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Jewish Ritual Murder

von Hellmut Schramm, Ph. D.


a Historical Investigation

a translation by R. Belser of

Der jüdische Ritualmord
Eine historische Untersuchung

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[1] Nr. 245 of the Neue Preußische Zeitung (Berlin, 30 May 1891).

[2] Compare this with the ritual-murder case in Polna, see p. 267 and p. 270.

[3] Kreuzzeitung, Nr. 224.

[4] It is interesting that the author of the report from Athens (Kreuzzeitung Nr. 230, 1891) had reached the conviction that a whole Jewish "System" was being employed.

[5] For example, at the time this report was written, on the Greek island of Zante, a folk song was still sung which had a ritual-murder from the end of the 18th century as its subject!

[6] Report from Athens of 30 April 1891 (Kreuzzeitung, Nr. 197).

[7] Österr. Wochenschrift [Austrian Weekly] (1893, Nr.44, p. 864).

[8] Kreuzzeitung, Nr. 219, 1891.

[9] Kreuzzeitung, Nr. 222, 15 May 1891.

[10] Kreuzzeitung, Nr. 245.

[11] We know this one already from Hungary!

[12] Nr. 220.

[13] The designation Israelites is, for the Jews, always more tolerable an expression than the latter [i.e., Jews]. They become extremely sensitive when the Jewish race is spoken of! They prefer it most of all when they are described as "citizens of the Mosaic religion." -- This characterization they managed to put through even in the Germany of Wilhelm! [Schramm's basic observation remains true: the Jewish antennae start to twitch when non-Jews show signs of seeing them as a group genetically distinct from themselves.]

[14] Kreuzzeitung, Nr. 226.

[15] Nr. 245.

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