Appendix III - The Rulers Of Russia

Leslie Fry

Waters Flowing Eastward

On the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet the following are all Jews: N. Shvernik, Chairman; A. F. Gorkin, Secretary; A. M. Kirchenstein, Deputy Chairman; Ilya Ehrenberg; S. V. Kaftanov (5 out of 12).

On the Council of Ministers—L. M. Kaganovich, L. P. Beria, while of the remaining 10 three members are married to Jewesses—Stalin, Voroshilov and Molotov.

On the Politbureau of the Central Committee all the above are included with only four others. And there is a Jew at the head of every one of the following Ministries:—Agricultural Stocks, Building Industry, Food and Material Reserves, Heavy Industry Construction. The Information Services are under the control of the Jew S. Lozovsky. The Jewish control of Russia was even more apparent immediately after the Communist Revolution when the Jew content of the Government became close on 90%, from having been none under the Tzardom.

Puppet Governments of Communist Europe.

In Poland the Jew Jacob Bergman exercises most control, supported by six other Jews out of eleven members of the Politbureau, besides a Jew at the head of the Ministry of Education, as Public Prosecutor and Chief of the Youth Movement. In Hungary the Government of five members is all-Jewish. In Czecho-Slovakia the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party are both Jews. In Yugoslavia the man behind Tito is the Jew Moishe Pjade. In Roumania the Jewess Anna Pauker is the real ruler.

Names of the Jews in the above appointments have been published in FREE BRITAIN and will be provided, where asked for, as will the names of the six Jews who led the Dock Strike of last year and the Jews at the head of the Communist Movements in Canada and South Africa. In Britain the most important one is Ivor Montagu, one of the leading members of the " British " Communist Party and son of a Jew Peer.

These are the People you would have to fight for in another War.

Here are some of the appointments in the United Nations Executive and in its Agencies; they are all Jews:

Department of Economic Affairs

Special Adviser: A. Rosenberg.

Economic Stability Director: D. Weintraub.

Department of Public Information

Assistant Secretary General: Ben Cohen.

Films Division Director: J. Benoit-Levy.

Legal Department: Chief: A. H. Feller.

Director of Interpreters: G. Rabinovitch.

Administrative Department

Deputy Director: Max Abramovitz.

Executive (Personnel) : M. Bergmann.

International Labour Office

Director General: A. Morse. UNESCO

Educational Reconstruction Director, J. Eisenhart.

International Understanding Director, M. F. Luffman.

Tension Division Director, O. Klineberg.

Public Information Director, H. Kaplan.

Administrative Bureau Director, C. H. Weitz.

Personnel Bureau Director, S. S. Selsky.

Housing Director, M. B. Abramski.

International Bank Secretary: M. M. Mendels.

International Monetary Fund

Managing Director: C. Gutt assisted by O. L. Altman.

Research Director: E. M. Bernstein; Senior Counsellor: Joseph Gold.

World Health Organisation

Technology Director: Z. Deutschmann G. Meyer. International Refugee Organisation

M. Cohen and P. Jacobsen. U.N.O. Observer in Korea Col. Alfred Katzin.

The links of the vast Jewish organisation which controls Communism on both sides of the Iron Curtain extends into every country—not only into openly Communist groups and to the less important members of the Soviet Spy system where most of those so-far convicted have been Jews. The links are such as to show that those who control Soviet policy inside Russia are merely part of a much wider Jewish organization whose central control need not be in Russia at all. There can be no doubt that some of its most influential members are in America and very high up in American politics, that is, when you consider the following:

Bernard Baruch—80 year old " Elder Statesman," " Key figure in politics," etc. . . . Chairman, War Industries Board from 1918, when he admitted before Congress that he had more power than the President. He was Adviser to Jas. F. Byrnes, War Mobilisation Director, from 1943. " One President after another has made him a confidante " said the paper American Hebrew of 17th June, 1946. He is a great friend of Mr. Churchill. He was Economic Adviser to U.S.A. Peace Commission in 1st World War and Master Mind of the New Deal Policy which has been called " Sovietism by Stealth."

He was often denounced by Senator Huey Long, who was shot dead in 1933. He first made his money in Wall Street and is now credited with owning 50 million dollars. He is generally regarded by Jews throughout the world as their leader and champion, a position previously held by Jacob H. Schiff (died 1920), the head partner in the Jewish Wall St. Bank of Kuhn Loeb and Co., which financed the Communist Revolution in Russia, providing considerable material and moral aid for Trotsky. Schiff personally had taken a close interest in promoting the revolutionary movement in Tzarist Russia from the days of the Russo-Japanese war which he financed for Japan, Baruch then is the successor of this man described by the Jews themselves as their " beloved leader."

