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Linode and the NWO
(New World Order)

New World Order - a global concentration camp ruled by Lucifer

Our god is Lucifer

New World Order - Lucifer

"Hey, we ARE god's chosen people. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer."

-- Rabbi Abe Finkelstein, in an interview about Jewish control of the world

Our god is Lucifer
(Rabbi Abe Finkelstein interview)

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"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer
... - and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive."

-- Harold Wallace Rosenthal, a top Administrative Aide to one of this nation's ranking senators, Jacob Javits R-NY, in a tape recorded interview by Walter White, Jr., which was conducted in 1976. From the book "The Hidden Tyranny".

Harold Rosenthal was supposedly murdered for giving this interview in 1976 during which he boasted about how a group of Jews are manipulating the stupid and gullible Goyim.

This interview clearly reiterates "the program" of the "Protocols of Zion", and, since it was tape recorded, it becomes an undeniable evidence of not only this truly satanic conspiracy, but the Protocols themselves.

The Hidden Tyranny - Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview

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ADL President Abraham Foxman: speech about destruction of white race and ZioNazi world domination

New World Order - Baphomet

Chabad rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh showing the Satanic hand sign

Chabad rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh showing the Satanic hand sign

"If a Jew needs a kidney, is it allowed, in order to save his life, to take the kidney from a Goy (non-Jew), passing by, even if he is not guilty of anything?

In my opinion, Torah allows it.

The life of a Jew is priceless"

-- Lubavitcher rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Chabad rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh showing the Satanic hand sign

Illuminati Masonic Symbol logo

ZioNazi puppets pledge

Tentacles of power

"When the world looks at America, what it sees is an Israeli colony."
- Paul Craig Roberts

America has been taken over

Slowly and imperceptibly, duped by lies and lulled into complacency, Americans have let their country slip into the hands of a fifth column: of a hostile ethnic elite whose primary allegiance is to Israel, a country built on stolen land and engaged in systematic genocide.

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This article that may become a book eventually has to do with the ideology of what is known as the NWO (New World Order) and the powers of evil that stand behind it and what is known as the "quantum transition" of the planet Earth and raising its level of Consciousness and Being to the higher levels of Intelligence.

In a couple of words, this is "the most important subject" on this planet at this particular junction. There is nothing more important than this.

The "bottom line"

To make a long story short, the MAIN and the ONLY "advantage" Linode has in the business it is in has to do with real time on-line chat support, just as it is provided on the #linode channel on OFTC IRC network.

Because from purely technical standpoint they use the same off-the-shelf equipment as anybody else and having enough of that equipment not to be overloaded by too many customers per CPU or a megabyte of memory is not a miracle and can be easily managed by any business, and so is various backup and standby facilities. It is just a matter of committing sufficient resources to make sure they are not overloaded. Simple as that.

Nor technology-wise they can claim any kind of advantage. Even Linode control panel, which is pretty good, is still not a miracle "out of this world". Even their web pages with documentation describing the simple and clear installation and configuration instructions for O/S and various programs, at least in some cases, is still not a miracle of any kind, even though it is worth mentioning.

And so, in this article we are going to talk primarily about the real time customer support via IRC and about the mentality of Linode tech support staff controlling those chats and their frame of mind, which will inevitably translate into all sorts of nasty manifestations and consequences.

As of this moment, Linode is banning, and in the most severe way, by klining one of the biggest providers and networks in the world with a customer base of well over 10 million customers, which could easily translate into thousands of actual or potential Linode accounts.

This ban of the entire network was activated a week ago, on Thu Sep 05, 2013, which means that the customers from that network can not receive the real time customer support.

So, the question arises naturally: WHY are they doing it and for what kind of "sins"? WHO are they banning? Some of their best customers by ANY chance?

And this article will look into the issues, the background and the frame of mind of such violent people in an in-depth way so that this issue is resolved once and for all and all appropriate measures are taken against all the responsible Linode employees allowing themselves such outrageously violent, disgusting and utterly unjustified behavior.

It is interested to note that one of their employees using the nick caker, who seems to be one of their most senior customer support reps and who is with Linode since 2003, as is shown on Linode forums, had this to say a few days before when they started banning one individual on utterly unjustified grounds after literally attacking him, like a herd of mad dogs, insulting him and his intelligence and ridiculing him in the angry-most manner, like a bunch of mad dictators in quite a literal sense:

[02:13] <caker> I apoligize that happened earlier. I will take it up with those involved.

