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Message from the Warrior to Ivan, the hundred million
and a Jew

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Get out of my Holy Lands

Get out of my Holy Lands!!!

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Part One

Часть вторая

Disclaimer: All the information here is provided as is. No guarantees of trueness, validity or anything whatsoever is given. It is just an information. Nothing more than that. It is up to you to verify the validity of any facts or quotes provided here. Blame no one but yourself for not doing your job.


"Only Jews are people,
All others are animals".

-- Baba Metsia 114a - 114b

"I will buy it all" - said Gold;
"I will take it all" - said Bulat [sword].

-- A. S. Pushkin

I am a warrior who was, is and will remain

I am a warrior who was, is and will remain... Revealed Himself to you, Ivan, the hundred million, and to you, a Jew, in the necessary time for you... Ivan, the hundred million are the Slavs: brothers and sisters living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and some other countries. The Jew is the Jewish people.

The time for the most devastating events for both of you is near. The result will be the final destruction of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus - and another world "Babi Yar" (massacre of Jews during the WWII) for Jews.

I, a warrior, I will speak the language of Russia, and no tricky speech will complicate the path to your hearts. I am not a politician, not a minister with his speeches with language of perversion, lies and deliberate distortion of truths. I am not the media - television, print, radio, that give you not what is, but that, which is desired by the invisible, behind the scenes rulers of Russia.

Can you trust what I say? Everything I say in the Message you can check for yourself. In the end you will find a minumal list of the little-known contemporary literature. It will not only convince you of the correctness of my words, but will give great faith and confidence in your genuine knowledge about what is happening in the world and provide you with strength for further action.

The weak reasons, the strong acts.

My Message will free your heart and mind from the poisonous seed of lies that exists in the world. Reading news stories, listening to the radio, watching the television about what is happening in Russia and in the world, you'll know the true causes and the underlying secret currents that cause certain events in the country and abroad. You will know what is hidden from you and what you need to do to change your lives.

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free".

Ivan, the hundred million, abandon a nap! You forgot that you are a warrior of the Holy Land of Russia, and forces within you have always been mighty. Clear your head from long intoxication of your being, forever provided to you by those, who are afraid of your mighty powers, and your spirit of a mighty warrior. Put your ear to the ground and hear how our squad is gathering back and waiting for you. From your childhood, you always dreamed of being a hero. The time has come. In Russia, blew a fresh breeze. I, Warrior, raise a snowy white Victory Standard.

Your case, Jew, is worse than of Ivan... They teach you a lot, and hypnotize you with all sorts of things, to make sure you do not understand what was actually done to you during the last milleniums. Those, who are above you, use you all this time for their own purposes. All gold and power goes to them, and all, you are left with, is broken skulls of your children, parents and yourself.

Number of extermination of Jews is growing every century, especially sharply in recent centuries. In the last century alone, it was 6 million Jews. You, as a nation, will be utterly destroyed in this century, if you do not understand what was happening all along, and you will not act.

Wise courageous Jews of our time, the great scientists, writers, politicians, ministers of Judaism in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, America are beating the bell. You, Jew, do you hear this sound? No, you have never heard anything like it! Those, who use you, do now allow you to hear. In their hands is all the information and mass media, and with that information they feed you from your childhood, and make a smart biorobot out of you.

In my Message, I am carrying the Truth for you. Let it be the beginning of your heroic act, in the name of all Jews and all the lands where you reside.

"If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?"

Court of the Russian Land began its march.

Blessed are thee, who has heard my Message.

Soviet Union - Gorbachev - restructuring - Yeltsin

1. During the times of Soviet Union, you, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, a Jew, were saying that we live badly. In other countries they live better. At the time of "perestroika", and later, there was nothing left, but to hope that it would get better. But you did not try to go too deep intow hat was happening in reality.

Counselors of the drunken Yeltsin were Jews, the government - the Jews. All of Russia's wealth were considered to belong to no one, and began to pass into the hands of the Jews. To take away all your personal savings, the government turned on the printing press, full power. Paper money were flowing like an endless stream, and only through this, you have lost 300 billion dollars, ie wealth of this amount from you went into the pockets of specific individuals.

You were all asleep, and believed that everything would be fine eventually, and often said that if the Jews come to power, everything will change and we will live better, because Jews know how to keep a house and love the wealth.

Berezovsky: "The power is in Jewish hands!"

Let me remind you excerpts from the conversation between the Jewish journalist and a writer, Eduard Topol, with the Jewish oligarch Boris Berezovsky, "Arguments and Facts" on September 12 of 1998:

"There is Russia's government - Yeltsin, Kiriyenko ... but the main puppeteer has a long Jewish name - Berezovsky-Gusinsky-Khodorkovsky-Smolensk, and so on.

"That is the first time in a thousand years since the appearance of the Jews in Russia,
we have the real power in this country ...
Berezovsky: we certainly see that financial power is in Jewish hands ...
It so happens that all our financial power, and Government consists of half-Jews Kiriyenko and Chubais.

"... In Germany, when German money ended up in the hands of Jewish bankers, who thought only about the multiplication of their wealth and power, there appeared Hitler."

I tell you, a Jew, pay particular attention to the last paragraph, which refers to Hitler. It will be most useful.

NWO Mechanics - Interview with Rabbi Abe Finkelstein about Jewish control of the world

[Note: this chapter is not a part of the original document. It was added for informational purposes.]

This could be the most mind shattering thing you have ever heard of. If this won't blow your mind, nothing will, or you don't have anything to blow, just as ZioNazis openly state it about "goyim" - non-"Jews".

An audio recording of an interview with Chabad Lubavich Rabbi Finkelstein outlining the doctrine of ZioNazis and their "father", Lucifer.

According to Finkelstein, you are nothing but a cattle to be slaughtered and sacrificed to their "god", Lucifer, and milked by "god chosen people" for all you have as long as you last.

This is an outline of what they call the "NWO" nowadays - a ZioNazi Luciferian doctrine of world domination and world takeover. The authority with which rabbi Finkelstein speaks is quite something indeed. He speaks as though he knows it all in and out, down to the last dot and comma.

Basically, it outlines their entire doctrine of evil most profound, world domination, parasitism unlimited, wars and revolutions, puppet governments and how they are controlled, ritual sacrifice of hundreds of thousand of children each year and the rest of it. This is pretty much their entire doctrine. Nothing much to be added to it. And it is pronounced clearly by someone of ultimate authority, pretty much clear on its face value.

Finkelstein is quite casual in this interview and tells it all bluntly, in a semi-humorous manner how "goyim" (non-Jews) are being exploited and destroy each other during all the wars and revolutions staged and managed by "god chosen people".

"Rabbi Finkelstein amazingly gives honest answers about world Jewry's control of banking, media and governments, their creation of communism, their founding of the Jesuits, their holocaust hoax, their human sacrifice rituals and many more jaw-dropping subjects. I find the only things more shocking than Rabbi Finkelstein's blunt admissions are his complete callous disregard and playful disdain for us lowly "goyim." What do you guys think of this?" - Interview text transcript

Or: Rabbi Abe Finkelstein interview (Audio recording)

No need to turn the globe

2. Fifteen years ago you, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, a Jew, dreamed of a new life of luxury, which will be created for you by the Jewish oligarchy and the government. But even then there were the first people who not only knew what was happening in the country, but were the first to openly oppose the robbery. With their deep love of Russia, they could not keep silent, they, with true Russian heart, stood up alone and the were the first to step onto the path of heroes and went into heroic fights. Then you could not understand them.

Show me a country
Where everyone is deceived.
Where front is back and back is front,

Show me a country
Where blissful are the cads,
And the rulers are robbing the people, flouting the law,

Show me a country
Where they infect children,

Where are the heroes and war veterans live worse than slaves.

Do not rotate the globe,
you will not find such countries on planet Earth,
Besides the fatal one, where you all do not live,
Do not live, because you can not call it life.

Igor Talkov - bright, talented poet and singer - came out against the ruling elite. The songs of Talkov - highly patriotic, national - had a tremendous impact, especially on young people. He was killed by a Jew Shlyafmanom in 1991. A man can be great and can be nobody. I. Talkov chose greatness towards victory. It will be the first hero of our new Great Country of the Rossian people.

After Gorbachev came to power, he personally gave a permission to open the Jewish Masonic lodges in the USSR. The first lodge was organized in Moscow, later in Vilnius, Riga and St. Petersburg .... The positions of Zionist circles and the Jewish intellectuals, who began to openly vilify and throw mud at the whole of Russian history, were strenghtened. The whole slew of new Zionist organizations, which aim to destroy Russia, have sprung to life.

As of today, Gentile Gorbachev received two awards of King David with the wording
"for services to the Jewish people."
There exists not a single Jew, who would have received two such awards.

At that time, as ZioNazis praised Gorbachev, March 2, 1990, in the newspaper "Literary Russia" on 7 page was published "Letter to the Writers of Russia, signed by 74 Soviet writers.

The main theme - the dissemination of hatred for the Russian people by the ZioNazis in Russia. The Letter reveals how, under the slogan of "democracy", ZioNaxi racism has moved to the forefront. It is about harassment and persecution of the Russian population of the country. Mud slinging at all the historical past of Russia, its grandeur, people and events is rampant.

The letter demanded the transfer of the entire Russian press from the hands of the ZioNazis in Russian hands.


Under Gorbachev Holy Russia, which was created by our ancestors during thousands of years, has been deliberately ruined. On behalf of the Attorney-General of the USSR State Counselor of Justice V. Ilyukhin filed a criminal case against President Gorbachev, M. S. under article 64 UK RSFSR for treason.

Educated National Public Tribunal in February 1993, after the case declared Gorbachev a traitor to the interests of the peoples of the USSR and found him guilty of committing acts of treason:

... "The verdict for Gorbachev, for treason, treachery of three-hundred million of people of the USSR, the death of hundreds of thousands of people, the blood of hundreds of thousands wounded, the impoverishment of millions of workers and the torment of millions of refugees, Gorbachev is condemned to eternal damnation and disgrace."

You, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, a Jew, at that time were still waiting for manna from heaven.

Removal of Yeltsin from the post of President by Constitutional Court of Russia

3. In the political arena appeared Yeltsin - the founder of a criminal regime and unprecedented in the history of the State of Russia plundering the people's wealth and natural resources. To make it clear, I will give an example. You are selling the house for 25 thousand dollars. Customers came, gave you $100 for it, and said: Relax, all is well, now you'll live better. In such a proportion was taken away all your wealth in Russia.

The most prestigious Likhachev automotive manufacturing Plant in Moscow (ZIL), worth $1 billion, was bought for $4 million... This is the same as selling a house for $100. What happened in fact, was a robbery of property of the Russian people, the overwhelming part of which ended up in the hands of the Jewish clans of financial oligarchs.. The patriotic forces of Russia's intelligentsia opposed it.

October 1993. The Constitutional Court, headed by V. Zorkin, impeached Yeltsin from office for anti-state activities. Rutskoi was ordered to serve as president until the new elections. In those days, former President Yeltsin was immediately supported by the Jewish financial clans, who made fortunes from the robbery of the Russian people, the criminal structures and Jewish intellectuals, calling on Yeltsin to massacre of the Russian people.

Yeltsin ordered the mass armed suppression of those against him. He literally said: "chop them all like cabbage." In the massacre, military personnel carriers, manned by the crews of the ZioNazi military - a terrorist organization "Beitar", were used. Jewish Politicians Gaidar, Yavlinsky, Nemtsov, raged on in a vicious hatred campaigns on television, demanding the destruction of the defenders of the White House.

Yeltsin's brutal animalistic actions against civilians and the White House was were the reason for the common people hate him. At Moscow houses appeared slogans: "Yeltsin - a Jewish president," Zionists out of the Kremlin ", "Drunk executioner - Resign!"

In these days, the leaflet was widely distributed among people. It was titled "SIMPLE-HEADED PRAYER OF THE SON OF THE MOTHERLAND FOR THE CURSE"

Curse Yeltsin, Chernomyrdin, Yakovleva, Gaidar, Chubais, and their cronies for perjury, for the crucifixion of The Motherland, and the desecration of its honor and glory ... for serving not God, not family, not the people, but only Mammon from overseas, for poverty, injustice, slavery, sons and daughters of Russia; .... Curse of the "new Nazis", who quietly plunged the Country into ruins, civil war, the alien imprisonment!

Almighty, if you exist, hear my sinful my mouth - the voice of small forces, hungry not for cruelty, not indulgence, but only justice.

Hear ye!

What did you think of, Ivan, and you, a Jew, at that time?. And did you think at all? My demand from you is severe.. What did you do when they were robbing The Motherland? If you say that you are weak, then you damn yourself to destruction.

Forget about the weakness, renew our thinking and consciousness. Say "I am strength, I will overcome everything" and you will attract the mighty powers. Remember that the powers undestructible and countless are given to you from birth, so you could stand up today harshly and relentlessly go with Russian soldiers to Victory. I, the warrior, am waiting for you.

"As you sow so you shall reap"

4. The former "national economy" and banks, as well as natural resources - oil, gas, diamonds, aluminum, ... were captured by Jews Abramovich, Moshkovich, Mogilevich, Goldovsky, Gaydamak, the Black brothers, Leviev, Fisherman, Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Rabinovich, Kobzon, Bernstein, Khodorkovsky, Feldman, Smolensky, Pinchuk. Economics and politics are controlled by Jews and half-Jews - Chubais, Gref, Klebanov, Braverman, Volsky, Borovoy, Kiriyenko, Nemtsov, Yavlinsky, Gaidar, Morshits ... Ukrainian Parliament is not the Parliament of the Ukrainians, but the Council of Jews - Israeli Knesset.

Numerous parties are financed by the oligarchs, carry out their policies, and fight for seats in the place and the president. The deputies, as in Russia and so in Ukraine, are creating the laws, allowing to rob the people legally. Penal Code is developed and adopted by the deputies as ordered by the oligarchy and protects their interests. A hungry boy, who stole a piece of halva in the market, gets up to 3 years' probation, but the oligarch who stole billions of dollars receives up to 5 years probation, if it was not recognized as gang theft.

Everything is organized and done under the slogan "for the benefit of the people" and " democracy". Television, radio and print are all in the hands of the Jews, and so are the movie studios and movie theaters are theirs. The bar association - all Jews.

Instead of the expected sharp rise in their fortunes by Ivan, the hundred million and a Jew, all Russia fell into the mud. Russia - the world's wealth of incalculable magnitude. At present, there is no other state with such immense natural resources in the world, rich lands, forests and water. In Arab Emirates, when the baby is born, 100 thousand dollars is allocated for it. And in our lands? In the Emirates, if a woman lives alone and has 11 children, which is a not much for them, they are all completely by the government: food, clothing, education. At their choice, they can study at any prestigious universities in Europe and America. All paid by the State.

Russia, in general is much richer than Emirates. With one difference - Russia is ruled by the Jewish Hagan, who hates the indigenous peoples:

"... for the first time in a thousand years since the advent of the Jews in Russia,
we have the real power in this country"
-- Boris Berezovsky, E. Topol.

The Emirates are ruled by one person, Sheikh, ie leader, for whom the whole nation is one big family.

Jewish oligarchy is robbing you, Ivan, the hundred million, but it robs you, Jew, just the same. Look carefully and realize the difference, a clear line between yourself and the Jews at the top. Assume that you are not even an ordinary Jew, but the owner of a large store or a dental center. The more people are being robbed, the poorer they get, and thus the less customers for your business. And those, that come, purchase less and for a cheaper price. Count, a Jew, how much are those large Jewish oligarchs rob you just the same. That oligarchy simply got completely crazy from the immence Russia's wealth in their pockets. They do not even see that their pants are cracking at the seams, and that the fiery copper rooster is already being lowered and will soon bite Ivan, the hundred million.

Once again history is about to repeat itself, the same history, which over the last thousand years, was repeated many times, first in small principalities, then in the states: Spain, France, Germany, England, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania. The result was always the same, only getting worse each time. And this time again, the Jewish upper will disappear in advance, and what will be left of thee, Jew, as usual, is broken skulls.

If you, Ivan, the hundred million, and thou, a Jew, have shown just a little interest in the Truth, you would not allow what is happening in Russia today. You, Ivan, have been cheated in a big way, and to you, a Jew, yours, of your own, lie even more. They constantly explain that all people hate Jews because they are smart. And have you ever thought about this yourself? You see, it's all simple. Mind - is a computer, it may be large, and may be small. If a man or a nation applies its mind to the good of all people, then that person is loved and respected, but if he uses his intelligence for evil, for destruction, brings forth misery, then that person is hated, judged, or destroyed.

You, Jew, believe in the proverb, "As you sow so you shall reap" In whatever country the Jew has ever lived, he always reaps violence, beatings, pogroms, the Holocaust. And now think, what did you sow? And who you forever are being set up by? I, the warrior, with my message, rip away the mask from the face of your enemy.

You, Jew, have the courage to look into the eyes of your enemy, and liberate yourself, your children, grandchildren, parents from the four thousand year old satanic captivity and from the coming of Babi Yar (Massacre of Jews during WWII) on a world scale.

World Jew authorities about Jews

5. I will give you quotations on the Jewish question of world authorities of the past and the present time - the kings, presidents, philosophers, scientists, writers. Their thoughts are always concealed from you. You will not find it in the media, print, radio and television. Jew, be of good courage, when you read it. First, listen to the Jewish authorities, who realized that the game has gone too far.

Jewish wise man, F. Lassalle:

"I do not like the Jews, I even hate them as such.
I see in them only the very degenerate sons of the great,
but long-vanished past."

Dr. Munzer, the book "Road to Zion":

"We, the Jews, not only have degenerated and are located at the end of the path, we spoiled the blood of all the peoples of Europe ... Jews are descended from a mixture of waste of all races."

Theodor Herzl, the father and the leader of modern Zionism:

"The Jewish question exists wherever Jews are located in large numbers. Each nation, among whom Jews live, either covertly or overtly, is anti-Semitic ... Anti-Semitism increases day by day and hour by hour among the various nations."

Anti-Semitism - a hatred of Jews.

Scientist R. Vistrish, the book "Anti-Semitism:

" The roots of the Zionist gangstership go to the Jewish Torah, this unparalleled anthology of bloodthirst, hypocrisy, betrayal and moral decay. Thousands and thousands of ordinary Jews always die...

get abused and humiliated at the time, as profits from the monstrous ventures go to a handful of Jewish schemers ...

In France, the Jews seized power in a 1789 revolution... To Europe and America, Jews brought with them drugs, fear and lust."

Solomon Lurie:

"Wherever Jews appear, anti-Semitism flares up ... Anti-Semitism did not arise pursuant to any temporary or accidental causes, but because of certain traits, forever inherent to Jewish people as such."

Haim Cohan, a former judge of the Supreme Court of Israel:

"... The bitter irony is that the same biological and racist laws that are preached by the Nazis and led to the Nuremberg trials, formed the basis of the doctrine of Judaism in the State of Israel."

The Jew, the Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky:

"If the Jews are the people, it is very despicable people."

G. Adams:

"Damn Judaism with his obsessive greed ... wherever it enters, it leaves the dirty footsteps ..."

The slogan of Karl Marx (Mordechai Levy, a descendant of rabbis):

"The world is to be freed of Jews".

Israeli professor, a Holocaust surviver, Dr. Israel Shaak, has written many books on Judaism. In his books he illustrates the disgusting Jewish laws directed against other nations. These laws are not only softening, but in reality are becoming more and more openly hateful towards non-Jews with every day. He tells the world about the Jewish man-hatred not only from a sense of justice, but in order to save his own people from the consequences.

Many Jews, risking their lives, write and warn about the Zionist, Jewish threat to many Jews: Israeli journalist Israel Shamir, who comes from Russia, the American Jews, Noam Chomsky, Benjamin Friedman, Alfred Lilienthal, who understand that the Jewish fascism will lead to a catastrophe of the Jews and destroy themselves.

Bernard Lazare, France 19 century:

"This race has always been the object of hatred by all the nations among whom they settled ... Common causes of anti-Semitism has always lurked in Israelis themselves, and not those who opposed them."

I will frame the statements I have cited into thoughts and actions of two others. One of them struggled with Judaism two thousand years ago,
the other continues his work today.

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ spoke out against the Judean teachings, the Torah and the Talmud, which, even at that time, had already brought a lot of misery to the Jews. Jesus also saw the troubles, that were to happen to the Jewish people in the future. Instead of a bloody, vicious Torah, he proposed a new theory: "Yes, love one another" so that the Jew loves the Jew and so all other peoples. On Judeo teachings and Jewish God Yahweh, he said:

"Your father is the devil,
and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father.

He was a murderer from the beginning,
not holding to the Truth,
because there is no Truth in him.

When he lies, he speaks from his own,
for he is a liar and the father of lies "

-- John 8: 42 - 44.

Who are you, Ivan, the hundred million, vote for during the election of deputies, the mayor, the president? You vote not for someone, who can change the life of your country, and for the better, but for someone, who makes more noise, more fireworks and flags in the elections. Just like you, a Jew, who, two thousand years ago, were shouting your head off "Kill Jesus!". And why? Do not you remember? I, a warrior, I remember. You were not even interested in your own future. You did exactly as zombified by the rabbis, the Talmudists. Thank only them for all the pogroms and holocausts, that have occurred since that day and to this day.


Today, and for the last 12 years, the case of Jesus continues a wise Jew, Eduard Hodos, chairman of the liberal Jewish community of Kharkov, leading a harsh struggle with the Jewish fascism. There were two assassination attempts on him and his family. From the early poems of Hodos, when he was 17 years old:

I am Hodos, you are the Christ ...
We are both of the same essense.
And together - two Jews.

E. Hodos wrote fifteen psycho - emotionally intense books:

"All my previous books argue that today there is nothing more terrifying than the Jewish fascism...

for me, who gave more than ten years of life, a relentless struggle with the Judeo Nazis and their army of Judaizers.

Ivan, the hundred million and a Jew, tear away from TVs, beer, phone, stupid visits of others, and read only four books by Hodos:

"The Jewish syndrome - 3 ",
" Jewish attack ",
" Jewish 'Nord - Ost'",
"Jewish fascism".

You will see something you have never seen before. The essence of human life is in the development, evololving, understanding of Truth and understanding what is happening. Then you will be able to defend yourself and your people from suffering and misery, and will be able to destroy the evil and create for yourself and your children and all the others The Bright Life of Joy and Happiness.

World authorities about Jews

6. You had a chance to understand what Jews have written on the Jewish question. And now, know thee the views of the world's authorities - non Jews. And here, their statements are even more graphic.

Kiev, 1113.

Grand Count of Kiev summoned a council of counts, and made it a law:

"Now, of all the Russian lands, to expel all the Zhids,
and with all their possessions and from now on,
not to allow them into our lands,
and if they enter secretly,
to freely rob and kill them...

From now on, there are not to be Zhids in Russia.

That law has not been repealed yet.

Ivan the Terrible, in 1550:

"It is forbidden to the Zhids to travel to Russia for trade, as from them many evils are done, that boiled potion (alcohol) is brought in by them, and Christians are turned away from the faith by them."

Peter The First, 1702:

"I want to ... see on my lands the best people of Mohammedan or pagan faith, rather than Zhids. They are cheats and liars. I root out the evil, and not seed it.

