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Jewish Ritual Murder

von Hellmut Schramm, Ph. D.

a Historical Investigation


a translation by R. Belser of

Der jüdische Ritualmord
Eine historische Untersuchung

Appendix 9

Table of Ritual-Murders Established in this Investigation [13]

(p. 443)




419 Jewish Easter Imnestar boy
1144 Easter Norwich twelve-year-old William
1160 Easter Gloucester boy
1171 Easter Blois boy
1179 Easter Pontoise boy
1181 Easter London Robert (child)
1192 Easter Braisne "a Christian"
1220 Easter Weißenburg (Alsace) Heinrich (child)
1225 Munich small child
1235 Christmas Fulda five (5) sons of a miller
1235 December Erfurt child
1244 London boy
1247 Easter Valréas (Vaucluse) two-year-old girl
1250 August Aragon seven-year-old boy
1250 Orsona child
1255 Sts. Peter and Paul Day Lincoln Hugh (eight-year-old boy)
1267 Easter Pforzheim seven-year-old girl, Margaretha
1279 Easter London boy
1279 September Yom Kippur Northampton boy
1283 Easter Mainz child
1285 Munich boy
1287 Easter Oberwesel am Rhein fourteen-year-old boy, Werner
1288 Easter
Bern Rudolf (child)
1288 Easter Troyes (Champ.) child
1292 Kolmar nine-year-old boy
1292 Konstanz child
1293 Krems child
1302 Renchen (Baden) child
1303 Easter Weißensee (Thüringia) [Thuringia] Conrad (child)
1303 Easter Prague "Christian person"
1305 Easter Prague boy
1321 Annecy young man
1329 Easter County of Savoy:
Geneva, Rumilly, Annecy
several children
1331 Überlingen (Baden) Frey (child)
1346 Munich small child
1346 Easter Cologne "Hänschen" (child)
1347 Easter Messina child
1349 March Zürich four-year-old boy
1380 Hagenbach (Schwabia) child
1401 Easter Diesenhof (Württemberg) four-year-old child
1407 Easter Cracow boy
1413 Easter Thüringen child
1420 Easter Tongern (Limburg) child
1429 Easter/Pentecost Ravensburg (Württemberg) Ludwig van Bruck (student)
1442 or 1443 Lienz (Tyrol) Ursula Pöck (four-year-old)
1452 Savona two-year-old-child
1453 Breslau child
1454 Easter Castile boy
1462 July Rinn (Innsbruck) Andreas Oxner (three-year-old)
"Anderl von Rinn"
1468 Easter Sepulveda (Spain) small girl
1475 Easter Trent Simon Gerber (two-year-old)
1480 Easter Portobuffole (Venetian) Sebastian Novello (seven-year-old)
1480 Easter Motta (Venetian) child
1480 Easter Treviso Lorenzo (child)
1485 Vicenza boy
1486 Regensburg six (6) children
1490 Easter Guardia (Toledo) child
1494 Easter Tyrnau (Hungary) child
1503 Waldkirch bei Freiburg im Breisgau child
1524 Tyrnau (Hungary) a "Christian"
1529 Ascension Day
Bösing Maißlinger (nin-year-old boy)
1540 Easter Sappenfeld (Oberpfalz) Michael Piesenharter (four-and-a-half-year-old boy)
1547 Easter Rawa (Poland) boy
1569 Easter Vitov (Poland) two-year-old boy
1574 Easter Punia (Lithuania) seven-year-old girl
1590 Easter Szydlov (Poland) boy
1592 Easter Vilna Simon Kierelis (seven-year-old)
1595 Easter Gostyn (Poland) several children
1597 Easter Szydlov (Poland) child
1598 Easter Woznik (Podolia) Albert Pietrzynin (four-year-old)
1650 Easter Kaaden (Bohemia) Matthias Tillich (boy)
1665 May Vienna woman
1744 August Montiggl (Tyrol) Franz Locherer (eight-year-old)
