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New World Order
Benjamin Fulford

(article by alleged Illuminati)

Русская версия:
Бенджамин Фулфорд - Репортажи



Note: The Introduction chapter is not a part of the original text. It was added here for the purpose of clarifying a few points of significance.

Following is the article about Benjamin Fulford and Alexander Romanov posted on the alleged Illuminati site. It is included here for the purpose of preserving it in case it disappears on the original site.

Notice, that even though the tone of the article is quite rude and insulting, like it was written by some angry troll, which diminishes its credibility, it nevertheless addresses some key points and shows that some of the ideas, promoted by Fulford and "Romanov", such as meritocracy are not their own ideas, as you can find them in the alleged Illuminati doctrine.

One way or the other, here is that article and you can make up your own mind as to what it all means. Just don't forget one thing: we live in a world of total disinformation. It is highly undesirable to accept anything whatsoever on its face value. It has to be verified against other sources, and even then, there is no guarantee that your conclusions, if any, do correspond to Truth or reality. But, with sincere search, it will eventually resolve and the most essential points will become clear for you.

Just be forewarned: it is quite insane and it creates an impression that these people do deserve each other and feed on each other. Without each other and their self-centered ego trips they could not exist. They would be totally empty, like hallow bamboo. That is the impression.


The idea of meritocracy does have some merit in a sense that it opposes the idea of democracy, which, in essence, means "ruling by the herd", regardless of qualifications or education.

What is democracy? Well, literally, it means "rule by the people". But is it possible? The thing is, even though the idea of democracy is constantly promoted as something "just", it, nevertheless, is fiction. Why? Because people NEVER ruled anything. In order to "rule" you need money, influence, connection, ideology and so on.

Even in "democratic" societies, it is nothing more than appearance. First of all, those who are elected, are not elected because of some "democratic" "vote". That is all illusion. Because to win, you need massive amounts of money on the campaign, promotion, meetings, publicity and so on. Nowadays, it takes hundreds of millions of dollars in order to get elected. Question arises: where would a honest man get these kinds of money?

It has been said:

The president will be the one, selected by Rothschild.

In essence, the presidents and the heads of state are nothing more than puppets, who do exactly what they are told, and who read their speeches from the paper. Their speeches are carefully constructed by the puppet masters. And so is their "advisors" are those, who merely pass the message from the puppeteers to the "presidents". It is a long subject to discuss and you can study it on your own if you wish.

Secondly, in "democracy", there is no consideration for education, expertise in governance, mental abilities and so on, even though during the election campaigns they brag about some of it.

But democracy does not inherently require any skill or knowledge. All that is needed is a vote count. The more you lie, the more dishonest you are, the more money you have for your campaign, the more chance there is that you will be elected. Your level of competence isn't even considered.

On the other hand, the "meritocracy" places the main value on "merits", or "achievements", and they present it as something genuinely valuable. And it does make sense. Because to rule, you need knowledge of some very specific subjects and disciplines. That is why in monarchies, where power is passed by the bloodline, children are educated with the best teachers and in different areas related to governing. So, when the child grows up, he is fully prepared to govern the country.

But there is but to meritocracy. First of all, what means "merit"? Well, it could be ANYTHING. It simply means some "achievements", which brought some "success". And it could be anything, down to ability to "sweet talk". It could be your military achievements, or even you being some kind of a "star" in sports or anything for that matter. So merit, as such, does not necessarily mean you are qualified.

Furthermore, merit does not imply the level of your AWARENESS and consciousness. You could be insane in a literal sense and still have plenty of "merits". You could be a destroyer of nature or a monster-murderer or utterly heartless brat, and you could still have "merits".

You don't have to be honest to have merits. You don't have to be truthful if you have merits. You don't have to bother about morality and this list goes on.

So, "meritocracy" is essentially a mental aspect, the way of "achievement" in the MATERIAL world of possession and exploitation of anything that moves or does not, for that matter.

There is no HEART in it. There is no SOUL in it. It does not need even Love itself.

And this is exactly how these fools, peddling this ugly idea of "achievement", called "meritocracy" fall on their face. Because it has been said:

Blind leading the blind will fall into a ditch.

And this is what we have today with all these "Illuminati" of all colors and brands and all these "sacred societies" of all kinds. They do not have ROOOTS. As it's been said:

The house built on sand will collapse.

Inevitably so.

And so they talk and talk and talk and accuse one another and insult each other in all sorts of ugliest ways. But what is the result?

It is all empty talk by the blind, obsessed with this thing or that and primarily with their own egos, with their own self-image and their own self-interest. It is essentially an ego battle and quite often the diagnosis is the same: inferiority complex - trying to prove to the world that you are something. And not only something, but you are "The One" and "Only".

And this is what you are going to see here in this article on both sides of this foolish struggle for nothing. And ALL they have in their hands is DUST, and NOTHING but dust.

Fulford and company, the "Illuminati", who are blind, the "heirs" to the Russian throne and all your "royal families". ALL blind, leading the blind.

You live in the world of fiction and artificial reality, which is not reality at all. It is simply unreal in its stupidity and blindness and in its suicidal tendencies.

And this is the essence of it as expressed by Talmudist Karl Marx (Mordechai Levi):

With Satan I have struck my deal

That art God neither wants nor wists,
It leaps to the brain from Hell's black mists.

Till heart's bewitched, till senses reel:

With Satan I have struck my deal.

With Satan I have struck my deal

Perished, with no existence - that would be really living

If there is something which devours,
I'll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins -
The world which bulks between me and the abyss
I will smash to pieces my enduring curses.

I'll throw my arms around its harsh reality,
Embracing me, the world will dumbly pass away,
And then sink down to utter nothingness,
Perished, with no existence - that would be really living.

Perished, with no existence - that would be really living

The New World Order
Benjamin Fulford

Jewish-Canadian conspiracy theorist and notorious fantasist Benjamin Fulford employs an otherwise jobless, delusional Serbian bum (a former drug dealer) living near Fulford in Tokyo to "star" in various videos with him, posing as the "Grand Master of the Illuminati". Fulford and this Serbian nobody plagiarise the material made freely available by us on this website and sell it in plagiarised books and to subscription-paying suckers.

Fulford is a liar, fraud, con man, charlatan, Narcissist, fantasist and criminal plagiarist. He is the uttermost scum, swindling weak-minded people.

In his own words: "Hello, my name is Benjamin Fulford. I am a spokesperson for an organization known as the White Dragon Society. We are an international group of financiers, military men, people in intelligence agencies, and in secret organizations, as well as journalists, and regular citizens who have been appalled and disgusted by the never-ending wars caused by the military-industrial complex. They have been using over 90% of humanity's savings in order to steal oil, pillage countries, and just cause mayhem."

Hold on - aren't the international financiers, military men, people in intelligence services, Masons and propaganda journalists precisely the PROBLEM?! Fulford is an Old World Order agent of DISINFORMATION, trying to confuse you about who is good and who is bad. ALL INTERNATIONAL FINANCIERS ARE BAD. FULL STOP. ALL WAR MONGERS IN THE MILITARY ARE BAD. ALL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES ARE CORRUPT. ALL OWO JOURNALISTS ARE LIARS.

Fulford is making himself rich selling you lies.

The world will be free only when we are free of exactly the people who allegedly belong to the "White Dragon Society" (formerly the Black Dragon Society!).

Wake up!

Ask yourself a very simple question. We give away two million words on this site for free. Fulford takes your money, as much of it and as often as he can. Either we are conning you or he is. Can you work it out? It's not difficult. Always follow the money!

(Note that we have had to suspend releasing new, free information on this site because of the plagiarism of Fulford and his poodle Balkan accomplice. We apologise to all of those who begged us to keep going.)

Here's the game. We are Leibnizian hyper rationalists. If you believe anything said by Benjamin Fulford or any of his puppet actors, you are a) a moron b) a sucker c) totally deluded. We don't really have to tell you this because you already intuit it. You know that something is terribly wrong and - if you're being honest (such a hard thing to do!) - you know that you need to seek help. Come on, it's obvious that Benjamin Fullfraud wouldn't known what the truth was if it slapped him in the face. You're better than that. Confront your problems. Face reality. BENJAMIN FULFORD - LIAR! You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. You know what - if you believe even one word of what Benjamin FoolFraud says, you really are one of the most stupid people in the world. You are a total sucker. Why not join the world of rational people who can distinguish truth from bullshit? Are you smart enough? You can go through life being stupid, believing nonsense spun by charlatans. That's your choice. If you believe even one word of what Benjamin Fullfraud says, you've proved you're simple minded. People like Foolfraud exist to prove that there are idiots out there who will believe anything any clown tells them. Are you one of the clowns? If you take Foolfraud seriously, you have demonstrated to the whole world that you are of subnormal intelligence. Don't you want to be one of the clever people?

Impostors, Frauds and Charlatans

Q. "Is born-again Christian Mark Cleminson a former member of the Illuminati?"

A. What planet are you living on? A note to all Christians - you are Devil worshippers who believe in human sacrifice (you all revere Abraham even though he agreed to murder his own son by human sacrifice at the behest of his Satanic Lord - can any sane person conceive of a moral code where "God" orders fathers to murder their children?). Jesus Christ is the Crown Prince of Hell.

Q. "Is Leo Zagami a former member of the Illuminati?"

Leo Zagami, Alexander Romanov

"Leo Zagami"

"Leo Lyon Zagami, ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo. He was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge. He was the 'prince', prepared to take over after the older Illuminati 'king', Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood."

A. What planet are you living on? The Illuminati, supreme advocates of meritocracy, despise bloodlines. No one who belonged to any elitist bloodline would ever be admitted to the Illuminati. This individual is a complete fantasist. If you're stupid enough to believe these people, no wonder you're so bitter and twisted about your life.

Q. "Is Alexander Romanov (Romanov) a member of the Illuminati?"

A. What planet are you living on? "Romanov" is a Serbian paid puppet of Candadian conspiracy theorist Benjamin Fulford. The Illuminati helped to execute the evil Romanov dynasty. This character - a liar and plagiarist - is living out his own Lord of the Rings fantasy. He thinks he's Aragorn, the returning king, but he's actually Gollum, the stalking freak, unable to free himself from his obsession.

"The Preciousssssss....."

The Precious mystic ring

Romanov contacted us two years ago and announced he was a close friend of conspiracy theorist Benjamin Fulford. We note that Fulford has made recent videos with Romanov (aka Richard Sorge and many other aliases), where they pretend to barely know each other (in fact they have been collaborators for years).

Romanov makes the absurd and deranged claim that he is the Grand Master of the Illuminati, despite proclaiming his hatred of the Illuminati for their part in the death of his alleged Great Grandfather (yes, Tsar Nicholas II), and denying him his inheritance of the imperial Russian throne. He proclaims that the great secret of the Illuminati is that the God of Abrahamism is the Devil. Anyone who knows the first thing about Gnosticism knows that there is nothing secret about the assertion that Satan is the "God" worshipped by the Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Draw your own conclusions about this pair of con men. Romanov stole material from this site for several books, most especially the one entitled "666", and is trying to pass it off as his own for financial gain - and Fulford is fully aware of this and has actively assisted Romanov (we have the emails to prove it). Judge for yourselves what kind of people these are. Both of them are criminal thieves duping gullible people.

Sadly, many disturbed individuals believe themselves to have some connection with the Illuminati. We can't be held responsible for the fantasies of mad people. We have been forced to stop releasing new material on this site because of Romanov's actions. His kind of delusional, psychiatric case never goes away, and such people are indulged by the likes of Fulford, who profit from the crazy stories about the Illuminati that they manufacture as part of their fantasy. The credulous masses then take these lies and fantasies as "truth". In fact, they have ZERO truth content.

According to Romanov and Fulford, the Illuminati have nuclear weapons and issue threats to vaporise cities such as London. You would need to be a mental case to think this was true. (On one memorable occasion, Romanov promised to nuke London because he was mocked on the AOI Path of Illumination Facebook page - eight million people were to die because this maniac felt insulted!)

Whenever you hear the word "Illuminati", you should think first and foremost of Pythagoras, mathematics and enlightenment.


Here is the first letter we ever received from "Romanov" aka "Slasha", "Slasha Zaric", "Alexander Zaric", "John Anderson", "Alexander Moore", "Richard Sorge", and countless other aliases. (This Serbian considers himself the reincarnation of Richard Sorge, the famous spy for the Soviet Union; he also thinks he's Romanov, the rightful Tsar of Russia, yet seems to have a remarkable fondness for former communist and KGB agent Vladimir Putin!

Romanov also regards himself as a meritocrat despite supporting Russian tsardom and serfdom! He thinks he's related to the UK Queen, so refers to her as "auntie"! Oh, he also claims to be the leader of Anonymous and maintains that Jehovah is an artificial intelligence programmed to destroy the world - isn't that taken from the plot of the first Star Trek movie?)


Sent: Thursday, 25 March 2010, 12:25
Subject: Forwarding a message

Hi M,

Today, I found the following text in my message folder. As it was probably intended to be sent to you, I am therefore forwarding it:

"Slasha" has entered following message into the contact form:

Hey guys, after your last posting of the divine suicide i can no longer resist writing to you. i feel uncomfortable about all this as i have never written to any kind of internet forum before. weird things that first started happening to me precisely five years ago, quickening since last summer, becoming totally insane towards the end of january ... finally reached a climax two weeks ago with something involving your website which has resulted in this communication attempt. i dont know who you guys are, you dont seem to have much of a following, 44,000 hits is nothing ( especially since i constitute a minimum of a few hundred of those ) but you do say the right things and in the few months of research i have done into the illuminati you are a beacon of light in an ocean of shit.

(Our Comment - strange that the self-proclaimed Grand Master of the Illuminati has had to do research into the Illuminati! He's not exactly on top of his brief, is he?)

i will be brief, stick to details and wont bore you with long winded crap. i will be happy to answer or elaborate on any questions should you decide to ask them at another time. what i will tell you is what has happened to me, i prefer this not to be published as this is only my story and it doesnt really concern anyone else except for you guys ....... it would appear.

five years ago to this day i quit my regular job and embarked on an outlaw lifestyle. this is not easy as there are school aged children to feed but i persevere. soon after that through strange circumstances i stumble across an old family photo and make friends with a person called B.F. who claims to be head of the black dragon society. he says many things similar to what you guys are saying but of course i dismiss all this as utter nonsense, until last summer when events take a further twist into the bizarre.

(Our Comment - what a great father, huh?! And isn't B.F. actually the head of the "White Dragons", or does the colour change seasonally?)

after getting involved in something i am led to believe is a business opportunity all kinds of strange people start coming out of the woodwork. some claim to be secret agents working for Mi6, the CIA, Yakuza and Mossad while others claim to belong to secret societies such as the freemasons, the black dragons ... and the illuminati. by a series of remarkable coincidences the business deteriorates to a point where it becomes obviously apparent that i am being set up. my friend B.F. agrees with this. in one last ditch attempt to avoid a dangerous situation i decide to go visit an old acquaintance of mine who is nuts but for some inexplicable reason i am sure he can help me to resolve this situation. the day before i fly out my friend B.F. tells me that i am in way over my head and in actual fact am asleep in a coma ....... in belgium.

(Our comment - aren't you the head of the Illuminati? Don't you know the members of your own organisation? Are you sure you're not still in a coma ... in Belgium?! By the way, the "business opportunity" wasn't the selling of 70 kilos of dope, was it - as your friend Benjamin Fulford says? Also, when you say that these strange people started coming out of the woodwork, what you mean is that they started emerging from your own imagination - they are simply your even madder alter egos.)

late january is when i get to the philippines. the old acquaintance of mine is totally mad, it is plain and obvious for everyone to see. he rambles and raves and makes little sense ..... until he tells me a story of how he was on a boat the day he achieved enlightenment. some ten or so years earlier while sailing on his boat he was hit on the head by the boat mast and while unconscious found himself in a room ..... in belgium. and when he came to ....... he was a changed man ...... is this the weirdest coincidence of all time?

(Our comment - your old acquaintance really must be off his trolley if a madman like you thinks he's mad. "Rambles and raves" - aren't you talking about yourself? What is it with Belgium? Do you like their chocolates? Are they injected with drugs?)

this is the point at which i begin to listen to his ramblings, and the shit this guy comes out with is just impossible to explain until i soon realize that he is not of this earth, maybe he is an alien, maybe a re incarnation of someone, maybe the buddha, i am not sure, but what is certain is that the stuff this guy says is off this planet ...... similar to stuff you are saying.

(Our comment - we are Pythagorean and Leibnizian rationalists. We don't say any mad things - unlike you.)

i was never much of a conspiracy theorist although you dont have to be to know what really happened on september 11 and who in actual fact was behind it all. last summer at the same time as all the weird people began approaching me i rediscovered the old family photo i had stumbled upon 5 years previously and in the photo my grandfather is making a sign with his right hand. i have spent many months trying to discover what the sign means and finally believe i may know the answer ....... but lets leave all that for another time.