Decree of the Empress Catherine on April 26, 1727:

"Zhids, of both, male and female sex ... all to be sent out of Russia abroad immediately and from now on, they are not to be allowed in to Russia under any pretext".

Noone has cancelled that decree to this day.

Russian writer Alexander Kuprin:

"All of us, the people of Russia, have long been run under the whip of Jewish din, Jewish hysteria,...this people ... like a flock of flies, small as they are, are able to kill even a horse in a swamp.

Emperor Nicholas I:

"They - ordinary leeches, that suck out and completely drain the entire regions.

F. Dostoyevsky:

"The Zhids will ruin Russia ... Zhid and his rotten herd - is a conspiracy against the Russians."


"The Zhids - the most skilled thieves of our century.

They are the filth of the human society ...

they are the real flocks of crows ...

like caterpillars or grasshoppers they devour France."

George Washington, the father of the American Revolution, the first president of America:

"The Jews are a plague of society, the greatest enemies of society, the presence of which, unfortunately, is happily supported in America."

Prophet Mohammed, 6 - 7 century:

"It is inconceivable to me, as until now no one drove these beasts out, whose breath is like death. Does not every man destroy the wild beasts, devouring people, even if they have a human face?".

Islam has saved the Arabs from Judaism. They expelled the Jews, and today, there is no making the aloholics, no promotion of violence, corruption, defilement, there is no destruction of morality and culture. And that is why Jews hate Arabs so much.

Mark Cicero, famous Roman orator, 2 century BC:

"The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force."

King Franks Guthrie, 6 AD:

"Cursed be this evil and perfidious Jewish nation, which lives only by deception.

Giordano Bruno, 16 century, Italian scientist:

"The Jews are a leper, leprous and dangerous race, which deserves to be eradicated since its inception.

Pope Clement the Eighth:

"The whole world is suffering from the Jews ... They threw a lot of unfortunate people into the state of poverty, especially the peasants, workers and the poor."

The writer and philosopher Jean-Francois Voltaire, 17th - 18th century:

"Judaism is cave cult, an obstacle to progress.

Old Testament (Torah) is a collection of cannibalism, stupidity and obscurantism ...

Jews are nothing more than a despised and barbarous people..."

Composer and conductor Richard Wagner: "The Jews - dishonest, hostile to society, national culture and the progress beings ...

The only salvation from an evil futility is in the final suppression of Jewry, in its complete destruction and disappearance."

Benjamin Franklin, American scientist and statesman, 18 century:

"If we, by the Constitution do not exclude Jews from the United States, in less than 200 years they ... will swallow the country ... your children will curse you in your graves."

This prophecy was fulfilled. Later in his Epistle, I shalt talk about it. And you, Ivan the Hundred Million, turn your attention to the phrase "by the Constitution", ie
it is not necessary to immeditely start beating, and then burying.

The famous Hungarian composer Liszt, 19 century:

"There will come a time when all Christian nations, where Jews reside, will ask a question to either tolerate them further or deport them ...

This is as important as the question of whether we want life or death, health or illness ..."

As the apotheosis of the idea, I will cite the great religious reformer Martin Luther, who studied the books of the Talmud in the original language. He denounced the Zhids as seducers, pathological villains, parasiting on the white race. His program of the Jewish question:

1. Synagogues are to be destroyed.
2. Talmud, Torah and other scriptures of Judaism are to be burned.
3. Making the Jews earn their bread by honest means.
4. Confiscate from Jews all they have robbed.
5. Judaism is to be outlawed.

I, as a warrior, I ask you, a Jew, have you already separated yourself from a small handful of Judeans who now govern you? If, in your soul, you have already separated, then the Martin Luther's program applies only to these bastards, thieves, robbing Russia and Ukraine, swinging their hairy arms for Belarus. When that, which is to happen, will happen, you, and Ivan, the hundred million, are going to be in a big win, both, materially and spiritually. At the end of centuries, you can live in love and friendship, and even become real, amazingly responsive brothers.

Dostoevsky ardently desired this unity of Jew and Russian:

"...We will merge in spirit,
in full brotherhood of mutual help,
and the great cause of serving our land."

Now you know what was said for millennia by the world authorities on the Jews - the world problem of all peoples. But the truth of what is happening you will find in the ancient Judean legend.

Once upon a time a wise rabbi created a servant out of clay, with the help of secret knowledge has breathed life into it, called him a Golem and ordered to destroy all those who bear the suffering of the Jewish people. Golem immediately began to smash all the Jews in the neighborhood.

Tora and Talmud - zombification of Jews

7. You, Jew, relate to the world, to all peoples, as you were programmed by the Torah and the Talmud. Torah is the Old Testament in the Bible. If the teachings of the Torah, the Talmud were applied to any other peoples, any nation, then after just one generation, they will become the same global problem, as the Jews for others. You are telling me that you do not read these books and do not go to synagogue. But the whole structure of your life, from birth to this day, whether you want it or not, is built upon the Judean rules and requirements.

In the Jewish kindergartens and schools for the education and training, the foundation lays in requirements of Judaism. In the relationship between themselves and with non-Jews, the laws of the Jewish teachings are manifested again. Everything that happened in the life of the Jews a thousand years ago, and what is happening today, is based on one and the same foundation. The significance of it not only not diminished, but in recent decades has skyrocketed. No matter what teachings and sects Jew was involved in, in whatever country he lived, he should first follow the precepts of the Talmud. For all the Jews, scattered throughout the countries, it is their common law.

Instead of talk, I will quote the specific rules of conduct of the Jews by the Talmud and Torah, and compare it with similar requirements in the modern Jewish books. The Judeans refuse to accept that as set out in those remote times in the books of"God's chosen people", today it is completely unsuitable and dangerous, both for Jews and other peoples. Well, let us take a look ourselves at it.

The laws of Talmud today

8. Talmud and its abbreviated version of the Shulchan - Arukh, a hundred laws:

Law 25:

Permission to make good to Christian, is considered a sin, because we recognized a general rule that you can throw a piece of meat to a dog, but under no circumstances to give it a Christian, because dog is better than a Christian.

Law 31:

Jew is permitted to deceive a Christian, and he is not obliged to return to a Christian that, which he cheated him out of.

Law 81:

It is strictly forbidden... to save a Christian from death ... it is allowed to use a Christian to test whether the medicine brings health or death.

"Only the Jews are human beings, non-Jews are animals,"

-- Baba Metsia 114 - 114b.

"If a Jew is tempted to commit evil, then he should go to a city where he is not known to anyone, and commit evil there"

-- Moed Cattan 17a.

"All the children of non-Jews are animals

-- Ievamot 98a.

"Children of non-Jews can not be compared even with the idiots of Jewish origin"

-- Rashba. Haga.

Ibid about Jesus:

"Jesus had sex with his donkey"

-- Sanhedrin 105a - b

Ivan, the hundred million, and a Jew, do you see what is written there? This is notning but delirium of retarded Zhids! And they do not want this "scripture" of the Judean religion to be read by non Jews.

"Gentile, who pokes his nose into the Torah, the sacred Jewish writings, is condemned to death. Because, as written, it is our heritage, not theirs"

-- Sanhedrin 59a.

Hare Krishnas with songs and dances are all over the world "Bhagavad Gita" about his god Krishna. Dalai - Lama spreads Buddhism. Christians with the New Testament are everywhere, and to everyone they read all the sermons from the Bible. The Orthodox faith of our great ancestors, the ancient Russov - Aryans with God Almighty - Rod and his vast pantheon of gods is being openly reborn in Russia.

Only Judeans are afraid to spread their teachings among other nations. The man, who read the Talmud and the Torah, begins to curse all Judean teachings along with the entire Jewish people. Do you, Jew, now begin to understand where your dog is buried?

Talmud and the Torah were written thousands of years ago. Now let's look at something more recent. The book "Tanya" was written by Rabbi Shneur - Zalman, in the 19th century. "Tanya" is now one of the main subjects of teaching Jewish children and adolescents along with the Torah and the Talmud.

Its essence is that only Jews possess the divine spirit.
The animal soul is reserved exclusively for non-Jews.
Whatever a Jew does is good.
All that a non-Jew does is the evil.
Jewish soul came from the mind of God, and non-Jews - from the "defecation".
God created the world solely for Jews.
The disappearance of non-Jews from the face of the Earth are undoubtful future events.

This hate and racial superiority is being driven into the heads of children of the Jews. Since their childhood, they are imbued with the thought that everyone except the Jews are the people of the lowest grade, equal to animals.

And now let us take something more recent: "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" - one of the most horrifying Jewish documents of the last century. This is the program, through which the peoples of the world must be destroyed. This program is being continuously implemented under the control of the Jews ever since. The revolution of 1917, the Soviets, the revolution in Russia in 1991 and the events taking place today are clearly described in this document.

Here are some of the citations from it for comparison with the ancient Torah and the Talmud:

"Aren't we interested ... in the degeneration of non-Jews.

Our power is in chronic malnutrition and weakness of the worker, because he can not find neither the strength nor the energy to counteract ...

Non-Jews is a herd of sheep, and we are their wolves. And do you know what happens to the sheep when the wolves enter the sheepfold...? We do not count the number of victims from the seed of cattle - non-Jews."

Here is a very fresh document, from the time of the Soviet Union - "The Catechism of the" Russian "Jew". This instruction was published in Tel Aviv in Israel on 14 pages. Similar instructions are available for the Jews in Germany, France, England and America. It explains how are the Jews to behave, living among the Russian people, how to set the Slavs against each other, and then seize the power and what to preach ...:

"All that they (Russian) have today is ours, temporarily available to them.
Take from them what we are willed by God - this is our task ...
Turn their minds, straign their nerves ...
Play on compassionate Russian soul.
Pretend to be poor and unfortunate ...
If you have a vacancy - take only a Jew.
If you can not do this, eliminate that job.
If you can not do either one or the other - take an Asian ...
Wherever they want to do something without us, there must be chaos ...!
Russian should work under our direction and bring us the benefits..."

The Jewish people - a crowd. And the crowd sees only that, which is on the tip of their noses. At the tip of the nose there are instructions on how a Jew is to behave in Russia and Ukraine.
Beyond that, the Jew can not see. You Jew, who is able to read, look further than that, and see how much misery has brought and continues to bring a blindfolded following of this single instruction booklet.

All that belongs to others will be ours

9. I will show you how God Yahweh taught the Judeans as to how to seize other people's kingdom and how to behave with other people and will compare the actions of Judeans in the past and today. Again, starting with the Talmud and the Torah:

The massacre by King David of the inhabitants of conquered towns:

"And the people who were in it, he brought up and put them under saws and iron picks and iron axes, and threw them into the burning kilns.

So he did to all the cities ...

And returned after that David, and all the people to Jerusalem"

-- 2 nd book Kings, 12 : 31

That is how the Judeans behaved with other peoples at that time. In 1935 - 45, it was the opposite. The Germans burned the Jews in the kilns, but they did not chop them to pieces with iron axes, and did not saw with saws.

In the Old Testament, the Torah, there are wonderful spots, that can be called the spiritual diamonds, such as the psalms of David, The Proverbs, The Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes. But the bloody acts of David and other Jewish kings are in contradiction with beautiful songs.
Everything was explained simply.

In recent decades, archeologists discovered the existence of the great Sumerian civilization, before the Jews in the area of today's Iraq. The Sumerians have recorded their history, doctrines, customs on clay tablets in cuneiform for us. When the cuneiform script on tablets were deciphered, they found Songs and Proverbs and Psalms.

The Judeans did as taught by God Jehovah, and appropriated that, which belonged to someone else, and called their bloody kings the authors. The decision of Moses, when he was told that the cities were captured, and the men were killed, but women and children were left alive: "And Moses was furious at the captains ... that returned from the war, and Moses said unto them:

"For what you have left all the women alive"?

"So kill all the male children, and all women, who had a husband."

-- Numbers 31: 14, 15, 17, 18.

Moses conquers other nations:

"...and we smote him and his sons and all his people, and took all of his cities at the time, and utterly destroyed every city, men and women and children, and have left no survivors."

-- Deuteronomy 2: 33,34

Now let's see how the Judean god Yahweh rules the Jews and what does he promise them:

"... will bring you the Lord, thy God, into the land which He swore ... to give you, with great and beautiful cities, which you did not build, and houses filled with all good things, which you did not fill, and wells hewn out, which you did not hew, vineyards and olive trees, which you did not plant, and ye shall eat and be saturated."

-- Deuteronomy, 6: 10,11

Just think about that, which their god Jehovah teaches the Jews - all that is owned by other peoples, is yours. Such a god and his followers should be immediately sent to the camps of the Gulag for labor education.

Then Yahweh teaches:

"... will bring you the Lord thy God to the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, ... greater and mightier than you, and will give it to you LORD thy God, and smite them, then utterly destroy and curse them. Do not make union with them and do not spare them. Do not marry them. And do not come with them in the relationship.

For thou art the holy people unto the LORD thy God ... And destroy all the nations which the LORD thy God giveth thee ... no one can stand against thee, until thou have destroyed them."

-- Deuteronomy 7: 1,2,3,6,16,24.

Even Hitler would not come up with such a sick delusion as Yahweh. In comparison, Hitler, is God's dandelion. I, the warrior, am asking you, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, a Jew - who is the God of the Jews, whom they called Yahweh?

Jesus Christ said that the god of the Jews - the Devil, the father of lies and a murderer of men. Devil is an evil, destruction, darkness, death and self-destruction. Tell me who is your God, and I will tell you who you are.

"Who you mix with, is what you get filled up with."

You, a Jew, will tell me that it was then, but today we are different. Let us see then.

1917, The Revolution.

Heavens opened up with a bang.
And shrieking rushed out of it,
chopping off the heads of churches,
and prasing the Red Tsar,
the newly baked Judas.

-- I. Talkov

Via the Torah and the Talmud, Judens are instructed that any nation, that warmed the Jews, should be seen as an oppressor, and should be destroyed. During the 1917 revolution, 90 percent of the leaders of the Soviet regime consisted of pure Jews, who changed their Jewish names to Russian. The rest either had a Jewsish blood in them, or married to Jewish women:

Trotsky - Bronstein,
March - Tsederbaum,
Kamenev - Rosenfeld,
Sverdlov - Gaukhman,
Volodarsky - Kogan,
Martynov - Zimbar,
Litvinov - Finkelstein, etc.

Of the 300 people in the top ranks of the Bolshevik government, only 13 were Russian.

W. Churchill called "Russian Revolution" a seizure of Russia by the Jews, who

"Seized the Russian people by the hair and become the masters of that enormous empire."

West called Russia the "Soviet Judea."

Under the leadership of the two maniacs, Lenin and Trotsky, the infuriated Russian Zhids created a meat grinder to Russians. From 1917 to 1934, until the power finally came to Stalin, 40 million Russians were killed. Russia was bleeding to death, and was choked with Russian blood. The very foundation, the cream of the crop of Russian society was anihilated. In only 3 years after the revolution, Lenin's Central Committee has shot more people, than all of the Romanov dynasty for 300 years.

Listen to the sermons of the Jewish communist leader, Leia Davidovich Trotsky (Bronstein) during the revolution:

"We have to transform Russia into a desert populated with white niggers, to whom we shall give such a tyranny, that even the worst despots of the East have never even dreamed of ...

"This tyranny will not be from the right, but from the left, not white, but red.

"In the literal sense of the word red, as we shall shed such rivers of blood, before which shall shudder and pale all the human losses of the capitalist wars ...

"By means of terror and blood baths, we will bring the Russian intelligentsia to complete stupor, to idiocy, until the animalistic condition ...

"our boys in leather jackets ... know how to hate everything Russian!

"What a great pleasure for them to physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia - military officers, academics, writers"

Compare the words of Trotsky's bloody texts with those of the Torah. You will see that the revolutionary Trotsky was a worthy disciple of Moses, David and the Jewish God, the Devil - Yahweh. Let the leading psychiatrists read the Old Testament and the various statements of Trotsky's, and the diagnosis will be the same - sick psychopaths and sadists.

Stalin was the first, who was able to forcefuly oppose the the Jewish Bolshevik revolution and the mass destruction of the Russian people. With help of the new second wave of Jews in the NKVD and Gulag, he destroyed 800 thousand Jews - mad dogs of the revolution.

The fact that the Jews destroyed 40 million Russian people, and destroyed the foundations of Russian State, and are the authors of the greatest evil in the history of mankind, very few people know about, as among the Russians, and so among the Jews. The owners of the Jews seek to hide their evil deeds via any means possible.

But as soon as they hear the name of Stalin, they begin to foarm at the mouth via all the media and urinate into their pants in utter horror. Stalin was the leader, even though with his own shortcomings. In any state, where there was a leader, or is today, Zhids have no chance. The Leader loves his country, and will not allow to destroy and rob his people.

Compare the horrors of todays reality in Russia and Ukraine, with the implementation of the secret plans, as spelled out in the "Jewish wisdom" only a hundred years ago in the " Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

This is final plan of destruction, demolition and enslavement of Russia:

"Not only for profit, but for the sake of duty, for the sake of victory, we need to stay on course with the programs of violence and hypocrisy ... we must continue the raging terror, that leads to blind obedience.

"We need to forever muddy the people's attitudes and governmental affairs in all the countries, to tire them out with discord, enmity, starvation, hatred, and even martyrdom, famine, inoculation with diseases, unending powerty, so that non-Jews could not see any other way, but to rely on our financial and total domination.

"The need for daily bread will force the non-Jews to remain our silent and humble servants."

Did you compare the plans of the "Jewish Wisdom" with the present situation in Russia and Ukraine? So, you see, the vultures, you have fattened, are doing just fine, thank you. So far.

But their all-mighty armies of Zhids are beginning to shiver now, and their jawbones, grinding Russia, have frozen, and their mouths, sucking the blood from Russia, are icy cold.

Let's listen to what ZioNazis teach the Jews today in the "Catechism of the ' Russian Jew'":

"When two Russians fight, a Jew wins.

"Create the animocity between Russians, seed and cherish the envy to each other.
Do it always under the guise of kindness, quietly and subtly.
Let them fight among themselves, because you are forever their arbiter also.

"Leave all the slogans of Christian charity, humility, self-humiliation, and self-denial, to stupid Russians.
Because that is what they deserve."

Judaism - is the only religion in the world, which does not recognize the Charter of Love. Judeans are walking corpses. They seek knowledge and use their mind to sow death and destruction.

Wake up, The Russian Strongman, Ivan, the hundred million, brothers and sisters of mine. Thunder has already struck, it's time to make a sign of the cross over, and the dark force senses its own perishment from your hand.

Look at the Snow-white banner of the Victory in my hands.
Do not stand still.
The day to make your choice has come.
Overcome yourself today,
and in the morning, take a shield and a sword.
The first warriers are already fighting, and waiting for reinforcements.

And thou, Jew, wipe your eyes clean, there is still no clarity in you. You, and Ivan, the hundred million, will soon have to destroy the soul of Judeo-busurman. But you will go towards the victory via different paths.

The Torah and the Talmud, being the textbooks on "anthology of meanness", use all their powers to create and maintain the manifestations of hatred in Jews toward all other peoples, that host Jews on their lands. You, Jew, are going to tell me it was then, but not today.

Yes, there are no such things today. Today, it all got even worse. Judeans and Jewish leaders are doing everything to thee, Jew, to incite the hate between you and the Russian and Ukrainian. This gives an opportunity to the scoundrels to forever manage you, and for a several millennia, to achieve their fascist agenda.

There is a book "Jewish World", 1995., By Rabbi Yosef Telushkin, an authority in the international circles of Jewish scholars of history and religion of the Jewish people. The book is considered to be a "small Jewish Encyclopedia."

In this "research work", everything possible and impossible is being done to make you, a Jew, to hate Slavs, and for your children, who are friends with their children, to hate and despise the Ukrainians and Russians in their hearts.

Another such book is "The phenomenon of Jewish Civilization", 2004 by V. Polikarpov and I. Lysak. A phrase from the book:

"... the Jews act in accordance with God directives
... it allows Jews to consider themselves as some kind of 'special forces' of God."

You might say, well, you, guys, think of yourselves too much. But remember what Jesus said, and everything will fall in place. He said that the god of the Jews - is the Devil. So, what it all translates to is this:

"... the Jews act in accordance with commandmends of the Devil ...
And so they consider themselves to be the 'special forces of Satan.'"

And now it all ligns up. So, the meaning of some Russian proverb become clear,

"the Devil and the Zhids are the children of Satan",

"What is nauseating to us, is God's dew for a Zhid,"

"To trust a Zhid is to measure water with strainer,"

"Zhid satisfies his hunger with deception."

In that book they talk about some other Devil's tricks towards non-Jews, only the Judean werewolves are capable of performing. The authors admire the deeds of their god Yahweh:

"Yahweh protects his people and opens all the doors for them."

"With his blessings, the Judeans crush the flourishing cities of Palestine, ruthlessly destroying its population and grab the promised land, promised by Yahweh.

I, The Warrior, ask the Judeans: How could you today, in 2005, possibly extract great pleasures from the blood, murder and violence? Thousands of years ago you were extracting great pleasures from burning people alive and sawed them with saws. From 1917 to 1934 you destroyed two times as many people, as perished during the World War II, and today, there is even more treachery and meanness in your hands.

You, Jew, were forever used by the Zhid's degenerates to achieve their dirty goals. There is a saying: "what you emit, is what you get." The black magicians, inflicting illness or death in others, know all too well, that it will return back to them. And so, to protect themselves, they redirect the back strike to their pet, a goat or a pig. Do you understand me, a Warrior, now? It is you, Jew, your sick Zhid rulers keep as a scapegoat. If anything, the people with righteous anger, will crush not them, but you.

Kill the dissenters: wife, daughter, son

10. Let us get back to the primary sources, the Torah and the Talmud. This is how a Judean should relate to the dissent of others, including Jews, be it even a prophet or their relatives and friends:

"If there arise among you a prophet or a clairvoyant or a seer,
and giveth to thee a sign or a miracle,
and even if that miracle occurs...
then that prophet or a seer is to die ...

"And if thy brother or thy son, or thy daughter,
or thy wife on your bed, or thy friend,
who is for you as your soul ...
shall try to convince you otherwise,
do not feel sorry for him,
but kill him ....
And thou shalt stone him to death with stones."

-- Deuteronomy 13: 1,5,6,8,9,10.

When a Judean learns that in another city they start to think differently:

"strike the inhabitants of that city
with the edge of thy sword,
curse it, and all that is therein,
and strike the cattle thereof,
with the edge of thy sword,
and burn that city down with fire"

-- Deuteronomy 13: 15,16.

All the Torah (Old Testament) and the Talmud are full of hatred, murder, destruction and blood. His true nature of the Jewish God, the Satan has transferred to the Jewish people.

Kill anyone who disagrees with you, who thinks differently, even if it is your relative, son, daughter or wife.

You, Jew, do not tell me that it was then, such were the times. Listen to more.

Spain, 1480. Inquisition. The first Grand Inquisitor was Tomas Torquemada, a baptized Jew. A Jew, baptized, is a Jew who converted to Christian faith. His successor was General Inquisitor Diego de Deza, a pure-blooded Jew, baptized. The next one was Alonso Manrique, also a full-blooded Jew. All of their entourage consisted also of Jewish converts to Christianity and half Jews.