1747 March Zaslav (Russia) unknown man
1753 Easter at Kiev three-and-a-half-year-old boy
1764 Orkuta (Hungary) child
1791 February Purim Pér (Siebenbürgen) Andreas Takáls (thirteen-year-old)
1791 Hollenschau (Moravia) child
1791 Woplawicz (Lublin) child
1791 Pera (Constantimople) young Greek
1803 Easter Buchhof (Nuremberg) two-year-old-child
1805 Welish (Vitebsk) Trofim Nikitin (twelve-year-old-child)
1810 Easter Aleppo woman
1812 Corfu two children
1817 Welish (Vitebsk) two boys, one woman
1817 Vilna girl
1819 Welish (Vitebsk) two girls
1823 Easter Welish (Vitebsk) Ivanov (three-and-a-half-year-old)
1824 Beirut Fatchallah-Sayegh (translator)
1824 Corfu child
1826 Warsaw five-year-old boy
1827 Vilna Ossyp Perowicz (child)
1827 Easter Warsaw child
1827 Easter Antioch two boys
1829 Hamath (Asia Minor) young Turkish woman
1831 St. Petersburg girl
1834 Tripoli old man
1840 February (Purim) Damascus Father Thomas; Ibrahim Amara
1840 Easter
Triande (Rhodes) twelve-year-old boy
(ritual-murder greatest probability)
1843 Rhodes and Corfu several children
1852 December Saratov (Russsia) Schestobitov (boy)
1853 January Saratov (Russia) Maßlov (boy)
1875 September (Yom Kippur) Zboró (Hungary) ritual-murder attack upon a sixteen-year-old girl,
with death ensuing afterward
1877 June Szalacs (Hungary) Therese Szabó (six-year-old);
Emerich Szabó (nin-year-old)
1878 before Jewish festival Steinamanger (Hungary) girl
1879 Tállya (Hungary) child
1879 October Piros (Hungary) Lidi Sipos (fifteen-year-old)
1880 Alexandria child
1880 Komorn (Hungary) child
1880 before Jewish festival Steinamanger (Hungary) girl
1881 Easter Alexandria Evangelio Fornarachi (boy)
1881 Kaschau (Hungary) Kocsis (girl)
1881 before Jewish festival Steinamanger (Hungary) girl
1881 Lutscha (Galicia) Franziska Mnich
1882 Easter Tisza-Eszlár (Hungary) Esther Solymosi (fourteen-year-old)
1882 Balata (Constantinople) child
1883 Galata (Constantinople) child
1884 January Skurz (West Prussia) Onophrius Cybulla (fourteen-year-old)
1885 Easter Mit-Kamar (Egypt) young Copt
1890 Easter Damascus Henry Abdelnour (boy)
1891 Easter Corfu Maria Dessyla (eight-year-old)
1891 June
St. Peter and Paul Day
Xanten Johann Hegmann
1891 June Mustapha Pasha Grieche Stephanos (eight-year-old girl)
1892 Easter Port Said Helene Vasilios (four-year-old)
1894 Kolin (Bohemia) girl
1895 September (Yom Kippur festival) Kis-Sallo (Hungary) Juliska Balars (five-year-old)
1898 July Polna (Bohemia) Maria Klima (twenty-three-year old)
1899 Easter Polna (Bohemia) Agnes Hruza (nineteen-year-old)
1900 Easter Konitz (West Prussia) Ernst Winter (eighteen-year-old)
1910 December
Nassenheide (Stettin) Helenne Brix (strong suspicion of ritual-murder)
1911 March Kiev Andrei Yustinschy (thriteen-year-old)
1911 September (Yom Kippur) Schönlanke Olga Hagel
1912 Pentecost Posen Stanislaus Musial (sixteen-year-old)
1913 Eastern Lobsens (Wirsitz) Agnes Kador (six-year-old)
1913 July Ludwigshafen Elma Kelchner (twelve-year-old)
(strong suspicion of ritual-murder)

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