - establishment of new world order.

Invisible Khazaria never abandoned the idea of revenge. Svyatoslav's victory was of great symbolic significance. Russian state facing a formidable obstacle remained a mighty deterrent and a constraining force on the way of "world rulers of the darkness", the carriers of the spirit of Dan, who have seized power in the visible and then invisible Khazaria.

Svyatoslav defeated the visible, political Khazaria, and his son Vladimir, who strengthened the Orthodox faith in Russia, challenged and defeated the invisible, anti-Christian Khazaria.

Therefore, for the invisible Khazaria our sacred state is not just an obstacle to the global project. It is the symbol of the inevitability of retribution. This is the political stronghold of its imperial, monarchical incarnation. And it is a spiritual stronghold in height and power of the Orthodox spirit that binds and makes our state holy and invincible.

And that is why the Khazar anti-system, in order to defeat our state, waged the spiritual war, aimed at undermining the Orthodoxy and degradation of the soul of our nation. And that is why all attempts at political revenge being taken by Khazaria against Russian Orthodox kingdom, has always been preceded by the well-planned actions to implement the spiritual revenge.

For this reason, the political aspirations of the Khazarian revenge should be seen and understood in close connection with its spiritual revanchist aspirations.

Thus, war against the statehood in the mental space, its political, informational and psychological components, is inevitably connected with the war in the spiritual space.

And that is why aggression in the mental space in the political sphere, is inevitably preceded by the aggression in the space of the Spirit.

And to prevent the first, and with it the possibility of physical armed attack, it is necessary to neutralize the latter.

What makes people the citizens of the invisible Khazaria, what makes them obey the Gog and Magog and join them while living in their countries?

The rulers of invisible Khazaria achieve this through suppression of faith, and filling their souls with false religion of Antichrist. According to Gumilev, during transition this Khazar anti-system excites anti-systemic pagan attitudes in men's souls, creates intrinsic "cacophony", the state of "general perversity". Khazar anti-system is trying to secretly induce people to worship the beast rather than the Creator.

How to distract people from the faith, to bring them to such a degree of spiritual blindness, that they voluntarily accept false religions, will become invisible spiritual slaves, and thus materialize Khazaria in the form of global anti-state?

To distract people from the faith, they are offered a cult with all sorts of trinkets to worship. People are converted into the idolators worshiping different idols, which include ethnicity, money, power, the political ideas built on the denial of of faith.

And if people are blind to such an extent that they begin to worship such an idea, betraying their faith and lowering themselves only to the mental space in the political sphere, their state disintegrates first, and then collapses. Losing its sacred character by reason of the denial of faith, it becomes brittle, extremely fragile and vulnerable. It is doomed to destruction.

Thus, carried away with the idols of political ideas, misguided by idolatry, the Russian people had witnessed the collapse of their statehood. These were times of revenge of invisible Khazaria, filled with terrible tragedies, wars and suffering, when our people were turned into sacrificial lambs to bloody Moloch.

Such a period of revenge of invisible Khazaria was the October Revolution and the ensuing decline of the Russian Empire.

This terrible in its intensity drama to inflame the political and social upheaval, spiritual rebellion was preceded by denial of faith throughout the entire country. What followed was a betrayal of God's anointed Tsar, which has enabled the Khazars, the bearers of the spirit of Dan, to carry out the murder of Tsar and his entire family.

How would the large number of people be reached out of Gog and Magog, the people invisible of Khazaria, about the multiplicity of which it is written that "the number of them will be as the sand of the sea"? As it is said that the Antichrist can come only as a result of universal apostasy, when the peoples turn their backs on God and the faith of Christ, when the grace of God would depart from the people.

"... When the transgressors of his will fulfill the measure of their lawlessness, a king of insolent and skilled in guile shall rise" (Daniel 6, 23). "His coming on the effects of Satan" (2 Thess. 2:9).

It appears that Gog will reach the large number of his subjects through political, informational, psychological and spiritual influence on mankind, through penetration of the spirit of Dan into people's consciousness. A tool of influence will be ideology. Gumilev wrote that anti-systems beget antisystemic ideology.

Scholar and historian, N.P. Ostroumov, who, as it is written about him, is the actual founder of the Tajik historiography, in post-revolutionary years, expressed the following thought, revealing the mechanism of impact of Gog on humanity:

"The growing class struggle of the proletariat with the capitalists, socialists with Communists is reflected in international relations because of the liberation of the working classes in Asia and Africa from the political and economic oppression of the imperialist countries of Europe and America.

And then, at the end of this age-old struggle between two classes of people on our planet, the prediction of the ancient Jewish seer shall be fulfilled - "When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth (north, east, south and west) - Gog and Magog - and to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore", or, as the modern communists, millions of proletarians.

The result will be extraordinary horrors of an international war. At the VI Congress of the Comintern Comrade. Bukharin said:

"... When we learn to align our daily work with the major political issues, when we will reach the broad masses of working-class of West-European countries and will submit the opinion the working-class movement in major capitalist countries, then we will be able to link it with something really powerful - the movement of oppressed peoples of historical significance.

"And when the hour is near, in which militant banner of imperialism will rise up, our Communist International, all our parties, and limitless masses of the workers of the world will have their word. This word will be the slogan of the Civil War, the slogan of struggle against imperialism, not for a belly, but for life and death! "

"This war will involve the armies of many millions, with poison gases, and with many airplanes. This war will require a huge expenditure, and most of all will result in the extermination and wounding of soldiers."

That is, the masses of people are infected with antisystemic ideology of rebellion, revolution, and apostasy, and then are thrown into the cauldron of war and condemned to death.

Because antisystemic ideologies are charged with death, centered around it, focused on it because every war is considered as a sacrifice to their idol - Moloch by these "world-rulers of darkness".

And because each war provoked by them is, from their point of view, a preparation for the arrival of the Antichrist, who will be able to sit on the throne as a direct result of the war, which caused destruction and death.

Mode of operation of invisible of Khazaria - a Thanatocracy (thanatos - death)

This is what Engels wrote, the monument to whom stands in the center of the Slavic states:

"We need relentless life-and-death struggle with the renegade to the revolution Slavs ... war of extermination and ruthless terror ...

"All-out war will repay Slav barbarians with bloody revenge ... It will wipe off the face of the earth ... entire reactionary peoples - and this too will be a progress!"

Gumilev writes on the relationship between anti-systemic ideologies and their deadly essence. According to him, "antisystemic ideologies" are united by one central unit: they deny the real world in its complexity and diversity in the name of some abstract goals.

These ideologies either call for radical changes in the world, in fact destroying it, or demand a person to escape from the shackles of reality, by destroying himself. Both at the end produce the same result - oblivion and death.

Therefore, the mode of operation of invisible, and then materialized Khazaria is a mode of Thanatocracy (thanatos - death).

Antisystemic ideology of invisible Khazaria has incorporated two approaches to achieve revenge.

This is, first of all, Zionism (political, economic and spiritual), as the ideology of the conquest of political, economic and cultural for world domination, assuring the recreation of Khazaria.

And secondly, it is built on cosmopolitanism, Marxism as an ideology of destruction of the traditional state system in the world, clearing the road to recreation the Khazars. Recall the Communist Manifesto, which states that "Workers have no homeland." Is it not the slogan of the globalists?

Zionism and Marxism are two constituent parts of a single anti-system ideology of global Khazaria, which form the ideological foundation of the new world order. "Jewish Communal Register" defined Zionism as a Marxist movement

"Jewish Communal Register" clearly defined Zionism as a Marxist movement.

The French newspaper Peuple Juif («The Jewish people"), on February 8, 1919 wrote:

"The coming world revolution will be solely a matter of our hands. This revolution will strengthen our power over other people."

Whether the Jewish dream come true the reader may judge for himself. Other evidence of involvement of Jews in Russia's destiny was presented at the annual convention of the Jewish Chabad movement messengers held at the end of 2005 in New York.

In his speech on behalf of all the messengers of the movement, the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, said openly:

The most effective is the revolution created by the Chabad emissaries

"Russia knew many revolutions, but the most peaceful, quietest and most effective is the revolution created by the Chabad emissaries"

("The Jewish word" 46 (269) 2005 30 November - 6 December).

The best proof of these words could be the Russian cemeteries, ruined economy, science, education, and almost miserable situation of the vast number of people ...


"The spirit of darkness promises the paradise on earth"

"So all the revolutionary societies, secret or open, under whatever names they may come and no matter how specious is their appearance or a cover, have one common goal - the struggle and the total destruction of Christianity and paving the way to the anti-Christianity in the face of the coming into the world of the Antichrist."

(St. Seraphim Sarovski)

"... It was clear to us that the revolution has only one really terrible enemy - Russia"

(Marx, Engels)

Marxism has become a revolutionary ideology that allowed the state to destroy the sacred statehood in Russia. I have to say that this attempt of revenge was successful in the early stages only. Then, Marxism was mowed down and and replaced by Sovietism in an amazing way, which recreated the building of statehood, although apart from faith. This was the main cause of instability and disintegration.

Khazar chimera diagram

Marxism was born out of the Khazar anti-system, and it is his followers who have organized and instigated the Russian revolution.

Let me remind you words of Gumilev once again that the followers of anti-systems are dominated by people with "a futuristic sense of time", which announce the present as evil, requiring a radical change for the sake of illusory future global goals.

The basis of all anti-systemic ideologies is nihilism

Therefore, the basis of all anti-systemic ideologies is nihilism that dictates the necessity of destruction, and above all of faith and traditional state.

It should be noted that nihilism is a painful, pathological condition, which is defined as a psychiatric "mental disorder associated with the certainty that the destruction of existing political and social institutions is a necessity for future development." Another name for it is the "revolutionary psychosis."

Benjamin Friedman wrote in his work on Khazaria:

"Without a clear and comprehensive understanding of this problem it is impossible to understand and appreciate what is happening in the world since 1917, the year of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Khazaria is a key to understanding this problem."

This is a key to understanding the mysteries of the unfolding of modern history, not only as it relates to politics, but above all the history of spiritual related to the comprehension of the processes in the context of Orthodoxy.

Understanding the Revolution - that is what we need to understand the current situation and its prospects. If we do not to analyze what happened again and again, we can not understand what to do.

The Revolution of 1917 was undoubtedly the most tragic and devastating for Russia attempt of revenge of the Khazars and Khazar anti-system created by it.

Revolution was preceded by the emergence of Zionism and Marxism as the components of ideology of anti-system of the global Khazaria, directed against the holy Russian state and its foundation - the Orthodox faith.

The Zionist idea of atheism and anti-theism is aimed at denying and abolition of the traditional religions and to preparation for the adoption of false religion of Antichrist, as reflected in Marxism, in the famous formula of "Religion is the opium of the people." Well, the opium must be therefore banned and destroyed.

F. Dostoyevsky wrote:

"The International ordered for the European revolution to start in Russia. And it will ... because we do not have a reliable support to resist it either in government, or in society.

Revolt will begin with atheism and plundering of all the wealth. They will begin to subvert religion, to destroy temples and convert them into barracks, stables, will flood the world with blood, and then they themselves will get scared of it ...

The Jews will destroy Russia, and will stand at the head of anarchy."

The World Zionist Organization was established in 1897

Zionism and Marxism go hand in hand in this business. It was this alliance that has prepared the February revolution in Russia. The World Zionist Organization was established in 1897 at the World Zionist Congress in Basel, which was attended by Lord Edmond Rothschild of London, Jacob Schiff of New York and theoretician of Zionism, Theodor Herzl.

Speaking at the opening of Congress, Kiev University professor, Mandelstam, said:

"We are committed to the historic aspirations, that is, taking over the world."

Immediately after this Congress Zionist organizations have spread rapidly across the board. And by the time of the February 1917 revolution in Russia it was already operating a network of 500 Zionist organizations. The Zionists have decided to enter into a revolutionary movement on a massive scale.

In 1898, that is, a year after the establishment of the World Zionist Organization, the Zionists created the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP). Of the nine delegates present at this organizational action, eight were Zionists. The Zionists have also created the Socialist Revolutionary Party, the Party of Constitutional Democrats, the People's Socialist Party and other organizations.

The February Revolution of 1917 was carried out by Zionists

The February Revolution of 1917 was carried out by Zionists, who used Marxism to crush the monarchical state in Russia and then on the ruins of the empire, using misguided proletarians, to give the revolution a global nature in order to achieve world domination. It was a successful revenge of Khazaria, which caused terrible suffering in Russia.

The fall of the Russian Empire as anti-Khazar force in the fire of revolution followed shortly after the appearance of Zionism as an invisible force of Khazaria, designed to take over the world.

The Zionists have played a significant role in the October Revolution of 1917. It is known that in the summer of 1918 in Petrograd only in the higher echelons out of 298 members 271 were Zionists. 265 of these 271 were brought in from New York by Trotsky.

Khazar-Zionists began to establish a new Khazaria in Russia with the intent to use those who inhabited it, as slave labor. Just as it was in ancient Khazaria.

Through terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia to complete dullness

Напомню цитату Троцкого:

"We have to transform Russia into a desert populated with white niggers, to whom we shall give such a tyranny, that even the worst despots of the East have never even dreamed of ...

"This tyranny will not be from the right, but from the left, not white, but red.

"In the literal sense of the word red, as we shall shed such rivers of blood, before which shall shudder and pale all the human losses of the capitalist wars ... Major bankers from across the ocean will be working closely with us.

"If we win the revolution and crush Russia, on the ruins of her funeral will strengthen the power of Zionism and become a force to which the whole world will fall to their knees. We will show what real power. Through terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia to complete stupor, to idiocy, to an animal state ...

"In the meantime, our boys in leather jackets ... - Oh, how deliciously they are able to hate everything Russian! With what pleasure they destroy the Russian intelligentsia - military officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!"

Marxism as anti-state Russophobic ideology appears to us now as though it has gone away, erased from the memory of living generations. But there is something that remains a burden in our heart. There is something that in the depths of our heart does not relax, something hammered into it during decades of Marxist propaganda: "the Russian empire, the Tsar is an absolute evil. During the reign of the Tsar people had a hard time, and only a revolution freed them from the yoke of autocracy."

And it was being hammered into the people almost as an axiom requiring no proof or with the help of some arguments pulled out of the hat. And the people believed, because the other Marxist axiom, which was hammered into them, was the same: "Religion is the opium for the people." People steadily and continuously cultivated a distaste for imperial statehood and Orthodoxy, which forms a unity in the concept of a holy state.

The main goal of Marxism on the first stage was not only the physical destruction of the monarchical state in Russia and the murder of the Tsar, but the destruction of the very idea of statehood and unconditional rejection of royal authority as religious idea associated with the correlation of the King in heaven and Tsar on earth as God's anointed. The image of the Tsar is the key here.

To bring the revolution to the end, it was necessary to overthrow the Tsar in the minds and souls so that there would not appear even a vague desire to return it, along with the most sacred statehood, so there would not appear a new prince Svyatoslav, capable of destroying an invisible Khazaria, that rose against the historical Russia.

Marxism creates a relentless campaign of unbridled anti-monarchism

The idea of the Tsar is a key in the sacred statehood as a real obstacle in the way of materializing the invisible Khazaria and establishment of a global anti-state with the Antichrist at its head. To do this, it is necessary to crush the idea of a Tsar so that people were left "without a Tsar at their head," without the state, where the root is the "sovereign" [Tsar]. So they become totally controllable, would not resist colonization, and allowed to be led into slavery by the "world-rulers of darkness" from the tribe of Dan.

And it is possible to destroy the idea of the Tsar only by discrediting him. And so, just as during the trial of Christ, they invite false witnesses. The chief priests provoke people, persuade them, excite them, and they in their blindness and unbelief, shout: "Crucify him!", and they crucify Him in their souls, and become the voluntary members of the regicide. They no longer hear the voice of Pilate: "Shall I crucify your King?" They demand a penalty of death and commit it in their deadened hearts.

In order to achieve its main goal - the destruction of the monarchical state, it was not enough for Marxism to destroy it physically, by means of revolutionary violence under the false slogan of the struggle for workers' interests.

To Marxism, to achieve its goals, it was necessary to crush it spiritually, it was necessary that the Tsar was not only erased from their memory but in their heads. It had to kill the Tsar in their soul. To make people forget, to hate the earthly Tsar as a prelude to a meeting with the King in Heaven. And Marxism initiates a relentless campaign of unbridled anti-monarchism.

And the Marxist revolutionaries start an uncompromising struggle against the Russian Tsar and advocates who serve the monarchy. The main tool in this struggle is terrorism and revolution. They manage to do it, they manage to destroy the empire. And they in the wild fear of her power, of her return, faced with the inevitability of revenge, kill the Tsar and his family [to erase the entire bloodline], so there would remain no "symbol" of Russian State.

Then, after the physical removal of the Tsar, begins a period of eliminating him from the minds and souls of people. And followers of the work of Marx are beginning to use slander and lies to discredit the Tsar, the royal imperial idea and emasculate the anti-Tsar spirit in our people. Spirit, which gave people all that is necessary to realize their destiny and love for the motherland and protection of it.

But first it was necessary to discredit the Tsar, so there would remain no desire to go back to that way of life, to bring the Marxist revolution to the end, causing a perpetual rebellion in their soul.

And these false witnesses have achieved their goal of mass rejection, and even hatred. So often do you hear these slogans full of indignation, resentment and anger: "Why did he abdicate? How could he do this? This is a betrayal on his part. This ... This ... ". And there is particularly many of those views and voices now, for some reason. And gradually the whole choir merges into one and the polyphony emerges through this one: "Let him come down from the cross, and we will believe."

Hard to argue with this massive internal negative belief system formed by years of Marxist propaganda. But someone said that Russia will begin its rebirth when the person comes to power, who will tell people the truth about the massacre of the Tsar and his entire family including all his children.

This truth would not only rehabilitate the Tsar, but rehabilitate the very idea of holy statehood, because the Tsar is its symbol and its central figure, which is responsible for it not only to his people, but to God Himself.

Many great books were written about the holy martyr, Tsar Nicholas II, that leave no stone unturned in the false witness of Marxists. But these angry voices, even after the canonization of the royal family continue to be heard, the choir does not stop.

They say the drop erodes the rock. I would like to bring to it be a small fraction for the restoration of justice in connection with the memory of the Tsar-martyr. The first ones who need this is ourselves. What will be written below, can be designated as my personal impressions, notes in the margin in the context of all read and heard about it from scholars and memoirists. I present all this in hopes to sow at least a drop of doubt in the dogmatic unshaken attitude of those who, I am confident, only for the time being, remain opposed.

Discreditation of the Tsar as a symbol of the sacred state after his assassination was a fabrication of various myths that have been introduced into the mass consciousness. I confess that I myself was once under influence of the power of these myths, and I therefore present some of the facts I found and arguments that have changed my position. This was facilitated by my contacts with a brilliant expert on the history of this period, S.F. Kolosovsky, and I am grateful to her from the depths of my heart for it.

The most common myths that I would like to refute, at least to some extent, are basically the following.

Myths about Tsarist Russia

The myth that the Tsarist Russia was a backward country

During Nicholas II, Russia has experienced an unprecedented period of material prosperity. On the eve of World War I its economy was booming, and from 1894 to 1914 grew at the fastest pace in the world.

In the early twentieth century, the growth of Russia's economy led to the building of social wealth and welfare.

During the years 1894-1914 state budget has increased 5.5 times, gold reserves - 3.7 times. The Russian currency has been one of the strongest in the world.

At the same time state revenues were growing without any increase in tax burden. Direct taxes in Russia were 4 times less than in France and Germany, and 8.5 times less than in England; indirect taxes - on average less than half in Austria Germany and England.

Increase in grain production was 78%. Exported Russia's grain fed all of Europe. Coal production grew by 325%, Copper - 375%, iron ore - 250%, oil - by 65%. The growth of the railways was 103%, the merchant fleet - 39%.

The overall growth of the Russian economy even during the difficult years of World War I amounted to 21.5%.

Many domestic economists and politicians have argued that the preservation of trends that existed in the 1900-1914 years, would inevitably bring Russia to place of a global leader in 20-30 years, enabling it to dominate in Europe, exceeding the economic potential of all the European powers put together.

French economist, Terry wrote: "None of the European nations achieved the same results."

Professor of University of Edinburgh, Charles Sarolea wrote in his paper "The Truth about the Tsarism":

"One of the most common attacks against the Russian monarchy was the assertion that it is reactionary and obscurantist, that it was an enemy of enlightenment and progress. But in reality it was probably the most progressive government in Europe ...

It is easy to refute the view that the Russian people have rejected the Tsarist regime and the revolution has caught Russia in its decline, decay and exhaustion ... Visiting Russia in 1909, I expected to find the traces of suffering everywhere after the Japanese War and the Troubles in 1905.

Instead I saw a miraculous recovery, a giant land reform ... industry growing in leaps, the inflow of capital into the country, and so on ... Then why would catastrophe happen? .. Why Russian monarchy fell almost without a struggle? .. It fell not because outlived its time. It fell on a purely accidental reasons ..."

The myth that Nicholas II was a tyrant who was destroying the Russian people

Russian Tsar Nicholas II

The most important indicator of the effectiveness and morality of power and prosperity of the people is the population growth. From 1897 to 1914, for a total of 17 years, it was fantastic for us figure - 50.5 million people.

A very intelligent population and migration policy was carried out.

Stolypin wrote about goals in this area:

"So, our next main objective is to strengthen the lower classes of people. They constitute strength of our country ... If we have healthy and strong roots in the state, believe me, the words of the Russian government to Europe and to the whole world will sound very differently ...

Give the state 20 years of peace, internal and external, and you won't recognize today's Russia!" "Our distant and harsh remote areas are at the same time rich with ... vast expanses of the land ....

In the presence of the densely populated state, adjacent to us, these remote areas will not remain empty. They will be populated by foreigners, if Russian people will not get there first ...

If we continue the lethargic sleep, then this region will be saturated with other people's juices, and when we wake up, it will remain Russian only in name ..."

In the post-perestroika years, we have lost and keep losing an average of about 1 million dead a year plus abortions, slain children. According to 2005 their number was 1,611,000. As a result, losses reach over two million a year.

Another important indicator - the number of suicides. So then it was equal to 2.7 per 100,000 inhabitants. And now we have 40. In the period 1995-2003 as a result of suicide 500,000 people were killed. According to statistics, only one attempt in 20 ends in death. Therefore, including these "unfinished" suicide attempts, we get a figure 20 times greater, that is 10 million.

The myth that the workers were very poor

In 1913, a worker in Russia earned 20 gold rubles a month.

At the same time the price of bread was 3 - 5 cents. A kilogram of beef - 30 cents. A kilo of potatoes - 1.5 pennies.

At the same time the income tax was one ruble per year and was the lowest in the world.

Hence the opportunity to have a family with many children.

In contrast we see the characterisation of policy of the Russian leader, who is praised by the West, about whom Edward Pearce wrote in the article "In praise of Putin", published in The Guardian:

"Has there ever been a figure more worthy of contempt than Boris Yeltsin? Forever drunk, incapable of running the country, he allowed a pack of corrupt crooks to rob the national wealth. He approved the abolition of price subsidies on products, which meant that ordinary people suddenly fell into poverty.

If we talk about pride and self-esteem of Russia, it turns out that Yeltsin had been serving as a collaborator, the policeman, who enriched himself and found solace in alcohol ... People were picking up food at the dump, but Boris Yeltsin was a Westerner, a perfect example and living evidence of the triumph of the West."

The myth that Russia was a backward country

From 1894 to 1914, the national education budget has increased by 628%. Increase in the number of schools: universities - at 180%, high schools - 227%, female high schools - 420%, public schools - 96%.

I. Ilyin in his paper "On the Russian culture," writes that Russia was on the verge of universal public education with a network of schools within a radius of one kilometer.

In Russia, 10,000 schools were being opened annually.

The Russian Empire was a reading country. During the reign of Nicholas II, more newspapers and magazines were published in Russia than in the USSR in 1988.

Russia also experienced a flowering of cultural life.

The myth of Rasputin

A close aide-de-camp of Tsar, Colonel A. Mordvinov, flatly rejected in his "Memoirs" ("The Russian Chronicle" for 1923, Vol V) the influence of the Empress, or anyone else, on the decisions of the Tsar and gives some convincing examples.

He also reveals the truth about the famous legend of Rasputin.

Mordvinov writes:

"His Majesty has been unhappy with some state officials not for the fact that they are not sympathetic to Rasputin, but for the fact that they dared to believe and spread this belief in a peculiar influence of Rasputin's on public affairs. In the eyes of His Majesty the very possibility of such an assumption was humiliating and degrading to his dignity."

Mordvinov, who had been constantly at the palace in 1912 and who had been always with the Tsar during the war, during five years had never seen Rasputin, never heard of him in the family, which he was very close to.

Gilliard, tutor of the Crown Prince, who lived at the court, and doctor Botkin (who died with his family in Ekaterinburg), who had been in the palace every day, state that for several years they have seen Rasputin in the palace only once, and in both cases they were are associated with the visit of Rasputin related to ill health of the heir.

General Resin, without whom no soul could enter the palace, states that he never saw Rasputin in seven months.

Alexander Eliseev, in his article "Nicholas II as a strong-willed politician of troubled times," notes that even the special commission of inquiry of the Provisional Government was forced to admit that Rasputin had no influence whatsoever on public life in the country. This is despite the fact that the group consisted of experienced liberal lawyers, very negatively minded against the Emperor, the dynasty and the monarchy itself.

The myth of the Tsar's weakness of character

French President Lube said:

"Usually, they perceive the Emperor Nicholas II as a kind man, generous, but weak. This is a profound mistake. He always has well thought out plans, the implementation of which he slowly but steadily carries out. Under the apparent timidity of the Tsar stand a strong spirit and a courageous heart, unshakenly loyal. He knows where he is going and what he wants to achieve."

Tsar's service required strength of character, which Nicholas II had. During the Holy Coronation on the throne of Russia on May 27, 1895, Metropolitan Sergius of Moscow, in his address to the Emperor said:

"As there is no higher, so there is no more difficult in the world then Royal power, no burden heavier than the Tsar's service. Through the anointing of the visible let the invisible force from above elevate your royal virtues ..."

A number of arguments refuting this myth provides the above-mentioned paper by A. Eliseev.

In particular, C. Oldenburg wrote that the Emperor had an iron hand, and many are simply deceived by the velvet glove on it.

The presence of a strong will of Nicholas II is brilliantly confirmed by the events of August 1915, when he shouldered the duties of the Supreme Commander - against the wishes of the military elite, the Council of Ministers and all the "public opinion". And I must say he coped with these responsibilities brilliantly.

In general, the Emperor was a real warrior as for the 'profession', and so the spirit. And he was raised as a warrior. Archpriest Vladimir Asmus notes:

"Alexander III brought up children in a very disciplined way, say, no more than 15 minutes was alloted to eating. Children were supposed to sit down and get up from the table with their parents, and children often went hungry if they did not fit into such strict for children limits.

We can say that Nicholas II has received a genuine military education and military training. Nicholas II, considered himself a military man all his life, which influenced his psychology and much of his life."

Being a heir to the throne, Nikolai Alexandrovich studied military affairs with great enthusiasm. This fact is evidenced by his carefully compiled notes on military topography, tactics, artillery, navigation devices, the military criminal law, strategies. His records of fortification, equipped with pictures and drawings are very impressive.

Practical training was not ignored either. Alexander III sent his heir to military training. For two years, Nikolai was in the Transfiguration Regiment, where he performed duties subalternofficer, and then the regiment commander. As many as two seasons he served as a platoon commander in the Hussar regiment, and then commander of the squadron. The Heir has spent one season in the artillery.

The Emperor did much to strengthen the country's defense, having learned the hard lessons of Russian-Japanese war. Perhaps the most important act was his revival of the Russian fleet, which saved the country at the outbreak of World War I. It happened against the will of the military officials. The Emperor was even forced to retire the Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich. Military historian G. Nekrasov wrote:

"It should be noted that, despite its overwhelming superiority in the Baltic Sea, the German fleet made no attempt to break into the Gulf of Finland, in order to put Russia on its knees in one blow. Theoretically it was possible, since much of the military industry of Russia was concentrated in St. Petersburg.

But on the way of the German Navy was the Baltic Fleet, ready to fight, with ready-mined positions. Thus, the price of breakthrough for the German navy was prohibitively high.

Thus, even with just the fact that he was able to rebuild the navy fleet, the emperor Nicholas II saved Russia from an early defeat. This should not be forgotten!"

We emphasize that the Emperor had made absolutely all the important decisions that contribute to the victorious actions all by himself - without the influence of any "good genius". Totally unreasonable is the view that Russian army was led by Alekseev, and the Tsar held the post of Commander for the sake of formality. This misconception is refuted by telegrams of the Alekseev himself. For example, in one of them, on a request to send the ammunition and weapons Alexeyev answered: "Without Supreme permission I can not resolve this issue."

Communist publicist M. Koltsov wrote the following about the behavior of the Emperor during the February unrest:

"... The court, completely in vain, draw their leader in the last minutes of his reign as a dull nerd, not resisting the offense, who meekly surrendered on the first demand of the revolutionary force."

Koltsov, describes how the Emperor stubbornly resisted all the requirements of army conspirators (Alexeev, Ruza, and others) to create a responsible ministry (that is essentially to convert autocracy into a constitutional monarchy). His resistance was so strong that even the Empress exclaimed in a letter:

"You alone, not having an army, caught like a mouse in a trap - what can you do?" And the Tsar did everything he could - he even sent Expeditionary Force to Petrograd, led by General Nikolai Ivanov. He fought a revolution alone (because the conspirators cut off his communications with the outside world and the loyal units).

And on this occasion Koltsov, asks: "Where is the rag? Where is that weak-willed nonentity? In the terrified crowd of defenders of the throne, we see only one faithful man - Nicholas himself."

"His Majesty, the Emperor had done everything in his power. He was able to suppress the terrible power of the revolution of 1905 and to delay the triumph of "demons" for as long as 12 years. Through his personal efforts a radical change in the Russian-German confrontation had been made. Already a prisoner of the Bolsheviks, he refused to endorse the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty, and thus save his own life. He lived with dignity and accepted his own death with dignity."

The myth that Russia was a prison of nations

Russia was the family of nations through a well thought out and deliberate policy of the Emperor. Russian Tsar-father was considered to be the monarch of all peoples and tribes in the territory of the Russian Empire.

He conducted a national policy based on respect for the traditional religions - the historical subjects of nation-building in Russia. And it's not just Orthodox, but also Islam. In particular, the mullahs were on the subsistence of the Russian Empire and were paid. Many Muslims were fighting for Russia.

The Russian Tsar honored a heroism of all peoples, who served the Fatherland. Here is the text of the telegram, which serves as a clear confirmation of that:


on August 25, 1916

Governor-General of the Terek region, Mr. Freysher

As a mountain avalanche the Ingush regiment has struck the German rail division. It was immediately backed by Chechen regiment.

In the history of the Russian homeland, including our Preobrajenski Regiment, there had never been a case of a cavalry attack on the enemy's heavy artillery.

4.5 thousand killed, 3.5 thousand taken prisoner, 2.5 thousand wounded. In less than 1.5 hours the iron-strong division had ceased to exist, which was feared by the best troops of our allies, including the Russian army.

Pass on my behalf, on behalf of the court and on behalf of the Russian army the brotherly and hearty greetings to the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and fiancees of these brave eagles of Caucasus, which put by its immortal feat the beginning of the end to the German hordes.

Russia will never forget this herioc feat. Honor and praise to them!

With brotherly greetings, Nicholas II.

In general, the sacred monarchy as a form of government had big advantage in matters of national over what K. Pobedonostsev calls the "scourge of parliamentary government." He points out that the election results not in the best choice, but only "the most ambitious and pushy."

Particularly dangerous in his opinion, is the electoral battle in the multi-tribal states. Pointing to the advantages of monarchy in Russia, he writes:

"The monarchy unlimited was able to resolve or reconcile all these demands and impulses in a timely fashion - and not only by power alone, but by giving the equal rights in human relationships under one authority.

But democracy can not cope with them, and the instincts of nationalism serve as a corrosive element in it: every tribe sends the representatives of their area - not of the state and people's ideas, but representatives of the tribal instincts and pedigree of irritation, tribal hatred ..."

The very title of the Russian Tsar reflects the protective collection of lands and peoples for the state behind the fence of the Orthodox State:

"Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russia, of Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod, Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberia, the Tsar of Tauris Hersonissos, Tsar of Georgia and on and on."

And if we talk about prisons in the literal sense, the crime rate was so low that in all the prisons throughout the Russian Empire there were less than 33,000 prisoners in 1913.

And now, on a much smaller territory then of Russian empire, this number exceeds 1.5 million people.

The myth that Russia under the Tsar was defeated in World War I.

S.S. Oldenburg in his book "The Reign of Emperor Nicholas II", wrote:

"The most difficult and most forgotten heroic act of Emperor Nicholas II was that he, despite incredibly harsh conditions has brought Russia to the threshold of victory: his opponents did not let her step over that threshold."