During that time, they destroyed and burned tens of thousands of Jews, the entire Jewish community was expelled from Spain. While the Jews were leaving, tens of thousands more of them perished. The Jews were expelled for 500 years. So... Who was destroying the Jews? One kind of Jews thought that the other kind of Jews were thinking wrongly, and so they destroyed them. So teaches Tora.

Germany. 1938-1945. The same story.

Head of the SS, Himmler, half Jew,
his right hand, Chief SD Security Officer Hendrych, half Jew,
took part in destruction of millions of Jews,
the chief of military intelligence Canaris, Jew,
the Nazi ideologist, Alfred Rosenberg, Jew,
who borrowed all his Nazi ideology from the Torah and the Talmud,
Rudolf Hess - half Jew,
Goebbels - 1/4 Jew,
Hans Frank, who destroyed all the Jews in Poland, half Jew,
the same thing with Adolf Hitler a 1/4 Jew.

The world-renowned Otto Adolf Eichmann, a pure-blooded Jew,
chief specialist and executioner of the Jewish people under Hitler.
He was tried and hanged in Israel.

They say his last words on the scaffold were:
"Well, hang, hang ....
One less Zhid in the would ...".

Here is the count of Jews and half Jews in the German army during the Second World War:

Jews and half Jews:

2 - Marshals,
2 - full generals,
8 - lieutenant-generals,
5 - Major-Generals,
23 - Colonels,
150 thousand soldiers.

Jews were destroying Jews. Jews under Hitler were acting according to what they were tauthgt by Tora. If a Judean does not like the teachings and thoughts of another person, let it even be Jew, or even your children or wife, then kill them.

Whatever Jews fought for, that is what they got stubbed against. And so it was said:

"However you wish others to behave towards thee, so you behave towards them", for this is the Law and the Profits.

1917-1934 years. "Soviet Judea". Russia is crumbling in agony under dictatorship of the Jewish mad dogs and their terror. Ham wants to proclaim his kingdom in Russia. In the Cheka and OGPU, there are only Jews. Russians would not go there, too much blood. This does not bode too well with Russian soul.

The Judeans were destroying not only people, they were destroying Christianity, Russian culture, destroying the very human souls, honor, and morality as such. Even to this day, there exist not a single book, not a sinlge film, or a piece of creative art, that reflects the true nature of events, during that period.

All that is left, everything that you, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, Jew, know, is nothing more than a historical lie, deliberately hiding from you and the whole world the heinous atrocities by the Zhids, the children of the Devil.

In order to stop the destruction of the Russia as a state, it was necessary to jail and destroy all the Judean beasts.
The best candidates to do this bloody work were Jews, yet again. But different Jews. These other Jews, or as they are now called "the Jews of the second wave," with pleasure, destroyed the animalistic thugs, the Jews of the "first wave", about 800 thousand of those.

During the "Great Purge", in the years of 1934-1937 alone, one kind of Jews in Russia destroyed the other kind of Jews, all the revolutionary thugs and psychos.

You, Jew, may not believe me of all the things that went on during those times. But, first of all, I am a Warrior, and a word of a Warrior is always sufficient, and, secondly, I will show you the Jewish sources, that, with a pure Jewish accuracy and scrupulousness, describe the participation of Jews in the revolution, their Russian names and their real Jewish names, dates of events, positions held, and their deeds:

"Russian Jewish Encyclopedia", 1997,
"Shorter Jewish Encyclopedia" Jerusalem, 1976,
"The Jews in the Cheka, OGPU apparatus. Jews and the Russian Revolution"
by Lili Kerichevsky, 1999 is a good read.

Or you can read two volumes of" 200 Years Together" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It covers all the details and documented facts about the Jewish life in Russia during the last 200 years. Although Solzhenitsyn and not a Jew, but he is certainly not an anti-Semite.

Here is some other events of the Great Patriotic War (WWII):

Kiev. "Babiy Yar". 34 thousand Jews destroyed. Who was involved in those executions? The police chief of Kiev, "the director of the Babi Yar", a lawyer, Vadim Majkowskis, half-Jew. Not only he was killing the Jews, but was also robbing them and taking bribes before execution.

His brother, Boleslav Majkowski captain of the SS, operated in the Baltic region. He destroyed 100 thousand Jews.

I showed you once again that the Judean doctrine brings forth evil, death and destruction, and not only worldwide, but primarily, directly to all the Jewish people. No matter what is your nationality, if you adopted the "treasure of Jewish wisdom," the Torah and the Talmud, you become a Jewish beast, the butcher of the human kind. I, a warrior, am telling you, an ax to the tree of evil has been already prepaired.

Sodom and Gomorrah

11. Now I will talk about the Judean morality. We begin, as usual, with the primary source, Torah and end with the contemporary work:

Chapter Bereshit 12, Lech Lecha:

"... and Abraham went to Egypt to live there ... when he came close to Egypt, he said to Sarah, his wife: "I know that you are a beautiful woman.

Tell them that you are my sister, so it would be good for me ... and that my soul would still be alive ..."

Then the Pharaoh gives Abraham for Sarah "and gave him sheep, cattle, donkeys, servants, slaves, asses and camels."

Abraham made a fortune on Sarah, trading her as his sister to pharaoh. This is just one example of high morality standards of the Judeans. When Pharaoh was infected by Sarah with "huge sores",
he learned that she was the wife of Abraham, and so he drove them both out of Egypt.

The same thing does the forefather of the Jews, the prophet Abraham, in another city:

Bereshit chapter 20:

"... And he stopped in Grare.

And Abraham said of Sarah his wife: 'She is my sister.'"

And the king of this city took Sarah and got infected also. Abraham earned a fortun on Sarah in that case also. "sheep and cattle, male and female slaves."

For you, Ivan, the hundred million, I say: the Judean prophet Abraham and his national business of wife trade, is nothing more than a despicable scoundrel and a liar.

And for you, Jew? Have you heard of two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah? The names of those cities became the representation of sodomy, incest, homosexuality or faggotry. According to Torah, after destruction of those cities by fire, only three righteous Jews were left: Lot and his two daughters. All three settled in the mountains.

Bereshit 19:

"... and he settled in the mountains,
and so his two daughters ...
And lived he in a cave with both of his daughters.

And they made their father drunk with wine that very night,
and came the older one, and laid with her father ...

and they made their father drink wine all night,
and the younger one arose and laid with him ...

And they both conceived from Lot, their father ..."

In Sodom and Gomorrah, among all Jews, those three,
father and his daughters, were the most righteous. Can you even begin to imagine what kind of things all others were doing in those cities?

Torah, the "Holy Scripture" of Judeans, formulates the national characteristics of the Jewish people:
dishonesty, treachery, sodomy, incest, ruthlessness and mercylessness.

Gentiles should forever remember: what is ideal for a Jew, for others is loathsome and filthy, and vice versa. This applies to all areas of life, politics, economics, culture, morality. I will give you an example. On a purely Jewish TV-channel, RTVi, they have the regularly scheduled round-table discussions about the affairs of Russian oligarchs. At the end of one program, one of participants, a little, nasty Zhid, Kiselev, you know him well enough, suggests, that the Russian people can not understand that Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky, Abramovich, and others of their kind are our best people. Yes, what he said was correct and true. Those people, who are for you, Ivan, the hundred million, and for you, a Jew, are the most despicable entities, a Jewish plague, for those mouth foaming ZioNazis, they are the cream of the crop, the peak of perfection.

Let us move from the age of Torah to the modern times. Who knows, maybe the Jews ceased to exploit their Jewish women? Let us look at the well-known contemporary writing instruction for the Jews "Catechism" of the Russian Jew":

"Cohabitation with a Jewish woman is one way of attracting the talented Russians in our sphere of influence and our interests ...

Every promising and talanted Russian is to get a Jewish bitch... and only after that, turn on the green light for them.

Do not be afraid. Their children will still be ours, "no matter whose bull would jump around, the calf will be ours."

Let us open Open another "scientific" book, "The Phenomenon of Jewish civilization", 2004, we have already spoken about. In this book, the first thing that is presented, is the directives:
"the methods of indirect control of other people's states and societies".

Do you comprehend what this little Zhid's expression translates into? It says that for Jewish peoples, residing in Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, these states are foreign states. It manifests disgust to the whole of Russia, a contempt for all peoples and contempt towards you, personally, Ivan, the hundred-million.

In that book about the Jewish women, it says:

"The thirteenth technology, used by Jews, is the use of female influence .... This technology ... is sufficiently effective. Using the influence of Jewish women brightly shows up in the Soviet Union. The whole slew of senior leaders of Russia of different ranks ended up married to Jewish women"

As an example, I will provide a list of those, from the top of the Soviet leadership, who were framed to get the Jewish women:

  • Dzerzhinsky,
  • Chicherin,
  • Bukharin,
  • Lunacharsky,
  • Voroshilov,
  • Mikoyan,
  • Kirov,
  • Molotov,
  • Khrushchev,
  • Brezhnev,
  • Yeltsin.

[Those are the HIGHEST level leaders of the whole Russia.]

The same thing is today. Everyone in Kremlin are either Jews, or half-Jews, or are married to Jewish women. In Kiev, this plague is even worse.

Dear Jew, and Ivan, the hundred million, you now know to what level of"moral perfection" Zhids want to raise you to. In the media - television, radio, print, that is now in their hands, what you see is: filth, dirt, disgust, debauchery and perversion. You need to understand, Zhids, through the media, show that, which to them is the height of perfection, that, from what their heads spin in extacy and pleasure, the Jewish Tzimes. [one of the most loved Jewish national dish.] The same thing they show you on the stages of theaters, art exhibitions, in paintings and sculptures.

Imagine Ivan, the hundred million, that you, along with your friends, publish a magazine. In your innocent Russian hearts, there is cleanliness, decency, kindness, grace, love. And that is what is going to end up in your magazines. Even with force, they can not compel you to glorify the abomination and disgust, just as it is impossible to make a Zhid&339;s degenerate to reflect that, which does not provide them with satanic pleasures.

Let me give you an example of that, which the Zhid's beau monde, is now enjoying in ecstacy. To spare you some time, searching, just take the book by E. Hodos, "Jewish strike", in the section Monologue 3, page may vary depending on edition, either 33 or 35. It provides a literary excerpt from the newspaper "Boulevard", which is recognized as "the best newspaper in Ukraine", issued in half a million copies. Editor in chief - a Jew, the trustee - a Jew, the chairman - a Jew.

According to available information, it is popular among people's deputies of Ukraine, the Cabinet and presidential administration, because the majority of them are Jews or of mixed blood. Six pages of the book shows "a literary masterpiece" of the "Boulevard" newspaper. If you read it in full, you will throw up, but for the stinking Zhids it is the height of perfection.

In Moscow, the main state "Grand Theater" of Russia, instead of the "Swan Lake" ballet, there is a filthy and vulgar show, called "Rosenthal's Children", which is nothing but filth and disgrace. The same exact thing is going on in all other theaters. The State Duma deputies, that are without the Jewish spirit in them, were the only ones, who rebelled, and raised an issue about it all. In response, the former minister of culture, the Jew, M. Shvydkoi, today the head of the Department of Culture, told the deputies they just do not understand the art!

I, a warrior, support M. Shvydkoy. He is right! Because... that, which is for "God's chosen people" is the height of perfection, for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians is an abomination and desolation. Blaming the Zhids in their glum, and their degeneracy is equivalent to charging a man with no legs that he can not run. A degenerate monstrosity is just that.

I will give you some examples of ugliness from the "holy" book, the Talmud. Treatise Kodashim, Vekorot from" Judea erotica " by Edwards, p. 130.

"Rabbi Eliezer ben Jacob declared:

"If a rabbi's penis hangs down to the knee, it is a bad rabbi, and if it hangs above the knees, it is a good rabbi."

What IS that? Talmud or delirioum of sex maniacs? Here is another one:

"Mishnah" p.168

"A girl of three years and one day old may be betrothed [getting engaged with] by sexual intercourse"

It is clear now, where the perverts and pedophiles came from.

Next wisdom of the Talmud

"Toharot, Niddah:

two of Rabbis, Judah, and Samuel, are seriously discussing a Talmudic question: Is it possible to urinate on the roof of the synagogue?

And they found the answer: it is possible, but not ON the roof. FROM the roof.

More from the Talmud, regarding the Jewish respect and decency, or rather infamy, as to the service in the Army:

"Pezahim.113a" "

... if you go to a war, go not in the forefront, but rather in the back, so that you were the first to return home.

Where were Zhids during the Great Patriotic War, [known to the west as WWII]?
In Uzbekistan, in the rear, staff, political departments, offices, editorial. But today, they are raising the monuments to themselves as the defenders of Russia. In Crimea they erected a monument to the Jews, the defenders of Sevastopol. Well, the Zhids, got totally obnoxious.

Do you, Ivan, the hundred million and a Jew, understand me, a Warrior Of the Land Of Russia? If Zhids continue to be everywhere, then what you will find everywhere, is only that, which has the traits, that belong only to them, a diabolic [satanic] tribe, and that is the evil, decay, debauchery and drug addiction. But you know all too well: "only a grave can fix the hunchback". And a "hunchback" is masters of the Jews, Zhid'-oligarchy and their allies in all spheres of government activity, politics, economics, culture, science, education and private businesses.

Let us draw the conclusions. In order to save the Jewish people from the approaching next, but larger "Babiy Yar" [massacre of Jews during WWII], all the Zhid's mass media are silent about, and to save the Holy Russian Land from ruin, it is necessary to replace all the Zhids and half-Zhids on all higher levels of the government and private business, with patrically minded Russian personnel. You are going to tell me that there exist no law to do such a thing. My answer: The Zhids forever have something to hang on your ears.

What do we have today?
This is the power of the people!
Do you hear me?
Power of the people, not of Judeans. In a single month, you, the people of Russia, can pass a hard law regarding what was mentioned above, and it should take some 5 months to implement it.

Those, who will howl that this is impossible, are the enemies of the Russian Land. In the transformation, change and reforms, only the representatives of indigenous peoples of the country can participate, not a single Jew, and not a single person of a mixed blood.

You, Jew, along with other brave Jews, who came out today against Judeo-fascism, take another, parallel path, leading to the same goal. There comes an end to holders of darkness, the carriers of evil. And Zhids can not speak about Life, for they themselves go to the Prince of Death. Today, Judaism, is a destructive monster, He served his term and is subject to decay.
Do not be afraid to act. And I am not calling for long thought process, but to action urgent. The more difficult life is for for you today, the sooner you attain victory. The first lightnings have illuminated your path, and the thunder is waking those, still asleep. Be harsh towards the Zhids, the Nazis and have mercy and benevolence towards the ordinary Jews. So be it.

Happy and joyful holiday Purim

12. Another point about morality, related to the Jewish holidays. Most of them take their origin in the Torah. Take, for example, the most beloved by adults and children, happy and joyous holiday of Purim. On this day, Jew is allowed to get drunk untill his nose goes blue.

Over 500 years before Christ, in Persia, the Jews conducted the pogroms [mass murder] of the local population, men, women and children. Just in two days, they have destroyed 75 thousand unarmed people, who could not even resist the armed attackers, the Jews. The Minister Haman and his ten sons were hanged. It was not a battle of soldiers, not a victory of the Jews in a battle, but a mass destruction of people and their children.

There is no nation on Earth, that would have fun celebrating the clearly unlawful massacres. Ivan, the hundred million, you know what the Jews have on the tables on that day? Tell him, a Jew.

On the festive table, triangular pastries, called homentashen, which symbolizes the ears of minister Haman, and the Jews eat them with joy. Also on the table are other pies, called kreplah (Ibid), filled with minced meat, symbolyzing the meat of Haman's body, also being eaten with great appetite. If some normal person comes to visit them on that day, and learns what it all symbolyzes, he would have to run out on the street to get some fresh air.

This repulsive celebration, with years, inoculates their children in their heards and minds, with bloodlust, hatred and suspicion against the Russian, Ukrainian and other peoples.

Why do not Ukrainians begin to celebrate similar events, that occurred in Ukraine in the 17th century. At that time Jews have made a bargain with the local gentry for the right to collect taxes from the peasantry. They began to take from the peasants six times more than pans (landlords) took. [That is 600% inflation in one day].

One part of it they gave to pans, and the other 5 parts kept for themselves. The peasants were ruined. The uprising against the Poles and Jews was headed by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. [one of the greatest national heroes in the history of Ukraine.] Today, Jews are being told that tens of thousands of Jews were destroyed.

If we take the example of the Jews, the Ukrainians should have a holiday and celebrate such an event, and have the festive pies on the table: "with ears of the Jews" "with meat of the Jews".

Even if Ukranian wanted to do so, he simply could not do it. Because you need to have bloodthirsty rotten insides and utter abscence of love for people, your surroundings and nature.


13. I will give you some proverbs and sayings about the Jews by simple Russian people. You'll see how subtle is their understanding, even without reading the Talmud and Torah, and how accurate is their understanding of a hidden inner world of Judaism.

  • Wherever there is a house of a Zhid, there is trouble all over the village.
  • Zhid is not a wolf, he won't go into an empty barn.
  • Devils and Zhids are the children of Satan.
  • Live Zhid always threatens Russian with a grave.
  • Zhid will treat you with some vodka, and then will make you an alcoholic.
  • To avoid the anger of God, do not allow a Zhid into your doors.
  • Zhid baptized is the same thing as a thief forgiven.
  • To trust a Zhid is to measure water with a strainer.
  • What is disgusting to us is a God's dew to Zhid.
  • Zhid is afraid of the truth, like a rabbit of a tambourine.
  • Want to be alive, chase away a Zhid.
  • If you do not do good to a Zhid, you won't get the evil in return.
  • To achieve some profit, the Zhid is always ready to be baptized.
  • Zhid' belly gets full by deception.
  • There is no fish without bones as there is no Zhid without evil.
  • The Zhid in some deal is like a leech in the body.
  • Who serves a Zhid, gets in trouble inevitably.
  • Zhid, though not a beast, but still do not believe him.
  • Russian thief is better than a Jewish judge.
  • You won+t be able to make a meal with a Zhid.
  • The one, who gives a Zhid freedom, sells himself.
  • Love from Zhid, is worse than a rope around your neck.
  • If you hit a Zhid in the face, you will raise the whole world.
  • The only good Zhid is the one in a grave.
  • Zhid, like a rat, is strong in a flock.
  • When Zhid gets into the house, the angels get out of the house.
  • To be a buddy with a Zhid is to get involved with the devil.
  • If you find something with a Zhid, you won't be able to get your share of it.
  • It is better to lose with a Christian, than to find with a Zhid.
  • It is easier to swallow a goat than to change a Zhid.
  • Even devil serves a Zhid as a nanny.
  • Zhid is like a pig: nothing hurts, but still moaning.
  • Service to a Zhid is a delight to demons.
  • Do not look for a Zhid, he will come by himself.
  • Where Zhid runs by, there is a man crying.
  • To have a Zhid as a doctor is to surrender to death.
  • Zhid, like a crow, won't defend a man.
  • Who buys from a Zhid, digs himself a grave.
  • Zhids bark at the brave, and tear appart a coward.

These proverbs is just a small sample of what exists in the folklore. Just think about it, Jews live with us for a thousand years, and there exists not a single proverb, saying anything good about them. The same thing with other peoples of the world where they live.

Professor Lombroso's main Commandment

14. Throughout the mileniums, from early childhood, Jews are being inoculated with disgusting qualities: deceit, lies, cruelty, meanness, a notion of a "God chosen", contempt for non Jews. Over time, these qualities are transmitted from parents to children even on the genetic level. Modern literate doctor will explain how mental qualities of human influence his health. Our ancestors knew this long ago.

Irritability, virulence affects the liver, envy, greed, and cruelty and vulgarity - the heart, fears and doubts - kidney; stress cause stomach ulcers, digestive organs and so on. You can verify this without a doctor, watching your friends.

Loathsome qualities of Jews are mainly connected with their negative mental activity. The result is different psychological and mental disabilities from the Jews. According to the scientific medicine of the last hundred years, and in this area, most of the work is done by the Jews, and, according the formula of the famous Jewish Professor Lombroso, a leading psychiatrist, a descendant of rabbis and the Talmud, and other professionals, the Jews have 6-8 times more insane and mentally ill patients than non-Jews.

Statistics show that 90% of Jews are mentally abnormal. There is a law, "what you sow is what you reap". Among the Jews of mixed blood, there are even more of the mentally ill, then in pure blooded Jews.

But most of all degenerates are at the top of the Jewish community. According to statistics from another famous medical expert, Dr. Kinsey [who conducted extensive studies on this subject], on the top of it, 90% of Jews, also have various sexual abnormalities and are prone to various forms of sexual perversions. Jews explain their dirty sexual deviance as a sign of them having a "God chosen" status, referring to the Talmud and the Torah, where such distortions abound.

So, what do we have today on the Jewish question? The Jewish people, for thousands of years, bring evil, destruction and death to other peoples, while receiving a strike back in the form of riots and self-destruction. In this context, the words the of the Zionist wise man, the Jew Ferdinand Lassalle become clear:

"I do not like the Jews, and even hate them in general.

I only see a very degenerate sons of the great, long-vanished past in them."

He admires the great Jewish people of the past, but he hates the Jews of today, the degenerates. The same idea is expressed by the Jew Karl Marx on the need to get rid of degenerate people.

The Jewish people today is 90% idiots, insane, feeble-minded, neurotic, criminals of all kinds, terrorists, homosexuals and lesbians. It is aged, sick and dying nation.

Let me say very briefly:
God is the beaming Joy, Health, Happiness, Love.
Devil - is the disease, self-destruction, death, darkness.

God of the Jews is the Devil [just as Jesus stated]. Jews do not observe the great commandment:
"Do not do disgust, so that you do not have to get back to it, like a dog to his vomit." All their exiles, pogroms, "the Holocaust" is the Jews eating their own vomit, which they with pleasure have vomited on people, who had the misfortune to shelter them. This commandment includes all the others, and following it, a person will follow them all.

Courageous Jew E. Hodos, chairman of the liberal Jewish community of Kharkov, who has written a dozen books about the Judeo-fascism, translated this commandment to the Jewish way:
"Tell me, Rabbi, it is not for no reason that it all ends in Babi Yar."

To me, the Warrior, there is no hatred to thee, Jew. I have a compassion for you.

Moses. That, which does not bring good, they throw into fire

15. I, a warrior, you, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, a Jew, came to the conclusion of the degeneracy of modern Jews. What is said on this subject by the prophets in the Old Testament, and is there any discrepancy between our conclusion and what was said in the scriptures, and did Jews change during the past millennia?

Let us open the book and listen to the words of the great prophet Moses to the Jews. It seems that, after he had taught them for many years, they brought him to the state of utter frustration also.

Torah. Deuteronomy 31-32 Wael-Gaazinu:

"They are not sons of Him (God), because of their wickedness. Generation stubborn, cunning. Is it to God, you offer this, people, despicable and unintelligent?

For he is thy father, thy lord!

He created thee and made thee ...

For it is a nation void of common sense, and they have no mind ...

For of the vine of Sodom, their grape vine is, and so is from the fields of Gomorrah;

Grapes of theirs are poisonous...

A bitter and cruel Snake's venom is ther wine."