[02:51] <indexof> ok, good idea. please keep this chan clean of all garbage. if nothing happens, fine, "less job for you to do". But it has to be clean

[02:52] <indexof> there's plenty of places on the net for people to go nuts at, but not linode, as far as i can see. this is a wrong place for idiocy. it makes linode look ...

And, interestingly enough, he said that a few days BEFORE that final kline went into effect. So, the question arises: did he in fact talk to them and what did he tell them if after that talk, if it ever happened, they behaved in even more violent manner?

He was talking about a prior and utterly unjustified ban, initiated by one of the most intolerant, insulting and abusive channel OPs akerl a couple of days before. If you look at the ban list on that channel, most of the bans were activated by this individual. Just the size of that ban list is something worth noting.

That individual should not be allowed even close to the customer support channels. Because he seems to be mentally unstable and his behavior exhibits the symptoms of psychiatric condition of a psychopath with his constant attacks and outrageous insults towards the Linode customers in the most disgraceful ways imaginable.

Generally speaking, the Linode tech support personnel constantly exhibits aggression and very poor technical performance and provides sketchy and incomplete answers that do not really help the customers more then they could help themselves by doing a search on the issue with the search engine.

It all looks like some competition on who is "greater" and "smarter" and the customers are used as some kind of "useful idiots" with the help of whom one can establish and show his "greatness", which is simply an indication of the inferiority complex.

Then what is the very purpose of this support channel? - To engage in orgies of insult, ridicule and harassment of the customers? Is it a channel for sadists? If you look at the channel logs, going back years, it is hard to believe that such an arrogant and abrasive behavior can be observed on a service channel of such respected providers as Linode.

Does not Linode realize that their customer support channel is their REAL face and they get at least some of their customers after they have visited that channel and noticed that Linode does have a working real-time customer support facility where people do get some assistance even though most of it comes from the other customers with pertinent experience and not necessarily from the Linode staff?

In fact, the author of this writing has opened the account with Linode several years ago precisely because he had visited this channel and noticed that people can address their issues any time of day or night, which was about 50% of decision making on whether to open an account with this provider or not.

And what is even more interesting, an email was sent to caker with the request to provide the contact information of the top management of Linode which said that the reason for it is an important issue related to the customer support that needed to be addressed.

Well, caker did not even honor the author of that email with a courtesy reply. The question arises: is Linode top management so inaccessible or does it care so little about their customers who bring up one of the most important issues for the future of Linode? What does the future of Linode depend on if not in excelling in the most critically important area such as real-time customer support? What is their "competitive advantage" beyond the rudimentary principles of a good business management? In this context it can be noticed that you can contact even the office of the CEO of such giants as HP, but not the Linode for some strange reason. So what IS the problem here?

And "the BOTTOM line" is: This can not go on. At this junction, Linode can go in two ways only: either UP or DOWN. It can not remain the same from now on, no matter what they do.

And if they chose to escalate the issue, which is quite conceivable according to their current performance, let them be aware of the fact that with each negative, offensive or destructive move, the issue will only escalate to higher and higher proportion. At some point, it will become unbearable to them as a business and they would either have to take a hard look at their entire mentality and correct such unacceptable actions or go into obscurity.

Everyone, who tried to escalate the issues in a negative way while dealing with the entities Linode is dealing with now have experienced the quite pathetic results and in some cases they were either utterly disgraced and lost their credit or were simply forced to disappear from the scene never to be seen or heard of again.

Who or what is Linode

Well, this is really a strange and even bewildering story and in order to fully grasp why are we even talking about some Linode, we'd have to grasp the very roots of the issues involved.

First of all, Linode is one of the better providers on the net according to various opinions or reviews. Actually, they are providing the virtual hosting facilities that are used, for example, to host web sites and do anything imaginable on the net or off the net. You get your own virtual high reliability computer that is maintained on the 24/7/365 basis, in non-stop manner, day or night, no matter what.

So, on those virtual hosts you can host you websites for example and it will be running non-stop, even in cases of power outage. You can purchase your own domain name for about $10/mo and link it to your virtual host and your site will be like a rock.