General N.A. Lokhvitsky wrote:

"... It took nine years for Peter to turn the defeated in Narva into the winners in Poltava.

The last Supreme Commander of the Imperial Army - The Emperor Nicholas II did the same great job during a year and a half. But his work was also appreciated by the enemies, and between the Emperor with his army and victory "stood a revolution."

Eliseev cites the following facts. The Military talents of the Sovereign have been fully revealed on the post of Supreme Commander. The very first decisions of the new commander in chief led to a significant improvement on the front. So, he organized the Vilna-Molodechno operations (September 3 - October 2, 1915).

The Emperor managed to stop a major German offensive, as a result of which the city of Borisov was captured. He issued a timely directive prescribing to stop the panic and retreat. As a result, the onslaught by the 10th German Army was stopped, which was forced to retreat, and in some cases in totally disorganized fashion. 26th Mogilev Infantry Regiment of Lieutenant Colonel Petrov (only 8 officers and 359 bayonets) was able to penetrate the Germans from the rear, and in a surprise attack captured 16 artillery pieces.

In total Russians managed to capture 2000 prisoners of war, 39 guns and 45 machine guns. "But most importantly, - said the historian P. Multatuli - confidence in the ability to beat the Germans had returned to the troops."

Russia was definitely winning the war. After the failures in 1915 came the triumphant 1916 th, the year of Brusilovsky breakthrough. During the fighting in the south-western front, the enemy lost a million and a half of people in killed, wounded and captured. Austria-Hungary was on the verge of defeat.

It was the Emperor who has supported the plan of Brusilov offensive, with which many military commanders disagreed. Thus, a plan of the Chief of Staff of Supreme Command, M.V. Alekseev provided for a powerful blow to enemy forces on all fronts, with the exception of the front in Brusilov. The latter believed that his front was also quite able to attack, with which the other front commanders did not agree. However, Nicholas II strongly supported Brusilov, and without this support, the famous breakthrough would simply not be possible.

Historian A. Zajaczkowski wrote that the Russian army has achieved "all the necessary improvements in terms of numbers and technical supply, the biggest during the entire war."

The enemy was opposed with over two hundred combat-ready divisions. Russia was preparing to crush the enemy. In January 1917 the 12th Russian army has launched the offensive with a base of Riga and caught unawares the 10th German Army, which came to a catastrophic situation.

Chief of Staff of the German Army, General Ludendorff, who can not be suspected of being sympathetic to Nicholas II, wrote about the situation in Germany in 1916 and on the growth of Russia's military power:

"Russia expands its military forces. The attempted reorganization gives it a large increase in strength. In their divisions, it left only 12 battalions, and batteries with only six guns, and freed from the so formed battalions were used to create new combat units.

The battles in 1916 on the Eastern front have shown increase in Russian military equipment and increase in the number of firearm ammunition. Russia has transferred some of its plants in the Donetsk Basin, extremely raising their productivity.

We understood that the numerical and technical superiority of the Russians in 1917 will be felt by us more acutely than in 1916.

Our situation was extremely hard and there was no solution in sight. We could not even think about our own offensive - all the reserves were needed for defense. Our defeat seemed inevitable ... we were hard pressed for food. The rear has also suffered heavily. Future prospects were extremely gloomy."

Moreover, according to Oldenburg, at the initiative of the Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich, even back in the summer of 1916, the Commission for the preparation of a future peace conference was established, in order to determine in advance what would be the wishes of Russia. Russia was to get Constantinople and the Straits, as well as Turkish Armenia.

Poland was to join in a union with Russia. The Emperor said (at the end of December) to Mr. Velepolsky that he sees a free Poland as the state with a separate constitution, separate government bodies and its own army (it seemed what he had in mind is something like the situation in the Kingdom of Poland during Alexander I).

Eastern Galicia, northern Bukovina and Carpathian Rus was to be incorporated into Russia. There was a plan for the creation of the Czechoslovak kingdom; on Russian territory the regiments of prisoners of Czechs and Slovaks has been formed.

Winston Churchill, then minister of war in England, a prominent opponent of Russia, anti-monarchist, was forced to admit:

"... to no other country the destiny was so cruel as to Russia. Her ship went down, when the harbor was in sight. All the victims have already fallen, all the work was completed. The long retreat ended. Shell hunger was defeated, weapons flowed by broad stream: a stronger, more numerous, better equipped army guarded a huge front, rear assembly points were crowded with people. Alekseev led the Army and Kolchak - the Fleet.

In addition, no difficult action was required: only to remain in place and put pressure on the widely stretched German lines. To just hold, showing no particular activity, weakening the enemy on its front. In other words, hold on - that's all that stood between Russia and the fruits of the overall victory ... In March, the Tsar was on the throne, the Russian Empire and the Russian army kept a defensive, the front was secured and the victory was unquestionable.

According to the superficial fashion of our time, it is commonly accepted to treat the royal regime as a blind, rotten tyranny, not capable of dealing with anything.

But the analysis of 30 months of the war with Germany and Austria should correct these frivolous notions. The strength of the Russian Empire can be measured with the impact of the offenses she sustained, by the inexhaustible forces, which it developed, and how she was able to rebuild its forces and recover.

In government, when great events are taking place, the nation's leader, whoever he was, is condemned for the failures and glorified for their achievements. Blame or praise for the outcome is attributed to one, who has the authority of supreme responsibility.

Why do they refuse to give credits to Nicholas in this harsh test? The burden of recent decisions lay on him. Why not pay him with honors for this? Selfless breakthrough of the Russian armies, that saved Paris in 1914, overcoming a painful retreat with no shell fire support, slow recuperation of forces, Brusilov victories, Russia's entry into the campaign in 1917 as invincible, stronger than ever. Was not there his share in this?

That system, which was embodied in Nicholas II, which he led, to which he provided a vital spark with his personal qualities, by this time won the war for Russia."

Military industry, actively working for the needs of the troops, "produced in January 1917, more shells than France and England, and meet the needs of the military in various types of heavy artillery to the extent of 75-100% - the main weapon at the time." At the beginning of 1917 Russia produced 130,000 rifles per month (in 1914 - 10,000). It had 12,000 artillery guns at its disposal, while in 1914 only 7000. Production of machine guns has increased 17 times, bullets - more than twice.

Successful offensive in 1916 strengthened the faith in victory. Spring offensive of 1917 was being prepared, which, by all objective indicators, would be a turning point in the war.

Farben financial corporatioin

Address of Nicholas II to soldiers sounded amazingly inspiring:

"With firm faith in God's grace and with unshakable confidence in ultimate victory we will fulfill our sacred duty to protect the homeland until the end and we will not disgrace the land of Russia."

The myth of the revolutionary situation in the Russian Empire

This myth comes down to claims of unhappiness of people in Russia with the royal power, that they "did not want to live according the old ways", and royal power was so weak that she "could not operate effectively." Thus a revolutionary situation developed naturally.

And the party, whose members were exclusively fighters for the interests of working people (as though they were not guided by other motivations), under the banner of Marxism totally selflessly, "that is for no benefit to themselves," as stated in the famous fairy tale, led the people, the only interest of whom was the revolution, towards its implementation.

What can I say? Lies upon lies driven by lies.

Regarding the insolvency of the thesis that the "upper classes could not rule the old way," all of the above in relation to other myths, shows that the government was strong, it ruled the country effectively even during the war, and was capable of bringing the empire into first place in the world in the future, that is to make it the strongest power.

This, in contrast to the revolution, was an objective trend, showing a steady progress of prosperity in Russia and among its people. The people could not help but to feel it, because the economic, social and cultural progress of the Russian Empire at that time was related to improving the lives of its citizens.

One of the slogans of the revolutionaries was the "Land to the peasants." And again a lie, a myth, and again a myth directed at cheap populism. After all, it is well known that the peasants in the Russian Empire were entitled to the land.

On March 6, 1907, Stolypin in his keynote speech at the State Duma, on the issue of agrarian reform said that

"Government has set a goal to increase the amount of land owned by peasants and solidify the land tenure arrangement, that is, land management."

And these plans were implemented consistently. The peasants, who wished to leave the community could not simply break away from it with their land allotments, but received new land parcels from the state land fund at extremely favorable terms, larger compared to the existing ones, - so-called land chunks.

And it was not a coercive measure, but proceeded on the basis of the voluntary will of the peasants, who decided to participate in this reform.

"In order to achieve the peasants' ability to leave the the community - said Stolypin, - all violent methods of forcing peasants to join the community were removed."

At the direction of Peter Arkadievich general survey of the farmers was organized, which showed that 72% did not wish to leave a community that has emerged in Russia in ancient times and was a unique form of popular self-government and mutual aid. 28% expressed their desire to gradually separate.

Over 3 years (1908-1910) 1.7 million households left the community and 10.2 million stayed in the community.

The agrarian reforms carried out by P. Stolypin, gave land to the peasants and provided guarantees to obtain it on favorable terms. Thus, Bolshevik slogan "land to the peasants", with which the revolutionaries wanted to attract the peasants to revolt, was devoid of any meaning.

Stolypin also understood this. And because of this the meaning of his reform also included the fact that by showing concern for the peasantry and the state as a whole, the goal was to prevent their involvement in the provocations of revolutionary processes by Russia's enemies.

These enemies of our state have seen in the Stolypin a powerful obstacle to the implementation of their destructive plans. Stolypin was aware that this policy threatened him with death. There were 11 attempts on his life, but he, despite everything, took the firm path of service to the Fatherland, bravely tolerating all the grief and suffering. He was clearly aware of the dangers associated with the implementation of his high obligation, and once said:

"I understand death as retribution for ones beliefs." And he crossed this way with dignity and honor, not terrified and brought himself as a sacrifice, because in the holy statehood

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends"

(John 15:13).

The policy pursued in Russia was to protect the "lower classes". Yes, there were disasters, yes, there were problems, but the power coped with them, truly acting in the interests of the people, implementing the fantastic reforms, which gave fantastic results. And so against the background of the efforts of the authorities to improve the lives no riot could have happened of itself.

But if there were no objective reasons for the revolution, therefore, there must have been the subjective ones. Hence, a revolutionary situation did not arise by itself, but was inspired, organized and financed by someone.

The most terrible aspect of the revolution is not a disorder, but a secret order

At the time, Lord Acton gave an estimate of the French Revolution, which is completely suited to the Russian Revolution:

"The worst thing in the revolution is not chaos, but invisible order. Through all the fire and smoke, all of a sudden we're starting to see evidence of the presence of all calculating organization.

Managers are carefully hidden under a mask, but their initial presence is beyond doubt."

And as the French Revolution and the Revolution of 1917, in both cases of rebellion against the existing order confusion was slyly used as a weapon of war, creating in each case, a situation the meaning of which is designed and understood only by the secret organizers.

The use of secret well planned operations aimed at provoking a revolution for the destruction of the state - do you think it was an accident characteristic of only these two revolutions? Do you think that this is the distant past, which has sunk into oblivion?

It may sound incredible, but this technology, this matrix is reproduced continuously, including the present time. It is not only our ancestors, but it is you and me. And this is a war in the form of revolution, not only against the Russian Empire, but against the Russian statehood in principle, the war of invisible Khazaria, overwhelmed by a passion for revenge.

The fundamental military strategic U.S. document entitled "A four-year report on the state of defense" (2006) outlines a technology that was implemented during the October Revolution, laid as a foundation for the official guide to action. This is called "indirect approach":

"Currently, large and small efforts are made on five continents that support the importance of our ability

1. work with our partners and through them (read through the fifth column)

2. act secretly and

3. maintain a constant but hardly visible to others presence (read: create a secret organization).

These efforts represent the implementation of the indirect approach for a prolonged war ...

At the same time and in many countries around the world will start long-term complex operations involving the U.S. forces, other government agencies and international partners. Operations, which will be based on a combination of direct (visible) and indirect (clandestine) approaches."

Incitement to revolution in Russia was precisely the realization of this approach in a secret war against the Russian state in which all the power of the invisible Khazaria was thrown against the Holy Russia.

That is, there were two wars carried out against Russia, one visible - on the fronts of World War I, where the Russian Empire would win in a fair open fight. And the other war - the secret, insidious, built on lies, trickery and cunning of enemy of mankind, the war waged by tribe of the Danites.

And this other war was the most dangerous, because it was a spiritual battle, which required enormous spiritual power from people, which could only be provided by the Orthodox faith. But the moment people walked away from faith, and it was the main objective reason, which allowed the invisible Khazaria to achieve short-term victory in this war, they were doomed.

There is no doubt of the fact that it was a war. Regime change and the collapse of the state, which were achieved during the Revolution, are the traditional goals of any war. In this sense, the revolution in Russia was a specific form of war against our statehood.

Other sources give a similar assessment. Thus, in the book "Democracy and World Dominion" it is written: "The Bolshevik revolution was not really what it is called, that is a revolution, but the invasion and aggression."

For its implementation, a network of revolutionary organizations (including political, terrorist and religious) was created. Network is a form of organization of invisible Khazaria, based on decentralized concealed penetration and impact on public, political, economic and religious structures. Network is always fighting against the hierarchies of both the public and religious core.

Network is the main weapon of combat of the invisible Khazaria

Network is the main weapon of combat of the invisible Khazaria, acting in accordance with the strategy of "divide and conquer" and directed at the fragmentation and disintegration of all the spaces of the traditional statehood. The strategy is as follows:

1. division of the of the victim state into the political, social, ethnic, and religious fragments.

2. creating conflicts between these fragments and

3. The integration of all the rebellious forces into anti-state structures for the physical overthrow of statehood or for the passive support of this process through non-intervention.

To weaken, dissect and liquidate the Russian state

M. Whitney, in his article "Putin resists" (October 9, 2006) writes:

"America's success in this region (on the Caspian) is directly dependent on its ability to weaken, divide and abolish the Russian state. Traditionally, these goals are achieved through

  • covert operations,
  • provoking the ethnic conflicts,
  • military aid to separatists and
  • support of dissident groups in the organization of political unrest."

In May 1917, in his "War and Revolution," Lenin said that the Russian revolution has created organizations that are not found in any other country. "This is a network of Worker Soviets, soldier and peasant deputies". In them he sees the foundation of the revolution, "which has not yet said its last word."

Through the implementation of the network, forces of invisible Khazaria also sought the fragmentation on social basis.

Parallel to this process, fragmentation and disintegration of political subspace is started by implanting all sorts of political parties in order to create chaos and instability in political life.

Gen. Anton Denikin, is his book "Essays on Russian Troubles", describing the causes of the "collapse of authority and the army" in February and September 1917, gives the following scheme of the process of political disintegration of "Russia of Troubled Times".

Gen. Anton Denikin - scheme of the process of political disintegration of "Russia of Troubled Times"

The authorities, fully aware of the danger of this situation, attempted to counteract it. Oldenburg wrote about that period:

"Public organizations" convened their congresses in Moscow again, but the authorities have taken measures. Attempts, despite the ban, to have a meeting of the self-authorized congresses on 9 and 11 December were quickly suppressed by police. The State Duma opposing the government has scheduled a meeting on the prohibition of the congresses in Moscow.

On December, 16 session of the Duma P. Miliukov said that "a political movement has become a united front" and that "one can feel the approaching storm in the air."

The deputies committed to state interests, tried to resist the revolutionary sentiments. One of them, P. Safronov, exclaimed:

"If in 1905 the restless rear gave us peace of indignity, now this restless rear is creating a crash of the state." G.G. Zamyslovsky added: "When in war you are engaged in revolutionary demonstrations, the government must ask you: is this a mere stupidity or treason?"

Some of the of vibrant adherents of democracy, reading these lines, might say that this "pluralism" is its very manifestation. But the fact is that democracy, then and now serves as a cover for sinister and destructive plans for the destruction of the traditional statehood.

Democracy is a smokescreen behind which the anti-state conspiracies operate

And its other purpose is, to a lulling fable about the power of people, to form an army of blind and vibrant followers of democracy, which, in best case, can be led to assault, or, in worst case, to ensure their non-interference in its implementation.

Democracy is a screen behind which the anti-state conspiracies were and are operating. This is a smokescreen for anti-democratic forces, totally despising and violating it.

Speaking at the Tauride Palace immediately after the seizure of power, P.N. Milyukov admitted:

"I hear people ask me who has chosen you. Nobody has chosen, for if we were to wait until the national election, we could not grab the power from the enemy ... We were chosen by the Russian revolution ..."

In 1910, the whole of Russia read the speech of Pyotr Arkadievich Stolypin, he gave in the Duma. The last words of his speech were prophetic:

"If there were a madman, which in the current situation could implement the political freedoms in Russia, by a single stroke of his pen, then tomorrow in St. Petersburg would have met the Council of Workers' Deputies, which after six months of its existence would have plunged Russia into fiery hell."

The revolutionaries were frightened of the statehood power and scope of this individual, and his tragic death at the hands of a terrorist in 1911 caused irreparable blow to Russia's statehood.

Decomposition of a spiritual space through Freemasonry

In parallel with the decomposition of political subspace went decomposition of spiritual space through implementation of a network of Masonic organizations and attracting the authorities into their ranks. Sons of the tribe of Dan knew what they were doing. Almost all members of the Provisional Government were Freemasons.

In the analytical report of the Police Department on January 2, 1914

"On the propagation of Freemasonry in Russia," it was noted that "Freemasonry as a secret organization that works to overthrow the existing regime in Russia under the guise of various communities - educational, charitable and occult, almost invulnerable to the police, as to prove criminal intent in their actions is legally impossible".

"Widening of the influence of Freemasonry does not meet any obstacles on its path. The ultimate goals of theirs are hidden, and Freemasonry itself is very cautious. Persons directly involved in combating the revolutionary movement are not familiar with the Masonic movement, and, gathering under the guise of alleged meetings of various legalized societies, Freemasonry, being the secret political society, can operate freely."

Immediately after the February Revolution, the American banker Jacob Schiff congratulated the new Foreign Minister Milyukov with victory of the revolution.

At one time, Schiff, who had a tremendous influence in the U.S., and not only the U.S., organized the "Society of Friends of Russian Freedom." The purpose of this society was campaigning to overthrow the Russian Tsar.

We know that this "Society" with the help of the Japanese was involved in training of about 50 thousand Russian prisoners in terrorist methods of the underground struggle and their ideological indoctrination.

It was Jacob Schiff and other bankers who have provided the necessary personnel and finances for the Russian Revolution. On March 24, a month after the February Revolution, the newspaper "The New York Times" reported that Jacob Schiff sent a congratulatory telegram to all members of the "Society of Friends of Russian Freedom," in which he, among other things, said:

"Needless to say for those who are present at this meeting, how much I feel sad that I could not celebrate with all the "friends of Russian freedom", the reward for which we had hoped for and fought for during all these years."

In response to a congratulatory telegram of Schiff, Milyukov replied:

"United in hatred and aversion to the deposed regime, we will also be united in the implementation of new ideals."

Thus, Miliukov actually admitted that "februarists" in Russia were united in their hatred of the royal power with the forces outside Russia. What are these forces and what these new ideals?

J. Attali, appointed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy as his assistant, known theorist of globalization and a champion of the global anti-State, wrote that during World War I U.S. financial circles

"Have entered into agreements with all other forces to consider tsarist Russia as the only country against which we must wage war."

In the archives of the U.S. State Department (1910 - 1929, No. 861.4016/325) there is following report prepared by U.S. intelligence agencies:

"In February 1916, it was learned for the first time that a revolution was being fomented in Russia. It was discovered that the undermentioned persons and concerns were engaged in this enterprise of destruction:

(1) Jacob Schiff; (2) Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Directors: Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, Jerome Hanauer; (3) Guggenheim; (4) Max Breitung."

(From the American Consulate, Elbridge D. Rand, American Consul, Geneva, Switzerland, dated January 21, 1929.) National Archives, Dept. of State, Decimal File, 1910-1929, No. 861.4016/325.

Recall that Jacob Schiff, along with Edmond Rothschild attended the World Zionist Congress in Basel, where the World Zionist Organization was established.

Jacob Schiff also financed Japan in the war against Russia

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, Jacob Schiff also financed Japan in her war against Russia in 1904 - 1905.

Kuhn, Loeb & Co provided a huge military loan to Japan that allowed it to successfully fight Russia. "Jacob Schiff financed the enemies of Russian monarchy and used his financial influence to keep Russia away from the financial markets of the United States."

The Russian-Japanese war was immediately followed by a failed attempt at the first Russian revolution, which was also financed by Schiff.

On January 3, 1906, Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Izvolsky wrote the report of the revolutionary events for Emperor Nicholas II, which said that they definitely show their clearly international character. The revolutionaries had plenty of weapons imported from abroad and a considerable financial means. Izvolsky concludes that "there are foreign capitalist organizations interested in supporting the revolutionary movement in Russia".

Bankers financed the February Revolution in Russia

In April 1917, Jacob Schiff made a public statement that, through his financial assistance to the February Revolution in Russia, it was successfully completed.

Banker Max Warburg funded Lenin and Trotsky. A special account for Trotsky was opened in his bank to buy weapons.

The documents show that the Revolution was also financed by banking houses of Morgan and Rockefeller.

Alexander Parvus, real name is Israel Gelfand

One of the direct organizers of the Revolution was Alexander Parvus (real name Israel Gelfand, 1869 - 1924), who hated Russia more than anything else and behind whom stood the invisible circles of Khazaria craving for revenge.

Parvus was a puppet of American and German bankers that financed all of his intense anti-Russian revolutionary activities. He might be called the spiritual leader and the main figure in the revolution of 1905.

Here is what is reported about his revolutionary activities. On his initiative, the "Soviets" [advisory committees] were created, and he took over the presidency of the Council of St. Petersburg, focusing efforts on promoting slogans, inciting anti-war, and defeatism! As a result, he had organized an act of sabotage resulting in "the Eagle" accident, which delayed the entry of the 2nd Pacific squadron into the battle during the war between Russia and Japan.

Fomenting hate against Russia and the revolutionary propaganda

On January 8, 1915 a visit by Parvus of the German ambassador in Constantinople, Vagenheim, was organized, where he presents the following statement:

"Russian democracy can achieve its goal only after the final overthrow of the Tsarism and dismemberment of Russia into smaller states. On the other hand, Germany would not be able to achieve a complete success, if it does not organize a great revolution in Russia.

But the Russian threat to Germany would not disappear even after the war until the Russian State will not be broken up into separate parts. Thus, interests of German government and interests of Russian revolutionaries are identical "(L. Shub, Lenin, and Wilhelm II).

On March 6, 1915, Parvus presented a memorandum to the German authorities on "Preparation of the political mass strike in Russia", which contained the recommendations on "how to stir up trouble in Russia and to prepare a revolution that will force the Tsar to abdicate, after which a provisional revolutionary government will be formed which will be ready to conclude a peace treaty with Germany.

First Parvus recommended to the German government to allocate a large sum to develop and support the separatist movement among the various nationalities in the Caucasus, Finland, Ukraine, then on "financial support of the Bolshevik faction of Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party, which fights against the Tsarist government by all means at its disposal. Its leaders are in Switzerland."

(L. Shub, Lenin, and Wilhelm II).

Providing a blockade of Russia in the south, Parvus began the struggle in the field of democracy. His pamphlet "For Democracy! Against the Tsarist regime!" appears. Its essence was as follows:

"There is no need to raise the issue of who is responsible for war and to seek out "who attacked first." It does not matter. Someone had to attack because the world imperialism was preparing for the world slaughter for decades.

We should not waste time searching for useless reasons, we must learn to think in socialist terms: how could we, the world proletariat, use the war and to determine which side to fight on?

Everyone knows that the world's most powerful social democracy - is social democracy in Germany. If socialism is defeated in Germany, it will be defeated everywhere.

The path to victory of world socialism is the full support of the German war efforts. And the fact that the Russian Tsarist government is fighting on the side of the Entente, shows who is the true enemy of socialism.

And so, the workers of the world must fight against the Russian Tsarist regime. The task of the world proletariat - crushing defeat of Russia and the revolution in it! If Russia will not be decentralized and democratized, the entire world would be endangered. And because Germany has the primary burden of the struggle against Moscow's imperialism, it is easy to come to the only right conclusion: the German victory is the victory of socialism!".

Distribution of such ideas in the Russian society led to a split.

The Party of Germanophiles and Westerners, beginning with criticism of the government, ends with criticism of Russia as a state which has no right to wage war and to resist the "progressive Germany."

A. Panarin writes about this period:

"To easily irritable and impressionable public opinion the war is being fed not as a national but as "imperialist" issue, as some scheme of upper government circles, who are to clean up the mess they themselves have created... All this is happening at a time when the enemy advances on the vital centers of the country. It is relentless and ruthless, and seems to have no interest in partial concessions.

And in the face of these quite obvious things red agitators encourage desertion from the battlefields, talk about unilateral disarmament and the desirability of the defeat of their own country in this war. And the most appalling is that they are being listened to, and they get more and more supporters.

A mysterious ability of the Russian progressivism was: to "convert" the worst human emotions and passions - desertion and betrayal, capitulation and admiration of the advancing force into ringing coin of the most advanced and most radical slogans. This inversion immediately turned the worst into the most advanced, and the most patient, dedicated and persistent - into the dark forces of reaction, chauvinism, imperialism.

A description of all these setbacks, reversals and characteristic werewolf nature of it, swapping light and darkness, dignity and despicable, passionately endorsed and fanatically rejected (and all of that takes place within a single year of Russian history), all of it makes sense because the history at the end of the century tragically repeated itself".

Encouragement of all these revolutionary moods was certainly beneficial to Germany, which also financed the revolution, to fool the people under the slogan of democracy and socialism. In fact, the revolution was aimed only at one thing - the destruction of the royal power, and Russian statehood inseparable from it. The Tsar and Tsarist power - that is its main target.

At a meeting of the Duma on February 15, 1917 A.A. Kerensky made a call for an open fight with the authorities: "We have a much more powerful enemy than the German influence - this royal power."

Renowned historian George Katkov wrote that the unrest in February 1917 in Petrograd was prepared by agents of Parvus: "Assuming that the whole truth is not available to us, we, nevertheless, have no right to cover our ignorance with the phrases about "spontaneous movement" and "the cup of patience of the working people" which was "overflowing".

Someone must have created the rumors of a shortage of bread (although there was a bread); someone had to provoke an unrealistic demand of the workers to raise wages by 50% (which was rejected, which caused a strike); someone had to give money to the strikers to support themselves and to produce the necessary slogans, about which one of the workers said grimly:

"They want peace with the Germans, bread and equality of the Jews."

"It was obvious, Katkov wrote, that slogans did not come from him (this worker), and the like, but were imposed by some mysterious "them".

All of this is irrefutable evidence that the revolutionary situation was not created by itself, but was inspired and instigated by the outside forces, enemies of Russia and its sacred state, by the rulers of Khazaria.

All the forces of world evil were united together against the Russian Tsar as a faithful guardian, protector of the state. And in this battle, he was with them one on one. Just as Christ the Savior, he was not even in the minority, he was alone. He stayed until the last, and fell like a hero, accepting martyrdom with his entire family.

The myth of Bloody Sunday

"Nicholas, the bloody" is perhaps the most important myth, which is firmly driven into the heads of the people by Khazar false witnesses, the Marxist myth-makers during all the years of propaganda.

But what really happened and what is so thoroughly hidden from the people all the while to maintain uncompromising antimonarchist, read, anti-state, sentiment, favored by the invisible Khazaria?

After all, its agents were a party to it and made this monstrous provocation deliberately in order to accuse the Tsar and later to create a myth about the Tsar-tyrant, in order to divert people from the monarchy.

Pinchas Rutenberg

So, on Sunday, January 9 (22), 1905 Parvus and his friend Pinchas Rutenberg organized a protest of the workers and their families, in order to take advantage of this provocation for its own purposes.

In the Alexander Park in the trees militants were placed, who were ordered to fire on the soldiers guarding the Winter Palace.

Once the unsuspecting demonstrators have gathered the provocateurs started shooting at the guards. And the guard had no choice but to fire back. In the ensuing confusion and crossfire 150-200 people were killed.

Parvus propagandists immediately spread the information, saying that "thousands of people were deprived of life," and that this happened "because of the Tsarism".

Here is what the Jewish Encyclopedia writes about Pinhas Rutenberg, Parvus accomplice about this organized and deliberate killing of an Russian people:

"Pinchas Rutenberg (1878, Romny, Poltava province, - 1942, Jerusalem), the leader of the revolutionary movement in Russia, the Zionist.

In 1904 worked as head of the tool shop at Putilov plant (the largest industrial enterprise of the Russian Empire) and became friendly with the priest G. Gapon, who headed the organization, "the Assembly of Russian Factory Workers of St. Petersburg."

During the events of the so-called Bloody Sunday (January 9, 1905) Mr. Rutenberg accompanied Gapon in procession to the Winter Palace, and saved him during the shooting demonstration, and then helped to escape abroad.

By decision of the Central Committee of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party Rutenberg was appointed head of the military organization engaged in military training of the masses and acquisition of weapons.

In November-December 1905, Rutenberg headed a combat brigade SR in a working-class districts of St. Petersburg. In February 1906, Rutenberg told the Central Committee of the SR about a proposal of Gapon (returned after October 17, 1905) to cooperate with the secret service and create a fighting organization. Party Central Committee instructed Ruthenberg to kill the provocateur and his immediate supervisor, Deputy Director of Police P. Raczkowski.

Given the impossibility to carry out a terrorist act against Raczkowski E. Azef (Department of Security Agent, the head of military organization of SR), fearing exposure, on his own initiative ordered elimination of Gapon only. Gapon was hanged in Ozerki near St. Petersburg by a group of workers and Rutenberg on March 28.

Ruthenberg was one of the organizers of the American Jewish Congress and with Jabotinsky in 1914, created the Jewish Legion."

This encyclopedia article confirms a relationship of Rutenberg with Zionism and the Marxist revolutionary movement in Russia. It also confirms his part in the Bloody Sunday and, consequently, its deliberately provocative, and not spontaneous and peaceful nature, as Khazar myth-makers were screaming everywhere.

What also follows from the text of the article in the Jewish Encyclopedia is that Ruthenberg was the "leader of the military organization engaged in training of the masses and acquisition of weapons".

This, in fact, recognizes that the revolution was supported and controlled from the outside. Otherwise, where would they get the money for "combat training of the masses and acquisition of weapons". This once again disproves the myth of a revolutionary situation, allegedly caused by the "top" and "lower classes".

In addition, in the same text things are called by their proper names, that is, revolution is associated with the war. To carry out the revolution a "military organization" has been created, which was engaged in "combat training of the masses" and "acquisition of weapons."

What we have here are clear signs of war: military leaders, troops and weapons. This once again confirms the fact that the revolution had the character of a planned military intervention, a war of an invisible Khazaria against Russia.

The myth that the Tsar could, and should not have renounced the throne

This myth evokes the questions filled with anger and indignation like these: "How could he do this?", "Why did he do it?"

The main reason for the revolution to become possible was the people turning their backs on faith, because that sacred statehood is kept and strengthened not only by the power of the Tsar, but also by the power of the Orthodox faith, living among the people.

That is to preserve and protect our statehood is not only a duty and responsibility of Tsar before God and the people. It is also a duty and responsibility of the people who, only by staying in the faith, are able to realize their destiny and bear the cross of the holy Russian statehood, as it was carried by our ancestors.

Several decades before the bloody events of the revolution St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) wrote some frightening lines stating that a retreat from faith in Russia is common among the people.

And so came that terrible and menacing moment in February 1917. On February 14, 1917 the crowd took to the streets of Petrograd with the slogans "Down with war!" "Long live the Republic!"

Petrograd was swept with demonstrations of workers, demanding bread, which did not arrive as a result of a planned provocation and sabotage.

People started a riot. The monarchy stood on the way of its organizers of the invisible Khazaria trying to take the revenge. Obstacle in their way was the Tsar.

From historical sources we know that, "learning about the riots, Tsar, who was in Mogilev GHQ ordered his loyal troops to be sent to the capital, and himself went to Petrograd. But the Emperor's order to send troops was not executed as a result of treachery.

Along the way, Nicholas II was isolated in Pskov and misinformed by his entourage participating in the conspiracy. Alekseev, Chief of Staff, dramatizing the events, said that only abdication of Tsar will allow to continue the war, and convinced of it all the commanders of the fronts who have sent the appropriate cables.

The Tsar was forced to abdicate in favor of his brother, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich. He, in turn, was forced by the State Duma Provisional Committee to refer the question of the monarchy itself at the discretion of the future Constituent Assembly.

Both of these were violations of the laws of renunciation of the Russian Empire and occurred as a result of revolutionary violence. That same day, March 2, 1917, the legitimacy of power in Russia was suspended ...».

Here is what Gen. N.I. Ivanov writes about Alexeev:

"Alexeev - a man of a small will, and his greatest crime before Russia is his participation in the coup.

