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Crypto currencies, NWO, Globalism and "banking mafia" of "god chosen people

"And you shalt learn the Truth, and Truth will set you free".

(Евангелие от Иоанна, гл.8, ст. 32).


Мы не дадим подняться ни одному национализму, а те националистические движения, которые стремятся вывести народ из-под нашего диктата, мы уничтожим огнем и мечом, как что делается в Грузии, Армении, Сербии.

Зато мы обеспечим полное процветание нашему национализму — сионизму, а точнее: еврейскому фашизму, который в своей скрытности и мощности является сверхфашизмом.

(Ребе Менахем Мендел Шнеерсон)
Сионизм: планы и средства

«Только один сверхчеловек и только одна сверхнация есть цвет и цель человеческого рода; остальные были созданы, чтобы служить этой цели, чтобы служить лестницей, по которой можно было бы подняться на вершину».

-- Ахад Гаам

Принцип Торы
(Храм Химеры
Сорок веков порознь - Островский Н.Н. )


China robs the world by massive bitcoin confiscation

In January 2017 several biggest bitcoin exchanges in the world, huobi in particular, had made a massive move and had effectively confiscated bitcoins from all the citizens of the USA and several other countries and from all those, who, for various valid reasons, either could not physically register an account or would like to avoid being spied upon and being tracked by all sorts of evil agencies, globalists and the NWO controllers and so on.

Just as nearly everything you see in the world right now, they blamed this totally criminal confiscation on all sorts of things they themselves had invented in order to enslave and submit the world, such as "war on terrorism", "war on money laundering", "war on market manipulation" and so on. But ALL of it is just a cover to disguise their true motives and various tricks of utterly corrupt Chinese "power structure".

Furthermore, they have effectively violated the very notions of the international commerce and of the contract laws as such. According to the contract laws of any "civilized" country and the most fundamental principles of commerce, the conditions of a contract can not be changed by one side without properly informing the other side and giving it enough time to decide whether they will accept any new changes.

According to the information on the Huobi bitcoin exchange, there is no requirement to "verify" the account in order to transfer the bitcoins and LTC in and out of their account. The process of an account "verification", which had been imposed upon the world by the "ZioNazi banking mafia", as they are known today, is applicable ONLY if you wish to deposit or withdraw the the actual currencies from your account, such as USD or CNY, which does makes some sense.

Because when you touch any currency in any way, shape or form you are effectively dealing with the ZioNazi controlled banking mafia. But when you only transfer the crypto currency you have nothing to do with the banking mafia and the very process of "verification" is invalid and does not apply, which is simply implied with the very notion of crypto-currency and one of the major reasons for its existence, the issue of anonymity.

Yes, strictly speaking, total anonymity even with crypto is not such a simple issues, simply because any and and all transactions are totally public and transparent and can be traced very easily via the main mechanism of crypto, called the blockchain. But we will not go into the nasty details of "total anonymity" at the moment, but will concentrate on the main issue of this massive fraud by the Chinese "regulators".

Who is being robbed by the "globalist" China and their puppet masters?

Well, the question arises, naturally: but WHO SPECIFICALLY is being robbed by this self-proclaimed "global empire", China, whose puppet masters sit in London, New York and other major financial centers and their name is Rotschilds, Baruchs and a handful of others?

Well, EVERYBODY, regardless of anything whatsoever! It is like proclaiming that any human being is suspected in "terrorism", "money laundering" and so on. But based on what evidence of fact?

Can you even begin to imagine what would happen if all the monetary transactions stop globally at the same time or global shipping industry and other aspects of economy are just frozen under some totally fabricated charges of "terrorist suspect" or "potential money launderer" and so on?

It would seem that you need to put things in perspective and do at least a preliminary investigations on some specific suspects, based on at least some more or less rational parameters, such as an account size, the evidence of actual trading behavior and specific transactions and their size and so on.

How can you possibly justify confiscating the value even from those, who can not possibly be considered either as "terrorist suspects" or "money launderers" or "market manipulators"? Even in all modern currency transfer system there is a lower limit on transaction size that are not even considered to be even subject to tracking and logging, not even mentioning to be "suspicious"?

If someone has a small trading account and his transaction history shows only the normal trading activity, not even worth mentioning, then on what rational or legal basis can you simply rob him by effectively confiscating his money without even advancing any specific charges against him? And this is precisely what has been done by the Chinese "authorities" and PBoC (Peoples Bank of China).

If you don't speak the Chinese, commit suicide!

What is interesting about this latest fraud and extortion campaign by the Chinese exchanges is that when you get a shock, realizing that you have no access to your money, and try to contact them, what you get is a totally incomplete and unclear half of a sentence, originally written in Chinese and simply translated with some translation software.

So, when you read it, your hairs may rase as you can not understand a single thing they are saying. The languages are so fundamentally different that unless you speak in very simple and clear terms with very short sentences, addressing each separate issue, then what you get is such a concoction of garbage that you won't understand a single thing in it. Here is some examples:

?? 2017-02-04 16:15:48 'Hello, residential certificate photos can't see you is what certificate, please upload again later, translate it into English, at the same time to describe what is living proof, if you have questions. Welcome to consultation.'

Can you even begin to imagine this picture?

As to upload later, where do you upload it? What is the exact address of a web page from where you do it and which button or field to use? The thing is, if you do it via their standard verification, it only has buttons for front and back of an ID. But passports do not have a back page. They do have a button to upload "proof of residence", but WHERE do you upload translation?

As far as translation goes, what are the exact instructions as to how exactly it has to be submitted, in pure text form or in a picture form, in both cases there is no specific button to upload translation available. Secondly, how do they know that your translation is correct? So, most likely you'd have to submit a "proof of a proof", which means they will probably ask you some "official document" with a stamp and some grand headline. Now, how do you prove that what you have submitted as translation is properly "authorized", and "authorized" by whom?

Guess how many days or weeks is it going to take you to go through all these hoops and how many times do you have to do the same thing again and again while they advance more and more new requirements while never telling you anywhere what exactly is acceptable and so on? So far, we can not make a single step of progress even after at least 5 attempts to submit whatever you think they are asking while not providing a single precise and specific enough instruction.

Here's another one of their masterpieces.

?? 2017-02-11 16:53:28 'Hello, Sir, I am very understand your mood, let's many reviewers and before you speak, the uploaded data is not correct, need you to upload living proof to review U certification, at the same time let's website on February 9th at 8 PM has announced more prompt: according to the regulatory authorities' currency trading platform shall not violate the relevant state anti-money laundering, foreign exchange management and payment and settlement of financial laws and regulations "requirement, fire currency network will strictly in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations of the company decided to:

Fire currency network comprehensive pause COINS and Wright coin show business. If any problem, welcome to consultation.'

"Hey, what planet are you from" is about the only question appropriate to ask here if you don't get their message...

Another thing is that their own verification pages says that U verification is required only when you want to transfer in/out the USD. But you don't have an intention to transfer the USD. You only want the BTC, which, as their own verification page says, does NOT require ANY verification. Secondly, can you imagine a picture of trying to get a single USD from them in the context of their "fight" on you know what or who?

But your contract with them is based on your understanding that no U verification is required to transfer in/out BTCs, which means they have and are still violating their own expressly stated conditions, which means a violation of a contract law, which implies that this contract is null and void at this point and the parties must return whatever they were able to obtain from the other side or else face a court case.

?? 2017-02-12 16:56:51 'Hello, the current is unable to operate BTC, if you need to mention BTC, is expected to wait for a month, if you have questions can call customer service 4000-600-888, can help you transfer English customer service, This is a suspension of the notice of the coins, you can see, there are questions please feel free to consult!'

Now, mind you, nearly half of your requests for clarification were simply ignored with no "answer" of ANY kind. So, you sit there, knowing full well that they are about to totally collapse and disintegrate as a result of their massive manipulation and interference into the normal market activity, and wait for their "answer", which is not something that can be understood by mere mortals, but you get no response of ANY kind, and for days, if not weeks?

And we are talking about one of the biggest exchanges in the world, Huobi, nothing less!

Does it even enter their minds that with this kind of customer treatment and with this kind of mafia style robbery and confiscation, based on nothing, but fiction and totally artificial concoction, one must be "out of his mind" to even conceive of EVER dealing with them?

Basically, what these "official" and utterly corrupt "authorities" with criminal minds have done is to shot down the doors of trust towards them, and for a hundred of years! And, interestingly enough, some claim that the entire Huobi operation with "no fee" trading was just nothing more than a trap and a scam to create a global hype, undercut all other exchanges in the world, attract huge number of unsuspecting customers with their fake humongous trading volumes and the simply pull the plug from under them.

