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Some claim the Protocols are forgery.

It isn't a claim, it is a proven fact.

It was never proven to me.

It is impossible to prove, and these mouth foaming
servants of the most profound evil know that for fact.

It's inconsiderate of the library's monitor and other patrons to send so much
spittle flying, hun :-)

But even if they are, what does it change?

You're not the sharpest tool in the cabinet, are you?

You know what Henry Ford said about that, right?

Mind you, he hired the best researchers to do investigation
on it, spending millions, which is billions in todays terms.
And only after the attempt on his life, he made the statement,
but even that statement does not say anything about
authenticity of the material.

Drug addicts make statements about bugs crawling under their skin and if given
a cutting instrument..... well, I'm sure you have some scars of your own :-)

Yep, that is exactly how disinformation peddlers work.
Ever heard of "slide response", the technique of disabling
mind, developed by the CIA?

Because that is exactly what you are doing by creating
the associations to some mad men, drug addicts, etc.

You must be one of them, and you are.
What is your interest in all this?
Tell me.

[ZioNazi, Zionism, NWO, Illuminati, Freemasons, Lucifer, satan, 666]

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