Jewish prophet Moses saw the people deeply, and that is why he said that the Jews are the sexual perverts of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, vile and vicious, and are the carriers a cruel venom for people around the world. If the Judeans would hear these words, but would not know that they come from the prophet Moses, they would shout their heads off, saying that this is nothing but delusion of some anti-Semite, a canibal to Jews, and would immediately haul him to court for incitement of national enmity.

Let us hear what Jewish prophet Jeremiah says about it on behalf of God:

"... my people are stupid - ...

they are smart for evil,
but can not do goodness ...

foolish and unintelligent people,
who have eyes but see not,
who have ears, but hear not ...

For both small and large,
each of them is a servant of covetousness (greed),
and, from a prophet to a priest, all act in lies ...

Are they ashamed when they committed abomination and disgust?

No, not only they are not ashamed,
they do not even blush.

But they shall fall among the fallen ...

Everyone deceives his friend,
and the truth does not say:
they have taught their tongue to speak lies,
being cunning to fatigue ...

Their language - a deadly arrow shot out,
that speaks treachery.

-- Jeremiah 4:22, 5:21, 6:13, 8:12, 9:5

If Jeremiah would preach this today, the Zhids would have put him into a mad house, but then, they would throw a prophet into a pit.

Other Jewish prophets of the Old Testament of the Judeans:

"The vicious nation, a nation filled with sin, the seed of evildoers and seducers"

-- Isaiah 1:4

"There is not a single honest man among the Jews, all yearn for blood, all set up the traps ..."

-- Micah 7:2

The Jewish prophet John the Baptist to the ministers of the Jewish teaching:

"Brood of vipers ...

Bring forth fruits worthy of repentance ...

The axes have already been laid at the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth forth not good fruit, is cut down and thrown into the fire"

-- Matthew 3:7,8,9

Prophet invites all the Jewish Talmudists, bearing the suffering of the Jewish people to repent, but if you do not want, then, as Yeltsin said,
"chop them all to pieces like a cabbage."

We need to call John the Baptist to come to Russia and Ukraine today. Let him walk among the people with his hot sermons in the spirit of our time.

Conclusion: for millennia the Jewish people did not get wiser,
nor taken a single step to their own salvation,
while the ax worked on them all the time.

I, a warrior, propose to you, a Jew, to cross the abyss of ignorance and show the first signs of the wisdom of the heart. I urge you to build a bridge between the Jewsish and the Slavic people, and start building it urgently. As great trouble is forthcoming.

Christianity against teachings of Christ

16. Ivan, the hundred million is asking me what happened in the Christian Church, that its ministers are increasingly talking about "God's chosen" status of the Jewish people, and their leadership role in the spiritual path and about recognition of the "promised land" in Israel. It seems that the majority of Christian ministers either had not yet read the teachings of Christ, or they are the inside enemies of Christianity. The situation in the Church today is the same as that in the Government and the parliaments. People say that who sits there are either idiots, who do not understand anything, or the enemies of the people. Well, they do not look like idiots, but the fact that almost all of them have some Jewish blood in them, - that's for sure.

The same thing is happening in the Christian Church. The Zhids decided to destroy it from within, the flow of Jews, like cockroaches, began to penetrate into the environment of of the Church ministry at various positions. Up to 25% entering the seminaries and academies are Jews. Many Jews are among the teachers of religious institutions and many are in the immediate surrounding of the Synod.

There is currently an invasion of the Jewish priests into the monasteries of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Joseph Volotski, Patriarch Hermogenes and John of Kronstadt. Zhids began to infiltrate the Christianity, and destroy the Russian Church from within, to create a broad movement for its reform in the the Judean spirit, penetrating it with the ideas, alien to Orthodoxy, and the desire to subordinate it to the outside influences.

What does our Partiarch of Russia, Alexy the II,
says or does about it, and how does he react to it? I, a worrier, will aswer:
what could possibly the Partiarch of Russia say about the infestation of the Russian Church by Jews and their Judean ideology, if it is of the same blood, under the secular name Riediger.

Speaking in New York before a gathering of rabbis, he said:

"Dear brothers ... The Jewish people are close to us by faith.
Your law - this is our law,
your prophets are our prophets" etc.

If Jesus had heard the appeal of Ridiger to Jewish rabbis, he would think:

"I told the Jews that their God is devil and their laws are lies, and they spread death, evil and destruction, but the head of the Christian Church in Russia, after two thousand years after me, does not agree with my cermons and is preaching just the opposite."

Perhaps Alexy is concurrently listed as Ridigrom-rabbi with the Judeans.

Present Christianity more and more works for the the benefit of Judeans, distorts and perverts the great teachings of Christ beyond recognition, and gradually destroys the Russian priesthood. Zhids again are hammering together a crude cross and rusty nails, and are preparing to re-crucify Christ for the black joy of the children of the Devil.

Judeans aim at the chest of the Lord.
They do not hear the voices, calling for prudence.
Besides greed, they do not have any feelings.

The last time they turned against the Orthodox Russia, they signed their own death sentence. They do not know yet that this cross and nails, they prepared, is the one, they themselves will nail themselves to with their own hands. Unenviable is their fate.

Intellect. Biorobots of Satan. Einstein.

17. Jews in recent years, conducted many studies on the mental faculties of Jews and other peoples. Those studies have shown that the Jews have a significantly higher verbal IQ compared with other nations, but have significantly lower IQ in the areas of spatial and visual thought process.

To say it clearly, that sounds like this:

Jews are more intelligent in verbal skills of communication, commerce, presentations, mediation, art of manipulating other people. But in those areas where it is necessary to be creative, to create something new, invent, make unexpected decisions, the Jews are no good, either in economy or in science or in art. History has shown that in the countries where Jews entered, and penetrated into the economy and other spheres of life of peoples, there was an inevitable decline and ruin, while, at the same time, the rapid enrichment of the Jews.

I emphasize that the decline occurred not only in economics but also in science, education, culture, morality and ethics. The latest example for you, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, a Jew, is a "restructuring" in the Soviet Union, that lead to destruction of Russia, Ukraine and the whole nation. These degenerates, that were spiritually castrated thousands of years ago, even at gunpoint, would not be able to create anything for the benefit of peoples. I am saying "they would not be able to", even if they wanted, they would still not be able to do it.

With all their smartness, still there is complete lack of intelligence, the lack of any creative ability. These are the biorobots of Satan, long programmed only for destruction and looting. The blind can not lead others.

The next example of the differences between Jews and Gentiles, as demonstrated in the films, made at the Disney film studio. When Walt Disney was running it, their films showed the beauty, love, kindness, mutual support. But when Michael Eisner, Jew, took over, in cartoons for the children, they began to promote violence, sadism, sexual perversion and vice. It their films, Eisner expressed that degeneracy, which is in his own rotten heart, and his soul, and sould all the Jews, and that, which brings pleasure and delight to the ZioNazis. "Whatever is our wealth, that is our joy."

In the same spirit, the ZioNazis help to promote a perverse contemporary art, theater, sculpture, music, visual arts. At the exhibitions, they started to demostrate the dismembered human corpses. Rotten spirit of the ZioNazis does not recognize the heroism, beauty, love for all and in everything. And this plague, bubonic plague, is ruling Russia and Ukraine today.

At the time, when other people were creating something great during the last millennium in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, England, Holy Russia (that, which was there in Russia before the Orthodox Christianity, the great teachings, I'll tell you more, it was all hidden from you), and worshiped Beauty, ZioNazis, all these thousands of years, were infiltrating the other states, pillaging and plundering them and worshiping the "golden calf". Among the Jews, throughout the entire history, there was not a single genius.

You ask me, and what about Einstein? Amd I tell you. Do you know how today from some talentless actor they"spin" a celebrity? The same thing happened with with Einstein. Jews always push through some of their own kind this way.

Einstein did not create the theory of relativity from ground zero. The basic ideas he took is from Poincare, and the mathematical foundation from Lorentz. Following the publication of the theory of relativity, Poincare accused Einstein of plagiarism and academic dishonesty. All the three main articles of Einstein, signed and co-authored with his first wife, Serb Milevich Maric, an accomplished physicist. She was the one who created the fundamental formula E = mc². After her departure in 1916, Einstein worked on the theory of relativity for 30 years and could not produce any results.

Since 1910, for 12 years, ZioNazis, with the tenacity, were trying to get him the Nobel Prize.
Everyone knew that if a prize were to be awarded for the theory of relativity, a big scandal in the scientific community would break out. But, to "push through" a Jew, the prize had to be awarded. In 1922, Einstein was awarded the "Shnobel prize" not for the theory of relativity, but in purely Jewish style, with the wording "For the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect and for work in theoretical physics." But, as usual, they just cooked something up even in this case. Photoelectric effect was discovered in 1887 by H. Hertz, and then, from 1888, the experiments were conducted by the Russian scientist Stoletov.

Quantum theory was created by Max Planck in 1900. I gave you a picture of the next great Jewish swindle. When you hear about the Jewish geniuses, conductors, violinists, artists, know, that at the same time in the world, you can find at least 50 people of the same caliber. There may be talent among Jews, but the geniuses are impossible.

The genius of nature manifests itself through the people who are clean inside and divine in their nature, who can perceive the world not only via mind, but also via pure soul. Jews have the cleverness, but they utterly do not understand, do not perceive, do not realize the depth of the surrounding Great Nature.

A Jew is a biorobot, programmed for thousands of years ago, for one goal, and that is obtaining of the material wealth and worship of it. I can say that they are clever, but very stupid at the same time.

The wise Russian proverbs about this phenomenon of people say:
"Cleverness without intelligence - the trouble", "Lot of mind, but little intelligence" "The mind is made strong by intelligence", "The mind is a helpful to insight". In our case, there is mind, but the insight is utterly missing.

I am going to ask the question of you, Ivan, the hundred million and a Jew, it is possible for the Jews-degenerates, who are predisposed in their majority to megalomania, idiocy, neurasthenia and perversion, to rule Russia and Ukraine? So what's the matter?

The state apparatus in Russia, Ukraine, the Government, the Parliament, political parties, unions, the oligarchy, are nothing but a Jewish synagogue. Go to the most Jewish city of Odessa [Ukraine]. Walk around the city for a month and talk to everyone. During all this time, you will find only 1-2 people with a purely Jewish Parisian speech [difficulty of pronouncing the letters R and L].

And what do you hear and see on TV, when you see the deputies, parliamentarians and other representatives of high power, is plenty of Parisian speech. Can you imagine the concentration of Zhids in there, plus a half-Jews, plus Russian and Ukrainians, who were framed to marry the Jewish women, plus Shabes-Goyims? Shabes-Goyims is a contemptuous term, used by Jews, for Slavs, who sell their people and their Fatherlandfor for money and power.

For example, from the highest level in governemnt, it is Chernomyrdin, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Kosyanenko... What do you expect from them? The Power, you gave them, they use against you.

Listen to me carefully. Power is given to each person from birth. And no one can take this power away from anyone. Only you, willingly, can give it to someone, or entire organizations, or the state apparatus. At any time, you can take it back, irrespective of whether they agreed or not, under any social system, but under the current democracy and the rule of the people, even more so.

Today, in order to change life in Russia and Ukraine, a sharp turn from the devastation and death, to the revival of the Great and the United Russia party, you need to do one thing: Remove the Jews and half-Jews, and all those Jewish locusts, from the highest positions of power in politics, economics, science, education, culture, media, large-scale private businesses, and replace them with national patriotic personnel in Russia and Ukraine. As that is that rotten link in the chain of state, which requires urgent replacement.

Judaism is like a snake, waiting for the right moment to strike a mortal blow to Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia. By the kindness, the people in these countries have sheltered Jewish snake on their chest. I, a Warrior, I say unto thee:
Arise, discard the snake, crush it and burn it in the bright fire. New Russia, we build, purified by fire. For this, you, Ivan, the hundred million, express your will, and discard fears and doubts, leading to the perishment, and you, a Jew, finally show your greatness, which was taken away from you by Judeans, thousands of years ago.

Everything will happen to benefit both of you, and your children, the elderly and the benefit of the whole world.

Invisible state. Protocols. Wolf pack. Antiglobalism

18. Raise above and look at the countries and continents. You'll see the hydra with sharp claws, sucking blood and devouring people's lives, feeding on human suffering. Wherever it is, there is destruction, war, terrorist acts. You see Judeo-Nazi hydra. She took control of the ancient Jewish people, making them its biorobots. Judaism has filled them with selfishness, arrogance and cruelty, turning the Jews in the embodiment of sin, malice and obscurantism, that burned down all human reason, conscience, love, purity, and lowered them to the level of degenerates.

Jews not know not who they serve, and are being ruled by like puppets by black threads. They deliver wealth and lives of other peoples to their invisible masters, feeding and multiplying the global scourge of Judeo-fascism.

What you saw now, is the real world state of the Jews. It has no territory and physical boundaries. The Constitution of this state is Judaism, which preaches hatred and contempt for non-Jews, superiority and a special status of the Jewish people, being proclaimed as "God's chosen people", and the future of their dominion over the whole world. The more the Jews are scattered, dispersed to different countries, the stronger and tougher, they are united in Judaism in one invisible state. All this prevents you, a Jew, from living a honest and happy life together with other people, forever attracting the opposite, hatred and disgust.

No nation has passed such a school of suffering, as you, a Jew, and today your soul is tense again at the thought of imminent death. Break the shell of Judaism and become free. Many states, starting with ancient times, sought to conquer other nations and come to dominate the world. You know from the history: this is Greece and the Alexander the Macedonian's [Alexander the Great] campaigns, this is Rome, Mongolia - Genghis Khan reaching France, it is France - Napoleon's campaigns and others. They had arrows and swords as arms, then guns, today the tanks, planes, rockets.

Judeans have invented a different system to conquer the peoples. To achieve its ultimate goal of world domination, they decided not to attack from the outside, not through the borders of foreign states, but to attack from within, by settling down to live among these people and bringing them the death and destruction from the inside.

And their weapons are not swords and machine guns, but the money and gold. With Deceit, cunningness, treachery, bribery, some of them penetrate into the top of society, enriching and paralyzing all the spheres of life. Another part of them, at the bottom, is robbing the common people, bringing them to impoverishment. To rule someone else's people, they begin to destroy their foundation - the culture, the spiritual values and to erase the memory of the people about their history, great ancestors, presenting everything in the most disgusting form.

Judaism, at some time, has swallowed the small Jewish people and filled it with selfishness, arrogance, cruelty, conspiracy, all permissiveness. Many people then felt the actions of Jews, and, as a result, have developed an instinctive aversion to Jewry. Take for example the Jews textbook, a storehouse of Judean wisdom, the Torah (Old Testament). This bloody delirium rumblinghs, and obsession with the Devil, is a desktop manual for scoundrels and crooks. Torah promotes Jewish world domination, hatred and violence towards non-Jews.

"From this day, I begin to bring the fear of thee ...

for all the peoples under the skies, who hear about you, shalt shake in fear.

You (Jews) will possess the nations,
that are greater and mightier than you,
every place to which you step your foot,
shall be yours.

No one can stand against you"

-- Deuteronomy 2:25, 11:23-25.

Do you know who teaches the Jews in the Old Testament? It says their thug groin, ZioNazi's god Yahweh, whom Jesus called the devil, and our Alexy II - Riediger [head of Russian church] calls these people his best friends.

Now listen to today's Jews of the last century: Asher Ginzberg, the "King of the Jews", Hebrew name Ahad Ha'Am. [Full name: Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg (18 August 1856 - 2 January 1927)]

Looking toward the West we discover that powerful Jewish movements had been established, over a period of years, in both the United States and the countries of Europe. Nathan Birnbaum, the man who created the name Zionism, had formed an organization called the Kadimah with headquarters in Vienna. Its avowed aim was to build a Jewish center in Palestine from which the world should be ruled through the three spheres of politics, economics and religion. According to his plan, members of the race were to be "planted" in every nation for the purpose of determining the policies of the nations.

A similar movement had taken form in Russia, with its base in Odessa, under the leadership of a vicious fanatic by the name of Asher Ginzberg. He founded his order in 1889 and called it the "Sons of Moses". Ginzberg also used the name Ahadhaam and was known among his intimate followers as the "King of the Jews". These are the kind of men who blended their efforts for the purpose of building their people into a united body. As previously indicated, their advance preparations could be legitimately called Protocols since the dictionary definition of this word is, "The preliminary sketch or draft of an official document".

"This nation will rule over all others ...

And this nation is Israel, which, among other nations, is the highest kind of humanity ...

there is only only supernation that is color and purpose of human kind:

the others were created only to serve this purpose, to serve as a ladder by which they could climb to the summit of the cherished top ...

ignoring the fact that it could cost the masses of the lower creatures and inferior peoples their lives, nor the disasters, they may be subjected to as a consequence."

What Asher Ginzberg said is fascism with a stamp of quality. At certain point, Hitler, in his book "Mein Kampf" simply repeated the same idea. Except he has Germans as a superior race, and the lower and despicable are the Jews. Today, the advanced in the world community have recognized that the Jewish fascism is much worse and more dangerous than German fascism.

I, a warrior, advise you to read the program of the Jewish colonization of all countries, sinister pamphlet "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", according to the plans of which, all the political and economic developments in Russia have occurred over the past hundred years. In it, you can find an explanation to all current events in Ukraine, Russia and throughout the world.

You will learn that, which was hidden from you throughout times by Judeans:

the need for terrorism and violence;
about the stupid states, that do not understand the great power of the media, that benefited Jews by subdueing those states to Jewish global interests, while remaining in the shadow;
of gold that they take "from the flow of blood and tears";
the need for the degeneration of non-Jewish peoples;
how and whom to nominate for president: the dumber he is, the better for the Jews;
about the decay and decomposition of states;
about the need for introduction of ideas of democracy and liberalism, which is poison for any nation;
the establishment and support of numerous parties and movements, which facilitates disintegration of everything in the country even faster;
the destruction of different faiths;
of all the indoctrination that non-Jews are simply dumb, and turning them into docile animals,
and how to create the financial disorder in the state.

After studying the "Protocols", you are going to get much wiser, which is very important for approaching, and yet invisible, events forthcoming.

Pay attention to the "Protocols" on how the Jews will rule the state, when they seize power.

"Only an autocratic person (leader) can develop plans with clarity, by way of distributing all within the state machine, from which it is necessary to conclude that it is expedient for the good of the country's management to concentrate it all in the hands of one responsible person (leader)."

This theme is covered in detail. Today the ZioNazis, as soon as they hear about the need for the leader, begin to howl, knowing that their looting is to come to an end, but it is understood that the leader at the head of the people is the only correct solution for the successful management of any State.

You can purchase "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", only 60 pages long, either separately, but better yet to buy the book E. Hodos "Jewish syndrome - 3":
in one part of the book the "Protocols" are presented in its original form, and in another - with explanations.

What Jews, that are the now scattered in various countries, represent is clear from the book for the Jews "The phenomenon of Jewish civilization", by VA Polikarpov, 2004:

they may appear to be like other people, take the Christian faith, becoming the converted Jews, in order to disseminate the ideas of communism or capitalism, change names, to promote democracy and liberalism, but secretly observe Jewish laws, while remaining in their circles of pure Jews, members of their community, and always do everything only for the benefit of the world of the Jewish state, whoever you may be - a hairdresser or Gaidar, Kiriyenko, Fradkov, Chubais.

Do you clearly understand what I am saying? Not for the benefit of Russia or Ukraine, but for the benefit of the Jewish state. If you, Ivan and Jew, do not remove them from all government posts and the largest private business, then your children and grandchildren will curse you. Either you serve the Great of Russia and the Good, or you serve the Jews, the evil. There is no middle ground.

Judeo-fascism in Russia, like a wounded animal, is still strong, although it makes the last dying jerks, tearing chunks of flesh from Russia and Ukraine, to make up for lost time. I am a warrior, and I sense his fear. He is afraid of retribution, because he is appalling even to himself.

The specificity of the invisible world domination of the Jews is in its people being scattered all over the world, and it produces terrible destruction and seizure of power in those countries. This is the empire of evil, the monster, where the Jewish people are more like the soldier-robots in the modern computer games. Someone, invisible to the Jews, is sitting at a desk and via his keyboard, rules them to achieve his satanic objectives. For centuries, the victory of the Jewish state without borders was not visible. There was accumulation of capital, money and gold by robbing other nations, taking control of the media, [the propaganda machine].

Today, the evil empire grew strong, and turned from a nasty snake into the abhorrent Judeo-Fascist hydra, which openly engages in battle with the peoples of other countries. The backbone of that hydra are the international banks with the Jewish capital. Jewish banks of different countries became intertwined with each other and formed a new global financial system, which combines the international Jewish banking families in a single wolf pack: Rothschild, Behring, Lazar, Erlanger, Seligman, Shneyers, Mirabaud, Mallet, Fulda, Warburg and others, and leading the pack, Kuhn, Leib, Schiff, Baruch.

The goal of that ZioNazi's pack, is the same as that, outlined in the Torah, the Talmud, the protocols - to become the rulers of the world. In order too achieve this goal, they organize and finance the operation to demolish and destroy the existing order in all the countries, where those banking families operate. In the situations where the financial impact is not being successful, they use the American military power, because the United States today has been taken over by the Jews and became a colony of Israel.

You, Ivan, the hundred million, and you, a Jew, would probably ask why don't we know or hear anything about it? Because all the media in Europe, America, Russia and Ukraine belongs to the international Jewish finance capital, and you will never hear or see anything about it. Jewish capital remains in the shadow. Almost no one speaks about it, even though almost all the world's wealth belongs to it, and it really governs all there is.

Today it is the secret world Jewish government, which began to change the world with violence and terror for its ZioNazi' interests, implementing everything, that is outlined in their latest program, in the devil's "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

But there is one but. While you're waiting for someone with a silver plate with a blue ribbon, the leading global community has began to speak out against the world's global power of Jewish bankers during the last ten years. With each year, the anti-globalism movement is getting stronger. For all of you, the members of this movement are portrayed on television as abnormal psychos who do not understand what they are doing. Television "lucidly explains" to you that the rich of this world and world leaders gather together to address the issues of aid to all nations, including Russia and Ukraine, and these abnormal antiglobalists come from all over the world and are organizing protests and are interfering with the process of resolving the pressing global problems. Looking at the TV screen, you, of course, think the same way.

Everything, even the most complicated things in the world can be explained simply and clearly, if the one, doing the explaining is interested in it. I, the warrior, am interested for your benefit. If the powers that be, and banking magnates who regularly gather in various cities in Europe, wanted to sincerely and honestly help Russia and Ukraine, it would have taken a simple solution: all that lies in the banks in Europe and America, that is a result of robbing the Slavs in the past 15 years, is to be voluntarily returned to the peoples of these countries. Similarly, they would solve the problems of other states.

All that was looted by ZioNazis, lies today in the private Jewish banks of America and Israel.

Jews, like piranha predators, continue to gnaw the bones of Russia and Ukraine, and simply can not get to Belarus. President of White Russia, Belarus, with vigilance, stands against the Judeo-fascism, not allowing the butchers of the human race even close.

The "Anti-globalists" are presented to you as herd of parasites on TV. This is a world anti-globalization movement, called the "International Action Center", is a global stand against evil, which opposes the world's Jewish government and against the rules and regulations that it wants to install for its own interests. The organizers are the people standing on the highest levels of ethics and morality.