In that case, what we are dealing with here is a typical "globalist" NWO operation of rape and pillage, totally concurring the planet, converting its people into slaves and burn the "useless eaters" alive!

Robbery and confiscation: operation total insanity

The way this operation of confiscation and violation of the most fundamental principles of the contract law is being conducted is quite something indeed.

For starters, even if you do intend to "clean up the markets" and drastically reduce the "money laundering" schemes, you don't do it the way it was done, in a single day with a sledge hammer. Because such a brutal and violent interference into the operations of the "free markets" has far reaching consequences and, primarily, to those who do this kind of thing.

One needs to realize that the real money launderers operate with immense sums of money, which immediately implies that they would hire the best experts to show them the best ways and tricks of the entire mechanism, which immediately implies that as soon as they have converted the CNY or USD into bitcoins, those bitcoins would be immediately transferred to the wallets that can not be reached, stopped or interfered with no matter what anybody does or thinks simply because it is technically impossible to stop the bitcoin transaction. Simple as that.

So, the end result of such a massive confiscation is likely to be just the opposite as the whole thing was done in totally open way and all the "bad guys" had already taken out all their bitcoins before this thing had even started. For one thing, those who engage in such massive illegal activities do have the contacts in totally corrupt system of government including the PBoC. They probably knew the whole scheme well before those meetings of PBoC "officials" with major exchanges.

Secondly, to perform an all out confiscation is simply insane and totally irrational. Because it is totally untargetted. But to identify the individuals involved in money laundering or some other illegal activity is about the simplest thing in the world. The first parameter to be used for such an identification is the account size. The second parameter is a history of trading activity and transaction sizes and patterns of behavior associated with those transactions. Simply because those transactions, if done for some "illegal" purposes would have a pretty clear signature and the pattern.

So, the question arises: what could possibly be the REAL purpose of this entire unprecedented scandal and who in reality stood behind the curtain and who and how could possibly get the benefits of it at the end?

Well, for one thing, it is a common knowledge by now that since January 2016 there were numerous attempts to either destroy the bitcoin or at least destabilize the market to the point that no one can longer trust it as something real. The patterns of those campaigns and specific tricks used to attempt to destroy the bitcoin and/or damage it trustworthiness are quite clear and all of them basically have to do with massive market manipulation schemes with extremely large, billion dollar size accounts.

Because to manipulate the markets and affect the price takes millions just to move it by a single dollar, and when we are seeing the hundreds of dollar price moves it is not easy to even imagine the amounts of money involved.

But ALL of those attempts and various tricks used, and there were at least 5 clearly identifiable schemes, had failed, and failed miserably. No matter what they did and no matter how big of sums of money they threw at it, bitcoin simply shrugged it all off like nothing happened and kept steadily climbing up, slowly but steadily.

By the summer of 2016 bitcoin had achieved such an unprecedented price stability that you won't find a single example of ANY tradeable commodity in the entire history that had ever exhibited such a stability.

Then, after numerous attempts by some market players, everyone had finally began to comprehend the REAL value and price of a bitcoin, which can be proven very easily.

The REAL value of a bitcoin

Until the autumn of 2016 all sorts of market players kept pronouncing various hysterical pronouncements about the inevitable bitcoin market crash and their "prophecies" went as low as around $200. This would create all sorts of totally unfunded fear and paranoia which would inevitably affect the market behavior. Simply because no one had enough Intelligence to calculate the real and provable value of a bitcoin, which turns out to be easily calculatable.

But what does it take to calculate the real value and is it even possible in principle? Well, why not? For one thing, in several countries the bitcoin was classified as a kind of commodity, which immediately places the whole thing into proper perspective and here is why.

ANY commodity has an associated cost of production. If properly calculated, that cost would include the current operating expenses and the capital equipment costs and expenses on equipment failures, upgrades and so on. And here comes the punchline...

The bitcoin REAL price can not be less then the cost of electrical energy, at the very least. Currently, using the modern technology and equipment to produce 1 bitcoin takes about 33 MWh (megawatt/hour). When you add the operating and capital expenses, you get the real cost of production somewhere in the range of $700, depending on your local energy cost and the size of operation.

