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The Controversy of Zion

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ABRAHAMS, Israel. Jewish Life in the Middle Ages.
ADAMS, James Truslow. The Epic of America (1931).
ADAMS, President John. Works, with a Life of the Author (1850-6)
ANONYMOUS. (See Mr. E. M. House). Philip Dru, Administrator (1912)
ASQUITH, Lady Cynthia. Remember and be Glad (1952).
ASQUITH, Lord (Mr. H.H.) Memoirs and Reflections (1928).
BAKUNIN, Michel. Polemique contre les Juifs.
BALFOUR, Lord. Life of (see Dugdale).
BALZAN, Consuelo Vanderbilt. The Glitter and the Gold (1952).
BARON, Prof. Salo. Social and Religious History of the Jews (1937).
BARUCH, Bernard. (see Field).
BARRUEL, Augustin. Memoirs of Jacobinism (1797).
BEALE, F.J.P. Advance to Barbarism (Devin-Adair, New York, 1955)
BEAMISH, Tufton, M.P. Must Night Fall (1951).
BEATY, John. The Iron Curtain over America (1951).
BELGION, Montgomery.  
BENTWICH, Norman. The Jews (1934), Judea Lives Again (1943).
BERGER, Rabbi Elmer. The Jewish Dilemma (1946); A Partisan History of Judaism (1951); Who Knows Better Must Say So (1956).
BERNADOTTE, Count Folke. To Jerusalem (1951).
BORD, Gustave. Conspiration Revolutionnaire de 1789.
BORKENAU, F. The Communist International (Faber and Faber, 1938).
BRANDEIS, Louis Dembitch. Miscellaneous Papers (1935); The Guide to the Modern World (1941)
BROWN, Bernard J. From Pharaoh to Hitler (1933).
BUCHAN, John. Oliver Cromwell (1934).
BURKE, Edmund. Reflections on the Revolution.
BUTCHER, Harry C. My Three Years with Eisenhower, (1946)
CARTER, Hodding. (Chapter on Huey Long in The Aspirin Age, 1949)
CHAMBERLAIN, H.S. Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (German edition, 1899)
CHAMBERLAIN, W.H. Confessions of an Individualist
CHAMBERS, Whittaker. Witness (1952)
CHESTERTON, A.K. The Tragedy of Anti-Semitism (with Joseph Leftwich, 1948)
CHESTERTON, G.K. G.K's Weekly, (1932)
CHODOROV, Frank.  
CHURCHILL, Winston. The Gathering Storm; Their Finest Hour; The Grand Alliance; The Hinge of Fate; Closing the Ring; Triumph and Tragedy
CHURCHILL, Winston. Biographies of, see Cowles, and Taylor
CHUTTER, Rev. James B. Captivity Captive (1954)
CLIFTON, Brigadier George. The Happy Hunter (1952)
CLOSTERMANN, Pierre, D.F.C. Flames in the Sky (1952).
CONFERENCES AT MALTA AND YALTA. U.S. State Department, (March, 1955).
CONNELL, Brian. (Sir Edward Cassel, from Manifest Destiny, A Study of the Mounbatten Family, 1953).
COWLES, Virginia. Winston Churchill (1952)
DAVIS, Forrest. Huey Long (1935)
DEWHURST, Brig. C.H., O.B.E. Close Contact (1954)
DISRAELI, Benjamin. Coningsby (1844); Life of Lord George Bentinck (1852)
DRACH, D.P. De l'Harmonie entre I'Eglise et la Synagogue (1844)
DUGDALE, Blanche E.C. Life of A. J. Balfour (1948)
EDERSHEIM, Alfred. The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (1883)
EISENHOWER, Dwight D. Crusade in Europe (1948)
EISENMENGER, Johann Andreas. The Traditions of the Jews, first published as Judaism Unmasked (1732)
FIELD, Carter. Bernard Baruch, Park Bench Statesman (1944)
FLYNN, John T. The Roosevelt Myth (1948)
FORRESTAL, James. The Forrestal Diaries (1951)
FREEHOF, Rabbi Solomon B. Reform Jewish Practice (1944)
FUNK, S. Die Entstehung des Talmuds
GARNETT, David. Letters of T.E. Lawrence (1938)
GINSBERG, Ascher. (Quoted, see Weizmann)
GOLDMAN, Rabbi Solomon. God and Israel
GOLDSTEIN, Dr. John. All the Doors were opened (1955)
GOUZENKO, Igor. The Fall of a Titan (1954)
GRAETZ, Heinrich. Volksthuemliche Geschichte der Juden (1888)
GRENFELL, Russell. Unconditional Hatred (1955)
GRIMBLE, Sir Arthur. A Pattern of Islands (1952)
HAMILTON, Alexander. Works (1886-7).
