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MAGRAV Power Unit

Keshe Foundation R&D Group

November 2, 2015

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November 2, 2015

There has been quite a bit of talk about Keshe Foundation and their MAGRAV Power Unit, allegedly capable of producing 2 Kw of energy, which is enough to power a house or an apartment in most cases.

And now, the detailed schematics have been made publicly available. We have not verified the validity of their claims, nor have built such a unit, primarily because we just do not have that much time to spend. We would be willing to purchase one indeed, especially for a couple of hundred dollars.

Basically, this thing simply does not work. One individual has built this unit and did a good work on it. He tested it for 8 days and finally gave up. Here's his video:

Final Results - MaGrav unit 2
- Published on Dec 2, 2015


Magrav-System 3:adding third load (air heater 358W) englisch
- Published on Dec 2, 2015

You can review some PDF files or look at the pictures with schematics and so on in the ./img directory/folder.

So, here is where you can get it in a single .zip file:

The Magravs-Power Blueprint Download Links

Or, directly from the site:

We would certainly appreciate any feedback, so we could post it on this page. Please send an email to the address at the following link:


The Magravs-Power Blueprint Download Links

MAGRAVS Power Unit: Build and Grow

Keshe Foundation

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