But what is so special about Linode? - Well, what is so special is that they do deliver what they promised and they are reliable and they are as fast, network speed-wise as "most of us" will ever dream of, and actually, they have recently announced that they are investing around $1 mil in order to even further increase their traffic speed.

Which means? - Well, it means that it would be fair to classify them as one of "the best choices available", and that is not just an idle compliment. We have no connection to Linode beyond having some of our sites hosted on their facilities. And we have never regretted it even once. During several years, we have seen so little outage that for "the most of us" it isn't even worth mentioning.

And now the "esoteric" part of it, which some of you make like even better then reading about purely technical issues.

If any of you have heard about the "quantum transition", which means the planet Earth going to the higher levels of consciousness and being, then some of you may observe all sorts of information and events happening globally. For example, the ZioNazi and "banking mafia" attempts to start the World War III several times during the last couple of years have failed, and failed miserably.

If you recall, first there was and attempt to provoke North Korea so that it could then be attacked with nuclear weapons. Then there was the long term story about Iran, also an attempt to start the WW III, which is supposed to be global nuclear war, which also failed and you don't hear much about the Iran any longer, at least compared to how much the "issue" with Iran was being pumped up during the last several years. In fact, some claim that their bank accounts have been unfrozen and talks on cooperation in various areas are quietly proceeding behind the scenes.

Then you have heard about that disgusting scam with Syria, which failed miserably and there is plenty of evidence of WHO actually stands behind those "opposition fighter", who actually turn out to be the hired and highly trained thugs, specifically trained for all sorts of sabotage and upheaval operations, including the schemes with "regime changes".

So, why are we saying all this? - Well, this might as well be some indirect evidence of the processes that are in progress on this planet to terminate the powers of evil and their control of the world, including the world financial system, the energy supplies and so on.

Here is a snippet from an interesting article summarizing the changes on the planet Earth in light of "quantum transition" and profound changes that are happening on this planet. Regardless of whether this information might look to you as "real" or not, it is definitely worth looking at as an overview of the changes that are in progress, some of which have already become noticeable and can be confirmed factually.

Montague Keen - November 3, 2013

The veil is being lifted from all that had been hidden from you. Designated people are coming forward to reveal and explain what is happening so that you may be prepared when the shift happens. The next few months will completely expose the illusion and all the institutions involved in creating it. The restrictions that have kept you locked into it are being removed every day. You have lived in an hypnotic trance that has served to control the whole of your lives from birth to death. You now see the propaganda for what it is and you no longer buy into it. Those within the Cabal, know that it cannot survive in its present form. They have failed!

You will quickly become aware of the infighting as they compete for power in a world that no longer recognizes them. Their power is melting away and there is no currency on Earth that will buy them forgiveness. It has to come from the heart, if they truly repent and plead for forgiveness...

Those who have done the most damage to mankind will have to face the consequences of their actions. The people will decide and this will be done in an orderly fashion. You need to show that you are now in control...

It is time to make all the necessary preparations in order to be ready to proceed without delay. A whole new way of life will open up. All the stress that was carefully manipulated to keep you down and in control, will be removed. You have friends from other planets, all in position, and ready to come to Earth in order to share their technology. They will help you to understand what needs to be done as you take over your planet. They will help to guide the Earth on its rightful path to peace and harmony.

These are the End Days: the end of all that is corrupt, controlling, and evil in its darkest sense. The pollution of Planet Earth and the removal of all human life in order to prepare it for other species, has been halted...

This is your opportunity to free mankind and your planet and this is why you are on Earth at this time.

Montague Keen - November 3, 2013

It is their end now, and their Old Testament and Talmudic dreams of total control of the world are failing miserably. Interestingly enough, they openly state: "our god is Lucifer".

And so, we have been receiving the "messages" from the levels of existence beyond physical, to put it in the mildest terms. You might call them simply intuitive glimpses, or rather information streams of highly condensed information related to the major issues related to Consciousness, Awareness and growth of Intelligence on this planet. Let us not get into any more detailed description for now.

And so, recently as of October 2013 we were "pushed", or, rather, gently guided into something that we did not even expect and wouldn't even care about, at least to a significant degree. It has to do with some technical problem. One of the programs we had running for years stopped working in a nasty way with new upgrade. It is not a critical program, and so we "lived with the problem" for months and the sky has not fallen down.