There are numerous statements by the miners on various forums that clearly indicate that at the current prices (below $500-600), the mining becomes totally unprofitable. At the very best, it might be profitable if you subtract the equipment cost, but you could not possibly justify adding more equipment to expand your operation simply because at that point you'd be loosing money.

What does it tell you, if anything? - Well, if it is not profitable to either start or expand your business implies that the price of your product is too low. Simple as that.

Now, once some major players had finally realized that the real price of bitcoin can not possibly be lower than $700 or so, the whole picture had changed and the period of unprecedented price stability had only contributed to making bitcoin about the only commodity "out there" that had easily calculable intrinsic value.

In essence, bitcoin had become a Universal Standard and Store of Value. Only gold and precious metals, energy and other inherently valuable commodities can even come close to reality of a bitcoin.

So, if we put together the fact that bitcoin had effectively become "a runaway train" and can not be controlled or interfered with and its transaction costs and expenses being orders of magnitude lower than what we have with the so called "real currencies", that turn out to be as "real" as a three dollar bill, then what we get is about the biggest threat to the ZioNazi banking mafia satanists, controlling and suffocating the world with their transaction fees, interest rates on loans and so on.

What follows is that bitcoin had to be destroyed or else the entire banking mafia scheme of parasiting on the world and its productive resources would fall apart and their house of playing card would simply fall down on itself.

Now, it is also know, at least among the leading researchers, that China is effectively owned and was built by Rothschilds and some even claim that the number one man in China reports directly to Evely De Rothschild.

What was behind the "economic miracle" of China? Well, the immense amounts of money thrown at it precisely by Rothschilds, Baruchs and a handful of major banking mafia moguls. Starting at 70's of the 20th century they were building China and its economy at unprecedented rate, which you can easily see in the charts of their GDP growth, unparalleled by any other economic giant.

According to former Illuminati mind programmer, calling herself Svali, according to Illuminati, by the year of 2020 China is to become the mightiest global empire of the NWO, which is exactly what we see, at least in the context of China's #1 man speech at the latest gathering of "world elite" at Davos.

Now, since these "banking mafia" satanist had totally failed to destroy the bitcoin directly, and they never give up on their plans, under ANY circumstances, what was left for them to do in order to get their job done?

Well, how about exactly what they have done via this immensely corrupt mafia gang of "officials" and their "command economy" outlet of totalitarian dictate called PBoC? Not only that, but they have also robbed the world in bulk by confiscating the immense amounts of REAL value, which is bitcoins. Plus created the immense market convulsions and orgies of panic that cause the bitcoin price fluctuate in the amounts typically attributed to economic depression levels.

But... They WILL fail, just as they had failed in all their attempts at futility. By now, only the "clueless" and utter fools can not comprehend the REAL price and value of a bitcoin.

Furthermore, to this day, all our efforts to talk to the most experienced miners and market players in order to find at least some way to either destroy or endanger the reliability of a bitcoin had produced to results.

Therefore, as it stands right now, our claim stands as a rock:

Bitcoin is the Universal Standard and Store of Value, unmatched by anything known and that value can be calculated and proven easily.

Yes, we are also aware that there exist plenty of information indicating that the leading experts on crypto related issued had worked for years under contracts with intelligence agencies to create a totally trackable virtual currency for the "cashless society of the satanic evil called the NWO.

The fiat currency, such as USD, once obtained from a bank, becomes totally and truly anonymous, and since the "globalists" are interested in a single world empire of evil, where every aspect of human activity is controlled by them, precisely the virtual currencies become about the only way available to them to totally control the money flows and so on.

Current_Issues of crypto

Following are the issues that need resolution:

tarkus909: Hey, looks like da time has come to create a Universal Value Index contract


Chinese BTC mining

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Genesis Mining X11Cryptocurrency Farm Build Out

To mine 20-25 BTC/day takes 900 mWh/mo = 900 / 22.5 = 40 mWh/BTC.

Система многоуровневых многомерных ключей к решению "Славянского Вопроса"

Пятница, 3 февраля 2016 takes 1250 kWh.

"Вот и все дела". Ежели у кого есть вопросы, вы можете отослать сообщение по электронной почте по адресу, указанному в конце главной страницы сайта.


Обратно к Содержанию

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