One of the principals of that organization is Ramsey Clark, a former Chief Justice of the United States, and the Minister of Justice in the past. He voluntarily gave up his deserved benefits and privileges in order to establish justice for humanity.

I, Warrior, am pushing you, my brothers and sisters, to action. You can talk a lot about things high, seeing the ugliness of the world, and do nothing. Are not you, Ivan, and Jew, waiting for too long?
Russ [Russia] cries of pain.
Reflect on what was your life was given to you for, and accelerate your pace.
Not for the troubles and sorrows you were born with, but for the joy and love.
Put away all doubt, get rid of wavering,
banish a coward in yourself.
Get up and go.
The glory and a crown of the winner is awaiting for my worriors.

I love the people of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and I have no choice but to stand with the sword against those, who are damaging and threatening the survival of Rusich [Rissoams].

The USA. Two nations. The true rulers

19. The international Jewish evil empire without borders finally turned the U.S. into a colony. Today, the Jews openly rule the America for all practical purposes, contrary to the interests of other Americans. Several years ago, the whole of America was shocked. The common people believed, as they had been taught all their lives, that they have only one nation - the American people.

Researcher and writer, David Duke, the National President of the Euro-American unity, and human rights, published the proceedings of the key positions held by Jews in the United States government and Jewish supremacy in all spheres of American life: the Congress, the National Security Council, the Defense Department, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, the diplomatic corps, the State Department, the powerful magazines, newspapers, television, theater, book publishing.

People realized that in America there are two nations, one - it is the Jews, the ruling class, and another - the American people. In recent years, there was a final seizure of the U.S. by aggressive Zionist circles.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that ...

I want to tell you something very clear:

Don't worry about American pressure on Israel.

We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

-- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

America had become a monster state, a dog on a leash, tied to the ZioNazis, which is ready to devour anyone not taking Zhido-American "democratic" values. At the top of the kennel are the real rulers of America - bankers Baruch, Bilderbergers and others, not listed anywhere.

The two ruling parties of Democrats and Republicans are funded by the Jewish oligarchy. The candidates, nominated for the presidential election, no matter from which party, are the proteges of the dark rulers of America. Some people vote with enthusiasm for one candidate, the others - for another, but in reality they are voting for the fake dolls, cardboard dummies for the crowd.

And the more stupid is the president, the better for the oligarchy, the easier it is to play him like a doll. According to American data, the current President Bush is at the lowest level of intellectual development in comparison with all the previous presidents. Bush is a pocket president of ZioNazis, implementing a policy of state terrorism, performing the role of the world's killer in the service of the ZioNazi puppeteers.

Today, America plays the role of the Jewish springboard for the attacks on any place of the globe. The influence of the people is reduced to zero. Wherever Jews have come to power, there always comes the ruin, death, robbery, the decline of morality, ie in such a society, there appears only that, which is characteristic only to the Judeans, driven by the motivation of making a killing on something. Judeo-Masonic ideals, like the bubonic plague, are being introduced and infect the entire population. As a result, decomposition and death.

What constitutes the American people today, living in a Jewish paradise:

20 million are illiterate, not counting the aliens,
90 million zombified, barely able to sign a paper, and not capable of reading a newspaper article,
a third of pupils have AIDS, or are subject to drug addiction,
18 million active homosexuals,
and more than 60 million perverts.

The American people have turned into a faceless mass, from which, using TV and radio they mold that, which was ordered, making them all nothing more than a herd of sheep, brainwashed to oblivion. The American people are tied up tightly by the ZioNazis.
The Yankees, in contrast to their famous ancestors, have bitten their tongue and became cowardly.

America has become fully Judeish. Jewish holidays in America have become national holidays. Four out of the six religious holidays on the calendar are Jewish. On these holidays, the government agencies, schools, and offices do not work. Jewish elite controls and rules the only global superpower today, pushing it towards death. Totally insane ZioNazi-maniacs, on the road to world domination, are sowing seeds of evil incarnate everywhere, manifesting the evil Talmudic principles and bloody plans of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion": - Hiroshima, Iraq, Palestine, Belgrade, Panama, Grenada, Nicaragua, Colombia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, that took millions of human lives.

But the ears of corn, grown from the seeds of evil, return back to the sower. One of them returned on Sept. 11, 2001. But how many more are yet to come? The countdown has begun. Vesuvius is awakening. Wait, America, for your own perishment.

I, a warrior, am telling the American people:
Take control over your own salvation.
There is no time to think.
Do not argue, make a lightning decision.
Redeem your house, America from imminent death.
Your salvation lies in the destruction of Judeo-fascist tyranny.
Do not be afraid of the righteous action on your way to heroic acts.
I told you, and I shall not repeat, you decide your own fate.

Ivan, the hundred million, and a Jew, you need to deeply understand and remember that America itself is helplessly weak-willed, and is doing nothing, either inside the state, nor on the world stage. America has not sent its sons to Yugoslavia. They were sent there by the Jews,
America did not send its army into Iraq,
a Judeo-Nazi Hydra defends its financial interests with other people's lives, via policy of creating animocity among the Muslim nations, and terrorising those states and nations.

In Afghanistan today it is not America. Because there is no America as such any longer. What you have in Afghanistan are messengers of the ZioNazis, one of the main tasks of which is the destruction of Russia's population, and that is you, Ivan, and you, a Jew, and your children, relatives and friends.

Before the tentacles of the Judeans riched Afghanistan, about 20 tons of heroin were thrown into Russia annually, and after the arrival of ZioNazis, hundreds of tons immediately began to get delivered. As of today, about two thousand tons of heroin a year are being delivered from Afghanistan to Russia!
That is a 100 times increase.

There is a global, well planned destruction of Russia's people by the evil empire.
Mortality in Russia is already 2 times higher than the birth rate.
Where is your state and is it capable of protecting you?
No, I can not!

In the state machinery in Russia and Ukraine, there are mainly Jews and those with mixed Jewish blood, protecting the interests not of the country where they live today, but the interests of the international Judeo-Nazi Hydra. These non people operated like the tentacles of hydra, with which she attached itself to the riches and body of Russia, extracting food for the continuation of its brief existence.
She knows its defeat is eminent, and it knows it with certainty.
So help it to get closer to its end, and your life will be lived not in vain, and there will be a trace of you left in the history.

Do you see a majestic emblem of Russia, two headed, and that which is in the middle of it? This is a warrior, George, the Victorious, on a white horse, who crushes the Judeo-Nazi hydra, the evil, most rotten.

The Court of the Land of Russia began its march. Ivan, the hundred million, I give you warning:
"Arise, take up the sword and help the Soldier George.
Cut off the head of demonic creature, and burn her foul body in the Fire Pure.

The miracle of resurrection of Judeism in Russia

20. Moscow, beginning in July 2005.

ZioNazis, all over Russia, and arriving guests from other countries have organized a big celebration under the slogan "The Miracle of the revival of Judaism in Russia."

I, Warrior, and in this case agrees with the ZioNazis. Yes, it's a miracle. During the past 100 years, they implemented the brutal plan to seize power in Russia. All the changes were planned by ZioNazis and occurred as a result of carefully calculated action. From the conversation with the tycoon Berezovsky and E. Topol:

"the first time in a thousand years since the settlement of Jews in Russia, we have the real power in this country ... The financial power was in Jewish hands ...."

But what did it cost Russia, was of no concern to the ZioNazis. The Torah, the Talmud do not consider your parents, children, friends to be the human beings. You are nothing but beasts, and even worse than dogs. To kill such a "beast" was the order to the ZioNazis from their own father, the god Yahweh.

ZioNazis have destroyed 40 million Russians since 1917, Red Terror in the Kuban, in Tambov, in Siberia, Crimea, covered with blood, famine in the Volga region in 1933, mass shootings of by the ZioNazis of Ukrainians in the basements of KGB in Kiev, organized by the Great Famine in Ukraine.

Look, Ivan hundred million, carefully. You will see that the blood of your ancestors even today on the Jewish synagogues, the Talmud, Torah, at the hands of the ZioNazis, who did not admit their guilt and repented not of their atrocities.

The ZioNazis were in power everywhere you look. From 1918, some jokes on this subject appeared among the people:

"Rose of the Economic Council, the husband of Hiki Cheka, and the Ukraine:

"Hop my Hrechanyky!
- All the Judes are bosses!"

Bloody acts by the ZioNazis in the Ukraine led to the appearance of OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), who were not against the Russian people, as it is always portrayed by the ZioNazis, but against the ZioNazis. OUN, at the second congress adopted a resolution 17:

"The Jews in the Soviet Union are the most loyal support of Judaizer Bolshevik regime ... OUN recognizes Jews as the pillar of Moscow - the Bolshevik regime ..."

There is a statement of the Ukrainian government J. Stetsko in the documents of OUN:

"The Jews helped Moscow to keep Ukraine in slavery, and that is why I stand on the position of the destruction of the Jews ...".

And today, in 2005, let us listen to Army Gen. Bandera Basil Cook. He is 82 years old and lives in Ukraine. He expresses very clearly that the Bandera fought against the Jewish Bolsheviks, who staged the massacre in Russia, destroyed all intellectuals in the Ukraine, and destroyed nearly 10 million Ukrainians as a result of an organized famine.

Before the war, all of People's Commissars (it's like today's ministers), about 40 people, were ZioNazis. During the war, there wasn't even one of them left, as all were replaced by Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians. It was necessary to take creative, unexpected, innovative solutions, to rapidly relocate the factories to the Urals, and build the airplanes under open sky. For such cases Judeans were unfit. They were only fit to those places, where you can steal something or destroy, but not to create something new.

Under Stalin, the patriotic films and literature were created, the temples have been opened again, the priests returned from the prison camps. Stalin began the revival of Russian national state, made decisive steps to purge the state apparatus from the ZioNazis, and attracted honest and unselfish Russian people.

This did not satisfy the ZioNazis in the Bolshevik Party. The most loyal people to Stalin were eliminated, and then, according to Molotov and Kaganovich, he himself was secretly murdered.

ZioNazis opposed the national revival of the Russian People. After the death of Stalin in 1953, under Khrushchev, surrounded by ZioNazis, the destruction and closing of the Orthodox churches, seminaries have begun again, and piles of most disgusting filth were poored on all the patriotic, national, and Russian.

12,000 churches, 31 monasteries, 5 seminaries were closed. In 1963, the ancient shrine of the Russian people of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was closed down. Russian folk literature received a hostile reception, and its best works were published in the magazines with great difficulty.

The same continued with "hero" L. Brezhnev. At the same time, the ZioNazis of the West were getting prepared to implement the plans for the corruption and moral decay of the Russian people.

A senior ZioNazis, future CIA Director VA Dulles, expressed it this way:

"... we'll throw everything we have, all gold, all the material support and resources at zombification of people ... Literature, theater, movies - everything will depict and glorify the lowest human emotions.

We will do our best to maintain and promote the so-called artists, who will plant and hammer a cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal into human consciousness ... in the control of government we will create chaos and confusion ... rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness, drug addiction, animalistic fear ... and the enmity of peoples - all this we will enforce deftly and unobtrusively ...

We will start working on them since their childhood and adolescence years, and will always put our bets on the youth. We will begin to corrupt, pervert and defile it. ... That's how we are going to do it."

A. Dulles, planned to "impose deftly and quietly."

Today, the Judeo-Fascist Scum in Russia and Ukraine do it openly and boldly, without fear of any consequences, under the slogan "A miracle revival of Judaism in Russia."

During the reign of Brezhnev, ZioNazis continued to campaign against the Patriots and all Russian. The word "Russian" was changed to the word 'Soviet'. The prominent figures of Russian culture appealed to the Central Committee and to Brezhnev on the inadmissibility of what was happening.

In March 1978, the great Russian writer Mikhail Sholokhov, wrote a large letter addressed to Brezhnev:

"... world Zionism, both foreign and domestic, vehemently and actively leads the attack on Russian culture.

Dragging through cinema, television and print anti-Russian ideas, defaming our history and culture is widely practiced today... ... symptomatic is film appearance ... "How Tsar Peter got Moor married", which openly degraded the dignity of the Russian nation, progressive initiatives of Peter I are being spat upon, and the Russian history and our the people is ridiculed."

Ivan the hundred million, you have clearly understood now, that in order to defeat the Russian people, ZioNazis do not use tanks, cannons, or machine guns. They seek to achieve their agenda via other means - by destruction of the Russian national spirit, the transformation of the Russian people into a herd of cattle. Judeans believe that today they are doing pretty well in this respect.

But the whole problem of the Judeans was and remains that with a good mind, they completely lack intelligence, and forward looking wisdom is utterly abscent.

They do not realize and understand their millennial experience, saying that for crimes there invariably awaits punishment, and it is inevitable. This is known and understood by even the savage tribes, and modern civilization, and the entire cosmos. In this respect the Judeans are at the cave Pithecanthropus level.

Those who rule the Judeans, have put before them and their mind a huge slogan "miracle revival of Judaism in Russia" so they would not see what is behind it, and what awaits them is a sharp guillotine knife, which they will cast themselves.

I, Warrior, ask a Jew to have the courage to scrutinize closely and openly its history, take a sober look at oneself, to look into the moral quagmire of Judaism, and get horrified as to how is it possible to live in this rot.

A way to oneself has always been the hardest.

Do not get angry, a Jew, but show a righteous anger at evil.

Juvenile crime. Learn from the Jews

21. Against what do you protest today?

You protest against the results of life, and not against the reasons causing them. For you, the result - a lower wage or even none, rampant crime, the emergence of fee-paying schools and institutions of higher education, poverty, millions of homeless children.

Let's see who and what is the cause. Take a wild example. Underage teens today commit numerous crimes, inexplicable at first glance. A girl kills her father, mother, sister, because she wants an empty appartment for herself and her frient to live in by themselves. Another girl in Rostov city hires a killer for the same reason. A son kills his father, because he advised him not to skip school. Someone did not give a cigaret to someone. They killed him and went on.

Employees of the institutions where there are juvenile offenders, noted not only a manyfold increase of the number of similar crimes, but the worst thing is that these convicts teens still do not recognize their guilt. Such a thing never ever happened before. They were convinced they were doing the exactly the right thing to do. As strange as it sounds, but I, Warrior, would say there is a lot of truth in their words.

From the early childhood, they saw all sorts of modern cartoons on TV, that are nothing more than textbooks on sadism. Someone was torn to pieces, someone got screwed, someone's head was torn off, someone was blown to pieces, smashed or gunned in cold blood.

Child learns that to torture or kill any living creature, bird, dog or a man is something normal, ie society does not condemn such actions. Growing up, they see these kinds of movies about violence for adults, and so they read the same thing in newspapers, magazines and books. And so to blame all these teens is nothing but great foolishness.

If he committed a crime, his guilt is less than 5%. The other 95% is the guilt of those, who taught him this: it's the media. But is is in the hands of the Judeans in Russia and Ukraine.

From my address, you already know that the degenerative nature of the Judeans may represent, serve and teach only evil, destruction, fatality, perversion, because it is all but pleasure for them. ZioNazis corrupt the Russian children and teenagers and even commit the atrocious crimes with their hands.

But only teenagers are penalized for it. In the good old days, for this kind of thing Judeans would be spending time in the prison camps. Leo Tolstoy believed that occupational therapy - the best medicine.

Media, film production, publishing, distribution, all owned by ZioNazis or part-blooded Judeans.

In the minds of not only children, but adults also, ZioNazis created the mindset, culture and values that suit only them, only their concept of "what is good and what is bad."

In Russia and Ukraine there is no such a thing as free media. They do not have an independent opinion. All and everything is in the hands of the ZioNazis, and freedom of speech for them only. Modern media is a powerful force. How could the state to entrust it to some Jewish hands and to whom they are responsible for what is broadcast?

They are responsible only to the ZioNazi-oligarchs and global Judeo-Nazi Hydra. After all, who rules the state? - ZioNazis, half-Jewish and those "Shabes-goi", who sold themselves to them.

You, Ivan hundred million, and you, a Jew, be aware that virtually all of government in Russia and most of the deputies are the servants of the international Jewish state.

You do not only have a full right, but must have your own Russian government, your own Russian media, your own Russian elite of the private big business.

Take the example from Israel.

Over there, only Jews and only full-blooded Jews may work for the government. Half-Jewes may not hold a post of a minister. If you're half-Jewish, then you will not have a career in Israel. Major media, television, radio, publishing, under the law, may only be owned by the Jews. Even if you have tens of billions of dollars, you can not become the owner of any major newspaper, radio and television if are not a Jew.

The same is true in Israel with a large private business. Only Jews may be in management.

Do you understand me? Learn the useful things from the Jews.

As long as the Russian people will not become the owners of their own land, the Jews will convert Russia and Ukraine into a jail for the Slavic peoples. But it will end up, as always, Babi Yar (a mass slaughter of Jews during WWII).

If you do not want your children to be criminals, if you do not want your own children have killed you with the Judean hands, remove Judeans from everywhere.

This is salvation for them.

Personnel decides everything

22. Why is crime level in the country going through the roof?

The people are seeing how Russia is torn to pieces, as the wealth is being looted, as the oligarchy owns billions of stolen money, which thet use to buy private Boeing airplanes and the football team.

Part of the population, the most aggressive part, begin to do the same thing, on their social level, justifying what they do and their criminal activity as something the Jewish oligarchy does.

The ever-growing crime in the population - is a perverse form of protest against the robbery of the people of Russia and Ukraine by Judean degenerates.

Now you know how to fight crime in the country, and that is to replace the evil-doing Judeans with Russians and their national and patriotic soul.

"Personnel decides everything," said Stalin.

Your Killers

23. In Soviet times, the average life expectancy was equal to life expectancy in European countries. Today, when Judeans came to power, life expectancy for Russians is 15 years smaller. The death rate exceeded the birth twice. Symbolically, this can be represented as if every Russian was killed by Judeans 15 years before his natural death.

When you bury a relative, know that if the power in Russia was not ceased by the Judeans, they would have lived for another 15 years. Do you want you, your children and friends to live longer? Then remove those grave-diggers, villainous gang fattened vultures from the top echelon of power.


24. Let us compare Russia and Japan.

Population by approximately the same size. By area, Japan is 50 times smaller, does not have any natural resources of their own, such as oil, gas, metals and wood. They all have to be imported from other countries. But in the fields of science, education, culture, economy and industry, Japan is in one of the first places in the world. Japanese standard of living far exceeds the standard of living of Russian.

So what's the difference? From the analysis, we see that the true wealth of any country is the people. The scope and level of education for children, love for their country, patriotic education, sports, health, medical care - this is the basis of power and progress of society, the basis of well-being and spiritual development. Experience has shown that there are more talented and genius children among the poor, and among the rich, degeneracy is more pronounced.

After World War II, when the country was really is utter poverty, destruction, hunger, the education, including higher education, was free for all the people. And so were sports, medicine and culture. All the children were equal to each other. The worst things of all, jealousy and contempt, that are poisons and decay, were utterly abscent.

Stalin, unlike the current empty talkers, understood, in the literal sense, that tomorrow's greatness and power of the state depends on today's education for all children, their health and, of course, first of all, their national and patriotic education. There is plenty of money for such holy work in Russia and Ukraine. All that is necessary is to stop looting the state.

Ivan, the hundred million, and a Jew tell me that what needs to be done is to remove ZioNazis, these cadaver worms from the living body of Holy Russia.

I would add to everything that was said already that there are four million homeless in Russia. What a tremendous power it is for the state. How many talents and geniuses get deliberately destroyed.

Due to rising world prices for oil, our Russian "Zionist government" was able to accumulate over 150 billion of petro-dollars from the oil sale.

They have so much money "like a fool shag." Invest part of it into children, some in agriculture, some in the industry. Otherwise, all will simply perish. Нет, они их вложили в еврейские частные банки на Западе и в Америке. But no. They have invested it all into private Jewish banks in the West and in America. International capital simply devalued dollars, and, as a result, Russia immediately lost 25 billion.

Russia had lost, and the Jewish world capital has found. Nothing disappears without a trace in the world. You say there are enemies of people in government. I, the warrior, you do not agree with you. If they were the enemies, I would gladly have pulled my sword from its sheath.

They are not the enemy. They are rot and filth. Just poke it, and it falls appart, and how much stink it would produce.


25. Идеология иудаизма и православного русского народа прямо противоположны. Глупо требовать от СМИ, полностью захваченных евреями, отказаться от пропаганды своего образа жизни. Они изображают человеческие качества такими, какие присущи только им самим, показывая человека мерзким, грязным и эгоистичным животным, в котором отсутствует всякая нравственность, совесть, любовь и сострадание. 1918 год. Уничтожается вповал вся российская интеллигенция. Жиды через декреты революционного правительства навязывают народу свои понятия семьи и любви. В одном из декретов: «с 1 мая 1918 года все женщины от 18 до 32 лет объявляются государственной собственностью. Всякая девица, достигшая 18-летнего возраста и невышедшая замуж, обязана под страхом строгого взыскания зарегистрироваться в бюро «свободной любви» при комиссариате призрения. Зарегистрированной предоставляется право выбора мужчины в возрасте от 19 до 50 себе в сожители... Дети, произошедшие от такого сожительства, поступают в собственность республики». В другом документе того же года: «В любовные отношения не должны вноситься элементы флирта, ухаживания и прочие методы социально-полового завоевания».

Для еврея отсутствует понятие истиной любви, красоты взаимоотношений, чистоты чувств и духовности. Сегодня через СМИ, через художественные выставки картин, скульптур, через театры они пропагандируют ту же самую идею из Талмуда, что люди, это грязные животные. Один из россиян, ещё при советской власти внимательно прочитал «кладезь еврейской мудрости» Тору и Талмуд и сделал перевод о том, как и что лепил Дьявол из евреев.

Называется поэма «Жид», на 10 листах, привожу отрывок:

Бес гнусную задумал штуку,
Чтоб вечную наслать нам муку
Взял дьявол жабу, волчье сердце,
Клопов, чеснок и фунтик перца.
Сказавши : «Зло чтоб совершить -
Всю эту дрянь надо сварить!»
Принёс всё в ад, свалил в котёл...
Подумал бес, прибавил к смеси
Лисицы зуб, змеиной спеси,
Все семь грехов, фунт адской сажи,
Набрал чего нет в мире гаже,
Всё это густо замесил
И сверху крышкой придавил...
Котёл тот наглухо закрыт
И ровно триста лет кипит.
Затем котёл заклокотал,
Повсюду мрак и смрад настал.
Кругом все звери передохли,
Растения и те посохли...
Меж тем в котле как завизжит
И выпрыгнул оттуда - жид!!!
Бес обомлел : «Вот это рожа!
Со мной как капля с каплей схожа,
Не говорит жидюга - лает!!!»
В восторге дьявол так и тает...
Бес до того тут умилился,
Что прям над жидом - прослезился...

Моисей учил, учил евреев, но в конце концов они и его довели до того, что он в отчаянии завопил об их порочности, подлости, упрямстве и отсутствии разума.

История с бесом в поэме «Жид» повторяется точно так же.
Жид довёл беса до того, что тот не знал куда от него деться и что с ним делать.

Чем больше еврей беден внутренне, нищ духом, тем сильнее он стремится компенсировать свою убогость хотя бы материальными богатствами. Но даже приобретая произведения искусств, он всё равно не спасает себя, т.к. не Красота спасает человека, а спасает осознание этой Красоты. Когда осознание работает, тогда ты видишь Красоту во всех проявлениях Природы, а не только висящую на стене в своей квартире.