If Alekseev refused to implement the plans of the State Duma, Rodzyanko Guchkov and others, I am deeply convinced that it was possible to overcome the revolution, especially since the troops at the front were quiet, and no fermentation was taking place. Yes, and commanders could not and would not dare to agree with the Duma without Alexeyev."

The same idea is expressed in a passionate conviction of I. Solonevich who wrote:

Betrayal in the most naked form of it

"There was no reason for the Russian Revolution - neither moral nor social or economic or political. It was organized by a ruling and leading layer - the university, military, land and financial elite, and each of them had their narrowly egoistic interests.

The starting point of the revolution was not the "indignation of the masses", not "failure of the war", but slander, and betrayal. The first violin in this betrayal, of course, belongs to the military circles ... There is no "justification" of this treason and betrayal.

And there are no extenuating circumstances: this is a betrayal in its most naked form. But, speaking of betrayal, we must know who, how and why was involved in this occupation, starting with execution of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich and ending with February. If we do not know, we will be betrayed again and again and again ... "

On the day of his resignation, March 2, 1917, Nicholas II wrote in his diary:

"This morning come Ruzski and read his very long conversation on the phone with Rodzianko.

According to him, the situation in Petrograd is such that now the ministry will be powerless to do anything without the Duma, as it struggles with the Social Democratic Party in the face of the working committee. What is needed is my abdication. Ruzski passed this talk to the HQ, and Alekseev - to all the military commanders.

By 2.30 pm came the replies from all. The essence is that to save Russia and keep the army at the battlefields in the tranquility it is necessary to make this step. I agreed.

The draft of manifesto has arrived from the HQ. In the evening Guchkov and Shulgin came from Petrograd, with whom I spoke and gave them a signed and modified manifesto. At one o'clock in the morning I left Pskov with a heavy heart of the experience.

Treason, cowardice, and deceit - everywhere!"

And here is more words from the Emperor:

"If I am the interference to Russia's happiness and everyone that stands now at the head of the social forces are asking me to leave the throne and pass it to my son and my brother, then I am ready to do it, willing not only to surrender the kingdom, but also give my life for the motherland."

Thus were fulfilled the prophetic words of St. John of Kronstadt (Ivan Ilyich Sergiev, 1829-1908):

"If there is no repentance in the Russian people, the end of the world is near. God shall take away his godly Tsar and send the whip in the face of the wicked, cruel, self-appointed rulers, who will flood the whole earth with blood and tears."

Alexander Petrovich Isvolsky (1856-1919), Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire in 1906-1910, wrote in his memoirs about the outbreak of an armed revolt in Kronstadt on the night of July 20, 1906: "... in that day, July 20, when rebellion reached its climax, I was near the Emperor at Peterhof ... Through the window one could see the line of fortifications ... We distinctly heard the sound of gunfire ... I could not discern no sign of emotion on his face ...

Following the report, the Emperor said:

"If you see me so calm, it's because I have unwavering faith in the fact that Russia's fate, my own fate and that of my family is in the hands of the Lord, who has placed me to the place where I am. Whatever happens, I bow to his will with the knowledge that I have never had any other thought than to serve the country, which he entrusted to me."

The Tsar knew this will and obeyed it. And that is why he took this step of renunciation. He obeyed God's providence: "Thy will be done, Lord." "Not as I want, but as you do..."

There were several prophecies that foretold the death of a martyr Emperor, and he knew about them.

The first of these prophecies refers to the time when Emperor Nicholas II was still heir to the throne. When he traveled to the Far East, in Japan, a famous recluse, monk Terakuto, told him:

"The great sadness and shock are waiting for you and your country. You're going to fight for everyone, and everyone will be against you.

You will bring a sacrifice for your people, as a redeemer for their recklessness."

Then followed the prophecy of monk, Abel, who made the prediction to Emperor Paul Petrovich I "about the fate of the Russian state," up to and including his great-grandson, and that was the Emperor Nicholas II. This prediction was put in an envelope with the imposition of personal seal of Emperor Paul I and his handwritten inscription: "To be opened by a descendant of ours on the 100 anniversary of my death."

"Emperor opened the casket and read the prediction of Abel about the fate of his own Russia several times. He already knew his fate of thorns, he knew that not for no reason he was born on the day of Job, the Suffering."

There was also a prophecy of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

"There shall be the Tsar, who will glorify me, then there will be great turmoil in Russia, a lot of blood will flow because they will revolt against the Tsar and his autocracy, all the rebels shall die, but God will glorify the Tsar ..."

Almost the entire Royal Family was present on the celebration of opening of the relics of St. Seraphim, held in Sarov, 17-19 July 1903.

There in the Diveevsk desert, Emperor was given a letter written by St. Seraphim, addressed to Nicholas II.

Natalia L. Chichagova recalled: "... The Emperor received a letter with reverence, and laid it in the chest pocket and said that he would read it later. When the Emperor read the letter, already back in Igumen headquarters, he wept bitterly. ... Contents of the letter was left unknown to anyone."

The way of the Cross of the Emperor was also predicted by the famous Elder Barnabas of the Gethseman Sket near the Trinity Sergius Lavra, predicting "an unprecedented honor to the Tsar and his name ...". Nicholas II came to the elder at the beginning of 1905. It is known for certain that during this year Tsar received the blessing to accept his end via martyrdom when the Lord decides to lay that cross on him ....

In 1865 Tyutchev wrote these lines that can be called prophetic:

Oh, those rumors fatal,
Criminal and crazy babble
All degenerates of native land,
But Russia will not hear them, -
And will not stand against it thunderously
That terrible cry, that in ancient times:
"Betrayal everywhere - the Tsar in captivity!
And Russia will not stand to save him!"

It is believed that after the tragic words of "Betrayal, cowardice, and deceit is everywhere", the last words of the Emperor addressed to Russia, it can be considered his covenant:

"There is no sacrifice that I would not have brought in the name of the real good and to save the home of my beloved Mother Russia."

And the covenant was fulfilled. Unseen innocent victim to atone the seduced Russia was fully fulfilled by the royal family.

Trotsky and 300 well-trained in the U.S. thugs are sent to Russia

They are arrested, and invisible Khazaria is preparing for the next phase of revenge - the October Revolution. Immediately after the February, on the March 27, 1917, Trotsky and 300 well-trained in the U.S. revolutionary thugs, are sent to Russia.

Schiff gives this group $20 million in gold. This is confirmed in the New York Journal American of February 3, 1949, which quoted the grandson of Jacob Schiff, who said his grandfather gave $20 million to Leo Trotsky for the victory of the revolution.

The ship with Trotsky and his thugs is intercepted by Britons. And then the American President Woodrow Wilson himself intervenes in the situation, and Trotsky is allowed to continue on his way. Conveniently, in some strange way, Trotsky has an American passport handy. And so Trotsky arrives in Petrograd in order to do his dirty work.

On April 22, 1918, Lenin sent Yankel Yakovlev to convince Nicholas II to agree to sanction the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty. Nicholas refuses.

Sverdlov receives the order from Schiff to kill the royal family

Further events are as follows. Sverdlov receives orders from Schiff to kill the royal family. Lenin and Sverdlov signed the death sentence and sent it to Yakov Yurovsky. [all Jews]

The sentence was carried out in the most barbarous way. It was not just an execution. The sons of the tribe of Dan have made it in a ritual manner. It was not a merely a political revenge over the head of state. It was a spiritual ritual murder against God's anointed one.

It is known that after the execution an investigator N.A. Sokolov discovered and photographed two inscriptions on the wall. One of these was cabalistic, and consists of few letters.

Historian P. V. Multatuli believes that the letter Lamet, which is written upside down in Hebrew, Greek and in Samaritan corresponds to Tarot card under the numeral 12, which means "God hung, Messiah hung" or "revenge." This probably represents a mockery of the inscription over the Cross of the Savior, that is the opposite of this inscription.

Around this line there are two numbers, among which number eight is repeated. In the pseudo-Christian numerology 888 is the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore, these signs display "certain occult rituals aimed directly against the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ."

P.V. Multatuli, author of the book "Bearing witness to Christ before death ... Yekaterinburg atrocity of 1918, a new investigation", writes that this killing had satanic ritual features, performed over the royal family, and so the features of black magic ritual can be traced in that murder.

For people like Trotsky and Sverdlov, and those who stood behind them, and controlled them, "the murder of the royal family had all the features of an occult ritual, an act of destruction of not only the Royal Family as the humans, but primarily the destruction of Russia as Orthodox state through of the murder of the Imperial family. And above all, it was an attempt of anti-Christian revolution in the world in general." [The Romanov bloodline was thus terminated, which, according to Russian law, was eradication of the very possibility to have another Tsar. The act of tremendous symbolic significance.]

And, as it turned out, the murder involved not only Yakov Sverdlov, and his older brother, Zinovy Sverdlov, known as the French general Peshkov. At the time of the murder of the Imperial family, he was in Siberia, was an adviser to General Janen, who was commander of all the allied forces in Siberia.

Before coming to Siberia, he was in the U.S., where, as he wrote in his questionnaire, received a special assignment, the threads of which extend to Ekaterinburg. In this regard, again appears the figure of Jacob Schiff, which Multatuli considers to be "the key figure in the murder of the royal family, as Jacob Schiff was a representative of certain hidden structures, that had as their goal not simply the overthrow of the monarchy, but destruction of Russia."

Sverdlov's brother Benjamin was a banker in America and knew Schiff and his associates. Jurowski's brothers also lived in America and were businessmen. Trotsky also visited America and was personally acquainted with Schiff.

Thus, all the threads lead to the U.S., to New York. Interestingly enough Schiff, Sverdlov and Trotsky denied their Jewishness. It is known that when the rabbis came to Trotsky and told him that because of him the Jewish people are killed, because a lot of simple Jewish people suffered from the actions of the Bolsheviks not less than other nations, Trotsky replied that it is your private affairs, the fate of the Jews is not of interest to him, and that he was not a Jew but a Communist.

This once again confirms the fact that these people do not identify themselves along the national lines (although they exploit it in every way when it suits them), but on the ideological and the spiritual basis closely associated with it After all, the tribe of the Danites is not a nationality, but the Antichrist spirituality. And that is why the identity of the children of this tribe is not national, but spiritual in nature.

It is said about them, that these people have taken certain rituals from the Old Testament and adopted the distorted nature of the Black-book. There is some evidence that they were connected with secret organizations, more profound than Freemasonry. We are talking about some "extremely radical anti-Christian secret organizations" that is "essentially about Satanism."

Recall that the tribe of the Danites in Khazaria worshipped the pagan cult of Baal (Moloch), whom the Hebrews called Beelzebub, the devil.

Multatuli makes a conclusion that is fully consistent with the idea that the children of the tribe of Dan is not national, but a spiritual phenomenon. And this conclusion is that this crime was

"Not just some kind of national homicide and a crime of world caliber, and it was done not by some criminals or political radicals, as they are trying to foist on us, but it was killing by fanatics of international caliber, whose goal in reality was the anti-Christian revolution."

Trotsky defined this murder of the Tsar as a useful and even necessary measure. He wrote:

"The decision to kill the imperial family was not only beneficial but also necessary. The cruelty of this punishment showed everyone that we will continue to fight mercilessly, stopping at nothing.

Execution of the Imperial family was necessary not only to lead to a state of fear and terror, and evoke a sense of hopelessness in the enemy, but also to shake up our own ranks, to show that there is no turning back, to show that what we have in front of us is a complete victory or total loss. Lenin felt it really well".

There are a number of testimonies indicating that the murder of the royal family was associated with the incredible agony. It was a long and barbaric.

Many do not deny that bladed weapons were used. "Until now, no one can explain why the bayonets were used at the time of the murder, and numerous other details."

General Janen, considered by Multatuli to be very well informed, in his memoirs, "My mission in Siberia", writes that the victims were beheaded and their heads were placed in the boxes with sawdust, and were taken away by some Otfelbaum. This is one of the aliases of Grigory Zinoviev, a leader of the Petrograd communists, known for the fact that on September 18 at the provincial party conference he said:

"We need to lead the ninety of a hundred million people, living in the Soviet Republic. We have nothing to say to the rest of them. They must be eliminated."

Where were the boxes taken to is unknown. Janen, "carefully watched the investigation, which was conducted by Sokolov," and "knew a lot from Kolchak."

The investigator Sokolov said the remarkable words: "The suffering of the Tsar is the suffering of Russia", and that is why Russia must know what happened to her Emperor.

This is not just a question of restoring the truth about the Tsar and his tragic death, but also the question of restoring the truth of the sacred monarchy statehood, to which we, according to our holy prophecies must come.

Nicholas II, the Martyred, suffering for his people and homeland, which he served faithfully, fulfilled his royal duty to the end.

Churchill in his book "The World Crisis of 1916-1918", writes about Nicholas:

"He will be slain just now. A dark hand interferes, from the beginning clothed in madness. The Tsar descends from the stage. He and all those who love him are betrayed to sufferings and death. His efforts are being played down, his actions are condemned, his memory is tarnished ...

Stop and say: and who else was as suitable? In humans, talented and courageous, ambitious and proud in spirit; daring and authoritative - there was no lack. But no one could answer those few simple questions, on which depended the life and glory of Russia."

The Tsar in Russia symbolized the Orthodox faith, the state and the nation, uniting them. The murder of the last emperor of the Romanov dynasty, which ruled in Russia for thirteen centuries, has become not only a forerunner of massive physical reprisals, but also a symbolic embodiment of revolutionaries trying to kill the very soul of Russia and its people.

The next myth is not related to the individual personality, but to the people and our nation as a whole. After all, what is written above just sounds absurd and blasphemous.

It is a myth that Russia and its people are to blame for communism and related casualties. As you know, most of those who shout "stop the thief," are the thieves themselves. And this is what we are going to discuss now.

The historical myth as a weapon against the state

Russia and its people in the drama of the revolution had suffered huge losses from the unseen Khazaria and its rulers anxious for revenge and power - the sons of the spiritual tribe of Dan, sons of the evil one, the cunning one. And this cunningness to a large extent consisted of shifting his responsibility for all his crimes on the victims, to make them guilty of the crimes committed against themselves. And to cover his tracks with lies and slander. Nowadays this is called "to put up a false flag." This is not surprising. Indeed, according to Gumilev, the anti-systems are characterized by secrecy of their action and such a device as a lie.

The revolution was not only lethal for our state and nation, but also suicidal for the revolutionaries themselves, its perpetrators. Two groups came to power on the crest of October. One - a nationally oriented, interested in continuation of traditions of traditional statehood, albeit not in a form of sacred, but still a secular state, which was based on the ideas of Sovietism.

Sovietism has become an ideology that represents the collection of terms taken out of the general Marxist theory, adjusted for the purpose of building a state. Marxism and its communist ideas served as a facade for Sovietism directly opposing them as to their state oriented nature.

But even the Marxist terminology gradually changed. According to A. Panarin, instead of separating, oriented towards a minority of the Marxist term "proletariat", there emerged the concept of "working people", bringing together all the sectors of society. "Ideology no longer embodied the symbolic repression - a system of discriminatory values, addressed to the Russian people.

It deserves special attention due to the fact that the very founders of Marxism related to Russia with a mixture of Westernizing "civilized" contempt and ideological hatred."

What is needed is a ruthless, life and death struggle against Slavs

Karl Marx in the 50s of the XIX century, wrote:

"In Russia, in this barbaric race, there is such energy and such a vitality, which is impossible to find in the monarchies of the old states. Slav barbarians are the natural counter-revolutionaries.

Therefore, there is a need for a ruthless struggle for life and death with the Slavs ... for the destruction and merciless terrorism."

The Soviet man began to identify himself not with the Marxist proletariat and the world International, but with the great Soviet empire, a superpower, a strong state with strong potential and influence in the world.

In the USSR there emerged a "naturalization of the communist abstraction", which was filled with traditional statehood oriented content.

The consistent Marxists in Russia had disappeared at the end of the 30s. They were removed not only by Stalin. They were removed by the tradition of statehood that consistently reproduces itself. They were removed by the achievements of the empire called the Soviet Union. They were removed by victory in the Great Patriotic War [WWII]. A. Panarin writes:

"In the early days of the war a secret of communist consciousness was exposed, which was a secret well-kept by the party comrades before: they are, it turns out, knew about the foreign nature of their teachings and their system to the national majority in Russia. And when "the smell of fried" has appeared Stalin rejected the communist talking shop and found the words, clear and simple as the truth itself, of the Motherland, of the great ancestors, land and traditions that can not be surrendered to the desecration by the enemy ...

The Great Patriotic War [WWII], in this sense has become an alternative to the October Communist revolution - an act of doctrine driven minority. It stabilized the new system as a system of patriotic majority, thinking with the categories of real, living world."

And precisely that patriotic consciousness, which craved for the religious origins, and this statehood have formed the Soviet man, who won a great victory in The Great Patriotic War.

"In reality, the Soviet people and the Soviet Union - said A. Panarin - played the role of restraining power, in the face of the gathering forces of world chaos. Soviet Union not only held back the U.S. in their world adventures, which became possible only today, and which is leading the world to the tragedy, and the aggressor - to his death. The USSR, as a specific type of state, held back, like a hoop, the current civilizational structure, which is being eroded away by different centrifugal forces."

The Soviet state was thus a powerful deterrent to those forces. That is why the invisible Khazaria threw all its forces to bring it down, and even after its destruction all sorts of violent efforts have been made to discredit the very idea of a strong and independent state.

And detractors found the reason for the prosecution. Russia was accused of Marxism and repressive communism. And since the Soviet ideology was still present in the Marxist "communist talking shop", it provided an opportunity to start a war against the idea of the statehood as such.

Trotskyists and permanent global revolution

Thus, an equal sign was made between the idea of strong state and the crimes committed under the banner of Marxism and Communism, by those who represented the other group that came to power on the crest of October - the Trotskyists. These were consistent Marxists, internationalists, the agents of anti-statehood.

It is they who have committed massacres and crimes during the post-revolutionary years. This group was the bearer of the spiritual idea of permanent global revolution, through which the invisible rulers of Khazaria had intended to get the revenge against Russia, to destroy it as a state along with its people and, achieving that, come to dominate the world.

That is why, Trotsky and his group has never been satisfied with the power they had. In Khazaria, I remind you, there was dirarhiya [dual power]. That is, the formal head of the Kaganate was Kagan, but the actual management was being performed by the King (Bek) of the Jews. This model of seizing the power by forming a parallel body later became typical of the Khazar anti-system.

And so in the post-revolutionary Russia, Trotsky, when Lenin, being a Chairman of the Committee of Soviet Deputies [Commissars], became a hindrance on his way, has established a new supreme authority - the Revolutionary Military Council, which from September 1918, became the supreme "absolutist authority." Trotsky himself was his head, usurping all the unlimited power.

In this setting, the connection between Trotsky and his American masters, the highest authority of invisible Khazaria, is continuing. He acts according to their bidding.

After his appointment Trotsky, on August 8, 1918 is moves from his chair into an armored train, the miracle of American technology.

Trotsky and his "guillotine on wheels"

Trotsky's quote from the book "My Life":

"The cars were connected by the internal telephone and alarm systems. Everything was imported from the U.S.. Armed troops were thrown from the train as needed for the assault in counter-insurgency operations. Each appearance of the "hundred leather jackets" in a dangerous place produced an irresistible effect.

In the unstable balance of scales (in war) a small weight decides everything. And so that train with his men played a role of such a weight for two and a half years, many dozens if not hundreds of times."

This private train of Trotsky was dubbed "the guillotine on wheels" - no matter where at the front it appeared, mass executions would inevitably start. He sowed death, mass murder and widespread destruction.

Trotsky created the two armies and was their Commissar - one regular, Red, and another irregular, consisting of gangster formations, which he called "irregular troops". He traveled from one area to another, forming, funding and arming the gangs of thugs, one of whom was a gang of Makhno. They were, in fact, the bands of mercenaries. In his book "My Life" Trotsky acknowledged that it was him who authorized the war of this nature.

Thus, Trotsky not only recreated dirarchical power model of Khazaria, but also the model of their army, which was based on hiring the mercenaries. That is everything was built on the principle of polycentric characteristic of the network based organization.

Invisible Khazaria, being a network, operates using the principles of the network to this day, creating the parallel shadow governments as an actual external control centers in different countries including the U.S., and forming the parallel irregular armies with the help of private military companies.

Trotsky ordered the massive and barbaric executions of civilians. A.P. Stoleshnikov cites the following quote:

"If Trotsky had sent instructions 'to save bullets', then people were drowned, burned and executed by other horrifying ways. In Evpatoria hundreds of people were drowned in the sea by scrap metal attached to their necks. All of them were thrown out from a city pier."

But this is just a small town. No one in Evpatoria was involved in resistance to reds. The city is located in the area which makes no military sense to defend. Trotsky just issued a death verdict to its residents. Similarly, thousands of people were drowned in Odessa and other coastal cities.

"So the Black Sea would turn red"

Therefore, the total count of victims only in the Black Sea coast of Crimea is in the tens of thousands of people ... Trotsky formulated a job of of Bela Kun as:

"For the Black Sea to turn red." Bela Kun, morning to night, drowned people in the Black Sea by huge crowds, in a masses ...

This murderer of planetary scale has killed so many men, women, children and old people in Russia and Ukraine, that no one could compare to it in the entire history, unless you count them all together against one Trotsky."

The main orientation of all this terror was anti-Christian.

St. Seraphim of Sarov [Sarovski] said:

"Thus all the revolutionary societies, secret or open, under whatever names they may come and no matter how well-intentioned looking is the cover they hide behind, have one common goal - the struggle against and the total destruction of Christianity, paving the way to the anti-Christianity embodied in the Antichrist to come into the world."

The revolutionaries used the Antichrist symbolism. Here is what historians write about the terror in the Crimea.

Before entrance of the 51st Infantry Division, commanded by V.K. Blucher in Sebastopol, on November 15, 1920, a huge armored car drove into town, on the sides of which, in big red letters, it was written "The Antichrist".

Speaking on December 6, 1920 at the Moscow meeting of party activists, Lenin said:

"There are 300,000 of bourgeoisie in the Crimea at the moment. It is a source of future speculation, spying, all sorts of assistance to the capitalists. But we are not afraid of them. We say that we shall concur them, distribute, subdue, and digest."

Bela Kun (left) and Rosalia Samoilovna Zalkind

And they began to "digest". In order to eliminate potential sources of resistance a "special troika" is created, endowed with almost absolute power ... Its membership includes: a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Southern Front, chairman of the Crimean Military-Revolutionary Committee, Bela Kun, the secretary of the Regional Committee Rosalia Samoilovna Zalkind ("Rosa Zemlyachka", whom Solzhenitsyn described as "fury of Red Terror"), as well as chairman of the Cheka, Michelson.


According to official Soviet figures, in 1920 - 1921 in the Simferopol about 20 thousand people was shot, in Sevastopol - about 12,000, Theodosia - about 8,000 in the Kerch - about 8,000 in Yalta - 4-5 thousand, up to 52 thousand people in total. However, according to Gen. Danilov, who served at the headquarters of the 4th Red Army, in the period from November 1920 to April 1921 over 80 thousand people were killed in the Crimea.

Under "Accused of?", the investigators Special Triples without doubt, wrote: "The Cossack", "Second Lieutenant", "an official during war", "Captain," "A member of Wrangel's army", etc. Following the military officers, the terror almost immediately spread to the civilian population.

official representative of Narkomnats (People's Commissariate for Nationalities) Board in the Crimea M. Sultan Galiev

The official representative of Narkomnats (People's Commissariate for Nationalities) Board in the Crimea M. Sultan Galiev wrote:

"... Among those shot got there was a lot of working people and those left behind from Wrangell with a sincere and firm decision to honestly serve the Soviet government. Especially great carelessness in this regard was exhibited by extraordinary local bodies. There was almost no family, where someone had not suffered from these shootings: someone had his father shot, the other - his brother, the third - his son, etc. "

Concentration camp, created in St. Vladimir's Monastery in Chersones

Executed were those who were held in the concentration camp, created in St. Vladimir's Monastery in Chersones, founded in 1850 on the site where according to legend, St. Vladimir was baptized in 988.

It was also a symbol of the Khazar revenge.

"There is no need to waste bullets on them - drown them in the sea"

Mass executions in Russia by Trotsky and Bela Kun

People were not only shot and hanged, but also drowned. "Countrywoman" [Rosa Zalkind] once said: "It's a pity to waste bullets on them, drown them in the sea."

On December 14, 1921, exactly one month after the capture of the Crimea, Y.P. Gaven wrote a letter to a member of the Politburo of the RCP(b) N.N. Krestinsky, saying that not being limited by the center, Bela Kun, "has turned into a genius of mass terror".

"The genocide of hundreds of thousands of people who believed the promises of the winners and therefore decided to stay, had the same ritual character, as similar atrocities in the Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa, as well as the shooting of the royal family.

The best people of the Fatherland were given as a sacrifice to the insatiable Moloch. The better part of the nation, its golden gene pool, was being burried alive."

The number of victims of famine, organized by Trotsky was more than 6 million people

Trotsky was responsible for heinous crimes, including the most massive genocide. He organized the mass starvation in many areas. The scheme was simple. The food products were removed from warehouses, and it was monitored to ensure that products are not imported or produced within a given area. Famine engulfed Ukraine [that used to feed the world], the Don, the Volga region. At a very low estimate, the number of victims of famine, organized by Trotsky in 1921-1922, was more than 6 million people.

In the Russian Empire, the most robust estates of the Russian people were - the peasants, clergy, merchants and cossacks. It is these classes the Bolsheviks tried to destroy in the first place. To do this, they did their best to incite the different parts of the Russian people against each other. Yakov Sverdlov in May 1918 put it this way:

"Only if we can split the village into two irreconcilable hostile camps, if we are able to kindle there the same civil war that ... went on in the cities ... we will be able to do the same thing to the villages as we have done to the cities."

From all walks, the Bolsheviks succeeded in splitting, the Cossacks were the least. Perhaps that is why all classes of the Cossacks suffered the most.

Trotsky was Lucifer of Revolution

He was particularly proud of another of his official positions:

"In addition to my official positions as Commissar of Defense and Transportation ... Party also asked me to lead the anti-religious propaganda."

He became Minister of Religious Affairs and created the organization, engaged in hate speech towards Christians. Trotsky and his Khazar environment played a major role in the destruction and desecration of Orthodox churches and monasteries.

In times of rampant anti-Christian Bolshevik terror and rebellion in several ancient Russian cities they have erected the monuments to Judas Iscariot - betrayer of Christ. At the opening of such a sculpture in Sviyazhsk Bolsheviks were furious about the fact that they could not build a monument to Lucifer (G. Bostunich "Freemasonry and the Russian Revolution").

The fight against Christianity caused the murder of tens of thousands of priests and their families. Out of 100,000 pre-revolutionary priests in 1919, survived only 40 thousand.

It should be noted that 1919, as well as 1923 mentioned below - were the years of rule of the Trotskyist and not Stalinist block.

In 1923, in his speech in the House of Lords of the British Parliament, Lord Sidenhem said about the Bolshevik Revolution, that

"Destruction of more than 30 million Christians in Russia under Jewish leadership - is the most terrible crime in history."

"Trotsky wrote: in Sukhumi I was spending whole days lying on a balcony overlooking the sea. Although it was January, the sun was bright and warm ... Breathing the sea air, I felt, with my whole being, confidence in my historical correctness..."

Blood and ruthlessness must be our slogan

Historian Paul Johnson writes:

"Trotsky, like no other, is a symbol of violence and demonic power of Bolshevism and its intention to ignite the world."

(A History of Jews. New York. 1987) .

In his speech at the Congress of the Communist International in Moscow in March 1920, Trotsky said:

"Blood and ruthlessness must be our slogan."

The Trotskist block is responsible for the largest and most heinous crimes of genocide.

Khazarian chimera revealed in its demonic nature, the children of the tribe of Dan giving the sacrifices to Baal, and taking revenge with brutal ruthlessness.

Trotsky is akin to Hitler. Both were bent on the absolute destruction, nihilism. Both have brought mass sacrifices to Baal. Trotsky - in the course of the revolution, Hitler - in the war. However, in both of them, the distinction between war and revolution is erased.

The revolution is a form of war, and war as a form of rebellion against the system of a State is what a revolution is. The world revolution of Trotsky continued in World War II of Hitler. Both in the end are the people of the same anti-system, people, according to Gumilev, with "negative outlook", life-denying in its essence, which makes destruction and death its ideal.

Hitler admired Trotsky

It is no accident that Hitler admired Trotsky. It is known that Hitler had read the book of Trotsky's "My Life" immediately after its release. Hitler's biographer, Konrad Heiden writes in his book "The Fuhrer" that Hitler in 1930 has astonished a circle of friends with immoderate praises of "My Life". "Brilliant! - shouted Hitler to his company, waving in front of them a small volume of Trotsky. - I learned a lot from this book, and you can also learn from it."

The power struggle between two factions who came to the crest of power in October - state-oriented (Stalin) and the Khazar (Trotskyist) - broke out after Lenin's death, with all the fury.

The Secret War against the Soviet system

The second group acted in the best traditions of the invisible Khazaria, that is not only openly, but mostly from the underground, secretly. Sayers and Kahn, in their book "The Secret War Against Soviet Russia" write:

"From the beginning, left-wing opposition has acted in two ways: openly, with a public platform, in their papers and public performances the opposition was bringing the propaganda to the nation. Behind the scenes, with clandestine meetings where Trotsky, Bukharin, Zinoviev, Radek, Pyatakov and others were working out their strategic plans and agreed on the tactics of the opposition.

On the foundation of this opposition movement in Russia, Trotsky created a secret organization of conspirators, built on a "system of fives", which was introduced by Reilly in its time and which was used by SR and other anti-Soviet conspirators.

By 1923, the underground apparatus of Trotsky was already a far-flung organization. Trotsky and his supporters have developed the special communication codes, encryption and passwords for the illegal communications. The underground printing presses were organized across the country. Trotskyist cells were established in the army, the diplomatic corps, government and party institutions."

Thus was created a powerful secret network that was the weapon of Khazaria in its fight against the Russian state. And this network, as it was during the revolutionary struggle against the Russian empire, has merged with the cells overseas, which transformed the Trotskyist conspiracy into a covert war against the Soviet system, engaging all the potential of the world's unseen Khazaria. The network again began to oppose the hierarchy of the Russian statehood.

This conspiracy has extended beyond Russia. In winter of 1921-22 Nicholas Krestinsky, a former Soviet ambassador to Germany, was on an official visit to General Hans von Sect, the commander of the Reichswehr, who knew that Krestinsky is a Trotskyist. Sects has made it clear that the Reichswehr is sympathetic to the goals of Trotskyist opposition.

Krestinsky reported it to Trotsky, who instructed him to offer Sect that he provided the "systematic financial subsidy to expand the illegal Trotskyist work."

Sect was asked for 250 thousand marks in gold, to which he gave his consent, provided that Trotsky will give him the secret and important information of a military nature. There were other conditions relating to facilitation of the issuance of visas to people who were sent into the territory of the Soviet Union as spies. Thus, since 1923, this contract was in force.

After the revolution, Trotsky also continued to maintain close ties with the U.S. bankers. In this case his personal broker was a Commissar of Foreign Trade and a former terrorist who shot the Russian industrialist Savva Morozov, Lev Borisovich Krasin.

Having lost his power after the death of Lenin, Trotsky came into fierce opposition. All the ways and means had been thrown at combat with the Soviet leadership and the Soviet state. Trotsky creates an opposition network in Russia and establishes relations with British intelligence. Trotskyist opposition prepared the coup, which eventually failed and caused the Soviet authorities to take serious measures. As a result, the leadership of the secret network was arrested and exiled, including Kamenev, Pyatakov, Zinoviev and Radek.

Trotsky was expelled from the Bolshevik party and was exiled to Alma-Ata. He and his family was allotted a house, and were allowed to retain a few bodyguards for themselves and allowed to correspond and invite friends.

But Trotsky did not stop his active subversion.

In December 1928 a representative of the Soviet government was sent to Trotsky to Alma-Ata, which, according to the book "My Life," told Trotsky:

"The activities of your political associates in the country had taken clearly counter-revolutionary shape lately. The conditions under which you were placed in Alma-Ata, give you the opportunity to lead this activity ... "

It was demanded of Trotsky to put an end to subversion, but he continued his struggle. As a result, his case was heard in Moscow during the Special Meeting at the OGPU. And on February 19, 1929 the following message of TASS [main news agency] was published in the newspaper "Pravda":

"L. D. Trotsky for anti-Soviet activity was expelled from the USSR by the decision of the Special Meeting of OGPU. With him, according to his will, left his family."

Isaac Markuson in his book "Stormy Years" writes about this stage of Trotsky's life:

"Expulsion usually means leaving the scene; but in the case of Trotsky, the opposite has happened. While Trotsky was in the USSR, he could be likened to a stinging hornet, but at a distance of many thousands of miles, his stings had not lost their sharpness. Acting from far away, he became a sworn enemy of Russia... Master of demagogy, he lived in a fantastic atmosphere of national and international conspiracies, like the hero of a detective novel of E. Phillips Oppenheim."

