Note on a term "Jew"

Note on a term "Jew" appearing in quotes or books:

Whenever you see the word "Jew", be aware of the fact that it does not necessarily relate to "Jews" as nationality. There are many honest "Jews" that have NOTHING to do with any kind of conspiracy, domination, destruction, terrorism, revolutions, parasitism, dishonesty, and all sorts of evil, and there are some authors among them who dedicated their entire lives to exposing the evil nature of a certain creed among "Jews".

That creed is better categorized as ZioNazis as their very ideology and a belief system is that of fascism, racial superiority, supremacy and the most profound evil of all kinds. Furthermore, their own high level members, such as Harold Wallace Rosenthal, and not only him alone, by far, openly state on record: "our god is Lucifer".

Basically, they are what is known as satanists in a literal sense, and their doctrine is a satanic doctrine, the roots of which go back in time to 14th century BC, to the times of the satanic doctrine of Deuteronomy where they were promised to rule and own the world, by their "god" Yahweh, and which is known today as the NWO (New World Order) and is being implemented this very moment.

Implying that the information in quotes relates to "Jews" as such is essentially the same as calling ALL the German people Nazis. Yes, Nazis WERE mostly German, but Germans are not necessarily Nazis.

The very term "Jew" is a relatively recent invention. It started appearing in the 17th - 18th century according to historians and researchers, such as "jew" Benjamin Freedman, who worked directly with four US presidents, and not him alone, by far.

Furthermore, recently, the ZioNazis began making claims that they are Khazars, just as research by the leading researchers shows. As a result, they started making claims that Ukraine is their "ancestral lands" with all the consequences thereof. As a result, what we have now is a slow but steady invasion of Ukraine by the ZioNazis, particularly by the members of Chabad cult.

Study some outstanding research to see the difference. Here is just a small sample of some of the most outstanding works on this subject. They provide the most in-depth research by the prominent authors:

All of the books above with detailed table of contents, outlining all the issues discussed, are available from: