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Русская версия: Суть проблемы

The Essence of the Problem

The essentials of issue of degeneracy

Interview with Gregory Klimov dedicated to his 80th birthday


Q. 01: You have been working with a special type of people with Power Complex for almost 50 years. What is Power Complex and why are these people special?

A.: When close relatives marry each other - children will be degenerates. This is an old, well-known fact. If a group of religious leaders forbid marrying outside of sect - this sect in 4-5 generations will be full of degenerates. Do you know any sect, which forbids marriages to outsiders and has been doing that for the last 5,000 years?

Many degenerates have some unusual qualities like incredible desire to dominate, abnormal wish to rule, abnormal thirst for power. They feel themselves "chosen" (complex of superiority, in russian "mania velichia") and at the same time they feel themselves persecuted (complex of been persecuted, in russian "mania presledovania"). This is pretty basic staff.

Now we will talk Hi-Tech. Leaders of the world usually have complex of power which helps them to became world leaders. This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is result of latent homosexuality. Anybody who has knowledge of this forbidden area can influence and promote these leaders-to-be to position of power.

By default members of degenerative sect posess this knowledge and have been practicing it for 5,000 years.

We all has seen pictures of insane or semi-insane person, not huge at all, but 5-6 well built medical workers have difficult time subduing him. This is perfect example of incredible energy that semi-insane sadistical power-hungry person can produce to achieve his goals.

To find this person and to help him to rise to power - this is typical task of leaders of degenerative sect. This is like weapons of mass destruction - much more effective than nuclear weapons and almost as effective and dangerous as biological warfare.

Many people have basic knowledge of how to build nuclear weapons, but only chosen few have knowledge and experience of actually producing and delivering it to the target.

Degenerates hate normal people. It is pleasure for them to watch how one semi-insane sadistical leader, chosen by them, goes to war with another semi-insane sadistical leader of another country, also chosen by them. Millions of normal people are dying for the joy and sadistical pleasure of degenerates...

Masons, Illuminates etc. - are clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and upon verifying real homo-sadistical inclination of the person - promote him into the real world of power.

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Q. 02: How to find degenerates?

A.: Let us try first to understand what degeneracy is all about. Again I must point out that we use term degenerate as strictly medical term (in russian - "vyrozhdenec", "vyrozhdency") and not as an offensive word. In the real life degenerate can by quiet, well mannered professor of liberal art in the local college.

Degeneracy is a natural process and has been with us for thousands years. It is part of the natural life cycle - birth, youth, maturity, decay, death. On the level of individual person this process is familiar to everybody and there is no need to explain it. We will be talking here about clan (family) level. As many historians noticed - clans history follow almost the same pattern of life cycle as individuals. It looks like God (or Mother Nature if you prefer) is trying to give every clan its fair share of time on this Earth.

When particular clan pass maturity stage and enter into golden stage of decay, God (Mother Nature) gives signal to the members of this family that it's time in this world is almost gone - by turning off sexual drive. If this is obedient family, it will follow God's will and stay childless (or adopt somebody).

By that time family is usually well funded and can participate in support of different good causes like normal art, normal science, normal literature. They quietly enjoy golden age of decay and finally leave this world with charity gifts and foundation created as good memory of their deeds.

On the other hand, if this happen to be disobedient (rebellious) clan - it ignores God's warning and will try to fool God by artificial insemination - in russian sounds like "palcem delannyye" ("made with the finger").

Or to fool God by fake marriages (sleeping with wife, but imagining that he sleep with another man, or dog, or pig, or father, or mother in order to stimulate his sexual drive, "e... tvoju mat" (in russian - f...d your mother).

Or to cheat God by using healthy member of local normal community - when wife, with husband's permission (or without), goes to find some healthy cowboy in the local bar and bring him home for one night stand, in russtian - "na chuzom x...e v ray v'exat'" (to get to Eden on stranger's Dick), etc. You see. Russian people knew about this type of people long time ago and language reflects this knowledge in the (meaningless on the first look) proverbs.

This disobedient clan starts to support different degenerative causes - like degenerative art, degenerative science, degenerative literature. They will try to convince everybody thru mass media that what they are doing is normal, that this is nothing wrong with it and so on and so on. For those wise-ass (in russian - "khitrozhopykh") pretty soon God (Mother Nature) gives a second warning by adding to their abnormal sexual practice - mental illnesses.