На экранах, в театрах, в концертных залах, на выставках, в прозе и поэзии опять появится Красота, Возвышенность, чистая Любовь и сияющая Радость после исчезновения там еврейских извращенцев. Иван Стомиллионный, дело за тобой.

Когда появилась в России водка. Алексей Толстой. Освободите из плена гордое племя своё

26. Когда впервые в Советском Союзе, в 50-е годы, показали фильм «Тарзан», то в больницы стали везти молодёжь с поломанными руками, ногами и другими повреждениями. Им было интересно и они лазили по деревьям, качались, прыгали, падали. Я говорю о силе рекламы. Теперь Я говорю о рекламе алкоголизма и опять выхожу на евреев. По телевизору постоянно идут юмористические передачи, сценки, пьески, где героями являются пьяные русские и украинцы - рабочие, служащие, рядовые и офицеры, работники милиции, крестьяне, интеллигенция. Молодёжь, и взрослые тоже, пропитываются мыслью, программируются тем, что выпивки, пьянки, гулянки в семье, на работе, на отдыхе вещь интересная, весёлая и полезная. Таким же путём промываются мозги народа в газетах, журналах, рекламах. Хочешь быть олимпийским чемпионом - пей «Олимпийскую» водку. В фильмах, книгах изображают пьянство на Руси, корни которого будто бы уходят глубоко в старину. Что говорят историки и этнографы? Водка на Руси была завезена евреями в 1428 году и её сразу запретили. Снова появилась в середине 16 века! При Иоанне Грозном на всю Россию был только один питейный дом в Москве, назывался «Царёв кабак». Для евреев, которые везли в Россию водку и спаивали народ, Грозный издал указ : «Жидам ездити в Россию с торгами непригоже, что от них многие лиха делаются, что отварные зелья ( водку ) привозят и христиан от веры отваживают». Смотрит сегодня на Русь Иоанн Грозный и говорит : «Не прийти ли мне на Русь снова». Водка, которая в то время выпускалась на Руси, была менее крепкой и намного. Во всех фильмах, передачах жиды показывают русского царя Петра Первого много пьющим и устраивающим большие пьяные оргии. Без лжи поганое еврейское племя и жить не может. Пётр на Руси был главным противником пьянства, которое не только не поощрял, но жестоко наказывал. По указу Петра пьяницам на шею подвешивали чугунный круг, прикованный цепью. На такой «медали» было написано : «сей безобразно в пьянстве усердствовал». Русские люди в то время никогда не собирались для того, чтобы пить. Они собирались чтобы петь, а не пить. Все праздники славян изначально были праздниками песен, праздниками породнения. И сегодня ещё, особенно в сельской местности и редко в городах, когда люди собираются, то на первом месте стоит песня.

В дальнейшем иудеи, как раковая опухоль, всё равно пустили свои корни в Российскую державу и стали алкоголем загаживать все народы. В то время на Руси еврейские погромы происходили в основном по одной причине - против спаивания и растления народа. Поэт и писатель граф Алексей Толстой описал причины событий тех лет в балладе «Богатырь», отрывок:

Стучат и расходятся чарки,
Питейное дело растёт,
Жиды богатеют, жиреют,
Беднеет, худеет народ...
За двести миллионов Россия
Жидами на откуп взята,
За тридцать серебряных денег
Они же купили Христа...
Дерутся и режутся братья,
И мать дочерей продаёт,
Плач, песни и вой и проклятья -
Питейное дело растёт.

Эти слова сегодня более актуальны, чем тогда. Жидовские душегубы с тех пор выросли, обнаглели, их коварство и подлость, их презрение и брезгливость к народам стали безграничными. Но не видят они, что дни их сочтены, что пришли они к своему пределу жизни и всё уже подёрнулось невидимым для них саваном смертным. Забыли они крутой характер народа Русского. Мой брат, Иван Стомиллионный, простой философией владеет: «Терпеть, так уже до конца, а если нет, так чтоб всем тошно было». Всю мощь удара своего брат мой обрушит на иудо - фашистскую гидру и познает она силу духа русского. С нами Крестная Сила и Небесная Рать.

Для тебя, Иван Стомиллионный, Я привожу слова сестры твоей, Светланы Кустовой, г. Клин, из её стихотворения «Русские!»:

Русские, русские, русские!
Хватит вам ползать в грязи!
Знамя борьбы поднимайте
За очищенье страны!
Долго травили нас водкой,
Всех превращая в зверьё,
Освободите из плена
Гордое имя своё!
Русские, в бой поднимайтесь
Против сионской орды,
Сбросьте их с шеи народной,
Нам господа не нужны.

Русь - Матушка словами дочери своей Светланы сказала, что уже пробил час отведать змею жидовскому, которого на Гербе Российском добивает Воин Георгий, Силушку Богатырскую.

The reasons for pogroms. Who leads the Jews to the slaughter

27. Сегодня эпоха, в которой всё тайное становится явным. Находим останки динозавра, существовавшего 250 млн. назад, и по ним можем описать всю его жизнь, какие события с ним происходили и в каком возрасте. То, что происходило 15, 10 или одну тысячу лет назад, это всё равно, что сегодня.

Я здесь ещё раз скажу о причинах гонений и погромов еврейского народа, длящихся не одно тысячелетие. Первые погромы начались в древнем Египте, последние происходили в фашистской Германии.

Сегодня приближается очень возможный крупномасштабный погром евреев в нескольких странах одновременно. Все СМИ молчат об этом. В наше время есть много различных источников информаций, знаний, документов, которые ещё сто лет назад были тайнами для широких народных масс.

Всё это позволяет понять истинные причины страданий еврейского народа. Но есть кто - то, кто не хочет, чтобы ты, Еврей, знал, кто - то, кто боится, что ты, Еврей, пойдёшь по другому пути, где для тебя и твоей семьи никогда не будет больше горя. Вот он - то и есть твой враг и убийца твоего народа.

Когда возникает конфликтная ситуация между людьми, то самый лучший вариант всё решить миром, сесть вместе, поговорить и спокойно разобраться. Еврейский вопрос всё больше будоражит различные слои населения, от верха до низа, пока не дойдёт до точки взрыва.

Как и где может разобраться народ России, Украины с еврейским народом, т.е. где они могут посидеть вместе? Такое можно сделать только через средства массовой информации, телевидение, радио, прессу. Как ты считаешь - СМИ у нас свободные? Ты можешь сесть там и поговорить на волнующую всех тему? Все, кто пытался это сделать - а эту тему поднимали и поднимают и вдумчивые евреи, и русские, и украинцы - их всех начинают обвинять в разжигании национальной вражды.

Пресса, радио, телевидение сразу поднимают вой. Но кто правит ими? Ведь они сами являются продажными шавками, щенками в чьих - то руках. Все СМИ находятся во власти высшей жидовской олигархии как в России, Украине так и за рубежом. Вот и всё!

Мы вышли на иудейских оборотней, которые делают всё возможное и невозможное, чтобы ты, Еврей, никогда не узнал об истинных причинах твоих конфликтов с другими народами, чтобы ты их не смог устранить, чтобы они могли тебя использовать как пешку в своей подлой игре.

Они, скрывающие и замалчивающие от всего общества острые еврейские вопросы, способствуют только одному - разжиганию национальной вражды. Чем больше тебя, Еврея, ненавидят другие, тем проще жидовским тузам использовать тебя для достижения своих грязных целей.

Ты считаешь, что жидовская олигархия - это для тебя синяя птичка счастья? Нет, это ваши разбитые черепа. Вот их слова о тебе, Еврей, из дьявольского документа «Протоколы сионских мудрецов»:

«Антисемитизм нужен нам для управления нашими меньшими братьями».

Если ты будешь жить со всеми народами в мире и дружбе, то они не смогут тебя использовать. Твои хозяева с детства внушают тебе примитивную идею о том, что на протяжении всей истории, во всех странах, где жили евреи, они были невинными жертвами неевреев.

Все неевреи - это воплощение зла, все евреи - воплощение добра.
Евреи - это народ, которого избрал бог Яхве, богоизбранный, и они должны править другими народами, и все богатства которые у неевреев, в конце будут принадлежать евреям.

Тебе с детства объясняли, какие вероломные неевреи, ставя в пример народы Египта, Персии, Испании, Англии, России, Германии и ты искренне верил в беспредельную вину российского и украинского народа перед тобой и в это продолжают верить повально все евреи. В таком направлении нынешних еврейских детей зомбируют еще больше, чем тебя.

Это и есть идеология иудаизма, которая стремится держать еврейские массы тёмными и невежественными, делая их послушными для своих целей. Евреи умны, но при этом идут как стадо баранов, опутанные цепями духовного рабства, верят только тому, что говорят им сверху и не видя при этом, что их опять ведут на убой.

Мировые лидеры иудаизма делают всё, чтобы не была разгадана грязная многотысячелетняя игра иудеев, которые в своё время объявили еврейскую расу господствующей, внушили древней, красивой, здоровой нации коварство, подлость и стали использовать её как разрушительную силу против других народов.

Это также является причиной того, почему ты, Еврей, столько тысячелетий болтаешься по всем странам, не потому, что ты так хочешь, а потому, что так надо твоим хозяевам, которые богатеют и тучнеют на твоих несчастьях, бедах и гонениях.

Передовая мировая общественность понимает, что причины твоего разрушительного поведения находятся в идеологии иудо - фашизма, которую ты когда- то принял.

Надо не мир спасать от иудеев, а евреев спасать от «иудейской мудрости», от дурмана иудаизма. Спасением для тебя, Еврей, является уничтожение без промедления иудо - фашистской идеологии и дьявола в своём сердце. Только так ты спасёшь своих детей и внуков и весь еврейский народ.

Срочное спасение России и Украины от иудо - фашизма есть спасение еврейства от гибели. Дорог для тебя в этом направлении много. Действуй. Я предупредил.

Разрешение тысячелетнего конфликта никогда не будет исходить от жидовских маньяков, сидящих наверху. Это возможно только после отстранения их от власти.

Первым и основным для тебя, Иван Стомиллионный, и для тебя, Еврей, есть замена всех еврейских кадров в госаппаре и частном крупном бизнесе на национальные патриотические кадры. Действуйте.

Не отбросьте сказанное Мною. Не применённое, ляжет оно грузом тяжким на вас. Ты, Еврей, возлюби Русь, это твоя истинная Родина и в ней твоё спасение.

Я, Воин, меняю лозунг, который тысячу лет был на Руси «Бей жидов»
на лозунг «Уничтожить иудо - фашизм».

Что делать. Иди на врага с Радостью

28. Моё послание направлено на то, чтобы ты обрёл прозрение и стал воином, и всё, что было сказано Мною, было применено в твоей жизни. Теперь невозможно тебе оправдаться тем, что чего - то не знаешь и не понимаешь. Теперь ты знаешь то, что тебе необходимо. Давно сказано «И спросится с каждого». Не бойся крутых перемен, смело иди в новые события и новые места. Я показал тебе, кто твой враг, и дал направление на сегодня. Действуй немедленно, в пути возмужаешь. Остальное потом. Твой тайный двигатель - это мечта о Новой единой России. Кем бы ты ни был, где бы ты ни был, каждый день совершай подвиг. Подвиг - это не только с гранатой под танк. Ты понял и узрел, что творится на Руси, кто её грабит, кто создаёт законы для грабежа, какая сволочь ей помогает и защищает - это и есть твой первый подвиг. Дела большие и малые все важны в мире одинаково. Дал другим читать книгу на эту тему - твой подвиг. Учишь детей, чтобы они чувствовали себя героями и были похожи на великих героев России - это твой подвиг. Твоя жизнь без подвига бессмысленна. Не считай себя слабым. Народу нужны герои. Идти без героев - это идти к пропасти. Собирайтесь вместе, покупайте необходимые книги, так дешевле, каждый читает одну, потом обсуждаете. Организовывайте общества освобождения русского народа от иудо - фашистского ига и общества еврейского народа освобождения от той же заразы. Когда народ идёт протестовать, чего - то требовать, т.е. хочет для своего существования самого необходимого, вы идите с транспарантами, где указаны истинные виновники и то, что необходимо делать; пример лозунгов :

Государство в опасности - иудаизм.
Еврейская олигархия - враги народа.
Вон жидов со всех постов.
Вон жидократию.
Жиды - это черви на теле России.
Смерть иудо - фашизму.
Не извиняем, не прощаем зло и подлость жидов.
Хочешь быть богатым - выгони жида из кабинета.
Долой оккупацию еврейских нацистов.
Поможем Георгию Победоносцу в уничтожении иудо - фашистской гидры.
Иудаизм - чума века.
Русский не правит в Израиле, почему жид правит в России.

На плакатах и в ваших выступлениях не должно быть фраз об избиении и гонениях евреев. Действуйте в двух направлениях. 1. Уничтожение иудо - фашистской идеологии. 2. Устранение евреев с высших руководящих постов государства и частного бизнеса. Сейчас люди кричат, требуют того, что нужен кусок хлеба, но пришла пора требовать, что необходима свобода и независимость от власти еврейской олигархии и всей созданной ими жидодемократии, высасывающей богатства и Величие Державы. Честное разрешение еврейско - российского конфликта никогда не будет исходить от еврейской гегемонии, что окончательно обострит конфликт и приведёт к погромам и бойне евреев. Маятник зла и разрушения, с силой пущенный еврейскими тузами в сторону славянских народов, уже остановился и сейчас, с еще большей силой и размахом, пойдёт в сторону еврейского народа. Только после того, как евреи будут отстранены от экономической и политической власти, появится возможность мирного разрешения тысячелетнего конфликта.

Ты, Иван, и ты, Еврей, начинайте без промедления активно действовать на своих местах. Бросьте руководствоваться личным, идите путём ценности общего блага, вы же и будете в выигрыше. Дел в этом направлении великое множество, выбирай по силам, каждому есть, чем заняться. Обстановка созрела, как никогда. Твоя активность проявит лидеров и вождей, которые всегда есть; но кого им сегодня вести и на кого опираться, если народ дремлет. Я указую на дела разные, не только демонстрации и плакаты. Если ты депутат районной, городской, областной или Государственной Думы и в тебе национально - патриотические качества, в тебе любовь к своему народу, то поле твоей деятельности безгранично. Национальной российско - украинской элите необходимо создать национальный трибунал о деяниях евреев в 1917 - 1934 годы, и деяниях последних пятнадцати лет - о проведении ими экспроприации общенационального достояния русского народа, что сегодня признано в мире крупнейшим в истории человечества уголовным, политическим и экономическим преступлением века. Даю вам ещё одно направление. Подайте в ближайший районный суд исковое заявление о религии иудаизма как источнике и распространителе фашистской идеологии. Районный суд не согласен, подавайте в городской, областной, Верховный. Это получит широкую огласку в России, Украине, наконец - то народ откроет глаза и уши, углубиться мыслью и поймёт ужас происходящего. Это сегодня самое главное . Выбрось мысль о невозможности. Уничтожь всякое уныние. Простись с прошлым, не цепляйся за старое. Иди на врага с Радостью. Возблагодари мир за ниспосланные испытания.

«Воины должны сражаться, и Бог даст им Победу»
-- Орлеанская Дева

«Мы - русские. С нами Бог! Какое счастье!»
-- А. В. Суворов


29. Есть то, что для паразитической олигархии иудеев подобно смерти. Это то, что для нашего народа, для нашей Великой Державы есть спасение.
Это созревшая необходимость единоличного главы государства вместо продажной, со звериным оскалом, демократически - либеральной «справедливости». Я говорю о Вожде. Вождь - есть смерть пирующим жидам во время чумы. Вождь - это не сегодняшний произвол бесконтрольной еврейской власти в России, и не разномастные политиканы и депутаты, сознательно запугивающие обманутый и оболганный народ. Вождь есть гарантия экономической стабильности государства и защита Земли Русской от еврейских дегенератов.

Иван Стомиллионный и Еврей, увидьте, что нет иного пути к величию нашей нации. Не будьте близорукими. Примеров тому множество в нашей истории и в истории других стран. Любой народ становится великим, встав вместе около одной личности. Как только кучка еврейских махинаторов что - то услышит о вожде в прошлом или о необходимости его сегодня, то все СМИ сразу начинают выть, как перепуганные шакалы, что это беззаконие, это не демократично, это фашистская диктатура, долой любого вождя. Я тебе говорю, что жиды - это кровожадные паразиты, которые питаются смутою и разложением; ложь и мерзость лежит в их природе, они гребут твоё богатство и пожирают роскошь.

Летит большой пассажирский самолёт, на борту несколько сот человек. В любой ситуации принимает решение и несёт всю ответственность только один человек - командир корабля. Он получает от других информацию, советы - но решение только от него. Кто может сказать, что он ненавистный диктатор?

Морской суперлайнер, на борту несколько тысяч человек. Для управления лайнером принимает решения только капитан и он несёт полную ответственность. Кто скажет, что он диктатор - фашист? А что будет, если все на лайнере начнут создавать партии, выдвигать депутатов, голосовать и по большинству принимать решения? Будет то, что творится в России и Украине. Когда подобная ситуация возникает на судне, капитан имеет полное право применить оружие для уничтожения выродков, представляющих опасность движению корабля.

Сегодня на Руси необходима сильная национальная русская власть, преданная делу России, верная, неподкупная, которая восстановит правильный ход государственного механизма, нарушенный еврейским либерализмом. Точно такое же мнение имеют и сами евреи о необходимости вождя для управления государством. Берём бывшие особо секретные у иудеев «Протоколы сионских мудрецов», где говорится, что после полного захвата власти евреями в государстве :

«... целесообразно для пользы страны, управление должно сосредоточиться в руках одного ответственного лица... План управления должен выходить готовым из одной головы, потому, что его не скрепишь, если допустить его раздробление на клочки в многочисленных головах.... Если обсуждать и изменять подобную работу многочисленным голосованием, то она понесёт на себе печать всех умственных недоразумений...»

Если ты еще не полностью убеждён в необходимости вождя, то прочти «Протоколы» внимательно, там этот вопрос расписан иудеями подробно.

Российский народ понял, насколько сильно необходим сегодня Вождь. Невозможно представить, чтобы при Вожде в России могла бесноваться кучка еврейских маньяков, пустившая по миру миллионы православного люда, пирующая в открытую при всём честном народе, купившая фабрики, заводы, парламент, судей, прессу. Невозможно представить, чтобы при Вожде могла возникнуть проблема Чечни. Нет, для этого нужна была еврейская «демократия» и «либерализм». Некоторые люди под воздействием еврейских СМИ возражают против принятия Вождя, но не имеют ничего предложить в замен. Такие люди в минуту опасности первыми пойдут за Вождём. Ты уже понимаешь, что такое Вождь. Вождь неподкупен, ибо он не стремится владеть земными богатствами. Ты знаешь, что Вождь придёт. Ты хочешь иметь ответственного за государство одного Вождя, а не сборище из сотен депутатов, членов правительства и всего государственного аппарата.

Проникнись чувством создаваемого Нового Российского государства во главе с Вождём, и держи это в сердце. Благополучие дома зависит от хорошего хозяина.
Благополучие государства - от мудрого Вождя.

Ты теперь воин

30. Иван Стомиллионный, теперь ты воин. Еврей, теперь ты воин. Время пришло подняться всем вместе, поддерживая друг друга и уберегая от падения. Когда мы вместе, мы являем собой войско несметное. Победоносным российским воинам Я даю силы, щит, доспехи. Теперь от вас зависит день Победы. Полюби будущее Венценосной России, это будет опорой в дне сегодняшнем, тогда ничто тебя не остановит. Помни, тебе даны силы несметные, чтобы приложить к общей цели. Там, куда ты идёшь - сияет Радость. Я, Воин, тружусь во имя этого. Прими Мой приказ: иди Подвигом, сурово и непреклонно.


В этой части получишь знания и силы, которые укрепят тебя в своей правоте и вере.


31. СМИРЕНИЕ. Нынешние служители христианской церкви, которые всё больше становятся с прожидью, объясняют понятие смирения так, что ты начинаешь чувствовать себя рабом жизни, обязанным нести на себе безропотно до конца дней своих крест страданий и мучений, надеясь на компенсацию в Царстве Небесном. Они толкуют смирение как непротивление злу насилием. Обманывают они тебя. Они хотят, чтобы ты не протестовал, не возражал, не подымал меч на грабителей своих и своего народа. Хочешь лучше жить - иди молись, но сам ничего не изменяй. Ложь это! Я, Воин, говорю, что вера без действий мертва, молитвы без действий мертвы. Это похоже на человека, которому нужен дом и ему посоветовали ходить в храм и больше молиться. Он молился несколько лет, но никакого просвета. Спросил у Всевышнего, в чём же дело? Тот ему говорит, как же я тебе помогу, ведь ты целыми днями молишься, но ничего не делаешь. В боевых дружинах на Руси всегда были отряды из монахов. Для врагов они были самыми опасными: в сердце молитва, на груди крест, а в руках меч. Истинное смирение - это высшее состояние воина. Преодолевая малые и большие препятствия в жизни, ведя борьбу за лучшее, сражаясь с врагом, воин должен воспринимать все проявления жизни такими, какие они есть, без обид, без переживаний, без печали. Истинный воин, достигший вершин смирения, всегда находится в радости и спокойном состоянии духа, где бы он ни находился, что бы вокруг ни происходило, какую бы битву он ни вёл. Потому он всегда самоотвержен, самоотречён и все пропасти в жизни проходит с песнями.

Когда бьют по одной щеке, говорят христиане, подставь другую. Это касается тех случаев, когда твой противник значительно слабее тебя. Сознательно дав возможность ему ударить, ты этим показываешь своё превосходство и победу, и его унижение. Такой приём используется и в политике, и в идеологии, и в морали.

Любить врагов своих. И это в христианстве толкуется неверно. Любить - не значит разрешить врагу делать то, что он хочет. Когда любишь кого - то, ты излучаешь на него энергию любви и она своей силой нейтрализует, трансмутирует в другом человеке злость, ненависть в положительную энергию. Напряжённые отношения между вами исчезают и твой противник, сам не понимаю почему, может стать твоим союзником.


32. ЖЕНЩИНА. Нашим внутренним врагом одна часть населения постоянно натравливается на другую, одна нация на соседнюю, верующий одного учения на верующего другого учения. Это касается и существующего напряжения между мужчинами и женщинами. Кто лучше, умнее, сильнее, глубже, справедливее, одухотворённее? Я задам вопрос, что важнее: лук или стрела, корни или верх дерева, Земля или Небеса, почва или вода? В эпоху матриархата женщины считали мужчин примитивными существами, пригодными только для тяжёлой физической работы и продолжения рода. В управлении государством, в искусстве, в храмах были только женщины. В эпоху патриархата мужчины считали женщин пригодными только для домашнего хозяйства и рождения детей. Сегодня продолжают выяснять тот же вопрос - кто важнее? Пора набраться мудрости и понять, что женщина ответственна за одну сторону жизни, а мужчина за другую, и только вместе они могут создавать совершенство и красоту. Мужчине свойственно логическое, холодное, техническое мышление, женщине - интуиция, энергии сердца. Женщина находит решение проблемы сразу, она просто знает, но почему так происходит - не объяснит. Мужчина ту же проблему решать будет логически, собирая необходимую информацию, потратив много энергии и много времени. В зависимости от проблемы, у него уходят на это часы, недели, месяцы, иногда годы. Если же в основу были положены неверные данные, то опять он начинает всё сначала. Женщина и мужчина должны все жизненные проблемы решать вместе, как на семейном, так и на государственном уровне. Это закон природы, закон равноправия и равновесия начал мужского и женского. В народе говорится, что женщина это одна половина, а мужчина - другая, и только вместе получается одно целое. Преобладание везде в государстве мужчин порождает неуравновешенность, напряжённость и разрушение. Участие женщины в обсуждении и решении вопросов экономики и обороны, политики и дипломатии, морали и нравственности, культуры и духовности, т.е. того, что созидает судьбу народа и государства, обязательно, и число женщин в таких органах должно быть не менее половины. Женщины дают жизнь народу и имеют полное право распоряжаться его судьбою.