But recently, we had a strong urge to resolve that problem. And it was so strong, that is was basically a MANIFEST reality, meaning this problem just had to be resolved NOW, NO MATTER WHAT. So we started working on it, and we have spent days and weeks tracking it down and trying to find a solution to unsolvable problem. Apparently, this problem existed with the particular program for more than a year and no one cared about it. There was no fix, no solution, no proposal, nothing. It was totally ignored, even though a bug report exists and it is a confirmed problem.

So, when we exhausted all the options of trying to fix it and were willing to even loose the data that we had on it, we tried a total scrap and deinstallation of the program and then trying to install a different, newver version of it, and BOOM, it WORKED!!! We could not believe it.

And now comes Linode into this picture.

When we found a solution and a program was working just fine, we came to Linode IRC channel and told them about this solution, just to get their feedback and to inform them that there IS a solution to this problem.

And now comes the Lucifer part into the picture. As soon as we did it, the HELL broken loose it seems. All the Linode employees, who have an OP status on that channel and the entire herd of satanists started viciously attacking the guy, who proposed the solution.

They were telling him that this solution is horrible, that the sky will come down if it is implemented, and they started proposing all sorts of bizarre and totally unacceptable "solutions" that would mean that we had to reinstall the whole system and ALL the applications, databases, sites, search engine and the rest of it. Now, if you know what you are talking about, this means WEEKS and could be even MONTHS of work. And for what? What is the benefit of such a "sulution"? - Well, the net benefit is ZERO. The net trouble is close to 100%.

And so the entire pack of wolves kept coming in waves upon waves with the most insulting, disgusting and even vicious attacks. And for what? What is their investment into OUR problem?

Do they CARE about us really? Do they care about ANYBODY in the entire world? Because going into such vicious fights and for something you could care less about because you were zombified and programmed since your cradle with the ideas "this is not MY problem"? Then why did they fight like it was a fight for their LIVES?

Strange isn't it?

Linode was chosen to be the prime Internet provider infrastructure

So, to get closer to the "meat" of the story, when we have "put two and two together", it turned out that all these events are not accidental, not accidental at all.

Why did we chose Linode years ago among tons of others? Why did we have some our systems on their facilities and it all works like a tank, so it has been well tested by time itself.

Why did that program break and in such a nasty and ridiculous way? We did not we care enough for that problem for months and then like a flood of energy came down and it was determined, and ABSOLUTELY so, that the solution WILL be found, no matter what and no matter who says or does what?

And why such a nasty scandal related to Linode, yes, it is a scandal and Linode may end up being punished for total disregard and even vicious treatment of some of their best customers, at least in terms of the amount of problems they had with this customer since the day one?

And strangely enough, a "message" came down a few days ago that stated the Linode was chosen to provide the backbone for the information infrastructure in the light of the "Quantum Transition" of the planet Earth.

They have been tested thoroughly and at least from the technical standpoint they are accepted as "the cream of the crop", the "top of the list" of potential providers who will provide the tank-like reliability to the global information streams and nothing in this world can stand on their way. Because they will receive the support and protection the human mind can not even comprehend in a larger sense of the world.

But if they fail, that might result in something they can not even comprehend at the moment.

And now they have failed in the MOST critical aspect beyond purely technical exams which they have passed. Because they have failed to provide the top notch REAL TIME, chat level, service to those, who work directly for the Powers of Transition. That is not acceptable, and it was told to them right into their faces, but they refused to listen.

And not only they have refused to listen but they went berzerk and totally violent, going to the point that they are now banning one of the biggest network providers in the world with the customer base well over a million of accounts, and that is not funny, not even laughable, it is PATHETIC.

Because they will have to pay now and the price is so high, they can not even imagine. Everything has to be "fixed" with their real time customer support on 24/7/365 basis.

And if it is not "fixed" and their real time service is not operating according to the highest level standards imaginable, then they many not be able to even die in peace and their lives, not even talking about the "business" aspect of it, may turn into a living hell. Who knows what might happen?