If clan will stubbornly continue cheating God - third warning will come in form of inborn physical deformities (birth defect) (rus. - "vrozhdyonnyye defekty") such as "dry hand" - like Stalin (rus. - "sukhoruchka"), "horse foot" - like Gebbels (rus. - "loshadinaja stopa"), "rabbit split lip" (rus. - "zajachja guba"), cleft palate (rus. - "volchja past"), strabism (rus. - "kosoglazie"), etc.

In the normal primitive condition it will insure that this particular clan will be extinct in few generations. Who would like to marry a cock-eyed schizophrenical sexual pervert?

As you see degeneracy has three (3) stages:

1. Sexual deviations.
2. Mental illnesses.
3. Inborn physical deformity.

Now, once this is understood, we can talk about how to find degenerative clan. Very simple. Just look at the family tree of this clan. If family tree is healthy, has many new branches with many new and healthy leaves (children) - this is certainly normal and healthy clan. On the other hand, if family tree is drying up (childless couples). If it has many dying branches (suicides, mental illnesses) - you are looking at clan entering golden stage of decay.

No questions about it. There are only one thing left - to determine is it obedient clan or rebellious clan. Just look what this clan supports in the real life. Does it spread poison of decadence in art, science, literature or does it support normal causes, normal art, normal science, normal literature.

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Q. 3: How many degenerates are out there?

A.:Statistics for the 3rd stage of degeneracy (inborn physical deformity) and 2nd stage of degeneracy (mental illnesses) are readily available. You can find it by yourself. Statistics for the first stage of degeneracy (sexual deviations) are most difficult to obtain.

Let us look at data published in the USA by Dr.Wittels and Dr.Kinsey. Dr.Wittels in his work "Sexual habits of American women" gives us the following statistics:

Unmarried woman:
20% had multiple homosexual relations with other women
51% had dreams about homosexual relations with other women up to reaching orgasm

Married women:
15% had multiple homosexual relations with other women
32% had dreams about homosexual relations with other women up to reaching orgasm

What about men? Dr. Kinsey discovered that:
4% had multiple homosexual relations with other men
33% had dreams about homosexual relations with other men up to reaching orgasm

Other scientists give us different results, but majority of them average out in 33-50% range.

Every third (second) person had entered first stage of degeneracy.

When this data was analyzed by profession (occupation) an interesting picture emerged:
5% peasants (farmers)
10% workers (factory)
50% intellectuals
75% literature, art
90% mass media

This gives new twist to the old idea of struggle of classes (rus. - "klassovaya bor'ba"). It is not about rich against poor, but degenerates against normal people.

New York Times reported that group of American scientists analyzed 78 greatest persons in history and results was:
37% had severe mental illnesses during life time
83% had obvious signs of mental problems during life time
10% had minor signs of mental problems during life time
7% had no signs of mental problem during life time

When group of greatest persons in history was narrowed to 35 - results was:
40% had severe mental illnesses during life time
90% had obvious signs of mental problems during life time

This is why degeneralogy has three golden 90% rules:
- 90% of all great persons in world history are degenerates
- 90% of all serious crimes are committed by degenerates
- 90% of all non-infection illnesses are caused by degeneracy

After studying this subject during last 50 years - my recommendation is that degeneralogy should be studied by State Security Services of every country so we will never go to war again for the amusement of leaders of degenerative sect.

I also strongly recommend that degeneralogy should be studied in last years of high school, early years of college so normal people will be aware of existence of huge community of degenerates and will make intelligent choices during critical time of creation of healthy family units.

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Q. 4: How do you know that you are not a degenerate?

A.: In previous question we talked about family tree test. That was simple and easy test for almost everybody. But there are special cases. What about orphans, who do not know family history. What about adoptive children, who were not told by their degenerative adoptive parents about it. They will be under total impression that they are one of them.

There are so many diabolical variations in degenerative community, that "sam chort nogu slomit" (russian. - "even devil will break his leg before finding something). For example, do you know that degenerates adopt kids in big numbers. Hundreds of thousands a year. These adoptive children will not stay in marriages with real children of degenerates (see abnormal sexual practice), so they will keep looking around degenerative community and finally will find another adopted kid who will satisfy their dreams about healthy family with many healthy kids.

These couples will be 100% normal, but everybody - including themselves - will be under total impression that they are degenerates, because they will support all causes of degenerative community with the zeal of healthy normal human being. You see, how situation gets complicated? This is why degeneralogy always have 90% rule.

Some kids of these adoptive couples will scream, that they are degenerates in second, or third generation. LOOK AT US! WE ARE NORMAL! OUR KIDS ARE NORMAL! HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT, MY FRIEND!!!

