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Jewish Ritual Murder

von Hellmut Schramm, Ph. D.


a Historical Investigation

a translation by R. Belser of

Der jüdische Ritualmord
Eine historische Untersuchung

Kiev: footnotes

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[1] Also the corpses of Olga Hagel (see p. 327) and of Stanislaus Musial (see p. 328) showed wounds on the left temple; on the left temple of Andrei Yustschinsky thirteen piercing wounds were found. in Jewish secret teachings, the so-called Cabbalah, from which the symbolism of Freemasonry is derived as well, the number 13 possesses great symbolic significance in relation to the Jewish making of sacrifice.

[2] Hammer, Nr. 275, p. 629.

[3] From the speech of the prosecutor in Kiev.

[4] In the very same place, see Hammer, Nr. 275, p. 630.

[5] Read: Galician!

[6] Cited word for word from the speech of the prosecutor!

[7] Hammer, Nr. 274, p. 605.

[8] Horodezky, Religiöse (!) Strömungen im Judentum [Religious Currents in Judaism], Bern, 1920.

-- The "Zaddik is supported like a prince! The Zadagora Zaddik-'dynasty' possessed

"palaces with summer and winter gardens, gold and silver eating utensils, substantial libraries, and knew how to put aside large sums in cash..."

(Horod. p. 154.)

Where did the money come from?

-- The House of Zaddik is simultaneously a commercial center:

"Like a broad spider web the Zadagora dynasty lay across Galicia, the Burkovina and the adjacent lands" (Horod. p.221.).

The Zaddiks

In his "memoires" (1880, Buch vom Kahal, p. 286/287) [ Book of the Kahal], the Jew Bogrov passed this judgement concerning these 'saints,' as follows:

"The Zaddiks are Hassidic wonder-rabbis. They tyrannize with astonishing persistence and suck like vampires the last drops of blood from the bodies of their victims..."

"The Zaddiks are toxic parasites, which nourish themselves upon the blood and sweat of their numberless victims, they are the spreaders of darkness and superstition;

they are the conscienceless brokers of the stock-exchange of religion... they are the unwholesome cancer in the sick organism of the Jewish people."

-- "The 'Zaddik' enjoys all earthly goods without effort" -- therefore is the predestined "sanctified" spiritual leading nature of Judaism!

[9] Jüdisches Lexikon [Jewish Lexicon] (I, 1927, Sp. 223)

[10] Nr. 274, p. 605.

[11] One will recall the maneuvers of the Papal Legate Ventimiglia in Roveredo on the occasion of the Trent trial!

[12] Hammer, Nr. 275, p. 631.

[13] "Rabble" in the mind of a Paul Nathan -- everything is repeated!

[14] In 1936 another Future of Sombart appeared, Der deutsche Staat der Zukunft [The German State of the Future].

In this book, "the author ridicules the efforts to bring the ethnic boundaries into congruence with State boundaries.

He shows himself devoid of sympathy wuth the millions of Germans who have suffered under this disharmony since 1918" -- and bled from it. (Dresdener Anzeiger [Dresden Advertiser], Nr. 320, of 18 November 1936).

[15] See p.176.

[16] See p. 176.

[17] Munich, 1900, Verlag [publisher] C. H. Bech.

[18] Theodor Fritsch in the Hammer, Nr. 244.

[19] Thus -- as a sample -- the Jew M. Schlesinger with his letter, entitled Reine Hände [Clean Hands] ("Refutes the accusations raised against the Jews").

[20] Nr.270, p. 504.

[21] Hammer, Nr. 274 (1913).

[22] Hammer, Nr. 271 (1913).

[23] Die Judenstadt von Lublin [The Jewish City of Lublin], 1919 -- Jüdischer Verlag, [Jewish Publishers], Berlin (p. 30 loc. cit., p. 40). At that time in Poland, but especially in Lublin, Jews were brought to court every year on charges of child-murder. (Concerning this see: Tentzel, Monatl. Unterr., 1694, p. 127 etc. -- see also p. 46 etc. in our present work!). That Lublin frankly has produced countless blood-murders is likewise no coincidence: the catacomb-like, subterranean, often multi-storeyed labyrinth of the Jewish city facilitated the carrying out of acts of ritual-slaughter in a downright uncanny manner!

According to information in the Jewish lexicon itself, the secret organization of the Kahal distributed "friendship presents" to state officials and clergy. In the 18th century, the Voivod of Cracow received 7000 Gulden payed out [to him]! The fact that, with these [kind of] sums, the charges of ritual-murder were nipped in the bud, is obvious!

[24] Nr. 35, 29 August 1913.

[25] Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums [General Times of Judaism], Nr. 35, 1913.

[26] 20 October 1913 -- (Semigothaismen).

[27] Nr. 26, 1913.

[28] It no longer emerges from the report which role he played!

[29] State Attorney Fischer in his concluding statement.

[30] Stauf v. d. March, 1933, p. 180.

[31] Hammer, Nr. 274 (1913).

[32] No drops of precious Jewish blood had been shed!

[33] Hammer, Nr. 271, p. 506.

[34] Stauf v. d. March, 1933, p. 180.

[35] Simanovitch in his book: Rasputin, der allmächtige Bauer [Rasputin, the All-Powerful Peasant] (1928), in the full consciousness of the Jewish triumph, throws all diplomatic caution to the winds and lets out very important things, so that his book is able to give the most valuable insights into Jewish subversion in Old Russia.

Only one passage (p. 174) shall be extracted for characterizing the Russian "administration of Justice."

After Simanovitch complains that the "unreliability of the Tsar has been asserted also in the Jewish Question in a very unpopular manner," he comes to speak of the 'reactionary' -- according to Jewish terminology, thus opposed to the Jews, the Deputy Purishkevitch, who had kept too strict an eye on the State's Attorney Rosen (!):

"The former State's Attorney Rosen, a friend of mine, played... a great role. All complaints concerning the Jews were handed over to him for examination. I succeeded in having Rosen first send these documents to me.

Complaints which could have undesirable consequences, I burned on the spot, and only completely insignificant letters went... further.

Purishkevitch finally began to have suspicions against Rosen. He was followed and surprised in the vicinity of my residence with a large case of documents which was filled with complaints about the Jews.

He was relieved of his post right then. There was no further loss for him. For he received from me (Simanovitch!) two thousand Rubles per month and had still other (!) income besides..."

-- And this sort complained that they were 'persecuted,' 'tormented,' and 'abused'!

But the Deputy Purishkevitch wound up, after the fall of the Romanovs, in a military hospital in Novorossisk. "Hospital nurses" gave him champagne to drink during an attack, after which he soon died -- the Jew had not forgotten!

[36] From the speech of State's Attorney Fischer.

[37] "There still needs to be proof that the murderers wanted the blood alone..." (see p. 433).

[38] According to the paper Druglavny orel (see Hammer, Nr. 274).

[39] Hammer, Nr. 285.

[40] Hammer, Nr. 276 (1913).

[41] See Völkischer Beobachter, Munich, 1926 -- the series of articles about the Beilis trial in Nrs. 10, 17, 29, 31.

[42] Aron Simanovitch, p. 171.

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