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Publisher's Foreword

Leslie Fry

Waters Flowing Eastward

The Publishers are pleased to be able to present a new edition of Waters Flowing Eastward, considered by many to be the best and most complete work on the famous Protocols of the Sages of Zion. To stress the fact that the realization of the Protocols means the elimination of the rule of Christ the King, it has been thought well to Subtitle the book The War Against the Kingship of Christ.

We are omitting some of the illustrations included in the earlier editions, but we are adding three important Appendices. Appendix I is the reproduction of a large portion of an article which appeared in The Australian Social Crediter, March and April, 1946. It shows the steady advance of the plans outlined in the Protocols and emphasizes the importance of the financial factor. Appendix II treats of the Berne Trials, in particular of the false statements circulated about the decision given in the Second Trial. This Appendix is the translation of an extract from a work by the late H. de Vries de Heekelingen, one of the ablest writers on this question.

The Third Appendix contains some information about the Jews who hold leading positions in Russia and the Satellite Countries, as well as in U.N.O. and U.S.A., and about the persecution of Catholics in these countries and in Palestine. The information is taken from Free Britain (August 20, September 10, September 24, 1950), The Tablet (Brooklyn) and Social Credit (Canada).

Several arguments against the authenticity of the Protocols are examined in the book. It may be well to mention here a completely new argument for their authenticity. In 1937, a Russian ex-officer of the Czarist Intelligence Service asked to see a friend of ours. The Russian ex-officer was accompanied, on the occasion of the meeting, by a man well and favourably known to our friend. The ex-officer informed our friend and his wife that, in 1897, he had been called from Washington, where he was working for the Czarist government, and sent to Basle, Switzerland, where the first Zionist Congress was being held that year. He was given a small detachment of picked secret service men. While the Jews were in secret conclave, his men staged a sham fire and dashed into the room shouting Fire! Fire! In the ensuing confusion he made his way quickly to the President's or Lecturer's table and took possession of all the papers that were on it. These papers contained the originals of the Protocols.

This Russian officer escaped out of Russia in 1917 and lived mostly in Paris. He was an old man in 1937. Needless to say our friend's veracity and reliability are unquestioned.

To the information taken from Free Britain must be added the following from Know Your Enemy, by Robert H. Williams:

"Mr. Ashberg, who was known throughout the banking world as a Jewish financier at the Nya Banken in Sweden before the Bolshevik Revolution, and was reported by Edgar Sisson as having arrived in Russia two months after the successful "October Revolution," is still in Russia and is the banker for the U.S.S.R. The London Star, September 6, 1948, reported a visit by Ashberg to Switzerland 'for secret meetings with Swiss government officials and banking executives.' Diplomatic circles describe Mr. Ashberg as the Soviet Banker who advanced large sums to Lenin and Trotski in 1917. At the time of the revolution, Mr. Ashberg gave Trotski money to form and equip the first unit of the Red Army. A spokesman of the Soviet Legation in Berne said 'Mr. Ashberg's visit will be private. He has property in Switzerland' ... Note that Banker-Communist Ashberg was even permitted to own property, and in a capitalist nation. Gentile bankers-competitors of Jewish finance were liquidated as capitalists soon after the revolution." (1)

In The A.D.L. Bulletin of January, 1953, published by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, there appeared an article entitled "The Protocols and the Prague Trial." The article began by asserting that the Protocols had been proved to have been "fabricated" under the Russian Czars.

That statement is now seen to be doubly false from the testimony above adduced.

The main purpose of the A.D.L. article was to attempt to show that the Protocols, in an astounding number of ways "were the source book for the Prague purge trials." That is very interesting in view of the fact that the Minister of Justice in charge of the Prague "Anti-Semitic" trials was a Jew, Stefan Rais. He, of course, was acquainted with the Protocols from the Jewish side, and he was only one of the multitude of Jews who are in control behind the Iron Curtain. One of them was F. Herczog, who replaced as Minister of State-planning in Hungary the "purged" Jew, Zolton Vas. From Gothic Ripples of the 25th May 1953, we learn in addition that Beria, though officially known as a Georgian, is popularly believed to be either half-Jewish or of Jewish descent. ... In Poland the Jew Stanislau Radiciewiez, is still Chief of the Secret Police, and the Jew, Gomulka, is still in prison. The Jew, Pavel F. Yudin, has been appointed Political Adviser to the Soviet Control Commission in Germany...

The London Daily Express 1st May, 1953, says that there is to be a new purge of "incompetents " in East Germany. It is to be carried out by Hermann Axen, who according to The Jewish Chronicle (London), of December 5th, 1952, is a Jew.

We thank the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith for informing us that Jews are using the Protocols against Jews behind the Iron Curtain.

  1. Op. cit. p. 33.



It has been frequently observed that our civilization follows the course of the sun westward: from Greece to Rome, from Scandinavia and Germany to England, France and Spain, from Europe to America. It looks towards the west for fresh lands where it may build nobler cities and create more perfect forms of life, unhampered by the trammels of the past. It may be said that the west stands for independence of thought, free expression, and representative government: these principles are involved in the western conception of progress.

Beneath this great westward flow of our civilization, there are undercurrents moving eastward. These are impelled by a spirit which looks back to the east, to the days of tyrant and slave, of luxury and misery, and incidentally the suppression of western culture. This spirit is retrogressive, though often calling itself "Progress," and its ways are devious. But the currents for which it is responsible are broad, deep and violent in their effect.

The following pages are designed to cast light on these eastern undercurrents which have undermined western states. Political problems which most governments prefer to ignore have been commented upon in detail. Special attention has been given to a struggle going on underground, and which is perhaps of greater significance than the so-called perils to western civilization, such as the Yellow Peril or the Black Peril, where every move is watched and understood not only by ther rulers in each nation, but also by the governed themselves as a whole.

In brief, an attempt has been made to place in broad relief the inner structure of a system which has produced and still foments not only racial enmity, but also has even undermined certain civilizations and overthrown established national governments.

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