Very simple. Everybody can do quick self-test. 3rd stage of degeneracy (inborn physical deformity) and 2nd stage of degeneracy (mental illnesses) are so obvious, that we will not talk about them here. What is left - 1st stage of degeneracy (sexual deviations).

In our modern times many sexual deviations (under pressure from degenerative mass media) became a norm. Position 69 is recommended in US schools as good birth control method. Many healthy members of normal community are doing that. So, how to check yourself out for abnormal sexual practice? Simple.

Try to do it normally (in missionary position). Few times. No cheating.

Do not try to imagine when sleeping with your girlfriend - that you are actualy sleeping with your boyfriend, or dog, or pig.

If results are positive you have nothing to worry about. You were just brainwashed by degenerates into doing stupid things. Or if "your family tree" is obviously dying - somebody did not tell your mother and father that they were adopted (or you are adopted).

If results are negative - then help you God.

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Q. 5: Why don't you suppose that all of us are degenerates?

A.: Your question reminded me story about old prostitute summing up her life philosophy in one sentence: "Ves mir - bardak, Vse ludi - bl...di" (rus. - "All world is whorehouse, all people are prostitutes"). Same goes for philosophy of thieves, alcoholics and drug addicts. They honestly believe that all world are same as they are.

Of cause, there are thieves, prostitutes, alcoholics and drug addicts out there. But there are also many normal people. They build skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels. they fly jumbo-jets and rockets to the moon. They create.

There are so many of them that destructive activity of degenerates thru the millenniums could not completly destroy them. All family clans with healthy family tree are my witnesses.

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Q. 6: What about IMF?

A.: Power and structure of degenerative sect in the west is basically same as power and structure of Communist Party used to be in the east (ex-USSR).

Any Soviet organization for International Peace and Economic Development used to have many members of technical staff (referents) usually on the low levels of structure and few Hi-Fi communist leaders in key positions (decision making level).

Can you imagine that any important Soviet organization will have non-party member in key position? Same thing is applicable to the western analog of Soviet Komintern - Homintern (International Brotherhood Of Degenerates).

So, my guess will be that 90% of leaders of IMF are certifiable Hi-Fi members of degenerative community.

The bulk of IMF personnel are probably technical specialists who are smart enough not to question motives behind "strange" decisions and recommendations made by there leaders.

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Q. 7: What about Yeltsyn & Co?

A.: I think your confusion is based on misconception that current government of E.B.N. and appointed by him and other degenerates - all together are working on the problem of helping Russia. This is very dangerous misconception.

They are gang of degenerates placed to do exactly what they are doing quite successfully now - ruin economy of wealthy country as soon as possible. Try to borrow as much money as possible. Waste it. Steal some for yourself and put coming generations in debt forever. I think they are doing quite well.

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Q. 8: Can Russia have a normal government?

A.: Your question about Russian government (or any government) bring us to the advanced part of this discussion.

You see, basic part makes us aware of existence of huge community of degenerates, fact - totally unknown to the community of normal people.

Advanced part of this discussion will show us, that within degenerative community there are different types of degenerates. They can be good, bad or ugly.

Again I should state that term degenerate is strictly medical term and should not be treated as offense. For example - Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky was obviously a degenerate. His abnormal sexual practice and absence of healthy kids are clear indication of that. But at the same time he wrote excellent music and was nice, quiet and well mannered person. His music was not decadent and he did not promote decay in art. Plus he did not have any kids.

This allowed us to put him into good degenerate category.

You will ask me - what does absence of kids have to do with it?

You see, even if father (or mother) was a good degenerate and did many good things in this life by successfully fighting demons of degeneracy - there is no guarantee that their children will do the same.

Quite opposite. Children of degenerates usually totally destroy all good deeds made by their parents and continue on their path of destruction till the end.

Remember famous book by Etel Lylian Voynich "Ovod"? Father was archbishop, but son became a revolutionary and story end in tragedy? This is very typical.

This is why celibacy is very important test for the members of good degenerate category.

Once this is understood, we can continue with your question about normal government. Can a person with normal legs muscles participate and win in the race?

Yes, he can. On the local school level.

He can also participate and win at town level.

He can participate and may win at regional level.

He can participate and has no chance to win at national level.

He could not even participate at world level competition.

Did you get the picture? Only person with abnormally developed legs muscles can participate and has chance to win at national or world level competitions.