HARRIS, Maurice H. Modern Jewish History (1909)
HECHT, Ben. A Jew in Love
HERDER, Johann Gottfried von. Untersuchungen des verg. Jahrhunderts
HERZL, Theodor. The Jewish State
HESS, Moses. Rom und Jerusalem, die letzte Nationalitaetsfrage (1862)
HIRSCH, Emil. Professorof Rabbinical Literature, Chicago University (quoted by Mr. Bernard J.Brown, see Brown)
HOPKINS, Harry. (See Roosevelt)
HORSTMANN, Lali. We Chose to Stay (1954)
HOUSE, E.M. Private Papers of Colonel House (1926); also author of Philip Dru, Administrator (see Anonymous; see also Howden)
HOWDEN, Arthur D. Mr. House of' Texas (1940)
HULL, Cordell. Memoirs (1948)
HULME, Kathryn. The Wild Place (1953)
HUTCHISON, Cdr. E.H. Violent Truce (1956)
JACOBSON, Rabbi Moses F. (Quoted by Bernard J. Brown; see Brown)
JEFFRIES, J.M.N. The Palestine Deception (1933); Palestine, The Reality (1939)
JEWISH ENCYCLOPAEDIA 1905, 1909, 1912, 1916 (Funk and Wagnall, New York).
JORDAN, George Racey. From Major Jordan's Diaries (1952)
KASTEIN, Josef. History and Destiny of the Jews (1933)
KAUFMANN, Theodore N. Germany Must Perish (1941)
KERN, Erich. Dance of Death (1952)
KEYNES, J.M. Essays in Biography (1933)
KIPLING, Rudyard. Something of Myself (1937)
KOESTLER, Arthur. Promise and Fulfilment, Palestine 1947-9 (1949)
KRAVCHENKO, Victor. I Chose Freedom (1946)
KRIVITSKY, General Walter. In Stalin's Secret Service (1939)
LAIBLE. Jesus Christus im Talmud
LAMBERT, R.S. For The Time is At Hand (Life of Henry Wentworth Monk, 1947)
LANDRIEUX, Mgr. L'Histoire et les Histoires dans la Bible
LANGRES, Lombard de.  
LANE, Arthur Bliss. I Saw Poland Betrayed (1948)
LAWRENCE, T.E. Letters of (see Garnett, 1938)
LAZARE, Bernard. Antisemitism (1903)
LEFTWICH, Joseph. The Tragedy of Anti-semitism (with A.K. Chesterton, 1948).
LEVIN, Meyer. In Search (1950)
LILIENTHAL, Alfred. What Price Israel? (1953)
LLOYD GEORGE, David. War Memoirs (1936)
LONG, B.K. Autobiography
LONG, Huey. My First Week in the White House
LONYAY, Count Carl. Rudolf (1950).
LOTHIAN, Sir Arthur. Kingdoms of Yesterday (1951)
LUCHET. de.  
MACLEAN, Fitzroy. Eastern Approaches (1949)
MACPHAIL, Sir A. Three Persons (material on Sir Henry Wilson, 1926)
MALET, Chevalier de.  