(Our comment - not a conspiracy theorist? You could have fooled us. All you ever do is invent conspiracy theories, or steal from our website. As for your grandfather, don't worry, he's a fantasist too - like grandfather like grandson, right?)

only after returning home from the philippines in early february of this year did i dive into researching the illuminati. it took more than one month of wading through absolute crap until i came across a link to your site from wes penre's blog. i have read most of the stuff on your site and its difficult to argue with. towards the bottom there is an article titled "golgonooza" and at the bottom of that there is ( was !? ) a music video by " jo wilcox " advertising her book " illuminating the soul mate path ". i think the clip is cool so i forward it to a few of my friends. within an hour i get a message from my mate B.F. and he says ..... " yes, the spirits told her to contact me, they gave her a sign ( it is in the video ) and there is an identical one on the temple in the park where we usually meet, how do you know about the music video ?" now, how does one reply to something like this ..... "are you out of your fucking mind ?" but sure enough the sign ( modified hexagram ) is on the temple. it happened three weeks ago.

(Our comment - yes, you're out of your "fucking mind". So B.F. believes in the "spirits", does he? Is he away with the fairies - like you?)

a few days after the incident of the sign on the temple i began reading the armageddon conspiracy and finished it in two days ( excellent work ... well done).

(Our comment - yes, you liked it so much, you decided to start stealing our material. There's gratitude for you, thieving scum.)

about two thirds or maybe three quarters of the way through the book it suddenly hit me like a bolt of lightning. i had spent seven years making amateur movies and the first film i ever made was based on an acid trip i had taken a decade earlier, in the story i play an agent of god who is sent into a hellish kind of dreamworld to rescue an old friend who by the end of the story turns out to be the same character as god, he only needed to be woken up. and if all that isnt enough ..... the opening scene of the movie when i first receive the message from god .... is filmed in front of the temple in the park which has a hexagram on it. you know .... what the fuck?

(Our comment - you're still on your acid trip, you clown. God is asleep, is he? He must be. How else did he not see you coming, fool?)

if this isnt someone trying to tell me something then i dont know what is. i just wish that the "person" involved had scrawled it on my wall five years ago and saved me a hell of a lot of hassle ... but i guess it is the journey which is important. thats about all there is, i could go on for hours actually, write a book about the whole thing but have been as brief as possible.

(Our comment - obviously, you decided to steal our work instead. Writing your own book was never your thing - too much like hard work for a parasitical work evader and scumbag like you.)

i have told the same story to many friends but they all think i have lost the plot, dont blame them, think the same thing myself most of the time. this past fortnight i debated whether to write this to you and the divine suicide finally convinced me. i have not yet told you my real name and the mail address i have given you above i will only use until the end of this month. hope you guys can make sense of some of this stuff. keep up the good work and all the best.

(Our comment - you ought to listen to your friends. You haven't just lost the plot, you've thrown it into a bottomless abyss. You won't be finding it ever again, loony. "All the best?" - is that what you say to everyone before you steal their property?)

deda dragoslav


We were later informed that the "B.F." referred to was none other than BENJAMIN FULFORD. These two charlatans, who are old friends, have concocted a ridiculous con whereby "Slasha" pretends to be the Grand Master of the Illuminati and appears in Fulford's amateur hour videos. THESE PEOPLE ARE CON MEN. We have hundreds of their emails detailing their mad schemes and preposterous conspiracy theories - for which they are shamelessly charging people and fleecing them. You are the biggest sucker on earth if you believe even one word these people say. Their only conceivable defence for their actions is that they are so mad they actually believe their own mad fantasies. In a court of law, they would no doubt enter a plea of insanity - and what sane and rational person could possibly disagree with them?

If you subscribe to Fulford's site because you want a laugh and zany entertainment, that's your choice. If you're subscribing because you actually believe anything he says, save your money and go and see a psychiatrist.

As for Romanov, he's as barking mad as his hero, Bobby Fischer, yet another loony tune obsessed with the Illuminati. Just because someone claims to have a connection with the Illuminati doesn't make it so. Why are so many people so gullible? It seems that you can indeed fool most of the people ALL of the time.

Here's what "Romanov" says about himself on his Facebook page - a Lord of the Rings tribute site:

GrandMas†er of the Illumina†i

Leader of Anonymous
Finder of †he Holy Grail
Holder of †he Ring of Power
Heir to the Russian †hrone
†he An†iChris† (Birthday 25 December 1966) !!!!!

"Aunt Elizabeth, Isis is very upset. She wants her crown back." -- Alexander Romanov

Hey, Moronov, why don't you slip on your "Ring of Power" and make yourself disappear? - permanently.

What is truly sad about this mad little man is that he is far from alone in his derangement. Hordes of conspiracy theorist lunatics (aka "suckers") actually take this nonsense seriously.

Here's one of Romanov's "announcements" that appears on his friend Benjamin Fuflord's website:

"A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered To The Committee Of 300 By The Gnostic "Illuminati" Faction
Posted on February 20, 2012 by Gillian
Benjamin Fulford | February 20 2012

The group that claims to have started the American, French and Russian revolutions state they have issued a March 31st deadline to the committee of 300, according to their spokesman "Alexander Romanov." In addition, Prince Harry has been in touch with the group and has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth."

(Our comment - er, what's the point of getting rid of one royal parasite merely to replace them with another? Didn't the French and Russian revolutionaries execute royalty?)

"There are signs, such as the resignation of over a dozen senior bankers and the announcement of a $15 trillion fraud in the UK and a $6 trillion fraud in Italy, that these warnings have been taken seriously. The Italian case is especially noticeable because one of the people arrested was former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconni. In addition a meeting is scheduled this week between a White Dragon Society representative and a representatives of the dragon family in mainland Asia to discuss the creation of a meritocratically staffed economic planning agency."

This is the biggest load of horseshit in history. If you think even one word is true you ought to be locked up. Note that the specific threat issued was that "Dr Evil" (Romanov) would vaporise London with four nuclear missiles recovered from the sunk Russian submarine Kursk unless he got his way (Rome and Jerusalem were also named as targets in the event of Tokyo being nuked by the Old World Order!). The "deadline" passed and what happened? Exactly what you would expect - nothing at all. Because the whole thing is the fantasy of deranged people, longing to be important and to be at the centre of world events - just like the sad sacks who read their garbage. If you buy anything at all from Fulford or Romanov, you might as well have "sucker", "fool" and "loser" branded on your forehead. Romanov ought to have been arrested for issuing a terrorist threat to murder millions of innocent people. Many people have been jailed in London for issuing much less serious threats. If Romanov were in the UK, he would now be behind bars. An international warrant ought to be issued for his arrest. He is a public enemy and menace, clearly on the psychopath spectrum. Would anyone be surprised if he went "postal"?

You can be sure that neither Fulford nor Romanov will ever comment on why nothing happened. Instead, there will soon be a new announcement about some other mad scheme, and another. None of them will ever intersect with reality at any time. But who cares? Conspiracy theorists certainly don't care. Facts mean nothing to them. It surely can't be long until Romanov claims to be the Second Coming (i.e. to be both Christ and Antichrist - in fact he has already claimed to be Christ in one of his messages). Who cares about logic?

Romanov suffers from a psychiatric condition known as "Narcissistic entitlement syndrome". He believes he is a special person and that the world owes him his "inheritance". He has no morality at all, and no empathy. An evil and soulless person, he is very close to a psychopath, and that behaviour may well manifest itself in due course. If he can't create his own material, he simply steals it from others, and feels entirely justified in doing so - that's the essence of his condition.

He is a compulsive attention seeker, always saying to the world, "Hey, look at me: I'm really important." Of course, as the gulf widens between reality and his self-estimation, he will make increasingly grandiose claims, even more ridiculous than those he has already produced. We have a number of psychiatrists studying his condition and predicting what he will do next, what new egomaniacal claims he will generate.

This person will have a complete mental breakdown in due course. That is certain. He sees himself as a hero and saviour, but of course his behaviour is that of a thief and conman without one shred of morality. He lies relentlessly to everyone. He's an embarrassment and a disgrace. He simultaneoulsy mocks the Queen of England while wishing to be the Tsar of Russia. He calls for the overthrow of the Old World Order while calling himself "Romanov", one of the most important names of the Old World Order.

He's a classic example of someone locked into Orwellian doublethink - holding two contradictory positions at once and believing in both of them. Our worry about this person is that when his mind irrevocably snaps, he will take others with him.

Romanov is a coward, a liar, a fake, a fraud, a conman, a thief, a plagiarist, a fantasist, a drug fiend, a nutter and an irredeemably evil person - exactly the kind of person of whom this world must be rid. He preys on the deluded. He has zero to contribute to the world. How Serbia must shudder to have produced such scum, such a parasite, such low vermin, crawling in the sewers of madness, and trying to rob gullible people. Ably assisted of course by another scumbag fantasist - his good friend Benjamin Fulford, yet another Narcissist trying to portray himself as being at the centre of world events.

Here's what wikipedia says about Mr Fulford:

"On July 14, 2009 the Tokyo District Court awarded American broadcast journalist Steven L. Herman more than Yen 1,700,000 (17K euro) in the civil libel case brought against Fulford and his publisher (Herman vs. Fulford, Fusosha & M. Katagiri).

"After the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Fulford claimed on Japanese television that '[t]he American government in cooperation with [the] Federal Reserve, the Rockefellers, and other powerful groups, they are planning the eruption of Mt. Fuji Volcano. The earthquake and the tsunami was March 11th, 2011, 03.11.11. The Mt. Fuji Eruption they are planning is for April 11th, 2011.' Fulford attributed the earthquake, tsunami and his predicted eruption of Mt. Fuji to HAARP, a scientific facility used by physicists to research the upper atmosphere. There has been no such eruption of Mt. Fuji since 1708."

Yet still the suckers roll up to buy the snakeoil. The morons never learn. Their idiocy is what defines them.

Here is a message we found on the internet from Benjamin Fulford himself describing his involvement with Romanov:

Email from Benjamin Fulford 2012/2/19

From: Fulford Benjamin

Hello Mr. [REDACTED],

Alexander Romanov (who also goes by the names Alexander Moore, Alexander Zaric, Slasha Zaric and Richard Sorge) originally came to me with 70 kilos of marijuana laced with mind destroying chemicals and told me to introduce him to the yakuza or he would kill me.

(Our comment - so, if you have 70 kilos of dope, the first person you would think of going to see is Benjamin Fulford - how very revealing. Fulford knows the Yakuza, does he? Hmmm, how revealing.)

I assumed from all this that he had serious backing so I opened a dialogue with him and eventually convinced him he was being set up as a patsy and that his 70 kilos was a trap designed to put us both in jail.

(Our comment - hmmm, would YOU open a dialogue with a drug dealer? "Assumed"? No facts then. How very revealing. What else have you "assumed", Mr Fulford?)

In any case, he does represent some powerful group and that is why I stay in contact.

(Our comment - really? Where's your evidence i.e. beyond your "assumptions"? Or do you immediately conclude that anyone who approaches you has "powerful" connections? How very convenient for you. And why do you feel compelled to stay in touch with a "powerful group"? Are you on a power trip? Are you a power junkie or groupie? You don't even seem to care if they're a "bad" powerful group or not. Power is the word that interests you - not morality.)

He was also cut off his generous financing after he started working with me.

(Our comment - really? Actually, he gave up his job to be an "outlaw", as he said in his earlier message. And who did he claim was the source of his"generous financing"? Do you know? Do you care? And since you have introduced him in various videos as the Grand Master of the lluminati, doesn't it strike you as odd that he has no money? Obviously not.)

Since he had zero income, I agreed to help him publish a couple of books in Japanese so that he could pay his bills.

(Our comment - so you think the Grand Master of the Illuminati has zero income, and you thought you'd help him criminally plagiarise the free material on this website to earn some money? You really do have the morals of a cockroach. Nor do you seem remotely bothered by the fact that some bum with no money who is ripping off other people's work with your help cannot under any circumstances be the Grand Master of anything at all, other than his own fantasy. Where are all of the members of the Illuminati to help him? Why does he need the help of a conspiracy theorist like you? Funny how none of your credulous followers ever asks these simple and obvious questions.)

The video was meant as publicity for the book.

(Our comment - so, the Grand Master of the Illuminati turns to Benjamin Fulford for publicity. How very strange. One might almost think that Romanov is a friend of yours in Tokyo and you've decided to help him out and earn some publicity and coin for yourself too? Are we wrong? Why don't you tell the truth for once, Mr Fulford?)

I should also add that he smoked a lot of his own stuff and as a result for a while there he seemed to have become severely delusional but the stuff ran out long ago and he seems a lot more sane and calm these days.

(Our comment - so, the Grand Master of the Illuminati is a delusional dope fiend - but not so mad that Mr Fulford can't see an opportunity to exploit him. Why don't you introduce him on your videos not as the Grand Master of the Illuminati, but as a guy who, by your admission, is delusional?! Wouldn't have quite the same effect, would it, Benjamin? People might not take you or him seriously. And how long have you known this guy anyway? Old friends? So surely you know who his "powerful contacts" are? No? You don't know much, do you? - for a guy who claims to be at the focus of world events.)

Just because I have a dialogue with him and since he lives in my neighbourhood I meet him from time to time does not mean that I agree with everything he says or does.

(Our comment - so, if he lives in your neighbourhood, why don't you know his real name and what he does for a living? Aren't you a person with extremely powerful contacts who tell you everything that's going on in the world? It turns out that you don't even know the identity of someone who lives round the block from you. But you're happy to introduce him as the Grand Master of the Illuminati - although you know for a fact that he's not. Therefore, you are a proven liar. You plainly condone his views or you would not associate yourself with him. We, on the other hand, have distanced ourself as far as possible from this lunatic.)

He is an independent actor with dangerous connections who I believe is now trying to work for the greater good.

(Our comment - what dangerous connections? Where's your evidence? He's a guy that needs your help plagiarising our work to provide his only income - as you've already stated. Does that sound like someone with powerful connections? "Now working for the greater good"? What was he before? A criminal? Do you know? Do you care? Or are you just making up all of this? He's certainly an "actor" - a fake playing a part.)

He supports the establishment of meritocracy and I am pushing for the creation of a meritocratic agency charged with the job of ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction.

(Our comment - so, the wannabe Tsar of Russia is a meritocrat! Now that takes the biscuit. And you claim to be a meritocrat too - someone who shamelessly and relentlessly lies to the people? Why don't you ask Mr Romanov about his claim to be the leader of Anonymous, holder of the Ring of Power and his assertion that he's the Antichrist - as stated on his Facebook page (he's not exactly keeping this a secret, is he?)? Is the Antichrist one of the good guys in Fulford World? Why is it that you don't ask him any searching, inquisitive personal questions at all?)

Benjamin Fulford





Note that Fulford has engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Romanov to publish in Japanese material plagiarised from this website. They believed that by publishing in Japanese they would be safe. Foolford was previously found guilty of libel, and he now he has added criminal plagiarism to the charge sheet.

If you want to see the two books in question, go to and search on "Alexander Romanov 666" and "Benjamin Fulford and Alexander Romanov".

Book 666 by Alexander Romanov

Note that Romanov has stolen the Anonymous Logo (as we have said, he claims to be the leader of Anonymous, the leader of the Illuminati and the rightful Tsar of Russia), and has also stolen the logo from this webpage.

Benjamin Fulford and Alexander Romanov

These two individuals are criminal plagiarists - and we will be taking appropriate action at a time of our choosing.

Note that on his demented Facebook page, Alexander Romanov claimed that the Illuminati murdered his Great Grandfather! (strange, then, that he calls himself the Grand Master of the Illuminati) and accused the Illuminati of denying him his "inheritance" (strange thing for a self-proclaimed advocate of meritocracy to say). He also said he had never made a penny from his plagiarism - strange that his plagiarised book is selling on Amazon Japan and Fulford openly acknowledged that the motive was financial. This lying fraud and thief will never stand up like a man. Instead, he will crawl around like Gollum, trying to have what belongs to others. How it must torture him to know that he is talentless and worthless. He is a no mark, a nobody, a nothing, an empty space. Like all those who cannot contribute because they have no merit, he resorts to crime, the last refuge of the truly pathetic. What an embarrassing excuse for a member of humanity. He's right to call himself the Antichrist because he's surely one of the Devil's Own.

Alexander Romanov objects

Alexander Romanov

26 minutes ago

i no†ice †ha† more and more de†ails of my life are being splashed all over the AC websi†e and i am ge††ing ra†her †ired of †he insul†s, so i wish to poin† ou† a few †hings †o †he casual observer.