Same things apply to the game of power.

Only person with abnormal power drive (suppressed sadistical homo maniacs) will win in the race for position of power. It is an axiom of degeneralogy that degenerates will make it to the top in majority of the cases.

As I mentioned before - degenerates are not homogenous entity. They can be good, bad or ugly. Good degenerates are our friends and allies. In the government they will always fight ugly degenerates, like policemen fight criminal elements.

Bad degenerates in the government will behave like nothing is happening and will not do anything to stop ugly degenerates from attacking community of normal people. The ugly degenerates will usually attack good degenerates, because good degenerates are like immune system which can recognize, find and neutralize the ugly.

After suppressing good degenerates - the ugly will ultimately declare full blown war against community of normal people.

In marxist-leninist philosophy it was called the law of mutual union and eternal fight of the opposites as an engine for the historical progress. Thousands of years before them, Greeks put it like this: Similia Simlibus Curantur (rus. - "podobnoye poznayotsa podobnym"). Practical Americans translated it: It takes a thief, to catch a thief.

How you can determine which degenerates rule in a particular country? Same way as we can determine if there is a cat in the barrel. We will place a mouse in front of the barrel and watch the reaction. Let's put our mouse in front of a government: How is the government reacting to the homo movement?

How is the government reacting to the death penalty for other degenerates (brotherhood of the criminals)? How well is the government protecting members of normal community? How well is the government protecting members of degenerative community? Simple questions. Simple answers. Simple test.

Same test can be also applied to other groups (mass media, art, science, army). This will give you clear picture - which organizations are totally occupied by ugly degenerates, which are stagnant by bad degenerates, and which are under control of good degenerates and are viciously fighting back, protecting themselves and well being of community of normal people.

You can ask me - can normal people be in the government?

My answer will be - theoretically "yes". But in practice - if normal person will get to the top - he will not (could not) stay there for long. "S volkami zhit' - po volchyi vyt'" (rus. - "If you come to the wolf pack - behave as a wolf").

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Q. 9: What do you think about "pure blood" nations?

A.: Good God hates racism in any form. Good God hates any concepts of "chosen" nations.

ANYBODY who tries to keep pure blood by forbidding marriages to the other normal people risks the danger of increasing degeneration process of his own nation. Especially if it is small nation. Keep in mind, that we are talking here about normal marriages between residents of community of normal people.

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Q. 10: What do you think about re-birth (creation) of "new nation"?

A.: Let's assume that somebody starts to bring members of degenerative sect to... Madagascar island for example.

There will be degenerates from USA, Russia, Canada, Ethiopia, Iraq etc. Sooner or later they will start to marry each other.

What do you think will be result of their marriages? Healthy children?

That is my answer to your question about cross marriages between members of same degenerative sect and creation of NEW NATION.

There is a different kind of problem with cross marriages between degenerate and a local resident.

You see, degenerates have a difficult time to propagate themselves through natural process (vyrozhdeniye - vyrozhdency).

To put it simply - their sexual habits are very well described in Russian "mat".

That is what they LITERALLY do to get exited.

So, if a degenerate decides to marry a local resident - a normal person will not participate in his perverse sexual acts for the long time. Only freshly made local degenerate will satisfy him.

Remember we talked about sponge effect and world sewage system?

Degenerative sect pick up newly formed degenerates from local NORMAL
community like sponge.



Only one way to stop this vicious cycle - celibacy and adoptions, but this is subject of another topic.

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Q. 11: What about Religion?

A.: What is my religion... It does not matter. Really. Why does it concern you? Are you preparing a personal attack? Do you usually kill the messenger, when you do not like the message?

Funny. It reminded me of Soviet time, when you could read in official newspapers: "...I did not read books by Alexander Solzenitzin, but I hate this scumbag and traitor of our motherland..."

My advise to you will be same as I gave to my friends back in Soviet time: Read my books by yourself. all of them. and make up your own opinion. do not listen to your degenerative friends.

If you mean religion in general....

As I said before - degeneracy is a natural process. It has been with us thousands and thousands years. It just was called differently.

When a newly made local degenerate starts to understand that he is different from other normal people he has a choice: he can be good, bad or ugly.

Let me give you an example. When a young sadistical homo teenager starts to feel demons of degeneracy for the first time (desire to dominate, to kill, to assault etc.) he can:

1. Join street gang (or organize one) and kill and assault normal people in local normal community.

2. Join police academy, become policeman and kill and assault members of criminal gang.

Do you see the deference? Exactly same goes for religion.