Женщина России, наступило твоё время возрождения, наступила эпоха Матери Мира. Неси высшие энергии и облагораживай мужчин, вдохновляй их на подвиг.


33. ПРАВОСЛАВИЕ. Не устоять дереву без крепких корней, не устоять дому без мощного фундамента, трудно устоять русскому народу без прочной связи со своим великим прошлым, великими Предками, Великим Учением исконной веры древних русичей. На всех государственных уровнях, в культуре и через продажные СМИ делается всё возможное для уничтожения исторической памяти россиян. Тебе внушается, что на Руси письменность появилась чуть более тысячи лет назад после создания азбуки братьями христианами Кириллом и Мефодием и только после этого начала развиваться культура славян. Ещё немного, и окажется, что славяне до того бегали в шкурах по лесам. Многие спрашивают, если до Киевской Руси уже существовало мощное государство славян, так где же развалины тех городов, где их учения, где их культура. Я раньше говорил : сегодня такое время, что всё тайное становится явным. Давно найдены развалины наших древних славянских городов, нашей письменности, нашей культуры, нашей Православной Веры. Всё это хорошо известно в узких научных кругах, но делается так, чтобы народ знал как можно меньше. По телевидению, в книгах, в газетах, журналах могут говорить и разъяснять историю древнего Египта, Греции, Рима, Палестины, но только не России. Это самая закрытая тема - боятся, гады. Даже в научно - популярной программе «Очевидное - невероятное» такие темы обходят стороной. Ведёт Капица передачу - какие календари, где и у каких народов и когда существовали. Ни слова не было сказано о древнем Славяно - Арийском Календаре на каждый год и о Круголете на 144 года. По ним определялись имена, характеры, какой год, что принесёт народу, праздники Веры. Славянские календари были отменены при Петре I. Если ты будешь знать только о календарях, и то всё равно много поймёшь и увидишь величие своих Предков. Боятся жиды. На другой TV передаче Капица говорит о древнем Египте, но никогда у него не было ни одной передачи о Святой Руси, существовавшей последние 20 тыс. лет до самого рождества Христова. Материалов по теме сегодня имеется предостаточно. Иудейская верхушка дегенератов хочет скрыть великое прошлое славянских народов, отобрать твою историю, подменить твои духовные ценности. Жиды враждебны ко всему российскому, у них в душе ужас и страх перед своим ближайшим будущим. Если ты будешь знать всё о своей Великой Руси, о своих великих Предках, у тебя исчезнет рабское чувство зависимости и ты властно изгонишь отовсюду чужеродцев, тварей двуногих. Сегодня по всем СМИ усиливается обгаживание великих царей и вождей России, но при этом нет ни слова истины о кровавых «царях»- евреях: Ленине и Троцком, которые уничтожили в несколько раз больше народа, чем все цари и Сталин за все последние тысячу лет истории Руси. Нет ни слова о том, что истинными виновниками начала Второй Мировой Войны явились евреи, организовавшие грабеж Германии с 1918 года. Нет ни слова о том, как они грабили и продолжают грабить Россию и Украину, как проводят в жизнь законы, позволяющие им это делать, как вывозят миллиарды и миллиарды за рубеж.

Так какое же право имеют люди, лишённые всего человеческого, да и люди ли это, судить царей и вождей России, оплёвывать великих русских писателей и поэтов, уничтожать и искажать прошлое. С какой стати они присвоили себе право лезть со своим суконным жидовским рылом в калашный ряд российской истории. Я, Воин, говорю тебе, Иван Стомиллионный, и тебе, Еврей, когда поливают грязью в СМИ Великую Россию - не верьте, но жидам передайте - пусть срочно, через те же СМИ начнут каяться, в этом их спасение.

При Иоанне Грозном составитель карт Сибири ему сообщил, что на слиянии рек Оми и Иртыша обнаружен очень большой разрушенный город. Об этом же сообщили и Петру I. Он приказал построить там острог, а потом и город, получивший название Омск. Разрушенный город - это была столица Славяно - Арийского государства Асгард Ирийский с Великим Храмом. Храм у славян назывался Капище. Сохранившуюся там часть подземных ходов использовали после строительства Успенского собора, потом ходы использовали органы ОГПУ, а сегодня ФСБ. В Омске также обнаружен древний подземный город, по возрасту старше египетских пирамид. При сносе старой ТЭЦ были обнаружены ещё более древние подземные хода. При раскопках городищ и захоронений в других местах Сибири везде находят предметы быта и культуры, принадлежащие исключительно Славянской культуре.

Теперь о Свастике. Почему иудеи так её боятся? Нет, это с фашистской Германией не связано. Жиды и здесь лгут тебе. Они боятся, чтобы ты не узнал, что Свастика есть древний Русский символ. На первых денежных купюрах большевиков, достоинством 5 000 и 100 000 рублей 1918 года были изображены в центре крупные Свастики. Чтобы получить поддержку населения Сибири в 1918 году, нарукавные повязки для бойцов Красной Армии имели изображение Свастики с буквами РСФСР. Когда еврейская революционная сволочь полностью захватила власть в России и надобность в поддержке народа отпала, они отказались от Свастики и оставили только еврейскую пятиконечную звезду, серп и молот. Я не ошибся, сказав «пятиконечная - еврейская», так же как и шестиконечная. Если внимательно посмотреть на русские, особенно сибирские вышивки на рубашках, полотенцах, на вязаных рукавицах, поясах, вырезанных орнаментах на домах, то везде встретишь древнейший славянский символ. Свастика имеется на мозаичном полу и потолке Эрмитажа, на куполе московского храма Василия Блаженного. Наши предки использовали для различных целей различные начертания Свастики, их насчитывается 144 вида. Свастика несёт в себе колоссальную внутреннюю энергию.

Иудеи врут тебе, говоря, что русичи поклонялись только идолам и деревяшкам, это у них от страха перед тобой. В Православной Вере русичей Бог Всевышний - это Род Вседержитель, один и единственный для всех. От Рода произошло в мире всё остальное. От Него же произошли и слова : Родина, родник, Природа, родственник. Ниже Рода ( Бога ) стоит древнерусский Пантеон всех остальных богов природы, планет, земли, стихий, царств, времён года и других, всего 108 богов.

Почему учение русичей называется Православным? Ими признавалось существование трёх миров - подземный Мир Нави, земной Мир Яви, и небесный Мир Прави. Православие - это славить высший Мир Прави. Когда пришло христианство на Русь, оно много впитало в себя от русского Православия и стало называться Православное Христианство. Все основные праздники в Христианстве совпадают по датам с праздниками Православия. И сами учения Христа и славян не противоречат друг другу. Просто Православие более объёмно, охватывает громадное количество разных сторон материальной и духовной жизни. Учение же Христа, в первую очередь было направлено на спасение евреев от иудейского рабства, но, как видим, последние две тысячи лет изменений у них что-то не произошло, зато беды и страдания продолжают расти. Сегодняшнее проникновение большим потоком иудеев в Христианство может разрушить религию изнутри, но не само учение, которое было создано Христом. Иудеи стремятся направить изнутри религию Христианства против учения Христа, стремятся распять Его ещё раз.

Великая Мать - Жизнь, видя грязные проделки иудеев с христианством, стала возрождать славянское Православие. Уже существуют многочисленные Славяно-Арийские и Родовые Общины, Духовные Управления, Духовные учебные заведения в России, Белоруссии и часть в Украине. Они действуют открыто, пройдя регистрацию в государственных органах. Свято место пусто не бывает.

Слава Роду Всесущему
Всебогу Вседержителю!
Слава Роду Небесному
Да Предкам нашим.
      Гой! Слава! Слава! Слава!
Вои Перуна, во славу Руси,
Честно оружье поднимут
За Землю родную
Предкам для чести,
Потомкам для жизни.
Слава Перуну!
       Гой! Слава! Слава! Слава!
                                            «Вещий  Словник»

Более ста лет назад, великий русский писатель Ф. М. Достоевский, гениально предвидя наше время, написал : «Затуманится Русь, заплачет земля по старым Богам».

Спиртное. Наркотики. Разврат

34. СПИРТНОЕ. Наркотики. Разврат. Академик В. Н. Емельянов выдвинул лозунг : «Куришь, пьёшь вино и пиво - ты пособник Телль-Авива». Некоторые носили рубашки, на спине которых был написан этот призыв. Русь кровоточит, ждёт помощи. Сестра и брат мой, Я дал вам звание воина. А что делаете вы? Пиво, водка- брось! Разврат - брось! Наркотики - брось! Тоску и завывания и причитания по своим годам - брось! Не отпевай себя прежде кончины своей. Достойную смерть заслужить надо. Сейчас для этого нет времени. Освежи голову буйную и хмельную от угара долгого. Отпразднуем потом. Сегодня празднуют жиды «Чудо возрождения иудаизма в России». Брось всё, что мешает спасать Россию. Строй новую жизнь. Ты воин - ты кузнец своего счастья. Помни своих Предков, родство своё помни. Не жалей своих сил - ты, дети, внуки будете жить в сияющей новой России. Иудеи одурманивают тебя водкой, вином, пивом, наркотиками, ранним развратом, насилием. Они превращают тебя в заспиртованное животное, хотят заковать цепями алкоголизма и наркомании, морального и духовного разложения, превратить в бездушного зомби, которым легче управлять. Иудеи - это вирус, чума, зараза для всех народов. Но этот вирус поражает только ослабевших духом и волей. Я, Воин, указую тебе - обнаружь и увидь в себе великие качества и примени их в жизни. Наполнись духом ликующим, не теряй веры, не теряй надежды, не считай себя слабым и путь станет лёгким! В каждом человеке, каким бы он себя слабым ни считал, имеется скрытая внутренняя мощь духа и воли. Ты их можешь проявить, например, занимаясь некоторыми восточными единоборствами. Но можно их проявить и другим путём, прослаивая себя ежедневно волевыми мыслями и ощущениями. И неожиданно для всех, даже слабохарактерный человек, примирившийся с собственной ничтожностью, вдруг проявляет качества кремния и из презираемого червя превращается в сияющего воина.

Даю тебе минимально необходимый перечень качеств воина.
1. Всёсокрушающая сила. Несокрушимость. Бесстрашие. Неумолимость. Справедливость.
2. Беспредельная любовь ко всему живому. Возвышенность. Свобода. Независимость.
3. Разрушение зла. Созидание добра. Требовательность. Строгость.
4. Царственность. Сиятельность. Торжественность. Рассудительность. Здоровье.
   Мудрость. Неотразимость.

В первый день берёшь первое качество из первой группы «всёсокрушающая сила» и весь день, чем бы ни занимался, ощущаешь это качество в себе. Во второй день - из второй группы и т.д. На следующем круге берёшь во всех группах вторые качества. Когда всё пройдёшь многократно и укрепишь глубоко, далее на день берёшь все качества одной группы, и так продолжай постоянно. Ты сам не заметишь, как взлетишь. Твоя воля произведёт дивные изменения. Мечта - мысль - воображение - реальность. Верь в сказанное Мною и всё одолеешь. «По вере вашей, да будет вам».


35. АРМИЯ. Сильная армия - гарантия мира. Есть две причины необходимости существования армии . 1. Защита государства. 2. Армия - могучая школа мужества, препятствующая вырождению народа. Все мужчины должны уметь защищать свою Родину, народ и свои интересы. Мужчина - это воин и, в первую очередь, воин духа. Он обязан вырабатывать в себе сильный характер, волю, решимость. Через Армию - школу мужества, должны пройти все юноши, чтобы, выйдя на гражданку, быть настоящими мужчинами. Сегодня стоящие у власти, а стоят у власти иудеи, проводят политику отмены всеобщей воинской обязанности и перехода к сугубо профессиональной Армии. Наёмная Армия устраивает только их. Наёмник воюет часто не за Родину, а за деньги. При возмущении народных масс наёмников легко направить против народа, а если необходимо, пригласить наёмников из других стран. Ты пойми идею всеобщей воинской повинности в её подлинном высоком значении. Сильный и действительно прочный мир можно завоевать лишь тогда, когда опираешься на реальные героические силы всего народа. Слава воину, Ивану Стомиллионному!

Экономика. Мораль и нравственность

36. ЭКОНОМИКА. Мораль и нравственность. Берём для ясности две большие семьи, человек по двадцать - тридцать. В одной семье проповедуется одно - самое главное в жизни деньги, богатство, всё остальное чушь собачья. Будут деньги - будет всё. Во второй семье в первую очередь проповедуется доброта, любовь, взаимопомощь, уважение как в семье, так и к другим, любовь к труду и необходимость в достатке содержать себя и свою семью. Первая семья или быстро развалится, или, если там крепкий хозяин, просуществует значительно дольше. Но в такой семье всегда будут напряжения, острые конфликты, недовольства, обманы, болезни и никогда не будет счастья и радости. То же самое происходило в разных странах при объединении людей в общины и коммуны. Из тысячи общин распадалось 980, цель существования которых была только материальное изобилие. Оставались те, которые объединялись на морально-нравственной основе. То же касается любого государства, в том числе России и Украины. Только материальная основа, только достижения экономики никогда не делают государство прочным и надёжным и, в конце концов, обязательно приведут его к распаду. В истории Земли таких примеров множество.

Нынешнее прожидовское правление России главным пропагандирует достижение в жизни денег, богатств, капитала, и на этом строит всю свою политику. Иудейская идеология ещё не принесла благ ни одному народу, в среде которых проживали евреи. Рост экономики, даже рост благосостояния народа не спасёт Россию. Одно только материальное богатство делает людей скотами, поклонниками золотого тельца. Где величие? В первую очередь необходимо патриотическое, национальное воспитание, возрождение и оздоровление духа самосохранения и пламенная воля. Дальше расцвет и богатство приходят без проблем. Как только патриотические качества в народе исчезают, государство гибнет. Теперь ты понимаешь, что основой, базой является высокая идеология, мораль и нравственность, а расцвет экономики - это вторично, оно следует из первого. Россия выйдет из кризиса лишь в том случае, если везде, на всех руководящих постах будут свои, национальные кадры, несущие национальную мораль и идеи, которым служили наши предки. Общество без высокой морали мертво. Ты уже убедился, что засилье мнимых ценностей, пропагандируемых еврейскими СМИ, лишает человека всяких надежд. Зло, существующее в России и Украине - это последствия разрушающей иудейской морали. Для них деньги, золото - единственный смысл и цель жизни, для них материальная нажива с помощью ими же созданных грабительских законов и есть разрушительный идеал иудея. Раздирают Украину и Россию. Кто это делает и для чего это надо? На Украине травят русский язык, на котором разговаривает 20 миллионов человек, почти половина населения Украины. Кто это преступление делает и для чего? Возьмём простой народ Западной Украины, Карпат. Он что, против того, чтобы в Крыму и в большинстве областей Восточной Украины, где до 90 % русских, говорили, учили, вели делопроизводство как на украинском, так и на русском языках? Конечно, нет. Он считает, как удобно народу, так и пусть будет. Так кто же раздирает и стравливает? Опять выходим туда же, на государственный уровень, встречаем ту же самую сволочь, цель которой грабить и разрушать. Они начинают утверждать, что украинский и русский народы - это не братья, это различные народы и у них различные исторические корни. Я говорю примерно то же. Украинцы, россияне и белорусы не могут быть братьями, т.к. они есть одно целое, одна раса - русы, разорванные иудейской гидрой на три кровоточащие части.

Теперь ты знаешь, что такое смирение. Ты знаешь, что принцип терпимости нельзя применять ко всем явлениям в жизни общества, особенно к тем, которые разрушают и уничтожают существование государства.
Ударили по одной щеке - подставь другую здесь не подходит. Вынужденная жёсткость по уничтожению иудо-фашистской идеологии не только милосердна, но еще и спасительна для еврейского народа. Если бы она была применена в 20-х годах в Германии, то не появился бы германский нацизм, не было бы Второй Мировой Войны, не было Освенцима, Бабьего Яра и многих других трагических событий.

Основные мировые религии проповедуют Любовь, Мудрость, Радость, ведущие все народы в Высшие Сферы Красоты Бытия. Только одна религия - иудаизм, идёт в обратном направлении - неся всем разрушение. Для тебя, Иван и Еврей, даю лозунг, перефразируя Блока: «Мировой пожар иудо-фашистской гидре раздуем. Господи благослови!». Я указал, спешите, помощь в пути. Всё обернётся во благо. И свершится чудо, попрание и истребление еврейского и российского народа, продолжающееся тысячелетие, закончится.

Красота. Радость

37. КРАСОТА. Радость. Ежедневно ты решаешь одну и ту же задачу - это хорошо или плохо. Что бы ты ни делал, такой вопрос возникает постоянно. Как оценить поступки детей, друзей, просмотренный фильм, события в обществе и, в первую очередь, конечно, свои действия. Такое продолжается всю жизнь. Поступки, совершённые сегодня, определяют твою жизнь завтра и в последующие годы, изменяют твою судьбу. Так чем же измерять жизнь сегодня, чтобы делать меньше ошибок в выборе дальнейшего пути? Есть такая мерка. Оценива?? всё красотою! Если у тебя внутри возникает чувство прекрасного, чувство Красоты от того человека, явления или своих мыслей, действий, которые оцениваешь, значит, оно верно, истинно и ты можешь идти в этом направлении. Не путай ??увство Красоты с удовольствием. Мучая другого человека, садист получает удовольствие, но не ощущение Красоты. Если внутри не возникает ничего или даже возникает отталкивание, откажись, как бы внешне оно не казалось приятным. Значит, источник для тебя тёмный и, что бы в этом случае ни говорили, верь только себе. Прислушивайся к голосу сердечному. Применяй во всех жизненных неопределённых обстоятельствах. Пусть будет это даже пустыня, тайга, горы и ты не знаешь, куда идти. Поверь мне, Воину, примени сказанное и получишь самое верное решение на тот момент.

Второе - будь всегда радостен. Радость даст тебе силы, даст тебе здоровье, любовь, друзей и будет служить прочным щитом от бед. Чем труднее в жизни, тем крепче держи радость внутри. Если вечно недоволен, то кому ты нужен? Такой человек не найдёт себе друзей, достойную половину, но зато всегда будет иметь букет болезней и неприятностей. Человек без радости, вечно недовольный - это чаша с ядом для всех. Человек с радостью - это чаша с эликсиром жизни. Радость - это твои крылья, путь к победе. Во время Великой Отечественной Войны, как тяжело ни было, но все песни на фронте были наполнены радостью, верою, оптимизмом.

Радуйся борьбе с иудо-нацизмом. Жизнь дала злодейское племя, чтобы ты, Иван, и ты, Еврей, смогли взрастить себя героями. Давно сказано «Всё обернётся во благо». Благослови безумных жидов и препятствия, которые они создают - это ступени твоего героического восхождения. Где бы смог испытать искусство воина и познать себя? Всё, сказанное Мною, прими к действию, а не к размышлениям.


38. ИСКУССТВО. Я всё объясню просто - каково искусство, таков и народ. Искусство может поднять из темноты, возвысить, изменить жизнь к лучшему как в материальном, так и в духовном плане, но оно может сделать из тебя и дебила. Искусство или создаёт человека, или разрушает. Оно действует на подсознание людей. Даже в музыке есть такое понятие, как зомбирование музыкой. Сегодня в основном всё, что льётся из средств массовой информации, с подмостков театров всех уровней, с художественных выставок, из газет и литературы - это настоящий поток фекалий. Давай определим, кто хозяин этого дерьма? Опять выходим на тех же извращенцев, жидов-дегенератов. Они стоят во главе СМИ, руководят театрами, печатными изданиями. Они с наслаждением купаются в клоаке чернухи, дурного вкуса, вульгарной эротики, сального местечкового юмора. Везде, где они, там процветают гомосексуализм и педерастия. Как утверждают евреи, это говорит об их «божественной природе». Сегодня даже талантливым, признанным артистам, трудно устроится в театр, если они не извращенцы. Нравственно помешанные евреи не переносят всё чистое, возвышенное. По той же причине они ненавидят богатую русскую историю, народ, православную веру, наших предков, великих писателей, поэтов и духовных Учителей. Всё русское на них действует, как сияние Солнца на Тьму. Их же ещё и чёрная зависть душит. За последнее тысячелетие они, считающие себя божественными и выше всех, не смогли создать ничего божественного и высокого. Их путь отмечен грабежом, развратом, подлостью.

Искусство должно отражать только красоту Природы, Мудрость жизни, величие всех явлений, простоту. Ужасы реальности, в исключительных случаях, можно показать только с целью осуждения и предупреждения тех, кто это несёт, но не восхваления, как делают душевно больные иудеи, барахтающиеся на морально-нравственных помойках жизни. Я тебя, Иван Стомиллионный и Еврей, спрашиваю, если вся эта жидовская грязь, в которой они благоухают и навязывают тебе, вызывает отвращение, так чего же ты ждёшь?

Гитлер. Освенцим

39. ГИТЛЕР. Как ты считаешь, почему иудеи всеми силами стремятся запретить издавать и распространять книгу Гитлера «Моя борьба», которая была написаны в 1924 году? Больше всего они боятся того, что её могут читать обычные евреи, т.е. еврейский народ. Ответ простой: там есть что-то, что противоречит жидовским измышлениям об истинных причинах войны и уничтожения евреев. Тебя, Еврей, как всегда, ведут не в ту сторону и на уши вешают не то, что есть. Германия. Революционные события 1918 года. Те же самые жидки в тех же самых кожаных куртках, что и в России в то время. Иудеи, похотливо давясь, пожирают Германию, за бесценок скупают заводы, фабрики, дома, всё, что имеет ценность. Издают пошлые грязные газеты, книги. Страна деморализована и к 1933 году полностью погрузилась в темноту. Естественной реакцией на события в Германии, вызванные разрушительными действиями евреев, явилось спасительное для немецкого народа и государства появление Гитлера и создание им национал-социалистической партии.

Из беседы Б.Березовского с Э.Тополем:

«...когда в Германии все немецкие деньги оказались в руках
еврейских банкиров, думавших лишь о приумножении своих богатств,
там появился Гитлер».

Гитлер злодей, но одновременно был великим государственным и военным деятелем. В Германии того времени Гитлер начал строить немецкий социализм, который позволил сплотить всю нацию в одно целое.

Из «Хрестоматии немецкой молодёжи», 1938 г.:

«Социализм означает: общее благо выше личных интересов;
думать не о себе, а о целом; каждому своё, а не каждому одно и то же».