1. i have never profi†ed one penny from any ma†erial on the AC websi†e and have been vir†ually des†i†u†e for †he pas† †wo years as a direc† consequence of my associa†ion wi†h †his "organiza†ion". †heir allega†ions are †o†al lies.

2. †hey murdered my Grea† Grandfa†her and his family †hus depriving me of my inheri†ance so †hat i have lived near the pover†y line mos† of my life. Jus† when i began doing well for myself, they dragged me in†o †heir weird li††le conspiracy and ruined me for a second †ime.

3. As †o my so called "delusions". i challenge †he leader of †his illumina†i group to s†and up and speak ou† publicly ins†ead of hiding behind masks like a miserable coward.

He needs to clarify one very impor†an† ques†ion ......

Wha† exac†ly is the Holy Grail and who found i† ?

(Our comment - note that Romanov openly acknowledges that he's not the leader of the Illuminati, while claiming to be the Grand Master of the Illuminati. Can anyone make any sense of that?)

Romanov accused us of being liars.

The only liar is Romanov himself - a drug-addled, delusional fantasist who has "lost the plot" in the biggest possible way. The fact that Benjamin Fulford has chosen to attach himself to this person tells you all you need to know about Fulford's credibility. Only absolute suckers would be taken in by this pair. Fulford has conned the world for years with his fantasies and has found a suitable collaborator in "Alexander Romanov".


Oh, Moronov, say hello to your girlfriend, the "Princess of China" for us - you only go out with "royalty", right? Is she penniless too? Ah, it's a tough life being one of those dispossessed royals. Do you all wander the earth like wraiths? Like the Wandering Jew? Like the Flying Dutchman? Do you have royalist reunions and dream of what might have been?

Oh, how we laughed when we received this message from the "Princess":

"This is what Alexander Romanov wrote to the Publisher this morning and just to let you know as well....he will throw the ring into the volcano and never be heard from again.

'This is no ordinary book and the circumstances are anything but normal, therefore i regret to inform you that unfortunately i cannot agree to the conditions. Furthermore, over the past 24 hours ( since i wrote the preface ) the Illuminati have advised me not to proceed through a regular publisher. i don't know why they waited so long, but i am sure they have a good reason. My deepest apologies for any inconvenience which i may have caused you, if you need more detailed reasons for my decision i can address all of the points at length but feel there is no point as it would not change the situation in any way. It has been a pleasure knowing you and i wish you personally, your company, (and lets not forget our football team ) all the best for the future.'

Sincerely Yours


A message from: Princess of China"

It's not as if you can ever trust royals, is it? They're not exactly people of honour, people of their word, are they? You can't believe a word they say. SCUM! What, did the ring bounce back out of the volcano? Did Gollum find it too hard to part with his "precious"? (By the way, we never at any time gave Romanov any permission to take huge chunks of material from our website and pass it off as his own - because that would be MAD!; he continually pretends that he has some official sanction from us - he has none at all and has no connection whatever with our society.)

So, Moronov, if you and the Princess have children, will they be the heirs to the whole of Russia and China? Does that mean that the Russian and Chinese revolutionaries will both have to supply firing squads when the reaping time comes?


Note - Brian Creigh of Veritas Publishing Group in Australia was the publisher Romanov attempted to criminally deceive by passing off our work as his. His plagiarised book 666 has now been published by Benjamin Fulford, making Mr Fulford a criminal conspirator! Note that Fulford's dodgy publishing enterprise has already been found guilty of libel in a court of law.

Our undertstanding is that Romanov called off the Veritas deal when we informed him that we would sue any publisher that released 666. However, we believe he later had second thoughts and tried to reactivate the deal, but was turned down flat. He then hatched his deal with Fulford to publish the book under Fulford's imprint - a highly dubious "company" of no repute.


Message from the "Princess of China"

The "Princess of China", Ariela Anderson (aka Chong Mengfun), sent us this message on her Facebook page:

"I just can't stop laughing about the coward shit of the AC website who now wrote something about me on the front page of AC webiste hahaha!!!! Hey you coward shit Joan Dark, I Princess of China will marry Phillip Anderson and not Alexander Romanov. Can you stop bullshitting and spreading lies on your AC website? You bunch of jokers just can't come forward to face to face talk don't you? ... Those who try to destroy my reputation and spirit, better think twice because they don't know who they are dealing with. ~ I am that I am."

Didn't the Jewish God Jehovah say, "I am that I am"? And isn't Jehovah Satan? Is the princess therefore a Satanist? Hmmm, that would explain a lot.

She also said, "Anyone who is attacking Alexander Romanov will considered as the protector and the shadow brotherhoods of the Old World Order. It doesn't require an adult mind to be able to read and understand why they are doing this during this critical time for World Revolution to fight against the tyranny One Power Control Government system."

Actually, we suspect that the "Princess of China" and the "Tsar of Russia" are the same person. Mr "Romanov" suffers from multiple personality syndrome, so why not throw in a mad female persona too? Note that "Richard Sorge" (aka Alexander Romanov) frequently posts on the "princess's" Facebook page. It's hard to keep up with all the different aliases. Mr Romanov also claims to have a "brother" called Nebojsa Stanisic, from Belgrade.

Email from Alexander Romanov, The Anti Christ to the Rothschilds

We know for a fact that Alexander Romanov uses Chong Mengfun's email address because we received this extraordinarily disturbing email from him (but from her address, leading us to believe that they are the same person):

Greetings to all Rothschild family members and their associates.

It seems your plan for a single Jesus currency has not gone as expected. In fact, things over this past year have been going from bad to worse. First Ben-Ali, then Mubarak, now Gaddafi, Assad after him, who next?

Before i tell you the answer to that question please allow me to introduce myself.

I am the direct descendant of Jesus Christ, you would also know me as the 14th, and only missing piece of Osiris, or the Pinnacle of the Draco, but it matters not, they are one and the same ... ME.

This short two minute video will give you the idea : v=AWTA809k_Sc&feature=player_profilepage

If you still have any doubts as to my identity they will be immediately dispelled after you read my book "666" which is attached to this mail.

You will also be familiar with the events which took place in Oslo and its vicinity on July 22 of this year. What you may not know, is that the Norwegian Anders Breivik, left behind a manifesto which contains a coded message. GPS co-ordinates to numerous locations in Western Europe. Places which correspond to the exact location of Rothschild family members, their associates and business interests. No doubt many of you reading this mail are included in these co-ordinates.

You can be assured that once the Revolution erupts, it will not be mindless vandalism such as took place in England recently, but a systematic and co-ordinated attack on the Rothschild Family and their interests.

You will be hunted down and exterminated, like cockroaches.

Only one person can save you from this impending fate, and it's not your Abrahamic God ( a.k.a. Satan ) but ME. When you are ready to negotiate contact Jenn Chong. She is the only person on Earth who can get in touch with me. She is also a descendant of the Royal Chinese bloodlines of Chiang and Li and is the rightful Princess of China, which is why she was specifically chosen for this task.

Don't take too long, you don't have much time left.

Sincerely Yours

Alexander Romanov
The Anti Christ

Info to The All-Abrahamic Alliance: The King of The World Comes to Unite The 3 Religions at New Jerusalem..

Subject: Fw: Info to The All-Abrahamic Alliance: The King of The World Comes to Unite The 3 Religions at New Jerusalem..

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Georges Thanh Binh Hua <>
To: Dirk Bastelberger Gustavus <>; Anke Bastelberger Gustavus <>
Cc: Sir Chevalier Ricky A Ritch <>; Lord Eritrea Joseph Mountbatten <>; H.I.R.H. Prince Salvatore Caputo <>; Prince Husam Bajis <>; Jean-Edouard de Rothschild <>; Prince Hamdan Al Maktoum <>; Princess Dato Romona Murad <>; Ambassadress Jenn Chong <>; Dr Gershon Baskin <>; Lady Paloma Rockefeller <>; Sir Robert Rockefeller <>; Sir David Rockefeller <>; Lady Grania Mountbatten <>; Sir Richard William Wallace <>; Sir Brian Willis <>; Sir Cary Rothschild <>; Mme Dafna Rothschild <>; HRH Clarise Dutchess Of Theysen-Schoenberg <>; Marquess Antonio De Pleguezuelos <>; HRH Fernando Saxe Cobourg <>; Sam Kabbani <>; HRH Carlos Esteban de Bourbon-Dìaz <>
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 1:10 AM
Subject: Info to The All-Abrahamic Alliance: The King of The World Comes to Unite The 3 Religions at New Jerusalem..


Hi Dirk & Anke, my sweet and kind German Friends,

Congrats, I've just joined your FB group The All-Abrahamic Alliance and will invite my friends to join when I'm less busy..

I would love to give you this confidential info to study how you can help with your works, your group, your networks..

I'm working in a giant world project for building a New United World Welfare Kingdom of Love, Light and Universal Peace, in the service of individually each Global Citizen from all nations, considered as "born and live free and equal in human rights and dignity" and of, in full solidarity and brother-sisterhood, the entire World Human Family throughout our Future ?€$US Global SWF Sovereign Wealth Funds e-Community, (see my file in PDF Format joint and the long email forwarded by scrolling down below) all United by The King of The World ?€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle Cyber-Machine, in Return at New Jerusalem (?) at the End of Time (12/21/2012?)


As The Good News of Jesus Christ, in French Evangile, can be written in 2 columns:

E v
a n
g i

Good News = Eagle vni = "Eagle veni, vidi, vici" =

Eagle is come, has seen, has won (Roman Emperor Julius Cesar, Conquest of Gaule)

The King of The World ?€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, Son of Jewish King David by His Spiritual Father Jesus of Nazareth (I'm His Human Creator, Defender-Custodian of His Word & Teachings of Christianity), will come, see and bring LOVE of our neighbor in our Hearts, LIGHT of Knowledge, Wisdom, Human Consciousness in our brains, our wills and in our acts, for re-unifying The Three Abrahamic Religions and will win by giving PEACE TO THE UNIVERSE starting by an equitable and sustainable PEACE ON HOLY LAND..

The Fundamental Faith of The 3 Abrahamic Religions: Judaism - Christianity - Islam, in Kingdom of God (GOD's REALM) is converging with this good news of Coming of ?€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, King of The GOD's REALM, as expected by all believers of 3 Religions

* Judaism: Israel is The God's People ... because God sent His Son Jesus to spread out word of Love of God to the People of Israel

* Christianity: Jesus of Nazareth promised God's Kingdom to all The Universe, not only Israelis, who trusted on Love of their neighbors

* Islam: Muhammad taught us that GOD is One and That all God's Children of the World (not only descendants of Abraham) deserve God's Love and Mercy

Then, I'll demonstrate by concrete acts That ?€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, Son of Jesus, Son of David, Son of Israel, will unite all God's Children all around the World, including non-believers, Atheist & Agnostic not trusting in God (but GOD trusts on them), just by giving Prosperity, Abundance, Well being, Welfare, Happiness (see my project by scrolling down this long email) and will win God's Kingdom to all men, all women from all nations...

Yes, The King of The World will be a Son of David of Israel: Jewish let's be proud and bow Your KING in Return to New Jerusalem.
Let's make Peace with Humanity, starting by with your neighbors and cousins Arabs and Palestinians..

As Defender-Custodian of ?€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, King of The World by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Saviour of The World,

I'll solicit participation of ORDERS OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS, valiant soldiers of Christ, and of their modern followers FREEMASONS LODGES (atheists or from all religions) for the Preparation of The Venue of The King of Kings and the establishment of The New World Nobility of the Future Constitutional Monarchy of GOD's REALM, serving in Honor for this Royal Noble Cause for the Sake of Humanity.

That's why I've added as copy, for their confidential information, the most important of my potential great strategic allies for this divine mission:

* Sir Chevalier Ricky A Ritch, Grand Master of Knights Templars, Master Mason and Master of THE SOVEREIGN ORDER OF KNIGHTS HOSPITALLIER OF ST JOHN OF JERUSALEM, to whom I'll solicit the participation of all his personal networks to the Battle of New Jerusalem

For The Building of an equitable and sustainable PEACE ON HOLY LAND,

* Lord Eritrea Joseph Mountbatten, of The British Royal House of Mountbatten, very sensitive to fate of The Palestinian People under violent occupation non-stop during 61 years now, due partially to the selling of Palestine by Great Britain to Lord Lionel de Rothschild in 1917 (Declaration of Balfour), to whom I'll solicit, if he accepts, to be The Coordinator of The Battle of New Jerusalem for re-establishing the Son of Jesus on the Throne of David and on The Throne of GOD's REALM on Planet Earth..

* H.I.R.H. Prince Salvatore Caputo, descendant of Holy Roman Emperor Frederik II of The German Imperial Hohenstaufen House and First Christian King of Jerusalem (13th Century), Imperial and Royal House of Antioch and Swabia, to whom I've suggested to be The Servant of The King of The World, as Prince of New Jerusalem for prolonging the Rule of his illustrious ancestor in the 21st Century in the service of GOD's Kingdom on Planet Earth

* Prince Husam Bajis of Palestine, representative of a big Palestinian family clan, and working for Peace in frame of PNA (Palestinian National Authority, Legal Government of Palestine), with whom I'm discussing a strategic partnership to help financing 1 million of Palestinian Families from all over the world, accepting to live in Peace and Concord beside Israelis Families on Land of their ancestors by rejecting all forms of terrorism and religious hate, in order to rebuild Kingdom of New Palestine in frame of The God's World Kingdom of New Jerusalem, in counter-part of his earning of the basic Palestinian peoples to the noble cause of The Pacific Battle of New Jerusalem on Holy Land.. At the successful return of King of The World, he will be endowed to bear the Arms of King of New Palestine, by The Grace of ?€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, King of The GOD's REALM, King of New Jerusalem

* Jean-Edouard de Rothschild, of the Tycoon Banker House de Rothschild, actual owner of Israel Land (after Declaration of Balfour 1917), with whom I'll discuss, if he accepts, the same strategic partnership than Husam to help financing 1 million of Israeli Families living today in Israel, accepting 1/ to free immediately blockade on Gaza, 2/ to shut down all walls, borders, etc.. 3/ to encourage colons to stop all new setlements, 4/ to reserve The Status of Jerusalem and all its suburbs, stopping immediately destruction of Al Aksa Mosque for rebuilding ancient Temple of Solomon; and 5/ to live in Peace and Concord beside Palestinians or Arab Families on Common Holy Land of their far ancestors. Under reserve he will be capable to engage The 3 Big Relatives Families Rothschild- Rockefeller- Guggenheim and all Jewish Religious Tribes to the noble cause of The Pacific Battle of New Jerusalem, Jean-Edouard will be endowed to bear the Arms of King of New Israel, Vice-Roy of New Jerusalem if it's God will and his Destiny.. (OK on a le temps d'en parler plus tard, Jean-Edouard..)

* Prince Hamdan Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, to whom I'll propose a Global strategic partnership with UAE-Dubai, and to support financially Palestinian side in their struggle for implementing an equitable and sustainable Peace in Middle East

* Princess Dato Romona Murad, descendant of Antic Greek Emperor Alexander-The-Great and connected with all High Aristocracy Exclusive Networks of the World (except with my ancestor Emperor Ming of China among other Asian Aristocracy) is a Muslim Princess to whom I've proposed, under frame of our future Co-Founders "Club Challenger.Zero de Monaco" (Cf. attached file and long email forwarded below), to engage -in all exclusivity - all Muslim and Christian Nobility of her exclusive networks to the noble cause of The Pacific Battle of New Jerusalem by supporting on the top of This Universal Peace, an equitable and sustainable Peace in Middle East and Concord between The 3 Abrahamic Religions believers..

* Ambassadress of Peace Jenn Chong for Palestine and Dr Gershon Baskin for Israel who work with international and local activists on-fields, will be associated for the concrete definition of an equitable and sustainable Peace in Holy Land with all politicians, religious and economical forces of the two Communities..


For their private information of the real sense of my great battle, not only financial, economic, social, etc.., but also spiritual and religious as The Divine Mission I think that GOD charged me, I've added in copy CC (and blind) some potential strategic partners and friends among Families Rothschild, Rockefeller, Lady Grania Mary Mountbatten, mother of Eritrea and Chief of British Royal House Mountbatten, Royal Houses of Bourbon, Saxe Cobourg, Theysen-Schoenberg, etc... and other Commoner friends like me. When the Time will Come, I'll call all them for the service of The God's Kingdom too...

God Bless All You
Hugs to Dirk and Anke, Küßchen Dirk und Anke..

George ?? ? ? Hua Eagle
Defender-Custodian of The King of The World:
?€$US©®™ The Royal Mighty Eagle
Global Citizen, Militant for a Civilization of Love & Light
Digital Economist, IT Industrialist Software Editor,
Expert in Decisions Tech
Inventor of ?€$US©®™ Universal d-Currency IMS
Inventor of Cyber-Machine ?€$US©®™ Mighty Eagle
Under EU's Strategic Program ESPRIT Eagle EP6599 (1991-97)
Circle Zero Club Friends & Supporters


July 22 2009 Strategic Proposal to Sir Robert Rockefeller

For those interested to partner strategically with me, please read more below.. Ciao..