Trotsky seeks to mobilize all the scum of Europe

Churchill in his book "Great Contemporaries" wrote:

"Trotsky ... seeks to mobilize all the scum of Europe to fight the Russian army."

American journalist John Gunther, after meeting with Trotsky pointed out that his main goal was "to hold out, but in the meantime with all the energy tirelessly to improve their anti-communist organization abroad."

Since then, anti-communism of Trotsky became the banner in the fight against the Soviet state and the Russian statehood in general. During the "cold war" anti-communism became synonymous with anti-Sovietism and a foundation of the idea of anti-statehood as such.

The Soviet system was blamed for all the crimes of Trotsky and his executioners, and, after Trotsky, it began focusing on the implementation of the idea of national statehood which became its symbol.

Communism in the Soviet Union lost its cosmopolitan nature of Khazar global revolution and its purpose of achieving global domination, and in many ways became an embodiment of the opposite - patriotic and statist ideas.

But these ideas in the war against the state, which erupted in the mental space, is what had to be destroyed in the mass consciousness of the people by our enemies. And with the help of propaganda, they form the following chain of reasoning - Communism in the Soviet version is Sovietism. Communism in the Soviet version is criminal, and, therefore, Sovietism is criminal as well, and so is national statehood.

In order to discredit the idea of national statehood in the minds of people, the West runs a huge propaganda machine, which is designed to provide a powerful psychological and political pressure to make our people feel a sense of shame and disgust as to any manifestation of it.

And so, from high tribunes sound the accusatory deceitful speeches of the children of the tribe of Dan, denouncing all those who oppose them and their own crimes, committed by all those who organized, financed and carried out the revolution in Russia.

In June 2007, there was grand opening of the "Monument to the Victims of Communism" in Washington. As reported by the media, it was attended by about a thousand people, including members of the presidential administration, members of the U.S. Congress, as well as foreign diplomats and prominent political figures.

The "monument to the Victims of Communism" was erected in Washington according to the law passed by the U.S. Congress in its original version in 1993, and then in its new version in 2005.

The preamble to the Act states: "Communism destroyed more than 100 million people in less than 100 years." And further it emphasizes that "it is important for the people of the United States to remember and commemorate the victims of communism."

Involved in the creation of the memorial, was the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, formed in 1994 by order of the U.S. Congress. Honorary Chairman of the Fund became George Bush the senior.

It is reported that the memorial complex, which occupies 900 square meters in downtown Washington, includes a square in its center with a statue symbolizing democracy, and the information panel with the "historical explanation".

George W. Bush lying his teeth off at the opening of the "monument to the Victims of Communism"

At the opening ceremony of the "Monument to the Victims of Communism", U.S. President George W. Bush said:

"To this day, in our nation's capital there was no monument to victims of imperial communism - ideology, which, as estimated, costs lives of 100 million innocent men, women and children."

Bush said that Vladimir Lenin "destroyed hundreds of thousands of Cossacks."

Let us dwell on this charge. The American neo-conservatives, which define the current political and military policy in Washington, are associated with Trotskyism. And those who wrote the speech for Bush definitely knew who was really responsible for the genocide of the Cossacks. Name by name, personally.

Trotsky, "On the complete destruction of the Cossacks"

It was at the insistence of Leon Trotsky, the RCP (b) in 1919 adopted a resolution, signed by Yakov Sverdlov, "On the complete destruction of the Cossacks." At the time there were 11 million of them.

At the same time, Trotsky wrote:

"The Cossacks is the only part of the Russian nation, capable of self-organization. For this reason they must be destroyed without exception." "This is a kind of zoological environment and nothing more. The hundred million of Russian proletariat, even in terms of morality has no rights here for any kind of mercy.

The cleansing fire has to sweep across the Don and to induce fear and nearly religious horror in all of them. Old Cossacks should be burnt in the fire of social revolution ... Let their last remains be thrown into the Black Sea, like evangelical pigs ... "

So, in 1918 the Bolsheviks launched a real terror campaign against the Cossacks, approved by the law. In the words of Trotsky, the Cossacks were to be subjected "to Carthage."

The true motive of the conflict of Trotsky with Stalin was not a question of military specialists, but the question of total destruction of entire villages of the Cossacks, along with women and children.

Trotsky himself explains the cause of the conflict as:

"I consider the patronage of Tsaritsyn movement by Stalin as the most dangerous ulcer, worse than any treason and betrayal of military leaders... -- Trotsky."

This "betrayal" was the fact that a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Southern Front, Stalin, was against a genocide of the Cossacks, against the scorched earth, and he was supported by commander Voroshilov.

Trotsky was outraged:

"The opposition of Voroshilov, behind whom still stood Stalin, made this job (genocide) absolutely impossible. On January 10, 1919 I send a message to the chairman, Yakov Sverdlov, from the Gryaz station: "I declare categorically that Tsaritsyn line, leading to the complete disintegration of the Tsaritsyn army can not be allowed in the Ukraine. The position of Stalin, Voroshilov and C. on this means the death of the whole affair. Trotsky."

The Military opposition, which Trotsky talks about was against the genocide of the civilian population, which Trotsky called his own affair.

In their book "The Secret War Against Soviet Russia", M. Sayers and A. Kahn provide a number of facts evidencing the destructive role played by Trotsky and his unit against the Soviet state.

Trotsky prepares to seize power

For example, while abroad, Trotsky wrote a letter to Russia to his associates, which sets out an action plan for the opposition and formulates three objectives:

1. To "use all possible means to overthrow Stalin and his supporters", meaning terror across the country.

2. "To unite all the anti-Stalinist forces," which meant cooperation with foreign intelligence and hostile to the Soviet Union foreign powers.

3. "To oppose all activities of the Soviet government and party, especially in the economic field", which meant the widespread acts of sabotage.

"By the fall of 1934 Trotskyite terrorist groups were operating throughout the Soviet Union. In Ukraine and Belarus, Georgia and Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and in the Maritime region in the Far East the terrorist apparatus was recruiting the Nazis and anti-Soviet nationalists. In many places the operations of these groups were led directly by the Nazi and Japanese agents.

A list of Soviet leaders to be killed was compiled. At the head of the list was the name of Joseph Stalin. Then came the names of Kliment Voroshilov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Sergei Kirov, Lazar Kaganovich and Andrei Zhdanov, Vyacheslav Menzhinsky, Maxim Gorky and Valerian Kuibyshev."

Trotsky repeatedly stated that his main task was to kill Stalin.

The Trotskyists in Russia acted in cooperation with the German agent - an engineer Franz Weitz, who worked in the Soviet Union on the instructions of Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler. Weitz, in collaboration with the Trotskyists was to organize a campaign of espionage and terrorist acts.

It is known that Alfred Rosenberg, a former immigrant from Revel, was the first to establish secret relationship with Leon Trotsky on behalf of the Nazis. These relationships were cemented by Rudolf Hess, Hitler's assistant ...

Trotsky, in connection with this said to a member of the Trotskyite bloc, Krestinsky, who was deputy people's commissar for foreign affairs:

"Hitler needed the colonies, territories, and not just spy information. And he is willing to be content with the territory of the Soviet Union instead of colonies, for which he must fight with Britain, America and France.

And what we need is 250,000 gold marks, and we need the German armed forces in order to come to power with their aid, and this is the direction of the work that needs to be done ... First of all, we need to reach an agreement with the German government."

Trotsky also said to Krestinsky:

"But even if an attack occurs, say, Germany on the Soviet Union, it does not give us the possibility to seize the apparatus of power, if we do not have certain internal forces in place ...

It is necessary to have a stronghold in the city and a country, among the petty bourgeoisie and the kulaks, and the connections in those areas are mostly of the right. Finally, you must have a support organization in the Red Army and among the commanders in order to joint efforts at the right moment and capture the most important points and come to power, replacing the current government, which must be arrested, and to put in its place our own government, prepared in advance."

Returning to Russia, Krestinsky was to establish a connection with General Tukhachevsky, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Red Army, which Trotsky described as "a man of Bonapartist-type, an adventurer, ambitious, aspiring to play not only military, but military-political role, who will certainly join us".

Furthermore, Trotsky wrote a letter to Radek in Russia, who later reported the following about the content of this letter:

"Trotsky formulated the issues this way: rise to power of fascism in Germany radically changes the whole situation. It means war in the near future, inevitable war, especially since the situation in the Far East is exacerbated at the same time.

Trotsky has no doubt that this war will lead to the defeat of the Soviet Union. This defeat, he said, will create a real situation for the bloc to come to power ...

Trotsky pointed out in this letter that he had made contact with some Far Eastern and Middle European countries, and that he openly said to the official circles of these countries, that the block stands on the basis of agreement with them and is willing to make considerable concessions of the economic and territorial nature."

One of admirers of Hitler was a secret member of the Trotskyite bloc Henry Yagoda, who in May 1934, became the Chairman of the OGPU. Yagoda, who dreamed of becoming a Russian Hitler, after he had read "Mein Kampf", confessed to his secretary Pavel Bulanov, "This is really worthwhile book."

Kirov's murder was just one of many murders carried out by Trotskyist bloc with the direct involvement of Henry Yagoda.

"Yagoda was ready to take advantage of the negotiations between Trotsky and Germany and Japan. An armed coup, according to Yagoda, was to be aligned with the beginning of the war against the Soviet Union."

Yagoda told Bulanov:

"To carry out this revolution we will need all the resources: an armed uprising, and a provocation, and even poisons ... Sometimes there are moments when you need to proceed slowly and very carefully, but there are times when you need to act quickly and unexpectedly."

In the 30's, the Trotskyist bloc allied with the German and Japanese agents began a systematic campaign of terror and sabotage against the Soviet state, especially industry and agriculture. The aim was undermining the Soviet defense in anticipation of the impending war.

At a secret meeting in Moscow Trotskyist bloc Deputy People's Commissar of Heavy Industry Trotskyite Pyatakov said: "We must act vigorously and aggressively, not stopping short of any means. All the means are necessary and good - this is a directive of Trotsky, which is shared by Trotskyite Center."

In late 1935, Trotsky smuggled a letter to Karl Radek in Moscow, where it was written that "the sabotage by the Trotskyists in the military industry" should be performed under direct "supervision of the German and Japanese high command."

Trotsky made an agreement with the Nazis, which consisted of five items, setting out the obligations of Trotsky in exchange for a German promise to put the Trotskyists in power in Russia:

1.To guarantee the necessary cooperation with the German government.

2. Agree to the territorial concessions.

3. Allow the German businessmen to use raw materials companies in the Soviet Union (it was about the iron ore, manganese, petroleum, gold, timber, etc.).

4. To create in the USSR the conditions conducive to the activities of German private companies.

5. To carry out the sabotage operations on the military manufacturing plants and on the front during the war, in agreement with the German General Staff.

Trotsky, in a conversation with Pyatakov outlined his doctrine:

"If we miss this chance, there will be two-fold danger: on the one hand - the danger of complete elimination of Trotskyism in the country, and with another - the danger that the Stalinist state will exist for decades, based on some economic achievements, and in particular due to young new personnel, who grew up and raised to take the state as something granted and look at it as a Soviet socialist state. Our task is to oppose this state.

... There was a time when we, the Social Democrats, considered the development of capitalism phenomenon positive and progressive ... But we had other tasks - namely, to organize the struggle against capitalism, to nurture its gravediggers. And so now we have to go and serve the Stalinist state, but not to help to build it, but to become its gravediggers. That is our goal."

In essence, the struggle of Stalin's pro-state power block against anti-state block of Trotsky was the real war for the liberation from the Khazar invasion and occupation.

The fact that it was precisely the war against foreign invaders and occupiers, and not just a political conflict between the two groups that came to the crest of power in October, is confirmed by Ariadne Tyrkov-Williams, an ethnic Jew, who in her memoirs "From Freedom to Brest-Litovsk", released in 1919, testifies:

"There are very few Russians among the Bolshevik puppeteers. None of them rose to prominence under the old system. Besides the obvious foreigners, Bolsheviks have brought many re-emigrants, who for many years lived abroad. Some of them have never been to Russia before.

Especially many of them were Jews. They can hardly speak Russian. The nation, which they captured, is quite alien to them, and they behave as invaders. Throughout the revolution, and Bolshevism in particular, Jews occupy the leading posts. This is a very interesting phenomenon. Just look and see who was selected in the first Soviets? - Lieber, Dan, and Gotz, and during the second, even more of those."

It was a real World War, not only in its objectives, scope and subjects of its operation (on the one hand Russia, on the other - a global invisible Khazaria), but also in its enormous losses, which by its size may be only a consequence of total war.

In none of the world wars Russia suffered such losses as a result of the revolution. It was a war against the Khazar anti-systems, anxious for revenge via horrific atrocities. Our whole nation was under threat of total destruction.

It is against this army of invisible Khazaria the first strike of Stalin was directed. If not this strike, there would be no other ten strikes that ensured victory in the Great Patriotic War. In this sense, Stalin continued the march of Sviatoslav the Brave.

And the victory of Stalin's army on the Russia-Khazar field of battle should be regarded as an act of defense, protection of its own people, as an act of liberation in a ruthless war waged by the aggressor. This victory should be seen as an act of retribution for the genocide of the Cossacks, for the organized famine, for the shooting of one thousand five hundred of Kronstadt sailors, who believed the Bolsheviks.

"For the killings of thousands of peasants in Tambov and Siberia, for the mass murder of the Russian Orthodox Church clergy, for the brutal murder of Russian Tsar and his entire family," for the deaths of tens of millions of people, felt victims of this monstrous invasion of invisible Khazaria.

And in the death of these people are also guilty the American bankers who financed the revolution, financed and trained the Khazar army. It is them who were the military commanders of this army of thugs. And so it is very symbolic that the monument erected to the victims of communism on American soil is an eternal accusation of the U.S. regime, which is under Khazar control.

Ariel Sharon in his time made a clear statement on this control of the U.S. by Israel:

"I want to tell one thing clearly - do not worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jews control America, and Americans know it."

Concern about this loss of American sovereignty was expressed even by the U.S. Senator Fulbright, who confessed on July 10, 1973 in an interview with CBS:

"I know that it is almost impossible to conduct the foreign policy (Middle East) in this country, if it is not approved by the Jews ... Horrible control which they have established over the media ... The barrier, which they have built around the congressmen ...

I am very concerned about the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominant, almost depriving Congress the opportunity to do anything that they do not approve.

The Israeli embassy practically dictates to Congress, through their influential people in the country."

And one more opinion in this regard, by the American historian Robert Beater:

"We Americans who call themselves Christians do not even try to open our eyes to try to save our country and defend our faith. Therefore, our land has become the battleground between Russian Orthodox Christians and their mortal enemies, the Zionists (read "Khazars"). And whether you like it or not, but we were squeezed into this all-out war."

George W. Bush in his infamous speech at the unveiling of a monument, exposed the criminals, saying that people "were loaded on wagons for cattle and deported to Arctic death camps of Soviet Communism." But again, not the Soviet communism is to blame, but the specific personalities among the Khazar occupants.

Even such an anti-Sovietist, as the historian Richard Pipes, who was a supporter of the arms race against the Soviet Union during the Reagan years, in his book "The Russian Revolution" (1999) admitted:

"Contrary to one popular view, which is held for many years by some Western historians, the Soviet terror and the Gulag camp system did not begin with Stalin. In the late 1920s, Soviet Russia already had 84 camps, which contained about 50,000 prisoners. By October 1923 this number increased to 313 camps with 70,000 prisoners."

Churchill wrote a long article in the Illustrated Sunday Herald, published on February 8, 1920, which was dedicated to the conquest oriented, occupational essence of the revolution, that it is associated with a group of individuals, and that its main victim was the entire Russian people. Churchill, in particular, wrote:

"This movement (the Russian Revolution) is not new among the Jews. From the days of 'Spartacus' Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany) and Emma Goldman (United States), this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization (the Russian Revolution) and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.

It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Nesta Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution.

It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others".

Moreover, the main inspiring and driving force comes from Jewish leaders."

In this sense, the accusation of communism to the Soviet state does not merely sound ridiculous, but blasphemous.

Encyclopedia Judaica

It follows from the Jewish Encyclopedia, that it was Trotsky who organized the revolution and it was him who created a special committee to plan and prepare for the coup that led the Communists to power.

This Encyclopedia is a multi-volume work, which is released in Israel. As follows from the comment for publication on, "Is the first equipped with a reference source on Jewish life, history and culture." This encyclopedia, including translation into English, is available for sale and in many public libraries.

So in the 5th volume, in an article called "Communism", it says:

The Communist movement and ideology played an important role in Jewish life, particularly in the 20s and 30s, as well as during and after World War II."

The Encyclopedia notes:

"The Communist trends became widespread in virtually all Jewish communities. In some countries, Jews became the governing element of legal and illegal Communist parties."

Encyclopedia writes that

"the Jews have played an important role in the early stages of Bolshevism and the Soviet regime."

With this in mind, the current anti-communism of the West can be regarded as a manifestation of anti-Semitism. After all, this is how anti-communism was seen during the Revolution.

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, one of the first laws passed by the new Soviet communist government was a law recognizing anti-Semitism a crime.

And the punishment for this crime was death.

Here is what Solzhenitsyn writes about this law in his book "Two Hundred Years Together" (Part 2, ch. 15):

"And on July 27, 1918 (immediately after the shooting of the royal family), SNK has issued a special law on anti-Semitism: "The Council of People's Commissars announces anti-Semitic movement a danger to the worker and peasant revolution."

And in the end (according to Lunacharsky, Lenin has added it with his own hand):

"The CPC requires all Soviets to take drastic measures to curb the root of anti-Semitic movement. Rioters and pogrom agitation leaders are considered to be outside the law." Signed: Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) [a circumcised Jew, Haim Goldman].

These two words "outside the law" are explained later by the creator of "Military Communism", Larin. It meant "to put the active anti-Semites out of the law, that is to shoot them."

Thus, for the anti-communism, which permeates Bush's speech, according to the Khazar laws of the Revolution, he had to face the firing squad.

"World State under Jewish domination"

Churchill in his article publicly accused Trotsky of wanting to establish a "world state under Jewish domination."

But this is that very global anti-state, towards which the West, led by the United States, is walking so fast. But if you follow this communist course, then why do you stigmatize Russia for Communism?

Speaking of plans to build a "world state", about which so longingly dream of all the secret societies. Churchill mentions Spartacus Weishaupt in this quote. His real name is Adam Weishaupt.

This Jesuit priest, professor of canon law in Bavaria is known for founding a secret Masonic society of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. It became famous and grew, becoming an influential organization of the global elite. The ultimate goal of the Illuminati was world domination and the establishment of world government.

As it follows from the sources, the Illuminati members changed their names to hide their real identity. The same was done by all the Khazar revolutionaries. Weishaupt took the name of Spartacus, the Roman slave who led a revolt against the Roman government.

During interrogation by the NKVD the accused H.G. Rakowski confirms the common use of this phenomenon:

"If ever you have to be present at some future revolution, do not miss a chance to observe gestures of surprise and reflection of stupidity on the face of some Freemason at the moment when he becomes convinced that he must die by the hands of the revolutionaries... As he shouts and wants to be recognized for his services to the revolution!..."

As the holy fathers write, "Every revolution devours its children just because the main revolutionary - the devil - is the killer from the beginning!".

By the way, democracy, introduced in Russia by the Khazars-Liberals, also resulted in the revolution in our country. It became the same self-destruction for many of those who implemented it. "Father of the American Revolution," Samuel Adams once wrote:

"Remember, democracy never lasts long. Over time it is damaged, exhausted and kills itself. There has never been a democracy that would not have committed suicide."

And the liberal violence in a form of democratic revolution, committed to our state in our time, was another devastating to her attempt at revenge of invisible Khazaria with its secret societies as a tool in the fight with the state.

"One of the most harmful and, indeed, Satanic false doctrines in human history - wrote in his "Epistle of Freemasonry", Metropolitan Anthony - is Freemasonry. We are going to tell the Russian Orthodox world about it according to our archpastoral duty.

Freemasonry is a secret global international revolutionary organization to fight against God and Christianity, the Church, with the national statehood, and especially the the Christian statehood ...

... Freemasonry is an implacable enemy of Christianity. It makes its goal the destruction of the Church, the war with all religions, shaking the foundations of national Christian statehood and organization of revolutions throughout the world."

Nesta Webster, referred to by Churchill, described the goals of the Illuminati. They are:

1. The destruction of the monarchy and all organized governments.

2. Abolition of private property.

3. The destruction of the inheritance.

4. Destruction of patriotism.

5. The destruction of the family.

6. The destruction of religion.

And it is no accident that the symbolism of the Illuminati includes the symbols of the tribe of Dan from the Khazaria.

By the way, the Illuminati worship a snake.

All these targets are directly locked into our faith, the sacred monarchical state and love for the Fatherland. Our soldiers always went into battle, "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland." Take away these symbols of consciousness - and there would be nothing left to fight for and no reason for it. War and life itself loses all meaning, and then a capitulation to the aggressor becomes something acceptable and even desirable. This means a voluntary surrender to slavery, slavery in the global anti-state. But this is what has always been a goal of the invisible rulers of Khazaria. Therefore, the preservation of these symbols is a question of our ability to resist and win.

In connection with these targets, one of the main targets of the attack by our enemy is the historical consciousness of the people associated with the memory of ancestors and historical continuity of traditions, with everything that has always been a sacred pillar of the statehood.

In order to make a revolution, people were led to believe that the sacred monarchical state is to blame for their problems. Now they are forced to believe that revolution, as a result of which they became victims, is their own crime and a crime of that State which they, in spite of the revolution, still managed to save.

So, maybe it was that, despite all the efforts of revolutionaries, our state was still able to restore itself and even strengthen. The attempt to throw the State and the people into the "furnace of a world revolution" has failed. And that is why they condemn our history using the label of communism. Just as in the days of the monarchy immediately before the revolution, people were forced to be ashamed of the monarchy. And now they force us to be ashamed of any strong national statehood in principle, declaring it to be totalitarian.

Moreover, this attack is carried out only in respect to the historical consciousness of our people, who are thus led to believe that a strong state is an analogue of tyranny and crime. Therefore, it should not be a source of pride, and should be abandoned as something criminal and so we abandon the patriotism.

Meanwhile the West is not forbidden to pride itself on the real crimes and real criminals, which include many historical events and personages, including the same French Revolution and its associated terror, and the same Napoleon and his wars of aggression.

A history professor Norman Cantor in his book published in the U.S., "Jewish experiment, Jews of Stalin» (Castle books. 1996) writes:

"During the" Cold War "American Jewish publicists spent a lot of time trying to deny the important role of Jews in world communism. The truth, however, that until the 50s it was precisely the case, and we ought not to be ashamed of it. Jews must learn to be proud of those accomplishments that were achieved by Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia or anywhere else in general."

In his speech, George Bush likened communism with terrorism.

And this is also true, but again, one should not shift the blame of personal responsibility of one group to the the entire country. After all, those, who created the revolutionary terror in Russia are known by name, and it is also known that the victims of this terror were the people committed to serving the strong Russian statehood.

"Like the Communists, the terrorists and radicals who have attacked our nation are followers of a murderous ideology that despises freedom, crushes all dissent, has expansionist ambitions and pursues totalitarian aims."

[-- George Bush at the opening of "Victims of Communism Memorial"]

- said the American president. Well, it is good to hear the self-exposing speeches from the lips of the American president, denouncing the Khazarian invasion.

Henry Pearson, in his book «XIX century and after," published in London in 1919, said:

"Virtually every commissioner is a Jew, and almost everyone speaks English with an American accent."

And further in his fiery speech Bush has promised that the U.S. would selflessly fight the enemies who believe that "innocent people can be killed for the sake of their radical ideas." And that is where Bush has just hit the bull's-eye. All this fully applies to the war in Iraq, which was started under the banner of struggle for democracy and democratization of the Middle East.

In this sense, American democracy is synonymous with the Marxist communism. And the United States are those same enemies who believe that "innocent people can be killed for the sake of their radical ideas."

So, first of all, they will have to fight with themselves. I would like to wish the United States a big win in this fight. We can even celebrate it together.

Bush's anti-Communist speech was seen by China as interference in the internal affairs. Chinese Foreign Ministry said in particular:

"The White House should stop interfering in the internal affairs of other states and try to provoke the transition of communist China to Western-style democracy."

The attack on our history is a distinctive feature of the war in the information subspace. Before our eyes is unfolding a historic battle for the historical consciousness in the battle for historical Russia.

So many accusations sound in our address in connection with our history. Because the fate of our Fatherland and our state largely depends on us winning this battle in the field of history.

After all, our history provides examples of heroic selfless service to our country (as it turns out, not everything is measured in money and market relations). It inspires hope in seemingly hopeless situation (there were times much worse, and people were able to deal with it). It warns of the dangers, allowing us to understand that Russia has always had enemies who wanted to concur her (and the fact that some politicians zombified us with the idea that Russia has no enemies, from the perspective of history can be defined as the manipulations by these same enemies.)

History provides a measure of comparison (and we know that the most striking in it was a period of sacred statehood, and that is precisely the point of reference). History is our foundation and guide to the present. We do not always listen to it, do not always remember it, not always interested in it, but we know what it is. And we can always refer to it. It is ready to help us. All those who came before us, are ready, by a small segment of their lives in our history, to help us find our way.

It is great history of a great state. It is an integral and important part of state ideology. Our borders are historical boundaries, and boundaries of our history is the borders of our state. And that is why you can not allow the enemy to break or rehash them.

The territory of the historical consciousness of the people... What a bitter battle the enemy is waging to capture it and destroy anything that might remind of a strong statehood, to awaken the desire to serve it, to stand firmly for its defense, as our ancestors did.

The present war is, as ever, the repetition of the past, it is using that which has already been used before. That is why the aggressor does not want us to understand history, remember it, turn to it. Because the connection with our history is a connection with our statehood. Break this connection and you will break the thread of the historical existence of our country.

It is therefore important not to let the enemies to distort and discredit our history in the eyes of the people, to clear their minds from the embedded myths. So it is important to discover that which has been carefully hidden, but which helps us understand the present and, despite all the difficulties and sufferings, to serve the Fatherland in the name of our future as sacrificially and selflessly, as our ancestors served it, seeing in Holy Russia the bright image of the Fatherland of Heaven.

Communism is dead. Long live Marxism?

The ghost of communism got tired of wandering around Europe. He was tired of wandering as such, and went back to whence he came ...

Why the West says that communism is crime, and Marxism, from which it emerged, is not mentioned anywhere? After all, if you criticize, you should first of all criticize the ideology of Marxism in general, and then its component part - the idea of Communism. And what we have instead is the ideology is discarded and some derivative idea is exploited, which, by the way, has lost its original meaning in the Soviet version.

Now we face a paradoxical thing. They blaspheme the idea of Soviet communism and praise the idea of the Khazar Marxism. Marxism turns out to be fantastically popular among the architects of the new world order in the form of global anti-state.

We talked about the fact that Marxism as a political and economic agenda of invisible Khazaria was a task for the near future, and consisted of destruction of sacred monarchic statehood. This task was accomplished.

But in Marxism, besides this destructive objective, included in the program - minimum, there was also another one, included in the program - maximum, that is now beginning to be realized before our eyes. And it is related to the implementation of a constructive purpose - the formation of transnational political and economic alliances that lays the foundations of the global anti-state.

Currently, the ideologists of global Khazaria began to actively praise Marxism. As it turns out, this is what they need at this point.

One of the main ideologists of the new world order - Jacques Attali, appointed by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France as an adviser, has been actively praising Marx as a "prophet of era of globalization." This admiration he expresses in his book "Karl Marx or the spirit of the world", arguing that it is this spirit that defines the main trends in global processes associated with global rearrangement.

And what kind of spirit of the world may be associated with Marx? After all, in fact, Marx's main purpose was to destroy religion. His spirit, the spirit of the world, it is the spirit of the prince of this world [as Satan is called]. Marx's son, Edgar, in a letter dated March 31, 1854 refers to him in expressive words: "My dear devil". As it is written in the book "Origins of Evil":

"Marxism is a systematically and thoroughly developed satanic system of thought designed to fight against God and the global destruction of the moral foundations of life and humanity.

Marxism dramatically lowers the conception about a man. According to Marx, man is mostly a womb, which must be constantly filled. The overriding interests of a man lie in the economic sphere. He produces items for his needs, entering for this purpose into certain relationships with other people. This is the foundation of society, which Marx calls the base. Marriage, love, art, science, religion, philosophy - everything that has no relationship to the needs of the stomach, is merely a bulkhead, and is ultimately determined by the state of the stomach."

But this is what we are witnessing now. Globalization is the realization of the ideas of Marxism in the abyss of his hate towards the man and a rebellion against God.

In his work Attali draws attention to the ideas set out in "Das Capital" of Marx. So, in 1840, Marx sets out an action program that is implemented today by the organizers of the global world order. In particular, he writes that the world will consist of three trading blocs - the united Europe, the united America and the Pacific conglomerate, which will operate under the direction of higher world government.

At the same time, nationalism and sovereignty would cease to exist, and each block will have a regional government instead of national.

In other words, this is the program of destruction of national statehood, which is implemented by the government of global Khazaria through the use of economic weapons during the war in the economic subspace.

In our time, says Attali, the goals of economic de-sovereignization and decentralization are achieved primarily through the World Trade Organization by concluding free trade agreements.

The economic component of the new world order is extremely important to this theorist. In an interview with Time in September 1991, Attali said:

"In the coming struggle for world supremacy the economic power will be critically important. Military power can not last long if it is not based on strong economic foundations. In the past, the Powers, whose grounds have been destroyed, ended up as mercenaries for others. Dismantling of the Soviet threat does not mean that the world is a safer place where there are no conflicts. We need a global peacekeeping force. United States, acting through the United Nations on behalf of the whole world, is, perhaps, that very embryo of a peacekeeping force on the global level."

In other words, a known globalist slogan of "continuous peace through continuous war" is being actualized.

And this militaristic idea is being realized in the U.S. armed forces, where a program called "Global Peace Operations Initiative" is approved by the American president in 2005. The term, which coincides perfectly with the one introduced by Attali. And this coincidence is not only terminological, but in its substance - according to the goals and objectives of ensuring the interests of the global elite.

With regard to America's role in creating a new world order, spoke the founder of the American geopolitical school Robert Strausz-Hupe, who was the teacher of Henry Kissinger and other famous politicians, and was listened to by Nixon and Reagan. It was he who was behind the formation of NATO and influenced the policy in the Middle East. In his famous work "The Balance of Tomorrow" (1957), he defines the prospects for the U.S. as follows:

"The coming phase will be the last order of historical transition, and it will put an end to the revolutionary period of this century. The task of the American people would be to destroy the national states, to lead the hopeless states towards forming the broader alliances and to stop with the help of force all the attempts to sabotage the new world order."

According to the theory of globalization, economic power is designed to support the military power that is capable to carry out these violent armed actions under the Initiative of global peacekeeping operations.

But the global thanatocracy is not only an economic regime, but also political and spiritual. Marx proceeds from these principles. And Attali gives it full support and develops further in his article in the International Herald Tribune, published under the influence of Marxism, on April 19, 2007. According to Attali,

"the next call should be the introduction of new ideas to the Marxist doctrine of the Left in France and elsewhere. Globalization has occurred so far only in the economy. We also need a globalization of democracy (that is, the permanent war for democracy and permanent democratic revolutions). To do this we need to develop new technologies in politics (read: pro-American velvet revolutions) and the new concept of participatory democracy."

Let me explain that this means direct participation of citizens and their organizations in decision-making at the state level, in particular through marches, demonstrations, sit-ins, followed by the revolutions.

Attali also writes about global governance, that is singing an old song in the same old way: "We need to reorganize and revive the institutions of global world government."

Summarizing the ideas expressed in this article, Attali calls to the same, as called for by Marx - to unite in achieving the aforesaid goals: "These are some things to be pursued by all the social democratic parties of the world united together." In short, the "Democrats of all countries, unite" in the New International for the sake of democratic revolution in order to establish the world government.

Globalization must be total, and Attali affirms this idea, providing for, following Marx, not only economic but also political change, or, to be more precise, the revolutionary explosions.

In order to eliminate the spiritual sovereignty, which is based on traditional religion as a sacred shaft of statehood, Marx lays, as a mine, an idea of renouncing the traditional religion. He argues that religion is an opium, and that is why it should be discarded as something malicious. Thus, in that empty space created, the ground is prepared for implementation of the of the global ecumenical religion of Antichrist.

In fact, Marxism, as convincingly argues Attali, is none other than the ideology of globalism. And this is what puts Attali in a state of euphoria.

Indeed, two blocks out of three, which Marx outlines, have already been created. This is the European Union and the North American Union.