Финансово-экономическая деятельность всех крупных бизнесменов была взята под жёсткий государственный контроль. Свои капиталы они были обязаны вкладывать только в развитие Германии и на благо народа. Это как раз то, чего боится сегодня разжиревшая еврейская олигархия в России и Украине.

Во времена Гитлера весь Запад называл Россию Советской Иудеей. Гитлер считал, что поскольку Россия отдалась во власть жидов, то он имеет полное право править ею вместо них.

Что было дальше, ты знаешь сам, хотя половина из того, что ты знаешь, это ложь еврейских СМИ.

Пример: Освенцим; что там было до того, от тебя скрывают.
Довоенный Освенцим последние десятилетия был центром еврейской торговли женщинами из Польши и близлежащих стран.

Об этом подробно описано еврейским историком Эдвардом Бристоу в книге «Проституция и предубеждения». В одном Освенциме евреи торговали женщинами, в другом Освенциме евреев сжигали. Всё возвращается на круги своя.

То, что происходило в той Германии и что сегодня происходит на Украине и России, очень похоже, одна и та же параллель.

Нынешние еврейские банды на Руси тесно связаны с еврейской международной преступностью по всему миру. По данным МВД Украины, за последних несколько лет было вывезено женщин моложе 30 лет приблизительно 400 тысяч человек.

Ежегодно евреи продают в Западную Европу, Израиль и другие страны мира около 500 тысяч женщин из России, Украины и других стран бывшего Союза.

Вот что говорит, ухмыляясь, торговец белыми рабынями, жид Якоб Голан: «Израильтяне любят русских дев??чек. Он?? белокурые, симпатичные и непохожи на нас»

-- из статьи Майкла Спектра, новоорлеанский журнал от 11.01.98 газеты «Таймс».

Из столетия в столетие простые евреи задают вопрос: почему нас все народы то гонят, то убивают, то закапывают, то сжигают. Я, Воин, тебе советую, не слушай раввинов и жидов сверху, но хоть немного поинтересуйся сам историческими фактами. Факты - упрямая вещь. Истина тебя спасёт и ты будешь в Силе.

То же самое советует римский папа Венедикт XIII, его Папская Булла по евреям объявляла:

«Ересь, тщеславие и ошибки Талмуда не дали евреям узнать правду».

Высказывание из книги «Моя Борьба»:

«Если наш народ и наше государство действительно станут жертвой этой
хищной и кровожадной еврейской тирании, то этот спрут охватит
щупальцами всю землю. Я сделаю всё возможное, чтобы остановить эту чуму».

-- Адольф Гитлер. 1924 год.

Палестина. Израиль

40. ПАЛЕСТИНА. ИЗРАИЛЬ. Проходят десятилетия, сменяются поколения и можно увидеть то, что было закрыто временем. Палестина, деревня Деир Яссин, 1948 год. Еврейские боевики убили 254 человека, женщин, детей и стариков. Два дня террористы убивали, грабили, насиловали женщин. Они изувечили 52 ребёнка на глазах у их матерей, вспороли животы 25 беременным женщинам и разделались с зародышами. Это подтверждено официальным отчётом главного представителя Красного Креста в Иерусалиме Жак де Рейном. Об этом же говорит командир другого еврейского отряда Зви Анкори для израильской газеты «Давар»: «Зайдя в шесть или семь домов, я увидел отрезанные половые органы, женщин с распоротыми животами». Резня не прекращалась и после захвата Палестины и организации государства Израиль: резня в Шарафате, Кибие, Аль Саммому, в Сабре, Шатиле, Ойон Каре, в мечети Аль-Акса, в мечети Ибрагилии и в Джабалина. В 1948 году А. Эйнштейн написал письмо в газету «Нью-Йорк Таймс», где описал эти события и обвинил организатора массовых убийств в Палестине Менахема Бегина. И что ты думаешь? Менахем Бегин стал премьер-министром Израиля и получил Нобелевскую премию мира. Ты еще раз убедился в ценности «Шнобелевской» премии и в том кто её назначает. Бегин творил после войны то, что было даже не под силу немецким нацистам, и вместо того, чтобы за зверские преступления оказаться на виселице, мировая иудейская общественность даёт ему «престижную» премию. Кровавые еврейские события 1948 года ничем не отличаются от событий описанных тысячи лет назад в кровавой Торе.

Израиль утверждает, что Палестина была практически не заселённой страной, что и явилось основной причиной образования их государства. Иудеи лгут, как всегда. До 1948 года на территории нынешнего Израиля проживало 800 тысяч арабов. После еврейского террора, грабежа, уничтожения и разрушения палестинских селений осталось 170 тысяч. Евреи насильственно изгнали палестинцев более чем из 350 городов и сёл Израиля и других территорий и снесли бульдозерами их дома. Изгнанным палестинцам правительство Израиля запретило возвращаться на родину. В 1947 году палестинцам принадлежало 93,5 % земель. Евреи издали закон, по которому собственность арабов считается покинутой и подлежит конфискации. Факты - упрямая вещь. Евреи массовыми убийствами и целенаправленным террором изгнали целый народ Палестины с их исконной земли.

«Смерть немецким оккупантам!» - был такой лозунг в России в 1941-1945 годах, во время оккупации немцами земель Советского Союза. Гражданское население защищало свою Родину, организовывало диверсионные отряды, взрывало поезда, машины, уничтожало немцев. Теперь русских надо обвинить в терроризме? Телеканал Viasat Explorer, 16.04.05, из интервью с заключенными палестинцами в израильской тюрьме: «У меня отняли Палестину... теперь евреи у нас живут богато, ходят в кафе... ездят по другим странам, а мы, палестинцы, живём бедно, даже не можем выехать... Я их взорву, а за это попаду в рай, в раю жить лучше, чем здесь с евреями. Я хочу быть счастливым... Израиль - это фашистское государство и они пришли в нашу страну. Я хочу мира, поэтому я убиваю евреев».

Силы международного еврейства не хотят, чтобы всем было известно, что творилось и творится в Израиле. СМИ стремятся убрать все факты, говорящие о правде, идёт глубокая дезинформация людей. Ежегодно выпускаются тысячи историй, передач, фильмов об умных, бескорыстных, честных, отважных евреях, которые являются невинными жертвами арабов. Арабы - это зло, а евреи - это добро. СМИ являются наиболее мощным современным оружием евреев против народов. Как живут палестинцы в Израиле сегодня? Они живут в автономии или просто в «зоне», не имеют права голоса, не могут выехать из «автономии», чтобы посетить своих родственников, сидят годами в тюрьме без суда и следствия, получают заработную плату в семь раз меньше, чем евреи.

Нигде в СМИ в открытую не говорится о военной мощи Израиля, о современных кораблях, самолётах, танках, новейших видах вооружения. Израиль обрёл сегодня статус четвёртой ядерной державы мира, после США, России, Китая. По вооружению иудеи впереди Англии, Франции, Германии. Израиль похож на большую вооружённую психушку, где все считают себя «богоизбранными», которым суждено наследовать всё на земле. В книге известного писателя Э. Ходоса «Еврейский «Норд-Ост»» есть мысль, что вместо Гитлера придёт кто-то другой и всех «богоизбранных» обработает дихлофосом. Израиль сегодня - это государство нацизма, это государство, проводящее политику сионизма. На пленарном заседании ООН 10 ноября 1975 года сионизм был признан одной из форм расизма.

О Всевышний, как Ты наказал евреев, дал им ум, но лишил разума и мудрости.

Мир Ислама

41. МИР ИСЛАМА. По этому вопросу, Я, Воин, говорю тебе самое главное - сегодня только исламский мир борется с иудо-фашизмом. Только исламский мир не допустил психически больных и сексуально развращенных иудеев в свои государства. Только ислам спас арабские народы от иудаизма, от спаивания, от морально-нравственного разложения, насилия, коррупции и растления. Международное жидовство ненавидит арабов по причине не принятия ими идеологии евреев. Президент Египта Садат в день годовщины Мохаммеда сказал «Самое замечательное, что сделал Пророк, это изгнание евреев со всего аравийского полуострова». Мохаммед написал Коран через 500 лет после Христа. Большинство верующих христиан даже не знают, что Коран признаёт Новый Завет, что в Коране многократно говорится о Христе, для мусульман он великий Святой Пророк, Дева Мария для них - святая Матерь. Если бы вовремя не появился Коран, то весь арабский мир был бы евреями загажен и одурманен жидовским смрадом. Тебе ничего не надо доказывать, ты видишь сам, что сделали иудеи за последние двадцать лет с Союзом, а потом с Россией и Украиной. Все мировые еврейские СМИ постоянно воют об угрозе исламского терроризма в отношении стран Запада, Англии, Америки. Но здесь действует тот же самый закон, жнёшь то, что посеял раньше, получаешь то, что излучаешь.

Вторая разрушительная атака на Ирак стран Запада и Америки привела к гибели более 500 тысяч жителей этого государства. Поводом послужила ложная резолюция ООН о разработке химического и биологического оружия в Ираке. Организатором нападения явилась Америка, которая сегодня вся в руках евреев, т.е. истинными организаторами истребления иракского народа и разрушения Ирака явились иудеи, которые все операции проводили руками американского народа. Сколько там погибло и продолжает гибнуть простых людей с обеих сторон только потому, что это надо международному еврейскому капиталу. Чтобы окончательно погубить Ирак, идёт стравливание населения, проповедующего различные направления ислама.

Народ Америки, Англии, Европы возмущается исламским терроризмом, готовится к новым возможным взрывам в городах, поездах, самолётах. Зачем возмущаться и жить в страхе? Выведите все свои войска из Ирака, вложите в него миллиарды долларов для восстановления всего, что вы разрушили, раскайтесь всем миром перед арабами за содеянное зло, за сотни тысяч убитых жителей, и тогда, когда они вас простят, наступит мир и вы будете жить без страха. Но сегодня, даже при всенародном желании вас всех, этого не произойдёт по той причине, что вами правят не ваши правительства, а еврейский международный капитал. Цель же мировой жидократии - прийти к мировой власти, но для этого спровоцировать гигантские социальные потрясения, стравить между собой народы многих верований, в основном мусульман с христианами. То же самое они творят и в России. Северная Осетия, Беслан, сотни погибших школьников. Все СМИ внушают, что это дело рук мусульманского мира. Опять сплошная ложь. Ислам, как и Россия, как и Украина, как весь христианский мир, хочет мира и спокойствия. Те пришибленные отморозки, которые захватили и взорвали школу в Беслане, специально были подобранны из людей кавказской и арабской национальности, чтобы ты озлобился на мусульманские народы. Таких подонков за крупные деньги можно найти и на Украине, и в России, и в Эстонии, и в Америке. Всем в мире евреи вдалбливают одну мысль - бойтесь исламского терроризма. Я говорю: бойтесь израильско-американского терроризма против мусульман- против Ирака, Афганистана; разрабатываемых ныне планов против Ирана, финансовой поддержки чеченских боевиков. Всё больше людей понимают необходимость сближения с арабским миром, поддержку ислама как внутри своих стран, так и за рубежом. Сегодня, чтобы достичь желаемого мира, необходимо одно - полное уничтожение иудо-фашистской гидры не только в России и Украине, но также во всех странах Западной Европы, Англии и в полностью ожидовлённой Америке. Народ этих стран просыпается от многолетнего иудейского угара средств массовой информации. Среди хаоса, созданного евреями, подымается мощная сила.

Задолго до революции, Святой провидец, блаженный Иоанн Кронштадский предсказал беды, ожидавшие Россию, но тогда же он поведал: «Я предвижу восстановление мощной России, ещё более сильной и могучей. На костях мучеников, как на крепком фундаменте, будет воздвигнута Русь новая». Его предсказания всегда сбывались. Древние эзотерические учения много тысячелетий назад указали на Зло, которое будет набирать силу в то время, которое для тебя является сегодняшним днём. Там же предсказывается, что уничтожение его начнётся народами, которые проживают на территории нынешней России. Иудо-фашисты хорошо знают, что их смерть находится в яйце, а яйцо в руках русского народа.

Да будет предсказание Великих исполнено!


42. СТАЛИН. При Сталине евреи потеряли всю власть над Россией. За что и ненавидят его. Премьер-министр Великобритании, выдающийся Уинстон Черчилль, который люто ненавидел Советский Союз, в своём выступлении 21 декабря 1959 года в Палате общин сказал: «Большим счастьем было для России, что в годы тяжелейших испытаний страну возглавил гений и непоколебимый полководец Сталин. Он был самой выдающейся личностью, импонирующей нашему изменчивому и жестокому времени того периода, в котором проходила вся его жизнь. Сталин... принял Россию с сохой и оставил её с атомным вооружением. Что же, история, народ таких людей не забывает». Главную «антигуманность» Сталин проявил в 1937 году, когда новые евреи второй волны уничтожили всю революционную еврейскую сволочь. В эти же годы и произошёл перелом в борьбе за целостность Советского Государства. В то же время партийная номенклатура попутно использовала репрессии, чтобы убирать своих конкурентов при продвижении по служебной лестнице. Но большая часть репрессированных в 1937 году и позднее были и в самом деле врагами русского народа.

Гуманизм - это не только любовь к порядочным гражданам, но гуманизм - это изоляция и, при необходимости, уничтожение тех, кто сознательно мешает и разрушает жизнь государства. Под крыльями божественной Любви всегда находятся Мечи правосудия. Служители христианства, которые с прожидью, проповедуют, чтобы ты нёс всем любовь, а зло мира терпел. Врут они безбожно. Ты посмотри внимательно на иконы: Архангел Михаил уничтожает мечом людей, несущих зло; уничтожает зло и целая армия ангелов; Святой Георгий на белом коне поражает гидру, сегодня символизирующую иудо-фашизм; Святой Александр Невский с мечом не только воевал с врагами отечества - ты поинтересуйся историей и узнаешь, что он уничтожал и внутренних врагов Земли Русской. Сегодня в России и Украине в результате разворовывания и разрушения государства еврейской олигархией происходит ежегодное вымирание около одного миллиона человек. Так какое же зло ты, Богатырь Русский, совершишь, если всю эту жидо-бусурманскую сволочь изолируешь и отправишь лечиться трудотерапией, но зато спасёшь гибнущий народ, возродишь Величие Святой России и поможешь другим народам в уничтожении иудо-фашизма. Лидеры иудаизма считают, что могут спастись в других странах. Да, точно, Господь лишил их разума. Ведь в других странах начнётся то же самое, как цепная реакция распространится по всему миру. Несчастные больные дегенераты. Лучше примите расплату, ибо она неизбежна, где бы на планете вы ни находились.

Посол США в СССР в 1937-38 годов, Джозеф У. Дэвис, впоследствии писал: «Только сейчас начинаешь сознавать, насколько дальновидно поступило Советское правительство в годы чисток». Я, Воин, говорю: уничтожение зла - это всегда было благо. Слова вождя:

«Я знаю, что после моей смерти на мою могилу наметут кучу мусора. Но ветер истории безжалостно развеет её!» -- И. Сталин.


43. ИСТОКИ. Я даю тебе минимум литературы из громадного, сегодня существующего списка по нашей теме.

Э. Ходос, председатель иудейской либеральной общины г. Харькова. Из 15 его книг, прочти в первую очередь «Еврейский синдром - 3», «Еврейский синдром - 2.5», «Еврейский удар», «Еврейский «Норд-Ост», «Еврейский фашизм или Хабад - дорога в ад».

Г. Климов, выдающийся писатель, его книги расходятся миллионными тиражами, американо-немецко-французские компании ставили фильмы, книга «Божий народ».

Д. Дюк, возглавляет Организацию евро-американского единства и правозащиты, автор нескольких книг и многочисленных публикаций. «Еврейский вопрос глазами американца».

В. Емельянов, академик, «Еврейский нацизм».

Б. Миронов, министр печати при Ельцине, секретарь Союза писателей России, председатель Славянского Союза журналистов. «Иго иудейское».

В. Пранов «Закон выживания подлейших».

О. Платонов, директор научно-исследовательского центра, доктор экономических наук, специалист по идеологии иудаизма и масонства, серия из 20 книг, по 600 - 800 страниц, даю некоторые: «Государственная измена» - о происходящем в России сегодня, «Под властью Зверя» - о самом чудовищном злодеянии во всей истории человечества, совершённом кучкой еврейских большевиков против русского народа, «Бич Божий: Эпоха Сталина» - о спасении Сталиным русского народа, «Почему погибает Америка» - американский народ, как таковой, не существует, это люди, объединённые общей страстью к потреблению, наживе и страхом, «Григорий Распутин и «дети дьявола» - как иудеи оболгали и организовали убийство православного старца Григория Распутина, их клевете на Серафима Соровского, поношений Святого Иоанна Кронштадского. О том, как во многих приходах Москвы, Петербурга, Сибири сегодня старца Григория Распутина почитают местничеством святым.

А. Солженицын. «Двести лет вместе», 2 тома, об истории еврейского народа в Российском государстве последние двести лет. Евреи десятилетиями по делу и без дела хвалили Солженицына, он их устраивал. Сегодня, когда он опубликовал документальную историю о евреях, они начинают его обгаживать.

Генри Форд. Да, тот самый, великий американец 20-го века, создатель всемирной автомобильной организации «Форд...», но мировое еврейство стремится усиленно замалчивать его духовный 4-х томный труд «Международное иудейство» о разрушительной деятельности евреев в США. На эти книги иудеи в Америке наложили запрет. Сегодня они переведены на языки всех цивилизованных стран, в том числе и России.

В. Мегре. Автор серии книг «Звенящие кедры России». Прочти: «Энергия жизни», «Новая цивилизация».

Можешь почитать и фашистскую литературу:

Талмуд, Тора, Ветхий Завет, Моя Борьба, Протоколы сионских мудрецов, Катехизис советского еврея и другую современную, перечисленную Мною в этом Послании.

Когда ты продолжишь своё образование с указанных книг, то встретишь ещё около двух сотен на эту тему, для твоего выбора. Читая книги, ты будешь часто встречать такие понятия, как нацизм, фашизм, расизм и национализм. Это же постоянно слышно и в СМИ, где евреи, перетасовывая понятия, изображают любовь россиян к своему народу, своей нации, как проявление русского фашизма. Я скажу здесь, что эти понятия означают, чтобы иуды тебя никогда больше не смогли сбить с пути праведного. Нацизм, расизм, фашизм - когда одна нация или раса считает себя «избранной», превыше других во всех отношениях и этим оправдывает своё право грабить и завоёвывать другие народы. Пример: бывший немецкий фашизм, сегодня это иудо-фашизм, который во много раз опасней немецкого. Проявление же национального достоинства, национального духа, любви к своей нации, проявление инстинкта национального самосохранения - это и есть национализм. Для сравнения привожу пример. Ты любишь свою семью и всё, что можешь, делаешь для детей, внуков, родителей, но это не говорит о твоём презрении и ненависти к другим семьям. Нация - есть одна большая семья. Национализм - это и есть естественная забота нации о самой себе, забота о физическом, нравственном и духовном здоровье, забота о материальном благосостоянии, забота о крепости духа. Русский национализм - это когда ты, кем бы ты ни был, служишь не деньгам, не жидам, не начальству, не карьере, а именно России и спасению русского величия. Понятие нации для тебя должно быть свято и дорого, как понятие семьи, а инстинкт сохранения нации должен быть больше, чем инстинкт сохранения себя. Там, где иудеи видят проявления любви к России, к её народу, они сразу же подымают лай собачий и визг крысиный - русский фашизм, расизм. Пословица говорит: «Вор всегда кричит «держи вора».

Русский национализм есть народная гордость и источник единения, который неоднократно спасал Россию в трудные времена. Наступила пора убрать воющих шакалов отовсюду, чтобы в России и Украине наступил мир, порядок и благо. Всё решает твой шаг, твой удар, твоя воля. Или ты служишь Великой Руси, или ты служишь жидам, третьего не дано!


44. РАДОСТЬ. Радость - это кратчайший путь к цели. Если тебе в жизни трудно, ты начинаешь рыдать и горевать, идти тоскою - этим затянешь себя и близких в болото жизни. Твои страдания парализуют силы, лишают воли. Жизнь же даёт только такие препятствия, которые ты можешь преодолеть. В борьбе с ними ты закаляешь клинок духа и учишься побеждать и все пропасти проходишь с песнями. В течение года обязательно отмечай достойные праздники. Празднуя их, у тебя и у твоих друзей и близких будет больше в душах ликующей радости. Больше радости - больше в человеке энергии, силы, сияния и здоровья. Ликующая Радость - Победительница в Жизни.


45. ПОБЕДА. Я, Воин, на глазах врагов наших, подымаю Белоснежное Знамя Победы, которое гордо полощется в бликах Огненных. Пробил час. Великий Вождь Венценосной России идёт за Мной.



Following text is not a part of the original message. It is added here to clarify a subtle point in the original text.

Zhid definition

In the original text, the author uses different names for different kinds of Jews. Term "Jew" means nationality. There is also a term "Zhid" used in Russia and other Slavic countries. That is not a nationality issue. It is rather an issue of ideology, a mindset, a system of belief. It is the same as term "Nazi". Even though it refers to German nation in general, it does not imply that all the Germans are Nazis. Thus the term ZioNazi has come into being. The same thing in our case.

In some Western countries they used "Jude" in a similar way. Basically, the Russian version of Jude, which is Zhid, is not to be taken as a nationality issue, just as the author of the original text points out on many occasions.

Zhid is a symbol of ultra-orthodoxy and its roots are traced back to so called "religious scriptures" of Talmud and Torah.

Zhid is a state of mind, or rather a state of zombification, or inoculation with the Zionist doctrine and the evilmost, bloodthirsty teachings of the "holy" Zionist texts, such as Torah and Talmud.

It is basically the most profound infection, a sickness, the most rotten state of human being possible.

In fact, to even call it human is an insult to human.
Because it is profoundly inhuman.
It goes against the very nature of the human as such.

It is nothing less than a satanic doctrine of destruction and desolation. It is rampant rape and pillage.
It is the utmost violence conceivable.
It is bloodthirsiness of Satanic grade.
It is evilness of the most profound magnitude.
It is greed to the point of being nauseating.
It is rootlessness of nauseating grade.
It is cunningness of unlimited proportions.
It is lie and deceit in the most disgusting form.
And the list has barely begun.

To crusify such a bright star like Jesus, you MUST be TOTALLY sick, sick to the bone and marrow.

A single example of Purim holiday should be sufficient to begin to comprehend what kind of satanic agenda of the most profound evil stands behind it.

As it is written in New Testament, Jesus said:
Your god is satan. And your teachings are false.

Zhid is someone, who is intrinsially evil, ready to devour not only anything of value, but the entire countries, continents and peoples, and spread its roots all over the globe. There are libraties worth of examples of the most pervasive influence of Zhids all over the world.

In fact, this is one of the primary reasons the Nazis came to power in Germany. Because their entire country was literally devoured by Zhids and their economy was ruined as a result. Their entire banking system ended up being owned by ZioNazis.

The author gives some specific facts, and plenty of those, to see the utmost subtlties of the issues involved and uses examples not only from some local situation, but throughout times and all over the world.

You can review the Wikipedia definition of Jude to get an idea of what it means, regardless of which side of a fense you prefer to be on. Or you can do your own research to get the picture of what we are talking about here.

What are you going to do about it?