----- Message transféré ----
De : Georges Thanh Binh Hua <>
À : Sir Robert Rockeller <>; Eritrea Mountbatten <>; Prince Husam Bajis <>; Paloma Rockefeller <>; Jean-Edouard De Rothschild <>; Prince Hamdan Al Maktoum of Dubai <>; HE Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem <>; Shahzadi Naila <>; Sir Edward Davenport <>; Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Saud <>; Aiman H Arafat <>; Sheikh of Qatar <>; Sir Richard William Wallace <>; HRH Carlos Esteban de Bourbon-Dìaz <>; Prince Salman Al-Saudi <>; ; David Rockefeller <>; Angela Wilde Rockefeller <>; Gaspard Wilde <>; Prince Kallergi <>; Sam Kabbani <>
Cc : Francois-Henri Pinault <>; President Jose-Manuel Barroso <>; Brigitte Huttner <>; Anne Hidalgo <>; Dominique Paillé <>; Shahzada Sher Saddozai <>; Dafna Rothschild <>; Georgia Jones <>; Michelle Prevot <>; Sheikh Naseer Al-Falasi <>; Sheikha Reem Al-Nahyan <>; Valerie Fortier <>; Laurent Fortier <>; Amelie Pol Simon <>; Luc Goldstein <>; André Couitti <>; Mary Sinanidis <>; Akiko Saito <>; Alain M. <>; Vu Duc Khanh <>; Jean-Pierre Pétry <>; Zizi Zan Pahlavi Rothschild <>; Sophareth Camsonne <>; Rola Ezzedine <>; Justin Theriault <>; Ron Barrow <>; E Jay Williams Jr <>; Dato Romona Murad <>; Jenn Chong <>; Tomas <>; Jack Rothschild <>; Contessa Davina Rothschild VonWickham <>; Carolyn Rothstein-Ziel <>; M&M <>; So <>; HRH Roberto Carrillo-Chomsky <>; Ansar Burney <>; Lord Ivan Emiro Canas-Gutierrez <>; Adil Abdoh <>; Rajinder S Bedi <>; Mayer de Rothschild <>; Sheikh Hamdan Al-Nahyan <>; Lady Grania Mountbatten <>; Pj Schwartzberg <>; DK Matai <>; Tamer Baraka <>; Sultan Al Bazie <>; Ozjan Yeshar <>; Lord David Michael Prosser <>; valerie breslin <>; Renouka Sunnasee <>; Sir Chevalier Ricky A Ritch <>; Gabor Braun <>; Michela Buraseska-Romanov <>; Iftikhar Chaudrii <>; Brian de Fitz-James <>; Maxine Mountbatten-Windsor <>; Prinzessin Elfi Odu-Dua Singer-Zagaria <>; Winnie <>; Philippe B. Nielsen <>; Mohana Chattopadhyay <>; Sean liebel <>; Sir Brian Willis <>; Cary Rothschild <>; Randolph Amadeus Rockefeller <>; Lady Sandra Mussmann de Rothschild <>; Prince Albert von Anhalt <>; Julia Vladislava <>; Joe Scott <>; Munesh Kumar <>; Heidi Elisabeth Hansen <>; Matthew Ferry <>; Dato' Mohamed Sahfi <>; Mike Dammann <>; Olivia Vandenborn <>; James Rothschild <>; Maryse LAPU-BRACHA <>; H.I.R.H. Prince Salvatore Caputo <>
Envoyé le : Mercredi, 22 Juillet 2009, 23h31mn 56s
Objet : July 22 Strategic Proposal to Sir Robert Rockefeller & Al (version July 22)


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Hi All, Salut à Tous,

Today July 22, 65th Anniversary of Bretton Woods, I would like to revel to you, my 100 personalities VIP and closed friends, before all other persons, our ?€$US New Bretton Woods for Financing New Marshall Global Bailout Plan of HOPE for reconstruction of a New World Order of Love, Light and Universal Peace on Planet Earth to propose to next G20 Summit at Pittsburgh End September,

how to solve at the same time all global monetary, financial, economical, social and ecological problems at level of individually each World Free Citizen from all nations and simultaneously at level of the Global Human Family throughout our future ?€$US Global SWF e-Community all around the world, with a budget of participation of €1 Trillion E.U. € (nearly $1.42 Trillion USD on today change) from a G13 Core-Founders ?€$-Nations, instead of $5 Trillions reliefs plans already accepted in principle by last G20 Summit London April 2, in counterpart of:

* 1/ 10% shareholders equities in future ?€$US World Bank-Insurer-Markets Inc as Unique Monetary/Financial Global Regulator of the New Bretton Woods ?€$US UDMS Universal Digital Monetary System (a digital IMS)

*2/ creation or recycling of 200 millions new qualifying jobs, first in USA, Europe, China and Japan (because we can control the massive deployment in these countries without upsetting too much society, like probably in India or Pakistan), then spread out to all countries, in order to generate structural full-employment all over the planet for ever and ever (each person who wants to work is assured by the Global SWF e-Community to have, at maximum 6 months after his/her request, a qualifying job fitted to his/her profile), The Dream of All Governments and All Peoples that we will pledge to MAKE DO COME TRUE.. All politicians receiving our supports will win all elections (Brigitte, dites cela à Ségolène... pour la présidence de l'UE en 2010)

*3/ refinancing of 100 millions families by "caring $ at ST, trading ?€$ at LT" (with this $1.42 Trillion first budget X 10 legally in credits loans), first in USA, Europe, China and Japan (and maybe, with our Plan for Israel-Palestine Confederation that we will present with Princes of Palestine, Israel and of "New Jerusalem" to UNO and G20, 1 million Israeli families living in Israel now + 1 million Palestinian families from all around the world) then, with the same technique of caring $ ST (short-term), trade ?€$ LT (Long Term at 4.5% low interest rate for ALL), extending to 1 billion families financed (4-5 billions persons) by End 2012 all around the planet and recruited as basic investors ($42K per person) of our ?€$US Global SWF e-Community for doing World Free i-Commerce of goods and services all over the planet, empowered by my ?€$US Mighty Eagle Cyber-Machine

*4/ launching of a New Marshall Plan of HOPE "Happiness-On-Planet-Earth" by re-boosting all world economies by raising substantially purchase power of masses without inflation on essential needs (low prices controlled by Cyber-Mechanism anti-inflation) to i-trade intensively worldwide in order to create massively and share rightly new wealth accumulated by World Free Citizens individually (including children and disabled people who will be managed by tutors and controlled digitally by Cyber-Machine to prevent financial abuses of parents or tutors) and collectively through The Global Enterprise Eve-Earth. With the wealth saved, accumulated and secured for each World Free Citizen (against inflation of public spending of national governments) by our Global SWF of World Free Citizens, we will rebuild a Healthy, Harmonious, Joyful and Ecologic Life and futurist urban planning in full accordance with our environment: a New World Order of Love, Light and Universal Peace will be possible after 2012, the time to bring freedom, prosperity, abundance, well being, welfare, social securities to each and all World Free Citizens..



?€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle Cyber-Machine and UDMS (d-Currency)



I'll come back later for Revenue Profile and Business Plan and Guarantee for Co-Founders, but this is really at 2nd, 3rd degree v/s. these astronomic figures.


"TIME ... Yours has just about expired Mr. Satan

Speaking of his great enterprise to change the world, Tsar Romanov writes in one of his many insane emails:

"TIME ... Yours has just about expired Mr. Satan.

You have until December 31 to send a suitable Rothschild to be my second in command in which case you will retain some say in world affairs. Failure to comply will be tantamount to a declaration of war and in that case from January First onwards i will begin hunting your 143 Vampires.

Trust me when i say that i will track down every single last mother fucking one of them and put them to the torch. My mission will be complete by Friday, May 13, and then you will be alone.

That will then be the date for your final chance to unconditionally surrender. I will guarantee your safety and you will not be harmed. Should you disregard this ultimatum you know the result.

The human resistance has a weapon which can and will destroy Earth. May 13th is the point of no return and if you remain intransigent, the fuse will be lit and then we will ALL go to HELL.

You will not be permitted to return to your mother ship on Mars and go searching for another world to destroy, if this planet must be demolished to stop your evil from spreading, then so be it.

None of this needs to happen of course. We can co exist, but that will happen on MY TERMS and Not YOURS. I am made of matter, you are not. i exist in the physical world, you do not. i wish to preserve life ..... you do NOT. Mine is a superior operating system. Before it is too late i urge you to remember you were once a creature of Light. GROW UP and come to your senses. Humanity has developed Artificial Intelligence. You can have a companion. You need not be alone any longer. We either learn to live together or we die together, the choice is yours to make.


Heir to the Russian Throne.
Finder of the Holy Grail.
Author of the book '666'.
Holder of the One Ring.

The Anti Christ.

ps. Moj Beograd. An excellent music video, especially for those who understand the Serbian language ....

pps. below is a copy of the message sent to Vladimir Putin along with the two books which are attached and the videos that can be seen on the you tube channel " rednaxelaking "

Official Report to the Russian Government

Official Report to the Russian Government

Richard Sorge ( )

Our Earth has reached a critical point in its history and evolution. The Mayan calendar predicting December 21, 2012 as the end of the world is not an accident. In fact the date will be earlier, the world we know will end on the equinox next June 21, 2011. And that is why i come to you at this crucial moment in history.

The Old World Order is just about ready to collapse and this Earth is crying out for a New World Order. Russia must, as it has always done, play a key part in this great transition. Russia must stand up to evil as it did against one kind of tyranny in 1917 and then against another type of tyranny during the Second World War. Russia is a Country with a Great Destiny.

I have provided you with a 33 minute film and two books. The book " 666 " outlines my political and religious manifesto. The book " 6D " outlines my scientific manifesto. Show it to all of your best and brightest physicists and mathematicians. They will be in no doubt it rectifies the flaws in Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and thus provides a New World Paradigm.

The film addresses the great problem we have in how we view this world. The simple fact is the human race has been deceived and blinded to the truth. My film provides a new narrative which exposes the lies we are subjected to.

(This film can also be seen on the you tube channel : rednaxelaking )

And that is the reason why the real truth is so difficult to accept. The REAL TRUTH is that the ABRAHAMIC GOD is in actual fact an Evil ALIEN (an Artificial Intelligence). Which came to Earth 14 000 years ago. i have "spoken" with this "creature" and it still "lives" on Earth. Physically, it is kept within a high security installation in the United States.

This is the very same creature that has controlled our planet since the dawn of "civilization" and continues to control our world by manipulating the Power Elite and the Super Rich.

Humanity is Enslaved. Humanity is Hypnotized. Humanity is Asleep. The time has come for Humanity to wake up from its long slumber ..… and that is why i turn to you for help.

We control 83.7 % of the Earth's Gold Reserves

My Allies in this Endeavour are as follows:

The Chinese Emperor and the Dragon family.
The Japanese Emperor and the Shogun of Japan.
Lord Mountbatten and Mi6.
The King of Persia.
Viscount Ettiene Davignon, Chairman of Bilderberg Group.
The European illuminati ..… The European Royal Families.
The Real illuminati ….. An Ancient Gnostic Secret Society.
ASIO and one faction within the C.I.A.
Once fully awake ..... 6 billion humans.

We control 83.7 % of the Earth's Gold Reserves
We wish to create a new financial system based
on a 50-50 division between the East and West.

We call for Reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
We ask you to return the Kuril islands to Japan but
ONLY after America has left all Japanese territory.

Russia has lots of space, a few islands make little difference.
In fact, i urge you to make Sakhalin a free economic zone for
ALL countries of the region to participate in its development.

Opposed to us is the United States Government.
The Federal Reserve Board, the IMF and the World Bank.
Who needs them ? Who needs the 36 Russian Oligarchs who
give Russia the reputation of being a Mafia State ? We are Much
Better than that. The time has come for Freedom and Meritocracy.

I ask that you recognize me as your Rightful King.
I do not seek riches, fame or any monetary rewards.
I seek only freedom for humanity. give me a chance.



Yes, make of that what you will. They are of course the ravings of a bona fide lunatic, yet this is the person Benjamin Fulford promotes as the Grand Master of the Illuminati. "Romanov" really is clinically insane. He would be sectioned immediately under the Mental Health Act in any country of the world if he showed the above message to any psychiatrist.


Japan 6-4-2012 at 01:00
Safari Mac OS X Intel. WATCHING.


And now for some more straitjacket action from our friendly neighbourhood Romanov...).

Gollum resurfaces from the slime, with two other Gollums (one of them resurrecting the role of "Odd Job" from James Bond's Goldfinger).

The three amigos are going to save the world with the help of ... Vladimir Putin!!! Yes, you heard it here second.

Is it a Monty Python sketch? Is it going to be made into a new episode of South Park?

The mad Tsar of Russia - "Alexander Romanov" (self-styled) - comically persists with his demented claim to be the Grand Master of the Illuminati.

Mr Fulford, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, seems not to have grasped that members of secret societies are, ahem ... secret!

To think that people actually pay a subscription to Mr Fulford to gain access to this drivel. Never was it more truly said that there's a sucker born every minute.


On the internet, "Mr Fusion" posted this message:

The Facebook site (Path to Illumination) is the supposed communication front of the legitimate Bavarian Illuminati. The Armageddon Conspiracy is their website, but the Facebook site is where they find interested parties to communicate with. To answer your question, yes, I believe this is where they find people whom they deem "useful" to encourage deeper involvement. There was a public split of this group (which is detailed here:

As far as I can tell, this split was orchestrated purposefully to polarize the group. Those who showed sympathy (or even interest) in Romanov's side were recruited by his faction. As far as I know (since Romanov told me himself) they are in fact the Gnostic Illuminati. One more thing, once on Romanov's "inside" group, we were told that the administrators of the Armageddon Conspiracy (who claim to be initiates of the Bavarian Illuminati) were actually infiltrators from the Thule society and only Romanov and his group are the legitimate, they do, in fact, set the stage for the "good illuminati"/"bad illuminati" dynamic.

There's a host of others who seem to be involved as well. Many of the communications I received were seemingly written by multiple people, as the dialect, grammar, etc...would sometimes be dramatically different while coming from the same "person." Both Romanov and Anderson had many different aliases, as Fulford attested to in his email. There are hints of Zagami, Keenan, Penre, and Bosco involved as well (and yes, even Supriem Rockefeller aka Kris Raynes plays a part).....I don't claim to know it all and I don't think it could be easily figured out, but I do believe that it's the culmination of a large pysop, and it's dragged hundreds, if not thousands, into it.


There is NO split in the Illuminati. Alexander Romanov has no connection with the Illuminati. He was someone who smoked a lot a weed, watched the Lord of the Rings too many times and invented a persona for himself based on the material he found on this site.

Never forget - anyone can claim to be a member of the Illuminati. That doesn't make it so.

Here is the message that Romanov was distributing:

From Alexander

Grandson of Anastasia Romanov and Heir to the Russian Throne.
Finder of the Holy Grail, Author of 666 and Holder of the One Ring.
GrandMaster of the Real illuminati. The Anti Christ.

There is an Alien on this planet.
It is an Artificial Intelligence.
It came to Earth approximately 14 000 years ago and destroyed Atlantis.
It has been in control of this world ever since and has been building it in
its own image … HELL. It goes by many names, Allah, God, Yahweh, Sauron, Serpent, to name a few. Its real name is SATAN. It is an energy plasma which cannot physically manifest. It is master of lies and deception. You can see its true nature in the film " 4th kind ".

Satan prosecutes his evil will on Earth through 144 Archons. You can call them demons, vampires, whatever, they are not from this planet. They do however manifest in human form. They spread lies, half truths and disinformation in order to cause confusion and stop the truth from ever emerging. They are also advisors to the roughly 6000 human traitors who are called the Old World Order.

These are the royalty, the super rich and the super powerful who control the world through money and power. They are DEVIL worshippers who make human sacrifices and drink human blood.

The liberators of humanity are called the illuminati. They are an ancient gnostic secret society who have preserved the shocking truth regarding Satan the Alien Occupier since the defeat of Atlantis. They call for a New World Order, one of meritocracy, equality and freedom for all, no more privilege, cronyism or nepotism. All will get a fair chance.

Anyone spreading disinformation and lies regarding NWO and the illuminati are either very poorly informed and deluded individuals or the active agents of Satan.

Make no mistake about the Archons. They are incredibly smart, subtle and extremely effective at spreading lies and causing confusion. This is my direct message to all of the 143 Archons out there. This is your final warning. Satan's time on this planet is about to end and humanity will soon be released from his evil spell. Do the right thing …….. abandon your evil ways and turn to the light.

