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Jewish Ritual Murder

von Hellmut Schramm, Ph. D.

a Historical Investigation


a translation by R. Belser of

Der jüdische Ritualmord
Eine historische Untersuchung

Appendix 1

(p. 419)

Translation of the Address Given before the Vice-King of Egypt [1]

May it please Your Highness, etc. After we in Europe heard of the accusations issued in Damascus against some Jews who belonged to Your Highness's subjects, and of the tortures and sufferings done to them in order to extract confessions, and because we know that our religion not only does not sanction the crime of which they are accused, but rather even teaches us most expressly to be horrified at the use of blood, we have been sent by our co-religionists in Europe to ask Your Highness for Justice...

We come here with the most sure conviction that Your Highness, of such great fame in Europe due to your bravery in the Field, your wisdom in the Council, and your tolerance toward all good subjects without distinction, will grant our request with your accustomed kindness. We come without hatred, without passion, merely with the upright desire of bringing the truth to light.

Therefore our request goes out to Your Highness, to impart to us the authority to go to Damascus, and there to initiate such inquiries which will be able to lead to the obtaining of sufficient evidence in respect to those accusations which have brought the entire Jewish population of that city into suffering unheard of till now, and so that the results of such investigation may be officially confirmed by the Gouverneur of Damascus and presented to Your Highness.

That moreover, Your Highness might facilitate for us the means for obtaining this information, as well as grant safe conduct for those persons who belong to our mission, and provide full security for all parties who have credentials;

the permission to speak with and question the prisoners as often as necessary, and that the authority and permission of Your Highness will be enforced by means of a special Firman [an edict or decree], sent to the Gouverneur of Damascus and officially entered into the local archives and publicly read out in the streets there.

May we add that the eyes of all of Europe are directed upon Your Highness, and that the granting of our request will gratify the entire civilized world. It is well known (420) that the prince who has attained such a great reputation, treasures justice even more highly.

It is an homage to your genius, to your love of truth, your love of justice, which has caused this deputation of all the Israelites of the Earth to appeal to Your Highness with confidence, in the consciousness that this appeal can not have been made in vain.

Alexandria, 4 August 1840.

Moses Monetfiore

Copyright 2001 by R. Belser. Reproduction in whole or in part without express written permission of the translator is not permitted. All rights reserved.

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