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... complete subversion of what actually took place. The debasing influence of the Habiru or People of Set became so great, that from time to time severe pogroms occurred. The Egyptians would gladly have let the Habiru depart, had the latter been willing to go empty-handed. But taking their property, much of it gotten as dishonestly as the New-Deal Jews of today have gotten their fortunes by exploitation or...

... follows literally the instructings of the two Talmuds and generally considers the Christians as having been put on earth for Jewish exploitation or human drudgery. To be a "good" Jew to his Christian neighbor, he must, in the sense of doctrine and logic, be a "bad" Jew to the orthodox Talmudist. So a good Jew is a bad Jew to the Talmudist, and a bad Jew to the Talmudist is a good Jew to the Christian...

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