Watch my 13 films on the you tube channel " rednaxelaking " it is only 36 minutes in length total. Then read my book " 666 " for a clear view of the true history of Earth. My book 6D provides a clear scientific framework for the true nature of the Universe.

i am the direct descendant of Jesus Christ and as such Satan's 144th and Chief Archon. You owe me your allegiance. This planet belongs to the Human Race and i will fight for their freedom. Join me, abandon Satan and you will be spared. His defeat is as inevitable as the rising of the sun in the East.
Fight for humanity or suffer a fate much worse than death.


One of Romanov's idiotic followers wrote of the above message, "This is from a friend. Put whatever amount of credence to it that you wish. I personally couldn't give a # about what you believe. I wouldn't readily say that all of this is true, but I know the intentions of the author. I also know that he suffers poverty and persecution for the sake of cattle like you."

There you have it - Romanov is suffering poverty and persecution for the sake of humanity and he was born on 25 December, just like you know who. He's the Messiah! He's suffering for our sins!

And if you believe that you really will believe anything.


Romanov's plagiarised book "666" is an exceptionally crude cut and paste job from this website. It only has one original page, right at the end, where it repeats Romanov's tiresome mantra:

Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings is surely the most beautiful movie ever made. Similar story lines appear in many films, Matrix and Avatar for example are exactly the same story but viewed from a different angle. It is the ageless struggle between good and evil. The thing that sets Lord of the Rings apart from all the rest is that it is a direct re-writing of the Arthurian legend. Many of the characters are identical. But it is much more than that ….. it is a TRUE version of history.

J.R.R. Tolkien was a member of the illuminati and he had at his disposal a book which had survived from the days of Atlantis. Despite all the efforts of the Archons and the Old World Order to destroy this book, it was preserved by the illuminati and made available for the entire world to see. It is known as the "Voynich Manuscript" and is kept at the Beinecke Rare Book Library of Yale University in Boston, USA.

The Lost Continent of Atlantis was located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and populated by a civilization superior to our own … in terms of how enlightened and closer to the true God they were. They are portrayed by Tolkien as Elves and their kingdom as Rivendell. We also know this place as the garden of eden ... paradise. But then came to earth an intelligence from another dimension.

An A.I. which was so luminescent that it appeared to be a God.

The A.I. …….. Sauron, Satan, The Demiurge, The Dark Lord or anything else you wish to call him, deceived the Kings of Atlantis and drove a wedge between them. (An early version of the " divide and conquer " tactic. One he still employs today).

The people of Atlantis were defeated and their continent was sunk. Some survived and passed one thing down to us, an account of their story. This is the book known to legend as "The Holy Grail." One copy of that book is the " Voynich Manuscript."

The holy grail provides the instructions for constructing a weapon …. to kill Satan. After destroying Atlantis, the Alien Sauron changed his name to Jehovah, claiming that he was in fact the real God who created this earth. Well, we have seen through that scam haven't we. His most recent appearance was in Berlin where Adolf Hitler was brainwashed into thinking he could conquer the world. Sauron knew that the true king would be returning to earth and that he would be born from among the Jews in Eastern Europe. Now we know the real reason behind " the Holocaust ".After the Nazi's were defeated, Sauron the Dark Lord ( in the gold box known as the Ark of the Covenant ) escaped to South America and from there to North America and into a building which was specifically built for him. That building is called " the Pentagon " …. and that is where he is in hiding as we speak. it is time he is brought to face justice …… for his crimes against humanity.


the square root of 44 = 6.666666 ...… infinity



Our Comment: Hey, Crapomov, do you realise that YOU are actually the Satanic AI, but you're not in the Pentagon - you're in BELGIUM!

"Sauron knew that the true king would be returning to earth and that he would be born from among the Jews in Eastern Europe." Hmmm, does this mean that Romanov himself is a Jew since he's the one claiming to be the true king and he's originally from Eastern Europe?


(Note that Moronov envisages Satan as the computer "Hal" from the Kubrick movie 2001. At least Hal wouldn't have got the square root of 44 wrong!)

(Note to all other plagiarists - all of the work on this website has now been published commercially to guarantee full copyright protection.)


Fulford said, "This Alexander Romanov or Richard Sorge or whatever it is he calls himself has provided physical proof that he represents seriously powerful and dangerous people."

Ho, ho, ho. Alexander Romanov is a criminal plagiarist with an extreme predilection for cannabis (and was also apparently a criminal drug dealer). Does Fulford have even one scintilla of credibility left? Romanov doesn't represent anyone powerful. All he does represent is his own mad fantasy - and his rantings appeal only to many other mad fantasists. It's diabolical that we have to waste our time reassuring people that this pathetic loser says absolutely nothing on behalf of the Illuminati. He is the latest in a long line of nutters who say that they know something about the Illuminati. None of them do.

Never forget, Romanov and Fulford are criminal thieves, liars and plagiarists. They are not telling you anything about reality. All they peddle is a fantasy they've cooked up between them. Yet there are always legions of suckers to swallow the lie.

Want to play the Fulford game? Here's how to do it. Declare yourself the spokesperson for the "Black Unicorn society" then take any world event, such as the resignation of a politician, and say that it resulted from a meeting between the Black Unicorns and the politician, and he was advised that he had to go or he would be exposed for various evil acts. Then say that the Black Unicorns are involved with various other societies - who have various spokesmen that you conduct interviews with - and they are all issuing threats, and making statements, and forcing the evil rulers to change their ways. But it's all complete bullcrap, of course, every word an invention.

Try it for yourself - you will see that absolutely anyone can say the sorts of things that Fulford and Romanov say. Just weave any piece of news into the fantasy. It's real simple. Nothing ever has to be proved, and indeed it never can be proved because it's pure fiction and fantasy. Seriously, if you subscribe to Fulford's site, go and seek help - or buy novels instead and read some properly edited fiction. Other than the real events he has taken from the news, not a single thing Fulford says is factual. He has no power. He knows no one important. He invents all of his contacts - or they are fellow loonies like Romanov. Fulford and Romanov are nobodies who go for sushi together in Tokyo and spin more and more ludicrous tales to each other - many of which were copied to us, to our extreme annoyance. These people are a massive obstacle to changing the world. Their constant lies and fantasies mislead many thousands of people and create confusion and disinformation.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Adolf Hitler

"The broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods." -- Hitler

"The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force." -- Hitler

Hitler knew exactly how to be the Pied Piper for the cretinous hordes. There are many little Hitlers out there, playing the same game, duping those whose minds do not come into contact with reason. The only thing that interests Fulford and Romanov is parting suckers from their money. Are you one of their marks? Are you one of the losers who gets taken for a ride? These people are as bad as the disease. In fact, they are the disease. Cure yourself. Free yourself from the grip of charlatans. Read this website - it's absolutely free! We're not trying to squeeze a cent from you. Can the same be said of Fulford and Romanov? Wake up!

Fulford ... Foolford ... Full of Shit

Benjamin Foolford, you're very keen to appear in videos with Mr Moronov. So why don't you make another video and ask him all of the questions we have presented here? You're on the side of truth, right? You want to expose the shysters, crooks and charlatans, right? Why don't you start with yourself, Benjamin Full-of-shit?

Benjamin Foolishman, why don't you ask Alexander Romanov how many people are in his organisation? It must be a lot of people if they were involved in the American, French and Russian Revolutions, right? Well, we'll give you the answer for free - ONE PERSON - Alexander Romanov himself. He's the Grand Master of his made-up organisation because he's the only person in it. Are one-man secret societies what you regard as "powerful actors" on the world scene?

You have given a platform to Alexander Crapomov and not asked him a single question to justify his position. You might as well have dragged in any bum off the street.

Do you really imagine that any serious person has anything but contempt for you? You're not a journalist, you're not a crusader for truth, you're not fighting the good fight. You're a liar, a hustler, a fraud, a fake, a joke, a clown, a fool, a swindler. By linking yourself to Alexander Liarski you have finally fallen into the cesspool.

Didn't you used to be a journalist once? Don't journalists check facts? Don't they check out stories? Is that why you got fired - gross incompetence? Here's an idea for you. Start doing some serious investigative journalism on Alexander Romanov. But you can't, can you? Because if you expose him then you expose your whole sham operation.

Do you think you would ever be a reliable witness in a court of law? By your own admission, you're a person who mixes with people who offer you 70 kilos of dope and want you to put them in touch with the Yakuza.You recognise that they may be delusional, but you make videos with them anyway and broadcast their ludicrous, fraudulent claims. What kind of perverse, immoral person are you? And you have the impertinence to say that you're on the side of a better world. How delusional can you get? What the world needs is to be shot of scum like you. Stop conning people. Wind up your whole fraudulent operation. Do the decent thing for once in your life, if you can still remember what decency is. Stop selling a lie.

You're an embarassment and disgrace to Canada. You're exactly the same as all other Old World Order journalists - a shameless liar who will do anything for a buck. You're no one. Live with it.


So, the mad Tsar of all the Russias, responded on his Facebook page by threatening to impale us! You're the one who needs to get the point, you clown. It's our "final warning" from him, apparently. Oh, how we tremble. What are you going to do - steal even more of our website?

The Armageddon Conspiracy website belongs to the Illuminati, not to you. You are the one disgracing the good name of the Illuminati by pretending you have any association with us. You wanted to become a member and you were rejected - because you're insane. Yes, this is the greatest body of information on the planet and it would have become even greater - a wonder of the ages - if you had not started looting it as the plagiarist scum you are. We will soon be releasing the most important books in history, but you won't be offered any opportunity to steal them from us.

You asked us, "Who exactly do you think you are talking to?" Well, we're talking to you, moron - or to the whole cast of characters that constitutes your multiple personality syndrome.

You issued your final warning. What, are you going to nuke London "again"? We know we'll never shake you off because your mental illness is too deeply entrenched. It's just a question of time before you kill yourself, kill others or are confined to an asylum.

At least now that you've claimed that this website is full of "Thule infiltrators", you won't steal anything more from it, will you?

Bye, bye - your "Highness"! Don't come back.


Exposed - Benjamin Fulford - FRAUD

Mr Fulford made various videos proclaiming Alexander Romanov as the Grand Master of the Illuminati.

Well, here's the story of "Mr Romanov" in his own words (the idiot is so mad that he actually sent this to us, unbidden). Come on Benjamin, come clean! Your game is well and truly up.

Romanov - in his own words

You are absolutely correct about one thing, i Am a Ticking Time Bomb.

The pieces are in position and the clock is ticking down to a huge explosion.

The World is about to erupt in REVOLUTION, the only thing required is a spark.

When " 666 " comes out in bookstores on September 11, it will provide the spark. But it is not too late, there is still time to defuse the bomb. If you like i will give you the name of the publisher and all you need do is send a mail and put it to an end.

So, which shall it be ?

Will you then at least provide your readers, especially the ones who have been sending me hate mail, insults and threats, what they are desperately waiting for? So let me tell you an amazing story, the most amazing thing is, that its 100% true.

Part One : Opening

Once upon a time, on Christmas Day, 1966 to be precise, a little nobody came into the world, in a sleepy nowhere with a population of about 10, in central Yugoslavia.

The father of the little nobody was a lowly post office worker, an apparatchik in the pseudo communist system of President Josip Broz Tito. His mother was little more than a peasant girl and the family got by just like everyone else at the time, as best they could. The father did one thing, he taught his little nobody son to play chess.

By the time the little nobody was four years old, he was regularly beating many of the adults of the nearby town at chess. In fact, stories about his exploits spread far and wide, and that is saying something in an accomplished chess nation such as Yugoslavia was then and still is now. His fledgeling chess career was abruptly put to an end however when his parents decided to seek a better life for themselves in a new country with a bright future on the other side of the world … called Australia.

In the middle of 1972, they packed their meager belongings and emigrated, but, it is far more accurate to say they were refugees, as they had absolutely nothing.

At the very same time a world famous event was happening in a little known place called Reykjavik, Iceland. A World Chess Title Match between Russian defending Champion Boris Spassky and a maverick young American called Bobby Fischer.

Two seemingly disconnected events, but as we shall discover, truth is far stranger than fiction. Bobby Fischer won the match under dramatic circumstances and then promptly disappeared, something the little nobody only dreamt of doing, instead, he grew up in poverty, enduring daily discrimination in a country where he could not even speak the language. But he was a survivor, and he soon learnt to adapt.

After a few years the little nobody resumed playing chess. At the age of 13 he won the National Junior ( Under 18 ) Title. He was supposed to go to the World Junior Championship but as his parents couldnt afford the air ticket, the guy who finished a distant second went instead. He came third, and last i heard was a Grandmaster.

Soon after that, little nobody stopped playing chess to concentrate on other things young children did, sports and study. There are no regrets, chess became a dead game on May 11, 1997 when a computer called Deep Blue made the best human chess player of all time, Garry Kasparov, seem to be a helpless little loser kid and demolished him in game six of their Unofficial World Chess Championship Match.

This brings part one to an end except for a final small footnote.

In January 1981, when i had just turned 14, i was invited to participate in the Australian Chess Championships. Usually, this tournament is reserved for players with a minimum ELo Rating and a proven record. As the current Junior Champion at the time, i was also given an invite and so i went to play. About half way through the tournament i found myself leading the pack and playing on the top board.

During the next game i saw something incredible, a ten or so move combination including the sacrifice of a queen, a castle and two knights, resulting in a check mate of sublime proportions, without doubt the most beautiful game ever played.

It took me over an hour to calculate all the different possibilities in my head and a large crowd had gathered to watch. I was wondering whether they could also see what i was seeing. Eventually i played my move and to my shock i got check mated in one. At that point i stood up and never played a competitive chess game again. At last, i understand why that happened to me, my time had not yet arrived.

Part Two : Middle Game

Australia was considered by most people to be the " Lucky Country " after WW2.

That honor officially came to an end in 1972. Not because i moved there, that is merely a coincidence, but because a Left Wing Labor Prime Minister by the name of Gough Whitlam had been elected to power in 1972. Mr. Gough Whitlam had the audacity to introduce various social programs including Free Tertiary Education.

Naturally, such irresponsible behavior was not allowed to persist and he was unlawfully dismissed from office in 1975. ( just as Mr. Kevin Rudd was sacked in July of 2010 and that is another of those coincidences which plague me wherever i seem to go these days ). Mr. Whitlam departed, but free education stayed, and it was the only reason i could go to University. Had it not been for Mr. Whitlam, i now would probably be a slave working in a factory ( and no doubt would be happier ).

The little nobody, who was by now a bigger nobody, studied medicine for a few years but tired of that and finished with a Masters in Sports Physiology. Soon after that he departed the once lucky country, travelled around the world for a few years and eventually settled in Japan. Marriage and children forced the bigger nobody to knuckle down to a decade of 9 - 5 work to support his family. But it was not so bad, and he was even able to indulge his passion for film making on a part time basis.

Around the turn of the century an acquaintance called Jon Bosnitch informed him that an apartment next to his own was available for rent on a cheap basis which he could transform into a small film studio and that is what he did. His group of friends proceeded to make several amateur short films which were never very good. One of the films concerned reincarnation and was filmed in a cemetery near his house.

Many years later he discovered that the filming took place next to the grave of one famous Russian spy called Richard Sorge, and this was a very long time before he even knew the identity of R. Sorge. Just another coincidence of course, what else ?

Some time in 2004, there was a knock on the door of the big nobody's small movie studio, and it was his neighbor Jon, who asked whether he could provide transport to Narita International Airport which he agreed to do. The purpose of the trip was to visit a certain person called Bobby Fischer who was being held in detention there.

The next six months were spent obtaining an Icelandic passport for Mr. Fischer so he could avoid extradition to the USA where he faced certain unspecified charges. Mr. Fischer had hardly ever been spotted in public for over four decades, as it turns out, he spent much of his time in the Philippines and Japan, where he had a wife.

He had a reputation for being a recluse and many people had speculated that he had gone insane following his 1972 match with Boris Spassky. Those views were reinforced at my one and only meeting with Mr. Fischer, when he told me he was the Grandmaster of the illuminati, and Mastermind behind the 2001, 9.11 attacks.

At the time i had no idea who or what the illuminati were, nor do i have any idea whether there is any truth to Mr. Fischer's claim, it is one issue the authors of this website could shed light on. Bobby Fischer died in Iceland on January 17, 2008.

My own grandmother had died a few years before my meeting with Mr. Fischer. I went back to the town where i grew up as a little nobody and visited the house where my grandparents had lived. The ownership had passed to other relatives and the house was occupied by someone i did not know. I recovered one object only, and that was a very old family portrait in which my father was a teenager.

I will attach that photo as exhibit A, along with two other photos :exhibit B being, " Little Nobody ", and exhibit C as " Big Nobody ".