Felix Frankfurter—Judge of the Supreme Court; described as the Man behind the Men behind the President. His first big job was assistant Secretary for War under Newton Baker (President Wilson's time); represented the Zionists at Paris Peace Conference, 1919. His influence has made him appointer of all sorts of Reds, Zionists and Pinks in important Government posts. He has been the chief legal expert in the New Deal. He is today the most influential single individual in the U.S.A. The Jew Henry H. Klein says " Frankfurter is the head and front of the Sanhedrin in the U.S.A.", and " Roosevelt was a puppet in his hands." He is responsible for introducing into politics, among many others, Dean Acheson, the traitor Alger Hiss, Benjamin V. Cohen of U.N.O., Sidney Hillman and David Niles.

David Niles (real name Neyhus)—is a Frankfurter appointee who has in turn honeycombed the Government with his own appointees. He is behind the civil rights programme, calculated to reduce the White Man's influence, and is official spokesman for organised labour and racial minorities. He opposes anti-Government measures.

Henry Morgenthau, Jr.—Secretary to the Treasury 1934-45. Responsible for the plan which was to reduce Germany to a pasture. Introduced plan for camouflaged Gold Standard at International Monetary Conference, Bretton Woods, 1944. His wife is Eleanor Roosevelt's closest friend.

David E. Lilienthal—Director and Chairman of Tennessee Valley Authority from 1933 until he was made first Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission which consisted of five members of which at least three were Jews. After the Russians had been handed the secrets by spies, he resigned in 1950.

Others in strategic positions include Herbert H. Lehman, banker, Governor of New York State, 1932-42, then Director-General of UNRRA, to whom the British General Sir Fredk. Morgan was called upon to apologize for expressing the flourishing state of Jews under UNRRA in East Europe; Walter Lippmann, most widely quoted political writer in the world, was Secretary of the organisation directed by the Jew Col. House to prepare data for the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, drafted Wilson's Fourteen Points and invented the League of Nations; Walter Winchell, widely publicised writer and chief character-smearing expert against the leading anti-Communists; Benjamin J. Buttenweiser, member of the Jewish bank which financed Lenin and Trotski (Kuhn Loeb & Co.) and this year became Assistant to the Zinsser-married High Commissioner in West Germany, J. J. McCloy. In this Jewish-Communist conspiracy, there is also Adolf A. Berle Jr.— son of the author of " The World Significance of a Jewish State," which forecast that Zion would rule the world, who became Assistant Secretary of State. It was he who, when warned by Whittaker Chambers about Alger Hiss's treachery in 1939, took no action but allowed Hiss to do his fell work through the war, which made the cold war possible today.

Extract from Social Credit (Canada), November, 1950. Christian Liquidation.

The Zionists' own mouthpiece, The Jewish Standard, October, 1950, published the following revealing figures:

Before the end of the British mandate, Palestine's Christian population (excluding British officials, police and army personnel) totalled 145,000. Of these, roughly 100,000 are estimated to have lived in the area now known as Israel.

At present, Christians in Israel number between 45,000 and 50,000.

Roman Catholics have dropped in number, since 1947, from 30,000 to 5,000; Protestants from 6,000 to 1,500.

It would seem that the Christian population of Israel is faring even worse than the Jews are alleged to have fared under Hitler. But where are our " free " press and radio and C.B.C. ? Imagine the hullabaloo they would be making if America were meting out this treatment to her Zionist population !

Extract from The Tablet (Brooklyn), October 14, 1950.

REPORTS FIGURES ON PERSECUTION. Vatican Radio analyses Effect of Red Tyranny in Europe.

In a country-by-country analysis, a Vatican Radio broadcast gave the following report on the persecution of priests and monks in areas behind the Iron Curtain.

Ukraine: Five thousand priests killed and a thousand churches destroyed or closed.

Baltic Countries: A thousand priests murdered or jailed.

Poland: A thousand priests deported to Siberia.

Czechoslovakia: Three hundred priests and an undetermined number of monks and nuns imprisoned.

Hungary: A thousand priests and monks murdered or deported, and another 589 prevented from carrying out their duties.

Bulgaria: One hundred and twenty priests killed or exiled.

Yugoslavia: A total of 1,954 priests killed, arrested or deported.

Albania: Some 715 priests and monks, including all the Bishops of the country, rendered incapable of performing their ministry.

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