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Jewish Ritual Murder

von Hellmut Schramm, Ph. D.


a Historical Investigation

a translation by R. Belser of

Der jüdische Ritualmord
Eine historische Untersuchung

Appendix: footnotes

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[1] Der Orient, Nr. 41, p. 315/16.

[2] Der Orient, Nr. 52 (26 December 1840 -- verbatim report).

[3] Not a single Jew was "executed"!

[4] Israelitische Annalen, Nr. 51 (18 December 1840).

[5] One can characterize, with F. A. Six (Freimauerei und Judenemanzipation, Hamburg, 1938 [Freemasonry and Emancipation of the Jews]), this Jewish lodge, founded in 1832 in Frankfurt a. M. "to the Frankfurt Eagle," just the same as the lodge named below, "for the Rising Dawn," (founded in 1808), as "platform of the political emancipation and gathering place of the Jewish-Free masonic intelligentsia." From there outward, those fateful Jewish-Free masonic threads were spun across all of Germany. Crémieux knew why he was visiting both of these lodges, which were under the authority of the "Grand Orient of France." These embodied "the quintessence of the intellectual and moral nobilities of the Israelite inhabitants of Frankfurt." These Jews "led the way for their co-religionists, in the subject of education and of public instruction, from the mists of prejudice into the region of the brighter light." (Cf. Dieter Schwartz: Die Freimauerei, Berlin, 1938, p. 29.)

[6] Ritual-slaughter knife!

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[7] Stenographische Berichte über die Verhandlungen des Hauses der Abgeordneten [Stenographic Reports concerning the Proceedings of the House of Deputies] -- Berlin, 1892.

[8] Taken from the writings of Hanns Arnold Schwer from the year 1900 (Vienna, self-published).

[9] "The honorary General of the Troops for Protection of Jews," chairman of the "Union for the warding-off of anti-Semitism," political opponent of Liebermann.

[10] See Appendix 7.

[11] A Jew! "Attorney-at-law" and Social-democrat member of the Reichstag. (Cf. J. Braatz: Der Deutsche Reichstag [The German Reichstag, p. 46 and Table XV.)

[12] The party program of the German Social party of this time demanded (according to W. Buch) preservation of the purity of the blood.

[13] The exact documents or record references are listed at the relevant passages. The numerous premeditated ritual-crimes whose history has been handed down, but for which there is no exact time or location determined, have not been considered here.

[14] Shorter references in newspapers reports, document excerpts, and the like have not been considered in this list; they are to be found in the relevant passages which deal with them.

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