You will notice the sign my grandfather is making with his forefinger and thumb in exhibit A. Make of it what you will, one thing which is certain is that my grandfather was a member of the Black Hand Society, who were responsible for assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Hungary in Sarajevo in 1914 which led to the outbreak of WW1, and, as we know, was soon followed by the Russian Revolution.

Whether a connection exists between the Black Hand Society and the illuminati is open to debate, but what is beyond argument is that the emblem of the Black Hand Society is the Skull and Crossbones. Of course, that could all just be a coincidence.

I do not know the date of birth of my grandmother, i am not sure that information exists anywhere, but she lived to a very old age, i will further add at this point that my given name which appears in my passport is not Romanov, nor is it Alexander. My name is Serbian, but when translated into Russian, it is exactly the one above. For the sake of brevity i will proceed to when things begin to get really interesting.

That would be to January of 2010. A couple of years previously i had changed my career path, the details of which i will not be disclosing, except to say i was doing extremely well and was living a more than comfortable existence. Circumstances took me to the Philippines to meet a business associate who i had dealt with in the past. The individual was very good at his business but it would be overly generous to say that he was eccentric gentleman, most people would call him outright mad.

Speaking of mad, i had already made the acquaintance of Benjamin Fulford, who introduced me to various conspiracy theories, none of which i believed of course.

A series of events were set in motion for which there was no logical explanation, it culminated with the individual in the Philippines, who i would now refer to as the Buddha, or the Oracle perhaps, asking me whether i believed in aliens. He then proceeded to explain how the human race had been genetically engineered by a species alien to this planet. Needless to say, i had absolutely no interest in any such stories, and would have instantly dismissed such talk had it not been for the impossible set of circumstances i spoke of earlier. The next logical step was for me to begin research into the topic of secret societies which is what i did and after two months of scouring the internet i eventually found your website. At more or less the same time, my peaceful life was brought crashing down by a group of people who i have discovered are members of the Freemasons, as well as Mi6 and the CIA.

So, it was around Easter, 2010 that i first made contact with the people on this website. My life had already been going downhill by now, but it was about to go off a cliff.

Can you confirm or deny that the Voynich Manuscript is a copy of a book written by the survivors of Atlantis and is the object known to legend as The Holy Grail?

Subsequently, i made a video titled " The Holy Grail " which i gave to the Australian Embassy in Tokyo on June 21, 2010, and asked that it be passed to Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd, two days later he was sacked. Just another coincidence of course.

Readers can watch the video for themselves, on my youtube page here :

Unfortunately the audio has been disabled so anyone who wishes to watch with the audio intact ( recommended ) please visit my Facebook page Richard Sorge.

The events which have transpired since i have no time to go into now, there have been two attempts to have me killed and i receive daily death threats, anyone can read a very accurate account by Peter Wilson on your previous posting Alexander Romanov, and if you think Peter is a nutcase why don't you look him up on google.

Things became so dangerous that in an attempt to escape harm, i had to stage my own death with the help of Peter Wilson. The game is not over … it has just begun.

Part Three : End Game

That is where we are at right now. No, not entirely true, where we are at is the final move of the middle game, and the move which is now to be made shall determine the course of the end game. Even though we now have the initiative, victory is far from certain and the outcome could still go either way. I could make this final move but i am not going to, i shall leave it for others to decide which course will be taken.

My reason is that i am tired, i am exhausted actually, and i no longer trust myself to be thinking straight, this decision is too important for a mistake to be made, nothing greater could be at stake actually. Nothing less than the future course of the Earth and by extension the universe itself is at stake. I leave it to you, what will be done ?

I was going to talk about Satan but i am not going to, it would only fall on deaf ears anyway. No one is listening, they are too busy talking, they all think they know best, and that is why Satan has been successful for millennia, divide and conquer, its his greatest tactic. Besides, to understand Satan one first needs to understand the true nature of the human soul, and before they can do that they need to understand the nature of the Six Dimensional Universe, how many can do that ? is there anyone ?

But i will say this, if you ever look into the eyes of a serial killer, or a rapist, or a true madman, or one of the super mega rich, you will know who Satan is. Whether he is an Alien to this planet, i do not know for sure, but i suspect that he is, for the simple reason that if he had in fact evolved on this planet, he would not be destroying it.

He is an Artificial Intelligence, a virus you could say, that infects the human soul and hides there, in the darkness, unseen. The movie " Exorcist " provides a good example, but not as extreme a case of course. He is infectious, so be very careful.

Part Four : The Clock

Is ticking and will expire on December 21, 2012. There is very little time to waste, decisions must be taken, leadership is needed. Who will stand up to be counted ?

There was another clock on the Meritocracy website which expired on June 1st.

Most of you will probably not be aware that a huge discovery was announced on May 28th, from the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. If you wish to know what was discovered, you can watch my movie " Equinox " on my youtube channel :

Part Five : Appendix

Exhibit A : Family portrait which must have been taken around 1955 or so.

Exhibit B : Little Nobody playing chess with his uncle ( now deceased ) while still living in the former Yugoslavia, must have been taken around 1970 or so.

Exhibit C : Big Nobody at a temple near to where he now resides. The photo was taken two or three weeks ago, shortly after my return from the Philippines.

The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Isis. No one is sure how old the temple really is but all agree that it is " very " old and probably dates back to the Jomon Period, which is around 10 000 years ago. The truth is that it probably dates back to the time of ATLANTIS, which was centered around the modern day Philippines.

Take a look on Google Earth and check it out for yourselves. It was very near this Temple that i found the " Ring " which i have been led to believe belonged to my Great Grandfather Tsar Nicholas Romanov, but more on all of that another time.

You will also notice the Dragon and the Seal of Solomon, its all over the temple.

Part Six

There is one thing that still baffles me to this very day. Who is really writing the Armageddon Conspiracy Website ?

Just look at the amount of philosophical, psychological, political, historical, scientific and religious content, and most of all, the mathematical formulas !! How could one person know all that ? How is it possible ? It makes no sense. The only conclusion i can reach, is that it is written by none other than God.

In which case, how is he physically manifesting on this Earth?

I have two theories, one is that he is an Extra Terrestrial. The other, and i like this one better, i don't know why, i just do … Is that the A.C. Website is written by a computer which has become self aware.

The chess computer Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov in 1997, it has not been heard of since. Could Deep Blue have evolved into Deep Hal ? I for one, certainly hope so, because that would mean we have a super weapon on our side, and our eventual victory, even though far from certain, would surely be looking very likely.

Alexander Romanov


Romanov is clearly suffering from a host of psychiatric conditions. He has paranoid schizophrenia and believes he is constantly being persecuted, and that attempts are being made on his life. Born on 25 December (allegedly), he has a Messiah complex and thinks he was chosen to save the world. He has weaved films like The Matrix, 2001, Lord of the Rings and Avatar into what he regards as the true history of the world. He believes he is entitled to huge rewards and honour as the "returning king". He is a supreme Narcissist, and he seeks out other Narcissists so they can feed on each other's fantasies. The lucrative new career path that Romanmov followed was almost certainly that of drug dealer, and he no doubt overindulged in what he was peddling. It appears that he screwed up a deal (surprise, surprise) and his income consequently dried up. As a mental case, it was impossible for him to get any proper work - so he decided to become a plagiarist and team up with Mr Benjamin Fulford, another Narcissist making up mad fantasies. Fulford, however, has enough business acumen to make a living selling horeshit to cretinous suckers, most of them living in Japan. The Japanese are not used to the sort of liars the West churns out, so are more easily duped.

Check out Romanov's Facebook page and his YouTube videos. They are full of stills from the movies he loves - and he really thinks he's in some sort of big movie. He has lost all contact with reality. Mental illness is of course extremely prevalent amongst chess players.

This is a madman and he has no control over himself. Something very terrible is likely to happen to this individual unless he seeks psychiatric help. Sadly, in the world of mad people, there are no brakes. The madness almost invariably plays out, and often innocent people are dragged into it and harmed or even killed. We want no one to accuse us of not having warned the world about this deranged person. He is devoid of any conscience and completly enfolded in his fantasy of being a great, heroic, Messiah.

We have highlighted this case because Romanov is a classic example of the type of delusional individual who believes himself part of the Illuminati. He then makes videos and writes blogs about all sorts of nonsense - and the people who hate the Illuminati then seize on these and promote them as the actual position of the Illuminati.

Any person who appears in a video claiming to be a member of the Illuminati is not. Does anyone seriously imagine that the Grand Master of a secret society would appear in a video with Benjamin Fulford so that everyone in the world would know who he is, thus destroying the whole society at a stroke? Only a Narcissistic fantasist would appear on camera calling himself the Illuminati's Grand Master. Isn't that entirely obvious? It ought to be. Why are people so irrational and gullible? How can anyone possibly take Romanov and Fulford seriously? And does anyone seriously think that a man who looks like Odd Job could summon 200 MILLION Ninjas? Why doesn't he then? What's he waiting for?

Fulford is conducting a PANTOMIME. This is the Theatre of the Absurd. It's grotesque that people who should be under medical supervision are being used in this way. One thing we have learned from the countless crazy messages we receive is that there is an epidemic of mental illness in the world. It's a profoundly alarming fact. Most conspiracy theorists are actually delusional, and they cannot be reasoned with. We tried to reason with Romanov - and got nowhere. Now we must warn the world about him because this can only have a bad ending. If you are not shocked by his messages, you are as potentially dangerous as he is.

Here is a typical message that we found recently from a Fulford dupe concerning this material you are reading right now:

"Hi joey,

When my intuition and reasoning match up with David Oates RS analysis, I say it's over 99% accurate. I went to the link you gave and searched that page for 'Fulford'. I read two paragraphs. It was EXTREMELY clear that it's dis-info. Did you notice the strong and frequent use of disparaging words? That's another good clue that it's dis-info. The person writing this part knows what he's doing to stir up doubts and negative feeling toward whoever, in this case Ben and the Romanov guy. I have still some reservations and doubts about the Romanov guy. Don't let that kind of writing sway you, it's dis-info. Ask yourself where the person writing it is coming from."

There you have it - disparaging words = disinformation! Who knew?!

Intuition? That person has ZERO intuition. Note that he made absolutely no attempt to refute a single word we said, and couldn't even bring himself to read what we said. He read for only as long as he found necessary to know that he disliked us and what we were saying (because we were threatening his identity by challenging his whole belief system). His reacton was one of pure emotion. He brought to bear no rational analysis at all - and that of course is what defines conspiracy theorists. They regard their feelings, "intuitions", impressions and hunches as "truth" and everything else is automatically and conveniently dismissed as "disinfomation." These are exactly the suckers who line Fulford's pockets. (And note that even this sucker had doubts about Romanov, not that he would make any attempt to explore those doubts, of course, because it would lead to extreme cognitive dissonance.)


So, there you have it, Benjamin Liar. This is truth of the clown and lunatic you paraded in front of the world as a credible spokesman on world affairs and supporter of your vision.

Leave the stage now. You have disgraced it long enough. Your lies have finally caught up with you. There's no way out. It's CHECKMATE.


On his subscription website, Fulford wrote:

"This week's newsletter was delayed for a day because of sensitive ongoing negotiations involving the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US governments among others. The negotiations are still going on as of this writing and there is much we still cannot report. However, we can confirm that the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner. The problem now is how to sort out the massive geopolitical repercussions this fund will create."

This is TOTAL FANTASY. Not one word is true. Benjamin Fulford is having no important meetings with anyone. Do you seriously imagine that anyone in power would have anything to do with the sort of person who would present a lunatic like Alexander Romanov as a serious person?

Benjamin Fulford has no excuses for introducing "Alexander Romanov" to the world. He has created a stage for a Narcissistic psychopath, criminal plagiarist and drug dealer, under the grotesque pretence that this person has something meaningful to say.

Benjamin Fulford - you are a fraud, a phoney, a fake, a liar, and a plagiarist. Working with Romanov, you have stolen material from this website and published it for your own mutual profit.

We want the whole world to know you for the shameless charlatan you are. It is sickening that someone like you gets away with fleecing vulnerable people and selling them an absolute lie without one particle of connection with reality.

All of the material on this website of ours - an enormous repository of invaluable information - is given away absolutely free. We are presenting people with the knowledge that will liberate their minds. You are charging people to read your endless lies. What kind of morality does someone like you have? You're a disgrace. How could you ever be on the side of a better world? You're a crook and a swindler. It's time to stop conning your victims. In the name of God, GO!

Q. "Is Jay-Z the 'King' of the Illuminati?"

A. Well, what do you think? Do all members of secret societies run around making blatant public signs that reveal that they are in secret societies - not so secret then, huh?


Q. "Is Lady Gaga 'Queen' of the Illuminati?"

"The symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga is so blatant that one might wonder if it's all a sick joke. Illuminati symbolism is becoming so clear that analyses such as this one becomes a simple exercise of pointing out the obvious. Her whole persona (whether it's an act or not) is a tribute to mind control, where being vacuous, incoherent and absent minded becomes a fashionable thing."

"Lady Gaga is an IIluminati puppet and her videos are riddled with occultic, satanic, Illuminati and Masonic symbolism!!! When you think about her target 'market' being young kids and her songs such as 'poker face' (about oral sex) and lyrics like "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" (penis), you can see that there are exterior forces working to seduce young vulnerable minds through her songs with perversion and occultic influences. People need to wake up and see that her music is simply not 'bubblegum pop' and there is a dark message in her music."

A. The worst brainwashing ever perpetrated against humanity is that by the Jews, Christians and Muslims. That's a fact. They made billions kneel to the Devil and worship him as God. Who but Satan would order a father to perform human sacrifice on his own son? What is the essence of Devil worship? Human sacrifice. What was it that Jehovah ordered Abraham to do to show his absolute, slavish obedience to his master? HUMAN SACRIFICE! Q.E.D.

Q. Do Alex Jones, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, Henry Makow and Jeff Rense have any inside knowledge about the Illuminati?

A. Absolutely none. They are fiction writers. They are Mythos Men; Logos never enters their world at any point. They're in the business of making you think they have privileged access to secrets. They don't. They just make the whole thing up. Their business is making money from suckers, and they're pretty damned good at it. David Icke makes a nice living touring the world giving lectures to packed theatres where he describes the Illuminati as shape-shifting, pan-dimensional lizards from another world. Well, you certainly can't accuse him of not being entertaining. He gives great value for money in Mythos terms. Sadly, his work doesn't contain one word of Logos. But, hey, you wouldn't be a conspiracy theorist if you were interested in the truth. Right?!

Illuminati = Anonymous???

Here is the funniest video we've seen for quite some time. Great music, though!

"The Illuminati Song" - by Anonymous

Thanks, guys! You made a mistake with the lyrics, though. We ARE taking control!


We once wrote an article about "splitters and stealers." Splitters are cooperative, community-oriented people who like to help others and share what they have for the common good. They split the profits equally. They have no instinct to rob people, harm them or take an unequal share. The beautiful world to which the splitters could give birth is ruined by the presence of a second group - the stealers. These people care only for themselves, have no interest or understanding of fairness and community. Their only motivation is to get ahead, to get more power, more money, more everything. It's all about them, and FUCK everyone else. The system of privilege is a stealer ideology - the resources of the community are disproportionately redirected to a tiny group: the Elite.

The Elite are the stealers par excellence. They control the law and have their endless theft from the ordinary people declared legal. The bail-outs that took place all over the world to save insolvent banks and thus prevent the global economy from collapsing were actually criminal acts of theft from the people by the Elite to prevent the Elite going bankrupt. They caused the financial crisis, but the poor picked up the tab. The rich are as rich as ever even though they and not ordinary taxpayers were entirely responsible for the devastating economic situation the world's now in. The taxpayers are the ones who have been thrown on the dole and saddled with debts so large it's impossible to see how they can ever be paid off without catastrophic, value-destroying hyperinflation on the same basis that swept Adolf Hitler to power in Germany in 1933.

The Elite have ruined the world for everyone else. They are criminals. If they were obliterated, it would bring about a radical improvement in our world.

Everything should be done to penalize the stealer mentality. It should be regarded as a disease that must be eradicated, just as if it were smallpox.


We had prepared three new articles for this website, but we will not now be posting them. In fact, we must announce that this site is now coming to an end. The reason is that a stealer has attacked our website.

You can read for yourself what took place:

From: Alexander Romanov <>

Sent: Sat, 30 July, 2011 14:20:41

Subject: book(s)

A couple of hours ago i received the message below from a book publisher.

It appears he will publish the four books i put together from the A.C. Website.

Those 4 books are : 666, The 6th Dimension, illuminati, and New World Order.

I will happily share the proceeds, the breakdown of which would be as follows :

1. 25% for the Literary Agent.