About this globalist, anti-state essence of Marxism A. Panarin writes: "The Marxist-Bolshevik dream of the withering away of the state as such, and social management based on the principle of faith alone (voluntary communist consciousness) is certainly related to the Jewish nostalgia for those times when the functions of the priesthood, kingdom and the prophecies were not divided."

There is now a consolidation of the West as a single global entity, united by religious idea of creation of a global anti-state with the Antichrist at its head. This, according to A. Panarin, "globalization of the hegemonic powers, acting as an organized global entity, also forces the opponents of this plan to take the form of a globally organized subject."

But Russia, which ended up in the ranks of the non-West, by the providence itself, is destined to consolidate the non-West, turning it into a single planetary entity. "It is about how all their disjointed and deliberately opposing parts can be joined by the Sky - a new moral and religious reformation."

The ghost of Marx is haunting Europe

The implementation of the Marxist ideas to create a planetary dictatorship of the supreme world government, described by Marx, is in full swing.

Marx predicted that trading blocs will gradually merge into one, and the process of integration into the unified economic space - the foundation of a global empire of Antichrist - have already begun.

Building a North American Community - book cover

Judging from the internal documents of one of the three major globalist structures - the Council on Foreign Relations - formation of the North American Union is now in full swing according to technology of creation of the European Union.

The document of the Council on Foreign Relations, called "Building a North American Community" (remember analogue EU - European Community), focuses on the recommendations of the Bilderberg Club.

Its essence is the fact that private (non-governmental) agencies should be established to guide policies between Canada, Mexico and the United States.


The document reads:

"To ensure continuous flow of creative energy in efforts related to North American integration, the three governments should establish an independent group of advisers ... The mandate of their authority should be to participate in creative search for new ideas in the interests of the North American perspective and to ensure public recognition of the North American Union.

Additional measures reduce to the establishment of private structures which will meet on a regular or annual basis in order to strengthen the North American relations in accordance with the guidelines of Bilderberg ..."

As they say, end of quote.

Incidentally, in 2003 the BBC has discovered some archival documents, which confirmed that the EU and its common currency, Euro was an invention of Bilderbergers. Documents found indicated that the idea of the Euro appeared 50 years before its actual implementation.

As a result of initiatives of the Council on Foreign Relations, an agreement entitled "Partnership for Security and Prosperity was created." They love the beautifully sounding names.

According to American experts, it was "something more than just an economic agreement between the leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada."

As can be seen from the press, in September 2006, journalist J. Corsi received the documents on the activities of the office of "Partnership for Security and Prosperity" and its efforts to create the Pan American Union. These documents showed that a large number of legal acts of the U.S. administration are being secretly rewritten in accordance with the program of "integration" and "harmonization" of administrative legislation of the USA, Mexico and Canada. The same scheme was used once during the formation of the European Union.

Documents obtained by the journalist contained the references to the activities of 13 working groups operating across the organizational infrastructure, including senior officials in all spheres of government leadership in the U.S..

Corsi also learned that in May 2007 on the High Level Conference, an assistant the U.S. Secretary of State, Thomas, who chaired the meeting, which hosted the presentation of Professor Robert Pastor, author of a book that promotes the creation of the North American Union as a regional government, and the transition to the Amero as a common currency unit to replace the dollar and peso.

One American expert in the field of economics in relation to these events stated:

"The main thing the people, tied to the dollar, need to focus on is Amero.

This is something that no one is talking about, but I think this is what will have a huge impact on the lives of everyone in Canada, the United States and Mexico."

Presumably, the same is applicable to other countries. I wonder what currency will we use then to store our Stabilization Fund in? In the Amero?

As predicted by the former chief economist of the World Bank, Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, global crash which will be accompanied by a complete devaluation of the dollar, will clear the way for a unified North American currency. Moreover, amid the economic chaos this measure will be accepted by a majority not only simply as necessary, but as desirable. After all, many will consider the new world order as something clearly preferable to the global chaos. And for them it will be unimportant that this chaos was triggered by the same architects of the world order. In the general confusion no one will even think about that.

That same month, May 2007, when the above-mentioned conference was held, there was one very important event, which has remained almost unnoticed. At the same time of that remarkable for the growing North American Union, U.S. and the EU signed an agreement on transatlantic economic partnership, which provides for a uniform regulatory standards in the economy and laying the groundwork for a merger of the U.S. (read: North American Union) and the European Union into a single market. This signing, performed behind the scenes, is a very important landmark - a giant step towards the integration of unified America and Europe and establishment of a global Kaganate, the kingdom of the Antichrist.

In general, standardization and harmonization in line with supranational norms on all sides of public life - political, economic, social and spiritual - is the path of gradual de-sovereignization aimed at the collapse of the national statehood.

Similar steps are being taken for the unification of Europe and Africa, particularly those in the Mediterranean in North Africa, in order to create a Mediterranean Union. The formation of such a union is one of the main policies of the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, as he said in his first policy speech as president.

This idea of uniting was suggested to him by no one else but "the great and terrible" globalizer, Jacques Attali. As the saying goes - to live with Bilderbergers is to howl like Bilderbergers.

Sarkozy in that speech of his said:

"I want to appeal to all the people of the Mediterranean and tell them that it is in the Mediterranean that everything will be played out ...

I want to tell them that the time has come to create a Mediterranean Union that would establish a link between Europe and Africa ... Everything that was done for the European Union 60 years ago, we're going to do today for the Union Mediterranean."

The model proposed for the Mediterranean Union, a model of unification, is absolutely destructive in its nature, and means the destruction of the states and the elimination of traditional religious identity, the profiteering by very limited minority at the price of enslavement and death of the majority. The unification means the establishment of the of the parasitic dictatorship and relentless and total control over society, which can only be associated with slavery.

The EU was instrumental in development of the technology of such a unification. What began with a simple trade agreement, gradually transformed into a trans-national formation under the unified regional government.

On December 13, 2007 during the EU summit in Lisbon, an agreement on the reform of the European Union, known as the "Lisbon Treaty", was signed. The Treaty will come into force in 2009, and provides for a single post of the EU president and EU commissioner for foreign policy as a single head of foreign policy ministry with expanded powers.

British authors Christopher Booker and Richard North in their book "The Great deception" stated that all the member states have surrendered their sovereignty in the process of carefully planned covert operation. They accused the European global elite in the commission of a slow coup d'etat of the most grandiose takeover in the history of mankind. The authors believe that fraud lies in the fact that the real goal of political integration is being constantly hidden behind a screen of economic integration. The real plan was to transform the EU into a superstate, which must destroy the power of national states and create a government with no accountability or direct representation.

But now we see that the political agenda after the Lisbon treaty came to the forefront and is no longer being hidden. This means that the mass consciousness in the EU is generally ready to accept it. "The Moor has done his job."

The single European currency contributed to the formation of a new economic order and the psychological conditioning of the masses.

Today, on a background of the weakening of the dollar and forecasts of an impending economic crisis, calls for necessity of introduction of a single global currency are increasingly heard. May be, just may be, that this crisis will be largely provoked to force all the countries to accept it.

In general, talks about the introduction of a single global currency - the currency of the future global Kaganate, by 2018, are being carried out for a long time.

The Economist magazine: "Get ready for a world currency"

Back in 1988, on the cover of one of the issues of well known magazine The Economist was shown the phoenix standing on a burning paper money symbolizing its rise from the ashes of their destruction. Next to the picture was written: "Get prepared for a world currency."

In the article called "Be prepared for the Phoenix," it is said: "In thirty years, Americans, Japanese, Europeans and people in many other rich countries, as well as in some relatively poor countries are likely to pay for their purchases with the same currency."

It is not hard to guess that after all this happens, the trading system will be brought under full control of the global elite and converted into an electronic payment system.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

(Revelation 13:16, 17)

Known are the words of Greek elder Paisius Athos on the situation in the new world order:

"As a result, he who does not have 666 embedded on him, will not be able to either sell nor buy, borrow, or get a job ... People, whether they are red, black or white, who are out of this system, may not be able to work and will become the social outcasts ... and only those who will accept the mark of 666, will be able to enter into trade relations."

In the aforementioned article in The Economist it says that with the introduction of new currency, national sovereignty will be lost, as the

"Phoenix zone would impose severe restrictions on the national government."

"For example, there will be no such thing as a national monetary policy." Everything will be performed by "the new central bank, which will appear, perhaps in the depths of the IMF. Level of world inflation and the level of national inflation will be its prerogative."

"Each country will have to borrow and will not being able to print its own money to finance its budget deficit. It means a great loss of economic sovereignty."

This is the forecast for The Economist for 2018, made in 1988. But later this same topic of the need to move to global currency is raised by a number of economists. So, in 2004 this subject is discussed by the Nobel laureate in economics, Robert Mundell. In an interview with French newspaper Liberation he said:

"Europe, the United States, the Asian powers should go together and create a new international monetary system."

In 2006, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) called for an end to national currencies in favor of a global model of currency formats.

It is written about BIS that this is a fairly closed organization with headquarters in Basel (Switzerland), which provides a forum for monetary cooperation of several European central banks, the Bank of Japan and the U.S. Federal Reserve. It is known that it was founded in 1930 for the purpose of settlement of German reparation payments after World War I. Currently, BIS monitors international banking activities, collects relevant data and establishes the rules governing the international banking operations.

BIS is closely connected to Bilderberg. Well what can you do without it!

Bank for International Settlements (BIS),  in Basel, Switzerland

The bank has a scandalous reputation, it has been used for money laundering by the Nazis during the Second World War.

Nowadays, its work is related to the centralized control of the currency, which is one of the main conditions for the formation of a global government and anti-state. The priority objective of the Bank is to create a so-called cashless society, that is the system of non-cash credits and calculations based on the identification code - the electronic labels assigned to people and acting globally. It is believed that introduction a single global tax will assure the compulsory taxation regardless of where the person is.

But if someone is classified to be infringing or threatening the security, his settlement rights will be reduced and restrictions will be placed on when and what he can buy or sell.

They promise that to those who agree to move to an identification code, taxes will be reduced below those that exist in their countries.

"Benefactors" of ours of the Trilateral Bilderbergership, what tricks you would not invent in order to entice people into the abyss. You yourselves are to be found in it at the end.

In the April issue of Foreign Affairs in 1974 appeared the publication of one of the three major globalist organizations - the Council on Foreign Relations. In it, Robert Gardner, who at one time held several senior management positions at the State Department, opposed the idea of an immediate formation of a world government. Instead, he offered his version of

"House of the new world order will be built from the bottom rather than from the top. It will look like a rapidly spreading mad confusion, madness ...

Deceptive maneuver around national sovereignty, little by little eating it away, will be much more efficient than the old-fashioned frontal attack."

Well, yes, a mad desire of many nations to make sure they get into the WTO, even against their own vital national interests, but in the interests of the economic, short-term, is that very manifestation of insanity.

This is the same principle of econo-centrism upon which all the teachings of Marx were built. Economy is everything, it defines and explains everything. It is the only thing that matters, it is above all. It is that very idol, which everyone should worship, and to which the sacrifices must be made. But in all this euphoria, no one notices that the victims is something human.

The Marxist principle of econo-centrism is based on money as the measure of everything. The main thing is Mammon, and Baal. He is to subordinate the new world order. And all these global sacrifices are in his name.

Everyone considers the loss in armed clashes, but no one counts the losses in this most monstrous in its scale, destructive economic warfare, in which the governments, possessed by the same confusion and insanity, sacrifice their own people. They, being blind, also give away their power and their sovereignty.

But there is one other very important fact. Marxist principle of econo-centrism puts the economic above religious, and demands it to be chopped off and denounced. Not to use it as a measure of comparison, but instead, use the dead economics as a measure of everything. This principle blinds the soul, kills it.

The war in the economic subspace. This is where the fiercest and bloodiest battles for statehood are fought. On the surface, not even noticed by most, but that is precisely why they are most dangerous, because the enemy in his war strategy utilises the sophisticated techniques of cunning deceit and lies, the entire arsenal of the Evil One, who commands the forces of anti-state in this economic war.

It is therefore important that the power in Russia is represented by the Orthodox people, not posing in front of TV cameras with candles in their hands, but those who are after a hard day of work serve the Fatherland, closing the doors to their room, alone with God, quietly and tearfully pray to Him at night. You may ask: where can one find such people? And so, according to our prayers and our faith it shalt be given to us. If our faith is strong, so shall be our governor.

Russia needs such a government that will put the Orthodox faith, as it was historically, higher than the economics and, above all, the power which will restore the traditional hierarchical statehood. Only then will we be able to defend it. And, most importantly, is to protect our Orthodox people and all those of non-Orthodox faith, which he always kept carefully under his wing in the great Russian Empire, and with whom he heroically defended it.

In front of this avalanche of forces under which the collective forces of the West gather, this unified Khazaria, which manifests itself more and more, the entire Russia needs to be united, and its imperial statehood is revived. Only together can we protect ourselves politically, and economically, and spiritually.

In an interview with "Russian Line" in connection with the upcoming 2008, rector of Leushinsky monastery in St. Petersburg, Arch-priest Gennady Belovolov said that among the priority tasks facing Russia is the continuation of the unification process with Belarus:

"Remember, as soon as Gorbachev has allowed Germany to unite, then just in one week the Germans destroyed the Berlin Wall and reunited, not thinking about the economic benefits and some problems. We have discussed this topic for more than a decade, and destruction of the artificial wall that divides the Russian and Belarusian has not happened. Once this happens, then we can extend this precedent further, to the Ukraine to Kazakhstan."

"It is time to formulate a historical task that was being solved in due time by the Grand Duke, Ivan Kalita - unification of Russian lands. Therefore, on the whole, this year is being charged with optimism, faith in the future of Russia, the awareness and confidence that our great past must be our great future. Next year should pass under the sign of the two major events - the hundredth anniversary of the repose of St. John of Kronstadt and the ninetieth year since martyrdom of the Royal Family. These names and events are special for us, and we can even say cherished - they are the solution and a key to our future: how we perceive and cherish them, and make our banner, so much we will move into our future"

- said father Gennady. And you can not find better words for it.

U.S. under Israeli control

Using "Christian" picks, Zionism came to power in the Christian world

The war in the spiritual space.

Desire for spiritual revenge

Svyatoslav's victory over the Khazars marked the beginning of centuries of spiritual warfare between God-bearing Russian people and biblical Gog and Magog - bearers of the spirit of Dan.

The first attempt of spiritual revenge was made through the imposition of Judaism as the state religion on Prince Vladimir. It was an attempt to repeat the "Khazar script of seizing power" through the establishment of religious control over government leadership. However, Vladimir categorically rejected the offer, choosing the Orthodoxy for Russia.

The second attempt of spiritual revenge for the capture of political power was made through what can be called the religious chimera, following the logic of Gumilev. This is heresy of Judaizers. It was an attempt to mix the incompatible - Judaism and Christianity in order to substitute the New Testament with the Old. The distributor of this heresy was Khazar Shariya. In 1470, he appeared in Novgorod, where he acquired his supporters among the clergy.

Shariya used the same technique that worked in Khazaria, a trick of temptation and bribery of political and spiritual power. And this influence was so strong that even Ivan III could not resist that temptation for some time.

In the book of V.V. Kozhinov and V.M. Kirillin "Blameless accuser of heresies", published in 1999 by the Foundation named after St. Joseph of Volokolamsk, a detailed description of the essence of heresy is presented in the text of their "Tales for Novgorod heretics".

Judaizers, in the place of Christ put the Jewish Messiah, who was not born yet, but when born and will reign, he will give Jews the power to rule over the entire world.

Venerable Monk Joseph Volotsky called Shariya "the devil's vessel", trained in all kinds of evil inventions: Witchcraft and Black Book, laws of stars and astrology. Sorcery, black book (Kabbalah) served as the external form of heresy.

Heresy was an attempt by the Judaizers to pervert the sacred Russian statehood, which was based, united and kept together by the Orthodox faith.

Then, in defense of the faith in spiritual warfare against heresy stood saint Gennady of Novgorod and St Joseph of Volokolamsk and his followers, and prevailed in the Council of 1504. This spiritual heroic act saved the Russian state and prevented another attempt at revenge by Khazar religious chimera.

Russ stood as a barrier on the way of an invisible Khazaria, anxious to rule the world and understanding that it can be achieved only if you have possessed the nations and peoples totally - politically, economically, but most importantly - spiritually.

And that is why the sons of the Khazarian tribe of Dan began their fight against the national statehood, on the ruins of which they intend to build the global Kaganate with the Antichrist at its head, with the introduction of the principle of separation of church and state.

Our enemy is aware that the Russian state as a bastion of resistance to the Antichrist rests on the spiritual foundation of the Orthodox faith. And so, to inflict a blow, it is necessary to penetrate her spiritual space, to try to occupy it. And because we, in our holy wars, fought for the sacred state above all

"not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places"

(Ephesians 6:12).

That is why the Khazarian revenge against our country is, first and foremost, of a spiritual nature - to eliminate Russia as a main obstacle to the implementation of the "mystery of lawlessness."

And that is why in late 2007 on the TV channel BBC World there was a program, which, "with a sense of deep concern", discussed the revival of the Orthodox Church in Russia.

The war in the spiritual space of our state has never ceased. Khazar anti-system, having failed in one attack, obsessed with thirst for revenge, began immediately to prepare another one, more insidious and destructive, understanding that spiritual space is the most important and most vulnerable, and that our Orthodox faith is the heart of our holy statehood.

One of the most dramatic attempts to destroy it by the attack on faith was a revolution. It happened precisely because people gave in to temptation of Khazar revolutionary strategists, and departed from faith and, as a result, paid a terribly high price for it.

Then came a period of atheism, embedded and actively perpetuated by the Khazar Marxism. There was a brief moment of forced return to faith during Great Patriotic War [World War II]. But then again came the Marxist atheistic darkness, which took away the ability of the people and authorities to see the danger. And we were defeated in the "cold war" and have lost our state. So much so that a single orthodox nation was divided by Khazar revolutionary perestroika by ethnic groups and these groups were pushed against each other. It is their well-known principle - divide and conquer, divide and be victorious. Known is the one who sows division everywhere. It is with his spirit they are led, it is him who they serve.

People without faith are helpless and are vulnerable to the dangers. They are carried on the waves and storms of life, as the ship that yielded to the will of the disaster, lost control and went off course.

Betrayal of the Orthodox course costs to our people not only loss of unity and nationhood. It turned into absolute poverty and devastation in the era of the Khazar led young reformers and democratic bandits robbing the country of its wealth which they usurped. And people, blinded by lack of faith, did not recognize the predators and cannibals, and allowed them into power, and even helped them to come to this power. We have abandoned the pastor and readily accepted the mercenary. And forgot that only

"the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. A hireling, and not the shepherd, whose sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. The hireling flees because he is a hireling, and careth not for the sheep"

(John 10:11-13).

And so they trusted the fifth column, the mercenaries of the West, which allowed the Khazar wolves - foreign companies, to enter and plunder our economy, and to foreign sects - to destroy the people's souls.

As a result of this riotous lawlessness, in 15 years we have lost 10 million people and currently have six million drug addicts (as reported by Federal Drug Control Service) and 3 million alcoholics.

You say that the churches are being opened everywhere. Yes, but in parallel, the cults are being actively promoted. Psychics and witches have occupied the TV screen non stop. Great muddle-hitter-networker through its agents, carriers of the spirit of Dan, has confused our people, offering a variety of different, at first sight attractive, truths so they would get lost in all this insanity, and would cease to recognize the most important one, which is the true salvation. And this salvation - through the Cross, through Golgotha. And people are told - look how many different truths are there.

They do not require any restrictions, but instead offer a life full of pleasures. Choose any and enjoy. And so you would not doubt and would not remember that there is only one truth, we will introduce, as a moral norm to lull your conscience, the democratic principle of pluralism and tolerance for all kinds of heresies.

And this tolerance only extends to heresy. And once there was an attempt to introduce the "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture" in schools, all the Khazar-pluralists wound buck. Why do you apply your tolerance only selectively, with such a secret profit motive to serve your destructive purposes? Why are you, being so terribly tolerant, are so intolerant of Orthodoxy? The question, as they say, is rhetorical.

L. Tikhomirov expressed a thought that sounds extremely important in connection with these events:

"Very early we see the emergence of protest against the secularization of the faith, which was developed by the Roman papacy. This protest was manifested in the heresies, and in corporations (as bricklayers-masons, still professional at that time), and various secret societies, especially common in the XVI century. Making a direct object of its concern various research interests, and not neglecting them, these societies have always had a goal the development of proper social order of humanity.

On this foundation the sociological and state law doctrines have developed. They gradually undermined the feudal system, the civil inequality, and the ideas that civil society should not be built upon the religious basis and that state law should belong to everyone, without distinction of creeds.

These societies were the forerunners of the present French-masonry, or rather, were the first manifestations of it. It is noteworthy that the idea of denying the relationship between religion and state has been supported by Jews, but the very same Jews declare that their faith is not separate from citizenship. For Jews, these societies have been a weapon for fighting and destroying the state, connected with the Church."

They always refer to human rights everywhere and manipulate this concept in their utilitarian interests, while others are blindly echoing them, without even thinking that "human and civil rights have been established not only without God, but without any history, and were merely re-derived from abstract concepts about the human. Of course, in this construction, human rights have been freed from any connection to his faith..."

All attempts of the Khazar revenge against Russia were the efforts to incorporate the spirit of Dan in the spiritual space of our state, our nation, which is the most state oriented nation in the world. The Orthodox faith and the holy state are inextricably linked in their mind.

And so the battle for statehood for us is the battle for the faith, and the battle for the faith is the battle for statehood. In this landmark historic battle, which never stopped for a moment and continues to this day, the invisible statehood of Holy Russia and its Orthodox people opposes the invisible Khazaria and the heirs of spirit of Dan, the spirit of the Antichrist.

This is the great mission of Russia in world history. This is her cross, her Golgotha, through which we gain the kingdom of God, saving ourselves by saving others. If we decide to get off the cross, forgetting that one can not walk down from the cross, he is taken off it - we will die with the others.

So, no matter how hard is this battle in the spiritual space, the most important one to our statehood, no matter how hard and bloody battles we are to fight, we must stand.

In the name of the Lord, in the name of Holy Russia, in the name of the memory of our ancestors, who were in this battle to the end and who gave us the baton to serve the Faith, Tsar and Fatherland. And we have to carry it on, passing it on to future generations of soldiers of Christ.

Waging war in our spiritual space, the adversary has historically used different tricks from their bags of tricks, deceitful strategies, and their degree of sophistication and cunning grew from age to age.

First, the enemy went ahead and tried to offer us their faith directly. When that failed, he set out to bring their faith into our faith through religious infiltration in order to perform eventual substitution. After the failure of these plans as well, he tried to replace faith with god-fighting ideology of Marxism. But this failed again.

After that, during the era of pluralist democracy, the enemy has done his best to overshadow out our faith with all sorts of cults, chief among which was the cult of money, the flesh and the pleasures, the cult of the market in the state policy.

By the way, as it follows from the Orthodox Encyclopedias, Dan city in Northern Palestine, funded on the tribe of Dan in the place of the captured city of the tribe of Naphtali, the city of Laisa (Lasema), became a place of particular illegal cult, subsequently transformed by Jeroboam into a cult of the golden calf.

The city was one of the golden calves of Rehoboam. This northern colony of tribe of Dan established close relations of commerce with its neighbors, the Phoenicians, sacrificing the interests of fatherland and the people to commercial interests and calculations.

In pursuit of the golden calf tribe of the Danites, being very warlike, were building up the military forces and waging wars.

Caduceus - the rod with two intertwined snakes - one of the secret signs of Danites, the tribe of Dan

Not for nothing that the caduceus - the rod with two intertwined snakes is one of the secret signs of the tribe of Dan, which symbolizes the worship of idols and trade at the same time a symbol (signal) for the gathering of military force.

Recall that Dan is "the snake on the road, a viper on the way." And, indeed, the sons of the tribe of Dan are always on the road in an effort to control the flow of natural resources, money and goods. That is how Khazaria exists, and now lives the Khazarian chimera. Therefore, the golden calf idol, which means thirst for enrichment and related wars, found its expression in the caduceus.

The enemy threw us the sects and variety of idols, the worship of which forced the renouncement of the Orthodox faith and service to the Fatherland. Democracy with its pluralism became that very same network that was used by the enemy to confuse us, to make us enter into temptation and be conquered.

Democracy has become a convenient shield for the promotion of all sorts of abominations. Moreover, the adversary has assumed the role of the chief judge and in this impersonation decides who is a democrat and who is not.

The pronouncement of a state to be undemocratic, read, nationally oriented, means the death sentence, turning that state it into a target for the next war. Non-democratism is equated with terrorism.

All of the above methods of warfare in the spiritual space are aimed to undermine the spiritual foundations of our faith. Now the adversary uses another sinister method - physically push another faith against ours in order to destroy our statehood. This scenario was worked out in Yugoslavia, where Orthodox Christianity was clashed against Islam in the war of the peoples who were the subjects of state building.

The same attempt was made in Chechnya - to transform the ethnic and political war into religious one. But, fortunately, it failed. Otherwise, if they were able to push Islam and Orthodoxy against each other in Chechnya, then the whole of Russia and beyond would be caught on fire.

Our opponents did their best to implement this strategy. Not for no reason the "Committee for Peace in Chechnya", created in the United States, included all the inveterate Russophobes and Trotskyist neo-conservatives. Now this organization has become known as American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus, and its members form the core of the U.S. political establishment.

Appetites and geography of interests of Khazar-revenge-seekers are growing. Caucasus attracts them like a magnet, a mystical attraction for not only its natural resources, but also the memory of their ancestors.

That committee is headed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who equally hates Orthodoxy and Islam with all its consequences for the situation in the Caucasus and the relations between the two faiths.

The first attempt to push us on religious grounds Brzezinski made back when he held the post of Adviser for National Security Affairs under President Carter. In an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, published in January 1998, he admitted that President Carter signed the first directive on the secret support of the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul, 3 July 1979. This directive, according to Brzezinski, was to organize provocations to force the Soviet Union to send troops to Afghanistan.

Brzezinski plan was to involve the USSR in Afghanistan and push it against the Islamic fundamentalists gathered from different countries.

This plan was fully supported by the CIA, which in conjunction with the Pakistani intelligence ISI, recruited people from around the world who were ready to join the jihad against the Soviet Union. I stress that this happened before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Plan for Afghanistan to be used to provoke the USSR in accordance to Brzezinski's plan

In the camps established in Pakistan under the leadership of the CIA and British intelligence MI6 between 1986 and 1992 a total of 100,000 fighters of Al Qaeda and the Taliban were trained.

The leaders of these organizations were trained in the CIA camp in Virginia. The work was conducted under the code name "Operation Cyclone", which continued even after the USSR withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda led by Osama bin Laden is the brainchild of Brzezinski. Their military alliance can be seen in the photo. In the late '70s, Brzezinski, criminally exploiting the religious factor, said to Afghan militants, sending them to kill our soldiers and die: "Your cause is just. God is on your side."

Subsequently, the U.S. used the al-Qaeda in the wars in Yugoslavia, as stated by Milosevic in The Hague, and in Chechnya.

The Western media lied by reporting that the Bosnian Serbs are fighting against the Bosnian Muslims. In fact they were defending their community from the mujahideen and among their allies in this struggle was a large group of moderate Muslims. There exists the compelling evidence as to this fact. This contradicts yet another lie that the Serbs fanatically hated Muslims.

The following photograph was printed in The Times on December 11, 1995. Photo caption reads that it depicts "one of the Muslim brigades of Bosnian Army, numbering 10,000 people."

Fake photo of Yugoslav Muslims, who in reality were Mujahideen of the Middle East

In fact, this photo exposed more lies. White garments worn by these troops were not clothes of the Yugoslav Muslims but the Mujahideen of the Middle East, which were trained from a number of Saudis with the help of Pentagon intelligence.

In the early stages of the Bosnian conflict (until January 1993) neocon Zalmay Khalilzad, a protege of Zbigniew Brzezinski, was responsible for strategic planning at the Pentagon. In the late 80s he was the chief strategist for the Afghan war.

In his interview Zbigniew Brzezinski proudly declares that, in Afghanistan and then in Bosnia the U.S. sponsored Islamic terror, despite the fact that the State Department officially condemned it. Because people never would have supported such a policy, "it was sold to the public as support for the struggle for freedom in Afghanistan, or the protection of offended Muslims in Bosnia."

In both cases, Islamic extremism was used as a weapon in the struggle against the state of the USSR and Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, the religious card was being played out in the media. This is how the Brzezinski's doctrine of waging war in the spiritual space by pushing two Khazar hated religions against each other, against which they have historically fought, was being implemented.

With regard to Chechnya, then, according to I. Bodansky, director of the U.S. Congress established working group on terrorism and unconventional warfare, al-Qaeda, supported by the CIA, MI6 and NATO, settling in Chechnya, not only supplied the Chechen rebels with weapons, training them in their camps, but also commanded the guerrillas during combat operations. So in fact behind the war in Chechnya were the CIA, MI6 and NATO, which through a network of al-Qaeda and similar organizations provided support to the separatists, in every way trying to convert the war into sectarian violence, to give it a religious character. Explosive for the entire system of our state.

But now there is another subtle way of waging war against Orthodoxy. In place of sectarian violence that continues to be used, came the actions aimed at pushing the Christians. Russia is represented as an enemy of the Christian world, the empire of evil, and use for these goals the American Protestantism, which was transformed by the Khazars into Neo-Judaism, which received the official name of Christian Zionism.

The strategy of sectarian war, where Islam literally blows off with Orthodoxy, is supplemented by intra-war strategy, where transformed Protestantism is used as a weapon of war propaganda against Russian Orthodoxy and against Islam.

This is how the fundamental principle of the Khazar anti-system - divide and conquer, is implemented. This is how they kill their enemies with the hands of their enemies, while they themselves are above the battle.

According to a survey conducted by Zogby International , the number of Americans, who are firm supporters of Christian Zionism, is now 31% of the population, which at its present size of 302 million people is roughly equal to 100 million 300 thousand people.

Christian Zionism is officially recognized by the U.S. concept defined as "belief that Jews must have all the promised land, including all of Jerusalem, to hasten the coming of the Messiah."

Surveys conducted by Pew, showed that 53% of Americans, that is, more than 150 million people, believe that "Israel was given by God to the Jews."

"And so what - you say - let them think so. We have nothing to do with it."

But this is not as simple and innocent as it looks. The problem is that Christian Zionism is being actively distributed and is a rapidly spreading movement based on the war of the Protestant extremism that serves the interests of the Khazar Zionism, whose main target is Russia.

Potion for Protestantism

For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake.

(Titus 1:10-11)

On May 16, 2007, American Media published a report that on this day preacher Jerry Falwell died in age of 73.

This is what was written about it: "over the past 30 years, he has made a significant contribution to American foreign policy and was one of the founding fathers of the so-called Christian Zionism - the belief that Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy about the end times, and therefore deserves the political, financial and religious support."

It was also reported about Falwell that he had largely contributed to the fact that "a generation of law-abiding American Christians allowed to turn themselves into an army fighting for Zionism."

The appearance of such a movement as "Christian Zionism" in the U.S. is an example of intervention in the spiritual space of the statehood, its occupation and submission of the religious consciousness of many Americans to religious goals of the Danites and turning them into their slaves.

As in historic times of spreading heresy of Judaizers, so is now, the process of spiritual aggression in the U.S. began by placing clerics and religious consciousness of the country's leaders under control. The strategy of this spiritual aggression is the same. And the goals are largely the same. Therefore we can say that Christian Zionism is not only a new form of manifestation of heresy of Judaizers, but also the transformation of this heresy into a particular weapon of mass destruction of spiritual aimed at destroying the traditional statehood.

After all, the occupation of the religious consciousness of the political elite and much of the population has led to the fact that America began to act in the interests of Zionism and became involved in destructive to themselves and others global war.

Attack with the spiritual weapons means total enslavement

Physical weapons, affecting the physical component of man, causes visible physical damages of the body which may be treated by physical means. But spiritual weapon acts not on the flesh but on the soul, and it happens secretly and imperceptibly, and that is why it is dangerous.

Man is led into such a state in which he voluntarily surrenders the soul to destruction, and he, being blinded, can not find the means to heal it and often unable to even feel that he needs to. He becomes the victim of spiritual aggression, a spiritual slave of spiritual occupier. He turns into their weapon, into its tool. This is what these spiritually mortified functionaries, the slaves of the global Khazaria, the anti-state of Antichrist become.

But back to Falwell. His example is typical. This is the template, according to which the tribe of the Danites always acted and continues to operate.

So, it all started with the fact that Zionism subordinated to their goals a number of influential Protestant preachers. Falwell was one of them. He became actively involved in solving the political and military issues at the highest level. During the era of Reagan, Falwell supported the pro-American anti-state movements in Central America and Africa that were responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Falwell has always been a mouthpiece for the Republican Party and a conductor of the reactionary militarist ambitions.

