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In gross violation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, blocking of many pages of this site via Google search engine and other major information players has begun!

Destroy this site!
- Order ZioNazi satanists

Brothers and sisters: The main thing now - is not to waver!
But to stand like a rock - Until the end of all evil all-pervading.

For it was said:

The house built on a rock - shalt stand!
But the house built on sand - shalt collapse.

And you live in a house built on sand. But it is different times now, times to know the Truth.

So shall it be!

AntiMatrix torrent

Note: better alternative to torrent is using the BTSync program. Because it works just like torrent, but it also encrypts the transfers and, most importantly, is that your copy will be automatically updated with new additions to the site, so you don't have to keep downloading new torrents to get the latest updates.

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This torrent contains the books and audio from this site (up to Aug, 2 2020):

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Antimatrix collection torrent, Volumes 1-8

(Books, articles, quotes and quotes on New World Order, ZioNazism, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Secret societies, World domination, Rulers of this world and banking mafia. You need a Torrent program, such as uTorrent.)

Information warfare: Distributed virtual systems

What we have today in the world is a raging information war against the people of this planet, conducted by the forces of evil, driven by the so called NWO ideology of taking over the world, destroying over 90% of its population and converting those who remain alive into their slaves.

For example, recently, the top brass in the US government and various agencies made the statements about switching from methods of conventional warfare to the information warfare, which is much more lethal and effective that even the nuclear warfare.

Every day more and more sites are added to the "black lists" and are being blocked to prevent the distribution of truthful information about all the evil conducted against the people of this planet and about the roots of this most profound evil and tools and methods they utilize.

Various providers began to block not merely the specific materials, but the entire sites, even without the court decision, and it is carried out under the fabricated accusations of all kinds, such as these ugly concoctions of "terrorism" and "extremism". In particular, a number of books or research articles by the world's foremost experts, researchers and famous authors have been placed on various "official black lists" of the sites to be blocked, for example in Russia.

For example site received a notice from the biggest provider in Russia - Rostelecom that if the book "God chosen people" by Gregory Klimov is not removed from the site, the whole site will be blocked throughout Russia. It is quite possible that other providers also started to block this site, even without a notice, as evidenced by the fall of site traffic according to the statistics of site visits.

To counteract these forces is possible only if your own information channels are protected and not subject to censorship, blocking or destruction, which is only possible with the help of distributed virtual systems, in which the information can not be blocked.

These systems are based on point-to-point (P2P) information exchange, like, for example, it is done with torrents, so that you do not go to the Web page directly, but visit it locally on your computer, if this site provides an access via BitTorrent Sync (BTSync) program, in which case the information is downloaded to your computer from a number of people throughout the world, and even if you can not access the site directly, it is still available to you locally.

Thus, you can access this information with your browser directly, on your own computer locally, as described below in the section "Download and automatic update of your copy of this site". The more people download this site via BTSync, the less chance that they will not be able to access it directly from the site.

Download and automatic update of your copy of this site

Until recently, the best way of distributing information was using torrents. But, with creation of the BitTorrent Sync (BTSync) program, torrents effectively became outdated. First of all, they are not as flexible and files are not updatable, like BTSync, where new files could be added later or modified and they will be automatically updated for all the participants. Sure, you can still use torrents because their usefulness and reliability was proven by time. But today times have changed...

Secondly, the distribution of information via BTSync encodes the data and this represents an additional load on the super-computers of the spying agencies, like NSA, and, therefore, it makes it more difficult for them to block or interfere with propagation of the information.

Today, the most effective method of downloading the entire site and automatically getting the latest site updates and additions is to use the BitTorrent Sync program.

It works just like any other torrent program, but now you will always have the newest version of the site because your copy will be automatically updated with new materials to correspond to the newest version of the site. Furthermore, you also automatically become the seeder and will participate in distribution of the latest site updates to other people.

See: Download and automatic update of your copy of this site

AntiMatrix Citadel system

(Live discussions, blogs, forums, bulletins, wiki, chat, real time news feeds from the leading information agencies worldwide, AntiMatrix global news room related to the NWO [New World Order])

See: AntiMatrix Citadel
(Register and join the team. There is enough work for everybody.)

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