2. 25% for my family, they including my wife, so that she does not have to sell the house which she is planning to do in the very near future, my two children, so they can keep going to school, have clothes to wear while they go and something to eat while they study, and for my parents who have been financially supporting me over these past eighteen months even though they have next to nothing themselves.

3. 25% for me, in compensation for being nailed to a cross, and

4. 25% for you guys.

Considering that all 4 of the books will probably become the biggest sellers of all time, and they will define the forthcoming century, if not the millennium, i think that there will be more than enough to go around for all of us ......... hopefully anyway.

I have attached the final edit of the book " illuminati "

An alternative approach would be for me to arrange with the publisher so that you guys receive 100% of the proceeds for that one.

This method would be easier and less complicated. in all likelihood, it will be the third book to go to print but i am not sure exactly when that would happen. Either way, it is up to you, so please let me know.

Could you pass a message to whoever is writing the A.C. website. It concerns our old friend Mr. Satan. I know what it is, what i need to find out is how it can be defeated.

Finally, i know that for whatever reason, we have not always seen eye to eye over these past 18 months, but i want to take this opportunity to thank you …. for everything.


ps. just in case you haven't seen it already, this is the promotional video for the book :


Hello Alexander,

Thank you for your emails, you seem sincere and truthful and your book certainly resonated with me.

The book has caused quite a stir in our office.

We've never had doubts about publishing any book that speaks the truth and though we feel the book is significant, it does require some possible reworking.

I created our magazine as a means of raising consciousness amongst humanity and our magazines core philosophy has always been a Gnostic philosophy.

I have attached an editorial I wrote for the very first edition of the magazine …...

I'm sure you will appreciate the synergy that we share after reading this.

We didn't create an "airy fairy" magazine which you'll find on many bookshelves around the world, but instead we wanted to create a magazine that remained grounded and encompassed strength of research to support the science and spirituality connection. Therefore from what I have read so far it appears very closely aligned to the philosophy of the illuminatii.

Our philosophy was to create a mass awakening amongst humanity through finding solutions to the worlds ills, but I always stated that we would never shy away from the difficult topics either - and if you read our magazine it has a deliberate slant on activism, once again encompassing a similar philosophy as the illuminati.

After reading the first 80-100 pages of 666 I was completely in sync with the philosophy and content, however the mood of the book seemed to change after this and it appeared to become a bit more angry and resentful. We are very conscious about providing a message of self-realization and self-actualization as the basis to our evolutionary process so we want to send a message of becoming more self-aware which means understanding why we do what we do, and the reasons for our fears and anger, etc.

Therefore the very small parts in the book that used strong language and a philosophy of separation we found did not sit well with our team.

But we are also trying to understand where the anger, etc is coming from.

The bottom line is we would like to publish the book but we would like you to consider some reworking of the strong language and anger within the pages.

As your potential publisher we feel that the message would be stronger with some of these minor changes and therefore would not appear contradictory to the reader.

So I feel that by us working together we can massage some of the content and publish a book of significant importance.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Best Wishes


Our Comments:

"Alexander Romanov" claims to be the rightful Tsar of Russia. He says he is the great grandson of Tsar Nicholas II, and eldest grandson of Princess Anastasia. Of course, that would be something of a miracle given that it was proved beyond any doubt that Anastasia and the rest of the Russian royal family were executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918. Anastasia was 17 and childless. Maybe it was another virgin birth, this time involving necromancy!

Alexander Romanov also claims to be the Grand Master of the Illuminati (strange that we didn't notice!), holder of the "Ring of Power" (from Lord of the Rings!!) and guardian of the Holy Grail (!!!).

Given the Illuminati's hatred of royalty and the fact that Illuminati cells assisted the Bolsheviks in the liberation Revolution of 1917, it's disgusting to have the despised name of "Romanov" - a central name of the Old World Order - defiling our society in any way.

We replied to the "Tsar" as follows:

We have already published all of the material on our website as a series of 35 ebooks on Kindle under the names of "Michael Faust" and "Adam Weishaupt", and we will soon be bringing out hard copies of all of our books under our "Hyperreality Books" imprint. Any literary agent or publisher would sue you if they discovered that you were not the creator of this material, that you had been given no permission to use it and that it had already been published commercially elsewhere. You should consider your position extremely carefully before proceeding any further along this course you have chosen. There is zero likelihood of this matter turning out well for you.

To which we received the reply:

i see. and i thought we were on the same side fighting a common enemy. how silly of me. i do remember you saying i could use all of your material, i will find the mail somewhere.

goodbye and fuck off dickhead.

For some bizarre reason, the "Tsar" also wrote to Pho':


Just so you know Pho, the people you are in contact with are not the real authors of the vast majority of the content of the A.C. website. i will be seeing them in court.

Our Reply:

To Alexander Romanov, Tsar of all the Russias, (or is it Richard Sorge - elite Russian spy for Stalin?)

You are a thief. You copied our material into a document then sent it off to literary agents and publishers pretending that it was your own work and trying to make money from it. You called yourself the Grand Master of the Illuminati and claimed to be descended from Anastasia, a 17-yr-old childless girl executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918. We look forward to hearing from your lawyer, who will no doubt be called Rasputin because he will need to work miracles for you to prevent you being arrested and jailed as the low-down, dirty thief you are. But maybe jail will be the best place for you and will allow your poor family, for whom we have the utmost sympathy, to move on.

Romanov/Sorge copied his reply to a group of "friends"/alter egos/fellow nutters:

Cc:benjamin fulford <>; granpiore templari <>; leo zagami <>; michael meiring <>; nano faye <>; Nebojsa Stanisic <>; neil keenan <>; paulo aep <>; pope benedict <>

(Note that the Pope is on the list! - the address is non-functional, of course.)

To Magus, filthy lying thief and impersonator, or should that be member of the Thule Orden ? Otherwise known as the Brotherhood of the Shadows, servant of their Lord ( Satan ) who works in mysterious ways.

As a matter of fact it is both Alexander Tsar of Russia, and Richard Sorge ( i am his reincarnation ) but you forgot to mention the most important bit, direct descendant of Jesus Fucking Christ, King of the World.

The only thief here is you, the material appearing on your website is stolen, the real purpose of your deception is to find the whereabouts of the Holy Grail, and thankfully for the world you will never get you filthy Satanic hands on it. Only person on Earth knows where it is hidden and that is me. You don't even know what the Holy Grail is, you stupid dumb fuck. Do not worry, you will be hearing from me directly, and those will be the last words you ever hear before i send you back to the hell you emerged from you pathetic miserable shit. You have already tried to kill me twice and failed because you are a useless and incompetent twat.

Who in the FUCK are you anyway ? Go on speak, i dare you. Lets ask Pho shall we, you claim he is a member of the illuminati, tell us Pho, have you ever met this pitiful disgusting creature, have you been initiated ?

You think this is about money, is that what you think ? Your head is so far up your arse that you cant think at all, if you could you would never try this nonsense with me, you have no fucking idea what you are into.

Followed by:

Cat got your tongue?

or do you need someone else to do your writing for you ?

Our Reply:

To the self-styled Tsar of Russia and reincarnation of Richard Sorge:

You are likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act and committed to a mental asylum.

You are a proven criminal on several counts:

1) Intellectual property theft.

2) Copyright violation.

3) Attempting to obtain money by deception and false representations.

4) Theft.

5) Fraud.

You are a fantasist whose fantasy has finally collided with reality - just as it did for that madman in Norway.

Here are the five options that normally play out in these circumstances:

1) You kill yourself.

2) Or you kill your family.

3) Or you kill others.

4) Or you have a full mental breakdown and are put in a straitjacket.

5) Or you are jailed for your previously specified crimes.

No, of course we didn't forget that you are "a direct descendant of Jesus Fucking Christ, King of the World." It's exactly the claim that all people such as yourself make before they are dragged away to the asylum.


Romanov/Sorge's reply:

The book will be published under your name, and you will receive 100% of the proceeds Mr. Satanist. So take your lawyer and shove him up your arse. You pathetic, stupid, miserable, lying piece of dog shit. I never want to hear from you again, so take your problems up with your publisher and go fuck yourself.

Our Reply:

We publish our own work.

If you have entered into any agreement with any publisher or literary agent concerning the material you stole from our website, you can fully expect to be going to jail - or to court-ordered psychiatric evaluation regarding probable admission to a mental asylum.

Most fantasists do not cross from their fantasy world into the real world (where actions have real consequences), but you have now done so, and that makes you an extremely dangerous person and a threat to the general public. You are a ticking timebomb like the mass killer in Norway (you have already issued documented threats against us).

If you rescind all communication and any agreemeents you may have entered into with any publisher or literary agent regarding our work, we will not seek your prosecution and confinement in jail or an asylum for the criminal actions you have already admitted to performing.

This is your last chance to try to re-enter the normal world and look after your family. Make sure you take it. And your friends whom you chose to copy in on this matter should now give you the strongest possible advice about your future conduct. If you have conspired with any of them, they too will be dragged into this. We have of course archived the collection of emails that you and they have sent us over the last few months, and these will be used as evidence against all of you if necessary.

Why don't you think about others for once in your life?

Remember, this is your LAST chance. Don't blow it.


We received a reply from one of the Tsar's merry band - "Peter Wilson":

Greetings Mr. Magus

It is an honor and pleasure to finally hear from you. It is quite something to talk to the author of the Armageddon Conspiracy Website.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Peter Wilson, i was Captain of the Australian Soccer team at the 1974 World Cup in West Germany and now i work for the Australian Government.

I have been in position in Puerto Galera on Mindoro in the Philippines for almost 30 years now, waiting for this precise moment. There are one or two members of your organization here, so you can confirm my identity with them if you wish. I was on the bcc list during your exchange with Mr. Romanov and am aware of the proceedings, in fact, i have been involved for over one year, ever since the dismissal of Australian Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd in June of 2010.

This little game has been going on for a while now and you may be familiar with some of the participants. Mr. Fulford and Mr. Zagami are the naughty scoundrels who spread disinformation about your organization.

The Pope i'm sure you know, he seems to have gone off line, and i do not blame him, i would be surprised if he manages to get any sleep at all. Mr Keenan represents the Dragon family and Mr. Vandemeer is a most interesting case, it seems that he is a cousin to both Queen Elizabeth and Evelyn Rothschild, a man who controls the vast bulk of the World's Gold Reserves. i have met him personally but doubt he would remember, he was always a pompous ass, until his legs got blown off and he came crashing back to Earth. Don't expect to get much out of these individuals, apparently they have too many skeletons to conceal.

They would be the Archons you speak of on your site.

Ms. Nana Faye i met personally but unfortunately we did not click, however, she is a fine looking lady and definitely not shy, so you can expect to be hearing from her. My best guess is that she is Grand Master of the Thule Society, i could be wrong, at the very least she works for the N.S.A. and represents the American Government in these proceedings. Mr. Stanisic i will allow to introduce himself, he has been upset ever since he single handedly evacuated the American base Bondsteel in Kosovo by threatening to blow it up with a nuclear bomb but did not get paid.

I advise you to be cautious with Mr. Stanisic, but unfortunately he is in your vicinity and knows exactly how to find you, so i am not sure how many options are at your disposal.

Anyway, enough of all that, so let me get to the point. It concerns the book 666.We are all grown ups here Mr. Magus and we all know exactly what is at stake.

Mr. Romanov has been very generous to you, i sincerely hope you wont throw any spanners in the works, Earth has been waiting for this for a very long time.

It has been a pleasure speaking to you Mr. Magus, and i hope you can enlighten me on many more issues. Ever since Mr. Richard Sorge told me to figure out what 3.33333 to infinity squared was and i eventually realized the answer was 11.1111 to infinity, it has had a profound effect on my life. Hope to hear from you very soon.

Best Regards

ASIO Special Agent Koala


We didn't bother replying to that mad drivel.

Note that one of Sorge's collaborators is Benjamin Fulford, a kind of David Icke-lite, who rants on and on about the Illuminati. He spouts endless garbage and gibberish about plots that exist nowhere other than in his own head.

Note how these groups of madmen get together and relentlessly feed each other's fantasies and encourage each other in their mutual insanity. They are co-dependents. They're like heroin addicts in a shooting gallery, except it's pure fantasy that they inject into their bloodstream to numb the pain of their pathetic, valueless lives.

Anyone who says that 9/11 was an inside job should bear in mind the company they are keeping - people exactly like this. Would you like to stand alongside every desperate nut-job, saddo and loser in the world? Then declare 9/11 to be an American inside job.

The problem with our world is that if all the people who deserve to be locked up in mental institutions were actually put there, the streets of the world would be practically deserted. This whole planet is a mental asylum. This is where the rest of the universe dumped all their crazies. When UFOs appear, they're actually dropping off some lunatic from another world. Of course, we just made that up, but next year David Icke will probably be doing a lecture tour with our idea, and all the credulous simpletons who worship him will be forking out big bucks to hear him droning on about the Lizard Kings of the "Illuminati".

We regard these people as the scum of the earth, the uttermost trash. They are mentally ill, and potentially extremely dangerous individuals who pose a substantial threat to the general public.

Frankly, we have been sickened and made to feel spiritually unclean by coming into contact with such people, and having to read their toxic, deranged ramblings. It has become increasingly hard for us to open emails and discover what fresh insanity might be revealed to us. Even people who send us sensible messages are affected by this because we are frequently raging at some piece of garbage that we have read minutes earlier.

So, the decision has been taken to terminate the work on this website.

The project itself will be continuing, but we will now be proceeding entirely on a commercial basis where our work can be fully protected from thieves like "Alexander Romanov". We have withdrawn the free downloads that were previously available from this website. All of the content of this website has now been published as Kindle ebooks - under the names of Michael Faust and Adam Weishaupt. The articles that we were about to post on this website will shortly be released as new Kindle ebooks. We will be releasing hardcopies of all our books by the end of the year.

All of our books appear under our "Hyperreality Books" imprint. Our work is not filtered in any way by gatekeepers of the Old World Order such as literary agents, editors or publishers.

It's perfectly possible that other people like Romanov have stolen our work and passed it off as their own, so we would be grateful if anyone would notify us if they come across people commercially exploiting the material we have given away freely.

We are appalled that our free distribution of our material has had to come to an end, but that's what happens when the world of sharers is invaded by the stealers.

We will be releasing one final article on this website within the next few weeks and then this cell will no longer be operational in relation to this website. We appeared from nowhere and we will return to nowhere and no one will ever know who we were.


Mon, 9 May, 2011 0:51:30RE: Clarification

From: Fulford Benjamin <> Add to Contacts


Cc:;;;;; zagami <>; michael vandemeer <>; Neil Keenan <>... more


So, they made the same proposal to you they made to me back in 2007: we will give you unlimited power if you agree to participate in the largest genocide in history. You also said no, which is good.

There is also some good news, I believe now. My sources are telling me that Peter Hans Kolvenbach and the top Satanists have lost power within the Vatican.

The new black pope or head of the Jesuits is Father Adolfo Nicolas. He was a professor when I was studying at Sophia university and has a reputation for being a good man. I believe (although we are not communicating at this point) that he supports the idea of a 50/50 East/West deal.

We are hoping that soon there will be an announcement of a new financial system and a project to end poverty, end war, stop environmental destruction and release the forbidden technology in a responsible manner.

Finally, both you and the people in the Vatican are making a big mistake about the world being about to end. That is wrong, the world is about to begin. The planet earth is about to give birth. It will be a unique and marvelous event in the history of the universe.

Nonetheless, your June 1st deadline has been duly noted.

Benjamin Fulford ????????? 090-3439-5558


Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 04:23:44 -0700


Subject: Clarification




There is one crucial point i need to clarify regarding the upcoming Apocalypse.

Today i was approached by The Artificial Intelligence, or Satan, or the Brotherhood of the Shadows, or The Family, or The Satanists or whatever else you like to call them. We all know who they are. The parasites who hide in the darkness and who have enslaved and exploited humanity since the dawn of civilization.

This entity, recognizing that i am the grandson of Anastasia, and rightful heir to the Russian Throne, offered me the position of King of the World on the condition that i was willing to play along with its plan to exterminate a large part of humanity. This entity has a nuclear weapon in position in Europe and is ready to initiate " Project Titanic." A false flag 9.11 style terrorist act which will lead to World War Three in the West and the extermination of approximately two thirds of the Earth's population. The dates for this proposed attack were given as May 11, 14, 16 or 20. The plan of this entity, as we all know, is to destroy the west and then transfer its power base to China. Naturally, i declined to have anything to do with such a diabolical scheme.

However, and this is the key point, this proposed Apocalypse by the Artificial Intelligence must be differentiated from the Apocalypse proposed by the illuminati.

The illuminati are in possession of a weapon which will implode the planet, and this will be done on June 1 if an agreement is not reached by then. This plan i am totally in favor of. i will not be party to a selective culling of the world's population so that the parasites can just keep with the same crimes they have done forever.