In the 1980s, the Israeli Likud party has established close contacts with Christian Zionists in the U.S. and Falwell became a key figure, mobilizing American Christians to fight to protect the interests of Zionism. In particular, in his TV sermons influenced by his frequent trips to Israel, he drew attention to a huge audience to policy in the Middle East, presenting it in terms of a radical military course.

In 1979, Israel gave private jet to Falwell as a present, and two years later awarded the Medal of Jabotinsky, the famous leader of the Zionist movement, calling for the ruthless war of destruction of the Palestinians to create the trans-Jordan Israeli empire. His doctrine was focused on the war against the Arab states to the bitter end.

Jewish-Protestant relations in the early 80's were so close that as soon as Israel launched air strikes on the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin called Falwell (even before he called President Reagan) and asked to explain to the U.S. Christian public the reasons for bombing campaign.

In 1983, Falwell called the meeting in Annapolis in order to express support for the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Among the participants were members of the Reagan administration, Israel's leaders and former president Richard Nixon. In the same year in the Texas newspaper interview Falwell said that "biblical mandate", the contract between Yahweh and Abraham, gives Israel the right to a part of the territory of modern Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, as well as all of Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait.

Falwell served in leadership of the American Alliance of Christians and Jews, an organization founded by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of the conservative Jewish organization To the Tradition and the Christian Zionist preacher Harry Bauer, the founder of Christian values.

In the U.S., an extensive network of more than 200 pro-Israel public-church organizations was created to disseminate Christian Zionism under the guise of true Christianity and forming an army of Gog and Magog. Christian Zionists call for American parishioners to pray for Israel, to help it with money and speak publicly in support of it.

One of such network organizations, in fact sects, where Falwell played a key role was organization called New Christian Right.

Falwell penetrated the U.S. government circles and had a strong influence on the minds at the top of the U.S. administration and implementation of various policy decisions.

Network of Christian Zionism begun the active work among youth. So in 1971, Falwell created Liberty University, where 9600 people became full-time students. Another 15,000 became students of the correspondence department.

Jews for Jesus

A variety of networked-based organizations founded specifically for this purpose by the American Jews took part in the expansion of Protestantism in the United States.

In 2006, David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, said that "continuing agenda" of the day among the Jewish leaders is "undermining the Christian doctrine of the Gospel through the formation of Christian theology."

Clearly written in plain English. I remember to have already read it somewhere. Oh yes, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is called a forgery, fabricated by secret services of the Russian Empire. Apparently, this "fake" was demanded today by those whom it, as they say, "would be blamed for". And what is remarkable it became their program of action, about which they no longer write in secrecy, but speak openly in the face, in particular, David Brickner. In the emblem of his organization symbology of the Danites overshadows even the shadow of the cross.

John Hagee - Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas

America became covered with dense branched network of organizations of Christian Zionists, one of the cells of which is another organization called Christians United For Israel , whose leadership included Jerry Falwell.

This organization was founded in 2006 by very popular in the U.S. Christian Zionist activist - Pastor John Hagee, who thunders everywhere with his radical political speeches-sermons of a paramilitary nature.

He has enthusiastic support from such a powerful and influential in the U.S. structure, as the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). At the annual conference of the committee the statements of Hagee were greeted with great enthusiasm, and every now and then interrupted by applause. All 6,000 delegates gave him a standing ovation after he said:

"We are now in 1938. Iran is Germany, and Ahmadinejad - a new Hitler. "

Christians united for Israel staged an event called The Night of honor to Israel.

Hagee promised "not to be a true Christian in these festivities in honor of Israel."

On one of those nights in San Antonio (Texas) in just one evening $7 million has been collected in support of Israel.

Christian Zionist Organization International Fellowship of Christians and Jews annually conducts Day of Prayer for Israel, which engulfs up to 18 thousands of American churches. During eight years of raising money the church and individuals have donated to humanitarian and social programs in Israel about $100 million. Lately, the revenues reached $20 million a year.

Another organization - the Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign - conducts the campaigns in the U.S. Congress against all attempts to limit freedom of action of Israel. Richard Hellman, head of the committee urged the U.S. government to "no longer offer any plans to settle the Arab-Israeli conflict."

The doctrine of Christian Zionists, openly hostile to Islam, provokes the confrontation between Muslims and Christians, as Muslims have the impression that this anti-Islamic ideology, destroying hopes for a Palestinian state, is shared by all Christians without exception. Thus, the Christian Zionists are provoke clashes between Muslims and Christians, which may have a negative impact on the situation in the countries where these two religions are the constituent.

Experts believe that the danger is that when political conflicts are being presented as religious wars, it becomes impossible to resolve them.

Christian Zionists in the U.S. are very powerful and influential political and social force. It is known that the leaders of the Christian Zionists' have access to the White House. They enjoy wide support in Congress.

Morton Klein, head of the Zionist Organization of America and one of the leaders of the Jewish lobby, said:

"Christian-Zionist organizations play an increasingly important role in our business. Congressmen and senators from many constituencies, where there are not that many Jews, support Israel partly due to the fact that on Capitol Hill there is a strong Christian Zionist lobby."

Reagan, when he was president, was such a friend of Christian Zionists that consulted with them on all important matters. One of those people who were particularly close to Reagan, was Billy Graham, who in October 1977 called for a reorientation of the U.S. policy to ensure the existence and security of Israel. In April 2000, Billy Graham was awarded the prize of freedom of Ronald Reagan in recognition of his "significant and lasting achievements in the struggle for religious freedom." In the past, Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and Yitzhak Rabin were honored with this award.

It is reported that Reagan simply did not receive the preachers who had no right-wing political beliefs. Falwell was someone of greatest prestige to him. In 1983, Reagan allowed Falwell to participate in national security briefings on the U.S. plans for nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Moreover, Reagan invited another one of the leaders of the organization, Hal Lindsey, to give a lecture about nuclear war for the Pentagon strategists. His cabinet and other offices Reagan filled with representatives of Christian Zionists, Pentecostals, and conservative Catholics. He spinned off the idea of turning a secular society into a theocracy.

Becoming a convinced Christian Zionist, Ronald Reagan in 1980, concludes:

"Israel is the only stable democracy in a place where Armageddon can start."

The Bush administration in its support for Israel is based on a coalition formed by the neoconservatives and Christian Zionists.

On September 17, 2002 The Guardian wrote that the Christian Zionists,

"enthusiastic with their expectation of the Messiah and Armageddon, formed an alliance with neoconservative Jewish intellectuals - such as Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, and exert a very strong influence on Bush's foreign policy."

We note in passing that in the U.S. Pearl was nicknamed the "Prince of Darkness for his anti-Soviet Russophobia"

A year later, Washington Post wrote that this very "alliance of Christian Zionists and right-wing Jewish groups in many ways helped to shape the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East."

The same neo-conservative groups and centers of Zionist kind defined the military policy of the official Washington. In 1992 the guidelines for the formation of U.S. policy in the area of defense have appeared. One of its key developers was Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy defense minister, who has close ties with Israel. This military strategy document, for the first time, outlined the idea of support of Zionism as a foundation of the U.S. defense policy.

As follows from published U.S. statistics, the number of Christian Zionists in the highest American leadership is growing. Thus, if in 1988 members of the Christian Zionist organization Christian Right was 26 percent of the total population of the ruling Republican Party, and by 1999, that figure had risen to 33 percent.

It is believed that due to this strong support of Christian Zionists and the Israel lobby Bush was elected as president twice. This alliance, formed to date, includes on the part of Christian Zionist organizations such as the aforementioned Christian right, Christian Coalition, Religious Roundtable, and The 700 Club. On the part of the same pro-Israeli lobby the alliance also includes the Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign.

Board of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, as well as known Masonic structures - such as the Anti-Defamation League, B'nai B'rith and others.

Such famous names as Paul Wolfowitz, Rudolph Giuliani (former New York mayor, who held the position during the events of September 11) are associated with this alliance.

As reported in April 2003 by the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz :

"The beginning of the war in Iraq was determined by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, many of whom were Jews. This is Pearl, Wolfowitz, Feith, Kristol, Abrams, Krauthamer and so forth."

In particular, Elliott Abrams, in charge of the Council for National Security Policy Issues in the Middle East and North Africa, took part in the Congress of Christian Zionists, playing this card to their advantage. He supported the position of members of Congress about the fact that as long as Israel is not safe and the third temple is not built, Christ will not come to Earth.

At this stage, the main threat to Israel's security, in their view, is Iran.

I note in passing that these same "intellectuals" are members of the American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus (formerly called the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya) , which has a destabilizing effect on the situation in the North Caucasus, Russia and the entire Caucasus region and is trying to turn the South Caucasus region into a base for the for future wars against Iran and Russia.

The American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus is working closely with such neoconservative organizations of Zionist persuasion, as the Project for a New American Century, Jamestown Foundation, Freedom House, the American Enterprise Institute. The whole bunch of irreconcilable Russophobes and hawks.

The American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, was founded in 1999 by the neo-conservative organization Freedom House, which has existed since 1941 and is closely associated with the National Endowment for Democracy, which is funded by the U.S. government. It is known about this fund in the U.S. that it does openly what which the CIA has done secretly for decades. Thus, the Fund is nothing but the roof, in fact, part of the CIA, conducting operations in its interests, but under another banner.

Not surprisingly, the American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus, supports the Chechen separatist movement as a strategy to destabilize the situation in Russia and the establishment of U.S. control over the Caucasus region.


Caucasus carries a very powerful sacred energy in its depths and is of paramount importance for the fate of the world. It is there, on Mount Ararat is where Noah's Ark of our forefather is stored on ice until now. This is evidenced by the results of scientific expeditions, and images taken from space.

It in the Caucasus where post-Flood history of mankind has started, to whom the merciful Lord has given another opportunity of salvation. And it is not a coincidence that tribe of the Danites has moved there to prevent this salvation. It is symbolic that it was there, in the Caucasus where visible and then invisible Khazaria has emerged as the main obstacle to the path of salvation.

Holy Apostle Andrew

And, of course, it is not a coincidence that one of the first places where Holy Apostle Andrew had come to preach the word of God, became the Caucasus.

It is there where post-Flood history of mankind began. It seems that is where the beginning of its end will be. It is there where that very "mystery of iniquity" first took shape and was structured and personified by its carrier and disseminator, the tribe of the Danites, using Khazaria as its springboard.

The Caucasus is of prime significance to Russia's security. We can say that at this point, here in the Caucasus lays the main battlefield for our sacred imperial statehood, for the Third Rome, that took over from the Byzantine Empire, for our Orthodox faith. The battle led by the Apostle Andrew, who created the Orthodox army. He by the route of his movement, in fact, marked the region where the battle unfolded later, not only spiritually but also physically. He passed the Caucasus, Black Sea coast, and visited "the great city of Sevastopol (Sebastopol)", and finally, through Dnieper, went to the mountains of Kiev. It is symbolic that the Khazar yoke spread to these areas later.

The Apostle Andrew together with the Apostles Peter, James and John asked the Lord on the Mount Olivet about the future destruction of Jerusalem and the signs of the Second Coming of the Savior (Mark 13, 3:4; Mt. 24, 1:14, Luke. 21, 5:19).

The Apostle Andrew marked with his presence those places where centers of Russian statehood where founded: Novgorod and Kiev, which became the centers of resistance to Khazaria, and protection of our people, to whom God has predetermined the high honor of being a carrier and guardian of the Orthodox faith.

Climbing the mountains of Kiev, St. Andrew blessed them, and hoisted the cross and said to his disciples, "See those mountains? On these mountains the grace of God will shine: there will be a great city built on them, and the Lord will erect many churches." It was from this city, the Russian army headed by Sviatoslav went for a decisive battle against the Khazars and won.

Today, Kiev has been occupied by the Khazars, thirsty for revenge, of the tribe of Dan. But this is only temporary. But this is only temporary. The memory of that victory, and, most importantly, its spirit will be kindled again in the heart of national and will sweep away all this filth in the spiritual battle, no matter how strong and invincible now it may seem.

Similarly, tribe of the Danites also torments the Orthodox Georgia. Ukraine and Georgia have now become the centers of the Khazarian revenge against Holy Russia - the Third Rome. As it became a tradition in Russian history, for each Khazarian revenge there appears its Svyatoslav.

St. Andrew

Having passed through parts of the future Kiev and Novgorod, St. Andrew after a while came to a small settlement of Byzantium, later Constantinople, where he founded the Christian Church. The spiritual essence of the Holy Apostle Andrew outlined the connection and continuity between the Second Rome, Byzantium, which also fought against the Khazars, and the Third Rome, Holy Russia, who took the baton of sacred imperial statehood from the Byzantine.

It is that very Orthodox monarchical statehood, according to the prophecies of the holy fathers and the grace of God, must be restored in Russia. Let us pray for this to holy Apostle Andrew, who is considered the patron saint of the Russian state, which foresaw the future greatness of Orthodox Russia.

It is known that the Holy Apostle Andrew was the first of the apostles to follow Christ, and then brought to him his brother, the Apostle Peter. So, maybe Russia, like the Apostle Andrew, with all her soul turning to Christ, will unite and lead everyone, in whom the spark of life and the faith of God has not died out, to Him.


Caucasus attracts the invisible rulers of the Khazaria, who see it as a geopolitical and military base for future battles for the conquest of Russia, realizing its importance for achieving this goal.

Experts in the field of geopolitics, write that the Caucasus is unique in its position. It is difficult to find a region, comparable with it in importance in the Eurasia. Even the Balkans are inferior to it on several important parameters.

Caucasian corridor is the closest way to the center of Russia, the Volga region. And that is why this is the most dangerous area for a possible "breakthrough" of the enemy.

"From a geographical point of view, it is a base, pulling together Black Sea and Caspian Sea areas.

This is a springboard for the control of communications.


From an economic point of view, it is a world crossroads of transport routes and the region adjacent to the huge hydrocarbon resources.

From the military-strategic point of view it is an important staging area for the pressure (or offensive) in any direction to any country, and not only in the region but also adjacent regions."

Map of Greater Middle East

As a result, the Caucasus is seen as a lever to reshape the Greater Middle East (according to The Pentagon, the "Middle East" now includes Caucasus as well) and a number of states on the territory of "Greater Israel", center of invisible Khazaria, where the Anti-Christ must be brought to power.


In 1952, Moshe Dayan, former Israeli Defense Minister and later Foreign Minister, whose parents were, as usual, from Russia, said:

"Our task is to prepare the Israeli army for the forthcoming new war in order to achieve a single goal - the creation of the Israeli Empire."

During the Suez War in 1956 Ben Gurion told the Knesset that the real reason for it is

"restoring the kingdom of David and Solomon in the Bible borders."

At this point of his speech, almost all members of the Knesset spontaneously rose and sang the national anthem of Israel.

Tribe of the Danites is guided in its actions not by political or international, but by religious law. They exploit the political law in order to implement and excessively expand their religious rights.

The doctrine of "Greater Israel" is theological doctrine, behind which stand religious considerations. They are the real reason for war against Iraq.

Paul Craig Roberts wrote about this in his article, "About what was this war in Iraq?", who was Assistant U.S. Treasury during the Reagan's first term and has been linked with such renowned academic center as the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), established in 1962 at Georgetown University (a private Catholic university) on the initiative of politicians and public figures in the U.S. maintaining the conservative position related to the military departments of the country. (CSIS) is considered to be one of the major "think tanks" of the Republican Party.

In addition, he collaborated with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, which is located on the territory of Stanford University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

In other words, Roberts is a solid expert who is familiar not only with military and economic aspects of the war in Iraq, but also with its spiritual foundation. So: "About what is this war?" - He asks.

The reason for that, which lies on the surface, it is oil. This is the first and foremost thing that immediately comes to mind. But Roberts argues differently. He refers to the American economist, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, who calculated that the total cost of the invasion and occupation of Iraq will be $3-5 trillion. The U.S. can not afford such expenses.

Shortly before his retirement in March 2008, David Walker, former Auditor General of the United States, which is responsible for verifying the correctness of spending the federal budget, said the current U.S. debt is 53 trillion dollars. The U.S. government can not cover the debt, so it has to borrow money from foreigners to cover the costs of fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is a certain way to bankrupt the country and topple the dollar as world reserve currency. That is the war in Iraq economically dangerous for the United States. And to justify it, they concoct all sorts of speculation and outright lies.

And the main justification for it is this war is necessary in order to solve the problem for U.S. oil in high demand. But this explanation is highly questionable.

Firstly, because, according to Roberts, the main stream of oil goes to the U.S. from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela.

Moreover, for the 5.3 trillion dollars, which Stiglitz estimated as a cost of this war, you can buy a huge amount of oil. Prior to these campaigns, oil imports cost U.S. $100 billion a year. That is, for three trillion, without starting a war, a 30 years oil supply could be bought, and five-trillion could provide enough oil for half a century. Thus, the problem of oil for the U.S. could be solved without starting a war and suffering heavy losses.

And if it is not the economics, then what is the hidden agenda and the secret motives of this war? In the name of what does the U.S. go to such great sacrifices and risks?

Roberts writes that the explanation for the invasion of Iraq is the commitment of neoconservative regime in the United States to assure the territorial expansion of Israel. Furthermore, there is no neo-con who has not been linked to Israel.

Roberts testifies that the "war on terror" is a lie that serves to cover U.S. intervention in the Middle East in order to create "Greater Israel". Christian Zionists in the U.S. serve the same purpose.

Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, said:

"I agree that the occupation of Iraq was in some degree connected with the oil, or, more precisely, with the oil for Israel."

Reactivation of Kirkuk-Haifa pipeline immediately after the invasion of Iraq, and placement of a huge contingent of troops to protect it, is a case in point.

All the issues are resolved nowadays exclusively through the war.

American neo-conservatives from the tribe of Dan show the same fighting spirit, the same obsession with the war that were characteristic of their ancestors, the Khazars, many centuries ago.

Thomas Friedman in The New York Times in April 2003, wrote:

"I can name the 25 people who are within 5 blocks from this office. If they were expelled to an uninhabited island a year and a half ago, the war in Iraq, probably would not have happened."

At a conference of the American Enterprise Institute, where he witnessed the whole army "unreasonable Khazars" (they are also members of the American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus), including former CIA director James Woolsey, Richard Perle and former CIA officer, a member of the scandalously known lodge in Italy, P-2, Michael Lidin, one particular issue was discussed. It concerned the level of allowable losses from the U.S. and Iraq in terms of the further continuation of operations in Iraq.

Lidin answer the question bluntly:

"I think the level of casualties is secondary. I mean, and this may sound strange at first glance, but all the great scientists who have studied American character have come to the conclusion that we are warlike people and that we love war. What we hate is not losses, but loosing. And if the war is going well, and if the American public believes that we are properly ruled, and that our people are fighting well, and that we are winning, I do not think that the losses were a problem."

I stress that it was not only about the losses of the United States, but also of Iraq. Serial killers do not care how many people die at their hands. Murder is their craft.

Indeed, regarding such a character trait as belligerence, Lidin is right. Apparently, what talks in him is the blood of the Khazar ancestors. Remember, when we were starting the story of the Khazars, we noted their militancy as a characteristic feature. It is known that children of the tribe of Dan were particularly warlike and had passion for travel. That is why they ended in Ireland in ancient times, and then, much later, the same passion pushed them to America.

By the way, the roots of Christian Zionism, go back to the XIX century and to Ireland, to the Irishman John Nelson Darby, who is considered the founder of this movement.

Therefore, the connection between Zionists-neocons and Christian Zionists is not surprising. Both are of one spirit - of the tribe of Dan.

And now, the same lobby is in favor of further escalation of the war. And the preachers from among the Christian Zionists are actively assisting them in implementation of the militarist policies aimed at dismantling the system of statehood in the world with war, and creation of global Khazaria on its ruins.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."

(Matthew 24:6).

Christian Zionists believe that the task of Christians is to support Israel in everything. Their groups are calling on churches to support the U.S. Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.

Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to be destroyed and third temple to be built on its place

An article published in The Christian Century in June 2003, states that the views and actions of Christian Zionists are a danger to the Christian community in Palestine, which is forced to leave their homes not because of Islamic fundamentalism. The main reason here is anti-Palestine Israeli policies against the Palestinian Muslims and Christians, who believe that "Christian Zionists contribute to the collapse of Christianity in the Holy Land."

Christian Zionists are praying that the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was destroyed through the war as soon as possible, and on its place it is planned to build the Third Temple, where the Antichrist is to sit on the throne.

They give speeches and pray for the speedy construction of this temple, joining the children of the tribe of Dan in this aspiration, and entering the ranks of the army of Gog and Magog.

In Israel, there is a special project to launch a laser projection of the Third Temple over the dome of the Al Aqsa Mosque, to call on the Moshiach.

Christian Zionists from the United States have received large financial and other support for the so-called Third Temple Movement.

One of them is convinced that during the Arab-Israeli war the "surface-to-surface" missile, that was released on Jerusalem, will get off course and will hit the dome of Al Aqsa. For the destruction of this mosque, they pray for the war, even nuclear one.

James DeLoach, pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, has boasted that he and other Christian Zionists have founded the Jerusalem Temple Foundation specifically to help those who want to destroy the al-Aqsa Muslim mosque [one of three holies of Islam] and build the Third Temple in its place.

In this, they are completely united with Jewish fundamentalists.

As one of them, Rabbi Shlomo Avineri announced:

"We must not forget that the ultimate gathering of exiles and the rebuilding of our country is the construction of the Temple. Temple is the tip of the whole pyramid."

Rabbi Moshe Levinger, one of the terrorists who tried to blow up the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, said:

"Zionism is mysticism. Zionism will wither away if its mystical messianic roots are cut off."

"Fund of the Temple of Jerusalem" is in the patronage of the Bush administration. In addition to support from the U.S. government fund receives more financial support from Christian Zionists in the United States, Britain and other countries, as well as from international Jewish organizations.

Chrisitian Science Monitor has devoted a whole article to Christian Zionism. They quoted the director of "International Christian Embassy Jerusalem," the largest Christian Zionist organization, which has offices in 55 countries, which states:

"We believe that all the land that God gave the Jews in the covenant of Abraham four thousand years ago, belongs to Israel. He arranged for Israel join in ownership over the territory allocated to it from above for all eternity."

He notes that biblical Zionism does not recognize any allegorical interpretation of the Scripture. - The term 'Palestinian' is fiction" - he adds.

Americans for the security of Israel and several other organizations in the United States carried out a nationwide campaign for a version of "One State".

George W. Bush - a Mason with Members of Masonic lodge, year 2000

As you know, the fish rots from the head. Top management of the USA is Masonized. It is known that in the Masonic lodges, near the west wall, have to be two columns as referring to the ancient Temple of Jerusalem - the symbolic pillars of the temple itself, which they are so eager to erect. It is reported that there are five million Masons in the world now, of which almost two million live in the U.S. who are the members of hundreds of various informal communities.

President Bush is also a member of the Masonic Lodge Skull and Bones. This photo of members of the lodge was made in 2000, and then later picture, where the burly man in glasses (pictured next to Bush) in the first photo is initiating Bush into 33rd degree.

Emblem of 32 degree - swastika with the triangle in the center

And here is the logo of the 32nd degree ("a swastika with the triangle in the center and the numbers 32" - Ed. Golden - ship). Presumably, starting another world war, Bush ran the program 32-second degree and is now able to further increase its degree, the degree of insanity.

Since 1949, every U.S. secretary of state (with the exception of James Byrnes) was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Since 1940, every U.S. defense secretary was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Over its history, the Central Intelligence Agency, was headed by CFR members since its founder, Allen Dulles. Since World War II, almost every major adviser of U.S. President for National Security or Foreign Policy was a member of the QS.

It is funny to see in this circular bail how they appoint each other to be controllers on the crimes committed by the same masons.

When Bush appointed Henry Kissinger as a head of the commission of inquiry into the failure of intelligence in connection with the terrorist attacks of 2001, it was perceived as if the fox was appointed to investigate the theft of chickens in the henhouse.

Bush with his Satanic buddies in Sept. 2007 showing the satanic hand sign of "Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto" with his left hand

This photo was taken in September 2007 during a memorial service in memory of those killed on September 11. Looking at the hands of Bush, one could not help asking the question of who all the people gathered there prayed for, and who performed this service (picture shows fingers folded into "the goat" sign at the common metalists and satanists - golden - ship). Was it not Christian Zionists, associated with Bush?

Do you think that's an accident? Not at all. You could say it is a long time habit. Fingers fold this way by themselves. And no matter where he stands: in the memorial service, or next to the queen. Habit is a second nature.

George Bush with queen Elisabeth showing the satanic hand sign of "Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto" with his left hand

This democracy of theirs, the American style, with those of their kind, the U.S. imposed on rest of the world. Moreover, started a world war to democratize the whole of humanity. In general, their democracy is an abbreviation for demonocracy. Not to write a long word, they write a shorter version of it, to which all used to. In fact, the United States is under the control of this particular "cracy". This "cracy" sits in Congress, the White House, the Department of Defense, the CIA and, in face of Christian Zionists has dug a place for itself among the Protestant clergy.

In reality, it is called the occult theocracy. The same regime existed in the Third Reich. They have ended poorly.

At the end of January 2008 the Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger at Ben Gurion airport thanked President Bush for military intervention in Iraq.

"I want to thank you for your support of Israel, and in particular for the war in Iraq"

- said Metzger to Bush. Bush replied that the words of the Chief Rabbi, "filled his heart with the warmth."

According to CBS, Metzger is one of the 12 most influential religious figures in the world.

In the second word of the expression "Masonic lodge", the adjective suggests false. U.S. leadership is on the false course, and this attracts people to destruction, because the one who is worshipped by the Christian Zionists and Freemasons is "a liar and the father of lies," "murderer," who demands new wars and new victims, and the absolute and total submission of slavery.

Not surprisingly, in this atmosphere in the United States, destructive to the soul, witchcraft and satanic cults rapidly began to spread. You can reach it from Christian Zionism with your hand. We can say, it is its next inevitable step.

A number of publications on this topic in the American press have appeared in January 2008. Pastor Phil Wyman, an "expert on witchcraft, supported the holidays that Christians consider to be the symbols of darkness and the occult." "Wyman made friends with witchcraft community and had some witches as personal friends." Christian Zionists mix Christianity with Judaism and the occult. Wyman went the same way.

WorldNetDaily in January 2008 published an article entitled "Black Magic in America." It says that

"witchcraft has become commonplace among housewives, students, professors, and even the military, who identify themselves as witches." "Witchcraft has become a movement in America and took an official status as a religion in the U.S., and is rapidly spreading among the population. Courts have concluded that the sorcerers and witches should be allowed to conduct their services at local government meetings.

Furthermore, they should be provided with all the ritual objects they request. Warlocks in the armed forces organize covens and conduct their rituals on an ongoing basis."

Khazarian tribe of the Danites, once it was in power in America, inevitably sucked people into the pagan rituals, to which it itself has become addicted since the old times, for whis it was exposed by the ancient prophets. But its sons did not get wiser. Their pride has made them rebellious against God and the eternal revolutionaries.

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah writes that this

"movement is steadily growing since the 1960s. It is a spiritual revolt that swept the political and social spheres. This spiritual rebellion turns into a storm that is growing exponentially, and is becoming darker with each successive decade."

The article says that an increasing number of Protestants, particularly among the Christian Zionists, are beginning to practice black magic.

The struggle for equality in the United States has reached a point that witches began to appeal to the Supreme Court with claims that the Christians at public meetings have more rights than they do.

A number of witches in the military is increasing. They gather at one of the bases of the Air Force United States on their Sabbaths, which are officially allowed by the armed forces command, since it "does not violate the order."

This is an apogee of tolerance, pluralism, and American democracy, the most democratic democracy in the world. The whole world stands up and applauds in unison. As Orwell wrote: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others ..." United States as a standard is more equal than others. Freedom they have "is nothing more than an insult by freedom."

Rebellion and revolution continues. Faithful followers of Trotsky, have ensured that it became permanent. In America, above all this ugliness under the name of Christian Zionism, which transforms into the occult and Satanism, Trotskysts-Danites erected an invisible monument to an object of their worship. The monument, which Trotsky could not erect in Russia, is now erected in America occupied by Dan.

Times change, but the leaders of the revolution are the same. They have the same spirit.

Permanent revolution has moved from the political to the spiritual space. Last revolution of the end times will not be a revolt against the king of the earth, but against the King of Heaven. Rebellion against God - that is what this rebel obsessed with black pride is trying to raise. He demands voluntary submission of mankind into slavery. And to achieve this, uses all means of moral decay. They directly affect not only physical, but above all a spiritual component.

The English writer Aldous Huxley, who lived a long time in the U.S. and used drugs himself, wrote of "narco-democracies" or "narco-cleptocracies" of the West. In his lecture at the medical school in San Francisco, he said:

"The future generations will appear the pharmacological methods, that cause people to love their servitude, and tolerate the dictatorship, without suffering for it. That is, creation of painless concentration camps for entire societies, so that when people are deprived of their freedoms, it will be welcomed with pleasure, because they, by propaganda or brainwashing with the help of enhanced pharmacological methods, will be repulsed by any desire to resist. And this will be the last revolution."

Martin Marty, a historian of religions, talks about this very invisible penetration,

"Christian Zionists create a worldview that people adopt unconsciously, not realizing what a big step was made."

And so they get quietly addicted to drugs.

As for the actual drugs, about which Huxley says, the drug war is destroying society, not only physically, which was written about earlier, but also morally. It is conducted in an ethical subspace that is a part of the spiritual space of statehood. Thus, it is now a part of ongoing total war and has a total character, affecting not only physical but also mental and spiritual component.

Christian Zionists submitted to their militaristic aspirations the religious consciousness of hundreds of millions of Americans and the religious consciousness of the political and military leadership.

Christian Zionists infiltrated the U.S. Armed Forces. As reported by Conway and Spiegelman, in their book "The Holy Terror", the unnamed captain «X» says that "fundamentalist layer in the military develops into a separate subculture in the military community." Captain «X» stressed that the subculture of Christian right-wing forces is the most pronounced among those who hold the command positions. But not only among the troops, but also in the U.S. Department of Defense.

In the U.S. Armed Forces, where Christian Zionism is actively inculcated, a policy called "messianic militarism" has been formed. The occult doctrine of Protestantism degenerated into neo-Judaism became the basis of the course of the global war that began the United States. And it is this religious doctrine that defines all internal and external policy of the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that Christian Zionism has become a U.S. military doctrine, which has established itself as the only ideology of this country.

Christian Zionists

Christian Zionists are responsible for the deaths of millions of people in Iraq and Palestine.

These preachers in the name of Christ, are preaching not life, which He represents, but death, the carrier of which is the enemy of mankind. Preaching the war, they worship this man-killer and have involved into it over a hundred million people who heeded the

"... to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth"

(Titus 1:14).

As it is written:

"Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.

"They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate"

(Titus 1:15, 16).

This is about them, about these false prophets. They founded the Council for National Policy, which is a militant organization that advocates the new world order.

It is their well-known and extremely popular and influential preacher Pat Robinson says that God's will is that the Israelis were killing Palestinians.

It is they, the religious Zionists, who preach hatred and war, and fill their sermons with militaristic, aggressive vocabulary. It is they who are at the head of private military companies, such as the largest in the U.S. - Blackwater, famous for its political influence on government and its war crimes.

(How may I ask, this business based on blood and war is consistent with Christian love?)

It is them who falsify the Scriptures in publications issued by the Moody Bible Institute. It is their ideas that are incorporated in all materials produced by the South-West Bible school in Dallas.

A teacher at that school, John Valvurd, explains the essence of Christian Zionism:

"God does not look at everyone as his children equally. He sees us divided by categories - Jews and Gentiles. God has only one plan, the earthly plan for Jews.

And he has a second plan for born again Christians. Other nations of the world - Muslims, Buddhists, and people who belong to other religions, as well as those Christians who are not born again (ie those who are not Christian Zionists) , he is not interested in. As for the destruction of planet Earth, we can not do anything. Peace for us is not written in the book of God ..."

Christian Zionists believe that the Israeli government should not be subjected to any criticism, because Israel fulfills the will of God.

The more the American leaders show their commitment to religion in the form of Zionism, the more they are sowing death and war. They want a nuclear war, which should lead to Armageddon, and the sooner the better. Any policy aimed at escalating the war, in the interest of Christian Zionists and is approved by them. And the more the suffering and poverty is there in the world, the sooner, from their point of view, Christ will come.

Russia is presented by the religious Zionists as Gog and Magog, as that same "prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal", only in a distorted, false sense of the phrase. And it is very dangerous, given the scale of the influence of religious Zionists in the government and society.

And that is why the Americans and the entire West are inculcated with the idea of the necessity of weakening and destruction of Russia as the main enemy of Israel, and therefore the United States. And that is why every year in America they began to hold large-scale exercises, which simulate a scenario of a nuclear war against Russia.