If you are young teenager and feel presence of DESTRUCTIVE DEMONS OF DEGENERACY - you can join ANY monk order, where brothers more experienced in LAW'S OF DEGENERACY will help you to fight these DEMONS.

They (brothers) have THOUSANDS of years of PRACTICAL experience.

You know - cut food intake, work hard, keep silence, be celibate etc.





Like EX-ALCOHOLICS are indispensable in ALKOGOL recovery programs.

They are helping local newly formed DEGENERATES to make THE RIGHT CHOICE between GOD and EVIL.

When priest is listening to the Sunday confession, he does not pay much attention to the simple regular staff.

But immediately after he detects ANY SIGN OF DEGENERATIVE BEHAVIOR, ANY OF THREE (3) STAGES OF DEGENERACY (1ST - sexual deviations, 2ND - mental illness, 3RD - inborn physical deformity - remember we talked about it in DEGENERATES.HOW TO FIND ONE?) he starts to suggest for this teenager to join local seminary (POLICE ACADEMY) or local monastic order.

Again, this is BIG SIMPLIFICATION, but I think you will get the picture.




Now - what is BAD?

BAD will be if you did not follow GOD (Brothers) and did not follow leaders of DEGENERATIVE sect (UGLY), but try to fool GOD by marrying NORMAL person and TOTALLY DESTROYING HER DREAMS OF HAPPY FAMILY WITH HEALTHY KIDS.


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Q. 12: What about masons (shriners etc.)?

A.:Illuminate, Shriners, masons, theosophy, antroposofy - "imja im legion" (legion is our name, because there are many of us ...) - are basically clubs for people, who feel "chosen", special, oppressed and persecuted by bureaucracy, church, academy or any other normal government institution and are looking to get even.

Depending on the field will profession they will join any of these clubs. Of couse there will be some normal curious bystanders, who always be in the background crowd as decoration. Real purpose of this clubs is TO SELECT ACTIVE SADISTICO-HOMOSEXUAL MANIACS WHO WILL NOT STOP AT COMMITTING ANY CRIME IN ORDER TO BE RECOGNIZED, PROMOTED TO THE POSITION OF POWER.

Remember - power is strongest narcotic.

This is like in USSR. Like Pioneers and Komsomoltzi. Few of them will make it to the PARTY rank and even fewer will make it to TSE-KA.


Exactly same principals apply to those clubs. To us it should be specially easy to understand, because soviet pyramid was built by same rules and with same drawings.

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Q. 13: Do you think that eternal plot exists?

A.:Eternal plot... You see degenerates are like microbes of plague. They destroy healthy body and die with it. They are like HIV virus, which destroy immune system of the body and bring it to death.

Do microbes have a plan to kill human organism? Do HIV virus have eternal plan to destroy immune system? I do not think so. It is just in their nature - to destroy.

Now, if somebody will put containers with plague microbes into strategic locations such as subway stations or airports in order to infect and kill as many people as possible? Do they have a plan?

If somebody is placing degenerates into key strategic positions such as mass media, art, education, army? Do they have a plan? You tell me...

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Q. 14: Do you think that Mr.X is a degenerate?

A.: My dear friends, all of you who are normal people, please re-read very carefully Q&A section of my web page.

Even if somebody feel himself as a degenerate - he still has a choice. He can be good, bad or ugly.

Many members of degenerative community are under false impression that they are also degenerates. Many of them were adopted or are children of parents, who were adopted.

In any way 90% of greatest people in history are degenerates. Do you mean - that Mr.X is one of them? :-)

Please be careful with degenerology. As I stated before - it is almost as effective and also as dangerous as biological warfare. You can not play home with plague microbes after finishing one-two hour lessons in the bio-laboratory.

Study it. carefully. think a lot. do not rush to judgment.

Plus another tip from me: I consider person as bio-negative degenerate only if he proves it. many times. As a rule - for the average person you need to confirm 5-6 degenerative attributes, plus analyze carefully actual behavior of this person.

Even if he screams - I am 100% degenerate, but he fights his demons of degeneracy, he fights other bio-negative degenerates, he is still our friend and ally.

And another tip - I have received hundreds of letters from my readers from different countries. From Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Israel, UK, France, USA, Germany, Japan... Almost all letters have one interesting observation - my readers start to give my books to all their friends as a test and quietly watch the reaction. Typical result - they loose half of their so-called friends. So, by observing reaction to my books, to my web page - you can make your own conclusions.

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