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... How Jews Ruled and Ruined Tammany Hall How Jews Ruled and Ruined Tammany Hall The International Jew, by Henry Ford   Within the memory even of young men, Tammany Hall has been the synonym of all political trickery, in the vocabulary of popular criticism. Tammany Hall was held up as the worst example of boss rule and political corruption that it was possible to find in either of the parties...
... for that matter, you will generate bad feelings. How would you prevent political corruption? Would you declare universal laws and treaties? Would you use military and police methods for enforcement? Would you declare all resources the common heritage of all nations? In order to accomplish this task one must be free of bias and nationalism, and reflect those qualities in the design of policies. How would you...
... ключевые слова по состоянию на 15 ноября 2014: bribe (взяточничество) dominate (доминирование) money politics (политика денег) (чтобы получить гораздо более точные результаты, необходимо использовать кавычки вокруг нескольких ключевых поисковых слов, таких как "money politics".) murder (убийства) political corruption (политическая коррупция) (используйте кавычки ["political corruption"], чтобы получить...

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