Modern war, based on the occult doctrine of religious Zionists, is religious in nature. Whether we like it or not. And those in Russia, who develop a strategy of conducting it based on the atheistic views, trying to cram it into the narrow confines of purely physical, material, military confrontation, certainly doom us to a complete defeat, and defeat of the spiritual nature. They fight on the side of the enemy, without even knowing it.

Our new military strategy must proceed from the fact that modern warfare is a struggle of the spiritual, and not of weapons, and only the strength of the spirit can win it. And our enemy knows this. And that is why he strongly desires to weaken us spiritually. The fall of the spiritual always precedes the collapse of the state. History of Russia proved it, but, apparently, so far we have not learned its lessons.

Khazaria confronts Russia again. She wants revenge, not only military, but above all spiritual. Again, the heresy of the Judaizers with the snake of Dan are trying to crawl into our souls. In Russia, too, attempts are being made to spread Christian Zionism, the combination of Christianity and Judaism.

On this occasion, Metropolitan of Leningrad Anthony (Melnikov) at the time wrote:

"Zionism is nothing less than a practical implementation of the secret aspirations of religion of Talmudic Judaism .... For Zionism, the interests of the Jewish people, which they allegedly express and protect, is only a demagogic cover to cover their true purpose: to bring Israel and other nations to complete spiritual, and physical destruction.

In terms of these goals, the most important task of Zionism ... is to bring the Jewish people, and possibly all of humanity under the rule of the Antichrist, who will reign in Israel as the Messiah. About this a false Messiah and his spiritual omens and signs is known very much.

Let us remember the words of the Savior.

"I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not:
if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."

(John 5:43).

And this one who comes in his own name, as an earthly ruler in Israel and around the world, is that "Messiah", which is being awaited by the Zionists, and whose coming they are actively preparing for now. And this is that very Antichrist.

That is why Zionism is particularly interested in having their "guards" in the Orthodox Church to, who would meet the people that are really going to the Truth, and would be sent off to far away from it, trying, however, to assure that they lead them in the right direction, namely to Orthodoxy. The task of these "guards" is to preach a lie in the name of truth, and under cover of the Orthodoxy, to fill the souls of people with views pleasing to Zionist and their sentiments."

We know from history that the Church anathematized the Judeo-Christians.

Christian Zionism lays in the religious consciousness the matrix of expectation and the adoption of the Antichrist. This is his main task, being implemented by the descendants of Dan and the spiritual rulers of the global Khazaria.

Christian Zionists seek to ensure that the world was destroyed, and in this they are supported by tens of millions of followers in the U.S., "born again", who believe that God's will is to kill everyone on the planet except them.

They did not understand the gospel and do not know that God is love.


Imperial project of "Third Rome"
Against the Project "Khazaria"

Russia's future is to preserve the spiritual traditions

Tribe of the Danites - executors of the will the devil

Ты предназначен был на обличения в свои времена, чтобы утишить гнев, прежде нежели обратится он в ярость. Блаженны видевшие тебя и украшенные любовью, - и мы жизнью поживем.

(Сир. 48:10-11)

Эти слова говорил премудрый сын Сирахов, обращаясь к святому Илии, этому страстному защитнику веры и борцу за правду Божию.

«И подошел Илия ко всему народу, и сказал: долго ли вам хромать на оба колена? если Господь есть Бог, то последуйте Ему а если Ваал, то ему последуйте. И не отвечал народ ему ни слова» (3 Цар. 18:21).

Символично, что именно Илия - этот ветхозаветный обличитель поклонявшихся Ваалу, по пророчеству, придет в последние времена призвать опамятоваться человечество, подпавшее под власть антихриста и его слуг - идолопоклонников данитян.

«И дам двум свидетелям Моим, и они будут пророчествовать тысячу двести шестьдесят дней, будучи облечены во вретище... огонь выйдет из уст их и пожрет врагов их... Они имеют власть затворить небо... и имеют власть над водами, превращать их в кровь и поражать землю всякою язвою, когда только захотят.

И когда кончат они свидетельство свое, зверь, выходящий из бездны, сразится с ними, и победит их, и убьет их, и трупы их оставит на улице великого города, который духовно называется Содом и Египет, где Господь наш распят...

И живущие на земле будут радоваться сему и веселиться... потому что два пророка сии мучили живущих на земле. Но после трех дней с половиною вошел в них дух жизни от Бога, и они оба стали на ноги свои; и великий страх напал на тех, которые смотрели на них. И услышали они с неба громкий голос, говоривший им: взойдите сюда. И они взошли на небо на облаке...» (Откр. 11:3, 5-8, 10, 11, 12).

Дан будет склонять людей к предательству веры Христовой. Не случайно ведь, что предатель Иуда Искариот пришел именно из колена Данова.

«Иисус отвечал им: не двенадцать ли вас избрал Я? Но один из вас диавол. Это говорил Он об Иуде Симонове Искариоте, ибо сей хотел предать Его, будучи один из двенадцати» (Ин. 6:70-71).

Как Иуда был исполнителем дьявола среди 12 апостолов, так и колено Даново - одно из 12 колен израилевых стало исполнителем его воли во всей последующей истории человечества. И как на смену Иуде был избран другой апостол, так и на смену колену Данову было избрано другое колено.

Просматривается некая символическая параллель между судьбой Иуды и колена Данова. Эта параллель свидетельствует о том, что это племя кончит так же, как их отпрыск Иуда. Как написано: «да будет двор его пуст, и да не будет живущего в нем»; и «достоинство его да приимет другой» (Деян. 1:20).

Дан, будучи «змеем на дороге», будет прельщать людей, чтобы они свернули с пути веры, и, будучи «аспидом на пути», будет поражать служителей Божиих ядовитыми укусами всякого рода страданий, чтобы они падали и отказывались от веры. Как Христос пострадал за веру от предательства Иуды, так и праведники страдают за веру от предательства колена Данова, терпя ненависть, издевательства, зависть, осмеяния, клевету, гонения и мученически погибая.

Эта битва очень трудна, и враг беспощаден, и может дрогнуть сердце от всесилия зла, и от того, что один человек все равно не сможет ему противостоять, и потому не стоит продолжать эту борьбу из-за ее бесперспективности. Но Господь в образе Илии дает нам пример такой мужественной личной борьбы. Пророк Илия на горе Кармил вступил в открытое единоборство со жрецами Ваала. Следствием победы Илии было уничтожение вааловых жрецов. Гнев Иезавели, жены царя Ахава, заставил Израиль возвратиться снова к поклонению Ваалу.

И дальше, как говорится в одной проповеди: «Нечестивая Иезавель, узнав о гибели своих жрецов, стала угрожать святому Илии мщением. И никто, никто во всем Израиле, только что видевшем великое чудо Истинного Бога, не вступился за пророка Господня. От ярости Иезавели святой Илия бежал в пустыню и по пути изнемог.

Сознание того, что и дарованное от Господа духовное могущество не помогло ему восстановить на земле праведность, наполнило его душу невыносимой горечью. Святой Илия думал, что проиграл в борьбе с мировым злом, что все совершенные им подвиги благочестия оказались напрасными, что разрушилось дело его жития.

Он заплакал, «сел под можжевеловым кустом, и просил смерти себе, и сказал: довольно уже, Господи; возьми душу мою, ибо я не лучше отцов моих» (3 Цар. 19:4).

Но Вселюбящий Господь не хотел смерти Своего избранника. Опечаленному пророку явился Ангел и повел его через пустыню к горе Хорив, где святому Илии предстояла встреча с Всевышним.

Святой Илия со слезами обратился к Небесному Отцу и стал сетовать: «сыны Израилевы оставили завет Твой, разрушили Твои жертвенники, и пророков Твоих убили мечом; остался я один, но и моей души ищут, чтобы отнять ее» (3 Цар. 19:10).

И эту скорбь праведника, вызванную святой ревностью о деле Божием, Всевышний не оставил безутешной. Он открыл святому Илии сокровенное для него знание: нет, не весь народ отступил от Бога Истинного, в нем осталось еще семь тысяч верных, отвергших поклонение Ваалу. Узнав об этом, пророк Илия воспрянул духом: он больше не чувствовал себя одиноким в святой своей ревности, в святом своем боголюбии».

Этот пример Илии показывает нам, что Господь никогда не оставляет верных своих служителей, которые должны помнить, что каждый из них - это священный сосуд воли Господней. И все мы даже поодиночке, несмотря на все трудности и искушения, должны стараться ее исполнять и помнить, что мы в этом служении и в этих страданиях не одни, как то открыто было Илии.

В духе и силе Илии подвизался Предтеча Господень Иоанн Креститель. Вместе с Сыном Божиим и пророком Моисеем явился святой Илия на горе Фавор перед Апостолами в час Преображения Господня. Беззаконных царей обличитель, отступивших от Бога людей наказатель, ложных пророков казнитель, дивный чудотворец, великий угодник Божий до сих пор пребывает во плоти и имеет прийти на землю пред Вторым Пришествием Христовым - так говорится в Житии святого пророка.

Дан, как написано о нем, будет судьей (ивритское «дан» - судья, в переводе на русский язык). Но его суд - не праведный и не милосердный, а жестокий и беспощадный. Это суд осуждения, где главными инструментами выступают всякого рода сплетни, наговоры, клевета. Это суд, построенный на лжи, «отцом лжи», суд, где главными свидетелями обвинения являются лжесвидетели. Так же, как когда-то лжесвидетели пытались обвинять Христа, так и тут будут обвинять его последователей, сохранивших святую веру.

Кого и по каким основаниям Дан будет судить? Что позволяет ему чинить этот суд? Дан будет судить всех тех, кто поднимется против него в борьбе против духа Данова, духа антихристова, разлагающего и закабаляющего мир. Он будет судить всех тех, кто не подчинится этому духу, не будет раболепствовать перед ним, а вступит с ним в борьбу, и не только внешнюю, но прежде всего во внутреннюю.

Но как это возможно, чтобы Дан стал судьей в масштабах человечества? Колено Даново, утратившее этническую идентичность и основанное на духовной идентичности, будет вершить суд, прикрываясь украденной им идентичностью этнической, семитской. Всех своих духовных противников он объявит противниками этническими, обвиняя их в антисемитизме. То есть антианитов, борющихся против духа Данова, духа антихристова, Дан назовет антисемитами и по этим основаниям будет чинить заведомо ложный суд, оградив себя от какой бы то ни было критики. Она тут же будет объявляться антисемитизмом.

Арум Ганди, пятый внук Махатмы Ганди, на форуме, который проводился в режиме он-лайн газетой Washington Post в январе 2008 года, выступил с комментариями, которые вызвали целый шквал критики.

В них он осмелился написать, что

«Израиль и евреи являются «самыми крупными игроками в глобальной культуре насилия»

из-за того, что идентичность целого народа замкнута на обиде, осуждении и нежелании прощать. Через эту обиду Дан получает себе монопольное право не только судить мир, но и выносить государствам смертные приговоры.

Ганди назвал Израиль «страной, которая считает, что ее выживание может быть обеспечено только оружием и бомбами».

В жизнь человечества вносится, таким образом, вирус конфликта и войны. Ганди пишет:

«Современный мир настроен на то, чтобы устраивать свое существование с помощью бомб. Это враждебная концепция. Вы ни с кем не дружите, вы господствуете над ними. Вы создали культуру насилия (Израиль и евреи являются крупнейшими игроками), и эта Культура Насилия, несомненно, может уничтожить человечество».

После этой публикации люди Дана тут же выступили с возмущенными высказываниями и обвинениями в адрес Ганди. Так, Абрахам Фоксман, глава Национальной Антидиффамационной лиги назвал «позорным, что Институт мира возглавляет такой фанатик, как Ганди».

Это был приговор, вынесенный судьей Даном. Приговор незамедлительно был приведен в исполнение. В результате Ганди вынужден был уйти в отставку с должности директора института, который он сам же и основал в 1991 году, и принести извинения за свои слова. Фоксман, следуя традиции Дана, выступая в роли судьи, позволил себе личные оскорбления в адрес Ганди, назвав его фанатиком.

И Фоксману все это сошло. Никто даже не возмутился. Ну да, Дан имеет право судить и оскорблять. К этому все уже привыкли. Это его монопольное право творить самосуд воспринимается повсеместно как норма.

Вот если бы Фоксмана кто-то назвал фанатиком, поднялся бы мировой скандал и обидчика тут же обвинили бы в антисемитизме.

Дана никто не вправе критиковать, ибо все знают, что даже если эта критика по существу, если она является правдой, за этим последует суд. Дан этого так не оставит. Ведь Ганди сказал правду. Израиль, который толкнул США на войну с Ираком на основании известных всем лжесвидетельств, а теперь толкает американцев на войну с Ираном, действительно является одним из главных игроков в этой культуре насилия.

Израиль, вооруженный до зубов, в том числе ядерным оружием, подтверждает таким образом, что он действительно является «страной, которая считает, что ее выживание может быть обеспечено только оружием и бомбами».

Из уст официальных должностных лиц Израиля звучат заявления относительно необходимости войны с Ираном. Ганди высказал по поводу этого свою обеспокоенность, связанную с заботой о судьбах всего человечества. И тут же был осужден. Лари Файн, глава Еврейской федерации Рочестера, где находится основанный Ганди институт, прямо так и сказал, что слова Ганди «достойны осуждения». Мы обвиним, мы же и осудим. Ганди выступил против «использования насилия последними израильскими правительствами».

Самое интересное, что израильское руководство само это признает. По сообщению IAP News, 3 октября 2001 года во время дебатов Ариэля Шарона, который был тогда премьер-министром, с министром иностранных дел Шимоном Пересом, Перес сказал, что

«израильская политика непрерывного насилия может обратить США против нас».

На что Шарон ответил:

«Каждый раз, когда мы что-то делаем, вы говорите мне, что американцы сделают то и сделают это.

Я хочу сказать вам кое-что очень четкое: не беспокойтесь об американском давлении на Израиль; мы - еврейский народ - контролируем Америку, и американцы знают это».

Из этого следует, что США ведут войны в Афганистане и Ираке, а до этого в Югославии, под контролем Израиля, ввергая, таким образом, человечество в погибель, создав «Культуру Насилия», которая «несомненно, может уничтожить человечество». То есть Ганди сказал правду, то, что есть на самом деле.

Судьи из колена Данова тут же совершили над ним свой суд, принудив извиниться за правду. Впоследствии, принося извинения за свои высказывания, Ганди недоуменно скажет: «Я точно так же (как сейчас Израиль) высказывал критику в отношении правительств США, Индии и Китая». Но дело в том, что Дан не позволяет никому себя критиковать, то есть не критиковать даже, а говорить правду о себе. Он утверждает свой новый мировой порядок на лжи и благодаря лжи. Так он готовит приход лжемессии, который будет выполнять волю лжеца и отца лжи.

Так Дан, эксплуатируя свою лже-этничность, выводит себя из-под яркого света правды и истины, чтобы не было видно его духовного безобразия. Дан-судья заставил Ганди извиняться за правду. Со временем после таких судов люди, чтобы не быть обвиненными, посчитают для себя удобным говорить ложь, угождая Дану и попадая в его сети.

Не так давно связанный со спецслужбами США Американоизраильский аналитический центр Стратфор сделал такой вывод:

«Американцы считают, что в их интересах медленно и потепенно стирать Россию в порошок». Никто по поводу этой мысли даже не подал слабого писка «против». Дану все позволено. По какому праву? По праву узурпации роли глобального судьи. Причем это ложь, что все американцы так думают.

На одном из американских форумов в Интернете, обсуждавшем опубликованную в США критическую статью о России, один из участников, подписавшийся deb wolfe, Майами, Флорида, написал: «Россия не бомбит страны, находящиеся на других континентах, как это делают США, и если делать какието сравнения, то американские неоконсерваторы являются нацистами наших дней.

Они не ценят человеческую жизнь, они хотят только расширять свою территорию и получать доступ к нефтяным и газовым месторождениям и трубопроводам. Они считают Путина и Россию препятствием.

И слава русским людям за то, что они помогли восстановить баланс в мире».

Дан, назначив себя судьей, выдает свое мнение за мнение всех. Опять бунт против Бога. У Дана получается, что не Бог - Судия, а сам Дан, который назначает виновных так, как ему выгодно, так, как выгодно антихристу. Потому что в мире существует только два духа - дух Бога и дух антихристов. Третьего не дано. И каждый человек, хочет он того или нет, определяется, какой дух он впускает себе в душу.

Архиепископ Аверкий (Таушев) пишет: «В наше тревожное, предантихристово время необходимо каждому задать себе вопрос: в каком отношении находимся сами мы к миру - к тому современному миру, который теперь так ярко, как никогда, проявляет свои явно антихристианские свойства и качества?»

Люди, ужаленные змеем-Даном, начинают выполнять его волю и слепо ему подчиняться. Так будет создаваться то число, которое «как песок морской».

Как это ни парадоксально звучит, но Дан ненавидит евреев, может быть, больше всех, зная, что он такой же, как Каин, как Иуда Искариот. Зная, что представители 12 колен Израилевых спасутся во Христе. А это другой, противоположный Дану дух, против которого он всеми силами борется.

Следовательно, он неизбежно борется и против этих спасающихся. Но Дан прикрывается их этничностью, чтобы под маской борьбы с антисемитизмом распространить везде принцип толерантности, терпимости, мира и согласия, но уже не по национальному, а по духовному, религиозному принципу.

И те самые «мир» и «безопасность» в предконечные времена, о которых повествуется в Писании, возможно, означают мир с Даном (то есть тотальное подчинение ему» и безопасность Дана (то есть жестокое подавление силой всех попыток сопротивления ему).

Святитель Григорий Богослов учит: «Не всяким миром надобно дорожить, ибо есть прекрасное разногласие, и самое пагубное единомыслие, но должно любить только добрый мир, имеющий добрую цель и соединяющий с Богом».

Архиепископ Аверкий задает вопрос православному христианину: «ко всякому ли миру и согласию должен он стремиться». И так отвечает на него:

«Всего дороже для христианина Истина, ради свидетельствования которой пришел на землю Господь Иисус Христос, как Он Сам сказал Пилату» (Ин. 18:37).

И для истинного христианина, может быть, только одно единение желательно - единение в Христовой Истине, истине неискаженной, чистой истине, без всякой примеси диавольской лжи, не отравленной никаким компромиссом с нею.

С этой точки зрения неприемлемы для христианина все эти призывы к «миру» и «согласию», ибо они исходят от людей, посягающих на главное сокровище наше - чистую и непорочную истину свято хранимого нами учения Христова и желающих подменить ее ложью, которая от диавола. Замышляемое ныне врагами чистой Христовой истины, «согласие» это - не согласие во Христе. Это то согласие, которое стремится создать для себя желающий подчинить себе всех людей и основать на земле свое царство антихрист.

Только полное легкомыслие и крайняя беспринципность, да еще лукавое мудрование, коими так отличается нынешний век, позволяют правителям современных государств признавать законной подлинно антихристианскую власть...

Мы такой «высшей политики» не понимаем и не приемлем, осуждая ее со всею силой нашего внутреннего убеждения, не допускающего таких компромиссов, убеждения, основывающегося на словах св. Апостола Павла: «Что общего у света со тьмою? Какое согласие между Христом и Велиаром? или какое соучастие верного с неверным?» (2 Кор. 6:14-15).

Дан как самозваный судья будет бесчинствовать, будет творить произвол в отношении всех хранящих имя Божие. Святитель Игнатий (Брянчанинов) пишет: «Противники антихриста сочтутся возмутителями, врагами общественного блага и порядка, подвергнутся и прикрытому и открытому преследованию, подвергнутся пыткам и казням. Малое число их будет казаться ничтожным пред всем человечеством, и мнению их будут придавать особенную немощь. Общее презрение, ненависть, клевета, притеснения, насильственная смерть соделается их жребием».

Причем это уже происходит, и к этому нам всем нужно быть готовыми, изо всех сил стараясь, несмотря на всю нашу многогрешность, сохранять верность нашей вере, неотступно служить Господу, несмотря на, казалось бы, невыносимые страдания и тяжелейшие обстоятельства, не поддаваясь страху мирскому, но руководствуясь страхом Божиим. Ибо - «Страшно впасть в руки Бога живого» (Евр. 10:31)!

Дан будет расправляться со всеми, кто не будет поклоняться его идолам. Это прежде всего идолы материальные, физические и биологические, например, золотому тельцу, которому Дан традиционно поклонялся, и идолу своей лжеэтничности, перед которой он будет заставлять всех раболепствовать.

Архиепископ Аверкий (Таушев) писал: «Знает враг человеческого спасения, как падки люди на увлечение материальным благополучием, а потому в настоящее время слуги грядущего антихриста стараются более всего подействовать именно на эту слабую сторону людей.

Всякого рода довольство, роскошь и обилие материальных благ представляют в настоящее время самое большое и опасное искушение, которое они и стараются в своих целях широко использовать. Ведь ничто так не способствует губительной духовной слепоте, как обольщение земными благами, погоня за ними, погружение в них, услаждение ими.

Эта духовная слепота мешает распознавать «знамения времен», чему учит нас Сам Христос Спаситель, мешает давать правильную оценку всему происходящему ныне в мире - она помешает узнать и самого антихриста, когда он придет».

«Человечество, руководствующееся плотским разумом, - утверждают святые отцы, - не только не узнает антихриста, не увидит в нем коварного врага своего, но напротив, признает его своим благодетелем и провозгласит его своим богом». (Св. Игнатий Брянчанинов).


Николас Пуссен написал картину «Поклонение золотому тельцу», где изображено неистовство этого ритуала и тот мрак, который его окружает.

Обращение данитян к языческому культу золотого тельца обозначало отход от монотеизма, и было глубоко презираемым культом во всей библейской литературе.

Место, где находился культовый центр, было обнаружено над главным источником Тель-Дана в результате раскопок, которые были в основном завершены начале 1990-х годов.

Подиум святилища (Храм Золотого Тельца) Телль-Дан

Подиум святилища (Храм Золотого Тельца) в Телль-Дан. Национальное Управление парками в Израиле приняло решение благоустроить всю территорию раскопок и создать на этом месте археологический парк как часть заповедника. То есть место, где поклонялись идолам, отлитым в металле, стало впоследствии местом почитаемым, где поклоняются идолам в духе.

Подиум святилища (Храм Золотого Тельца) Телль-Дан

Археологи обнаружили и отреставрировали так называемые «Новые», или «Израильские», ворота, построенные в IХ веке до н. э., в период процветания Дана.

План территории раскопок в специально созданном заповеднике Тель-Дан

На карте представлен план территории раскопок в специально созданном заповеднике Тель-Дан, ставшем, таким образом, объектом нового поклонения в духе старому культу золотого тельца. Культу, в который племя Даново втягивает человечество, заставляя его поклоняться всему материальному, и прежде всего чувственным удовольствиям и деньгам. Культу, который означает отказ от веры, культу, который готовит приход и принятие антихриста.

Река Дан, где обитали данитяне, - это «окрестность Иорданская», откуда приходили к Крестителю Иоанну креститься в реке Иордан. Он, видя идущих к нему фарисеев и саддукеев, говорил им: «Порождения ехиднины! кто внушил вам бежать от будущего гнева?» (Мф. 3:7).

И дальше сказано:

«Уже и секира при корне дерев лежит; всякое дерево, не приносящее доброго плода, срубают и бросают в огонь» (Мф. 3:10). Символично, что более 40 лет назад, то есть как раз тогда, когда начались раскопки, во время грозы в заповеднике загорелось огромное фисташковое дерево. От него остался только обгоревший ствол.

Раскопки были предприняты прежде всего с целью найти следы этого культового центра, который был построен царем Израиля Иеровоамом I в конце Х веке до н.э. В то время после смерти царя Соломона страна распалась на две части: Иудею и Израиль. В Иудее с Иерусалимом правил сын Соломона Ровоам (928-911 гг. до н.э.). Он упоминается в родословии Иисуса Христа: «Соломон родил Ровоама» (Мф. 1:7).

А во главе Израиля стал Иеровоам I (922-901 до н. э.), происходивший из колена Данова.

Иеровоам I стал царем 10 северных колен, а так как Иерусалим и Храм отошли к Иудее, он, в гордыне своей, бросил вызов Богу и решил построить культовый центр, который стал бы серьезным конкурентом Иерусалимскому Храму.

Иеровоам построил в городе Дан новое святилище и, чтобы подчеркнуть его отличие от Иерусалимского Храма, воздвиг там того самого «золотого тельца» - статую быка, традиционный образ ханаанского бога Эля.

«И, посоветовавшись, царь сделал двух золотых тельцов, и сказал народу: не нужно вам ходить в Иерусалим; вот боги твои, Израиль, которые вывели тебя из земли Египетской. И поставил одного в Вефиле, а другого в Дане» (3 Цар. 12:28-29). И было это «неугодное в очах Господних».

Знаменательно, что уже тогда проявилась эта борьба духа рода Иисуса Христа, «сына Давидова, сына Авраамова», и племени Данова, порождающего «сынов погибели», включая Иуду Искариота и того, которого должны привести люди Дана.

В условиях, когда золотой телец опять стал вследствие бурной деятельности Дана объектом практически всеобщего поклонения, мы принимаем эстафету этого духовного противоборства длиною в тысячелетия. Так же, как приняла ее когда-то Русь, победившая хазар. Благодаря победе Святослава и духовному подвигу святых Ольги и Владимира Россия, освободившаяся от хазарского ига и плена, пришла к вере Христовой и создала на ее «камне» сильное государство, Империю духа. Она пала тогда, когда хазарам удалось в своей неудержимой страсти к реваншу этот дух подорвать.

Очередная попытка реванша проявилась в Чеченской войне, где эстафету брани с коленом Дановым, эстафету от Святослава, приняли наши воины. Известно, что, по данным инструкции Грозненского НКВД по работе с агентурой (1936), до 30% чеченцев в то время тайно исповедовали иудаизм.

Чеченская народная шутка гласит: когда соберутся три человека, один из них будет еврей. Это та пятая колонна, которая была связана со спецслужбами США и Великобритании, с мировым сионизмом, и служила опорой для разжигания сепаратистских настроений, направленных на подрыв российской государственности и ведения войны.

Поэтому неудивительно, что Американский Комитет за мир в Чечне, переименованный впоследствии, как уже говорилось, в Американский Комитет за мир на Кавказе, включил в себя все ключевые фигуры неоконсервативного, сионистского лобби в США, воинственных, одержимых войной и жаждой мщения, сынов колена Данова.

Сепаратисты назвали Чечню Ичкерия. Как пишут специалисты, этноним «ичкерийцы» образован от понятия «геры» (то есть «принявшие иудаизм»), что, по сути, означает идолопоклонство племени Данова.

Удар по Кавказу, территории бывшей Хазарии, это не только очередная попытка реванша. Это удар по российской государственности, являющейся оплотом всей мировой системы традиционной государственности, которую люди Дана намерены разрушить, чтобы создать глобальное государство и подготовить приход антихриста как его верховного правителя.

Россия является, таким образом, главным препятствием на этом пути и потому главной мишенью Дана как предтечи антихриста. Поэтому битва за государственность в мире - это прежде всего битва за российскую священную государственность.

Как пишет архиепископ Аверкий: «Важным признаком близости прихода антихриста будет, по словам св. апостола Павла, взятие от среды «УДЕРЖИВАЮЩАГО» и «ДЕРЖАЩАГО» (2 Сол. 2:6-7).

Святые отцы под «удерживающим» понимали Римскую империю, а под «держащим» - римских императоров; в широком смысле слова под этими выражениями понимались законный государственный правопорядок на земле и представители его - законные государи как обуздывающие на земле проявления зла.

Великие отцы и угодники Божии нашей Российской Церкви понимали под этим Российское государство и Российских Государей как законных правопреемников Римской, а потом Византийской империи («МОСКВА - ТРЕТИЙ РИМ»).

Если принять во внимание, что Россия после падения Византии осталась на земле единственным могущественным государством, которое было подлинным оплотом единой истинной Православной веры на земле, а Российские Государи - покровителями и защитниками Православной Церкви во всем мире, то такое толкование представляется вполне разумным и естественным».

Что делать?

(К воинам Третьего Рима и защитникам Нового Иерусалима)

«Всем бы нам, конечно, очень хотелось, - пишет архиепископ Аверкий, - видеть нашу несчастную Родину-Россию воскресшей к новой жизни и участвовать во всемирном торжестве нашей святой веры, - что и говорить! Но такую несказанную милость Божию надо заслужить. Так, ни с того, ни с этого не будет, и надеяться на это без всяких достаточных оснований - праздное мечтание».

Вера без дел мертва. В битве за государственность, развернувшейся сейчас в мире, нужна позиция не праздных мечтаний, а дел.

Во-первых, необходимо максимально гласное разъяснение сущности этой битвы, стратегии и методов Дана, который выступает здесь как агрессор физический, политический и духовный.

Сегодня уже нельзя молчать, - нужно обличать. Иначе люди пойдут вслед за злом и ложью, предав свою государственность и свою веру.

Архиепископ Аверкий, приведя примеры того, как Иисус Христос активно боролся против зла, так рассуждает на эту тему (позволю привести длинную цитату, потому что эти слова звучат удивительно точно, актуально и очень созвучно тому, что говорится в этой книге, и тому, ради чего она написана, и тому, что было духовным руководством при ее написании):

«Но можем ли мы думать, чтобы Господь наш Воплотившийся Единородный Сын Божий, пришедший на землю ради спасения нас, людей, ради научения нас Божественной Истине и жизни, согласной с нею, противоречил, в чем бы то ни было, Сам Себе - поступал вопреки Своему собственному учению?

Об этом, конечно, не может быть и речи: думать так было бы величайшим кощунством!

Но вот Он так поступал!

Следуя примеру Самого Господа, и Его Святые Ученики и Апостолы не боялись в нужных случаях «осуждать» людей, упорно противившихся той Евангельской Истине, которую они проповедовали, и прибегать иногда к самым решительным мерам воздействия для обуздания и пресечения зла.

Так, святой апостол Петр сурово осудил за допущенный ими обман Ананию и Сапфиру, которые были наказаны мгновенною смертью только за то, что «утаили из цены земли», проданной ими, некую часть, вместо того, чтобы полностью принести все в жертву Церкви (Деян. 5:1-11).

Святой первомученик Архидиакон Стефан открыто при всех, в заседании синедриона, осудил своих сородичей иудеев, назвав их «жестоковыйными» и «людьми с необрезанным сердцем и ушами» и обвинив их в том, что они «всегда противятся Духу Святому», что они «убивали пророков» и, наконец, «сделались предателями и убийцами» Самого Господа Иисуса Христа, о пришествии Которого предвозвещали эти пророки (Деян. 7:51-52).

Святой апостол Петр осудил Симона-Волхва за его попытку купить благодать Святого Духа за деньги, сказав ему: «серебро твое да будет в погибель с тобою... вижу тебя исполненного горькой желчи и в узах неправды» (Деян. 8:18-23).

А теперь, в переживаемое нами страшное время циничного и откровенного лютого безбожия, мы как христиане, верные Христу Спасителю и Его Истинной Церкви, не можем не осуждать со всею решительностью безбожников и кощунников, лютых богоборцев, стремящихся искоренить во всем мире веру Христову и разрушить Святую Церковь - осквернивших Отечество наше и надругавшихся над нашими Святынями.

Не можем мы не осуждать и всех тех, кто сотрудничает с ними, кто поддерживает их и содействует укреплению их власти, помогая им тем самым, в их адских замыслах.

А как надо правильно понимать изречение Господа: «Не судите, да не судимы будете!» это прекрасно объясняет великий Отец Церкви св. Иоанн Златоуст: «Здесь Спаситель не все вообще грехи повелевает не судить и не всем без исключения запрещает это делать, но тем только, которые, сами будучи исполнены бесчисленных грехов, порицают других за маловажные какие-нибудь проступки. Христос указывает здесь и на иудеев, которые, будучи злыми обвинителями своих ближних, в каких-нибудь маловажных и ничтожных поступках, сами бессовестно творили великие грехи» (см. том VII, с. 260)».

При этом «запрещается всякая злоба и злорадство в отношении грешащего ближнего на личной почве, а отнюдь не справедливая, чисто идейная, принципиальная, бесстрастная оценка его поступков и поведения, каковая не только не противна Евангелию и не предосудительна, а наоборот - даже необходима, дабы мы не стали в конце концов относиться безразлично к добру и злу и зло не восторжествовало бы вследствие этого в мире.

Великое преступление поэтому совершают те современные пастыри, которых лучше было бы назвать лжепастырями, кои под благовидным предлогом мнимой христианской «любви» и «всепрощения» сознательно или бессознательно учат своих пасомых толстовскому «непротивлению злу».

Какое это страшное, беспросветное лукавство!

Какое это подлинное фарисейское лицемерие!

«Совсем никого и ни за что не осуждать» - такого настроения в современном христианском обществе только и хотят добиться слуги грядущего антихриста, для того чтобы им легко и просторно было действовать, подготовляя в мире обстановку, благоприятную для скорейшего воцарения их «Властелина».

