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attempting to defend and promote an anti-semitic fraud

What is a Semite ??

From Wikipedia:"The term Semite was proposed at first to refer to the

languages related to Hebrew by Ludwig Schl=F6zer, in Eichhorn's
"Repertorium", vol. VIII (Leipzig, 1781), p. 161. Through Eichhorn the
name then came into general usage (cf. his "Einleitung in das Alte
Testament" (Leipzig, 1787), I, p. 45. In his "Gesch. der neuen
Sprachenkunde", pt. I (G=F6ttingen, 1807) it had already become a fixed
technical term. (The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIII)

The word "Semitic" is an adjective derived from Shem, one of the three
sons of Noah in the Bible (Genesis 5.32, 6.10, 10.21), or more
precisely from the Greek derivative of that name, namely (S m);
the noun form referring to a person is Semite. The negative form of
the adjective, anti-Semitic, is almost always used to mean "anti-
Jewish" specifically.

The concept of "Semitic" peoples is derived from Biblical accounts of
the origins of the cultures known to the ancient Hebrews. Those
closest to them in culture and language were generally deemed to be
descended from their forefather Shem. Enemies were often said to be
descendants of his cursed brother Ham. In Genesis 10:21-31 Shem is
described as the father of Aram, Asshur, and others: the Biblical
ancestors of the Arabs, Aramaeans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans,
Sabaeans, and Hebrews, etc., all of whose languages are closely
related; the language family containing them was therefore named
Semitic by linguists. However, the Canaanites and Amorites also spoke
a language belonging to this family, and are therefore also termed
Semitic in linguistics despite being described in Genesis as sons of
Ham (See Sons of Noah). Shem is also described in Genesis as the
father of the Elamites and the descendants of Lud, whose languages
were not Semitic."

All fine and dandy.
Except there exists no evidence of ANY of it,
except in books of myths.

Now, during the ancient times, there existed two tribes in the lands
described, the Zealots and Essenes.

Zealots were aggressive and violent tribe and they did all they could
to destroy others, especially the "opposition".

The Essenes were peaceful tribe that carried the sacred knowledge,
passed from generation to generation.

Many historical records have the scriptures of both tribes. Those
scriptures are encrypted. You can read text and think you understand
what it says. But there is a hidden meaning, that you can not
understand unless you have a key, and that key is a complex system of
knowledge, distributed internally within the tribe.

This way, the knowledge can be propagated from generation to
generation, but the inner secrets, that may expose your tribe to
violence from Zealots, if they know your inner secretes, is hidden
and can not be understood.

This is probably the first instance of the most sophisticated
encryption known to mankind. To this day, the most complicated key
imaginable, is not decrypted.

Enough for now.

[ZioNazi, Zionism, NWO, Illuminati, Freemasons, Lucifer, satan, 666]

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