MALON, Benoit. Espose des Ecles Socialistes (1872)
MANLY, Chesly. The U.N. Record (1955)
MANNING, Cardinal. (See Strachey)
MARGOLIOUTH, Moses. History of the Jews of Great Britain (1857)
MARR, Wilhelm. Der Sieg des Judenthums ueber das Germanenthum (1879)
MARSHALL, Bruce. The White Rabbit (material on Wing-cdr. Yeo-Thomas, 1952)
MASSING, Hede. This Deception (1951)
MEYER, Eduard. Entstehung des Judenthums (1896)
MOCATTA, David. The Jews in Spain and Portugal
MONK, Henry Wentworth. Simple Interpretation of the Revelation (1857); Life of (see Lambert)
MONTEFIORE, C.G. Religion of the Ancient Hebrews (1892)
MORLEY, John. Edmund Burke (life of)
MORSE, Rev. Jedediah. Sermons (1795-9). Proofs of the Early Existence: Progress and Deleterious Effects of French Intrigue and Influence in the United States (1798)
MOSS, W. Stanley. A War of Shadows (1952)
NETCHVOLODOFF, A. L´empereur Nicolas II et les Juifs
NEWMANN, Margaret Bubers. Which Was The Worst? (1952)
NORDAU, Max. Degeneration
NORTHCLIFFE, Lord. My Journey Round the World (1923), see also Official History of The Times
ORWELL, George. Such, Such Were The Joys (1945)
PEARSON, Hesketh. The Man Whistler (1952); material on John Ruskin); Disraeli
PEPPER, Senator George Wharton. Philadelphia Lawyer (1944)
PINSKER, Leon. Auto-Emancipation (1881)
RAUSCFINING, Hermann. The Revolution of Destruction (1939)
REPINGTON, Col. C.à.C. The First World War (1921)
REPORTS: Of the Canadian Government Royal Commission appointed to investigate ... the communication by public officials and other persons in positions of trust of secret and confidential information to agents of a foreign power (The Gouzenko, or Canadian Spy Case: Canadian Government Stationery Office, June 27, 1946).
  Of the Subcommittee of the United States House of Representatives investigating the Civil Service Commission, 1947 (the Anti-Defamation League's "Black List" case; U.S. Government Printing Office, 1948).
  Russia, No.1 (1919); a Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia (British Government's Stationery Office, 1919).
  On the Conferences of Malta and Yalta (U.S. State Department, March, 1955)
ROBERTSON, Sir William. Soldiers and Statesmen, 1914-1916 (1926)
ROBISON, John, Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe (1793)
RODKINSON, Michael Levi. History of the Talmud (1903)
ROOSEVELT, F.D.R. Personal Letters (edited by Samuel Rosenmann, 1947); Roosevelt and Hopkins (Robert A. Sherwood, 1948)
ROSENBLOOM, Morris, V. Peace Through Strength; Bernard Baruch and a Blueprint for Security (1953)
ROUNDS, Frank, Jr. A Window on Red Square (1953)
RUBENS, William. Der alte und der neue Glaube im Judentum
SAMUEL, Maurice. You Genties (1924)
SAUNDERS, Hilary St. George. The Red Beret (1950)
SHEEAN, Vincent. Personal History
SHERWOOD, Robert, A. Roosevelt and Hopkins (1948)
SMITH, Fred. Article on Morgenthau Plan, Its History, in United Nations World, March, 1947
SMITH, Merriman. Thank You, Mr. President (1946)
SMITH, W. Robertson. The Prophets of Israel and their Place in History (1895)
SMUTS, Jan Christian. Life of (by his son, J. C. Smuts, 1952)
SPENGLER, Oswald. Der Untergang des Abendlandes (1918)
STERN, Karl. Pillar of Fire (1951)
STIMSON, Henry L. On Active Service in Peace and War (1947)
STOLYPIN, A. Contre-Révolution (1937)
STOLYPINE, Alexandra. L'Homme du Dernier Tsar (1931)
STRACHEY, Lytton. Eminent Victorians (1918; material on Cardinal Manning)
STRACK, H.L. Einleitung in den Talmud (1908)
TAFT, Senator Robert. A Foreign Policy for Americans (1952)
TAYLOR, R.C. Winston Churchill (1952)
TIMES The Official History of, 1922-1948 (1952)
TOYNBEE, Arnold J. The Modern West and the Jews (vol. vii of A Study of History, 1954)
WASHINGTON, Pres. George. Writings (1837)
WEBSTER, Mrs. Nesta. Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (1923); The French Revolution, (1919)
WEISHAUPT, Adam. Einige Originalschriften des Illuminaten Ordens (published by the Bavarian Government, 1787)
WEIZMANN, Chaim. Trial and Error (1949)
WELLHAUSEN, J. Israelitische und Juedische Geschichte (1897); Composition des Hexateuchs (1901)
WILSON, Sir Henry. Life and Diaries (1927; see also Macphail)
WILTON, Robert. Last Days of the Romanoffs (1920)
WISE, Rabbi Stephen. Challenging Years (1949)
YEO-THOMAS, Wing-Cdr. (see Marshall)


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