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Sun, 21 Oct 2007 10:47:28 GMT
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What a lovely response!

Fine. I have a couple of minutes to consider it and respond.

It seems that you are unable to articulate any
form of intelligent response.

Do you know who I am?
Do you have a SLIGHTEST clue of my credits?
Do you have a SLIGHTEST idea of what I have created
and how I contributed to the mankind's experiences?

You have made no argument here

Yes, I did. Read the Introduction thread to which you
are responding.

and have no point to make

Yes I do, and the current world affairs and developments are the
living evidence of that.

Secondly, Henry Ford and Winston Churchill happen to have the same
opinion on this all: "I do not know whether these protocols are real.
All I know that things seem to be happening EXACTLY as outlined in
these very protocols".

And these kinds of people have access to information you can not even
begin to imagine.

And not only these two individuals. There were numerous most
outstanding individuals of the highest caliber, going up to
academicians and those with doctorate degrees, who studied this
subject dedicating their entire lives to it and their verdict is
pretty much the same:

It is the REAL thing.

And they analyzed anything imaginable, going to the syntax analysis,
historical record, the figure of speech and eloquence of
presentations, patterns of thought process and plenty of other things.

The conclusion was: it is not ANY kind of parody in any kind of
puppet theatre. It is words directly from the horses mouth, and there
are not that many individual on the whole planet Earth, in the entire
history, who could articulate the issues on such a profound level and
with such eloquence. You can count them on the fingers of your hands.

One of them is Rothschild. There are some other candidates, but this is
another matter.

other than that you are a foul mouthed ignoramus.

Be nice, Mr. masonic disinformation peddler.

Who ARE you, you lil homo-sadistic louse to even COMPREHEND who are
you dealing with? Do you have ANY SPECIFIC facts, evidence, etc. to
substantiate ANY of your claims?

If you are such an ardent lover of Jews

I did not say that.
No need to pervert things and put them upside down, you stupid

I said that I am grateful to Jews for what they have done to me and I
could not POSSIBLY be insulting to Jews as such.

Now some most brilliant Jews happen to oppose these protocols, and
some of the also dedicated tens of years of their lives studying
these issues.

then why are you vainly
attempting to defend and promote an anti-semitic fraud (protocols)?

Anti-semitic bullshit and a cunning trip of guilt.

First of all, those, who claim the "anti-Semitism",
are not Semites. There have been scientific studies
on this.

Secondly, the protocols are not anti-semitic.
They are PRO Zionist global totalitarian state.
And what has been happening in the world, especially
during the last 17 years, is a living evidence of that.

This can not be denied by ANY masonic or pro-Zionist
disinformation peddler. Their efforts are futile.

You can't be that bloody ignorant, can you ?

Are you simply sick, you mouth foaming and blood boiling
homo-degenerate pervert?

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in all their lives?...The facts is, that billions owned by the
sweat, tears and blood of American laborers have been poured
into the coffers of these men for absolutely nothing. This
'sacred war debt' was only a gigantic scheme of fraud, concocted
by European capitalists and enacted into American laws by the
aid of American Congressmen, who were their paid hirelings or
their ignorant dupes. That this crime has remained uncovered is
due to the power of prejudice which seldom permits the victim
to see clearly or reason correctly: 'The money power prolongs
its reign by working on prejudices. 'Lincoln said."

-- (Mary E. Hobard, The Secrets of the Rothschilds).