The NWO style madness of kill, kill, kill and destroy

They went as far as k-lining the ISP with over 10 million customers. And for what? - Well, simple enough. They have a destruction trick called "ban evasion". That means once you are "banned" by some mad killer-OP, then you don't even have the right to try to connect later using a different nick for example. And if you try so, it is called "ban evastion".

But what is "ban evasion"? - Well, apparently, the sickest power hungry oppressors that forever crave to get and OP status on some chan, are considered to be God-like. It other words, whatever they say or do is unquestionable. And if you object, you will be killed, then kill-banned and if you persist they will ban your entire ISP!

But no one will EVER question the REASON why did that "moderator"-killer, who happens to be one of the most immoderate and hate filled sickos, ban you on the first place. What was the reason beyond HIS intolerance towards the views of others, even though those views do not attack anyone and do not create any kind of problem?

But if you look at the channel logs and see what these so called moderator say there and what kind of orgies of disgust, insult and ridicule they engage in, and on the DAILY basis, you hairs may stand up like the pine trees.

Bohemian Grove and cremation of care ritual ceremony

So, why do those OPs do all that violence? Well, because they have been zombified to do so.

Which is the most common phrase you hear all day long any place you go: - Well, "I don't CARE", you see. How often do you hear: "I love you as a human being"? And how many times you hear: "I hate his guts"?

But where does all this sickness of violence and abuse come from? Is it something NATURAL? Or is it a zombie program installed into your brains and minds?

Bohemian Grove "cremation of care" ritual sacrifice ceremony - I love molech (moloch) and U.S. presidents - members of secret societies

Bohemian Grove "cremation of care" ritual sacrifice ceremony

New World Order - Baphomet

"Grand Solution": "Moderate" them out of existence and kill/ban their rear end to dust

What happened eventually on the real-time support channel of Linode on IRC is that they simply banned a perfectly good customer, and not only from that channel, but from the entire network! But for what? If you look at the channel logs at that time, you won't find anything even remotely close to the situation where they usually "kill" and ban people, not only from the network via this ugly kline trick, but even from the IRC channel.

This very idea of "kill" and ban is quite an interesting idea to consider because it has far reaching repercussion to the levels that are not even intuitively obvious. Why?

Because this is the method of controlling the entire Internet and information networks. It does not seem like some insane IRC channel for Linode customer support has anything to do with controlling the net and global information flow, but there is a but.

And that "but" has its roots in the very mentality, which in turn has its roots throughout the world as one of the alternative "solution" to any kind of problem. For example, if you look at software, you might get surprised that nearly every single peace of software has "kill" procedures.

But why do you need to "kill"? Where does the very idea come from? Well, the most ancient roots of it come from the "negative approach" of Lucifer which finally flourished into the modern version called the NWO.

If you look around the world in nearly every area and nearly every aspect what are you going to see as the most common? Well, you are going to see killing and destructions, wars and "colored revolutions" and on and on and on.

The entire world is filled with this sick ideology of killing and destroying as a "solution" to ANY kind of problem. It is like "if you can't not solve the problem, just KILL them"! It is called the "ultimate" solution.

So, what happens to these power hungry channel OP zombies on the #Linode IRC channel, who licked enough rear ends in order to achieve their great status as killers and controllers, you might be surprised that the very reason they tried to become the channel operators is PRECISELY as a result of their craving for killing and destruction.

Because they have been zombified that way from their cradles. Killing and destroying is about the only "joy" they have in their utterly empty life devoid of any genuine creativity. In Creativity, there is a genuine JOY and awe and wonder about the very Life itself. But when you suppress yourself as a result of all sorts of denials and tortures to you when you were a small child, done by your parents, "teachers" and everyone, who was in more "powerful" position then you, then what do you expect will be the eventual outcome?

Well, the INEVITABLE outcome will be your utmost sickness in the very depths of your being. And this is simply "natural". It is a revenge. You have been tortured all your life by those, who were more "powerful" then you are, and now has come the time of your revenge, and in the world, filled with sickness and ideology of killing and destruction, this is simply inevitable.

That is why Jesus, for example, and many other enlightened masters forever insisted on Love as the very nature of existence. Because without Love you can not create. You can not create out of hate. You can only DESTROY. Yes, you can invent all sorts of schemes, but all of them will be based on the ideology of DESTRUCTION and killing.

What are you going to do about it?