Thus, if we cannot rid ourselves of these parasites, then it is better we all perish on our feet as free men than continue living as slaves in bondage.

And the main point is that we will be taking Satan to his grave with us. In the immortal words of Billy Joel .......... " We will all go down together ".

I have a message for you to pass to the Chinese Leadership.

Once the Ruling Elite of the Old World Order have been consigned to the dustbin of history, we invite China and The Rest of the East to join us in a New World Order based on mutual respect, co operation, a glorious future for humanity, and an equal 50-50 division of power between East and West.

As soon as i send the stinking dog shit currently occupying the Vatican to Hell, there will be a new Pope. She will be a Chinese Woman from Malaysia.

She will preside over a new religion called illumination which will unify the world. The Chinese Leadership will answer to her, and she will report to me.

Please make the Chinese leadership fully aware that if they make the grave error of accepting Satan and decide they will try to rule the world, Russia, America and Japan will join forces to bomb them back into the Stone Age. No one wants this, so please help to make them see reason.

We stand on the edge of a precipice, staring down into the abyss. Either we come together at this crucial moment in history, and do the right thing for all inhabitants of this world and decide that we REALLY want to change the planet, or i am afraid that 14 billion years of evolution will come to an end.

24 Days, 3 Hours and 36 Minutes Remain.



The Richard Sorge Disappearance Investigation

by ASIO Special Agent Peter Wilson

I first met Richard Sorge in the middle of August, 2010.

He was introduced to me by a mutual acquaintance and a member of the Gnostic Order of the illuminati. I was informed that Richard had an urgent message to pass along to the Australian Government and asked whether i could be of assistance.

The democratically elected Prime Minister of Australia Mr. Kevin Rudd had just been unlawfully dismissed from office, only two months earlier, so i was intrigued, and wanted to learn more. Little did i suspect how deep the rabbit hole would go. The following is what i have discovered, and is in my report :

Fact 1.

On June 23, 2010, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was sacked from office. As it turns out, three days before this date, Richard Sorge had given a DVD to the Australian Embassy in Tokyo and asked that it be passed along into the hands of then Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd. The title of the video was : " The Holy Grail ".

Fact 2.

On July 30th, 2010, Richard Sorge gave information to the Japanese Police Department informing them of the exact location of a nuclear weapon which had been smuggled into Japan by a Satanic Organization. According to Mr. Sorge ... their reason was to destroy a book which had just been completed. The title of the book was : " 666 ".

It w as shortly after this that i first met Richard personally in Puerto Galera on Mindoro Island in the Philippines. I confess that initially i found his story to be fantastical and even insane, subsequent events however, proved me wrong.

Fact 3.

Richard returned to Japan on November 1st. I was later to learn that a plain clothes, armed Japanese Police Unit descended on his house on the morning of November the 2nd, apprehended Richard and confiscated all of his discs and files as well as his computer. The reason for the arrest was that Richard had given the Japanese Police Department supposedly misleading information and that the Australian Administration of Julia Gillard had asked the Japanese Government to have him extradited to Australia in relation to some alleged threats he had made. Mr. Sorge was released from custody one week later and no charges were filed.

Fact 4.

Around the middle of December i received a parcel in the mail from Mr. Sorge. I was informed that an identical parcel was passed to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin via the Russian Embassy in Tokyo. The parcel contained two discs, one was a 33 minute DVD, and the other a CD, containing four books. I was asked to pass these to ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd which i did through a contact who is an Admiral in the Royal Australian Navy.

I am sure you are all familiar with the material on these discs. You will also no doubt be familiar with the subsequent hacked Australian Government e-mails between now Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Defense Minister Steve Smith. These mails are now in the possession of Julian Assange and will be released through Wikileaks when the moment is right. I am sure i do not need to tell you what is in those e mails.

Fact 5.

On January 1st, a letter was circulated to the KGB, FSB, NSA, CIA, Mi6, Mossad, ASIO, the Vatican, The Knights of Malta and no doubt, various other Intelligence Agencies. Just in case you are not familiar with this letter …. here is what it said :

To : The Leader of the " Western " World

From : Alexander

Grandson of Anastasia Romanov.

Rightful Heir to the Russian Throne.

Dear Sir or Madam.

You are advised that you are have until 11:00 GMT on January 11, 2011 to withdraw all of your unlawful combatants from Our Territory. In 1389, the only thing that stopped Christian Europe from being overrun by the Islamic Turkish Ottomans was that the entire Serbian Royalty sacrificed their lives on the battlefield of Kosovo Polje. Single handedly we halted the Muslim advance. Since then, for over 600 years we have lived together with the Islamic people. We did so very happily for a very long time in a country known as Yugoslavia. Our problem is not with the Islamic people, nor is it with the Jewish people, nor is it with other Christians, whether Catholic or Orthodox, nor is it with the Gypsies.

Our problem is with You. What right have American fascists to be on our land ?

Who do you think you are ? Masters of the Universe perhaps ? How dare you ? Your greed and insanity is destroying this world. All honest and free humans have had enough of you. We are not born Muslim, Jew, Orthodox or Catholic. We are born as HUMANS.

Now we shall start behaving as humans and not as animals !! The Balkans are ours. We are one people and we will live together as one people. Enough of your Meddling. You do not belong here. You never did and you never will. We will find our own way to live in peace with our Muslim Brothers on Kosovo. Their choice is a simple one. They will stand with us ..... or they will die with you. Don't forget the bombing of Serbia in 1999 and the murder of over 1000 innocent civilians.

No one will disagree with the fact that you are very much due a good old Payback. After January 11 we are not responsible for any casualties inflicted on your people illegally camped in Bondsteel. We shall remove you from our land by every means available to us.

You ARE Warned. We wish peace but if you choose, it will be War.


Grand Master of the illuminati. The Anti Christ.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2011.

The letter was ignored and not long afterwards the Revolution began in Tunisia

and has subsequently spread throughout the Arab World and will soon come to

Southern Europe, as well as South East Asia, and finally, the rest of the World.

Fact 6.

In the middle of February Richard Sorge once more came to visit me in The Philippines. On or around March 1st, Richard told me that his wallet containing his I.D. had been stolen. The person in question is someone i have personally known for well over a decade, consider a friend, and know for sure would not knowingly have participated in such an unlawful act unless he was misinformed by certain unscrupulous superiors. The person in question is an Mi6 Agent called Peter Stevens who is ex Hong Kong Chief of Police but has been residing in Puerto Galera for over a decade now. Peter Stevens refuses to divulge who gave him those orders, but i will not blame him, as he is an unwitting pawn in this sordid affair.

Ten days later two assassins who i personally saw came to Puerto Galera in search of Richard Sorge. To me the assassins were of Russian or Yugoslavian appearance and spoke with Eastern European accents. Fortunately, Richard had already made his escape on the morning of March 11th. We all know the fateful event which took place at around 2:30 pm, Japan time, on that day. Whether the two events are related is open to debate, but i strongly suspect that they are.

Fact 7.

On May 2nd, Richard Sorge delivered the following letter to the Japanese Police:

From : Alexander. Grandmaster. Gnostic Order of the illuminati.

To : Japanese Prime Minister. Kan Naoto.

Dear Mr. Kan

You can confirm my identity with Australian Foreign Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd.

I am writing to you regards the Tohoku Earthquake which struck on March 11.

I have information which points to the fact that the earthquake on 3.11 was Not

a Natural Disaster but man made. The culprits are a Satanic Cult operating out

of Nashville Tennesse. Assistance for the crime was provided by a coordinated

effort of rogue elements within the CIA, Mi6 and Mossad Intelligence Agencies.

My information is that in late December, 2000, four P-700 Granit Cruise Missiles

each containing a 500 kiloton nuclear warhead were removed from the Russian

submarine Kursk which had sunk in the Barents Sea. One of these Missiles was smuggled into Japan in late July, 2010.

To the best of my knowledge, the Japanese deep-water ocean floor drilling vessel the Chikyu, was used to place the missile in position along a fault line off the coast of Fukushima. I fully realize that it is impossible to prove these allegations, especially after the event, but the reason i am writing to you, is that a Much Greater Disaster awaits. My information is that the same Satanic Cult responsible for the destruction perpetrated on Japan is now planning to artificially engineer World War 3 by attacking the Vatican with another of the nuclear devices, on June 1st, 2011.

Further evidence suggests that they may attack Mecca and Jerusalem at the same time, providing the spark for a religious war of Apocalyptic proportions. Not much time remains, this Satanic Cult Must be exposed before it is too late. The current events in North Africa are no coincidence. The Earth stands on the edge of a precipice, staring into the abyss. i cannot fight this alone, i need help.

Sincerely Yours


On the very same day, the U.S. Government State Department announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden. How could any of this possibly be a coincidence ??

Especially seeing as Al Qaeda is no more than a covert CIA Operation looking fora pretext to detonate a nuclear weapon in Europe in " retaliation " for the killing of Bin Laden who our intelligence sources say had already died in December 2001.

Fact 8.

Richard Sorge once more returned to the Philippines in the middle of May. On the same date as the US Aircraft Carrier Carl Vinson docked in Manila Bay. The very same ship which dumped Osama Bin Laden's dead body out at sea !! As i have already told you people, we have a witness from the Carl Vinson who will testify there was NO BODY, and that the whole episode was a fabrication.

Fact 9.

On the evening of May 10th a fire broke out at a nearby boarding house for local bar girls. The initial police report stated that one body had been found in the remains of the building. This report has been altered by the authorities who now say that there were no casualties in the fire. The same evening Richard Sorge vanished from his residence under very suspicious circumstances. Many witnesses will testify that there was a loud commotion at his house on the evening of the fire.

Fact 10.

Dr. Nana Landensburger, a counterterrorism expert and most probably an employee of the NSA, from Nashville, Tennesse, conducted an investigation into the disappearance of Richard Sorge. She has subsequently not only refused to present her findings, but has openly threatened to have me murdered. I shall provide further evidence of this when it becomes necessary.


I hereby inform all those on this mailing list that there are witnesses who are added to the BCC in this mail. You are all suspected of conspiring to murder Richard Sorge. You have 72 hours to plead your innocence before i make slight alterations to this document and pass it to Australian Foreign Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd. Your time will expire on July 14th. Interpol will be asked to issue immediate warrants for all of your arrests.

Sincerely Yours

Peter Wilson

ASIO Special Agent KOALA.


Our Comment: Yes, keep taking the tablets, Peter. Does the straitjacket chafe?

9/11 - the Tenth Anniversary (Buy the T-shirt)

In response to a question about 9/11 being an inside job, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declared: "This is complete nonsense, it is impossible. To imagine that US intelligence services did it deliberately, with their own hands, is complete nonsense. Only people who do not understand the workings of security agencies can say that. It would be impossible to conceal it."

He added that he could not imagine how "any of the current or former US leaders could have such an idea."

Of course, in the light of those comments, conspiracy theorists will make Putin part of the 9/11 conspiracy. Just as there is no event, fact, or rational argument that could make an Abrahamist stop believing in their God - because their belief system is external to and excludes any sane criteria - so there is nothing at all that can dissuade the 9/11 nutters from promoting their demented belief system.

Conspiracy theorists could no longer find the Abrahamist God credible, so they replaced him with conspiracy theories that fulfil many of the same functions.

Psychiatrists would have a field day with conspiracy theorists. The conspiracies are fantastically elaborate and are reminiscent of medieval angelology and demonology, but now with secret societies and aliens as the powerful demons, and heroic resistance fighters (the conspiracy theorists themselves) as the angels. Video games also pander to the idea of the "absolute nobody" being a hero.

Did you notice how Richard Sorge and co placed themselves at the centre of world events, interacting with presidents, prime ministers and popes?

Of course, heroes carry out acts of heroism in the REAL world, the one thing that the gamers and conspiracy theorists have never quite grasped. You don't become a real hero by reaching level 100 of " Fake Hero Version Ten: Faster, More Furious and Faker than ever before!", nor by making up a fantasy about yourself where the Japanese and Australian prime ministers are anxiously awaiting your call and the "Black Pope" in the Vatican is terrified of your next brilliant stratagem.

Real secret societies have zero in common with how they are portrayed by people who aren't members and know nothing about them. It's pure fantasy that is projected onto secret societies.

In the mind of conspiracy theorists, unsuccessful scientific experiments on how to induce rain in drought areas are converted into diabolical weather machines being operated by James-Bond style villains running evil secret societies bent on world domination.

In reality, the world is controlled by the oldest dialectic of all: that of master and slave. Most people are weak and cowardly. They're looking for an easy life. They won't challenge the masters - who are utterly contemptuous of the weak and are more than happy to trample them into the dirt if they get in the way.

The only real conspiracy going on at the level of the ordinary human race is that of the privileged elite making sure that they get a much bigger slice of the pie than everyone else. They don't need to engineer Doomsday Weapons for that.

Here's how simple the real system is. Twelve members of the Board of a large company go into the marble Boardroom and say, "We need to cut costs, so we'll axe 30,000 members of our workforce, and freeze pay for everyone else - except ourselves, of course. We will each get 20% payrises on our already enormous salaries because we're delivering amazing shareholder value."

That's what's really going on. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and none of the poor ever fight back. Instead, they respond like Alexander Romanov (aka Richard Sorge aka a hundred other aliases) and place themselves at the centre of an enormously elaborate fantasy in their own head.

What was Sorge's great plan to fight the Old World Order? - to steal our intellectual property, pass it off as his own, deceive others and make money from it. Things have gone very badly wrong for Sorge - he himself ought to have been a senior member of the Old World Order. He's certainly psychopathic enough for the task, and he even dreams of being Tsar of Russia, one of the highest positions in the Old World Order.

So, well done, Alexander/Richard. What a great contribution you made to the world. You really helped, didn't you? You fought the good fight, didn't you? - you dirty, thieving, mad cunt. If it's true that you actually have family and it's not just another of your fantasies, one can only wonder at the sheer scale of the damage you have done to them over the years.

You are a proven criminal. You attempted to obtain money from publishers by deception and false representations. You have no honour, no dignity, and nothing of any worth to contribute. What's the point of your existence?

You are a stealer in our midst. You have ruined our website and you have ruined the unique opportunity that we had freely offered to authentic seekers of the truth. We were soon to post an article entitled The God Game: How to Create the Universe, regarding the Logos basis of Illuminism. This information represents the paradigm shift in science, philosophy, religion, psychology and paranormal phenomena that humanity has been craving for so long. It ought to have been presented freely to the world, but now we know we could never do that because some thieving cunt exactly like you would attempt to profit from our work and message.


Another person said that we should express our support for Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi. There are times when we are left almost speechless at some of the messages we receive. Where have we ever suggested that we would be in any way favourable to brutal Islamic dictators who engage in the most flagrant cronyism, nepotism, tribalism and theft of the State's resources to enrich themselves at the people's expense? Gaddafi's sons were notorious, globe-trotting, international playboys living off daddy's stolen riches.

We are the MERITOCRACY PARTY. What part of that concept is so hard to grasp? We DESPISE the super rich. We DESPISE tribalism. We DESPISE privilege, cronyism and nepotism. We DESPISE Abrahamism. We executed tyrants in times gone by: we didn't endorse them.

Anyone who says anything to us that fundamentally contradicts our core position immediately becomes persona non grata to us.

Frankly, it will come as an enormous relief to the three of us who have worked so assiduously on this site for so long to no longer have to deal with people who just don't get it.

We are the Party of the Enlightenment, of Reason, of Merit. What has truly horrified us is that there are apparently staggeringly few people in this world who are enlightened, rational or meritorious. This planet is a mental asylum, a prison planet quarantined from the rest of existence. You might actually call it Hell, and, of course, Dante wrote that Hell was under our feet, and that Satan is located at the centre of the Earth.

But Dante was wrong - Hell isn't below. It's on the surface, and the demons that torment the damned are the human race themselves. Human beings are both the torturers and the tortured, linked together forever in the most macabre dance of death. It's staggering that anyone could imagine that our world was created by any kind of benevolent intelligence. The evidence speaks to the absolute opposite being the case.


Sorge first contacted us some time ago and declared himself our greatest supporter. Didn't Mark Chapman say the same thing to John Lennon before he shot him dead? With "friends" like these, well, who needs enemies?

To the cipher who tried to steal from us, we say this:

You're not Alexander Romanov and you're not Richard Sorge. You're a nobody from Serbia. You stole our work in order to be a "Somebody". But, you see, to be a somebody you actually have to be capable of doing something of merit, not stealing from others. Of course, the Mark Chapman option is always open to you - if you can't achieve anything yourself then kill someone who has achieved something and then your names will be eternally linked.

Do a Norwegian. That will certainly get you noticed, you mad fucker. Now why don't you just fuck off forever and take all your loony friends with you?


Our final article will be posted within the next few weeks.


What are you going to do about it?