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Some claim the Protocols are forgery.

It isn't a claim, it is a proven fact.

It was never proven to me.

It is impossible to prove, and these mouth foaming
servants of the most profound evil know that for fact.

But even if they are, what does it change?

You're not the sharpest tool in the cabinet, are you?

You know what Henry Ford said about that, right?

Mind you, he hired the best researchers to do investigation
on it, spending millions, which is billions in todays terms.
And only after the attempt on his life, he made the statement,
but even that statement does not say anything about
authenticity of the material.

Perhaps you are thinking about something different. I was talking about his
saying not to question whether they are authentic, but rather whether they
reflect current reality.

True. If I recall the exact quote, it would be
"I don't know if they are authentic or not,
but what I know is things seem to be happening
exactly as outlined in the Protocols".

And if such people as Henry Ford, after all that research,
can not prove or disprove the authenticity of it, then
what can some jack in the wall do?

The whole scam of trying to disprove the authenticity of it,
is nothing but a scam to delude everyone in this hopeless
attempt to somehow diminish the significance of the material.

One more time: Things are STILL happening EXACTLY as outlined in
protocols, to the last dot and comma. All this NWO thing, all these
astronomic expenditures on offense weapons, the annihilation of the
constitution of the USA, the interview with Nicolas Rockefeller,
where he bluntly states that the whole trip with "war on terrorism"
is a giant scam to justify the "chip society" and bio-robotization of
humans, is nothing but living evidence of the validity of the

Just look at the media, which is totally controlled by these mouth
foaming servants of evil. What do you see? Well, the Illuminati
agenda of presenting the ideas of the inevitability of "super" human,
and utterly evil force, that will keep the mankind in the state of
slavery, which is nothing, but introduction of ideas that are to be
implemented in the near future, the ideas that the mankind is nothing
but a "heard of sheep", to be lead to "enlightenment" by the "elite".

What else do you see? Well, utter dumbification of human mind by
unending scenes of the most horrendous violence, in the most graphic
terms. The idea that evil is all pervading and there is nothing you
can do about it. This is done to affect the subconscious and make it
accept this ideology as "reality".

Then you see these "entertainment" shows, flashing super colorful
scenes with the rate of 3 per second, in order to disable your brains
and literally hypnotize you, so you could not have even a remote
chance to evaluate the information. Because if you change scenes at
this rate, the mind can not possibly process it and has to give up,
but color saturation and all the shocking sound tracks simply zombify

What for?

Well, read the protocols, the master plan for zombification of the
mankind and implementation of ideas of the most profound evil, where
mankind is reduced to two classes, the "elite" and the "slaves". As
long, as "slaves" do what they are told, they are given a chance to
exist, and if they don't, they are simply converted into a bio-matter
to be used as energy.

Find the interview with Nickolas Rockefeller, which is nothing short
of mind shattering.

Who owns the entire banking system?
Who owns the energy business?
Who owns the "entertainment" business?
Who owns the most prominent legal businesses?
Who owns the gold and diamond industries?

Can you put 2 and 2 together?

Good luck, and you will need a lot of it in the next 10
years. Because beyond that, you will be wearing a chip
implant, that can monitor you to the point where it is
all recorded when did you take a piss the last time,
and, if you are not "one of us", your chip will receive
a signal to simply kill you, just as Rockefeller said.

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