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Jewish Ritual Murder

von Hellmut Schramm, Ph. D.


a Historical Investigation

a translation by R. Belser of

Der jüdische Ritualmord
Eine historische Untersuchung

Polna: footnotes

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[1] See Evangelio Fornarachi, p. 126: "Einer Wachsstatue ähnlich" [= "resembling a statue of wax"].

[2] See p. 182 and p. 194.

[3] Reichenbach is meant!

[4] He must have meant Vomela, the spouse of the head of the congregation of Klein-Wieschnitz.

[5] Schwer's notes, as far as we know, comprise the single useful documents [source];

Aside from that, there exist not less than six "works" of Jewish authors, as well as a "document revision" of the Jew Maximilian Paul Schiff (Der Prozeß Hilsner [ The Hilsner Trial], excerpt from the documents, Vienna, 1908) and the omissions of the Freemason Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, which took up the cause of the "case," after their fashion -- they are all students of the notorious Paul Nathan .

Thus the "Professor of Philosophy" Masaryk knocked together in rushed haste the Notwendigkeit der Revision des Polnaer Prozesses [Necessity of Appeal of the Polna Trial ] in the year 1899, although, as he himself admits, he was never at the scene of the crime nor at the place of the court proceedings, and in 1900 Die Bedeutung des Polnaer Verbrechens für den Ritualaberglauben [ The Significance of the Polna Crime for the Ritual- Superstition].

Both brochures of the Jewish doctor J. Ad. Bulova -- who, by the way, had already "represented" the Jewish murderer-pair Moses and Gittel Ritter in Lutza -- which appeared in 1900 and 1901, are so sloppily and, moreover, confusedly worked out, that they didn't go over everywhere, even with his racial comrades.

In 1906 appeared Der Polnaer Ritualmordprozeß -- Eine kriminalpsychologische Untersuchung [The Polna Ritual-Murder Trial -- A Criminal-Psychological Examination ] of the Berlin Jewish attorney Arthur Nußbaum, and in 1911 -- likewise in Berlin -- a helpless anonymous brochure: Der Fall Hilsner -- Ein europäisches Jutiz verbrechen [The Hilsner Case -- A European Crime Against Justice].

[6] Given in the Appendix in excerpt form. See p. 432f.

[7] See Dr. Fritz Karl Lehmann in his essay concerning Czech anti-Semitism. (Weltkampf [World Struggle], Nr. 194, 1940.)

[8] Nußbaum, p. 126 and p. 148 respectively.

[9] Resumé, Point 8.

[10] From a flier of the Bayrische Reformpartei [Bavarian Reform Party].

[11] Der Fall Hilsner [The Hilsner Case] -- Ein europäisches Justizverbrechen [A European Crime against Justice] (Anonymous, Berlin, 1911, p. 21).

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