Неужели в наше время каждому честному и сознательному христианину еще может быть неясно, что безусловное «всепрощение» нужно лишь врагу Христову - антихристу, дабы люди окончательно потеряли чувство различения добра и зла, помирились бы со злом, охотно приняли его, а затем - и самого антихриста, не помышляя о борьбе с ним?

Это не больше как лицемерно-фарисейское лукавство врага, жаждущего нашей погибели!

Будем же всячески беречь себя, братия, от этой лукавой закваски современного фарисейства!

Решительно борясь со всякими самомалейшими проявлениями зла и греха в своей собственной душе, не будем бояться вскрывать и изобличать зло повсюду, где оно в современной жизни себя обнаруживает - не по гордости и по самолюбию, а единственно - по любви к истине. Наша главная задача в это лукавое время лживого бесстыдства - сохранить всецелую верность и преданность подлинной Евангельской Истине и Начальнику нашего спасения - воскресшему тридневно из гроба Христу-Жизнодавцу, Победителю ада и смерти.

Всякая ложь и неправда совершенно несовместима с истинной Церковью Христовой, ибо ложь от диавола, как это ясно сказал Господь упорно не желавшим веровать в Него иудеям: «Ваш отец диавол, и вы хотите исполнять похоти отца вашего; он был человекоубийца от начала и не устоял в истине, ибо нет в нем истины; когда говорит он ложь, говорит свое, ибо он лжец и отец лжи» (Ин. 8:44).

И действительно, человекоубийство и ложь тесно связаны одно с другим: человекоубийство приводит ко лжи, а ложь часто ведет к человекоубийству. И то и другое происходит от диавола, а потому не может иметь места в истинной Церкви.

Вот с этой-то точки зрения мы и должны расценивать все происходящее в мире!»

Во-вторых, мы должны не только знать противника и разоблачать его. Мы должны иметь стратегию защиты нашей священной государственности и борьбы с ее противниками.

Когда заходит разговор на эту тему, почему-то всплывает такое набившее оскомину понятие, как «элита». В своей гордыне некоторые причисляют себя к элите. Они назначают себя «первыми» и в этом своем упоении элитарностью совсем перестают замечать «последних», не говоря уже о том, чтобы «быть им слугою».

А ведь воины Третьего Рима и защитники Нового Иерусалима - это прежде всего рядовые солдаты. Именно они составляют войско Российской священной государственности. Кто же должен быть их командирами? Только те, кто, несмотря на свой командирский пост, считает себя рядовым перед Богом.

Маршал Чуйков перед смертью завещал похоронить себя не в кремлевской стене, а в братской солдатской могиле на Мамаевом кургане. Маршал до конца остался вместе со своими солдатами, считая за честь быть похороненным рядом с ними.

Так и сейчас - все мы должны стать воинами Христовыми, рядовыми Отечества земного в его проекции к Отечеству Небесному, готовыми на любом, даже самом незначительном, казалось бы, месте служить Родине и Богу. И не может быть здесь никакой элиты, потому что все равны перед Ним. И каждый выполняет свое послушание, сродни монашескому, и каждый несет свой крест служения.

Помните, как у Гоголя: «Нет, если вы действительно полюбите Россию, вы будете рваться служить ей; не в губернаторы, но в капитан-исправники пойдете, - последнее место, какое ни отыщется, в ней возьмете, предпочитая одну крупицу деятельности на нем всей вашей нынешней, бездейственной и праздной жизни. Нет, вы еще не любите Россию. А не полюбивши России, не полюбить вам своих братьев, а не полюбивши своих братьев, не возгореться вам любовью к Богу, а не возгоревшись любовью к Богу, не спастись нам».

В своем Пасхальном послании 2008 года предстоятель Сербской Православной Церкви Патриарх Павел написал:

«Сильные мира сего (...) хотят коллективно казнить православный сербский народ, хотят его сломить и стереть, чтобы сделать из него безликую массу, чтобы вырвать из недр его сердце... Покоряясь Христовой воле, мы свидетельствуем об их беззаконии, их лицемерии, напоминающих нам о том, как Пилат умыл руки, бывшие в крови Праведника».

Патриарх Павел призвал свою паству сохранить Косово и Метохию в сердцах, непрестанно заботясь «обо всех тех, кто там страдает», тогда никто не сможет его отнять у сербов. «Отечество - сердце человека, как сказал поэт. В наших сердцах - Косово и Метохия».

«Призываем всех: от политиков и ученых до самых скромных и молодых сыновей и дочерей нашей Родины - стараться своим трудом и честной жизнью заслужить и сохранить перед Богом Косово и Метохию. Пусть ученые работают, чтобы сохранить Косово и Метохию!

Пусть люди творческих профессий в своих произведениях воспевают красоту наших Косово и Метохии! Пусть спортсмены свои достижения посвящают Косово и Метохии!

Пусть слова «Косово и Метохия» будут первыми словами, которые родители шепнут своему новорожденному ребенку! Пусть каждый земледелец первую борозду посвятит Косово и Метохии!

Пусть каждый работник первый час своей работы посвятит и поклонится Косово и Метохии! Пусть каждый политик свою первую политическую мысль и успех на международной арене посвятит защите Косово и Метохии! Пусть каждый духовный пастырь первую молитву Богу вознесет за Косово и Метохию!»

«Судьбу Косово и Метохии мы не предоставим решать лживым людям с их интересами, но предоставим это Богу и Его суду. Как некогда пел Псалмовец разрушенному Иерусалиму, так и мы поем в духе косовского завета: «Если забудем тебя, Косово, если забудем тебя, Метохия, пусть забудет меня десница Господня! Пусть прилипнет к нёбу язык мой, если тебя забуду, Косово!».

Если здесь мы заменим «Косово и Метохия» на «Россия», то мы получим четкую программу наших дальнейших действий.

Будет ли новый Перл - Харбор?

России нужен сейчас верховный главнокомандующий и командующие с сознанием рядовых перед Богом. России нужны воины Христовы, способные идти в бой и умереть за веру и Отечество, потому что оно сейчас в опасности как никогда.

В опасности изнутри, в опасности извне. Американская разведка официально назвала Россию угрозой для США - такой же, как Иран и Аль-Каида. Конечно же для таких заявлений нет никаких оснований, Россия не угрожает Америке так же, как не угрожал ей Ирак. Просто Америке сейчас нужна война, которая решила бы задачи на ближайшую и на отдаленную перспективу.

Отдаленная перспектива это создание политического и духовного хаоса, слом системы государственности в мире, на руинах которой Дан будет сооружать глобальное антигосударство.

Ближайшая перспектива носит экономический характер. Америка переживает жесточайший экономический и финансовый кризис, такой же, а может быть, еще более сильный, чем накануне Второй мировой войны. В то время Америка вышла из него благодаря колоссальным военным заказам. Масштабная война для выхода из масштабного кризиса. Это уже апробированная в период Второй мировой войны технология. Экономическая ситуация в США тогда и сейчас абсолютно идентичны.

Тогда американскому политическому руководству нужно было во что бы то ни стало найти повод для вступления в войну. Но как быть с общественным мнением? Сознание американского обывателя вовсе не было настроено на военный лад. Чтобы его милитаризировать, нужен был повод, такой мощный и впечатляющий, чтобы американцы не только осознали необходимость войны, но всеми силами захотели ее. И такие столь желанные для американского политического руководства радикальные изменения произошли после Перл-Харбора.

Мировая война нужна была как воздух Рузвельту не меньше, а может быть больше, чем Гитлеру. Рузвельт получил фантастическую возможность вступления в нее и извлечения гигантских средств от экспорта оружия и другой продукции для военных нужд, решив тем самым экономические проблемы и сохранив власть в своих руках.

Перл-Харбор - вот тот ключ, которым Рузвельт открыл дверь для Америки в мировую войну. Колоссальные человеческие потери, затем колоссальный шок в обществе и возникшее колоссальное массовое желание отомстить, а дальше колоссальные военные заказы и прибыли и вожделенный выход из кризиса. Рузвельт - герой и благодетель нации.

Это внешняя цепочка событий. Но есть у этой истории и теневая сторона.

Перл-Харбор Бухта Перл-Харбор

Если коротко излагать те события, то известно, что рано утром в воскресенье 7 декабря 1941 года японские самолеты атаковали американские корабли в бухте Перл-Харбор на Гавайях и менее чем за три часа уничтожили весь Тихоокеанский флот США. Потери Соединенных Штатов составили убитыми 2403 человека и ранеными 1178 человек. Что же касается потерь в технике, то в результате атаки было уничтожено или повреждено 247 американских самолетов, потоплено или повреждено 18 кораблей. Такие огромные потери менее чем за три часа. Как могло такое случиться? Такое впечатление, будто флот вместе с людьми специально готовили для заклания. Посмотрите на карте и на снимке: американские корабли были сконцентрированы в одном месте. Их боевой порядок был настолько уязвим, как будто корабли намеренно были подставлены под удар японцев с целью добиться многочисленности жертв и потерь, нужных для того, чтобы привести американское общество в шок.

Итак, нападение произошло 7 декабря 1941 года. Запомним эту дату и прокрутим пленку назад в историю.

Известно, что 1 сентября 1939 года американский посол в Париже Буллит звонит Рузвельту и сообщает о вторжении немецких войск на территорию Польши. Рузвельт радостно отреагировал: «Прекрасно, Билл! Наконец свершилось. Да поможет нам Бог!»

За два дня до Перл-Харбора Рузвельт закончил традиционное радиообращение к нации словами: «Мы выиграем войну, и мы выиграем мир!» За два дня до атаки он уже гово- рил о войне как о свершившемся факте. Откуда такая уверенность в ее неизбежности? Может быть, Рузвельт знал о подготовке атаки и уже готовил общественное мнение.

В обращении к народу после атаки Рузвельт назвал нападение Японии «неспровоцированным». Но это было не так. Америка активно провоцировала Японию на крайние меры. В конце июля 1941-го Рузвельт ввел эмбарго на поставки нефти в Японию, в результате чего она лишалась необходимых для нее и ее вооруженных сил источников топлива. Это была первая провокация. Сразу же после введения этого эмбарго военное руководство Японии потребовало начать войну против США.

Знал ли Рузвельт, что нападение будет совершено именно на военно-морскую базу в Перл-Харборе? Из недавно рассекреченных документов, ставших достоянием американской прессы, хронология представляется следующим образом.

Еще в январе 1941 года (то есть почти за год до атаки) американский посол в Японии Джозеф Грю сообщил, что вооруженные силы Японии планируют внезапное массированное нападение на Перл-Харбор.

За десять месяцев до атаки министр военно-морских сил США Фрэнк Нокс направил письмо военному министру Генри Стимсону, в котором говорилось: «Если вспыхнет война с Японией, то возможно, что военные действия начнутся с внезапного нападения на флот или военно-морскую базу Перл-Харбор... В этом случае возникнут два вида опасности: бомбовая воздушная атака и торпедная атака».

За семь месяцев до трагедии, в апреле 1941 года, в докладе контр-адмирала Беллинджера, отправленном американскому военному руководству, указывалось на возможность нападения именно на Тихоокеанский флот в Перл-Харборе.

В начале октября, то есть за два месяца до нападения, Рихард Зорге, сообщил в Москву, что Перл-Харбор будет атакован в течение 60 дней. Эта информация была передана в Вашингтон.

В середине ноября 1941 года (менее чем за три недели до нападения) в Америке посол Германии в США Ганс Томсен встретился с американским бизнесменом Малколмом Ловеллом. Томсен, зная о связях Ловелла с правительственными кругами страны, рассказал ему о планируемом Японией ударе.

Ловелл срочно сообщил об этом одному из руководителей американской разведки, Вильяму Доновану, который в тот же день передал эту информацию лично Рузвельту.

Но Рузвельт не принял никаких мер. Более того, 14 октября 1941 года командирам кораблей, находящихся в районе Гавайских островов, был передан приказ: «Никакая ответственная иностранная держава не будет провоцировать войну нападением на наш флот или базу...»

После этого следует вторая после введения эмбарго провокация, призванная наверняка заставить Японию нанести удар. Речь идет о совещании 25 ноября 1941 года, на которое Рузвельт пригласил политическое и военное руководство страны. На нем после ухода военных был принят документ, по сути ультиматум, где Японии выдвигались заведомо невыполнимые радикальные требования: вывести войска из Китая и восстановить положение, существовавшее до начала японской экспансии на Дальнем Востоке.

На следующее утро ультиматум был передан японскому послу.

Военные узнали об ультиматуме случайно из дешифрованной телеграммы, направленной в Токио японским послом.

Наконец, вечером 6 декабря - менее чем за сутки до нападения - Рузвельт получил расшифровку японской ноты, которую японские дипломаты должны были вручить ему на следующий день.

Но эта нота, фактически объявлявшая войну США, не была своевременно доведена до руководства флотом. Так что никакого предупреждения командование базы на Гавайях не получило.

На самом деле Рузвельт - анти-герой, который пошел на антинациональные действия под влиянием людей Дана, тех же самых, которые финансировали Гитлера, толкая его к войне ради своей выгоды. Точно так же они толкнули на войну Рузвельта, получив от нее огромные прибыли для своих банков и компаний, выполнявших военные заказы и наживавших свои состояния на человеческой крови и страданиях.

Сейчас Вашингтон говорит о возможном «новом Перл-Харборе», очевидно, готовя общественное мнение к эскалации войны в условиях нынешнего финансового кризиса, в ситуации, которая по своему накалу аналогична той, что была в Америке накануне Второй мировой войны.

Можно ли лишить эту войну ее мобилизующего начала? Можно и нужно. Дан силен физически. Его вооруженные силы превосходят наши по численности и степени оснащенности.

Но все это груда металла по сравнению с силой духовной, с силой веры. Россия способна нанести Дану метафизический удар, защитить свою государственность и оказать помощь тем странам, которые привержены государственническим позициям.

Россия должна выйти из проекта Дана - строительства нового мирового порядка, создания антигосударства. Этот проект означает гибель России как государства и как цивилизации. Россия должна иметь свой мировой проект, альтернативный проекту глобализации, проект, способный объединить наш народ в вере и в священной государственности.

Если проект создания нового мирового порядка - это военный проект, то российский проект будет объективно носить антивоенный характер. Дело в том, что нынешняя война, которая угрожает распространиться на Россию, ведется под флагом демократии в представлении Дана.

Он как узурпатор роли судьи судит, кто демократичен, а кто нет. Это дает ему формальный повод идти войной против так называемых недемократических государств, то есть тех, кто не желает быть под властью Дана в стойле мирового антигосдуарства, кто хочет сохранить сильную традиционную государственность.

Итак, повод для войны - это обвинение Дана-судьи в отсутствии демократии. Но, если Россия запускает проект, ориентированный на защиту традиционной государственности, это будет означать, что мы выходим из замкнутого круга лжедемократии и таким образом лишаем войну за «демократию», которую ведет Дан, мобилизующего начала.

Вы строите свой проект, стройте его и тоните в своих нечистотах, а у нас свой проект и свои критерии добра и зла, основанные на нашей вере. Вы делаете свой выбор, мы - свой. Мы идем разными путями, имеющими прямо противоположную направленность.

Мы выступаем за веру, а вы ведете против нее войну. Что может быть у нас общего? Как можем мы участвовать в вашем проекте? Ведь главный критерий определения богоугодности дела - это его отношение к вере. Проект демократической глобализации - проект богоборческий. Участие в нем ведет к распаду и уничтожению государственности. И вся эта риторика о демократии и ставка на нее политического руководства той или иной страны, по сути, означает желание угодить Дану, засвидетельствовать свое почтение сильному и наглому. Эта риторика носит антинациональный, антигосударственный и антитеистический характер.

Наш проект, безусловно, на первых порах будет носить преимущественно духовный характер. И коалиция, которая возникнет на его основе, будет коалицией духовной. Она будет ориентирована на обращение к вере и стояние в ней, а также на защиту принципов традиционной священной государственности.

Этот тот самый духовный камень фундамента позволит в конце концов воссоздать прочный ее дом, который не падет ни от каких бурь и ветров. Это объединение народа и его воли в вере создаст условия для появления богоугодной и богодухновенной государственнической стратегии и национально ориентированной власти. Это позволит нам защитить себя и ищущих нашего заступничества других. Это оздоровит и очистит дух народа. Прививку от смертельного укуса Дана может обеспечить только наша вера.

При этом запуск такого проекта не требует каких-либо централизованных политических инициатив сверху. Если мы внутренне, в душе, захотим защитить от Дана веру и воссоздать традиционную, независимую от него государственность, Господь, по молитве нашей, даст все потребное и поможет нам.

Но этот проект должен иметь имя, узнаваемое всеми, объединяющее всех, привлекательное и символичное для всех. Когда я впервые задумалась над идеей альтернативного проекта, как-то очень легко и естественно в голову пришло имя «витакратия» - «жизневластие».

Бог есть жизнь, и борьба, которая сейчас развернулась в мире, - это борьба между жизнью и смертью, которую олицетворяет Дан. Он слуга того, кто есть «человекоубийца».

Имя «витакратия» позволяет четко провести границу и дать имя тому строю, который они внешне привлекательно назвали «новый мировой порядок». Но на самом деле в противоположность витакратии тот строй, который насаждает Дан, - это «танатократия» - власть смерти и гибель души. Пока мы не назовем вещи своими именами в координатах жизневластия и смертевластия, понятие «новый мировой порядок» будет звучать привлекательно и будет желанным в условиях хаоса войны, бедствий и нищеты, инспирируемых Даном.

То, что Дан в поисках удобного повода для начала конфликта объявил Россию угрозой для него, есть лишнее подтверждение, что невидимая Хазария продолжает жаждать реванша. Может быть, сейчас, как никогда ранее. Слишком многое поставлено на карту.

В ответ на это хотелось бы привести слова одного из участников форума, где обсуждалась статья в американской прессе, в которой давалась оценка США действиям России.

«Оставьте Россию в покое. Если бы не русские, мы бы все сейчас говорили по-немецки (это если бы избежали газовых камер).

Наведите сначала порядок у себя. Только тогда, когда у вас дома будет все в порядке, только тогда, может быть, у вас появится какое-то право вмешиваться в дела других людей. Сто лет назад большинство колониальных держав пытались поработить молодое социалистическое советское государство, атаковав его со всех сторон, но у них ничего не вышло.

У всех, кто пытался покорить Россию, ничего не получилось. Россия выживет, поднимется и продолжит расти» (Сплит, Хорватия).

Дух жизни сильнее духа смерти. И потому приверженность жизни, источником которой является Господь, дает нам духовную силу и духовное зрение, необходимые для того, чтобы выстоять в брани и осознать свое предназначение. Дух жизни - это «дух постоянного ожидания Второго Пришествия Христова», о котором Архиепископ Аверкий писал, что это есть дух первохристианства, молитвенно взывавшего ко Господу:

«Ей, гряди, Господи Иисусе!» (Апок. 22:20). А противоположный сему дух есть, несомненно, дух антихриста, старающийся всячески отвлечь христиан от мысли о Втором Пришествии Христовом и последующем затем воздаянии. Поддающиеся сему духу подвергаются опасности: не узнать антихриста, когда он придет, и попасть в его сети. Именно это и есть самое страшное в современном мире, исполненном всевозможных обольщений и соблазнов. Слуги антихриста, как предупредил нас Господь, будут стараться «прельстить, если возможно, и избранных» (Мф. 24:24).

Мысль об этом, однако, отнюдь не должна нас угнетать и подавлять, а наоборот: «восклонитесь, - говорит об этом Сам Господь, - и поднимите головы ваши, потому что приближается избавление ваше» (Лк. 21:28).

Сколь ни злы и страшны слуги грядущего антихриста, так тщательно подготовляющие ныне его пришествие, сколь ни страшен приход его самого, когда исполнятся назначенные для того сроки, Господь наш сильнее их всех, и главное для нас - это до конца сохранить верность Господу, Который, как мы хорошо знаем, «убьет Антихриста духом уст Своих и истребит явлением пришествия Своего» (2 Сол. 2:8).

За эту верность свою Господу мы и должны бороться всеми своими силами, хотя бы нам пришлось и жизнь свою отдать за нее. Великая, ни с чем земным не сравнимая награда ожидает нас за это. «Будь верен до смерти, - говорит Сам Господь, - и дам тебе венец жизни» (Апок. 2:10).

В этих последних словах и есть суть жизневластия.

Россия: Третий Рим или Новый Иерусалим

Что есть Россия: Третий Рим или Новый Иерусалим?

Ответ на вопрос о том, как соотносятся эти два великих предназначения России, зависит от выяснения того, как соотносятся власть духовная и власть политическая? В нашей стране этот вопрос традиционно сводился к проблеме отношений священства (церкви) и царства (власти).

После раздумий и споров современники сошлись на том, что церковь отделена в России от государства, и, таким образом, оно, это государство, носит светский характер.

Известно, что престол в душе человека никогда не бывает пуст - там или Бог, или Его противоположность. В этом смысле политическая власть - это совокупность людей, которые являются носителями того или иного духа. И потому не может быть светской политической власти, не подчиненной власти духовной.

Есть власть, в большинстве своем подчинившая себя тому или иному духу. Этот выбор определяет режим ее правления и проводимую ею политику. Является ли она богоугодной или богопротивной, дарованной Господом или попущенной Им вследствие богоотступничества народа.

Таким образом, политическая власть объективно неизбежно занимает подчиненное положение по отношению к власти духовной, и судьба государственности во многом зависит от духовного выбора политической власти. Политическая власть может руководствоваться либо властью духа Божьего, либо духа языческого, антихристова. Эти два духа, отражаясь в государственности, противостоят друг другу духовно и политически.

Если политическая власть делает свой выбор в пользу Бога, подчиняя себя Его власти и рассматривая свое предназначение как особую ответственность перед Ним, как форму послушания сродни монашескому, как несение Креста, тогда возникает тот идеал, который исторически называется священной государственностью.

С этих позиций политическая власть - это многотрудный и скорбный путь, полный лишений и испытаний, сопряженный с самоотречением и жертвенностью ради веры, народа и Отечества. И, понимая это, верующий человек не может к ней сам стремиться. Поэтому и говорят, что на Руси традиционно к власти не приходят, к власти приводят. На этом духовном фундаменте строилась священная монархическая государственность, Российская империя.

С точки зрения нашего замечательного философа А. Панарина, Америка и Россия - две великие наследницы Рима - западного (глобалистского, языческого) и восточного (христианского). Современный мир - это противостояние этих двух великих наследниц Рима. Это - борьба духа, облеченного в форму имперской государственности.

Это объективно так. Противники России, коллективный Запад внутри и вне ее, признавая США империей, наследницей первого Рима, пытаются заставить нас забыть наше имперское прошлое, нашу связь с Византийской империей - вторым Римом и отказаться от идеи имперской как чего-то для нас постыдного. Они делают все, чтобы нас дезориентировать, чтобы мы не дерзали воспринимать себя как империю, духовно противостоящую возрождающемуся первому Риму (коллективному Западу) в форме глобальной империи, где должен воцариться антихрист.

Целью его сил является то, чтобы мы как православный народ, перестав воспринимать себя как великое сильное государство, священную империю, наследницу Византии, посчитали бы Россию слабым, ничтожным, не способным ни на какую брань государством, единственный удел которого подчиниться глобальной империи, восставшему первому Риму.

Поэтому отказ от имерской идеи для православной Руси есть отказ от духовной брани, духовное и физическое подчинение первому Риму, превращение в его рабов, отказ от национальной государственности, а главное - от веры.

И не нужно думать, что эта борьба еще не началась, она просто не перешла еще в вооруженную фазу. Как пишет А. Панарин:

«Сегодня она (глобальная катастрофа) все явственнее выступает перед нами в ином качестве, как начатая победителями в «холодной войне» четвертая мировая война за передел мира и право беспрепятственно распоряжаться планетой по своему усмотрению.

Нас не должен обманывать тот факт, что эта война пока что ведется постклассическими, нетрадиционными средствами, исключающими прямое физическое насилие. Суть не в формах пущенного в ход оружия, суть в том, каковы цели войны и масштабы задуманного захвата».

Православная российская государственность и наш православный народ - вот главные преграды на пути восстановления первого Рима и установления глобальной империи.

Сила российской государственности в Православии, и православная монархия наиболее полная и гармоничная ее форма.

Об этом замечательно написал священномученик протоиерей Иоанн Восторгов в «Слове в день коронования Государя Императора» (1908):

«Что такое коронование на царство православных христианских царей православного христианского народа - среди заветных святынь народных, в осенении молитв, при священном миропомазании и полноте благословений Христовой Церкви? Что это? Пышный обряд для впечатления зрителей? Остаток старинных обычаев? Пережиток ненужных и отживших воззрений? Или священное коронование и доселе имеет свой глубокий смысл, и если так, то как же оно относится ко всему нашему государственному и общественному строю, а также и к жизни личной каждого из нас, поскольку мы участвуем в общей жизни государства?..

Признайте же, что человеческое царство не есть цель, а есть среда и средство для проявления царства Божия. Признайте, что жизнь государства у христианского народа не может пройти мимо запросов и требований христианской совести.

Признайте, что Церковь Христова, как вечное воплощение спасающей силы христианства и его непрестающего действия в мире верующих, не может не воздействовать на жизнь государства, не может быть от нее устранена, напротив, она должна всюду, во все стороны мысли и жизни, быта и строительства и всякой человеческой деятельности вносить вечные начала вечной Христовой правды...

Русский народ в целом, за исключением немногих, поклонившихся чужеземным богам, и до днесь сохраняет и, даст Бог, сохранит навсегда, - ибо в этом его предназначение в мире, - религиозно-нравственное воззрение на всю совокупность жизни земной; следовательно, и на жизнь государственную.

Оттого и доныне коронование Царя у нас полно смысла и значения; оттого радостен сей церковно-государственный праздник с его целодневным звоном, как бы пасхальным. С высоты храмов Господних этот звон возвещает России, что в ней по-прежнему, как и встарь, живет и пребывает вечное слово: «Господи, силою твоею возвеселится Царь и о спасении Твоем возрадуется зело. Яко Царь уповает на Господа, и милостию Вышнего не подвижится». Аминь».

Поскольку Православие - оплот нашей государственности и залог его силы и непобедимости, то именно против него и ведется сейчас ожесточенная война.

Современная война, как указывалось ранее, - это война нетрадиционная, война религиозная, в ходе которой достигаются духовные цели. А. Панарин дает ей такую характеристику: «Классические войны были связаны с технологиями поражения человеческого тела, новейшие постклассические - с технологиями поражения человеческой души, теряющей нравственную и культурную опору».

Выход России в свой имперский проект, наследницы Византии как второго Рима, означает выход из навязанного нам первым Римом и скроенного по его духовным и политическим эталонам демократического проекта, которому А. Панарин дал следующую лаконичную характеристику: «Там, где царит озабоченность о правах человека, но ощущается дефицит его обязанностей в отношении окружающего мира, ближнего и дальнего, там неумолимо растет хаос и правит бал тот, кто злорадно тешится беспорядком - князь мира сего».

Протоиерей В. Свенцицкий писал: «Прогресс - это не аэропланы, радио, чудеса техники и утонченные наслаждения; это страшная борьба с мировым злом, препятствующим достижению конечной цели мироздания - единству с Богом». Обретение этого единства с Богом и есть цель иерархической священной государственности. Недопущение этого единства через разрушение этой государственности - это цель сети, сплетенной Даном.

В нынешней демократии заложен сетевой принцип полицентризма в форме демократического плюрализма, следствием чего являются, с одной стороны, разделения и политические распри, а с другой - терпимость ко всякого рода отклонениям от Истины. В демократии политическое ставится выше духовного, религиозного, что неизбежно ведет к падению нравственному и государственному.

Архиепископ Аверкий писал, обращаясь к христианам в современном мире:

«Оторвавшись от источника единственно спасительной для нас духовно-нравственной жизни, неразрывно сопряженной с вниманием к себе, своему внутреннему миру, с целью самокритики, самоисправления, духовного обновления, - от слова Божия и вселенского учения Церкви, православные люди, ведомые зачастую духовно-слепыми вождями, и в свою церковную жизнь, не говоря уже о жизни политической и общественной, вносят все те же греховные страсти, о коих мы говорили вначале, страсти, питаемые и укрепляемые самомнением, властолюбием и честолюбием.

Отсюда все те к небу вопиющие заблуждения, вся та пагубная путаница в иерархии ценностей, каковые побуждают сбившихся с правого пути русских людей ставить свои чисто земные политические и общественные идеалы выше Церкви Христовой (о, какое безумное ослепление!) и, вообще, низшие в духовном отношении ценности выдавать за высшие, совершая этим губительные подлоги и производя сумбур и неразбериху в умах и сердцах.

Отсюда же и все бесчисленные дробления и разделения в нашей среде, многочисленные общественные и политические группировки и партии, и... страшное, до лютой злобы доходящее, взаимное недоброжелательство между ними, непримиримая порой вражда и ненависть, не останавливающаяся ни перед какой клеветой, ни перед самыми нелепыми и фантастическими вымыслами и злостными инсинуациями, с целью как можно больше унизить и морально уничтожить своих противников».

Сеть, нацеленная на фрагментацию с ее войнами и разделениями, - это период окончательной дифференциации сил добра и зла в мировой истории, период окончательного формирования двух противостоящих друг другу Римов.

Почему строящаяся глобальная империя соотносится с новым первым Римом, а Россия, принявшая эстафету от Византии как второго Рима, названа Третьим Римом? Дело в том, что коллективный Запад, формируя свою глобальную империю, возвращается к языческой, антихристианской архаике первого Рима.

Россия же идет вперед. У нее другое призвание, о котором пишет А. Панарин: «Трагические срывы ХХ века в России как раз и связаны с тем, что даже в ходе религиозно-философского ренессанса начала ХХ века, ...ее национальный гений все же не сумел дать убедительный творческий синтез национальной судьбы и мировой истории, а вне такого синтеза Россия не может жить и не может выжить, ибо призвание ее - вселенское».

Осуществление этого вселенского призвания и должно быть выражено в имперском проекте Третьего Рима, который призван объединить и защитить коллективный не-Запад, всех нищих духом, всех отверженных коллективным Западом и обреченных на рабство и уничтожение. Россия не может спасать себя, не спасая других. В этой своей духовной миссии Третий Рим как политический проект не может существовать без опоры на духовный проект России как империи духа, как Нового Иерусалима.

Как пишет А. Панарин, «глобализация гегемонистских сил, выступающих как организованный мировой субъект, обязывает и оппонентов этого замысла принять форму глобально организованного субъекта».

При этом Россия, оказавшаяся в рядах не-Запада, самим провидением обречена консолидировать не-Запад, превратив его в единый планетарный субъект. «Речь идет о том, каким образом его разрозненные и намеренно противопоставляемые части может объединить Небо - новая нравственнорелигиозная реформация».

Антихристианский первый Рим коллективного Запада опирается на духовный проект Иерусалима, распявшего Христа.

Два Рима противостоят друг другу в современном мире, но так же противостоят друг другу и два Иерусалима, соотносимых с духовной направленностью двух империй.

Политический проект Третьего Рима может осуществить только полностью подчинившая себя Богу политическая власть, которая уймет свою гордыню, выражающуюся в отмежевании от традиционного духовного начала. А. Панарин подчеркивает: «Как «плоть» государственности насытить благим духом?

...Вместо принципа разделения сакрального и светского, вместо дуализма ценностей, разводящего дух и материю, принцип восточного христианства ориентировался на синергию, на гармонию этих начал».

Гармония этих двух начал Третьего Рима и Нового Иерусалима подводит к идее теократии, о которой пишет А. Панарин: «Сегодня либеральная критика восточного теократического принципа сознательно или бессознательно извращает идею теократии, приписывая ей мотив идолопоклонства и раболепия перед государством.

На деле все обстоит как раз наоборот: принцип теократии означает не алиби и не картбланш, выдаваемый государству, а повышенный нравственнорелигиозный спрос с него, приложение к нему универсальных христианских заповедей».

Весь исторический путь российской государственности - это путь имперский, путь к Третьему Риму как к империи духа Нового Иерусалима. Имперскость - стержень не только нашей священной государственности, но и в целом смысла существования России, условия ее выживания. Россия начинает гибнуть тогда, когда отказывается от имперской идеи.

И потому, даже пережив самые тяжелые времена смут и революций, Россия неизменно возвращалась на этот путь, движимая духовными импульсами самосохранения и руководимая своим внутренним сакральным вселенским призванием.

В идее теократии, объединяющей Третий Рим и Новый Иерусалим, сконцентрировано то, что называют Святой Русью. Именно ее мы призваны отстоять и защитить в развернувшейся решающей битве двух Римов и двух соотносимых с ними Иерусалимов, чтобы Святая Русь воссияла в ярких лучах Божественной славы и любви.

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