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You can help bring Truth, Justice, and the American Way! Lift the veil of censorship and suppression from the Talmud, and bring about understanding between peoples of different faiths. Send news of to people you know, and to people you don't know.

  • Download to your computer for safekeeping
  • Make CDs of and send them to friends, and to community and national leaders
  • Create a mirror of the web site, or mirror your favorite sections
  • Print your favorite articles and distribute to those who don't use the Internet
  • E-mail articles to your e-mail list
  • Post articles from to Internet discussion forums
  • Circulate flyers about to church-goers, politically active citizens, military families, and others who need to know

Download Instructions

This web site has been specially prepared for downloading for study on the desktop. Ordinary web pages can be copied with special software, such as Web Whacker, HTrack, Web Buddy, or the like. Those programs often alter the structure of the web site as it is copied, and the result will be only what you see here, without the portability features (as described below).

Come and Hear™ provides zip files for downloading this web site to the desktop. Because the file is compressed, the data to download (about 56 Meg) will be much less than the uncompressed web site (about 90 Meg). The zipped files contain everything needed for making and studying CD versions of Come and Hear™, including a primitive CD search tool.

Those readers who have DSL, cable modems, or other high bandwidth access may be satisfied with the single large zip file. For that option, chose Come and Hear™ Complete.

Those readers who have less satisfactory Internet performance might prefer our segmented option. With this option, the data body is segmented into six files of about 9.5 Megabytes each. Thus if the download of one segment is interrupted, the download of previous segments is not lost.

Zip programs are made by a number of companies, and they are more or less compatible. PKZip segmenting, however, is not completely compatible with all Zip programs. If you find that your Zip utility cannot unzip your downloaded files, you can download an evaluation copy of PKZip for a 30-day free trial, or purchase a license for $29.95. (Come and Hear™ has no affiliation with PKWARE Inc., makers of PKZip software.)

Download your choice of files to a single directory, unzip (or from that directory, and you have your own copy of Come and Hear™ at your fingertips.

Make CDs

If you are using a Come and Hear™ CD as a master, just make the copies a mirror of the original. If not, use the zip files from the download section, above. Those files contain extra information not on the web site. Choose a single directory to contain them, and unzip them all from that directory. When the files are unzipped, copy the contents of that directory to the blank CD; that is, copy the file called "Start-Here.html," the directory called "c," and the zip files into the root directory of the CD. Everything needed will be copied, and the recipient of the CD will have no problem reading and using it.

Do not put any executable files on the CD, not even a browser or other "helpful" programs — no computers should be endangered by these CDs, and the recipient should feel safe opening and viewing the contents.

We have found that the 3-inch (8 cm.) "pocket" CDs are a perfect size to hold the Come and Hear™ material, and they fit perfectly into the inner ring on the CD cradle of all modern computers. In moderate quantities, the "pocket" CDs cost about 40 cents (US) per disk. A 3.5 inch by 5.5 inch (9.5 x 16.5 cm) envelope folded almost in half provides a good protective sheath for mailing. Seal the sheath with an adhesive sticker (Avery colored removable circular "coding labels" work well), and the result is quite presentable. The CD, the sheath, a two-page letter of introduction, and the outer envelope (4 in. by 9.5 in., or 10.5 x 24 cm) run to slightly less than 1 oz., and can be mailed in the US with a single First Class stamp.

To view the contents of the CD, the recipient uses his browser's "File/Open" menu, and selects the file, "Start-Here.html" in the root directory (this file and directory are found only in the ZIP files, not on the web page).

If you are downloading this site for your own use or archives, copyright should not be an issue for you. If you are putting up a web page or contemplating other means of distribution, however, you might be interested in the Come and Hear™ copyright statement.

If you wish to make and distribute Come and Hear™ CDs broadly, please do so without charging money. If covering costs is a concern, ask recipient to provide the blank CD-R, packaging, and return postage.

Create a Mirror Site

A mirror site is easy to create from the CD.

  1. Edit the file "/c/tindex.html". In the Google form, find the line that reads <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="sitesearch" value="">. Modify the domain to match the mirror site domain.
  2. If your provider permits anonymous ftp, put the zip files in the correct host directory for that to happen, and correct the links in this file appropriately.
  3. Copy the full contents of the "c" directory of the CD to the root directory of the intended web site. (Do not copy the "c" directory itself.)

If would like to offer anonymous ftp downloads, copy the zipped download files to the appropriate directory on your server, and adjust the links on this page to point to it.

Print the Essays

Each essay in "America Under the Talmud" contains a "Printer Friendly" button to reduce the page to simple text, with footnotes. This is the recommended source for all printed text. Please include the footnotes and copyright notice.

The text may then be printed directly from the browser "Print" facility, or selected and copied to a word processor or editor for printing.


To e-mail the text of an article, use the "Printer Friendly" button as described above. Select the full text and copy to the e-mail application. Please include the signature, footnotes, and copyright notice.

Post to Discussion Groups

These essays will undoubtedly inspire informed discussions on any forum where they are posted. Please choose the forum carefully, and post appropriately, so that the subject of the article is relevant to the purpose of the forum.

Use the "Printer Friendly" button as described above. Select the full text and copy to the e-mail application. Please include the signature, footnotes, and copyright notice.

Flyers for Your Community

Distribute printed flyers telling members of your community about the Come and Hear™ web site. They will be of interest to anyone concerned about public policy. Distribute them to military families, and to communities near military bases. Giving them to local shopkeepers is a good idea. Distribute them in church parking lots when worshipers are at service, putting them under the windshield wipers of parked cars.

There are as many possibilities as there are people reading this text. As you consider these essays, think about who should know, and who needs to know. You may want to write your own flyer, citing the URL of a specific essay.

Here Are Two Suggested Flyers:


Find out about the
Jewish People
* their laws * their culture * their religion
Dedicated to increased inter-faith understanding

Jewish law -- the law laid down in the historic Jewish holy book, the Talmud -- is being integrated into American law and society. What are the Jewish teachings on the burning issues of the day? Don't listen to ignorant second-hand reports. Read important sections of the Talmud in context and on-line at

What are the Talmud doctrines about marriage and divorce? Child-adult sex? The death penalty? How does Jewish law treat Gentiles? Learn about the rabbi-designed religion that all peoples of the Earth will soon be following, and learn about the rituals we can expect to see when Israel builds the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Help bring about inter-faith understanding. is easy to download,
ready for copying to CD's for broad distribution to people of good will.

Defend Judaic Law!

Judaic law is coming to America! It is being welcomed by President Bush and the Supreme Court. Read all about it on the Internet:

For the first time, large sections of the Talmud, the Jewish book of Holy Law, are on the Internet. Learn how to defend Judaic law against ignorant criticism. Learn how the Talmud will affect our society and culture. Read what the Talmud says about:

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